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How the Postal Lending Library worksThe postal library, like all Cerebra’s Services, is free. Members can join by calling the freephonenumber 0800 32 81 159, or via the website at can borrow up to two books at a time for 28 days at a time. We post the books to you and theyare free to return by using the freepost label we include with the books. This can be extended as longas no-one else is waiting for the item.The library is constantly being updated, so feel free to contact us to find out what’s new, or you cancheck online.All book reviews and suggestions for the library are most welcome. If you find a book particularlyuseful, please recommend it to us, so we can add it to our list of titles.If you have any problems or need to contact us for any reason, our details are as follows:-Freephone helpline: 0800 32 81 159Email: SUPPORTCEREBRAFREEPOST SWC 3360CARMARTHENSA31 1ZYIf you have any suggestions to help us improve the way the postal lending service is run, please let usknow.If you have a good book, that may be of interest to other parents, that youhave finished with, why not donate it to our library. We will put a note inside it,saying who has donated it.Last updated: January 20122 Brain Injury, Brain Tumour and Neurology 4Autism and Autistic Spectrum Disorders including ADHD 7Behavioural Matters including Sleep 12Carers and respite care 13Cerebral Palsy 14Child Care and General Health 16Communication Issues including Speech and Language Therapy 17Down Syndrome 18Education, Teaching and Learning including Sensory Integration 20Epilepsy and Seizure Disorders 24Learning Disabilities and Special Needs in general 25Legal and Disability Rights 29Other Specific Conditions 30Personal Care at home including feeding, toilet training and sex education 31Play 33Treatments and Therapies including medication 34Library Reference:L means the book is available for postal lendingAV denotes a resource other than a bookFor a list of our children’s books flip this booklet over.3

Acquired Brain Injury, Brain Tumour and NeurologyL0017 Hemispheric Asymmetry J B Hellige 1993Intelligence Reframed: multiple agencies forL0041the 21st CenturyH Gardner 1999L0045 Human Brain Colouring Book P C Diamond 1985Degeneration Damage and Disorder: biology,L0136brain and behaviourJ Metcalfe 1992L0139 Fetal and Neonatal Brain Injury D K Stevenson 1989L0156 Healing and the Mind Bill Moyer 1993L0192 Brain Injury: tapping the potential within Ian Hunter 1987Cognition in Children: development psychologyL0207 U Goswamia modular course1998L0246 Amazing Brain Facts E Jensen 2000Self Science: the emotional intelligenceL0251curriculumK S McCown 1998L0571 Neuro-psychological Assessment M Lesak 1995L0581 Children’s Minds M Donaldson 1978Descartes Error: emotion reason and theL0858human brainA R Damasio 1994L0871 Brain Mind and Behaviour F Bloom 1985L0906 How The Mind Works S Pinker 1997Inside the Brain: revolutionary discoveries ofL0957how the mind worksR Kotaluk 1997L0961 Meningitis: a guide for families J S Kroll 1997L0986 The Human Brain: a guided tour S Greenfield 1997L0987 The Human Brain Colouring Book P C Diamond 1985Head Injury: The Facts - a guide for familiesL0990 D Gronwall 1990 Recommendedand care-giversreadThe Human Brain: an introduction to itsL0995functional anatomyJ Nolte 1993Your Child’s Growing Mind: a practical guide toL1004 brain development and learning from birth to J Healy 1994adolescenceL1013 Making The Brain Body Connection S Promislow 1998Neurophysiology and Neuropsychology ofL1017Motor DevelopmentK J Connolly 1997L1025 The Learning Brain J Jensen 1995L1029Handle With Care Emotional IntelligenceActivity BookJ M Freeman 19984

Changes In Self Awareness Among StudentsL1549With Brain InjuryM M Sohlberg 1999L1550 The Child’s Brain: injury and development Acquire 1999Living Skills for The Brain Injured Child andL1557AdolescentJ M Buxton 1999L1568 Living With Brain Injury: a guide for families R Senclick 2001L1569 Introducing Mind and Brain A Gellatly 1998L1570 Introducing Consciousness D Papineau 2000Coping With Head Injury: severe head injuryL1595the early stagesHeadwayn/aWorking Together to Prevent Neonatal BrainL1602InjuryN Simpson n/aL1667 Memory Problems After Brain Injury B Wilson 2000L1668 Psychological Effects of Brain Injury A Tyerman 2003L1710 The Brain Injury HandbookJonathanSmallman2005Swimming Through Treacle: a family’s guide toL5988 services for children with acquired brain injury CBITn/ain WalesL5989 Headstrong: all about brain tumoursBrain and Spine2006 RecommendedFoundationreadL6128 Blue Sky Blue Nia Wyn 2007 RecommendedreadL6140 Head Injury: a practical guide Trevor Powell 2004 RecommendedreadL6206 Coping With Life After Stroke Mareeni Raymond 2009 RecommendedreadL6211 Blue Sky July Nia Wyn 2007 RecommendedreadL6274 Head Injury: the facts Audrey Daisley 2009L6299 Encephalitis: a parent’s guideEncephalitisSociety2005L6300 Encephalitis: a parent’s guideEncephalitisSociety2005Visual Impairment In Children Due To DamageL6305To The BrainGordon Dutton 2010See also books on this subject available in the Children’s Books section - flip over for children’s books.Cerebra Publication: available free of charge to members ‘Returning To School: a teachers’ guide forpupils with brain tumours’ phone 0800 32 81 1596 and Autistic Spectrum Disorders including ADHDAV0111 Autism and AspergersRadio 4Documentary2000Asperger’s Syndrome – diagnosis andAV0140support (videos)Tony Attwood 1999L 0670ADHD: a psychological response to an British Psychologicalevolving conceptSociety1996L 0710Overload: attention deficit disorder andthe addictive brainD Miller 1996L 1334Teaching Children with Autism: strategiesfor initiating positive interactions and R L Koegel 1995improving learning opportunitiesL 1350Asperger Syndrome: a guide for parentsTony Attwood 1998 Recommendedand professionalsreadL 1395Siblings of Children with Autism: a guidefor familiesS L Harris 1994L 1452 Tom: a gift in disguise H Rose 1997L 1614Asperger Syndrome, Adolescence andIdentity: looking beyond the labelH Molloy 2004L 1675What Did You Say? What Did You Mean?an illustrated guide to understanding J Welton 2004metaphorsL 1677Home Schooling The Child With AspergerSyndromeL Pyles 2004L 1712Hopes And Dreams: an IEP guide forparents of children with Autism Spectrum Kirby Lenz 2004DisordersL 1718Giggle Time: a programme to developthe communication skills of children with Susan Aud Saunders 2003Autism, Asperger Syndrome and PDDL 5993 From Another Planet: Autism from withinDominique2004 RecommendedDumortierreadL 6006Living Your Best Life With Asperger’sSyndromeK Barber 2006L 6008Glass Half Empty Glass Half Full: howAsperger’s Syndrome has changed my lifeChris Mitchell 2005L 6013Mum Is That A Human Being Or AnAnimal? A book about AutismHilde de Clercq 2006L 6014Autism Spectrum Disorders: the completeguideChantal Sicile-Kira 20037

L 6017L 6020Multicoloured Mayhem: parenting themany shades of adolescents and childrenwith Autism, Asperger Syndrome andADHDMarching To A Different Tune: diary aboutan ADHD boyJacqui Jackson 2004 RecommendedreadJacky Fletcher 1999L 6021Only A Mother Could Love Him: how Ilived and triumphed over ADHDBen Polis 2001L 6027 Autism: facts and strategies for parents Janice E Janzen 1999L 6034Hyperactive Child: ADHD a practical selfhelpguide for parents teachers and health Belinda Barnes 2003professionalsL 6035 Critical New Perspectives On ADHD Gwynedd Lloyd 2006L 6037 Ollie: the true story of a courageous life Stephen Venables 2006L 6044Practical Ideas That Really Work ForKathleen McConnell 2000 RecommendedStudents With Autistic Spectrum DisordersreadL 6045Writing And Developing Social Stories:Caroline Smith 2005 Recommendedpractical interventionsreadL 6053Children And Youth With AspergerSyndromeBrenda Smith Myles 2005L 6061Autistic Spectrum Disorders In TheLynn Plimley 2006 RecommendedSecondary SchoolreadL 6062Supporting Pupils With Autistic SpectrumDisordersLynn Plimley 2006L 6077The Siege: a family’s journey into the worldClara Claiborneof an Autistic child1995L 6084 Hitchhiking Through Asperger Syndrome Lise Pyles 2002 RecommendedreadL 6086Natural Genius: the gifts of AspergerSusan Rubinyi 2007 RecommendedSyndromereadL 6091Power Parenting For Children With ADD/Grad L Flick 1996 RecommendedADHDreadL 6118The Verbal Behavior Approach: how toteach children with Autism and related Mary Lynch Barbera 2007conditionsAV6124 Autism and Me (DVD) Rory Hoy 2007 RecommendedL 6133 Adolescents On The Autism Spectrum Chantal Sicile-Kira 2006 RecommendedreadL 6135 ADHD: an autobiography of survival Richard C Kuendig 2003AV6136 Autism and Me (DVD) Rory Hoy 2007 RecommendedL 6142 Autism Heroes Barbara Firestone 20088 6144L 6149L 6170Asperger Syndrome: what teachers needto knowA Friend Like Henry: the remarkable truestory of an Autistic boy and the dog thatunlocked his worldThe Tipping Points: what professionalsshould recognise as the social impact ofADHDMatt Winter 2003Nuala Gardner 2007 RecommendedreadPhil Anderton 2007L6174 Why Does Chris Do That? Tony Attwood 2006 RecommendedreadL61761001 Great Ideas For Teaching And RaisingEllen Notbolm 2004 RecommendedChildren With Autism Spectrum DisordersreadL6178A Will Of His Own: reflections on parentingKelly Harland 2007 Recommendeda child with AutismreadL6179Animal Assisted Interventions ForMerope Pavlides 2008 RecommendedIndividuals With AutismreadL6180Encouraging Appropriate Behaviour ForChildren On The Autism SpectumShira Richman 2006L6182Special Educational Needs: a guide forparents and carers of children with an Carolyn Waterhouse 2006Autism Spectrum disorderL6183Talking Together About An AutismRachel Pike 2008 RecommendedDiagnosisreadL6186Through The Eyes Of Aliens: a book aboutAutistic peopleJasmine Lee O’Neill 1999L6207Voices From The Spectrum: parents,grandparent, siblings, people with Autism Cindy Ariel 2005 Recommendedreadand professionals share their wisdomL6208L6210Girls Growing Up On The AutismSpectrum: what parents and professionalsshould know about pre-teen and teenageyearsDietary Interventions In Autism SpectrumDisordersShana Nichols 2009 RecommendedreadKenneth J Aitken 2008L6214 Succeeding With Autism: hear my voice Judith H Cohen 2005More Than Words: helping parentsL6215 promote communication and social skills Fern Sussman 1999 Recommendedreadin children with ASDL6219Children and Teenagers With Aspergers ajourney of parenting from birth to teensAnna Van Der Post 2009 RecommendedreadL6221 Autism: a very short introduction Uta Frith 2008 RecommendedreadL6222 Daniel Isn’t Talking Marti Leimbach 20069

L6224Create A Reward Plan For Your Child WithAsperger SyndromeHints and Tips For Helping ChildrenL6226With Autism Spectrum Disorders:useful strategies for home, school andcommunityThe Incredible 5 Point Scale: assistingL6230students with Autism Spectrum Disordersin understanding social interactions andcontrolling their emotional responsesL6233 Helping Children With Autism Learn Bryna Siegel 2003L6238Communication Issues In Autism AndAsperger SyndromeL6248Only A Mother Could Love Him: how Ilived and triumphed over ADHDBen Polis 2001L6255Playing Laughing And Learning WithChildren On The Autism SpectrumL6256Growing Up Severely Autistic: they call meGabrielKate Rankin 2000Developing Talents: careers for individualsL6258 with Asperger Syndrome and high Temple Grandin 2008functioning AutismJohn Smith 2008 RecommendedreadDion E Batts 2008 RecommendedreadKari Dunn Buron 2003 RecommendedreadOlga Bogdashina 2005 RecommendedreadJulia Moor 2008 RecommendedreadL6259 Why Does Chris Do That? Tony Attwood 2006 RecommendedreadL6265Parenting Across The Autism Spectrum:unexpected lessons we have learnedMaureen F Morrell 2006L6266Teaching Conversation to Children WithAutism: scripts and script fadingLynn E McClannahan 2005L6267 Understanding Autism For Dummies Stephen M Shore 2006 RecommendedreadL6275Aspergirls: empowering females withAsperger SyndromeRudy Simone 2010L6279Parenting a Child With AspergerBrenda Boyd 2003 RecommendedSyndrome: 200 tips and strategiesreadL6282 George And Sam Charlotte Moore 2004L6288 Autism Play And Social Interaction Lone Gammeltoft 2007L6289Calm Your Hyperactive Child: coping withSabina Dosani 2008 RecommendedADHD and other behavioural problemsreadL6291Freaks Geeks And Asperger Syndrome: aLuke Jackson 2002 Recommendeduser guide to adolescencereadL6292A User Guide To The GF/CF Diet ForAutism Asperger Syndrome and ADHDLuke Jackson 200210 To Make School Make Sense: aparents guide to helping the child withAsperger SyndromeNo Fighting No Biting No Screaming:how to make behaving positively possiblefor people with Autism and otherdevelopmental disordersAsperger Syndrome In The InclusiveClassroom: advice and strategies forteachersClare Lawrence 2008 RecommendedreadBo Hejlskov Elven 2010Stacey Betts 2007 RecommendedreadL6306 ADHD: a challenging journey Anna Richards 2003L6307Not Stupid: the inspiring true story of onemother’s fight to give her Autistic children Anna Kennedy 2009 Recommendedreadthe quality of life they deserveL6308 Understanding Autism For Dummies Stephen M Shore 2006 RecommendedreadL6309Eating An Artichoke: a mother’sEcho Fling 2000 Recommendedperspective on Asperger SyndromereadAsperger Syndrome: a different mind Simon Baron-CohenAV6310(DVD)(narrator)2006 RecommendedL6311The Complete Guide To AspergerTony Attwood 2007 RecommendedSyndromereadL 6320The Passionate Mind: how people withAutism learnWendy Lawson 2011L 6321Nobody Nowhere: the remarkableautobiography of an Autistic girlDonna Williams 1999L 6329 ADHD Living Without Brakes Martin L Kutscher 2010 RecommendedreadL 6330ADHD Handbook For Families: a guide tocommunicating with professionalsPaul L Wiengartner 1999L 6331Understanding Pathological DemandAvoidance Syndrome in Children: aguide for parents teachers and otherprofessionalsPhil Christie 2012L 6332Playing Laughing and Learning WithChildren On The Autism Spectrum: apractical resource of play ideas for parentsand carersJulia Moor 2008 RecommendedreadFlip over - books on this subject available in the Children’s Books section also books for siblings ofchildren with ASD11

Behavioural Matters including SleepAV0104L0743L1096L1320Coping With Children’s Sleep Problems(cassette tape)Your Child’s Emotional and BehaviouralDevelopmentBiology of Violence: how understanding thebrain behaviour and environment can breakthe vicious circle of aggressionSleep Better: a guide to improving sleep forchildren with special needsRoyal College ofPsychiatristsBrazelton 1992D Niehoff 1999V Mark Durand 1997L1397 Hearing Equals Behaviour G Berord 1993L1532A Practical Guide to Solving PreschoolBehaviour ProblemsA Essa 2003L1608A Practical Guide to Solving PreschoolBehaviour ProblemsA Essa 2003L1610Communication-Based Intervention forProblem BehaviourE G Carr 1997L1611Bringing Up a Challenging Child at Home:when love is not enoughJ Gregory 2000L1664The Good The Bad and The Irritating: apractical approach for parents of children D Mellor 2000who are attention seekingL1676Treating Sleep Disorders: principle andpractice of behaviour sleep medicineM L Perlis 2003L6031Achieving Best Behaviour For Children WithDevelopmental Disabilities: a step by stepworkbook for parents and carersPamela Lewis 2006L6093Children With Emotional and BehaviouralDifficulties and Communication ProblemsMelanie Cross 2005L6105 New Toddler Taming Christopher Green 2001L6107 The New Baby and Toddler Sleep Programme John Pearce 1999L6123 Bully Blocking Evelyn M Field 2007L6171Behavioural Problems In Childhood: the linkto vaccinationViera Scheibner 2000L6188Getting The Buggers To Behave: advice onbehaviourSue Cowley 2001L6192 Cyberbullying Teri Breguet 2007L6193 Restoring Safe School Communities Brenda Morrison 2007L6194 A Community Approach To Bullying Peter Randall 1996L6195Bullies To Buddies: how to turn your enemiesinto friendsIzzy Kalman 2005RecommendedreadRecommendedread12 To Stop Bullying In Your School: a guidefor teachersGeorge Varnava 2002L6241 Helping Your Anxious Child David Lewis 2002The Explosive Child: a new approachL6286 for understanding and parenting easily Ross W Greene 2010frustrated, chronically inflexible childrenL6315Solving Children’s Sleep Problems: a step bystep guide for parentsLyn Quine 1997L 6324MillpondTeach Your Child To Sleep: solving sleepChildren’s Sleepproblems from newborn through childhoodClinic2005Sleep Disturbances in Children andL 6325 Adolescents with Disorders of Development: Gregory Stores 2001its significance and managementRecommendedreadRecommendedreadRecommendedreadCerebra Publication: available free of charge to members ‘Managing Stress For Carers’ by AnnEdworthy - phone 0800 32 81 159Carers and respite careL 0780Doctor’s Dilemma: stress and the role of thecarerJ W Holland 1995L 0993Counselling Parents of Children with CronicIllness or DisabilityH Davis 1993L 1150Parent Difference: uniting the school familyand communityK Barclay 1996L 1392From the Heart: on being the mother of achild with special needsJayne D B Marsh 1995L 1413Uncommon Fathers: reflections on raising achild with a disabilityD J Meyer 1995L 1478Parent to Parent Handbook: connectingfamilies of childrenB Santelli 2001L 1577Keeping In Touch: how to help your childafter separation or divorceYoung Minds 2003L 1586Breaking Point: a report on caring without abreak for children and adults with severe or Mencap 2003profound learning difficultiesL 1588Opening the Doors to Short Term Breaks:how to access and influence provision of Mencap 2003short term breaks in your areaL 1599 Supporting Parents: messages from research D Quinton n/aL 1659 Supporting Parents: messages from research D Quinton n/a13

L 1663Developing Parenting Skills Confidence andSelf-EsteemBarbara Quartley 2001L 6018 Managing Stress For Carers Ann Edworthy 2005L 6043 The Selfish Pig’s Guide to Caring Hugh Marriott 2003L 6078From The Heart: on being the mother of achild with special needsJayne D B Marsh 1994L 6156A Good Life: for you and your relative with adisabilityAl Etmanski 2004L 6257Mothering Special Needs: a different Anna Karinmaternal journeyKingston2007L 6277A Special Mother: getting through the earlydays of a childAnne Ford 2010L 6301 The History Of The Carers’ Movement Tim Cook 2007Cerebra Publication: available free of charge to members ‘Managing Stress For Carers’ by AnnEdworthy - phone 0800 32 81 159Cerebral PalsyAV0059Don’t Give Up – growing up with hemiplegiaHemi-Help(video)1996L 0280Focusing on Cerebral Palsy: reviewing andcommunication needs for servicesJ Parkes 2001AV0128 Scope’s Early Years Unit (CD) Scope n/aAV0131The Challengers And The Land Of Droog: forScopeages 5 to 11 years (booklet and video)n/aL 0760Health Options: complementary therapiesfor cerebral palsy and related conditionsA Vickers 1994L 0820Health Option: complementary therapies forA Vickerscerebral palsy and related conditions1994L 0822Health Option: complementary therapies forA Vickerscerebral palsy and related conditions1994L 0823Health Option: complementary therapies forA Vickerscerebral palsy and related conditions1994L 0870 Stickability Emma Good 1998L 0965 Watch Me, I Can Do It N Cochs 1996L 0978Speech Regulation of Motor Acts As UsedBy Cerebral Palsied ChildrenL Jernqvist 1985L 0979 The Motor Impaired Child M Tingle 1990L 1092Health Option: complementary therapies forA Vickerscerebral palsy and related conditions1994L 1250Handling the Young Child with CerebralPalsy at HomeN R Finnie 1997Recommendedread14 1251Treatment of Cerebral Palsy and MotorDelayS Levitt 1995L 1255 Keys to Parenting a Child with Cerebral Palsy J F Leonard 1997L 1278 My Left Foot Christy Brown 1954L 1340The Cerebral Palsy Handbook: a practicalguide for parents and carersM Stanton 1992L 1346Under the Eye of the Clock: the life story ofChristopherC Nolan 1999L 1437Motor Activity and Movement Disorders:research issues and applicationsP R Sanberg 1996Point Percussion Therapy (PPT): exerciseL 1615 techniques for young children with Cerebral M Yu 2002PalsyL 1638Right From The Start: looking at diagnosisand disclosureA Leonard 1999L 1681 Pym Speaks: memoirs with a mission Pym Goran 2002L 6181Cerebral Palsy: a complete guide tocaregivingFreeman Miller 2006L 6187Cerebral Palsy: a complete guide tocaregivingFreeman Miller 2006Teaching Motor Skills To Children WithL 6227 Cerebral Palsy and Similar Movement Sieglinde Martin 2006DisordersL 6244 Coping When Your Child Has Cerebral Palsy Jill Eckersley 2009L 6261Children With Cerebral Palsy: a parentsguideElaine Geralis 1998L 6263Children With Cerebral Palsy: a manual fortherapists, parents and community workersArchie Hinchcliffe 2007Teaching Motor Skills To Children WithL 6268 Cerebral Palsy and Similar Movement Sieglinde Martin 2006DisordersL 6280 My Perfect Son Has Cerebral Palsy Marie A Kennedy 2001L 6281 Supporting Children With Cerebral PalsyHull LearningServices2004Where There’s A Will There’s A Way: MarilynL 6335 gives us a unique insight into what it is like Marilyn J Earley 2011living with Cerebral PalsyRecommendedreadRecommendedreadRecommendedreadRecommendedreadRecommendedreadRecommendedread15

Child Care and General HealthAV0033Magical Child Magical Adult (cassettetapes)J C Pearce 1994L 0053The Development of the Infant andthe Young Child: normal and abnormalR S Illingworth 1997AV0080Healthy Way: a guide to stayinghealthy for people with disabilities Dept of Health 1998(booklet and cassette tape)L 0214Children and Social Competence:arenas of actionI Hutchby 1998L 0517 Baby Taming P Maple 1978L 0568Child Watching: a parents’ guide tochildren’s body languageS Quillam 1994L 0597 Understanding the Human Body E Dietnicks 1988L 0633 Emotional Intelligence D Goleman 1995L 0830 The Self Esteem Directory Self Esteem Network 1997L 0945Child Health Guide: Royal SocietymedicineR West 1990L 0994Families in Context: emerging trends inB Carpenterfamily support and early intervention1997L 1093If Kids Just Came With InstructionSheetsS V Gold 1977L 1198Working Together to Safeguard National Assembly forChildrenWales2000Child Welfare Policy and Practice:L 1267 issues and lessons emerging from D Iwaniec 2000current researchL 1273Child Welfare Services: developmentsin law, policy, practiceM Hill 1996L 1430From a Welfare State to a WelfareSociety: the changing context of social J J Rodger 2000policy in a postmodern eraL 1609 The Mental Health Handbook T Powell 2000L 1629A Family Health Maze: a parents guide National Family andto health service in England and Wales Parenting Institute2003L 1708 All Change: transition into adult life Robina Mallett 2003L 6049The Child Carer’s Handbook: a guideto everyday needs difficulties and Lorraine Wickham 2006disordersL 6112 Conception Pregnancy and Birth Miriam Stoppard 1993L 6113 The Complete Book Of Parenting Good Housekeeping 199616 6189L 6237Raising Happy Children: what everychild needs their parents to know –from 0 to 7 yearsBeautiful Babies Fabulous FamiliesWonderful WorldJan Parker 1999Belinda Barnes 2009Communication Issues including Speech and Language TherapyAV0135 Makaton Nursery Rhymes (video) Dave Benson Phillips 2001AV0136 Now We’re Talking (video) The Symbol Trust 2003L 0241What Children Can Tell Us: interpretingand evaluatingJ Garbarino 1992L 0881Activities for Speaking and ListeningPart 1: ages 3 to 7H Andersonn/aL 0941Processes in Language Acquisition andDisordersR S Chapman 1992L 1010 Language Play D Crystal 1998L 1210Trouble Talking: a guide for parentsof children with speech and language J Law 1996difficultiesL 1211 Developmental Disorders of Language C Adams 1997L 1212Children with Language Impairments:an introductionM L Donaldson 1995L 1213Articulating with Difficulty: researchvoices in inclusive educationC Clough 1998L 1217Augmentative and AlternativeCommunication: management of D R Beukelman 1998severe communication disordersL 1222 Understanding Hearing Loss K Lyons 1996L 1407Socially Speaking: a pragmatic socialskills programme for primary pupilsA Schroeder 1996L 1412Don’t Leave Us Out: involving disabledchildren and young people with J Morris 1998communication impairmentsL 1482Language Disorders From InfancyThrough Adolescence: assessment and R Paul 1995interventionL 1561Accessing Speech and Language ForYour Child: a guide to the lawAfasic 2002L 1579Making Friends with JoHanna:communication with very special J De Haas 2003peopleL 1674 Working With Dysphagia Lizzy Marks 200117

L 6110Secrets Of The Baby Whisperer: how tocalm connect and communicate with Tracy Hogg 2001your babyL 6161 Learn To Sign With Olli Garry Slack 2006L 6295 Makaton Dictionary Stages 1-9Makaton DevelopmentProjectn/aSee also - books in the Children’s Books SectionDown SyndromeAV0057Heart Problems In Children WithDown’s Syndrome (video)Downs Heart Group n/aL 1299Expecting Adam: a true story of birth,transformation and unconditional loveMartha Beck 1999L 1300Improving Communication of Peoplewith Down SyndromeJ F Miller 1999L 1307 Blessings M Craig 1997L 1333 New Approaches to Down Syndrome B Stratford 1996L 1368Gross Motor Skills in Children withDown Syndrome: a guide for parents P C Winders 1997and professionalsL 1369Gross Motor Skills in Children withDown Syndrome: a guide for parents P C Winders 1997and professionalsL 1370Teaching Reading to Children withDown Syndrome: a guide for parents P L Oelwain 1995and teachersL 1418Count Us In: growing up with DownSyndromeJ Kingsley 1994L 1694Speech and Language DevelopmentFor Individuals With Down SyndromeS Buckley 2000L 5995Bright Beginnings: Down SyndromeResearch FoundationDSRF 2005L 6011Adventures In The Mainstream:coming of age with Down SyndromeGreg Palmer 2005L 6068Continuing Pregnancy With ADown SyndromeDiagnosis of Down Syndrome: aAssociationparents’ guiden/aL 6069People With Down Syndrome: your Down Syndromequestions answeredAssociationn/aL6071 Just Kids Charlotte Pelham 2000L 6072The Genetics of Down Syndrome: aguide for parents and other carersDown SyndromeAssociationn/a18 6073Information For Parents: Down The Down SyndromeSyndromeEducational Trust2005L 6090 Down Syndrome Salvatore Tocci 2000L 6129Gifts: mothers reflect on how childrenwith Down Syndrome enrich their livesKathryn Lynard Soper 2007L 6159 Down Syndrome: the facts Mark Selikowitz 2006L 6164L 6201L 6202AV6203AV6204L 6205Babies With Down Syndrome: a newparents guideDanny’s Challenge: the true story of afather learning to love his sonExpecting Adam: the true story of birthtransition and unconditional loveKids With Down Syndrome: stayinghealthy and making friends (DVD)Down Syndrome: the first 18 months(DVD)Fasten Your Seatbelt: a crash courseon Down Syndrome for brothers andsistersKaren Storey-Gundersen1995Danny Mardell 2005Martha Beck 1999RecommendedreadRecommendedreadRecommendedreadRecommendedreadWill Schermerhorn 2008 RecommendedWill Schermerhorn 2003 RecommendedBrian Skotko 2009L 6220 Down (Syndrome) But Not Out Joyce Sampson 2007L6231L 6232Babies With Down Syndrome: a newparents guideThe Down Syndrome Handbook: apractical guide for parentsKaren Stray Gundersen 1995Richard Newton 2004L 6253 Down Syndrome The Essential Guide Antonia Chitty 2010L 6254L6262L 6270L 6304Fine Motor Skills For Children WithDown SyndromeTeaching Children With DownSyndrome About Their Bodies,Boundaries and SexualityInclusion Against The Odds: thecontinuing education and life of KirsyArrondelleAn Overview Of The Development OfTeenagers With Down Syndrome (11-16 years)See also - books in the Children’s Books SectionMaryanne Bruni 2006Terri Couwenhoven 2007Sharon Rustemier 2003Sue Buckley 2002RecommendedreadRecommendedreadRecommendedreadRecommendedreadRecommendedreadRecommendedreadRecommendedread19

Education, Teaching and Learning including Sensory IntegrationL 0006Building on Children’s Strengths: theexperience of Project SpectrumJie-Qi Chen 1998L 0007Assessing Student Learning: fromgrading to understandingDavid Allen 1998AV0065Sylvan Learning Systems: children’s skilltest grades K-3 (booklet and CD)Virtual Knowledge 1997AV0066Sylvan Learning Systems: children’s skilltest grades 4-6 (booklet and CD)Virtual Knowledge 1997AV0089Sound Moves: making music withchildren who have severe or profound RNIB 1998and multiple learning difficulties (video)AV0107When Learning Is Hard Work (bookletand CDDDAT 2002L 0121Music Moves: music in the education ofA Ockelfordchildren and young1998AV0141The Hidden Curriculum: teaching whatis meaningful (DVD)AAPC 2005L 0173All Join In: a framework for makingmusic with children and young peoplewho are impaired and have learningA Ockelford 1996difficultiesL 0253Building a Caring CooperativeClassroom: integrating social skills J Bellanca 1991through the language curriculumL 0255Twelve Roles of Facilitators for SchoolChangeB R Williams 1997L 0284After 16: whats new? Choices andchallenges for young disabled peopleD Fulford Brown 2001L 0620Smart Moves: why learning is not all inyour headC Hannaford 1995L 0649 Principles of NLP J O’Connor 1996L 0715 Brain Gym: teachers edition P Dennison 1989L 0856Teaching Developmentally DisabledChildrenOl Lovaas 1981L 0859Sensory Integration: theory andpracticeA Fisher 2002L 0889 The Creative Journal for Children L Capacchione 1989L 0892 The Dominance Factor C Hannaford 1997L 0955 How to Talk so Childs Can Learn A E Faber 1995L 1000Changing Children’s Minds:Feurerstein’s revolution in the teachingof intelligenceH Sharron 199420 1007Unicorns Are Real: a right brainedapproach to learningB M Vitale 1982L 1011I Am A Child: using brain gym withchildren who have special needsC K Freeman 1998L 1012 The Learning Gym E Ballinger 1992L 1087 On First Reading F James 1993L 1094Self Science: the emotional intelligencecurriculumK Stone 1996L 1101 Teach Your Child How To Think E De Bono 1992L 1102 How The Mind Works S Parker 1997L 1114 Learned Optimism M E P Seligman 1998L 1129 Learning to Learn Carolyn Oliver 1996L 1133 How To Talk So Kids Can Learn A Faber 1995L 1134Magic Trees Of The Mind: how tonurture your child’s intelligencecreativity and healthy emotions fromM Diamond 1999birth through adolescenceL 1141 Multiple Intelligences And Assessment Bruce Torff 1997L 1145Lets Do It Again: the songs ofEducation Through MusicM H Richards 1985L 1160Rudolf Steiner on Education: acompendiumR Wilkinson 1993L 1162 Brain Gym P E Dennison 1986L 1166 Teach Your Child How to Think E De Bono 1992L 1167 The Multiage Classroom: a collection R Fogarty 1993L 1168Best Practices for the Learner-CenteredClassroomR Fogarty 1993L 1171 Teaching With The Brain In Mind E Jenson 1998L 1173 Brain Compatible Strategies E Jenson 1997L 1174 Structuring a Learner-Centered School L Schrenko 1994L 1178 The Learning Gym E Ballinger 1992L 1186Literacy Solutions: a practical guide toeffective strategies and resourcesJ Poustie 1998L 1193 How To Assess Authentic Learning K Burke 1994L 1197Multiple Assessments for MultipleIntelligencesJ Bellanca 1997L 1201Bright Brain Learning ReadinessStimulators Best For Age 4-8E Jenson 1997L 1204Laughing Classroom: everyone’s guideto teaching with humour playD Loomans 1993L 1205 How the Brain Learns D A Sousa 1995L 1249 Inclusion 101: how to teach all learners A M Bauer 199921

L 1264Disability Voice Towards an EnablingEducationM Leicester 1999L 1277Test Your Child’s Abilities: IQ tests forchildren aged 10-15H Eysenck 1996L 1385Making Music With The Young ChildWith Special NeedsE Streeter 1993L 1386Music Lessons for Children With SpecialT M PerryNeeds1995L 1417Cat = CAT: teach your child to read withM McNeephonicsn/aL 1485 7 Steps To Emotional Intelligence P E Merlevade 2003L 1488Tune Your Brain: using music tomanage your mind body and moodE Miles 1997L 1527How to Teach Your Baby to Read: thegentle revolutionG Doman 1990L 1534Complete Resource Book: an earlychildhood curriculumP Schiller 1998L 1559 Developing Logical Reasoning J G DeGaetano 1999L 1566Parents First: parents and childrenlearning togetherG Burnett 2004L 1578Young Minds in Our Schools: a guidefor teachers and others in schoolsP Wilson 2003L1592 Student Survival Skills Audit R Long 2002L 1616Children With DevelopmentalDisabilities: a training guide for parents S Venkateson 2004and caregiversL 1631Brain Builder: the proven tool for Advanced Brainbuilding brain powerTechniques2003L 1649Think Good Feel Good: a cognitivebehaviour workbookP Stallard 2004L 1661Inclusion Strategies: supportingeffecting inclusion andRNID 2004L 1665Listen To Me: the voices of pupils withemotional and behavioural difficultiesS Wise 2000L 1687Walk In Their Shoes: a day in the schoolE Colelife of an spld student2004Constraints On Coordination: intrinsicL 1711dynamics, behavioural informationand asymmetry in rhythmic bimanualMartine Verheul 2004coordinationL 1714Fine Motor Skills And HandwritingActivities For Young Children: teachingremediation and assessmentJoanne M Landy 199922 5986How It Is: an image vocabulary forchildren about feelings, rights and NSPCC 2002safety, personal care and sexualityAV6007Children Can Learn With Their ShoesOff (booklet and video)B Maines 2006L 6032 Identifying Additional Learning Needs Christine McIntyre 2005L 6033Meeting The Learning Needs Of AllChildren: personalise in the primary Joan Dean 2006schoolL 6040A Teaching Assistant’s Guide To ChildDevelopment And Psychology In The Susan Bentham 2006ClassroomL 6054 Strategies To Promote Inclusive Practice Christina Tilstone 2003L 6063Gifted Children: a guide for parents andKate Distinprofessionals2006L 6064500 Tips For Working With ChildrenWith Special NeedsBetty Vahid 2004L 6101 How The Special Needs Brain Learns David A Sousa 2007L 6120 Math For The Dyscalculic Pupil Tony Attwood 2005L 6121Practical Activities For Children WithDyscalculia: parents’ editionTony Attwood 2003Teaching At Home: a new approachL 6143 to tutoring children with Autism andAsperger SyndromeOlga Holland 2006Learning Early: everything parents needL 6191to encourage and develop their child’slearning skills from birth to six years ofDorothy Einon 1998ageL 6235Building Bridges Through SensoryIntegrationEllen Yack 2003L 6242The Classroom And CommunicationSkills ProgramMegan Ahlers 2008L 6243Music For Children and Young PeopleWith Complex NeedsAdam Ockelford 2008L 6264Different Brains Different Learners:how to reach the hard to reachEric Jensen 2010L 6322Guerrilla Mum: surviving the SpecialEducational Needs jungleEllen Power 2010The Out-Of-Sync Child: recognizingL 6326 and coping with Sensory Processing Carol Stock Kranowitz 2005DisorderRecommendedreadRecommendedreadRecommendedreadRecommendedread23

L 6327L6328Choosing A School For A Child WithSpecial NeedsHome Schooling The Early Years: yourcomplete guide to successfully homeschooling the 3 to 8 year old childRuth Birnbaum 2010Linda Dobson 1999RecommendedreadEpilepsy and Seizure DisordersL 0197 Epilepsy Reference Book J Oxley 1991L 0516 Epilepsy Reference Book J Oxley 1991L 0575 Epilepsy: a holistic approach C Thomas 1993L 0846 Epilepsies of Childhood N O’Donahoe 1994L 0985 Your Child’s Epilepsy: a parents’ guide R Appleton 1997L 1018 A Companion’s Guide To Epilepsy: G Bakern/aepilepsy in childhoodL 1316 Your Child’s Epilepsy: practical easy to F Marshall 1998follow adviceL 1317 Challenge Epilepsy: new antiepileptic H Stefan 1998drugsL 1330 Epilepsy and the Family: a medical P Hoare 1988symposium on new approaches tofamily careL 1415 Handbook of Epilepsy Treatment S Shorvon 2000L 1513 I Survived: how to get a life P Churchill 2000L 1666 A Guide To Epilepsy: what you need to Epilepsy Scotland 2004knowL 1693 Epilepsy and Everyone Epilepsy Action 2003L 1699 Epilepsy Action: info pack BEA 2003L 6334Coping With Epilepsy In Children AndYoung PeopleSee also - books on this subject in the Children’s Book SectionFinancial Advice and Raising FundsSusan Elliott Wright 2009 RecommendedreadL 0109L 1228Running a Local Fundraising Campaign:a guide for absolute beginnersMore Need Than Most: dealing withthe family’s economic and practicalneeds when a child has chronic,life threatening or terminal medicalconditionJ Hilderley 1997M McElhill 199524 1285Running a Local FundraisingCampaign: a guide for small voluntary J Hilderley 1997organisationsAV6150 How To Be In Control (DVD) In Control 2007L 6283A Guide To Receiving Direct PaymentsFrom Your Local CouncilDepartment of Health 2009L 6303Helping Young People With LearningDisabilities To Understand Money: aresource for support workers and youthworkersLearning Disabilities and Special Needs in generalThe Money AdviceService2009L 0029Developmental Disabilities in Infancyand Childhood: the spectrum of A J Capute 1996developmental disabilitiesL 0059Learning Disabilities: contemporaryviewpointsB J Cratty 1996AV0096 We’re The Sibs (video) Markfield Project n/aAV0106Learning Disabilities Strategy: movingfoward to a better future (cassette tape)n/aL 0119Solutions for Specific LearningDifficulties: identification guideJ Poustie 1997AV0142L 0180L 0546L 0577Room To Move: for carers of youngpeople with learning difficulties who areleaving home (booklet and video)Getting It Together: a guide for parentsof babies who have other disabilities aswell as very limited visionTo a Different Drumbeat: a practicalguide to parenting children with specialneedsMovement Activities for Children withLearning DifficultiesJoseph RowntreeFoundation2001M Bull 1992P Clarke 1989B Pointer 1993L 0708 Living Faith P Strode 1996L 0750Don’t Learn to Live With It: how to helpyour brain damaged child to achieveM Bakern/aL 0767Something’s Not Right: one family’sstruggle with learning difficultiesN Lelewer 1994L 0768Disabled Children and DevelopingCountriesP Zinkinm 1995L 0970 Introduction to Disability M A McColl 1998L 1118 Smooth Ride Guides United Kingdom July Ramsey 200025

L 1147Seen and Heard: involving disabledchildren in research and development L Ward 1997projectsL 1191Solutions for Specific LearningDifficulties: identification guideJ Poustie 1997L 1214Empowerment in Everyone Life: learningdisabilityP Romcharon 1997L 1229Disability the Family and Society:listening to mothersJ Read 2000L 1231Beyond Disability: towards and enablingsocietyG Hales 1996L 1235Learning Disabilities A to Z: a parentscomplete guide to learning disabilities C Smith 1997from preschool to adulthoodL 1236Listen to Me: communicating the needsof people with profound and multiply P Fitton 1994disabilitiesL 1237Children with Special Needs: a guide forparents and carersR Woolfson 1991L 1239Your Child Has a Disability: a completesource book of daily and medical careM Batshaw 1991L 1240 The Child with a Disability D Hall 1996L 1252Families Speak Out: internationalperspectives on families experiences of H Mittler 1995disabilitiesL 1258Disability the Family and Society:listening to mothersJ Read 2000L 1266Movement Activities for Children withLearning DifficultiesB Pointer 1993L 1268 Growing Up with Disability C Robinson 1998L 1274 My Life is Worth Living C M Creasey 1993L 1275 Growth and Risk in Infancy S Briggs 1997L 1353Disabled Children: challenging socialexclusionO Stevenson 1998L 1354The Child With Special Needs:encouraging intellectual and emotional S I Greenspan 1998growthL 1475Children With Special Needs: RudolfSteiner’s ideas in practiceM Luxford 1994L 1612Guide to Mental Health for Familiesand Carers of People with IntellectualDisabilitiesG Holt 200426 1640L 1673L 1717L 5994L 5998L 6024L 6055L 6070L 6075L 6097L 6100L 6104L 6145L 6151All Together Bett: a guide for familiesof a disabled child with complex healthcare needsEarly Support For Children WithComplex Needs: team approach aroundthe child and multi-agency keyworkerHappy Ever Afters: a storybook guide toteaching children about disabilityHidden Tears and Happy Smiles: livingwith Andrew and other special childrenRoad To Independence: independenceskills training for special needs childrenThe Essential A-Z Guide To SpecialNeedsSpecial Needs And Early Years: apractitioners guideAdapted Physical Activity Recreationand SportMeeting Special Needs In The EarlyYears: directions in policy and practiceSpecial Stories For Disability Awareness:stories and activities for teachers,parents and professionalsSpecial Educational Needs: a guide toBritish expertiseChanged By A Child: companion notesfor parents of a child with a disabilityDisorganised Children: a guide forparents and professionalsKeys To Citizenship: a guide to gettinggood support for people with learningdisabilitiesD Watson 2004P Limbrick 2004Kathy Saunders 2000Rachel Cooper 2001Brenda Batts 2004Hannah Mortimer 2004Kate Wall 2006Claudine Sherrill 2004Sheila Wolfendale 1997Mal Leicester 2007 RecommendedreadMencap 2006Barbara Gill 1997Samuel M Stein 2006Simon Duffy 2003L 6152 I Dont Want To Miss A Thing Julia Fitzpatrick 2006L 6167Special Educational Needs: a parents’Antonia Chitty 2008 RecommendedguidereadL 6169Miles From The Sideline: a mothersjourney with her special needs daughterMaura Weis 2008L 6173Guiding Your Special Needs ThroughThe Transition From School To Adult Mary Korpi 2008 RecommendedreadLife: tools for parentsL 6175Understanding Your Young Child WithPamela Bartram 2007 RecommendedSpecial NeedsreadL 6197After 16 Whats New: choices andchallenges for young disabled peopleFamily Fund 200127

L 6198L 6213L 6229L 6245L 6249When The Bough Breaks: a mothersstorySpecial Educational Needs Inclusion andDiversityUnderstanding ADHD Autism Dyslexiaand DypraxiaChildren With Complex And ContinuingHealth Needs: experiences of children,families and care staffIs That My Child? Exploding myths ofdypraxia, dyslexia, Tourette Syndrome,ADD and ADHDJulia Hollander 2008Norah Frederickson 2009Colin Terrell 2006 RecommendedreadJacqui Hewitt-Taylor 2007 RecommendedreadRobin Pauc 2006L 6251 When Your Child Has A Disability Mark L Batshaw 2001 RecommendedreadL 6252 If Only I’d Known That A Year Ago RADAR 2010 RecommendedreadRescuing Brain Injured Children: alsoknown as brain-damaged, cerebralL 6260 palsied, epileptic, dyslexic, dyspraxic, Keith Pennock 1999learning disabled, Autistic, Down’sSyndrome, Hyperactive, ADHDL 6271The Company of Others: stories ofbelongingSandra Shields 2005L 6276Understanding Your Special NeedsGrandchildClare B Jones 2001L 6278 A Practical Guide To Equal Opportunities Hyacinth Malik 2009 RecommendedreadL 6285You And Your Disabled Child: a practicalMargaret Barrett 2010 Recommendedguide for parentsreadL 6297How To Detech Developmental Delayand What To Do Next: practical Mary Mountstephen 2011interventions for home and schoolL 6314Building a Joyful Life With Your ChildWho Has Special NeedsNancy J Whiteman 2007L 6316Celebrating and Caring For Your BabyWith Special Needs: uplifting tips andadvice to help you through the earlyDiane Craver 2004months of this stressful timeL 6317Laughing Allegra: the inspiring story ofa mother’s struggle and triumph raisinga daughter with learning disabilitiesAnne Ford 200328 6333Raising NLD Superstars: what familieswith nonverbal learning disabilities needto know about nurturing confidentcompetent kidsMarcia BrownRubinstien2005See also – books on this subject in the Children’s Books sectionLegal and Disability RightsL0239Empowering Children and Young PeopleChildrens Rights OfficeTraining Manual1997Children With Special Needs:L 0756 assessment law and practice – caught in J Friel 1997the ActsL0904Disabled People in Britain andDiscriminationC Barnes 1991L1112Mainstreaming Human Rights inWhitehall and WestminsterI Bynoe 1999L1256Voice for Children: speaking out as theirombudsmanM G Flekkay 1991L 1279Children With Special Needs:assessment, law and practice – caught J Friel 1997in the ActsL 1280Children With Special Needs:assessment, law and practice – caught J Friel 1997in the ActsL1282Participation Rights of the Child: rightsand responsibilitiesM G Flekkay 1997L1296 Medicine Patients and the Law M Brazier 1992L1405Medical Negligence: the cranium, spineand nervous systemJ Garfield 1999L1477 Is It Legal? A parents’ guide to the lawNational Family &Parenting Instituten/aL1564Children and Young People: rights to Welsh AssemblyactionGovernment2002L1700 Learning Disabilities Sex and The Law Claire Fanstone 2005L6041Disabled Children and The Law: researchJanet Read 2006 Recommendedand good practicereadL6236Disabled Children and The Law: researchJanet Read 2006 Recommendedand good practicereadL6290 Disabled Children: a legal handbook Steve Broach 2010 RecommendedreadL6302Disability Rights Handbook: 34thEdition. 2009-2010Ian Greaves 2009 Recommendedread29

Other Specific ConditionsAV0129The Mystery Of The Lost Letters: Tintinhelps Dyslexic learners (CD Rom)Dyslexia International 2004L0964 Living with Dypraxia: handy tipsChartered Society ofPhysiotherapyn/aL0967 Dyspraxia: a handbook for therapists M Lee 1992L1001Dyslexia Over A Lifespan: a fifty yearlongitudinal studyM Rawson 1995L1104 Dyspraxia In The Early Years C McIntyre 2000L1124 Fibromyalgia and Muscle Pain L Chaitow 1995L1132 The Gift of Dyslexia D Davies 1994L1216Children with Visual Impairments: aparents guideM C Holbrook 1996L1218Susan’s Story: the actress describes herlifelong battle with wordsSusan Hampshire 1990L1219Susan’s Story: the actress describes herlifelong battle with wordsSusan Hampshire 1990L1220Children with Spina Bifida: a parents’guideM Lutkenhoff 1999L1221Living with Spina Bifida: a guide forfamilies and professionalsA Sandler 1997L1254Children With Visual Impairments: aparents’ guideM C Holbrook 1996L1371Little Edge of Kindness: a boy’s triumphover dyslexiaT Faludy 1996L1434Developmental Dyspraxia: a practicalmanual for parentsM Portwood 1996L1443From Thoughts to Obsession: OCDobsessive compulsive disorderP H Thomsen 1999L1487 Beating Dyslexia: a natural way A R Heath 2000L1567Tourette Syndrome: a practical guidefor teachers, parents and carersA Carroll 2003L1647The Official Patient’s Sourcebook onCerebral AtrophyJ N Parker 2002L6042Dyslexia In The Early Years: a practicalguide to teaching and learningDimitra Hartas 2006Why Do You Do That? A book aboutL6046 Tourette Syndrome for children and Uttom Chowdhury 2006young peopleL6050Touch And Go Joe: an adolescentsexperience of OCDJoe Wells 2006RecommendedreadRecommendedread30 Introduction To Dyslexia For ParentsAnd ProfessionalsAlan M Hultquist 2006L6059 Dyslexia And Alternative Therapies Maria Chivers 2006L6080Your Daughter Has Been DiagnosedWith Rett SyndromeKim Isaac Greenblatt 2005L6081 Understanding Rett Syndrome Barbro Lindberg 2006L6099Babies And Children With Prader-WilliSyndromePWS 2001L6114Facing The Challenges: a guideCornelia DeLangeto people with Cornelia DeLangeFoundationSyndrome2007AV6126An Introduction To AngelmanSyndrome (DVD)ASSERT 2007 RecommendedAV6127An Introduction To AngelmanSyndrome (DVD)ASSERT 2007 RecommendedL6132 Tic and Tourette Syndrome Uttom Chowdhury 2004RecommendedreadL6148The Official Parents Source book onAngelman SyndromeJames N Parker 2004L6247 Dyspraxia The Hidden Handicap Amanda Kirby 1999AV6269Seize The Day: Tanni Grey-Thompsonmy autobiography (cassette tapes)Tanni Grey-Thompson 2001L6272Cri Du Chat Syndrome: handbook forparent and professionalsKim Cornish 2003L6287Out Came The Sun (about PartialTrisomy 13)Judith Scott 2008AV6318John’s Not Mad: the ground-breakingQED documentary on the life ofJohn Davidson and his struggle withTourette’s syndromeJohn Davidson 2002L 6319Beating Dyspraxia with a Hop Skip anda Jump: a simple exercise program forhome and schoolSee also – books in the Children’s Book SectionGeoff Platt 2011Personal Care at home including feeding, toilet training and sex educationL0191Paediatric Swallowing and Feeding:assessment and managementJ C Arvedson 1993L0736 Eat It Up D Haslam 1985L0790 So Your Child Has Diabetes B Estridge 1992L1050 Childhood Soiling: a guide for parents ERIC 1998Recommendedread31

L1244Developing Personal Safety Skills inChildren with DisabilitiesF Briggs 1995L1312Special Diets For Special Kids:understanding and implementing agluten and casein free diet to aid in Lisa Lewis 1998the treatment of Autism and relateddevelopmental disordersL1375 Diabetes at Your Fingertips P Sonksen 1999L1458Sexuality: your sons and daughters withintellectual disabilityK M Schwier 2000L1490We Can Do It: helping children whohave learning disabilities with boweland bladder management a guide forERICn/aparentsL1493We Can Do It: helping children whohave learning disabilities with boweland bladder management a guide forERICn/aparentsL1494We Can Do It: helping children whohave learning disabilities with boweland bladder management a guide forERICn/aparentsL1589Bowel and Bladder Management inChildren with Special Physical NeedsERICn/aL1701Talking Together: about sex andrelationshipsLesley Kerr-Edwards 2003L1702 Talking Together About Growing Up Lorna Scott 1999L6038The AiA Gluten and Dairy FreeCookbookMarilyn Le Breton 2002L6067 Talk About Going To The Toilet June Rogers 2000L6108Optimum Nutrition For Babies AndYoung ChildrenLucy Burney 1999L6109 What Should I Feed My Baby? Suzannah Oliver 1998L6184Growing Up Sex And Relationships: abooklet to support parents of young Contact A Family n/adisabled peopleL6185Growing Up Sex And Relationships: abooklet for young disabled peopleContact A Family n/aL6284Ready Set Potty: toilet training forchildren with autism and otherdevelopmental disordersBrenda Batts 2010Ready Set Potty: toilet training forL6312 children with autism and otherBrenda Batts 2010developmental disordersRecommendedreadRecommendedread32 6323Toilet Training For Individuals WithAutism Or Other Developmental IssuesTaking Care Of Myself: a healthy hygienepuberty and personal curriculum foryoung people with AutismMaria Wheeler 2007Mary Wrobel 2003RecommendedreadPlayAV0127All Join In: we all like to play we can alljoin in (video)NSPCC 2004L0885 Spontaneous Play in Early Childhood M Sheridan 1977L0932Celebrating Play: a collection of new andold ideas for having fun at homePlay For Life 1997L1152Montessori Play and Learn: a parents’guide to purposeful play from two to sixL Britton 1992L1243Toy Workshop: toys you can makeyourself for handicapped and nonhandicappedE Bartsch 1992childrenL1246 The Accessible Games Book K Marl 1996L1248L1707L6039L6052L6102L6190Small Steps Forward: using games andactivities to help your pre-school childwith special needsPick And Mix: a selection of inclusivegames and activities101 Hand Puppets: a beginner’s guide topuppeteeringSmall Steps Forward: using games andactivities to help your pre-school childwith special needsSmall Steps Forward: using games andactivities to help your pre-school childwith special needsSelf-esteem Games: 300 fun activitiesthat make children feel good aboutthemselvesSarah Newman 1999 RecommendedreadDi Murray 2004Richard Cummings 2002Sarah Newman 1999 RecommendedreadSarah Newman 1999 RecommendedreadBarbara Sher 1998L6250 Fun With Messy Play Tracey Beckerleg 200933

Treatments and Therapies including medicationAV0017 Baby Massage With Peter Walker (video) Peter Walker 1993L0137 Alternative Medicine: the definite guideThe Burton GoldbergGroup1995L0260 The Complete Book of Massage C Maxwell-Hudson 1988L0261The Massage Manual: step by stepF Harroldtechniques for a complete body treatment1992L0263 Massage for Healthier Children M Sinclair 1992L0266Infant Massage: a handbook for lovingparentsV S McClure 1989L0554 Baby Massage Peter Walker 1995L0658 Modern Neuromuscular Techniques L Chaitow 1996L0667 Reflexology for Children K Kunz 1996L0785Aromatherapy and Massage for Peoplewith Learning DifficultiesH Sanderson 1991L0795 The Movement Book K Thompson 1996L0819 Stretching Without Pain W P Blakey 1994L0849 A Guide to Osteopathy S Sandler 1989L0903 Mutual Respect: therapeutic approaches D Brandon 1989L0971Creative Therapy: activities with childrenand adolescentsA Hobday 1998L1015Dina A Mother Practices ConductiveEducationK Akos 1991L1037 Creature Comforts: animals that heal B Graham 1999L1047Radical Healing: mind body medicine atits most practical and transformativeR Ballentine 1999L1056 The Elements of Tai Chi P Crampton 1990L1115 Virtual Medicine K Scott-Mumby 1999L1121Aromatherapy Massage With EssentialOilsC Wildwood 1991L1123 Massage For Healthier Children M Sinclair 1992L1241 Introduction to Therapeutic Play J Carroll 1998L1247Yoga for the Special Child: a therapeuticapproach for infants and childrenS Sumar 1998L1253Reflexology Manual: a photographic stepby step guideP Wills 1995L1259Therapy in Music for HandicappedChildrenP Nordoff 1992L1376 Hydrotherapy: principles and practice M R Campion 2000 Recommendedread34 see our catalogue of children’sbooks flip this booklet over35

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C0119 The Human Body and How It Works Kingfisher Books Non-fictionLiving With a Brother or Sister With Special Needs – aC0133Donald Meyer Non-fictionbook for sibsAll About Brain Tumours – I really wish we could findC0137Headstrong Non-fictionout what having a brain tumour is going to be likeManaging Anger a Story and Activity BasedC0139Fiona Angwin Non-fictionApproach with Punch and the PawnC0140 Special Brothers and Sisters Annette Hames Non-fictionDo You Understand Me? My life, my thoughts, my Sofie Koborg-C0141Non-fictionAutism Spectrum disorderBrosenIt’s Raining Cats And Dogs: looking into the minds ofC0146Michael Barton Non-fictionpeople on the autism spectrumC0147 All cats Have Asperger Syndrome Kathy Hoopman Non-fictionC0145 Living With Epilepsy Patsy Westcott Non-fictionC0149 A Book About What Autism Can Be Like Sue Adams Non-fictionC0151 Don’t Behave Like You Live In A Cave Elizabeth Verdick Non-fictionC0153 Personal Hygiene? What’s that got to do with me? Pat Crissey Non-fictionBooks for Older Readers (13 +)The Curious Incident Of The Dog In The Night-time –Prize winningC0043Mark Haddonthe story of a boy with AspergersFictionSiblings – stories of everyday life with children whoC0067Kate Strohm Non-fictionare differentBeing The Other One – growing up with a brother orC0068Kate Strohm Non-fictionsister who has special needsHow To Be Yourself in a World That’s Different: anC0084Yuko Yoshida Non-fictionAsperger Syndrome study guide for adolescentsProbably Still Nick Swansen – the story of a teenageC0089Virginia Euwer Wolff Fictionboy in special educationThe Sibling Slam Book – what it’s really like to have aC0107Don Meyer Non-fictionbrother or sister with special needsC0117 The Girls’ Guide To ADHD Beth Walker Non-fictionC0132 Haze – the story of a teenage boy with Aspergers Kathy Hoopmann FictionI’m a Teenager Get Me Out of Here: a survival guideC0135Carolyn Brock Non-fictionfor teenage siblings of young people with AutismWhat’s Up With Rachel? Medikidz explain brainC0142Kim chilman-Blair FictiontumoursC0143 No Limits: transition information pack Shaftesbury Society Non-fictionHow To Be Yourself In a World That’s Different: anC0148Yuko Yoshida Non-fictionAsperger Syndrome study guide for adolescents6

Books for Eager Readers (8 – 12)C0001 I Have Epilepsy Brenda. Pettenuzzo Non-fictionC0017 Zink – a girls way of coping with leukemia Cherie. Bennett FictionC0055 Understanding Your Brain - an Usbourne book Rebecca. Treays Non-fictionJumpin’ Johnny Get Back To Work – a child’s guide toC0061Michael. Gordon FictionADHD and hyperactivityPutting On The Brakes – young people’s guide toC0062Patricia. Quinn Non-fictionunderstanding ADHDC0065 Different Like Me: A book of autism heroes Jennifer Elder Non-fictionC0069 Joey Pigza Swallowed The Key – a boy with ADHD Jack Gantos FictionC0070 Joey Pigza Loses Control – a boy with ADHD Jack Gantos FictionC0071 What Would Joey Do? – a boy with ADHD Jack Gantos FictionC0073 The Mum Trap Ruth Symes FictionStuck In Neutral – the story of a boy with CerebralC0074Terry Trueman FictionPalsyMy Social Stories Book – how to use social stories forC0075Carol Gray Non-fictionkids on the autism spectrumThe Man Who Loved Clowns – the story of a girl andC0079June Rae Wood Fictionher uncle with Down SyndromeSixth Grade Can Really Kill You... but only if you let itC0080Barthe DeClements Fiction– a story about Bad HelenAnd Don’t Bring Jeremy – the story of a boy’s brotherC0081Marilyn Levinson Fictionwith learning difficultiesTurtle on a Fence Post (sequel to The man who lovedC0083June Rae Wood Fictionclowns)Will The Real Gertrude Hollings Please Stand Up? –C0086Sheila Greenwald Fictionthe story of a girl with learning disabilitiesWill The Real Gertrude Hollings Please Stand Up? -C0087Sheila Greenwald Fictionthe story of a girl with learning disabilitiesC0090 I’m Not Naughty – I’m Autistic: Jodi’s journey Jean Shaw Non-fictionC0091 Ten Things Every Child With Autism Wishes You Knew Ellen Notbohm Non-fictionWhistle In The Graveyard – folktales to chill yourC0094Maria Leach FictionbonesJust One Friend – the story of a girl looking for aC0095Lynn Hall FictionfriendC0096 The Crowstarver Dick King-Smith FictionMonkey – the story of a boy who visits a disabledC0097Veronica Bennett FictionpatientC0109 Rain Man –the story of a man with Autism Leonore Fleischer FictionC0110 Forrest Gump Winston Groom FictionC0113 Ferris Fleet The Wheelchair Wizard Anne Dalton Fiction5 After Louis – an introduction to the issue ofAutismVoices In The Park – four different voices tell the storyof a walk in the parkLesley Ely Non-fictionAnthony Browne FictionC0114 All Kinds Of Feelings / Todo tipo de sentimientos Emma BrownjohnNon-ficitonin Englishand SpanishSecrets Aren’t Always For Keeps – should JenniferC0115Barbara Aiello Fictionkeep her learning disability a secretC0116 All Kinds Of Bodies – a lift the flap book Emma Brownjohn Non-fictionC0118 The Lonely Tree Nicholas Halliday FictionC0121 Sam And The Green Velvet Monkey Judith Middleton Fiction4The Adventures of Mr Smith - Mr Smith Invents aC0122Shibani Mohindra Robot (scratch and sniff book)The Adventures of Mr Smith - The Case of TheShibani Mohindra Missing Garlic (scratch and sniff book)The Adventures of Mr Smith – The Search for StinkyShibani Mohindra Pond (scratch and sniff book)The Adventures of Mr Smith - Mr Smith Invents aShibani Mohindra Robot (scratch and sniff book)The Adventures of Mr Smith - The Case of TheShibani Mohindra Missing Garlic (scratch and sniff book)The Adventures of Mr Smith – The Search for StinkyShibani Mohindra Pond (scratch and sniff book)Just Because – the story of the bond between aRebecca Elliott brother and his disabled sisterDon’t Call Me Special – a Exploring Fear With Your andfor parent and story for Exploring Anger With Your Child - andbooklet for parent and story for Do I Have to go to Hospital Pat Thomas Victoria’s Day - de FatimaDown A Hit on The Head and Where it Led Jennifer Cooper Doering-My Friend Has Down SyndromeIan’s Walk: a story about Autism Laurie Lears Have You Seen My Potty? Mij Kelly Charlie & His Catheter Katie & Her Catheter FictionC0123FictionC0124FictionC0125FictionC0126FictionC0127FictionC0128FictionC0129 first look at disability Pat Thomas Non-fictionC0130Child - Non fiction bookletFiction Ilene L Dillonchildnon-fictionC0131Non fictionFiction Ilene L Dillonchildnon-fictionC0134 Non-fictionC0136a day in the life of a little girl with Maria SyndromeCamposNon-fictionC0138 Non-fictionC0144 Amanda TourvilleNon-fictionC0150 FictionC0152 FictionC0154 Coloplast Non-fictionC0155 Coloplast Non-fiction

C0036 Topsy & Tim – Go To The Dentist Jean Adamson Non-fictionC0037 Topsy & Tim – Go To The Doctor Jean Adamson Non-fictionC0038 Topsy & Tim – Go To The Hospital Jean Adamson Non-fictionC0039 My Brother Matthew Mary Thompson Non-fictionAndy And His Yellow Frisbee – a story to introduceC0040Mary Thompson Fictionyoung readers to AutismMy Friend Isabelle – a story about a friend with DownC0041Eliza Woloson Non-fictionSyndromeC0044 All Kinds Of Friends Even Green – picture book Ellen Senisi Non-fictionC0045 Rolling Along With Goldilocks And The Three Bears Cindy Meyers FictionWe’ll Paint The Octopus Red – the story of a baby Stephanie Stuve-C0046Fictionbrother with Down SyndromeBodeenC0051 How Willy Got His Wings – a Wheely Willy story Deborah Turner FictionC0052 Holly Bloom’s Garden Sarah Ashman FictionC0053 Only One Club – a story celebrating individuality Jane Naliboff FictionC0054 Carla’s Sandwich Debbie Herman FictionC0057 Jessica’s X-Ray Pat Zonta Non-fictionSparky’s Excellent Misadventures: my ADD journal byC0058Phyllis Carpenter Fictionme SparkyC0059 Eagle Eyes: a child’s guide to paying attention Jeanne Gehret FictionI Want Your Moo - a story for children about selfesteemC0060Mark Weiner FictionC0077 My Brother Is Different Louise Gorrod Non-fictionA Pea Called Mildred – the story of a pea who daredC0078Margot Sunderland Fictionto be differentC0082 Blue Bottle Mystery: an Asperger adventure Kathy Hoopman FictionC0085 Of Mice And Aliens: an Asperger adventure Kathy Hoopman FictionMy Name Is Brian – Brian may be the class clown, butC0088Jeanne Betancourt Fictionhe is no dummyCan I Tell You About Asperger Syndrome? – a guideC0093Jude Welton Non-fictionfor friends and familyC0099 Dyslexia – talking it through Althea Non-fictionThe Boy Who Could Fly – flying makes Thomas theC0100Sally Gardner Fictionmost popular boy in the school (CD audio book)The Smallest Girl Ever – so tiny she can fit into aC0101Sally Gardner Fictionhandbag (CD audio book)The Strongest Girl in the World – she can lift a carC0102Sally Gardner Fictionwith no trouble at all (CD audio book)C0104 The Day Ravi Smiled Gillian Lobel FictionC0105 Mouse and Elephant Ann Vrombaut Non-fictionCD andC0108 The Animal Boogie Debbie Hartersong book3’S BOOKSBooks for Early Years (under 5)C0019 Friends at School – picture book Rochelle. Bunnett Non-fictionC0023 Sign & Singalong – Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star Child’s Play Non-fictionC0024 Sign & Singalong – Baa Baa Black Sheep Child’s Play Non-fictionC0025 Sign & Singalong – Incey Wincey Spider Child’s Play Non-fictionC0026 Sign & Singalong – Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear Child’s Play Non-fictionC0030 Teeth are not for biting Elizabeth Verdick Non-fictionC0031 Hands are not for hitting Martine Agassi Non-fictionC0033 Words are not for hurting Elizabeth Verdick Non-fictionC0042 Russ and the Firehouse – picture book Janet Rickert Non-fictionC0047 Let’s Be Helpful P K Hallinan Non-fictionC0048 Let’s Be Patient P K Hallinan Non-fictionC0049 Let’s Be Polite P K Hallinan Non-fictionC0050 Let’s Learn All We Can P K Hallinan Non-fictionC0092 Hands Are Not For Hitting Martine Agassi Non-fictionAwardC0098 Susan Laughs – picture book Jeanne Williswinningnon-fictionC0106 Crocodiles Don’t Brush Their Teeth – picture book Colin Fancy Non-fictionC0120 The Check-up Helen Oxenbury Non-fictionBooks for Young Readers (5 – 8)C0006 The Don’t Give Up Kid & Learning Differences Jeanne Gehret Non-fictionC0007 Help Is On The Way: a child’s book about ADD Marc Nemiroff Non-fictionC0009 Sam & The Green Velvet Monkey Judith Middleton FictionExtraordinary Friends: how do you get to knowC0012Fred Rogers Non-fictionsomeone in a wheelchair?C0013 When It’s Hard To Hear Judith Condon Non-fictionC0014 When It’s Hard To Learn Judith Condon Non-fictionC0015 When It’s Hard To Move Judith Condon Non-fictionC0016 When It’s Hard To See Judith Condon Non-fictionC0018 Ben Has Something To Say: a story about stuttering Laurie Lears FictionC0027 Charlie & His Catheter Coloplast Non-fictionC0028 Katie & Her Catheter Coloplast Non-fictionJennifer Cooper-C0029 A Hit On The Head And Where It LedNon-FictionTrentC0035 Topsy & Tim - Make A New Friend Jean Adamson Non-fiction2

Children’s LibraryWe have a growing number of books specifically for children. Some aim to help children understandspecific conditions and how life is different for people with additional needs while others are just storybooks aimed at children with special needs - like the sign and singalong series.To borrow any of the children’s books give us a call on 0800 329 1159 or email more details about the library and how it works flip over to the other side of this book or contactus.ContentsBooks for Early Years (under 5) 2Books for Young Readers (5-8) 2Books for Eager Readers (8-12) 5Books for Older Readers (13+) 6For the standard library list flip this booklet over1

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