Qualitative monitoring to support pro-active VO management Iris ...


Qualitative monitoring to support pro-active VO management Iris ...

Qualitative monitoring to support pro-active VOmanagementIris Karvonen, Martin Ollus, Mikko UotiVTTProve 2008 Poznan

VTT TECHNICAL RESEARCH CENTRE OF FINLANDContents• Definitions• The objectives• Approach for development• First implementation• Further development• ConclusionsSeptember 2008Iris Karvonen2

VTT TECHNICAL RESEARCH CENTRE OF FINLANDDefinitions - Virtual organization (VO) and VOmanagementVirtual Organization: a temporary consortium partners from different organizations created for a specific objective based on a long-term co-operation within a Virtual OrganizationBreeding Environment (VBE)*VO Management denotes the organisation, allocation and co-ordinationof resources and their activities as well as their inter-organisationaldependencies to achieve the objectives of the VO within the requiredtime-, costs- and quality frame.**ECOLEADSeptember 2008Iris Karvonen3

VTT TECHNICAL RESEARCH CENTRE OF FINLANDVO managementMeasurement,informationcollectionExpected,wantedbehaviourComparisonDecision aboutactionsVO management: plan monitor andmeasure analyse,compareact & pro-actVO Operational ProcessesChallenges for VO ManagementVO is temporaryDynamicsHeterogenousNo clear command structurePartner specific objectivesDifferent cultures, business processes & organizationsSeptember 2008Iris Karvonen4

VTT TECHNICAL RESEARCH CENTRE OF FINLANDVO monitoring• The aim is to identify the status of the VO: deviations and problems• One method for this VO Performance measurement:- task progress, timeliness- costs and quality aspects- deviations and problems- also some soft measures, like collaboration, trust etc.• It is not easy to monitor the progress in all kinds of VOs• Different types of VOs-> different needs for VO management->One means to complement performance measurement isQualitative monitoringQualitative approach is useful especially in VOs which- require personal/ organisational commitment- are not easy to measure quantitatively (abstract objectives)September 2008Iris Karvonen5

VTT TECHNICAL RESEARCH CENTRE OF FINLANDWhy &what: VO qualitative monitoringVO qualitative monitoring is defined here as the collection andanalysis of information about qualitative factors which affect thesuccess of a VO.• The aim is to support VO management by the identifation of VOstatus and in defining actions• This qualitative information may come from VO partners, evenpersons and potentially from VO management (or other specificroles)• The qualitative information is not only facts, but more the actors’opinions or statements (not necessarily true• By this the aim is to identify hidden factors, the effects of which arenot yet seen in quantitative measures, ”VO feelings” or ”VOatmosphere”-> Proactive approach to support VO managementSeptember 2008Iris Karvonen6

VTT TECHNICAL RESEARCH CENTRE OF FINLANDDevelopment approach -Based on VO success modelA VO success model presents the factors/ conditions required for VO success.From a partner’s view:- Factors coming from partner motivation,knowledge and capability- Factors affected by VO management- Factors affected by other partnersPartnerPerformanceOK&Motivation(person &organization)Knowledge/capabilityVResources available/possibilityNo failures/ deviations&Understanding/sharing VO goalVO management guidance OKQuality of Collaboration sufficientVO Benefit/ expectation/objectives (short orlong term); Comparedwith alternatives OKVO Penalty/ threat/loss sufficientPower / commandcreates motivation (based on ownership?)Values, feelings, will, duty(human interaction) strongNo internal failures/ errorsNo external deviations-> turned into more detailedqueries:a partner query, surveying theopinions about:- the partner’s own operation,- the whole VO- other partners’ effect- etc.-> 41 subtopicsa management query: assessmentof partners-> 13 subtopicsSeptember 2008Iris Karvonen7

VTT TECHNICAL RESEARCH CENTRE OF FINLANDCurrent content of partner queryEach partner/ person gives his/her opinion of the VO features &status. Topics:- Objectives & results: Is there a need to clarify the expected result?- VO importance: Measure of motivation of the person&organization- Knowledge& resources: Identify lack of knowledge/resources- Collaboration: Identify the status of collaboration- VO/task performance: identify problems- VO management: identify weaknesses in VO management- Risk assessmentAlso free text on comments and proposals is allowed.September 2008Iris Karvonen8

VTT TECHNICAL RESEARCH CENTRE OF FINLANDVO qualitative monitoring tool (VOF)• Query is implemented with statements• The respondent assesses the degree of agreement with thestatements (selection of an option between agree ---do notagree)• Implemented with a web-query tool (commercial tool byDigium)• Respondents can be called to the query by e-mail offering thelink• The current version includes two different queries:- one for each VO partner / person- one for VO management: assessment of partners• The tool can create and visualize summaries -> dissatisfactionand weak points can be identifiedSeptember 2008Iris Karvonen9

VTT TECHNICAL RESEARCH CENTRE OF FINLANDTest in ECOLEAD VO• No industrial tests have been performed, but the tool has beenexperimented in a research project ECOLEAD (= VO case) nearthe end of the project.• For this a tailored query was created, especially adapted to thecase• Each person working in ECOLEAD was called to answer the query.• An additional query for ECOLEAD management team aboutpartner assessment• About 120 persons were called to the query, about 40 answered(all were not any more involved in the project)• Results highlighted some strengths and weaknesses and wereused as part of periodic reporting.September 2008Iris Karvonen10

VTT TECHNICAL RESEARCH CENTRE OF FINLANDFurther development• Linking the qualitative monitoring with quantitative performancemeasurement, VO model and other VO management tools andservices• Instantiation of the generic VO success tree according to VOcharacteristics (for example VO objectives)- > some parts aredropped out, some parts specified for specific partners• ”Learning VO success tree” – complementing the model with newexperiences• Further improvement of factors like VO culture,the partners’attitude towards rules, collaboration quality etc.September 2008Iris Karvonen11

VTT TECHNICAL RESEARCH CENTRE OF FINLANDConclusions• Qualitative monitoring aims to support the identification of the VOstatus (intelligent alerting) to support VO management• It is applicable especially for VOs which- require personal/ organisational commitment- are not easy to measure quantitatively (abstract objectives)• It aims to identify warnings and changes in VO satisfaction,commitment and motivation (pro-activity)• Periodical follow-up may support the identification of trends andchanges• Qualitative monitoring complements the performancemeasurement approachSeptember 2008Iris Karvonen12

VTT TECHNICAL RESEARCH CENTRE OF FINLANDThank you!September 2008Iris Karvonen13