history of the san luis valley - San Luis Valley Area Health Education ...


history of the san luis valley - San Luis Valley Area Health Education ...


Welcome to the San Luis Valley!

The San Luis Valley is in Southern Colorado. Our heritage reaches back to

Colorado’s first town, Colorado’s oldest church, rich Spanish tradition, historic

railroads and abundant agriculture. You’ll find authentic historic sites from our early

pioneers, mining booms, cultural traditions and creative spirit. Our many museums,

historic walking tours, cultural driving tours, historic downtowns, many heritage

events and natural wonders bring our history to life.


The San Luis Valley is an extensive alpine valley in the United States of Colorado and New Mexico covering

approximately 8,000 square miles and sitting at an average elevation of 7,500 feet above sea level. The valley

sits atop the Rio Grande Rift and is drained to the south by the Rio Grande River, which rises in the San Juan

Mountains to the west of the valley and flows south into New Mexico.

The San Luis Valley is generally considered to comprise six Colorado counties: Saguache, Alamosa, Rio Grande,

Conejos, Costilla and Mineral. The principal towns are: Alamosa, Monte Vista, Del Norte, South Fork, Creede,

Saguache, Center, Fort Garland, San Luis, Antonito, La Jara, Capulin, Manassa, Sanford, Crestone, Villa Grove,

Hooper, Mosca, San Acacio and a number of smaller locations.

The area was administered as part of the Spanish, later Mexican, province of Nuevo Mexico until the area was

ceded to the United States in 1848 after the Mexican-American war in the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo.

Prior to 1868 the Capote band of Ute Indians lived in the valley. The Utes made a treaty of peace with the

United States in 1849 shortly after the Mexican War. Shortly thereafter settlers from New Mexico established

several small settlements in what is now Colorado and in 1868 the Utes were removed to a reservation in

western Colorado. They continued to play a role in Saguache in the northwestern corner of the valley from the

Los Pinos Agency to the west of Saguache.

Extensive settlement began in the Valley, again primarily by Hispanic farmers and ranchers from New Mexico

in the 1850s after the construction of Fort Massachusetts by the U.S. Army for protection against the Utes,

who previously barred settlers. The history of the post-war U.S. military presence in the Valley is preserved at

Fort Garland and other sites in the Valley, which became part of the Territory of Colorado in 1861. Today, the

Valley has the largest native Hispanic population in Colorado; many families are directly descended from the

original New Mexican settlers.

Alamosa was established in 1878 and quickly became an important rail center. The name, Alamosa, is

Spanish for cottonwood grove. The new little settlement was named for the grove of trees. The city is the commercial

center of the San Luis Valley in south-central Colorado. The railroad had an extensive construction, repair and shipping

facility in Alamosa for many years and headquartered its remaining narrow gauge service here with trackage reaching

many points throughout southwest Colorado and northern New Mexico. Alamosa is now a notable tourist town

with many nearby attractions including the Great Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve.

Alamosa, Colorado Alamosa County Chamber of Commerce 610 State Street (719) 589-3681


Bistro Rialto 719-589-3039

Blue Foxx Continental Grill 719-589-9110

Calvillo’s Mexican Restaurant 719-587-5500

East West Grill 719-589-4600

Hunan Chinese Restaurant 719-589-9002

San Luis Valley Brewing Company 719-587-2337

St. Ives Pub & Eatery 719-589-0711

Barbers and Spas:

Great Clips 719 589-6890

Smart Style Family Hair 719 587-3670

Scissors 719-589-3861

Tangles 719 -589-5903

Beauty & the Beast Salon 719-589-0794


Ski Hi-6 Theatre 719-589-4471

City Library 719-589-6592

ABC Pro Bowl 719-589-1516


Alamosa National Wildlife Refuge 719-589-4021

Great Sand Dunes 719-378-6399

Rio Grande Railroad 719-587-0520

Colorado Gators 719-378-2612

Luther E. Bean Museum 719-587-7151

San Luis Valley Museum 719-587-0667


Wal-Mart Supercenter 719-589-0971

Walgreens 719- 589-3165

Safeway 719- 587-3075

Starbucks 719- 587-3075

City Market 719- 587-2492

Emergency 911

SLV Regional Medical Center 719 589-2511

Alamosa Police Department 719 589-2548

Alamosa Fire Department 719 589-2593

Ambulance Service 719 672-3302

Medical Clinics:

San Luis Valley Medical Clinic 719-589-6000

Alamosa Family Medical Center 719-589-3658

Valley-Wide Health Systems 719-587-9514

Cellular Providers:

Verizon Wireless 719-587-0107

ALLTEL 719-589-0300

Fone.Net 719-589-2964


JCPenney 719- 589-6271

Carlucci’s 719- 589-6449

Maurices 719-589-4231

Dollar Tree 719- 587-3274

Family Dollar 719-589-4503

House of Worship:

Sacred Heart Church 719-589-5829

Alamosa Christian Church 719 589-5526

First United Methodist Church 719-589-2243

St. Thomas Episcopal Church 719-589-6843

Trinity Lutheran Church 719-589-4611

Area Attractions:

Valley Health & Fitness 719-589-3288

Curves 719-589-2037

Alamosa Family Recr. 719-589-2105


Milargros Coffeehouse 719-589-9299

McDonalds 719-589-2228

Adams State Library 719-587-7126

Southern Peaks Pubic Lib. 719-589-6592

SLVAHEC 719-589-4977

East West Grill 719-589-4600

The southern San Luis Valley city of Antonito is rich in culture and history from the Ute Indians

and the Spanish who called the valley home. Antonito was once the "mainline" of the infant

Denver and Rio Grande railroads. Today, Antonito is the main station for the Cumbres & Toltec

Scenic Railroad - the highest and longest narrow-gauge railroad in the North American continent

- an authentic railroad trip to Chama, New Mexico, that brings Colorado history to the present

day. Nearby the town of Conejos boasts the oldest church in Colorado, Our Lady of Guadeloupe

Church. The Rio Grande National Forest offers rolling hills, river canyons, and thick pine and

aspen forests to explore.

Antonito, Colorado Antonito Chamber of Commerce 220 Main Street, P.O. Box 427 (719)376-2277


Dutch Mill 719-376-237

Dos Hermanas 719-376-5589

Chuggers Sports Bar 719-376-5363

Medical Clinics:

Conejos County Medical Clinics 719-376-2308

Crossroads Managed Care 719-376-2664

Guadalupe Health Center 719-376-5246


Conejos Canyon River Ranch 719-376-2464

Conejos Cabins 719-376-2547

Mogote Meadow Cabins 719-376-5774

Narrow Gauge 719-376-5441

Ponderosa Campground 719-376-5857


Hometown Food Market 719-376-2483

Auto Care Center 719-376-2218

Lee’s Texaco Store 719-376-5949

Phils Service 719-376-2218

ROG Inc 719-376-5949

Emergency 911

Ambulance Service 719-376-5921

Conejos County Sheriff 719-376-6778

Town Hall 719-376-2355


Cumbres & Toltec Railroad 719-376-5483

Los Caminos Antiguos 719-379-3500

Our Lady of Guadalupe Church 719-376-5985

Cano’s Castle

Barbers and Spas:

Vincent’s Barber Shop

Hair Studio 719-376-2074

House of Worship:

Our Lady of Guadalupe Church 719-376-5985

United Presbyterian Church 719-376-2469

The Church of Jesus Christ

of Latter Day Saints 719-376-6125


Conejos County Library 719- 376-6778

Chuggers Sports Bar 719-376-5363

Fort Garland was established in 1858 and was designed to protect settlers in the San Luis Valley,

which was the Territory of New Mexico. The fort was named for General John Garland, commander

of the Military District of New Mexico. Colonel Kit Carson and New Mexico volunteers were stationed

here in 1866 and he successfully negotiated a treaty with the Utes in 1867. The Ninth Cavalry was

stationed here between 1876 and 1879. In 1876, these troops were called to the La Plata region to

prevent conflict between the Utes and white prospectors. In 1879, United States military units from

Fort Garland were called upon by Nathan Meeker, the Indian Agent at the White River Agency.

Meeker and others were killed, and family members taken captive by unhappy Utes. The captives

were released and the Utes were moved once again, which reduced the need for a fort. Fort Garland

was abandoned in 1883, but survives now as the Fort Garland Museum.

Blanca & Fort Garland, Colorado


Old West Café 719-379-2448

Del’s Diner 719-379-3357

All-Gon Pizza 719-379-2222

Silver Sage Steakhouse 719-379-3600

San Marcos 719-379-5390

Barbers and Spas:

Dream Styles Hair & Nails 719-379-

Klassy Productions 719-379-3441


Community Center 719-379-3450

Fort Garland/Blanca Library 719-379-3451


Ute Creek Station Coffee House 719-379-3003

Fort Market 719-379-3482

Post Commissary 719-379-3518

El Dorado Store & Liquor 719-379-3443

Red Rock Store 719-379-4612

Emergency 911

Costilla Ambulance 719-379-0190

Blanca Fire Department 719-379-3461

Police Department 719-379-3810

Fire Chief 719-379-3603

City Hall 719-379-3461


Fort Garland Museum 719-379-3512

Pike’s Stockade 719-379-3512

Los Caminos Antiguos 719-379-3500

Trinchera Ranch 719-379-3263

Smith Reservoir


Tumbleweeds Gift Gallery 719-379-4149

House of Worship:

United for Christ Community 719-379-3949

Valley Gospel Ctr. 719-379-3670

Ft. Garland Catholic Church

Blanca Catholic Church


Ft. Garland Lib./Comm. Ctr. 719-379-3450

Lu’s Café 719-379-8646

Ute Creek Station Coffee house719-379-3003

La Jara, Colorado


Wagon Wheel Saloon 719-274-0144

Ann’s Café 719-274-5163

El Vallecito Restaurant 719-274-0707

Essenhaus 719-274-3143

Wild Hog Bar-B-Que 719-274-0868

Barbers and Spas:

Roberts Hair Salon 719-274-3408

Hair Affair Beauty Salon 719-274-5326


Conejos County Library 719-274-5858

Rio Grande National Forest 719-274-8971

Conejos County Arena Com. 719-274-0189

Capulin Volcano 719-274-

La Jara is a town in the central San Luis Valley whose mostly Hispanic

population is descended from pioneers who came into the area in the early

1850's to settle on the Sangre de Cristo and Conejos Land Grants. This is still

primarily a ranching (cattle and sheep) and farming area with most business

activity happening these days in Alamosa, about 15 miles to the northeast.

But once upon a time, La Jara was a thriving little community.


Jack’s Market 719-274-5896

Hometown Food Market 719-274-5453

Winco 719-274-4180

Chiefs Texaco 719-274-5587

Circle K Mill 719-274-0157

Family Dollar Store 719-274-3208

Emergency 911

Ambulance Service 719-274-5121

La Jara Police Depart. 719-274-5886

La Jara Fire Depart. 719-274-5886

Conejos County Hosp. 719-274-5121

Medical Clinics:

Conejos Medical Clinic 719-274-6000

Conejos Medical Clinic Virginia 719-274-6000

La Jara Dental Clinic 719-274-8948

Conejos County Nursing Ser. 719-274-4307

SLV Mental Health Center 719-274-5154


Family Dollar Store 719-274-3208

Mary Kay Cosmetics 719-274-5953

House of Worship:

United Church of La Jara 719-274-5250

Church of Jesus Christ 719-274-4032

Mennonite Church 719-843-5118

St. Joseph’s Parish 719-274-5304

La Jara I Ward Bishop 719-274-0620


Conejos County Library 719-274-5858

Conejos County Library 719-376-5904

The Town of Center sits in the heart of the beautiful San Luis Valley in southern

Colorado. Having once been Ute land then Spanish territory, Center has a rich

Southwestern heritage. Center sits at an elevation of 7,645 feet. The terrain has been

leveled to suit farming needs. There are many beautiful places to visit near Center in

the San Luis Valley including the beautiful Natural Arch; the Ancient Indian Writings in

stone; and, the world-renowned National Monument, the Great Sand Dunes.

Center, Colorado Center Chamber of Commerce P.O. Box 576 (719) 754-3137


Mighty Burger of Center 719-754-2600

Azteca De Oro 719-754-2655

Leonardo’s Restaurante 719-754-3113

Barbers and Spas:

Carl’s Barber & Beauty Shop 719-754-9178

Knock Out Styling 719-754-1999

Beauty Beautique 970-657-2432

Evelyn’s Beauty Shop 719-754-3757

Valley Beauty Salon 719-754-3350

Medical Clinics:

Saguache Cty. Public Health 719-754-2773

SLV Mental Health Ctr 719-754-3927

Haskin Medical Building 719-754-2773

Cesar E. Chavez Family Med. 719-754-2778


Radio Shack 719-754-2387

Aspen Produce 719-754-3466

Mtn. Valley Produce 719-754-2781

Skeff’s Food Center 719-754-2271

Winco Food Store 719-754-2105

Emergency 911

Ambulance Service 719-754-3333

Fire Department 719-754-3333

Non-Emergency 719-754-3141

Police Dispatcher 719-754-2442


Center Park


Lady Kay Boutique 719-754-3772

Family Dollar 719-754-3131

Martha’s Fashion 719-754-0299

House of Worship:

Jehovah’s Witnesses 719-754-2234

The United Methodist Church 719-754-2243

First Baptist Church 719-754-2290

St. Francis Catholic Church 719-754-3964

High Valley Mennonite Ch. 719-754-2424


Center Public Library 719-754-3156

Creede was the last silver boom town in Colorado in the 1800’s. Creede was the last silver boom town

in Colorado in the 1800s. The Creede mines operated continuously from 1890 until 1985, and were served by

the Denver & Rio Grande Railroad. At its peak there were 10,000 people in the area. The original town site of

Creede was located on East Willow Creek just above its junction with West Willow Creek. Below Creede were

Stringtown, Jimtown, and Amethyst. The Willow Creek site was soon renamed Creede after Nicholas C. Creede

who discovered the Holy Moses Mine. Soon the entire town area from East Willow to Amethyst was called


Creede, Colorado Creede-Mineral County Chamber of Commerce 1207 N. Main Street (719) 658-2374


Cascada Bar & Grill 719-658-1033

Café Ole ’ 719-658-2880

Mermaid Café 719-658-1112

The Old Firehouse 719-658-0212

Antler Riverside 719-658-2423

Barbers and Spas:

Cascada Bar & Grill 719-658-1033

Café Ole ’ 719-658-2880

Mermaid Café 719-658-1112

The Old Firehouse 719-658-0212

Antler Riverside 719-658-2423

Medical Clinics:

Creed Family Practice 719-658-0929

Mineral County Health Ctr. 719-658-2416


Kentucky Belle Market 719-658-2240

Tomkins Gift & Gas 719-658-2480

Emergency 911

Ambulance Services 719-658-2211

Fire Department 719-658-2600

City Hall 719-658-2276


Snow County Explorers 719-658-2221

Rio Grande Nordic Club 719-658-2359

4UR Ranch 719-658-2202

Creede Repertory Theatre 719-658-2540

San Juan Snowcat 719-658-0430


Abbey Lane Gallery 719-658-2736

Bristol Yarnworks Studio 719-658-2455

Creede Trading Post 719-658-0625

San Juan Sports 719-658-2359

Rare Things 719-658-2376

House of Worship:

Creede Baptist Church 719-685-0722

Creede Community Church 719-658-2209


Creede Historical Society 719-658-2004

Underground Mining Museum 719-658-0811


Mineral Public Library 719-658-2313

Crestone is a small village at the foot of the western slope of the Sangre de Cristo Range, in the

northern part of the San Luis Valley. Crestone was a small mining town that was officially established

on November 4, 1880 after the discovery of gold in Burnt Gulch, east of the town, in 1879. Mining

and ranching fueled the early economy of the town.

Today the town Crestone , includes the Baca Grande and Moffat, Colorado, is a spiritual and new age

center with several world religions represented; including a Hindu temple, a Zen center, a coed

Carmelite monastery, several Tibetan centers, and miscellaneous new age happenings.

Crestone, Colorado Crestone Moffat Business Association P.O. Box 293 (719) 256-4110


Desert Sage Restaurant 719-256-4402

Matthews 719-256-5020

Global Spirit Designs 719-256-4959

Barbers and Spas:

Shangrilah Stove & Spa LLC 719-256-4768

Joyful Journey Hot Sprgs. Spa 719-256-4328

Medical Clinics:

Moffat Family Health Ctr. 719-256-4598

Tiny Little Crestone Clinic 719-256-5118

Addante Chiropractic, PC 719-539-9493


Crestone General Store 719-256-4516

Natural Heritage Enterprises 719-256-4876

Woodman Janet G 719-256-4230

Crestone Mercantile 719-256-5885

Emergency 911

Fire Department 719-256-4758

Town Hall 719-256-4313

Moffat Volunteer Fire Depart. 719-256-4225


Challenger Golf Club 719-256-4856

Baca Grande Library 719-256-4100

DJ COOL STYLE 719-480-1281


Baca National Wildlife Refuge

North Crestone Campground


Denis Neuhaus Com. Sales 719-256-4110

New Vision Surfwear LLC 719-256-5665

Chameleon Clothes 719-256-4523

House of Worship:

Shumei International Institute 719-256-5284

Haidakhandi Universal Ashram 719-256-4184

Free Spirit Christian Church 719-256-4226


Baca Grande Library 719-256-4100

Shambala Cafe 719-256-4959

Bliss Café 719-256-6400

Painted Sky Café & Bakery 719-256-4202

You will be attracted to the far-off beauty of the Del Norte area just as the first Spanish families, in 1859,

were drawn to this peaceful niche in the shadows of the San Juan Mountains. But long before the Spanish

Conquistadors arrived, Del Norte was first inhabited by the Folsom peoples 10,000 years ago, followed by

the Anasazi, Navajos, Utes and others who came and went. By the mid 1870's, prospectors had found the

nearby San Juan Mountains rich in gold and silver deposits. Many mining claims were registered and the

fury of the mining activities began.

Del Norte, Colorado Del Norte Chamber of Commerce 505 Grande Avenue, Del Norte, CO 81132


Boogie’s Café Restaurant 719-657-2905

Country Family Inn & Rest. 719-657-3581

Organic Peddler 719-657-9042

Tiger Den 719-657-9135

Boogies Restaurant 719-657-3223

Barbers and Spas:

O M’s Barber 719-657-2717

Heavenly Touch Salon 719-657-2755

Wave By Dez 719-657-9485

Beauty Max Salon 719-657-9095

Shear Sensations 719-657-9949

Medical Clinics:

Rio Grande Hospital Clinic 719-657-2418

SLV Mental Health Ctr. 719-657-3316

Pregnancy Resource Ctr. 719-657-0300

Rio Grande Hospital 719-657-2510


Jack’s Market 719-657-3505

Skaff’s Super Market 719-657-3373

La Garita Store 719-754-3755

Convenience Plus 719-657-2118

Stop & Shop 719-657-0405

Emergency 911

Del Norte Ambulance 719-657-3311

Police Department 719-657-2600

Police 719-657-3400

Fire Protection 719-657-3622

Rio Grande Hospital 719-657-2510


Del Norte Public Library 719-657-2633

Wolf Creek Ski Area 970-264-5639

Yoga the Studio 719-657-3210

DN Community Center 719-657-2172


Elk Ridge Gifts & Framing 719-657-2322

Casa de Madera Gifts & Sport 719-657-2336

Golden Antiques 719-657-2850

Haefeli’s Honey/Gifts 719-657-2044

Pine Cone Books 719-657-9116

House of Worship:

New Life Fellowship 719-657-3360

Catholic Church 719-657-3147

Gateway Church 719-657-3681

Cornerstone Comm. 719-657-9107

Pioneer United Church 719-657-3375


Rio Grande Cty. Museum 719-657-2847

Observatory Association 719-657-3637


Del Norte Public Library 719-657-2633

Peace of Art Café 719-657-3223

Manassa is a town in Conejos County. The community was named after the biblical figure Manasseh, elder son of

Joseph and founder of chief tribe of Israel.

Manassa’s most famous figure was heavy weight boxing champion Jack Dempsey, who left the community to make

a life outside the San Luis Valley. He won the heavy weight championship in 1919, after knocking out Jesse Willard,

but lost it to Gene Tunney in 1926. A museum in his honor, dedicated in Manassa in 1966, is housed in the cabin in

which Dempsy was born.

Manassa & Sanford, Colorado


Val’s Place 719-843-5500

Abe’s Place 719-843-9902

Barbers and Spas:

Sudd’Nly Susans’ 719-843-0321

Sabrina’s Salon 719-843-5855

Medical Clinics:

Conejos Medical Clinic 719-274-6000

Conejos Medical Clinic Virginia 719-274-6000

La Jara Dental Clinic 719-274-8948

Conejos County Nursing Ser. 719-274-4307

SLV Mental Health Center 719-274-5154


Sanford County Store 719-274-4141

Manassa Market 719-843-9904

Rocky Mountain Food 719-843-5124

Emergency 911

Ambulance Service 719-274-5121

Manassa Police Depart. 719-843-5207

La Jara Fire Depart. 719-274-5886

Conejos County Hosp. 719-274-5121

Manassa Town Hall 719-843-5207


Colorado Catch 719-274-4058

S&S Camp Ranch 719-843-5172

Jack Dempsey Museum 719-843-5207

Sowards Monument 719-843-0707

Sego Springs State Wildlife


Cordova Turquoise 719-843-5198

Silver Fox Turquoise 719-843-5241

Destiny Pewter 719-843-0202

Miller Inc. 719-274-4045

House of Worship:

Church of Jesus Christ 719-843-5200

Church of Jesus Christ 719-274-5379

St. Joseph’s Parish 719-274-5302


Conejos County Library 719-274-5858

Conejos County Library 719-376-5904

Monte Vista, Colorado Monte Vista Chamber of Commerce 947 1 st Avenue 81144 (719) 852-2731


Alibi’s Sports Bar & Grill 719-852-9300

Baldo’s Mexican Restaurant 719-852-0222

Hunan Chinese Restaurant 719-852-2002

Amici Italian Restaurant 719-852-2219

Johnny B Good’s South 719-852-2344

Barbers and Spas:

Charisma Hair Salon 719-852-4498

Country Curls 719-852-2946

Creative Designs Hair Salon 719-852-0939

The Hair Experience 719-852-3066

Patricia’s Beauty Shoppe 719-852-2888

Barbers and Spas:

Charisma Hair Salon 719-852-4498

Country Curls 719-852-2946

Creative Designs Hair Salon 719-852-0939

The Hair Experience 719-852-3066

Patricia’s Beauty Shoppe 719-852-2888


During the summer of 1881, when the railroad was extended from Alamosa to Del Norte, a watering tank

was established on a siding where Monte Vista now stands. This was known as the Lariat siding, and it

was here that Lillian Fassett opened the first store in what was to become Monte Vista.

In July of 1882 the original town site was platted and called Lariat. On May 1, 1884, the town was

renamed Henry in honor of its promoter, T.C. Henry. The town was renamed Monte Vista (Spanish for

"mountain view") in 1886 when it was incorporated.

Safeway 719-852-5121

Love’s Travel Stop 719-852-5032

Convenience Plus 719-852-0350

Jack’s Market 719-852-3612

Monte Vista Super Foods 719-852-2753

Emergency 911

Ambulance Service 719-852-5111

Fire Department 719-852-5111

Police Department 719-852-5111

Rio Grande Hospital 719-852-8827

Rio Grande Medical Ctr. 719 852-2512

Area Attractions:

Vali Theatre 719-852-2811

Star Drive in 719-852-2613

SLV Super Bowl 719-852-0155


ALCO Discount Store 719-852-0355

Valley Pawn Shop 719-852-2797

Family Dollar 719-852-0917

Alsbaugh Leather 719-852-4532

Medical Clinics:

Rio Grande Medical Ctr. 719-852-2512

Monte Vista Family Practice 719-852-9400

Monte Vista Mental Health 719-852-5186

Monte Vista Medical Clinic 719-852-8827

Monte Vista Eye Care 719-852-3412


SLV National Wildlife Refuge 719-587-6900

Down Town Monte Vista 719-852-0669

Monte Vista Historical Soc. 719-852- 4396

Transportation of the West 719-852-4396

Time House and of Worship: Distance:

Alamosa Seventh Day Adventist 719-852-2097

Valley Church of the Nararene 719-852-5858

Church of Jesus Christ LDS 719-852-3274

Calvary Baptist Church 719-852-5090

St. Josephs Catholic Church 719-852-2673


Carnegie Public Library 719-852-3931

Colorado Canoes 719-852-0159

Monte Vista Golf Course 719-852-4906

MV Athletic Club 719-852-0786

High Valley Motor Sports 719-852-4456


Carnegie Public Library 719-852-3931

Mosca was named for the nearby Mosca Pass, which was named for the Spanish explorer, Luis de

Moscoso de Alvarado. Along with some of Colorado’s oldest towns, Mosca rests in the heart of the San

Luis Valley. Mosca is a simple crossroads along the Los Caminos Antiguos Scenic and Historic Byway,

which winds from Alamosa past the uni

Hooper is a town located in the Alamosa, County.

Mosca & Hooper, Colorado


Great Sand Dune Oasis 719-378-2222

Billy’s 719-378-2677

Barber & Spas:

Mary’s Cut-N-Curl 719-378-2209


Sand Dunes Swimming Pool 719-378-2807

Alligator Farm 719-378-2612

Zapata Falls: Mt. Biking, Trailing


Candy Chrisman 719-378-2047

Miss Deb’s 719-378-3327

Zapata Seed Co 719-754-9048

Mosca Pit Stop 719-378-2346

My Sisters Place 719-378-2098

Emergency 911

Mosca-Hooper Fire Depart. 719-378-2339

Police Dispatcher 719-754-2442

Medical Clinics:

Saguache Cty. Public Health 719-754-2773

Moffat Family Medical Ctr. 719-256-4025


Great Sand Dunes 719-378-6300

San Luis Lakes State Park 719-378-2020

Zapata Falls

UFO Watchtower 719-378-2271


Boogie’s Café Restaurant 719-657-2905

Country Family Inn & Rest. 719-657-3581

Organic Peddler 719-657-9042

Tiger Den 719-657-9135

House of Worship:

United Methodist Church 719-378-2760

SDC Management Co 719-378-2370

Church of the Living God 719-378-2080


Sangre De Cristo Library 719-378-2305

San Luis was officially established on 1851 by Hispanic settlers from Taos,

New Mexico. San Luis is the oldest town in the state of Colorado. The original

village was named after the Catholic Saint. A picturesque little town, it lies at

the mouth of the valley of the Ventero, at the foot of Culebre Peak. San Luis

was part of the Sangre de Cristo Land Grant, originally owned by Carlos Beaubien.

Carlos Beabuien was also one of the original grantees of the Maxwell Grant.

San Luis & San Acacio, Colorado


Ozuna’s Family Restaurant 719-672-0211

Café Rosa Mystica 719-672-3550

Piccadilly Circus Pizza 719-672-0340

T Ana’s Restaurant 719-672-3842

Barbers and Spas:

Medical Clinics:

Valley-Wide Health Systems 719-672-4406

Ernesto Pacheco Dental Clinic 719-672-3502


R & R Supermarket 719-672-3346

Duran’s 719-672-3351

Sonia’s Convenience Store 719-672-4461

Emergency 911

Ambulance Service 719-672-4271

Police Department 719-672-3210

Fire Department 719-672-3302

Costilla Cty. Office Emer. 719-206-0893


San Luis Visitor Center Vfrgtb 719-672-3002

San Luis Cultural Center 719-672-3611

Shrine of the Stations of the Cross

Sanchez Lake


Family Dollar 719-672-0377

Full Circle 719-672-3143

House of Worship:

San Pablo Presbyterian Church 719-672-0105

Sangre De Cristo Catholic 719-672-3685

Church of Jesus Christ LDS 719-672-1042

Jehovah’s Witnesses 719-672-3500


Costilla County Public Lib. 719-672-3309

The town of South Fork is one of Colorado’s newest towns. The Town of South Fork, Colorado is located at the

junction of the famous Rio Grande River and its south fork. Where highway 160 & 149 meet in the center of

town, you will find the beginning of the historic Silver Thread National Scenic Byway, a spectacular route that

follows the winding Rio Grande to its headwaters in the San Juan Mountains. Initially developed as a community

to service lumbering and mining, the town is now the center of a rapidly growing tourist and recreation area.

South Fork , Colorado South Fork Chamber of Commerce 30411 W. Hwy. 160 (719) 873-1639


Hungry Logger 719-873-5504

Chalet Swiss 719-873-1100

The Spruce Lodge 719-873-5605

Rockaway Café 719-873-5581

Shaft Restaurant & Bar 719-873-0102

Barbers and Spas:

Good Beauty Shoppe 719-873-5457


Rio National Forest 719-873-5512

Wolf Creek Angler 719-873-1414

South Fork Angler 1-877-656-3474

Silver Thread Ctr. 719-832-5693


Four Seasons Food Mart 719-873-5474

Cottonwood Cove 719-658-2242

Rainbow Lodge & Grocery 719-873-5545

Big River Music 719-873-2010

Emergency 911

Ambulance 719- 873-5544

Police Department 719-873-1040

Sheriff 719-657-4000

Medical Clinic:

Upper Rio Grande Health Clinic 719-873-5494


Rio Grande Club Golf Course 719-873-1995

Sacred Space Massage 719-850-2189

Rio Grande Club Yoga/Fitness 719-873-1995


Doc’s Outdoor Sports 719-873-5151

8200 Sports Rentals/Sales 719-873-1977

Alpine Bike and Ski 719-873-2495

Colorado Rose Gift Shop 719-873-2495

House of Worship:

Chapel of South Fork 719-873-5753

Community United Methodist 719-873-0242

Emmanuel Chapel 719-873-5411

New Hope Community Chur. 719-873-1202

Church of Christ 719-873-1259


Wild Mountain Café 719-873-2013

Town Fork Comm. Building 719-873-0246

The town of Garbaldi was established by the Denver & Rio Grande Railroad in 1870. The town served as the

southern terminus of the Rio Grande’s narrow-gauge Poncha Pass line from 1870 to 1890. The town was named

for Italian revolutionary Giuseppe Garibaldi. The town’s name was changed to the less political Villa Grove on

January 19, 1872.

Saguache is a Ute Indian name pronounced Sa-watch. It means “Water at the Blue Earth.” It was settled in 1867

by Otto Mears who started his fortune with the first toll road above Poncha Pass. Otto invested in railroads,

mining, the Mack Truck Co. and is credited with the famous "Million Dollar Highway”.

Villa Grove & Saguache, Colorado


Oasis 719-655-2884

Dessert First Kitchen 719-655-0113

Loretta’s Country Kitchen 719-655-2360

Emergency 911

Emergency 719-655-2525

NSCAD 719-655-2206

Sheriff’s Office 719-655-2525

Saguache County Jail 719-655-2838


San Luis Valley Campground 719-655-2444

Ute Theatre 719-655-6300

Saguache County Library 719-655-2551

Valley View Hot Springs 719-256-4315


Saguache Town Market 719-655-2616

Green Earth Inc. 719-655-2655

Always Azul Pottery 719-655-0101

Family Market 719-655-2885

House of Worship:

Pitkin Ave. Baptist Church 719-655-2641


Saguache County Museum 719-655-2557

Saguache Cty House Museum 719-655-2488

Barbers and Spas:

Wigwam Hairstylist 719-655-2567

Country Rose Beauty Parlor 719-655-2506

Medical Clinics:

Saguache County Clinic 719-655-2533

Saguache Clinic 719-655-2531

Moffat Family Health Ctr. 719-256-4025


Saguache County Library 719-655-2551

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