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LETTERS CONT.tear Dickheads,We are writing to thank themplewho brough t MaggiesDreamad( to Salt Lake City, and sing theraises of an excellent peifomane.)r thoseof you who didn't stay,., .he opening band, you missedone of the best show of the year.Even with technical difficulties,MaggiesDream blazed through theiroriginal blend of psychedelic-funkrock.We appreciate the band goingout of their way to make Salt Lakepart of th&r tour route.Despite the ignorant, poor,whitetrash antics of Born Skinheadand his band of racist pigs, they willbe back!!!If you missed theshow, do yourselfa favor, experience the musicand listen to the words.With Satisfaction,Jesse atid BonanzaHey Listen! Listen! Listen!,You bullethead, what do youmean Is The Draft Slavery? Whatelse do they need, tattooed numberson your, mists? Cremation chambers?YES, it is.'the draft @ the government'sway of getting America's unfortunates(not blithering rich) to go fightfor the rich, or else. Remember DanQuayle?And what for? Why die for abarrel of oil in kitty-litter land? Idon't have a car that consumes oil,nor am I going to get one. I havenicehealthy leg that carry me everywhereI need to go, and I will bedamned if I am going to fight thatdamn war that's noneof our damnedbusiness anyway.-Besides ... I don't see any pollticiansin their three-piece suits withcombats, shaved heads and M-16'sin line to fight for the right to drive acar I probably bought for the bastardswith my tax es......Michael, Son of GodDear Slug Readers,A rare and important visitor willwander into town on January 26,1991. I call her opportunity. Do notpass her by without even so much asa nod or smile. Our chance to speakout against the government a&-with her. Gather at the StateCapitolat noon on the 26th for a Pro &oicerally. Even if youdonotgiveadamnabout this issue, show up anyway tohelp stop the govemment from takingaway another of our legal rights.Do not allow the aristocracy to forcetheir religious morals upon you.In 1973, ahistoricSupremeCourtcase provided constitutional protectionfor reproductive freedom byruling the govemment .DID NOThave the authority to restrSct or outlawabortion. Since then, innumerableattempts have been made toreverse this decision.On December 8,1990, over onethousand peopleassembled to speakout against Bush's war in the Middle~ast.youma~ have heard about thatprotest march on your idiot box (akatelevision)). Why not make an appearanceyourself this time? Let'ssee if we can get more than a thousandout there. ,See you on the 26th, and remember,Ro Choice does not mean prdabortion. It means 711 make my oumdecision, and pu can fick off if youwant to control my life."South Side Pata F- AND HIS DUDEBUDDY HANK 1. ~ \ T J w Y ~ $ ~ F ~ ~l~\T1~ltlT 'l'IIIJltSl~~~lT NICII'I'IDUSTRIAL DANCE MUSICI ALL AGES WELCBME 1

PAGE GRECORDWhat's New At.. . plIf you haven't taken time to check out the world of 4AD, now is theperfect chance. England's small but powerful label ls very busy this Fall witha whole plethora of new releases and concert tours, many of the bands nothaving been in America before. 4AD has always been an innovator in thebus, The Birthday Party, ThrowingMuses and even BulgarianVoices. So check out some oftheii other offerings:DEAD CAN DANCEAvbnDon't be frightened bytheir name. Dead Can Dance, contains versions of songfrom the 14th and 16th cen-I/ turies as ,well as original''pieces of interpretations ofthe same period. 'heir isplenty of Latin text andsound Ffluences rangingfrom Gregorian chants tochamber music and bagpipes.Brendan Perry andLisa Gerrard, the core of theband, take equal tums withthe vocals. As always, Brendadssongs are strong andfervent, his voice dean andsharp. His singing ringsespecially true on thesongs'FortunePresentsGiftsNot Amording To The Book"'REVIEWSand "Blacksun." LisaGerrardshowsoffher vocal talentinlanguagesdeadandlivingalike. hcetheir Brst "hit,"'Rontia," Lisa has shown thatwhatever the language and culture.Dead Can Dance take pieces of timeand history and mixes them tegether, creating new worlds out ofold; piecing together dreams out ofword and song.CO-U TWINSHem Or Las VegasHaving a baby changes people.When two of those people lead aband that's always been at the forefrontof innovation, then you canexpect to feel that change in theirmusic. Heam Or Ims Vegps showcasesa more mature Cocteau Twins,the proud parents of a baby daugh-ter. Liz Frazer's vocals are deeperand richer, partly due to the fact thatshe was pregnant during much ofthe recording. The album was releasedon the 1st birthday of Liz andRobin Guthrie's daughter and Is afitting tribute to their child. TheCocteau's have grown up, and thenew album has a maternal edge onit, a feeling of post-modern lullabies.Wolf At The Breast" has lyrics suchas "My baby's'cry' and the title is anobvious reference to motherhood"Pitch TheBabf' also brings to mindvision@ of parental concern. Othertitles are mare Coaeauesque such as"Fotzepolitic," "Iceblink lucl"Frou-Fiou Foxes In MidsummerFires," as well as the two fabulous b-sides to the "Iceblink Luck" single,

RECORD REVIEWSWatchlar" and "Mizake The Mizan."The accompanying music isstill .etherid and surrealistic as always,a trademark of the CocteauTwins and the 4AD label in general.Liz sings almost intelligibly now,her language reflecting the overallgrowth of the band. Lyrics are somewhatdiscernable but still leave momfor doubt and interpretation, fuelingthe desire tolisten over and overagain to gain meaning from them.When it comes right down to thech&g, I'll take Las Vegas overHeaven any day.HIS NAME ISaALIVELimniaIn the world of 4AD, His NameIS Alive would live on the same sideof town as Dead Can Dance andCocteau Twins, but closer to ThisMortal Coil-maybe on the othersideof the tracks, "where wild thingswere once."On first listen, this latest additionto the 4AD family sounds simplisticand barren. A layer of disembodiedvoices floating over a deserted musical wasteland. But oncloser scrutiny, the background isalive, squirming with sound, noiseand music It moves with unrelentingfervor, not distracting from the'Voices but intertwining with them,crawling on top of them and overthem and through them. Vocals andsound combine in haunting melodies,ghostly Epiphanies of inspiration-"The darkest dreams/ are theones that come true / and are givenaway /caughtbetweenmeand you"Flesh and phantom inhabit this album,nwer knowing what is realand what is a dream. "l dreamedthat one had died / in a strange place/ they had nailed the boards / overthe face." His Name Is Alive are thefresh immortals, trapped titans,fighting to free themselves, "dyingout and leaving home." Step into theother worldliness of Livonia, nolonger found in Michigan, but inanother dimension. "We may onlyonce divide the / pain and darknessdeep inside us."PIXIESDig For FireThis is the second single off thePixies Bossanom album. Black Francistalks/slngs his way through theverseasonlyhecan.Heistheepiccourt poet spinning yarns for ourentertainment. Joined on the chorusby Kim Deal, the earnestness withwhich he tells his tale is apparent asthey "Dig For Rre." Pixies' guitarsare brash and the drums are steadyas the taleunfolds. "Are youlookingfor the mother load?" Frands queries."I'm digging for fire." VelvetyInstrumental Version" "Winterlongis a ballad sung by Frands and Deal,with the familiar acolistic guitarstrumming and the insane, maniccrunch of Joey Santiago playing1eads"I've seen him play guitar aswell. "Santo" is a return to the daysof Surfrr Rosa and Comc S)n Pilpm,as the Pixies take up their secondlanguage singing again in S*,reminiscent of Francis's days spentinPuertoRico. Itisaraunchy,mostlyacoustic number, with Deal droningin the background, "!jaIIto ... Santo."If you .."., ,., ... "PAGE 6IWHERE CAN YOU BUY A CFOR UNDER $10.00? ..... AT G,. ( Specializing in a large selection of Imports IISame week ordering on most CompactDiscs, if not in stockLarge selection of used Compact Discs.IWE BUY, SELL, AND TRADEUSED COMPACT DISCSI Salt Lake cltYt.=// I248 South 1300 East 583-9626Ogden4300 Harrison Blvd. 399-0609Provo1774 N. University Parkway 373-7733singles and EP, the Lush album may"be a bit offor two naif you already-have the ~elodiMaker/Rough Trade compilation.)Otherwise, this is a &ance to saveyourself foq dollars and hallyenjoy all the sugar coated candystrains of Lush on one disc. Producedby Robin Guthrie of Cocteau 2Twins, Lush h& that same etherealsound, bu! with more inhicate gui- I WANT YOU TO HAYEtars and heavier melodies. If cottoncandy was still soft and sticky butweighed the same as lead, it wouldsound like Lush. The new song, aremake of "Hey Hey Helen" couldvery Well be mistaken for a Lushsong. Just like their version of"Chirpy Cl!+y Cheep Cheep" (onthe Alum L~ues m Lcad compilation),Lush takes the music and pulls it likeItaffy until it's soft and chewy but Womens and Mens Consignment Clothing and Stuffstill full of substance and loaded Check Out Our Selection of Leather Jacketswith sweetness (andlight). Even afterowning all the other Lush stuff, it'sstill well worth the money spent.f -----------------Matt Taylor Any item over $4.99 - limit one per purchase1 1 7 1 East 300 South 355-25 12$3.00 off with thissad >\-----------,---- J

PAGE 8JANUARY'S COVER"We woddn't saw no to'lvo, by Lara Bringard photos by Mike Johnsonvmduced the ClashBAND 18parhnt than what a r e d company Wiaka iI,marketable?"Sure, especially if they're just distributingit,"said Fogg. "You 1yingbastard.Ryley dumpedall the mnga the recurd company didn't lii and'zpt all the ones they did like," blurted aut Bray."Not all of them, W) kept Anastasia,"Fogg defended, to which someone reqionded,"You fuckin' rebel!""So you're catering to the record company,"Bray asked Fog& "Yes," he soundly replied."In a sense, because they didn8twant the" .other mg. It's not lih we mid 'Oh; they like...thatonelel's wrltemare~stlikeil',"midHen~e,1who has been in the band since its inception inNwember of 1986.#.::". .t'',..:':.,.:, :, .',:.'...Foglt dl1 trying todefend his position to~i~~~.i~~o~g&~,~t~~rwad+ubccan~c hy, mid, "we liked .pretty much the same 'Id;i^s$~tcrcstcdaitd~lcft tlic band: Fogg ~ n Iicn* di,i&$ii. thc only orfgi$i%ymcmbi .re:ILft ..:.. .... : 111 tllc.........$&&*

PAGE !MORMON UPDATESeason's Greetings, brothers clear the church of any connection blind faith? other New Year's RSO- reason. If you don't tell your baop3 andsistemIamdeep~ygratifiedto with thiswrong-doing.Thiswas l ~ ~ ~ ~ o ~ k a S f ~ ~ ~ ~know that the Lord's and my guid- simply an inddent. In do way does more grabeful of what You have, mercy of the on Judgement1 ance has helpd you through Ib- this sort of unthinkablesinning take .p"d more Me M Y ' h a m D.Y ef nemer).other year. Due to the astounding placewithmemberaingospelstand- other's problems instead of your Don't allow your daydreamsgifts the Father has given me, I ing. What Spence did was strictly OW". and be more cautious of aP ofw~1dl~ha~~totakehuppose I have taken it upon myself prohibited. pearances. If you cHn live a sin-free yourMe.Ithashappenedb90manyIo beoome a shepherd to you--a sort N~~ that we have that sti&y life, these resolutim be SIC- and look at what happens to them.&martyr. Weallmust doourpart to subject out of the way, we can move cesd. Chaos. Bear down, brothers andsuffer greatly for the church. My on to bigger and better things. It is The beginning of the year is an sistenr. Keep fighting wrongness1 suffering canes through giving so time to talk about New Year's r- excellent time to Y a church with W-8 YOU to offer-.r of myself. lutioIls. ~~t offidal and repent of all those dig- don't youwanttobeoneofthemeekI don't think fore we talk obedient thing YOU did over the that inherits the d? Until nextt would be fair if I about what reso- past year. For me, it's much easier to month.didn't address the lutfons to make not sin in the first place. That way I Uncle EzraI SPsa Klnrvrd this year, let's never have to feel guilty fm, anyssue. It's ratherlook back to lasthard for me to talkyear's and seehut it due to thehow we did. Likespiritual conyran-usual, all of myionship we onceresolutions fromshsed. He was alast year were aman of divine in-complete sucsight.But it wascess.Thereisonlyhis love for worldly beauty that cost one reason why our spiritual and WORK THAT SPEAKS FOR ITSELF1him his sod WhfieTdiZtSEterated temp70 g~~~~~Iwith that self-indulgent harlot, he Failing yourself isGod's way of pun-STERILE METHODS PRIVACY BRiiLiANT COLORSalso volunteered himself to the' ishing you for sinning.COVER-UPS CUSTOM & TRADITIONAL COSMETICHomed One. One can't be as close to For this years resolutions, al-BODY PIERCING GOLD AS CASH CASH TRADESthe veil as 5pence was without low me to make some suggestions.TDD Caoabiiitiestemptation. This one hits too close The one that should beon the topofto home.your list should be to become self-It is certainly not my intention less. As we all know, it is the meek 1103 So. State 475 N. Yellowstonehere to clear Spence's name. He who shall inherit the earth. It's defi- Salt Lake City, Utah 84111 Idaho Halls, ID 83401defecated in his own nest, now he nitely not very meek to always have (801) 531-8863 (208) 522-5640must deep in It. My intention is to toquestion everything. What about STATE APPROVED, OLDEST ESTABLISHED SHOP IN UTAH-1- -- - --- gepproniw-------f BIG WHEEL DEAL! 3 f

'':::-!--I ** -. a -. .PAGE 10MUSICIAN TIPSAC AdviceRent anAss-Kickin'Reader'sPriceII.- We also.haveIIMarshall Stacks Monster PA Systems ,Killer-Bass Rigs Wireless MikesMixers ~rn~1ifiers.e !And Much More :OR bdT A 4-Tkn~nc~u~u~nFOR $20 A DAY WITH THIS ADI: I: Progressive Music Rentals342 East 300 South.I364-11461 ' 1 60 EAST 8-H * 533-0340 4 voltageII]IIIIIFmwithout bechicity there would be no rock n' roll, so it seems safe to saythat electricity is a necessary evil. In order to underetand how AC eff&your sound system, it needs to be understood how the basis of electridtyfunction.Pidure a garden hose with water running through it. Electridby ismeasured it ampheres (amps) mush the same way as water is measured ingallons. The pressure at which electricity moves is measured in volts, aswater pressure is measured in WATTS. For instance, on the back of a poweramp, it may have a tag near the power cord that states 120VAC/300 Watts.THIS IS NOT THE POWER OUTPUT OF THE AMPLIFIER! It is merely amethod of determining the amount of power that the amp will require tooperate properly. The &y that this translatesinto thenmkthata power service needs to haveis foolows; Usinn the 120VAC/200 Watt am^. IGe need to determine the number of amp Get the unit requires for fApower. Divide thenumber of watts by thevoltage (300 Watts divides by 120volk2.5 amps.) Some amps list the amperage but not the wattage, so if thisis the case, simply multiply the voltage by the amperage (120Vac x 2.5amps=300 Watts).Electrical systems (112-125 Vac) usually use a three wire system. Thewires are white (neutral) Black (hot) and a ground wire. The ground wire isusually either bare, or covered with green coating. At the breaker box thewhite is grounded earth along with the bare or green wire. This ass- agrounded circuit in the event that the outside groundis lost. Looking at the ,receptacle, the white wire is connected to the wide socket, the ground to thecenter socket, and black to the narrow socket. Black and white8 or black andground should never be connected at any pqint. Further, if the device beingused grounding plug, yet the wall receptBde has no aocket, (many oldasystems have no ground) DO NOT BREA-K OFF THE GROUNING PLUG!If it is removed and the wall socket is not properly M, the result maydthershockorLUItheua.Ih*isnotaIlmOb.lrnudlhough 1personal experience. a ground lift plug at any grocery store, hardwarestore, or music store, (about 99e each) and we It on the end of the wwercable. This grounding plug may also help eliminate hum in th e kmdsystem when used properly. It will allow you to change the polarity of the&stem without usigekkground80r toGt thegrouniin aiystem hat hasmany grounds. Most important, this small, inexpensive device wil preventyou from being shocked when used properly.Transmission and sheild grounds are two of the other grounding systerns that musidans need to be aware of. In an unbalanced (usually Hi-impedence)systems, the sideofthecableisknown as the transmission ground.The sheild is the foil that is wrapped around the pair of wires. The sheildhelps to control RF (radio frequency) noise that may aeate hum or static inthe cables. Using high quality cable, and utilizing balanced lines whereverpossible will eliminate nearly all RFpmblems, yet with cash registers, videogames, and cheap triacs in the light dimmers all around the sound system,noise still may be a problem.There are a few safegaurds against noise and shock that can be usedbefore the system is turned on. First, check the AC at the wall. Testers areavailable at most Sears, Radio Shacks, and most music stores for under tendollars. These testers will let the user know if the system is properly wired.Second, have a couple of direct boxes with ground lifts on them. 'Ihese areavailable at any music store, and are used to transform high impedencesignals into low impedence signals. Do not attempt to send high impedencesignals through a snake, or use a high impedence cable that is longer than25 feet in length. Cables of bng, high impedence runs generate noiseproblems, so keep the cables short. Third, if a rack of equipment is beingused, and the system is humming or buzzing, isolate the individual unitsfrom each other by using nylon washers between the screws and the racknails. If this does not work, then ground all units together by running a wirefrom chassis to chassis on each device.Once again, use the ground lift plugs adaptors as a last resort. Use aVolt-ohm Meter to determine the possibility of shock. Do not map cablesaround table or chair legs to get them out of the way. This is a quick way togenerate noise as an antenna will be created. Finally, to cut down on noisein the fastest manner, make sure that the mixing board and the power amps,crossovers, and outboard processing gear is all on the same electrid drcuit.This one small thing will save many headaches and keep the system quiet.Being sure that the system grounds are good will prevent shock and noiseproblems. One final tip, purchasing an inexpensive power supply from the. - -local music store will keeu unwanted problems from awing up. Powersupplies have ground lifts, noise supp~ion, RF protection, and constantsupply built right in, and will speed up system hookup. I

~I, .CLOTHIES OIJTWATCH FORNEW LOCATIONWATCH FORSl]L IA]{ ! NEW LOCATw ,SALT LAKE'S INDUSTRIAL UNDERGROUND CLOTHES & STUFF1MARCHANDRALLYSATURDAY, JANUARY 19 12:OO pm .March from the Federal Building. U.S. WAR IN THE MIDDLE EAST- FOR MORE INFORMAl'lON CALL 322-4123 or 521-7008. .IESPRESSO CAPPUCCINOSPECIALTY COFFEES & TEASFINE PASTRIES LIGHT BREAKFASTSDELICIOUS SANDWICHESFROZEN YOGURT AVAILABLE- HOURS -Monday to Thursday: 8 am - 1 amFridays: 8 am - 2 amSaturday: 10 am - 2 am' Sunday: 10 am - 12 am iIREVIEW^CONCERTThrash Weekend . i 1The PompadourDecember 1415,1990Whew...What a weekend. Today we're checldng out a few local thrashersand looking forward tp tomorrow's show with Third Rail from Berkelv. I~rida~ nigh, Wicked innocence opened the show to a larger aowd thanwe had antidpated. This trio managed to put out the sounds for about thirtyfiveminutes or' Iso. Not bad for a three-piecer, mostly straight at you thrash,but enough talent showed through the mosh bush) to give some promise.Keep after it boys. One headbang.Fatal Cause took the stage next. 'lhis band is a five piece arrangement,which couldn't manage to hide the fact that they are fundamentally a goodband despite the sludge which spewed forth from the PA. These boysattacked the music, throwing pieces out to the aowd. Little by little theirefforts patd off as the crowd warmed up. By the end of the set, plenty ofmoshin' was goin' on. Does our hearts good to see things like that. All in allthese boys are rather good, sometimes wen sounding like a faster, moremuddled Sanctuary. They held the stage well and worked the crowd evenbetter. Two headbangs and a can of bud.Abstrak finished up this ear-splitting evening of slam. We don't knowwhat else to say about this band except they are good. Very professional intheir delivery and stane presence. Obviouslv the aowd had heard of these. boys due to heir res&&e. The singer woked the aowd well, giving theband just enough time to catch their breath before diving into the nextnumber. No wonder they were drenched by the third song. They even madea political statement with a song about the crisis in the Persian GultNormally this sort of thing doesn't wash too well with me, but this one wentover fairly well.Overall, we give this band two and a half headban @...and a sixer.Saturday night ... back again. Here we sit again, back to view VictimsWilling and Third Rail. Hate X9 but we missed them due to anotherengagement. Victims Willing was already into their show by the time we gotthere. The music was indeed loud, however the melodies appeared extremelybasic. What the band lacked in creativity and originality they gainedback in ,pwer ardener Each song lasted only 2 to 2 1/2 minutes,sgTt'wa9$tnt. long of a wt%thes short offerings but the aowd did ran toenjoy it. kots of moshin goin on here tonight. Chw and One half headbangs,no brew. -.Third rail finished up the evening. They are from Berkeley, Worqiaand thev are onlv out for a few stom. It seems the badst had final exams inthree hys. Thei had three tops &fore this one and had one more gig)Colorado before heading back to Cal again. Some road trip huh?Well, the band took the stage, and controHed it rather well even tho&the aowd just stood and watched the band It was as if they didn't know jwhat to make of them. In fact we still haven't decided what to make ofband. They seemed to be serious about what they were saying, howevepwere unable to discern any substantial message. The band perfolr~badmirably,espedally the bassist and guitarist. 'he singer, on theother~and,was a different story altogether. Where did they find this guy anyway? Hestood up there and swayed back and forth like some cobra inmate. Toobad he couldn't excercise any vocal range. One last question the singerreally from Winnemucca. or does it just rhyme (very poorly) with muthafucka? Tyo headbangs and a quart of Old Milwaukee. That's all for thismonth, LatersSly & Wiz'

Jane's AddictionPrimusFairpark Coliseum. December 7PAGE 13COMING EVENTSJanuary 17-18, Methodsof Dance will be paying SaltLake a visit to play The Bar &Grii on Thursday and then anall ages show at The Pompa-The last time I saw Jane's Ad- next time Definitely the best three- ' dour on Mday the 18th.Methods of Dance haveestablished themselvesin Idahoas one of the better bands. Theirblend of funk-rock has becomequk popular. 7hey will be pushing their latest release S d l Pond, acompilation of Idaho's best bands. They have made a few visits to Salt Lake/sound was mixed very poorly, and out...GoUy - was I wrong. This time City to play The Zephyr, but we all how how that is. This time they will be.Peny F a d (singer) was doing his they managed to keep the effecb in ehowcashgtheir music to different aowdsin hopes to let people know whathM-up, Jim Momison i m p the audible range, and the fog ma- they have to offer. last time they played the aowd responded well. The willsion with a large dose of arrogance. chines were under control enough to be bringing a two-pie- industrial band who will be opening both shows.This time around I left for a actually see the band I had a harddifferent reason. I just couldn't time getting into them ahandle any more of the I,.. ..... ,.,". : c,and the Salt Palace : ,;.:.,*., 2 ,. ~> r t... .;, . .....,'.' JANUARY/FEBRUARY(MEET M E SLEESTACKS)FOR A FREE CASSETTE SEND NAME AND ADDRESS TOSCREEMIN' FEZ RECORDS, P.O. BOX 3633, BOISE, 10 837033633OR CALL (208) 343-0719W m ES AvAIU'BLE AR RAUNCH, GRAYWHALE CD, IMAGINE MUSKSEE m~wioms OF DANCE MVE;I-- 17 - BAR & oRlU (533-0340)


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