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STRANGERTHAN FICTION“This is a story about a mannamed Harold Crick... and hiswristwatch.Harold Crick was a man ofinfinite numbers,endless calculations andremarkably few words.And his wristwatch said evenless.”-- The Narrator

“It’s not schizophrenia…It’s just a voice in my head. I mean thevoice isn’t telling me to do anything, it’s telling me what I’vealready done. Accurately, and with a better vocabulary.”--Harold Crick

“Truth is stranger thanFiction…because Fiction is obligedto stick to possibilities;Truth isn't.”-- Mark Twain“Life is the crummiest bookI ever read.”--Lyric from “Stranger ThanFiction” by Bad Religion

“It is written!” declares many a spiritual text, and more than onefaith proposes that the day of a person’s death has been writtenin stone long before he or she is born. But what if there was anactual writer doing the writing? Not an all- knowing god-likewriter with a clay tablet, but a blocked, irascible, self-destructivewriter with a battered IBM Selectric?

It was this thought-provoking comedic premise, combined withthe story’s deeply felt emotions, that attracted director MarcForster to newcomer Zach Helm’s screenplay. While comedymay seem to be a departure for Forster, exploring the blurrylines between truth and illusion has long been at the core of hiswork.

This is particularly true in the FINDING NEVERLAND,Forster’s poignant exploration of “Peter Pan” author J.M.Barrie’s magical imagination. What he immediately loved aboutSTRANGER THAN FICTION was that, in the midst of HaroldCrick’s unusual and unlikely predicament, is a hilarious yetdeeply moving inquiry into how we shape our realities.

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