Fendt 700 Vario - RVW Pugh


Fendt 700 Vario - RVW Pugh

700More comfort:• VisioPlus cab – visibly more• Up to 1,920 hand movements less a day• All functions in one terminal• Work up to 1,250 hectares more withVarioGuide*• Seat and cab suspension for maximumride comfort*In-house comparison Fendt (p. 12/13)More versatility:• 22 connections for maximum versatility• Ideal front loader operations with new curvedfront window and factory-installed front loaderMore safety:• Six points for comfort and driving safety• A better overview thanks to larger glass areasin the cab• Safe driving on the road and in the fieldMore performance:• 240 hp maximum power• 50 km/h at just 1,700 rpm for highhaulage performanceMore information at:www.fendt.com/efficient-technology5

The new Fendt VisioPlus cabTime to climb inWhen operators take their place in the cab, they immediatelyfeel the excellence of the interior. The interior boastsimpressive high-quality workmanship. As is typical forFendt, the controls are logically placed and well thoughtoutand the Vario is easy to control. Here the workplace becomesa comfort zone – time to climb in, passengers, too.6

The new VisioPlus cab on the 700 VarioVisibly moreThe new VisioPlus cabSee more, feel more – the new Fendt VisioPlus cab is atrue visibility and space wonder. The windscreen curvesup into the roof and finally enables a full view of theraised front loader. More room and more than five squaremetres of glass give the cab a very spacious feel. You willclearly notice the enormous gain in comfort in the 700Vario. The Fendt VisioPlus cab provides a unique sense ofspaciousness, and the entire operating concept is convincing,and the workmanship is of the best quality.Open or closed?The new front window on the VisioPlus cab is a true plusin visibility. The curved windscreen triples the upwardsangle of sight. Downward visibility through the frontwindscreen and past the waisted bonnet provides anideal view to the wheel arches. The front window of thenew 700 Vario is available in two versions: the first versionis the familiar hinged window with doors on the leftand right. If you prefer a completely uninterrupted view,we recommend the second version – a continuous frontwindow with only one door on the left. No elementsobstruct the view over the entire generously-dimensionedglass area.8

The Fendt VariotronicThe “4-in-1 Varioterminal”Finally, all functions in one terminalThe Fendt Variotronic is the new and unique electroniccontrol that unites all functions in one terminal forthe first time: tractor and implement controls, camerafunctions as well as the documentation and automaticsteering systems are now completely integrated in the10.4” Varioterminal and can be operated using the sameoperating logic. That saves you the cost for additional terminals.For standard farming requirements, Fendt offersthe 7” Vario terminal.The last turning manoeuvre is as precise as the firstUp to 160 turning manoeuvres in ten hours can beexhausting without automated functions. The 700 Variois equipped with the Variotronic TI headland managementsystem as standard, to ensure that the last turningmanoeuvre is as precise as the first. The Variotronic TI isclearly displayed in the Varioterminal. Operators can activateautomated operating sequences at the headlandswith just one button. To optimise the sequence of thesteps, they can also be edited and adjusted individuallywhen the tractor is at a standstill. That saves you time atthe headlands and prevents possible operating errors onlong work days.7” VarioterminalWith a 7-inch screen diagonal, the 7” Varioterminal is a handy and functionalcompanion for tractor operations and Variotronic implement control.10.4” VarioterminalThe 10.4” Varioterminal fulfils all operator wishes. Now, in addition to tractor operations andVariotronic implement control, the external cameras, new Fendt VarioGuide automatic steeringsystem and VarioDoc documentation system can be controlled with just one terminal.Screen layoutUp to four applications can be displayedsimultaneously on the 10.4” Varioterminal.You can easily choose and change thearrangement of the applications on thescreen as you wish.Variotronic Implement ControlAll ISOBUS implements can be displayedclearly in full screen mode and convenientlycontrolled with touch technology.Up to 12 functions can be controlled at thesame time.Implement and tractor settingsIn the half-screen view, two applicationsare displayed side by side or above eachother and can be controlled simultaneously.For example, the settings forthe implements and the engine andtransmission can be optimally adjusted toeach other.Camera viewThe large 10.4” Varioterminal has up totwo camera ports. This makes couplingimplements much easier, for example.When working with rear-mounted implements,it is not necessary to constantlyturn around. In addition to comfort, thisprovides greater safety, since the cameraallows you to look into blind areas.12

Work up to 1,250 hectares more with VarioGuideThe VarioGuide automatic steering system is optimallyintegrated in the Variotronic and can be operated usingthe Varioterminal. With VarioGuide it is possible to reduceoverlapping by an average of six percent while at thesame time saving six percent in fuel and crop inputs,such as seeds and fertiliser. The tractor and trailer can bemonitored easily in the straightforward map view in theVarioterminal, so that an optimal result is possible, evenat night or in poor visibility conditions. Completely newis the VarioActive superimposed steering system that iscoupled to the VarioGuide which enables a much sharperturning angle.Modern job management with VarioDocDocumentation is the most important basis for farmmanagement for agricultural businesses. With the newVarioDoc, relevant data can be recorded with a minimumof effort, documented in the field record and analysed inthe shortest amount of time. Using the Varioterminal, allimportant information can already be entered in the fieldso that follow-up work in the office is reduced to a minimum.And it works the other way around, too – jobs canbe created using the PC and transferred to the terminal.Variotronic TI headland managementThe new Variotronic TI headland management systemallows operators to create turning manoeuvres easily,while the tractor is standing or driving, and then savesthem for the specific implement. The entire operatingsequence is shown along with the correspondingtriggers and values, such as the time or the distanceto the next step, which makes it easy for operatorsto understand the procedure. Individual steps in theoperating sequence can be edited at a later time.Better quality of work with VarioGuide automatic steeringWith VarioGuide, operators can concentrate fully on the implement.That increases performance and has a positive impact on the overallquality of work, even in poor visibility conditions. VarioGuide guaranteesmaximum reliability thanks to new satellite technology.VarioActive superimposedsteering systemA stronger steering ratio can be activatedwith the VarioActive superimposed steeringsystem. It adjusts to the steeringmovement and travel speed. A high gainin comfort, especially for front loader workin tight farmyards or at the headlands.700• All functions integrated injust one terminal for thefirst time• ISOBUS implementsoperated via Variotronicimplement control• Headland managementVariotronic TI with easysetting options• Precise and reliableFendt VarioGuide automaticsteering• Fast documentation andwireless data transfer withVarioDoc• VarioActive steering for asharper turning angleVarioGuide received a total score of 1.55in the top agrar tractor test“GPS steering” 03/2011:“The system is simple, well integratedand works well.”Without VarioActive1 turn of the steering wheel= 26.6°With VarioActive1 turn of the steering wheel= 43.3°13

Your benefits• 20,000 litres of fuel saved with SCR• Automatically drive at an economicaloptimum with TMS• Automatically drive at the power limitwith the automatic maximum outputcontrol15

Cutting-edge engine and transmission technologyThe engine and transmission work together perfectly20,000 litres of fuel saved with SCRWith up to 240 hp, Fendt expands the performancerange of the 700 Vario series upwards. The SCR technologyis new in the 700 Vario; it now complies with emissionsstandard Stage 3b (= Tier IV interim). With SCR, fuelconsumption is lowered by up to ten percent*(comparedto the 820 Vario). The 700 Vario, with an average fuelconsumption of 20 l/h saves 2.0 litres per hour. In 10,000operating hours that means savings totalling 20,000 litresof diesel. Another advantage is that exhaust treatmenttakes place after combustion and therefore does notaffect it. The engine can therefore be optimally tunedand achieves a very high degree of power efficiency.*In-house comparison FendtFendt automated efficiency functionsmake saving easyFor years tests have shown that continuously variablespeed adjustment – such as the Vario transmission offers– brings huge savings potential in time and money. Inthe 700 Vario, the continuously variable ML180 transmissionensures high drive train efficiency.With the Tractor Management System TMS, which Fendtnow also offers as standard for the 700 Vario, the tractor isalways operated at an economic optimum. The operatoronly needs to enter the desired speed and the activatedTMS takes care of controlling the engine and transmission.For example, TMS can ensure that the tractor drivesat a reduced engine speed on flat terrain. On slopes, theNm12001150110010501000950900850800750kW200190180170160150140130120110g/kWh220210200724724Cooled metering moduleReaction ofNH 3+ NO x=> H 2O+N 2AdBlue®injection1100 1300 1500 1700 1900 21001,058 Nm torque, 240 hp max. output at1,800 rpm and a specific fuel consumption of192 g/kW for the 724 Vario through implementationof the latest technology.SCR catalyticconverterAdBlue® withdrawaland heatingAdBlue® filler neckSCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) for exhaust gas after-treatmentWith SCR technology, exhaust is after-treated with Adblue®, a 32.5 percent solution of urea,which converts nitrous oxides NO xinto non-toxic nitrogen and water. The consumption ofAdBlue®, the standard urea-water solution used by commercial vehicles, lies at an averageof seven percent of the diesel consumption. This can vary depending on the operation.AdBlue® is available at filling stations all over the world or through AGCO Parts.AdBlue® tankdelivery modulewith filter16

load increases, so TMS increases the engine speed. In thisway, the tractor is driven at a reduced engine speed asoften as possible – and that automatically means betterefficiency.Automatically drive at the limitNew in the 700 Vario is the load limit control, i.e. automaticmaximum output control. The maximum outputcontrol enables load-dependent adjustment of the travelspeed dependent on engine speed. There are differentoptimal values that can be set as the load limit fordifferent operations, for example, for transport or fieldwork. The tractor sets the ideal load limit automatically.Operators therefore do not need to set the automaticmaximum output control when entering or leaving thefield. And the interplay between the engine and transmissionis just right for every operation. Alternatively,operators can also set the maximum output controlmanually.Ideal power-weight ratioGet the most out of every hp is the motto for the 700Vario. The 724 Vario has a convincing power-weight ratioof 33 kg/hp for lively handling and dynamics.4WDHydro motorRange I / IIAccumulator shaft700• 6.06-l six-cylinder engine withcommon rail injection:240 hp maximum output at1,800 rpm• SCR technology for compliance withemissions standard Stage 3b/Tier IVinterim and excellent fuel efficiencyEngine torqueHydraulic pumpPlanetarygear setTransmissionPlanetary gear setRear axleThe ingenious Fendt Vario transmissionThe Fendt Vario transmission is a hydrostatic-mechanical power split drive. With increasing speed, the share of the mechanical powertransmitted through the planetary set increases. The hydrostats, which can be swung 45 degrees, and a high operating pressure ofmax. 550 bar ensure exceptional efficiency.• Continuously variable Variotransmission ML180• Tractor Management SystemTMS and automatic maximumoutput control are standard• Excellent power-weight ratio of33 kg/hp (724 Vario)17PowerMixg/kWh300290280270260250240230Stage 3b/Tier 4 int245AdBlue828 Vario301DieselPowerMix averageall Profi test machinesThe Fendt 828 Vario was the first tractor with SCR technology to betested in the DLG PowerMix. The result: with 245 g/kWh, it is themost economical tractor on the market*. The extremely low fuelconsumption is a result of the implementation of the new SCR enginetechnology with Adblue exhaust after-treatment in combination withthe Fendt Vario transmission – now also in the 700 Vario.* Data sheet DLG PowerMix, February 2011

The Fendt 700 Vario in the fieldPerfect in formA perfectly worked field and well-cared for grasslands arethe main objectives when working agricultural areas. The700 Vario is an ideal all-rounder that works these areas asthoroughly and efficiently as possible. It provides the automatedfunctions that are required for precise pass to passoperations and, thanks to its powerful hydraulics, implementscan be used in a broad range of applications.18

Your benefits• More than 22 connections at the frontand rear• A touch of a button is all that isrequired for best quality work –guaranteed19

The Fendt 700 Vario in the fieldStrengths in operationMore than 22 connections at the front and rearThe Fendt 700 Vario offers more connections than anyother tractor in its power class: six electrohydraulic double-actingvalves at the rear and two in the front, powerbeyond, ISOBUS connection and many more. Overall,the 700 Vario has more than 22 connections, which areconveniently located at the front and rear. This guaranteesversatile operations and trouble-free connection ofimplements.Powerful lift capacity at the rearThe lift capacities of the 700 Vario are significantly higherthan in previous models. The electrohydraulic rear liftwith a maximum lift capacity of 9,580 daN allows the useof heavy rear-mounted implements. The new load-compensatingrear lift is a great benefit in comfort, because itautomatically holds the same preset lowering speed withheavy as well as lightweight implements.Powerful hydraulic systemThe hydraulic system features modern load-sensingtechnology. Delivery capacities of either 109 or 152litres per minute are possible.A number of connections areavailable at the rear:• Signal socket• ISOBUS connection• Hydraulic top link• 5 double-acting control valves• Leakage oil line• Unpressurised rear return flow• Air brake• Control line power beyond• Pressure line power beyond• Hydraulic trailer brake• 7-pin socket• Lower link hook end• ABS socket• Hitch• Rear PTO• Low hitchConnections in the front• Top link• 2 double-acting control valves• Unpressurised front return flow• 7-pin socket• Front PTO• Lower link hook endHydraulic connectionsat the rear (up to 5)Hydrauliclateral stabiliser20

Smart front hydraulicsThe maximum lift capacity at the front is 4,418 daN. Anoptional relief control is available for the comfort frontlift. Implements can be lowered with a double-actingcontrol value and held in a floating position with a specifiedpressure at the same time. This is especially advantageouswhen working with a snow plough or with a frontmower in grassland. Relief springs for the mower are nolonger necessary.The right speedThe PTOs can be easily controlled via the multi-functionarmrest. External controls are available at the front andrear. The PTO speeds (540/540E/1000) permit working ata lower engine speed, which means lower fuel consumption.The front PTO (1000 rpm) can be operated with abroad range of front-mounted implements.A push of a button for best quality of workIn the valve assignment page in the Varioterminal, operators can assign hydraulic valves to theoperating elements as needed. The entire procedure is very user-friendly and is easy to operate withthe buttons or touch screen.700• Up to seven electrohydraulicdouble-actingvalves• No corresponding lines forthe front valvesNo corresponding hydraulic linesThe hydraulic connections in the front ofthe 700 Vario have their own auxiliaryvalves and do not correspond with therear valves. You therefore have a full fivevalves available at the rear plus two fullvalves in the front.Steering servoCentral control block withauxiliary valves• Rear lift• Front lift• Auxiliary valvesFree front return flowFront hydraulic connectionwith ownauxiliary valves• Maximum lift capacities:Front: 4,418 daNRear: 9,580 daN• EPC rear and front linkageincl. shock load stabilisingand da function• PTO with comfort controls(540/540E/1000)Heat exchangerfor hydraulic oilcooling.• External controls for thelinkage, valves and rear PTOContainer foroil leakageMulti-coupler for front loader21Axial piston hydraulic pump109 l/min (opt. 152 l/min)Hydraulic oil tank(55 litres of available oil)

The Fendt 700 Vario for transportAn athlete in best formThe 700 Vario is sporty and dynamic in transport work.A top speed of 50 km/h at a reduced engine speed enablesfast, and most importantly, economical on-road driving.High payloads are no problem, thanks to the low powerweightratio.22

Your benefits• 50 km/h at just 1,700 rpm• Six points for your comfort• Maximum on-road and in-field drivingsafety23

The Fendt 700 Vario for transportReach your destination comfortably and safelySix points for your comfortThe 700 Vario allows you to carry out your transportwork at 50 km/h and a fuel-saving 1700 rpm. The chassisdesign provides the best ride comfort and optimumergonomics. Six points ensure an exceptional drivingsensation:• the self-levelling front axle suspension• the Fendt Reaction steering system• the shock load stabilising• the cab suspension• the seat suspension• the automatic steering axle lock.Safe driving, even with high payloadsA robust cast half frame, with a permissible gross weightof 12.5 tons, supports the Fendt 700 Vario. The permissibleaxle loads are now higher than previous model.This gives you ample payload reserves for heavy-dutyimplements. High transport loads, however, must alsobe slowed down quickly in dangerous situations. On the700 Vario, a practically maintenance-free braking system,comprising two integral multi-disc brakes for the rearwheels and a disc clutch on the cardan shaft for the frontwheels, ensures safe braking. The front axle with levelcontrol, which enhances ride comfort, also contributesNew front axle suspensionThe new front axle with suspension system permits higher payloads. The steering angle was also improved for a sharper turning angle.Additional areas visible withthe wide-angle mirrorAreas visible without thewide-angle mirrorWide-angle mirror for a better overviewThe optional wide-angle mirror expands your field of vision, which provides significantly more safety. You have a better overview of things that are happening on the sides of thetractor. The hazard zone, which is usually located in the blind spot, is easier to see into and unforeseen situations can be avoided.24

to driving safety. The suspension can be locked with thepush of a button, so that front-mounted implements canbe guided precisely.Fendt Reaction steering systemThe Fendt Reaction steering system improves thestraight-ahead driving behaviour of the tractor. Afternegotiating a curve, the steering wheel is brought backinto position faster with the assistance of a hydrostatand passes feedback from the road on to the driver. Thismakes it much easier to steer precisely.Automatic steering axle lockThe optional automatic steering axle lock automaticallyunlocks the steering axle at a predefined speed on trailerswith self-steering axles. On straight stretches, the rigidself-steering axle ensures stable handling. Operators donot need to lock the self-steering axle manually outsideof the preselected speed range and when reversing.700• 50 km/h transport speedat reduced engine speed(1,700 rpm)• Self-levelling front axlesuspension with lockingfunction• Wide-angle mirror• Fendt Reaction steeringsystem for better straightaheaddriving at fast speedson the road.• Optional tachograph• Up to four front Xenon worklights and two rear Xenonwork lights• Corner lights for excellentillumination of the wheelarchesEverything in view, even in the darkThe ingenious lighting concept on the 700 Vario doesn't leave you in the dark. Both the high and low beams provide an unmatchedhigh level of illumination intensity. The work lights on the 700 Vario can be individually adjusted for up to 360 degrees of illumination.Xenon work lights are available as an option.25

Fendt versatilityEverything – and moreIn addition to classic agricultural applications, specialtyoperations for contracting, municipal and forestry applicationsare increasing in the professional sector.The 700 Vario is clearly the all-rounder amongst tractors,so you are always ready to go for all operations.26

700 Vario in front loader operationsSee everythingComfortable work with the Fendt CargoThe new 700 Vario is ideal for front loader work. Theupward viewing angle has tripled, thanks to the newwindscreen, and operators now have a full view of theraised front loader. Since the Vario and the Cargo frontloader form an ideal unit, the front window on the 700Vario can be opened at any time during front loaderoperations. Front loader work with the new 700 Vario is apleasure.Optimal operating conceptUsing the standard crossgate lever, you can control theCargo very precisely and also activate and control thethird and fourth control circuits. The direction of travelcan be changed quickly with the reversing lever. Thanksto VarioActive steering*, a sharper wheel angle is enableddependent on speed, you don't need to turn the steeringwheel as much. Vibration damping and the hydraulicattachment lock can be activated easily using two pushbuttonson the dashboard.*in combination with ProfiPlusModel 5X/85 5X/90A Digging depth (mm) 1) 250 250B Lifting height (mm) 1) 4500 4500C Dumping distance (mm) 1) B = 3.5 m 1870 1870C Dumping distance (mm) 1) B = max. 1080 1080D Angle of emptying 55° 55°E Angle of backwards tilt 48° 48°Lift capacity over full height (daN) 2600 2950Maximum lift capacity (daN) 3000 34601)depends on tyresThe upward angle of vision has been increased and operatorscan see the raised front loader fully. The comfortablesitting position in the cab is good for your back and health.Membrane keypad for hydraulic attachment lock andactivating dampingThe standard-equipped crossgate lever is a plus in operatingcomfort. Two control valves on the front loader can beoperated precisely with just one lever. The optional CARGOcomfort controls not only provide controls for a 3rd and 4thhydraulic circuit, but also the hydraulic attachment lock andthe activation of the front loader damping system.28

Maintenance is easy – even with the CargoThe specially coordinated design between the frontloader and the tractor results in an exceptional overallconcept. All maintenance work on the 700 Vario can beperformed without removing the front loader.700Fendt Vario and Cargobuild one perfect unit• Optimal view to the raisedfront loader• Lift capacity over fullheight:2600 daN (5X/85)2950 daN (5X/90)• Lift height: up to 4500 mm• Cargo Lock automaticattachment lock• All pipes run in the frame• Valves and damping areprotected in cross bar• Multi-coupler for connectingfront loader• 3rd and 4th hydraulic circuit(optional)• Best access to allmaintenance points onthe tractor29

The sum of the technical solutions create the technological leadCutting-edge technologyunitedIn the 700 Vario, start-of-the-art technology is optimally merged in a single vehicle,giving professional farmers and business owners an economic edge.1. Front drive axle with 52° steering angle2. Self-levelling hydropneumatic front axle suspensionwith 2 cylinders (lockable)3. Front linkage with external controls4. Front PTO5. 2 da hydraulic connections at the front6. Planetary final drives7. 6.06-l Deutz engine with 4 valves per cylinder8. Cooler unit9. SCR catalytic converter10. Continuously variable Vario transmission11. Hydro motor12. Hydraulic pump13. Enclosed 4WD clutch14. Fuel tank with 400-l capacity15. AdBlue® tank with 38-l capacity16. Planetary axle17. Multi-disc brake for rear wheels18. Cardan brake for front wheels19. Rear linkage with hydrauliclateral stabilisation20. VisioPlus cab with integral automaticclimate control and almost6 m 2 glass area21. Pneumatic cab suspension22. Armrest with Variocentre23. New Varioterminal withintegral Fendt VarioGuideautomatic steering systemand ISOBUS24. VarioGuide roof unit25. Super comfort seat Evolution Dynamic withair suspension, climate control, heating,pneumatic lumbar support26. Comfort passenger seat withautomatic seat belt27. External rearview mirror, electricallyadjustable, heated28. External rear controls for linkage, PTOand one hydraulic control unit548291330


Technical SpecificationsEngineRated power (kW/hp) (ECE R24)Max. power (kW/hp) (ECE R24)Rated power (kW/hp) (EC 97/68) 4)Max. power (kW/hp) (EC 97/68)No. of cylinders / coolingCylinder bore / stroke (mm)Cubic capacity (cm 3 )Rated engine speed (rpm)Engine speed at max. power (rpm)Max. torque (1450/rpm)Torque rise (%)Optim. fuel consumption (g/kWh)Fuel tank (l)AdBlue® (l)Oil change interval (op. hrs.)Transmission and PTOTypeSpeed range: Range I - field (forward / reverse)Range II - road (forward / reverse)Maximum speed (km/h)Rear PTO (rpm)Front PTO (rpm) 1)Power liftDisplacement pump (200 bar) (l/min) (optional)Rear linkage controlAdditional valves max. (standard)Max. lift capacity, rear linkage on the drawbar (kN/kp)Max. lift capacity, front linkage (daN)Implement weight / front linkage up to (kg)720 722 724136 / 185147 / 200148 / 201153 / 2086/water101 / 1266056210018008973919240038500151 / 205162 / 220163 / 222168 / 2296/water101 / 1266056210018009883919240038500162 / 220176 / 240174 / 237181 / 2466/water101 / 12660562100180010583819240038500Continuously variable Vario transmission ML 1800.02 to 28 km/h / 0.02 to 17 km/h0.02 to 50 km/h / 0.02 to 33 km/h505050540 / 540 E / 1000540 or 1000109 (152)EPC109 (152)EPC109 (152)EPC7 da 3) (3 da 3) ) electr. valves / crossgate lever958044183180958044183180958044183180Weights and dimensionsUnladen weightPerm. overall weight (kg)Max. vertical hitch load withstandard tyres and 50 km/h (kg)Overall length (mm)Overall width (mm)Overall height (mm)Ground clearance (mm) 2)Wheelbase (mm)Track width front (mm) 2)Track width rear (mm) 2)Min. turning circle (m) 5)79001250020005240255030505522770194019205.579001250020005240255030505522783194019205.579001250020005240255030505522783194019205.5Electrical equipmentStarter (kW)Battery (V/Ah)Alternator (V/A)4.012 / 18014 / 2004.012 / 18014 / 2004.012 / 18014 / 2001)= optional, 2) = with standard tyres, 3) = can also be operated as single-acting, 4) = definitive power specifications for registration, 5) = without steering brake, with 540/65R30720 Vario 722Vario 724 Variofront rear front rear rearStandard tyres 540/65 R30 650/65 R42 540/65 R30 650/65 R42 540/65 R30 650/65 R42Optional 600/65 R28 710/70 R38 600/65 R28 710/70 R38 600/65 R28 710/70 R38600/65 R28 650/75 R38 600/65 R28 650/75 R38 600/65 R28 650/75 R38600/60 R30 710/60 R42 600/60 R30 710/60 R42 600/60 R30 710/60 R42320/85 R38* 320/90 R54* 320/85 R38* 320/90 R54* 320/85 R38* 320/90 R54** = Recommended for row crop tires, not delivered by FendtYour Fendt dealer will be pleased to inform you about further tyre options.32

Standard and optional equipment■ = standard ❑ = optional – = not available Profi ProfiPlusProfi ProfiPlusVario controlsMulti-function joystick ■ ■Varioterminal 7” ■ –Varioterminal 10.4” ❑ ■Variotronic Implement Control (ISOBUS) ■ ■Variotronic TI - Headland Management System ■ ■Vario TMS - Engine-Transmission Management System ■ ■VarioDoc ❑ ■VarioDoc Pro ❑ ❑Ready for automatic steering system – ■ 1)VarioGuide automatic steering system – ❑VarioActive steering – ■Electronic immobiliser ■ ■CabSplit front window and door on right ■ ■Continuous front window ❑ ❑Mechanical cab suspension ■ ■Pneumatic cab suspension ❑ ❑Pneumatic comfort cab suspension ❑ ❑Height and tilt-adjustable steering column ■ ■Comfort seat, with air suspension and backrest ■ ■Super Comfort Seat with seat heating, lumbar support ❑ ❑Super Comfort Seat Evolution Dynamic with climate control,seat heating, lumbar support and seat suspension ❑ ❑Comfort passenger seat with automatic seat belt ■ ■Floor mat ❑ ❑Radio mounting kit with two stereo loudspeakers ■ ■Blaupunkt Radio CD MP3 ❑ ❑Tachograph ❑ ❑Air-conditioning ■ ■Automatic climate control ❑ ❑Toxic filter (aerosol) ■ ■Segment wipers front ■ ■Parallel wipers front ❑ ❑Rear window heated ❑ ❑Rear window wash/wipe system ❑ ❑Ext. rearview mirror mechanically adjustable ■ ■Ext. rearview mirror, electrically adjustable, heated ❑ ❑Wide-angle mirror ❑ ❑Interior mirror ■ ■Work lights, 4 roof rear, 2 roof front ■ ■Work lights A-pillar, roof front, rear mudguards ❑ ❑Work light Xenon A-pillar, roof front,rear mudguards ❑ ❑LED rear lights ❑ ❑Ambient lighting ■ ■Bracket for additional device ❑ ❑Cooled box ■ ■Battery disconnect switch ❑ ❑EngineFuel prefilter ■ ■Fuel prefilter (heated) ❑ ❑Preheater package (engine, transmission, hydraulic oil) ❑ ❑Exhaust brake ❑ ❑TransmissionShuttle function, Stop & Go function ■ ■Acoustic signal when reversing ❑ ❑Chassis / safety featuresCompressed air system ■ ■Automatic trailer steering axle lock ■ ■Compressed air Duomatic coupling ❑ ❑4WD / differential locksComfort engagement 4WD / differential lock ■ ■Rear / front differential with 100% disc locking ■ ■Power shift PTORear: Flange PTO 540/540E/1000 rpm ■ ■Front: 540 or 1000 rpm ❑ ❑External actuation rear PTO ❑ ❑Hydraulic systemLoad sensing system with axial piston pump (109 l/min) ■ ■152 l/min delivery capacity ❑ ❑Electrohydraulic rear lift SA (EPC) ■ ■Electrohydraulic rear lift DA (EPC),with external actuation ❑ ❑Hydraulic lower link lateral stabilisation ❑ ❑Radar sensor ❑ ❑Hydraulic rear top link ❑ ❑Hydraulic connection external (load-sensing) ❑ ❑Hydraulic valve actuation crossgate lever,Connect-under-pressure couplings rear ■ ■Double connect-under-pressure lever couplings rear ❑ ❑Comfort ballast mounting w/o front lift ❑ ❑Front lift DA, with external actuation ❑ ❑Comfort front lift da, with position control,external actuation ❑ ❑Comfort front lift da, with position control andrelief control, external actuation ❑ ❑BodyAuto. hitch with remote control, rear ■ ■Ball-type coupling, height adjustable ❑ ❑Ball-type coupling normal in the low hitch ❑ ❑Ball-type coupling long in the low hitch ❑ ❑Forced steering (one or two-sided) ❑ ❑Hitch coupling ❑ ❑Swinging drawbar ❑ ❑Piton fix ❑ ❑Rotating beacon left and right ❑ ❑Wide vehicle markers ❑ ❑Pivoting front mudguards ■ ■Front weights, various sizes ❑ ❑Ballast weights for rear wheels ❑ ❑Front loaderFront loader mounting parts ❑ ❑Front loader Cargo 5X/85 ❑ ❑Front loader Cargo 5X/90 ❑ ❑1)= including VarioGuide roof hatchThe Fendt on-line configurator: put together your own custom Fendt according to your wishes. Visit www.fendt.com.33

The Fendt overall profitabilityInvest right –and keep on savingIt is clear that you get cutting-edge technology with aFendt tractor. But there's much more to the total costpicture of a Fendt Vario: from competent consultation,to comprehensive services to the special value retentionof a Fendt tractor.Efficiency: The recipe for economical operationsWe make no compromises when it comes to efficiency,because our objective is to be the leader for costeffectivenessper hectare and kilometre. The very besttechnology, for example as is found in the 700 Vario, isjust good enough for us: the highly efficient Vario drivetrain and the fuel-saving SCR technology in combinationwith TMS. These enhance the already top-levelefficiency of the Vario and further reduce the costs perhectare and kilometre.Retention of value = future-proofing plus qualityEvery Fendt customer knows: things are settled at theend of the service life of a tractor. And this is a true joy forFendt owners, because the resale value of a Fendt Vario isunbeatable. As a trendsetter, Fendt continually providesvital standards to the sector and implements technologythat continues to be in demand in the future. Add to thatthe high quality, which stands for operational reliabilityand a long lifetime. The total is a retention of value thatonly Fendt can offer you.34

Fendt overall profitabilityMore freedom for investments – tailor-madefinancing through AGCO FINANCE and the customservice packageA custom financing package with attractive conditionsand flexible terms offers you an ideal opportunity tomatch your investment to the needs of your farm orbusiness. With a Fendt Service Package, you always haveservicing and repair costs under control. When purchasingyour tractor, for example, you can already planthe prescribed service work based on attractive fixedprices – with the Service Package or the comprehensiveProService Package.• Fendt Efficiency for the best costeffectivenessper hectare• Fendt Comfort for pleasant workingconditions day after day• Fendt Retention of Value for anunbeatable resale value• Fendt Service for competentconsultation and full reliability• Fendt Flexibility for custom financingand individual offers• Fendt Expert Driver Training for themost efficient Vario driving35

More than ever:Leaders drive FendtSales agent:All data regarding delivery, appearance, performance, dimensions and weight, fuel consumption and running costs of the vehiclescorrespond with the latest information available at the time of going to press. Changes may be made before the time of purchase.Your Fendt dealer will be pleased to supply you with up-to-date information.AGCO GmbH – Fendt MarketingD-87616 MarktoberdorfFax +49 (0) 8342 / 77-220 • www.fendt.com711V/1.0-EN/06-11/6.0-E

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