Photography Worksheet - Creating Keepsakes

Photography Worksheet - Creating Keepsakes

Celebratory Mini AlbumPhotography WorksheetInstructions: Before your celebration or holiday gathering, make a list ofthe photos you want to take to tell your story. Remember, this is your albumand you can customize what you put into it, so feel free to add or eliminatecategories or photos to create a mix of images that works best for you.Tip: You can also use thisworksheet to help you gatherphotos for mini albums aboutevents that have already occurred.Photos I want for my mini album commemoratingPEOPLEVENUEClose-ups of:Close-ups of:Group shots of:Special shots to remember:FOODACTIVITIESClose-ups of:Close-ups of:Special shots to remember:Special shots to remember:DÉCOR/MEMORABILIAGIFTS/CARDSClose-ups of:Close-ups of:Special shots to remember:Special shots to remember:Memorabilia to save:Cards, gift wrap, or ribbons to save:

Celebratory Mini AlbumJournaling WorksheetInstructions: As soon as your event is over, write down what you want toremember for each topic in your mini album. Include the funny stories andclever conversations that you want to record. Remember, this is your album,and you can customize what you put into it, so feel free to add or eliminatetopics to record the event in a way that works best for you.Tip: You can also use this worksheetto help you plan your journalingfor mini albums about events thathave not yet occurred to help youremember to look for specific things.Thoughts and stories I want to rememberin my mini album commemoratingPEOPLEVENUEFOODACTIVITIESDÉCOR/MEMORABILIAGIFTS/CARDS

Celebratory Mini AlbumPlanning WorksheetInstructions: For each pagein your mini album, decide onthe topic and select the photosyou’ll use, and then use thisworksheet to sketch out (map)your album.Tip: Your album may have fewer or additional pages.Adjust the map to fit your needs.SAMPLE MINIALBUM PAGE MAPTITLE HERE4 x 6PHOTO4 x 6PHOTOCaptions _______________4 x 6PHOTOJournaling _______________________________________________________4 x 6PHOTOCaption ___Map for my mini album commemorating

Celebratory Mini AlbumSupply WorksheetInstructions: Create a supply guide that details the materials you’ll use on thelayouts in your mini album. Attach small samples or scraps of the cardstock,patterned paper, and accents that you want to use throughout the album.Remember, your album may require fewer or additional supplies. Adjust thesupply guide to fit your needs.Tip: Even though you’re using thesame supplies for each layout inyour album, you can customize eachpage by varying the amounts of eachproduct and/or color.Supply guide for my mini album commemoratingCARDSTOCKPatterned Paperstickerstrimother embellishments

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