MIP Product Suite Tool Kit Introduction (pdf) - Saab


MIP Product Suite Tool Kit Introduction (pdf) - Saab

Introduction to MIP Toolkit

MIP Toolkit - overviewThe MIP Toolkit is a C2 integration framework, developedby Saab, providing a cost-effective solution for enablingMIP capabilities in a C2 systemEnables organisations to implement MIP basedinteroperability without substantial change of theunderlying systemNational C2 systemForeign MIPcompliantC2 systemMIP DEMMIP ToolkitC2IEDM/JC3IEDM

MIP Toolkit - overviewCodeGeneratorClient appl.Generated codeMIPToolkitView Definitions(XML)DataEditorMappingServiceC2IEDM/JC3IEDMMIP DEMreplication SWTo other systems

Mapping Service - overviewThe core of the MIP ToolkitClient applications use the Mapping Service to access aMIP database (C2IEDM / JC3IEDM)Handles mappings between the MIP data model and theC2 system’s data model and ensures that the datacomplies with MIP rulesIndependent of MIP data model versionBased on metadata information from MIRD (MIPInformation Resource Dictionary)Highly configurable through XML files and DLL files

Mapping Service - overviewMIRD data (XML)Views (XML)External Logic (DLLs)C2IEDM/JC3IEDMMapping ServiceClient application

Mapping Service – MIP logicMapping entity names, attribute names and domain valuesGenerating primary keysSetting foreign keysChecking business rulesChecking / setting discriminator attribute valuesChecking relationship rules (subtypes and p/zrelationships)Checking data types / domain value rangesChecking mandatory attributesSetting default values

Mapping Service - databasefunctionalityHandling database connections using OLE DBCreating SQL commands (tested with Microsoft SQLServer and Oracle)Handling database transactionsApplying filters when retrieving dataHandling notifications of new data in database usingtriggers

Mapping Service - client functionalityCommunication between client applications and MappingService is based on TCP/IPClients can store, retrieve and subscribe to new dataPossiblity for clients to use views (subsets of thedatamodel including predefined mappings, filters, defaultvalues etc) defined in XML files

Data EditorUsed for viewing and manipulating information in a MIPdatabaseActs as a client to the Mapping ServiceIndependent of MIP data model versionBased on information from MIRDCan be used as a MIP dictionary to look up informationabout the modelCan be used to create view-files for the Mapping ServiceMapping ServiceData EditorC2IEDM/JC3IEDMMIRD data (XML)

Data Editor

ConnectorHandles communication between client applications and MappingServiceImplemented as a DLL (for .NET applications) or Jar-file (for Javaapplications)Client applicationMapping ServiceTCP/IPConnectorC2IEDM/JC3IEDM

Code GeneratorGenerates code from Mapping Service view-filesCode can be generated in the following .NETlanguages:C#, C++/CLI, Managed C++, Visual Basic.NET and in JavaThe generated code uses the Connector to access theMapping ServiceCode GeneratorGenerated codeClientapplicationMapping ServiceTCP/IPConnector(DLL/JAR)C2IEDM/JC3IEDM

View TestTool for testing the views for the Mapping ServiceActs as a client to the Mapping ServiceViews (XML)Mapping ServiceView TestC2IEDM/JC3IEDM

View Test

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