Austal Defence News - May 2007 - Austal Ships

Austal Defence News - May 2007 - Austal Ships

A u s t a l d e f e n c e N e w s may 2007Austal DEFENCE NewsAustal Gains US GroundAnnounces Second LCS OrderLarge LCS construction sheds pictured left compared to the recently launched 107m catamaran. January 2007.After securing a second LCS order, successfully launching the largest everaluminium high speed vessel built in the USA and releasing exciting plansto expand its US shipyard, Austal has reinforced its position as the worldleader in advanced aluminium vessel construction.Austal’s innovative high-speed trimaran hull - already in commercialservice - will feature in a second US Littoral Combat Ship following the USNavy’s decision to confirm a second General Dynamics/Austal contractoption last December.The news comes as Austal’s first LCS, ‘USS Independence’, reachesan advanced level of construction and remains on target for launch inDecember.Austal’s revolutionary trimaran LCS design offers superior sea keeping(rough weather capabilities) via its long, slender central hull, which,combined with smaller side hulls, allows unequalled beam (width) creatingan expansive internal mission deck and class-leading helo capability.LCSFFGAustal Military Programs Technical Manager Tim Speer said the LCS offershigh speed, increased manoeuvrability, shallow draft, high payload anddual H-60 helicopter operations.The LCS provides superior aviation capabilities.“It offers the third largest flight deck - behind an aircraft carrier or majoramphibious vessel - and the capability to launch and recover MH-53helicopters,” Mr Speer said.Forecasts are that up to 55 LCSs will form a key part of the US Navy’s300 ship expansion programme. In April 2007 Secretary of the US Navy,Donald C. Winter, commented on the importance of the LCS to the USNavy."LCS continues to be a critical war fighting requirement for our Navy tomaintain dominance in the littorals and strategic choke points around theworld," Secretary Winter said.In addition, the prospect of foreign military sales of the LCS is a growingpossibility.The planned expansion of Austal USA’s facilities, as well as a growingworkforce, will help Austal cater for the construction of this new breed ofwarship.Inside this issue:• view from the bridge • record breaker born - jhsvon horizon • westpac express gets upgrade • bermudabegins operation • ran patrol boats named • april orderbook sets distance record • multi-role vesselsReceive Austal newsTo continue to receive regular Austal Defence related news and updates,simply register at the mailing list section at or send your details to

PAGE twoA U S T A L d e f e n c e n e w s"View fromthe bridge"Written by Vice Admiral (Rtd) David Shackleton,AO former Chief, Royal Australian Navy, nowadvisor to Austal.Modern times dictate that a nation’s effectivenessat patrolling its littoral waters - and how quickly itreacts when sovereignty and human lives are indanger - is now at the very forefront of nationalsecurity worldwide.High speed, lightweight, capable aluminium craftcontinue to be valuable assets to governmentswanting to provide an effective emergencyresponse during a humanitarian crisis.Austal continues the development of a rangeof multi-hull, multi-role platforms, which utilise itsinnovative and proven hull forms, in an effort toprovide safer, affordable and effective solutionsto modern security threats.With great flexibility and freedom to tailorexisting specialist ship capabilities into these newhull forms, customers have numerous options foradapting Austal’s vessel designs to meet theirown unique requirements.Austal’s current involvement with the catamaran“WestPac Express”, on a long term charter to theUS Marines III MEF based in Okinawa, Japan,and the two US Navy trimaran Littoral CombatShips under construction, give some indicationof the important combat and non combat rolesplanned for high speed vessels.Modern times have also reinforced the benefitsof aluminium vessels in the defence arena. Theseprinciple advantages are notable across a rangeof characteristics.Aluminium provides comparable strength to steelat one third the weight, allowing an equivalentaluminium hull structure to be substantially lighter.Lighter weight increases fuel efficiency and shipspeed - an important attribute when faced withadverse weather conditions and external threats.Another advantage is aluminium’s high level ofcorrosion resistance which negates the need fora protective coating on the entire ship structure,substantially reducing maintenance costs.In the case of an underwater mine or otherexplosion, the high ductility of aluminium meansthe vessel has a greater chance of staying afloatas the hull panels absorb the blast impact.These attributes reinforce aluminium’s suitability foran increased range of duties in today’s defenceand maritime security market.We all watch with interest as more innovative,effective and affordable solutions to modernsecurity threats continue to emerge.Record Breaker Born –JHSV On HorizonAs the world’s largest ever high speedaluminium vessel built in the USA, the newlynamed “Alakia” has not failed to impresssince completion.Sea trials for the 107 metre catamaran havereinforced the high speed vessel’s speedcapabilities, manoeuvrability, safety featuresand equipment, with the catamaran achievingor surpassing its performance specifications.Fresh from her successful launch at AustalUSA’s Mobile, Alabama shipyard in January,the first of Hawaii Superferry’s two 107 metrevehicle passenger catamarans will beginher journey home to Hawaii via the PanamaCanal this month. “Alakia” is scheduled tobegin service in July.“Alakia” is a testament to the investment byAustal, since first acquiring the vacant land atMobile in 2000, into developing a purposebuiltaluminium shipyard dedicated to theproduction of high speed, high technologyaluminium vessels.Austal USA’s Chief Operating OfficerDan Spiegel said the launch was anotherimportant milestone in the development ofAustal USA.“This event represents Austal’s leadershipwhen it comes to high-speed aluminium vesseldesign and construction,” he saidBuilding on the successful completion ofseveral smaller ferries of up to 58 metres, theability of Austal USA to build, engineer andlaunch a 107 metre design showcases whatis being called a US ‘centre of excellence’ forhigh speed vessel construction.As well as delivering the largest aluminiumvessel built in the USA, Austal has alsodelivered the US Navy’s longest serving highspeed vessel, the 101 metre catamaran“WestPac Express,” which has served withthe US Marines III MEF based in Okinawasince 2001.The US Navy is expected to release aRequest For Proposal for Joint High SpeedVessels (JHSV) later this year, with plans topurchase eight vessels beginning in 2008.The JHSV will be a non-combatant, intratheatre, medium lift platform utilised forthe movement of personnel, supplies andequipment (PSE).US Navy Captain Pat Sudol said the JHSVis expected to be approximately 450 feet(137 metres) in length and able to carryupwards of 600 tons (544 tonnes).“It can travel at speeds of at least 35 knotsand has a range of 1,200 nautical milesbefore refueling,” Capt Sudol said."As you can imagine, [JHSV will have]enormous flexibility in situations likehumanitarian assist, where perhaps the portis even damaged or fairly basic to start with.This is a vessel that will be able to get intothat port and provide materials, assistanceand transportation if needed for the people,"she said.Maneuvering troops is one of the areaswhere the JHSV concept really had itsbeginning, according to Captain Sudol."When we were leasing the Austal WestPacExpress, [the Marine Corps] found that notonly were they saving significant resourcesby not flying personnel and equipment fromtraining site to training site, they found theywere saving time and wear and tear on theirpeople," she said.PRINCIPAL PARTICULARSLength overall:106.5 metresBeam moulded:23.8 metresHull depth moulded:9.4 metresMaximum deadweight: 800 tonnesPassengers: 866Vehicles:282 carsor 28 trucks and 65 carsPROPULSIONMain engines: 4 x MTU 20V 8,000 M714 x 8200kWGearboxes: 4 x ZF 53000-2Water jets: KaMeWa 125 S11PERFORMANCEOperational speed: 40 knots @ 90% MCRSURVEYClassification:Newly completed Hawaii Superferry “Alakia” shines during recent Sea Trials.@ contract deadweightwith operating ride control systemGermanischer Lloyd

PAGE THREE"WestPac Express" Gets UpgradeThe upgrade included a water jet overhaul.It has the capacity to lift 530 tons of equipmentat a sustained speed of 33 knots, hassteamed over 310,000 miles, carried morethan 77,000 military personnel and 69,000tonnes of equipment, and achieved a technicalreliability of 99.7 per cent.So when “WestPac Express” received its fiveyear upgrade last November, it was definitelywell deserved.The work was carried out on the iconic Austalvessel by more than 20 Austal employees whohad travelled to the Tsuneishi Shipyard in Japanto undertake contract upgrade and scheduledmaintenance work on the vessel.Work on the vessel, which currently serves withthe US Marines III MEF based in Okinawa,included:• Waterjet overhaul• Floating floor replacement• Addition of three new crew cabins• Addition of new toilets and showers• Aircondition modifications• General hull maintenance and painting.Austal’s service team completed the three weekupgrade on time and to the highest standards.Since the HSV's inaugural mission, the shiphas been a great asset to the command of IIIMarine Expeditionary Force, having transportedmarines to support exercises such as Foal Eagleand Cobra Gold, as well as the humanitarianoperations following the devastating tsunami thatstruck Thailand in late 2004.“WestPac Express” currently serves with the USMarines III MEF based in Okinawa, Japan.Bermuda Begins OperationThe sister ship to the six vessels recentlydelivered to the New South Wales Water Policehas begun operations for Bermuda Water Police- reinforcing Austal’s reputation for providingproven maritime security solutions to a globalcustomer base.The 16 metre vessel officially entered service onDecember 4 following its voyage from Austal’sWestern Australian shipyard. The journeyincluded shipping the vessel to Savannah,Georgia USA before travelling under her ownpower on a 900 nautical mile final voyage tothe island of Bermuda via Morehead City inSouth Carolina.“Guardian” is an all aluminium mono-hulldesign that features all the design upgradesincluded in the current New South Wales PoliceBoat fleet that replace the previous seven 16metre police boats delivered by Austal in 2000.“Guardian” has a cruising speed of 20 knotswith a 400 nautical mile range. The vesselis designed to operate up to 200 nauticalmiles offshore and comes with an array ofcommunication and navigation equipment toRAN Patrol Boats NamedNaming Ceremonies for Austal’s latest ArmidaleClass Patrol Boats have been held at itsshipyard in Henderson, Western Australia.The 56 metre vessels are among 14 Austal isbuilding for the Royal Australian Navy (RAN).A ceremony was held on February 17for the tenth and eleventh vessels, named“Wollongong” and “Childers”, and wasattended by senior figures from the RoyalAustralian Navy, Department of Defence,Federal Government and local industry.compliment the role and capabilities.After arriving at the island in late September,sea trials and familiarisation exercises wereheld in local waters for the Police MarineUnit. The vessel will be based in Hamilton forgeneral patrol, search & rescue, dive operationsand general assistance to Police units andgovernmental agencies.16m Patrol Boat "Guardian" begins operationswith the Bermuda Water Police.The naming ceremony for Austal’s twelfthArmidale Class Patrol Boat, “Launceston” washeld on April 29 and was attended by anequally impressive list of delegates.To be based primarily in the ports of Darwinand Cairns, the Armidale Class fleet operateswithin Australia’s Marine Jurisdictional Zonescarrying out surveillance, interception,investigation, apprehension and the escort toport of vessels suspected of illegal fisheries,quarantine, customs or immigration offences.Austal ExhibitionEURONAVEL 2006Paris, France 23 - 27 October 2006IMDEX Asia 2007Singapore 15 - 18 May 2007BRIDEX 2007Brunei Darussalam International Defence ExhibitionBrunei 31 May - 2 June 2007Chief of the Royal Australian Navy Vice Admiral RussShalders, Naming Lady for "Wollongong" Kylie Heron,His Worship the Mayor of the City of WollongongAlex Darling and Senator Concetta Fierravanti-Wellsrepresenting the Minister of Defence.Launceston Naming Lady Elizabeth Koch withGift Giver Kelly van Meekeren.

April Order Book SetsDistance RecordA U S T A L d e f e n c e n e w sAustal has set a new distance record for itsApril order book, with almost two kilometres ofaluminium ships now under construction and onorder in its Australian and US shipyards. Thisimpressive achievement comes on the back ofAustal securing its largest individual contract,announced earlier this month. Austal’s orderbook now totals 29 vessels with a combinedoverall length of 1,931 metres. This reinforcesAustal’s position as the world leader in thedesign and construction of aluminium vesselsfor diverse market sectors such as commercial,military and leisure.Austal Executive Manager of Strategy, Sales& Marketing Stephen Lupi said it was amemorable occasion for Austal having begunoperations in 1988. “In the four years that Ihave been with the company we have workedvery hard to attain credibility across a broadrange of product segments. In the military sector,we are now a respected supplier of combatships to the US Navy and of maritime securityvessels to a number of other Governments,including Australia,” he said.“Austal's unique capability to deliver customisedvessel solutions, facilitated by a 160 strongin-house design team, is complemented bya powerful productive capacity which isbeing continually refined through a significantinvestment in advanced manufacturingprocesses.”In summary, Austal’s ability to secure new ordersin a competitive market environment can beattributed to the following distinguishing factors:• Large in-house design capability• Ability to customise designs based on strongoperational knowledge• Large production capacity for prompt delivery• Financial and technical strength• Advanced manufacturing techniques and ahuge investment in training, new equipmentand facilities• Strong service and support networkProven, Capable, AffordableMULTI-ROLE VESSEL (MRV)LARGE, FLEXIBLE RORO MISSION/LOGISTICS DECKSYSTEMS PACKAGED MISSION MODULESMULTI-MISSION HELICOPTER CAPABILITYEXCLUSIVE ECONOMIC ZONE BORDER PATROLSEARCH & RESCUE AND LAW ENFORCEMENTLIGHT AMPHIBIOUS OPERATIONSCOMMAND & CONTROLCONSTABULARY SUPPORTHYDROGRAPHIC SURVEYHUMANITARIAN SUPPORTHELICOPTER FLIGHT TRAININGAREA OF OPERATION THEATRE HOSPITALAT-SEA REPLENISHMENT & LIGHT SEALIFTANTI-SUBMARINE WARFARE & MINE HUNTINGINTELLIGENCE, SURVEILLANCE, RECONNAISSANCEFORCE TRANSPORTATION & SPECIAL FORCES SUPPORTShipyards: Australia and USAEmail: Fax: +61 8 9410 2564 Tel: +61 8 9410 1111W W W. A U S TA L . C O M

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