expression of interest - Directorate General Resettlement (DGR)

expression of interest - Directorate General Resettlement (DGR)

expression of interest - Directorate General Resettlement (DGR)

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EXPRESSION OF INTERESTFROMINSTITUTES/ORGANISATIONS/SOCIETIES/EDUCATIONAL TRUSTSFor conduct <strong>of</strong> Diploma/Certificate courses under various categories as <strong>Resettlement</strong>Training for retiring personnel <strong>of</strong> Army, Navy and Air Force (Officers and JCOs/OR &their equivalents), under the aegis <strong>of</strong> <strong>Directorate</strong> <strong>General</strong> <strong>Resettlement</strong>, Department <strong>of</strong>Ex-Servicemen Welfare, Ministry <strong>of</strong> Defence, for the year 2013-14.<strong>General</strong>SECTION I1. The <strong>Directorate</strong> <strong>General</strong> <strong>Resettlement</strong> (<strong>DGR</strong>) is an Inter Service Organisationfunctioning directly under the Ministry <strong>of</strong> Defence as an apex body <strong>of</strong> Department <strong>of</strong> Ex-Servicemen Welfare. The organisation is headed by the Director <strong>General</strong>(<strong>Resettlement</strong>). Training <strong>Directorate</strong> at <strong>DGR</strong> is responsible for planning, conduct andmonitoring <strong>of</strong> resettlement training courses for retiring/retired armed forces personnel.2. Training, to prepare retiring service personnel for their resettlement in civil life, isone <strong>of</strong> the major functions entrusted to the <strong>Directorate</strong> <strong>General</strong> <strong>of</strong> <strong>Resettlement</strong> whichorganises employment oriented resettlement training programmes for retiring armedforces personnel (Officers and JCOs/OR) to enhance their qualifications and enablethem to seek suitable employment.OBJECTIVE3. The objectives <strong>of</strong> resettlement training are to facilitate smooth transition towardssecond career.Conduct <strong>of</strong> <strong>Resettlement</strong> Training4. <strong>DGR</strong> identifies various courses under different categories which are conductedthrough outsourced agencies each year. The details about the courses planned for theyear are circulated to the defence environment through “<strong>Resettlement</strong> TrainingBrochure” every year. Subscription to the courses is on voluntary basis subject toservice exigencies.

SECTION IIINFORMATION & INSTRUCTIONS FOR APPLICANTSAIM5. To invite proposals for selection <strong>of</strong> suitable Institutes/Organisations/Societies/Educational Trusts for conduct <strong>of</strong> approved <strong>Resettlement</strong> Training Courses for Officersand JCOs/OR and their equivalents.ROLE OF THE SELECTED AGENCY6. Provide quality resettlement training under various categories as indicated below.Contents <strong>of</strong> each type <strong>of</strong> course is given on <strong>DGR</strong> website www.dgrindia.comTYPES OF COURSESOfficers CoursesCourse Name Duration Course Name DurationModular ManagementCertificate Course in Management 24 WksSupply Chain Management 10 WksSecurityRetail Management08 WksCorporate and Industrial Security,Safety & Fire Protection Management06 WksAdministration <strong>of</strong> AcademicInstitutions12 WksMiscellaneousDisaster Management08 WksCoaching for ‘DGCA’ CPL/ATPL ExamSeafaring08 WksAs perModuleIndependent Directors(Non Executive)Project Management*02 Wks08 WksFacilities Management*08 WksClinical Research12 Wks* The two being new courses, Institutes <strong>of</strong>fering them can increase the course duration upto12 weeks depending upon the syllabus.JCOs/OR Courses at InstitutesCourse Name Duration Course Name DurationSecurity CoursesCertificate Course in ManagementAviation/Tourism & Hotel Security08 WksBusiness ManagementCertificate Course24 WksSupply Chain Management16 Wks

Fire & SafetyLogistics & Shipping24 WksFire & Industrial Safety Management12 WksRetail Management12 WksSub Fire Officer33 WksMarketing and SalesManagement12 WksAirline ServicesSmall Business/Rural Entrepreneurship16 WksAirline Services (Ground Operations,Air Ticketing)12 WksStore and WarehouseManagement12 WksAirline Cargo and Courier Mgt12 WksCorporate Office Mgt12 WksComputer and ITVocational and TechnicalJCB Operator Course12 WksDOEACC .O. Level24 WksAC & Refrigeration12 WksMicros<strong>of</strong>t Certified Pr<strong>of</strong>essional(MCP)Micros<strong>of</strong>t Certified SystemEngineer (MCSE)Book Keeping & Acct Using TallyComputer Hardware, Maintenance &RepairsCHM ’O’ LevelDesk Top PublishingWeb Designing06 Wks06 Wks12 Wks12 Wks24 Wks12 Wks12 WksAdvance WeldingService & Repairs <strong>of</strong>AutomobilesBakery & ConfectionaryElectrical / ElectronicTechnicianRepair & Maintenance <strong>of</strong>Radio, TV, DVD Player andHome Appliances.Mobile Communication andInfrastructuresMobile Servicing and Repairs24 Wks12 Wks12 Wks12 Wks12 Wks12 Wks12 WksBTS & MW Installation,Commissioning & Maintenance08 WksHospitality and TourismTourism & Travel Agency Mgt (IATA)Front Office/ Back End OperationsSecurity and Loss PreventionBar & Restaurant Supervisor16 Wks52 Wks08 Wks12 WksMedical and HealthcarePublic Health & SanitationOperation Theater AssistantX-Ray & ECG TechnicianHealth Sanitary InspectorMedical Lab Technician52 Wks52 Wks52 Wks12 Wks52 WksAgri Based CoursesDairy FarmingMushroom / Medicinal PlantsProductionPoultry Management12 Wks06 Wks12 WksMiscellaneousDriving and Maintenance <strong>of</strong>Light/Heavy/Specialist VehicleLibrary and InformationScience12 Wks24 Wks

WHO CAN APPLYInstitutes/Organisations set up by Central and State Govts.Educational Training Instituteso Institutes approved by Councils under Central Govt Ministries like AICTE /MCI / Indian Nursing Council/ National Council for Hotel Management andCatering Technology / NCTE / NCVT etc.o Institutes affiliated to a University set up by Central/ State Govt orrecognized by UGC.o Institutes approved by Central/ State Boards <strong>of</strong> Technical Education.o Institutes approved by IATA/ICAOo Institutes approved/accredited by DOEACC Society.Companies/Firms/Registered Societies/Trusts engaged in providing training,fulfilling the following criteria :‣ Societies/Trusts should be registered under Societies Registration Act.‣ Private Training Institutes (Companies/Firms) should be a properregistered body.‣ Should have valid PAN/TAN and audited accounts <strong>of</strong> statement for atleast three years.‣ Should have proper infrastructure, computer laboratory (where required)and trained teaching faculty.‣ Should be well established and conducting various courses, preferably forthe last three years.‣ Should preferably be affiliated to University / Educational Council.‣ Should not have been blacklisted by any Govt entity.‣ Should preferably have arrangements for practical training / projects withindustry / trade.‣ Should have own website to verify the contents enumerated in theirproposals.‣ Should have specialisation in the field for which proposal is given.

FORMAT FOR SUBMISSION OF PROPOSAL FORVOCATIONAL COURSES FOR OFFICERS &JCOs/ORPART - I : GENERAL1. (a) Name <strong>of</strong> Institute :(b) Year <strong>of</strong> Establishment :(c) Type <strong>of</strong> Institute :(Govt/Semi-Govt/ITI/Pvt Company/Society/Deemed University/Pvt University)2. (a) Complete Postal Address :(b) Course Coordinator :(c) Telephone/Fax/e-mail :(d) Website :3. Location <strong>of</strong> Establishment (A sketch has to be attached).(include distance from nearest Military Establishment)4. Whether Establishment is registered as Society/Trust/Organisation/TrainingInstitute with any Government Body. Attach the following documents :-(a) Photocopy <strong>of</strong> Valid Registration Certificate :(b) Photocopy <strong>of</strong> relevant pages <strong>of</strong> Constitution/By Lawsshowing Providing Training as Objective/Aim <strong>of</strong> the Organisation(c) List <strong>of</strong> Proprietor(s)/Owner(s) alongwithpro<strong>of</strong>s with complete postal address and telephone numbers.(d) List <strong>of</strong> Trustees where applicable5. Financial : Attach the following documents :-(a)(b)(c)(d)Photocopy <strong>of</strong> PAN/TAN as applicablePhotocopy <strong>of</strong> Service Tax Registration.Photocopy <strong>of</strong> Income Tax Return for last three years for Proprietors/Institute as applicable.Copy <strong>of</strong> audited Statement <strong>of</strong> Account for last three years6. Accreditation/Affiliation/Recognition : Does the Establishment/Institute have anyaccreditation/ affiliation/ recognition for the course(s) being run by it? If "YES"attach photocopies <strong>of</strong> documents to support the claim.Seal <strong>of</strong> InstituteDated :Signature and stamp <strong>of</strong> Owner/ Proprietor/Any Authorised Person <strong>of</strong> the Trg Institute

PART-II : INFRASTRUCTURE AND MANPOWERInfrastructure1. Building (To be duly supported by sketch and photographs) :(a) Total Area -(b) Class Rooms- Number, Capacity and Area(c) Laboratories - Number, Capacity and Area (If applicable)(d) Other Amenities - Back up power, Reception, Library and Toilets etc.2. Equipment: Details <strong>of</strong> the equipment available should be relevant to the course.Sl.No. Equipment Configuration/Model Quantity Remarks3. <strong>General</strong> ::(a) Is the Institute located in/is a part <strong>of</strong> residence? Yes/No.(b) Is a proper display board giving name <strong>of</strong> Institute displayed prominently? Yes/NoFaculty4. Principal/Director :(a) Name :(b) Qualification :(c) Experience :5. Programme Director / Coordinator :(a) Name :(b) Qualification :(c) Contact No. & e-mail id :PART-IIIDETAILS OF PREVIOUS <strong>DGR</strong> COURSES CONDUCTED (IF ANY)Sl.No. Year Course No. Course NameNo. <strong>of</strong>ParticipantsPlacement Details,if any.Seal <strong>of</strong> InstituteDated :Signature and stamp <strong>of</strong> Owner/ Proprietor/Any Authorised Person <strong>of</strong> the Trg Institute

PART-IVPROPOSED COURSES FROM <strong>DGR</strong> LIST/ NEW COURSES(Separate Sheet for each Course)1. Nomenclature <strong>of</strong> the Course:2. Course duration:Duration : Days/Weeks :(a) Theory Classes :(b) Practicals/Visits :(c) Syllabus :3. Certificate to be awarded by:(Please give the name <strong>of</strong> Institution/Organisation which will award the Certificate.Whether it is recognized or accredited. If yes, by whom ?)4. Number <strong>of</strong> Courses proposed with strength : Min ______ Max ______5. Course Fee per participant (Inclusive <strong>of</strong> service tax)* :6. Detailed Syllabus <strong>of</strong> the Course :7. Placement record (if any) :8. Instructional Staff/Faculty (For proposed course) :NameDesignation Qualification Experience Status(Full/PartTime)Period <strong>of</strong>service in theEstablishmentIn case there is a change in faculty, it is to be intimated to Director (Training) <strong>DGR</strong> via e-mail within a week.Any fee decided by <strong>DGR</strong> not below Rs.__________ for above course shall beacceptable to my Institute.Seal <strong>of</strong> InstituteDated :Signature and stamp <strong>of</strong> Owner/ Proprietor/Any Authorised Person <strong>of</strong> the Trg Institute

PART - IVUNDERTAKING BY PROPRIETOR/ DIECTOR(applicable to all retired <strong>of</strong>ficers, JCOs/OR and equivalents)1. I___________________________________________________ or any <strong>of</strong> otherproprietors/partners/directors/employees/faculty including honorary/ ex-<strong>of</strong>ficioemployees/board members <strong>of</strong> the trust/society under whose aegis this institute isaffiliated, have not availed any resettlement benefit from <strong>DGR</strong> including employment/security agency/ CNG Station/ Coal Transport or running any self-employment venturesby <strong>DGR</strong>.2. I am fully aware that if my Institute gets selected for the training year 2013-14 forconduct <strong>of</strong> resettlement courses, I will forego all my rights <strong>of</strong> availing any other benefitfrom <strong>DGR</strong>.Stamp <strong>of</strong> the InstituteSignature <strong>of</strong> Director/OwnerSECTION - III1. Interested Institutes/Organizations can forward proposals as per the format available on<strong>DGR</strong> website www.dgrindia.com. Interested Institutes/Organisations may obtain furtherinformation at the address given below from 1000 hrs to 1700 hrs on any working day fromMonday to Friday or log on to the website / contact <strong>DGR</strong> at 011-26192358/26192366Training <strong>Directorate</strong><strong>Directorate</strong> <strong>General</strong> <strong>Resettlement</strong>West Block-IV,R K Puram,New Delhi-110 0662. Expression <strong>of</strong> Interest in separate folders for each type <strong>of</strong> course as applied for must bedelivered to the addressee above not later than 28 Sep 12.3. Institutes/Organisations having more than one training centre across the country cansubmit combined EOIs for various training centres. Details <strong>of</strong> all such training centres alongwiththe infrastructure details and teaching faculty should be mentioned in the Expression <strong>of</strong> Interest.4. The Expression <strong>of</strong> Interest are invited for the courses listed on <strong>DGR</strong> website as per theduration mentioned against each. <strong>DGR</strong>-MoD, Government <strong>of</strong> India reserves the right to addnew courses or to accept or reject any EOI and/or to annul the selection process and rejectExpression <strong>of</strong> Interest at any time without assigning any reason or incurring any liability to theapplicants.5. Interested Orgnisations may also submit proposals for additional courses which cangenerate employment, alongwith their duration and syllabus. The same will be considered ontheir merit.6. Institutes / Organisations which can guarantee employment after the course will be givenpreference. Such details should be mentioned in the proposal in Section II, Part IV, Para 9.

Same will be discussed and an agreement accordingly prepared prior to allocation <strong>of</strong> suchpreference.7. Institutions having arrangements for certification under Skill Development Initiative (SDI)Scheme by Ministry <strong>of</strong> Labour & Employment would be given preference. The cost <strong>of</strong>certification should be included in the proposed course fee and also indicated separately.8. All courses must be run as a single batch for all participants with a minimum <strong>of</strong> 5 hours<strong>of</strong> teaching per day excluding any breaks for 6 days per week.9. Additional subjects/syllabus may be included at the discretion <strong>of</strong> the Organisation.10. Evaluation <strong>of</strong> EOI may lead to shortlisting <strong>of</strong> some Institutes/Organisations for conduct <strong>of</strong><strong>Resettlement</strong> Training Courses. Incomplete EOI/EOI not as per given format are liable to berejected.11. Expression <strong>of</strong> Interest should be signed by the owner/ proprietor or any person to whomsuch authority is delegated by owner/proprietor, in which case such authority letter should befurnished alongwith EOI.12. It shall be binding on shortlisted Institutes for conduct <strong>of</strong> various courses and to intimate<strong>DGR</strong> at least 15 days in advance <strong>of</strong> commencement <strong>of</strong> course should they be incapable to runthe course due to less strength <strong>of</strong> candidates. Failing this, such Institutes would be liable to beblacklisted.DISCLAIMERThe information in this document has been prepared to assist the applicants in preparing thenon binding EOI and it is clarified that :-(i)It does not constitute an invitation to <strong>of</strong>fer or an <strong>of</strong>fer in relation to the transaction.(ii) This document does not constitute any contract or agreement <strong>of</strong> any kindwhatsoever.(iii) <strong>DGR</strong> is not bound to accept any or all the EOIs. <strong>DGR</strong> reserves the right to rejectany or all EOIs without assigning any reasons. No applicant shall have any cause <strong>of</strong>action or claim against <strong>DGR</strong> or its <strong>of</strong>ficers, employees, successors or assignees forrejection <strong>of</strong> their EOI.(iv) Failure to provide information that is essential to evaluate the applicant'squalifications or substantiation <strong>of</strong> the information supplied, shall result in disqualification<strong>of</strong> the applicant.(v) It shall not be assumed that there shall be no deviation or change in any <strong>of</strong> theherein mentioned information. While this document has been prepared in good faith,neither <strong>DGR</strong> nor any <strong>of</strong> their respective <strong>of</strong>ficers or employees make any representationor warranty or shall have any responsibility or liability whatsoever in respect <strong>of</strong> anystatements or omissions here from. Any liability is accordingly expressly disclaimed by<strong>DGR</strong> or any <strong>of</strong> their respective <strong>of</strong>ficers, employees whether negligent or otherwise.(vi) No applicant is required to visit <strong>DGR</strong> in person for submitting documentsor otherwise unless so informed in writing.

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