2013-2014 academic year fall semester


2013-2014 academic year fall semester

2013-2014 ACADEMIC YEAR FALL SEMESTERFor detailed information http://oia.ieu.edu.tr/1

Erasmus ProgramErasmus Student Mobility for Studies is an exchange program among the higher educationinstitutitons of European Union.Who can apply? Associate and Undergraduate Program students with a minimum cumulative average of 2.20 over4.00 Graduate and Post Graduate Program students with a minimum cumulative average of 2.50 over4.00.Who can not apply? Freshman students studying in associate or undergraduate programs. Visiting students Associate and Undergraduate Program students who have a cumulative average less than 2.20 over4.00. Graduate and Post Graduate Program students who have a cumulative average less than 2.50 over4.00. Those who benefited from student mobility program (with or without grant) before.Duration 3 months at least 12 months at mostEvaluation Criteria 50 % academic success (Cumulative Grade Point Average mentioned in the transcript) %50 % foreign language(Score of English Language Proficiency Exam held by School of ForeignLanguages of IUE) Students qualified to benefit from the program have the opportunity to receive financial supportfrom the European Commission for the period they stay abroad as part of the program. The number of the students that will be given Erasmus grant will be determined according to theErasmus grade.Special issues to focus on before the application Please consult to the Erasmus Coordinator at your department before deciding on the partneruniversity for your Erasmus studies. You can Access the departmental coordinator list onhttp://ects.ieu.edu.tr/idari.php?id=29 As the language of instruction in most of the universities is the local language, please make surethat you already know the language of instruction at the partner university.Documents to be submitted for application Application form (Available on http://oia.iue.edu.tr/) Transcript (will be requested from Student Affairs Office) IUE Proficiency in English Exam (PIE) result document (can be obtained from Student AffairsDirectorate). (Note: The students who have taken the English Proficiency Exam on January24,2013 do not need to submit this document)2

THE FORMS HAVE TO BE FILLED ONLINE. HAND-WRITTEN FORMS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED.The Amount of Grants per Month According to CountriesCountriesMonthly Grant(€)Germany 425Austria 476Belgium 448Bulgaria 281Czech Republic 377Denmark 601Estonia 339Finland 535France 520Southern Cyprus 375Holland 466England 602Ireland 489Spain 438Sweden 531Italy 477Latvia 333Lithuania 325Luxembourg 448Hungary 355Malta 368Poland 345Portugal 381Romania 312Slovak Republic 358Slovenia 401Greece 4253

The table below will be used for payments for placements between 3-12 months, periods exceedingthis but do not add up to a full month (for example, four months ten days):1-3 days 4-10 days 11-17 days 18-24 days 25 days and over0 €(0 months)Grant for ¼ ofa month(0,25 months)Grant for ½ of amonth(0,50 months)Grant for ¾ of amonth(0,75 months)Grant for one fullmonth(1 month) The grant allocated is only for support purposes; it does not aim to cover all the expenses made by thebeneficiary. There will not be a separate payment made from the Erasmus fund for expenses such as the planetickets, accommodation expenses, health insurance, etc. Such expenses are to be covered by thestudent. 80% of Erasmus grant is paid before the students goes for placement, and the remaining 20% is paidupon returning and completion of the paperwork.The higher education institution reserves the right to not to pay the remaining payment in part or infull, or ask for a reimbursement of an already paid amount for students who fail to fulfil theirresponsibilities on purpose and participate in the program at the host institution. Students selected for the program may benefit from the placement program without any grant if theywish to.QUOTASYou can access the list of the Erasmus partner universities and the quotas onhttp://oia.ieu.edu.tr/en/erasmus-anlasmalari-ve-kontenjanlarDEADLINE FOR APPLICATIONOctober 14, 20134

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