FLX 2021 Brochure - Sinerji Grup


FLX 2021 Brochure - Sinerji Grup

Extremely flexibleThe most important factorto save time and money inNPI and small batch productionis the huge feeder capacity.An FLX2031-L machineoffers up to 480 feeders.This, in combination withthe possibility for feederexchange during operationand the ability to place oddshapecomponents, makesthe FLX the most versatileSMD placement system intoday’s market.ExpandableGrow your production witheasy add-on production modules!Simple add more modulesto get more throughput from your highly flexibleproduction line. Even byadding modules each of themachines can either be usedin line for high speed, or individualfor parallel productionof different boards.UpgradeableThe FLX pick&place systemis fully modular. All options,such as vision alignment,integrated dispensing system,vacuum table or inlineconveyor systems can beupgraded after installationat customer site.Cost savingAn FLX placement systemwill never stand still. It canbe set up for the followingbatch while the machine isin production. Productivityis maximized and changeovercost are minimized.FLX2011-C FLX2021 FLX2031Data integrationThe Management InformationSystem (MIS) allowsreal-time inventory controland includes key features foran optimized production setup like production planning,traceability, error trackingand analyzing tools.FLX2021/2031 Pick+Place 3

Changeover without downtimeThe FLX operating software: virtual and easy to use.Feeders can be exchanged while the machine is working. Tape refilling is possibledirectly on the machine by pulling the feeder back to a save position.In a high mix production, the changeover isthe most important cost factor. With the FLXconcept, the changeover cost and time canbe minimized. Offline production preparationand programming in combination withintelligent feeders and a very large feedercapacity allow a product changeover withno downtime.Every installed feeder is automaticallydetected. It‘s status, such as „ready“, „refill“or „stopped“, is indicated by a multicoloredLED. The lightweight feeder cassettescan be loaded or refilled during operation,which minimized changeover time. For easyhandling the reel holders are integrated inthe cassette.Due to the ultra-compact cassette design,the feeder capacity of the FLX pick&placemachines is the biggest in the world. Upto 480 feeder slots provide much space forstandard components, leaving only specificparts to change.FLX2021: 200 feeder slotsFLX2031: 300 feeder slotsFLX2021L: 320 feeder slotsFLX2031L: 480 feeder slots4 FLX2021/2031 Pick+Place

Offline production preparationThe complete production can be prepared,simulated and planned offline while themachines are running. This ensures a highuptime and efficiency of the productionline.The offline programming software featuresCAD data conversion and adaptation,component stock management, productionmanagement and traceability functions. Italso includes tools for feeder setup optimizationand line balancing.The universal CAD converter imports anydata format (ASCII). The PCB and componentsare shown in a virtual view. Thepick+place machines are delivered with anextensive component library. Additionalforms can fast and easily be drawn by theinstalled „wizard“.Program modifications are possible withone mouse click, for instance rotating, mirroring,moving and erasing of components.Multiple panels can be generated out ofsingle PCB.With the Management Information SoftwareM.I.S. jobs are planned, simulated andthe optimum feeder setup is calculated (linebalancing). The software also features componentstock management and traceablity(see M.I.S. documentation for details).For a production change, the machine andfeeders can be programmed with one keystroke directly from the offline programmingstation.Management Information System for production optimization.Universal CAD data conversion software.All component definitions including the Vision data canbe created offline on a standard PC. No further tools or„programming stations* are required.FLX2021/2031 Pick+Place 5

Large range of applicationsStandard feeders for tapes, sticks, trays and tape strips.A component verification unit allows electronic componenttesting prior to placement.Due to it‘s flexible feeder concept, customerspecific placement applications can be solvedwiht the FLX system. Even an independentunit with no electrical connection tothe machine can be defined as feeder.Standard feeders are available for tape, stickand trays. 8 to 72 mm tapes can be fed incassette or single type feeders. Tray tables,tray changers or tray stackers can be usedfor palettes. The vibratory type stick feedersare universal for all stick widths.The universal tape strip feeder is a greattool for prototyping or small batch manufacturing.This universal feeder can beloaded with strips of any width or length.Application specific feeders can easily beimplemented. Bulk feeders, chip on boardplacement, through-hole LED assembly,metal dome placement for keyboards or pinin paste connector placement are just a fewexamples of realized projects.The option FLX-CVU is used to ensure componentquality. It can verify the electricalcharacteristics of some components of eachbatch or of every part.LED placement with customized nozzle.Die-Bonding (FLX2011-CVD).Metal dome placement (FLX2011-MK).6 FLX2021/2031 Pick+Place

Accuracy from world leadersAll FLX systems are equipped with the unique“on the fly” centring from world leaderCyberoptics. Mounting the high precisionmeasuring system directly on the pick andplace head, avoids long travels to fixed cameraunits. This accurate measuring systemalso detects missing components and chipstand.FLX-V models additionally include the worldwide leading COGNEX SMD4 vision solution.Based on highly accurate vision algorithms,this solution provides the latest technologyfor accurate and field proven recognitionand alignment of Ultra Fine Pitch, MicroBGAand odd shape components.A unique on the fly teach-in function allowsprogramming of such components withinseconds.Top-down-Vision for automatic fiducial mark and badmark recognition.High speed: Fast on-the-fly Cyberoptics laser centringfor chip and fine pitch placement.High accuracy: Cognex SMD4 bottom vision withPatmax technology for full lead inspection beforeplacement.Dispenser for adhesives and solder pasteThe FLX pick&place machines can bedelivered with a screw and time/pressuredispenser for metering adhesive spots orsolder paste. The valve is mounted on theback of the placement head.For dispensing no additional programmingis necessary. The coordinates of the adhesiveor solder paste points are stored in thecomponent library.The combination of the placement systemwith a dispensing system saves costs andplace of additional equipment.Remote SupportThe included Remote Support Softwareallows to access the machine from theoutside. This makes diagnosis or help by thesupport hotline available worldwide.This system facilitates short problem solvingtime and saves travelling expenses forexperts. A free license is included in all newmachines.InternetPhoneFLX2021/2031 Pick+Place 7

Flexibility made in SwitzerlandThe CompanyEssemtec AG in Aesch, Switzerland, isdeveloping, building and distributingflexible production systems. Founded in1991, the enterprise has become a worldleading manufacturer of machines forelectronics production.One partner for the whole SMT process• Turnkey lines• Lowest cost of ownership• Flexible production equipment• Automatic dispensing systems• Screen/stencil printers• SMD pick&place machines• Reflow, soldering and curing systems• Production optimization software• Component storage systems• PCB handling unitsSwiss MadeSwiss Made stands for accurate and highquality lead products which are well knownworld wide. These products are designedand produced on the highest standards.Essemtec commits itself to these guidelinesof quality.Customized support solutions• Remote support software• 24 hour hotline• Local support• Local spare partsFlexible services• Financing solutions• Investment protectionIndividual know-how transfer• Process training• Intranet for customers• Worldwide competence centersEssemtec Solutions• Customer specific application solutionsEssemtec AGMosenstrasse 20 • CH-6287 Aesch/LU • SwitzerlandPhone: +41 (0)41 919 60 60 • Fax: +41 (0)41 919 60 50Email: info@essemtec.com • Web: www.essemtec.comEssemtec GermanyPhone: 08106-248 622 • Email: info@essemtec.deWeb: www.essemtec.deEssemtec USAPhone: 856-218-1131 • Email: sales@essemtec-usa.comWeb: www.essemtec-usa.comEssemtec IndiaPhone: +91 9880 795 227 • Email: sales@essemtec-india.comWeb: www.essemtec-india.comFor a complete list of all representatives and moreproduct information visit our website:www.essemtec.com8 FLX2021/2031 Pick+Place

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