6mm Carbon Potentiometers - Electronic Components


6mm Carbon Potentiometers - Electronic Components

Adjustment possibilitiesACP’s potentiometers can be adjusted through either the front side (WT) or the collector side (WTI):WTICollector sideWTFront sideWTICollector sideWTFront sidePotentiometers with cut trackThe resistive element in this potentiometer has an area with very high resistive values, resulting in an open circuit. Recommended forlighting regulation.With cut at the beginning of the track CCW: Off-On.With cut at the end of track- CW: On-Off. Others positions available on request.A B CA B CCCW: Off-OnCW: On-OffPackagingBulk packaging: Potentiometers are fi rst bagged and then introduced in boxes:Potentiometer model + Shaft or thumbwheel inserted Pieces per box (130 x 60 x 90)- (only potentiometers)1000H2,5 - V2,5 - V5 - VS5 - HSMD - VSMD6001, 6030, 60326022, 6023, 6024, 603110005006025, 6028300Tape and reel (T&R) packaging:Potentiometer model + Shaft or thumbwheel reference Pieces per reelVSMD- (only potentiometers)60301200750Dimensions: Reel Ø: 330mm, Tape width: 24mm412Ø 1,551,7511,52 2Ø1,2Ø1,224Ø 13Ø 330221,54,8Ø 1,56,730Without thumbwheelWith thumbwheel| www.acptechnologies.com | 17

| www.acptechnologies.com | 19

CA6 HOW TO ORDEREXAMPLE: CA6XV2,5-10KA2020 SNP PI WT6030-BA-V0Standard featuresSeries Rotor Model Packg Ohm value Taper Tol Life1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8Extra featuresTrack Terminals Housing Rotor Wiper position9 10 11 12 13Assembled accessoryAssembly Ref # Color Flam.14 15CA6 X V2,5 -10K A 2020SNPPIWT 6030 -BA -V0Standard configurationCustomized productsDimensions: 6mmProtection: IP 5 (dust proof)Resistance: Carbon technologyColor: Blue housing with white rotorPackaging: BulkWiper position: at 50% ± 15ºTerminals: Snap in P strongly recommendedMarking: Resistive value marked on housing; others on request.A drawing is requested to order a customized product. The code assigned willinclude all special specifi cations.Series, rotor, model and total resistive value are given before the special code:CA6XV5-10K CODE C001111 - SeriesCA62 - RotorsX (Standard) M N3 - Model and pitch4 - PackagingH2,5 V2,5 V5 VS5 HSMD VSMDThrough-holeSMD modelsBulk -standard- (blank)... (blank)…T&R (Tape and reel) (N.A.) (1) -T&R(1) N.A. - Not Available: Tape and Reel packaging is only available for VSMD model.5 - Resistance value6 - Resistance law / taperThrough-holeSMDLin - LinearATaper: Lin (A) Log (B), Antilog (C) Lin (A) Log (B), Antilog (C)Log - LogarithmicB100 Ω / 100 1KΩ / 1K 100Ω / 100 1KΩ / 1KValue Rn … / … … / … … / … … / …5 MΩ / 5M 2,2 MΩ / 2M2 1 MΩ / 1 MΩ 1 MΩ / 1MOther resistive values available on request.Antilog - AntilogarithmicC- Special tapers have codes assigned: CODE YXXXXXPlease, indicate terminal position when ordering a special taper.7 - Tolerance8 - Operating life (cycles)Through-hole modelsSMD modelsStandard (1000cycles)(leave blank)100 Ω ≤ Rn ≤ 1MΩ: ±20% 2020Long life: LV + the number of cycles. ex: LV06 for 6000 cycles (1)LVXX: ex: LV061 MΩ ≤ Rn ≤ 5MΩ: ±30% 3030For Rn > 5MΩ, tol : +50% - 30% 50302525(1) Others on request.Special tolerances available:

13 - Wiper position14 - Potentiometers with assembled accessories(Standard: at 50% ± 15º)(leave blank)Assembled from front sideWTInitial or CCWPIAssembled from collector sideWTIFinal or CWPFAccessory ReferenceXXXXSee list of shafts and thumbwheels available Example: 6030Color of shaft or thumbwheel-YYExample, white: -BA15 - Flammability (according to UL 94 V-0)Not self-extinguishable(leave blank)Self-extinguishable (including all plastic parts of thepotentiometers: rotor, housing and accessory. If only one part -V0needs to be V0, please, inform)For ordering spare accessoriesAccessory reference - color- fl ammability. Ex. 6030-BA-V0 is a white self-extinguishable 6030 thumbwheelXXXX-YY-_ _Color chart for rotor, housing and accessoriesBlack (1)WhiteNeutralTransparentRedGreenYellowBlueGreyBrownNEBAINTAROVEAMAZGSMR(1) Black is not available for housings.Specifi cations on this catalogue are for reference only; they are subject to change without notice.| www.acptechnologies.com | 21

DRAWINGS CA6Tolerances 6 mm (in mm.):

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