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Contemplative Outreach NewsVolume 15, Number 3 • Fall/Winter 2001/2002The Theological Foundations of Contemplative OutreachA Commentary by Thomas Keating(Part Two of a Two-Part Series)6. We encourage the practice of Lectio Divina,particularly its movement into contemplative prayer,which a regular and established practice of CenteringPrayer facilitates.Once again we are affirming that Centering Prayer is a meansof moving into contemplative prayer. The contemplativedimension of the Gospel is the assimilation of Lectio Divina,the word of God at ever-deepening levels of consciousness.Tradition describes these in terms of the different senses ofscripture: the literal, moral, allegorical, and unitive. We encourageLectio insofar as it awakens us to those ever-deepening sensesof the word of God by which we are assimilated by the wordand the word is assimilated by us.Practicing Lectio Divina is listening to the word of God withrapt attention. Lectio Divina needs to be distinguished fromBible study, which is very useful at another time, and evenfrom the practice of praying the scriptures which used tobe called shared prayer. The basic elements of Lectio Divinaare reading the text, reflecting or pondering (listening of theheart), responding in spontaneous prayer, and finally restingin God beyond concepts, words, and the multiplication ofparticular acts. The scholastic method looked at those fouraspects as a kind of ladder to be climbed, as steps to beexperienced and tended to emphasize the analytical approachthat was developing in scholastic circles at the time. In themonastic method they are rather, moments on a circle thatare interrelated and one might be moved by the Spirit tolinger in one or other of those four moments. The Spirit mightsuggest, after we have read the text, that we immediately restin God or stir us to reflect on the text or to make acts ofgratitude, praise and petition. In other words, we don’t haveto follow the stages one by one, especially when doing thisprivately. If we are doing it in a group, we obviously have tofollow some kind of order.The monastic way of doing Lectio Divina was directed towardcontemplation from the beginning because it emphasizedlistening to the word of God with the confidence that the Spiritwould help us to hear the word of God at ever-deepeninglevels. Monastic Lectio was characterized by listening withthe heart. In this way of doing Lectio, you pick a sentenceor even a single word that strikes you and slowly repeat itwithout trying to think about it. Rather, you allow the text tothink you, so to speak, waiting for the Holy Spirit to awakenin you a greater capacity to listen. The early monks had a lotof time to do this. Unfortunately, contemporary busyness isespecially hard on this process of Lectio. One needs timeto do it leisurely. Pondering is the monastic way of doingLectio as distinct from reflecting in the usual understandingof the term. It is more conducive to the movement intocontemplative prayer than the scholastic method, whichtends to encourage reflection, visualizing, and thinking aboutthe text, all of which are good but which are not as directa path to contemplative prayer, which is time to be stilland wait upon God.7. We recognize as mature fruits of CenteringPrayer a deepening commitment to the needs andrights of each member of the human family andan ever-increasing respect for the integrity andinterdependence of all creation.Contemplative prayer is not a narcissistic or self-preoccupiedadventure. As it develops, it increases our concern for theneeds and rights of others as well as our sensitivity to ourbelonging to the universe and to the whole of creation. Inother words, the more we feel God as the source of all that is,the more we realize that so is everything else, especially everyother person. Our prayer is healing us of self-centerednessand the thought that we are the center of the universe. Wefind ourselves part of the wonderful creation that is happeningat every moment. Going in and out of prayer is finding Godboth within and in every manifestation of reality we perceivearound us. We encourage those on the contemplative pathcontinued next page

4President’s LetterDear Friends,Since my election last October we have experiencedseveral changes here in our office. I’d like to highlight afew here; we replaced and upgraded our entire computersystem which was a generous gift from one of our benefactors.We’ve changed our bookkeeping and database systems toaccommodate our growing needs. I hired an Office Manager,Judy O’Toole, to assist me. We hired a new accounting firm toconduct our annual audit.Our Annual Conference Meeting was held in the DominicanRepublic October 10 th – 15 Th . Ninety-three people fromvarious places in the world participated. It was so wonderfulto be together, to share our common desire to makethe world a better place by making room for silence andpeace. Our commitment to offer contemplative servicewas renewed as we joined our hands and hearts togetherduring this time.We are preparing a new video tape series, Part V of the SpiritualJourney. Fr. Thomas will be featured on these new tapes. In thisseries we hope to capture the wisdom of the fruits of CenteringPrayer after 10 to 15 years of practice.Remember to mark your calendars and join us for the UnitedDay of Prayer, Saturday, March 16, 2002. The theme of theday will be Global Transformation. If you would like tohost the day in your area please email Claire at this officeat or call her at 973-838-3384(see page 7).New Books – The Divine Indwelling – a collection of articles byFr. Thomas Keating, Rev. Thomas Ward, Jr., Rev Sarah Butler,George Cairns, Gail Fitzpatrick-Hopler, and Rev. Paul D.Lawson. Old Wine in New Skins – Centering Prayer and SystemsTheory by Rev. Paul D. Lawson. Revised Spanish edition ofOpen Mind, Open Heart - Mente Abierta, Corzon Abierto byFr. Thomas Keating. You will find ordering information onthe resource page 12.Our Contemplative Outreach Study Program is available toanyone with an established daily practice of centering prayer;contact Bonnie Shimizu at 970-927-3858 or formore information on how to register.Susan Komis, Chair of the Coordinator’s CommunicationCommittee offered workshops on Leadership and FacilitatorFormation in several of our Chapters. If your Chapter wouldlike to know more about this workshop, contact Susan at888-350-5088 or you take the time to visit our website? Let us knowwhat you think of it and how we can serve you bettervia the web.In light of the events of September 11 th , we know that ourworld is in need of prayer, peace and transformation. Theimportance of our work is not simply an option any longer.I know that God has prepared Contemplative Outreach toanswer the cry for a deeper spirituality in the 21 st century.I believe through our network Centering Prayer and LectioDivina can provide an opportunity for many seekers to findthe Indwelling Spirit of God.We are most grateful for your prayers and support over thepast year. We look forward to serving you in the New Year andmay the joy of Christmas lighten your heart.Blessings and peace,Gail Fitzpatrick-Hopler, PresidentA Message from Fr. Thomas KeatingI was in New York on September 11 th .Some wounds are so deep there can be no immediaterelief, no consolation; there may even be an ocean of griefextending in every direction and apparently endless. In someway, all suffering is in God. Thus, our pain is God’s pain andthat means that in due time it will become life-giving andhealing in the very measure of its intensity. Listening to theSpirit in silent prayer is key to knowing what to do. Action ismost effective when it comes from that place.The spiritual network of Contemplative Outreach isin communion with all who are suffering around theworld. We pray for the healing of the whole humanfamily, especially for the victims of the disaster andtheir loved ones.In Christ’s love,Thomas

Why am I in this prison? Is this working? What am Idoing wrong Lord? I’ve been coming here for nineweeks now to facilitate this Centering Prayer fellowship.Do they trust me? Do they trust you? This was theworst prayer session yet. All distractions and noise. DidI tell you that I can’t teach anything, especially a heart?Are they getting it? I can only show up, be searched,scanned, pass the high walls slathered with razor wire,and go through the five sets of locked doors thatlead to the belly of this joint. To be present to thesebrothers of mine. That’s my act of faith, that’s my job,that’s all I can do. You’ve got to do the rest. Did Iforget to tell you?This is how I spoke to my best friend and teacherthroughout the week leading to the 10 th session. Doubtwas lurking on the trip to the penitentiary this day.It’s up to you, Lord, it’s your show, don’t forget toleave me out of this.And so we sat in silent prayer, in the lap of God, inprayer beyond words or thoughts, in pure faith, totally atthe service of the Holy Spirit. After our first 20-minuteprayer meditation, the silence breaks, a voice shares, tellingLocked Up … and FreeAnonymousof a life of craving, of chasing happiness outside of himself,chasing a God outside of himself, feeling disconnected,separated from everyone. He says he is finally getting it;God’s inside him, happiness comes from inside. Othersnod in affirmation.A lump rose in my throat that I could not choke back,I just stared misty eyed and nodded as he witnessed insuch a gentle, placid and transformed voice.He went on to tell of how he finally understandsthe cliches he’s heard his whole life. Forgive yourenemies; do not judge others; to receive you mustgive. Of how he came to realize this in the past weekduring prayer, in an instant, snapping his fingers, ofhow there will be no more useless chasing, of howhe doesn’t believe he will need to drink again, ofhow he feels so unconditionally loved, and connected,of how he trusts, of the feeling of being reborn…of being so free.I wept throughout the second 20-minute prayermeditation and most of the way home. What a God ofinfinite mercy we have. I need to learn how to trustin his mercy always. 5Imprisonment and Transformation: An InterfaithConference on Contemplative Prison ServiceApril 25-28, 2002Co-led by MercyCenter, Burlingame, (site of the 1998National Meeting) and Contemplative Outreach ofNorthern California, this conference will bring togetherpeople of several faith traditions who serve prisonersby sharing with them practices of meditation. Thepurpose of the conference is to find ways to betterserve prisoners, their families, victims of crime, andprison staff so that incarceration can be a time for truetransformation and to find ways to support peopledoing this stressful ministry. Confirmed speakersinclude: Father Thomas Keating, Kiran Bedi, highlightedin the movie Doing Time, Doing Vipassana, Gangaji, anAmerican meditation teacher in the Hindu tradition,Fleet Maull, a Buddhist teacher and former prisoner,founder of the Prison Hospice Network, and severalex-prisoners who will share their experience oftransformation through meditation. Conference costs:$300 for residents, $270 for commuters. Registerby contacting MercyCenter, Burlingame, CA at (650)340-7474. Fred Eckart’s Call for VolunteersFred Eckart, the coordinator of prison ministry forContemplative Outreach, is asking for volunteerswho would like to correspond with one prisoner,once a month, to support their practice of CenteringPrayer. Sr. Marguerite Buchanan is coordinating thecorrespondence. If you’re interested, please writeto: Marguerite Buchanan, RSM, Box 1832, Burlingame,CA 94011. Connect on the Web!Visit our web site for:• Weekly articles by Fr. Thomas Keating, OSCO• Information about local events• Locations of Centering Prayer groups• Information about Centering Prayer resources:Books, TapesContacts/Coordinators:To list information about local events and groups, contact theInternational Office. Email:, Voice:973-838-3384 Fax: 973-492-5795

6Along SaintAndrew’s RoadPerched at noonin a tall dead treewith powerful wingssuddenly slung wideto swoop the airlunging for the sunsnaps the limblike an old dry bonethe dark eagle shrieksyahta heya solitary feathermelts free of the wingin spiraling descentflickering summer’s glarebefore splinteringthe tall grass belowOn the daythe sun burns longest in our skyalong Saint Andrew’s RoadI saunter.Beneath the sunlit veilI feelthe sigh of darknessand know the nightswill soon grow longerTimothy KoockThe Central American ExperienceBy Adalberto Henriquez, MDwas invited to go to Central America (El Salvador and Nicaragua) in the middle ofI August to give, first, a one-day retreat on Centering Prayer in El Salvador followingthe format of the one-day introductory workshop. The retreat center was verybeautiful, located in the mountains that surround the city of San Salvador. It wasattended by 70 persons who remained in absolute silence the whole day, showingtheir maturity in the practice of Centering Prayer. I found five Centering Prayergroups in El Salvador, very well organized, and led by Mrs. Leila de Membreno whohas been our contact person in Central America. The retreat was attended by oneof the local priests who now has become a great promoter of Centering Prayerin his parish, with the help of Mrs. Membreno. The day after, I gave a talk on thehuman condition and the practice of the Welcoming Prayer, which was attended by93 persons. That same evening, Mrs. Membreno and I flew to Nicaragua for a two-dayretreat to introduce Lectio Divina and Centering Prayer to 38 people that attended.It was very well received too. As in El Salvador, the retreat center, as well as thelocation, were beautiful. I understand that as a result of this retreat 18 people didthe follow-up and have formed a group. The people in both places were wonderful.The attention I received from Mrs. Membreno in El Salvador, and Mrs. Aida MariaHerdocia in Nicaragua (who is our contact person there now) were out of thisworld. I will be forever grateful to them and to our Lord Jesus for the workHe is doing in Latin America. The Spanish CornerBy Ilse ReissnerExtension Contemplativa Internacional celebrated the second bi-annual conferencein Orlando on the weekend of July 20-22, 2001. The 30 participants were ourSpanish contact persons, who traveled from the Dominican Republic, El Salvador,Mexico, Nicaragua, Puerto Rico, Venezuela, and a few cities in Florida. Fr. Thomasfrom Snowmass and Gail from Butler also came to join us for this memorable event.We were blessed by a talk by Fr. William Menninger about “The Cloud.” Everybodywas very grateful for the special gift of listening in person to Fr. Thomas explaining allabout Contemplative Prayer and its background, and for Gail’s input on the historyof Contemplative Outreach from its beginning. To us it was a special treat to listenin person to everybody’s struggles and progress in spite of many obstacles, andsometimes opposition in their hometowns. We closed with a Mass concelebrated bypriests from Mexico, Santo Domingo, Venezuela, and, of course, Fr. Thomas, with 100members of our English-speaking groups in Central Florida also attending. It was great,in spite of a typical Florida downpour where we all got WET!Formation Workshop in 2002: The English and Spanish coordinators will beoffering a week of Formation for Service in Spanish AND English on the week of July21-27 of 2002. We have had several people expressing interest. We ask that youcontact Basha Perez at 407-869-0781, for English, and Ilse Reissner at 407-767-7567or Carmen Sanchez at 305-661-6966, for Spanish.Seven-Day Retreat in Miami: Carmen Sanchez and Mercedes Scopettaare the leaders for the seven-day retreat being offered in Miami the lastweek of October of this year.In the Footsteps of St. Paul Pilgrimage in 2002: People are signing up and sending intheir registrations for this beautiful trip through Greece, a cruise visiting the Greek Islands,and Turkey. The proceeds will help the Spanish Ministry of Contemplative Outreach. If you areinterested in receiving a brochure, please call Ilse Reissner at 407-767-7567. A pre-extensionto the Holy Land is also being offered.

7ReflectionBy Fontaine Williamsonattended a seven-day, silent retreat at Richmond HillI during the last week of June. On this retreat, wepracticed Centering Prayer several times a day.After 24 hours of silence, including meals, andseveral periods of Centering Prayer, I was beginningto really sink into the exterior and interior silence.Without conversations, no speaking or listening, thereseemed to be some space and emptiness inside me.I wasn’t thinking about previous conversations orwishing I had said this or that or reacting to whatsomeone else had said.We were told to come to the chapel five minutesbefore each prayer time or Eucharist service, soas to be quiet and ready in our seats when it wastime to begin.As I was sitting and waiting before our first Eucharisttogether, I looked around at the other participants andthe priest. Everyone was sitting quietly in their seats.This seemed different to me. Usually when people arewaiting in church, they might be talking to someone orlooking around at whoever has just arrived or readingtheir bulletins. We were just sitting and waiting in silencefor five minutes. No one was fidgeting, looking at theirwatch or rustling papers or books. There was no agenda– it was all right to just sit and wait. All that was requiredof us was to do the next thing - to sit, to eat, to pray,to just “be” in the silence. There was a surrender of thewill in following this discipline.With that surrender and obedience came freedom.With the giving up of thoughts, words, agendas andcontrol came joy and peace. I felt as if I truly knewwhat the psalmist means when he says, “For God alonemy soul in silence waits.” (Ps. 62.5) I was just waiting,nowhere to go, nothing to do but wait. Joyful waiting.Peaceful waiting. Waiting for Jesus.Many of you may have experienced times of silence,times of waiting. Some of them may have been sad,lonely or painful times. Perhaps if one of those timescomes again, you will remember that you are not alone.Perhaps you will listen and know that God is with youalways, that in the silence God waits also for you. Andin that silence is peace and joy.“For the kingdom of God is not food and drinkbut righteousness and peace and joy in the Holy Spirit.”Romans 14:17 Contemplative OutreachUnited in Prayer DayWe invite you to join us for our Annual United inPrayer day on Saturday, March 16, 2002. This daycelebrates the worldwide network of ContemplativeOutreach united in a silent bond of Centering Prayeraround the globe.The featured videotape for this day is entitled GlobalTransformation with Fr. Thomas Keating.If you wish to host the day in your local ContemplativeOutreach Chapter, Centering Prayer group, or simplywant to participate in this day with a few friends,please fill out the form below and we will send you thevideotape including the format for the day of prayer.The special price of $19.95 plus $4.00 for U.S. postageand handling will only be available until the event.After March 16th, the tape will be the regular price of$24.95. Tape is available in the PAL version for foreigncountries, shipping will be slightly higher.United in Prayer 2002Name: __________________________________Address: _________________________________________________________________________________________City: ___________________________________State: ________ Zip:________ Country: ______Phone: _________________________________Please make checks payable to ContemplativeOutreach, Ltd.Visa/Mastercard: __________________________Exp. Date: _______/_________

8UpdatesFall/Winter 2001– 2002Alta, WYI am happy to announce that the Alta Retreat Center has purchasedproperty to build a new retreat facility. In order to provide a morecomfortable retreat space in the interim, and to meet our growingdemands for space, we have secured the use of the Teton TeePee SkiLodge across the street. ARC’s monthly 2002 retreats, May throughNovember (off ski-season months), will offer private rooms withdouble bed and private bath! This is truly good news for all of us.See schedule page for retreat programs/dates.The ARC also reports a successful completion of ContemplativeOutreach’s first 30-Day Intensive. Eleven retreatants and staffnegotiated the uncharted waters and no one drowned! We learneda great deal about the process of prolonged community living insilence and prayer. Our weeks together became one continuousmeditation. Our shared intent to consent to God’s will sustained usall through the sometimes difficult challenges of close living quarters,electrical outages, plumbers, bugs, and thunderstorms! We allenjoyed our “Sundays off” and the food was great!30-Day retreatants report: “This has been a month-long processand there is a new joyful sense of freedom rising. “During the last 30days, I have feasted on the “bread of life, the soup of good neighbors,and the fish from local markets.” “I have received the gift of originalblessing.” “I know that I am deeply loved warts and all. I know that ifI am willing to batter His door, keep throwing stones at His windowand make a terrible racket…the lights will go on upstairs, He willwake up his wife and tell the children to go back and He will comedown and open the door. He will open all the cupboards, heap myarms with all I need and go down to the cellar to get me a bottle of Hisbest wine and then help me carry everything home.”Our 30-Day retreat next July will be limited to 14 participants.Fr. Dan Krettek of Emmaus House in Des Moines, Iowa, and Fr. AlexNagy of St. Barnabas Episcopal Church in Palm Desert will assist.The retreat will begin on June 29 th and conclude on July 29 th . Ifyou are interested please write or call for an application. All AreWelcome! Peace in Christ, Rev. Sandy Casey-Martus, ARCDirector (307) 353-8100.Birmingham, AL (Contemplative Outreach Birmingham)This past summer our chapter sponsored a Ten-Day and Post IntensiveCentering Prayer Retreat at the Benedictine Spirituality and RetreatCenter in Cullman, AL. Our directors were Sr. Mary McGehee, Fr.Bill Fickel and Betty Giardini. There were thirty participants. Morerecently, we had our Annual Leadership Weekend at which eighteenof our leaders were present. Dr. Bill Clemmons, a retired teacherof spiritual formation and a certified presenter with ContemplativeOutreach, Ltd., led several sessions. This was a time for spiritualenrichment, evaluation of the previous year’s work and planning for thecoming year. Our area is anticipating our 11 th Annual ContemplativeConference on February 23-24, 2002 with William A. Meninger, whosesubject will be “The Cloud of Unknowing.” Also, we are anticipatingBonnie Shimizu of Snowmass, CO, coming April 5-7, 2002, for aweekend training at Cullman, AL, for those who will become trainersof small group leaders. Those who are interested in receiving a flyeron these upcoming events can contact Caroline Humphreys (seeend of paragraph). Betty Giardini and Lora Arnold of Huntsville,AL, attended the Annual International Conference in Puerto Plata,Dominican Republic. We are excited about our new website, whichwas developed and is run by one of our steering committee members,Karen Pilman. We invite you to check this out. We continue to seepeople responding to God’s invitation to come and sit in silence inHis presence. At the same time, we see those within our group beingtrained for leadership. We stand in awe and are grateful. Thanksbe to God. For more information you can contact CarolineHumphreys at 205-979-1159 or carolinecob@home.comor see our website, COIn March we had a wonderful turnout of people from the NorthernColorado chapters for a mini-retreat (prayer, potluck, supper, andpresentation) with Fr. Thomas Keating, which included Fr. Thomas’78 th birthday celebration. Everyone enjoyed his presentations aswell as the joy and intimacy that were prevalent throughout theevening. We look forward to his return visit in April 2002! Otherspring activities included a four-week Lenten course, “CenteringPrayer and the Christian Contemplative Tradition,” that was taughtby David Frenette. June included a six-day Post Intensive Retreatwith Fr. Steve Connor C.S.P. in the beautiful surroundings of the Abbeyof St. Walburga in Virginis Dale, Colorado. Fr. Terry Ryan came fromKnoxville, Tennessee, for a mini-retreat and presentation on Celticspirituality. Barbara Hayden 303-494-2845.Denver, CO (Contemplative Outreach of Colorado)Fall 2001 marks the beginning of our 15 th year in Denver. As Ireflect upon our past or look forward to this year’s programs andevents, I see God’s work! Over the past five years, the Center forContemplative Living has evolved into an oasis where people ontheir spiritual journey gather for prayer, instruction, and support.Each year, we have experienced a deepening sense of communityamongst our volunteer staff of 30 full-time and 32 auxiliary memberswho participate in the Center’s operation and activities. Wegraduated 18 participants from our first formation training in Julyand in September, began our third session of the Nine Month Course:The Practice of Contemplative Living. We have become a spiritualfamily committed to the vision of Contemplative Outreach and toserving those who seek a prayerful relationship with God.The Center offers daily prayer and a network of prayer groupsin addition to an extensive course and event schedule. With theSpiritual Journey Series by Fr. Thomas Keating as the foundationof our curriculum, we have incorporated days of prayer, weekendintensive retreats, mini-retreats and special events into our schedulefor 2001-2002 to meet the needs of our community. Fr. ThomasKeating was the guest speaker for our fall Mini-Retreat onNovember 11, 2001. Fr. William Meninger from St. Benedict’sMonastery in Snowmass, CO presented a workshop on the effectsof contemplation according to the Cloud of Unknowing on Friday,December 7. On December 8, he presented a workshop on the

Enneagram as a tool for spiritual transformation. We will hostweekend intensive retreats in November 2001, and February and June2002. I attribute the success of our center to the gifts and talents ofour staff, their commitment to serve in faith and prayer and to God’sgrace. Sr. Bernadette Teasdale, 303-698-7729.Long Island/Queens, NYCentering Prayer and Contemplative Outreach Programs continueto grow on Long Island. Newsday, the most widely read LongIsland newspaper, recently interviewed the coordinating committeemembers and published a very well-written and comprehensivearticle about Centering Prayer and our community. As a result,we have received numerous inquiries about Centering Prayer andour upcoming programs. We are again offering our EnrichmentProgram, which is a series of four monthly presentations including theWelcoming Prayer, Centering Prayer and Art, the Forgiveness Prayerand Making Our Spiritual Quilt. The Formation for ContemplativeOutreach Service is being offered in six monthly meetings, beginningin October 2001 and ending in May 2002. Coming to Long Islandin the fall of 2002, is the Nine Month Course: the Practice ofContemplative Living at Our Lady of Grace Center in Manhasset,Long Island. Introductory Workshops are planned in Nassau andSuffolk Counties and our facilitators have requested that we offerthe opportunity for them to gather and share at a second FacilitatorsWorkshop this fall. Five members of our Coordinating Committeeattended the Annual Meeting . They enjoyed visiting our neighbors inthe Dominican Republic, as well as bringing new ideas back to LongIsland/Queens. Long Island Steering Committee – BarbaraSullivan 516-481-0472.Louisville, KY (Contemplative Outreach of KY)The highlight of this year was having Gail Fitzpatrick-Hopler sharewith us the “Welcoming Prayer” practice. An enthusiastic group ofCentering Prayer practitioners welcomed the opportunity to learnhow to bring this spiritual practice into daily life. We plan a monthlyDay of Prayer and are encouraged by those who participate. Theday is planned so that an individual can be present for the day orif their life plans are such they can come for either the morning orafternoon. As an indication of the Spirit at work, we have frequentrequests for information about the Centering Prayer practice andIntroductory Workshops. We have a dedicated group of presentersand volunteers who are most helpful in meeting these requests. JeanJohnson 502-549-3122, NY (Contemplative Outreach of Orange County)Hello everyone from Walden, NY!! Our new, wonderful happeningis the 21-Day Centering Prayer Immersion Retreat. The first onein June 2001 was an incredibly deepening, life-changing experience.We are privileged to continue offering this opportunity in Januaryand June 2002 (see Calendar of Events). Our Contemplative LivingCommunities continue to grow after each Nine Month Courseends. In March 2002 we are excited to have weekend retreats onCeltic Spirituality with Sr. Kathleen O’Brien and Spirituality andSexuality with Fr. Bill Sheehan. We are working on a 5 day retreatin May – Spiritual Stories in the world traditions with Sr. Mary AnnFlanagan. We continue to tithe 2.5% of our gross income eachmonth to Contemplative Outreach, Ltd., as well as meet our 5-yearpledge. Our intention is to dedicate more time and energy toreaching out to the Orange County practitioners with Days ofPrayer, etc., as well as Introductory Workshops to spread the seedof Centering Prayer to as many as possible in our Chapter. Wethank God for the great gift of serving God’s people in and throughContemplative Outreach. Cathy McCarthy 845-778-2102 orEmail TN Contemplative OutreachExciting things are happening in the West Tennessee Chapter ofContemplative Outreach. In 1997, Sr. Joann Mascari, OP, retiredfrom a position of pastoral ministry in Southaven, MS, and with thepermission of her community at St. Catherine, KY, began a ministryof Centering Prayer. Because of a previous relationship in campusministry in the 1980’s in Mississippi, she joined Sr. Teresa Jacobs, BVM,and Alan Cooley, a psychologist in private practice, in developingCentering Prayer in North Mississippi. Last year (2000) thegroup hosted a two-day event with Fr. Thomas Keating in Jackson,Mississippi. This year they hosted a one-day event on LectioDivina with Fr. Carl Arico.As a workshop on Centering Prayer was being planned forJackson, MS, a call came to Sr. Joann from a group in Jackson, Tennessee,who had an interest in Centering Prayer and were rejoicing that aworkshop was being planned for “Jackson,” not realizing thatit was for Jackson, Mississippi. So, the first Centering Prayerworkshop was then planned for Jackson, Tennessee which tookplace in January 1998, repeated again in 1999; and in 2000 a Dayof Prayer was observed.Bill Clemmons moved to Memphis in September 2000, afterretiring from 20 years of teaching in two Baptist theologicalseminaries, the last being in Chicago. There he had been involved inhelping to develop the Contemplative Outreach of Greater Chicago.In October of 2000 that group hosted the National ContemplativeOutreach meeting. At that meeting he met Sr. Joann and they beganto make plans for Contemplative Outreach West TN. The firstevent they did together was a Contemplative Outreach Day ofEnrichment on January 13, 2001, in Jackson, TN, followed by anIntroductory Workshop in Jackson on February 24, 2001, plus sixfollow-up sessions. For the February workshop Norma Moore ofJackson, a recent graduate of the Presenter’s Training at Sewanee,joined them in the leadership.Sr. Joann, Bill Clemmons and Norma Moore have been meetingsince the early part of the year to plan the Contemplative Outreachactivities for the West Tennessee Chapter. At this time, an ecumenicalcommittee has been formed to coordinate on-site Centering Prayerprograms in Jackson. Norma Moore is the contact person for theJackson Cluster group. Joy Boller of St. Mary’s Catholic Church inJackson has agreed to serve as Treasurer for the West TennesseeContemplative Outreach. This is the beginning of a West TNContemplative Outreach Leadership Team.Three weekly Centering Prayer groups now meet in theJackson, Tennessee area with Norma Moore acting as co-convener. ADay of Prayer was held on Saturday, October 6, 2001, at the CatholicDiocesan Conference Center in Danceyville.In Memphis, two initiatives have begun with Sr. Joann Mascari, whohas been serving as Acting Coordinator of West TN ContemplativeOutreach, and Bill Clemmons. Fr. Edward Everitt, OP, pastor of St.Peter’s Catholic Church in downtown Memphis, has agreed to aone-hour, noonday Centering Prayer experience to begin October1 to December 3, 2001. Also, Sr. Joann and Bill Clemmons will beoffering a Centering Prayer experience during the fall to faculty, staffand parents of St. Agnes/St. Dominic Schools. 9

10National Calendar of EventsJanuary - August 2002Introduction to Centering Prayer Retreats/WorkshopsA contemporary presentation of the discipline of CenteringPrayer as silent communion with God beyond concepts, wordsand images.Cullman, AL Jan 25-27 Contemplative Outreach StaffBenedictine CenterContact: Sr. Eleanor Harrison(256) 734-8302Walden, NY Feb 15-17 Contemplative Outreach StaffSt. Andrew’sContact: Cathy McCarthyRetreat House (845) 778-2102Melbourne, KY Mar 8-9 Contemplative Outreach StaffMoye Spiritual LifeContact: Nancy McLaughlinCenter (859) 441-0700 ext. 325Durham, NC Apr 26-28 Contemplative Outreach StaffAvilaContact: Avila Retreat CenterRetreat Center (919) 477-1285Seoul, Korea May 7-11 Contemplative Outreach StaffDivine WisdomContact: Sr. Mary David ChoiRetreat House 02-923-3547Kwang Ju, May 13-17 Contemplative Outreach StaffSouth Korea Diocesan Priests Only Contact: Fr. June Yong LeeSt. Ann Seton Retreat House 061-383-8756Melbourne, KY Jun 1-2 Contemplative Outreach StaffMoye Spiritual LifeContact: Nancy McLaughlinCenter (859) 441-0700 ext. 325Seoul, Korea Jun 22- 29 Contemplative Outreach StaffArchdiocese Diocesan Priests Only Contact: Fr. Young C. LeeRetreat House 02-766-5790Walden, NY Aug 9-11 Contemplative Outreach StaffSt. Andrew’sContact: Cathy McCarthyRetreat House (845) 778-2102Cullman, AL Aug 30-Sep 1 Contemplative Outreach StaffBenedictine CenterContact: Sr. Eleanor Harrison(256) 734-8302Introduction to Lectio Divina Retreats/WorkshopsConferences and practice introducing us to the most traditionalway of cultivating a friendship with Christ.Rapid City, SD Jan 18-20 Contemplative Outreach StaffMonasteryContact: Sr. Marmion Howeof St. Martin (605) 343-6086Appingedam, Mar 1-3 Contemplative Outreach StaffThe NetherlandsContact: Sr. Anje & Sr. Debbie0596-623631Wildwood, MO Mar 15-17 Contemplative Outreach StaffMarianistContact: Diane GuerraRetreat Center (314) 918-8288Appingedam, Jun 5-7 Contemplative Outreach StaffThe NetherlandsContact: Sr. Anje & Sr. Debbie0596-623631The “Welcoming” Prayer WorkshopA spiritual practice of “Letting Go” of feelings, emotions, thoughts andbody sensations into the present moment during the ordinary routinesof daily life. Prior Centering Prayer experience necessary.Richmond, VA Jan 19-21 Susan KomisShalom HouseContact: April Swofford(804) 648-7678Walden, NY April 26-28 Contemplative Outreach StaffSt. Andrew’sContact: Cathy McCarthyRetreat House (845) 778-2102Encino, CA June 14-16 Mary DwyerHoly SpiritContact: Sr. Linda SnowRetreat Center (818) 784-4515Centering Prayer and the 12 Steps (The 11 th Step)The purpose of this weekend is to introduce or expand theexperience of Centering Prayer as a part of a daily 12 StepPractice and to stimulate a desire and resolve to practice prayerand meditation on a daily basis. This weekend is also calledThe 11 th Step Retreat.Seattle, WA Apr 26-28 Donald MastersEpiscopalContact: David MurphyDiocesan Center (425) 747-9936Alta, WY May 2-4 Contemplative Outreach StaffAltaContact: Rev. Sandra Casey-MartusRetreat Center (307) 353-8100Walden, NY May 17-19 Charles McGovernSt. Andrew’sContact: Cathy McCarthyRetreat House (845) 778-2102Portland, OR May 17-19 Contemplative Outreach StaffOur Lady of PeaceContact: Faye EllingsonRetreat House (503) 246-5644 or 307-4481

Centering Prayer Weekend RetreatsIncludes conferences renewing the Method of Centering Prayer anda moderate amount of Centering Prayer in common.Yorkshire, England Feb 2-3Parcevall Hall11Contemplative Outreach StaffContact: Elizabeth Smith44-1772-629520Walden, NY Dec 29-Jan 1 Fr. Bill SheehanSt. Andrew’s New Year’s Retreat Contact: Cathy McCarthyRetreat House (845) 778-2102Burlingame, CA Jan 4-6 Contemplative Outreach StaffMercy CenterContact: Marguerite Buchanan(650) 340-7474Seattle, WA Jan 11-12 Contemplative Outreach StaffSt. Stephen’sContact: Barbara Huston(206) 282-9076Frenchville, PA Jan 11-12 Contemplative Outreach StaffBethany RetreatContact: Nicole FedderCenter (814) 263-4855Appingedam, Jan 11-13 Contemplative Outreach StaffThe NetherlandsContact: Sr. Anje & Sr. Debbie0596-623631Frenchville, PA Jan 11-13 Contemplative Outreach StaffBethanyContact: Nicole FedderRetreat Center (814) 263-4855Portland, OR Jan 11-13 Fr. Thomas KeatingTrinity EpiscopalContact: Marjorie Abramovitz(503) 292-0525Lacey, WA Feb 8-10 Contemplative Outreach StaffSt. Placid’s PrioryContact: The Priory(360) 438-9236Frenchville, PA Feb 15-17 Contemplative Outreach StaffBethanyContact: Nicole FedderRetreat Center (814) 263-4855Sedalia, CO Feb 22-24 Contemplative Outreach StaffSacred HeartContact: Sr. Bernadette TeasdaleRetreat House (303) 698-7729Andover, MA Feb 22-24 Contemplative Outreach StaffFranciscan CenterContact: Sr. Lorraine Pianka(978) 858-0856Birmingham, AL Feb 22-24 Fr. William MeningerSt. Peter’s Church “Cloud of Unknowing” Contact: Caroline Humphreys(205) 979-1159Duluth, MN Mar 1-2 Contemplative Outreach StaffMcCabeContact: McCabe Renewal CenterRenewal Center (218) 724-5266Encino, CA Mar 1-3 Contemplative Outreach StaffHoly SpiritContact: Sr. Linda SnowRetreat Center (818) 784-4515Yorkshire, England Jan 12-13The BreiryContemplative Outreach StaffContact: Elizabeth Smith44-1772-629520St. Joseph, MN Mar 1-3 Contemplative Outreach StaffSt. Benedict’sContact: Sr. Rita BudigMonastery Spirituality Center (320) 363-7115Rapid City, SD Jan 18-20 Contemplative Outreach StaffSt. MartinContact: Sr. Marmion HoweMonastery (605) 343-2688Venice, FL Jan 25-27 Fr. Carl Arico“Cloud of Contact: Betty ZoniaUnknowing” (941) 484-9543Belton, TX Jan 25-27 Barbara CookCedarbrake Women’s Retreat Contact: Barbara Cook(512) 347-9673Frenchville, PA Feb 1-2 Contemplative Outreach StaffBethany RetreatContact: Nicole FedderCenter (814) 263-4855Frenchville, PA Feb 1-3 Contemplative Outreach StaffBethany RetreatContact: Nicole FedderCenter (814) 263-4855Waldoboro, ME Feb 1-3 Contemplative Outreach StaffWellspringContact: Adele MilletteHouse of Prayer (207) 832-6263Seattle, WA Mar 1-3 Fr. Thomas KeatingSt. Thomas ChurchContact: Barbara Huston(206) 282-9076Waldoboro, ME Mar 1-3 Contemplative Outreach StaffWellspringContact: Adele MilletteHouse of Prayer (207) 832-6263Bellevue, WA Mar 1-3 Fr. Thomas KeatingSt. Thomas ChurchContact: Barbara Huston(206) 282-9076Melbourne, KY Mar 8-10 Contemplative Outreach StaffMoye Spiritual LifeContact: Nancy McLaughlinCenter (859) 441-0700 ext. 325Immaculata, PA Mar 8-10 Contemplative Outreach StaffVilla MariaContact: Sr. June MichaelSpirituality Center (610) 647-4136Encino, CA Mar 8-10 Contemplative Outreach StaffHoly SpiritContact: Sr. Linda SnowRetreat Center (818) 784-4515continued next page

12National Calendar of EventsContinued from page 11Burlingame, CA Mar 8-10 Contemplative Outreach StaffMercy CenterContact: Marguerite Buchanan(650) 340-7474Sewanee, TN Mar 10-12 Contemplative Outreach StaffSt. Mary’sContact: Carol WrayRetreat Center (615) 373-0613Burlingame, CA Jun 7-9 Contemplative Outreach StaffMercy CenterContact: Marguerite Buchanan(650) 340-7474Frenchville, PA Jun 12-15 Contemplative Outreach StaffBethany RetreatContact: Nicole FedderCenter (814) 263-4855Rapid City, SD Mar 21-23 Contemplative Outreach StaffMonasteryContact: Sr. Marmion HoweOf St. Martin (605) 343-6086Yorkshire, England Jun 22-23The BrieryContemplative Outreach StaffContact: Elizabeth Smith44-1772-629520Cullman, AL Apr 5-7 Bonnie ShimizuBenedictine Center Facilitator’s Contact: Sr. Mary McGeheeWorkshop (256) 736-5820Boerne, TX Apr 12-14 Contemplative Outreach StaffOmegaContact: Sr. Mary Agnes ZinniRetreat Center (830) 249-3894/816-8470Walden, NY Apr 19-21 Sr. Juanita MoralesSt. Andrew’sContact: Cathy McCarthyRetreat House (845) 778-2102Appingedam, Apr 24-26 Contemplative Outreach StaffThe NetherlandsContact: Sr. Anje & Sr. Debbie0596-623631Seattle, WA Apr 26-28 Contemplative Outreach StaffDiocesan HouseContact: David Murphy(425) 747-9936Lacey, WA May 3-5 Contemplative Outreach StaffSt. Placid’s PrioryContact: The Priory(360) 438-9236Waldoboro, ME May 3-6 Contemplative Outreach StaffWellspringContact: Adele MilletteHouse of Prayer (207) 832-6263Frenchville, PA May 17-18 Contemplative Outreach StaffBethany RetreatContact: Nicole FedderCenter (814) 263-4855Frenchville, PA May 17-19 Contemplative Outreach StaffBethany RetreatContact: Nicole FedderCenter (814) 263-4855Saginaw, MI May 17-19 Contemplative Outreach StaffQueen of AngelsContact: Nan SpenceRetreat Center (989) 791-7079Allenspark, CO Jun 7-9 Contemplative Outreach StaffSt. Malo CenterContact: Sr. Bernadette Teasdale(303) 698-7729Manhasset, LI, NY Jun 28-30 Contemplative Outreach StaffSt. IgnatiusContact: George GerardiRetreat Center (516) 431-6602Ferdinand, IN Jun 30-Jul 2 Contemplative Outreach StaffKordesContact: Kristine HarpeneauRetreat Center (800) 880-2777Winter Park, FL Jul 5-7 Fr. Thomas KeatingSan PedroContact: Jacquie BrinkmanRetreat Center(888) 321-5610 orBasha Perez (407) 869-0781Germantown, MD Jul 19-21 Contemplative Outreach StaffDayspring RetreatContact: Carol WilkinsonCenter (301) 428-9348Belton, TX Aug 2-4 Tim CookCedarbrakeMen’s Retreat Contact: Barbara Cook(512) 347-9673Burlingame, CA Aug 2-4 Contemplative Outreach StaffMercy CenterContact: Marguerite Buchanan(650) 340-7474Johannesburg, Aug 8-11 Contemplative Outreach StaffSouth AfricaContact: Maria McLoughlinCarmel Retreat Centre 011-27-11-803 1831Schuyler, NE Aug 22-26 Contemplative Outreach StaffSt. BenedictsContact: Eleanore McNultyCenter (402) 333-3819Walden, NY Aug 30-Sep 1 Contemplative Outreach StaffSt. Andrew’sContact: Cathy McCarthyRetreat House (845) 778-2102Yorkshire, England Aug 31-Sep 1 Contemplative Outreach StaffParcevall HallContact: Elizabeth Smith44-1772-629520

Intensive Centering Prayer RetreatsProvides an opportunity to immerse participants in the practiceof Centering Prayer as taught by Contemplative Outreach. The10 Day Intensive features Parts I,II,III of the “Spiritual Journey”Videotape Series by Fr. Thomas Keating. May be modified from5 to 10 days.5 Day Intensive RetreatsRapid City, SD Feb 20-24 Contemplative Outreach StaffMonasteryContact: Sr. Marmion Howeof St. Martin (605) 343-6086Dededo, Guam Jun 10-14 Contemplative Outreach StaffOur Lady of KamaliaContact: Sr. Marie BernadetteHouse of Prayer (671) 632-2384Dededo, Guam Jul 8-12 Contemplative Outreach StaffOur Lady of KamaliaContact: Sr. Marie BernadetteHouse of Prayer (671) 632-23846-7-8-9 Day Intensive RetreatsSewanee, TN Jan 6-13 Contemplative Outreach StaffSt. Mary’s 8 Day Contact: Carol WrayRetreat Center (615) 373-0613Walden, NY Feb 19-24 Contemplative Outreach StaffSt. Andrew’s 6 Day Contact: Cathy McCarthyRetreat House (845) 778-2102Alta, WY Apr 14-20 Contemplative Outreach StaffAltaContact: Rev. Sandra Casey-MartusRetreat Center (307) 353-8100Trappist, KY Apr 19-26 Contemplative Outreach StaffAbbey 8 Day Contact: Jean JohnsonOf Gethsemani (502) 549-3122Alta, WY May 19-25 Contemplative Outreach StaffAlta 7 Day Contact: Rev. Sandra Casey-MartusRetreat Center Clergy Only (307) 353-8100Alta, WY Jun 2-8 Contemplative Outreach StaffAlta 7 Day Contact: Rev. Sandra Casey-MartusRetreat Center (307) 353-8100Sewanee, TN Jun 9-16 Contemplative Outreach StaffSt. Mary’s 8 Day Contact: Carol WrayRetreat Center (615) 373-0613Cullman, AL Jun 24-Jul 1 Contemplative Outreach StaffBenedictine Center 8 Day Contact: Sr. Mary McGehee(256) 736-5820Immaculata, PA Jun 25-Jul 2 Fr. Carl AricoVilla Maria 8 Day Contact: Sr. Margaret GradlSpirituality Center (610) 644-1152 or 647-6630Encino, CA Jul 7-15 Bonnie ShimizuHoly Spirit 9 Day Contact: Sr. Linda SnowRetreat Center (818) 784-4515Melbourne, KY Jul 21-28 Fr. Bill SheehanMoye Spiritual Life 8 Day Contact: Nancy McLaughlinCenter (859) 441-0700 ext. 325continued next page13Alta, WY Aug 11-17 Contemplative Outreach StaffAlta 7 Day Contact: Rev. Sandra Casey-MartusRetreat Center (307) 353-810010 Day Intensive RetreatsSnowmass, CO Jan 8-17 Contemplative Outreach StaffSnowmass (Full: Waiting Contact: Rosy FernandezRetreat Center List Only) (970) 963-3964Snowmass, CO Feb 5-14 Contemplative OutreachSnowmass Gathering of Elders Contact: Rosy FernandezRetreat Center (970) 963-3964Temecula, CA Mar 4-13 Contemplative Outreach StaffVina DeContact: Fr. Justin LangilleLestonnac (619) 226-6000Belton, TX Mar 12-21 Fr. Carl AricoCedarbrake Lenten Contact: Barbara Cook(512) 347-9673Portland, OR Apr 5-14 Contemplative Outreach StaffShalom Prayer CenterContact: Marjorie Abramovitz(503) 292-0525Snowmass, CO Apr 9-18 Contemplative Outreach StaffSnowmass (Full: Waiting Contact: Rosy FernandezRetreat Center List Only) (970) 963-3964Waegwan, Apr 25-May 4 Contemplative Outreach StaffSo. KoreaContact: Sr. Ethel KimYeon Whari Retreat House 054-973-4835Snowmass, CO May 7-16 Contemplative Outreach StaffSnowmass (Full: Waiting Contact: Rosy FernandezRetreat Center List Only) (970) 963-3964Burlingame, CAMercy CenterMay 24-Jun 3 Sr. Suzanne Toolan &Sr. Marguerite BuchananContact: Sr. Marguerite Buchanan(650) 340-7474Snowmass, CO Jun 11-20 Contemplative Outreach StaffSnowmass (Full: Waiting Contact: Rosy FernandezRetreat Center List Only) (970) 963-3964Belton, TX Jun 11-20 Fr. Martin O’LaughlinCedarbrakeContact: Barbara Cook(512) 347-9673Dittmer, MO Jul 19-28 Fr. Carl AricoIl RitiroContact: Diane GuerraRetreat Center (314) 918-8288

14National Calendar of EventsContinued from page 13New Orleans, LA Jul 26-Aug 4 Contemplative Outreach StaffSpirit Life CenterContact: Daniel DeMersRosaryville (504) 394-1795St. Joseph, MN Aug 4-13 Contemplative Outreach StaffSt. Benedict’sContact: Sr. Rita BudigMonastery & Spirituality Center (320) 363-7115Advanced Centering Prayer RetreatsProvides an opportunity to deepen the practice of CenteringPrayer in an Atmosphere of silence and community support. TheAdvanced Intensive usually features Part IV of the “Spiritual Journey”Videotape series by Fr. Thomas Keating. Prior Centering PrayerRetreat experience required. May be 5, 8, 9 or 10 day.5, 8, 9, 10 Day Advanced RetreatsFrenchville, PA Mar 1-8 Contemplative Outreach StaffBethany Retreat 9 Day Contact: Nicole FedderCenter (814) 263-4855Winnipeg, Jun 21-28 Contemplative Outreach StaffManitoba 8 Day Contact: Sr. Catherine LabinowichSt. Benedict’s (204) 338-4601Post Intensive Centering Prayer RetreatsProvides an opportunity for intensive Centering Prayer, Lectio Divina,solitude and silence in community. Prior Centering Prayer Retreatexperience necessary. May be 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 or 10 day.5-6-7-8-9 Day Post IntensivesSewanee, TN Jan 6-13 Contemplative Outreach StaffSt. Mary’s 8 Day Contact: Carol WrayRetreat Center (615) 373-0613Walden, NY Feb 19-24 Contemplative Outreach StaffSt. Andrew’s 6 Day Contact: Cathy McCarthyRetreat House (845) 778-2102Alta, WY Mar 10-16 Contemplative Outreach StaffAlta 7 Day Contact: Rev. Sandra Casey-MartusRetreat Center (307) 353-8100Alta, WY May 5-11 Contemplative Outreach StaffAlta 7 Day Contact: Rev. Sandra Casey-MartusRetreat Center (307) 353-8100Sewanee, TN Jun 9-16 Contemplative Outreach StaffSt. Mary’s 8 Day Contact: Carol WrayRetreat Center (615) 373-0613Cullman, AL Jun 24-Jul 1 Contemplative Outreach StaffBenedictine Center 8 Day Contact: Sr. Mary McGehee(256) 736-5820Melbourne, KY Jul 21-28 Fr. Bill SheehanMoye Spiritual Life 8 Day Contact: Nancy McLaughlinCenter (859) 441-0700 ext. 325Honolulu, HI Aug 4-11 Contemplative Outreach StaffSt. Anthony’s 8 Day Contact: Susan ThornettRetreat Center(808)262-7487orthornetts002@hawaii.rr.coml0 Day Post IntensivesAmarillo, TX Mar 5-14 Contemplative Outreach StaffBishop DeFalco (Full: Waiting Contact: Pat JohnsonRetreat Center List Only) (970) 963-3964Belton, TX Mar 12-21 Fr. Carl AricoCedarbrake Lenten Contact: Barbara Cook(512) 347-9673Burlingame, CAMercy CenterMay 24-Jun 3 Sr. Suzanne Toolan &Sr. Marguerite BuchananContact: Sr. Marguerite Buchanan(650) 340-7474Belton, TX Jun 11-20 Fr. Martin O’LaughlinCedarbrakeContact: Barbara Cook(512) 347-9673Dittmer, MO Jul 19-28 Fr. Carl AricoIl RitiroContact: Diane GuerraRetreat Center (314) 918-8288Frenchville, PA Jul 24-Aug 3 Contemplative Outreach StaffBethany RetreatContact: Nicole FedderCenter (814) 263-4855Walden, NY Aug 16-25 Fr. Bill SheehanSt. Andrew’sContact: Cathy McCarthyRetreat House (845) 778-2102Snowmass, CO Aug 20-29 Contemplative Outreach StaffSnowmass (Full: Waiting Contact: Rosy FernandezRetreat Center List Only) (970) 963-3964Holy Week RetreatA celebration of the contemplative dimension of the Easter Triduum.Includes Centering Prayer, silent meditation periods, silence, LectioDivina and sharing.Walden, NY Mar 27-31 Fr. Carl AricoSt. Andrew’sContact: Cathy McCarthyRetreat House (845) 778-2102Frenchville, PA Mar 28-31 Contemplative Outreach StaffBethany RetreatContact: Nicole FedderCenter (814) 263-4855

Burlingame, CA Mar 28-31 Sr. Marguerite BuchananMercy CenterContact: Marguerite Buchanan(650) 340-747421-Day Centering Prayer Immersion RetreatUnique opportunity for those already established in CenteringPrayer to deepen the experience of living the commitment to thecontemplative dimension of the Gospel in daily life. Different themeand presenter each week.Walden, NYSt. Andrew’sRetreat HouseJan 12-Feb 1 Fr. Keating, Gail F. Hopler,David FrenetteContact: Cathy McCarthy(845) 778-2102Walden, NY Jun 1-21 Fr. Keating, Gail F. Hopler,St. Andrew’sDavid FrenetteRetreat HouseContact: Cathy McCarthy(845) 778-210230 Day Intensive RetreatAlta, WY Jun 29- Jul 29 Contemplative Outreach StaffAltaContact: Rev. Sandy Casey-MartusRetreat Center (307) 353-8100Formation for Contemplative Outreach ServiceProvides training and practice in interiorizing and communicatingthe essential elements of an Introductory Workshop on CenteringPrayer, as well as an opportunity to look at our own CenteringPrayer practice in light of the Essentials. Prerequisites are priorattendance at a 10 Day Intensive Retreat and the daily practiceof Centering Prayer. The Course includes Centering Prayer andpresentations by the staff and participants.Merseyside, May 2-9 Contemplative Outreach StaffEnglandContact: Elizabeth SmithLoyola Hall 44-1772-629520Dominican Republic May 17-24Fr. Carl AricoContact: Isabel de Marion Landais(809) 482-1710Seoul, Korea May 20-26 Contemplative Outreach StaffDivine WisdomContact: Sr. Mary David ChoiRetreat House 02-923-3547Alta, WY Jun 16-22 Contemplative Outreach StaffAltaContact: Rev. Sandra Casey-MartusRetreat Center (307) 353-8100Encino, CA Jun 30-Jul 5 Bonnie ShimizuHoly SpiritContact: Sr. Linda SnowRetreat Center (818) 784-4515Parish Missions/Retreats -Fr. Carl AricoContact: International Office Butler, NJ (973) 838-3384Feb 2-5St. Puis, Toledo, OHFeb 9-12St. Clements, Calhoun GAFeb 16-19 St. Anne, Wausaw, WI #2Feb 23-26St. Francis Paoli, Brooklyn, NYMar 2-5Our Lady Queen of Angels, Opelousas, LAMar 9-13St. Johns, Naples, FLMar 16-19 St. Josephs, Brookfield, CTApr 13-16 Immaculate Conception, Wolf Point, MTMay 4-7Holy Name, Delran, NJ15Nine Month Course:The Practice of Contemplative LivingAn ongoing process of formation enabling participants to createtheir own unique contemplative lifestyle in the contemporaryworld. Commitment is one weekend a month for nine months.Prayer, contemplative living and the integration of contemplationand activity are cultivated; the process is aided by the developmentof relational prayer through contemplative prayer practices. Forinformation contact:New York Cathy McCarthy 845-778-2102;Winter Park, Florida Jacquie Brinkman 888-321-5610Denver, Colorado Rose Meyler 303-863-0932The Living FlameA program on contemplative issues, designed to heighten theawareness of the dynamic of Centering Prayer in the context ofthe Spiritual Journey, offering guidance and intelligibility neededto stay faithful to the practice. It is an opportunity to receiveand share conceptual background at a deeper level, as well asexperiential insight, thus building a faith community committedto the Centering Prayer practice. Meets one Saturday a monthduring seven consecutive months. For information, contact MonicaFreeman (504) 924-3812.Contemplative Outreach Ltd. Study Program in theChristian Contemplative TraditionThe twelve week course is divided into two parts and coverscontemporary expressions of the Christian contemplativetradition and then reaches back, during the last six weeks tothe beginnings of the systematic practice of contemplativeprayer among the desert monks of Syria, Egypt and Palestine.Objectives of this course include facilitating a deeperunderstanding of the depth and richness of the Christiancontemplative tradition and the chance to engage the studymaterial beyond the intellectual level in order to find the livingtradition as we personally interact with it in our everyday lives.For more information, call Bonnie Shimizu (970) 927-3858or email – Menucha, WA Sep 8-15 Contemplative Outreach StaffRetreat CenterContact: Barbara Huston(206) 282-9076

16Resources Available from Contemplative Outreach, LtdPlease send me the following books:by Fr. Thomas Keating__ Active Meditations for ContemplativePrayer: $12.95 (HC)__ Awakenings: $12.95__ Crisis of Faith, Crisis of Love: $10.95__ Fruits and Gifts of the Spirit $12.00__ Heart of the World: $9.95__ Intimacy with God: $16.95__ Invitation to Love: $12.95__ Open Mind, Open Heart: $12.95__ Reawakenings: $12.95__ St. Therese of Lisieux: $10.00__ The Better Part: $14.95__ The Divine Indwelling (Keating, Ward,Butler, Cairns, Fitzpatrick-Hopler,Lawson): $10.00 NEW__ The Human Condition: $5.95__ The Kingdom of God is Like: $12.95__ The Mystery of Christ: $12.95by Fr. Carl Arico— A Taste of Silence: $14.95by Fr. Thomas Keating__ Journey to Contemplation: (8 tapes)$35.00__ Divine Therapy: (4 tapes) $27.50__ The Gift of Contemplation and the SpiritualJourney: (6 tapes) $32.50__ The Kingdom of God is Like: (4 tapes)$23.00__ The Contemplative Journey Vol. I andII: (24 tapes with Study Guide) (FormerlyThe Spiritual Journey): $168.00by Sr. Mary Margaret Funk__ Thoughts Matter: $12.95by Sr. Thelma Hall__ Too Deep for Words: $8.95by Robert J. Hope__ From the Center: $12.95by Paul D. Lawson__ Old Wine in New Skins- Centering Prayerand Systems Theory: $15.00 NEWby Father William Meninger__ Loving Search for God: $11.95__ Process of Forgiveness: $13.95by Fr. Thomas Keating__ Intimidad Con Dios: $13.95__ Invitacion A Amar: $12.95__ Mente Abierta, Corazon Abierto(New Edition): $14.95Libros Traducidos al EspanolAudio/CD/Video Order FormOr— The Contemplative Journey Vol. 1, Tapes1-12 with Study Guide (formerly The SpiritualJourney Parts 1 & II): $99.95__ The Contemplative Journey, Vol. II, Tapes13-24 with Study Guide (formerly TheSpiritual Journey Parts III & IV) $99.95by Fr. Carl Arico— The Power of Silence: (3 tapes): $18.00by Mary Mrozowski— Beyond Centering Prayer: (6 tapes) $31.00by Nan Merrill— Psalms for Praying: $16.95by Fr. Basil Pennington— Lectio Divina: $15.95by Elizabeth Smith and Joseph Chalmers— A Deeper Love: $10.95edited by Gus Reininger__ Centering Prayer in Life & Ministry: $11.95Spiritual Journey Handbooks:— Volume I: $14.95— Volume II: $14.95— Volume III: $14.95— Volume IV: $14.95 (Replaces Guidebook)__ Misterio de Cristo: $12.95by Sr. Mary Margaret Funk__ El Corazon en Paz: $14.95 *NEWCD__ 3 track Meditation Timer/Cello ContemporaryContemplative Music for CenteringPrayer: $12.00__ Cantico de Jerusalén (Spanish) chantingwith 20 and 40 minutes of silences: $10.00Videoby Thomas Keating__ Fruits of the Holy Spirit (single tape)$24.99__ Fruits of the Holy Spirit/Questions andAnswers: $24.99For the first item include $4.00 for postage and handling. For each additional item include an additional $0.50. Allorders should be accompanied by payment in full or credit card information. Make checks payable to: ContemplativeOutreach, Ltd.$________ TotalName ______________________________________________Check or money order enclosedStreet _________________________________________City ___________________State ________Zip_____________Charge to my credit card (minimum charge $10)Visa/Mastercard OnlyCredit Card No. __________________ Exp. Date_______Phone __________________________Resources on this page are available from ContemplativeOutreach Ltd. Please do not use this order form to order tapesdistributed by American Magnetic.Signature______________________________________Contemplative Outreach, Ltd.P.O. Box 737Butler, NJ 07405

17AMERICAN MAGNETIC MEDIA PRESENTSVideo and Audio Tape Collection by Contemplative Outreach1-800-USA-TAPE (1-800-872-8273)Tape Series with Fr. Thomas KeatingThe Spiritual Journey Series: (Video Only)Complete Series with Prologue and Parts 1, 2, 3, & 4 $649.74Complete Series without Prologue – Parts 1, 2, 3, & 4 $599.76Prologue: (2-tape set)*The Method of Centering PrayerThe Psychology of Centering Prayer $49.99Part 1: Developing Centering Prayer (6 tapes) $149.94Part 2: Model of the Human Condition (6 tapes) $149.94Part 3: Paradigms of the Spiritual Journey (6 tapes) $149.94Part 4: Contemplation-The Divine Therapy $149.94All tapes in the series may be purchased individually $24.99Spiritual Journey Handbooks Parts 1, 2, 3, or 4(correspond to each “part” in the series”) $14.95Set of all 4 Spiritual Journey Handbooks $59.80Six Follow-Up Sessions to the Introductory Workshop toCentering Prayer (Video Only)Tape 1 (two sessions)Session I: Prayer in SecretSession II: The Discipline of Centering Prayer $24.99Tape 2 (two sessions)Session III: What Centering Prayer Is Not andWhat It IsSession IV: The Basic Principles of Centering Prayer $24.99Tape 3 (two sessions)Session V: * The Method of Centering Prayer 1Session VI: *The Method of Centering Prayer 2 $24.99Special Price – Complete Set $64.99Contemplative Dimensions of the 12 StepsVideo AudioTape 1: Centering Prayer As An 11 th Step Practice $24.99 $11.95Tape 2: Human Condition and the First Two Steps $24.99 $11.95Tape 3: A Daily Practice of Transformation $24.99 $11.95Tape 4: Questions & Answers with Fr. Keating $24.99 $11.95Special Price – Complete Set $89.99 $47.00Other Tape SeriesChristian Contemplative Heritage-Our Apophatic Tradition–Locates Centering Prayer in the mainstream of the Christian ContemplativeHeritage.Video AudioIntroduction: Origins and Inspirations of Centering Prayer $24.99 $ 1 1 . 9 5(Frs. Keating, Meninger, & Pennington)Set I: *The Method of Centering Prayer and the Psychology $49.99 $32.95of the Spiritual Journey (Fr. Thomas Keating)Set II: An Overview of the Apophatic Tradition $49.99 $22.95(Fr. James Wiseman)Set III: The Monastic Heritage (Fr. Basil Pennington) $49.99 $22.95Set IV: Women Religious and the Contemplative Dimension $49.99 $22.95(Sr. Jeanne Knoerle, Sr. Patricia Benson)Set V: The Cloud of Unknowing (Fr.William Meninger) $59.99 $32.95Epilogue – Questions and Answers (Fr. Thomas Keating) $24.99 $11.95Complete Set $309.99 $122.95The Lectio Divina SeriesTapes 1 thru 4: Lectio Divina and the Senses of Scripture $24.99 ea $11.95 ea(Fr. Bruno Barnhart)Tape 5: Lectio Divina Tradition (Sr.Mary Margaret Funk, $24.99 $11.95Gail Fitzpatrick-Hopler; Fr. Bruno Barnhart)Tape 6: Lectio Divina Demonstration & Commentary $24.99 $11.95(Sr. Mary Margaret Funk)Tape 7: Centering Prayer and Lectio Divina $24.99 $11.95(Fr. Thomas Keating)Tape 8: Lectio Divina and the Spiritual Journey (Panel Fr. $24.99 $11.95Thomas Keating, Fr. Bruno Barnhard, Sr. Mary M. Funk)Complete Set $199.00 $95.00NEW: The Practices That Bring the Fruits of Centering PrayerInto Daily Life (Video Only)Tape 1: Contemplative Service-Intention/Attention Practice $24.99(with David Frenette)Tape 2: Lectio Divina Practice (with Fr. Carl Arico) $24.99Tape 3: The Prayer of Forgiveness (Sr. Bernadette Teasdale) $24.99Complete Set $74.97Other Videos with Fr. Thomas Keating (video only)Other VideosMary the Mother of God: A Model for Lay Contemplative Life $24.99 Transformation in Christ/Divine TherapyTransformation In Christ/St. Therese of Lisieux $24.99 (Gail Fitzpatrick Hopler) $24.99The Gifts of the Holy Spirit $24.99Centering Prayer Revisited $24.99 Fruits of the Holy Spirit (Fr. Carl Arico) $24.99Who Is Called to Contemplative Prayer $24.99* Same TapeTo Order Video and/or Audio Tapes:Call 1-800-USA TAPEClearly state if you are ordering audios, videos or both.Send Check or M/O to:A.M.M. 13892 E Smith Drive,Denver, CO 80011, Att: Order Dept.Visa/MC, Discover, American ExpressSHIPPING AND POSTAGE:All single orders for video tapes add $4.00Multiple Orders up to:Videotapes areavailable for RENTAL throughthe International Office.For information call:973-838-33846.00 add $1.49 35.01 to 50.00 add $6.506.01 to 25.00 add $3.50 50.01 to 75.00 add $7.5025.01 to 35.00 add $4.50 over 75.00 add $9.50

18C.O. Area/Regional ContactsUnited StatesAK Anchorage Kess Frey 907-338-2894AL Birmingham Aloysius Golden 205-592-3930AL Birmingham Caroline Humphreys 205-979-1159AL Cullman Sr. Mary McGehee 256-736-5820AR North Little Rock R. Scott Ogilby 501-835-2359AZ Scottsdale Denise Caldwell 480-970-6428AZ Tempe Jeanne Lashinske 480-423-1645AZ Tucson Frank Tuoti 520-749-3443CA Encino Sr. Linda Snow 818-784-4515CA Encino Carol Rome 818-386-9171CA Eureka Ken Meece 707-269-4245CA Hermosa Beach Tom Murdock 310-376-6616CA Hermosa Beach Rev. Paul Lawson 310-376-8989CA LaVerne Fr. Martin O’Loghlen 909-593-8494CA Long Beach Barbara Brown-Thompson 562-433-7901CA Los Angeles Sr. Catherine Bazar 323-222-5157CA Marina Del Rey Marie Howard 310-823-5863CA Orange David Hoover 714-744-3175 x4403CA Pleasanton Richard Wilder 415-462-7208CA Sacramento Liberty Kovacs 916-452-0483CA San Diego Fr. Justin Langille 619-226-6000CA San Francisco Mary English 415-282-8076CA San Francisco Mark Lodico 415-252-1667CA San Gabriel Rev. James Clark 626-282-5147CA San Jose Jean Ramacciotti 650-326-5256CO Breckenridge Jim Bernlohr 970-453-6003CO Boulder Barbara Hayden 303-494-2845CO Carbondale Rosy Fernandez 970-963-3964CO Clifton Pat Becker 970-434-8650CO Colorado Springs David Salamon 719-475-7011CO Colorado Springs Sr. Michele Fischer 719-473-5226CO Denver Rev. David Morgan 303-832-7309CO Denver Sr. Bernadette Teasdale 303-698-7729CO Denver John Congdon 303-355-1731CO Fort Collins Rosemary Kisling 970-225-6359CO Loveland Laura Campbell 970-461-4634CO Montrose Nick Cole 970-249-7355CO Snowmass Bonnie Shimizu 970-927-3858CT Greenwich Pat Castellano 203-531-6528DC Washington Janet Aldrich 301-540-3858FL Anna Maria Robert Fasulo 941-778-3091FL Boynton Beach Mary Anne Wagner 561-642-1872FL Boynton Beach Zoila Diaz 561-732-4424FL Bradenton Janet Gallagher 941-795-3991FL Cocoa Adalberto Henriquez 321-631-8040FL Miami Barbara Rietberg 305-386-7507FL So.Miami (Hispanic) Carmen Sanchez 305-661-6966FL Mount Dora Helen Williamson 352-735-0958FL New Smyrna Beach Jacquie Brinkman 888-321-5610FL Orlando (Hispanic) Ilse Reissner 407-767-8271FL Orlando Basha Perez 407-869-0781FL Satellite Beach Rosemary Van Pelt 321-777-3389FL St Petersburg Marjorie & John Rafftery 727-345-7908FL Venice Mimi & Terry Reilly 941-484-9543GA Atlanta Roseanne Havird 678-796-9158HI Honolulu Susan Thornett 808-262-7487HI Honolulu Dr.Cathie Jordan 808-988-7265IA Clarksville Rev. David Walters 563-278-4224IA Des Moines Rev Dan Krettek 515-282-4839IA Fairfield Rev Stephen Page 515-472-3179IA Iowa City Mary Merkel-Hess 563-338-9128IA Long Grove Lolita Dierickx 563-285-7242IL Chicago (Southern) George Cairns 773-752-5757 x 235IL Chicago (NW Suburbs) Margie Tomlinson 847-391-0997IL Chicago Sr. Benita Jasurda 630-969-7040(Far Western Suburbs)IL Chicago (Central) Dr. Joan Monego 708-453-4007IL Chicago (North Shore) Joseph Sandman 847-486-1737IL Chicago Patrick Uhm 847-676-0200(Asian Communities)IL Moline Sr. Audrey Cleary 319-333-6189IL Oak Park Fr. Joseph Ruiz 708-848-4417IL Peoria Sr. Catherine Cleary 309-693-7063IL Springfield Sr. Helen Horne 217-787-0481IN Beech Grove Sr. Carol Falkner 317-788-7581IN Beverly Shores George Cairns 219-878-9781(Northern IN)IN Ferdinand Sr. Kristine Harpeneau 800-880-2777x290IN Greenwood Laurel Simon 317-887-0462KS Wichita Dan Rensel 316-838-4751KY Burlington Gina Linnemann 859-689-5859KY Louisville Dennis Skelton 502-897-7738KY Melbourne Nancy McLaughlin 859-441-0679KY New Haven Jean Johnson 502-549-3122LA Baton Rouge Monica Freeman 225-924-3812LA Houma Sr. Fionnuala Quinn 504-850-3444LA Lake Charles Barbara Tomme 337-855-4239LA New Orleans Daniel DeMers 504-394-1795MA Acton Frank Powaza 978-263-0639MA Amherst Connie Daniel 413-256-1369MA Andover Sr. Lorraine Pianka 978-458-5750MA Lowell Fr. William Sheehan 978-454-0039MA Rockport Robert Hope 978-546-6044MA Taunton Ethel Fraga 508-822-2410MA West Chatham Kathleen Rhinesmith 508-945-5092MD Germantown Ronald Barnett 301-540-2693ME Waldoboro Adele Millette 207-832-6263MI Adrian Carol DiMarcello 517-263-0828MI Detroit Fr. Ken McKenna 517-592-8218MI Grosse Pt Bernadette Thibodeau 313-882-4824MI Haslett Bella Mody 517-339-1647MI Saginaw Nan Spence 989-791-7079MN Chasset Nicholas Eltgroth 218-328-6396MN Duluth Meridith Schifsky 218-525-9363MN Mendota Heights Yong Chin Denn 651-306-0348MN Staples Carol Weber 281-894-3631MN St Joseph Sr. Katherine Howard 320-363-7187MN St. Paul Sr. Virginia Matter 651-777-7251MO Nixa Gary Johnson 417-724-9598MO St. Louis Susan Komis 888-350-5088MO St. Louis Diane Guerra 314-918-8288MO St. Louis Renee Bennett 314-918-8288MS Jackson Sr. Therese Jacobs 601-981-3567MT Missoula Jean Woessner 406-721-3540NC Asheville Steve Rainey 828-689-2343NC Hendersonville Joe Lancaster 828-625-9753NC Cary John Kelsey 919-467-0045NC Chapel Hill Jim Biggins 919-969-9604NC Charlotte Barbara Rockett 704-540-2570NC Raleigh Flo Hartye 919-876-8935NC Winston-Salem Joan Ricci Thome 336-765-0865NE Gering Joe & Pat Masek 308-436-8215NE Omaha Sharon Anderson 402-346-8429NE Omaha Eleanore McNulty 402-333-3819NH Manchester Sr. Maryann Laughlin 603-627-9493NJ Bayonne Therese Saulnier 201-436-8256NJ Eatontown Marianne Daley 732-542-0264NJ Medford Doris Curley 609-654-3417NJ Rancocas Sr. Marcy Springer 609-877-0509NM Albuquerque Sr. Amata Dawson 505-877-4211NM Sante Fe Susan Rush 505-466-4527NY Albany Bruce Gardiner 518-325-5546NY Bayville Paula Hastings 516-628-3486NY Brooklyn Dr. William Fredrickson 718-499-7366NY Buffalo Sr. Dorothy Feltz 716-895-2591NY Buffalo Msgr. David Gallivan 716-847-6930

19NY East Meadow Anne Mazza 516-794-8233NY Franklin Square Barbara Sullivan 516-481-0472NY Hartsdale Thomas Skinner 914-328-0420NY Manhattan James Marsh 718-335-7056NY Manhattan Tony Russo 212-285-1296NY Mt. Tremper Ann Gallagher 845-338-1829NY New Rochelle Elena Green 914-235-0313NY Nyack Sr. Rose Vermette 914-358-4040NY Orchard Park Br. John Crocker 716-667-6311NY Port Chester Joseph Zepf 914-937-2168NY Walden Cathy McCarthy 845-778-2102NY Warwick Susan Supak 845-986-4975NY Whitestone Fr. Robert Cheesman 718-321-1096OH Cincinnati Susan Tew 513-871-8270OH Cleveland Kay Powers 216-932-8911OH Cleveland Fr. William Fickel 440-442-3411OH Waynesville Gerry McLaughlin 513-897-4012OR Ashland Rev Jack & Bev Gorsuch 541-552-1974OR Beaverton Virginia Graham 503-645-3448OR Mt. Angel Sr. Antoinette Traeger 503-845-2786PA Altoona Rev. Mark Begley 814-942-5503PA Erie Mary Dwyer 814-838-6469PA Erie Sr. Rita Panciera 814-456-1802PA Frenchville Sr. Therese Dush 814-263-4855PA Lancaster Elise Kandel 717-290-7889PA Philadelphia Sr. Margaret Gradl 610-644-1152PA Pittsburgh Jeane Kish 412-279-9505PA Pittsburgh Rev Francis Meenan 412-761-6651SC Greenville Judy Lineback 864-246-3973SD Rapid City Sr. Marmion Howe 605-343-2688TN Chattanooga Rev. Margaret Mullen 423-877-2428TN Knoxville Fr. Terry Ryan 423-523-7931TN Memphis Sr. Joann Mascari 901-274-2914TN Nashville Carol Wray 615-373-0613TN Pulaski Sr. Jean Tavin 931-363-5776TX Austin Tim & Barbara Cook 512-347-9673TX Dallas Area Sandra Guancial 972-771-0173TX Dickinson (Hispanic) Jose Castro 281-337-1312TX Fort Worth Rev. Timothy Thompson 817-284-4811TX Fredericksburg Tim Koock 830-997-9728TX Houston Fred Eckart Jr. 888-526-9186TX Houston Drue Pollan 713-218-9670TX San Antonio Rev. Homer Bain 210-616-0885UT Salt Lake City Theresa Brown Bell 801-596-8902VA Charlottesville Jody Blatz 804-973-9590VA Richmond April Swofford 804-648-7678VA Roanoke Rev. John Runkle 540-343-0159WA Sammamish Ruth Dundon 425-427-9290WA Seattle Barbara Huston 206-282-9076WA Spokane Gary & Lynnette Meisen-Vehrs 509-325-1909WI Milwaukee Sr. Kathryn Ann Kobelinski 414-282-7310WI Milwaukee Barbara Prendergast 414-964-1268WI Sister Bay Anne Egan 414-854-5755WY Alta Rev. Sandy Casey-Martus 307-353-8100WY Cheyenne Shelley Adams 307-634-4832WY Cheyenne Sr. Therese Steiner 307-778-8778C.O. Contacts Outside the United StatesAUSTRALIAClaremont Fr. Douglas Conlan 0119147381449Connolly Rev. Gerry Doyle 0116193003035Hilton Stephen & Mandy Skipper 0116193355541Rivervale Philip Carrier 0116194575493Trigg David & Christina Rushton 0116194472342BAHAMASNassau Sr. Annie Thompson 242-323-5517BRAZILBelo Horizonte-Minas GeraisJandira Soares Pimentel 011-55-31-3378-7624CANADAToronto, Ontario Carolyn Gratton 416-922-6451Winnipeg Sr Catherine Labinowich 204-338-4601DOMINICAN REPUBLICSanto Domingo Isabel de Marion Landais 809-482-1710Santo Domingo Vicky Brache de Acra 809-562-2214EL SALVADORSan Salvador Leila de Membreno 11-50-326-33402ENGLANDIsle of Wight Ian Wilson 011-44-1983-529659Nr Preston Pat & Joe Finn 011-44-1772-813421Preston Mrs. Elizabeth Smith 011-44-1772-629520Sheffield Sylvia Jones 0-114-2886885W. Yorkshire Ann O’Donnell 011-44-113-226-1396GUAMDededo Sr. Bernadette Marie 671-632-2384Leon GuerreroIRELANDWexford Fr. Thomas Brennan 011-35-353-24368Wexford Fr. Tom Dalton 011-35-353-22055Wexford Sr. M. Dolores 011-35-354-66634Wexford Sr. Ita Miller 011-35-353-33580NORTHERN IRELANDStrabane, Co. Tyrone Fr. Declan Boland 011064828375MALAYSIAKula Lumpur Lawrence Wong 6-03-2562549Kula Lumpur George Chang 6-03-77854675MEXICOMetepec (Hispanic) Judith Bernal 011-52-7-271-1703NETHERLANDSAppingedam Sr. Ange van der Pers 011-31-59-662-3631Diemen Anneke Smit 011-31-20-416-0233Dwingeloo Ernst van Gulik 011-31-521-522103Heemstede Joan Heldring 011-31-23-528-8217Lelystad Kees Sybrandi 011-31-320-252416Stadskanaal Jorg Buller 011-31-118617804Tytsjerk Joke Van Doorn 011-31-511-432787Veendam Dick van Vliet 011-31-598-622731NICARAGUAAida Maria Herdocia 011-505-276-0244PHILIPPINESMakati Grace Padilla 011-632-8109573Makati Lita Salinas 011-632-468108825PUERTO RICOSan Juan Maria Luisa Ason 787-753-0758SINGAPOREPerindu Cecilia Ee 011-65-241-2663SOUTH AFRICACapetown Urs & Dawn Geiges 011-27-21-761-9337Grahamstown Wendy Sweetman 011-27-46-636-1002Johannesburg Pat Pearce 011-27-11-884-4136Pretoria Sr. Francis Grogan 011-27-12-343-0111Durban Denise Allen 011-27-31-702-9590Rivonia Maria McLoughlin 011-27-11-803-1831SOUTH KOREASeoul Sr. Marie David Choi 011-822-923-3547SWITZERLANDGeneva Charles Christophi 011-41-22-707-0830

Contemplative Outreach NewsA SEMI-ANNUAL NEWSLETTER FOR THE GROWING CONTEMPLATIVE OUTREACH COMMUNITY WORLD-WIDE.Contemplative Outreach Vision StatementContemplative Outreach is a spiritual network of individuals andsmall faith communities committed to living the contemplativedimension of the Gospel in everyday life through the practiceof Centering Prayer. The contemplative dimension of theGospel manifests itself in an ever-deepening union with theliving Christ and the practical caring for others that flowsfrom that relationship.Our purpose is to share the method of Centering Prayer andits immediate conceptual background. We also encouragethe practice of Lectio Divina, particularly its movement intoContemplative Prayer, which a regular and established practiceof Centering Prayer facilitates.We identify with the Christian Contemplative Heritage. Whilewe are formed by our respective denominations, we are unitedin our common search for God and the experience of the livingChrist through Centering Prayer. We affirm our solidarity withthe contemplative dimension of other religions and sacredtraditions, with the needs and rights of the whole human family,and with all creation.Networking, Resources, and WorkshopPresenters are available at theContemplative Outreach InternationalOffice. For more information contact:Contemplative Outreach Ltd.International OfficeP.O. Box 737 - 10 Park PlaceSuite 2BButler, New Jersey 07405Tel: 973-838-3384Fax: 973-492-5795Editor: Susan SupakDesign/Layout: Beth GouldContemplative Outreach Ltd.International OfficeP.O. Box 737 - 10 Park PlaceSuite 2BButler, New Jersey 07405NONPROFIT ORG.U.S. PostagePAIDCincinnati, OHPermit No. 4742Postmaster: Address Correction Requested

Contemplative Outreach, Ltd.International OfficeP.O. Box 737Butler, NJ 07405Contemplative Outreach News___ My comments and suggestions are enclosed.___ My email address is enclosed.___ Please remove my name from your mailing list.

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