Supernova™ pro
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Supernova™ pro

unningsupport your vision —

a176 L / a177 S Supernova prorunninga176 Supernova pro La177 Supernova pro Scoloursnot all models/colours are available in all countriesa176/a177 00 6050chrome/blackLST Active mirror silvera176/a177 00 6051white/redLST Bright antifoga176/a177 00 6052petrol/off whiteLST Active antifoga176/a177 00 6053green/blackLST Active antifog58

Supernova pro a176 L / a177 SVentilation System Performance Insert Available TRI.FITThe air is directed in a way, that it is notintrusive or disturbs your eye sight.The Performance Insert solutions canbe easily and rapidly clicked in behindthe outer lens to all performance sportseyewear models.With the 3 level height adjustment you canadapt your eyewear for an optimum fit.Traction GripNon slip, pressure free and stable fit.Traction Grip provides the necessaryflexibility and wearing comfort.Slim Double-Snap Nose BridgeSPX/Flex ZonesSPX is an extra-light,breakproof material.Flex Zones provide ane x t r e m e ly co mf o r t a b l e fi t .9-base decentered Vision Advantage PC LensVision Advantage PC Lens is extra light and providesbest wrap-around view and protection.Quick-Change Lens SystemSimple, fast but sturdy lens changing featurethat enables you to easily adapt your equipmentto all light and weather conditions.Quick-Release HingeRather than your eyewear getting damaged,the temples release under exertionof impact force.The temples are easily andquickly reinserted.runningHead StrapSiliconized Head Strap.technologypackage consists of· 9-base decenteredVision Advantage PC Lenses· TRI.FIT Temple· Double-Snap Nose Bridge· Quick-Change Lens System· Quick-Release Hinge· Ergonomically shaped templeswith Traction Grip· Ventilation System· SPX & Flex ZonesRXreadyfor a176a779a515for a177a779a515spare partsantifog spare lenses (a176/a177)SOG 103/102 clearSOG 103/113 greySOG 103/362 LST ActiveSOG 103/416 LST Brightspare lenses (a176/a177)SOG 103/32 clearSOG 103/99 LST ContrastSOG 103/109 LST Active silverSOG 103/131 SPACESOG 103/132 LST Contrast goldSOG 103/293 LST Active silver lightSOG 103/294 LST Contrast silver lightspare parts (a176/a177)AC 167 inclineable hingeKST 51-4 nose bridge (extended versionbecause of sweat-bar)SHE 185 hardcase competition XLSHS 15-2 microfiber bagFK 131 boxspare templesBA 176 (colour code) left/rightBA 177 (colour code) left/rightlugsBA 782 5378/P17-4 (for 6050, 6053)BA 782 5134 (6051)BA 782 5504/P24 (for 6052)head strapsBB 24/1 (for 6050, 6053)BB 24/2 (for 6052)BB 24/4 (for 6051)sweat blockerBL 294/550459

adizero a170 L / a171 Sa170 adizero La171 adizero SAdapter Glazing a170mm63 x 38 (1968 mm 2 )Adapter Glazing a171mm57 x 36 (1699mm 2 )mm67mm61mm°1728a513 RX optical adapteravailable in black and transparentmm°1725a514 RX optical adapteravailable in black and transparenttechnologypackage consists of· 8-base decenteredVision Advantage PC Lenses· TRI.FIT Temple· Double-Snap Nose Pads· Quick-Change Lens System· Quick-Release Hinge· Ergonomically shaped templeswith Traction Grip· Ventilation System· SPX & Flex Zones· Extended nose version availableRXreadyfor a170a513for a170a779a515for a171a514for a171a779a515runningcoloursnot all models/colours are available in all countriesa170/a171 00 6050shiny black/whiteLST Active (antifog)a170/a171 00 6051shiny aluminium/blackLST Polarizeda170/a171 00 6052matt black/blackLST Active silvera170/a171 00 6053shiny transparent/blackLST Varioa170/a171 00 6054shiny black/whiteLST Polarizeda170/a171 00 6060shiny petrol/neon greenLST Contrast silvera170/a171 00 6061shiny petrol/neon greenLST Polarizeda170/a171 00 6062matt white/neon greenLST Active silverRX-kita170/a171 05 6050RX-kita170/a171 05 6051RX-kita170/a171 05 6052RX-kita170/a171 05 6053RX-kita170/a171 05 6050RX-kita170/a171 05 6060RX-kita170/a171 05 6060RX-kita170/a171 05 6062spare partsantifog spare lenses (a170/a171)SOG 68/362 LST Activespare lenses (a170/a171)SOG 68/23 greySOG 68/32 clearSOG 68/97 LST Active goldSOG 68/109 LST Active silverSOG 68/117 grey silver gradientSOG 68/131 SPACESOG 68/174 LST Contrast silverSOG 68/293 LST Active silver lightSOG 68/294 LST Contrast silver lightSOG 68/417 LST BrightSOG 104/302 LST PolarizedSOG 104/246 grey polarizedSOG 120/359 LST Variospare lenses are also compatiblewith a164 adivista Lspare parts (a170/a171)SP 105 nose padsnose bridgeKST 51 orKST 51-4spare templesBa170(extended nose bridge)(135 mm)(colour code) left/rightspare temples are also compatiblewith a171 adizero Sinclinable hingeAC 301/5648 (left) crystalAC 301/5648 (right) crystallogo partAC 300/5504/TP60 (for 6050, 6054) left/rightAC 300/5504/TPS79 (for 6051) left/rightAC 300/5504/TP60/T528 (for 6052, 6053) left/rightAC 300/5178(for 6060, 6061) left/rightAC 300/5134(for 6062) left/rightSHS 15-2SHE 151FK 81-3microfiber baghardcase competitionboxspare parts (a513)NY 2nylon threadSHS 17 microfiber bagFK 85-3 boxAP 11 metal cover panel for NY 2a513/a514 Adapter GlazingRXability (8 base) Sphere - 4,00/+ 2,00 dpt. incl. 2,00dpt. cyl. Power (recommended due to lens thickness). Toprevent optical distortion due to the higher wrap-angle,please use the Silhouette wrap-around calculator tocounterbalance discrepancies. Please contact yourlocal distributor and your local lens supplier for detailedspecification (lens colour, coatings, material) and also incase of bifocal orprogressive lenses. Lens patterns available.Detailed RXready information is contributed in theRX-cataloguefolder (K 0000 A1 2011 0000)61

a262 the shieldrunningtechnology· 9-base decenteredVision Advantage PC Shield· Flex Zones· SPX temples· Extended nose version availablepackage consists ofRXready· Double-Snap Nose Bridge· Quick-Release Hinge· Traction Grip· Ventilation Systema779a515coloursnot all models/colours are available in all countriesa262 00 6101LST Contrast goldgradienta262 00 6102LST Bluelightfiltersilvera262 00 6103grey silver gradienta262 00 6111LST Active silverlighta262 00 6112LST Contrast silverlightspare partsspare lenses (a262)SOG 103/117 grey silver gradientSOG 103/131 SPACESOG 103/142 LST Active silver goldSOG 103/143 LST Contrast gold gradientSOG 103/173 crystal silver gradientSOG 103/277 LST Bluelightfilter silverSOG 103/293SOG 103/294LST Active silver lightLST Contrast silver lightspare parts (a262)nose bridgeKST 51KST 51-4 (extended nose bridge)spare templesBa262(colour code) left/rightSHS 15-2 microfiber bagSHE 151 hardcase competitionFK 81-3 box62

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