Filtration Solutions for Ink Jet Ink Formulation - Pall Corporation

Filtration Solutions for Ink Jet Ink Formulation - Pall Corporation

Gain A CompetitiveEdge With PallFiltrationTechnologyThe Pall AdvantageThe Pall Ink Jet TeamThe Ink Jet Printing market is supported by manyinternational industries from chemical productionto semiconductor manufacturing. Pall has aninternational dedicated Ink Jet Team comprised ofsales, marketing, R&D, and technical supportmembers that cohesively supports all facets of thismarket. Their primary focus is to develop and provideunique filtration products designed specifically forink jet ink.Leadership and Innovation in FluidClarificationAvailable ResourcesPall offers a wide range of resources to assist theink jet ink formulator including:• Technical Troubleshooting• System Optimization• Technical Training• Custom Product DevelopmentWorldwide Expertise and SupportAs a global leader, we provide local technical andsupport specialists to respond to the needs of ourcustomers.Pall Corporation is the world's leading supplier offiltration, separation and purification technologies forvirtually all industrial and high-tech markets. Ourintense focus on developing innovative materialsand processes keeps Pall on the forefront of filtrationscience, assuring our customers the best possiblefiltration solutions.

Aqueous Ink Jet Inks forThermal Ink Jet PrintingInk Jet Inks for Piezo PrintingPigmented InksThe key objective in filtration of pigmented ink forthermal ink jet printing is to remove oversized pigmentsand agglomerates, while classifying the dispersion formaximum printhead performance. It is imperative tokeep filtration costs low while meeting this goal. Pallrecommends the PROFILE ® II or Profile Star filters forprefiltration and final filtration of pigmented inks. Finalfiltration requirements typically range from 0.3 to 1.0micron.Dye-Based InksDye-based inks differ in chemical composition frompigmented inks, and, thus have different filtrationrequirements. In addition to insoluble dye elements,gelatinous residues and other contaminants, the potentialpresence of bacteriological matter may cause prematureprinthead failure. For effective and economicalremoval of these contaminants, Pall recommends twostagefiltration. Prefiltration options include the ProfileII or NEXIS ® depth filters while the WATER-FINE TM0.2 µm membrane filter is best for final filtration.Solvent-Based Inks forIndustrial MarkingIndustrial Marking Inks for General UseIndustrial marking systems require high efficiencyfiltration for contaminant removal that ensures properoperation without nozzle deflections or plugging.Therefore, ink filtration to 1 µm absolute is essentialto assure printer performance. For most aqueous,ketone and alcohol formulations, the Profile II andNexis Series filters are most suitable.Pigmented Solvent-Based InksFor filtration of pigmented solvent-based ink jet inksfor piezo printing, Pall recommends filtration to 1.5 µmabsolute. This provides for excellent protection of theprinthead and outstanding ink shelf life. The Profile Star,POLY-FINE ® XLD and ULTIPOR GF PLUS ® filters arerecommended based on specific chemical compatibility.UV Curable Ink Jet InksThe application of UV curable technology to the inkjet printing market offers many advantages such asimage durability and fade resistance. These uniqueinks require filter technology with low pressure dropcharacteristics due to high viscosities. Excellent gelcapture and retention is also critical for proper printheadperformance. Pall Profile Star or Poly-Fine XLDfilters are recommended for most formulations, whilethose higher in temperature should use the Ultipor GFPlus filter.Filtration of Ink Jet ColorantsProper filtration of both dye and pigmented ink jetcolorants is critical for high quality final ink formulation.Colorants that are properly filtered will facilitate finalink formulation and enhance the overall inkperformance in the printer. Pall recommends filtrationat 0.5 µm absolute with the Profile II filter for pigmentedcolorants. Two-stage filtration is suggested for dyebasedcolorants with the Profile II or Nexis depthcartridges as prefilters. Water-Fine 0.2 µm membraneelements may be used as final filters.Inks for High Resolution IndustrialMarking ApplicationsPall has a wide range of filtration options for finefiltration of high resolution inks. Please contact the InkJet Team at Pall for a recommendation for your specificink chemistry.1

Filtration Technology OverviewHigh Efficiency Depth FiltersPall offers two exceptional melt blown polypropylenedepth filter options with absolute retention ratings from0.3 to 200 µm. These filters are ideal for classificationof ultra fine pigment dispersions and as cost-effectiveprefilters for final ink formulations.NEXIS SERIESNexis polypropylene filters utilize a revolutionary meltblowing technique called CoLD (Co-located LargeDiameter) fiber technology. This patented processintegrates large diameter CoLD fibers within the finefiber filtration matrix to provide outstanding structuralstrength, resistance to contaminant unloading andexceptionally long service life.Membrane FiltersHigh efficiency membrane filters are available for finefiltration of ink jet inks.VARAFINE and WATER-FINE SERIESThese high efficiency filtersincorporate patented highlyasymmetric polysulfone membraneto provide absolute ratedfiltration with superior flowrates and long life cycles. Theuniquely manufactured membraneconsists of very openpores on the upstream side forless flow restriction and lowerpressure drops, while thedownstream cut-off layer hassmaller pores for the finestfiltration.Highly asymmetric polysulfonemembrane.Filtration zones with CoLD fibers.PROFILE IIProfile II filters feature a continuously taperedprefiltration section and a constant pore size finalfiltration section that yields excellent service life. Theyare available in polypropylene, nylon and polyphenylenesulfide with filtration efficiencies to 0.3 µm absolute.ULTIPOR ® N ® 66This filter is made from a pure, naturally hydrophilicnylon membrane, which has exceptional chemical andsolvent compatibility and extremely low extractables.The membrane is cast on a nonwoven support materialfor added strength and integrity. The Ultipor N 66 filteris specifically engineered for reliable, economical, finefiltration.BETTERPREFILTRATIONEXCELLENT GEL CAPTUREAND RETENTION2

Filtration Technology OverviewPleated FiltersThe Pall family of pleated, fibrous products includesboth resin-bonded microfiber and melt blown polymericoptions.ULTIPOR GF PLUSThese filters feature a resin-bonded inorganic microfibermatrix in a high area pleated configuration. The resinbinder ensures a rigid structure and imparts a positivezeta potential in aqueous, low ionic solutions, thusenhancing contaminant removal. With retention ratingsfrom 0.1 to 40 µm, they are available in a wide rangeof configurations and hardware choices.POLY-FINE II SERIESThese pleated filter cartridges utilize chemically resistantpolypropylene mediaand hardware. The filtermedia, manufactureddirectly by Pall just forfiltration applications,offers long service lifewith low pressure lossesand retention ratings to0.2 µm. The Poly-FineII filter is an ideal choicefor dye-based inks.Hybrid TechnologiesPall has developed several innovative filters that combinethe classification characteristics of pleated filters withthe gel removal traits of depth filters. These filters workwell in pigmented ink applications that are higher inviscosity.PROFILE STAR SERIESThis filter combines the exceptional dirt holding capacityof Profile II depth filters with the high flow rates oftraditional pleated filters. The pleated-depth designfeatures a graded pore structure to maximize voidvolume and service life, while providing excellentremoval of gels and agglomerates. The Profile Star filtermedia minimizes removal of desirable colorant whileefficiently removing oversized contaminant and isavailable in polypropylene or nylon.POLY-FINE XLD SERIESThese Extended Life Depth filters feature proprietarypolypropylene media, manufactured directly by Pall,for effective capture of deformable contaminant. Thispleated-depth filter provides long life, high flow ratesand low pressure drops, while capturing gels andother contaminants.HIGHER FLOW RATESBETTER CLASSIFYINGFILTRATION3

Filtration Products for GraphicArts ApplicationsBeyond ink jet ink formulation, Pall is a key supplierof innovative filtration products for all areas of thegraphic arts industry. From photographic film tophotosensitive plates to traditional ink manufacture,we have demonstrated our expertise with highperformance filtration products and unsurpassedtechnical support. Please contact us or visit Pall.comfor additional details.

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