e englisch hörverstehen - KV Schweiz

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e englisch hörverstehen - KV Schweiz

LEHRABSCHLUSSPRÜFUNGEN 2012KAUFFRAU UND KAUFMANNZENTRALPRÜFUNGSKOMMISSION –SCHULISCHER TEIL1EENGLISCHHÖRVERSTEHENSERIE 1/3PunkteLÖSUNGENKandidatennummerNameVornameDatum der PrüfungPUNKTE UND BEWERTUNG Erreichte Punkte / MaximumTask A / 8Task B / 5Task C / 7Total / 20Die ExpertenDiese Prüfungsaufgabe darf 2012 nicht im Unterricht verwendet werden. Die Zentralprüfungskommission (schulischer Teil) hat das uneingeschränkte Recht, dieseAufgabe für Prüfungs- und Übungszwecke zu verwenden. Eine kommerzielle Verwendung bedarf der Bewilligung der Autorengruppe, der Inhaber des Urheberrechtes. ©

2 ENGLISCH HÖRVERSTEHEN! WICHTIG:In diesem Hörverstehen hören Sie die Aufgaben A bis C je zweimal.PunkteA (8 POINTS) (1 POINT FOR EACH CORRECT ANSWER)Look at the notes below. Listen to the messages and monologues.Fill in the missing information.1. A message on a company answerphoneName of callerDate of passage 1.Ferry leaves at 2.Carmen Rodriguez26 July15.3511How much is the single fare? 3. ¤ 32.50PA’s e-mail 4. j.patel@bluelagoon.com112. A message on a company answerphoneName of callerClient’s number 5.Items ordered from 6.Jim FergusonW0035782(latest) catalogue/summer special11Cost of wine ordered 7. $ 114.901Caller’s address 8.34 Hilltop DriveFlagstaff, AZ 86001

ENGLISCH HÖRVERSTEHEN3B (5 POINTS) (1 POINT FOR EACH CORRECT ANSWER)PunkteListen to a radio talk about business in China between Carol Jones and Mark Sears.For each question mark the best answer (A, B or C). Tick one answer only.You now have 30 seconds to look at the task.1. Companies want to do businessin China becauseA m the Chinese speak English well.B m X it’s a very big market.C m of a decrease in turnover.4. The Shanghai parkA m is likely to turn a profit once it’s open.B m has a multibillion pound annual turnover.C m X will help to promote other Disneyproducts.1+12. The Disney park in Shanghai isA m the first in China.B m X the second one in China.C m the third outside the USA.3. The Shanghai park will be financedA m by the Walt Disney company.B m mainly by foreign investors.C m X by a Chinese majority.5. The Hong Kong parkA m will compete with the Shanghai park.B m X has been less successful than expected.C m is less convenient for families.1+11C (7 POINTS) (1 POINT FOR EACH CORRECT ANSWER)A radio interview with Sam Fischer, a member of the company Backboard.Listen and answer the questions. Please use keywords.1. What must the winnerof the FedEx prize understand?2. What does Backboard produce?3. What are their products made of?4. What does YES stand for?5. What happened inSeptember 2010?6. Who manufacturestheir products?7. Where can you buytheir products?global tradebags and casesrecycled canvas/(old) sailsYoung Enterprise Switzerland(Backboard) was foundeda social institutiononline/internet (not Swiss Nautic/BEA)1111111

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