Electric Locomotives


Electric Locomotives

Import during 1960sIndigenous Development during 1970-1990WCAM2: Year 19905000 HP,AC-DC120 KmphWAM4: Year 19703400 HP ,AC110 KmphWAM1/WAM2/WAM32800 HP AC , 110 kmphWAP3 : Year19873900 HP ,AC160 KmphWAP4:Year 19905000 HP, AC ,140 Kmph

Up-gradation of Technology : RDSO’s EffortsDesign and development ofSilicon Diode Rectifiers in place ofMercury Arc RectifierCo-Co , High Adhesion Bogies in lieu ofB-B/Bo-Bo BogiesRoller Bearings to replace Plain sleevebearings for Axle Boxes and MotorSuspensionDual brake conversion

Work Horses of Indian RailwaysFreight : 5000 HP 100 kmph WAG7Fabricated high adhesion BogieStatic ConvertersMicroprocessor based Controland Fault Diagnostics SystemPassenger : 5000 HP 140 kmph WAP4CO-CO Flexi coil Mark 1 Cast BogiesRoof Mounted DBRsStatic ConvertersMicroprocessor based Control andFault Diagnostics System

Cable headterminationin place ofcondenserbushings6P Conversionof locomotivesCondition Monitoring ofTransformers and tap changerswith DGA , traction motorsVacuum CircuitBreaker in place ofAir Blast CBSmoothingreactor(SL-30) in place ofearlier SL-42Electron Beam irradiatedCross Linked Cables-lowtoxicity , halogen freeand fire retardantRockwellTechnology forcasting of Co-Co BogieImproved insulationschemes for TractionMotors andTransformers

Metallised carbon strips inpantographLow maintenance batteries :avoiding toping up of waterMicroprocessorbased control &fault diagnosticsystemHigh sumpcapacitycompressorsTri-plate Panelmountedpneumatic brakeequipmentsRoofMountedDBR180 KVA StaticInverter in place ofrotary ARNO converter

Air dryersimprovedreliability of valvesVigilance Control DeviceTwin beam head light with DC-DC converter and LED basedFlasher and Marker LightsUSFD of Axles andShaftsSAFETYRoller bearings in place of plainsleeve suspension bearings fortraction motors and axle boxesMicroprocessor basedspeed cum EnergyMonitoring SystemNDT for Critical BogieItems

ReliabilityMeasuresMaintainabilityMeasuresSafetyMeasuresMean Km betweenFailures : 50K to 0.5 mKmAvailability of Locosincreased from 79% to91%Major Overhauls after1.2 m Km as against 0.6m Km earlyOn-time performance ofPassenger Trains:improved by 25%Enhanced Safety Record

Acquisition of Thryristorised Locos : 1980WAG6A : 6280HP , 100 kmph6 Locomotives from M/s ASEA,SwedenBo-Bo-Bo BogieType L3 M 450-2 Traction Motorfully suspendedWAG6B&C : 6050HP , 100 kmph6 Locomotives each from M/s SumitomoCorp, JapanBo-Bo-Bo & Co-C0 bogieType HS 15556-OIR & HS 15256-UIRHitachi Traction MotorNot pursued further due to availability of better three phasetechnology and obsolescence of thryristorised technology

Indigenous Design and Development in 2000Import during 1996WAP72000Passenger :6000 hp Co-Co BogieWAG9HFreight : WAG9 , 6000 hp2001Freight :6000 hp Max Tractive Effort: 52 tPassenger : WAP5 , 6000 hpHigh TorqueTractionMotors

RDSO’s EffortsIndigenisation of Loco Equipments :75 %Import substitutionUp-gradation of SoftwareDesign and development of Speed Sensorsfor better Slip Slide ControlMeasures to improve the Reliability ofTraction MotorsDesign and development of High TorqueTraction motors : Max Torque- 10,300 Nm inplace of existing 9200 Nm to haul 5200 tloads at 1: 150 gradient

Area of Co-operationTraffic Projection in 2011-12Freight Traffic : 1100 million tonnes (MT) from existing726 MTPassenger Traffic : 880 billion passenger Km (BPK)from existing 700 BPK.Requirement to increase Average speed of freight trainsHigh Horse power ,energy efficient,individual axlecontrol, high adhesion freight locos for Higher Throughput and optimisation of line Capacity .High Speed ,energy efficient, individual axle controlpassenger locos for 225 kmph /300 kmph

Area of Co-operationIGBT Technology for Power and AuxiliaryConvertersHigh speed and High Adhesion BogiesHigh Reach Pantographs for Double StackContainersIndividual Axle Drive with better AdhesionControlReliable Three phase Traction Motors

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