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YOUTH JUSTICE SERVICESWILLIAM E. HAY CENTREA twenty-four bed residential facility, serving maleyouth in secure detention (pre-trial) and securecustody (post-trial sentence), ages 12-18. Referrals arefrom the courts, Probation Services, Police and otheryouth justice facilities.LIVIUS SHERWOOD OBSERVATION &DETENTION CENTREAn eight bed residential facility (co-ed) for courtordereddetention, open custody and place ofsafety ages 12-15. Referrals are from the courts, CAS,Probation, the Police and other youth justice facilities.As part of Sherwood’s residential services, staff offer aplace of safety and security to the youth. Counsellingneeds for the youth while in custody include one-tooneand group counselling, as well as daily living skills.Programs include anger management, Young Men’sWork/Young Women’s Lives, and cognitive-based skills.Case management sessions focusing on education,employment, and counselling are held with the youthto assist in the process of reintegration to society.Advocating for the youth is an integral part of our job,ensuring that the rights of the youth are being met.Some of the youth’s comments from these surveysinclude the following:• This place would be better… I wish I could stay here• It waz cool• I LOVE U• All in all I thought it would be worst. I guess it wasokay. The staff here are pretty nice.• Staff are really nice, I wouldn’t mind another stay atSherwood.• Needs to be more physical activity in the programfighting obesity in youths.From the Youth Satisfaction Surveys at Sherwood and the Hay:The Question% said Yes atSherwood% said Yes at WEHCWere you treated fairly upon your arrival? Yes: 90.7% Yes: 85.71%Were you listened to and treated with respect? 93.02% 57.14%Did you feel safe during your stay? 93.80% 57.14%Overall, are you satisfied with the service during yourstay?77.52% 100.00%Youth Services Bureau of Ottawa - Annual Report 2006 / 2007 23

Highlights for Youth Justice Services’ Partnerships,Programs, and Training• New Anger Management partnership with CAS• New Mental Health Court Worker• Youth Justice Services working together withYouth Employment Services to improve the YoungMen’s Work Program.• New Courage program: a structured, experientialwriting process that motivates and guidesindividuals toward positive lifestyle change• Gender-responsive training for males• Guns and Gangs training• FASD general training and case management• Self-injurious Behavior training• Youth and Mental Health training• Crisis Intervention training for all staffWe are pleased to introduce our 2006-2007Youth Justice Training Teams:Prevention Management of AggressiveBehaviour:Jack Boersma, Mike NoelCPR/First Aid:Claude-Eric LafranceSuicide Intervention and Prevention:Bill Fenn, Barb Menard, Terri Kehoe,Mike McInrue, Michaella RoddMember of the Ministry’s Critical IncidenceResponse Team:Bill Fenn, Terri KehoeMcHugh School Program within the Youth JusticeServices & the Youth Justice Team of TeachersFrankFrankCharleneCharleneKevinKevinThis year is a year of firsts at the Hay.Charlene Hayes and Frank Scanga arefirst timers at the Hay as well as firsttimers with the McHugh EducationProgram. In addition to providingsupport in academic courses, Charleneand Frank have brought some handsonlearning to the kids at the Hay byintroducing small engine repair, drywallinstallation and repair, and painting.Valuable skills acquired in theseprograms will assist with the challengesof community reintegration.Starting in December 2006, the W.E. HayCentre began accepting older youth (16and17 years old). In the classroom theseolder students tend to be more focusedon attaining high school credits, whichhas a positive influence on the youngerstudents. This may be the first timeteachers at the Hay have granted a 4Uhistory credit.The Sherwood McHugh Classroom caters to both maleand female learners ages 12 to 15. The students takeadvantage of the non-intimidating and welcomingeducational wing as a support mechanism to continuetheir academics while not being able to attend theirlocal community school. If a student is enrolled ina community school, he/she is able to completeassignments as they are received from the school. Thiscontinuity helps greatly in the re-integration of thestudent upon discharge.More accurately, however, a greater number of ourstudents this year have come to us without beingregistered in a community school. In addition, manyof these youth typically have yet to earn their firsthigh school credit. It is extremely rewarding, and thiscontinues to be an on-going highlight, when studentsare able to complete their first credits. This is oftena motivational starting point for the youth. With somany stressors in their lives, and school attendancebeing just one of these, school success is incrediblyempowering to our Sherwood youth.24Youth Services Bureau of Ottawa - Annual Report 2006 / 2007

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