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update! 12/2011



LEHNKERING at the World’s Largest Logistics Fair

Sustainability: Fraunhofer Institute Praises LEHNKERING

Cooperation Arrangement with ADR-Logistics in Hungary

Soccer Spectacle in Duisburg

LEHNKERING Road Logistics & Services

New Trailers in Use

LEHNKERING Commissions 100 th Mercedes-Actros

New Drive System for a Better CO 2 Footprint

Eisenhüttenstadt: New Heavy-Duty Lift Truck in Use

Health & Safety Day at ArcelorMittal

LEHNKERING Distribution Logistics & Services

Greater Capacity in Hamburg

New Video Monitoring Equipment in Mannheim

New Office Accommodation in Rotterdam

LEHNKERING Chemical Manufacturing Services

CMS Handles Small Packages

CMS Makes It Possible

Schirm (CMS) Attends Chemspec Europe Again with Its Own Stand



Flying Visit: LEHNKERING and Schirm at the Chamber

of Commerce in Ennis/Texas

Management Conference in Kamp-Lintfort

Construction of the New Gas Tankers LRG GAS 88 and 89 Proceeds

LEHNKERING at the EPCA Annual Meeting

LEHNKERING in the Press

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the summer of 2011 is a summer full of good news. The recovery in the global economy is becoming more

and more stable and this also applies to our major areas of focus – the chemicals and steel industries.

So developments at LEHNKERING are just as positive – and are growing.

We were able to meet the next level of our growth strategy in the warehouse logistics field of operations by

taking over the hazardous goods warehouse in Hamburg-Altenwerder on 1 May – therefore at one of the

most important European ports for chemicals. In particular, we can now offer our customers with international

operations additional capacity for import or distribution warehousing. LEHNKERING has also been

able to expand its portfolio towards Eastern Europe. The company is now cooperating with ADR Logistics

in Hungary and can offer its customers hazardous goods warehouse capacity in this emerging Central

European country. LEHNKERING Logistics BV is continuing to maintain proximity to its customers in the

Netherlands and has moved into new offices in Rotterdam – next to the thriving Walhaaven area.

LEHNKERING RLS also has some good news: it has now been able to commission the 100 th Mercedes

Actros truck. RLS is gradually replacing its complete fleet of tractor units with this environmentally-friendly

model. Moreover, the LEHNKERING Euro Logistics fleet is improving its energy footprint by using new

trailers. And while we are talking about environmental protection: the new low-CO 2 emissions drive system,

which we are testing with Mercedes-Benz and other partners, shows how innovative LEHNKERING is in

this area. You can see that sustainability continues to play a key role in the LEHNKERING corporate strategy.

Even the Fraunhofer Institute has officially attested that LEHNKERING is one of the “very transparent

logistics services providers”.

The good mood within the sector was evident at the “transport logistic” fair, the world’s largest logistics

exhibition. LEHNKERING was not only there as an exhibitor this year, but also played an active role in the

supporting programme.

All the employees and their families who attended this year’s LEHNKERING soccer cup could sense how

active and dynamic the company is and enjoy the positive mood that prevails. We were able to set a new

record there too: 40 teams, 400 players and approx. 1,500 spectators took part.

As you can see, LEHNKERING is standing by its dynamic corporate strategy – and not just now, but in the

future too.

Best wishes,

Cees van Gent (CEO)

To all our customers and all our staff,

update! 12/2011



update! 12/2011



World’s Largest Logistics Fair

The logistics industry meets at the world’s largest trade fair in Munich every two

years: LEHNKERING once again attended the “transport logistic” on 10 - 13 May – and

the logistics provider was not only an exhibitor, but also took part in the supporting


51,000 trade visitors from 134 countries set a new visitor

record at the “transport logistic”. Almost 1,900 exhibitors

presented their goods and services and their

portfolio at the New Munich Trade Fair Centre – this

was also a new record and underlines the positive

trend in the global shipments of goods.

LEHNKERING was a sub-exhibitor on three stands this

year. Firstly, on the Duisport stand, as the logistics services

provider is based there; secondly, on the System

Alliance stand, where LEHNKERING is a co-partner.



The Duisburg/Ruhr Region ports are viewed as the largest

inland waterway harbour in Europe. The 21 public port basins

cover an expanse of water measuring more than 180

hectares. The various port facilities provide approx. 1.5

million square meters of covered space. The total goods

handled amounted to 44.4 million t in 2009 – of which 12.1

million t involved loading/unloading goods on vessels.

And finally the company was a sub-exhibitor on the

Port of Rotterdam stand, as it carries out extensive activities

at the Dutch site.

Cees van Gent, CEO of LEHNKERING, underlined

the significance of the international trade fair for logistics,

mobility, IT and supply chain management: “The

‘transport logistic’ is one of the most important networking

opportunities for us as an international logistics &

services provider in order to meet new customers and

expand existing business relations. It would otherwise


System Alliance

… is a cooperation arrangement involving medium-sized

German logistics services providers and it has its headquarters

in Niederaula in the state of Hessen. The cooperation

partners within System Alliance represent consolidated

turnover of EUR 5.2 billion, 10,000 employees, 6,000

vehicles, tonnage of more than 2.4 million tonnes and 8.5

million shipments across Germany every year.

take a considerable amount of time to meet all the managers

and CEOs gathered here at one location. The

fair is not only an opportunity to engage in networking,

but it also is important for exchanging ideas on new

trends and strategies with others. This sector is always

on the move, particularly in the light of the recovery

in the materials handling sector. The fair enables us

to consolidate the foundations for our future growth


It is no accident that the “transport logistic”, which is

held in Munich every two years, has a global reputation

in the logistics world, because it not only attracts

the market leaders on the international stage, but also

maps the complete value added chain. The exclusive

supporting programme also stands out by covering

up-to-date issues and panels of declared experts aim

to find answers to them. Alexander Behrendt, Branch

Manager for LEHNKERING Steel Transport & Services

GmbH in Eisenhüttenstadt, made his specialist knowledge

available at the discussion panel held on the

opening day on the subject of “Fit for the future. The

Berlin-Brandenburg logistics base!”



The port of Rotterdam

update! 12/2011

… is by far the largest deep-sea port in Europe – in

contrast to most North Sea ports, it can handle ves-

sels with a draught of up to 24 m. The port and the

port-related economy alone account for approx. 7 per-

cent of GDP in the Netherlands. Rotterdam is also the

most important trading centre for crude oil in Europe.


6 update! 12/2011



Sustainability: Fraunhofer Institute



one of the pioneers in

the logistics sector for years, when it comes to acting

in a responsible manner. And there is now official con-

firmation that its programmes are a complete success

in supporting ecological, welfare and social aspects: the

renowned Fraunhofer Institute attests in its sustainabi-

lity index published in 2011 that LEHNKERING is one of

the “very transparent” logistics services providers.

„Sustainability is an inherent part of LEHNKERING’s corporate

philosophy and of daily business, too. The grading of Fraun-

hofer Institute confirms us in our work and encourages us to

follow and even intensify this path of sustainability,“ says Stef-

fen Bauer, chief executive assistant at LEHNKERING.

The aim of the Fraunhofer study is to make the logistics ser-

vices market even more transparent through its index. The

appraisal is designed to serve as a guide for shippers and

interested parties in order to draw their attention to logistics

experts that operate in a sustainable manner – for, after all, it

is essential for companies to act in a responsible way when

handling chemicals and hazardous goods. The 150 services

companies with the highest turnover from the “top 100 in the

world of logistics” were assessed during this study. The su-

stainability study is supposed to be continued on an ongoing

basis in order to further track the development of the thriving

logistics market.

The second phase of the study classifies the participating

companies into the categories entitled “Pioneers”, “Strate-

gists”, “Doers”, and “Observers”. Even if LEHNKERING will

only take part in the second phase in the next round, the

Fraunhofer Institute has already confirmed that it is clas-

sifying LEHNKERING as a “Strategist” – and therefore as a

company, which has accommodated sustainability firmly in its

corporate philosophy and practises it.

And LEHNKERING’s sustainability statement is quite impres-

sive: the company-wide QEHS management system was in-

troduced as early as 2004. The “Green Logistics & Services”

programme, which was introduced in 2009, placed even more

importance on environmentally-related sustainability in its cor-

porate strategy – for its aim is to increase energy efficiency

and reduce CO 2 emissions. The measures adopted for this

purpose range from introducing the new CarCube telematics

system from Punch Telematix to the ongoing modernisation of

the fleet or the QEHS training courses and even making sa-

vings on resources. This is indeed an impressive programme

– as now even confirmed by the Fraunhofer Institute.

Cooperation Arrangement with

ADR Logistics in Hungary

This represents an important step in a thriving market: LEHNKERING can now provide

its customers with high-quality warehouse capacity for hazardous goods in Hungary

too. This is possible as the result of a cooperation arrangement agreed with ADR Logistics

K.f.t. in May.

As the result of this agreement, LEHNKERING and ADR

Logistics have agreed to cooperate strategically in Western

and Eastern Europe and the DLS company division

has also received the exclusive marketing rights

alongside ADR Logistics. LEHNKERING has expanded

its internationalisation course eastwards through gaining

access to the markets in Hungary and its neighbouring


ADR Logistics K.f.t. operates a hazardous goods warehouse

for packaged goods from the chemicals industry

near the airport in Budapest; this facility has space for

15,000 pallets – and it can be expanded at short notice

to handle a further 10,000 pallets, if the need arises. All

the VCI and ADR storage classes can be handled here,

except for explosive, radioactive and infectious substances.

ADR is also taking over responsibility for distributing

goods within Hungary and beyond to Romania,

Slovakia and other neighbouring countries.

“Hungary is becoming increasingly important for the chemicals

and pharmaceuticals sector – not just as a growing

market, but also as a distribution centre for Eastern Europe.

As a 3PL services provider, LEHNKERING would

like to open the doors for its customers here too. We’ve

found a competent partner in the shape of ADR Logistics,

which satisfies our high standards of quality and

safety,” says Uwe Willhaus, COO of the LEHNKERING

Distribution Logistics & Services company division.”


ADR Logistics K.f.t.

ADR Logistics K.f.t. with its headquarters in Budapest,

Hungary, was founded in 2000 and specialises in providing

logistics services for hazardous goods. ADR Logistics’

portfolio of services not only involves storing, transhipping

and distributing chemical and pharmaceutical

products, but also value added services like labelling

packaged items. The two managing directors have a

majority holding in ADR Logistics.

update! 12/2011


8 update! 12/2011


2011 Lehnkering CUP –

PreLiMinArY rOUnD

grOUP A Pts Goals Diff.

SCHÖNEBECK 1 12 20:1 19


DORTMUND 5 4:5 -1


LCT 6 / TEAM NL 2 0 0:20 -20

grOUP B Pts Goals Diff.

ROTTERDAM 1 9 10:2 8

PEINE / LENGEDE 9 10:3 7

SCHÖNEBECK 2 6 5:4 1

MANNHEIM 2 3 4:12 -8

LEU DUISBURG 2 3 2:10 -8

grOUP C Pts Goals Diff.

MÜNST. SCHÜTTORF 1 12 24:1 23

LRG DUISBURG 9 29:3 26

SALZGITTER 2 6 6:14 -8

LCT 1 / TEAM NL 1 3 2:19 -17

BAAR EBENHAUSEN 2 0 1:25 -24

grOUP D Pts Goals Diff.

MANNHEIM 1 12 14:1 13

LEU DUISBURG 1 9 10:2 8

HAMBURG 6 9:4 5

IT 3 5:13 -8

LCT 2 /GERSTHOFEN 0 0:18 -18

grOUP e Pts Goals Diff.


ALS 9 16:5 11

SALZGITTER 1 6 8:5 3

SHIPPING LUX 3 5:12 -7

ROTTERDAM 4 0 1:24 -23

grOUP F Pts Goals Diff.


ROTTERDAM 3 7 4:3 1


BASEL 4 4:6 -2

LCT 4 / DUISBURG 3 2:9 -7

grOUP g Pts Goals Diff.

ROTTERDAM 2 10 15:2 13




LCT 5 / TEAM TIRA 0 1:20 -19

grOUP h Pts Goals Diff.

UERDINGEN 12 23:0 23


US TEAM 6 10:6 4


WOLFENBÜTTEL 2 0 3:26 -23

Soccer Spectacle in Duisburg

40 teams entered this year’s LEHNKERING Soccer Cup. A team even flew to Germany from the USA to

participate in the event on 18 June. But eisenhüttenstadt carried off the trophy.

The Lehnkering Soccer Cup set a fantastic new record. With 40 teams, there

have never been so many participants before. One team even travelled to germany

from the USA. The “USA team” travelled especially from ennis (Texas) to

Duisburg for the Lehnkering Cup. Covering 8,100 kilometres just for a sporting

competition is a real reflection of sportsmanship.

The 400 players arrived at the Wedau Sports School with 1,500 more employees

and their families to cheer on the teams. The weather was not great all the time

and the players had to put up with the occasional shower, but this did not

dampen the players’ spirits (male or female) on the pitch. Employee teams

from the Netherlands, Switzerland, Scandinavia, Luxembourg and Poland

also travelled to Duisburg, in addition to the many German teams and the

“USA team”. 113 matches, each lasting 15 minutes, were played – and

the proceedings were dominated by team spirit and fair play. The teams

played what is known as a “consolation round” in the knock-out competition

for the first time. The third and fourth placed teams in each group, which

did not “survive” to advance to the knock-out stage, met each other again –

and this enabled all the players to remain active on eight pitches until the late

afternoon. The winner of the consolation round was the Salzgitter 1 team.

The public was also provided with a supporting programme: the approx. 150 children

had a great time in the play area with the bouncing castle, children’s make-up,

“human table soccer”, the children’s soccer cup and shooting goals against a wall.

LEHNKERING had not only invited the children of employees, but also the children

from the Niederrhein SOS Children’s Village, which the company has been supporting

for several years. The food and drinks were just perfect too: players and visitors enjoyed

the delicious sausages and barbequed steaks. The undisputed highlight was a

suckling pig, which was roast on a spit. The sun came out again for the final,

which involved 2 x 10 minute sessions – and featured the teams from Eisenhüttenstadt

and Rotterdam 1. In the end, the team from Steel Transport & Services

beat their Dutch opponents 4:1 – for a very clear victory! Rotterdam 1

was therefore runners-up and their colleagues in Rotterdam 2 team captured

third place. The highest goal-scorer in the LEHNKERING Soccer Cup was

Markus Winkler (ALS) with 9 goals. The best goalkeeper was Jenny Fortes

(Rotterdam 1).

During his speech for the award presentation ceremony,

LEHNKERING CEO Cees van Gent thanked the employees

who had appeared in such numbers and some of whom had not

been put off by the long journey to Duisburg to be present at

this great event. And in the end, the Soccer Cup also served a

good purpose: LEHNKERING donated EUR 3 for every goal that

was scored – and there were 459 goals, making EUR 1,377. The

LEHNKERING management rounded this amount up to EUR 2,500.

The money will go to the SOS-Kinderdorf e.V. charity. So CEO Cees

van Gent handed over the money from the Soccer Cup to Erwin Minor,

a member of the SOS Children’s Village team in Kleve, during the presentation

ceremony (see photo below).

The sportsmen and sportswomen and guests moved to the MSV Arena after

the Soccer Cup. There was an evening buffet to revitalise everybody in the

business lounge of the football stadium belonging to the long-standing MSV

Duisburg soccer club – and smooth entertainment from the Bellini samba professionals.



2011 Lehnkering CUP – FinALS






















Winner OF Lehnkering

SOCCer-CUP 2011



update! 12/2011

2 nd place ROTTERDAM 1

3 rd place ROTTERDAM 2

4 th place ALS



update! 12/2011

LEHNKERING Road Logistics & Services

New Trailers in Use

54 new combi-trailers and trailers optimised to cope with the payload improve

the Euro Logistics Fleet in a sustainable way

Environmental sustainability does not just start

with reducing emissions, but generally preventing

them in the first place. The greatest possible reduction

in the number of empty runs is an important

factor in this process for any logistics services


In order to achieve this goal, LEHNKERING

Euro Logistics is currently modernising its trailer

fleet: 19 new trailers produced by Schmitz

Cargo Bull, which are equipped for multi-modal

transport services, have already been

delivered. They are primarily being used on

routes to and from Scandinavia. The trailers

optimised to cope with their payload have a

cargo capacity of 26 tonnes, while the combitrailers

can handle 25 tonnes of either general

goods or steel coils in particular – and this

enables the company to prevent empty runs.

LEHNKERING Euro Logistics will have invested

in 35 more trailers by the end of 2011.


“We are continually modernising what is already a young

fleet. This means that LEHNKERING always has the latest

standards in safety, technology and environmental

protection – which completely matches the sustainability

course being pursued by our company,” says Michael

Sterk, Managing Director of LEHNKERING Euro Logistics


LEHNKERING Euro Logistics – the right partner for part and complete loads

LEHNKERING Euro Logistics is one of the first contact points for customers in the chemicals and metal industries in

Europe. The logistics services provider links the business centres of Europe for them with high-frequency services – and

can provide reliability that is known throughout the sector as a result of its many years of experience. LEHNKERING is

an expert in shipping all kinds of part and complete loads and transports a wide variety of packaged goods like steel pro-

ducts (coils), packaged products from the chemicals industry (octabins, big bags etc.), mesh box pallets, sacks, carbons

and barrels on pallets or other industrial goods by road. The logistics services that LEHNKERING provides guarantee

speed, punctuality and efficiency. Alongside these elements, the safety aspect is one of the outstanding features of our

portfolio. For instance, LEHNKERING transports its partners’ goods to Scandinavia, the whole of Central Europe (e.g.

the Netherlands, Belgium, France or Austria), Eastern Europe (e.g. Poland, Hungary or the Czech Republic) or Southern

Europe (e.g. Spain and Italy).

The LEHNKERING trailers not only meet the latest environmental standards, but they also have accomplished technical

equipment, which takes into account every circumstance. The 250 vehicles (including those handling up to 26 tonnes of

optimised payload) at LEHNKERING Euro Logistics are, for example, equipped with coil wells, load securing facilities,

ADR equipment and theft-proof tarpaulins. They can also be combined. There is good reason why LEHNKERING Euro

Logistics is one of Europe’s leading services providers for customers in the chemicals and steel industries. Firstly, it has

branches in Germany, Sweden, Finland, Poland, the Czech Republic and Switzerland. Secondly, LEHNKERING can

resort to long-standing partner firms in Europe too.

LEHNKERING Commissions

100 th Mercedes-Actros

Environmentally-friendly tractor trucks support the company’s sustainability


LEHNKERING can now celebrate a round anniversary

that will benefit the environment: the company

has now taken over the 100th Mercedes Actros

with Blue-Tec technology. 220 of these more

economical and more environmentally-friendly

tractor units will gradually replace the existing


Safety and protecting the environment were two of the

reasons why the company completed an outline agreement

with Mercedes-Benz to supply 220 modern tractor

trucks in July 2010. The Mercedes Actros 1844 LS vehicles

have the top safety package with all the available

safety assistance systems from Mercedes-Benz, including

the latest developments called Active Brake Assist.

With their BlueTec engines from Mercedes-Benz,

the trucks meet both the Euro 5 emissions standards

and the voluntary EEV standard (Enhanced Environmentally-Friendly


This gradual fleet renewal programme will particularly

support the protection of the environment.

LEHNKERING Road Logistics & Services

“The issue of sustainability is not only embedded in our

corporate philosophy, but is also lived out in an active

and practical way. Even if some investments may not

directly pay off for us in the short term, they are still an

important investment in the future and subsequent generations.

Sustainability is a competitive factor, which

will become even more important in the foreseeable future,”

says Cees van Gent, CEO of LEHNKERING.


update! 12/2011

LEHNKERING Road Logistics & Services

The road transport sector is part of the Road Logistics

& Services (RLS) company division at

LEHNKERING. RLS is one of Europe’s leading services

providers for customers in the chemicals and

steel sectors as well as industry and commerce.

RLS owns 236 tractor units and 612 trailers. They are

used to handle tank shipments of hazardous goods

across Europe involving all kinds of liquid chemical

products. They are supplemented by shipments

of part or complete loads to the business centres of

Europe with high levels of frequency, some of them

using vehicles optimised to handle their payload of

up to 26 tonnes. Special vehicles are also available to

transport steel and steel items and they can cope with

high payloads or concentrated loads on one point or

oversize loads with excess dimensions without any


The logistics services that LEHNKERING provides guarantee

speed, punctuality and efficiency. In addition,

the safety aspect is one of the outstanding features

of the company’s portfolio. LEHNKERING can also

resort to long-standing partner companies in Europe.

It has its own IT network to link up the branches and

partners of LEHNKERING. This innovative IT system

guarantees the greatest possible flexibility and customised

transport handling operations.



update! 12/2011 LEHNKERING Road Logistics & Services

LEHNKERING Road Logistics & Services update! 12/2011


New Drive System for a Better

Technical progress for an improved CO 2 footprint:

LEHNKERING is testing a dual drive system,

which is designed to save CO 2 and therefore

to improve the company’s carbon footprint, in

conjunction with several partner companies.

LEHNKERING has been testing an articulated truck,

which has a dual drive system, in its real distribution

network together with Mercedes-Benz and other

partners since the spring of 2011. This drive system

called “Dual Fuel System TTG CP 210” consists of a

mixture of diesel fuel and liquid gas. If the tests prove

successful, this mixture could enable the company


CO 2 Footprint

Emissions should be reduced by up to 15 percent

fleet to significantly reduce its energy costs. The company

is aiming for a reduction of between 10 and 15

percent in comparison with conventionally powered


The mixture ratio within the drive system between

diesel fuel and liquid gas is 2/3 to 1/3. This process is

also supposed to enhance smooth engine operations

because the gas feed only stops when more than 80

percent of power is required. The system not only ensures

that CO 2 emissions are cut, but also reduces

sulphur oxide emissions by up to 75 percent. The test

operations are due to last 12 months.

Technology and Operating Mode for the “Dual Fuel System TTG CP

210” System

The liquid gas stored in the tank is converted into a gas phase using an evaporator and is then fed into the truck’s

intake system using electronic fuel injectors. So the air/gas mixture reaches the cylinders and is then burned with

the diesel fuel (see graphics). As the gas ignites after the diesel fuel, up to 50 percent of all the diesel soot particles

are burned as well. Gas burns much more cleanly than diesel fuel or petrol. So the exhaust emissions are much

less damaging.

The engine’s control electronics are not affected during the whole process, because the system processes digital

engine signals and then calculates the appropriate amount of gas according to the driving cycle.

The components being used are all certified according to EN 67-R-01, the European standard for components that

come into contact with liquid gas.

As a result, environmentally-friendly liquid gas replaces up to one third of the diesel fuel consumed:


gas tank







New Heavy-Duty Lift Truck in Use

LEHNKERING Steel Transport & Services in Eisenhüttenstadt

has been handling the warehouse and

logistics services for ArcelorMittal since 2009. This

involves loading approx. 1,4 million tonnes of goods

at the site per annum. A new heavy-duty lift truck from

Kamag has been

available for this

work since the

beginning of


This unit is specially

adapted to

the requirements

of transporting

steel items at the

factory site. The Kamag vehicle with its 309 hp can

transport more than 130 tonnes between the individual

production, warehouse and loading points at the same

time. The loading platform can be raised or lowered by

60 centimetres and heavy-duty pallets can be taken on

board by driving beneath them using the “piggyback”

principle. Despite its dimensions (it is more than 11 metres

long and 3 metres wide), the lift truck can also be

manoeuvred in a very tight space. This is made possible

by the ten individually steerable twin wheel sets,

where the Kamag can turn and set off at 90 degrees

LEHNKERING Steel Transport & Services

GmbH has its own vehicle fleet with more than 150

special vehicles, including trailers for high loading weights and

concentrated loads on one point.

LEHNKERING Steel Transport & Services GmbH has seven

business locations: Eisenhüttenstadt, Salzgitter, Peine, Ilsen-

burg, Dortmund, Fürth and Bad Bentheim. LEHNKERING Steel

Transport & Services provides a comprehensive portfolio of

services: planning and handling the complete logistics chain,

pick-up and final runs for shipments or value added services

(e.g. packaging, warehouse logistics, picking) and handling the

complete factory logistics.

Health & Safety Day at ArcelorMittal


The company division is certified with the highest safety stan-

dards: firstly with the Safety Certificate Contractors (SCC) for

the transport, warehouse, transhipment and industrial services

business areas and secondly with DIN EN ISO 9001:2000 for

the in-plant logistics, industrial services, international freight for-

warding, warehousing and transhipment business operations.

sideways from its starting point. It is also possible to not

only steer the machine from the driving cab, but also by

remote control.

A “Health & Safety Day” was held by the LEHNKERING partner company, ArcelorMittal, at its Eisenhüttenstadt business

location on 28 April. LEHNKERING Steel Transport & Services took part too: LEHNKERING employee Kathrin Nickel ex-

plained how to secure coils on trucks in a guest lecture: the way that some transport vehicles work was explained directly

using the actual machines on site (see photo).

(from left to right): Axel Jakat, Safety Expert at LEHNKERING Steel Transport & Services

GmbH; Hans-Ulrich Schmidt, Managing Director, ArcelorMittal Eisenhüttenstadt GmbH;

Alexander Behrendt, Eisenhüttenstadt Branch Manager, LEHNKERING Steel Transport &

Services GmbH; LEHNKERING employee Kathrin Nickel

14 update! 12/2011 LEHNKERING Distribution Logistics & Services

The Distribution Logistics & Services company

division has grown: LEHNKERING took over the

hazardous goods warehouse from K+P Gefahrgut

Logistik GmbH in Hamburg-Altenwerder on

1 May.

As a result, DLS now has a business site with

12,000 square metres of covered space and

15,000 pallet spaces. LEHNKERING has also taken

over the seven employees based there. So

DLS now employs 77 workers in Hamburg in all.

“This acquisition is enabling us to consistently

pursue the growth strategy in order to expand

our market position in warehouse logistics at

one of the most important European chemicals

ports,” says Uwe Willhaus, COO of LEHNKERING

division Distribution Logistics & Services.


The port of Hamburg – Important tran-

shipment centre for hazardous goods

The petro-chemical and pharmaceutical industries

are some of the major customers at the port of Ham-

burg. Approx. 12 million tonnes of unpacked liquid

goods and break bulk cargo of all hazard classes

are shipped through Hamburg every year under

the International Maritime Dangerous Goods Code


Greater Capacity

in Hamburg

DLS has already been operating three business

sites in Hamburg since 2009. “Hamburg is one of the

most important chemicals ports and trading centres

in Europe because of its outstanding links to business

centres in Germany, Europe, Asia, the Baltic

region and Russia. These industries have huge potential

for growth, because they improve the quality

of life of people,” says Stefan Fischer, Branch

Manager for LEHNKERING DLS in Hamburg.

The additional business site in Altenwerder will

particularly serve LEHNKERING’s international

customers as an industrial warehouse, for import



business sites in Hamburg

Am Fährkanal on Elbinsel Steinwerder (free port)

Capacity: 15,000 pallet spaces

An der Schmidts Breite/Hamburg-Wilhelmsburg

Capacity: 12,000 pallet spaces


Capacity: 3,000 pallet spaces; centre particularly specia-

lising in warehouse and logistics services for the pharma-

ceutical industry

and distribution. It is equipped with the latest safety

technology and is very close to the three major

container terminals. This means that the four DLS

operations centres now have 42,000 square meters

of space and 45,000 pallet spaces with permits

for almost every class of hazardous goods.

And this is good, because the previous DLS sites

in Hamburg have now reached bursting point.

“The hazardous goods

warehouse at Altenwerder

is the ideal

supplement for our

Hamburg operations.

By expanding our capacities

and taking on

the additional specialist

personnel, we will be

able to establish existing

and future business at the Port of Hamburg,”

Stefan Fischer continues. By the way: the new

operating centre has capacity for further expansion.

So DLS is looking to the future in Hamburg.


LEHNKERING Distribution Logistics & Services


Containerterminal Altenwerder

The Container Terminal Altenwerder (CTA) in Hamburg

with its 1,400 metre long Ballin quay is one of

the world’s most modern container terminals. The CTA

(total operating area: 1.1 Mio. m²) is located on Köhlbrand,

a branch of the river Elbe; it is bordered by the

Kattwyk bridge and the Köhlbrand bridge.

The terminal partly belongs to Hamburger Hafen und

Logistik AG (HHLA) (74.9 percent) and Hapag-Lloyd

AG (25.1 percent). The CTA was opened in 2002 and

when it has been fully completed, it is designed to

handle approx. 3 million TEUs annually.

Its current capacity is for 2.4 million TEUs. Up to four

container vessels can be loaded and unloaded at the

same time on the quay wall situated to the east. Processes

at the terminal are almost fully automated.

Approved classes of hazardous goods for LEHNKERING in Hamburg

VCI storage classes: 1, 2A+B, 3A+B, 4.1B+C, 4.2, 4.3, 5.1A-C, 5.2, 6.1A+B, 8A+B, 10-13

IMDG/ADR classes: 1.4, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6.1, 8, 9

German Order Governing Hazardous Substances: C, E, F/F+, N, O, T/T+, Xi, Xn

Explosives Act

update! 12/2011



update! 12/2011 LEHNKERING Distribution Logistics & Services

LEHNKERING Distribution Logistics & Services update! 12/2011 17

New Video Monitoring Equipment in Mannheim

LEHNKERING has launched operations with new

video monitoring equipment at its Mannheim base:

this is significantly increasing the level of efficiency

for dynamic processes in cross-docking and

warehouse logistics.

48 cameras in all were installed and put into operation

there in April 2011 and they provide both internal and

external monitoring. The video monitoring systems

used there are supported by barcodes. They are capable

of precisely localising down to ten centimetres,

mapping and documenting the status of each packaged

item, even in enclosed areas. This provides security

from any manipulation in real time. The system,

which was installed in the facility for packaged goods

for System Alliance at the Mannheim base, provides

high-resolution images, clear status measurements

and continuous movement descriptions. It is based on


LEHNKERING Distribution Logistics & Services

the latest technology in the fields of megapixel cameras,

position finding systems and IP networking. But

a barcode-supported video system is able to handle

even more tasks within dynamic logistics processes

when tracking goods and freight: it not only covers the

process controls and supervision, the documentation

and the verification, but also the quality management

and quality assurance. To sum up, prevention and protection

of the goods being handled are its key function.

Björn Liedtke-Dernedde, Branch Manager at

LEHNKERING DLS Mannheim, underlines the benefits

of the new video system: “By extending our security

portfolio, we are significantly increasing the efficiency

of our in-house processes. We are not only making

savings in direct, process-related

Barcode costs, but also increasing the quality

and transparency of our work to

a major degree. Our customers in

particular will benefit from this. In

the end, our barcode-supported video

monitoring system will reduce

the liability risks and cut the level of

Scanner potential breakdowns in our operating

processes. Our risk management

will be further improved.”


The new video monitoring equipment

also opens up access to certified

supply chain management


processes like TAPA or ISPS further

down the line. This addition to

the security system in Mannheim is therefore an investment

in the future.

The company’s Distribution Logistics & Services (DLS) division includes warehouse logistics, the distribution of goods to

consumers, in-plant logistics (logistics and managing flows of goods and information with our own employees at customers’ business

premises) and activities at the seaports of Rotterdam, Antwerp and Hamburg. They include services for transporting containers, bulk

commodities and packaged goods, the transhipment, storage and onward shipment of freight and also customs coordinates and

inventory management and even checks on consignments. LEHNKERING has at its disposal more than 271,500 qualified pallet

spaces, including temperature-controlled and air-conditioned storage areas. The DLS business locations are situated in Baar-Ebenhausen,

Biebesheim, Bottrop, Duisburg, Furth, Hamburg, Krefeld/Uerdingen, Langelsheim, Leuna, Lübeck, Mannheim, Münster,

Schönebeck/Elbe, Schüttorf, Wolfenbüttel, Barendrecht (Netherlands), Rotterdam (Netherlands) and Ennis (Texas/USA).

New Office Accommodation in Rotterdam

LEHNKERING Logistics BV left its offices in Rotterdam-Barendrecht

on 30 May and moved into

a new representative office on Waalhaven. The

move was prompted by the large number of port

logistics activities at the Waalhaven section of

the port in Rotterdam. The new offices also provide

geographical proximity to many suppliers of


The move for this division of the company had to take

place within five weeks. It was no easy task to turn an

empty office building into a fully functioning office while

maintaining ongoing operations, but LEHNKERING

Logistics completed the job in an outstanding manner.

The Rotterdam office now resides on the whole of

the 4th floor of the easterly Dockworks IV office building

(address: Waalhaven Oostzijde 77), with an

Development Prospects for Rotterdam in 2030

unrestricted view of the thriving Port of Rotterdam

included in the package. The rental agreement is

restricted to ten years, but LEHNKERING now has

more than 1,000 square metres at its disposal.


The “Waalhaven” part of the Rotterdam port

complex was built in 1907. In contrast to Maasvlakte,

which mainly focuses on transhipping

containers for large container vessels operating

on international routes, the Waalhaven

(and Eemhaven) area primarily handles containers

for short sea traffic.

The Rotterdam Port Authority published its forecast for the next 20 years in “Port Compass” in June 2011. According

to this, the Port of Rotterdam will grow significantly by 2030, but will also have to make major structural


The port authority is expecting the number of jobs there to grow by 25,000 by 2030. Investments totalling EUR

25 - 35 billion could be made in the region during the next 20 years. Innovations, it says, are necessary for this,

both in terms of the widespread use of new technologies and also the optimisation of decision-making processes.

In addition to all this, Hans Smits, CEO of the Rotterdam Port Authority, also forecasts a huge need for

changes and simplifications in the regulations. In order to document progress, the draft version of the 2030 port

vision envisages an annual report to document how the agenda is being implemented.

The port is hugely important for the economy of the Netherlands: the value added is currently EUR 22.2 billion

– that represents 3.3 percent of the country’s gross national product. 430 million tonnes of freight were transhipped

in the port in 2010 – and the figure is likely to be between 675 and 750 million tonnes in 2030.



18 update! 12/2011 Chemical Manufacturing Services

Chemical Manufacturing Services update! 12/2011


CMS Handles Small Packages

The packaging process for solid and liquid chemical products is

the daily business at the Baar-Ebenhausen operations centre

Schirm GmbH, which is part

of the Chemical Manufacturing

Services company division

at LEHNKERING, operates

a centre of expertise for

compacting, micronizing and

packaging small and minute

containers at its business location

in Baar-Ebenhausen.

Schirm has been handling

small and minute packaging

processes here since 1982,

particularly for customers that

sell their products in the home

and garden sector. Here is a

glance behind the scenes:

Making something big out of

small things is difficult. But

things become just as complicated

when it comes to reducing

fairly large amounts too. Some

of the main business activities

at the Schirm business centre in

Baar-Ebenhausen involve providing

small and minute packages

for solid and liquid chemical products.

The company’s portfolio

includes liquids and solids as

small as 2 ml or 0.2 g.

The minute and small packages

consist e.g. of tiny glass bottles,

combined bottles, dosage

bottles, bags sealed at three or

four edges or a wide variety of

blister packs.

Some of the filling processes

are automatic and use special

packaging equipment on

site. But the company not only

handles the filling work for small


LEHNKERING Chemical Manufacturing

Services (CMS)

Chemical Manufacturing Services (CMS) division

bundles the services of the Schirm GmbH

with which LEHNKERING supports its customers

from the chemical industry in producing

and packaging their goods. CMS offers a broad

portfolio of services:

Commission synthesis of agricultural chemi-

cals and fine chemicals, e.g. development of

products by CMS, or development in accor-

dance with customer specifications,

in modern laboratories; testing in pilot plant;

manufacture of products in CMS’s own

synthesis plant

raw-materials service, i.e. procurement of

active ingredients and raw materials for its

customers in the chemical industry, and

preparation and refining of raw materials as


formulation of active ingredients for pesti-

cides, biocides and additives

packaging of solid or fluid materials;

special packaging in water-soluble or lowmelt


sample service for chemical products, i.e.

filling chemicals into small and very small

containers (250 ml to 1 l bottles); storage

of sample containers in our own specialist

store; and shipping of samples world-wide

amounts of products, but also labelling, marking the

pack with the contents or screwing spray guns on to

the bottles. Some of the packaging work for small and

minute items still takes place manually and involves

trained personnel – for instance, if blister packs have to

be filled with sensitive products. They are then sealed

with aluminium foil, given a sales pack as an individual

item or in units, packaged in displays and prepared for

shipment to the sales points. Schirm also now looks

after the preparation work and printing of the displays

and sales cartons on behalf of customers and therefore

provides another value added service along the supply

chain from one source.

The customers that Schirm serves in this business

area include major manufacturers in the home and

garden sector, but other industries like those producing

cleaning agents or animal health items can also

be served.

In addition to small and minute packaging, special packages

can also be made at Baar-Ebenhausen: watersoluble

or melt-down bags can be filled at the business

site, too. Temperature-controlled filling processes, N 2

inerting or gentle granulate fillings do not represent a

problem either.

Baar-Ebenhausen has permits for almost every class

of hazardous substances or those that potentially damage

water supplies too. It goes without saying that

even technical fine chemicals can be packaged there

without any potential risks.


Sideco Pharma Lübeck set up the Sifokan production

site in Baar-Ebenhausen in 1982. Dr.

Schirm GmbH with its headquarters in Dortmund

and Lübeck was founded one year later.

LEHNKERING took over the company in 1992.

Like all the Schirm sites, Baar-Ebenhausen was

enlarged, its production facilities were modernised

and an environmental management system

was established during the 1990s.


20 update! 12/2011 Chemical Manufacturing Services

LEHNKERING-Group update! 12/2011


There is no undesirable humming or buzzing or crawling or stinging?

Is the lawn growing, are the roses flowering?

CMS Makes It Possible

Most of the products currently packaged, stored and transhipped at Baar-Ebenhausen on a contract

basis for well-known German and European customers can be purchased at any DIY garden centre.

The home and garden department makes life easier for people, particularly in spring and summer.


Providing protection against moths in your room, bait for ants in the kitchen or insecticides against

lice in your roses – everybody has used these products at some stage, whether in the garden or the

living room at home. But the employees at Baar-Ebenhausen also package fertiliser sticks and liquid

fertilisers. Perhaps the fertiliser that your favourite florist gives you for a bunch of flowers passed

through Baar-Ebenhausen too? Up to 25 million of these small four-edged sealed bags measuring 1 cm

x 3 cm are filled every year.

Schirm GmbH, with its headquarters in Schönebeck, is a one hundred percent subsidiary of LEHNKERING GmbH and

part of the Chemical Manufacturing Services company division. It has business operations in Germany at Lübeck, Schö-

nebeck, Baar-Ebenhausen and has equipment to finish chemical technological products in Wolfenbüttel jointly with

LEHNKERING Distribution Logistics & Services. The following services - synthesising organic compounds, formulating and

packaging them – are provided for the pesticide and fine chemicals market sectors as a neutral service company. The company

has had its own business centre in the USA in the shape of its subsidiary Schirm USA, Inc. in Ennis/Texas since 2005.

Schirm (CMS) Attends Chemspec

Europe Again with Its Own Stand

As in previous years, Schirm once again had its own

stand at the Chemspec Europe fair. The leading European

exhibition for this industry was held for the 26 th

time in 2011. More than 400 international exhibitors

and more than 5,000 trade visitors from the customs,

fine and specialty chemicals met in Geneva on 15 and

16 June and not only came from Europe, but from Asia,

Africa, the Middle East and the USA. Industrial and service

companies from China, India, Great Britain, Germany

and the Czech

Republic, for example,

had their own national

pavilions at the fair.

The Chemspec Europe

fair provides an important

forum both for

producers, processors

and logistics services

providers and final

consumers too. It has

developed from a sim-

ple exhibition into a networking event over the past few

years – and is supplemented by high-quality specialist

conferences and seminars. They highlight important

trends and provide opportunities for people to make

contacts and conclude business deals.

The Chemspec Europe will take place in Barcelona on

13 and 14 June next year.


The business sectors represented at the

Chemspec include:

• Biotechnology

• Agro chemicals

• Contract and toll manufacture

• Cosmetics

• Healthcare

• Pharmaceuticals

• Water treatment

• etc.

Flying Visit: LEHNKERING and Schirm at

the Chamber of Commerce in Ennis/Texas

LEHNKERING CEO Cees van Gent held a highly regarded

speech at the Chamber of Commerce in Ennis/Texas

on 22 March during his US trip. He issued

an upbeat statement on the local Schirm business

site, where new equipment was commissioned just

two years ago.

The major focus in Ennis lies on packaging liquid and

solid chemical products. Cees van Gent emphasized

the following at the Chamber: “As a chemicals services

provider, we are consistently banking on growth, both

in the USA and in Germany. The good prospects for the

chemicals industry confirm our commitment to Ennis.

For the growth rate for chemical production here in the

United States will be far higher this year than in other

industrial countries. The chemicals sector was always

a strong element in the US economy and it is now showing

its colours as a powerhouse within a general environment

of stagnation.”

The new unit commissioned at Ennis two years ago

can accommodate approx. 7.5 million packaging units


Ennis, Texas

The Schirm business location in Ennis/Texas is a

centre of excellence for formulating home and garden

products. This includes:

EC and SC formulations


Granulating (extruding)



Packaging liquid and solid materials

Formulating and packaging home and

garden products

The amination of glyphosate

of various sizes and types. There is a central warehouse

for packaging items and raw materials in the

centre of the enclosed building complex. There are separate

areas for herbicides and insecticides next to it.

A major American manufacturer of pesticides is the

main customer for the new unit for its “Home and Garden”

market segment. But other customers can also

benefit from the services on offer.


Ennis Chamber of Commerce

The city of Ennis located in the north-east of Texas

is a centre of manufacturing industry. More than

$ 535 million have been invested in industrial developments

during the past ten years and more than

2,000 new jobs have been created. The long-standing

“Ennis Chamber of Commerce” was founded

in 1919.

(From left to right): Gus Jones, President, Schirm USA Inc., Jeannette

Patak , President, Ennis Chamber of Commerce, Russell Thomas,

Mayor of Ennis, Cees van Gent, LEHNKERING CEO


update! 12/2011


Management Conference in Kamp-Lintfort

The LEHNKERING management conference took

place in Kamp-Lintfort on 11 April this year. About

80 managers from all the divisions within the corporate

group met at the Wellings Parkhotel in order to

exchange ideas on the development of the company

and discuss new projects.

The management conference always includes many

lectures and workshops. The managers introduce their

divisions and report on the latest trends in their busi-

ness field, exchange ideas about market innovations

and strategic approaches and opportunities.

One guest speaker held a particularly important lecture:

Frank Claus, Director of Supply Chain Management at

SabicEurope (see photo below left) talked about “The

Development of the Logistics World from the Shipper’s

Point of View – Requirements Placed on Logistics Services

Providers” in a highly regarded speech. The management

conference closed with a joint evening meal.

Construction of the New Gas Tankers LRG

GAS 88 and 89 Proceeds

Lehnkering is adding two more modern gas tankers

to its inland waterway fleet – LRG GAS 88 and LRG GAS

89. The gas pressure containers were inserted on board

LRG GAS 88 in May.

Modernising the Inland Waterway Fleet:

The two liquid gas vessels LRG GAS 88 and LRG GAS 89, both

with the same design, are due to supplement the company’s

own gas tanker fleet from the third quarter of 2011 onwards.

The vessels’ hulls were built at the Orsova Shipyard in Roma-

nia. TeamCo Shipyard BV in the Netherlands is currently car-

rying out the superstructure work. Both double-hulled tankers

are powered by 634 kW engines with low fuel consumption.

The gas tankers can also operate on canals and can there-

fore be operated on secondary waterways. They meet all the

requirements in the regulations governing the shipment of ha-

zardous goods on the river Rhine and can be used for the

whole range of gaseous products that LEHNKERING trans-

ports. They not only include “classic” products like LPG, but

The family meeting

for the chemical

sector takes place

in Berlin again this

year. The “European

Petrochemical As-

sociation” (EPCA),

one of the most im-

portant associations in the petrochemical industry, will

be meeting in the German capital on 1 - 5 October 2011.

also shipments of products like ammonia or propylene oxide.

The company is meeting the future needs of the market by

expanding its fleet.

“The gas shipping area, particularly along the river Rhine,

where LEHNKERING is one of the market leaders, is sho-

wing constant growth. The need for vessels, which meet the

latest environmental and safety requirements, will continue

to grow in line with this,” says Robert Baack, COO of the

LEHNKERING Shipping Logistics & Services company divisi-

on. “We are using this investment to maintain our very strong

market position in the gas inland waterway shipping sector

and provide a contribution towards securing energy and raw

materials for industry.”

LEHNKERING at the EPCA Annual Meeting

More than 1,500 industry representatives are expected to

attend what is now the 45 th annual meeting. It goes without

saying that LEHNKERING will be there too – make a busi-

ness appointment to talk to us and use the EPCA meeting

to get in touch with us.


Steffen Bauer

LEHNKERING-Group update! 12/2011

LEHNKERING Shipping Logistics & Services

The inland waterway shipping business is concentrated on the Ship-

ping Logistics & Services (SLS) company division at LEHNKERING.

SLS operates in the gas, chemicals and oil tanker shipping services

markets. The division also ships consignments of minerals and coal,

raw materials for the steel industry, packaged goods and project lo-

gistics within its portfolio. Overall, the company operates as many as

200 inland waterway vessels of various types and designs at times.

The company’s own fleet has 58 units, including 16 gas and 13 che-

micals and oil tankers, in addition to pusher tugs with 25 barges. The

company transports bulk commodities like coal, minerals and ore,

packaged goods, semi and finished items and chemical and petro-

chemical products. The most common routes include the complete

navigable waters along the river Rhine and its tributaries, the we-

stern German canal network, the river Danube and the river Elbe.

Phone +49 (0)203 - 31 88 127

E-Mail steffen.bauer@lehnkering.com



24 update! 12/2011 LEHNKERING in der Presse – Deutschland/Germany LEHNKERING in the press international update! 12/2011 24

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