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A p p e a l s P r o c e d u r eParents have the right to appeal to an Independent Appeal Tribunalif they think that the criteria for admission to the school(s) of their choicewere notapplied or not applied correctly.This booklet briefly outlines:✒✒✒✒✒✒✒✒✒When to appealHow to appealWhen to get helpThe Appeals ProcedureHow the Tribunal members are selectedWho can attendWhat happens at the hearingWhere will the appeal be heardWhen you will know the decisionQ1When do I appeal?After notification of placement/non placement letter is receivedand you consider that criteria were not applied correctly,or not correctly1

A p p e a l s P r o c e d u r eQ2What if my child is not admitted into the school of mychoice?You have the right to appeal to an Independent Appeal Tribunal.Q3What do I have to do if I decide to appeal?If you decide to appeal you must give written notice of yourintention by submitting a letter before (see placement letterfor closing date) to the following address: -Clerk to the Appeal TribunalBelfast Education and Library Board40 Academy StreetBT1 2NQIn your appeal letter you should give the: -✒✒✒NameAddress of your childName(s) of the school(s) you wish to appealA form (AT1) will be forwarded to you within 5 days.On form (AT1) you should state clearly the reasons why youconsider the Board of Governors has not applied theadmission criteria or has not applied them correctly.2

A p p e a l s P r o c e d u r eQ4How do I prepare my appeal?Read the relevant school’s admissions criteria in the bookletissued to all parents earlier in the year - “A Guide for Parents”,check how the admissions criteria apply.Q5How much notice will I be given of the hearing?You will be given 5 days notice of the date and time of thehearing.Q6Where will it take place?At Ulidia Resource Centre, Somerset Street, Ormeau Road,Belfast, BT7 2GS. The Tribunal will normally take place as follows: -✒✒Primary and Nursery in May – JunePost Primary in July – August.Q7Is there an exchange of information?Yes. With the letter informing you of the date, time and venuefor your appeal hearing you will receive a copy of the writtensubmission made by the school. This will contain details ofhow the admissions criteria were applied. The Clerk will forward tothe school a copy of your written submission. Tribunal memberswill receive all correspondence.3

A p p e a l s P r o c e d u r eQ8How long will the hearing last?Hearings normally last about 30 minutes.Q9Who are the members of the Independent AppealTribunal?The Independent Appeal Tribunals consists of three members,appointed by, but independent of the board.Q10Who will be present at the hearing?There will be the three members of the Tribunal, a clerk, arepresentative of the school (if attending), yourself and, ifyou wish, your representative and/or friend (if attending).Q11How do I prepare and present my Appeal?Before the hearing you may find it helpful to: -✒✒✒Read through the submission made by the school andnote how it applies to your childJot down the main points of your appeal and refer to yournotes during the hearingRead your child’s Transfer/Application Form and anyletters sent to the school on behalf of your child4

A p p e a l s P r o c e d u r eQ12Can I introduce new evidence to the Tribunal?No. The Independent Appeal Tribunal cannot consider newinformation which was not made available to the school atthe time it considered your application.Q13What do I have to say at the Tribunal hearing?Most of your appeal will be made on the form (AT1). However,there may be: -✒✒Details in the school’s submission which you need tochallengePoints in your case that you wish to clarify or strengthenAt the Independent Tribunal hearing, you should: -✒✒✒✒✒Summarise the information given on your form (AT1)Take up any points made in the school’s submissionExplain how you feel that criteria were not applied, or notapplied correctly by the schoolBring to the attention of the Tribunal anything which youconsider relevantDiscuss the completed Transfer/Application Form.5

A p p e a l s P r o c e d u r eQ14Can I bring someone to help me make my Appeal?Yes. You can bring along a representative and/or friend.Q15What form will the hearing take?✒✒✒The Chairperson will introduce you to the Tribunalmembers and explain the procedures for the conduct ofthe appeal hearing. You or your representative willbe asked to present your case. The Tribunal membersand the representative of the school will have theopportunity to ask you questionsThe school will then present it’s case and afterwardsyou and the Tribunal members will have the opportunityto ask questionsThe Chairperson will then ask the parties present to makeany final submissions. The representative of the schoolwill sum up first and then you or your representative willbe given an opportunity to sum up before theChairperson asks all parties to withdraw.Q16Who makes the decision?The Tribunal makes it’s decision at the end of the hearing andthis will be given in writing to you and to the school as soonas possible. The decision of the Tribunal is binding uponboth parties. If the Independent Appeal Tribunal finds in favourof your child the school must make arrangements to admit yourchild in September.6

A p p e a l s P r o c e d u r eQ17What happens if I am unable to, or do not wish to, attendthe Tribunal?You do not have to attend a hearing. Should either of you decidenot to attend, the tribunal will consider written submissions fromboth parties.Holiday ArrangementsAn appeal will be heard on the date specified unless prior agreementhas been made with the clerk.Contact NumbersT: 028 9056 4080 / 9056 4284F: 028 9056 4370W: Belfast Education and Library Board is committed to providing high qualityservices to our customers at all times. The board is continuously seekingto improve its services and would be grateful for your comments.7

A p p e a l s P r o c e d u r ePlease tick as many of the following statements that apply to this booklet.The content was easy to understandThe information answered all my concernsThe layout is easy to readPlease indicate any comments regarding this booklet in the space below.Please return in the envelope provided to:Open Enrolment Office40 Academy StreetBELFASTBT1 2NQ8

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