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CostaThe Longest EstablishedFREE Magazinein MurciaCálidaChroniclewww.costacalidachronicle.comDate: June 2014 Issue: 7 Volume: XIII

SPECIAL PAGESMar Menor 54-59Mazarrón 30-35Northwest Murcia 76-79Sport 96-101What’s On 87-93ADVERTORIALAirpark Murcia 26ASSSA 62Corral & Alcaraz 24David’s Coach Trips 84Dragontours 94Ibex 10Liberty Seguros 20Martinez de la Casa 52Masmovil 44Pampered Paws 40Restaurante El Castillo 36Yorkshire Linen 8CHARITIESACTIN 80Age Concern 32Andrea’s Charity 66Cavalli Foundation 84Cruz Azul 59Easy Horse Care 10FAST 35GOmaD 14HAH 54HELP MMM 58Helping Hands 22JJ’s 14Ladies in Pink 28MABS Mar Menor 56MAMAS 46MARA 79Noah’s ARC 38PALS 31PAPS 58Pets in Spain 82Swap Tears for Smiles 44CHILDRENChatterbox 40EDUCATIONJane Cronin 73ENTERTAINMENTCloud Nine 50Country Music 94Keep Smiling 36FOOD & DRINKMa Millbank 68Menu del Dia 86Vegetable of the Month 66GROUPSCamposol B Clean 32Camposol C Greenfingers 30Camposol D Community 30Camposol Model Club 32Darwinians 46Los Palacios 31Team Harmony 36Welcome 50HEALTH/BEAUTYBeauty Tips 28Fitness Month by Month 60Forget Me Not 32Natural Health 56INFORMATIONAdvertisers’ Directory 104/105Animal Matters 22Armed Forces Day 47Ask Jennifer 7British Embassy 12Business News 6Camposol Crime 35Charities, Groups etc 81Classified Ads 102Dear Editor 52Distribution 106History of World Cup 12Life in Spain 95Mazarrón News 34Mar Menor Musings 54&57Modern Jumilla 78Northwest Murcia 76Out & About 16Spanish News 64Subscriptions 106Teresa’s Travels 47World Environment Day 40LEISUREAuthor Review 18Gardening News 74NEST 20Never a Dull Moment 80Poem 75Puzzle Page 70Puzzle Solutions 102TV News 24WARM 79PROPERTYHousing Update 103RELIGIONBeacon of Light 50Mass in English 44Olive Branch 16Open Door 95St Nicholas Church 16Welcome House 77Wellspring Victory Church 26SPORTCamposol Golf 99Fuente Old Guard 96Local Sport 101Los Amigos Golf 101Los Amigos Mazarrón 100Mazarrón Bowls 96SAMM 97Straight Down the Middle 98Supermoto 98In association with Costa Cálida International Radio and www.angloINFO.comSize of advert 19cm wide x26,5 cm highPrice List - All Prices are excluding IVAA - Full Page B - Half Page C - 1/4 Page D E F - BusinessCard19cm wide x13,1cm high9,3cm wide x13,1cm high12,6cm wide x8,7cm high or6,25 wide x 17,5cm high6,25cm wide x8,7cm highFull Colour 250,00€ 135,00€ 85,00€ 75,00€ 45,00€ 35,00€9,3cm wide x5cm highTo advertise with us contact Teresa on 619 199 407 or email us on costacalidachronicle@gmail.comPage 2Costa Cálida Chronicle: Please tell our customers where you saw their advertisement tSales Contact Teresa 619 199 407 or for the Editor Contact Patti 646 005 017www.costacalidachronicle.com email: costacalidachronicle@gmail.com

In association with Costa Cálida International Radio and www.angloINFO.comCosta Cálida Chronicle: Please tell our customers where you saw their advertisementSales Contact Teresa 619 199 407 or for the Editor Contact Patti 646 005 017www.costacalidachronicle.com email: costacalidachronicle@gmail.comPage 3

Dear ReadersThere is new technology coming out all thetime and it is up to us if we make the mostof it. Many of you will have heard about theQR Code that has appeared on some of theadverts over the last few months. If yourbusiness has its own website, this is a brilliantway for customers to go straight thereto see what you have on offer. It is also anexcellent way for customers to locate yourbusiness. They can scan the QR Code withtheir Smart Phone and this can convert into aGoogle map showing you exactly where youare. A good example is one of our new advertisersthis month, Restaurante MariquiteII in Totana. Many people would notknow where to find this little gem of a restaurant,but with the QR Code, it couldn’t besimpler. This facility is free for our advertisers,so just contact our sales team for moredetails.New AdvertisersComercial HayaCosta Blanca Bike HireJordan’s Auto ServicesL M AutosMar Menor ServicesRestaurante Mariquita IISanitasThe Camposol TriangleTranslator JaneYoga CamposolWelcome BackCamposol PropertiesCat’s Bar CamposolCool SolutionsKanoLos BalconesMultiopticaTel’s Bar CamposolMillions of people will be watching the WorldCup during June and many bars will havespecial events with large TV screens showingall of the matches. We have given you a littleinsight into the History of the World Cupon page 12, but if football is not your thing,go to the What’s On section of this month’smagazine to see where to go to avoid allsigns of this four yearly event.We would like to take this opportunity tothank Jennifer Rahman for all the hard workshe has put in over the last few years withher column ‘Ask Jennifer’. I know that peopleliked to read the questions and answersevery month, but Jennifer is now having toconcentrate on her career. We wish her thebest of luck for the future.From all of us at theCosta Cálida Chronicle.THANK YOU TO OURCONTRIBUTORSAlan Monk – TV NewsCaroline Jaine – Mar MenorMusingsChristine Lawford - PoemClive & Rosie Palmer – ExploringMurciaDick Handscombe – GardeningGeorge Mitchell – Never a DullMomentIan Field – Fitness, Month byMonthJane Barker – Beauty TipsKen Whettall – Housing UpdateJane Cronin – Learning SpanishJennifer Rahman – Ask JenniferLiz Edmison – Life in SpainLiz Edmison – Out & AboutPaco Vet – Animal MattersSandra Ramsay – Natural HealthSara Millbank – Ma Millbank’sKitchenThink Spain – Spanish NewsDISCLAIMERWhilst the CCC are happy to accept monthly reports from the various organizations in the area, the articles printed are not necessarily theopinions of the editor or publisher and the contents should be viewed as a guideline only. Professional advice should be sought to cover anyinformation printed therein. Advertisements and reports are not formally endorsed by the CCC. We cannot accept responsibility for advertisers’works, service or goods. The publishers endeavour to ensure the contents are correct, but cannot accept responsibility for the effects oferrors or omissions.In association with Costa Cálida International Radio and www.angloINFO.comPage 4Costa Cálida Chronicle: Please tell our customers where you saw their advertisement tSales Contact Teresa 619 199 407 or for the Editor Contact Patti 646 005 017www.costacalidachronicle.com email: costacalidachronicle@gmail.com

In association with Costa Cálida International Radio and www.angloINFO.comCosta Cálida Chronicle: Please tell our customers where you saw their advertisementSales Contact Teresa 619 199 407 or for the Editor Contact Patti 646 005 017www.costacalidachronicle.com email: costacalidachronicle@gmail.comPage 5

If you are an existing customers and you have some Business News that you would like toshare with our readers then why not email it to us to be included on our Business News page.Please keep your news to about 50 words and send us an email by 15th of the month,to costacalidachronicle@gmail.com with Business News in the subject box.Camposol Triangle - Lose Yourself In TheMusic.Thursday 5 th June heralds the start of aSummer Extravaganza of Entertainment inthe Camposol Sector B Commercial Centre.Alley Palais, Bar Salud and Trevi Barhave come together to form the CamposolTriangle. From 7.30pm every Thursday,Friday and Saturday until mid-September,Camposol Triangle will host live music,disco and karaoke from some of the bestvocalists and entertainers on the Costas.Don’t be square, come along and loseyourself in the “Triangle”.Restaurante La Mariquita II is a lovely,traditional Spanish restaurant in the heartof Totana. They are organising a uniqueopportunity for you to cook with them andthen serve a “tasting menu” to the generalpublic! On Saturday 7 th and Saturday 21 stof June you will have the to chance to cookand serve with them.Contact Alex for more details on 648 193408Save Water! If your house is withoutguttering, the best time to install it is inthe summer months. There is absolutelyno point in installing it during heavy rainfallor in the middle of a Gota Fria. MilesGuttering have been working in the areafor years and can promise a fast, efficient,clean service at very competitive rates.Call Mark on 617 142 987Following the sudden death of Pat Dunnefrom ADS Locksmiths, Maura wishes toinform everyone that the Locksmiths businesswill continue to serve the communityuntil such time as a buyer is found. It isfor sale as a complete business and wouldbe a fantastic opportunity for somebody totake over; with the added benefit of beingable to earn money from day one. This isa great opportunity to acquire this long establishedand well respected business. Formore information view my FOR SALE advertin this month’s magazine.Tel Maura on 646 969 455Black Bull on Camposol Sector B will beshowing all World Cup matches in June.Starting on June 12 th customers are invitedto view their huge TV screens in the bar.Go along and soak up the atmosphere!Tel Carol on 634 374 381Pampered Paws are now stocking “Buster”inflatable collars. These replace thosedreadful ‘lampshade-shaped’ devicesand are so much better for you and yourdog! These collars come in all sizes and aregreat for post-operations or for animalsthat suffer with skin rashes etc.Tel Joanne on 634 302 388El Faro Restaurant will be open againfrom 7 th June at 3.30pm and will remainopen until the end of September. If youhave not visited this fabulous location forcocktails, milkshakes or ice creams, then itis time that you did. The location is beautifuland there is even use of their swimmingpool (free for customers).Tel 968 584 352In association with Costa Cálida International Radio and www.angloINFO.comExperience a music weekend away at thebeautiful Hotel Mariposa in the stunningSierra Espuña during June. Book for thespecial Father’s Day weekend on 14/15 thJune and enjoy the music of Robbie Williamsby the amazing Kieran. 120€ percouple to include superb accommodation,a 4 course evening meal on Saturday,breakfast and a special Sunday lunch.Booking essential on 968 631 008Are you renting out a property this summer?Invest in an AC Guard Meter fromEcotech. This pre-paid card system ensuresthat the tenant pays for any electricitythat they use – particularly importantduring the summer months when theymay be using air-conditioning units.Tel 665 350 056Cut Costs, not CoverNash Warren Insurance in Bolnuevo,Mazarrón offer very competitively pricedinsurance on cars, bikes, home, health andtravel etc. To make things easier for you,all their policies are written in English.Call John on 968 156 583/618 892 188for more informationMar Menor Services is a Spanish companyformed by several independent professionalswith a wide experience in differentfields related to property management.Their services include repairs and renovations,community administration andtranslations.Mar Menor Services offices are basedin the village of Lo Pagán (Costa Cálida,Murcia).(+34) 644 300 125If you do not yet have a website for yourbusiness or your current website needsa “facelift” then look no further than VN Benny,com. Ben has a wide rangeof technical skills meaning he can reallymake a difference to your website utilisingthe latest technology on offer in today’smarket.Call Ben on 650 078 846F & C Rent a Car have been in businessin Spain for over 20 years. They offer lowcost car and van rental from Alicante andMurcia Airports as well as from their officesin Camposol and La Marina. It is essentialthat you book your car in advance. Theyalso have used cars for sale.Tel 968 199 156 (Camposol)Page 6Costa Cálida Chronicle: Please tell our customers where you saw their advertisement tSales Contact Teresa 619 199 407 or for the Editor Contact Patti 646 005 017www.costacalidachronicle.com email: costacalidachronicle@gmail.com

Thanking All My ReadersThe time has come for me to say, ‘Good-Bye’ to all my readers and I would like totake this opportunity to say a big, ‘ThankYou’ to everyone who has written to meover the past three years. Yes, I have hadthree wonderful years with this magazineand enjoyed every minute of it. I feel veryblessed for the opportunity to touch somany hearts and minds through my column,but the time has come for me to concentrateon my expanding international lifecoaching business. This, unfortunately, willbe my last column so until we meet again,‘Thank you for the wonderful memories’.Dear Jennifer,I Don’t Want Her Money!A friend of mine recently had surgeryand is recovering at home. Oncea week, however, I take her groceryshopping as she does enjoy going out,getting some fresh air and socialisingwith friends. The problem is that sheinsists on paying me for petrol eventhough I categorically refuse, statingthat it is my pleasure to help her as afriend. I am totally not put out in anyway, financially or time wise and enjoyour weekly outings. She, on theother hand, takes offense easily anddoes not want to be seen as “a charitycase”. It is beginning to spoil our outingsas there is tension in the air. Howwould you handle this?BarbaraDear Sandra,No-one likes to talk ill of the dead and everyonehas a different method of handlinggrief. It does not mean that one method isbetter than the other, only different waysof handling the same situation. Your familywants to mourn her death so let themgrieve in peace. In time they may rememberthe past, but even if they don’t, doesit really matter now? Bringing up painfulmemories does no-one any good, especiallywhen friends and family are grievingprivately or otherwise. The only outcomeyou will achieve is to cause a rift amongstfamily members, which I am sure you wantto avoid. The dead can no longer cause anyharm and everyone has the human right torest in peace, so let her be.JenniferDear Barbara,Just say “Thank you” and take the gift graciously.After all, it makes your friend feelgood to pay her way for your help. Let herhave this small pleasure. Alternatively, insteadof taking cash from her just say thatshe can have the pleasure of buying you adrink now and again, but if she still insistson giving you cash and will not take “No”for an answer then you can easily donatethe money to a charity of your choice inyour local area.JenniferDear Jennifer,Ding Dong, The Witch Is Dead!I have been married for three yearsand believe me when I tell you that Ihave heard a lot of stories about hisex-wife both from him, his childrenand his family that would make yourtoes curl. From all accounts, they havemade her out to be mean, abusive, anadulteress and “gold digger”. Needlessto say, their divorce was ugly andit took a long time for the family andmy husband to recover from it and geton with their lives. Last week, we receivednews that she passed away inthe UK and all of a sudden everyoneis full of praise and only have goodthings to say about her. You wouldthink that Mother Teresa herselfpassed away again! She is now beingdescribed as faultless, flawless and anamazing person. I am not prepared toshed one single tear for her and feel itis my duty to remind the family of theperson she really was! Am I wrong?SandraIn association with Costa Cálida International Radio and www.angloINFO.comCosta Cálida Chronicle: Please tell our customers where you saw their advertisementSales Contact Teresa 619 199 407 or for the Editor Contact Patti 646 005 017www.costacalidachronicle.com email: costacalidachronicle@gmail.comPage 7

ARE YOU READY FOR SUMMER?With temperatures already soaring, now isthe time to get your home ready for summerand all those visitors who will be descendinganytime soon! A little time spent preparingnow will mean you can relax and enjoy timewith your family and friends instead of rushingaround at the last minute!Washing your curtains and cushion covers willfreshen them up after the winter. You couldconsider new voiles instead of curtains for thesummer to let the light in and keep the sunout. There are some fabulous voiles availablein both modern and traditional designs.Blinds can be every bit as eye-catching ascurtains and are practical, durable and costeffective. Great for keeping the sun out andprotecting your furniture, they are really easyto install.Throws are also a good idea to protect yoursofas and chairs from suntan lotion, stickyfingers and sweaty bodies!Cool Nights Pillows are extremely popular dueto their silver threads which help to regulatebody temperature. Tests show up to a 21%decrease in temperature. Feather Pillows arestill the first choice for many people. Whateveryou prefer, have a look at your pillows.Do they need replacing? Do you have enoughfor your visitors? Current advice is to replaceyour pillow about once a year for hygiene andcomfort reasons.BRIGHT BATHROOMSThe next room to check is the bathroom.Make your bathroom feel light and brightwith fresh new towels and bath mats. Trysome new colours to celebrate the arrival ofsummer. Lime, cerise, aqua or orange areall great for this season adding a real zing toyour bathroom. A new shower curtain willalso help to liven up shower time. Don’t forgetthe anti-slip shower mats, especially ifyou have young or elderly guests staying withyou.Lastly, new beach and pool towels are a mustif yours are looking a bit tired. Make sure youhave enough for all your visitors too! Theynever bring their own do they? Poncho Palsare a great idea if you have kids visiting asthey give protection from the sun as well aslooking cool!In association with Costa Cálida International Radio and www.angloINFO.comBEAUTIFUL BEDROOMSMake your bedroom a haven of cool and comfortby choosing your bedding with care. Thetype of pillow or duvet you choose and whetheryou use mattress and pillow protectors ortoppers can all make a difference to the qualityof your sleep. If you’re still using yourwinter duvets it’s a good time to get themcleaned and stored ready for next winter. Dependingon the size of your washing machine,you could wash them yourself. If not you willneed to have them dry cleaned. Check theprices for dry cleaning as many of our customerstell us that sometimes it’s cheaper tobuy a new duvet! 4.5 Tog Duvets are perfectfor now until the temperature really soars andall you want is a cool sheet.Contrary to popular belief, memory foam willnot make you any hotter, but will make youmore comfortable and therefore you will sleepbetter. If you’ve never tried it, join the millionswho sleep so much better with a MemoryFoam or Latex Pillow or topper. If you preferhollow fibre there are some great pillows tochoose from, including ones with built-in supportor pillows made to feel soft as down. OurWarmer nights give you a great opportunityto dress your bed in lighter layers. 100%Egyptian Cotton Sheets will keep you coolerand more comfortable during the hot nights.You may also like to consider Egyptian CottonMattress Protectors. White always looksfresh, cool and summery topped with a quiltcover, throw or bedspread and of course,cushions! Sorry guys, it’s a girl thing! Themore cushions the better!Add a splash of colour to create an invitingand fresh space. Choose pastels for a calmingeffect or hot colours for a brighter Mediterraneanlook. There are some gorgeousquilt covers and bedspreads around now andmany of them are available with co-coordinatingcurtains and cushions. Many of ourcustomers find it so much easier to buy acomplete look for a bedroom with everythingperfectly coordinated. Others like to mix andmatch. Whichever you prefer there has neverbeen more choice and temptation! Still, if wecan´t treat ourselves now and again...Have a happy summer and enjoy everyminute of the fabulous climate and beacheshere with your family and friends.Yorkshire Linen in Puerto de Mazarrón andSan Javier offer a full range of bedding, towels,curtains, soft furnishings and decorativeitems.See the latest collections at www.yorkshirelinen.comCall 968 595 946 or 968 193 912 for moreinformation.Page 8Costa Cálida Chronicle: Please tell our customers where you saw their advertisement tSales Contact Teresa 619 199 407 or for the Editor Contact Patti 646 005 017www.costacalidachronicle.com email: costacalidachronicle@gmail.com

In association with Costa Cálida International Radio and www.angloINFO.comCosta Cálida Chronicle: Please tell our customers where you saw their advertisementSales Contact Teresa 619 199 407 or for the Editor Contact Patti 646 005 017www.costacalidachronicle.com email: costacalidachronicle@gmail.comPage 9

New Traffic Law ApprovedDon’t get caught out!On 20 th March 2014 the Spanish governmentapproved the new Road Traffic Actwith a number of major changes.The key changes are summarised below:* Foreign drivers who are residentsin Spain are now obliged to registertheir vehicles in Spain.* Zero tolerance to alcohol and drugabuse. The fine for driving underthe influence of illegal drugs willincrease to 1,000€ and this will bedetected by a saliva test. Thereare some exceptions for prescriptiondrugs such as methadone. Thecurrent maximum penalty for drivingunder the influence of alcoholwill remain at 500€, but should thedriver double the permitted rate(0.5 mg per litre of exhaled air or0.3mg for novice & professionaldrivers), or get caught again withina 12 month period, the fine wouldbe 1,000€.* Children less than 1.35m tall (previouslychildren under 12 yearsold), are not allowed to travel inthe front seat, even with the childrestraint system. This also applieswhen travelling in a taxi, althoughthe penalty (200€) is to be paid bythe parent or guardian.* The voluntary period to pay fineswith a discount will be increasedfrom 15 to 20 days.* It will be compulsory to wear a helmetwhen riding a bicycle withina city or town for those under 16years of age.* Radar speed detectors are prohibitedand the use of them will be punishedwith a fine of 200€ and theloss of 3 points. However, it is stilllegal to use devices (avisadores)which provide information on thelocation of fixed cameras.* Speed limits will remain at 120kmper hour on motorways, althoughcould be increased to 130km perhour in certain areas and circumstances.The new law allows authorities to restrictthe traffic in certain areas to reduce pollution.Stay safe and avoid these fines!Ibex InsuranceAv Dr MecaPuerto de MazarrónTel 968 595 945In association with Costa Cálida International Radio and www.angloINFO.comThe Pony in The Palm PlantationWhen Jill Sheppard, owner of Sheppard’sRest camp site in Dolores was travelling backhome after meeting her friend Berice Joel atAlicante airport, little did she know that theywere about to save a life.“It was 10am on the CV861 and I sloweddown because there were goats at the side ofthe road. Suddenly Berice turned to me andsaid she thought she had seen a large dog’shead turn towards her in the palm plantationnearby. On approaching the animal we wereastonished to see that it was, in fact, a smallpony. It was obvious to us immediately thatthe poor creature was in a terrible state andvery frightened. Not wishing to scare it furtherI left Berice to keep a close eye on itwhile I rushed home to call Sue Weeding cofounderof the (EHCRC) to see if she couldhelp.Rod and the team arrived at the scene andthe calm manner in which they approachedthe pony and gently helped her onto her feetwas amazing. We discovered she had baletwine wrapped around her neck and fronthooves to prevent her escaping. She wasvery dehydrated and malnourished and it wasquite obvious that she had been abandonedand would probably have suffered an awfuldeath within days if we had not found her. Wecould not believe that a human being couldtreat a defenceless creature like this.The pony was close to death and one of uswas with her for most of the day and into thenight. It is very important to keep a rescuedequine as calm and stress-free as possible.Sherrie, as she has been named, has amazedeveryone here at the centre with her determinationand tenacity to recover. She is nowflirting with Rocky and it is hard to believeshe was so close to dying. She is respondingto treatment, but still has a long way to gobefore we can be certain that she is going tobe OK.I cannot express my gratitude and thanksenough for what Jill and Berice have done tocare about and save this little pony from certaindeath.”Four days later the EHCRC was involved in anotherrescue in San Javier. An elderly, timid,gentle little pony was discovered tethered inthe campo with a rope around her neck withoutfood and water. She was very thin andmalnourished. Ellie as she has been namedafter the daughter of the lady who found heris getting stronger daily.The EHCRC welcomes any donations or sponsorshipto support their work. If you are a barowner or business that wants to hold a charityevent to support the Rescue Centre, pleaseget in touch with Sue Weeding on 652 021980 or email David East, PR volunteer onpr@easyhorsecare.net. EHCRC will ensurethat your event receives the maximum pressand radio publicity plus coverage on their Facebooksite prior to and after the event.Every single cent donated to EHCRC or spentin any one of their charity shops located inLa Marina, La Zenia, Los Montesinos, La Siesta,Ciudad Quesada, Guardamar and theirsoon to open new shop in Pilar de La Horadadagoes towards the upkeep and care ofthe horses, donkeys and ponies in their care.Large items can be collected from your houseor delivered after purchase from their charityshops. Contact the charity shop hotline on636 062 000 if you would like to volunteerand work for a few hours or days in any ofthe shops.Open days are every Sunday 1pm-4pm whererefreshments and tasty food are available inthe garden café. Entrance is free. Horse tourscommence at 2pm when you can meet theresidents and see first hand where your moneyis spent.For more details about EHCRC and directionsto the centre just outside Rojales visit www.easyhorsecare.netPage 10Costa Cálida Chronicle: Please tell our customers where you saw their advertisement tSales Contact Teresa 619 199 407 or for the Editor Contact Patti 646 005 017www.costacalidachronicle.com email: costacalidachronicle@gmail.com

In association with Costa Cálida International Radio and www.angloINFO.comCosta Cálida Chronicle: Please tell our customers where you saw their advertisementSales Contact Teresa 619 199 407 or for the Editor Contact Patti 646 005 017www.costacalidachronicle.com email: costacalidachronicle@gmail.comPage 11

“Save yourself worry and money!”A new video “Using your EHIC in Spain”aims to help visitors to Spain and their expatriatehosts. The video is available to use onnews and community websites.Visiting Spain without proper healthcare covercould cost you time, worry and even ruin yourholiday if you end up with big medical bills.That’s the message to holidaymakers and expatriateswho have friends and families visitingthem this summer. The British Embassy’sHealthcare Team regularly has to help Britonsin hospital without the correct cover.In 2013, over 2,000 British holidaymakersfound themselves in a public hospital in Spainand having to apply for a temporary replacementfor their European Health InsuranceCard (or EHIC), adding stress and frustrationto urgent medical treatment. If you are comingto Spain for a holiday or temporary stay,a valid EHIC will save you time and expense.“Using your EHIC in Spain”, a short videofrom the Embassy’s Healthcare Team, willhelp you understand where and how to useit. The video also stresses the importance oftravel insurance. The Healthcare Team assistsmany more Brits who end up in private hospitalswithout travel insurance and facing medicalbills of thousands of pounds. Private careis not covered by an EHIC, nor reimbursed bythe National Health Service.One holidaymaker describes how travellingwithout an EHIC added distress to illness.“Last year I ended up in the local public hospitalin Marbella with no EHIC. While I wasbeing treated, I had to arrange for cover tobe faxed over from the UK. In the end it tookdays because my name was misspelled byadmissions and they did not link the replacementcover to me. It was awful having allthat added stress, plus doing it all in Spanish,when I felt so poorly.”An EHIC only covers state healthcare, notprivate medical costs. Another traveller explainshow he was caught out with no travelinsurance. “When I started feeling dizzy, thehotel called for an ambulance. I was taken toa nearby hospital where I was kept in overnight.When I went to check out, there was a1,923€ bill waiting for me. I had been treatedin a private hospital without knowing it. Havingno private insurance cover, I had to pay.That was pretty much the end of my holiday.”Jane Ellison, Public Health Minister said “Ifyou live in the UK, you are entitled to a freeEuropean Health Insurance card which givesyou access to healthcare when travelling inEurope. If you fall ill and aren’t properly covered,you may have to pay. This video givesimportant information about why you need avalid EHIC and travel insurance when visitingother European countries and how to use theEHIC card should you need it.”You can find the video on YouTube by searching“Using your EHIC in Spain”. You can alsofind the video and get more information onEHICs at www.healthcareinspain.eu , oron the NHS Choices website under Healthcarein SpainIn association with Costa Cálida International Radio and www.angloINFO.com“They think it’s all over ...... it is now”. Themost famous line in English sporting history!1966. Geoff Hurst completes what is still theonly hat trick in any World Cup Final. Englandlifts the trophy.Forty eight years on and thirty two nationsare preparing for the June 12 th start of Brazil2014; the latest installment of the biggestsporting event in the world. Official figuresgive the last tournament in 2010 as havingbeen watched by 28.8 billion people, withover one billion watching the final live aroundthe world. What is it about this competitionthat causes such a reaction and how did itevolve?Football, “The Beautiful Game” as it is called,was played as part of the Olympics as farback as 1908. It was the then-president ofFIFA, Jules Rimet, who organised the firstWorld Cup, held in Uruguay in 1930, as a resultof football being dropped from the OlympicGames. Because of logistics at that time(no rapid air travel in those days) only 13 nationstook part and just four from Europe. Acrowd of 93,000 people witnessed the final,with Uruguay defeating Argentina, to lift the“Jules Rimet Trophy”. With no television coverageand few radios, the event was widelyreported in the press and with football beingfootball, ingratiated itself with much of theworld population.Moderate growth in the size of the tournamenttook place in the pre-war years of 1934 and1938, with Italy being successful twice. Followingcessation for World War II, the WorldCup resumed in 1950, with, amongst others,England competing for the first time, whilstUruguay succeeded for the second time.It was the 1958 tournament in Sweden, whenthe teenage boy, who was to become themost famous footballer of all time, was introducedto the world. His Name? Pele. Hiscountry? Brazil; winners for the first time, ofthe Jules Rimet Trophy, which was to becometheirs outright following success in 1962 and1970. Pele played continuously throughoutthese years and provided the world with someof the greatest footballing moments of alltime. Indeed, the final of 1970, when Brazildefeated Italy 4-1 is regarded by many (thewriter included!) as the greatest match of alltime. In addition to his extraordinary talents,it was Pele’s sportsmanship and humility thatlive in the memory.Even today, Pele represents football and inparticular the World Cup, on the World Stage.With the growth in air travel, television andthe “shrinking” of the world in a time-framesense, from the initial 13 nations of 1930, 207countries entered the qualifying rounds forBrazil 2014. No doubt the usual favourites,five times winners and hosts Brazil, Argentina,Spain (the current holders), Italy andGermany will feature prominently, but all thecompetitors will start thinking that anything ispossible. No matter what the country, or whatits people have, think, or do, a game of footballhas always united. The biggest tournamentin the world unites the whole world fora short time. So, good luck Brazil 2014 andmay whichever team wins, do so in a mannerbefitting history and its people.Page 12Costa Cálida Chronicle: Please tell our customers where you saw their advertisement tSales Contact Teresa 619 199 407 or for the Editor Contact Patti 646 005 017www.costacalidachronicle.com email: costacalidachronicle@gmail.com

In association with Costa Cálida International Radio and www.angloINFO.comCosta Cálida Chronicle: Please tell our customers where you saw their advertisementSales Contact Teresa 619 199 407 or for the Editor Contact Patti 646 005 017www.costacalidachronicle.com email: costacalidachronicle@gmail.comPage 13

GOmaD Fashion ShowMonday 14 th April saw our 5 th Bi-AnnualFashion Show featuring Spring & Summerwear. Again thanks to generous donationsof good quality clothing and attendance wemanaged to raise 1153.25€ for our muchneeded charity.Despite theloss of threeof our modelsat thelast minutetogether withour usualphotographer,due tovarious unforeseencircumstances,replacementswere foundand ‘the showwent on’! Ourmodels thistime wereMarje, Pam,Anne, Cath and Janice, the last three beingthe stand-ins and their debut as models. PeterSmith was our photographer and what asterling job he did; some great shots not onlyof the models, but of the ladies who alwayscome along to support us at these events.We all had a fantastic afternoon.Thanks also go to Malcolm Ruston for the useof his sound system and the music which accompaniedour show and to Rosemary fromthe Welcome Group who once again lent usthe screens for the models to change behind.Thank you to the helpers without whom wecould not have put on this fund raising eventand to Brenda the compère and Anne whoorganised and selected not only all the modelledoutfits, but the various racks of clothing,shoes, handbags and jewellery that are forsale after the show.We are always amazed at the generosity ofpeople in the area who continue to supportus through donations, not only clothing butall manner of articles that can generate revenuevia our shop in Mazarrón, the Table-Top event twice a month and our new shopin Calle Sierra Espuña 31, Bahia, Puerto deMazarrón. Unfortunately this shop is onlyopen on Fridays and Saturdays as we needmore volunteers, so if anyone out there wouldlike to volunteer their time we would be mostgrateful. We also need drivers for our Lidl run,collections & deliveries. If you would like tobe involved in this worthwhile charity in anycapacity, please contact the Mazarrón shop(open from 10am-2pm Tuesdays – Thursdaysand Saturdays), or call 634 321 161.Annual Garden PartyThis will take place on Friday 20 th June from1pm-5pm and will be hosted by our presidentTony and his wife Ann at 6 Calle Alicante,Camposol A. There is a 5€ entry fee to includeafternoon tea. There will be a sale ofsummer clothing & accessories with a tombola,raffle and live music. Advance tickets areavailable via our shop in Mazarrón or directfrom the venue address. Please come alongand enjoy a good afternoon and help us raisesome more much needed funds to help thosepeople in our area who are so much less fortunatethan ourselves.Registered Charity Nº 8.714/1ªAs a Registered Charity we rescue puppiesabandoned in the Mazarrón area and carefor them in foster homes where they can betrained and socialised whilst we are findingthem a loving forever home locally or abroad.It is often the case that much of our rescueand re-homing work goes unnoticed.However, for the past three months we areboth pleased and privileged to be supporting‘Helping The Canina Dogs’, a smallgroup of local animal lovers and experiencedrescuers concerned about the plight of unwanted,abused and abandoned puppies anddogs. These volunteers are working closelywith Natural Planet Residencia Canina atMazarrón to find new homes for some of thedogs. As a Registered Charity we are able tonegotiate the release and provide the necessarylegal requirements for adoption, microchips,passports, vaccinations, health checksand fostering of the dogs until they are ableto travel to their new owners.and generosity. We have a Charity Shop inPuerto de Mazarrón, staffed entirely by volunteersand we really need all the public help wecan get. Any unwanted saleable items will begratefully received. If you would like to be avolunteer helper and can give some free timeto work in our Charity Shop come in and havea chat with the staff. We also have a Table TopStall selling cakes and pastries to raise fundsat Las Palmeras Bar, Puerto de Mazarrón onSaturday 7 June from 11am-2pm.In association with Costa Cálida International Radio and www.angloINFO.comTo help us raise the funds needed for ourwork we are dependent on public supportThe inspiration and satisfaction of our workdoes not come from telling the World ‘WhatWe Have Done’’ it comes from ‘Actually DoingWhat We Do’ ; rescuing abandoned, abusedand unwanted puppies and dogs and beingable to share in the knowledge of the unconditionallove that they give to their new caringowners in their new homes.For More Information Or Collection OfDonated Items Give One Of Our CommitteeMembers A Call:TONY 618 034 921CHRISTINE 603 127 984SUE 603 217 532WeDoItAll4ThePuppiesPage 14Costa Cálida Chronicle: Please tell our customers where you saw their advertisement tSales Contact Teresa 619 199 407 or for the Editor Contact Patti 646 005 017www.costacalidachronicle.com email: costacalidachronicle@gmail.com

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When you emigrated to Spain, did you cometo retire to a warmer climate, or was there apurpose for re-locating?When I came to Spain it was difficult to leavefamily members behind and all that was familiar,so, why leave you may ask. All my life Ihave always put God first, it was He that createdme. Growing up within a Christian familywas a good grounding for my values in life.The Lord tells us in the Bible to go out into allthe world and make disciples. Tell as manypeople as possible how much He loves them.This was the main reason for my husband andI re-locating, specifically to an English speakingurbanisation, although all are welcomewhatever nationality here in Spain, to letpeople know the great love that Jesus has foryou all, and to let you know about His eternalhome where as Christians we will be with Himat the end of our lives on earth.We had the privilege of planting the OliveBranch Christian Fellowship on Camposol almosteleven years ago and by the grace ofGod we are still here.Do you ever wonder what will happen to youbefore you leave earth??BIBLE stands for Basic Instructions BeforeLeaving Earth.If you wish to know more about the amazinglove Christ has for you, why not join us everySunday morning on the Cultural Centre, CamposolB at 10.30am? We serve Communioneach Sunday.You can contact Pastor Ralph and MargaretLocke on 968 199 622 or 618 720 181.I recently decided to take the kids away for afew day’s quick break before the guests startarriving for summer 2014, as once thoseflights start rolling in, I have no chance of evena quick getaway until November!! We decidedon a few days up the coast in Almeria, justfor a change of scene, and whilst there took aday trip to the Oasys Theme park, commonlyknown as “Mini Hollywood”.From the Mazarrón region, take the A7 motorwaypast Vera and exit 514, then head foreither the N340a to Tabernas, or the A92 Granadaroad exit 376. We went via the A92 andthe entrance to the park is just off the mainroad. Confusingly, there seems to be severalof these Movie Museums within a few kilometresof each other, but Oasys seemed the bestoption for a day trip, as the Movie Museumis combined with a Zoo park and SwimmingPools in high season.The entrance fees weren’t too bad, but beaware that you will be asked if you wantto take the buffet menu as well and at 17€a head we decided not to! There are othersnack bars serving sandwiches, crisps and icecreams, so for families, either take a picnicor eat at the snack bars to keep costs down.The best bit for the kids was the old Wild WestTown and they really enjoyed looking throughall the buildings, although I couldn’t get themto go and watch the Can-Can Show in the saloon!We spent an hour or so in the town,then moved on to the Zoo Park and spent anothercouple of hours there. Be warned andwear comfy shoes as there is a lot of walking!There is a Parrot Show daily, a Western Showand Can-Can Dancing, so keep an eye on thetimes and plan your visit accordingly.We had a great day out and I’d thoroughlyrecommend it and you can see from the photosthat the kids got more than they bargainedfor!In association with Costa Cálida International Radio and www.angloINFO.comThe desert in the area surrounding Tabernasis famous for having served as the backdropfor many movies, mainly “Spaghetti Westerns”and over the years films such as “TheGood, The Bad and The Ugly” were shot inthe area.Calle Sobrija 2248,D20, CamposolJust like everyone else, I’m going to say theobvious, “Where has the time gone?”This month St Nicholas Church celebratesthe 3 rd anniversary of our new church buildingbeing blessed. It really doesn’t feel thatlong ago when we were so excited abouthaving our own designated place of worshipfor which we had prayed and saved forso long. We knew it was meant to be, butit taught us a great lesson in patience andmade us realise that our timing and that ofthe Lord’s didn’t necessarily agree! But herewe are, having a special weekend of celebrations.From 6 th to 8 th June we have special eventstaking place. On the Saturday we would likeyou all to come into the church to enjoy thePage 16Flower Festival, the music and also to havea look around and see inside, as many ofyou only know about us from the directionalsigns around Camposol! There will also bestalls and other attractions. Members of theclergy and congregation will be on handto answer any of your questions or just tohave a chat. Our Sunday Holy CommunionService will be celebrated with the Germanspeaking branch of St Nicholas. Please comealong to help us give thanks on this specialoccasion, everyone will be most welcome.God Bless, Rev Maureen.Services for JuneSunday 1 st Songs of PraiseSunday 8 th Holy CommunionSunday 15 th Morning PrayerSunday 22 nd Holy CommunionSunday 29 th Family/5th Sunday ServiceAs well as these services, we offer those ofLiz EdmistonOwnersAway Property Rentals & ManagementTel 691 977 107info@ownersaway.comwww.ownersaway.comWedding, Holy Baptism, Confirmation andFunerals. We have a Pastoral Care Groupthroughout the year with people to listen,talk and help anyone sick or in need. ThisPastoral Care is absolutely confidential.For further information please contact:Rev Maureen Kent 968 970 637/636 099679Rev Deacon Bill Coyle 634 143 260Pastor Eberhard Klute 968 978 961, GermanBranch.Costa Cálida Chronicle: Please tell our customers where you saw their advertisement tSales Contact Teresa 619 199 407 or for the Editor Contact Patti 646 005 017www.costacalidachronicle.com email: costacalidachronicle@gmail.com

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Books by Jams N. Roses are rude, crudeand brutally honest. They’ll take you back toyour misspent youth and leave you wipingyour brow for having survived it. His booksare not family-friendly, Christian stories. Ifyou are easily offended, hate to acknowledgethat drug or alcohol abuse exists, aredisgusted that sex is more than just a toolfor procreation, or can’t stand to read the occasionalswear word, then save your blushesand don’t read these books. However, if youwant to read about people living life on theedge, then maybe Roses’ books are for you.Jams N. Roses is a father of one who grewup in Hertfordshire. He spent a few years livingon the Costa del Sol, but currently residesin Nice, France. He primarily writes crime novels,but has a naughty sense of humour thatcan sneak its way into his work, so much sothat his third novel release, Extremely England,is an hilarious, satirical comedy. Rosesadmits to spending months working on a plotfor his books and works extremely hard ingetting the right emotions for the characterswithin the storyline.The InfidelSoldiers (December2013)A War/Men’sAdventureIn the year2020, Britain isgreat no more.Political correctness,denialand apathyenabled themost aggressiveof beliefsto claim powerover what wasonce a nationof free speech,free will anddemocracy. William White, a soldier injuredon tour whilst serving his country in Syria,has seen the drastic changes in his homelandand knows the battle of ideologies is nolonger worth fighting; the war has alreadybeen lost. One day, out of the blue, Joe Taylorcrashes into William’s life and demands theex-soldier helps him fight the good fight. Thetwo men show each other what is importantin life; what is worth fighting for and what isworth dying for. They are two very differentmen who had both given up hope, but thenthey became the infidel soldiers.Son Of A SerialKiller(July 2013)PsychologicalThriller containingadultcontent, sexand violence.Ben Greenis a troubledyoung man,losing his mindand hearingvoices. Worsethan that, hisnightmare isjust beginning.DetectiveInspectorSummershates dealingwith drug addicts, thieves, violent men andwomen, rapists, child molesters and murderers.She wants to be a doctor in a surgery,saving the lives of the sick. Instead, shedeals with the sick and twisted. Finally, shegets handed the case she wants, the reasonshe joined the force. Her investigations leadSummers closer to Ben and his involvementto the case slowly becomes clear.In association with Costa Cálida International Radio and www.angloINFO.comGet Clean(January2014)Based on trueevents andcontains adultcontent, sexand violence.Cocaine iseverywhere.Young menand womensniff the ‘recreationaldrug’as often asthey sparkup cigarettesor sip beer.It’s typical ofa generationeducated bymusic videos and tabloid newspapers. JimmyWalker is a smart young man with a caringfamily around him and the world at his feet,if only he was not addicted to the white powder.A change of scenery can be a good thing,but it turns out that moving from suburbanEngland to the south of Spain isn’t the bestidea when trying to get clean. The Costa delSol is Europe’s main point of entry for his favouritepoison. Under the Marbella sun, he isfalling deeper into the darkness of drug addiction.With pockets full of cash and bags full ofCoke, he is being led astray by a psychopathnamed Jason, an Aussie who loves the sortof random violence only ever seen in films.Getting high is easy, and so is hitting rockbottom - but can I get clean?Page 18Costa Cálida Chronicle: Please tell our customers where you saw their advertisement tSales Contact Teresa 619 199 407 or for the Editor Contact Patti 646 005 017www.costacalidachronicle.com email: costacalidachronicle@gmail.com

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Your Home, In Safe Hands With LibertySegurosYou’ve worked hard to build a solid financialfooting for you and your family, so youwant to be sure that everything i s protected.Accidents and disasters can anddo happen and if you aren’t adequately insured,it could leave you in financial ruin.You need insurance to protect your life,your ability to earn income, and to keep aroof over your head.With Liberty Seguros you will be alwaysin safe hands. With over 150,000 internationalclients, Liberty Seguros is theleading expatriate insurance provider inSpain, with a wide range of products toprotect all that really matters.Did you buy a home in Spain? LibertyHome allows you to choose from threelevels of protection for your home: Basic,Plus and Premium.All three options include Home Assistance,24 hours a day, 365 daysa year, with just a simple telephonecall and you can choose to pay byinstalments. All the home policiescome with the DIY service, IT supportand legal assistance.The DIY service allows you to enjoyfree time, forgetting about thosesmall household tasks. Once a year,during weekdays, you can requestfor a professional to handle jobssuch as plumbing, installing bathaccessories, curtains, sealing ofjoints in tubs or sinks, assemblingfurniture, replacing power outletsand hanging artwork on walls etcfor up to three hour’s labour.Liberty Home offers computer andtechnology support in person orover the phone, for queries relatedto home electronic equipment suchas computers, GPS and digital cameras.It also includes legal advice onany matter relating to internet useor e-commerce. Terms and conditionsapply.Optional covers are also available,such as legal defence for landlordsin dispute with tenants over defaultrental payments or damage causedto the property.The Basic protection guarantees essentialhome coverage at an affordable price.The Plus option also covers the costs ofrebuilding or replanting a garden and covers100% of the cost of glass and ceramichousehold appliances etc.The Premium protection goes that little bitextra. As part of its significant improvement,it covers the costs resulting fromtheft outside the home, solar panel breakageand damage to the property caused byadjacent building work.Go to www.libertyexpatriates.es for thename of your nearest Liberty Segurosbroker, who can give you expert advice onwhich cover best suits your family’s needsin a friendly face-to-face environment inyour own language.In association with Costa Cálida International Radio and www.angloINFO.comFriday 27 th June – Fossilised DinosaurFootprint Walk – Meet 10.30am at ElBerro car park opposite Camping SierraEspuña. This is a very easy, social, nonsporty,2 hour walk through mostly shadypine-clad scenery where we’ll see somestunning views and cross a tiny woodenhanging bridge that makes you look likeTarzan, but it is incredibly easy! (So takephotos!)We’ll also see a fossilised Dinosaur’s footprint!Bring sun protection, water to sipand wear sturdy supportive non-slip footwearfor some rubbly paths. Bring binocularsand cameras to make the most ofspectacular views and chances of seeingwildlife. We never rush anyone and believein admiring the views and having time tochat without getting puffed. We wait forslower people - the focus of NEST walks issocial getting together, meeting new peopleand making new friends. We’re not a‘sporty’ walking group – although you doneed to be fit and able!After the walk we’ll eat in an (optional) authenticSpanish restaurant where we cansometimes see wild boar. The walk itselfis 5€ and the optional meal is 9€ and is avery sociable high spot of the day!Please book in advance (with your fullnames and a Spanish contact tel no) andawait confirmation that you are booked in,as places are limited. Please make sureyou book early to avoid disappointment.Tel or text 679 002 147Email natureespunatrails@gmail.comand do register on the website to stay intouch where you’ll also find detailed drivingdirections on www.nestwalks.infoPage 20Costa Cálida Chronicle: Please tell our customers where you saw their advertisement tSales Contact Teresa 619 199 407 or for the Editor Contact Patti 646 005 017www.costacalidachronicle.com email: costacalidachronicle@gmail.com

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Fight Against External ParasitesSummer time is when our pet animals aremore exposed to an attack of fleas and ticks.Both parasites are pretty disturbing for theanimal and you and they can infect animalsor make them develop allergies. These parasitescan usually be easily detected. However,when talking about fleas and some kindof ticks, it is necessary to make a meticulousexamination of the animal, especially on darkhaired pets or animals with thick coats.To control these ectoparasites, there is a largerange of products available, but there are animalsthat are more prone to infestation thanothers, especially if they have been exposedto these parasites where they live and theymay be extra sensitive to fleas, and or ticks.Sometimes just a single treatment of a productis not enough for the animal which meansyou may also need to apply a treatment overthe area to kill the parasites the animal is exposedto. A little dog living in an apartment,that goes out a couple of times a day alwayson urban environments, will not be as proneto infection as other animals living in semifreedomin the country. The treatment neededwill obviously not be the same.The dog living in a flat and with little exposureto parasites will probably only need the usualpipettes of anti-flea and tick treatment oncea month during the summer unless it hasdeveloped a flea saliva allergy or it is highlysensitive to ectoparasite bites. This situationchanges for a dog with high exposure toparasites from living in a rural area. In thiscase, an antiparasitic collar, combined withpipettes should be used, as well as sprayingthe animal and its environment. It should alsobe noted that treatment for intestinal wormsshould be given at the same time as the fleaand tick treatment as these parasites live andwork together. In the case of cats living bothinside and outside, pipettes with adultisidelarvasideand ovoside power against fleaswould be recommended as well as treatmentagainst malophagus, ear mites and gastrointestinalworms.Our experience is that the owner does not alwayschoose the best option for their pets.They sometimes get products that are toxicfor cats such as permetrina and almitraz, orthey use it in a wrong way. Although you canfind some antiparasitic collars in the supermarketsat 2€ and 3€, they obviously arenot as efficient as those found in specializedshops at 23€ or 24€ and they can cause problemssuch as allergies.If you care about your pets, we recommendconsulting your local vet, since they are theonly professionals who really can give youright information and prescribe or provide thebest products for your much loved animals.This year we may have a big problem withfleas and ticks as the winter was very mild,so treating your pet regularly with the bestproducts will prevent them from becoming infectedand will mean that they and you willnot be troubled by unwanted parasites.Clinica VeterinariaPuerto de Mazarrón.Tel 968 153 931Camposol Sector ATel 968 199 263In association with Costa Cálida International Radio and www.angloINFO.comSunday April 13 th saw the amazing DaveRawson Comedy Hypnotist Show presentedby Helping Hands at the beautiful HotelPuerto Juan Montiel in Aguilas.Presented on the Terrace overlooking theplaya and marina, Dave began the show bygently coaxing some very nervous guests tovolunteer. From that moment the eveningwas set!Carried out very professionally and respectfully,the whole show drew howls of laughterfrom guests and hotel staff alike. Three mainvolunteers, Chris Vollmer, Debbie Cook(proprietor of Euphoria Beauty Salon, Esparragal)and Nikki Tieko, Vice Presidentof Helping Hands, took part in the show.Under hypnosis throughout the evening they“won the lottery, played in a band, spoke inKlingon tongue” and much much more. Ofcourse they remember absolutely nothing!Many tears of laughter were shed throughoutthe evening and it is expected that Davewill return much later in the year for a repeatperformance!Further information can be obtained by callingHelping Hands on 968 48 29 48.Page 22Costa Cálida Chronicle: Please tell our customers where you saw their advertisement tSales Contact Teresa 619 199 407 or for the Editor Contact Patti 646 005 017www.costacalidachronicle.com email: costacalidachronicle@gmail.com

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When you read this at the end of May/beginningof June, Alan will have passed the landmarkage of 65 and be getting a pension!With this in mind, Rainbow Satellites havedecided to take things a little slower. It’s nowsome 14 years that we have been installingUK TV down in this part of Spain – we areprobably one of the longest running officiallegal UK businesses down here!WE ARE NOT STOPPING WORK AND WE WILLBE ‘SERVICING’ ALL OUR EXISTING CLIENTSAND INSTALLING FOR NEW ONES AS THEYCOME ALONG, BUT OUR PRESENCE IN LARGEBOLD ADVERTISING IN MANY PUBLICATIONSWILL CEASE, so keep a note of our contactnumbers! You can always find us atwww.rainbowsats.orgTV NEWSIt looks like BBC3 is going to cease live broadcasting,becoming an internet channel. Decisionis not final, but I suspect it will happen.You can have your say on the issue atwww.bbc.co.uk. I think the more significantstory behind BBC3 going on the ‘net confirmswhat I have been predicting for some time- that all TV will be delivered by the internetin the not-too-distant future. Look at theexplosion of ‘catch-up’ TV; BBCiplayer, 4OD,itvplayer, SKY catch-up etc - all delivered bythe internet.Satellite transmission just costs too muchmoney. This latest satellite launch that hascreated the problems for us in Spain is estimatedat close to £100million. I don’t thinkTV can sustain those figures and the mobilephone companies want all the frequenciesused for regular TV transmissions. Theyhave already filled the frequencies releasedby the switch from analogue to digital TV, somy prediction is that within 20 years – whenfast internet is available to all with unlimiteddownloads - that’s the way we will get our TV.Back to the new satellite - we get continuouscalls from people asking us to wave the magicwand and get them reliable UK TV back! Thenew signals are FAR weaker than the old signalshere in Spain and there is only one wayto get satellite TV - a bigger dish and a decentdigibox! Dish size will depend on location.The further south east you are, the bigger thedish needed. We can see big differences insignal strengths just between Camposol andPuerto de Mazarrón. Remember - in somerespects we are quite lucky. You do not haveto go far east of Lorca to have no UK satelliteTV signal at all!Internet TV is a reality NOW if you have goodconsistent internet. Ask us for the leaflet.The catch-up TV service from SKY is an excellentservice. You will need a SKY contractand a SKY PLUS digibox and your internet willneed a UK IP address for using it in Spain, butwhen you go to download a past programmeit will “buffer” it to the hard drive for laterviewing, so if your internet is slow and variableit will not matter. It may take 2 hoursto download a half hour programme, butthen it will be watchable without a hick andjump from the box hard drive - unlike tryingto watch something directly from iplayer orsimilar where you must watch “live” as youdownload and it will often hick and jump!Spanish internet is not yet in 2014, but theyare getting there – both Mazarrón town andCartagena are fibre-optic - fast good internetis available.With a reduced advertising presence as wecreep into retirement, keep a note of our contactdetails.rainbowsats@gmail.comTel (0034) 686 358 475Rainbow Satellites is the company for allyour TV needs in the Murcia region of SouthernSpain.In association with Costa Cálida International Radio and www.angloINFO.comObtaining a Padron In Spain And WhatTo Do If You Return To the UKIt is obligatory by Spanish law and advisedby your British Embassy, for all Spanish residentsto register on the Padrón role at theTown Hall where you reside.The Padrón lets the Town Hall know howmany people are living in their area and byregistering it benefits your community, asthe more people that register means morefunds will be received by the local governmentwhere you reside. This also gives youthe right to vote in your local elections. Eachperson residing in your property needs to registerand the Town Hall will issue a certificateshowing those details.To apply is very si mple.Go to your local Town Hall’s Padron officeand take a copy of your residencia, title deedsand one of your latest utility bills.When bringing your car to Spain from the UK,you will need to exchange your licence platesfor Spanish ones and register your British licenceat Traffic Department. You will needto provide a copy of your Padron certificate,as they will use the details on the Padron tonotify you when and where to pay your cartax (and issue any fines!)Should you return to the UK permanently andtake your car with you, it is very importantthat you tell the Padron office so that theycan withdraw you from the system. You mustalso let the Traffic Office know so that theystop sending you car tax notifications and theTown Hall is aware that the car is no longerbeing driven in Spain.We had a client who moved back to anotherEU Country in 2006 with their car. Theyregistered the car in their new country ofresidence, but did not notify the Padron ortraffic office. We, as their lawyers acted ona purchase of a new property and changedtheir details at the Padron office. In 2013 wewere contacted by the Traffic Office demandingthe car tax from 2006 to 2013 from ourclients as they had not notified the Town Halland Traffic Office. My clients had re-registeredthe car in their country of residence, butthe changes are not automatically changed intheir previous country of residence.The law states that it is compulsory to notifythe Traffic Office when your car is sold, movedto another country or destroyed. If you failto notify the Town Hall and Traffic Office thereis nothing to you can do to cancel this debt.Always take professional advice from a qualifiedlawyer to avoid this happening to you.Prevention is always better than cure.Celso Rodriguez-CorralBarrister & Partner at Corral Alcaraz LawFirmLawyers, Barristers & AccountantsPage 24Costa Cálida Chronicle: Please tell our customers where you saw their advertisement tSales Contact Teresa 619 199 407 or for the Editor Contact Patti 646 005 017www.costacalidachronicle.com email: costacalidachronicle@gmail.com

In association with Costa Cálida International Radio and www.angloINFO.comCosta Cálida Chronicle: Please tell our customers where you saw their advertisementSales Contact Teresa 619 199 407 or for the Editor Contact Patti 646 005 017www.costacalidachronicle.com email: costacalidachronicle@gmail.comPage 25

Airpark Murcia is based in the Urbanisation,El Oasis, Los Narejos just 2km fromSan Javier Airport and is an expandingairport parking facility with many satisfiedclients who use the long and short term carparking service.Very popular at the moment is the AirparkMurcia Annual Season Ticket. For just240€ you can park your car with AirparkMurcia throughout the year and enjoy unlimitedtransfers to and from the airport.Airpark Murcia prices, which are thecheapest in the area, start from just 30€per week. From June 1 st , the facility willalso have a full valeting/cleaning stationopen to the general public and for the useof our regular clients. “Clean Me” will bethe perfect compliment for the airpark service.For more information, call Airpark Murciaon 618 806 989 or view the website atwww.airparkmurcia.com.In association with Costa Cálida International Radio and www.angloINFO.comIs it worth the paper it’s written on?Our lives seem to be filled with all sorts ofdocuments, especially here in Spain; papersfor this and papers for that. I don’t knowabout you, but when we first arrived hereon the Costa Cálida, we were so naïve andsigned things in the hope that it was forwhat we were being told it was for. We werein a position with the language difficulties,of having to trust people to be truthful withus. Their adverts and papers told us aboutthe work that they did, but it was going tobe experience that would in the end tell ushow good they were at doing the job; wegot burnt a little, but generally all turnedout well in the end.A few weeks ago I answered a call from alady who took me to task over whether Iwas an ordained minister and if I was, wherewas I ordained. Because I could not rememberthe name of the nearest town to whereI was ordained [the name of the ChristianConference Centre where it happened wasnot good enough!], this dear lady took umbragewith me and called me an imposterand a charlatan! As a pastor, I occasionallyruffle a few feathers, but this lady was reallyruffled when I said that my ordinationcertificate was, at the end of the day, justa piece of paper and that my credentials asa pastor were to be seen in my life and notwhat the document said I did. The lady didnot give her name, did not know me, hadnever met me or visited Wellspring Church,but she felt that she knew me well enoughto ‘report me to the British Embassy.’Can I explain my initial statement this way?When I was learning to drive, I neededsomeone to sit by me who had a full drivinglicence; my father had a full licence andgot it for when he drove the tractors onthe farms he worked on. The licence hadhis name and details on it and it listed theclasses of vehicles he was allowed to drive,one of them being a car. Well that seemedgood enough for me and so we set off, evendriving from Lichfield to London on ‘L’ platesto see family on one occasion. Dad sat bymy side for months as I had lessons andlearned to drive correctly… there were onlya few problems with our little arrangement.One of the problems was that my Dad hadnever driven a car in his life and anotherwhopping problem was that he was alsoblind and deaf. What on earth would havehappened if I had been unable to continuedriving while on one of our excursions? MyFather had a document which said that hecould drive a car, but it wasn’t worth thepaper it was written on… even though it waslegal.Today, I saw something that frightenedme to the core. As I was driving towardsMazarrón and passing Condado de Alhama,I saw a car on the other carriageway facingAlhama and trying to do a three point turnin the road! The driver intended to go backthe wrong way up the motorway, [I think hehad missed his turning into Condado] andbearing down on him was an articulated lorry!Flashing my headlights and waving madlyto the car driver, I tried to warn him thatwhat he was doing was not a good idea andfortunately things turned out ok in the end.I imagine that the gentleman had a drivinglicense, insurance and all other documentsin order to drive his vehicle, but it was up tohim to drive in a safe manner, for his sake,and the sake of other road users.There is one document which is very importantto have our name written on andthis document is one we cannot see, but itdescribes us perfectly. The Bible calls it the‘Lambs Book of Life’ and in it are written thenames of all who have received Jesus intotheir lives and guarantees us that one dayHe will receive us to Himself.Find out more about this important bookat Wellspring Victory Church.Page 26Costa Cálida Chronicle: Please tell our customers where you saw their advertisement tSales Contact Teresa 619 199 407 or for the Editor Contact Patti 646 005 017www.costacalidachronicle.com email: costacalidachronicle@gmail.com

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The summer is coming and we are all thinkingabout bikini bodies, sun tans and pedicures.You may have been slimming down and keepingfit with help from Fit 4 Life or your normalfeel good plan, but what have you been doingfor your skin and wrinkles?We try our best by slapping on the moisturiser,firming creams and cellulite lotions, butwhere do we go next? We want to plump,tighten and straighten out our complexion.Plumping, the new lip voltage, can do justthat for your lips. Construct Mascara for yourlashes.Nioxin & Kapyderm products can boost yourhair growth giving you thicker, fuller locks.There are some great new facials on the marketand all are available on your doorstep,from the micro-current non-surgical faceliftthat stimulates your facial muscles to createtone with the use of collagen to add elasticityand plump.Permanent make up for eyebrows, eyes andlips can enhance your natural beauty andmake you look your best all the time, but ifyou have hit a brick wall and are contemplatingthe knife......STOP!!Facial rejuvenation with wrinkle fillers, skinpeels and other anti- ageing treatments maybe the best alternative to invasive surgeryand require minimal downtime.Don’t know your Botox from your bum?Here’s the low-down on lunch time cosmetics:Radiesse - This incredible filler lasts up to 2years and helps to diminish the appearanceof deep laugher lines and wrinkles. It helpsto correct contours of the chin and the jawline and create profound cheekbones for ayounger look. Radiesse is also used for handsrejuvenation.The main ingredient in the gel is calcium hydro-xylaoatite,the prime mineral constituentof bones and teeth, which has been used inmedicine for the last 20 years. Once injectedin to the skin, it stimulates the local productionto recreate a youthful look and reducethe effect of ageing and gravity. The results ofthe treatment are visible immediately and aretruly amazing. Radiesse has been successfullyused on over 50,000 people worldwide.It is becoming a dermal filler of preferencebecause it delivers such a long lasting results.Each syringe contains 1.5ml of the product- twice as much as the syringe of Juvederm.Dermal fillers, such as Juvederm or Restylaneare used to fill in the lines from the nose to thecorners of the mouth, frown lines and smallwrinkles around the lips. They are also usedfor lip sculpturing to make thin lips look fullerand more sensual. Hyaluronic Acid treatmentcan also be used for hands rejuvenation andacne scarring.The gel contains pure Hyaluronic Acid, whichis naturally found in the skin and works as aprecursor of collagen. It is not derived from ananimal source, does not cause allergies anddoes not require testing prior to treatment.10 million people have been treated successfullywith this product. The results are immediateand can last up to a year. Depending onthe depth of the lines, you may need morethan one syringe. This can be determinedduring your consultation with the doctor. Forthe prominent frown lines between the eyebrows,optimum results can be achieved bycombining dermal fillers with anti-frowninginjection.TCA Peel is used for facial rejuvenation andabnormal skin pigmentation. It is suitableonly for white skin. Active peeling stimulatesthe dermal layer of skin to produce morecollagen and makes the look brighter andyounger. TCA peels improve condition of theskin, diminish enlarged pore, lessen appearanceof blemishes common in older age andcorrect pigmentation problems caused by sundamage. Down time is about 10 days.In association with Costa Cálida International Radio and www.angloINFO.comWhat a great evening everyone had on Friday26 th April at Black Bull, Camposol. The CharityEvent was in aid of Women v Cancer thatraises funds for Breast, Cervical and OvarianCancer. The funds raised on this eveningwere for a women-only charity 450km cycleride in China when 80 women will take part.Vicky Yoxall, whose parents live on Camposol,is taking part in this challenge which takesplace 5 th to 13 th September.The evening started brilliantly with a quizrun by Paul who kindly gave his serviceseven though his wife was in the UK. Graham,our guitarist and entertainer, was absolutelygreat, both for stepping so kindly in at thelast minute and giving us a superb taste ofhis music, allowing everyone to let their hairdown. The buffet was truly brilliant as usualand everyone commented on the amount andquality of the food provided.It was a great evening;not only did everyoneenjoy themselves,but a fantastic sum of700€ was raised. Thisincluded a raffle fora brand new gazebodonated by Carol andPhil, which was wonby Ryan (the veryfirst raffle he has everwon!) and an umbrellathat was donated byBill and Maria. Ticketswere sold prior to theevent.We would liketo say a greatbig thank youto everyonethat helpedin any wayto make thisevening sucha success.We are havinga finalfund raisingevent on 19 thJuly at BlackBull, CamposolwhenVicki and herfamily will bethere priorto her taking on this mammoth challengein September. Please come and join us andmake this a very special evening, raisingmore funds for this fantastic cause. Anyonewishing to reserve a ticket can either leavetheir name and telephone number with Carolat Black Bull or contact Rosemarie on 968199 350.Page 28Costa Cálida Chronicle: Please tell our customers where you saw their advertisement tSales Contact Teresa 619 199 407 or for the Editor Contact Patti 646 005 017www.costacalidachronicle.com email: costacalidachronicle@gmail.com

In association with Costa Cálida International Radio and www.angloINFO.comCosta Cálida Chronicle: Please tell our customers where you saw their advertisementSales Contact Teresa 619 199 407 or for the Editor Contact Patti 646 005 017www.costacalidachronicle.com email: costacalidachronicle@gmail.comPage 29

We had alively andproductiveAGM at theGolf Club andthere werenot enoughchairs at onepoint! A voteof thanks wasgiven to ourretiring socialsecretaryAnn, who waspresentedwith a beautiful bouquet by John Osborne(re-elected as Chair) and supported by a reelectedcommittee.Monday’s maintenance team and Wednesday’svolunteers continue the street weedingand spraying programme, pavement/road repairsand watering of the numerous newlyplantedyoung trees and shrubs. If you haveany time to ‘adopt’ a small area near yourhome, by regularly watering the plants andoccasionally weeding, we would be extremelygrateful, so would the plants(!). Alternatively,you may wish to care for one of the new treesin memory of a loved and take over its wateringetc by tying a distinctive ribbon aroundit to show its ‘adoption’. Donations of yourunwanted plants and broken pots are alwaysappreciated, as are full bottles of water leftbehind the Welcome Wall. Using these makesa huge difference to our teams’ watering burden,so please keep them coming; thank you!C Sector has so many kind people who givetheir time, donations of money and plants,snacks and drinks for the workers. Their generosityof spirit makes ‘C’ such a great placeto live and visit on holiday! If you would liketo volunteer to help us in any way and meetnew friends, just get in touch via phone oremail. We offer the bonus of free breakfastson Wednesdays and the satisfaction of knowingyou are keeping fit whilst making a hugedifference to the place you have chosen tolive or spend holidays. Each time visitorsreturn here, they notice how lovely the improvementsare and always let us know asthey pass!Tickets for the Barbeque at The Club Houseon 13 th June, with entertainment from PaulAllen, are now available for a donation of 12€per ticket including food, from John on 634325 427 and Lesley on 669 047 116. Detailsof this and other information about ourgroup can be found on the chalkboards, Facebookand our website http://www.greenfingersgardenandsocialgroup.com/In association with Costa Cálida International Radio and www.angloINFO.comIt has been a while since our last newsletterwhich was due to the lack of a Press Officer.Linda and Les Crook have now taken on thisrole.Progress on the dual carriageway runningthrough ‘D’ Sector down to the Golf Clubroundabout is going well and will shortly becompleted. It will be left in a tidy manner withall the pipes hidden under the gravel.Our regular Friday working parties have beendoing the best they can to maintain ‘D’ Sector,but the lack of volunteers is making thismore and more difficult. The volunteer situationwas discussed at our meeting on the5 th May and it was suggested a change of daymay be more convenient. It was decided thatperhaps a Monday would be better. An emailis being sent to all members to see if anotherday would be more convenient.A Street Party is being organised by TomWills on 28 th June and ticket reservations canbe made by contacting Betty on 968 972312 or 610 551 849, or emailbettylloyd1560@hotmail.com. More informationwill be available in a forthcomingnewsletter prepared by Tom.Our Annual BBQ is booked for Friday 22 nd Augustat The Club House at a cost of 10€ perperson. The entertainment will be providedby Pitu. The food will have a Spanish influencethis year for a change, but there will bealternatives. Menu to be agreed, and moredetails will follow.A Treasure Hunt is being organised for October.More information later.The Christmas Party will be held at TheClub House on Saturday 13 th December. Thecost will be 15€ for a three course traditionalChristmas Dinner with a bottle of wine fortwo. Entertainment will be provided by ScottJames, the popular singer who has appearedat The Club House before.If you are interested in either of the aboveplease ring Linda on 606 874 193 or emaillinandles@hotmail.com.Funds raised by our bucket collectors are stilldoing well and we really appreciate your contributions.All this money is spent on ‘D’ Sectorprojects, road maintenance and employinga gardener two days a week. Our collectorsreceive many compliments from peoplemaking donations.More information is available on our websitewww.sectordcommunity.yuku.com.Page 30Costa Cálida Chronicle: Please tell our customers where you saw their advertisement tSales Contact Teresa 619 199 407 or for the Editor Contact Patti 646 005 017www.costacalidachronicle.com email: costacalidachronicle@gmail.com

On the last Sunday of each month, the LosPalacios Gardening & Community Groupget together to blitz one of the two largecommunal areas. Parque Los Palacios andthe area referred to as Central Parque (oppositethe Bodega) have become the focus ofthese team events. In order to keep on topof weeding and collecting rubbish, those whoare free to spare some time meet at around9.30am and work for about an hour. It’s surprisingwhat can be accomplished in a shorttime when a few keen volunteers arrive withrakes, secateurs and digging implements,with the promise of a well deserved coffeewaiting at the end of the session, or somethingstronger! If you would like to join usfor one of the ‘Team Clear Ups’, look out fordetails on our website www.lospalaciosgardeners.com,the notice board oppositethe post room, or email me for up to dateinformation onjoce@lospalacios-gardeners.com.Many thanks to all of you who contribute tothe bucket collections and provide positivefeedback on how we are doing. This makesit all worthwhile for our fund raisers who do afantastic job of keeping Camposol A suppliedwith membrane and stone chips.Have you seen the area by the wishing well?Like our fellow gardening volunteers on SectorB, plants of many colours have been purchasedin order to make the most of the summer.These vibrant colours compliment theroses, but unfortunately have already fallenprey to some mindless thieves. This however,is not going to deter our Group in continuingto focus on these areas to provide an improvedenvironment for all residents.All work and no play is not something you canaccuse our Group of! Our events schedule forthe rest of the year include:July Carnival Dance - hosted by Barringtonat Mariano’s outside bar,October Race Night at The Vista BarChristmas Party Dance on 13 th Decemberat Restaurant Amapola.If you are interested in supporting the Groupby attending any of these events, tickets willbe on sale at the Book Stall on Friday morningsand again, you can check out the websitefor more details.Our long awaited ‘Association’ status has nowbeen granted, which will enable us to gain insurancefor our volunteers now that we alsohave a CIF number. We feel this is a milestonein the group’s achievements and willenable us to accept the generous sponsorshipthat has been offered from our many supporters.Joce GrantGroup SecretaryPALS maintain a list of those who may beinterested in a city break, a cruise or day tripsand the first notification of our events is alwayssent to those on that listing. The All-Inclusive Cruise to Palma, Corsica, Sardiniaand Italy for 690€ has proved a sell out andwe now have a waiting list to join the 161people from the area who are going.We reserved the November 4 th Night Trip toValencia at 150€ within 4 days and againhave a waiting list, so we have now openedthe books for a 4 Night Stay in BenidormNEXT March covering the St Patrick’s and SanJosé fiestas. Full board with coach there andback from 160€. Only very limited places onthis one.Also arranging much in advance, we havebeen requested to supply sponsorship formsfor the New Year’s Day Swim. This yearwe raised an amazing 3481€ on this eventand our supporters seem determined to beatthat in 2015.PALS ask that you register with us for inclusionon the list for all events and we can befound on www.pals.sm4.biz or see us at theTrevi on a Saturday morning 11am-1.30pmor at Bistro Ratatouille, Puerto de Mazarrón1pm-3pm on a Wednesday afternoon or call626 460 465, for information or tickets.PALS have been in existence since 2000 andin that time have provided equipment andlifesaving machines to the 112 and Cruz Roja,the local Salud and have distributed defibrillatorsthroughout the Mazarrón area. We havesupported FAST and Forget me Not, we have,with others, provided a new ambulance andin the aftershock of the Lorca earthquake providedemergency equipment to that strickentown. It is probable that the equipment in theambulance that saves you locally may be aPALS-donated machine, so thank you everybodyfor your support.We recognise the efforts of other charitiesand that your own donations may be limitedin these hard times and that is why we raiseour money through events, but of course westill welcome any donations. Our financial recordsare updated daily and are available forinspection at your request for any period overour 14 years. Now we feel that the time forchange is upon us so we will, after the Benidormtrip, only deal with those who are registeredas interested in our events, so hope youwill let us have your email or mobile numbersso that we can tell you of any forthcomingholidays or trips.PALS also are expanding their remit in that inaddition to providing lifesaving equipment tothe Mazarrón area’s emergency services, wewill also hold monies in the event of a local orregional disaster. Of course we would probablydo a fund raising event as previously forany such calamity, but feel it prudent to havefunds ready and available to purchase immediatelyany necessary equipment deemed essentialat that time.In association with Costa Cálida International Radio and www.angloINFO.comCosta Cálida Chronicle: Please tell our customers where you saw their advertisementSales Contact Teresa 619 199 407 or for the Editor Contact Patti 646 005 017www.costacalidachronicle.com email: costacalidachronicle@gmail.comPage 31

On 29 th April we went to Aguilas with someof our clients, friends and supporters. It wasa relaxing day out culminating in a splendidMenu del Dia. The following day we went toThe New Royal for lunch.We are grateful to the local groups which supportus. The Ex Servicemen’s Association recentlypresented a cheque to Age Concern for500€.We are always on the lookout for volunteers.Please come along and talk to us if you feelyou can offer some of your spare time to helpother people.As usual, we will be outside Bar Salud on thelast Friday in June for the Table Top Sale. Donatedgoods are always welcome. When yougo through your summer clothes please putany unwanted items or bric-a-brac aside forus.The new local community initiative is well underway, providing care for clients sufferingfrom long term illnesses such as dementia andAlzheimer’s, using the facilities at the CulturalCentre on Camposol every Monday morningand perhaps most importantly, it gives thosecarers a much needed break.In association with Costa Cálida International Radio and www.angloINFO.comA Concert will be held on Sunday June 22 nd atMazarrón Country Club with music from 8pmuntil midnight with Steve Fisher and MagnetikSurf providing the entertainment. Food anddrink will be available and entrance for thewhole event is just 5€. Tickets are availablefrom Jane’s Salon in Bolnuevo, Costa Cálida Radioand PALS (outside Trevis Bar on Saturdaysand Bistro Ratatouille in Puerto de Mazarrón onWednesdays) and members of the Forget MeNot committee.The St George’s Day event at Mariano’s onCamposol A was a great success when 6 musicacts gave their services free of charge. Togetherwith many stalls and displays, a grand totalof 1300€ was raised. Presentations were alsomade to Forget Me Not by Darwinian Gardenersfor 620€ and St Nicholas Church for 1000€.Sincere thanks to those organisations for theirsupport of Forget Me Not and many thanks toall those who donated raffle prizes.Forget Me Not is designed to give carers somemuch needed time off from their 24/7 task oflooking after their loved one. Camposol CulturalCentre is open every Monday from 10.30am-1.30pm and all are welcome, whether it be newvolunteers or patients who will be cared for byexperienced nurses or people interested in thenew community initiative.The client is looked after by fully trained andqualified staff and drinks are provided throughoutthe day along with a hot meal. There is achoice of various activities and interests whichthe client can choose.Anyone wishing to help either with fund raisingor caring are very welcome and can call Liamon 602 427 605 or Dawn on 647 142 071Further information is available throughwww.bolnuevo.com or emailforgetmenot@bolnuevo.comPage 32Costa Cálida Chronicle: Please tell our customers where you saw their advertisement tSales Contact Teresa 619 199 407 or for the Editor Contact Patti 646 005 017www.costacalidachronicle.com email: costacalidachronicle@gmail.com

The club is open to anyone interested in scalemodels or model engineering and it continuesto improve each month with more membersjoining recently whose interests include modelships and transport.The last club meeting was held in Mike’sunderbuild where he is building a large OOGauge Model Railway Layout covering an areaof 3m by 5.5m and having 2 levels, basedon the Appledore and Lydd Stations in Kentwhich will feature on the top scenic level andwith a Helix at either end that will connect tothe Fiddle Yard on the lower level.Much interest was shown by members on thefirst completed 6 level Helix. Mike explainedhow it was constructed and how much cheaperit is to make one than purchase readymade.He then went on to say that the reasonhe wanted the Helices was so that a Lococould be run continuously through AppledoreStation and it will then take a long time tocome back, which gives the impression thatit has been to Hastings in one direction andAshford in the other as in real life.(Photos show the helix construction and connectionto the lower level.)The meeting ended with many discussionsplus tea and cakes (very tasty!) provided byMike’s wife Christine.Anyone who is interested in any form of Modellingare welcome to join the Club. Call Colinon 647 259 914 or Richard on 666 186 037.For more information take a look at our websitewww.camposolanddistrictmodelclub.webeden.co.uk which shows many of ourmembers projects and includes a contactpage.With summer rapidly approaching, weare working to complete current projectsbefore taking a break during the hottestmonths of the year. We are at last seeingsome colourful rewards for our efforts asmany of the Oleander have now establishedthemselves and are in glorious bloom. Afootpath has been completed across theGarden linking B5 to the Footbridge andthe plants and container that were stolenlast month from the ‘Bienvenido a Camposol’wall have been replaced. We hopeto finish clearing and gravelling the longstrip of land at the side of the Rambla roadleading from the bottom of the dual carriagewayto the bridge and when the coolermonths return we will be adding shrubshere and elsewhere around Sector B.B Clean continues to gradually attractmore subscribing members and we aregrateful to all those who have alreadyjoined and also to those who so kindly stopto donate as they drive past our workingvolunteers. We hope that many more residentswill join the scheme and subscribejust 5€ a month to help us keep Camposollooking great. The more subscribers wehave - the better Camposol will look.Why do we bother?There are some who wonder, often passingsuch comments as “It’s the Council’s job”,or “Why should I contribute a subscriptionwhen none of my neighbours do.” Happilythough, we are often encouraged by manyvery positive responses from those whocan see that we are making a difference.What we can’t do.We sometimes receive personal requestsfrom residents asking B Clean to carryout work in or just outside their own property,such as repair of pavements left byAqualia. We are sorry, but we are unableto take on such projects. Apart from liabilityissues, we exist solely to improvethose areas of Sector B that are used bythe community which would not otherwisebe maintained.We still need willing volunteers to helpwith the planting, weeding, litter clearing,watering etc, so please contact us if youcan offer some assistance. We meet everyTuesday morning for a couple of hours.Watering the shrubs is a continuing problemand we are arranging for an additionalwater tank on the Cultural Centre to B15road. If anyone can spare the occasionalhour to give the plants a drink duringthe summer, please feel free to do so andthank you.Planning of future projects takes place atour monthly meetings on the last Tuesdayof each month at Trevi’s 4-5pm.Please come and tell us what improvementsyou would like to see happen.Sandy (Treasurer) 968 986 030Email sanandstu@gmail.comHelen (Secretary) 968 199506Email helenwhite522@gmail.comIn association with Costa Cálida International Radio and www.angloINFO.comCosta Cálida Chronicle: Please tell our customers where you saw their advertisementSales Contact Teresa 619 199 407 or for the Editor Contact Patti 646 005 017www.costacalidachronicle.com email: costacalidachronicle@gmail.comPage 33

In association with Costa Cálida International Radio and www.angloINFO.comNueva ‘Ruta Del Aperitivo’ in Puerto deMazarrón and Bolnuevo from June 6 th -29 thThe Department of Celebrations in Mazarrónis hosting a new ‘Cocktail Route’ for June,which is open to all institutions in Puerto deMazarrón and Bolnuevo. The tapa may be hotor cold and accompanied by a beer, wine orsoft drink for no more than 2€. The bar mostvoted by customers, will receive recognitionfrom the town of Mazarrón. For more information,please contact josebaltasarns@mazarron.es or phone 968 339 306 or 629326 420.IV Regata Bahía deMazarrón30 boats participatedin this year’s eventwhich was organizedby the Yacht Club andMazarrón Town.The winning boat inClasses 1 and 2 wasCarmen from theReal Club de RegatasCartagena and led byJose Coello. 2 nd placewent to Fandango,also from RCR Cartagenaand 3 rd was TheGreek from Real Club Náutico, Torrevieja.In Class 3, the winner of the event was PulpoNegro of Pedro Gil RCN, Torrevieja. 2 ndwas the local participant Svinga, from CRMazarrón and 3 rd was La Dragona, from RCR,Cartagena.In Class 4, 1 st was Zalata with HumbertoMartinez, from RCR, Cartagena. 2 nd wasSaleroso, with 3 rd place going to Tenton.Cultural WeekOn Friday May 2 nd Cultural Week organizedon World Book Day was held in the auditoriumof the Cultural Centre in Mazarrón andtribute was paid to Francisca Navarro Muñoz,librarian of the public library Gómez Jordanade Mazarrón. Councillor Andrés Valera gave abouquet of flowers to the family in recognitionof the work of Francisca Navarro. He alsopresented the awards for the I PhotographyCompetition. 1 st prize of a diploma and 300€in gift vouchers went to Jesús Rubén MirónGarcía. 2 nd prize of 200€ in gift vouchers anddiploma went to Sylwester Sebastián Szpylmanwhile 3 rd prize of 100€ and diploma wentto Santiago Rendón Hoyos.The colleges San Antonio and Infanta Leonorperformed a tribute to Antonio Machado,while students of CEIP La Canada surprisedeveryone with the staging of Rimando conGloria Fuertes and other dramas were performedby 4th year colleges Francisco Caparrósand La Aceña.Libraries in Mazarrón and Puerto de Mazarrónwill continue offering activities until 7 th June.Charity Run For ‘FORGET ME NOT’The charity run was held on Camposol to coincidewith the breaking of the 4 minute milerun 6 th May 1954 by Roger Bannister. Aboutthirty people participated in the race organizedby PALS, to raise funds for Forget MeNot, an initiative to improve care and supportto patients with dementia and their lovedones.The winner of the event was Colin Thackwellwho ran the 1609 meters (one English mile)in a time of 7 minutes, 53 seconds.Councilor for Sports of the Town Hall ofMazarrón, Andrés Valera, was in charge startingsignal the race and the Local Police andCivil Protection provided assistance whenneeded. The Red Cross of Mazarrón camewith the ambulance that PALS had donated ayear ago to the Town Hall of Mazarrón.Book DayOn Wednesday 23 rd April we welcomed thePolish illustrator Katarzyna Rogowicz (Kasia),who gave a series of talks which explainedhow, as an illustrator of children’s stories heproduced some beautiful murals in collaborationwith children.On Thursday April 24 th all of the XXI CenturyCollege students enjoyed a fun storytelling ofThe Brothers Grimm titled “¡Mesa, cúbrete!”During the performance the students were incharge of playing the main characters of thestory.To complete the activities scheduled to celebrateWorld Book Day, on Friday April 25 th theyheld a ‘My Kind Of Story’ competition wheneach of the classrooms of Kindergarten, Primaryand Secondary students and their tutorsprepared all the necessary elements to recreatetheir story in a few minutes. A panel of librariansfrom the centre, the centre’s directorPedro Belchí, AMPA and three members of thecouncil of Mazarrón and Dona Celeste Soria,chose the winners of this magical competition.You can find more pictures of it on the facebookpage of School XXI Century.COEC Meeting With Business AssociationsMazarrónThe Regional Confederation of Organizationsof Cartagena (COEC) held a meeting withleading business associations in Mazarrón.The meeting, chaired by the Mayor aimed toincrease collaboration between local entrepreneursand local employers.The meeting was attended by a dozen representativesfrom local business associationssuch as the Association of Tourist Activities ofthe Bay of Mazarrón, Mazarrón Active, the Associationof Tourist Accommodation MazarrónBay, Merchants Association Mazarrón andShire (Acoma) and representatives of thehospitality industry.The township entrepreneurs have highlightedthe need for more visibility in different areas,with the aim of getting the important demandsof local businesses in important areassuch as infrastructure, tourism, transport andservices.For more information call Maite Arocas on629 628 377.The Town Hall Gets The Ownership OfThe Headquarter Of The Guardia CivilOf Mazarrón In Exchange For ReformingThe Headquarter Of El PuertoThe Municipal Plenum of the Town Hall ofMazarrón approved the ownership of the oldheadquarters of the Guardia Civil in exchangefor undertaking the improvement works valuedat 440,694€. The Mayor of Mazarrón alsopresented a proposal that Mazarrón is includedin the European Cultural Route of theCouncil of Europe ‘The Route of the Phoenicians’,authorizing him to take any steps thatare necessary related to this initiative.Road Safety Talks For People With DisabilitiesOn Tuesday April 22 nd at the Day Centrefor People with Intellectual Disabilities inMazarrón, a talk was organized by the Departmentof Local Police Hall of Mazarrón aimed atimproving the social integration and report onthe prevention of accidents in Mazarrón usersof the Day Centre with Disabilities. In addition,it was intended to promote the teachingof road safety education in everyday life. Thetalk was attended by the Driver Education of26 users and 6 monitors. After the talk theyall did a walk accompanied by local policemanMagdalena Valverde.(photos)Extended Time For Direct Debit of IBITaxDirect debits can be done through www.mazarron.es or at the Municipal Tax Office.The Council for Tax Department at the TownHall in Mazarrón has extended the time forpayment so that citizens can pay by directdebit receipts of some municipal regular taxesthrough their banks, as well as cancel orchange bank details that the Town Hall possesses.This includes the property tax (IBI)allowing a 5% reduction for those people whopay by direct debit before 20 th July.To do this, click the banner ‘Domiciliar IBI’, atthe end of the column on the right of the homepage www.mazarron.es and following a fewsimple steps, or submit the Municipal Tax applicationform for direct debit which you canfind in the link http://www.mazarron.es/es/hacienda/tramites-y-servicios/. Theform can be also sent by fax to 968 333 133or, once scanned, emaildomiciliaciones@mazarron.es.Page 34Costa Cálida Chronicle: Please tell our customers where you saw their advertisement tSales Contact Teresa 619 199 407 or for the Editor Contact Patti 646 005 017www.costacalidachronicle.com email: costacalidachronicle@gmail.com

Reporting Information and Crimes can beconducted in the following ways:-Intelligence Information – Via the Police Station968 594 103 or Via Tatiana at the CulturalCentre 968 131 717Email oficinacamposol@mazarron.esCrime Reporting – Via the Police Station (youwill need an interpreter), via the EnglishSpeaking Police Service on 902 102 112,or via the local police (again interpreter required)968 594 103All emergencies of crime in progress orsuspects in view call 112If in doubt, always call 112 first and ask foran English speaking operatorBurglary UpdateFrom before the New Year when burglary wasbecoming an almost daily event, we have nowturned this round to a handful of incidents.We have achieved this by raising awareness,gathering intelligence, adding security tohomes, working with the local authorities andusing all forms of media to publish our activitiesand to get a message out that Camposolwill not tolerate crime.Let’s continue and not get complacent - rememberour motto - Secure, Prevent, Protect.It is not time to be complacent as there arestill so many houses without adequate security,so ask yourself, Do You Feel Lucky?Have you installed ‘dawn to dusk’ lights?Have you upgraded your window locks?Have you replaced those decorative rejas?Have you put in reinforced doors?Are there still car rental stickers on cars inyour street?Make their day - burglars will attackthese properties!With the Summer here, it is time to ensure welock our gates and doors whilst sitting in thegarden, on the roof terrace, or by the pool.This is ‘opportunist thief season’, so please beextra vigilant during the day.Finally, I would like to thank all the peoplewho have helped in this successful strategyand would like to encourage those whohaven’t looked at their house with regards tosecurity to do so asap.Bob ShoesmithFAST NewsThe Salud Golf Society members met as perusual on the morning of Saturday 12 th April,but this particular day was very different!They were donating their winnings and usualpayments of subs to FAST! The Captain,Barry Elmore, kindly presented the grandamount of 255€ to Angela Jones, CommitteeMember and FAST Responder, at Bar Salud.FAST Easter Sunday Sponsored Walk on20 th APRILThank you to everyone who took part inthe FAST Sponsored Walk, on CamposolB, raising money for FAST i.e. the Walkers,Sponsors, Pets, Organisers, Marshalls, Supportersand all who contributed to making thissuch an enjoyable and fun morning. To thosewho wore fancy dress, what good sports youwere for looking somewhat different! Can’twait to see you next time! Thank you againto Carol, John, Ryan and staff at the BlackBull who kindly opened up especially early inorder to provide the facilities needed. Muchappreciated by all of us too! A Grand Total of740.97€ was raised for FAST – Brilliant!Weekly Bonus Ball – Donation To FASTJohn and Rosemary run Bingo sessions eachweek at Tel’s Bar, Camposol A. They have alwaysgiven all monies from the Bingo to others,never taking anything for themselves.On Saturday 3 rd May FAST presented a Certificateto them in recognition of the valuabledonations raised - over the last 12 monthsalone raising 1,800€! The Camposol Communityand FAST are extremely grateful to John,Rosemary, the Bingo members and Tel’s Bar –thank you all so much for your kind generosity,which is greatly appreciated by everyone.Visit www.fastcamposol.comTel: 968 970 626Events Tickets/Info:Brenda 680 174 499 or Jean 646 737 479FAST Recruiting & Bookings for Demonstrations:Val rabt.val@hotmail.comFAST Table Top Sale:Paddy paddysnell5@gmail.comFAST wishes to thank the Salud Golf Society– numbering 55 in total - for their generosity.Special thanks too for donating their winningsfor that morning! Adam, Manager of BarSalud has supported FAST since his personalneed to call and receive emergency treatment!Thank you all so much for contributingtowards the funding of costs of equipmentand cars etc needed in order to maintain providingthis Voluntary Service on Camposol.In association with Costa Cálida International Radio and www.angloINFO.comCosta Cálida Chronicle: Please tell our customers where you saw their advertisementSales Contact Teresa 619 199 407 or for the Editor Contact Patti 646 005 017www.costacalidachronicle.com email: costacalidachronicle@gmail.comPage 35

If you are looking for somewhere differentto dine and want a traditional Spanish‘feast’, then you won’t find anywhere tobeat El Castillo del Pinar, close to Perin.This ‘Castle’, built in 1890 within groundsof 180,000m2, has a large pine forest andvegetation. The building was a previoussummer residence of the British Consul,owner of the British company that suppliedwater to Cartagena, before it was takenover by Water Company Taibilla. Later itbecame the property of the Swedish Consulin Cartagena, until 1975, when it cameto the hands of the current owners. Therestaurant itself opened in 1982.“We were looking for somewhere a little‘special’ to celebrate my partner’s birthdaywith his family who were staying. Wechose their 5 course meal with accompanyingwines. With each course, the winehas been specially selected by the owner,who is an experienced wine taster and whoalso has his own wine cellar/bodega on thepremises.As we are quite a fussy family (one vegetarianand another who only eats chicken‘off the bone’), we had pre-warnedthe owners, who assured us this was noproblem and any diets can be catered for.We started with pâté with a decoration ofhoney/balsamic vinegar and cheese forthe vegetarians, accompanied by a sweetsherry. The second course was an absolutedelight (I am definitely going to be addingit to my culinary collection); smokedsalmon filled with cream cheese, nuts andherbs with a glass of dry sherry. This wasfollowed by Spanish red pimientos stuffedwith crab and mayonnaise and a glass ofrose wine. Then along came what I canonly describe as gorgeous prawn fritterswith a glass of white wine. We were beginningto worry at this point that perhaps wewouldn’t be able to eat the next course,but pork slices in a sauce arrived, chicken‘off the bone’ and wonderful fish with agarlic and herb butter; all accompanied bysmall roasted potatoes and a glass of redwine. I had asked in advance for sometype of birthday cake and this arrived withthe ‘birthday boy’s’ age displayed and candlesto a rousing sound of “Happy Birthday”.It was also beautifully decorated withgarlands of roses. To finish, liqueur coffeearrived.When the bill came, our family could notbelieve the price of only 75€ for us all. Inthe UK that’s what the wine bill would havecome to and they hadn’t charged us for thecake which we had said we were happy topay extra for.In association with Costa Cálida International Radio and www.angloINFO.comLovely surroundings, accommodating owners,beautiful food and wine, and fantasticprice – what more could one want from adining experience.If you fancy something a little more informal,there is a 3 course Menu del Diaavailable including a drink and coffee foronly10€. During the summer months, onSaturday lunchtimes, you can enjoy a6 course meal with wine, coffee and liveentertainment outside in their covered gazebofor just 18€.”Page 36Costa Cálida Chronicle: Please tell our customers where you saw their advertisement tSales Contact Teresa 619 199 407 or for the Editor Contact Patti 646 005 017www.costacalidachronicle.com email: costacalidachronicle@gmail.com

In association with Costa Cálida International Radio and www.angloINFO.comCosta Cálida Chronicle: Please tell our customers where you saw their advertisementSales Contact Teresa 619 199 407 or for the Editor Contact Patti 646 005 017www.costacalidachronicle.com email: costacalidachronicle@gmail.comPage 37

In association with Costa Cálida International Radio and www.angloINFO.comPage 38Costa Cálida Chronicle: Please tell our customers where you saw their advertisement tSales Contact Teresa 619 199 407 or for the Editor Contact Patti 646 005 017www.costacalidachronicle.com email: costacalidachronicle@gmail.com

In association with Costa Cálida International Radio and www.angloINFO.comCosta Cálida Chronicle: Please tell our customers where you saw their advertisementSales Contact Teresa 619 199 407 or for the Editor Contact Patti 646 005 017www.costacalidachronicle.com email: costacalidachronicle@gmail.comPage 39

World Environment Day (WED) is celebratedon June 5 th and is a day that stimulatesawareness of the environment and enhancespolitical attention and public action. The firstWorld Environment Day was held in 1973and is hosted every year by a different citywith a different theme and is commemoratedwith an international exposition in the weekof 5 th June. Over the years it has grown to bea broad, global platform for public outreachthat is widely celebrated by stakeholders inover 100 countries. It also serves as the ‘people’sday’ for doing something positive for theenvironment, galvanizing individual actionsinto a collective power that generates an exponentialpositive impact on the planet.recycling is very important for the environmentand we need to reduce, reuse and recycle.Many of us do this already, but RecycleWeek is about taking it one step further!Taking your unwanted clothes and householditems to the local charity shop is Recyclingand of course you will also be helping thecharity raise much needed money for theircause.Recycling reduces landfillWhen we Recycle, recyclable materials arereprocessed into new products and as a resultthe amount of rubbish sent to landfill sites reduces.There are over 1,500 landfill sites inthe UK and in 2001 these sites produced aquarter of the UK’s emissions of methane, apowerful greenhouse gas.In association with Costa Cálida International Radio and www.angloINFO.comWorld Environment Day for 2014 will adoptthe International Year of Small Island DevelopingStates (SIDS) in the broader contextof climate change as its theme. The objectivesare to help build momentum towardsthe Third International Conference on SIDSin September and encourage a greater understandingof the importance of SIDS and ofthe urgency to help protect the islands in theface of growing risks and vulnerabilities, particularlyas a result of climate change. WorldEnvironment Day will be an excellent opportunityto raise a call for solidarity with theislands.World Environment Day is the opportunityfor everyone to realize not only the responsibilityto care for the Earth and to becomeagents of change.Head to theBottle BankRecycle Weektakes place from16 th -23 rd June.This specialweek has beenheld since 2004and its missionhas been to encourageus torecycle more.As we all know,Do you Recycle glass jars as well as glassbottles?Why Recycle?Recycling conserves resourcesWhen we Recycle, used materials are convertedinto new products, reducing the needto consume natural resources. If used materialsare not Recycled, new products aremade by extracting fresh, raw material fromthe Earth, through mining and forestry.Recycling helps conserve important raw materialsand protects natural habitats for thefuture.Recycling saves energyUsing Recycled materials in the manufacturingprocess uses considerably less energythan that required for producing new productsfrom raw materials – even when comparingall associated costs, like transport - plusthere are extra energy savings because moreenergy is required to extract, refine, transportand process raw materials ready for industrycompared with providing industry-ready materials.As Recycling saves energy, it also reducesgreenhouse gas emissions, which helpsto tackle climate change. Current UK Recyclingis estimated to save more than 18 milliontonnes of CO 2a year – the equivalent totaking 5 million cars off the road.Recycling helps protect the environmentRecycling reduces the need for extracting(mining, quarrying and logging), refining andprocessing raw materials all of which createsubstantial air and water pollution.What happens to our Recycling?In the UK, recyclable items are predominantlycollected in two ways. They are sorted intotheir respective materials on the lorry at thekerbside, or co-mingled collections where allyour recyclables are put into one compartmenton the lorry before being taken to aMaterials Recovery Facility (MRF) and sortedinto different types of materials by hand ormachine (or both) before being sent to manufacturerswho make it into new products.Once collected and sorted, Recycled materialsbecome valuable commodities in theworldwide market.All of the newsprint manufactured in the UK isnow made from 100% Recycled paper.All of the organic (garden and kitchen) wastecollect is Recycled.Over 80% of the glass collected for Recyclingis used in the UK to make new glassbottles and jars.Countries such as China are prepared to payhigh prices for recyclables such as waste plastic,mainly because they do not have readilyavailable sources of virgin materials (noindigenous forests or oil supplies) and theyhave a large manufacturing industry that requiresthese products. Even though exportingour recyclables means a bigger recycling loopbecause recyclable materials are transportedfurther, it is still a better environmental optionthan using virgin, raw materials. It minimisesthe need to use our natural resources suchas oil, as using recycled materials significantlyreduces energy use and carbon emissionsduring the manufacturing process. Thetransport impacts are reduced because thematerials are transported in container shipsreturning to China after bringing the goods tothe UK. It also means those materials are notbeing landfilled.Page 40Costa Cálida Chronicle: Please tell our customers where you saw their advertisement tSales Contact Teresa 619 199 407 or for the Editor Contact Patti 646 005 017www.costacalidachronicle.com email: costacalidachronicle@gmail.com

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Hello, Nathan here again and this month I willbe writing about our brother’s visit to Spain.When Ben arrived we were very excited,especially Mum who hadn’t seen him sinceChristmas. Dad and Mum both went to pickhim up from the airport, so we cleaned thehouse quickly and I got on with my schoolwork, which I am enjoying a lot right now -except maths which is getting quite hard, buteverything else is good.Everyone greeted Ben and Mum and Dad offeredhim coffee and biscuits which he gladlysaid yes to seeing as he had been up since4am! After this Ben just wanted to sleep,which he did for 2 hours and at 2pm we hadlunch. The next day Ben just wanted to restand get used to the place and the pets. Fora few days he sunbathed and we had a fewdays off school which was nice, but I did dosome! We decided to go to the beach whichwas great and as usual Ben burned and camehome as he described ‘as a lobster’, but aftera few days he became tanned and he decidedto use sun cream and after sun.On Sunday we went to the hills and had achurch service at Welcome House with ourfriends Derek and Lynda who run it at Cegehin.After this we noticed a reservoir whichMum wanted to visit and so a few days laterwe packed a picnic and went to the reservoir.The way down to it from the road was notobvious and we sort of got lost, but eventuallywe discovered the right road and founda lovely place to park by the water’s edgewhere we ate our lunch and read books andwalked around. Ben, Connor, Shannon and Iwent for a bit of an explore, but we couldn’tgo far because Shannon had no shoes on. Itreally was a great place to go and I know wewill go back, maybe take Matthew when henext comes over.On Good Friday we had another church servicewith more friends from Wellspring. Thiswas an outdoor service on the Paseo in Puertode Mazarrón. Ben played his bagpipes duringthe meeting as part of a sketch thing that weall took part in. After that we had a meal atViggos together which was nice. Ben’s holidaywas coming to an end (but he should be backsoon!) We were sure he had a good time.Speak again soon; Nathan.In association with Costa Cálida International Radio and www.angloINFO.comPampered Paws.es Moves to NewImproved Premises.Pampered Paws.es opened its newdoors on CamposolC in March, offeringeven better facilities.There is a waitingarea for clients, disabled-friendlyaccess,an area for thedogs to relax aftertheir pamper whilstwaiting for theirowner and a largebright clean roomfor the grooming itself.It has been designedby Joanne theowner, around what’sbest for the dogs andthere is a big walk-inshower for the biggerdogs (so no lifting forthem), a raised bathfor the smaller dogs(no more bending forJoanne), a cuttingarea and a dryingarea.Pampered Paws.esis also known for itssuperb selection ofbling collars & leadsand these can becustomised on thespot for your specialpooch. There isalso a good stock ofshampoos for all skintypes, perfumes forhim & her, Scaliborcollars for protectionagainst the Leishmaniasandfly and otherinsects and Buster inflatablecollars. These are a replacementfor the plastic ‘lampshade’ used after operationsor to prevent your pet from chewingan infected area. There are many otheritems that can be seen on the website orcome to see Joanne for a chat at the Fridaymarket on Camposol B.Page 42Costa Cálida Chronicle: Please tell our customers where you saw their advertisement tSales Contact Teresa 619 199 407 or for the Editor Contact Patti 646 005 017www.costacalidachronicle.com email: costacalidachronicle@gmail.com

In association with Costa Cálida International Radio and www.angloINFO.comCosta Cálida Chronicle: Please tell our customers where you saw their advertisementSales Contact Teresa 619 199 407 or for the Editor Contact Patti 646 005 017www.costacalidachronicle.com email: costacalidachronicle@gmail.comPage 43

Keep In Touch With Home Cheaply!You shouldn’t pay more to call home when inSpain! With MÁSMÓVIL’s voice and internetbundles you can easily stay in contact withfriends and family back home with the newPlan Zero International. Choose the internetbundle you prefer and combine it with avoice bundle that you can use for national aswell as international calls to many differentdestinations. Get up to 1,000 minutes of internationalcalls plus 1.5 GB of data for only39.93€ (VAT included) per month!When Plan Zero International is exceeded,normal Plan Zero prices are applicable.MÁSMÓVIL is all about transparency, withoutsmall print, fines or commitment clauses,so you may leave whenever you want! Youmay even ‘park’ your SIM card for up to 9months and can continue to keep the sameSpanish number when you return. These, togetherwith a polite customer service teamwho speak no less than 6 languages (English,German, Spanish, Scandinavian, Russian andFinnish), make MÁSMÓVIL a firm favouritewith the expatriates.Over 150,000 satisfied customers can’t bewrong. Find out more about the terms andconditions for Plan Zero International byphoning our toll-free number 1473 today, orvisit www.masmovil.es to find your nearestMÁSMÓVIL distributor.In association with Costa Cálida International Radio and www.angloINFO.comMass according to the Extraordinaryform (in Latin) is celebrated every 1 st Saturdayof the month at the Catholic Chapel atPastrana, approximately 10km from MazarrónSchedule of Masses:1 st Saturday of the month (in Latin, with readingsand homily in English) 4:30pmAll other Saturdays Mass 4.30pm in EnglishSchedule of Confession:Saturday from 3:15-4:20pm Also on requestFr. Carlos Prats 628 824 555Fr. Octavio Carpena 676 219 445www.pastranaonline.comLourdes - Place of Healing and HopeOn April 16 th 1879 Bernadette, or Sister Marie-Bernard,as she was known within herorder, died in Saint Croix (Holy Cross) Infirmaryof the Convent of Saint-Gildard. Shewas thirty five.Born into a humble family which little by littlefell into extreme poverty, Bernadette hadalways been a frail child, born on January 7 th1844 in Lourdes, France. Quite young, shehad already suffered from digestive trouble;she also suffered painful attacks of asthma,There have been some memorable momentsthis month. A kind benefactor from our church“The Olive Branch” purchased a fridge freezerfor our largest family and they were so overwhelmed,the whole family went to church togive thanks to God for his mighty provision.Arthur is seen here singing “Turn your eyesupon Jesus” with some of the children. Tearsof joy all round.tuberculosis ofthe lung anda tuberculartumour onher right leg.On ThursdayFebruary 11 th1858 at age14, she wassent with heryounger sisterand a friendto gather firewoodwhen avery beautifulLady appearedto her above arose bush in agrotto calledMassabielle.The lovely Lady was dressed in blue andwhite. She smiled at Bernadette and thenmade a sign of the cross with a rosary of ivoryand gold. Bernadette fell on her knees, tookout her own rosary and began to pray to therosary. The beautiful Lady was God’s Mother,the Blessed Virgin Mother.As the weather heats up, we really appreciatethe hard work done by our willing helperson the Table Top Sale at Camposol. It’sthanks to them, that we are able to purchasefood and extras for all our lovely families.The food bill increases each month as morefamilies contact us for help. This month thenumber has increased to 61 people and thereis a new baby due in July. Thankfully, we havereceived donations of a pram and lots of babyclothes, but they desperately need a fridge.This poor young family are without runningwater or toilet facilities.Wherever we go, we are met with smilingfaces, an offer of a cuppa and sometimes abag of tomatoes! The villages we visit aresometimes remote and the dwellings hard tofind, but we are always met with a smile anda hug. God is good! (all the time) A great bigthank-you to Marian and Lesley at The DogBowl, Fuente Alamo for continuing supportand Nadine and Ray at Club 25 Serena Golf,This was the first of 18 visions; the 8 th apparitionon Wednesday February 24 th saw Bernadetteweeping bitterly, prostrating herself andkissing the ground in response to our Lady’ssecond spoken message, “Penance! Penance!Penance! Pray to God for sinners. Go kiss theground for the conversion of sinners”On the 9 th apparition on February 25 th , Bernadettewas seen to be actively engaged insearching for something; finally near the backshe drank of the contents of the muddy excavation.From those days the springs have consistentlyproduced 27,000 gallons per day fromwhich many miracles have been recorded.On March 25 th the Feast of the Annunciation,Bernadette asked Our Lady “Mademoiselle,would you be so kind as to tell me who youare, if you please?” Our Lady addressed Bernadettesaying “I am the Immaculate Conception”St Bernadette was canonised by Pope PiusXI on December 8 th 1933 and there are upto 6 Million visitors each year to Lourdes whoseek Healing and Hope.Los Alcazares for their wonderful donations.To all who help us, God Bless you.If you can help in any way with donations offood, please contact Marge and Arthur Lawson 659 270 886 or email arthurlaws@hotmail.com.Also please check out our newwebsite http://swaptearsforsmiles.wix.com/swap-tears-4-smilesPage 44Costa Cálida Chronicle: Please tell our customers where you saw their advertisement tSales Contact Teresa 619 199 407 or for the Editor Contact Patti 646 005 017www.costacalidachronicle.com email: costacalidachronicle@gmail.com

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Your Own People’s Animal Charity.We endeavour to provide financial aid to peoplewho kindly rescue sick, injured and abandonedanimals. We also have a policy of helpingwith the spaying and castration of feralanimals where there is a danger they mayoverrun the local population and animals thatare lost, or abandoned by owners with financialdifficulties. We assist you with vets’ billsin order to help lessen the burden on you.We can provide food for them initially to getyou going.How Do We Do This and How You Can AssistUs?We need any items you no longer need; furniture,clothing, kitchenware, electrical goods.We will clear whole houses and accept monetarydonations. How about all that smallchange you have stuck in the back of a drawer?You can donate at the shop, Mon to Sat10am-2pm. We are on the road going in toPuerto de Mazarrón. Turn left immediatelybefore Consum Supermarket. We are 150mtsup on the right.Helping You To Help AnimalsRegistered Charity No 9537/1aMini had not eaten or passed water for a dayand as her owners became increasingly concernedthey decided that a trip to the vetswas needed urgently. Maskota vet in FuenteAlamo was used and they were very efficient,x-raying her straight away showing she hada blockage in her bladder. This required animmediate emergency operation to removethe offending material and get Mini out ofdanger.The May meeting of the Darwinian Gardenerswas a visit to the Museo Etnografica orFolk Museum at Puertos de Santa Barbarajust off the main road between Tallante andCartagena. The museum is run by the villageWomen’s Association and several of theirmembers were in attendance to show usround and explain the exhibits.In association with Costa Cálida International Radio and www.angloINFO.comNew ShowroomWe always have a good selection of secondhand items in the shop at reasonable pricesand our new showroom is set up so we candisplay all the larger items (beds, sofas andfurniture etc), so if you need quality items,visit us. We also have a budget range suitablefor use in holiday lets where durabilityis an important consideration. You can saveyourself time, money and help animals at thesame time. Check out our websitewww.mazarronanimalmedi-aid.co.ukFurniture CollectionWe have reorganized our transport pick-upsystem so that we can offer you virtually immediatecollection of those large items thatyou need out of the way (in the Mazarron/Camposol area). Every Tuesday we are onCamposol B car park 10am-12am oppositethe petrol station. We can collect items fromyou there or arrange collection.Please contact us if you need help.Tel 666 186 037, call at the shop, or emailmazarronanimalmedi-aid@hotmail.comAs it was difficult for the owners to pay thissudden unexpected bill, MAMAS was askedto help. We were only too glad to contributeto such a worthwhile cause and Mini is nowback at home recovering well as the pictureshows.As usual, last month was very busy time forus and this is just one of the many sufferinganimals we were able to help and a typicalexample of the kind of assistance we can provideto you.We were surprised to discover what a comprehensivecollection they have achieved. Roomsettings representing a kitchen, dining room,and two bedrooms were alongside a largecollection of individual objects including farmimplements and household tools, clothes,school books and examples of handicrafts.Also interesting were the traders’ bicycleswhich the ladies explained to us. The pedallerhad a wooden box on the rear carrier to carryhis wares and another under the crossbar toreceive his items of “payment in kind” such aseggs, vegetables etc. We were told that all histrade was by barter with no money involved.There was also a butcher’s bike, with boxesfor the meat and also a hand-held weighingscale and a bike with a special slatted woodenbox for transporting live poultry. The largestitem in the collection was a simple carriage tobe drawn by a horse or donkey, whose labeltold us that it added beauty, status and convenienceto the village.Following our tour of the museum we weretaken across the road to see the beautifullyrestored well. Our host, in traditional dress,hitched up the donkey that walked round thewell on its walkway, causing the terracottapots attached to the wheel to draw up waterto irrigate the adjacent orchards. He told usthat the well is still in use, but is powered byan electric pump, whereas traditionally twodonkeys worked in shifts to provide a continuoussupply.A thoroughly enjoyable and informative visitwas followed by an excellent lunch at the RestaurantBuen Descanso in Tallante. This wasour final meeting before the summer, but youcan find further information on our web pageon www.bolnuevo.com or phone Anne on669 338 885Page 46Costa Cálida Chronicle: Please tell our customers where you saw their advertisement tSales Contact Teresa 619 199 407 or for the Editor Contact Patti 646 005 017www.costacalidachronicle.com email: costacalidachronicle@gmail.com

This is an opportunity to raise public awarenessof the contribution made by those whoserve and have served in Her Majesty’sArmed Forces and it gives the nation an opportunityto show support for the men andwomen who make up the Armed Forces community,from currently serving troops to servicefamilies and from veterans to cadets.There are events organised throughout theUK and abroad in support of Armed ForcesDay.Who are the Armed Forces?The UK Armed Forces defend the UK and itsinterests. It is not just wars that are fought.Many personnel are busy working around theworld, promoting peace, delivering aid, tacklingdrug smugglers and providing securityand fighting terrorism. The current main UKmilitary effort is in Afghanistan where themilitary are operating successfully, with lotsof other countries, to provide a more stableand secure Afghanistan to help ensurea safer Britain and world. This operation involvesall sections of the Armed Forces in theRoyal Navy, the British Army and the RoyalAir Force from newly recruited personnel toexperienced veterans.Your support for the Armed Forces providesa much valued morale boost for the troopsand their families.It is of course the centenary of the start ofWorld War I this year and there will be a lot ofcoverage on the television and other media.There will no doubt be events being held inhonour of those men and women who dedicatetheir lives for a more peaceful world andof course to those who lost their lives in allthe conflicts over the last 100 years.In order to commemorate this important day,Tel’s Bar & Cat’s Bar on Camposol A, whoare great supporters of the “Help for Heroes”Charity, are holding a Fund Raising Day onMonday 30 th June from 5.30pm. “Help for Heroes”provides a national network of supportfor our wounded and their families. There willbe fun and entertainment a-plenty, so pleasecome along and join in, whilst at the sametime celebrating and honouring the ArmedForces Community.Live entertainment will be compered by DJBernie Mac and a host of local stars, includingDynamic Duo, Graham (guitar and vocal)and Wildcats will be appearing. Have yourface painted, buy something from one of thestalls, take part in the games, try your luckat the raffle and have a feast from the Barbeque.Reserve a seat in advance for only 2€, withall proceeds going to “Help for Heroes”.There is still space available if you are interestedin having a stall. Please call Carol andAlan on 639 860 256.One of the really nice things about beingout and about all the time is that sometimesI come across some real ‘hiddengems’. This month I have to mention theRestaurante Mariquita II in Totana.One of their house speciality tapas dishesis called ‘Gallina En Pepitoria’, which isan absolutely delicious, but secret recipepassed down from over a hundred yearsago; chicken with potatoes and a creamytruffle sauce and it is only 3€ per portion.Whilst we were trying to figure out thetranslation for this, I had a free sampleand still cannot say it tasted like anythingI have ever had before, but it was simplydelicious!I also had the good fortune to attend anotherLadies’ Lunch recently and this timethe chosen venue was Casa Claudio onthe Paseo Maritimo in Puerto de Mazarrón;another really excellent venue. The Menudel Dia was only 10€ including salad plus3 courses with a wide choice of starters,mains and desserts, wine for 2 and coffee.They even included the ‘chopitos’ and noonecould believe what excellent value formoney it all was and most said they willreturn! Casa Claudio can be found halfway along the Paseo on the opposite cornerto the ceramics shop. There is also acovered terrace right by the sea offeringwonderful views and protection from thewind.I must just say thank you again to TimTownsend from Kwik Fix who once againcame to the rescue when the drive shaftdecided to fall off one of the CHM vans.Tim dropped everything to assist and wewere back up and running in less than 48hours. Thank you Tim!I would like to takethis opportunity tothank 2 charities thismonth; The CamposolFAST teamand Age Concern,for their help witha friend who was inneed of their services.I cannot praisethem highly enough.The response wasincredible and I wasso impressed by theirprofessionalism. Weare very lucky tohave such selflesspeople amongst ourcommunity who onlyexist to help others.I also ‘did my bit’by running a milefor Forget Me Not. Iam no runner and itshowed a bit, so I willbe trying to increasemy distance over thesummer ready forthe Race for Life inthe Autumn!By the time you readthis I will have beenback to the UK for aweek to catch up withfamily and friends.See you next monthTeresaIn association with Costa Cálida International Radio and www.angloINFO.comCosta Cálida Chronicle: Please tell our customers where you saw their advertisementSales Contact Teresa 619 199 407 or for the Editor Contact Patti 646 005 017www.costacalidachronicle.com email: costacalidachronicle@gmail.comPage 47

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As usual our profits go to local charities, socome and have a great evening of fun andknow you’re also helping out in the communityThe Beaconof Lightmeetingsare everyWednesdayfrom 7pmwith weeklyguest mediums.Themeetingsusually finishat approximately8.30pm. Asalways theevenings end with a friendly chat and a cup oftea and biscuits. All our meetings are fundedby donations given during the evening. Ourearly healing sessions start at 6pm.Wednesday 4th June - Anna -MarieWednesday 11th June - Sammy FitzsimmonsWednesday 18th June - Jimmy McArthur(please bring a flower)Wednesday 25th June - David DarnboroughThursday 26th June - David Darnborough -Fundraising event at Condado de Alhama.Admission by ticket at 5€. 8pm (doors close7.45pm). Please call 620 877 326 to reservea ticket.For further information please phone 620877 326Email beacon.of.light.murcia@gmail.comhttp://beaconoflightmurcia.webs.comFacebook Beacon of Light MurciaGreat fun was also had with the CloudNine gang taking part and staging a MurderMystery at The New Royal, El Alamillo;plenty of shocks, scandals and who dunnitwith some very dodgy looking charactersclaiming their innocence!!In association with Costa Cálida International Radio and www.angloINFO.comAs Summer approaches we may not beperforming, but rest assured we will bebusy planning for our glorious, all singing,all dancing PANTOMIME! Look out forfurther details when, where and what ourtheme will be this year!We welcome any new members, both backand front stage. For further details go tothe websitewww.cloudninedramagroupmurcia.comFor any further information, please contactour Chairman Paul Macdonald onpandsmac@hotmail.comPage 50Costa Cálida Chronicle: Please tell our customers where you saw their advertisement tSales Contact Teresa 619 199 407 or for the Editor Contact Patti 646 005 017www.costacalidachronicle.com email: costacalidachronicle@gmail.com

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Occupation Licenses by Martinez de laCasa ArchitectsThe Occupation License is a documentbroadly used by Town Halls for several issues.Currently the submission (registrationreceipt) of having applied for an OccupationLicense (not the license itself), isrequired to sign for a property sale at anyNotary within Alicante. The document, alsocalled Habitation License or Habitacion Cedule,is required in other regions too to dealwith electricity contracts or arrange watersupplies, although in Murcia it is not neededto sell a property.This document/receipt is achieved by submittinga dossier with the compilation of thetitle deeds, water and electricity bills, IBI(annual Town Hall tax) and NIE, one or morecertificates by an Architect and sometimescomplete plans of the property. Requirementsvary widely among municipalities.Martinez de la Casa Architects offer thisdossier service to obtain registration receiptfor Second Occupation License Receipt/Applicationfor Second Occupation License inAlicante, Murcia and Almeria. Prices subjectto different Town Halls:Torrevieja: Paperwork 98€ & Registry atTown Hall 50€ = Total: 148€ + IVAOrihuela: 198€ & Registry at Town Hall 50€= Total: 248€ + IVARojales: 98€ & Registry at Town Hall 50€ =Total: 148€ + IVAThe price includes the preparation of thedossier and certificates.Optional Service: to submit the dossier atthe Town Hall and organise payment of relevantfees for the Registration Receipt (necessaryat the Notary in Alicante), not includingthe taxes to be paid to the Town Hall(very variable); for example, from 105€ inOrihuela to 17.50€ in Torrevieja Town Hall.p p p g /If you contract our services, Martinez dela Casa Architects will accurately quoteaccording to your Town Hall (optional registrationprocess and tax) and make an appointmentto visit the property, measuring ifnecessary and compiling all dossier paperwork.We deliver the package in 7/10 workingdays and you will receive your stampedreceipt from the Town Hall within 7/10 workingdays.The Town Hall will take an indefinite time toissue the License (can be months), notifyingyou by letter and ordinarily requestingthe property Catastro/Title Deeds records beupdated due to alterations in the build sizecaused by alterations/extensions. However,to sell in your home in Alicante, the Notaryonly asks for proof of having applied for theSecond Occupation License, therefore ourservice is sufficient to carry out the sale.Martinez de la Casa Architects is one ofthe most prominent and respectable practicesin the area, providing all types of certificatesand licenses, amongst other services.It is the number one company in EPC certificates(121€ IVA inc) in Murcia and Alicante(from 250€ + IVA). Please call us on 665810 411 if you have any queries. To seeover 90 reviews on our services, visitwww.martinezdelacasa.comIn association with Costa Cálida International Radio and www.angloINFO.comDear EditorAs a regular reader of the Costa CálidaChronicle in the UK, I am surprised to notethat many readers cannot always get a hardcopy in Spain for various reasons.If you have a computer, why not downloadit every month? It is so simple and you willnever miss a copy. You can also downloadback copies if you wish. Just type CostaCálida Chronicle into your search engineand hey presto! You need never worry aboutchasing around to get your monthly magazineanymore. On the first of every monthyou can enjoy reading your local news in thecomfort of your home while everyone else ischasing around trying to find a copy!!Try it, you will not be disappointed.Graham Kilroy, England(and Spain whenever possible)See our subscription information onpage 106Dear EditorHAH Mar Menor…Happy And HopefulMy name is Patti Lee. I am 83 years old andlive alone in Los Narejos. Last October I hadto have a hip operation, after which I spenta little time recovering in a nursing home.When they said I could go home I was soworried about how I was going to cope whena friend advised me to get in touch withHAH (Help at Home) who immediatelycame to my aid.How could I have coped without their wonderfulcare team? ! couldn’t get dressed,nor do essential tasks, but they took this onand for many days helped me, took me toappointments, out for coffee and walks andmade life a pleasure again. Janet and Chrisin particular have become firm friends andstill visit me regularly, help with difficulties,appointments etc and my little dog and Ilook forward so much to their visits.Janet wrote down some very important factson what to do in an emergency and followinga fall where I cut my leg quite badly, Ifollowed her instructions and was able to gethelp. I am convinced that this saved my life!Their volunteers are all so helpful and theywork extremely hard, and their service isFREE. I could not have managed withoutthem and would like to thank them all fortheir time, care and friendship. They all deservea medal!!Kind regardsPatti LeeLos NarejosDear EditorI thought you might like to warn people rethe perils of using Assisted Passage into Alicante.My 94 year old Mother has used theservice many times without problem, butunfortunately they now have a new systemand it isn’t working well.Three days before my Mother was due to flyback, I fortunately checked her documentsand found she had a passport belonging tosomeone else! She had a Boarding Pass inthe correct name, but this was inside a Passportfor another lady. The green receipt wasin the name of DM, but signed by my Mother– easy to notice if checked! As neither ofthese ladies had written their contact detailsin the back I couldn’t contact the lady myself.The Insurance Company was no help. Theyjust asked if I would like the address of theBritish Embassy in Alicante and the number.Yes, but unfortunately the phone systemwas down! I then contacted Easyjet in UKand had no joy. Go to the British Embassy- talk about passing the buck. I don’t driveand Mum is 94! I then got in touch withEasyjet Alicante and they were not preparedto check if my Mother’s Passport was at theirdesk and again referred me to the Embassywith, fortunately, a different number.The British Embassy was brilliant! I can’tpraise them enough. They said they wouldring the airport police and ring me back. 4hours later they did so and the Passport waswith the National Police at the airport. Wecollected it just prior to checking in. Obviouslymy poor Mother is still upset and Idoubt she will make another trip.I don’t know what happened to DM, but Ihope she had as much luck as we did andgot her Passport back before her return.RegardsValerie CooperTotanaPage 52Costa Cálida Chronicle: Please tell our customers where you saw their advertisement tSales Contact Teresa 619 199 407 or for the Editor Contact Patti 646 005 017www.costacalidachronicle.com email: costacalidachronicle@gmail.com

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HAH - Help at Home, Mar MenorWe are a group of caring members of the localcommunity, whose sole aim is to help Englishspeaking people of all ages, who are findingit difficult to cope. Hence HAH .. HELP ATHOME.Maybe you or a loved one have recently beendischarged from hospital or are under medicalsupervision. Perhaps you have had a fall andneed a little help dressing, taking to appointments,or a full time carer needing a break.We may not always have the solution, but wewill do our utmost to assist you.We are NOT an emergency service, nor do wereplace your Doctor. A British Nurse will assessyour needs in your home and, subjectto resources, offer what help we can. Wealso have mobility aids and these servicesare offered FREE OF CHARGE to our clients.Now we have access to the services of a fullytrained and registered Physiotherapist, a FootHealth Care Practitioner and Counsellor forour clients, but there may be a small chargedepending on assessment. We are not a full/long term service; we just offer short termsolutions during difficult times.We work within a 15k radius of Los Alcazares,so if you are struggling to cope, please call on633 673 034 or 603 517 770Email helpathomespain@gmail.com.www.helpathome.esPlease email or call as above if you would liketo help us help others, at times convenientto you.E vents - July 2014Please Note….HAH And Chatters FutureMeetings To Be Held At Roda Social Club,(Roda Centro Civico) Disabled access.Tues June 3 rd Volunteer’s Meeting @Roda Centro Civico.11.15am for 11.30amstart. Optional Menudel Dia from 5€.Sun June 8 th RockingIn Roda Concert/BBQ. 4pm. Full line upof artistes. Tickets on almost sold out. Stillonly 10€ from Celia on 968 574 576Wed June 18 th Chatters Group @ Roda CentroCivico. 11.15am to start 11.30am. Comealong and make new friends. Talk by Bill onDiabetes, chat, etc. Optional Menu del Diafrom 5€. Tel Mary on 968 171 542.Thurs June 19 th Royal Ascot Ladies’ Day@ the Red Lion, Los Alcazares. 1.30pm for aglass of bubbly and canapés. 1 st race 2.30pm,last race 5.30pm. Hot and cold buffet from4pm. Prizes for best dressed and best hatand raffle. 10€.Fri June 27 th Table Top Sale @ La Zona Bar(opp.Consum) Los Narejos. 10am -1pm,weather and resources permitting. Foodavailable at the bar.Thurs July 3 rd Volunteer’s Meeting @ RodaCentro Civico. 11.15am for 11.30am start.Optional Menu del Dia from 5€.July Mon 28 th Casa Familiar @ Los Urrutias5€Tues July 29 th Orbi Playa @ Irish Tavern (formerlyEl Jardin) 5€No Volunteer meeting in August and noChatter s meeting in July or August dueto holidays.In association with Costa Cálida International Radio and www.angloINFO.comPage 54Costa Cálida Chronicle: Please tell our customers where you saw their advertisement tSales Contact Teresa 619 199 407 or for the Editor Contact Patti 646 005 017www.costacalidachronicle.com email: costacalidachronicle@gmail.com

Planes, Bikes and that MinibusIn April we arrived in San Pedro del Pinatarin an LGV minibus (with most of the 17 seatsremoved) along with everything we owned.‘Everything we owned’ had been whittleddown to a bizarre set of belongings in whatwas an excruciating and yet liberating fewmonths of tip runs, scanning in photo albumsand Ebay selling. We ended up with amere handful of paperbacks, some summerclothes, a disproportionate amount of art andart materials and only one bit of furniture - a1960’s dressing table. Oh, and the cat!Travelling with me and the cat were my twosons, my husband and my father. I’m not surewho complained the loudest after a crampedtwo-day journey not driving much over 55mph through France, with brief stops to seemy step-daughters and a long-lost cousin onthe way. To say we were pleased to see SanPedro would have been an understatement.My concern was that my husband had barelybeen to Spain and never set foot in Murcia.This quiet town on the coast was not the obviouschoice. I hoped he would like it.As I recently wrote, ‘Although you are notfalling over romantic Spanish architectureand it doesn’t have grand public art on showlike in some cities, the town is beautifullysimple and modest.’ There is an effortlessnessand confidence in San Pedro, perhapsbecause of its natural beauty: the breathtakingviews across the Mar Menor - the largestsalt-lake lagoon in Europe; the flamingos andother bird life on the salt marshes; and itsmud baths which purport healing properties.It wasn’t long before everyone in the familywas nodding their approval at my choice.There were also little surprises about livinghere: We have felt blessed to have theair force display team, the Patrulla Åguila,stationed nearby and have already enjoyedthrilling shows from our roof terrace. In factthe roof terrace on our simple rented townhousescores pretty highly with everyone asa good place to be.Sadly my bicycle got left behind in Cambridgeas there was no room on the minibusbike rack for it, so one of my first missionswas to find myself a second-hand bicycle. Iam (as you will read) very enthusiastic aboutbicycles – I have recently been working on aseries of paintings for World Bicycle Relief toexhibit during the Tour de France this year,so another nice surprise was to discover aWelshman working just a few blocks awaywho shares this love. David collects antiquebicycles and within a day or two had not onlyfound me a replacement bike, but lined upa few more creative projects to think about!Work has already begun on bike one (sprayedgold), but I also have a painting to make, aPenny Farthing to turn yellow and a gloriousbicycle plant stand to fill with flowers!On Sunday we all cycled to El Mojón and discoveredanother bonus – how easy it is toaccess to the sparkling Mediterranean if, likemy other-half, you should prefer a few gentlewaves during your swim.We are not the first Brits to make this journeyand some may have even made thesame unenviable trip in an LDV minibus. Wejoin a million other Brits in making Spain ourhome - and we won’t be the last. However,I have a habit of recording my adventures.A book was published about my time livingin Iraq and I spent much of my three yearsin Slovakia painting pictures of the place.The best local English-speaking magazineseemed a good place to record my musingsand maybe even share some images as theycome along. If you want to become part ofthe story - look out for me and say hello ifyou spot me exploring the Mar Menor on mygolden bicycle.Photos: Caroline JaineIn association with Costa Cálida International Radio and www.angloINFO.comCosta Cálida Chronicle: Please tell our customers where you saw their advertisementSales Contact Teresa 619 199 407 or for the Editor Contact Patti 646 005 017www.costacalidachronicle.com email: costacalidachronicle@gmail.comPage 55

This month, Natural Health would like totalk about Fatigue.We all get tired from time to time for one reasonor another and that is normal. What it isNOT normal, is when we are tired all of thetime ..... and it can get to the stage when westart to believe this tiredness is normal. Ifyou have been checked by your medical advisorand you are getting no improvement, perhapsnow is the time to start looking furtherinto the body ‘naturally’ to determine exactlywhy your energy has disappeared.There could be many causes. Often it can bedietary.Fatigue can be caused by food intolerances,particularly from wheat and dairy products.Fatigue could be a lack of vitamins; for example,Vitamin C, B complex, iron and magnesium.It is also possible you have heavy metals inthe body (mercury is quite common) and othertoxins we ingest or breathe in daily. Unlesswe eat organic food, we are eating fruit andvegetables containing toxins that have beensprayed with pesticides and non-organic fertilisers.Perhaps a Detox is in order.Fatigue, headaches, memory loss, loss ofconcentration and sleep disturbances are justsome examples of conditions which couldalso be caused by ELECTROMAGNETISM. Wecan’t see it, but we know it is there. We usecomputers and mobile phones daily. ELEC-TROMAGNETISM is continually attackingour bodies, but at Natural Health, help isat hand. Natural Health can supply Phoneand Wifi shields at very reasonable prices.These shields suppress radiation. They areQuartz Shields which are natural crystal oscillatorsand employ the same technology usedby NASA in space flight. To obtain more information,contact Sandra on 634 312 081.She will be happy to test these on you.Many imbalances in the body can be pickedup quickly by Kinesiology or Hair Analysis.For more information contactSandra RamsayS.N.H.S Dip. (Kinesiology)634 312 081/968 134 953Sandra.naturalhealth@gmail.comIn association with Costa Cálida International Radio and www.angloINFO.comCycle RideFrom MurciaToStroudOn 31 st Maytwo men embarkedon anepic 21 daycycle ridefrom Murciato Stroud.One of themis raisingmoney forMABS.The route:Murcia - Alicante- Benidorm - Gandia - Valencia - Tortosa- Pamplona - Hendaye, Spanish/Frenchborder, Bayonne - Mimizan - Royan - La Rochelle- Montagen ur Sevre - Caen. Ferrycrossing to Portsmouth - Stroud around20 th / 21 st June.Since moving to Spain in 2004, and retiringin 2006, Keith (aged 67) has had a longheld dream to cycle from Spain back to theUK. Keith has been an avid cyclist for severalyears and has previously cycled from theSpanish Border to the UK, around Franceand also around Majorca (with friends).Whilst having a drink with George (aged70) at a local bar, the topic of conversationturned to this ‘idea’. This is no mean feat;they will be carrying all their own personalbelongings, plus a tent & sleeping bag eachand the necessary camping equipment.This is very much a personal journey &achievement for both Keith & George, witha wonderful opportunity to help raise fundsto support their chosen Charities. Keith haschosen MABS and George is supporting theCystic Fibrosis charity.Sponsor forms are available at the MABSCharity Shop in San Javier.Sunshine, Music & Fashion for MABSOn a glorious afternoon recently the Courtyardat Country Bowls Club was filled with80 people enjoying a glass of wine, listeningto beautiful saxophone music (provided byWendy Grant of Cool Sax) whilst waiting forthe MABS Fashion Show to start.No-one was disappointed when the showbegan, compered by Zigi. The outfits wereamazing and being priced from 5€-15€,there were lots of bargains to be had. Allthe clothes modelled had been donatedto the MABS Charity Shop in San Javierand included brand new designer outfitsdonated by a shop that had closed. Additionalclothes, shoes, handbags and jewellerywere also on sale and a Raffle providedextra income to make the amount raised astaggering 679€! This delighted all the Volunteerswho had worked tirelessly to makethe event so successful.Janet Bell, Area Co-ordinator thanked everyonefor attending in a perfect setting andall those that had helped to ensure a mostenjoyable afternoon. “We provide our serviceto Cancer patients and their family freeof charge, without any outside funding, relyingtotally on donations and fundraising,so a huge thank you to everyone for theamount raised.”Cancer does not discriminate and neither doMABS; we help anyone of anyNationality affected by Cancer.Helpline 693 275 779If anyone has donations of furniture, brica-brac,clothes & books please contact theCharity Shop on 968 950 917Facebook MABS Murcia Mar MenorPage 56Costa Cálida Chronicle: Please tell our customers where you saw their advertisement tSales Contact Teresa 619 199 407 or for the Editor Contact Patti 646 005 017www.costacalidachronicle.com email: costacalidachronicle@gmail.com

Two Wheels GoodAs the NHS will tell you, cycling is one of theeasiest ways to fit exercise into your dailyroutine because it’s also a form of transport.It saves you money, gets you fit and is goodfor the environment.Having recently moved to the Murcian townof San Pedro del Pinatar from the bicycledominatedcity of Cambridge in England, Ithought I would find out how the Spanishfare in comparison to Brits when it comesto cycling.There hasn’t been a survey for nearly 20years that I could find, but at the last countthere were 7 million bicycles in Spain. Halfthat number are sold in the UK in a singleyear, but are we able to ride them? A coupleof years ago, the Daily Mail reported woefullythat 1 in 10 children in the UK couldn’tride a bike. In contrast, the Spanish reportproudly that 90% of the population knowhow to cycle. It’s the exact same statisticand actually quite an impressive one – sowhilst there are more bicycles in the UK,maybe we are not that far apart in termsof ability.Cycling has seen a rise in popularity in Britain- the mileage cycled in the UK is up 20%over the last 15 years – inspired in part byBradley Wiggins, the first ever British Tourde France winner. In comparison there havebeen many Spanish Tour de France winnersand several Olympic track medalists. TheVuelta is the most famous race for the Spanishand, as one of 5,000 annual cycling racesand events in Spain, it is evident that cyclingas a sport is hugely popular in the country.If you have ever driven the mountain roadto the city of Murcia you won’t be surprisedto learn that most people who own bikes inSpain, own mountain bikes.Interestingly, research shows the placeswith highest bicycle usage in Spain are smalltowns with between 10 and 100 thousandinhabitants (San Pedro fits into this well with20,000 residents). During the week in SanPedro, bicycles are clearly a popular meansto get around the town and at the weekendsthe road along the Mar Menor coast is fullof leisure cyclists – serious enthusiasts travellingfaster than the cars and families onbicycles. Only today I met a Spanish artistin Murcia who brings a group of her friendsand family every year to spend two dayscycling around the Mar Menor. The climateand the great roads are perfect for it. Thissmall town even has its own cycling club -Club Ciclista Pinatar and annually hosts theMemorial Ciclista el Capellán cycle race withsome 150 riders taking part.Whilst there are less bicycles in San Pedrothan Cambridge, perhaps the town has thepotential to nurture a quiet passion. My ownSpanish sporting hero isn’t a professionalcyclist; he is a Formula 1 driver, FernandoAlonso. Alonso is also a passionate bike rider,who covers more than 10,000km a yearin training and next year plans to build aTour de France team. Maybe like Wigginshe can inspire the nation.In 2011 Bradley Wiggins passed throughSan Pedro del Pinatar as he rode in the Vuelta.I’m sorry I missed it, and fingers crossedI will get to see him in the third stage of theTour de France as it passes through Cambridgethis summer. However, sport aside,the bicycle provides me with other inspiration– as a symbol of independence, selfempowermentand austerity. All measurescertainly fit for modern Spain and my newlife here.Photos: Caroline JaineIn association with Costa Cálida International Radio and www.angloINFO.comCosta Cálida Chronicle: Please tell our customers where you saw their advertisementSales Contact Teresa 619 199 407 or for the Editor Contact Patti 646 005 017www.costacalidachronicle.com email: costacalidachronicle@gmail.comPage 57

Protectora Animales Perros del Sol(PAPS) helps abandoned and ill-treateddogs, offering them sanctuary until a ForeverHome can be found for them. We have manywonderful dogs all waiting for homes, so ifyou’re looking for your Best Friend, pleasevisit (and Like) our Facebook Page: ProtectoraAnimales Perros del Sol/PAPSSpain, or our website http://www.protectora-animales-del-campo.comwhere youcan find our dogs, just waiting for ... YOU.Little Vince is one such dog. He’s very sweet,gets on well with other dogs, likes people verymuch, albeit a bit cautious at times, but isn’tfearful. Heloves to bepetted andalso lifted up.He doesn’tmind childrenbut isn’tvery keen oncats. He’sonly 15months oldand 32cmsso would onlyneed a verytiny space. Ifyou would like to sponsor or adopt this goodlittle family dog, please let us know via animalesperrosdelsol@hotmail.comAlso, if you live in the area of San Javier andyou have a bit of free time, why not volunteerto help out at our shelter to walk or groomthe dogs, or generally assist our charity? It’sa rewarding way to pass time, and make newfriends.For further information, please email animalesperrosdelsol@hotmail.comTel 968 370 800In association with Costa Cálida International Radio and www.angloINFO.comThe Camino Ingles Experience by HELPMMM VolunteersThe English way to Santiago is the leastknown of all the ways that lead to the apostle’scity, but it is an age-old way chosen bypilgrims traveling from the Scandinaviancountries, Scotland, Ireland, England andFrance. The route starting in Ferrol exceeds118km which is the minimum distance requiredby the church to obtain the famous“Compostela”, the official document whichproves pilgrimage.The experienceof our 3 pilgrimsLynda, Bernardand Jannekewas exceptionalas they wentthrough feelingsof enthusiasm,enjoyment,friendship, companionship,laughter, peaceand emotionsof struggle andpain. Along theway they enjoyedthe scenery,noticing immediatelythe difference in landscape, thecleanliness of the houses and gardens andthe fact that the houses had no rejas on thewindows; no fear of burglars! They wentthrough forests, meadows and small villages,meeting very friendly people. The hillswere very steep with quite a bit of climbingand they were pleased when they arrivedat the hostel at the end of the day to rest.Hostels or ‘Albergues’ are only for the use ofpilgrims at a cost of a few euros per personwith very basic facilities.The first 3 days went well, but then disasterstruck. Good daily foot care did not preventan “Easter Egg” size blister appearing onJanneke’s heel. Even worse, it burst duringthe day. Ouch!!!On arrival intoSantiago, Jannekewas forcedto stop whileBernard andLynda tried to dothe final stampingin the bookletsand receivethe certificates,but every pilgrimhas to be therein person. Thespecial Easterpilgrims’ servicebegan at 12pmin the Cathedralwhich was completely filled with pilgrims.The atmosphere was serene and very peacefuland they felt very proud about theirachievement.Fashion & Tea by the PoolHELP MMM’s Fashion Show & Tea Partyon Thursday 15 th May in the beautiful settingof the pool at the Caravan Park, Camping LasEncinas, San Javier had a volunteer groupof 8 lovely ladies modelling the clothes bywalking round the pool. Ron provided themusic, with Zigi giving the informed commentary.Afterwards the clothes went onsale, along with other rails of nearly-newclothes, handbags, shoes and jewellery plusjams and pickles. Thanks to the efforts ofSharon, Toni and all the staff at Lui’s lounge,and HELP MMM’s volunteers, 781€ wasraised for the charity. Thank to everyone.On Saturday 14th June a Treasure Huntwill start from Don Lorenzo’s, Los Urrutias.Lunch 1pm followed by the Treasure Hunt.Please ring Janice on 650 737 383 for tickets.Clowning Around On May DayHELP MMM volunteers dressed as clowns toprovide an afternoon of fun for the local childrenon 1 st May at their May Day Carnivalin La Zona market place.Terri Horvath Morris dancers were pleasedto be able to support HELP MMM with aCotswold Dances with handkerchiefs anda North West Dance and a second set ofBorder Dances in black tatters with sticks.TAABS also supported the event and theircontribution was very much enjoyed by theaudience.The event proved to be a big success withthe children who took part in the manygames available.Semana Santa, SucinaSucina saw another successful SemanaSanta parade in which all the village participates,plus ex-pats from the urbanisation,Hacienda Riqelme and Pereleja carryingtheir float of Jesus reclining. This is afirst for Sucina and we hope it will continue.Someone from nearly every family in Sucinatakes part in some way, from teaching thechildren how to play the instruments for themarching band, participating in carrying thefloats and in the band, parading as penitentsor in the background. The floats have sculpturesthat depict different scenes from thegospels related to the Passion of Christ orthe Sorrows of Virgin Mary.Page 58Costa Cálida Chronicle: Please tell our customers where you saw their advertisement tSales Contact Teresa 619 199 407 or for the Editor Contact Patti 646 005 017www.costacalidachronicle.com email: costacalidachronicle@gmail.com

Easter EggcellenceForCruz AzulA traditionalroast and entertainmentby singerKeely C werethe order ofthe day forTime Out’scustomerson 20 th Aprilto celebrateEaster Sundayin SanJavier. CruzAzul volunteerswerealso on handto help sellraffle ticketsfor a splendid Easter Hamper, laden withwine, chocolates and lots of Easter goodies.They raised 105€ for Cruz Azul Para Mascotas.“It was a great day” said Cruz Azul VicePresident, Sue Thomason “and we’re reallygrateful to Sue, Gary and all customers andstaff at Time Out for supporting us”.Cruz Azul Features At San Javier’s AnnualFair.Undeterred by grey skies and a cool wind,Cruz Azul volunteers arrived at the ExplanadaBarnuevo in Santiago de la Ribera to joincolleagues from twenty or more associationsand charities at the 2 nd Annual Fair of SanJavier’s Hotel de Asociaciones. The objectivewas to raise public awareness of their activities.The fair was opened by the Mayor of SanJavier, Juan Martinez Pastor, who then visitedeach association’s stand and chatted with volunteers,promising the Town Hall’s continuingsupport.There was a performance by members of theConservatorio Profesional de Música de SanJavier; dancing, singing and a parade by theBora Bora Carnival troupe; a variety of stallsincluding artisan crafts, baking, henna tattoos,paintings, raffles: games and a bouncycastle to entertain the children and a largepaella, cooked by the members of the AmigosSolidarios del Mar Menor, was one of thehighlights.Cruz Azul President, Lyn Baines said, “TheHotel de Asociaciones is very supportive ofall local charities and associations, creating afamily atmosphere at this and other eventsthroughout the year. We’ve had a great daymeeting the public and members of other Associations.It has been a really good way toraise awareness of Cruz Azul’s work in thearea.”Cruz Azul Murcia is a registered charity (No.11.720/1 a ) and exists to provide veterinarycare for the sick and injured pets of peoplein need and to promote responsible pet ownership.If you or someone you know needshelp, or you would like to volunteer or donate,please call 693 017 616 or visit their websitewww.cruzazulmurcia.esPhotographer: Alfonso FernandezCruz Azul is run along similar lines to thePDSA in the UK and its mission is to provideveterinary care for the sick and injured petsof people in need and to promote responsiblepet ownership. As a new association, CruzAzul’s priorities will be to:Provide and maintain veterinary services on astable, sustainable and long-term basis.Expand these services, in line with a clear andcontrolled Business Plan as funds and circumstancespermit.Encourage funding, by raising awarenessand developing an understanding of theirwork.Deliver pet health initiatives.In addition to fundraising events, the CruzAzul shop, next door to Yorkshire Linen in SanJavier, is open daily and sells clothes, accessories,jewellery, furniture, household goods,bric-a-brac, etc. The shop is open Monday toSaturday, from 10am-2pm each day. Manager,Sue Thomason, will be delighted to seenew customers and to receive donations forthe shop. They are always in need of furnitureand Cruz Azul can arrange collection of largeitems. You can email Sue on shop@cruzazulmurcia.esor call her on 693 017 616.Cruz Azul’s Volunteer Co-ordinator, BarbaraBurks, would love to hear from anyone whohas some time to spare and would like to helpwith fundraising. You can email Barbara atvolunteers@cruzazulmurcia.es or you cancall 693 017 616 for more information.Photographer: Alfonso FernandezIn association with Costa Cálida International Radio and www.angloINFO.comCosta Cálida Chronicle: Please tell our customers where you saw their advertisementSales Contact Teresa 619 199 407 or for the Editor Contact Patti 646 005 017www.costacalidachronicle.com email: costacalidachronicle@gmail.comPage 59

Hi from Bob with the latest news from Welcome.Sorry I missed you last month – Franand I were on our holidays again, this timeto Orlando in Florida for a date with MickeyMouse and then a few days with the grandchildrenin the UK. Thanks to Rosemary forstepping into the breach.On April 25 th , we went to Benalmadena andstayed at Hotel Triton. We had lunch in Mijasand shopping in Malaga, but the highlightof the weekend was the Ricky Levazza Showat a nearby hotel. Ricky was supported by achoir and 14-year-old Phoebe Rose and theydid songs from the shows. Ricky’s daughter,6-year-old Emma, sang her heart out with“Castle On A Crowd” and there was hardly adry eye in the room. If you want to see Rickyagain, he’ll be entertaining us at this year’sWelcome Christmas Party Night on December10 th . It was a fabulous weekend andone that will long be remembered.Our May Dance saw for the first time atWelcome thethree-piecelive band,“Done AndDusted”.Songs old andnew kept usfoot-tappingall night,singing alongwith thedance floorfull as usual.Well doneeverybodyand let’s hope they come back soon.At the time of writing, we’re all looking forwardto our Baltic Cruise and by the timeyou read this, we’ll be “All Aboard.” I’ll let youknow how it all went next month, but I think Ican safely say that it will be fantastic.Ladies’ Day on June 11 th , to be held at TheClub House; Camposol C with the usual stalls,fashion show, free bingo and buffet and entertainmentby the very popular Woody. Tickets10€.Welcome Dance on July 23 rd to be held outsideat Mariano’s, Camposol A. We see the returnof Paul Christie, always a show-stopper,singing Gene Pitney, Roy Orbison and manyothers. He will be supported by the lovely MariaO’Hara. Tickets 8€.Hot NewsWe’re putting on a special trip to the Racesin Madrid and Christmas Shopping for theladies. We’ll leave on Thursday November 27 thfor 4 night’s B & B at the 4*Hotel Tryp Cibeleson the Gran Via, close to shops, tourist bus,the Metro, museums and many other placesof interest. On Friday, there will be a trip toToledo (if you plan to ride the tourist train,take a cushion – it’s a bit bumpy!!) and onSaturday, a trip to the Valley Of The Fallen,a monument to those who were killed in theSpanish Civil War and the final resting placeof General Franco. Nobody knows how muchlonger this monument will be allowed to remain,so it’s a good idea to see it now beforeit disappears for ever. On Sunday, it’s off tothe races to place your bets. We return homeon Monday 1 st December. Price 260€.Christmas will again be at Hotel Helios, Benidorm,leaving on December 23 rd for 4 night’sfull board. 240€ including gala Christmas Daylunch and all coach travel.Book/Jigsaw Swap dates for June are 10 thand 24 th . For more information, call Jo on 669457 985.Fun Petanca, normally on the last Wednesdayof the month, coincides with our SummerBall, so will now be on July 2 nd . Ring Leson 968 131 880 for full details.Welcome Monthly Meeting on June 7 th willhave tickets on sale for all previously advertisedevents and also for our August 20thdance where we are pleased to see a live tributeband playing Cliff Richards and the Shadowsand also the Beatles. Tickets 8€.For tickets and more information, call Rosemaryon 620 105 179Email rosemarybeak@hotmail.comwww.welcomegroupspain.comIn association with Costa Cálida International Radio and www.angloINFO.comNew Exercise Classes Arrive In Camposol.A gentle and safe way to exercise!!Tai Chi FitTai Chi originated in China where it has beenused for hundreds of years.It combines deep breathing with relaxationand postures that flow from one to anotherthrough slow movements. It is about gettingthe mind and body to work together and haseven been called ‘moving meditation’.Studies published in both China and Englandsay that it can have a positive effect on people’shealth, improving memory, concentration,digestion, balance and flexibility. It canalso be helpful for people with psychologicalproblems such as depression, anxiety orstress, including highblood pressure andmore serious conditionsassociated withheart disease. Benefitshave also beennoted in patients sufferingwith respiratoryproblems and arthritisand multiple sclerosis.A low impact classideal for all levels offitness and age groupsand a great way tostart the day.Aqua AerobicsA variety of low impact Aerobic exercises in aswimming pool with the natural resistance ofthe water. Due to the buoyancy and fluidity ofthe water, you are burning calories and buildingand toning muscles in a zero-impact environmentwhich makes it a great fitness optionfor all, no matter what your physical ability orage It’s especially good for people who find itmore difficult to take part in conventional exerciseclasses due to reduced mobility, or becausethey suffer from certain conditions suchas arthritis, knee and joint problems etc. Youwill be increasing your heart rate and sweating,but do not feel the heat as much as thewater has a cooling sensation on the body,so you feel more comfortable throughout thesession. An absolutely ideal form of exercisein the high temperatures during the summermonths here in Spain!New Classes Now Running...Tai Chi Fit - Tuesdays 9.15amFitness Yoga – Wednesdays 9amAqua Aerobics – Mondays 11.30am, Tuesdays6.30pm and Wednesdays 10.30am &11.30amBooking is essential, so please call to bookyour spaceTel CDA Fitness on 634 304 087Email cdafitness@hotmail.co.ukPage 60Costa Cálida Chronicle: Please tell our customers where you saw their advertisement tSales Contact Teresa 619 199 407 or for the Editor Contact Patti 646 005 017www.costacalidachronicle.com email: costacalidachronicle@gmail.com

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Your Private Health Insurer in Spainwww.asssa.esinfo@asssa.esCurrently, many European citizens are experiencingchanges which are bringing the effectsof the crisis in Spain much closer to home.Some of you may be losing your entitlementto an SIP card while others, who alreadyhave private insurance, are finding that theirinsurance company has been bought out byanother insurance group. This has imposedlimitations on their level of service or even ontheir quality of cover. Many have since discoveredthat they will no longer be able to visitthe private doctor of their choice because thenew company does not have a contract withthem any more.Are you in either situation?Experience, Expertise & Customer ServiceASSSA’s personal service is unique, withfriendly, multi-lingual employees who arepleased to inform you of both ASSSA achievementsand policies without any obligation topurchase.ASSSA’s philosophy is to answer all clientqueries fully and with complete honesty.Many clients join on recommendation fromexisting ones, which is a clear indication ofthe unique ASSSA service.Doctors and HospitalsASSSA offers customers an extensive directoryof private clinics, GP’s and specialistsworking from some of the best private healthcarehospitals including two new medical clinicsin the Puerto de Mazarrón area with Englishspeaking medical professionals; ClínicaRover in Mazarrón and the Camposol HealthClinic on Camposol A. Please contact our officein Puerto de Mazarrón to find out moreinformation.All contracts with ASSSA are in your nativelanguage as transparency is important to us.Your personal contact will deal directly withyou for medical assistance, offering personalempathy, help and support.Visit us for a chat and without any obligationabout any of the above and receive a personalpremium calculation. Our employees will bepleased to answer all your questions.Opening hours:Monday to Friday 9:30am-1pmLater appointments or home visits by arrangement.Los AlcazaresNina BöhnerTel 968 574 144losalcazares@asssa.esIn association with Costa Cálida International Radio and www.angloINFO.comWould you consider a reasonably priced privatehealth insurance with ASSSA so thatyou can visit local, English speaking doctorsin Spain? Are you privately insured, but dissatisfied?Have you had premium increases?Is there no customer service in your language?Has your insurance company radically reducedand changed their services?ASSSA offers you impartial advice and tailormadesolutions with special offers availableand special conditions for those transferringfrom another private insurer. Do you get personaladvice and support even after signingyour contract? With ASSSA, this comes as amatter of course.ASSSA has, for over 75 years, offered its customersin Spain excellent private health insuranceat an affordable price. For the last 20Years ASSSA has specialized in meeting theprivate health insurance demands on the Costas.In order to achieve this superior customerservice and customer proximity, ASSSAhas set up a chain of customer service offices.Quality Insurance at Affordable PricesASSSA provides flexible levels of health insurance,depending on the cover level andpremium best suited to the client’s requirements;from a supplementary insurance(from 46€ pm) to a more fully comprehensiveinsurance cover (from 86€ pm).Funeral InsuranceASSSA are also pleased to announce thatthey have added a New Tanatorio in Puerto deMazarrón, to their portfolio. This is to ensurethat our clients’ needs are met in the mostefficient and effective way. By preparing yourfuneral arrangements today you will be helpingyour loved ones tomorrow.ASSSA can remove the stress and worry byoffering you complete funeral arrangements,flexibility and guaranteed cover with one annualpayment – no need to find a large cashsum in a short period of time.Invest In Your Health!ASSSA offers a variety of unique, written,contractual guarantees. The age at which yousign your contract is always used as the basison which to calculate your premiums, ie thepremium does not increase due to increasedage.ASSSA provides protection against policycancellation from the first day of insurance.MazarrónDiane NolanTel 968 153 396mazarron@asssa.esPage 62Costa Cálida Chronicle: Please tell our customers where you saw their advertisement tSales Contact Teresa 619 199 407 or for the Editor Contact Patti 646 005 017www.costacalidachronicle.com email: costacalidachronicle@gmail.com

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In association with Costa Cálida International Radio and www.angloINFO.comSpanish Consul in Britain ResignsSpanish Consul for the UK, Rafael Jover, hasresigned after reports came to light that helet a former bank manager charged withfraud use his London house.Ex-chairman of Caja Madrid Miguel Blesa,who is being investigated for the deliberatemis-selling of preferential shares to ordinarycustomers with little or no financialservices knowledge, despite sales staff beingfully aware that the bank was on the vergeof collapse, reportedly spent a month in theConsul’s 11-million-euro home in the Britishcapital for purely leisure purposes. Sr Jover issaid to have provided chauffeur-driven carsfor Blesa’s every move, including picking himup from the airport.Worst Drought in 150 Years Hits Southernand Eastern SpainA drought of the scale not seen in over a centuryand a half is threatening water resourcesin Spain’s south and east after the lowestrainfall on record over the autumn, winterand spring. The worst-hit provinces are Valenciaand Alicante where, following a suddenand unprecedented gota fría in late August,it has barely rained between September andJune.Murcia, Albacete, Cuenca, Teruel, Cádiz, Málaga,Jaén and Almería are also at high riskReservoirs in affected areas are at between74% and 90% of their capacity and crops aresuffering or have died out altogether.Cullera Mayor Could Be JailedErnesto Sanjúan (PP), who organised a fireworkdisplay from a castle on a hill despiteforest fire warnings, could face up to 10 yearsin jail for ‘gross negligence’. One of the first ofthe 108 forest fires in the Valencia provinceso far this year, the blaze in the coastal townof Cullera was caused by fireworks cominginto contact with dead and withered shrubs.Residents were evacuated and flames surroundedevery side of the mountain. As wellas jail, Sanjúan may have to pay a daily finefor 12 months.Highest Levels of CO2 Emissions InSpain Come From AndalucíaAndalucía has the heaviest carbon footprintin Spain and is responsible for 18.11% of allCO2 emissions in the country. In total, industry,traffic and energy use sends off 24.5 milliontonnes of carbon dioxide into the atmosphereevery year. The financial crisis and flailingeconomy in Spain has reduced emissions.Since industry is far less buoyant, householdersstrive to cut their electricity, gas and petroluse and with fewer people in work, thishas led to fewer commuters on the roads.Page 64With both civil and residential constructiondrying up due to the housing market crashand public funding cutbacks, cement factories,brick and tile kilns, and machinery havebeen largely inactive and not producing CO2.Oldest Roman Aqueduct Outside Italy isin CartagenaSpain’s oldest Roman aqueduct was in Cartagena,pre-dating the country’s most famousexample in the central province of Segoviawhich attracts thousands of tourists everyyear.Researchers at Murcia University have confirmedthat the irrigation system created byan aqueduct and public springs close to theNaval city of Cartagena and the popular golfand spa tourist resorts is the most ancient inmainland Spain and Portugal, dating back toover 100 years BC. Although it has long sincecrumbled into ruins, two inscriptions foundnear the site, together with other literary andiconographic material already held in museums,have proven that there was indeed awater-carrying bridge in the area and that itwas the first to be built outside of Italy duringthe days of the powerful Roman Empire.This discovery will allow historians to find outmore about ‘the role of Pompei and its legacyin Hispania’, especially in the south-east ofthe mainland. Their findings came from ahydro-geological study conducted jointly withCartagena Polytechnic University to find outhow the port city was supplied with waterover the course of history, from the Mioceneera to the present day.Van Gogh Painting Missing For 40 YearsFoundTax authorities discovered a missing originalVan Gogh painting during an inspectionof the assets of an individual accused of amulti-million-euro fiscal fraud. In October,the Tax Office announced the imminent seizureof 542 safe deposit boxes in 270 bankbranches, belonging to a total of 551 peopleand companies, which lead to the embargo of319 million euros’ worth of goods and funds.Two months later, a painting thought to be aVan Gogh’s 1889 painting Cypress, sky andfield, created by the Dutch artist during hisso-called ‘mad period’ when he was a residentat the mental health institute in SaintRémy de Provence, France. Experts havesince confirmed the painting’s authenticity.Long Lost Henry VIII Tapestry Turns UpIn SpainSt Paul and the Burning of the Books, oneof the lost tapestries from Henry VIII’s extensivecollection and widely considered the“4 th best tapestry” in his possession, has“emerged” in Spain, atthe Coll & Cortés galleryin Madrid, whereit will be on show untilJune 8th after havingbeen purchased froman anonymous vendor.The tapestry, whichwas acquired in the1970s by a Spanish artcollector, is “incrediblywell preserved” accordingto its currentowners, reflects an importantmoment in thehistory of England andEurope. It has beenvalued at 1.1 million euros, but can only besold in Spain because the State will not allowit to leave the country.The tapestry was woven in wool, silk, silverand gold in Brussels in 1535. It was commissionedby King Henry VIII from Peter Coeckevan Aelst. The piece was part of the EnglishRoyal Wardrobe in Hampton Court and thenat Windsor Castle, where it was displayedalongside three other tapestries commissionedby Henry VIII, who at one time boasteda collection of over 2,700 tapestries.Hospital In-Patient Dies In FireA patient in intensive care in a Cádiz hospitalhas died in a fire he caused by smokingin bed. The victim, 43, who was seriouslyill and bedridden at the Virgen del Caminohospital in Sanlúcar de Barrameda had beencaught smoking before by nurses on at leastone other occasion.He was on an individualward, meaning nobody was there to raise thealarm.The patient underwent an emergency operationas soon as he was discovered, but diedshortly afterwards without regaining consciousness.Albino Snakes Threaten Gran CanariaWildlifeExperts in controlling invasive species aremeeting in Gran Canaria to debate how todeal with the soaring numbers of Albino CaliforniaKingsnakes, which are decimating localbird and lizard species. Popular as pets, theAlbino Snakes were either released into thewild or escaped on the island several decadesago and have been multiplying ever since inthe absence of natural predators and in mildtemperatures. Over the past eight years,over 2000 Albino Kingsnakes have been captured,but thousands more are believed to beliving underground.Although the snakes are not dangerous tohumans, they have proved to be voraciouspredators, feeding on birds, rodents and evenyoung rabbits. Of particular concern to thescientists is the Kingsnake’s taste for theGran Canaria Giant Lizard, a species foundonly on the island.Deer Only As Big As A HamsterA tiny Java Mouse Deer which is no biggerthan a hamster has been born at the Bioparcin Fuengirola. This rare species is said to behighly intelligent and frequently features inlocal legends there where they symbolisethe wise character in the story. They weigharound 100gms at birth and just over twopounds as full-grown adults and are reportedto be the world’s smallest animal with hooves.Java Mouse-Deer are an endangered speciesnative to Indonesia and other parts of southeastAsia and the ongoing massacre of rainforests in the animals’ home countries in orderto plant oil palm plantations means theyare fast dying out.Joss Sticks, Air Fresheners and ScentedCandlesHealth authorities in Spain want to withdrawcertain types of joss sticks, scented candles,air fresheners and aromatic oils from themarket following reports from a major consumers’union that a number of these give offtoxic substances. The OCU claims they emit‘high levels’ of chemicals such as benzeneand formaldehyde, making them ‘as harmfulto health as cigarette smoke’.Costa Cálida Chronicle: Please tell our customers where you saw their advertisement tSales Contact Teresa 619 199 407 or for the Editor Contact Patti 646 005 017www.costacalidachronicle.com email: costacalidachronicle@gmail.com

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Another busy month in the life of AAR!We rescued two dogs from the pererra; Muffinand Pepe; both terrier types, one approx12mths, one 8mths, both male, castrated,vaccinated, micro-chipped, passported andready to go! They will make super pets. Areyou that special someone who could take oneor both of them into your home and heart?Little Jack whowas quite poorlywhen we firstfound him, hasfully recoveredand has nowfound his foreverhome! Be happylittle boy, you deserveit! We haveso many otherwell deservingdogs with manydifferent qualitiesthat are still lookingfor their foreverhomes. Ifyou are interestedin re-homing adog or a donkey, details can be found on ourwebsite or you can contact us direct.We were asked for help from a Spanish familywho had animals they were unable to keep.The family had fallen on particularly badtimes and was barely able to feed themselveslet alone their animals! On visiting them wewere shocked to find 5 Horses, 15 Dogs, 35Pigs and a Donkey! They were all in prettypoor shape, apart from the dogs. They justcouldn’t afford to feed them! We immediatelyhelped with food for the animals and agreedto take the horses and donkey into care. Wemanaged to get all the necessary paperworkand vaccinations for the Horses and Donkey,including a heavily pregnant mare and thankfullythe horses were taken by our friend,Laura, at Los Caballos Lunes. We are verygrateful to her once again for her valued help.The Donkey, Honey, came to us. She wasso skinny with so many marks on her body,poor girl! We are still desperate to re-homethe Vietnamese Pot Bellied Pigs, god blessthem! Never seen skinny pigs like these before!They actually make super pets and arevery intelligent animals. Anyone interested?As always your support and help is greatlyappreciated and needed. We are always lookingfor volunteers who can spare a few hoursin one of our shops. Donations of clothing,household items and furniture can be madein either of our shops and collection of yourlarger items can be arranged. I can alwaysbe found in the car park on Camposol B everyMonday between 11.30am and 1.30pm. Popup and say ‘Hello’.Love and thanksAndrea xxxxIn association with Costa Cálida International Radio and www.angloINFO.comOnion - CebollaThe Onion is probably the most used andversatile vegetable available, but as thereare so many different varieties and uses, wewill be spreading the information over twomonths, starting with the basic Onion.The Onion plant can be grown in most climatesand has a fan of hollow, bluish-greenleaves with a bulb at the base of the plant.In the autumn the foliage dies down and theouter layers of the Onion bulb become dryand brittle. Onions suffer from a number ofplant disorders; the most serious being theOnion fly, stem and bulb eelworm, white rotand neck rot. Diseases affecting the foliageinclude rust and smut, downy mildew andwhite tip disease.Onions are cultivated and used widelyaround the world. They are usually servedcooked, as a vegetable or part of a preparedsavoury dish, but they can also be eaten rawor used to make pickles or chutneys. They arepungent when chopped and contain certainchemical substances which can irritate theeyes. Onions contain phenolics and flavonoidsthat have potential anti-inflammatory,anti-cholesterol, anticancer and antioxidantproperties.The ancient Egyptians worshipped the Onion,believing its spherical shape and concentricrings symbolized eternal life. Onions wereeven used in Egyptian burials. In ancientGreece, athletes ate large quantities of Onionbecause it was believed to lighten the balanceof the blood. Roman gladiators were rubbeddown with Onions to firm up their muscles.In the Middle Ages, Onions were such an importantfood that people would pay their rentwith Onions and even give them as gifts.Doctors were known to prescribe Onionsto facilitate bowel movements and erectionsand to relieve headaches, coughs, snakebitesand hair loss. Onions were taken by the firstsettlers to North America, where the NativeAmericans were already eating them raw orcooked in a variety of foods. They also usedthem to make into syrups, to form poulticesand in the preparation of dyes. According todiaries kept by the colonists, bulb Onionswere one of the first things planted by thePilgrim Fathers when they cleared the land forcropping in 1648.Onions are very versatile and can be baked,boiled, braised, grilled, fried, roasted, sautéedor eaten raw in salads. They can be red,white or yellow in colour. The yellow varietyis used as a main ingredient in French OnionSoup or Onion Chutney, and the red varietycan brighten up other dishes and salads andcan also be grilled or barbequed. White Onionsare traditionally used in cooking as theyare sweeter in flavour and turn a golden colourwhen sautéed. Pearl and boiler Onionsmay be cooked as a vegetable rather than asan ingredient and pickling Onions are preservedin vinegar.Onions are mainly used when fresh, althoughdried, fried Onion is available herein Spain and this is particularly popular as atopping to salads and dishes such as lasagneor cauliflower/macaroni cheese. Cooking Onionsand sweet Onions are better stored atroom temperature, in a single layer, in a meshbag in a dry, cool, dark, well-ventilated place.In this environment, cooking Onions have ashelf life of three to four weeks and sweetOnions one to two weeks. Cooking Onionswill absorb odours from apples and pears anddraw moisture from vegetables with whichthey are stored which may cause them to decay.The pungent juice of Onions has been usedas a moth repellent and can be rubbed on theskin to prevent insect bites. When applied tothe scalp it is said to promote growth of hairand on the face to reduce freckling. It hasbeen used to polish glass and copperwareand to prevent rust on iron. If boiling wateris poured onto chopped Onions and left tocool, the resulting liquor can be sprayed ontoplants to increase their resistance to pestsand Onion plants are reputed to keep awaymoles and insects. Onion skins have beenused to produce a yellow-brown dye.Some people suffer from allergic reactions afterhandling Onions. Symptoms can includecontact dermatitis, intense itching, rhinoconjunctivitis,blurred vision, bronchial asthma,sweating and anaphylaxis. Chopping Onionscauses damage to cells which allows enzymescalled alliinases to break down amino acidsulfoxides and generate sulfenic acids. Eye irritationcan be avoided by cutting Onions underrunning water or submerged in a basin ofwater. Leaving the root end intact also reducesirritation as the Onion base has a higherconcentration of sulphur compounds than therest of the bulb. Refrigerating Onions beforeuse reduces the enzyme reaction rate.Page 66Costa Cálida Chronicle: Please tell our customers where you saw their advertisement tSales Contact Teresa 619 199 407 or for the Editor Contact Patti 646 005 017www.costacalidachronicle.com email: costacalidachronicle@gmail.com

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OnionsThis month we continue our look at vegetablesand recipes to make the most of them.Of course a lot of recipes start off with choppingan onion and browning it before addingthe meat, but I wanted something which featuredonions. I recently went to a wedding inSpain and the canapés that came out whilethe photos were being taken were very tasty.In particular, there was one which was a filopastry wrapped parcel and inside was caramelisedonion; absolutely delicious and I willtry to find the recipe and letting you have itsoon. Below are a few recipes with onions andmy favourite is the omelette or tortilla as it’scalled here which is very easy to do.Buen ApetitoSweet Potato and Onion Bake2lbs medium size sweet potatoes½ tsp salt1.4lbs onions½ tsp white pepper¾ cup milk1 tbsp grated cheddar cheese2oz flour1oz butterPart-boil sweet potatoes, peel and slice thinly.Also slice onions. Grease a baking dish withbutter. Put the potatoes and onions in it in alternatelayers. Sprinkle between layers witha mixture of flour, salt and white pepper. Dotwith butter and grated cheese and almost coverwith milk. Bake in moderate oven.Lentil and Rice Crispy Onion1 cup rice1 cup dried lentils½ cup olive oil2 medium onions, thinly sliced1 tsp cumin (or more to taste; I prefer more)2 tsps saltBlack pepperSoak lentils in water for 3 hours; drain. Soakrice in water for ½ hour; drain. Sauté onionsin a large skillet for about 15 minutes, or untilvery brown and crisp. Remove onions to aplate lined with paper towels to drain. Turnheat to medium-high and add lentils and riceto skillet; sauté quickly in the browned-onionflavouredoil, adding cumin, salt and pepper.Add 3 cups of water and bring to the boil.Cover very tightly and then cook on very lowheat for about 20 to 25 minutes. To serve,fluff up rice and lentils and top with the crispybrowned onions.Potato and Onion Omelette5 eggs, beaten1 lg potato1 small-to-medium onion4 tbsps of oilPeel the potato and cut into pieces (approx 2cm x 2 cm x .5 cm or smaller). In a frying pan,fry the chopped onion and then the potato inall the olive oil on a very low heat. Add thebeaten egg and salt and pepper to taste. Cookvery slowly on a low heat, flip over by gentlytransferring to a plate and then sliding omeletteback into the frying pan to cook the otherside. Serve hot or cold.Red Onion and Cheese Quiche Pastry1¼ cups of wholemeal flourPinch of salt4 oz butterCold water to mixFilling4 eggs275ml milk1 Red onion30ml tomato puree30ml Worcestershire sauce30ml chopped parsley30ml chopped chives125g grated red cheeseIn association with Costa Cálida International Radio and www.angloINFO.comMake pastry by mixing ingredients and chill.Peel and chop onion and fry in oil until goldenbrown. Beat eggs with the milk, tomato paste,Worcestershire sauce and herbs. Mix in thecheese and fried onions. Roll out pastry andline quiche dish. Pour in the egg mixture andbake for 40 minutes on 200º CStuffed Artichokes6 medium Artichokes3 tbsp lemon juiceSalt and pepper2 medium onions350g streaky bacon75g butter700g ripe tomatoesRind and juice of two oranges90ml parsley2 eggsMelted butterStrip away discoloured leaves and cut base sothe artichoke stands upright. Using scissorssnip off the leave tips and then soak in coldwater and 15ml of lemon juice for 30 minutes.Drain and place in large saucepan of boilingsalted water with the remaining lemon juice.Cover and boil gently for 30-45 minutes. (Artichokeswill float, so turn them during cooking.)Fry onions and bacon in the butter. Addtomatoes (skinned and chopped) and cook.Add breadcrumbs, orange rind and juice,parsley, eggs and seasoning and beating well.Test artichokes by pulling on an outer leaf. If itcomes out easily it is cooked. Drain and holdunder cold water tap for a few minutes to setthe green colour. Scrape out centre slightlyand fill with stuffing. Bake in oven for 25 minuteson 190º C or gas mark 5.Page 68Costa Cálida Chronicle: Please tell our customers where you saw their advertisement tSales Contact Teresa 619 199 407 or for the Editor Contact Patti 646 005 017www.costacalidachronicle.com email: costacalidachronicle@gmail.com

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In association with Costa Cálida International Radio and www.angloINFO.comOnce upon a time, a blonde became so sickof hearing blonde jokes that she had herhair cut and dyed brown. A few days later, asshe was driving around the countryside, shestopped her car to let a flock of sheep pass.Admiring the cute woolly creatures, she saidto the shepherd, “If I can guess how manysheep you have, can I take one?”The shepherd, always the gentleman replied,“Of course.”The blonde thought for a moment and forno discernible reason said, “352.” This beingthe correct number, the shepherd was, understandably,totally amazed and exclaimed,Answers on page 102“You’re right! OK, I’ll keep to my end of thedeal. Take your pick of my flock.”The blonde carefully considered the entireflock and finally picked one that was byfar cuter and more playful than any of theothers. When she was done, the shepherdturned to her and said, “OK, now I have aproposition for you. If I can guess your truehair colour, can I have my dog back?**************A blonde dialed 911 to report that her carhad been broken into. She was hysterical asshe explained her situation to the dispatcher.ACROSS1 One-celled animal6 Hardly10 Flying rodent13 Let out of prisonearly15 Not out of16 Kimono sash17 Inflame with love18 Territory held in fee19 North by east20 Small town22 Bound24 Hurried26 Bode28 Soft29 Entry30 Knots31 Bring up32 Brew33 Minnesota (abbr.)34 California (abbr.)35 Felt hat37 Telling rumors41 Compass point42 American Associationof Retired Persons(abbr.)43 Seafood44 Composer Francis__ Key47 Scoot“They’ve stolen the dashboard, the steeringwheel, the brake pedal, and even the accelerator!”she cried.The 911 dispatcher says, “Stay calm. An officeris on the way. He will be there in twominutes.”Before the police get to the crime scene,however, the 911 dispatcher’s telephonerings a second time and the same blonde ison the line again.“Never mind,” giggles the blonde, “I got inthe back seat by mistake.”48 Scud49 Super Man50 Canal name51 Not any52 Indicates the needfor an umbrella54 Cheese56 Manipulate57 Fosse59 Bird sanctuary63 TV lawyer Matlock64 Unpolluted65 Union member66 Concord e.g.67 Eye infection68 Lazes aboutDOWN1 Monkey2 Staff3 Epoch4 Airplane5 Out loud6 Peanut butter brand7 Allies8 Unindulgent9 Meat alternative10 Japanese tree11 Mother superior12 Like hippie’s clothing14 Stray21 Leaving23 Large mammals24 Go at it alone25 Rhyming verse27 Women’s partners29 Telegraphic signal30 Fatigue31 File33 Have to34 Strap36 Wager (2 wds.)37 Net38 Asian nation39 Read attentively40 Primed42 Whiz44 Short plants45 Halts46 Position47 Syrupy48 Black tile with whitedots50 Beak51 Having to do withthenavy53 Pixies55 Time period58 Ball holder60 Also known as(abbr.)61 Sport’s official62 YeaPage 70Costa Cálida Chronicle: Please tell our customers where you saw their advertisement tSales Contact Teresa 619 199 407 or for the Editor Contact Patti 646 005 017www.costacalidachronicle.com email: costacalidachronicle@gmail.com

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Fantastic News; another great monthof adoptions!In April ACTIN have homed in the UK:Poppy, Jess, Orio, Lady, Ollie, Polly, Jazz,and Sissy. Ringo found a home in Gibraltarand Luke in Spain. Lea the old Mastinwho came to us very depressed from thepound, went to a lovely home in Malagaand Noir the Galgo, went to a foster homeunder the care of a Greyhound rescue inthe UK. Not bad for an Association set upto create changes for animals and have hadto adapt their resources time and again becauseof the amount of dogs that need ourhelp. We are delighted, as all of these dogshave all been rescued from neglectful andcruel cases that ACTIN are dealing with.We are making small steps forward withthe work we are doing, but it is fraughtwith challenges which is not surprising; wealways knew it was going to be a toughcall.ACTIN needs dedicated volunteers.If you are passionate about animal welfare.If you are conscious of the extentof the situation for animals in Spain andrealise that we need more than just rescueshelters taking abandoned animals,then why not join our cause, to implementproper solutions and help ACTIN to growand succeed in its ultimate aims? We areworking to prevent cruelty and to promotethe need for sterilization.If you have some hours to spare eachweek, have good communication andwriting skills to write articles and lettersand can use social networking and havesome business and marketing experienceand are willing to dedicate yourself to thecause, please contact us for more informationon admin@actin-spain.comPaloma is still looking for her foreverhomeIn association with Costa Cálida International Radio and www.angloINFO.comVicky is a sweet dog desperate to beloved. She is in kennels and needs adoption,or a loving foster home. She has somuch affection to give and is an energeticand fun dog.Email admin@actin-spain.comTel 634 321 156www.actin-spain.comPage 72Costa Cálida Chronicle: Please tell our customers where you saw their advertisement tSales Contact Teresa 619 199 407 or for the Editor Contact Patti 646 005 017www.costacalidachronicle.com email: costacalidachronicle@gmail.com

Masculine and Feminine (2)The idea of ‘gender’ in the Spanish languageis something most students have to come toterms with quite early on in their learning.The idea that a chair can be ‘female’ and acar ‘male’ usually gives rise to a few jovialremarks, followed by general incomprehensionas to why such female related objects asbolso (handbag) and vestido (dress) shouldbe masculine, although for some reason noone ever worries that camisa (shirt) andcorbata (tie) are feminine.There is possibly some strange psychologicalreason why we question some words andnot others, but I have no idea what it is. Ialways insist on making sure that people usethe terms ‘masculine’ and ‘feminine’ ratherthan ‘male’ and ‘female’ and also explain thatthis gender distinction belongs to the wordsthemselves and not what they represent.Sometimes I wish they were called “apples”and “pears” or “giraffes” and “elephants”, butat some point in the development of the languagethe distinction was made in terms of‘masculine’ and ‘feminine’ and whilst this ismeaningful when applied to male and femalepeople and animals, it is really arbitrary whenreferring to anything else. Hopefully my presentreaders have overcome this initial difficulty.The next question that arises is whetherthere is any way of knowing whether a wordis ‘masculine’ or ‘feminine’. As usual theanswer is not conclusive. There are certaincharacteristics which can indicate which gendera word is, but there are exceptions andalso many words that give us no indicationwhatsoever. The best known indicator isthe characteristic “o” ending for ‘masculine’and “a” ending for ‘feminine’ words. Thereare some notable and very common exceptions,such as la mano, la radio, el sofa,el planeta and so on. Then there are manywords that have other endings which do notindicate gender in any way. Here are justtwo examples out of thousands; reloj (clock)and pared (internal wall). You cannot tell bylooking which one is which! In fact the wordreloj is masculine – el reloj (the clock) andpared is feminine la pared (the wall). Wejust have to learn these differences graduallyand not worry about getting them all mixedup at first.Having said that, there are some very commonendings that are always feminine (I’mvery wary of using the word “always”, butin this case I have never come across anyexceptions). These are –ción, -sión and –xión (la estación, la televisión, la conexión),and also the –dad endings (la comunidad,la universidad, la felicidad). Thenyou have the -ema endings (el dilema, elproblema, el tema) and a few other bitsand pieces. Apart from that, you are moreor less on your own.I’ve always found the gender issue a littlestrange when it comes to people. We have theusual clear distinctions (el niño (the boy), laniña (the girl), but some ‘people’ words arealways feminine irrespective of the gender ofwho they refer to. Two common examplesof this are la víctima and la persona. Wecan say things like “Mi hermano Pedro esuna persona muy simpática.” and “La víctimaera un hombre de 55 años.”. Thesesentences sound perfectly normal in Spanish,but take a bit of getting used to for us.When it comes to ‘job’ words, there is a certainamount of argument and variation. This hasa lot to do with the fact that for many yearsin Spain professional jobs where exclusivelyin the hands of men, so it was not necessaryfor them to have feminine forms. A good exampleis the word for ‘doctor’ which wouldnormally be el médico, but has evolved tola médico, and now la médica, althoughnot everyone accepts this final form. Othercases where masculine job words have beenadapted to the times are; juez (male judge),jueza (female judge), presidente (malepresident) and presidenta (female president).Some jobs do not alter their endingsin any circumstances; for example; el pilotoand la piloto (pilot) and more surprisingly elmodelo and la modelo (model).Now here’s a thought to finish off with – isthe word agua masculine or feminine? Theanswer and a riveting discussion on the matterto follow next month!Jane Cronin’s “Step by Step Spanish” articlesare now available as e-books at www.janecronin.eu where you can also obtainJane’s brand new “Step by Step InternetSpanish” course.In association with Costa Cálida International Radio and www.angloINFO.comCosta Cálida Chronicle: Please tell our customers where you saw their advertisementSales Contact Teresa 619 199 407 or for the Editor Contact Patti 646 005 017www.costacalidachronicle.com email: costacalidachronicle@gmail.comPage 73

In association with Costa Cálida International Radio and www.angloINFO.comGardens For A Sunny Dry June and Beyondby Dick Handscombe, holistic gardenerand author who has enjoyed the Spanish climatefor 27 years.Hot DryWeatherAheadUnless somethingmiraculoushappensit looks likeJune andthe summerahead couldbe dry. Wehave experiencedthedriest sixmonths toend of Marchfor fifty yearsand the driestApril for 100years, so take care to walk the garden everycouple of days to watch for plants needing awatering, especially those that are only moderatelydrought resistant. One advantage ofthe great weather is a very colourful gardenas late spring and early summer flower displayshave merged. The second is that gardenershave early tans!The other day a pantechnican passed the gatetransporting yet another family back to theUK. The same day the English papers forecastthat torrential rains and gale force windswere about to batter Britain for 72 hours. Itseemed unbelievable that one would leavethe generally good Spanish climate and go towhere all the Spanish rain has gone, due, sowere told, to global warming. Be aware thatgardens do need to be designed to enjoy theSpanish weather to the full.Is Your Garden Organised For The Summer?Have you installed canvas or plant-coveredgazebos or sails to give deep shade if naturalshade is not available from maturing trees?These are rather more stable than large umbrellasin strong winds which do sweep downthe Med and up from North Africa. A foursquare metre umbrella on one of our eatingterraces collapsed in high winds two monthsago, so the opportunity was taken to revampthe paella and tagine coking area and build anall-weather gazebo. Fortunately it was usedon a hot sunny May Day for a paella party,naturally following what is said in my book.If you still rely on a watering system, havethe jets and duration of watering been set tosummer conditions? Do remember that theaim is to have damp soil around and just belowthe deepest roots. To be sure that youare achieving this, dig a few holes alongsideplants and check the state of the soil at variouslevels. If you see a dampness meter in agardening shop, grab it – it can be very useful.Have you set up a woven plastic shade oversummer lettuces and annual herbs if they arenot planted in a dapple shaded spot? Eventomatoes and peppers do not require sun allday.Summer Fruit VegetablesSummer fruit vegetables sown or planted asplantlets should be growing well by now andstarting to yield good crops. I enjoyed harvestingthe first tomatoes, peppers and auberginesin the second week of May. If yousee plantlets still available, perhaps outsideChinese shops, it is not too late to plant themin large pots and grow them on a terrace ordrive. By the way, they do not need sun allday.Excess Fruit HarvestsFrom June onwards you could well have morefruit ready to pick than you can eat immediately.If you don’t do all ready, freeze, bottleor dry them for later use. The first couldwell be apricots and white fleshed peaches.The latter are great bottled in brandy or aniseand later eaten with a home-made olive oilice cream.B u y i n gthe Handscombe’sBooksWith the collapseof thenetwork ofbookshopsand distributorsof Englishlanguagebooks inmany townsin Spain, themost convenientwayof obtainingthe gardeningand lifestylebooks writtenby Dick and Clodagh Handscombe is via theinternet, including Amazon Books. If you doa search for Dick Handscombe, most booksshould come up in on go.By the way, ‘Our 52 Day Retirement AdventureAlong The Spanish Pyrenees’ Isselling well. Dick thanks readers for their support.© Dick Handscombewww.gardenspain.comPage 74Costa Cálida Chronicle: Please tell our customers where you saw their advertisement tSales Contact Teresa 619 199 407 or for the Editor Contact Patti 646 005 017www.costacalidachronicle.com email: costacalidachronicle@gmail.com


In association with Costa Cálida International Radio and www.angloINFO.comThe Calasparra area in Northwest Murciais most noted for rice growing which datesback to the 14th century. In 1982 it was thefirst in the world to be awarded a “Denominacionde Origen” which symbolizes a guaranteeof high quality. The unique irrigationsystem allows fresh water to be continuallyrenewed. Crop rotation is used to allow theland to rest and the seeds used are almostunique to this area. The ripening process ofthe Calasparra rice varieties take longerthan others and this gives the rice a distinctivetaste and texture.The rice produced by these methods ismuch harder and needs more water whencooking. Because of this, the rice neversticks together as other rice can and it alwayslooks fluffy. Calasparra rice is packedinto special sealed cotton bags and eachone carries a numbered label which is issuedby the Consejo Regulador. This guaranteesits authenticity and quality.Calasparra is also famous for the “Sanctuaryof Nuestra Senora de la Esperanza”. TheSanctuary or Hermitage, as it is sometimescalled, is situated about 6km from the townof Calasparra. It is situated in a large cavecarved out of the mountainside by the SeguraRiver thousands of years ago. Legendsays that a shepherd who used to keep hisflock in these caves, found the image of TheVirgin. He reported his find to the ecclesiasticand civil authorities of Calasparra,who, along with the overjoyed people in thevillage, went to the cave to see for themselves.They wanted to take the image backto the village so they could put it in the villagechurch. The legend also says that theVirgin was so heavy they could not move itand they believed that it was there that theVirgin wished to stay.Another great place to visit near Calasparrais the Caves of El Puerto and the Caveof Monigotes. The Cave of Monigotes has aspectacular lake as well as cave paintingsand a multitude of stalagmites and stalactites.Over the centuries, Iberians, Roman,Arabian and Christians have left deep, indeliblemarks on the history of Calasparrameaning there is a rich monumental, artisticand archaeologicalinheritance.Lynda DayNorthwest MurciaPropertiesTel 634 340 131www.northwestmurciaproperties.comsales@northwestmurciaproperties.comCehegín SceneThe May artisan market “El Mesoncico” wascancelled due to the European elections andthe painting competition scheduled to takeplace is now taking place this month. Contactthe Tourist Office for more details. Theartisan market will resume in October.Cehegín ToursOn the 28 th of June you can admire thehistory of the Old Quarter of Cehegín visitingthe Archaeological Museum, the MainStreet, the Church of La Concepción and theCasa Jaspe. Following the tour of the townthere will be a visit to the school of wine inthe Palacio de la Tercia where you will learnabout wine. The tour is free and will last approximately2 hours. Comfortable footwearis advised and take a bottle of water withyou as it should be quite warm. Contact theTourist Office for more details.BegastriThe Archaeological Site of Begastri isopened for visitors on Saturdays and Sundaysfrom 10am-2 pm. A video presentationis followed by a guided tour to see the remainsof the Iberian culture before the IVcentury BC.During the third week of June we celebrateFiestas in honour of San Antonio with fairs,concerts and live music. Visit the Cehegínwebsite www.turismocehegin.es formore detailsFree Nature WalksCehegín provides a variety of landscapeswhich include woods, mountains, hills, slopingvalleys, scrubland and streams. Thesenatural habitats host flora and fauna ofspecial interest which provide a pricelesstourist and educational resource. The walkstake place on the third or last Saturday ofeach month. They are designed for peopleof all ages who enjoy hiking at fairly easylevels which makes them accessible for thewhole family.The tourist walks are free and start at 9amfrom the Tourist Office. On 28 th June we willvisit the Argos Reservoir and the House ofthe King.Distance 6 kmTime approx 2.5 hoursLevel: EasyAny further enquiries please contact the CehegínTourist Office located in front of theTown Hall on 968 723 550 or visit our touristwebsite www.turismocehegin.esSantiago LeoCehegín Tourist OfficeDroughtThe drought that is affecting much of Spainis particularly bad in the Murcia area andmany crops will be suffering from lack of water,particularly in the Rio Mula area whereContinued on page 77Page 76Costa Cálida Chronicle: Please tell our customers where you saw their advertisement tSales Contact Teresa 619 199 407 or for the Editor Contact Patti 646 005 017www.costacalidachronicle.com email: costacalidachronicle@gmail.com

Continued from page 76much of the area’s almonds are grown. Almondtrees are grown in quite shallow soiland of course with severe drought, theroots are not able to source natural water.Other crops will be affected if there is norain and of course everywhere is so dry. Itis of course illegal to light fires and havebarbeques in forest areas and this ban willbe in force until September.Walks in CalasparraThere are two walks organised by the CalasparraStep by Step Programme and theMunicipal Tourist Office in June:On June 1 st you have the opportunityto visit the Paddy Fields of Calasparraand the ruins of the Arab settlementat Villa Vieja and the Rice Museum.This walk leaves at 9am from the Plazade la Corredera and is graded as easy.On June 7 th , the walk follows the MedievalRoute around the old town of Calasparraand the castle by night. The walk startsfrom the Plaza de la Corredera at 9pm andwill last approximately two hours.Discovering MoratallaJune 15th the walk will be from Los Cantos-La Fuensanta-El Buitre. The price is 10€with optional lunch at 15€. Places are limitedto 30 persons, so it is essential to bookat the Tourist Office on 968 730 208Emailturismo@ayuntamientomoratalla.netFor more information call 968 730 001ext. 135Emailinformajoven@ayuntamientomoratalla.netSwimming in Caravaca de la CruzCourse 1: From 30 th June to 18 th JulyCourse 2: From 21 st July to 8 th AugustThese courses are aimed at children 5 yearsand over. They are limited to 40 places sobooking is essential.Price: 23.35€ (course) Discount of 20% forlarge familyThere will be an adults’ course from 7 th to31 st July (Mon to Thurs)Price: 29.25€. Discount of 20% for largefamilyNight MarathonOn June 7 th starting at 8pm from Molina deSegura, Parque de la Compañía, The ViaVerde will host the II Night Marathon of80kms. It will last over ten hours and islimited to 1,000 participants to ensure appropriatesecurity measures. The route willrun along the Via Verde, passing throughthe towns of Caravaca, Cehegín, Bullas,Mula, Campos del Río, Albudeite, Alguazasand Molina de Segura. The registration feeis 40€, (34€ for federated athletes by AthleticsFederation of Murcia or the MountaineeringFederation of the Region of Murcia).The competition is divided into six categories:Senior (18 to 34 years)A Veterans (35 to 39 years)B Veterans (40 to 44)C Veterans (45 and over)Teams (up to 5 people)PairsParticipants can run, walk or ride. The terrainis flat and accessible so is suitable forpeople with disabilities or in wheelchairadapted vehicles. There will be 17 supplypoints and toilets and a regular bus serviceto return participants to the startingpoint. The tour will involve more than 300volunteers and the organisers will donatepart of the money raised to the food bank.More information can be found on the websiteof the Athletics Federation of the Regionof Murcia www.famu.esAs pointed out previously, those who knowme know what a dreadful memory I have.Only this morning at breakfast whilst talkingI thought what a good subject for theChronicle. Now as I come to write, do Iremember what it was? NO! This resultsin my writing a lot of lists; no time to jotdown my thoughts - there was a gatheringfor Welcome House to organise.They came from the coast; a shame thereweren’t more from this end, but a privilegenevertheless to share our home. Ourspeaker was Derek Cleave, who was hereon holiday really. We praise and thank Godfor the willingness of such people to sharethe good news of The Lord with us.This month sees Stuart Howarth with us;again, here on holiday. I’m reminded thatthere’s no such thing as a ‘holiday’ whenit comes to the Lord’s work although even‘God saw all that He made, said it wasgood and on the 7th day He rested.’We recently spoke about the backgroundto a song that we sang ‘Come now is thetime to Worship’, written at a difficult timein the writer’s life, but in doing so acknowledgedGod’s supremacy in the way forward.I chose a new song, ‘God will makea Way’ - one of hope, written after experiencinga tragedy.We tend to think of these people as beingtotally unaffected by everyday life, whichof course is not the case. Praise God thattheir songs encourage and uplift us duringour difficult as well as good times. If wehonour God, He will make a way for us inour daily lives even in the little things likeour bad memories and finding inspirationfor writing articles!!Thank you Lord.If you would like to listen here are thelinks http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RsMAXhc0QTshttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gn5CMSSAx_cIn association with Costa Cálida International Radio and www.angloINFO.comCosta Cálida Chronicle: Please tell our customers where you saw their advertisementSales Contact Teresa 619 199 407 or for the Editor Contact Patti 646 005 017www.costacalidachronicle.com email: costacalidachronicle@gmail.comPage 77

In association with Costa Cálida International Radio and www.angloINFO.comMany of Murcia’stownspossess architecturalgemsand curiositiesfrom relativelymodern times.Jumilla in thenortheast is noexception anda short walkthrough thecentral urbanarea providessome interestingviewing, especiallyof theflowering of thetown around acentury ago.Undoubtedly the most emblematic buildingof this era is the Teatro Vico (Vico Theatre)which is to be found on Cánovas de CastilloStreet at the eastern edge of the historic coreof the town just by the Jardin (Garden) de laGlorieta. It is also the beginning of a touristroute through the town (the “urban route”,details of which you will be able to obtainfrom the Tourist Office).The theatre was named after a 19 th Centuryactor, Antonio Vico. It was designed by thefamous Murcian architect Justo Millán and,both internally and externally, it is very similarto the Teatro de Romea in Murcia City,though somewhat smaller and with a capacityof just over 500 people. Nevertheless, itwould seem more than adequate to cater for atown the size of Jumilla! The theatre openedon 14 August 1883 with a performance of theSpanish Light Opera “La Tormenta”.On the external facade are representationsof some of Spain’s thespians – Lope, Calderónand Quevedo are some of the names wewere given. The statement lights just outsidethe front of the theatre are one more originalfeature. In the late 1980’s, the theatre wasalmost totally restored as near as possible toits original state, with Queen Sofia reopeningit on 25 th April1991. Furtherrestorationworks werecompleted in2010. Insideit hasan impressiveart decofoyer and aninterior whichwas describedto us as beingof “ItalianStyle” and isbrightly andmeticulouslydecorated.The paintedceiling is quitemagnificent and has in fact had little moredone to it in the restoration other than cleaning.We were told that it was oil on canvasand is allegorical with angels and muses depictedcarrying musical instruments. Aroundthe edges are paintings of Murcian actors.The stagesafety curtainis againpainted oilon canvas,representingItalian stylemuses of thetheatre. It isthe only oneof its kind inMurcia, obviouslyrestored,but,we were told,not greatlyso. There aretwo balconieswhich encirclethe mainbody of the theatre and a small orchestra pit.The area occupied by the stage, plus that forthe scenery backstage, is surprisingly largeand airy. If you are able to go inside, takesome time to look around the balconies. Theforged iron railings are particularly impressive.The upper balcony consists of severalrows of wooden benches which encircle thetheatre almost at ceiling height. It is quite avertiginous area! The lower balcony has boxesentered through heavy red velvet curtains,with elegant wood and red material-coveredchairs. Boxes also surround the ground floorwith entry through very smart black and goldlacquered doors.If, after viewing the theatre, you walk downCalle de Cánovas del Castillo in the directionof the Archaeological Museum, you will veryquickly come across one of Jumilla’s mostcelebrated modernistic buildings, describedas being in Neogothic and Gaudi style. It isa house built in 1911 to the design of a colleagueof Gaudi, Juan de Alsina. An imposingiron framed window is in one corner and reproducesplant decorative forms. The forgedironwork was done locally and is attributed toa Jumilla blacksmith by the name of AvelinoGómez.If you continue to walk down the main streetfrom the Casa Modernista, you very quicklyarrive at the Town Hall (Ayuntamiento) whichis another very impressively fronted building.It hardly falls within the category of a modernbuilding, having been built between 1580and 1583 as the Church and Hospital of theHoly Spirit (Santi Spiritu), but it is well wortha glance. In the middle of the 19 th Century,it was transformed into the Town Hall. Evenif, like us, you were in Jumilla at a weekendand unable to penetrate into the building itself,do look at the magnificent iron balconywhich was added in 1984 and of local manufacture.Internally, it is said that the buildinghas a courtyard with a wooden balcony, amagnificent internal staircase and an impressivemain meeting room (salon de plenos).A little further still down Calle de Cánovas delCastillo in the direction of the ArchaeologicalMuseum, is the Plaza de la Constitución whichcontains the pleasant public garden, Jardinde las Ranas (Garden of the Frogs) in whichthere is a fountain with frogs at its base. Atthe back of the square is a museum, the MuseoMunicipal “Jerónimo Molina” which coversnatural science and ethnography with collectionsof minerals and fossils and items relatedto grape cultivation among its contents. Thestriking blue building at the bottom of thesquare is the information point for the celebrationsof Holy Week (Semana Santa) whichare among the oldest in Murcia, dating backto the 15 th Century. Interestingly, if you continuefurther from here up Calle Castellar, youare on the route down which bulls used to runto the Plaza de la Constitución during fiestas.We were told that there were three essentialcomponents for fiestas in this part of theworld – parades, explosions and bulls!Today, of course, Jumilla and wine are inextricablylinked. Indeed, viticulture in the areacan be traced back to Iberian times when cereals,vines and the olive were all known tohave been cultivated here. Though viticulturecontinued in the area in Roman times,it received something of a setback when theMoors occupied the region. Revival beganin the Middle Ages, but it was not until the17 th , and principally the 19 th Century, thatthe industry saw major growth. The modernindustry is regarded as dating from the mid-20 th Century with Jumilla’s Denominación deOrigin, dating from 1966.The predominant grape variety in the area,the distinctive Monastrell, is well adapted tothe soils and the normally very dry climate.The numerous days of sun mean that thegrape harvests are normally quite early, beginningin September and the resultant winesare less acid. Today, you can visit Jumillaand follow “The Wine Route” which is one ofthose developed throughout Spain for touriststo become acquainted with the traditionand customs of wine-growing areas, as wellas to sample some of the products! There isa choice of formal visits developed throughthe Town Hall, ranging from a one day visit totwo wine cellars (bodegas), to one includingan overnight stay with typical local menus aswell as visits to the bodegas. Group visits canbe arranged, including in English. Alternatively,individual arrangements can be madewith a bodega and there are often ad hoc excursionsorganised by outside organisationsor the Town Hall.Article by Clive and Rosie Palmer who havewritten several guide books on towns and regionsin Murcia. These can be seen at, andobtained from, www.lulu.com, or contactclive.palmer5@btinternet.com. Clive andRosie’s book, Exploring Murcia, Days Out isavailable to buy from the CHM/Costa CálidaChronicle office, Camposol B, Best Wishes(who also stock other of their books includingthe follow-up Exploring Murcia, More DaysOut), or phone Patti on 968 433 978.Page 78Costa Cálida Chronicle: Please tell our customers where you saw their advertisement tSales Contact Teresa 619 199 407 or for the Editor Contact Patti 646 005 017www.costacalidachronicle.com email: costacalidachronicle@gmail.com

Leishmaniasis is a disease transmitted by thebite of an infected sand fly, a single celledparasitic protozoan (genus Leishmania, phylumKinetoplastida) that spends part of its lifecycle in the gut of a sand fly. The sand fly isactive between the hours of dusk and dawn,so any animal sleeping outside may be atrisk. Fitting a Scalibor collar on your pets thatlive outside will help to protect your pet andis recommended by most vets.If your dog does contract Leishmania, thenearly intervention and treatment by the vetwill help to make it possible for your pet tolive a perfectly normal life. After the initialtreatment your pet will probably be prescribedwith Alopurinol which may be a lifelongtreatment. The cost of this is between2€ and 9€ per month depending on the sizeof your pet.As a rescue association, MARA comes intocontact with dogs with Leishmania on a regularbasis, but we find that people are worriedabout adopting a pet with this condition.MARA always treat their infected dogs in thebest way that is suitable for that dog and itslevel of Leishmania. MARA would like to offerre-assurance that any dog with Leishmaniacan and will live a happy and normal life withthe help of a few tablets. We have 2 dogs atthe moment, little sisters who have Leishmania,who have gone through the initial treatmentand are now looking for a forever home.Lucy and Patch are small loving little girlswho have both been spayed. They love thecompany of people and are very good withother dogs and children.If you would like to give either of these littlegirls a forever home please contact eitherKeith on 628 811 188 or Marion on 628 811187.On a warm cloudy morning, 16 walkers, ledby David, commenced their Easter Saturdaywalk by climbing the Castellar Mountain nearBullas from the south side. This had not beenattempted by WARM before and the climb waschallenging, but we took it slowly.shrine near the summit and as the day waswarm, made a last minute decision to picnicat the Albergue Rural Molino de Arriba. HereDavid handed out home made hot cross bunsand sausage rolls. There were lots of visitorsto the beauty spot sun bathing and coolingoff in the various pools. We then retraced oursteps to the track at the base of the Castellarand returned to the cars via the Eastern side.By now the day was very humid and the walkerswere very glad of some cool refreshingwater at the end of the walk where hot crossbuns, sausage rolls and Eccles Cakes wereavailable to buy.Just two weeks later, Carla and Juan led awalk in the Ricote area. This circular walkstarted near the Hamlet La Bermeja. It waspart of the PR-MU-47. (We skipped the partfrom Bar La Carmen towards the circularpart). Being mainly on the Northern part ofthe mountain, the walk was quite shady (alsobecause there were lots of trees). Therewere nice views on the last part of the walkof the Ricote Valley and towards the lake nearBlanca. The walk took 3.5 hours, was prettyeasy and well marked.After an hour we reached the top with 360degree views across Murcia. We had a shortbreak and then descended down the moreusual North side passing a recently builtWith just one more walk at the end of May,the season will shortly come to an end. Manythanks to all the leaders who have found awide variety of interesting walks for WARMthis year.In association with Costa Cálida International Radio and www.angloINFO.comCosta Cálida Chronicle: Please tell our customers where you saw their advertisementSales Contact Teresa 619 199 407 or for the Editor Contact Patti 646 005 017www.costacalidachronicle.com email: costacalidachronicle@gmail.comPage 79

I hadn’t been in Romania for some years andof course as a country it’s changing rapidly.It’s in the EU now, (don’t get me started onthat one!), and apart from a lucky few, it’sstill very poor, underdeveloped and corruptionis endemic.Even in the capital Bucharest, away from theglitzy spin the tourist guides give you, it’sabout as far from having a European feelingas you could get. Off the grid, Bucharest ismost defiantly not a city you want to wanderalone at night; crime is rampant, muggings,stray dogs and street kids sniffing glue. Romaniawas once home of course to one of theworst dictators the world has ever seen - egotisticalmadman Nicolae Ceausescu and hisevil wife Elena (who some say was the brainsand real power behind the dictatorship).There were only two places I really wanted tosee and soak up again. First was the The Palace– The House of the People, or as Ceausescucalled it – Casa Poporului, which simplyhas to be the most appalling building I haveever seen in my life. By that I mean the historybehind this monstrosity.misses eh?) All this was built at a timewhen there were shortages of basicfood items for his impoverished people.So called Socialism at work folks!I stood outside the building, walked around itand even had a tour inside the few rooms youare now allowed to visit. I didn’t feel good inthere. Vulgar!There is one other place though that I feelreally sums up Bucharest - its history and itsvery delicate transition to democracy - andthat is the building that was the Centre Committeeof the Communist Party. It was hereon the balcony overlooking the Square thatCeausescu gave his fateful last speech on22 nd Dec 1989.Whilst communist regimes were falling likehouses of cards in Hungary, Czechoslovakia,Poland and East Germany, Ceausescuspoke out and derided these pro-democracysupporters, but as he stood there bangingon about socialism and how good life was inRomania, the unthinkable happened and hisown people turned on him for the first timeever. They started to boo him and he wasgob smacked. Very brave people the Romanianswere, after all. The secret police, theSecuritate were known to be brutal. Ceausescuwas forced to abandon his speech andretreat inside the building as people took tothe streets. Troops loyal to him then fired ontheir own people. Over 1000 innocents weresubsequently mown down and killed.Ceausescu tried again the next day, but itwas game over and he was forced to flee byhelicopter. The regime collapsed almost immediatelyand the Ceausescu’s were sooncaught, arrested by the army who turnedon him, tried in a show trail and on 25 th Dec1989, were both shot dead by firing squad.on You Tube. If you’ve never seen it, I urgeyou to do so. See the dictator astonished asthe people boo him, see him flee, then seethe shootings on the streets.I visited Ceausescu’s grave in Ghenceacemetery and was astonished to learn whenchatting with a waitress later that night, thatin 2010 they actually exhumed his body forDNA tests. There has been much internal bitternessin Romania since his death; his stillmany supporters claiming it was murder andsome even claiming he’s not dead and hadescaped, therefore the bodies in the grave areof someone else. Even for the vast majoritywho hated Ceausescu, there is still a feelingthat it was all done too hastily. There shouldhave been a proper trial where all the crimesagainst the Romanian people were broughtup. They should have been held to accountproperly, then jailed for life. I actually agree,for if that had happened, then I feel Romaniawouldn’t have the huge mental hangoverthat it so evidently still has. Elena and NikolaiCeausescu may be long dead, but they stillvery much hang like a black cloud over thepsyche of the Romanian population.In association with Costa Cálida International Radio and www.angloINFO.comIn order to achieve his dream and stroke hisown ego, the demented Ceausescu demolishedhuge swathes of old Bucharest in an attemptto build a Stalinist paradise and thiswas the 1980’s when the rest of communismwas crumbling. In order to fund this sick joke,Ceausescu, between 1983 and 1989, spenta staggering 40% of Romania’s entire GDPand exported virtually of all its food. What asick man!It took 20,000 workers and 700 architectsto build his Palace and after the Pentagon inAmerica, is officially the largest building in theentire world. Some disgusting facts for you:It boasts 3,500 tonnes of crystal, 480chandeliers, 200,000m2 of carpets,underground parking for 20,000 cars,1,100 rooms and of course escapetunnels for Ceausescu if needed.(Nice little pad for himself and theI took more photos, lingered in the Squareand tried to imagine what it must have beenlike to stand there in ‘89. In the evening, sittingin my hostel in the outskirts of Bucharest,I watched again the footage that’s nowJust like in Erich Honecker’s East Germany –possibly the worst crime that was done underCommunism was to suppress and destroy thesoul of the nation.For more information on George’s writing, goto georgermitchell.comPage 80Costa Cálida Chronicle: Please tell our customers where you saw their advertisement tSales Contact Teresa 619 199 407 or for the Editor Contact Patti 646 005 017www.costacalidachronicle.com email: costacalidachronicle@gmail.com

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Rocky is in desperateneed of anew home. He isan 11 month oldlittle boy, weighingaround 7 kilos.He is slightlynervous whenmeeting someonenew, but thisis easily overcomeas he loveshis treats andwill gladly takethem off whoevercomes in thehouse. He hasbeen neutered,chipped and vaccinated.Call 645 469253Remmi is a stunning,3 year oldpure GermanShepherd. Sheis a wonderful,friendly girl, goodwith other dogsand will make awonderful familypet. She ischipped, vaccinatedand sterilized.Call 645 469253In association with Costa Cálida International Radio and www.angloINFO.comA lady saw alarge muscularman place amoving plasticcarrier bag in arefuse containerby the side of aroad. She darednot approach theman, but when hedrove away sheremoved the bagand this small Beagle cross dog was inside.His name is Batman and he has now recoveredfrom his ordeal. Batman is 10 months,chipped, vaccinated and has a pet passport.He weighs just over 7 kilos and is good withcats and children.Call 645 469 253We have many kittens looking for homes.They vary from 4 weeks old to 6 weeks oldand a variety of different colours. If you arelooking to adopt a kitten please call 645 469253To view more animals for adoption goto www.petsinspain.comTo advertise an animal for adoptionemail info@petsinspain.infoPage 82Costa Cálida Chronicle: Please tell our customers where you saw their advertisement tSales Contact Teresa 619 199 407 or for the Editor Contact Patti 646 005 017www.costacalidachronicle.com email: costacalidachronicle@gmail.com

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Granada In The SummerThe city of Granada was the last strongholdin Spain of the Muslim Moorish race who hadcontrolled the Iberian Peninsula for all of 800years. During their time in Spain they madethe city of Cordoba, the largest and, with apopulation of one million people, the mostpopulated city in the known world. They wereeducated people who built some of the world’searliest universities. Under them medical researchin particular blossomed. Then disaster;the city of Cordoba fell to the re-conqueringChristians. This event forced the Moors tomove their seat of power to Granada.Determined to maintain the high standardsby which they lived, they chose a site on a redcoloured hillside to build what was to becomeone of the most famous Muslim built collectionof Palaces in the western world. This wasto become known as “The Alhambra Palaces”;the word Alhambra meaning “the red hill”.More beautiful and ornate palaces are hardto imagine. The palaces were surrounded bybeautiful gardens and many fountains. TheNasrid Dynasty were the masters of all thatthey surveyed during the time that they livedin Granada. Even today the city enjoys thefeel of its powerful Moorish Past. The marketarea in the centre of the city has the Moorishhorseshoe shaped doors. The narrow cobbledstreets that you would associate with theKasbah, lead into bright leafy squares withtinkling fountains. The people here are oliveskinned with big soft brown eyes. They singthroaty melancholy songs which tell the storyof their exotic past. In the caves, fiery dancersin flamenco dresses stomp arrogantly,throwing their hands in the air, pained lookson their faces as they stamp, pout and poseto the sounds of strumming Spanish guitars.Viewing points in the heights of the Albaicin,where the old Moorish and Jewish districtsmerge, overlook the Alhambra Palaces. Belowthis point you can see the powerful outlineof the mighty cathedral placed there by theCatholic Monarchs Isabel and Ferdinand whentheir troops finally ended Moorish control inSpain with the capture of Granada in theyear 1492. They took the city from the Moors,but they couldn’t take the Moors from thecity. The spirit of these exotic exciting peoplestill lingers in the streets, palaces, squaresand caves of this magnificent city.A summer visit finds the city at its most vibrant.David’s Coachtrips SL offer a greatdeal, using a 4* city hotel (bed and breakfast)which is close to everywhere you wouldwant to see in Granada. From 112€, this 3day break is particularly good value. Summerdates are 17 th -19 th June, or 7 th -9 th or 21 st -23 rdJuly. Booking couldn’t be easier; simply go tothe website www.coachtripsonline.com orcall (0034) 966 785 910.Good news for Cavalli Foundation and allthe horses that are at present waiting to betaken up to the Ranch at Gebas!Equine Dentist, who did a great job on PetitTomas’ teeth.In association with Costa Cálida International Radio and www.angloINFO.comThe Council has accepted Cavalli’s requestfor Building Permission in order to start workon the fencing around a section of the perimeterand connect to the water supply - stage1 of the next step in our long journey. Stage2 will be acceptance and stage 3 commencementof building work - getting closer to ourdream! - a horse rescue and rehab centre inMurcia.Our group of volunteers and collaborators isgrowing by the day. Dani the Barefoot Farrieris busy keeping all our horses and poniestrimmed and properly shod - 14 in all countingour own horses and the ones we havetaken in and fostered.Recently added to the team is an excellentCavalli Foundation is looking for volunteersto help with stable chores, grooming and exercisinghorses, soon planting trees in Gebas,helping with fencing and organizing fundraisingactivities. Any one who would like to getinvolved please contact Verónica.infocavallifoundation@gmail.comFacebook “Cavalli Foundation”Tel 605 778 621Page 84Costa Cálida Chronicle: Please tell our customers where you saw their advertisement tSales Contact Teresa 619 199 407 or for the Editor Contact Patti 646 005 017www.costacalidachronicle.com email: costacalidachronicle@gmail.com

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RED – EntertainmentORANGE – Special menusPURPLE –Market, exhibitions, leisure & meetingsGREEN – Charity & non-profit making eventsBLACK – Fiestas & important eventsPlease refer to the relevant advert or editorial for more details of eventsEvery Day Tierra surcada, Mar revivido Exhibition by Javier Lorente @ Mazarrón Town Hall until 5/7Ruta del Aperitivo @ Pto de Mazarrón & Bolnuevo (6-29th June) 2€ beer/wine & a tapaAll Day Breakfasts @ Bora Bora, Pto de Mazarrón from 2.50€Ana’s No Nonsense Breakfasts @ Tropic Ana’s, Camposol A from 3€ (9am-1pm)Full English Breakfast @ The Vista Bar, Camposol A from 3€ (exc Sun)Full English Breakfast (2 of everything) @ Luisines Cake, Los Narejos 4.75€Breakfast @ Condado Club, Condado de Alhama (9.30am-1pm)Special Hamburger/bacon/cheese/salad/chips @ Luisine Cake, Los Narejos 4€6 small beers & 6 tapas @ Luisine Cake, Los Narejos 5€ (11am-3pm & 7-11pm)Lunch Menu @ Spice Villa, Camposol A, from 5.95€Any Pizza and a Drink @ Mamma Mia, Pto de Mazarrón 8€ (exc Sat & Sun) 12.30-4.30pm5 Course Meal/5 Wines @ Castillo del Pinar, Perin 15€ (Tues-Sat, 16€ on Sun)3 Course Menu del Noche @ New Royal, Pto de Mazarrón 10€ inc btl wine for 2 (Mon-Thurs)3 Course Menu del Noche @ Elliot’s, Bolnuevo 12€ (exc Sun)3 Course Menu del Noche @ Chez Zoe, Pto de Mazarrón 12€ (exc Sun-Tues)Earlybird Menu @ Spice Villa, Camposol A 12.50€ inc btl wine per cpl (6-8pm)Menu del Noche @ La Chara, Pto de Mazarrón 15€ (Tues-Fri)Every MonChiropody with Phillip Dawe @ Sensol Golf Villa Sales Building, Camposol CAlgorfa Chiropractor @ SOS Boutique, Rio Nalon, Los AlcázaresSpanish Conversation Classes @ Jane’s Salon, BolnuevoYoga with Adrian @ Mariano’s, Camposol A 9amMazarrón Bay Bridge Club @ Hotel Playa Grande, Pto de Mazarrón 9.30amLegs, Bums & Tums with CDA Fitness @ Camposol 10amYoga with Mari Carmen @ Bolnuevo 10amAqua Aerobics with CDA Fitness @ Camposol 11.30amDancercize with Zizi @ The Arches, Los Alcázares 12pmLadies’ Chatterbox Sew & Sew @ Cultural Centre, Camposol B 2.30pmKettlebells with CDA Fitness @ Camposol 6.30pmQuiz Night @ The Club House, Camposol C 8pmEntertainment Quiz @ Tel’s Bar, Camposol A 8.30pmBowling League @ Alley Palais, Camposol B2 Course Early Summer Evening Menu @ Tropic Ana’s, Camposol A 6.50€Every TueForget me Not Respite Care @ Cultural Centre, Camposol B 10.30am-1.30pmAndrea’s Animal Rescue Collection @ Car Park, Camposol B 11.30am-1.30pmHELP MMM Bingo @ La Zona Bar, Los Alcázares 1€/game 2pmMABS MMM Fun Quiz @ La Rosa Bar, San Cayetano 9pmCamposol B Clean Working Party @ Commercial Centre, Camposol B 9amTai Chi Fit with CDA Fitness @ Camposol 9.15amCircuits with CDA Fitness @ Camposol 10amPilates with CDA Fitness @ Camposol 11amSpanglish Sessions @ Luisines Cake, Los Narejos 11am-1pmComputer Clinic @ Tropic Ana’s, Camposol A 1-3pmFit 4 Life Weight Loss Support Group @ Jane’s Salon, Bolnuevo 4-5pmZumba @ The Arches, Los Alcázares, 4.30pmLanguage Exchange Class @ Miguel Delibes School, Pto de Mazarrón 6pm FREEFootball Training Session (ages 4-17) @ El Pareton 6-7pmAqua Aerobics with CDA Fitness @ Camposol 6.30pmLearn to Ballroom Dance with Jacqui @ The Arches, Los Alcázares 7pmIn association with Costa Cálida International Radio and www.angloINFO.comCosta Cálida Chronicle: Please tell our customers where you saw their advertisementSales Contact Teresa 619 199 407 or for the Editor Contact Patti 646 005 017www.costacalidachronicle.com email: costacalidachronicle@gmail.comPage 87

Harlequin Rock Choir Meeting @ Cultural Centre, Camposol B 7.30-9pmPoker Night @ Black Bull, Camposol B 8pmQuiz Night with Eddie B @ Bora Bora, Pto de Mazarrón 8pmGeneral Knowledge Quiz @ Tel’s Bar, Camposol A 8.30pmSpecial Evening Menu @ Amapola Restaurante, Bolnuevo 15€ inc btl wine for 2Menu de Noche @ Tropic Ana’s, Camposol AKaraoke with Lynden B @ The Arches, Los AlcázaresMABS Mazarrón Coffee Morning @ MABS Centre, Camposol B 10am-1pmMAMAS Collection/Book Stall @ Camposol B Car Park 10am-1pmMABS Mazarrón Craft Workshop @ MABS Centre, Camposol B 2.30-4.30pmEvery WedYoga with Adrian @ Mariano’s, Camposol A 9amFitness Yoga with CDA Fitness @ Camposol 9amCamposol C Gardening Group Clean Up @ Camposol C 9amCamposol Bridge Club, Duplicate Bridge @ Trevi Bar, Camposol B 9.30amGentle Yoga with Mari Carmen @ Bolnuevo 10amAqua Aerobics with CDA Fitness @ Camposol 10.30amDancercize with Zizi @ The Arches, Los Alcázares 11amAqua Aerobics with CDA Fitness @ Camposol 11.30amMagenta Harmony Group. 11.30am (Telephone for venue)Bingo @ Cat’s Bar, Camposol A 1.30pmLadies’ Coffee Afternoon @ Mariano’s, Camposol A 2.30-4.30pmLine Dancing with Lyn @ The Arches, Los Alcázares 3pmMar Menor Golf Society CompetitionChiropodist @ Jane’s Salon, BolnuevoMazarrón AA Group @ Meeting Room adjacent to Cañada de Gallego Church 5.30pmTexas Hold ’em Poker @ Tel’s Bar, Camposol A 8pmQuiz Night with Eddie B @ Cat’s Bar, Camposol A 9pmPizza Day @ Mamma Mia, Pto de Mazarrón 6€ for any pizza with purchase of drink/coffeeFish & Chips @ Cat’s Bar, Camposol A 6-9pm2 Course Early Summer Evening Menu @ Tropic Ana’s, Camposol A 6.50€Happy Wednesday, 2 x 1 @ Amapola Restaurante, Bolnuevo 33€ per cpl inc btl wineAge Concern booking events etc @ Cultural Centre, Camposol B 10am-1pmMABS MMM Art Workshop @ Café Golf, San Javier, 2€ 10am-12pmPALS for booking events etc @ Bistro Ratatouille, Pto de Mazarrón 1-3pmHAH Book & DVD Club @ La Zona Bar, Los Narejos 2.30-4.30pmIn association with Costa Cálida International Radio and www.angloINFO.comEvery ThuCamposol Market @ Camposol AKettlebells with CDA Fitness @ Camposol 10amAvon Lady @ Tel’s Bar, Camposol A 10.30am-12pmPilates Ball with CDA Fitness @ Camposol 11amAqua Aerobics with CDA Fitness @ Camposol 6.30pmBingo @ The Club House, Camposol C 1-3pmMazarrón Ladies’ Circle @ Hotel Playa Grande, Pto de Mazarrón 1.30pmSkin Analysis Machine/Facial @ Jane’s Salon, Condado de Alhama 4pmLos Amigos de Mazarrón FC Meeting @ The Club House, Camposol C 4pmFun Quiz @ The Vista Bar, Camposol A from 6pm (opt curry/rice/naan 3€)Circuits with CDA Fitness @ Camposol 6.30pmQuiz Night with Eddie B @ Black Bull, Camposol B 8pm (food avail from 3€)Bingo @ Alandalus, Calasparra from 8pmQuiz with TJ @ Tel’s Bar, Camposol A 8.30pmMarket Day Special @ Tel’s Bar, Camposol A, 2€ bacon/sausage sandwich 8.30am-3pmChilli Con Carne/Rice/Crusty Bread @ Luisines Cake, Los Narejos 4.95€3 Course Mexican Night @ Condado Club, Condado de Alháma 12€ from 6pmSpecial Evening Menu @ Amapola Restaurante, Bolnuevo 15€ inc btl wine for 2Jam Night @ The Club House, Camposol CKaraoke with Bernie Mac @ Cat’s Bar, Camposol A 9pmAge Concern booking events etc @ Cultural Centre, Camposol B 10am-1pmAndrea’s Animal Rescue Collection @ Mazarrón Country Club 11.30am-1pmPage 88Costa Cálida Chronicle: Please tell our customers where you saw their advertisement tSales Contact Teresa 619 199 407 or for the Editor Contact Patti 646 005 017www.costacalidachronicle.com email: costacalidachronicle@gmail.com

HAH Book Stall @ La Zona Bar, Los Narejos 2.30-4pmEvery FriCamposol Bridge Club/Duplicate Bridge @ Trevi Bar, Camposol B 9.30amFriday Art Group @ Cultural Centre, Camposol B 9.45am-12.30pmPilates with CDA Fitness @ Cañadas del Romero 10amLegs, Bums & Tums with CDA Fitness @ Cañadas del Romero 11amBook Stall/Camposol A Gardening @ Car Park Camposol A 10.30am-12.30pm10 Pin Bowling/Camposol C Greenfingers Garden Group @ Totana 4pmFind the Joker @ Black Bull, Camposol B 7pmBingo @ Cat’s Bar, Camposol A 7.30pmPoker @ Alandalus, Calasparra from 8pmFish & Chips @ Black Bull, Camposol B 6.50€ (11am-4pm)Fish & Chips @ Luisines Cake, Los Narejos 4.75€ (from midday)Fish & Chips @ The Vista Bar, Camposol A 6.50€ (2-7.30pm)Fish & Chip Night @ Condado Club, Condado de Alháma 7.95€ from 6pmFish & Chip Night @ New Royal, Pto de Mazarrón 6€Fish & Chips @ Viggos, Pto de Mazarrón2 Course Surf or Turf Night @ New Royal, Pto de Mazarrón 10€ inc btl wine for 2Mixed Grill Night @ Tropic Ana’s, Camposol A 10€Romantic 4 Course Dinner @ Amapola Restaurante, Bolnuevo 24€ inc btl wine for 2Karaoke with Bernie Mac @ Tel’s Bar, Camposol A 8.30pmDisco & Karaoke with Suzy G @ Alley Palais, Camposol B 9pm-lateLisa B @ Black Bull, Camposol BNoah’s ARC Book Sale/Bric-a-Brac @ Camposol B 9.30am-2pmLions Mazarrón booking events etc outside Compusurf, Camposol B 11amGOmaD Donations @ Cultural Centre, Camposol B/Costa Calida Radio 12.30-2pmAge Concern booking events etc @ Commercial Centre, Camposol B 11am-1pmEvery SatAvon Lady @ Tel’s Bar, Camposol A 12-1.30pmBingo @ Tel’s Bar, Camposol A 1.30pmHarlequin Rock Choir Meeting @ Cultural Centre, Camposol B 2-4pmMusic Quiz @ Tel’s Bar, Camposol A 6.30pm6 Course Spanish Lunch inc wine/Live Entertainment @ Castillo del Pinar, Perin 18€Gourmet Dinner @ Amapola Restaurante, Bolnuevo 24€ inc btl wine for 2Mixed Grill Menu @ Condado Club, Condado de AlhámaMABS MMM Book Sale @ The Arches Bar, Los Alcázares 10am-1pmHELP MMM Sale of ‘up-market’ clothes @ The Arches Bar, Los Alcázares 10am-1pmPALS for booking events @ Bar Trevi, Camposol B 11am-1.30pmEvery SunCar Boot Sale @ Cañadas del Romero Social Centre 8.30amCar Boot Sale @ Venta Romero, Cuevas de Reyllo 9am-2pmBingo @ Tel’s Bar, Camposol A 7.30pmSunday Lunch @ Tel’s Bar, Camposol A from 5€Sunday Lunch @ The Vista Bar, Camposol A from 6.50€Sunday Roast @ Bora Bora, Pto de Mazarrón 6.95€ inc free dessertSunday Lunch @ Condado Club, Condado de Alhama from 6.95€Sunday Roast @ New Royal, Pto de Mazarrón 8.50€ inc a drinkSunday Carvery @ The Club House Bistro, Camposol C from 9€3 Course Sunday Lunch @ Elliot’s, Bolnuevo 10€Sunday Roast @ Liz’s Cafe, Camposol B 10€ inc a drinkSunday Roast @ La Mariposa, Gebas from 10.50€Sunday Special @ Amapola Restaurante, Bolnuevo 16€ (1 child free for every 2 adults)inc btl wine for 2HELP MMM Car Boot @ Autocine, Los Narejos 8.30am-12.30pmOpen Day @ Easy Horse Care Rescue Centre, Rojales 1-4pmJUNE Workshops for beginner’s orienteering in Mazarrón area (see page ?)Sunday 1Fiestas Trinitario-Berberiscas, Torre PachecoIn association with Costa Cálida International Radio and www.angloINFO.comCosta Cálida Chronicle: Please tell our customers where you saw their advertisementSales Contact Teresa 619 199 407 or for the Editor Contact Patti 646 005 017www.costacalidachronicle.com email: costacalidachronicle@gmail.comPage 89

Artisan Market @ BullasEasy Walk organised by Step by Step/Municipal Tourist Office @ Calasparra 9amMazarrón FC v AD Soho, Medi (away)Monday 2Tuesday 3PALS Monthly Meeting @ Cultural Centre, Camposol B 11.15amStamp Collectors Meeting @ Biblioteca, Pto de Mazarrón 6pmMazarrón FC End of Season Function/Woody @ The Club House, Camposol C10€ inc buffetHAH Volunteer’s Meeting @ Bacchus Restaurant, Urb Oasis, Los Narejos 11.15amWednesday 4Mazarrón Classic & Sports Car Group Meeting @ La Vida Bar, El Pareton 4pmSurf or Turf Night @ The Club House Bistro, Camposol C, 3 courses 15€MABS MMM Volunteer Meeting @ Roda’s Bar, Centro Civico, Roda 11amMABS Mazarrón 2 hour stroll/walk from El Saladillo 6pm 5€Age Concern Talking Shop Social @ Cultural Centre, Camposol B 1.30-3.30pmThursday 5World Environment DayCamposol Triangle Opening Party Outside Alley Palais/Bar Salud/Bar Trevi,Camposol B from 7.30pmFriday 6Murcia Day – most shops closedCanal Bike Ride/4 Course Lunch @ La Mariposa, Gebas. 35€inc bike/transfer to canal/guideSt Nicholas Church Fête/Flower Festival/Open Gardens Day @ Camposol D 11am-4pmCountry Music Night/Red Strokes @ Mariano’s, Camposol A 7.45pmRuta del Aperitivo @ Pto de Mazarrón and Bolnuevo (until 29th) 2€ beer/wine & a tapaThe CAS Band @ The Vista Bar, Camposol ACamposol Triangle/Scott James Outside Alley Palais/Bar Salud/Bar Trevi,Camposol B from 7.30pmMABS Murcia NW Outdoor Market Stall @ Calle Segura, Calasparra 9am-1pmMABS Mazarrón Jigsaw Bereavement Group @ Cat’s Bar, Camposol A 12pmSaturday 7River Rafting/Lunch @ La Mariposa, Gebas. 65€ inc transport/guide/safety equipMurcia Misteriosa Paranormal Conference @ Cultural Centre, Mazarrón from 10amADAPT Meeting @ Pensionista de Hogar, San Pedro 10.30amSt Nicholas Church Fête/Traditional Flower Festival/Open Day @ Camposol D 11am-4pmWelcome Meeting @ Mariano’s, Camposol A 2pmII Night Marathon 80kms/Part of proceeds to Food Bank/Starts Molina de Segura 8pm2 Hour Walk organised by Step by Step/Municipal Tourist Office @ Calasparra 9pmCook & Tasting Experience @ Restaurante Mariquita II, Totana 15€ 1-3pmGran Canarias Theme Night @ Tropic Ana’s, Camposol AIn association with Costa Cálida International Radio and www.angloINFO.comSunday 8Classic Rock Band @ La Mariposa, GebasWoody @ The Club House, Camposol CLive Entertainment /Artist tbc @ Black Bull, Camposol BCher Tribute @ Bora Bora, Pto de MazarrónMagnetik Surf @ The Clover, Condado de AlhamaCamposol Triangle/Eddie B Outside Alley Palais/Bar Salud/Bar Trevi, Camposol B from 7.30pmJJ’s Puppy Table Top Sale @ Las Palmeras Bar, Pto de Mazarrón 11am-2pmMABS MMM Event/Cool Sax @ The Arches, Los Alcázares 1.30-3.3pmRound 2 of Spanish Supermoto Championships @ BadajozArtisan Market @ MulaSt Nicholas Church Fête/Traditional Flower Festival/Holy Communion @Camposol D 10.30amPage 90Costa Cálida Chronicle: Please tell our customers where you saw their advertisement tSales Contact Teresa 619 199 407 or for the Editor Contact Patti 646 005 017www.costacalidachronicle.com email: costacalidachronicle@gmail.com

Open Door Meeting/Sammy & Bob Abraham @ Cultural Centre, Camposol B 5.30pmMABS MMM Event/Cool Sax @ The Arches, Los Alcázares 1.30-3.3pmHAH Rocking in Roda Concert/BBQ @ Roda 10€ 4pmTuesday 10Welcome Book Swap @ ICA Medical Centre, Camposol B 10am-12pmGreat British Wellington Night @ The Club House Bistro, Camposol C, 3 courses 20€HAH Table Top Sale @ La Zona Bar, Los Alcázares 10am-2pmHELP MMM Charity Market @ La Zona Bar, Los Alcazáres 11am-1pmWednesday 11Trip to Tabarca Island with Viajes Dragontours 32€ inc coach & boatGeneral Meeting of SAMM @ CAR Infanta Cristina, Los Narejos 11amWelcome Ladies’ Day/Woody/Buffet @ The Club House, Camposol C 10€MABS Murcia NW Volunteer’s Meeting @ 5pmThursday 12San Onofre y San Antonio, AlguazasCosmetic Doctor @ Jane’s Salon, BolnuevoDownhill Cycling Day/4 Course Lunch @ La Mariposa, Gebas. 35€inc bike/transport/guide/safety equipLadies’ Chatterbox Group @ The Cultural Centre, Camposol B 2pmCamposol Triangle/Dee Outside Alley Palais/Bar Salud/Bar Trevi, Camposol Bfrom 7.30pmFriday 13San Onofre y San Antonio, AlguazasIndoor Market with fashion/bling/DVD’s etc @ Alley Palais, Camposol BCamposol C Green Fingers/BBQ/Paul Allen @ The Club House, Camposol C 12€Camposol Triangle/Gemma Outside Alley Palais/Bar Salud/Bar Trevi, Camposol Bfrom 7.30pmMagnetik Surf @ The Vista Bar, Camposol AMABS Mazarrón Book Sale @ Commercial Centre, Camposol B 9am-1pmFAST Book Stall @ Commercial Centre, Camposol BGOmAD Table Top Sale @ Commercial Centre, Camposol B 10am–2pmSaturday 14Artisan Market @ Paseo de las Comunidades Autónomos , Pto de Mazarrón 10am-2pmCamposol Club de Golf Texas Scramble Competition (proceeds to MABS) @ Camposol CHumanists of Murcia Discussion Group @ La Majada 10amEngland v Italy Match on TV @ Alley Palais, Camposol B, starts at midnightPaella Night @ Tropic Ana’s, Camposol ASunday 15Tara Simms @ Bora Bora, Pto de Mazarrón 2.30pmGNT @ The Club House, Camposol CCher & Others Tribute by Angie McKay @ Black Bull, Camposol BKaren Noble @ Bora Bora, Pto de Mazarrón 9pmTara Simms @ The Clover, Condado de AlhamaPre & post football match entertainment @ Alley Palais, Camposol BCamposol Triangle/Eddie B Outside Alley Palais/Bar Salud/Bar Trevi, Camposol B from 7.30pmFather’s Day Special/Robbie Williams Tribute @ La Mariposa, Gebas.Inc evening meal/accomm/breakfast/lunch. 120€/cplHELP MMM Lunch/Treasure Hunt @ Don Lorenzo’s, Los Urrutias. Lunch 1pmFather’s DayArtisan Market @ CaravacaArtisan Market @ Sanctuary de la Esperanza, Calasparra 10am-6pmDiscovering Moratalla Walk 10€ (opt meal at 15€)Ruta del Ferrocarril (Railway Route) with Aguilas Tourist Information Centre5 th Stage III Vuelta Ciclista Ruta de Cadetes a La Region de Murcia from AlqueríasIn association with Costa Cálida International Radio and www.angloINFO.comCosta Cálida Chronicle: Please tell our customers where you saw their advertisementSales Contact Teresa 619 199 407 or for the Editor Contact Patti 646 005 017www.costacalidachronicle.com email: costacalidachronicle@gmail.comPage 91

Monday 16 Recycle Week (until 23 rd )Tuesday 17 17 th -19 th Trip to Granada with David’s Coachtrips from 112€MABS MMM Ebony/Ivory Ladies’ Lunch Club @ Diamante’s, El Mojon 1.30pm, 10.50€Wednesday 18 Trip to Benidorm Market with Viajes Dragontours 19€Camposol Camera Club @ The Club House, Camposol C 4pmHAH Chatters @ Roda Social Club, (Roda Centro Civico) 11.30amAge Concern Menu del Dia @ Gula Gula, Pto de Mazarrón 10€Thursday 19England v Uruguay Match on TV @ Alley Palais, Camposol B 9pmPre & post football match entertainment @ Alley Palais, Camposol BCamposol Triangle/ Chloe Leigh Outside Alley Palais/Bar Salud/Bar Trevi, Camposol Bfrom 7.30pmMABS MMM Royal Ascot Ladies’ Day @ Time Out Bar, San Javier from 1.30pmMABS Mazarrón Ladies’ Day/Live Ent/Afternoon Tea @ MABS Information Centre,Camposol C 8€HAH Royal Ascot Ladies’ Day/Hot/Cold Buffet @ The Red Lion, Los Alcazares from 1.30pmFriday 20Johnny Sax @ Black Bull, Camposol BParty Night with Byron @ The Clover, Condado de AlhamaCamposol Triangle/Pitu & Michelle Outside Alley Palais/Bar Salud/Bar Trevi,Camposol B from 7.30pmLenny Mitchell @ La Mariposa, GebasMr Jinx @ The Vista Bar, Camposol AMABS Mazarrón Book Sale @ Commercial Centre, Camposol B 9am-1pmMABS Murcia NW Outdoor Market Stall @ Calle Segura, Calasparra 9am-1pmMABS MMM Care & Share Group @ MABS Cancer Centre, San Javier 11amGOmaD Garden Party/Live Music @ 6 C/Alicante, Camposol A 5€ inc afternoon teaSaturday 21Humanists of Murcia Solstice PartyCook & Tasting Experience @ Restaurante Mariquita II, Totana 15€ 1-3pmCheese & Wine Night @ Tropic Ana’s, Camposol AAndy Jones @ The Club House, Camposol CClassic Rock Band @ The Clover, Condado de AlhamaCamposol Triangle feat Eddie B Outside Alley Palais/Bar Salud/Bar Trevi,Camposol B from 7.30pmStreeters with Austin Slack @ Bora Bora, Pto de Mazarrón 9pmMABS MMM Summer Solstice/Live Ent/Dinner @ La Finca Restaurant, La Manga Clubfrom 7.30pmSunday 22MABS MMM Event/Cool Sax @ The Arches, Los Alcázares 1.30-3.3pm“Forget Me Not” Concert - Magnetik Surf/Steve Fisher @ Mazarrón Country Club, 5€ 8pmIn association with Costa Cálida International Radio and www.angloINFO.comMonday 23Tuesday 24Wednesday 25Moros y Cristianos, SantomeraWimbledon starts (ends 6 th July)San Juan y San Pedro, Fortuna & San Pedro del PinatarWelcome Book Swap @ ICA Medical Centre, Camposol B 10am-12pmCamposol B Clean Meeting @ Bar Trevi, Camposol B 4pmEngland v Costa Rica Match on TV @ Alley Palais, Camposol B 6pmPre & post football match entertainment @ Alley Palais, Camposol BMABS Mazarrón Volunteer Meeting @ Trevi Bar, Camposol B 11.30amMarket @ Bora Bora, Pto de Mazarrón 11am-3pmClub de Golf Camposol Competition @ Camposol CPage 92Costa Cálida Chronicle: Please tell our customers where you saw their advertisement tSales Contact Teresa 619 199 407 or for the Editor Contact Patti 646 005 017www.costacalidachronicle.com email: costacalidachronicle@gmail.com

Welcome Summer Ball/Terry J/6 Course Meal/Drinks @ La Cumbre, Pto de Mazarrón 29€Gourmet BBQ @ The Club House Bistro, Camposol C, 10€Thursday 26Straight Down the Middle Golf Society Game @ Paraleja 9amCamposol Triangle/Paul Michael Outside Alley Palais/Bar Salud/Bar Trevi,Camposol B from 7.30pmMABS MMM Garden Party/Live Music @ Casa Familiar, Los Urrutias 7.95€, from 4pmMABS Mazarrón BBQ/Entertainment @ MABS Information Centre, Camposol 10€ (6€ under 14)Friday 27Indoor Market with fashion/bling/DVD’s etc @ Alley Palais, Camposol BNEST Walk with optional meal (9€) Meet El Berro Car Park, Sierra Espuña 10.30am, 5€Straight Down the Middle Golf Society Annual BBQ @ The Club House, Camposol C 12€Open Door/Operation Smile/Martin Ross @ The Vista Bar, Camposol A 5€ 9pmSandy Fitzpatrick @ The Clover, Condado de AlhamaCamposol Triangle/Shani Ormiston Outside Alley Palais/Bar Salud/Bar Trevi,Camposol B from 7.30pmRod Stewart Tribute @ La Mariposa, GebasHAH Table Top Sale @ La Zona Bar, Los Narejos 10am-1pmGOmAD Table Top Sale @ Commercial Centre, Camposol B 10am–2pmFAST Book Stall @ Commercial Centre, Camposol BAge Concern Table Top Sale @ Commercial Centre, Camposol BSaturday 28Armed Forces Day2 Hour Tour of Cehegín & School of Wine with Cehegín Tourist Office6km Nature Walk, CehegínCamposol D Community Group Street PartyPaella Night @ Tropic Ana’s, Camposol ASteve Fisher @ The Club House, Camposol CClassic Rock Band @ Bora Bora, Pto de MazarrónCamposol Triangle/Rough Justice Outside Alley Palais/Bar Salud/Bar Trevi,Camposol B from 7.30pmRobbie James @ The Clover, Condado de AlhamaSunday 29San Pedro, BlancaLos Palacios working party 9.30amMonday 30Children’s Swimming Course starts in Caravaca de la Cruz (to 18/7) 23.35€ for courseHelp for Heroes Fundraiser/Live Entertainment/BBQ @ Tel’s/Cat’s Bar,Camposol A from 4pmJULYTuesday 1Wednesday 2Friday 4Saturday 5Sunday 6Stamp Collectors Meeting @ Biblioteca, Pto de Mazarrón 6pmHAH Volunteer’s Meeting @ Roda Social Club, (Roda Centro Civico) 11.15amWelcome Fun Petanca @ Mariano’s, Camposol A 4pmMazarrón Classic & Sports Car Group Meeting @ La Vida Bar, El Pareton 4pmSteak Night @ The Club House Bistro, Camposol C, 3 courses 15€Age Concern Talking Shop Social @ Cultural Centre, Camposol B 1.30-3.30pmCountry Music Night @ Mariano’s, Camposol A 7.45pmMABS Murcia NW Outdoor Market Stall @ Calle Segura, Calasparra 9am-1pmMABS Mazarrón Jigsaw Bereavement Group @ Cat’s Bar, Camposol A 12pmADAPT Meeting @ Pensionista de Hogar, San Pedro 10.30amWartime Menu Theme Night @ Tropic Ana’s, Camposol AHelping Hands/Police Men @ Bar la Fuente, Purias 8pm 12€The CAS Band @ La Mariposa, GebasArtisan Market @ BullasIn association with Costa Cálida International Radio and www.angloINFO.comCosta Cálida Chronicle: Please tell our customers where you saw their advertisementSales Contact Teresa 619 199 407 or for the Editor Contact Patti 646 005 017www.costacalidachronicle.com email: costacalidachronicle@gmail.comPage 93

This Month Is The Beginning Of Summer!Dragontours has a lot of suggestions foryour holiday time - possibly a day trip to Benidorm- our trips to their famous market willbegin on June 18 th - a full day to enjoy thehuge street market, a late English breakfastin one of the numerous bars offering all-dayfood, or a stroll along the beach. When grandkidscome to visit, this is a perfect place togo, as the older ones can enjoy the amazingtheme park, Terra Mitica or the whole familycan spend the day at one of the largestwater parks in Spain, Aqualandia. Why notspend some time first playing with meer-cats,laughing at the antics of the porpoises andsea-lions, or even taking a swim with the dolphinsat the wonderful Mundomar. Dragontourscan provide the transportation to Benidormand entrance tickets to all or any of theparks, so you can spend a care-free day witheverything planned ahead.One of the best ways to celebrate the imminentonset of summer is to take a trip toTabarca Island. Dragontours has organiseda trip there on June 11 th . The island is a verysmall rocky dot about 8kms from the city ofSanta Pola, where we will board the Tabarcanferry. It can only be reached by sea, soferry or water-taxi, or private motor boats oryachts are the only possible transport to thisisland which time has forgotten. After a verypleasant 30 minute boat journey, there aremany options. Half of the island reflects itshistory, dating from mid-18th century whenthe Spanish King Charles III, brought inhabitantsfrom another island – Tabarka – near theTunisian coast. This was originally to discourageBeriber pirates from using the island as aretreat after raiding the mainland. Now thereare few permanent inhabitants and ratherthan military and fishing, tourism is the majorsource of income. There are numerous barsand restaurants offering local cuisine (try theCaldero, a wonderful mixture of rice and fish).There is a beach with loungers and umbrellasfor rent and of course souvenir shops, butmost specially, there is clear sparkling waterin which to snorkle and observe fish and underwaterplants. Tabarca Island was declareda protected marine reserve in 1983, so commercialfishing was prohibited. It is less than2kms long and at the centre, where the portand beach lie opposite one another it is barely½km wide.Dragontours makes it easy, so sign up anddon’t miss a place on this great excursion.Just 32€ per person, includes coach trip andreturn boat journey, our special insuranceand knowledgeable guide.Tel 968 199 021Email info@dragontours.netWe look forward to meeting you.In association with Costa Cálida International Radio and www.angloINFO.comWe had another good night on 2 nd May, withthe live act, Paul Allen, who had never done acountry gig before. He obviously went downwell. As far as we are aware, he received 2bookings and a couple of enquiries from peoplein the audience. We will certainly havehim back again. His Ryanair song caughteveryone’s attention.Prior to Paul entertaining us, Ann taught aline dance, Jazzy Joes and she had everyoneup on the floor. Tom/Helen revised a partnerdance shown a couple of months ago.We meet on the first Friday of each month inMariano’s, Camposol A, starting at 7.45pm.Between playing requests, A line-dance andthen a partner dance is taught. At 9pm thelive music begins-On our next night, Friday 6 th June when RedStrokes will provide the live music. Althoughhe is well known, this will be his first timewith us. Entry is €4.Please note that there will be no “club” nightsthe first Fridays in July or August.If you have any enquiries etc please emailthw35@yahoo.co.ukTel/text 610 632 152Page 94Costa Cálida Chronicle: Please tell our customers where you saw their advertisement tSales Contact Teresa 619 199 407 or for the Editor Contact Patti 646 005 017www.costacalidachronicle.com email: costacalidachronicle@gmail.com

Working DogsMy Spaniel Sam is starting to get old. Foundwandering in the street in El Pareton with abroken leg back in 2007, the vet guessed hisage at about 18 months, meaning he is now amiddle aged man in “dog years”.A few years ago he was also diagnosed withLeishmaniasis and he keeps going thanks toan expensive cocktail of 4 drugs a day (costinghis devoted Mum about 80€ a month!)As his health deteriorates, some of the signsare obvious, such as the fact that he can onlymake it upstairs slowly by walking sideways,one step at a time. Other signs are more subtleand in recent months Sam has been veryreluctant to leave my side, even for a minute.The minute I appear back from the schoolrun, he joins me in the kitchen for a brew.If I sit down in the living room, he appearsat my feet on the dog bed and at night bothdogs make their way upstairs to sleep on theircushions, right at the foot of my bed.However despite having a dog bed in almostevery room, it soon became clear that therewas still one room lacking this little luxury formy canine friends - the office. At first Samwas content to curl up on the floor, but ashe got stiffer and stiffer, I caved in and wentlooking for yet another padded bed for my“office dog” and there it was, the perfect dogbed for the working dog who likes to sleepon the job.The motto fits his lovely calm temperamentperfectly and some days with my ever increasingworkload I have to stop myself fromlying down and joining him! I wonder if theydo a bigger size for humans?Liz EdmistonOwnersAway Property Rentals & ManagementTel 691 977 107info@ownersaway.comwww.ownersaway.comWhen does new become old? For years Iworked on a farm where the ‘new’ tractor wasat least as old as me. We have just boughta ‘new’ car which is 17 years old….okay, theold car was 27 years old! Something whichis completely new doesn’t stay new for long;indeed as soon as you take it away from theshop it is second hand or at least not newanymore. The News is supposed to be a reportabout new items, but is it?The writer in Ecclesiastes says that there isnothing new under the sun. Human naturehasn’t changed a bit as there is still exploitation,kidnapping, murder and theft and therest we have to endure in the world today.The circumstances and complexity of crimeand corruption may have altered slightly, butthe motivation of greed and pride remains thesame. Don’t get me started on the punishmentbefitting the crime with Baby P’s killerdue for parole! Ridiculous!Don’t despair, we have some Good News. Infact this Good News has been around for along time, but the problem is that you have toactually listen to The News or read The Newsto fully absorb it. This Good News will neverbecome old, but it does have a time limit. Thetime limit is your life on earth. Take a gambleif you like and ignore the facts of this GoodNews at your peril as you do, after all, havefreewill.My advice is to listen to the Good News andtake it on board. ’You know the message Godsent to the people of Israel, announcing theGood News of peace through Jesus Christ,who is Lord of all.’ Acts 10 v 36.You can find us most Sunday evenings onCamposol Cultural Centre at 5.30pmContact Ken 646 705403 or check thewebsite to see what we will be doingeach week.Come and join us. We offer something abit different. Sit around and chat over acup of tea or coffee and learn about Godand what He can do for YOU.We also hold monthly social events inLos Almagros. Look out for the postersor go to our website for details.http://open-door.wix.com/open-doorIf you would like to be informed of our eventsand be added to our mailing list pleaseemailopendoorgettogether@gmail.comFind us in Los Almagros, Fuente Alamo,30320, Murcia.GPS 37”45’ 57.77’ North. 1” 15’ 56.95’ WestKen 646 705 403Carol 655 141 721In association with Costa Cálida International Radio and www.angloINFO.comCosta Cálida Chronicle: Please tell our customers where you saw their advertisementSales Contact Teresa 619 199 407 or for the Editor Contact Patti 646 005 017www.costacalidachronicle.com email: costacalidachronicle@gmail.comPage 95

It was an honour for two players fromMazarrón Bowls Club, Julie Cooper andBrian Robertson, to be chosen to play for theSpanish National Bowls Team together withLynn Greenland from Greenlands Bowls Cluband Steve Pearson from San Miguel at the2 nd Dutch Open Bowls Championships held inHolland from 4 th to 10 th May. The Championshipscomprised 12 teams from around theworld playing in three disciplines; Ladies Pairs,Men’s Pairs and Rinks.There were some very close matches alongthe way, but Julie and Lynn made it to thesemi-final on the Friday, only just losing outto the USA on the last end. Overall the Ladiesfinished in 4 th place, the Men in 7 th andRinks 6 th . Overall a 5 th position place for Spainagainst some of the best teams in the world.Julie Cooper and Brian Robertson then preparedfor the National Lawn Bowls Championshipsthat took place in San Luis, San Migueland Quesada from 10 th –24 th May.Mazarrón Bowls Club, whose home groundis at the Hacienda del Alamo Golf Resort inFuente Alamo is a small and friendly club withan ever-growing number of members at variedlevels of experience. In addition to thenominated club days of Tuesday and Thursdaymornings, there are internal triples leaguesin winter and spring, internal club championships,and they also play friendly matchesagainst both local and visiting teams fromother countries. They are members of theCosta Blanca Bowls Association and the SouthAlicante Bowling Alliance.For those new to the game there are bowlsavailable and coaching can be arranged if required.During the summer months, club dayschange to the evening whereby they play underfloodlights. If you would like to know moreabout the game of bowls or about MazarrónBowls Club, please visit our website at www.mazarronbowlsclub.com or call The Secretary,Douglas Macfarlane on 968 429 980.You will be made very welcome.In association with Costa Cálida International Radio and www.angloINFO.comApril was another busy month for FuenteOld Guard with the Matchplay DoublesCompetition on 10 th and our eagerly awaitedvisit on 24 th to theexcellent course atCondado de Alhama.The MatchplayWinners were ChrisAndrews and PaulWestern with a narrowwin over PhilCarter and DaveBarrett. Meanwhileon a warm but windyday at Condado deAlhama the OverallWinner and WinnerOf DivisionThree was our veteran player Les Day whosecured the trophy with 41 points. Runner-UpOverall and in Division Threewas yet another ofour veterans andCaptain, Jim Kinniburghwho camein with 34 points.In Division Twothe top spot wentto Barry Martin with28 points closelyfollowed by RogerOlorenshaw with 24points. The honoursin Division Onewent to Chris An-drews with his 33 points score with GerryMcRoberts a close second with 29 points.The Nearest The Pin Awards were bothwon by Roy Quigley with Chris Andrewsgoing furthest in the Longest Drive Competition.The Two’s Money was gratefully receivedby Peter Court who found time to spendsome of it in the bar!Should anyone wish to join FOGGS or justplay as a guest, please contact Dave on868 082 013.Page 96Costa Cálida Chronicle: Please tell our customers where you saw their advertisement tSales Contact Teresa 619 199 407 or for the Editor Contact Patti 646 005 017www.costacalidachronicle.com email: costacalidachronicle@gmail.com

Round the HornThis was the title of a very interesting presentationgiven by Mel Cook from the CostaBlanca branch of the Maritime Associationto the members of the Sailing AssociationMar Menor, during their monthly meeting on9 th April.After a short introduction explaining that theMaritime Association members were mostlyex-merchant sailors, but open to anyone witha love of the sea and ships, who meet andgo on nautical related trips regularly, Mel firstshowed a short video, taken from a searchand rescue helicopter, of a cruise liner battlingmassive seas in the Bass straight betweenAustralia and New Zealand.This was an introduction to the main event,a grainy, black and white silent film shotin 1929, of the voyage of the German fourmasted, square rigged barque ‘Peking’ sailingfrom Hamburg to the South American portof Talcahuano with a cargo of coke and hundredsof china toilets. The film was shot by IrvingJohnson, a ‘farm boy’ from the mid-westof America on his first ever sea voyage andincluded footage of his training regime ridingbone-shaker and penny farthing bicycles andclimbing telegraph poles to stand on his headat the top. He had added a commentary at alater date.The voyage changed this guy’s life as he leftthe land and spent the rest of his working lifesailing ‘tall ships’ around the world. First thevessel struggled through winter gales in theNorth Sea, then drifted slowly through theDoldrums, with the captain catching fish usinga trident spear from the deck, before pickingup the Trade Winds and then ‘Roundingthe Horn’ in ferocious winds and mountainouswaves. At times the deck was completelyunder water and when the film was shown tosailors when first released, many commentedthat they had never seen a ship with so muchwater over the deck that had not sunk. Finallythe massive ship had to sail into the harbourat Talcahuano as there were no tugs availableto help - a fantastic feat of seamanship whichwas common place at the time.SAMM is not sure how many members wehave lost or who have cancelled their cruisesafter seeing these very interesting, but frighteningfilms of the power of the sea.1 st Race DayOn Sunday 13 th April the Race Officer decidedto experiment with an unusual course comprising3 marks all in a straight line whichthe boats had to sail as a slalom or figure ofeight on the upwind leg followed by a straightrun downwind over 4 laps. 9 boats took tothe water for the morning race. The light8-10 knot wind favoured the smaller boatsand Don Clarke was first to cross the line in1h.14m.12s, with the slowest boat needing1h.54m.30s to finish. After the times werecorrected on handicap Don was 1 st for thefourth time in the 5 races this season. 2 nd wasthe Martin, helmed by our disabled memberTony Jones with Neil Coats as crew, with DavidBelcher and his crew 3 rd in the Faversham.By the start of the afternoon race the wind hadbuilt to 14 knots from the East and the biggerboats came into their own. The Sailfish 18‘Mistral’ with Rob Hudson on the helm and TerryChapman as crew, who had taken 30minsto complete a lap in the morning race, took atotal of 1h.44m.42s to finish and were placed6 th , were now lapping at close to 15mins, takingjust 1h.00m.26s to complete the race andwinning by aclear 63secson correctedtime. 2 ndagain was theMartin withthe samecrew and 3 rdwas the otherSailfish 18‘Sirocco’ withPaul Lewison the helmand JanicePenning andErnie Foster as crew. Unfortunately, close tothe end of the race, Shoestring Uno collidedwith Don in the Hartley and both were forcedto retire. Don would have finished 3 rd on correctedtime.SAMM score their series using the low pointssystem and after six races, the Hartley leadswith 14 points, the Sailfish 18 ‘Mistral’ 2 nd on20.75 points and the Laser 2000 ‘ShoestringTres’ 3 rd on 34 points.2 nd Race Day6 boats took to the Mar Menor on the 2 nd RaceDay of the season. There would have beenmore competitors as some forgot the clockshad gone forward!The first race in a variable 5-6WNW wind sawDon Clarke in his Hartley finishing in just over30mins and even when handicaps were appliedhe was not denied his first position - 3races and 3 firsts. 2 nd was Sailfish Mistralwith Rob Hudson at the helm and a crew ofTerry Chapman and Ernie Foster. 3 rd was theLaser 2000 with Tug Wilson and John Down.4 th was the Martin with Tony Jones and NeilCoats and 5 th the Faversham helmed by DavidBelcher and Bob Blinkhorn in the crew position.Final place went to another Laser 2000with Tim Clarke and Alan Darby. These twocompetitors would change to the Laser 13 forthe 2 nd Race having identified gear failure inthe Laser 2000. All boats finished in just over45mins.The 2 nd Race was a total change of fortunewith the wind shifting to a more north westerly.All boats finished within 54mins withonly 8mins between the 1 st and last over theline. Tug Wilson and John Down were set totake first place until an unfortunate capsizeallowed the Faversham to overtake them andwin the race on corrected time by just 4secs.The crew of the Faversham were pleased tohave improved their position in the 2 nd Raceand come in first.3 rd - Don Clarke – Hartley4 th - Tony Jones, Neil Coats – Martin5 th – Terry Chapman, Rob Hudson, Ernie Foster– Sailfish Mistral6 th - Tim Clarke, Alan Darby – Laser 13SAMM Spring Series Races 7 and 8For the April 27 th Race Day, the Race Officerset a ‘Sausage and Triangle’ course for thefirst time, but this proved too much for somecrews and a number failed to sail it correctly.The race was therefore abandoned after3 laps, much to the annoyance of the helm(Robert Hudson) and crew (Ernie Foster andLinda Coates) of the Sailfish ‘Mistral’ who believedthey were in the lead at the time.The race restarted with 8 boats, but with thewind increasing, the two Laser 2000’s, ShoestringsDos and Tres, collided and had to retire,whilst the Laser 13, Shoestring Quartro,again took a wrong course and was deemed‘dnf’. The race was finally won by Don Clarke(Hartley 12.2), with Mistral’ a close 2 nd andthe Faversham 14 (David Belcher) 3 rd .The wind hadincreased furtherand wasgusting at 20knots plus forthe secondrace, but 5boats eventuallygot away.‘ShoestringUno’ withJohn Down atthe helm, gota great start,led the fleetthroughoutand could notbe caught. ‘Mistral’ decided to set reefed sailsand was lying 3 rd at the jibe mark on the lastlap, when the crew of the ‘Shoestring Quartro’,who were sailing under full sail and overpowered,lost control and the boats collided,forcing both to retire. Uno held on to record awell deserved win, with the Faversham 14, 2 ndand the Martin of Tony Jones 3 rd .In association with Costa Cálida International Radio and www.angloINFO.comCosta Cálida Chronicle: Please tell our customers where you saw their advertisementSales Contact Teresa 619 199 407 or for the Editor Contact Patti 646 005 017www.costacalidachronicle.com email: costacalidachronicle@gmail.comPage 97

Certainly no April Fools!On Wednesday 23 rd April over 30 membersand guests gathered at the Lorca ResortGolf Club, to play the monthly StaplefordCompetition. This course is a real credit toall of the management and staff as it wasin excellent in condition.The scores on the day certainly reflectedthe good condition of the course and itwas said that the Handicap Secretary washeard to be muttering that several memberswould see a reduction in their handicapby the time we next play at Paraleja.Coming down the home straight two playerswere in a very close battle for the title,but in the end Dave Bennett (pictured)returned amagnificent36 pointsand tookthe win. Hewas followedclosely byClive Fowlerwith 34points andthere wasa tie for 3 rdplace betweenTonyRootes andMike Harrisonon 33points.The Nearest The Pin was won by NigelChadderton.The Straight Down the Middle Golf Societywill be holding its annual BBQ at theCamposol Golf Club on the Friday 27 th Junewhen members and guests are invitedalong, with tickets costing 12€. A goodturnout is expected so book your seatsearly.On the previous day, June 26 th , we areplaying our monthly game at Paraleja,meeting at 9am for a 10am tee off.Geoff Sharphatters45@msn.comSolid Start for Murcia’s Supermoto RacingBrothersBoth Anthony and Mat Ford-Dunn were inaction at the first round of the Spanish SupermotoChampionships held in Villena,Alicante. The action for the brothers hadalready started the week before, when theyboth made the long journey to France tocompete in the first round of the SupermotoGrand Prix.The brothers both faired well with Anthonyfinishing 12 th in the World Championshipsand Mat finishing 23 rd in the EuropeanChampionships, but it was clear that theywere outpaced by superior factory machinery.Although they struggled for pace againstthe superior factory bikes, the team learneda great deal that weekend and have manythings to test over the coming weeks to improvethe Advance Moves InternationalRemovals-sponsored, Supermotoland racebikes.the racing and was happy to see both his riderson the rostrum with some good championshippoints under their belts.Crash and win in Catalunya SupermotoChampionshipThe Supermotoland.com race team werein Catalunya with both their riders competingfor honours in the Catalan SupermotoChampionship. It was the first time that theracing brothers from Murcia had been to theMenarguens circuit near to Lleida and so theyhad a limited amount of time to learn the circuitbefore their qualifying sessions. Despitethe lack of circuit knowledge and a crasheach in practice, both brothers managed toqualify on the front row of the grid for eachof their races, with Mat Ford–Dunn qualifyingin 4 th position in the SM4 class and youngerbrother Anthony qualifying a superb 4 th in thepremier SM1 class.In association with Costa Cálida International Radio and www.angloINFO.comThe racing at Villena, Alicante was held insunny but blustery conditions and both brothersgot their championship challenges offto a solid start. Anthony qualified 3 rd in thePremier SM Open Championship class andfinished 5 th , 2 nd and 4 th in his three races tocome away with a 3 rd overall for the day’s racing.The results could have been even better,but the Villena circuit is notoriously difficult topass on and a lot of the race depends on howgood a start you get. Anthony had the crowdon its feet in Race 2 when he put in an almostimpossible overtaking move on the last lap totake 2 nd place at the Flag.Older brother Mat qualified in pole positionfor the SM35 Master Championship andfinished his two races in 2 nd and 3 rd positionthat gave him a 3 rd overall for the day’s racing.Once again his results could have beeneven better, but a crash on the first lap ofrace two, whilst he was leading, saw Mat haveto remount in last position and fight throughthe pack to get a well deserved 3 rd place atthe flag.Team sponsor, Shane Stratton from StrattonMotorsports, had flown in especially to watchAnthony was the first to race and the battlebetween the first 5 riders was very intensewith close racing throughout the field. Anthonywas in 4 th position on the last lap and whilstmaking a pass on the brakes at the end of thestraight, he fell damaging his bike and dislocatinghis shoulder. The damage to the bikemeant he was unable to remount despite hisshoulder clicking back into place as he pickedhimself up. Anthony was unable to competein the remaining race due to his injury andtherefore lost his lead in the championship.Mat fared better in both of his races in theSM4 class with a double victory that extendshis championship lead and gives him fourwins from four races. It could have been a differentstory though as a puncture in his fronttyre in the first race meant he had a desperatelast couple of laps to keep ahead of thepack as his front tyre slowly deflated.The brothers now have a few weeks of testingand training ahead before they line up on thegrid in Badajoz for the 2 nd round of the SpanishChampionships on the 8 th June. Withboth brothers holding 3 rd position in the SMOpen and SM35 Master classes you can betthat they will both be looking for a bit morespeed over the coming weeks to hopefully elevatethem to the top step of the podium.More details and race results can be found atwww.supermotoland.comPage 98Costa Cálida Chronicle: Please tell our customers where you saw their advertisement tSales Contact Teresa 619 199 407 or for the Editor Contact Patti 646 005 017www.costacalidachronicle.com email: costacalidachronicle@gmail.com

St George’s Day CompetitionThis Competition held on 23 rd April was agreat success. The English played againstthe ‘Rest of the World’; the English in whiteshirts with the RW in blue. There was a lot ofbantering about who was wearing which shirtand what qualified them to do so. Althoughseveral teams entered the competition, whichwas a 4 ball better ball match play competition,it ended with a draw, therefore the Captainsof both teams were asked to play the9th hole again. They refused as they had hada few beers, so amidst lots of barracking theytossed a coin and the Rest of the World won.We all had a great time and later there wasa carvery at The Club House. The day wasrounded off by Berni Mac’s Disco which turnedinto karaokeClub de Golf CamposolThe weather for the Club de Golf Competitionheld on 28 th April was excellent. It must havebeen perfect for golf as there were some verygood scores. The Overall Winner was JennyHanlon with 40 points, (it is very unusual fora lady to be Overall Winner of a mixed competition!)2 nd was Bill Berrie in Category 1 with 39points. Billy Prest in Category 2 also had 39points and the Ladies’ Winner, Irene Wrighthad 38 points. This month unfortunatelythere were no sponsors of the Competition,so if there are any sponsors out there thatwould like to sponsor these monthly competitionsplease let us know.The next competition will be on Wednesday25 th June, so do not forget to get signed upfor it.MABS Open Golf CompetitionOn Saturday 14 th June there will be a TexasScramble Competition. Sign up for it in yourown 4 ball team; it does not matter if it is allmale, female or a mixed group. It will be aShot Gun Start. There will be several prizesincluding Nearest the Pin and Longest Drive.There are several sponsors for this prestigiousevent at a cost of 5€ for Members and25€ Non-Members and 10€ per person for abuggy. ALL the proceeds will go to MABS -last year it was a terrific day. If you are interestedin playing or need any further informationon how to have a great day out whilsthelping a worthy cause, please ring the GolfClub or email info@camposolclubdegolf.comThe Costa Cálida Ladies’ LeagueThe Ladie’s League played their last match ofthe Season on 28 th April. La Manga travelled toCamposol to play their ladies, whilst Peralejadrove to Hacienda to play away from home.Peraleja played tremendously well beatingHacienda on their home course, whilst theCamposol ladies could only manage a drawagainst La Manga on their home course. Thisresulted in Peraleja the winners with 119points, Camposol second with 110 points,Hacienda and La Manga joint third with 93points. Peraleja, who also won last year, willorganise and host a fun game in which all theteams mix in with a meal afterwards at whichthe Ladies’ League trophy will be presented tothem. The new season of the Ladies’ Leaguestarts again in September 2014, so if you area group of Lady Golfers who would like to bepart of the League you are very welcome tojoin us. We play at reciprocal golf courses ona home and away basis and at most courseswith reduced green fees. To participate in theLeague you only need a group of 6 ladies, soif you are interested or would like more informationplease contact Betty Roberts onbettylloyd1560@hotmail.com.In association with Costa Cálida International Radio and www.angloINFO.comCosta Cálida Chronicle: Please tell our customers where you saw their advertisementSales Contact Teresa 619 199 407 or for the Editor Contact Patti 646 005 017www.costacalidachronicle.com email: costacalidachronicle@gmail.comPage 99

At the time of writing Mazarrón FC still hadthree games remaining in the 2013-14 seasonand were in a mid-table position in theleague after a topsy turvy season. After anexcellent start, which saw the club just twopoints off an automatic promotion spot beforethe Christmas break, fortunes deterioratedrapidly in the New Year and Manager AntonioLorente was replaced in mid-March bythe successful Cadetes (15/16’s) coach, Javi.In his first eight games, five were won, onedrawn and there were only two defeats. Performancesimproved, the quality of footballand the club’s disciplinary record improveddramatically. Towards the end of the seasonJavi introduced a number of young playersfrom the club’s junior teams to give them experienceat senior level and they all adaptedsuperbly.Off the field, 2013-14 has been a busy timefor Los Amigos de Mazarrón FC. Last Junesaw the first Los Amigos Go Karting competitionat the track in Puerto de Mazarrónwhen members and friends turned back theclock to provide some excellent racing in thisdangerous sport. July saw a visit to the TenpinBowling centre in Totana and membersenjoyed the Go Kart experience so much thatthey went back for more in September whenthe racing was even more competitive butjust as enjoyable.In January members and friends enjoyed aBowls Day with Mazarrón Bowls Club at Haciendadel Alamo and February saw the firstof our monthly Luncheon Clubs with a visitto Totana Tennis Club to sample their excellentMenu del Dia. The Luncheon Club hassubsequently met every month; March at TheLamp Chop, April at La Molata and most recently,the May lunch at Los Balcones, Cañadasdel Romero.March saw the 5 th Gala Evening and Dinnerat Hotel la Cumbre, Puerto de Mazarrón whenJoe Royle was the guest speaker. A SportingLegends Evening featuring formerWorld Welterweight Boxing Champion JohnH Stracey and former England InternationalTony Currie was held at The Club House,Camposol and both John and Tony also tookpart in a Celebrity Golf Competition at theGolf Club.In association with Costa Cálida International Radio and www.angloINFO.comJose Ruben and Tolo are two of the top threeleading goal scorers in the league and withother senior players like Cecilio, Alfonso, Ticoand Moha, together with the emerging talentsof younger players like Randry and Dani, thefuture looks really bright for the club. If thenucleus of the senior squad is retained, thisblend of youth and experience augurs reallywell for a promotion push in the 2014-15 seasonstarting in September.Of the teams which Mazarrón FC runs atjunior levels in five age groups, the Juvenilesand Cadetes gained promotion from their respectivedivisions and at the time of writing,the Alevins were in third place in their divisionwith two games to go, just three pointsbehind the league leaders.In October the fabulous Soul Power, a fivepiece band from the Alicante area, entertainedus at The Club House, Camposol.The event was a complete sell out with guestsalso enjoying a BBQ.The Los Amigos Christmas Party and Socialevening was held at The Club House,Camposol on Saturday 30 th November. Entertainmentwas provided by Michelle and Pituand members and friends also enjoyed a buffetsupper.A Quiz Night and Disco was held at the BlackBull, Camposol, in May and the final event ofthe busiest ever year for Los Amigos is thePlayer of the Year Evening to be held atThe Club House, Camposol on Tuesday 3 rdJune. Mazarrón FC players and staff will joinmembers for what is always a great socialoccasion with a BBQ and entertainment providedby Woody, as well as the presentationof the Los Amigos Player of the Year Trophyand the Players’ Player of the YearTrophy.Sadly, Los Amigos de Mazarrón FC andMazarrón FC lost two loyal members andsupporters during the year with the untimelydeaths of Alan Hogg and Reg Betts, both ofwhom had served on the Executive Committeeof Los Amigos. They will be sadly missedby wives Shona and Sally, their families andall their friends.Los Amigos de Mazarrón FC hold weeklymeetings at The Club House, Camposol Cat 4 pm. Social meetings, which are open toanyone, are held every Thursday with the exceptionof the last Thursday of each monthwhich is reserved for the Members’ BusinessMeeting and open to members only. If youare interested in football or just want to meetnew friends in pleasant surroundings pleasecome along and join us.For the last few years meetings have not normallybeen held during the month of July andthe early part of August, but full details willbe given in the next edition. Membership ofLos Amigos de Mazarrón FC runs from 1 stAugust each year and costs 10€. For detailsof membership and any other enquiries aboutLos Amigos, please email pamada.1130@yahoo.co.uk or losamigosdemazarronfc@hotmail.co.ukPage 100Costa Cálida Chronicle: Please tell our customers where you saw their advertisement tSales Contact Teresa 619 199 407 or for the Editor Contact Patti 646 005 017www.costacalidachronicle.com email: costacalidachronicle@gmail.com

Los Amigos Golf Society Aguilon ReportTuesday, 6 th May saw 40 of our members setoff on the journey to Aguilon Golf Course forwhat promised to be a very good day’s golf.Immediately upon arrival we had the opportunityof consuming the pre-ordered coffeeand bacon rolls which went down very well.For those who have not visited Aguilon in thepast, let me enlighten you. Your first sightof the course is a very welcome view of immaculatefairways looking absolutely pristinewith luscious green grass. It is obviously veryapparent that a fair amount of care and attention(and money), has been applied to thewhole course in order to make it appear sowelcoming. There is always a price to pay forimprovements and at Aguilon the lakes arenot what could be termed as full; rather theopposite, but we don’t play in the lakes, dowe?The immaculate greens held a few surprisesfor most of us. What started off as a perfectlyweighted putt wending its merry way towardsthe pin would suddenly reduce speed andcome to a stop some distance from the hole.An ability to read the greens is of paramountimportance and Aguilon is no different in thatrespect.Après golf allowed us the opportunity ofquenching our thirst under the newly constructedpergola where all cards were handedin and counted.The winners were as follows:Division 1 and Overall Winner with 37 points:Gerry McRobert.Division 2 Winner with 32 points: Mick Madgwick.Division 3 Winner with 32 points: Dave Ocego.The Presentation Evening was in the BlackBull, Camposol with Lisa B providing the musicand an excellent supper was prepared forus by Cathy.Our next competition is at Valle Del Este.Ronjo.III Vuelta Ciclista Ruta de Cadetes a LaRegion de MurciaThe 5th Stage of this cycling route for 15 and16 year olds will take place in Alquerías on15 th June. There will be up to 12 teams participatingwith over a hundred runners andcyclists. Previous routes included Los Alcazares,Puerto Lumbreras , Mazarrón and LasTorres de Cotillas.The Council Of Youth SportThe Youth Council of Mazarrón will organise aworkshop introducing sport and local races tobe held in the town, taking advantage of thebreathtaking and beautiful landscapes. Orienteeringin nature is an activity that promotescaring for the environment as well as being ahealthy exercise.Up to 7 th June there will be a workshop for beginnersorienteering aimed at people between14 and 35 years. This activity is free and willserve as a starting point for those wishing toparticipate in the local races on 14 th , 21 st and28 th June under the title ‘Know your peoplewith orienteering’.On 14 th June, participants will tour the areaCabezo Negto, on 21 st they will go to the areaof Cabezo de los Huesos and finally on 28 thRock will travel to Peña Rubia y Cabezo Mecaen Los Rincones.To join both the workshop and the races, go toInformajoven at the sports hall at La Aceña’de Mazarrón between 9am and 2pm or call968 591 810 or email juventudmazarron@hotmail.es. The Department of Youth alsohas profiles on Facebook, Twitter and Myspacewhere you can ask questions and requestinformation.Triathlon Villa De Fuente ÁlamoOn Saturday 3 rd May, 900 athletes gatheredat Rihuete Beach to participate in the XXVNational Triathlon ‘Villa de Fuente Álamo’. Alarge audience attended, encouraging theathletes when Galician Javier Gomez Noya,silver medalist at the 2012 London Gamesand Maria Ortega Toledo won their categories.The Mayor of Mazarrón, Ginés Campillo, togetherwith the Mayor of Fuente Álamo, MaríaAntonia Conesa, presented the awards.Spanish School’s Table TennisThe Mazarrón athlete Miguel Ortiz, from ClubDeportivo Mazarrón Table Tennis, won thegold medal at the Spanish School’s TableTennis Championship. Ortiz, Javier Soriaand his companions and Javier Valero won thegold medal after beating the Andalusian Team3-1 in the final.All three athletes had to work hard to beat theValencia Community in the semifinals 3-2 andby the same score in the quarterfinals fromCastilla León, after excelling in their first tournament.Murcia team coach was José Salinasfrom Club IES El Palmar Table Tennis.Miguel Ortiz was recognized by the Departmentof Sports for this achievement on Monday5 th May 5 in the auditorium of the CentroCultural de Mazarrón. Also honoured wereDaniel Garcia, Alberto García and AlbertoMorales, who were champions in the MurciaFS Alevín and athletes and Pablo Mendez andNatalia Aznar who excelled in last winter’schampionships for the blind and visually impaired.Schools SportsYoung schools’ Siglo XXI won the regional finalof female football cadets of the athleticprogramme by beating the IES Beniaján by12 goals to 0.IES Domingo Valdivieso, contesting the finalof men’s indoor football in this category, lostto IES Our Lady of Carmel by a set of 3 pointsto 2.Domingo Valdivieso was regional runner-up inthe Cadet Men’s Handball, losing in the finalagainst IES Sangonera Green by 31 goals to 7.Better luck ran for the district representativesthat also competed in another day of SchoolSports in Category Alevín. The CEIP ManuelaRomero won the final of this competition inthe form of 3x3 Mens Basketball, while theCEIP Infanta Leonor has progressed in thevolleyball competition by winning 2 sets to 0at CEIP Vega Segura and will play a semi-finalthat gives them access to the regional final.In association with Costa Cálida International Radio and www.angloINFO.comCosta Cálida Chronicle: Please tell our customers where you saw their advertisementSales Contact Teresa 619 199 407 or for the Editor Contact Patti 646 005 017 Page 101www.costacalidachronicle.com email: costacalidachronicle@gmail.com

FOR SALE1.4mtr satellite dish & bracket 50€.50 pieces of ballastrada, 50cms high 2€ eachTel 699 261 663 Mazarrón areaRunning machine for sale hardly used 100€onoTel 602 534 114Cream wrought iron corner unit/open design/4wood shelves. Suit lounge/terrace 35€Ladies’ graphite golf clubs/woods/putter/bag/travel bag/folding trolley 150€Mosquito killer/professional type. Like new15€Tel 646 444 942/968 199 913Blue Sky built in electric oven / white / fanassisted4 ring ceramic hob. Both full working order.100€ pairTel 602 536 561 Mula areaChilli plants, 10 varieties 1€ each or 8 for 5€Cherry toms, sweet peppers & paprika 50cents eachTel 650 973 497 Camposol areaComputer/Intel Pentium 4 processor/2gbram/250gb hard drive/XP/Professional. WIFIintergrated/DVD/CD reader writer/Microsoftoffice installed 40€ ovnoTel 689 618 302Keyboard and stand. Hohner ‘string performer’.5 octaves. Needs amp. 100€Tel 680 882 438 MulaWANTEDMasa kitchen wood and washing machine andovenTel 611 611 858GROUPSCLASSIFIED ADS ARE AVAILABLE FREE FORITEMS UNDER 500€ OR FOR WANTED/LOSTITEMS. (FOR NON-COMMERCIAL ENTERPRIS-ES ONLY AND EXCLUDING PROPERTIES, VE-HICLES AND BOATS) Maximum 20 wordsand 3 classified ads per customer.To Place a Classified Advert:Please go to our Contact Us page atwww.costacalidachronicle.com and putClassified advert in the Subject line, emailcostacalidachronicle@gmail.com or call968 970 680 10-2pm Mon-FriIn association with Costa Cálida International Radio and www.angloINFO.comPage 102Costa Cálida Chronicle: Please tell our customers where you saw their advertisement tSales Contact Teresa 619 199 407 or for the Editor Contact Patti 646 005 017www.costacalidachronicle.com email: costacalidachronicle@gmail.com

The British are still the largest segmentof foreign property buyers in Spain!A report by Spain’s society of property registrarssays Britons are still buying moreproperty in Spain than buyers from any othercountry; they account for 15% of all sales tooverseas investors, (but that is down from34% in 2007); French 10%, Russians 9% andBelgians 7% are the next biggest.With 55 billion Euros worth of property stillremaining in the hands of Spanish banks,there is little wonder institutional investorssuch as Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, Blackstone,George Soros and Bill Gates are allgetting into “bargain” Spanish real estate, butwith bank-owned properties selling at the rateof 60 a day, there is still pressure on prices toremain low until the banks are free of theirdepreciating property assets.Coastal properties and cosmopolitan city locationssuch as Barcelona and Madrid top thepopularity list, with the Balearics followingclosely behind.Murcia/Costa Cálida is certainly gaining inpopularity and we have noticed a consistentupward trend this year compared to 2013. Arecent survey showed the average propertyvalue across Spain to be 1260€ per squaremetre of build (utilisable living space). Thisis, in our opinion, a little above the rate forour region, with properties sold through ourFuente Alamo office averaging 1089€ persquare metre, but then, expensive propertiesin Barcelona and Madrid can inflate the averagevalue.Also very noticeable is the amount of propertiescoming on to the market. It was onlyaround January that I was concerned wewould be struggling for a suitable selectionof listing for this summer, but things haveturned around. We now have a superb choiceof new listing which is certainly contributingto increased sales. Let’s hope this summerlives up to all our expectations.Kenneth WhettallCommercial DirectorFuente Alamo Real Estate/Murcia Coast& CountryInfo@fuentealamorealestate.comTel 0034 968 598 173In association with Costa Cálida International Radio and www.angloINFO.comCosta Cálida Chronicle: Please tell our customers where you saw their advertisementSales Contact Teresa 619 199 407 or for the Editor Contact Patti 646 005 017 Page 103www.costacalidachronicle.com email: costacalidachronicle@gmail.com

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