November-December 2011 - The Journey

November-December 2011 - The Journey

Issue 61 | November.December 2011





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Benefit Concert for Somalia

Linda Johnson, RN LCSW


Networked with many insurances: including Highmark, UPMC, United Healthcare/Behavioral Health,

Aetna, MH Net, and ESI. Often contracts with other insurances (e.g. Cigna).

NovemberDecember 2011


The Boutique With A Personal Touch

High Fashion Ladies Garments

Accessories & Jewelry

Belly Dance Scarves and Costumes

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Check us out at Summit Mall

3265 W. Market St., Akron OH 44333

Fashion Presenter Mini Kaur-330-741-0149

Wholesale Accounts Welcome!

Friday, November 11, 2011 • 7 PM (Doors open @6:30 PM)

Friends Meeting House • 4836 Ellsworth Ave • Pittsburgh, Pa 15213

Featuring: SmokeStack Lightning, Stonebridge & other guest performers and bands

Suggested Donation: $10 Adults / $5 Students • Come early, seating is limited

The people of Somalia are in need of relief from famine and epidemic diseases such as

cholera, as well as support against the controlling militant government. Please

join Linda in supporting the American Friends Service Committee for

this worthy cause.

A Total Living Courageously Approach

Linda Johnson is a therapist for individuals, couples and families and certified in

the following fields: Couples (PAIRS), Bereavement, Spiritual, and Trauma, with

offices in Highland Park and Oakmont. She has advanced training in CBT and

EMDR: Grief, Loss, Behavior, and Trauma intervention.

T h e Jo u r n e y



A Mind, Body and Soul Connection

Th e Jo u r n e y

NovemberDecember 2011 Pa g e 3

From the Publisher

It’s hard to believe that we are celebrating the

10th anniversary of the first issue of The Journey

Magazine. In the 10 years we have been publishing,

so many people have contributed to our mission,

which is to give people information that we

hope will bring positive change into their lives.

Rather than try to mention them all (which

would take up more space than I am allocated

for this column) let me just give a collective thank

you to all. “All” meaning not just the writers, layout,

graphic design, distribution, editors and advertisers,

but of course, the dedicated readers who

inspire us to publish The Journey to help them in

“their journey” in life.

The Journey was never a planned endeavor.

It was more like it created itself. In 2001, Cleveland

was in need of a magazine to help inform the

community, through articles and advertisements, of

opportunities for physical healing, mental wellness

and spiritual growth.

Through a belief in our desire to help enrich

people’s lives, a dear friend Michelle Mills and I

sold enough ads to publish a 16-page first edition

of The Journey.

I still have copies of that issue and occasionally

look at it; I’m still amazed there was a second

edition. Even more amazing to me at the time was

that two people contacted us wanting subscriptions.

Michelle and I were partners for the first

year and actually added a radio show called The

Journey Hour until we decided to split the business

– she taking on the radio show and me publishing

The Journey.

Remembering back, I am sure neither of us

ever gave much thought about what it meant to be

in publishing. Nor did we have a clue how to do it. I

guess you could say we had on-the-job training.

The universe seems to supply all that we need

when we bring forth the desire to be of service.

That initial 16-page magazine, published

and distributed only in the Cleveland area, now

reaches into Pittsburgh, Detroit, Columbus and

Buffalo and many cities in between. Again, that

was never planned.

Much has happened in my own personal journey

in these 10 years. The Journey has given me

a great source to build memories and I am looking

forward to the next 10 years.

May we all look back in remembrance of our

collective journeys and find the spiritual growth we

are here for. Namaste’


November.December 2011 | Issue 61

The Front Porch | 5-9

The Winter I Remembered Me | 12

By Tim McAuley

Remembering to be Free of the Samskaras | 14

By Kiva Bottero

Remembering My Pathless Way | 16

By The Scribe

Remembering the True Self | 20

By wah!

A Remembrance of Things Past | 24

By Eva Starr

Remembering How to Find Your Purpose | 28

By Tina Sacchi

Remembering the Journey’s Beginning | 30

By Janee Illiano

Soul Food | 32

By Eva Starr

Horoscopes | Inner Views | 34

By Kimmie Rose Zapf

The Yoga Listings | 37

Publisher Clyde Chafer

Editor Bob Rosenbaum

Proofreader Katie Krancevic

Advertising Manager Clyde Chafer | 440.223.1392

Advertising Sales

Cleveland: Clyde Chafer | 440.223.1392

Pittsburgh: Mandi S. Babkes | 412.417.0466 email:

Layout Bill Wahl | 440.552.8622

January • February Theme: Gurus

Feature Writers

Kiva Bottero

Janee Illiano

Tim McAuley

Tina Sacchi

Eva Starr

The Scribe


Kimmie Rose Zapf

Email the Journey at: Phone us at 440.223.1392

Find us online at and Facebook at The Journey Magazine

The Journey is a free bi-monthly publication. We do not necessarily endorse the views expressed in the articles

and advertisements, nor are we responsible for the products and services advertised.

©2011 God’s Partnership Inc. No portion of this publication may be reproduced without written consent from the publisher.

NovemberDecember 2011

Pa g e 4 T h e Jo u r n e y

T h e Jo u r n e y




Welcome to the Front Porch! This section serves as a welcoming stage for the rest of the magazine. It is a place for community

news and sharing, updates, notables, and much more. We are excited to announce that book and CD reviews will also take place

here on the Front Porch, so please send us any material you’ve written/recorded or anything you are enchanted by. Press releases

for the Front Porch, as well as submissions for the rest of the magazine are encouraged. Please go to the submission guidelines

page at

CDs, books and DVDs can be sent to: The Journey • 9557 Tamarin Ct. • Mentor, Ohio 44060

Now, grab a cold drink and settle into a rocking chair—Welcome to our humble abode!

Psychic Fair and Holiday Gift Show

Save the Date 11-11-11

The Journey will be presenting a Psychic Fair and Holiday Gift Show on Friday, November 11 at the Courtyard by

Marriott in Willoughby, Ohio. Yes, on this very auspicious date 11-11-11 you can come get a reading and start your

Holiday shopping. The event will have the top psychic readers in Cleveland including Rev. Tim Brainard, Theresa

Manjes, Doug Meade, Betty Demchak and Victoria Sprinkle. These readers, and others, will guide you with astrology,

tarot, past life, palmistry among other tools to help you along your personal life path. With the Holidays fast

approaching, The Journey Psychic Fair will also have a wide assortment of gifts (jewelry, crystals, candles), products

(essential oils, clothing) and gift certificates from a great variety of vendors for you to get a headstart on your

gift shopping. You will also be able to get a relaxing massage or reiki session. The Fair will go from 1 to 9pm at

the Courtyard by Marriott 35103 Maplegrove Rd. Willoughby, Ohio. Please go to (under

events, including driving directions) or call The Journey at 440-223-1392 for more details.

On the Cover - Soul Integration

Aaron Pyne

When we can fill ourselves with unconditional love and unconditional

willingness to embrace all differences as part of ourselves, we

fill ourselves with our spiritual nature, thus opening our system to

receive love from others and the world around us.

Artwork co-designed with spiritual insight from visionary healer Matthew


Aaron Pyne is a Visionary Artist, Sacred Graphic/Web Designer, Energy

Healer, and Meditation Teacher. Aaron has over 130 artworks,

which can be experienced on his website. He is also available for

visionary graphic, video and web design. Visit his webpage at www. to see his art gallery and learn about his services. He

works to help other spiritual businesses expand their vision through

design & technology to bring change and healing to the world. You

can also reach him at

NovemberDecember 2011

Pa g e 5

The Front Porch

Sacred Alchemy by Devaa Haley

New CD

Sacred Alchemy is a new album from Devaa Haley with a

transformational purpose—to lead the listener into deep

dimensions of the sacred feminine so they can explore

and embrace these hidden aspects in themselves. Her

songs introduce us to 13 facets of full-spectrum femininity

that evoke the archetypal energies of goddesses from the

world’s spiritual traditions. Each song has a specific feel

or texture to it – something that connects us inside to the

fullness of feminine expression.

Devaa Haley uses traditional sounding chants and lyrics,

with an overlay of modern ambient grooves to express the

glory of the Divine that is embodied in all that surrounds

us. This devotional music sinks deeply into the hearts of

listener to give them direct experience of different aspects

of the sacred. The simplicity and repetitive nature of the

music allows the sacred qualities evoked through melody,

rhythm and heart-felt expression, to take root and expand…evoking

a state of beingness.

“This is essence-music, straight from the heart, created

to give you a deeper appreciation of yourself and your

spiritual depths,” Gay and Kathlyn Hendricks, authors of

Conscious Loving and Lasting Love.

If you long to live with passionate fullness connected to

the sacred, whether you’re a woman or a man, the songs

on this album promise to reveal the bountiful gifts of the


“Never throughout history has a man who

lived a life of ease left a name worth remembering”

~Theodore Roosevelt

Unusual Facts:

Strange but True.......

It is physically impossible for pigs to look up into the sky.

Rabbits love licorice.

Kelsey Grammar sings and plays the piano for the theme

song of Fraiser.

Your stomach has to produce a new layer of mucus every

two weeks otherwise it will digest itself.

The original plan for Disneyland included a Lilliputland.

The Sanskrit word for “war” means “desire for more


The “ZIP” in Zip Code stands for “Zone Improvement


The leg bones of a bat are so thin that no bat can walk.

Alexander the Great was an epileptic.

M & M’s were developed so that soldiers could eat

candy without getting their fingers sticky.

The Grateful Dead were once called The Warlocks.

“While I know myself as a creation

of God, I am also obligated to realize

and remember that everyone

else and everything else are also

God’s creation.” ~ Maya Angelou

“When everything seems to be going

against you, remember that the airplane

takes off against the wind, not with it.“

~ Henry Ford

NovemberDecember 2011

Pa g e 6 T h e Jo u r n e y

serve as youth coaches for incoming participants.

T h e Jo u r n e y

“Remember not only to say the right thing in the right place,

but far more difficult still, to leave unsaid the wrong thing at the

tempting moment. “ ~ Benjamin Franklin

Network For Neighborhood Success

By Lisa Davis, Founder and Executive Director

Lisa Davis is the founder of Network For Neighborhood Success (NFNS). NFNS is a 501(c)3

non-profit organization. Lisa created the organization to help remove poverty consciousness and

to help create a more positive, loving and successful consciousness in the world. Her organization

designed a curriculum that helps elevate the minds of motivated students ages 12-17 in the

Greater Cleveland, Ohio area. Network For Neighborhood Success (NFNS) encourages healthy

choices in youths through neighborhood-based leadership coaching and training that expands

their future possibilities and benefits the neighborhood community.

Once students complete the academic-based program and meet eligibility requirements, the

organization assists them in finding summer employment. Youth return in succeeding years and

Parents and students learn together the following key components:

• What are poverty, middle class and wealthy mindsets?

• What is a successful leader mindset?

• Power of volunteering and charitable giving

• Merits of being ethical

• Tours of local colleges

• Advantages of becoming a youth coach

The college mindset

• Career mindset vs. job mindset

• Fundraising and grantwriting techniques

You can find out more about Network For Neighborhood Success by calling

Network For Neighborhood Success at

216-925-2003 or on the web at:

Do you have something interesting you

would like to share with our community?

The Front Porch is a place for community news and sharing,

updates, notables, and much more. We are excited to announce

that book and CD reviews will also take place here on

the Front Porch, so please send us any material you’ve written/

recorded or anything you are enchanted by. Press releases for

the Front Porch, as well as submissions for the rest of the magazine,

are encouraged, please go to the Front Porch section of

The Journey website and submit according to the submission


NovemberDecember 2011

The Front Porch

“Service to others is the rent you pay for

your room here on earth.”

~ Muhammid Ali

Read Me!

See additional Front Porch stories on

our newly revamped website at:

While you are there, check out the

additional gooodies we have for you,

with more being added constantly!



A Mind, Body and Soul Connection

Pa g e 7

The Front Porch

Fun Facts

About 2001...

• 2001 started on a Monday

• President George Bush becomes

the 43rd President

The Baltimore Ravens win the

Super Bowl

The Arizona Diamondbacks win

the World Series

The LA Lakers won the NBA


The world’s first self-contained

artifical heart was transplanted

The Ipod and Xbox were introduced

• Time Magazine’s “Person of the

Year” was Rudolph Giuliani

The “Best Film”Oscar Winner was

A Beautiful Mind

• Some of the Billboard #1 Songs

included Ms. Jackson by Outkast,

Bootylicious by Destiny’s Child, Butterfly

by Crazy Town, Stutter by Joe

• Some popular movies included

Harry Potter, The Lord of the Rings,


Eleven, and Rush Hour 2

• Barry Bonds hit 73 home runs

• Millions watched Britney Spears

dance with a python at the MTV

Music Video Awards

• Enron files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy


• NASA’s Galileo spacecraft passes

within 112 miles of Jupiter’s moon lo

Pa g e 8

“While I know myself as a creation

of God, I am also obligated

to realize and remember that

everyone else and everything

else are also God’s creation.”

~ Maya Angelou

NovemberDecember 2011

Live Your Vision

by Aaron Pyne

Ever had a vision of a new project or job

you’d like to create for yourself? Many of

us see the world around and feel a calling

to bring about a positive change. You

were meant to follow your inner vision!

It’s exactly what you came here to do and

you have the full support of Spirit behind

you! Below is a blueprint that I’ve seen

work to help you get going!

1) Decide what you want to offer to the

world. What truly brings you and others

joy. Your offerings can always be expanded,

so envision a starting point that

won’t overwhelm you. Take note of your

strengths, get feedback from others, and

decide on a direction.

2) Leaving a day job? If you are feeling

called to start your own spiritual venture,

it might be easiest to start it as a side business so you still have a steady income

before taking the leap. Get your business essentials (logo, website, etc.) put together

and start testing the waters. Perhaps see if you can work 1-2 days less at your job,

or find part time work. It may happen quickly, or it might take some time. Allow it to


3) Be creative. We each have our own unique gifts and experiences to offer the

world. Are there special areas that you excel at because of life experiences you’ve

had? Maybe you’re experienced with elderly, or troubled relationships. See if you can

pick a specialty to help create a niche of clients to market to as you begin.

4) Spread the word! It is time to share with others what you are doing and how it

might help them or someone they know. You are planting seeds of possibility. You

never know when someone might be interested, or know someone who might be interested.

Share your divinely inspired gifts.. A few words can have a powerful effect,

opening them to new possibilities.

5) Set a realistic time schedule and balance work and play. Don’t get yourself

bogged down and disconnected from spirit. Things will fall into place as they are

ready. Make use of technology and other people who can support you and make it

easier to get things up and going.

6) Networking! Go to events, local groups, and classes. Connect with people and

share. You might get feedback or leads.

7) Explore how others are creating it. These callings are from spiritual sources and

are being manifested uniquely through others around the world who harness similar

frequencies. Seeing others do something similar can spark a deeper connection

within and help you channel the idea uniquely into your reality and your networks.

This can also help you get the courage, confidence, and inspiration you may need to

help ground this vision.

8) During the process make sure to breath, reflect, check the blueprint within, and

flow with the world around you! Have fun!

Aaron Pyne is a Visionary Artist, Sacred Graphic/Web Designer, Energy Healer, and

Meditation Teacher. He is available for visionary graphic, video and web design. He

has been helping spiritual businesses with their technical needs for over 7 years.

Visit his webpage at learn about his services. He works to help

other spiritual businesses expand their vision through design & technology to bring

change and healing to the world.

T h e Jo u r n e y







What you have seen today is

the first glimpse, which has put you on a crossroads.

You can still go astray, the other roads are still available.

Now be careful. What has caused it is going deeper,

so go on, deeper and deeper and deeper. Never stop

before you yourself become the depth, just an empty


That is the time when spring comes to your being. You

will realize it then, that you have not achieved anything;

it is just like remembering something you have

forgotten. It has always been there, so it is not something

new that you have achieved. It is something that

you have forgotten so long ago that you don’t have any

idea when you forgot it. Now you have remembered.

The moment your enlightenment becomes just a

remembrance, it becomes your very breathing, it

becomes your very heartbeat. Then you don’t need any

meditation. Then your whole life is meditation. Without

any effort, effortlessly, you are a buddha. If there is

any effort, that means something is missing. When the

buddha is natural, you are a buddha even in your sleep.

Waking, working, whatever you do – your fragrance of

buddhahood will be there around you.

But this will happen only when you have reached to

the ultimate depth and the realization is not taken as

an achievement but only as a remembrance. So don’t

start bragging about it, because it is not an achievement

– what is there to brag about? You simply drown

yourself into this new, abandoned, forgotten space,

which is your very being.

And millions of things are going to happen, but you are

not the doer. They will be simply happening because

your presence has reached such depths. When your

witnessing has reached to the ultimate depth, flowers

will start blossoming, lotuses will open – a dawn has

come to you, you are reborn. You were dead, now you

are alive. A new life spreads all over you and brings

great beauty and truth and grace...

~ Osho


T h e Jo u r n e y

Amma is Coming to

Dearborn Michigan

Sri Mata Amritanandamayi,

also affectionately, and more

often called Ammachi or Amma

(Mother) will be arriving at the

Hyatt Regency in Dearborn,

Michigan the evening of Sunday,

November 27, 2011 and everyone

is invited to attend. Her five

day visit includes a retreat and

several free public programs.

Amma, referred to by the international

press as the “Hugging

Saint”, has embraced with her

divine blessing (darshan) more than 30 million people from all

parts of the world. She tirelessly travels the globe to bless and

inspire people of all ages, races, creeds and cultures to live

a life of compassion, unconditional love and selfless service.

Amma has never asked anyone to change their religion, but

only to go deeper into their own faith, and to live by its essential

principles. Amma states, “The world should know that a life

dedicated to selfless love and service is possible”. With the

conviction that each of us has a responsibility to lend a helping

hand to those less fortunate, Amma moves forward, living

her life of service with compassionate care for all beings. This

is evident in her vast network of humanitarian activities (see and in the uniquely expressed motherly

embrace (darshan) that she offers to all. When asked her

religion, Amma smiles and says, “My religion is Love”.

A cornerstone of Amma’s teaching is that meditation is “more

valuable than gold.”. Amma says that meditation is for everyone.

“Spiritual knowledge is the birthright of humankind, and

that to charge for meditation is like charging a baby for breast

milk.” That’s why this technique is always taught for free.

IAM-Integrated Amrita Meditation Technique is powerful and

synthesized by Amma it helps people find fulfillment in life. The

technique refines one’s mind – bringing relaxation, concentration

and a more expansive sense of self and greater awareness.

Classes in IAM Meditation will be available during the

Michigan program.

Amma’s international acclaim is extensive. She has received

the Gandhi – King Award, the James Park Morton Interfaith

Award to name a few and addresses and maintains special

consultative status to the United Nations. Amma receives presidents

of nations, Nobel and Pulitzer Prize recipients, Academy

Award winners and beings from virtually every walk of life. She

receives each person as her own child, without distinction and

yet the connection one feels to her remains deeply personal to

those she touches.

For more information about Amma, visit Amma’s website, www. For information regarding activities held at the

Amma Center of Michigan, located in Ann Arbor, visit

Rock on....

The Front Porch

NovemberDecember 2011 Pa g e 9

Pa g e 9



professionals at your service.....

Carol Baglia, RRT is an expert Buteyko breathing coach with Correct Breathing Concepts. Carol

educates people on a safe, simple, and natural breathing retraining method to restore normal effortless

breathing all the time. A large percentage of the population is suffering from dysfunctional

breathing in the form of allergies, asthma, chronic fatigue, insomnia, panic attacks, snoring/sleep

apnea, excess mucus, shortness of breath and many more symptoms. Learn to breathe optimally

for best of health with this doctor-developed, scientifically-proven, life-changing program.

Carol Baglia, RRT, CBP • Correct Breathing Concepts, LLC 1-888-748-8874

Lady Lindora H.Ps., Reiki Master Instructor, Psychic Medium, Tarot Reader, and Owner of

Aradia’s Garden - North East Ohio’s Largest Psychic and Spiritualist Center. I offer classes

on a variety of subjects - Ear Candling, Reiki, Witch School, Mediumship Development,

C.W.G., And Tarot Classes just to name a few, with a full schedule of guest speakers. Check

The Web-site for more events!

Lady Lindora • Aradia’s Garden • 34510C Lakeshore Blvd. Eastlake

440-975-1911 •

Clyde Chafer - private and group yoga instruction. Facilitating teachers training and yoga studies

program; EFWA - Earth, Fire, Water Air. Next session starting in September. Also, 30 day cleanse and

detox program - the Karma Kleanse.

Clyde Chafer • 440-223-1392

professionals at your service.....

Tracy Eisenman – inspiring people to create the life they dream about through self-awareness. She

uses a combination of techniques including; Tai-chi, EFT, Reiki. Essential Oils, Positive Thought and

the 12 conditions that bring miracles into your life. Working towards creating a stress free body, clear

mind, a free spirit and a happy life.

Group and private programs are available.

Tracy Eisenman • • 724-263-0304

Mandi S. Babkes is a Board Certified Holistic Health and Nutrition Counselor, Quantum Reflex Analysis

practitioner, and proprietor of Holistic And Raw With Mandi. She incorporates many specialties into her

practice including: natural healing, QRA, disease prevention, detoxification, live-sourced supplementation

and superfoods, and raw and living foods. Mandi’s mission is helping others achieve ultimate health,

energy, and happiness. She offers private and group consultations and workshops.

Mandi S. Babkes MNH, HHC, AADP 412-417-0466


Advertise in professionals at Your Service for a special price $95 for the first ad

and 2 months free in the Journey Resource Guide online!

Call Clyde Chafer at 440-223-1392

Pa g e 10 NovemberDecember 2011

T h e Jo u r n e y

T h e Jo u r n e y

NovemberDecember 2011 Pa g e 11

had lived on the coast of California since 1997 and

rarely prioritized coming home to Ohio or going to

visit my sister Melissa and her children in Georgia.

Last year I took a leap of faith and moved to


Brazil. On that part of my journey I finally felt at

in my own skin for the first time in my life.

After 91 days and a paperwork mix-up I was deported

and chose to live in Southeastern Ohio once

again. I wanted 2011 to be a year of family. I wanted

to be able to connect my newly found self with the

people I value most.

On January 4th , I found myself in Senoia, Georgia

in a house full of family and strangers attending to

the needs of my sister and her family – minus Adam,

my nephew.

Melissa and her then 2-month-old daughter (Danica

Love) were in the car with Adam during his last

moments of life. Thankfully, Melissa doesn’t remember

the events of that day. She rode in one helicopter as

her husband rode with the children. Melissa woke up

in a hospital bed, her neck braced, her body sore and

her heart soon to be broken.

My father and I packed up and drove through a

blizzard to get down to Georgia. The house was chaos

for over a week. The outpouring of love and support

bordered obnoxious, but when the dust settled, the

family gathered to grieve and saw some amazing

things unfold.

The day before the funeral, I went to the accident

site with a picture of the car and spent the day in

meditation as I tried to make sense of the senseless.

The Winter I

Remembered Me

By Tim McAuley

‘ Thankfully, Melissa doesn’t remember

the events of that day. She rode in one

helicopter as her husband rode with the

children. Melissa woke up in a hospital

bed, her neck braced, her body sore and

her heart soon to be broken.

When I came home Danica was throwing a fit. Nothing

would please her. The screams from that baby

became music to my ears. I took her in my arms and

surrounded her and myself with joy. After a while she

wore herself out and calmed down.

I held that little girl every chance I could. One day I

looked into her eyes and felt that she knew much more

than I can ever hope to know. I sat there staring into her

eyes for a few moments trying to feel as connected to

God as she seemed to be at that moment. I got up and

walked her around the house. A few minutes later the

door opened. Adam’s coaches came by to offer gifts

and condolences. As they gave their sermons about

how inspiring the life of that little 10-year-old man was

to them I could see my sister’s demeanor go from a

numb acceptance to an agonizing pain. I watched as

her shoulders rounded forward and could almost see

her heart break, and mine began to break for her.

At that moment Danica Love began to cry for her


I don’t think the baby was there

for the breast milk. It was as

if Danica Love was feeding her

mother, and not the other way


She had been attached to Melissa’s breasts for the

two weeks since the hospital, rarely giving the woman

time to herself. I don’t think the baby was there for

the breast milk; it was as if the spiritual connection of

mother and daughter triggered the response. It was as

if Danica Love was feeding Melissa, and not the other

way around.

After that day I began to hear a difference in the

pitch of the screams. One tune was for hunger, and

another was for moments when Melissa found something

that made her ache anew, like the card that Adam

Pa g e 12 NovemberDecember 2011

T h e Jo u r n e y

made for mother’s day.

Thankfully my sister believes in the power of love,

and projects it when she’s with her children. So each

time Danica Love got close to her source of nutrition,

Melissa did her level best to dig deep and find her appreciation

for the life God has given her. She looked at

her baby nursing with the deepest love I’ve ever seen

and from time to time I would see her look around the

room at her other two children, her husband, and the

rest of us with that same love. I could see the connection

between mother and daughter as it transmuted

the pain of loss into an appreciation of life, and I have

been forever changed from the experience.

I’ve been studying philosophy and religion since my

freshman year at Kent State in 1994. I’ve been practicing,

meditating and working at remembering who I

really am since 2004 when I faced the decision of life

or death and chose to give up my habits of substance

abuse. But it took the death of a 10-year-old boy, and

the life and wisdom of a two-month-old girl to remind

me that the idea of separation is part of my delusional

linear self – and that the I AM that I am is greater than

the stories my ego tells people.

As I write these words my Dad

prepares breakfast. I will sit with

him and enjoy a meal.

To be honest it has taken me to this exact moment

to remember the lessons of the winter of 2010-11. I’ve

been so busy working on building and manifesting

the life of my dreams that I forgot that I am already

living it.

As I write these words my Dad prepares breakfast.

I will sit with him and enjoy a meal. My first book is in

the possession of a few hundred people already, and

the second edition proof copy is in transit. I’ve done

what I have dreamed of doing since the first time I

dreamed a dream. More important, I realize that I now

live almost perfectly aligned with the ideal that I contemplated

so many years ago as I sat with the decision

of remaining sober.

I often forget I am not a separate being dancing

through the world on the plane of material existence.

I easily get caught up in the whole reality of so-called

reality. It’s taken me more than six years to remember

that in me is the same essence that is in all things,

energies and manifestations of the cosmos. I take that

back; it’s taken me a lifetime to remember.

Tim McAuley takes us on his journey of learning to

ride the metaphoric waves of life in his debut book It’s

All About Me! He shares the tools and techniques he

discovered to find his way and vividly illustrates that

we each have the power within to live a life aligned

with harmony, happiness and love. You can improve

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T h e Jo u r n e y

NovemberDecember 2011

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Pa g e 13

Remembering to be Free

of the Samskaras

By Kiva Bottero

Dazzling hues of pink and orange light up the slowly

drifting clouds. The setting sun illuminates the mountain

in front of me, casting an orange glow on the otherwise

dull brown rock. As if the sharpness setting on a monitor

has been turned up, the edges of the peak stand out from

the sky in high-definition radiance.

Absorbing the beauty, I walk slowly in the present

moment, finding no need to distract myself with other

thoughts. This is perfection, and I’m grateful to experience

it. As I walk past rows of multi-colored flowers through the

courtyard of the Oriental guesthouse deep in the Indian

Himalayas, the perfection continues.

I see a woman whose unusual appearance triggers a

judgment in my mind – yet only the beginning of a judgment.

I start to think, “Oh, she looks…” but I don’t finish

the thought. It would have been negative. I leave it in my


Pa g e 14

Samskaras become more ingrained

when acted upon – as

the groove of a bicycle track

is worn deeper into a dirt road

with continued use.

When not dwelling in presence, I would have caught

the thought only after it entered my consciousness, or

not at all. If I’d caught it afterwards, I would have acknowledged

the judgment and laughed at myself. Better

than not catching it at all and letting it reinforce my

conditioning, or what Buddhists and Hindus refer to as


Samskaras become more ingrained when acted upon

– as the groove of a bicycle track is worn deeper into a

dirt road with continued use – making us more likely to

act on them in the future.

The effects of some samskaras, such as addictions,

are obvious. After spending a drunken night and forgetting

what happened, then hearing about whatever we did

from a friend the following day, we see all too clearly the

effects of our conditioning.

The roots of samskaras are believed to lie far below

our conscious awareness. We can see the effects of our

actions, but we have a hard time controlling the force of

the conditioning itself, which is exactly why kicking an

addiction or abandoning a habit proves so difficult.

The more subtle the samskara, the more difficult it is

to change. Personality traits and judgmental behaviors are

The Buddha outlined three aspects

of sila (morality) that are

the foundation and prerequisite

of a proper meditation practice:

action, speech and thought

two such examples. Whereas addictions affect our personality

in dramatic ways (in the drunkenness example,

alcoholism can cause anger, which can lead to a fight

or mean-spirited talk), subtle behavioral traits such as

judgment shape our personalities in a different way.

The Buddha outlined three aspects of sila (morality)

that are the foundation and prerequisite of a proper

meditation practice: action, speech and thought.

It’s obvious how action and speech can affect us—

when the angry drunk gets into a fight or uses hurtful

words that can be as harmful as fists. Thought, while

subtle, can be just as harmful in the sense that it is the

root of speech and action.

Even if a thought is caught and never acted on, it has

a subtle energetic impact on the thinker, and the world in

general. To prevent our thoughts from affecting our own

and others’ well-being, we can catch them in the field of

awareness through mindfulness.

The practice of mindfulness is to be in the present

moment, not to get caught up in the past or the future,

NovemberDecember 2011 T h e Jo u r n e y

which is its opposite—forgetfulness. Mindfulness is remembering

to be aware of life’s perfection and to be

grateful for whatever comes, good or bad.

Mindfulness helps us deal with thoughts in two ways:

First, if we clear our minds and dwell in the present, we

become aware of ourselves and our interactions. When a

thought enters, we catch it, we accept it and ask ourselves

where it came from, and then we let it go. Second, quite

simply, if we keep a clear mind absorbed in the present,

judgments and other thoughts mostly just do not exist.

When they do come up, we are more likely to catch them

before they form into a full thought.

It is through this state of mindfulness that samskaras

change. As samskaras change, we change at the deepest

level. No matter how entrenched the conditioning, given

time and practice, we gain control over the mind so it

works for us, not us for it.

While sitting down to eat my meal, I reflect on the

silliness of my mind’s wanderings. It’s just a thought, I

think to myself. That too is just a thought. “Oh I give up,”

thinking to myself with a laugh, and go back to gazing at

the mountains in the present moment. With nothing on

my mind but perfection, I eat my meal and flash a smile

toward the woman as she leaves.

Kiva Bottero works with a collective to publish The

Mindful Word ( He also writes

and edits material for Dew Media, a company that specializes

in providing custom publishing services for nonprofits

and social enterprises (

T h e Jo u r n e y

NovemberDecember 2011 Pa g e 15

Remembering My Pathless Way

’m shoving food in my mouth at

a soup kitchen here in Flagstaff,


Ariz., on one of the last warm

in September. I can’t believe

I’m doing this.

I hadn’t planned to end up in

a poverty-stricken situation after

college, but the economy’s rough,

and soul-searching is expensive.

I just returned from seven months

of back-to-back journeying: from

Chiapas, Mexico to get TESOL

(Teachers of English to Speakers of

Other Languages) certified, where I

backpacked instead; and to Northern

California to live in a Buddhism

community, where I got kicked out

for speaking out against their dogmatic


And now I am sitting

in a soup kitchen,

eating with the homeless,

the poor and

the transient, a little

bit frozen in culture

shock, gulping a meal

because I’m strapped

for cash.

It was the end of August 2011

and I finally called it quits. I drove the

840 miles to Flagstaff in an ’85 stickshift

Volvo that occasionally stopped

working on hills. After 24 hours, I

found myself back at a house where

I previously lived – without a plan.

And now I am sitting in a soup

kitchen, eating with the homeless,

the poor and the transient, a little bit

frozen in culture shock, gulping a

meal because I’m strapped for cash. I

scratch my head, struggling to recall

the missing pieces revolving in the

puzzle of who I’ve become.

I grew up proper in the suburbs

of the Midwest.

But I was adopted.

I was born in the Philippines in

Pa g e 16

By The Scribe

1985. I survived abortion pills so I

might have been a stubborn soul

even from the get-go. I was raised in

an orphanage by Catholic nuns until

I was 2; my left ear is a little larger

than the right, two beauty marks

dabbled at one corner of a set of

large, brown eyes.

I survived abortion

pills so I might have

been a stubborn soul

even from the getgo.

I was raised in an

orphanage by Catholic

nuns until I was 2;

my left ear is a little

larger than the right.

At 2, I was adopted and brought

to grow up in Wisconsin as Catholic,

and from there, my life was always

on the fringes of normality. My older

brother was adopted from the Philip-

pines too. But he grew post-traumatic

and this changed everything.

I always believed in God, although

as I grew older my connection

to God was tested through trialing

phases of my life. High school

came and went. I started partying

a lot, and in college I became obsessed

with fashion design, interning

and trying to sustain a high G.P.A.

I moved to Flagstaff in 2006, age

20, and switched majors to journalism.

Living in a dorm at the time,

I’d almost forgotten God existed. I

became an arts and entertainment


I lost myself for a while. I grew

dark, inside me, as if a perpetual

storm towered over my lost womanhood,

surrounded with bad friends

and worse relationships. I ran off to

a Rainbow Gathering in New Mexico

in 2009 to begin the search.

I started writing about my nameless

quest and that summer I lived

in my minivan, by choice. I managed

an outdoor Rastafarian jewelry

stand, where I learned about the

nature of reality.

There was more to life than just

hard tables, my teacher taught.

There was space in-between,

and that consisted of thoughts, paradigms,

philosophy and faith.

I blink and bring myself back

to the moment. Did faith bring me

here? I questioned myself.

The soup kitchen is a relaxed

setting, with two rooms and picnic

benches. The eating area is doubleroomed,

speckled with small families

and individuals. I’m famished; I

didn’t realize how hungry I was. Lasagna,

sopping noodles, bread, fruit,

salad and veggies adorn my plastic

tray, organized by plastic dividers,

resembling the cafeteria trays I used

in my high school days.

I gobble the food in a blinding


My stomach is crippled in knots

though, constricted from the ques-

NovemberDecember 2011

T h e Jo u r n e y

tions of my life thus far. My own self-image struggles to

accept this new position in a glistening poverty that has

befallen me.

Just a year before, I was a volunteer at this very

soup kitchen, during a time when I thought I had a plan

in life. I just graduated and planned on building volunteer

experience for the Peace Corps.

Instead of the Peace Corps, I flew off to Mexico with

plans to teach English there, backpacked and lived on

a nudist beach. I went back to the U.S, thought I’d be a

Buddhist volunteer, but after four months discovered I

wasn’t all Buddhist, nor willing to renounce my freedoms.

I drove back because I wanted to get a master’s degree

in Creative Writing at the university.

And I moved back to a small town, changed but

poorer than I’ve ever been.

But it was worth it, I think, more confident now.

Because from this I’ve grown, naturally, developing

in my own faith.

I stare at the book as I eat, and

suddenly, I strangely don’t feel lost

at all anymore. Strength leaks into

a once shaky reservoir, because

in an indefinable way, I realize, I

found it.

My food decreases into mostly tiny globs smeared in

the crevices of my lonely, plastic tray when a kind Native

American gentleman sits in front of me. I look up at him,

a little startled, and his head is bowed down, eating his

meal slowly, articulately, efficiently.

A book I had lugged with me throughout the day,

called A Pathless Path, by Osho, is sitting next to my

tray. Its presence makes me feel like I’m not so lost; it’s

like a compass I hold close.

I read it before I walked over here, and learning about

the Tao almost summarized everything I’d gone through,

recalling the moments in my past where I rebelled from

dogmatic approaches of mainstream religions, or where

I’d set out to walk on my own path, refusing to live a

traditional life.

I stare at the book as I eat, and suddenly, I strangely

don’t feel lost at all anymore. Strength leaks into a once

shaky reservoir, because in an indefinable way, I realize,

I found it.

After 10 minutes of silence, I speak to the Native

American man in front of me.

The lasagna’s really good today,” I say, as if I’d

been coming here forever. This statement is true, the

lasagna tastes like fine-dining compared to the chicken

sandwich I bought at Jack-in-the-Box for brunch. He

agrees, and slowly opens up; a kind gentleman, looking

in his late 50s.

“It’s a free meal,” he replies, sharper than ever, “and

T h e Jo u r n e y

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I didn’t feel like spending money for dinner tonight.”

After that, we have a nice chat. I leave the soup kitchen


I may return to the soup kitchen when I’m pinching

pennies, or not. My life may be this tough, since I’m living

a creative lifestyle of my unconscious choosing.

But now, I’ve gained insight from my soul-searching

journeys, leading me to remember that I’ve lived a pathless

path since I was born. I grew up needing to develop

faith and grasp the universe, to sustain a questioning

mind, because I was adopted. Hope weaved the fabric

of my identity.

Some days, I get worried. But then I look up, reminded

of something greater than me at work.

I sit on my roof some nights, staring up at the


I am certain my faith will move me, from here, even

without a plan.

I was born with the will to live and I will survive these

penniless years.

And I think I’m Taoist, by the way.

For now.

The Scribe is a creative non-fiction writer and essayist

in Flagstaff, Ariz., working on her self-published

books about modern spirituality and pursuing an MA in

Creative Writing at her local university. She has written

for local magazines like “Flagstaff Live” and “the Noise,”

Internet publications like “Mystic Banana” and how-to

sites with Demand Studios from 2008 to 2011.



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Pa g e 18 NovemberDecember 2011

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T h e Jo u r n e y

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NovemberDecember 2011 Pa g e 19

Pa g e 20

Rem e m b e r i n g

the True Self

this cultural enrichment. It is the collective memory of the community

that holds and develops cultural flavor.

Fathers have passed onto sons their farming methods and

seed cultivation. Mothers have passed onto daughters their tips for

creating nourishing meals and cozy homes. Families have joined

together to harvest food, worship God, build homes, recover from

natural disasters and evolve with the changing times.

Our collective wisdom combines to create what we know as

our culture. Each society has a different flavor of it and it is this

variety that makes us want to travel and see the world and its

cultural diversity. I want to focus on the culture you are part of,

the one you live in and create on a daily basis.

Friends, family, ancestors, church, temple, support groups,

yoga centers all provide a way to share and hold collective wisdom.

You can remember and bring forward the rites and rituals

from positive past experience to enrich your present. You can

bring forward ancient wisdom from Patanjali or a favorite saying

from a grandmother. It enriches your day with cultural wisdom

all your own.

It feels good because it comes from your own direct experience,

your personal ancestry.

It’s familiar. You can offer it to yourself and others. Ask people

in your community for their piece of it. “What was your grandmother’s

or mother’s favorite saying?”

My grandmother, when working on long-term projects (a quilt,

the garden, harvest, canning tomatoes, etc.) would say “It’s againin’!”

to indicate that she was making progress and happy to

By wah! be working on the project. I use it now when for my own long-term

efforts. It is this remembrance that helps me tie into her wisdom

lyde Chafer, founder of The Journey magazine,

used to own a wellness center and new-age

store. People would come, take classes or While you are in the checkout

workshops, browse in the store and perhaps sit line at the supermarket, greet

around and discuss things, make plans, meet


each other. Clyde expressed to me how he loved your cashier as the embodiment

everyone come together and how he loved of God manifesting as a check-

providing the space for them to do that.

When he started The Journey I predicted that his out clerk.

new venture would serve a similar cause, only more

expanded. For 10 years now, The Journey has been a and buoyant spirit. It feels great to invoke love and sup-

platform for people to gather, meet, discuss and uplift portive energy as I go through my day.

their spirits. The Journey EXPOs are now in three dif- Remembering our collective consciousness is not the

ferent states, the magazine distribution has expanded only way to create community strength. Remembering

beyond the Midwest, and Clyde teaches yoga and runs the True Self is the other way to support others on the

drumming cruises and special events for the spiritually path.


Sure, you know that remembering True Self is the

It is the community that creates the magic. The way to liberation, that’s what all the books and teachings

exchange of services and products, ideas, and spiritual say. But what does it mean?

techniques creates a culture rich in diversity. We need Your True Self is who you were when you were born;

NovemberDecember 2011

T h e Jo u r n e y

T h e Jo u r n e y

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NovemberDecember 2011 Pa g e 21

actually you were that before you were born.

Many paths in yoga use the mantra So Ham, which

translates as I Am, or I Am That. I am that which always

exists, which has always existed, which exists in its primal

form now and forever and which finds expression in millions

of ways in the whole creation. True Self is your absolute self,

your soul, your essence. It is the source from which your

embodiment springs.

As you move through life the embodiment takes form,

you develop storylines and relationships, you come to conclusions,

you play roles, you take on an identity. These have

nothing to do with your True Self, except that they are born

from it. As time goes on, you think the storylines and specific

forms and roles in the recent past are your present reality.

Our collective wisdom combines

to create what we know as our

culture. Each society has a

different flavor of it and it is this

variety that makes us want to

travel and see the world and its

cultural diversity.

When you live in a community, you can hold each

member in a place of True Self. You can see them as their

divine nature, rather than the specific role they are playing

in present time.

While you are in the checkout line at the supermarket,

greet your cashier as the embodiment of God manifesting

as a checkout clerk. Go to the movies and welcome the

actors as teachers embodied and employed by the infinite

universe to show you the possibilities in life.

Make food and share it as the manifestation of divine

love. Sit with your spouse, child or lover and drop your

position, your persistence of it being a certain way, and

just be.

As we hold each other and remember each other as

our true and primal selves, it allows all of us to expand. It

gives permission to go and grow, expand and be free, find

what you’re looking for, be everything you intended to be

by taking form on this planet.

Remembering True Self is something we actually do and

can do for each other. When we acknowledge True Self in

another being who lives in our world, it builds a community

of authenticity and trust.

You were your True Self when you were born; nothing

has changed. A few storylines, a few relationships, a bit of

content has been added. Hold your friends, your partners,

your neighbors in remembrance of who they were and are

as True Self. Perhaps you can loosen your grip, drop your

demands, and allow everyone to express fully the light they

have and always carry. If we can remember that for each

other, the community can expand in light and love beyond

anything we could have previously imagined.

My prayer for The Journey on this 10-year marker

is that it always be a platform for conscious community.

My prayer for you is that your day be blessed with infinite

wisdom and love.

My message from one of my songs on the MAA CD

is for you:

Love and honor the places you’ve been.

Purify the Self as the seed of action.

All paths lead within.

Jai ma!

Wah! is a musician and spiritual seeker who travels

the world singing and expanding sacred intention. Her CD

“MAA” is the celebrated follow-up to the critically acclaimed

“Love Holding Love.” Using sultry grooves, throbbing club

beats and Divine mantra, she weaves a sensuous blend of

Sanskrit and English lyrics (

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Stephanie is an Intuitive and a

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present. So that you may bring yourself into alignment

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Direction, tactics, and wisdom are just a few of the

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remove any blocks within your path.

Your highest potential can be achieved by recognizing

recurring patterns which may often prevent or hinder

from achieving your highest potential.

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Pa g e 22 NovemberDecember 2011

T h e Jo u r n e y


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Theresa A. Manjas (440) 943-1814

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‘We gain such

confidence when we

are obedient to our

inner voice. We become

useful to God when we

stop reacting to

everything and instead

make a mindful

decision on how to


the same experiences that leave you feeling unsettled and


Faith is taking one step at a time – believing what we

can’t always see. We have no idea where life will lead us,

but let’s spend the time we do have becoming who we truly

want to be.

As much as we need to put effort into ourselves, I don’t

think works alone can turn someone into the best person

we might envision for ourselves. We need something else to

lean on, to fully trust in to help guide us along the way.

Having a strong spiritual connection has been the true icing

on the cake.

Staying connected to God has taken my life to a whole

new level of peace and balance. We cannot rely just on our

own willpower and works to change, so I encourage everyone

to lean on the transforming love of God to supply what

we don’t always get through the day.

Believe in your ability to change. You and God are the

only ones who know how to take care of you. Let us all live

a life full of purpose and passion and most of all peace. I

believe that if each of us developed into the person God

gifted us to be, the world would be a different place to live.

Janee Kuta-Iliano is the owner of ALiVE ONE, a health

coaching business that focuses on teaching others the benefits

of internal cleansing and purification of the body. She

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T h e Jo u r n e y NovemberDecember 2011

Pa g e 23

A Remembrance

of things past

was sitting in the Jacuzzi

pondering what I would

write about for the 10th anniversary issue of The


Journey when I looked up

saw the brightest star I’ve ever

seen. “Star light, star bright, I wish

I may, I wish I might get this wish I

wish tonight.”

Then I thought about my youngest

daughter’s visit to California,

which was to occur in less than 48

hours… “I wish for Shayna the best

memories ever of her forthcoming

visit to California, that she’ll cherish


How interesting, I thought;

I have a gazillion things I could

have wished for, like a job, (the

Padres season just ended, I was a

chef at Petco Park), or a new car,

(let’s bless this one and leave it at

that), or my bills being paid in full.

But instead all I could think of was

creating memories for my baby

girl (age 22) to take back home to

Cleveland with her.

Being a Cancer, home of nostalgia

in the Zodiac, it’s not a wonder

I was drawn to the Kodak moment.

I could go on and on and bore you

to tears with all the clichés I have

racing through my mind right now

regarding memories … Johnny

Carson, Barbra Streisand in The

Way We Were, Frank Sinatra, and

even David Bowie – because of

him I named my new cat Ziggy


A picture is worth a thousand

words could be my mantra. For my

youngest daughter’s high school

graduation I gave her two huge

scrapbooks of her life from birth

to 18, (yea, it’s a Cancer thing).

To me there’s no better gift in the

world than something you can

Pa g e 24

By Eva Starr

By Eva Starr

keep, hold and remember forever.

I’m still working on the DVD video

of Shayna’s first visit to California;

hopefully I’ll finish that before they

quit making DVDs and technology

moves on to something else.

To me there’s no

better gift in the

world than something

you can

keep, hold and

remember forever.

I’m still working

on the DVD video

of Shayna’s first

visit to California;

hopefully I’ll finish

before they quit

making DVDs and

technology moves

on to something


What makes a memor y? It

doesn’t have to be a monumental

event; the simplest things in life are

most often the ones we hold dearest

to our hearts. I remember fishing on

a stick with my grandfather when I

was a little girl, and then decades

later I remember my father and I

fishing the canals of Fort Myers,

Fla., and surf fishing the Gulf of


Then there was the time Shayna

caught a huge snapping turtle off

my Dad’s dock in Florida and he

had to come outside to cut the


Life is a journey, filled with

memories of all shapes, sizes and

colors, the good, the bad and the

ugly. The good news is we can

rewrite the script and change

the memories that remind us of

Nightmare on Elm Street to It’s a

Wonderful Life. We have free will

and choice to filter through our

memory banks and keep the ones

that serve us, and discard the rest

with yesterday’s garbage.

I read an article in September’s

issue of Science of Mind magazine

that suggests a technique for removing

negative memories from

the brain. Right after a negative experience,

begin to recall the event

as you stay completely relaxed

and serene. Exclude the disturbing

part of the experience. Instead, fill

your mind with affirmative, optimistic

thoughts and feelings. This

will reshape the neural circuitry

where the memory was about to be

consolidated. (For more info read

Waldman & Newberg’s How God

Changes Your Brain).

In strolling down memory lane,

I cannot write this article in good

faith without remembering who

gave me a chance almost a decade

ago to write for what I consider one

of the best metaphysical magazines

there is: Clyde Chafer. I have grown

with The Journey magazine, writing

featured articles, a dream column,

an astrology column, interviews

with some of the paramount members

of the metaphysical field, being

a part of the EXPOS and now

today the Soul Food column.

Memories are made because

of the people involved in making

them. Thank you to Clyde Chafer

NovemberDecember 2011 T h e Jo u r n e y

T h e Jo u r n e y





PARMA, OHIO 44134 (1-216-741-2082)

3 objects of the Society:

1) to form a nucleus of Universal Brotherhood without

distinction of race, creed, sex, caste or color.

2) To encourage the study of comparative religion,

philosophy and science.

3) To investigate the unexplained laws of nature and

the powers latent in man.

Established in 1875

We will be having classes in: Steiner, Cayce, Esoteric

Christianity, Goldsmith, The Mahatma Letters (basic

Theosophy) and meditations – starting in the fall.

Please check our website for updates & information:

Rosanna O. Zavarella, Ph.D

Wholistic Psychologist


Hypnosis • Energy Healing

Ceremony • Chronic Illness

Stress Management

Womens Health Issues

Life Transitions

Health and Wellness Classes

and Workshops

3951 Erie St.

Willoughby , OH 44094

(440) 602-9977

5035 Mayfield Rd., #214

Lyndhurst, Ohio 44124


NovemberDecember 2011

DAWN (440) 209 - 0446


visit us online...

Pa g e 25

for being a part of some of my most precious memories.

I remember fishing on a stick

with my grandfather when I was

a little girl, and then decades

later my father and I fishing the

canals of Fort Myers, Fla., and

surf fishing the Gulf of Mexico.

As I wrap up this piece on memories, please take

some time right now to make a list of your top 100

memories in your lifetime. Let’s not forget: mom cooking

your favorite foods; your first kiss; your first pet;

seeing the presents under the tree the morning after

Santa Claus climbed down the chimney; the proud

feeling in your heart after watching one of your kids

score a basket, or a run; and seeing your child for

the first time in the school play; and having the privilege

to do what you love (writing for The Journey);

or whatever that may be for you. It’s the people in

your life that contribute to what making memories is

all about.

Thank you to all of my devoted readers for giving

me a reason to write and making it all worthwhile.

I’ll end with a request: Go outside tonight and look

up into the celestial heavens, find your star, make a

wish and savor the memory forever.

Star light, star bright, i wish I may I wish I might…

wish for all of you the opportunity to start right now,

here in this very moment to create a memory you’ll

treasure forever.

Eva Starr’s spiritual journey has taken her coastto-coast,

studying various schools of thought. Starr

now resides in the San Diego area, devouring the

alluring buffet of wisdom the West Coast has to offer.

Continue to communicate with her via

and, or at evastarr24@yahoo.

com for speaking engagements.

Pa g e 26 NovemberDecember 2011

T h e Jo u r n e y

T h e Jo u r n e y

NovemberDecember 2011 Pa g e 27

Remembering How

to Find Your Purpose

By Tina G. Sacchi

“Everyone has been made for

some particular work, and the desire

for that work has been put in every h

eart.” – Rumi

“I need to find out my spiritual

purpose,” my client stated recently.

“Who am I and why am I here?”

These questions are common,

not only in my office, but in my travels

around the world. Especially of

late, I notice more and more people

spiritually awakening and having

this deep urge to find their spiritual

purpose, no matter where they live

or what traditions or cultures they


Spiritual purpose is not something

new that we need to create

and develop. Our purpose resides

within us. It’s about remembering

our purpose. By connecting with

our soul essence, our authentic self,

we will uncover our purpose. So

the question becomes: “How do we


We can remember by applying

two techniques, connection and

Pa g e 28

heart-centered living. The first is

connecting our bodies – namely:

emotional, mental, physical and

spiritual bodies. Using an automobile

analogy, each body represents one

of four tires. If there is a problem with

one of the tires, then the car will have

a problem running smoothly and will

be unbalanced and will develop all

kinds of other issues.

The experiences in

life that we remember

best are those

that are connected

to feelings, whether

they are happy or

sad. We associate

memories with


We must keep all four bodies balanced,

aligned and healthy in order

to obtain a great connection, so our

vehicle performs well. If we neglect

the physical body by feeding it lowvibrational

foods or not moving it

physically, then the remaining bodies

are affected. Thus, we find it difficult

to connect.

If our spiritual body doesn’t have

the time and space for reflection, then

clarity and purpose are affected. We

become disconnected from purpose,

suffer from a lack of clarity, and we

can’t recall our mission. So connection

means to consciously maintain

each body in a healthy state, so that

we are operating with our heart and

our spirit, and are in touch with our


The other technique is heart-

November NovemberDecember December 2011


centered living. We often find enlightenment

and inspiration (to be

“in spirit”) doing activities such as

connecting with nature, meditating,

creating healthy intentions, reciting

positive affirmations, chanting

spiritual mantras, practicing yoga,

automatic writing, to name a few.

If we don’t participate in heartcentered

activities, we create a

“yucky feeling,” much like walking

out of the house in the morning

without brushing our teeth. We can’t

expect to go from sleeping, to an

alarm clock waking us up, to jumping

out of bed, all while operating at

50 mph. Wow, what an abrupt start

to the day.

How can we feel balanced in

that scenario? Can we actually be

in a position to remember who we

are if we are racing out the door


The experiences in life that

we remember best are those that

are connected to feelings, whether

they are happy or sad. We associate

memories with emotions. Go

ahead and retrieve a memory and

notice which emotions are instantly

revealed to you.

When we place our

hand over our heart,

our heart will always

get in touch with our

spirit, our purpose.

As you recall the places, people

and details, you will certainly remember

how you felt at that time.

Recalling our spiritual purpose is

similar. Sometimes we need to go

deeper by creating a quiet space

T h e Jo u r n e y

to breathe, meditate and apply any combination of the

above-mentioned heart-centered activities.

A simple yet effective technique for employing both

connection and heart-centered approaches is as follows:

Place your hand on your heart, breathe slowly and deeply

several times until you get a peaceful rhythm, feel the

answer. This takes your head out of it, while you connect

with your spirit, your true authentic essence. By calming

the mind chatter, you can connect with the Divine residing

inside. Fill in this blank: My purpose is_____. Breathe, be

still, wait and discover within.

When we place our hand over our heart, our heart will

always get in touch with our spirit, our purpose. Hence

the old phrase “follow your heart” will almost always lead

to the correct solution.

Other terms we use without thinking about it, instead

feeling about it, are: “My heart is not into him”, “We need

to have a heart-to-heart talk”, “I had a heartfelt experience,”


All these phrases speak to our spirit and we are

touched. What we are really communicating is that we

want to have a real connection.

Following the above approaches will help to remember

who you are and your purpose. Our heart leads us to

our spirit and it will help us remember. Our heart carves

out the path to our purpose. Our heart lights up our

purpose and identity. When that happens, we remember

who we truly are. Namaste.

Tina Sacchi is a Master in Holistic Alternative Arts,

which includes Hypnotherapy, Energy Healing (Reiki/

Shamanic), Mysticism, Chakra Balancing, Soul Path

Guidance, Past Lives Resolve, Future Life Progression,

Raw Food Coaching and Life Event Ceremonies. Tina is

certified in Clinical Hypnotherapy through the Arizona

Society for Professional Hypnosis as well as the National

Guild of Hypnotists. Visit her website, www.TinaSacchi.

com, for upcoming events and information on her international

radio show.

T h e Jo u r n e y

Advertise in the Journey’s

Online Resource Guide!

Check it out at

Call Clyde Chafer at


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NovemberDecember 2011 Pa g e 29

By Janee Iliano

On The Journey’s 10 th anniversary, I would like to

share with you a story of how I got involved with Publisher

Clyde Chafer and this magazine we all have grown

to love.

Pa g e 30


the Journey’s



was living in Chicago, at the time; it was 2001. I

was home visiting my boyfriend for a weekend. Our

relationship was starting to get serious and I knew it

would soon be time for me to find work in the holistic

health field in Ohio.

I was on fire with my raw-food pursuits in Chicago

and I desperately wanted to find a way to make it work

in Cleveland. That weekend happened to be my grandmother’s

80th birthday party. My grandma loved the color

purple so we wanted to decorate the house with purple


I didn’t now where to find such supplies, but someone

thought there was a craft store behind the Dairy Queen on

Mentor Avenue. I drove into the lot to find a place called

A Touch of Serenity.

My jaw dropped; I was amazed at

how I had been brought to this

center, knowing I wanted to get

connected to a holistic health

network in Cleveland.

Hmm, I thought, is this the craft store? As I walked

in, I remember the smell of incense and soft music playing

in the background. A gentleman was sitting on a bar

stool behind the counter. Kicked back on the stool (as

he so often did), he said hello in a warm, welcoming

voice. “Is this a craft store and do you sell purple ribbon?”

I asked.

The man looked at me kindly and said, “No but we

are having a holistic health fair in the back if you would

like to come in and take a look around.” My jaw dropped;

I was amazed at how I had been brought to this center,

knowing I wanted to get connected to a holistic health

network in Cleveland.

NovemberDecember 2011

The man behind the counter was the owner, Clyde

Chafer. He came off as a person who was open to every

opportunity and he seemed genuinely interested in helping

people live their life’s passion.

I told him about my work as a health coach and raw

foods chef. Clyde was interested and told me to come

back so we could talk and, hopefully, get something

started for me in Cleveland.

He bought equipment, threw up

walls and made a kitchen for this

new business. Many days we’d

walk into the shop at 7 a.m. and

finally say our goodbyes 15 hours


Six months later I had moved to Cleveland. I remember

waking up one Monday morning, throwing on

my favorite hat and walking into A Touch of Serenity,

hoping to find Clyde and get working somehow, some

way. I announced: “I’m back.”

Clyde looked puzzled. I could tell he was trying to

make a connection with me as he looked under my hat

at my eyes. (We still laugh about that to this day). By

the end of our talk though, I had a job, working twice a

week at the store, and it felt like an official start to my

holistic health career in Cleveland.

I will always remember that first meeting with Clyde

because it was so random how I was sent there. Our

meeting was a divine connection that has continued to

grow over the past 10 years.

Within a year, Clyde and I had hatched a plan to start

feeding people out of the back of the store. I remember

telling him, “Clyde, all I know is that I am supposed to

feed people raw food.” He shook his head and off we

went to restaurant supply stores looking for equipment.

He bought equipment, threw up walls and made a kitchen

for this new business. Many days we’d walk into the shop

at 7 a.m. and finally say our goodbyes 15 hours later.

We worked constantly.

At the same time, he asked me to write articles for

T h e Jo u r n e y

The Journey and help out with the section called Spiritual

Genealogy. I learned about various fields of study

as I talked with various holistic health practitioners. I

remember interviewing Wayne Dyer with Clyde over the

phone one time. The experience touched me deeply. I

was amazed at how I could feel Dr. Dyer’s high energy

even through the phone.

I am so proud of what this

magazine represents and how

many people it has touched.

The magazine also had us driving out to Congressman

Dennis Kucinich’s office to do an interview. It was an

exciting time of growth and development for the young

publication; I was privileged to be involved.

I will always remember my connection to Clyde, A

Touch of Serenity and the magazine because ultimately

Clyde was the first person who gave me a chance in


I respect people who are willing to take chances and

Clyde is someone who will go out on a limb for what he

thinks is right. He believed in my passion to help people

with their health and I will forever thank him for that.

At the same, I have loved writing for this magazine

and have spent many nights pouring out my soul (not to

sound too dramatic). I often get comments on the articles

and how they have helped people in a time of need.

I am so proud of what this magazine represents and

how many people it has touched.

I lift my juice to you Clyde and wish you and the

magazine many more years of success, reaching the

public and raising awareness and consciousness in our

area and beyond. God Bless.

Janee Iliano is the owner of ALiVE ONE, a health

education business that focuses on teaching others the

benefits of internal cleansing and purification of the body.

She is a holistic health educator, offering Internal Cleansing

& Detoxification Programs, Juice Plus+ Nutritional

Products and instruction on Raw & Living Foods. Visit

her Website at For more information

contact Janee at 440-478-9802 or

T h e Jo u r n e y NovemberDecember 2011

Pa g e 31

Soul Food

Soul Food is dedicated to all my readers as an offer- By Eva Starr

ing to share my metaphysical musings and the lessons

that I have encountered throughout my journey here in

this classroom we call Planet Earth. I encourage your

questions and quandaries as we grow together toward

solution and enlightenment.

Dear Eva:

I’d like your help on understanding the forgiveness

process. There is a situation within my family where I

have not been able to let go of something that happened

more than 20 years ago. I hear a lot of talk on the power

of forgiveness but honestly I am at a loss as to where

to begin. I’m getting old and I’m tired of holding onto

this. It’s time to let bygones be bygones, but where do

I start? Tired in Tremont, OH

Dear Tired:

Forgiveness is one of the hardest things for the

majority of people to master; yet at the same time it is

one of the most crucial. The good news is anyone can

do this if you are willing. Yes, it’s as simple as that; you

just need to “be willing” to forgive and the Almighty

Universe will take care of the rest.

In the Bible (Luke: 23:34) it states, “Then said Jesus,

Father, forgive them; for they know not what they

do. And they parted his raiment, and cast lots.” This of

course, is much easier said than done. The interesting

thing about forgiveness is if you truly understood that

the prisoner in holding on to grudges is you, not the

person you’re angry at, then it will be easier for you to


I’ve heard it said: “Holding a grudge is like swallowing

poison and expecting the other person to die.”

Understanding the aforementioned statement is the

catalyst for the beginning of your forgiveness work. Just

be willing, tell God, your higher power, the Angels, or

whomever you talk to you: “I am willing to forgive so

and so but I can’t seem to find it in me; help me, show

me how.” Once you’ve taken that first step, the how is

up to God.

What I suggest to my clients is to imagine God

holding a gigantic bottomless vase in his hands (from

Pa g e 32

I’ve heard it said: “Holding a

grudge is like swallowing poison

and expecting the other person

to die.”

above) and pouring fountains and fountains of white

light and blessings onto the person you’re trying to

forgive. Also, in your daily meditation start visualizing

all the wonderful things you’d like to see happen in your

own life happening for the person/persons you’re trying

to forgive and just watch the miracles appear.

You may want to add some forgiveness food to

your diet, such as spinach, kale and sipping on green

tea to heal those emotional hurts and balance that

heart chakra. It starts with the willingness in your heart

my friend. Take the first step, and then let God do the


Remember the headlights only

shine 250 feet ahead when

driving. It’s the same with

traveling the highway of life.

Dear Eva:

I’ve read a lot of material on living in the moment,

and I must say it’s easier said than done. I find myself

caught up in the “what ifs” of tomorrow and the “regrets”

of yesteryear. I try to live in the present but my mind

seems to get caught up in the past or the unknowingness

of the future. How do I live in the here and now? Preoccupied

in Pittsburgh

Dear Preoccupied:

As Eckhart Tolle offers in The Power of Now and Louise

Hay in You Can Heal Your Life, the “point of power is

always in the present moment.” You are not alone in your

quest for attaining the ever-elusive living-in-the-moment

Nirvana; it’s something we all strive for.

First let me stress the benefits of living in the here

and now.

Clarity of mind: Living in the moment keeps you

focused on the now and allows the natural rhythm of life

to flow to and through you.

Peace within: Staying in the present prevents you

from driving full-speed into the future with dark glasses

or constantly looking into the rear-view mirror.

NovemberDecember 2011 T h e Jo u r n e y

Positive thoughts: The world is a much sunnier

place, there is less room for the darkness of fear to

creep in when you shine the light on everything.

For myself I would start a purging program and

release anything that no longer serves who you are and

who you are becoming – people, places and things.

Then I would do a forgiveness inventory, (see previous

question) and work on that. Love where you’re at, and

what you do now, focus on solutions not the problems,

and smile baby smile.

Remember the headlights only shine 250 feet ahead

when driving. It’s the same with traveling the highway of

life. God shines the light just far enough down the road

for us to see, and then we fuel the rest of our journey

with faith until he/she shines the light on the next 250

feet of our path to enlightenment.

Keep driving, put a little Van Morrison in the CD

player and you’re on your way to enjoying where you

are and living life in the moment.

Eva Starr’s spiritual journey has taken her coastto-coast

studying the various schools of thought. Starr

now resides in the San Diego area devouring the alluring

buffet of wisdom the West Coast has to offer.

Email your questions to visit

her websites and

to sign up for her weekly online Soul Food column &

monthly newsletters.

Let us help you or your loved

one find the way home

Reclaim Your Self, Your Health & Your Dreams

ASTARA Holistic Addiction Recovery Program

A unique, one-on-one outpatient treatment program that blends

traditional and holistic modalities to find healing for the whole

person: body, mind and spirit. Evidence shows that recovery is stronger

when the whole person is treated; not just the addiction.

Affordable, compassionate treatment

for all types of addictions

Empower Yourself

Find out if ASTARA is right for you.

Free 20 minute consultation.

All contact is strictly confidential.

Marilyn Wise, LICDC, Director/Founder

216.765.4470 or 440.622.8782

ASTARA is highly effective and affordable

T h e Jo u r n e y NovemberDecember 2011

Pa g e 33



November — If you don’t like the way things are going,

then speak up. Besides, you’re not known for being

shy. Don’t make hiding problems easy for the people

around you. Keeping quiet about things creates a neverending

cycle of enabling bad habits.

December — Finally, you’ll be presented with good

job opportunity but that doesn’t mean you should take it.

Avoid making snap decisions. Consider each opportunity

carefully and choose what’s best for you.


November — This year is ending and you’d like to

break free and try a few new things. But don’t over indulge

in activities that take you outside of who you truly are.

Live YOUR truth. Be more grounded.

December — It may be cold and gloomy out, but

TRUST. No matter how dark it seems now, there is a

light at the end of this tunnel. Let faith guide you to the

next stage. In your new beginning, you’ll be thankful for

the journey.


November — Your ideas have always been ahead

of their time. Now it’s your time to watch them come to

life. Your ideas can never be just about you. Take a good

look at the people you come in contact with; they may

be able to help you accomplish your dreams.

December — Sometimes it’s easy to focus on one

idea, but the world is composed of millions of ideas. If

you allow yourself to see the bigger picture, bigger opportunities

will blossom. You’ve been waiting and it’s

finally coming.


November — You’ve been dreaming and planning,

but don’t miss your chance to bask in your success. The

time to realize your highest ideals and greatest dreams

has come. Don’t be afraid. Step forward. Make it all


December — Want to move? Change jobs? Add or

enhance a relationship? Be honest with yourself about

what you want in life and when it’s appropriate, share

your dreams with others. You have nothing to be ashamed


By Kimmie Rose Zapf


November — You may feel frustrated this month

and need extra attention from those around you. Don’t

worry. Close friends and family members will provide all

the support you need. Be sure to return this gift to your

inner circle when needed.

December — Is life feeling more expensive lately?

Tame a bit of your carefree spirit and check the details

while you’re out enjoying your holiday spending. Make

extra sure you play by the rules.


November — No, you don’t have to tell everything

you know, but remember, secrecy isn’t the same thing as

keeping a secret. Find the line between being honest and

telling the facts with your opinions attached. Be honest

and things will work out.

December — You will find yourself looking deeper at

your relationships. This process will help you make decisions

about what you want and don’t want in your life in

the coming year. Truthfully weigh the elements of your

life when deciding what is best for you.


November — Watch your diet because it affects how

you feel. Eating healthy will help you avoid all the highs

and lows you’ve been experiencing lately. Eating well is

more proof that balance really is a good thing.

December — Use positive thinking to channel your

dreams into the real world and the New Year. As you find

a place to manifest this energy, it will become easier for

you to usher in a better world.


November — You are what you talk about, so watch

your mouth. There are always chances for negative chatter,

but this won’t get you where you want to go. You want

the fruits of positive thinking and you’ll never get them if

you keep focusing on the wrong things.

December — New thinking is on the horizon and people

are ready to align with the quickly changing energies

of the planets. Your leadership skills will help humanity

make these shifts, and you will feel supported by those

who understand the need to create peace and harmony.

Pa g e 34 NovemberDecember 2011

T h e Jo u r n e y


November — Feeling adventurous? A trip will bring

you a newfound closeness. Money brings not only new

things, but also new ideas. Look beyond the surface

and you may be surprised at how much you find on the

inexpensive side of life.

December —Love is in the air and a new relationship

may blossom. If you’re already married, this is a good

time to grow even closer. In doing so, you may learn more

about who you are and the person you’re becoming.


November — Move cautiously. Emotions can separate

you from clear making clear decisions. Instead of taking

things so personally, let logic guide your thoughts. You’ll

soon see the best option.

December — This is not the time to step out on your

own. When great ideas come to mind, don’t just go your

own way. Talk it over with your partner. After all, that is

the joy of being a team. If at first you don’t agree, try to

find a middle ground.


November — You’re going to be busy with new

friends, celebrations and trips. New relationships start

better by showing your true self and you’ll have less to

regret about everything. Remember to apply a polite,

straightforward approach as often as possible.

December — Great things are on the horizon for you,

but don’t forget to make decisions. You’ll be presented

with opportunities. Consider each carefully. You’ll be

meeting new people, so keep your eyes and ears open

to the new opportunities they bring you.


November — Family issues aren’t new, but how you

deal with them can be. Stop poking around on the surface.

Problems won’t be resolved until you cut to your

own core. Take the time to truly understand your feelings

and let God handle the rest.

December — Stop all that worrying! Let go and listen

to your inner voice. Have the confidence to take chances

and let that instinct guide you to happiness. And while

you’re having all those holiday good times, enjoy yourself

but don’t be excessive.

Kimberly Rose is a professional intuitive, vibrational

astrologer, author, public speaker and radio and

television host on CBS Radio and Telos Television Networks.

She is available for personal readings, classes

and seminars. For more information, call her at Lite

the Way (734) 854-1514 or visit

Visit Page 39

2012 Karma Kleanse

Constantly Updated!


T h e Jo u r n e y NovemberDecember 2011

Pa g e 35

Pa g e 36

Thank you to all those that have

supported the Journey for the

first ten years... and here is

to the next ten!

NovemberDecember 2011

Th e Jo u r n e y

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and advanced. Yoga for everyBODY! Check our website www. for schedules at all our studios.

Loving Hands Yoga and Reiki - Small, friendly Hatha yoga

classes for all levels. Healing Reiki therapy for body, mind, and

spirit. 10% discount for new clients! www.LovingHandsYoga.

com / 216-408-5578 / 2959 Hampshire Road, Cleveland Heights,

OH 44118

T h e Jo u r n e y

NovemberDecember 2011

Yoga Teachers

Virginia Collins - RYT, CYT In-the-Now Yoga at Swedenborg

Chapel, 4815 Broadview Rd. Cleveland. Body-Mind-Spirit Integrative.

Accommodating all needs and ages. www.circleofinnerlight.

com or 216-398-7743. Yoga as a way of life!

Clyde Chafer, certified yoga instructor with various workshops

in the Cleveland and Pittsburgh areas. Private classes available.

Also group and individual cleanse and detox programs. Please

call 440-223-1392 for times and more details.

Yoga Events/Workshops

Yoga Teachers Training - T.R.Y. 4 Life 200 & 500 Yoga Alliance

Registry - Weekday or Weekend Training - 440-356-5991 or 330-995-4104

Karma Kleanse - Is it time for a fresh start and to get healthy?

Group and individual cleanses are available throughout Cleveland

and Pittsburgh. 30 days to a New You! Includes guidance, yoga

and supplements. Please call Clyde Chafer at 440-223-1392.

EFWA, Karma Yoga’s 200 hour Teacher Training/Yoga Studies

program will be held beginning in January, 2012. This program is designed

to help you become a complete teacher of yoga or deepen your

own personal practice. The program is facilitated by Clyde Chafer.

For more information, please call Clyde Chafer at 440-223-1392

Psychic Fair November 11, 2011 from 1 to 9pm at The Courtyard

by Marriott in Willoughby, Ohio. Featuring psychics, astrology,

numerology, tarot and more. Also many opportunities to start your

Holiday gift shopping. Check or call

440-223-1392 for more information.

We are expanding the magazine to the Columbus, OH,

Pittsburgh PA and Buffalo NY areas and will be staging

another Expo in Pittsburgh next year.

Pa g e 37

The Back Porch

Henry’s Holrealistic

and Feel Good Center


“Learning to Swear Like a Truck Driver”

(For ages 2 to 10 only please)

With a desire to reach out to the whole community at large - rather than just the New Age community, we are

excited to offer this enlightening class on “Learning to Swear Like a Truck Driver”. This class is geared for ages 2 to


Parents - have you ever been embarrassed by the way your children swear when you are out in public? Do you

sometimes wonder if they really are your children with their feeble attempts at swearing??

This exciting and thought provoking class will also include field trips to Super Walmart, Waffle House and a

truck stop in Southern Ohio! *

*Note* Please send a bag lunch on the field trip days - such as baloney sandwiches, fritos, ho-ho’s and a quart of

Pabst Blue Ribbon.

In this 4 week class your children will be given proper pronunciation techniques in swearing. Keeping in mind

that this age group has a tendency to lose their baby teeth and may experience diction problems, we have enlisted

the aid of several over-the-road truck drivers to help them with their swearing (since they average 12 teeth per 18


Our esteemed faculty - Booby Lou and Sammie Joe will also

tap into some other subjects such as:

“Sugar - Myth or Magic?”

Explaining the importance of parents feeding as much sugar

to children as possible to keep them wound up late to increase

family time.

Featuring some conversations you may

not want to have on your front porch.

“Junk Food is yummy food” - cause Ronald McDonald says so!“

And of course the ever popular:“Why take a bath when you will just get dirty tomorrow”

Class will be limited to 50 cause thats all we can fit into the back

of the fu**’n pickup for the field trips so please sign your children


November 31 • 12 midnight till 7am

(Sorry - have to use the truckers down time)

Cost $1200 or 2 kids for $2800

Call 1-800-666-6666

Pa g e 38 NovemberDecember 2011

T h e Jo u r n e y

NovemberDecember 2011

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NovemberDecember 2011

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