Law And Public Administration - Universitatea Spiru Haret

Law And Public Administration - Universitatea Spiru Haret

Law And Public Administration - Universitatea Spiru Haret

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At the beginning of each academic year, we have theopportunity to express our satisfaction and joy, in a celebratingcontext, to open a new educational cycle andwelcome to our community a new generation of students,eager to learn and be successful.Their determination and motivation for acquiring theoreticalknowledge and developing the practical abilitiesnecessary in their career is obvious. Therefore, we offerthe students and Master candidates of different educationalbackgrounds highly academic and scientificstudy programmes.To reach the results you naturally aim at, I remind you,if needed, that you are to explore the complex, yet absorbingissue of the legal world, face the specific methodsand demands of the academia, both theorists andpractitioners and channel all your energy to becomeprofessionals in legal and administrative field.Practical work, orientation programmes, career trainingprogrammes and application-based programmes, organisedin line with the European standards, help youidentify the specific features of the work of the magistrates,lawyers, notaries, legal counsellors, legal executors,public officers in local and central public administrationand find employment.Of course, the road to success is not easy. It takes lotsof hours of hard work and resetting the personal andDean’s messagefamily priorities to overcome the difficulties which mayinevitably arise throughout the studies. In that point,we assure you, dear students, of a sincere, constant andprofessional academia – student partnership, enablingyou to reach the desired outcomes. Also, tutoring andthe work of your representatives you will appoint to theFaculty and University management bodies will contributeto a normal academic life, to the observance of yourrights and to constant improvement of student life.I wish you, dear students and Master candidates, a fruitfulacademic year marked by achievements and professionaland personal developments. Lots of luck in yourentire endeavour!Dean,Lecturer Marian ILIE, PhD

Mission and objectives“Spiru Haret” University is a higher education institution, a legalperson of private law and public utility, part of the nationaleducation system, accredited under Act no. 443 / 2002 (OfficialJournal of Romania, Part I, no. 491 of 9 July 2002), operating incompliance with the provisions of the Education Act (no. 1 /2011).The Faculty of Law of “Spiru Haret” University, Bucharest was setup in 1991 for Law Major - subsequently accredited under thesame Act as the University.Implementing the 3-Cycle model (Undergraduate, Master andDoctoral studies) adopted by the European Universities, signatoryof the Bologna Process, we provide the following undergraduateand Master programmes:- Law – 4-year undergraduate studies (240 credits), full-time andpart-time education;- Criminal sciences – 1-year Master’s (60 credits), full-time education;- Public Administration – 3-year undergraduate studies (180credits), full-time education.For the 2012 / 2013 academic year, the accredited / authorisedundergraduate and Master programmes and the number ofavailable seats shall be set under Government Resolution no.707 / 2012 (Official Journal of Romania, Part I, no. 525 of 30 July2012) and Decree of the Ministry of Education, Research, Youthand Sports no. 4945 / 2012 (Official Journal of Romania, Part I,no. 564 of 9 August 2012).The mission of the Faculty is training specialists in the legalfield, professionals on the competitive labour market in all legalareas, including central and local public administration.The research mission covers the development of competencesto conduct legal research and studies by attracting the studentsand Master candidates in the Faculty’s research work within ourown Legal Research Centre and through their participation innational and international scientific events organised by theFaculty. Research is conducted according to the “2007 – 2013Research Strategy of the Faculty of Law and Public AdministrationBucharest”, approved in the Faculty Board meeting of 26March 2007 and to the Annual Research Plan.The managerial team and the academia of the Faculty of Lawand Public Administration Bucharest provide the meeting ofthe following teaching and research objectives:a) Teaching:- providing best training conditions for all full-time and parttimestudents through an efficient and transparent management;- adopting the quality principle in teaching, implementing andmaintaining the performance standards, criteria and indicatorsfor quality assurance in education;- aligning to other national and foreign top universities in pointof curricula and syllabi;- student-centred teaching / learning;- training the students to observe the human fundamentalrights and freedoms, dignity, mutual understanding, toleranceand collaboration;- increased B.Sc. graduate and Master graduate employmentrates in all legal and public administration areas.b) Research:- stimulating the students’ and professors’ creative thinking andskills, resulting in highly scientific legal articles, studies and papers;- improving the work within research institutional structures(student clubs, Legal Research Centre, Centres of Excellenceand the like);- the academia, students and Master candidates engaging in researchwork and signing partnerships with national and foreignuniversities, research institutes and economic - social and legalunits;- recognition of the academic community research performancesat national and international levels within congresses,symposia and in accredited publications / publications with nationaland international indexation;- identifying and providing funding resources for the expansionand permanent improvement of the material resources for advancedresearch.

Legal framework“Spiru Haret” University is a higher education institution, part ofthe national education system, accredited under Act no. 443 /2002 (Official Journal of Romania, Part I, no. 491 of 9 July 2002).The Faculty of Law of “Spiru Haret” University, Bucharest wasset up in 1991 for Law Major. We implement the 3-Cycle Bolognamodel (Undergraduate, Master and Doctoral studies).The following undergraduate and Master programmes wereaccredited / authorised in the 2012 / 2013 academic year:- Law – 4-year undergraduate studies (240 credits), full-timeand part-time education / Accredited;- Criminal sciences – 1-year Master’s (60 credits), full-time education/ Accredited;- Public Administration – 3-year undergraduate studies (180credits), full-time education / authorised for temporary operation(to undergo accreditation).Statutory instruments setting forth the accreditation / authorisationstage: Government Resolution no. 707 / 2012(Official Journal of Romania, Part I, no. 525 of 30 July 2012)and Decree of the Ministry of Education, Research, Youth andSports no. 4945 / 2012 (Official Journal of Romania, Part I, no.564 of 9 August 2012).CurriculaThe curricula are elaborated in line with the ARACIS requirements;they match the ones of the similar higher educationinstitutions at national level and align to those of some topuniversities abroad.The curricula are structured on 2 semesters / academic year,of 14 weeks each. In line with the legal provisions, the finalyear semesters are by 2 to 4 weeks short, depending on themajor, enabling Graduation Thesis documentation, preparationand elaboration.The curricula are structured on compulsory, elective (the studentschoose for a subject from the educational offer) and optional (to beattended separately by the student for additional credits) subjects.Practice is a compulsory component of the curriculum and isconducted in line with the provisions of Act no. 258 / 2007and of Decree of the Minister of Education, Research, Youthand Sports no. 3955 / 2008 (15 days of practice, 90 hours ofactual work). The procedures and documents are elaborated,harmonised and constantly reviewed within the 2010 – 2013strategic project (POSDRU Project/ 90/2.1/S/64178: “Interns– active and integrated students”). The Faculty of Law andPublic Administration hold a significant weight in this project,both in point of the students in the target group and of thecoordinating teaching staff and partners / practice tutors.The subjects are organised as follows:Appendix 3 – Law – full-time (FT) and part-time (PT) studies;Appendix 4 – Public administration – full-time (FT) studies.Blackboarde-Learning PlatformThe Faculty provides the students and Master candidates aninteractive, Internet-based platform (BLACKBOARD e-Learningplatform) by means of which they are informed, in due time, onthe curriculum, subjects, course syntheses, necessary referencesas well as on the ongoing tests, exams, Graduation exams andDissertation schedule. The platform facilitates the students’ permanentaccess to the virtual library and school records.Graduates’ insertionThe graduates/ master candidates insertion on the labour market.According to the applicable legal provisions (C.O.R. - RomanianClassification of Occupations), the graduates from theFaculty of Law and Public Administration Bucharest may fulfilthe following positions after obtaining the Legal sciences/Administrative sciences graduate degree:Annex 1- Legal sciences graduate (Law major)Annex 2- Administrative sciences graduate (Administrativesciences major).Objective admission- nofurther formalitiesThe Faculty of Law and Public Administration Bucharest selectsthe students/ master candidates transparently and rigorously,respecting the chance equality principle, withoutdiscrimination. Admission contest organised annually, fromJuly to September.Advertising the student guide on the university and faculty website- at least 6 months before the beginning of the enrolment period.Public information means: • the TVH2.0 television broadcast; •Opinia Nationala - the weekly USH journal (http:// opinianationala.ro/);• the USH and faculty website (www.spiruharet.ro/ro/admitere/);• national and international media; • street display boards;• flyers; • brochures, • posters placed in public interest areas.According to the National Education Act no. 1/ 2011 and theGeneral Admission Methodology for the undergraduate/ masterstudies (www.spiruharet.ro/ro/admitere/), for the authorised/accredited study programmes presented before; Test 1-candidate interview; Test 2- analysis of the candidate file.

The questionnaire sheet is graded with 4 points and the interviewwith maximum 6 points.The final admission results are displayed on September, 30.The student’s enrolment for the 1st year is made upon his/ herrequest, in maximum 10 days since the date he/ she has beendeclared admitted, if the file is complete, the first tuition feeinstalment has been paid, the registration form and the studycontract have been filled in and signed. The student matriculationin the 1st year of studies is made under the annualstudy contract, containing the student’s and the University’srights and obligations. One copy is issued for the candidate.The study groups - groups of 25-30 students, in conformity tothe legal regulations.The academic year graduation requires a minimum of 30credits, out of 60, for each.The promotion of two academic years during one is allowedonly for the 4-year undergraduate studies (240 credits), if thelegal requirements are fulfilled (the 2nd and 3rd year studiescan be cumulated, provided the average for the previous yearis above 9.50%; the approval is given to maximum 5% of thestudents, considering the highest averages).The transfer of the students between the higher educationinstitutions, faculties and majors takes place according to thelegal provisions, after the end of the academic year.The activity of the students/ master candidates- presented indetail in the annually updated Regulations regarding the professionalactivity of the students/ master candidates, on thewebsite of the university and faculty.The candidatesThe high school graduates holding a Baccalaureate diplomaor its equivalent, the students and graduates of the public orprivate universities, Romanian or foreign citizens; The candidateregistration- the faculty headquarters, from July to September,between 8:00 and 18:00.The admission file must contain: Baccalaureate Diploma (orits equivalent); until the release of the Baccalaureate Diploma,the current class graduates submit certificates attesting theBaccalaureate exam passing, in the original; birth certificate, aphotocopy; marriage certificate (if appropriate), a photocopy;medical certificate, ID card copy, 3 ID-type photos;Facilities• Affordable tuition fees, payable in 3 instalments;• Admission fee exemption for the children of agriculturalworkers, pre-university teachers, retired people.• The issuance of reduced transport permits, in compliancewith the law;• Courses, consultations, synthesis lesions, debates, evaluationtests presented at the own radio and television broadcastsand the “Opinia Nationala” weekly;• Academic lectures edited by the University’s publishinghouse, with a 30% discount;• Free and unlimited access to the Blackboard e-learning platform;• The practicum- partners selected by the faculty;• Non-reimbursable subsidies in the practicum project (430lei/ student) and substantial awards at the essay contest(1800 lei; 950 le; 650 lei);• Certificate of language competence at the end of the undergraduatecycle;• Easy access to the faculty headquarters (Aparatorii Patrieisubway station, RATB);• Accommodation in our own dormitories in Bucharest, veryclose to the Faculty;• Sports centres and facilities for the students’ free time.Material resourcesThe teaching and research activity at the Faculty of Law and PublicAdministration Bucharest takes place at the headquarters in24, Berceni Road, 4th district (“Aparatorii patriei” Subway station).The faculty owns teaching, administrative and individual orassisted training spaces, labs, advertising spaces, and specialunits for the elaboration of the teaching resources, their distributionand management.The teaching spaces (seminar rooms, labs, sports centres etc)used in the undergraduate cycle, fulfil the compulsory requirementsregarding their capacity per student: minimum 1sqm/ seat in the lecture rooms, minimum 1,4 sqm/ seat in theseminar room, minimum 2.5 sqm/ seat in the informatics labs,minimum 1.5 sqm/ seat in the library spaces. The buildingswhere the teaching activities take place have a significantnumber of lecture rooms and labs, which fully satisfy the currentand perspective requirements.The seminar rooms, the practice and labs used by the studentsare equipped with technical learning, evaluation,teaching and communication devices facilitating the activityof the teacher and the perceptivity of each student (computer,video-projector and overhead) and allowing the focusof the teaching activity on the student. By the characteristicscreated (environment, light, equipment) the normal developmentof the teaching activity is ensured. Their characteristicsare also in compliance with the technical, safety and hygieneprovisions in force. The students of the Faculty of Law andPublic Administration have two forensics labs at their disposal,equipped according to the scientific, methodological and

practical requirements of the students.The students benefit from a book collection of over 26.00volumes and periodic publications, electronic support forthe lab and seminar activities, treatises, courses and coursesynthesis in electronic format, as well as a reading room.The bibliography provided in the course description considersfirstly the current book collection in the library and possiblepurchases in the near future. All courses and specialistbooks published by the “Romania de Maine” FoundationPublishing House can be consulted at the Faculty’s library.The new publications in the specialist fields are being purchasedon a regular basis and subscriptions to the specialistreviews in the country and abroad can be made.The faculty also provides the Judicial Research Centre, accessiblefor all students involved in the research projects.There is also an IT Department within Spiru Haret University; itsobjective is the development and good functioning of the ITand information system of the entire institution. The IT Departmentensures the website good functioning and administrationand the administration of the Blackboard e-Learning Platform.In the 2000-2001 academic year, Spiru Haret University openeda modern student complex- the Club of România de MâineFoundation and Spiru Haret University, on 87, Metalurgiei Bld.The University dormitories, where the students from the Facultyof Law and Public Administration are accommodatedare situated in Bucharest, 5-10, Moldovita Alley, and 9-11,Energeticienilor Bld. and function in compliance with the legalprovisions in the Regulations regarding the organisation,administration and functioning of the student dormitories.The University and implicitly the Faculty of Law and PublicAdministration, provides very good conditions for thesports activities within the Sports Complex on 104, BerceniRoad, consisting in a stadium having 10.000 seats capacity,football field, tennis, handball and basketball yards.The students benefit from other rights and facilities such as: thechildren of agricultural labourers, teachers and retired and unemployedpeople are exempt from the admission fee, affordabletuition fees payable in three instalments, course booksprinted at the own publishing house and printing complex,the participation in the teaching, scientific, cultural-artisticand sportive activities organised within the University; the freeaccess to the Blackboard e-learning platform and to all the facilitiesprovided by the information programme; consultationssolicitations and other academic assistance on behalf of theteaching staff; the involvement in the research programmesof the Chairs, the participation in complex research collectives,participation in the scientific sessions of the faculty or in otherscientific events organised by the University.The students of Spiru Haret University may obtain the foreignlanguage certificate during their studies. At the end ofthe undergraduate studies, the linguistic competence Certificateis issued..Student evaluationThe student evaluation process is in compliance with thecourse descriptions and the courses included in the proposedcurricula. The ongoing evaluation procedures involve face toface meetings and are established by the course coordinator.Their percentage in the final evaluation is established by thecourse coordinator, approved by the Department’s Counciland the Faculty Council and appears in the course description.The examination period is clearly specified in the academicyear structure, approved by the University Senate, madepublic to the students and the evaluation itself can onlytake place in the presence of the course coordinators.The student evaluation is based on a Procedure- the Studentevaluation process, approved by the University senate. Thestudent evaluation systems include both ongoing evaluationduring the whole semester (papers, ongoing evaluations, activeparticipations in the seminars) as well as final evaluation(written exams, oral exams, colloquiums, and tests). Therefore,two ongoing evaluations take place, using the Blackboard e-learning platform and case studies, papers and tests. The ongoingevaluation score is considered in the final grade.Requirements for theundergraduate degreeThe studies at the Faculty of Law and public AdministrationBucharest are considered concluded after passing all theexams and the graduation examination organised in accordancewith the provisions of the Education Act no. 1/2011,Act no. 88/1993 regarding the accreditation of the highereducation institutions and the diploma recognition.The graduation examination is organised based on the generalapplicable criteria regarding the conclusion of the highereducation studies established by decree of the Ministerof education. The University Senate decided the graduationexam consists in a test- the Evaluation of the general andspecial knowledge (Test 1) and a second test – the presentationof the undergraduate thesis (Test 2).

Student-centrededucationStudents are identified as partners of the Faculty, membersof the academic community and they enjoy full supportfrom our academia, for their goals achieving.Students are carefully supervised during the educational processand encouraged to participate in the university and researchactivities, as well as in the extra-curricular ones.A considerable interest is aimed at the scientific circles, plus thesocializing and entertainment activities. To this purpose, ourFaculty provides a constant assistance, in terms of improvingthe accommodation conditions, so as to motivate the studentsto be an active presence in the sport competitions.Institutionalcooperation andpartnershipsThe Faculty’s managerial team has concluded protocolsand cooperation agreements with governmental and nongovernmentalinstitutions and associations, to diversify theacademic, social and cultural activities. Some of the mostrepresentative institutions in this list are as follows:- The Institute of Legal Research of the Romanian Academy,Academician Andrei Rădulescu’;- The Minister of Administration and Internal Affairs – NarcoticsControl Department;- The International Association of the Forensic Professionals;For this academic year, partnership agreements will beentered into with prestigious institutions of the Romanianand European education, as the National University ofDefense ‚ Carol I’, the Police Academy ‚ Alexandru Ioan Cuza’,the Military Technical Academy, etc.Public informationofferThe public transparency of data and information in an electronicformat is possible via the internet page of the Facultyof Law and Public Administration of Bucharest, which hasa link on the Spiru Haret University webpage. There is alsoa printed version, materialized in information campaignswithin the University, postings on the notice board.The information of a public interest is grouped into two categories:the information published on a granted basis (theFaculty of Law and Public Administration will make notifications,in compliance with Act 544/2001, regarding the freeaccess to public information) and requested information.The information about the study programmes and diplomasis made available on both the Faculty site and also inthe admission brochure, yearly issued. Details about coursesare made known via the online platform, in the sectionmeant for the public.The main communication channels are the followings: theUniversity website, www.spiruharet.ro, including all informationon education quality and student life in campus,the USH h2.0 TV and radio station with national broadcast,Opinia Nationala weekly journal, handbooks for the bachelorstudies (annually renewed) and the Blackboard e-learningplatform.Similarly, further information is provided to the interestedpeople in fliers, brochures, articles, notices, ads, as well asduring the participation in various events of a scientific andeducational profile: fairs, exhibitions, conferences, etc.Why a student at USH?Why would be a bachelor/master student at Spiru HaretUniversity, the Faculty of Law and Public Administration ofBucharest?- objective admission, with no further administrative requirements- training for over 133 professions in the legal and administrativefield- a valuable teaching body, with wide expertise in the legaland administrative field- numerous facilities for the students (affordable tuition, accommodation,awards, etc.)- membership in outstanding academic community developedunder the Bologna criteria and System of Education.

FACULTY OF LAWAND PUBLIC ADMINISTRATIONBUCHARESTQualifications Codes for theMAJOR in LAW231001 assistant lecturer, 231002 associate professor, 231004lecturer, 231006 professor, 231003 expert for centre of specialisedtraining, 232101 teacher in high school, post secondaryschool, vocational and foremen education, 232201 secondaryschool teacher, 241108 insurance inspector, 241122 liquidator,241219 legal administrator, 241124 bank executor, 241201employment counselor, 242302 employment expert, 241203employment inspector, 241205 trainer, 242305 employmentspecialist, 241207 trainer of trainers, 242403 training organizer/conceptor/consultant,242405 professional competencesevaluator, 241242 insurance field inspector, 241244 insurancespecialist, 241245 insurance sales counselor, 241246 insurancecoordinator inspector, 241250 insurance system specialist,242212 consular agent, 111232 attaché, 241906 consul, 335105customs expert/inspector, 243214 diplomatic courier, 242215foreign relations specialist, 111234 diplomatic secretary,111235 vice-consul, 261918 authorized counselor for industrialproperty, 335106 customs clearance officer, customs debtrecovery officer, customs agent (holder of higher educationdiploma), 243217 director assistant/position manager (holderof higher education diploma), 242219 expert in implementingharmonized legislation in industry and commerce, 214945company manager, 214946 public acquisitions expert, 261920corruption preventing and combating expert, 242213 expertin accessing European structural and cohesion funds, 242214European business adviser, 241306 public sector internal auditor,242101 attorney, 242102 jurisconsult, 242201 prosecutor,261202 judge, 242202 judge and associates, 261203 court attorney,261204 judge inspector, 261205 consultant magistrate,261206 probation officer, 261207 probation inspector, 261901legal executor, 261902 justice inspector, 261903 jurist expert,261904 justice counselor, 261905 justice specialist, 261906notary public, 261909 prison general inspector, 261910 legalharmonization counselor, 261911 legal harmonization expert,261912 legal harmonization analyst, 261913 land registry officer,243202 mediator, 243206 spokesperson, 242201 publicadministration counselor, 242202 public administration expert,242203 public administration field inspector, 242204public administration specialist, 242205 public administrationconsultant, 242208 public administrator, 242209 integrity inspector,242210 field state examinator, 261915 legal sciencesresearcher, 261916 legal sciences researcher assistant, 111201diplomatic counselor, 111202 governmental counselor,111203 legal counselor and consultant, 111204 public institutionscounselor, 111011 minister counselor, 111206 generalconsul, 111236 presidential and governmental con¬sultant,111207 public institution director, 111208 public institutiondeputy director, 111209 cabinet direc¬tor, 111210 public institutiongeneral director, 121909 senior court clerk (court,public prosecutor’s office), 121910 department senior clerk(appeal court, court, public prosecutor’s office), 111212 statechief inspector, 111213 public administration chief inspector,111214 senior court attorney, 111218 prefect, 111110president of the High Court of Cassation and Justice, 111111president of appeal court, 111112 president of Romaniancourt of auditors, 111113 court president, 111115 departmentpresident (High Court of Cassation and Justice, appeal court,courts, and tribunals), 111116 tribunal president, 111118 firstprosecutor, 111119 first prosecutor deputy, 111120 generalprosecutor senior deputy, 111122 general prosecutor, 111123department senior prosecutor, 111124 department seniorprosecutor deputy, 111219 general secretary, 111125 Governmentgeneral secretary, 111126 Parliament secretary, 111302city hall secretary, prefect office, 121912 forensic lab director111220 public administration office manager, 111223 departmentmanager, 111225 public institution department director,111226 sub-prefect, 111128 vicepresident (High Court of Cassationand Justice, appeal court, tribunals and courts), 111229presidential counselor, 111230 parliament counselor, 111228public institution president, 111140 sub-secretary of state,111129 chief inspector of the Legal Inspection associated withthe Plenum of Superior Council of Magistracy, 111130 memberof the Superior Council of Magistracy, 111131 general secretarydeputy of the Superior Council of Magistracy, 111132in¬spector with the Legal Inspection for judges/ prosecutorsassociated with the Superior Council of Magistracy.FACULTY OF LAWAND PUBLIC ADMINISTRATIONBUCHARESTQualifications Codes for theMAJOR in PUBLICADMINISTRATIONProject Manager - 241919, Legal harmonization counselor -242911, Expert in legislative harmonization - 242912, Publicadministration counselor - 247001, Public administration expert- 247002, Public administration field inspector - 247003,Public administration specialist - 247004, Public administrationconsul¬tant - 247005, Regulator - 247006, Developmentagent - 247007, Public administrator - 247008.

Faculty of Law and Public Administration, BucharestŞoseaua Berceni nr. 24, sector 4Phones: 021 334 44 19; 021 334 62 05e-mail: decanat_drept@spiruharet.ro; ushdrept_master@spiruharet.roFUNDAȚIA ROMÂNIA DE MÂINEUNIVERSITATEA SPIRU HARETwww.spiruharet.ro

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