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M A G A Z I N Epage 6MENDOCINO COAST & INLAND P R O P E R T YWriters Conference2011 Mendocino CoastVolume 25 • Number 1 • Issue 625 • Mendocino County’s Own Real Estate Publication • July 8, 2011 • Published bi-weeklyJuly 28—July 30, 2011Latest Listings | Homes | Businesses | Land Parcels

Writers ConferencePage 2 Real Estate Magazine July 8, 20112011 Mendocino CoastWhat does a writer need? Peace, a beautiful place to work, and a supportivecommunity. The glorious Mendocino Coast has it all!—Norma WatkinsBeginning as a one-day affair twenty-two years ago, the Mendocino Coast Writers Conference atCollege of the Redwoods has grown into a three-day feast for writers. Here at the edge of the Pacific, talentedauthors (who can also teach) join enthusiastic writers from every level for intensive study, workshops, panels,eating, drinking and inspiration. Agents and editors are available for private consultations.Why Writers Choose Mendocino CountyThe following is a sampling of our coastal community’s published authors, their reasons for living in MendocinoCounty. Not all of them will be at the Conference.Bruce Anderson, publisher of the Anderson Valley Advertiser, the widely read and oftencontroversial weekly newspaper, has this to say about Mendocino County: “In these Balkanized times thoseof us who live in rural communities are uniquely fortunate because we encounter a wide variety of people.Just yesterday I talked with, among others, an immigrant worker, a redneck guy I’ve known for many years,and a professional man new to the valley. Where else could you do that?”Maureen Eppstein, author of Rogue Wave on Glass BeachWhat drew me to Mendocino? Answer: a fishIn 1970 I camped with my family at Russian Gulch. One afternoon, a man came up from the sea withtwo shiny fish hanging from his hands. He offered us one, which we took and ate. It was a magic fish with aninvisible line attached. Over the years, the fish tugged on the line. Finally, in 2000, it reeled us in.Adrienne Ross, author of In the Eyes, In the MouthI am a native Californian. I lived in Berkeley for many years, and migrated to the coast in 1996 for thequiet and the ocean. I write fiction, and have won two first-place awards for my short story collection In theEyes, In the Mouth, published by Lost Coast Press.Bruce Patterson, author of Walking Tractor, Turned Round in My Boots, Canadians onEverest, and The Lions of TsavoPatterson, whose gritty books explore the vagaries rural life, has this to say about living in AndersonValley. “When I got out of the army I went straight to the dirt to make my living. In my writing Itry to make Place a character. It’s scary how little sense of place people have now. Place matters.Maggie Watson, author of A Graceful Farewell: Putting Your Affairs in OrderI moved to the Mendocino coast because I needed to get away to a calmer and quieter place. I hadvisited in 1982 and loved the people and environment. So when the opportunity arose in 1987 to leaveSan Francisco, it was not hard to choose Mendocino. I had friends here already who made moving easy. InMendocino, it is who you know that counts. My book, A Graceful Farewell: Putting Your Affairs in Order, cameout of my work as a professional organizer. It is a part of the work I love to do.Norma Watkins, author of The Last Resort: Taking the Mississippi CureI came to the Mendocino Coast from Miami kicking and screaming. “I don’t want to move to Fort Bragg,”I told my husband. “I don’t know any writers there.” A professor in my MFA program said a fellow graduatehad moved there and I should call her. Ginny Rorby told me to come on out, said she’d take me under herwing. Boy, did she. Fifteen years later, I teach creative writing at the College of the Redwoods, help with theMendocino Coast Writers Conference, belong to the California Writers Club, two writers’ groups, and foster agroup of Feature Writers. Feels as if I was not only taken under a wing, but sat on by the chicken.Gayle Green, author of Insommniac; Doris Lessing: The Poetics of Change;The Woman Who Knew Too Much: Alice Stewart and the Secrets of Radiation.Our lives are filled with distractions. Finding quiet, so you can to hear yourself think, is important for awriter. I used Mendocino as a retreat for writing the better part of my last two books because the environmenthere is peaceful and inspiring.Real Estate Magazine is a FREE Publication.The price of a subscription covers the cost of FIRST CLASS MAIL plus a small handling fee.Yes, I would like to receive REAL ESTATE MAGAZINE for:o 10 weeks (5 issues) $8.00 o 6 months (13 issues) $21.00o 12 months (26 issues) $40.00o Outside the Continental USA: Please InquirePlease send check or money order to:REAL ESTATE MAGAZINE, 711 North Main Street, Fort Bragg, CA 95437Name _____________________________________________________________________Address _______________________________________________________________City State Zip _______________________________________________________________(Please allow 3 weeks for first delivery)Ginny Rorby, author of Dolphin Sky, Hurt Go Happy, The Outside of a Horse, and Lostin the River of GrassI always say, when asked why I moved here, that it was so this Florida girl would never be hot again aslong as I live. But the truth is, I visited Mendocino in 1981 and fell in love with it and the coast. By the time Ifinally made it, in 1991, I’d been living in Miami for twenty-five years. What I really wanted was a little peace,tall trees, the sound of a creek running, and the opportunity to live as much outside as inside. I moved herewithout knowing a soul, and lucked into a community full of artists and writers. The second person I methere was a writer, and we started a group. Twenty years later, a few of that original group still meet everyother week. Everything a writer needs is right here: inspiration, a network of other writers, and friends whoapplaud and support your efforts.Charles Furey, author of Going Back: A Navy Airman in the Pacific WarOn the first day of May in 1975, when we moved from demented Berkeley to a quiet homestead besidethe Ten Mile Dunes, we thought we had arrived in Paradise. Paradise with a ten-foot dug well and a leachfield and compost bin and burn barrel and wood shed and an acre of green grass and a garden of deepsandy loam. “Corn won’t grow here,” our neighbor said, but we planted corn anyhow and it grew six-feet tall,and a row of sunflowers as a windbreak, even higher. And then, after twenty-four years of chopping firewoodand hauling ashes out to the garden and picking apples and raising generations of gophers and hammeringand sawing and painting and sewing and canning and writing and mowing grass and flying kites and hikingacross the dunes to the ocean we moved to The Woods. A quieter part of the wonderful Mendocino coast.Less work. More time to watch the blue jays, stark against the dawning sky, time to listen when the dovesmourn the fading light.Valerie Miner, author of thirteen books, including After Eden, Range of Light, A WalkingFire, and Winter’s EdgeFrom our cabin window in Anderson Valley and walking nearby, I have seen cougar, bear, wild pig, pygmyowls, osprey, blue heron, coyote, bobcat and a range of other critters. What a pleasure to drive fifteen minutesand walk among the giant redwoods in Hendy Woods or to take a longer ride to the coast where theheadlands beckon.Jay Frankston, author of Tales of Mendocino and Mendocino MagicI’m what they called a “drop out”. I was a lawyer in New York and, after twenty years of practice, I decidedto leave New York with its hustle and bustle and its rat race mentality. We drove west in a van, with the twokids and the dog and wound up in Mendocino. We didn’t choose Mendocino. It chose us as it usually does.We’ve never regretted a thing. Mendocino is a breath of fresh air.Molly Dwyer, author of Requiem for the Author of Frankenstein came to the MendocinoCoast in the 1970s. Even then it teemed with life and creativity. Being a writer feels legitimate in this community—perhapsbecause of the genuine support, the many opportunities to hone one’s craft and learnfrom other artists. But truly, it goes beyond that, to the beauty, the pace of life, the values of small town living.Mendocino is nurturing. It brings out the inspired best in people. It motivated me to finish an award-winningnovel, and now, I’m onto my third large work. I feel home and lucky to live here.Fauna Perkins, co-author with K. Read of Nothing to DeclareI’d wanted to write since childhood. In my twenties I thought I could combine a trip to Europe and writingfull time, and came close to living in England until being called home because of my mother’s illness. Forthe next few years, marriage, children, divorce and work kept me exhausted. I piddled along for more yearsuntil marrying an artist and moving to Mendocino twenty years ago. With his encouragement, I found awealth of compatible people interested in all aspects of art. I finally started writing again and purred like acontented cat.Continued on Page 11ON OUR COVER: Photos of some of Mendocino County’s published writers and images of some oftheir book covers. Not all of them will be at this year’s Writers Conference, but all of them agreethat Mendocino County is a fabulous place for writers to live and work. Photos provided.REAL ESTATE MAGAZINE711 North Main Street Fort Bragg California 95437tel: 707.964.1318 • fx 707.964.9448www.realestatemendocino.come-mail: rem@mcn.orgREAL ESTATE MAGAZINE, Mendocino Coast & InlandProperty is published biweekly by Studio Z Mendocino.Neither the publisher, nor brokers will be responsible orliable for typographical errors, misinformation, misprints, etc.Properties are subject to prior sale. Publisher reserves theright to accept or reject all editorial and advertising matter.Copyright ©2011. All rights reserved. No part of thispublication may be reproduced without the writtenconsent of the publisher, Studio Z Mendocino.Story by Norma WatkinsReal Estate MagazinePublisher Studio Z MendocinoManaging Editor/Renewals Lisa Norman rem@mcn.orgAd Sales 964.1318remzb@mcn.orgAd Production Joe Neves 707.964.1318jnneves@sbcglobal.netMorning HullingerGraphic Production Zida BorcichDistribution (6200 copies bi-weekly)Mendocino, Westport to Fort Bragg,Cloverdale, AV Chuck HathawayLittle River to Gualala Patti FereiraWillits & Ukiah Joel Mikesell

Real Estate Magazine July 8, 2011 Page 3shOreline prOpertieswww.Shoreline-Homes.com18300 Old Coast Highway, Fort Bragg, CA 95437 Across From The Botanical GardensEach Office Independently Owned and OperatedOffice: (707) 964-1888 • Fax: (707) 964-8408 • Property Management: (707) 964-2841Robert Armitage, Realtor® — Gregory Menken, BrokerSpecializing inVA, CAL-VET,Short Salesand DistressedPropertiesWe are the Coast’s Foreclosure Experts • Call About Upcoming Listings!MENDOCINO MAGICLITTLE rIvEr CLAssICsUNBELT sErENITyNEW LIsTINGPrICE rEDUCEDCOntempOrary, three bedrOOm,2 bath home with walk-around deck andpeek of blue water views. Close to thevillage of Mendocino and within walkingdistance to Russian Gulch State Park.(22904) $359,000SUnbE LT, PonDS AnD rEDWooDS!Property includes a 3 bedroom, 2 bathand 1 bedroom, 1 bath duplex, cottageand art studio plus ancient greenhouse andfenced garden area. Views of large pondson adjacent property make this an idyllicspot! (22819) $399,000Cozy CoUnTry HoME on 6+ ACrESwith pond. In the Mendocino SchoolDistrict this 2 bedroom, 1 bath home isout of the coastal zone so a second unitmay be built. (22899) $350,000VinTAgE ForT brAgg HoME Literallyin move-in condition. Polished fir floorsand wall-to-wall carpet, new flooring inkitchen, new appliances and fixtures,newer washer and dryer, and nearlyall furnishings could be included insale. Landscaped yard and alley access!(22926) $269,000sUNBELT EXTrAOrDINAIrE!JUG HANDLE HIDEAWAyThriving CommerCial CenTerTEn FooT CEiLingS, hardwood floors,high-end stainless steel appliances,granite countertops, motion lightingin closets, a three car attached garage.This is living! (22839) $569,082MOvE-IN rEADy40 ACrES oF UnSPoiLED PArADiSE across from Jug Handle State Natural Reserve.Two Assessor’s ParcelsTwo Dwellings and Art StudioTwo Bars • 20+ GPM WellPond and Year-Round Creek • Market GardenSouthernmost Stand of Sitka Spruce in U.S.(22831) $930,000ACroSS FroM boTAniCAL gArDEnSFully occupied offices and stores. Solidlong-term tenants. (22778) $747,448(NEAT As A PIN) X 2 = $$$iMMACULATE, THrEE bEDrooM, twobath home with a peek of ocean, walkingdistance to shopping and the harbor.Features include large deck, RV parkingwith hookups, greenhouse, workshop,and bonus spaces. Unbeatable at thisprice. (22684) $299,000twO 2 bedrOOm, 1 bath hOmes onone parcel with storage. Excellent incomein good neighborhood. Walk to shoppingand schools. Better income by far thanholding the money in your savings account.(22857) $229,000TUrN-kEy AND TErrIFICFOrEvEr WHITE WATEr vIEWsAWAITING yOUr FINIsHING TOUCHEsLANDExqUiSiTELy DESignED, immaculatelymaintained and incredibly functional, 3bedroom, 2 bath home on completelylandscaped 2+ acre parcel in the sunbelt.(22301) $599,000“sea dream” is currently the onlyhouse on the market that offers unobstructedwhite water ocean views andis steps to the “Haul Road”. Picturewindows show it all. Twenty+ yearvacation rental history with client list.(22678) $822,500FLExibLE FLoor PLAn with this homeof modern design. Panoramic blue andwhite water ocean views. Designed tobe low maintenance with Hardie sidingand many upgraded features. Oneminutewalk to ocean bluffs. (22843)$480,150rEADy To bUiLD yoUr DrEAM Oneacreparcel with views close to townand shopping. End-of-road privacy. Welland septic in. Owner may carry. (22347)$185,000Friends Don’t Let Friends Go To Foreclosure • Call Us Now For Help! • 964-1888 x 105

Page 4 Real Estate Magazine July 8, 2011for more detailed information and photos, and to searchthe MlS, visit www.BigRiverRealestate.comdavidcoddingtonOwner/Broker707.937.507110483 Lansingin the heart ofMendocinoMeMber of fLeX& bareis MLsThiS iSSue’S ShOWCASeD liSTingSTwo-Acre oceAn View ProPerTy—A MusT-see! Built with quality and care toevery detail, this home offers gorgeous views from every window. This single-levelhome includes a large master bedroom, master bath, walk-in closet, an extra room(bedroom /office), a stunning chef’s kitchen, plus a lovely guesthouse, large three-cargarage/workshop. Enjoy the outdoor kitchen atmosphere on the protected deck areafor your entertaining pleasure as well as the beautiful and tasteful landscaping thatblends this California home with the gorgeous natural environment. (22902) $995,000sTunning oceAnfronT ProPerTy…on 3 acres wrapped around a sheltered covewith an enchanting beach. The exquon 3 acres wrapped around a sheltered covewith an enchanting beach. The exquisite home represents top quality throughoutwith breathtaking ocean views from every room. The home features a chef’s kitchen,two master suites, spacious loft, cozy library, pantry, and two fireplaces. A delightful,separate, legal, one-bedroom residence plus a large storage building are included. Agentle trail allows easy access to the sheltered beach and cove. (22834) $2,350,000A wiLDLife gArDen refuge Take the road less traveled to westport and feel thetension melt away with each paTake the road less traveled to westport and feel thetension melt away with each passing mile as you close in on this exquisitely crafted3 bedroom, 2.5 bath home situated on 25 acres of coastal ridgetop property withgorgeous ocean views to the west, sunrise views to the east, and tranquil coastalmountain views to the south. Includes a horse and livestock barn and two-car garageand workshop space. (22747) $949,000Reduced PRice!Reduced PRice!An AMAZing DeAL for Two HoMes in cLeone! This immaculate, 3 bedroom,2 bath home sits on 1.47 beautiful acres with redwoods and enjoys a wonderfulopen floor plan, includes an office/sunroom, and a large deck. There is an additional1,600 sq. ft. studio with maple flooring and cabinets, luxurious modern kitchen witha moveable center aisle, a spectacular king-size Murphy bed, laundry room, bath,and a large separate room for work area; all attached to the garage. New septicsystem certified in 2002, 2,500 gallon storage tank, generator for all buildings,hot tub under the redwoods, paved driveway, and 25 ft. x 25 ft. separate workshopwith half bath. (22695) $474,000conTeMPorAry reDwooD HAVen Under the awning of beautiful redwood trees,this spacious home offers plenty of room for a family to gather around the fireplace orrelax on the wrap-around redwood deck . This generous 4 bedroom, 3 bath, redwoodhome enjoys soaring cathedral ceilings, the tasteful placement of view windows, alight and warm kitchen, comfortable bedrooms, giant walk-in closets, and beautifullytiled bathrooms. There is also a lovely large detached office space for those who wishto work from home. (22805) $399,000TreMenDous coMMerciAL LocATion This stately “farmhouse” fronts on MainStreet in Fort Bragg. The two-story building has been completely re-modeleddownstairs and has new dual-pane windows, floor covering, paint, and roof. Theentry hall accesses two nice offices each containing a full bath, a kitchen, and anattached garage. Upstairs is unfinished but has 4 rooms with closets and a halfbath. The building enjoys ocean views and has both Main Street and alley access.The adjoining 50 ft. X 150 ft. and 30 ft. X 150 ft. lots may also be purchased tocreate a larger commercial complex. (22623) $295,000COMPleTe CATAlOg Of liSTingS – Details at www.BigRiverRealestate.comListings shown in italic have new lower prices.ReSiDenTiAl$145,000 2bd/1ba Condo, Fort Bragg MLS#22226(IN ESCROw) $179,000 2bd/2ba 2 homes/price of one! FB MLS#21744$220,000 2bd/1ba On 0.5 acre, Fort Bragg MLS#22642$285,000 3bd/1ba Pristine and cute, Fort Bragg MLS#22777$329,000 1bd/1ba cabin 5 ac borders Jackson St Forest MLS#22739$380,000 Old Mendocino homestead on 4 acres MLS#22861$390,000 2bd/1ba Sherwood Road cutie MLS#22879$399,000 4bd/3ba Spacious home, Fort Bragg MLS#22805$429,000 3bd/3ba Country comfort in Cleone MLS#22202$434,000 2ba/1.75ba Overlooking Elk Beach MLS#22658$439,000 Hidden delight! 2bd/2ba on 3 acres, Mendocino MLS#22880$439,000 One house, one cottage, and a studio MLS#22823$449,000 2bd/2ba 6 + acres in the sunbelt, Fort Bragg MLS#22331$449,000 1bd/1ba Home and studio, Mendocino MLS#22526$474,000 3bd/2ba Home + studio, workshop, & redwoods MLS#22695$489,000 2ba/3.5ba Ocean view, 9+ acres, Point Arena MLS#19919$499,000 Bring your toolbelt and truck! MLS#22910$560,000 3bd/3ba Ocean views, Surfwood! Mendocino MLS#21858$569,000 1ba/1ba 13 park-like acres, pond, Mendocino MLS#22458$599,000 3bd/1ba 4.5 acres Bring your horses! MLS#22868$629,000 2bd/2ba 1.7 acres in sunbelt, Fort Bragg MLS#22483$635,000 3bd/2ba Beautiful home on 3 acres, Mendocino MLS#22728$659,000 4bd/3.5ba 4,500 sq.ft, Fort Bragg MLS#22063$695,000 3bd/1ba Craftsman-style home, Mendocino MLS#21916$695,000 1bd/1ba 4 acres, views, 2 homes, Mendocino MLS#22574$799,000 2bd/3ba Almost oceanfront, Fort Bragg MLS#22763$824,000 13 acres, ocean views, building with apt MLS#22869$845,000 2bd/2.5ba Gordon Lane home, Mendocino MLS#22240$949,000 3bd/2.5ba home on 25 acres, westport MLS#22747$995,000 2 bd/1.5 ba 2 ocean view acres, Albion MLS#22902$1,495,000 2bd/2ba Intown, B&B license, Mendocino MLS#22312$2,350,000 Oceanfront home with 3 acres and a cottage MLS#22834ReSiDenTiAl inCOMe(IN ESCROw) $179,000 2bd/2ba 2 homes/price of one! FB MLS#21744$439,000 2bd/2ba home with rental, Fort Bragg. MLS#22823$795,000 1bd/1ba 4 acres, views, 2 homes, Mendocino MLS#22574$1,495,000 2bd/2ba Intown, B&B license, Mendocino MLS#22312$1,699,000 3bd/2.5ba Residential/Commercial, Mendocino MLS#22423COMMeRCiAl & COMMeRCiAl lAnD$99,000 0.1 acre on Main Street, Fort Bragg MLS#22621$195,000 0.17 acre on Main Street, Fort Bragg MLS#22622$295,000 Two-story building on Main Street, Fort Bragg MLS#22623$419,000 warehouse, 8,000 sq. ft., lots of parking, FB MLS#22874$420,000 Heart of the retail district in Fort Bragg MLS#22601$449,000 Convenient location, 2-story prof office bldg, FB MLS#22234$600,000 Main Street restaurant, Fort Bragg MLS#22627$1,400,000 Main Street/Laurel corner location, Fort Bragg MLS#21565$1,450,000 1 Commercial block on Lansing St., Mendocino MLS#20569$1,699,000 3bd/2.5ba Residential/Commercial, Mendocino MLS#22421lAnD & lOTS$99,000 0.1 acre on Main Street, Fort Bragg MLS#22621$125,000 Close to beach with redwoods and pines MLS#22361$149,000 Parcel 1, wooded acre with well, Cleone MLS#21224$195,000 0.17 acre on Main Street, Fort Bragg MLS#22622$239,000 20 acres, westport; owner financing MLS#22896$239,000 1.24 acres in Mendocino MLS#22785$259,900 One sunny Surfwood acre MLS#22671$339,000 160 acres inland from Westport MLS#21961$449,000 30 acres, serene and private, Caspar MLS#22521$569,000 1ba/1ba 13 park-like acres, pond, Mendocino MLS#22459$699,000 8 acres with views, Navarro Ridge, Albion MLS#22050$730,000 2.55 acres, ocean view, near Haul Road Ft. Bragg MLS#22626$730,000 2.25 acres, ocean view, near Haul Road Ft. Bragg MLS#22628$769,000 64 acres, ocean view, near 10 Mile, Fort Bragg MLS#22308INFORMATION IS DEEMED RELIABLE BUT NOT GUARANTEED AND IS SUBJECT TO CHANGEIn regard to short sales — Big River Realty, the M.A.R.S. provider, is not associated with the government and the service is not approved by the government orthe lender. Even if the consumer accepts the offer and uses the service of Big River Realty, the lender may not agree to change the loan.David Coddington, Broker/Owner 937.3223 • Tracey Coddington, Realtor/Owner 937.5071 • Melanie (Sis) Burdick, Broker Associate 937.3276Allen Petersen, Broker Assoc. 964.4400 • Mary Cesario Weaver, Realtor 961.0937 • Bobby Burdick, Realtor 937.3176 • Sue Shabazz, Realtor 937.5071 • Patrice Ka’ohi, Realtor 217.1903

Real Estate Magazine July 8, 2011 Page 5First equityWe do it all!131C Boatyard DriveFort Bragg CA 954371-800-698-0708707-964-0708707-357-0819Pre-qualification • Real Estate Sales • Mortgage/Trust Deedsnice and clean, Three bedroom, 1.25 bath homewith nice landscaping and two-car garage. Privatefencing makes a great outdoor space and highlightsthe private yard. Next to the aquatic center and closeto schools. New roof, continuous aluminum gutters,new flooring and a generous-sized fireplace with builtinshelving. Rooms are painted bright cheerful colors.Must see! 22803 $275,000duplex in The fronT and cabin in the back. Duplexhas new foundation, new siding, new windows, newroof, new electrical, plumbing, Sheetrock, cabinets,countertops, flooring, and bathroom. Back has newelectrical service, new flooring, new roofing, andwindows. All units have new appliances. Please note:The owners are licensed real estate brokers. 22795$329,500Price reductionTwo bedroom, one baTh home in front withfull basement and a great attic for storage. Onebedroom, 1 bath home in the rear in need of somework but it has protential for more rental income.Fireplace with woodstove insert. Square footage includesboth homes; front is 841 sq. ft. and back is584 sq. ft. Termite, foundation, and roof report on file.22716 $195,000Price reductionReal Estate Broker, California Department of Real EstateLicense Number 01845615FOR60YEARSBuilding MaterialsWHERE ALL YOUR BUILDING NEEDS ARE UNDER ONE ROOFLUMBERWINDOWSHARDWOODINSULATIONROOFINGGARDEN SUPPLIESPLUMBINGFENCINGGLIDDEN ® PAINTPANELINGBRICK & BLOCKVANITIESCHAIN SAWSDOORSELECTRICALSHEET ROCKHARDWAREPLYWOODTOOLSCABINETSSTAINLESS STEEL835 STEWART STREET FORT BRAGG - 964-4086Michael Romo, Broker Associate690 South Main StreetFort Bragg, CA 95437Office: 707 964-3610 ext. 19Mobile: 707 357-0865Fax: 707 961-1000mike.romo@yahoo.comBroker Associate Lic #01341814ThE GREy WhalE InnBuilt in 1915 by the Union LumberCompany presently offers vacationlodging amidst comfort and laidback Mendocino Coast elegance.This historic building has locationand zoning that provide an array ofpossible future uses. MLS#22918Priced to sell at $1,395,000!Call Us To Receive An Automatic E-mail Notice Of All New Listings!Seascape Realty45050 Little Lake StreetP.O. Box 583, Mendocino, CA 95460Office: DRE#01300756Smarter, Bolder, FasterFort Bragg Realty809 North Main StreetFort Bragg, CA 95437Office: DRE#01300756fort Bragg realty809 North Main Streetfort Bragg, Ca 95437BarBara Clark, Broker associate707 961-1111bclark@mcn.orgMember of Coastal and Bay area MlS SystemDRE#00895931• HOMES • COMMERCIAL • ACREAGE •Ben BoothBroker Assoc.Experienced & Professional!707 964-2174e-mail: booth@mcn.orgwww.benboothrealestate.comif you eNjoy the redwoodS, you will enjoy this parcel. Twobedroom, 1.5 bath main house with a large bonus room upstairs; in thedays of old it was used for the square dancing and social events. Threecargarage with storage and workshop. Separate two bedroom home at32530 Simpson Lane. Two parcels; second parcel is in the southeastcorner, is only 100 ft. x 180 ft., and is vacant ground. #22840 $429,500thiS oCeaN view hoMe is almost oceanfront except for the roadthat separates it from MacKerricher State Park and the beach. Miles ofbeach. Bike or walk to town. Three bedroom, 2 bath home with singlecargarage in basement area with a workshop or storage. Outbuildingsand a greenhouse. Decks surround three-quarters of the home. Greatcourtyard with covered patio to the backyard. Landscaping is marvelous.Many upgrades in the home. Water system with holding tank andozinator. Recessed lighting in kitchen. There is a fenced area on sidesand backyard. (22927) $999,000california crafTSman• 4 bedroom, 1 bath, two-story home• 50 ft. x 140 ft. lot• alley access• big potential21727 $270,000 Price Drop! $200,000laMiNate floorS iN kitCheN, dining, back porch, and upstairsbath. Beautiful home, stone fireplace, and manicured landscaping. Ifyou are looking for a 3 bedroom, 2.5 bath home with the vaulted ceilingin the living room, and southern exposure with upper and lowerwindows, you are home. Cedar ceilings in the living room, dining room,and kitchen. Recessed lighting in the kitchen and dining room. Masterbedroom located on main floor with walk-in closets and large masterbath with separate shower and tub. Nice entry with tile floor. Nice decksoff of kitchen and dining area. #20915 $649,900CharMiNg, three BedrooM, 2 bath home with modern touches.Crown molding, hardwood floors, and modern fixtures. Kitchen has beautifulcherry cabinets, tile counter, and floors. Bathrooms have granitecountertops with modern fixtures. Jacuzzi tub and corner shower in themaster bath. Large master bedroom with walk-in closest, free-standingpropane stove, and a nice ocean view over the rooftops. There is a nicedeck off of the living room. Two-car attached garage. One bedroom, 1 bathrental on the alley. Three off-alley parking spaces. (22371) $369,000aweSome locaTion• 2.96 wooded acres• well is in!• private road• possible ocean views• privacy and serenity• close to all services22107 $299,000 Price Drop! $199,000CALL BEN BOOTH FOR DETAILS!! 707 964-2174® and trademarks of Century 21 Real Estate Corporation. Equal Housing Opportunity. EACH OFFICE IS INDEPENDENTLY OWNED AND OPERATED.

Page 6 Real Estate Magazine July 8, 2011Gale Beauchamp Realty D345 Cypress Street, Fort Bragg, California 95437Telephone: 707 964-5532Gale Beauchamp, Broker gbrealty@mcn.orgSheila Biaggi, Realtor ® 937-4965 sbiaggi@mcn.orgLucien Long, Realtor ® 877-1711 llong@mcn.orgMaureen Petersen, Realtor ® 272-0748 mohara@mcn.orgRedwood hideaway with Jackson StateForest right out your bedroom door.Charming, 3 bedroom, 3 bath home inthe country on a cul-de-sac backs up toforest land. Well-maintained redwoodhome with accessibility ramp to front doorand first floor master bedroom; two morerooms up an easy staircase. Open greatroom has three skylights and a surroundingsun deck, plus an artful brick hearth forthe woodstove. Lovely wood-beam ceiling,cabinets and trim, large laundry room,third bath, lots of storage, and an attractivetiled kitchen with sun window and stainless appliances. Master bath has both largetub with forest views and stall shower. Great room is 17 ft. x 40 ft. with high vaultedceiling and beautiful views. Detached double garage, paved drive, and shop building,too. (22864) $395,000.Lovely, vintage, 4 bedroom, city homeis tucked behind a great old hedge ona double lot. New roof, furnace andexterior paint in 2008 along withnew windows, Sheetrock, flooring,and crown molding. Abundant roominside and out. A block to CottonAuditorium,a middle school, andsenior center. Well-groomed yard haspaved parking area, garage with shop,and room to grow those veggies. Verycharming, single-story home in goodcondition. (22632) $369,000.Exceptionally beautifuland appealing neighborhoodis the perfectsetting for this quality,3 bedroom, 2 bathhome. Lovely viewsfrom every windowand two nice sundecksfocus on the redwoods.Great kitchen withCorian counters andisland that opens tolarge deck or into thedining room with cathedral windows and vaulted pine ceiling. Central heat or cozywoodburning stove in livingroom on tiled hearth near entry. Finished garage is 32 ft.deep for workshop space. Near MacKerricher State Park, too. (22774) $438,000.Custom home in the desirableSherwood Road area has a wonderful,spacious kitchen with rock fireplace,gas range, Sub-Zero fridge and exceptionalgranite island. All rooms open tosun-filled living room. Three bedrooms,three baths with a den or guest roomalso. Level, usable and fenced acre parcelon nice, paved cul-de-sac. Nine-footceilings throughout with vaulted inliving room. Built in 2003 with fullsun for the private deck and backyard. Adjacent 12 acre parcel with barns also for sale.(22608) $499,000.d For a photo album of each of our listings, please see www.gbrealty.com D“Sara was willing to spend extra time working for and with me to find a new home. She was alwayspersonable and patient. If I need help in the future, I will definitely call her again!”—Buyer in Little RiverMendocino: (707) 937-1565, ext. 13Anderson Valley: (707) 895-2255Toll free: (800) 454-1565, ext. 13E-mail: sfowler@mcn.orgCoastHome.comSaraFowler.net Seniors Real Estate Specialist®Are you looking for this issue’sREAL Events?Shop Online at www.Matson-DoItBest.comChoose “Ship to store” for FREE Shipping964-517022601 North Highway 1, Fort Braggwww.Matson-DoItBest.comDo It Best© Hardware & Lumber “World’s Largest Hardware Store”You will find them on Page 17 along with details about thefollowing events and more!She Stoops to Conquer at MTC • Redwood Tables and TablewareShow in Elk • Junior Ranger Program • Pub Night • MendocinoEnglish Country Dance • State Park Junior Ranger Programs •State Park Campfire Programs • Meet the Seals • MCBG’s Overthe Garden Fence • Mendocino Stories and Music Series • Art inthe Gardens

Heart of the Banana Belt!Real Estate Magazine July 8, 2011 Page 7PACIFICREAL ESTATESea Ranch, Gualala, Sonoma and Mendocino Coasts • Free local maps and property information • Open daily$749,000$749,000®Located in sunny Anchor Bay in the heart ofthe Banana Belt, this home sits on 1.75 acres offun! Across the street from Anchor Bay beach,bordering a blue-line creek there are redwoodgrove play areas, a tire swing, a secluded hottub, meditation building plus a large, 3 bedroom,2 bath, single-level home with attachedguest unit!For moreinformation,call Cindyat extension11.$385,000SEA RANCH PERFECTION STUNNING VIEWS ANDDAZZLING DESIGN Dramatic "front-row balcony" hillsidelocation overlooking Black Point Beach with white watercoastal panoramas. Top quality, joyful design, three bedrooms,four baths, studio, ample off-street parking, andcarport. Huge master suite has ocean view deck, His & Hersbathrooms, and fabulous closet/dressing room. Hand-hewnbeams, voluminous great room, high-end kitchen with stainlesssteel, breakfast area, and sunny deck.$595,000OUTSTANDING GUALALA RIVER, SAND BAR, ANDGUALALA POINT VIEWS INTOWN GUALALACONTEMPORARY On an elevated corner lot, clean, 3bedroom, 2 full bath home plus bonus room/in-law apartmentwith third bath and separate entry. Lots of glass, largesunny deck, and new carpeting. King-size master bedroom;oversized double garage with shop space. Storage shed.Walk to town and shops. Water and sewer.Internet: www.cbpac.com• 39351 South Highway One •PO Box 700 • Gualala, CA 95445(707) 884-3866 • (800) 944-8941CUSTOM HOME WITH PANORAMIC COAST VIEWS!MANCHESTER PRIVACY AND SERENITY Lighthouse andmiles of ocean and coastline views. Lodge ambiance withmassive two-sided stone fireplace, open beams, and brightopen spaces. Andersen windows and doors, and banks ofskylights. Three bedrooms, three baths, gourmet kitchen,pantry, and utility room. Detached double garage. Over3 acres.$479,000BEAUTIFUL, NEARLY NEW, CUSTOM-DESIGNED, TWO-BEDROOM HOME A GARDENER'S PARADISE This 2009custom-designed home is priced to sell! Two bedrooms, 2.5baths with office/studio/guest quarters. Striking blue waterviews, bright open kitchen with custom maple cabinetry,granite countertops, stainless appliances, plus beautifulwhite oak floors. Gas fireplace in great room and mastersuite. Private deck overlooks secluded grounds. Tanklesswater heater; high-production well. Sold furnished.E-mail: info@cbpac.com• Seacliff Center on Highway One •PO Box 512 • Gualala, CA 95445(707) 884-3591 • (800) 660-3591KENNEDY& associatesServing the Mendocino Coast Since 1986Cindy Kennedy, CRS, SRES, DRE #00522478(707) 884-9000, extension 11www.KennedyRealEstate.comckennedy@mcn.org, www.CindyKennedyRealEstate.comBest Buy in Anchor BaySparkling blue water ocean views from top of AnchorBay Subdivision. Large (0.487 acre) level to gentlysloping lot with mature redwoods in the heart of the“banana belt” micro-climate. Deeded beach access toAnchor Bay Cove. Walk to village amenities: two greatrestaurants, fully organic grocery store, boutiques, hairsalon, real estate office, and more! Drill a well and buildtoday to take advantage of the lowest building costsand interest rates in decades. Fantastic value!$72,500Banana Belt PropertiesJ. Moloney Scott, Broker #00795487707-884-1109 • FAX 707-884-134335505 South highwAy 1, Anchor BAyP.o. BoX 630, guAlAlA cA 95445E-mAil: BAnAnA1@mcn.orgFeatured on our intErnEt wEBSitE:+ www.bananabelt.orgMendocino Coast Hospitalis a Healing Destination“Rated #1 in Total Hip Replacement and Pneumonia Care in Mendocino,Lake and Humboldt Counties for three consecutive years;in the top 10% nationally.”Source: The Thirteenth Annual HealthGradesHospital Quality in America study, the largestannual report of its kind, analyzed patientoutcomes from nearly 40 million Medicarehospitalization records over a three-year period.MCDHCaring, Healing & Living Well700 river drive · fort bragg, california · 707-961-1234 · MCDH.org

Page 8 Real Estate Magazine July 8, 2011zMendo RealtyO F M E N D O C I N O, I N C.Mendocino’s oldest Real e state FiRM seRving the coast since 1963Automatic e-mails available for new listings, price reductions and foreclosures. • To access our listings and to view all listings in the area go to www.mendorealty.comtwo locations to seRve you 7 days a weekMendocino - 1061 Main stReet (707) 937-5822 FoRt BRagg - 690 south Main stReet (707) 964-3610DRAMATIC VIEWSCAPE — Towering ceilingsdraw you to the many large picture windows showingbreathtaking views of the ever-changing PuddingCreek estuary. The home has two wings, separatedby an enclosed atrium on the first level and an observationdeck on the second, all with commandingpanoramic views. Included in the many features of thehouse are slate, tile, and carpeted floors for comfort,radiant in-floor heating, a gas fireplace, propane generator,a drilled well, as well as city water and a lift toassist in moving items upstairs or down while providinghandicapped access. (22809) $699,500VILLAGE FARM AND HOME WINERY — The finestin village living: three full legal residences, water tower,private, quiet, and a complete farm. Gardens, lawns, pasture,barn, chicken coops, and privacy. Ocean views fromnearly every room. Complete home winery crusher/stemer,press bottler for making four barrels of wine a year.(22285) $1,950,000CUTE AS A BUG’S EAR — A desirable location, immediatelynorth of The Heritage House and minutes from the village, thissplit-level, 2 bedroom, 2 bath home is comfy, cozy and move-inready. Enjoy the lovely enclosed garden area, greenhouse, andsprinklers. ‘’Cute as a Bug’s Ear’’ perfectly describes the secondunit, a 690± sq. ft. cottage. Property offers flexibility—Bug’s Earcontinues to generate rental income. Rent one or both, this is anattractive rental property. In addition to the greenhouse, thereis also a small artist studio plus storage shed. (22377) $547,000LAND • LAND • LAND • LAND • LAND • LAND • LANDBIG RIVER LAGOON — 250± acres located seven miles east of Mendocino on Big River. The property goes fromhilltop to Big River Lagoon. Six million board feet of timber, mostly redwood, mostly over twenty-four inches indiameter, many over thirty-six inches. Two great hilltop homesites with views. The property is bounded by statepark and other large timber parcels. NTMP timber plan in place for future income generation. Go for a swim! BigRiver Lagoon is a beautiful natural pond/lagoon with lots of wildlife and access to the amazing Big River State Park.(21290, 21291) $3,650,000MENDOCINO PANORAMA — Beautiful blufftop homesite on desirable Chapman Point. Dramatic crashingwhite water views from lush rolling terrain dotted with mature coastal pines, firs, and cypress. One of the finestundeveloped homesites on the Mendocino Coast. Accessed via a private drive that adjoins 300± acres of open spaceproviding an abundance of recreational access. Convenient to all of the culture, services, and conveniences of Mendocinovillage. (21052) $1,775,000ACRES BY THE SEA — 11± spectacular acres that extend from Highway 1 to the bluff edge with approximately1,400 linear feet of blufftop ownership. A myriad of unobstructable panoramic ocean and coastline views in severaldirections. Gentle to level terrain dotted with groves of eucalyptus, pine, and fir trees. Access is off Highway 1 withseveral options for ideal homesite. Pedestrian easement strip along highway in favor of Mendocino Land Trust.(21127) $2,000,000EVENING TELEPHONESPeggy Merrill, Realtor® 937-4009Barry Cusick, Broker Assoc. 937-4010Cheri Osborne, Broker Assoc. 937-2062Ted Tanner, Broker Assoc. 964-9190Charlie Reed, Broker AssocOF SEA MIST AND SUNSETS — Everything about thisresidence says “Welcome!” The living room, dining room,kitchen, two bedrooms, and 1.5 baths are located at theupper two levels, and the lower level is perfect for in-lawsor guests. It offers privacy and comfort with living/diningarea, two bedrooms, bath, office, and wetbar. Every roomis well appointed and pristine. In addition to the gated lushgarden and patio, there is an enclosed planting garden forflowers or veggies. Enjoy blue water views from the backdeck which wraps around three sides of the main level.(22828) $849,000DENNEN’S VICTORIAN FARMHOUSE — Built in 1877,the architecture of Dennen’s Victorian Farmhouse reflectsthe Dennen family’s New England Roots. This gracioushome has been lovingly restored with attention to detailand unique architectural elements. Situated on 1.64± acres,the inn boasts ten guest rooms with private baths amongfour buildings, the Main House, Carriage House Building,Barn Building, and Quail Cottage. (22091) $1,495,000ENJOY THE GOOD LIFE AT THE WOODS — Experiencethe good life in this comfortable, well-maintained Silvercresthome and enjoy the many amenities at The Woods: swim inthe pool; relax in the clubhouse, library or the Lodge at TheWoods, nearby Van Damme State Park, etc. This 3 bedroom,2 bath home has room to move about with separate living,family and dining rooms, a private master suite with masterbath, and walk-in closet. Bright and sunny, this home is nestledamong rhododendrons, firs and pines in a quiet section of TheWoods. (21691) Reduced! $149,000Phyllis St. John, Broker Assoc. 937-5822Jim Eldridge, Realtor® 937-6070Johanna Hopper, Realtor® 937-1671DeeDee Thomas, Realtor® 671-3450Greg Burke, Broker 489-7027PARK-LIKE SETTING This 2 acre parcel providesthe perfect setting for a quiet getaway. Tall redwoods,meadow, even a horseshoe pit for those evening games;cabin could use some TLC. Open kitchen with tongueand groove siding; bedroom is lit up with natural lightfrom the skylight above. Bring your dreams. Motivatedseller. (22872) $199,900CRAFTSMAN BUNGALOW Great opportunityto own an original 1927 Craftsman Bungalow in thePerkins Way area of Fort Bragg. Three bedroom, 1.25bath home with large landscaped yard. Single-cargarage with alley access and bonus storage building.Much of this home in original condition. Upgradedkitchen and laundry. New kitchen cabinets. Brickfireplace. (22804) $395,000LARGE FARMHOUSE with subdivision potentiallocated on 4± level acres! Lots of potential here.Three bedroom house has three bathrooms, largeliving room, kitchen, two adjacent dining areas,a game room, guest room, and a two-car garage.Detached carport for three cars, and a 960± sq. ft.barn. RR-1 zoning may allow for the property to bedivided. Owner has done some preliminary worktowards a division. Close to MacKerricher StatePark (22713) $429,000MODERN LIVING WITH A LAKE VIEW This tastefully donehome has so much to offer from the outstanding lake views to thebackyard waterfall; makes this bright and cheery, 2 bedroom, 2 bathhome a very unique find. The kitchen is highlighted with natural lightfrom the two skylights above. The master bedroom is framed with anarchway that leads to a sitting area with built-in bookshelves. A sliderwelcomes you onto a deck where you will enjoy the small water courseas it comes cascading down creating a very relaxing atmosphere, as youenjoy your day in the rose garden off from the stone patio. This is oneof the newest homes in the park in a great location where unlimitedoutdoor recreation is literally at your doorstep. (22858) $149,900VINTAGE FARMHOUSE IN THE REDWOODSJust minutes from town on sunny Sherwood Road!Original 1947 farmhouse has two bedrooms, onebathroom, and contains vintage kitchen and bathroomfixtures. Recently completed large detached three-cargarage, has modern, 1 bedroom, 1 bath apartmentabove, complete with separate utilities. Apple orchard,mature redwoods, and a paved driveway are just a fewof the highlights. (22818) $399,000LUXURIOUS LIVING Stunning, 3 bedroom, 2.5bath, custom-built home. The living room offersvaulted ceilings with skylights. A wood fireplace withslate hearth complements the custom-built cherrywood mantel. This home is designed to accommodatea large family or guests. It is surrounded bylush landscaping. Open dinning room and kitchenwith granite countertops. Detached two-story garage/shopwith tall ceilings. Second story is a studioand hobby room. (21968) $749,900ATTENTION FIRST-TIME HOME BUYER!First-time home buyer, or investment opportunity!This 3 bedroom, 2 bath home has a large bonusroom, detached garage/shop, and is located closeto schools and services. Recent updates includenew paint and tile flooring. (22762) $249,000EVENING TELEPHONESMichael Romo, Broker Assoc. 357-0865 Linda Simpson, Realtor® 813-0964John Kruzic, Realtor® 357-0354 Dale Simpson, Realtor® 530-859-0964Gary J. Roach, Realtor® 489-1136 Greg Burke, Broker 489-7027

Evening TelephonesKIRA MEADE Realtor® 964-4379SARA FOWLER Realtor® 895-3784BETH RYAN Realtor® 937-4849LIN SCOTT Realtor® 937-4079PETE FEILD Broker Assoc. 937-5656JIM McCUMMINGS, Broker 937-5263PATTY McCUMMINGS OwnerReal Estate Magazine July 8, 2011 Page 9Mendocino office45010 Ukiah Street707 937-1565 • 800 454-1565Free Catalogwww.coasthome.com • coastre@mcn.org • Go Online for more Photos and Information!sunny Craftsman Gem An extraordinary home available at an extraordinarilygood price! Beauty, comfort and meticulous care are evident in every feature of this 2bedroom, 2 bath residenceplus a Craftsman-stylestudio with tile bath andpropane fireplace. Finelycrafted and detailed woodwork is evident throughout.A spacious and sunny workroom also serves as an entryfrom the garden. Thereare several bonuses includinga detached workshop/garage with built-in cabinetry, wood stove heat, and attic storage.The fenced dog kennel has electricity and water. Sited on 2.5 acres with groomednatural areas, flowers, a fenced garden, fruit trees, and adjoining Jackson State Forest.(22886)offered at $570,000ComptChe homestead on 6± aCres Ready for sustainable living or simplyto serve as a get-away. This 1,560± sq. ft, 3 bedroom, 1.5 bath home was solidlybuilt with redwood in the early1950s. Large fenced organicgarden and established orchard,plus lots of flowers. Picturesquepond with bridge and seasonalcreek. One± acre meadow offersmany possibilities. Large garage.Well-maintained home with newroof features partial oak floors,redwood woodwork, brick-backedfireplace insert with slate hearth, Wedgewood kitchen stove, and large closets. Covered backpatio with yard set up for gatherings. Home is private from road, with great views acrossadjoining large valley and hills beyond. Redwood forest on part of property. (22911)offered at $499,000new listingnew listingResidential Residential landspaCious and BriGht mendoCino retreat This gorgeous Lindal cedar homewith four bedrooms and two baths on five sunny acres is just a few minutes east of theMendocino village.The living and diningrooms featurebeautiful, recently refinishedmaple hardwoodflooring The 1bedroom, 1 bath detachedguesthouseis a great place forvisitors. A spaciousnew deck, landscaping,and a hot tub provide great spots to enjoy the outdoors and entertain. Though thereare other homes on this private road, the surrounding trees and foliage provide plenty ofprivacy. This house is in great condition, has been cleaned up in preparation of sale, and isready for its new owners to make themselves at home. (22915)offered at $599,000huCkleBerry hill ranCh A private and peaceful 119± acre sanctuary tucked awayin the privacy of your own redwood forest. The ranch is accessed by a rocked road that windsthrough the redwoods up to a 3 bedroom,2 bath, single-story, countryhome with detached artist studioaccessed by a covered walkway. Inaddition, there is a large workshop,greenhouse, garden shed, fencedorchard, and garden area. The seconddeveloped homesite has an installedseptic system. This beautiful propertyhas two large ponds, several meadows and many areas to hike and enjoy the flora andfauna of the land. The ranch has been lovingly cared for by the original homesteaders and hasa NTMP that allows for periodic selective harvests. The current occupants shall retain a LifeEstate in the residence and artist studio. (22912)offered at $995,000new listingChoose from two piCturesque lots! Two beautiful sunny lots located in a greatupscale neighborhood. Large 2.45± and 2.54± acre parcels interspersed with sizeableredwood trees and a seasonal creek add to the appeal. A great location only two minutesfrom Fort Bragg and a simple short walk to the future golf course and recreation area.These parcels are ready for your house plans; the homesites have been cleared; undergroundutilities; the wells are drilled and the septic permits have been issued for three-bedroomhomes. (21399 & 21398)parcel #1 (2.45± acre) offered at $275,000parcel #2 (2.54± acre) offered at $225,000Build your dream home in a Great neiGhBorhood! Level, lovely, and ready-tobuildhomesite nestled in Seafair, off Point Cabrillo Drive. It is one of the few undeveloped lotsin this stretch of great neighborhoods. Coastal Development Permit Exclusion on file. Septicsystem installed. Mutual water system. Pick your exposure and your views on this buildingparcel. Your dream home will fit in perfectly. Shared ownership in community oceanfront bluff.(21822) price reduced! $299,000twenty+ aCres with redwoods, orChids and options This 20.21±acre parcel offers a variety of terrain and possibilities: open level acreage at the topwith lovely distant views, plusforested slopes and pastureland. Good producing well inplace and PG&E nearby, plusgood exposure for solar. Roughdriveway leads to open, levelpotential homesite. Beautifulbig redwoods and fir forestand calypso orchids abound.Plenty of privacy available.(22836) offered at $311,000speCtaCular oCeanfront ranCh Sugarloaf Ranch offers 224± acres withover one mile of frontage on the Pacific. Most of the land is level to gently sloped primeagricultural soils. A portion of Elk Creek is on the northern boundary and there are twoponds, one on each side of Highway 1. This is the first time the property has been on themarket in several decades. Stunning ocean views from just about everywhere. (21317)offered at $5,500,000new listingAwesomecommercial building on main Street(at an even more awesome price)$350,0002250 Square Feet | Very Solid building in a great area of towntwo Floors: one for Your business | one to rent outCentury 21 Fort Bragg realty | Paul Clark | 707.964.0811mls # 22924Johanna Hopper, REALTOR®Office: 707 937-5822 ext. 15 • Cell: 707 357-3694e-mail: johanna.hopper@gmail.comwww.johannahopper.comPrivacy, ambiance, seclusion, redwood forest setting, and a beautiful airy andopen flowing floor plan were high priorities of talented architect/designer team whenplanning this stunning, 3bedroom, 2 bath homewith office and 1,000 sq.ft.studio with bath. Mastersuite and guest wing atopposite ends of homeoffer privacy to all, withcommon area in center.Dramatic great room withmood lighting and vaultedceiling. MLS #22789$845,000office 707.964.5503 . cell 707.813.8388 . rborcich@gmail.comnew listingRiverfront Residential Compound. Open the gate andstep into the picture-perfect sanctuary. Views across the TenMile Estuary to white water ocean views beyond the dunes arebreathtaking. Detached deck is positioned perfectly for the widestsunset view you can imagine and the two cottages are a retreatfrom everyday life, sheltered yet fully exposed to the south andwest. Wander down the steps to the boathouse and launch yourkayak or watch abundant wildlife in this diverse habitat. Theexuberant cottage garden is landscaped with easy care in mind.MLS 22153 Price Reduced to $895,000Mendocino Pacific Realty THE LAND SOURCEThree PrIVATe PArCeLS Just Reduced!Located at the end of a mile of private driveway. A serene and beautifulsetting with incredible vistas framed by large redwoods. Family-owned forgenerations, these parcels are now available for the first time. Building padsare in place and soils work has been done on all parcels. Wells are drilledon the 3- and 10-acre parcels. The 10-acre parcel has an ocean view! Aonce in-a-lifetime opportunity to own a piece of paradise. Power to both10-acre and 28-acre parcels has been installed; these won’t last long!3 acres MLS 20933 $250,00028 acres MLS 20931 $375,00010 acres MLS 20930 $450,000One City Acre near college; zoned for multi units. MLS 22246Listed at $399,0001+ Acre Parcel: Located 1 mile inland up Pudding Creek Roadthis parcel has a three bedroom aerobic septic system installed. Ownerwill carry. MLS 22824Listed at $169,900Rob Borcich – owner/broker . Anna Borcich . Michael DavisEnd of Cul-de-Sac Privacy in City Privately positioned withlots of southern exposure and protected south-facing deck. This 3bedroom, 2 bath house is in excellent condition. Nice big backyardand plenty of off-street parking enhance this comfortable home.MLS 22933 Priced at $350,000Pastoral 3.5 Acre Parcel with Two-Story, well-maintained, 3bedroom, 1 bath home. Many improvements made inside andout. This parcel can be split into two one-acre parcels with thecurrent house remaining on 1.5 acres. Many possibilities with thisbeautiful Sherwood Road property. MLS 22827 $650,000Flat, Open and Sheltered Property with potential to build anew home while you live in existing 1,260 sq. ft. manufactured.Major steel shop structure, 30 ft. x 40 ft.; plumbed with bathroom,mezzanine, double roll-up doors and separate office/kitchen areain rear. This is ready for many different uses. Guest unit also onproperty, 645 sq. ft. All buildings are set back from the road andoffer a peaceful, park-like setting with paved parking and miniredwood groves MLS 22648 Listed at $289,000Member of Coastal Mendocino Association of Realtors (CMAR), Bay Area Real Estate Information Services (BAREIS).

Page 10 Real Estate Magazine July 8, 2011Privacy. Dignity. Safety.Assisted Living in theLodge at the WoodsResidents enjoy privacy and independentliving in their own apartments. Relativesenjoy knowing their family member issafe and well cared for.Mendocino MortgageServing the Mendocino Coast Since 1994Buying Your First Home or Moving Up?• Prices are more affordable than in past yearsWhatever your home financing needs,Mendocino Mortgage is ready to help with abroad range of loan programs and personalized service.Susan WeaverReal Estate Broker • Calif. Dept. of Real Estate Lic. #01015740Serving the Mendocino Coast, Ukiah & the Redwood Valley707-937-3938 • 800-884-3938Located above the Coast Real Estate Building45010 Ukiah St., Mendocino, CA 95460 • sweaver@mcn.orgFriendly, caring staff serves three delicioushome-style meals a day withaccommodation for dietary needs. Anon-site licensed nurse, emergencycall system, and 24-hour assistanceprovide peace of mind and security.Transportation to and from appointmentsis included. Individualized attentionis given based on a complete personalassessment. Companionship with peersand stimulating activities both on- andoff-site help residents live life to the fullest.All this is surprisingly affordable,and there is no community fee or securitydeposit required!The Lodge at The Woods. Committedto serving seniors.NCPHSEqual HousingOpportunity NORTHERN CALIFORNIAPRESBYTERIAN HOMES& SERVICESTo learn more about The Lodge at The Woods call 707 937-0294 or 800 469-663743300 Little River Airport Road, Little River, CA 95456 • www.ncphs.orgThe Woods is owned and operated by Northern California Presbyterian Homes & Services, Inc. CA Lic. No 236800187FORT BRAGG FURNITURE MART & FLOOR COVERINGAND NATURAL WOODSSomething forEveryone’s HomeBUSINESS OPPORTUNITY on the NORTH COASTComplete Home Furnishing & Design CenterCARPETS • LINOLEUM • SOFAS • SLEEPERS • FUTONSMATTRESSES from Serta • ENTERTAINMENT CENTERS • TABLES and Much More!… furnishings for your entire home from the bottom up …“Shop uptown at the Mart – over 60 years serving your furnishing needs.”235 N. Franklin Street ◆ Fort Bragg ◆ 964-2501HomesCountry PropertyRanches, Timber, VineyardsTim Mathias, BrokerSheri Hansen, AgentRick Soderlind, AgentBox 402, Boonville, CA 95415Fax (707) 895-3340Phone 707 895-3333View Anderson Valley Real Estateatwww.rancheriarealty.comCALL US for INFORMATION on MIDDLE and LARGE RANCHESELEVEN—Unique cottages, suites and family rooms, minutes fromMendocino state parks, fine dining, and many outdoor activities. Fiveminutewalk to the beach; only property of its kind in Fort Bragg; 1.76acres. This opportunity on the Coast includes a 1,300 sq. ft. residence;3 bedroom, 1 bath Manager’s Quarters. Repeat business; revenues aretrending upward; Number 1 in Fort Bragg Trip Advisor.Priced to Sell at $1,100,000Contact Dick Lopez, CHB Lodging Property Brokers Inc. 707-257-2759dlopez@lodgingbrokers.com • visit www.mendocottages.comvisit property website www.shoreline-cottage.com

Continued from Page 2Real Estate Magazine July 8, 2011 Page 11Join us for this year’s conferenceScheduled for this year’s 2011 conference: Kathleen Alcala, memoir and fiction for emerging writers;John Dufresne, a master class in novel (filled) and an afternoon workshop (open); Camille Dungy, poetry(Winner of the 2011 northern California best poet award); Stephanie Elizondo Griest, memoir; JeanHegland, novel; Michael David Lukas, short fiction; Toney Merritt, screenwriting; Bob Miller, E-booksroundtable; Editors and Publishers—Cynthia Frank, Jay Schaefer, and Shirin Yim Bridges; Agents—April Eberhardt and Jill Marr; Plus, a continental breakfast and lunch on campus each day; an openingreception Thursday night; a closing dinner and keynote speech by John Dufresne Saturday night; a Partner Packagefor partners of participants who would like to join us for meals and public events. Enjoy free public readingsdaily by conference faculty. For more information, or to register, see our website atwww.mcwc.org, email to: info@mcwc.org or leave a message at (707) 937-9983.Local Resources for WritersGallery Bookshop and Bookwinkle’s Children’s Books319 Kasten Street, Mendocino, CA 95460 (707) 937-2665 gallerybookshop.comCheshire Bookshop 345 Franklin Street, Fort Bragg, CA 95437 (707) 964-5918 cheshirebookshop.comMendocino Book Company102 South School Street, Ukiah, CA 95482 (707) 468-5940 mendocinobookcompany.comLaughing Dog Books 14125 Hwy 128, Boonville, CA 95415 (707) 272-READlaughingdogbooks.comMendocino Stories and MusicMendocino coast writers can be given credit for launching the Mendocino Stories and Music Series,which features a great variety of entertainment. Starting in January of 2007, local writers performed their work“The Sea Gull Years” and “The Early Years and How We Came to Town”.Since then the Series has hosted many literary events, featuring more writers and poets complemented bylocal musicians, who open the shows and fill in at the breaks. The cabaret setting of the Mendocino Hotel GardenRoom allows for casual gatherings, being a great source of inspiration and opportunity for networking for all. Visitwww.mendocinostories.com.—Pattie DeMatteoWriters of the Mendocino Coast, a gathering of local writers and a certified branch of the CaliforniaWriters Club, the oldest professional writers club in the United States. We support local writers of all stripesand ages, from beginners to professionals, all genres, all forms. We gather to meet other writers, find and formwriting groups, and generally celebrate words. We present speakers, workshops, salons, open and juried mics,and the occasional quirky event like Bloomsday. Join us the third Wednesday of the month, 6:00 p.m. at theMendocino Hotel. Writersofthemendocinocoast.org—Molly DwyerPoetry on the Coast“I’d never felt so completely welcomed and supported as a poet,” says Devreaux Baker of her move toMendocino in the mid-1970s. Fellow poets encouraged her to submit her work to literary journals. Local newspublications featured pages of poetry. Radio programs discussed the poetry scene. Reading series proliferated.Over the years since then, poetry reading venues have shifted like the sandbar at Big River Beach. Readingprograms have risen and ebbed and risen again. Some have remained constant. This May, Gordon Blackorganized his thirty-sixth annual Mendocino Spring Poetry Celebration, which brought together over fortypoets for an open reading hosted by former Mendocino resident and poet Sharon Doubiago and radio host DanRoberts, whose Rhythm Running River program on KZYX&Z features poets reading their work. Baker herselfruns the monthly Mendocino Coast Poetry Series in space donated by the Mendocino Hotel. Blake More runsa similar series in Point Arena. The Coast Slam (www.facebook.com/CoastSlam) channels the youthful energyof younger poets. Poets are still drawn to the Mendocino Coast, to find inspiration in this spectacular landscape,and support in a thriving literary community.—Maureen EppsteinYoung WritersYoung writers in Mendocino get an early start. California Poets in the Schools writers inspire over fifteen hundredyouth annually in K-12 classrooms. The youngest poets play with alliteration and other language strategiesto create chants. Teens explore forms including haiku and the prose poem. Support for youth writing workshopscomes from Arts Council of Mendocino County—GASP and Mendocino County Office of Education, which publishesan annual anthology. Fifth-graders Britanny Madden and Julian Molina won international awards for peacepoems this year. Poets Blake More and Karen Lewis have received California Arts Council “Artists in the Schools”grants to further literary arts in local classrooms,—Karen LewisCoast Slam was begun by slam artist Christina Perez to expose young people to the spoken-word art form.With support from the Mendocino Coast Writers Conference and Big Brothers Big Sisters, monthly slams featuringawesome guests poets are offered on first Tuesdays at the Mendocino Hotel. Everyone is invited to compete,and dance during intermission to DJ Ramos. For news of the past and future slams, go to http://www.facebook.com/CoastSlamBook Clubs and Writing GroupsThe area abounds in book clubs and writers groups. Check the shelves at Gallery Books for a sampling of selectionsby area book clubs.Creative Writing CoursesThe best way to become part of the writing community is to join one of the non-credit creative writing classes atCollege of the Redwoods. Call (707) 962-2664 for a schedule and information. Taught year-round by professionawriters, these courses offer knowledge, a roadmap, and support to writers of all levels.Publishing and Promotion for Writers; Cypress House/Lost Coast Press/QED PressThe Mendocino coast is one of the greatest places for writers because its extraordinary beauty and relative serenityoffer limitless inspiration and the support of a large and very diverse artistic community. When my husband,John Fremont, and I decided to create a family-owned independent press, we had already been longtime coastresidents, and were part of the writers’ community. Since we had every intention of living in this area permanently,Fort Bragg naturally became the birthplace of Cypress House, which has grown into an award-winning publishingcompany. Our lines include books on health and healing, self-help, inspiration, books for writers, literary history,travel, humanities, mentoring, and how-to-fold paper airplanes. We also represent a number of independentpresses and authors. For more than twenty-five years we’ve provided writers with education and editorial, bookdesign, production, and marketing services. Some of our clients are among the most successful independentpublishers in the nation. —Cynthia FrankCypress House, Lost Coast Press, QED Press 155 Cypress, FB, CA 95437 www.cypresshouse.comREMMendocinoCoastWritersConferenceFACULTY READINGSOpen to the public at no charge12:30–1:30 pm daily, Room 300 at College of the RedwoodsThurs. July 28: John Dufresne and Camille DungyFri. July 29: Jean Hegland, Kathleen Alcalá and Toney MerrittSat. July 30: Michael David Lukas and Stephanie Elizondo GriestThis event is supported by Poets & Writers, Inc. through a grant it has received fromThe James Irvine FoundationMendocino Coast Writers Conference • P.O. Box 2087, Fort Bragg, CA 95437 • 707–937–9983 • www.mcwc.org

Real Estate Magazine July 8, 2011 Page 13Call uS to R e C eive an automatiC e -mail notiC e oF all new liS tingS !F ull-S e R viC e pR opeR ty management, C ommeRCial & R e S idential 707-964-7777Seascape Realty45050 Little Lake Street • P.O. Box583, Mendocino, CA 95460707 937-2121www.c21seascaperealty.comLic. #01300756Smarter,Bolder,FasterFort Bragg Realty809 North Main Street,Fort Bragg, CA 95437707 964-2121www.c21fortbraggrealty.comLic. #01300755EQUAL HOUSINGOPPORTUNITYUnparaLLeLed, dramatic, panoramic, and everchangingviews from this 2 acre private peninsula with eighthundred feet of ocean frontage. White water splashing over therocky coastline can be seen from almost every room. A beautifuloffice, exercise room and a 1,000 sq. ft. activity room add to thefunction and flexibility of this 4 bedroom, 4.5 bath home. Locatedonly minutes from Mendocino village. (21384) $3,150,000first time on the market! Private and tranquil settingfor this well-maintained custom one-owner home. Convenientlocation on desirable Andiron Road in Little River. Five redwoodstuddedacres with a nice blue water ocean view. Includes acharming, 1 bedroom, 1 bath, detached guest unit. Uniquehome with soaring windows to the west and quality redwoodthroughout. Formal dining room with view. Extra loft bedroomwith dual built-in bunk beds. Other features include gardenarea with raised beds and water to each; small greenhouse withelectricity, generator, TV nook, wine cellar, and skylights. Brandnew fifty-year roof with copper flashing; 2,100 sq. ft., 3 bedroom, 3bath, Mendocino home that deserves a serious buyer’s attention.(22617) $695,000desirabLe Location on basin view drive. Thishome has a great view of the New England-style Fishing Harbor,the boat basin, and river; ocean views and on top of that the NoyoBridge! This home offers spacious rooms, open-beam ceilings,picture windows and much more—must see to appreciate.(22807) $419,900Large city Lot on a qUiet street with no throughtraffic makes this 3 bedroom, 2.5 bath home a great place forrelaxing on the deck in your fenced yard. (22853) $194,900sUccessfUL north coast Lodge in great Little Riverlocation, just two miles south of Mendocino. Spectacularocean views from all 21 guest rooms. Deeded access toprivate cove—great for abalone diving. One of only fewinns on the coast that are pet-friendly. Amphitheater andopen lawn, great for weddings. (22744) $2,399,000nice cabin at the very end of Blueberry Hill Road. Privateand quiet. West-facing deck with hot tub and views of meadow,trees and small peak of the ocean. Upstairs there is an art studiowith a bathroom, convenience center, and its own entrance.Lots of well-placed windows for good light and inspiring views.(22522) $250,000waLk to beach and ten miles of coastal access from thisimmaculate home. Excellent open floor plan with great room,formal dining room, and stone fireplace. Three large bedroomsand 2.5 baths. Exquisite patio and manicured backyard. Storageroom and workshop off of patio area. Attached two-car garage.Paved driveway with beautiful mature landscaping consistingof many rhodies. Well-maintained property. (22841) $449,500charming, two bedroom, 1 bath home on 6.7 parklikeacres bordering timberland. Detached guest bed/bathand garage. Stone fireplace and large windows enhancethe open living space with views of redwoods and meadows.Enjoy hiking the private trails that traverse the property, orrelax in one of the groves of redwoods with the sounds ofwaves crashing at nearby MacKerricher State Park. Idealfor entertaining, the kitchen features Jenn-Air glasstoprange, walk-in pantry, ceramic tile counters and floors.New side-by-side refrigerator with icemaker and built-incutting board next to the sink. Deck for barbecues right offkitchen. All topped off with a forty-year composition roof,new water filtration system, and well pump; septic systemhas three new leach lines. Ready to move into; check it out.(22922) $427,500experience this navarro ridgetop panoramic whitewater ocean view home. Spectacular 180-degree coastal viewfrom this Timberpeg home with cathedral ceilings. Situated on6 private acres on Navarro Ridge overlooking Navarro headlands.Built in 1996, this 1,980 sq. ft., single-story home hastwo bedrooms, two baths, a library, living room, formal diningroom, breakfast room, and laundry area. Beautiful wood workthroughout this well-maintained home with many custom featuresAttached garage, forced-air heat with backup generatorfor those stormy nights, and large-capacity water storage tank.(22213) $998,000recentLy remodeLed craftsman. Two bedroom homeplus office combines modern comfort while still preservingthe charm of the past. Spacious, sunny upstairs bedroom withskylights. Refinished hardwood floors, new kitchen, roof, allnew wiring, and more. Stay warm and cozy with your choice ofopen hearth fireplace or propane stove. (22855) $250,000down a cLassic coUntry Lane, yet close to city amenities.Used for many years as a happy vacation spot, this propertyis in a quiet location and the charming house has everythingone needs to relax and enjoy simple living. The large garage/workshop is perfect for a variety of projects. Parcel includes thefield to the east of the fence. Seller is motivated! Please submitall offers for consideration. (22362) $249,900this bUiLding once had two separate rentaLsso there are two addresses 221 and 223 FranklinStreet; 3,000 sq. ft., alley access for easy cargo deliveries,and rear parking lot. Located next to the post office,this property should have great potential for the investor.(20948) $575,000gorgeoUs ocean view up and down the coast. Step out onthe large deck and bask in the beautiful coastal landscape withthe Pacific as the backdrop! Contemporary home with threebedrooms, two baths, and 1,600 sq. ft. Two-car attached garage.Built in 1997. Easy walk into town, to Glass Beach, or PuddingCreek from your front door. (22908) $549,000Looking for a Large very private home with 2,800sq.ft. workshop and huge greenhouse? This home features bambooflooring, granite kitchen countertops, vaulted ceilings, fruittrees, and raised beds. There is a huge upstairs open space with3/4 bath and skylights. Shop is wired with three-phase electrical,propane heat, and drive-thru capacity on both ends, and was theprevious site of a welding business. Possible other light industrialpotential. Also includes a separate two-car garage, plus carport.There is a 35 kW Guardian generator. A 20,000-gallon waterstorage tank provides for your gardening needs and exterior firesprinkler protection. Good potential for live/work situation or livein the house and rent the shop. (22897) $565,000private hiLLs ranch Lot nestled amongst the woods andnear a seasonal creek. High cathedral ceilings with clerestorywindows give so much light and beauty of the forest. Open living,dining and kitchen floor plan. Stately gas fireplace for those chillynights. Sit on the deck and hear the peaceful sounds of the creekand nature. Hardwood and tile floors. Exquisite kitchen. Loft withforest views. (22848) $589,000Large, two bedroom, 1 bath home located between FortBragg, Mendocino, parks and ocean! Little traffic with being ona cul-de-sac and lots of privacy! Some repairs to be done—takea look and see. (22923) $359,900simpLy beaUtifUL property and home. 1.32 acresof redwoods, ferns, and well-manicured landscaping. Paveddrive. A 2,200 sq. ft., 3 bedroom, 1.5 bath home with hardwoodfloors. Large brick fireplace and picture windows inthe great room. Many built-in cabinets; formal dining withbuilt-in buffet. Family room with indoor grill and bar. Largedeck with stone pond and waterfall plus a greenhouse. Amust-see! (22900) $449,500tUcked away in transitionaL forest Landsis this 2 acre parcel with custom-built, 3 bedroom, 2 bath,2,000 sq. ft. home. Living room is off of kitchen with openbeamknotty pine ceilings; French door out to deck. Formaldining room also has a French door out to deck. Tiledentry and kitchen. Master bedroom has walk-in closet andJacuzzi tub in bath. Bonus room. In the sun and very private.(22906) $395,000cLassic originaL caLifornia craftsman; 4 bedroom,1 bath, 2,000 sq. ft., wood frame, two-story house witha big front porch. Very well maintained condition. Locatedon one-way Park Street, on a full-sized 50 ft. wide by 140ft. deep city lot, with alley access. Possibility of adding asecond story living unit over the garage/workshop; in a verydesirable area of great homes. (21727) $200,000TWo-sToRy CommERCial building with greatNorth Main Streetfrontage in FortBragg. Buildingwas remodeled in1988. This 2,200sq. ft. building hasbeen operatingas a letterpressprint shop foryears. Four pavedoff-street parkingspaces with paveddrive. Has propane forced-air heat and perimeter foundation.(22924) $350,000From Westport to Gualala • We have Century 21 Agents living and working in Westport, Fort Bragg, Caspar, Mendocino, Albion, Elk, Manchester and Anderson Valley/Boonville.With the ability to serve you with all of your Real Estate needs! Come in to either of our offices and see our 80 residential, 6 mobile in park, 36 land, and 8 commercial listings. • E-mail: C21fbssr@mcn.org® and trademarks of Century 21 Real Estate Corporation. Equal Housing Opportunity. EACH OFFICE IS INDEPENDENTLY OWNED AND OPERATED.

Page 14 Real Estate Magazine July 8, 2011HILLS RANCHSWEETHEARTRemodeled homewith great floor plan.Sitting room off masterbedroom. Moveincondition. Closeto village. Everythingyou’ll want. $429,000Ron Eich & Carol Ann WaltonSea Cottage Real Estate10481 Lansing Street, Mendocino937-0423CALL FOR MORE OPPORTUNITIESPRICE REdUCEd MENdOCINO PROPERTyVillage central.Historic, 2 bedroomsaltbox home built in1885 upgraded withfoundation, dualpanewindows, roof,monitor heating,water storage, andmore. Small fencedyard with fruit treesand detached studio with bathroom. $396,000Sea Cottage REALTOR® Team (Broker Assoc., e-PRO ® , CDPE © , GRI ® )DRE Lic. #01259479 & #00483386Ocean view cottage on1± acre zoned for manycommercial uses. Ownerfinancing. $489,000Sunny, light and comfortable manufactured home in The Woods Senior park. $99,000Real Estate Services707·YES·BEST (707·937·2378) • www.bestres.comEmail: best@mcn.org • P.O. Box 699, Albion, CA 95410Peter White Broker DRE#01132984Vivian Evans, Brokervivian@mcn.orgToll Free866-937-5960Local937-5960North CoaStLaNd45080 Little Lake Street . Mendocino, California 95460 . www.northcoastland.comrESIdENtIaL LIStINgSMagnificent ranch in the redwOOdS on Company Ranch Roadin Fort Bragg. Very private, over seven acres with a river running throughand swimming hole. Main house: three bedrooms, two baths, oversizedgarage and a greenhouse. Built by one of the best coastal contractors whois the current owner. Many amenities. Second home has three bedrooms,two baths, and also nice views. Includes horse pasture; lots of sun. Easyride to Jackson State Forest. First time on the market in twenty-five years.Possible Owner Carry $1,100,000prICE rEduCtIoNprICE rEduCtIoNcaSpar creeK farM At 98 acres this is one of thelast large parcels, next to Jackson State Forest withbreathtaking sunsets and ocean view from the property.Secluded, yet convenient to Mendocino or Fort Bragg.Features a world class workshop with radiant in-floorheat, glass doors, skylights, and a full bath, perfect for anartist or craftsperson to live and work in. Great propertyfor horses, mountain biking, or hiking in the old growthgroves. This treasure comes with NTMP. Seller is highlymotivated. Price recently reduced. $1,195,000ten private, peaceful acreSwith mature gardens, large redwoods, meadows, and lawns. Cleared forhorses. Classic Mendocino Cottage has an open floor plan with wonderfulnatural light, new roof, new Australian wool rugs upstairs, new monitorheater. Includes a 2 bedroom, 1 bath rental. This magical property alsohas an art studio/workshop for a home business. You have to see this toappreciate! price reduced $1,150,000DRE #01234092tOtally reMOdeled Beautiful MendOcinO BungalOw withcustom milled redwood beams overheadand new appliances in a nicely equippedkitchen. Decks offer breathtaking viewsof the ocean and Mendocino headlands.A two-car detached garage has a guestbedroom and bath. This prize is closeto beaches, headlands, and Mendocinobusinesses, and features a perimeterfence enclosing a charming garden.Make a new life for yourself in this unique, artistic little town. $650,000prICE rEduCtIoNBuSINESS LIStINgScOMptche StOre: incOMe-prOducingBuSineSS fOr Sale! Amazing opportunityin the desired town of Comptche. This is theonly store from the coast to Ukiah on this roadthat has gas. Beer and wine license, plus all thestaple needs for your home. Room to grow withthe right person or partners. The property comeswith a 2 bedroom, 2 bath house on almost twoacres. Come live the dream of working andliving in the country. call agent for details.$799,000village fraMe ShOp is a great small townbusiness, and fun way to bring out your artisticside. This store has good clientele. Ownerswant to retire and are ready for a new person toassume their role. Owner will train. $25,000North Coast LaNdspecializes in matching people withproperty.Vivian has worked tirelessly throughall of the hardest parts to achieve asucessfull result. We would highlyrecommend Vivian to everyone forher outstanding service. —Brian andNancy Stratton, former owners of TheVillage Spirits Liquor Storethe Only gaS StatiOnin tOwn Of MendOcinO;Owner now will sell businessseparately from land. A greatopportunity in the heart oftown. Currently sale of gasand oil, and oil changes, andtires, but it would be possibleto expand and add products.Land is also for sale andcan be bought separately.$1,600,000

PamEla r. hudsonBROKER, DRE #01036573pamela@mcn.orgMOBILE: 707.813.0813Real Estate Magazine July 8, 2011 Page 15Pamela Hudson Real EstatehugE PotEntial mobile home park with cabins and mobile units, greattenants, beautiful surroundings, and grassy meadow. Walk to the PointCabrillo Lighthouse. Three septic systems and two wells; future possibilitiesfor RV overnighters. Income stats show great stability. Currentowners have vastly improved the units and the grounds since theypurchased it in 2002. Laundry facilities. (22916) $1,700,000sunny, ocEan viEw, 4 bedroom house on the fabulous Albion headlands.Just minutes fromthe golf course, beach,and village of Mendocino.This turn-key house includesthe furniture, fiveTV sets (two flat screen),kitchen items, hot tub,four comfy newer beds,all linens and cleaningitems. Composite decks,blinds, and all on almosta full acre of property. Sipa glass of wine as you enjoy the sunset and view. Built-in barbecue ontop deck. RV hookup. Can be a single-family residence, or a vacationrental, this is elegance refined and move-in ready. Owner will considerall offers! (22218) $844,000IN ESCRowPRICE REDUCED!ElEgant rEtirEmEnt homE! Inpristine condition; quiet locationwith a detached two-car garage.Laundry room. Three spacious bedrooms,two baths, large kitchenand living areas. Every detail ingood condition. Lovely senior parkwith indoor pool, community center,lots of paved roads that wanderthrough the neighborhood forwalks and visits with friends. Hugeredwood trees a short stroll intothe forest. Automatic generator forpower outages. Brand new waterheater. Outstanding assisted livingfacility known as ‘’The Lodge atthe Woods’’ is on site. Sale mayrequire probate court approval.(22077) Reduced to $198,000nEw listingOcean View • OceanfrOnt • residential • cOmmerciallittlE rivEr bungalow forcoastal getaway for abalonediving, golfing, and visitingMendocino. Perfect placeto build you dream home,near all, and yet private andwooded. View of the VanDamme Bay through the treesand southern exposure light.(22754) $199,000gardEn bakEry of mEndocinoThe incredible aromas that come from this well-established Mendocino bakery greetyou as you round the corner from Lansing Street Pies, cakes, breads, wedding cakes,pastries, cookies, and much more have been expertly made and quickly consumed bylocals and tourists alike for many years. Special placement exists for both Mendocinoand Fort Bragg Farmers’ Markets. don’t miss this outstanding oPPortunity!“ENERGY, ETHICS, EXPERIENCE!”From Westport to Manchester, oceanfront or sunbelt, working with our real estate professionals willopen many doors. Whether you live here now or want to call this home, our company serves ourbuyers and sellers with the relentless pursuit of performance. Please call or visit us today!Enjoy thE comfortablEliving The Woodsoffers in your own home.Indoor swimming pool,free video and book library,card games, or playbilliards in the Club Housewith the friendship andcommunity of those livingat The Woods. This is easyliving! (22887) $159,000bucolic surroundings with cattle grazing on rolling hills to theeast,spacious home and two oceanfront cottages providing the bestof bothworlds. Strong rental income from all three units. Turn-keyand ready togo! Located in Albion, just a ten-minute drive south fromMendocino. Easy access to the RV parks and docks, kayak rentals, divingand outstanding restaurant. (22885) $1,475,000Enjoy 35 acrEs of room to stretch out on your own cattle ranch inCovelo. Comfortable house with new metal roof, large pond, pole barn,and plenty of privacy.Make this your primaryresidence, or countrygetaway. Breathe thefresh air and wonderat the beauty of nature.Pond is perfectfor summer swims.Two wells: Ag 3 phasewell. Subirrigated land.Potential to subdivide.(22781) $499,000additiOnal tOp Quality listingsEscaPE to your ownPrivatE forEst justminutes from the beachand village of Mendocino.Twenty wooded acres withlots of level areas and yourown creekside retreat! Twounique, custom-built homes.Beautiful andscaping, pathsthrough the woods, flowergardens, gentle breezes toenjoy. Lovingly tended for thepast ten years and now it’stime for a new owner! (22385)$759,000PRICE REduCEdsErEnE and PEacEful home at The Woods, surrounded by large redwoodsand adjacent to VanDamme State Park. Feelthe magic of nature; enjoythe quiet of senior livingcommunity. Fireplace,large floor plan, threebedrooms, two baths, skylights,on-demand generator,and central heat.Clubhouse, pool, and lotsof places for long walks.(22681) $175,000nEw listingnEw listingBusinesses fOr salefrog’s lEaP and a hop, skip anda jump to the ocean’s edge. Oneof Coast Getaways’ most popularvacation rental spots, just ashort drive from the village ofMendocino. Two levels, the upperwith kitchen, two spacious bedrooms,one bath, and living areawith panoramic views of the gorgeousPacific, calming for the mindand spirit. On the ground level is aspacious bedroom suite with beautifulviews to the ocean. Separateentrance and away from the upstairscrowd. Owner may carrysome of the purchase price withproof of good credit and income.Gross receipts from the vacationrental business are available uponrequest. (22012) $599,000a full-sErvicE Printing businEss with strong local following is waiting for anoffer! Owners are ready to retire. Great location and loyal staff. makE an offEr!Horse ProPerty • Price reductionmaturE rEdwoods and lush foliage greet you as you wander onto thisimmaculate property. The circular drive leads to a welcoming two-storyranch-style home. Detached two-car garage is designed for adding anupstairs living space. State-of-the-art recording studio with sound boothjust steps from your home within the garage structure. (22152) $549,000OVer 147 years of cOmBined real estate salesfinance and legal experienceonE of thE sunniEst locations in Hills Ranch, conveniently locatedto the village of Mendocino.Easy walking distance.Distant ocean view. Largeback deck. Two-story with anample downstairs bedroomand full bath, newer carpetand kitchen appliances, neutralcolor carpet and walls.Sliding door from downstairsbedroom. Huge upstairs mastersuite with sitting room loft.(22395) $399,000PrimE city lotfor salE.Located immediately next to thecommercial building and businessknown as Mendo Litho. Lotmay be used as additional parkingand access for Mendo Litho.This lot may be required to besold in a package with adjacentbuilding and business locatedat 100 North Franklin Street, FortBragg, California. Call listing officefor more information.1) 32.3 acres. 2) Owner may carry backpaper for qualified buyer. 3) Septicengineering done. 4) Access roadcompleted. 5) Several compactedhouse sites completed.(22432) $323,000PristinE land rolling to thEocEan. Historic buildings still remainon this oceanfront property. KibesillahCreek wanders down the north sideof this land. The ‘’Kibesillah Hotel’’stands somewhat proudly on the property.Lots of stories from there. Historybuffs could find many treasures fromthe past while you’re building yourhome. (21940) $799,000landmendOcinO707.937.3900fOrt Bragg707.964.7100PricEd at just abovE $100 a square foot, this commercial buildingin downtown Fort Bragg,PricE rEductionCalifornia is the perfect locationfor a live-work situationthat offers convenience andpracticality. Two large downstairsstorefront retail shops,two upstairs apartments; oneocEan viEw/bank ownEdwith a tenant and one ready toBank-owned beauty. Add yourrent. Owner’s quarters that areown special touches to this elegant,charming home with an oceancomfortable and welcoming.Complete with a semi-privateview. Great opportunity to live nearpatio! (22552) $849,000Mendocino. Two-story traditionalhome with many extras. Zero clearancegas fireplace. Eat-in kitchen.Upstairs family room with deck thatadjoins to the master medroom.Hardwood floors. Unique floorplan. Coveted subdivision. (22510)rEducEd to only $509,400Sold! wE CaN SEllYouRS, Too!Sold! wE CaN SEllYouRS, Too!Proudly Providing in-housE Printing sErvicEs sincE thE1970s, Mendo Litho isnow for sale! Threestories and nearly7,000 square feet ofspace providing multiplerooms for the differentprocesses. Thisbuilding could also beused as a retail storewith offices upstairs.Plenty of storagethroughout. (21923)$741,840PricE rEductionPricE rEductionbuild your nEw homE on one ofthe best lots in coveted SurfwoodEstates IV in Mendocino. Old redwoodbarn from the early 1900s stillexists on the lot. Lumber from thisoriginal fantastic barn may be ofsubstantial value. Improvementson the lot have already been doneto include drainage, electrical, undergroundconduit, drilled well, andrough drive. (22685) $299,000long ago inhabitEd by familyand loggErs, this beautiful 8.2acre lot is waiting for a new resident!Gorgeous trees, sunny meadowand lots of old interesting outbuildings;needs some tender loving careand it will be something to behold!Surrounded by the pristine JacksonState Forest on all sides, with readyaccess to trails for horseback riding,hiking, and endless outdoor enjoyment!(21138) $450,000dEirdrE lambRealtor®MOBILE: 707.324.9401lorrainE murPhyRealtor®MOBILE: 707.291.7159ann bEth (ab) PricEmanRealtor®MOBILE: 707.357.1801rachEl tEmPlErRealtor®MOBILE: 707.813.0047be a Part of ourincredible growthand successcall our office today ifyou are an investor andwant to use your ira toPurchase Property!thomas r. hudson ATTORNEY-AT-LAWmichElE mccoard OFFICE MANAGERsomE of thE many sErvicEs wE ProvidE . . .1031 Tax-Deferred Exchanges • Foreclosure SalesLegal DepartmentProbate Sales • Mortgage Services

Page 16 Real Estate Magazine July 8, 201110481 Lansing Street, Mendocino CA 95460Corner of Lansing & Ukiah StreetGreat Surfwood Setting withRedwood Groves Three bedroom,2 bath home in Surfwood Estates.This property borders Russian GulchState Park and has a peek of theocean through the trees. Garageis large enough for three cars plusa workshop area. $682,500. (22443)Contemporary, Three Bedroom, TwoBath Townhome in a great HillsRanch location just a short walkfrom the village of Mendocino. Lotsof storage area added and manyimprovements throughout. Greatfor living, Mendocino getaway, orlong-term rental. $429,000. (22780)Jim Hay, BrokerCarol Greenberg, Broker Assoc.Ron Eich, Broker Assoc. e-Pro, CDPEArt Love, Broker Assoc., CRS, GRICarol Ann Walton, GRI, REALTORSea Cottage Real Estate707-937-0423 800-707-0423 www.seacottage.comHouse in the Country Two bedroom,2.5 bath home sits high in a spectacularforest area on 4.2 acres.Tranquility, privacy and great views.Master suite with walk-in closet$825,000. (22463)Mendocino Artist Cottage Set in aRose Garden Three bedroom, 1.5bath home has ocean views thatpeek in and out from the backyard.Walk to the village and Big River.Beautifully remolded. An office andartist studio are located off thekitchen.$579,000.(22499)The Ocean Views are Amazing Twobedroom, 2 bath home is a vacationrental in successful South Caspararea. Minutes away from CasparBeach and Russian Gulch StatePark. Very private with sweepingocean views, a pond, and seasonalstream. $599,000. (22257)Ocean View, Four Bedroom,ThreeBath Home. A successful vacationrental. Great blue and white waterocean views can be seen from everyroom. $1,095,000. (22822)Beautifully Constructed, New, TwoBedroom, 3 bath, two-story home on4.40 acres. Twenty-five-foot openbeamceilings. It has it all; top-of-themarket appliances, granite counters,dual-pane windows, and 2.5car garage with shop. $765,000.(22801)LandWard Avenue Lots – Walk tothe Beach! Great location byMacKerrcher State Park, well-sizedrectangular parcels with nice frontagenear the ocean and sand dunes.Three parcels available starting at$129,000. (22044, 22045, 22046)Oceanfront Parcel with AmazingViews House plans for a two-story,2 bedroom, 2 bath home. $299,000.(21935)60 Acres with Panoramic OceanViews This parcel is zoned for oneresidence with multiple location options.Very pretty...with lots of treesand meadows. This is the north ofthree adjacent sixty-acre parcels.$499,000. (21890)Three Contiguous Parcels Totaling7.8 Acres Parcels are wooded withsome lovely, millable redwoods anda variety of other trees. Road accessexists on the western-most parcel,with a walking trail crossing into theother two parcels on the northernside. Property corners and lines areidentified and marked. There is anexisting well on the western parcel.Each parcel is priced at $250,000or all three available at a total of$690,000. (21436)No Coastal Development PermitRequired Flat parcel, good drilledwell, preliminary soils report forstandard septic system. Good oceanviews, easy walk to Pomo Bluff Parkand College of the Redwoods (exerciseand education). $219,000.(22921)PRICE REDUCEDGreenwood Cottage from 1885 in theMendocino village. Single-level saltboxwith studio. This 2 bedroom, 1 bath homehas a small fenced yard with fruit trees.Pinewood floors and ninetenth-centuryinterest. Perimeter foundation, thermal windows,and water storage tank. $396,000.(22468)Full details and photosfor these listingsand many more onour websitewww.seacottage.comOceanfront Stunner Three bedroom,2 bath home in Pacific Reefsgated community on 1.2 acres. Manysuperlative features. Unobstructedocean views. House of Whales idealfor permanent home or vacationrental investment. $995,000. (22693)Beauty. Security. Activity.Retirement Living at The Woods.All Points Real Estate Service32670 Highway 20, Fort Bragg Corner of South Harbor Drive and Highway 20Office: 707-961-1020 • Fax: 707-961-1035 • www.allpointsrealestate.orgThe Woods. Retirement living for seniors55+ on 37 sunbelt acres nestled amongancient redwoods, pines and rhododendrons.A special place, the beauty ofCalifornia’s North Coast and the vibrancyof historic Mendocino arts and culturalcommunity is just minutes away.Explore and enjoy all the area offers fromyour private, quality manufactured home.Start with activities in the on-premisesclubhouse. Read a book from our library.Take a dip in the indoor heated pool andspa. Meander on almost two miles ofwooded walking paths. Visit neighborsand make new friends in the community.Take a scenic drive to pick huckleberries,play golf at a nearby course, or visit anyof six stunning state beaches. Enjoy anactive and secure lifestyle with a uniqueblend of nature and gracious living.The Woods. Affordable living on themagnificent Mendocino Coast.Equal HousingOpportunityTo learn more about The Woods call 707 937-0294 or 800 469-663743300 Little River Airport Road, Little River, CA 95456 • www.ncphs.orgThe Woods is owned and operated by Northern California Presbyterian Homes & Services, Inc.NCPHSNORTHERN CALIFORNIAPRESBYTERIAN HOMES& SERVICESRuth Schnell Brokereurekaruthe@ sbcglobal.netTHE GLASS BEACH INN has been an outstanding Innfor many years,visibly located on Main Street, it consistsof ten uniquely decorated, cozy and comfortable rooms(each with private bath), two sitting rooms, a largekitchen with sunlit dinning room, and detached cottagein back. Plus the large 2 bedroom, 1 bath owner’s quarterson the second floor has its own kitchen and covereddeck. MLS 22881 LISTED FOR $899,000THIS GRAND PIECE OF OCEANFRONT PROPERTYwith panoramic views from its 12.9± acres is located approximatelyone mile south of Elk, fifteen miles south ofMendocino and about a three- to four-hour drive from SanFrancisco. On site are a small cabin/studio and a two-story,1,600 sq. ft. shop/garage. MLS 21543 Reduced to $1,475,000Ted & Dodie Christian Realtors ®tedc@mcn.orgQUAINT RUSTIC COTTAGE amid a garden setting oflong-time award-winning flowers to be enjoyed from theprivate patio and many walkways. The three-bay detachedgarage with shop is a must-see for the hobbyist or collector.Located within walking distance of beaches and park. MLS21427 Reduced to $439,000YES THIS IS LAKE front at its best, located in a senior mobilehome park across the street from Pudding Creek Beach. You canenjoy the lake and all of its feathered inhabitants such as theswans and ducks either from thedeck or through the large frontroom/dining room windows, making this 2 bedroom, 2 bath,double-wide home a must-see. And for those unexpected eventsthat may occur, an emergency power generator is on hand justin case. MLS 22690 Listed for $123,500

Real Events CalendarOngoing, 2011Mondays—Weekly vigils at Mike Thompson’soffice, Franklin Street, Fort Bragg,10:00 a.m.Mondays—Drop-in English Country Dance,6:45 p.m. to 7:45 p.m., C.V. Starr CommunityCenter, 300 South Lincoln Street, FortBragg; $6 at the door.Thursdays—Support group for grandparentsraising grandchildren, 10:00 a.m. to11:00 a.m. at Safe Passage Family ResourceCenter, 208 Dana Street, Fort Bragg; 964-1931 or 964-3077.Thursdays—Bingo; snacks and beveragesprovided; 7:00 p.m. (doors open at 6:00p.m.), 490 North Harold Street; 964-0443.Fridays—Noyo Food Forest learning gardenhands-on experiences, 1:00 p.m. to 5:00p.m., Fort Bragg High School; 964-0218.Fridays—Swing Dancing, 6:30 p.m. to9:00 p.m., Caspar Inn; Free and open to thepublic.Saturdays—Noyo Food Forest communitygarden, 10:30 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.; grow food forthe Food Bank; Mendocino Community Gardennext to the recreation center; 964-0218.First Fridays—Women in Black Peace Vigil,5:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m., Town Hall, FortBragg. All are welcome to come and standin silence for Peace. You are welcome tobring a candle.First and Third Fridays—Irish Set DanceWorkshops, 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m., 307 EastRedwood Avenue, Fort Bragg; $5 at the door;964-7525; social dances of rural Ireland,Irish sets are danced by four couples in asquare formation, to lively reels, jigs, polkas,slides, and hornpipes; the figures arenot difficult, though the dance is fast-paced;musicians familiar with Irish music are invitedto come and play; “drop-in” basis; newcomersalways welcome, no partner necessary;please wear clean, soft-soled shoes.First Saturdays—SHARE (Simply HappyAbout Raw Eating) network’s Raw Food Potluck,6:00 p.m.; bring an organic, raw vegandish for eight people to share, a plate, eatingutensils; upstairs of the Company Storeat Living Light, Fort Bragg; 357-2030.Second Wednesdays—Odd Fellows potluckand open stage. Bring music, food, andpoetry; 428 North Main Street, Fort Bragg,behind PAWS; doors open by 6:00 p.m.;961-6099 or 964-2511 on Wednesday.Second Fridays—Pub Night. Openmic, games, food, conviviality, beer andwine; all ages welcome; guest chefs;free for the fun; fees for food andbeverages; 6:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m.;Caspar Community Center; 964-4997.Fourth Sunday—Grange Pancake Breakfasts:Inland, Little Lake Grange, 8:00 a.m.to 11:00 a.m. Little Lake Grange #670, 291School Street, Willits; $6 for pancakes,eggs, ham or bacon, juice, and coffee or tea;Thanksgiving coffee and real maple syrup.Coast, Whitesboro Grange, 8:00 a.m. to 11:30a.m.; ham and eggs, pancakes, juice, milk,coffee and teas (herbal and regular), homemadeberry syrup; three miles up NavarroRidge Road, just south of Albion village.Fourth Sunday—Breakfast in Caspar, featuringlocal, organic and gourmet food, 9:00a.m. to 11:30 a.m., Caspar Community Center,15051 Caspar Road; menu varies with theseasons; book sale takes place in conjunction;call 964-4997 for more information orvisit casparcommons.org for monthly menu.Ongoing SaturdaysMeet the SealsThrough the summer, join state park Interpreterson a walk to the seal rocks to seeharbor seals and learn about their life alongthe Mendocino Coast. Level walking, fun forall ages.2:00 p.m.Meet at the Lake Cleone parking lot inMacKerricher State ParkCall 961-0471 for more information.Ongoing–Sun. 07/17She Stoops to ConquerFirst performed in London in 1773, thishilarious farce by Oliver Goldsmith, full ofwitty social commentary has continued todelight audiences for more than two hundredyears. Comic confusion and imaginedclass distinctions threaten to derail an engagementbetween young Mr. Marlow andthe vivacious Kate Hardcastle. It takes allof Kate’s ingenuity to turn things to her advantagein this fast-paced, warm, and wiseplay. Directed by Dan Kozloff. Show openedJune 9.8:00 p.m. Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays;2:00 p.m. matinee Sunday July 10. Final performanceJuly 17, Sunday at 8:00 p.m.Helen Schoeni Theater, 45200 Little LakeStreet, MendocinoCall for tickets and more information,937-4477.Ongoing–Sun. 07/31Redwood Tables and Tableware ShowThe Artists’ Collective Gallery featurestables by Craig Hathaway and pottery byAlison Gardner.Opening reception with the artists July 9,3:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.Gallery hours: seven days a week, 10:00 a.m.to 5:00 p.m.6031 South Highway 1Call 937-5202 or 513-7680 for the artists;877-1128 for the gallery.Ongoing–Wed. 08/31Junior Ranger ProgramKids ages seven through twelve. Earn badgesand other prizes! Want to help out andlearn about our Shorebirds?Wednesdays at 3:30 p.m.Meet at Lake Cleone parking lot at MacKerricherState Park.961-0471 or 937-4700July, 2011Fri. 07/08Pub NightSecond Fridays. Open mic, games, food,conviviality, beer and wine. All ages welcome.Guest chef, Georgia Lane.Free for the fun; fees for food and beverages.6:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m.Caspar Community Center964-4997Real Estate Magazine July 8, 2011 Page 17Information about your event must be written copy… E-mail, FAX, mail or delivered to ouroffice. To limit errors and omissions phone messages about events will not be accepted.A telephone number for information must be included.Public Service Announcements Courtesy of Real Estate Magazine.Sat. 07/09Mendocino English Country DanceBruce Hamilton, caller and dance leader.Very lively music by “Take A Dance” Englishcountry dance orchestra, the house band.English Country Dance is fun, relativelyeasy, community-oriented dancing with livemusic. All dances are taught. No partner isrequired. Beginners are encouraged to participate.No special dress is required. Pleasebring potluck snacks and beverages to shareduring the break.$108:00 p.m.Newcomer instruction at 7:30 p.m.Caspar Community Center964-4826Fri. 07/08State Park Junior Ranger ProgramsPresented by California State Parks andMendocino Area Parks Association.Your Special Critter, MacKerricher StatePark Campfire CenterTracking Critters, Van Damme State ParkCampfire CenterFree961-0471 or 937-4700Sat. 07/09State Park Campfire ProgramsPresented by California State Parks andMendocino Area Parks Association.Birds of MacKerricher, MacKerricher StatePark Campfire CenterRavens, Van Damme State Park CampfireCenterFree8:00 p.m.961-0471 or 937-4700Fri. 07/15State Park Junior Ranger ProgramsPresented by California State Parks andMendocino Area Parks Association.Lake Walk: Plants, MacKerricher Sate Park-Lake Cleone parking lotRocky Shores, Van Damme State Park VisitorCenterFree961-0471 or 937-4700Sat. 07/16State Park Campfire ProgramsPresented by California State Parks andMendocino Area Parks Association.California State Symbols, MacKerricherState Park Campfire CenterMountain Lions, Van Damme State ParkCampfire CenterFree8:00 p.m.961-0471 or 937-4700Fri. 07/15Over the Garden FenceA special day to excite every gardener—no matter how experienced. Visit fabulousdemonstration gardens, learn design tipsfor container gardening and floral display,sample fantastic examples of ‘Garden totable’ treats from celebrity chefs, and shopin a special sale of new and gently used gardenart, furniture, accessories and tools atbargain prices. Garden Fresh Lunch—A delicious,fresh lunch served in the Gardens’Courtyard at your leisure from 11:30 a.m.until 1:30 p.m. Ongoing demonstrations include:Floral arranging using ‘fantasticfinds’ from your garden; Creating tabletopgarden whimsy; Large and small formatcontainer gardening; ‘Garden to Table’ luscioustreats by celebrity chef, Margaret Fox.Treasure Hunt at the fabulous sale of newand gently used garden art, furniture, accessories,and tools at very special prices. Opento ticket holders only. Tour our demonstrationgardens in full summer bloom—ledby specialists who will share their tricks ofthe trade. Special mini-lectures and demonstrationsat the Begonia Display house,the Dahlia Garden and the highly producingVegetable Garden.Tickets on sale now, at www.gardenbythesea.orgor at the Gardens Store.MCBG members $35, (advance); Non-members,$40$15 Box Lunch10:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.Questions? Please call 707-964-4352, extension10.TOTALRAINFALL*for theMENDOCINO COASTTotal Rainfall 1990–1991 ............... 22.76”Total Rainfall 1991–1992 ............... 32.47”Total Rainfall 1992–1993 ............... 50.08”Total Rainfall 1993–1994 ............... 27.67”Total Rainfall 1994–1995 ............... 55.32”Total Rainfall 1995–1996 ............... 39.23”Total Rainfall 1996–1997 ................42.36”Total Rainfall 1997–1998 ............... 73.33”Total Rainfall 1998–1999 ............... 46.40”Total Rainfall 1999–2000 ............... 35.13”Total Rainfall 2000–2001 ............... 30.18”Total Rainfall 2001–2002 ............... 43.40”Total Rainfall 2002–2003 ............... 44.00”Total Rainfall 2003–2004 ............... 27.41”Total Rainfall 2004–2005 ............... 39.79”Total Rainfall 2005–2006 ............... 52.18”Total Rainfall 2006–2007 ............... 29.20”Total Rainfall 2007–2008 ............... 32.59”Total Rainfall 2008–2009 ............... 24.17”Total Rainfall 2009–2010 ................46.89"Total Rainfall2010–2011To Date 50.75”Total RainfallJune 22, 2011 to June 30, 20110.82”This rainfall data was gathered atMendocino CityCommunity Services District*Total rainfall is measured from July 1 of the precedingyear to June 30 of the current year.

Real Estate Magazine July 8, 2011 Page 18Real Events CalendarJuly 2011 (continued)Mon. 07/18Mendocino Stories and Music SeriesThe Mendocino Stories and Music Seriesis taking advantage of a quiet night in theMusic Festival to invite Father/Daughterduo Mike and Leah Wollenberg to play jazzand celtic music with guitar and violin. Thisevent is a benefit for Pacific Textile Arts.Pacific Textile Arts is an organization devotedto the support of all the textile arts.They teach young people and children toweave, knit and spin and to understand therole these activities have played since thebeginning of human history.A mainstay in the Bay Area music scenesince the early eighties, guitarist MikeWollenberg has performed and recordedwith many Bay Area luminaries, from MikeMarshall and Darol Anger to Laurie Lewisand Tom Rozum. Leah Wollenberg has beenaround music and musicians all her life. Asa performer, Leah presents her music withtotal absorption and conviction, making hera joy to listen to and watch.All ages are welcome.Sliding scale $10–$20.Bistro menu and libations are available assoon as the doors open at 6:30 p.m.Music starts at 7:30 p.m.Mendocino HotelFor more information, call Pattie at 937-1732 or go online to http://www.mendocinostories.com/events.html.Fri. 07/29Mendocino Stories and Music SeriesAmericana recording artist Marcus McCallenalong with bassist John Bush. MarcusMcCallen, versatile singer and accomplishedguitarist, has shared the stage withVan Morrison, Jessie Colin Young, ChrisIsaak, Jerry Jeff Walker, and many others.He brings with him an irresistible blend offolk, rock, country and blues. Joining himwill be John Bush, multi-instrumentalist,producer, and audio engineer on bass. Allages are welcome.Sliding scale $10–$15.Bistro menu and libations are available assoon as the doors open at 6:30 p.m.Music starts at 7:30 p.m.Mendocino HotelFor more information, call Pattie at 937-1732 or go online to http://www.mendocinostories.com/events.html.Sat. 07/30Mendocino Stories and Music SeriesThe Mendonesians will be the featured performers,playing their brand of Latin andJazz tunes. Band leader Lynn Kiesewetter,on keyboards, always brings along a fineselection of musicians to highlight her soft“lounge singer” style. Featured guest forthis session is her son, Bing York, on drums.All ages are welcome.Sliding scale $10–$15.Bistro menu and libations are available assoon as the doors open at 6:30 p.m.Music starts at 7:30 p.m.Mendocino HotelFor more information, call Pattie at 937-1732 or go online to http://www.mendocinostories.com/events.html.August, 2011Fri. 08/05Mendocino Stories and Music SeriesA rowdy night of entertainment with LennyLaks and John Chamberlin. Lenny andJohn, AKA The Whales, have a set list thatstretches from Lenny’s originals to John’srenditions of America’s hip favorites—eclectic Americana in all its infinite variety.Special guests are Antonia Lamb and JonFaurot. All ages are welcome.Sliding scale $10–$15.Bistro menu and libations are available assoon as the doors open at 6:30 p.m.Music starts at 7:30 p.m.Mendocino HotelFor more information, call Pattie at 937-1732 or go online to http://www.mendocinostories.com/events.html.Sat. 08/06Art in the GardensMendocino Coast Botanical Gardens presentthe twentieth annual Art in the Gardens.This celebration of fine art and finecraft also features local musicians and MendocinoCounty vintners. Hailed by many asthe best garden party on California’s NorthCoast, Art in the Gardens is MCBG’s biggestfund-raiser of the year.Imagine a beautiful summer’s day withnearly a hundred talented artists, live artInformation about your event must be written copy… E-mail, FAX, mail or delivered to ouroffice. To limit errors and omissions phone messages about events will not be accepted.A telephone number for information must be included.Public Service Announcements Courtesy of Real Estate Magazine.demonstrations, the finest MendocinoCounty wineries, delicious food and localculinary treats, and fabulous musicians onsix stages…all coming together to create adynamic event right in the heart of the BotanicalGardens. This garden backdrop willdazzle and delight your senses with colorand fragrance as you stroll the garden pathssampling, viewing, listening and selecting.Highlights include:• A wide variety of original fine art andcrafts including beautiful, handcrafted furnitureavailable for purchase.• Artists in Action will be demonstratingtheir techniques—from weaving to woodworking.• The Silent Auction area will offer one-ofa-kindpieces donated by the artists, uniquetravel lots and special wine collections.(100 percent of the proceeds benefit theMendocino Coast Botanical Gardens.)• Wine tasting from Mendocino County’sbest wineries will be available with the purchaseof an event wine glass.• Gourmet picnic baskets featuring the finestlocal food and wine will be available forpurchase.• Select fine food vendors offer fantasticchoices in our Food Court on The Green.• Live music and performances will add tothe ambiance and charm of this delightfulsummer’s day!Tickets are $20 in advance (on sale now),$25 the day of the event.A limited number of Gourmet Picnic Basketsare available –sized for one person($25) ; Wineglasses for tasting are $20 perperson. To purchase advance tickets, picnicbaskets and wine tasting tickets:www.gardenbythesea.org select ‘Art in theGardens’ or call 707-964-4352.

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