Smart Repair Equipment

Smart Repair Equipment

SMART by HBCthe perfect start -to an excellent finishExhibitionsWe are partiicipating in all major exhibitionsworldwide. The exhibitions are often carriedout in close cooperation with the local partners.Visit our website for further informationabout national shows.

TheProductLineSmart Repair Trolley PremiumIncluding all necessary tools; airbrush, mini scale, caulking gun, etc.System A: Fabric and velour repair systemSystem B1: Repair system for plastic, leather and vinylSystem B2: Texture coat kitSystem B3: Colour mixing system for plastic, leather and vinyl (aqua)System B4: Spray colour system for plastic, leather and vinyl (12 Standard colours)System C: Spot-Repair (aqua)System D-ProG3: Windschield repair systemSystem E3: Rim repair systemSystem G30: 30 tools PDR kitSlidehammer standard kitPart no. 00.655PDR trolleyPDR TrolleyIncluding all necessary toolsSystem G30:, 30 tools PDR kitSlidehammer kit Proff12V lamp vacum Ø 75mmTool support vacumPart no. 00.653PDR prof TrolleyIncluding all necessary tools.System G30: 30 tools PDR kitSlidehammer kit Proff12V lamp vacum Ø 75mmTool support vacumAdjustabel door kit 3pcs.Whale tail tool kit 4pcs.PDR hammerSpecial T-ToolFlat bar tool, bendablePremium sanding pads 1500, 2000 and 3000Part no. 00.654Wanted.....Importers and training partners worldwideHBC SYSTEM - SMARTTOOLPRODUCTIONHBC system Smarttool Productiondevelops, produces and marketscomplete innovative Smart RepairSystems of high quality standards.HBC system offers Smart Repairproducts and systems worldwide,serves market leading brands, is recommendedby insurance companiesand is homologated by car manufactures.The systems are complete solutionswith all chemical products, step bystep manuals, technical training forthe repairer, and consumables.System and tool guaranty and warrantyprograms.All HBC products and services aremanufactured with the ultimate goalto offer products of high quality forHigh-end repairs. Steel and metal,up to lifetime warranty program. Weprovide minimum 2 year.HBC systemHBC Smarttool system Production ApSSmarttool Hobrovej 963-961 Production ApSHobrovej 9530 Støvring 963-9619530 Denmark StøvringDenmark Tel. +45 70 22 7070Tel. Fax +45 70 22 7070 7272Fax 70 22 7272info@hbc-system.comwww.hbc-system.comwww.hbc-system.comWarrantySteel and metal, upto lifetime warrantyprogram.We provide minimum2 year

Small damage is big businessSmart Marketing ZoneSee it for yourself at YouTube or FacebookAdvertising signAdvertising signs promoting the Smart Repairconcept, with your company detailsand logo. The signs could be exposed atstrategic places such as :· The general reception· The bodyshop reception· Waiting areas reserved for the customersLeather displaysMany customers are not aware of the possibilityto repair leather damages. With aleather display from HBC system you makethe possibility visible and catch the customer’sattention! The leather displays are tobe mounted on the wall in the reception orcustomer area. Availabel in braun or blackleather, size 25 x 25 cm.Windscreen displaysThe windscreen display from HBC systemis suitable for making windscreen repairsvisible for your customer.The display is available in a size fitting thereception desk. Easy and simply to catchthe customer’s eye!Size 25 x 15 cm.

Meet usand ourPartnersMeet us and see, feel and hearHBC SYSTEM - SMARTTOOL PRODUCTIONDevelops, produces and markets complete innovative smart repairsystems which have proven their efficiency on many marketsaround the world.SMART by HBCthe perfect start -to an excellent finishhttp://www.hbc-system.comhttp://www.hbc-system.dkhttp://www.smartrepairtools.comhttp://www.smartreparatursystem.dehttp://www.dassmartreparatur.de systems are complete solutions with all chemical products,step-by-step manuals, technical training for the repairer, and consumables.The HBC products are marketed through local national HBC partnerswho act as marketing, and distribution channels for systems,consumables, technical training, and marketing.As a parallel to sales trough national / regional HBC system partners,HBC SYSTEM - SMARTTOOL PRODUCTION supplies productsand systems directly to another type of customers called OEM/ Private label customers such as car factories, paint producers,etc.We produce everything to SMART Repair jobs, for example smalldents, scratches, stone scratches, and damage on interior and exterior.!/Smartrepairtool

SMART by HBCthe perfect start -to an excellent finishSales, Delivery and Training worldwideWe offer day to day deliveries worldwideHBC system Smart Repair Sales PartnesOur distribution network counts 72 international sales partner.Contact us for your local sales partnerHBC systemSmarttool ProductionHobrovej 961-963dk9530 StovringDenmarkTel +45 70227070Fax +45 70227272E-mail info@hbc-system.comLocal Smart Repair Training PartnersToday we have 80 natinal training partners worldwide.HBC systemSmarttool ProductionHobrovej 961-963dk9530 StovringDenmarkTel +45 70227070Fax +45 70227272E-mail info@hbc-system.comDangerous goods shipping agentOur in-house international IATAshipping specialist is responsiblefor shipping chemicals,paint and equipment by sea,air or road. We’re offering thehighest standard of secureshipping, door to door. Pleasefeel free to contact us:HBC systemSmarttool ProductionHobrovej 961-963dk9530 StovringDenmarkTel +45 70227070Fax +45 70227272E-mail


A System B1 System B2 System B3 SystemFabric repairPlastic repairLeather repairVinyl repairBumper repairTexture repair system for repairof damages in the surface ofplastic, leather and vinyl.Plastic paint mixingVinyl paint mixingLeather paint mixingFabric Coat“20”Fabric coataerosolsLeather Coat“10”leather coataerosolsB4 System“30”Plastic coataerosol systemF Scanning SystemPlastic,leather & vinylscanning systemE Painted Rim System E Polished Rim System B Mini Bumper RepairBumper repair systemB6 Plastic WeldingSystemB Mini PlasticHard plastic repairTrolley MobileSystems introlleyAB1B2B3B4Trolley L Trolley XL Trolley XXLSystems introlleyAB1B2B3B4E3Systems introlleyAB1B2B3B4E3D Pro G3Systems introlleyAB1B2B3B4E3D Pro G3C+ + +

C SystemCar paint, spot repairD SystemD Pro G3Windscreen and crackrepair systemSystemModelsDpro G3H SystemAir cleaning systemE SystemCaravan repair systemD SystemD AutoWindscreen repair systemD Headlight RepairG8 systemG14 systemG30 systemSlidehammer systemDent repair starter - G Mini 8Dent repair semi - G Basic 14Dent repair profi - G Premium 30Dent repair glueingsystemG 8G14G30Dent lifterPDR TrolleyPDR Trolley ProfTrolley PremiumSystems introlleyG 30Slidehammerkit profesionalG30SlidehammerSystems introlleyG 30Slidehammerkit profesionalG30Slidehammer+Additional15 ToolsSystems introlleyAB1B2B3B4E3D Pro G3CSlidehammerkit profesional+SlidehammerG30

SMART Repair Trolley Mobile (part no. 00.308)System A: Fabric and velour repair systemSystem B1: Repair system for plastic, leather and vinylSystem B2: Texture coat kitSystem B3: Color mixing system for plastic, leather and vinyl (aqua)System B4: Spray color system for plastic and vinyl(12 Standard colors)Trolley mobile Part no. 00.308This fully equipped SMART Repair Trolleyfrom HBC system is developed for the highendSMART Repair specialist.It includes all the necessary systems tomake the most common high-end repairs inthe SMART Repair business.All necessary tools are included; airbrush,mini scale, caulking gun, etc.All in one kit, 6 pack - trolley mobile systemDimension: 490 x 311 x 820mmGross weight 24 kgPacking paper box 510 x 320 x 840mm.Packing18 per palletTransport Air (IATA) and RoadInclusive00.023 Airbrush00.088 Mini scale 0,01 Gram

SMART Repair Trolley L Part no. 00.516System A: Fabric and velour repair systemSystem B1: Repair system for plastic, leather and vinylSystem B2: Texture coat kitSystem B3: Color mixing system for plastic, leather and vinyl (aqua)System B4: Spray color system for plastic and vinyl(12 Standard colors)System E3: Rim repair systemTrolleyMobileandTrolley L+Key Advantages• Steel cabinet• Key lock to tools• All tools, consumables and assecceriesare included for each system• Easy to move around in workshop area• Mobile and flexibleTrolley L Part no. 00.516This fully equipped SMART RepairTrolley from HBC system isdeveloped for the high-end SMARTRepair specialist.Included are all the necessarysystems to make a high-end repairin the SMART Repair business.All necessary tools are included;airbrush, mini scale, caulking gun,etc.18-19

SMART Repair Trolley XL (part no. 00.659)System A:System B1:System B2:System B3:System B4:Fabric and velour repair systemGlue repair system for plastic, leather and vinylTexture coat kitColor mixing system for plastic, leather andvinyl (aqua)Spray color system for plastic, leather and vinyl(12 Standard colors)System D-ProG3: Windschield repair systemSystem E3: Rim repair systemSMART Repair Trolley XXL (part no. 00.658)System A:System B1:System B2:System B3:System B4:Fabric and velour repair systemGlue repair system for plastic, leather and vinylTexture coat kitColor mixing system for plastic, leather and vinyl(aqua)Spray color system for plastic, leather and vinyl(12 Standard colors)Spot-Repair (aqua)System C:System D-ProG3: Windschield repair systemSystem E3: Rim repair system+ +Trolley XL Part no. 00.659A fully equipped SMART RepairTrolley from HBC system isdeveloped for the high-end SMARTRepair specialist.It includes all the necessarysystems to make a high-end repairin the SMART Repair business.Trolley XXL Part no. 00.658This fully equipped SMART RepairTrolley from HBC system isdeveloped for the high-endSMART Repair specialist.It includes all the necessarysystems to make a high-end repairin the SMART Repair business.Key Advantages• Steel cabinet• Key lock to tools• All tools, consumables andassecceries are includedfor each system• Easy to move around inworkshop area• Mobile and flexibleAll necessary tools are included;airbrush, mini scale, caulking gun,etc.All necessary tools are included;airbrush, mini scale, caulkinggun, etc.

SMART Repair Trolley Premium (part no. 00.655)TrolleyXL, XXL,TrolleyPremiumSystem A: Fabric and velour repair systemSystem B1: Glue repair system for plastic, leather and vinylSystem B2: Texture coat kitSystem B3: Color mixing system for plastic, leather and vinyl (aqua)System B4: Spray color system for plastic, leather and vinyl(12 Standard colors)System C: Spot-Repair (aqua)System D-ProG3: Windschield repair systemSystem E3: Rim repair systemSystem G30: 30 tools PDR kitSlidehammer standard kitSlidehammerG30Trolley Premium Part no. 00.655SMART Repair Trolley Premium is theultimate high-end quality equipment fromHBC system.The Trolley Premium is excellent forworkshops as all the smart repair systemsand PDR tools are collected in one place.The Smart Repair Trolley is flexible and issimply a must for workshops that requireefficiency, flexibility and mobility.SMART Repair Trolley SolutionsComes complete including all hardware,tools and chemicals, which are requiredfor each included system.The fully equipped SMART RepairTrolleys are developed for the high-endSMART Repair specialist. It contains allthe necessary systems that are neededto complete a high-end repair of a cigaretteburn, damaged leather, scratchedbumper, cracked windshield or damagedrim. Packed in a strong, lockable,6-tray steel cabinet on wheels whichmake it very easy to move around in theworkshop area. With this state-of-theartSMART Repair Trolley Solution youalways have the right solution.All necessary tools are included; airbrush,mini scale, caulking gun, etc.

Fabric Repair SystemPart no 00.307Fabric and velours system AThis system for fabric and velourenables the repair of upholsterywith a finish and quality sure toattract attention.As standard we deliver 40 differentfibres, which can be mutuallymixed to match the primary colorperfectly.Subsequently, the pattern ispainted on, and finally the repairis impregnated to give it a waterrepellent effect.Stoff-und VeloursreparatursystemSystem A Part. no. / Art.Nr. 307)Inhalt:00.154 Stoff-Fasern, div. Farben, 40 Stück00.006 Puffer00.004 Kleber, flüssig, transparent (A-Coat)00.003 Kleber, flüssig (A-Stitch)00.311 Imprägnierspray (A-Guard)00.002 Pulvergranulat-Kleber (A-Compound)00.005 Teflonfolie00.775 Elektrostatikgerät00.131 Pincette00.022 Verstärkungsmatte00.009 FarbstifteComponents:00.161 0811 Fibers deponent red 50cc00.162 0500 Fibers silver gray 50cc00.163 0702 Fibers gold 50cc00.164 1000 Fibers pure white 50cc00.165 2011 Fibers orange 50cc00.166 2122 Fibers cardinal red 50cc00.167 2160 Fibers pure red 50cc00.168 2200 Fibers pure blue 50cc00.169 2202 Fibers navy blue 50cc00.170 2300 Fibers dark green 50cc00.171 2400 Fibers pure brown 50cc00.172 2720 Fibers canary yellow 50cc00.173 2900 Fibers pure black 50cc00.174 4124 Fibers dark charcoal 50cc00.175 4347 Fibers medium dark gray 50cc00.176 4349 Fibers sherry 50cc00.177 4409 Fibers charcoal 50cc00.178 4473 Fibers dark gray 50cc00.179 4520 Fibers regatta blue 50cc00.180 4567 Fibers driftwood 50cc00.181 4591 Fibers light emerald green 50cc00.182 4610 Fibers midnight blue 50cc00.185 4672 Fibers Chrysler blue 50cc00.187 4729 Fibers ebony 50cc00.189 4812 Fibers titanium 50cc00.191 4815 Fibers medium quartz 50cc00.192 4816 Fibers light buckskin 50cc00.194 4848 Fibers dark agate 50cc00.196 4913 Fibers super black 50cc00.197 6875 Fibers automotive black 50cc00.198 7000 Fibres White 50cc00.199 7464 Fibres Dark brown 50cc00.200 7520 Fibers graphite 50cc00.201 7549 Fibers light gray 50cc00.202 7550 Fibers medium gray 50cc00.204 4826 Fibres Dark Crystal blue 50cc00.207 7461 Fibres Rust 50cc00.210 0201 Fibres Baby blue 50cc00.211 0401 Fibres Yellow beige 50cc00.212 7268 Fibres Deep blue 50cc00.656 Complete Foam System Box 100.008 Heat sealing iron 100.004 A coat 60ml00.006 Puffer 100.003 A Stitch 100ml00.009 Pen Set 100.311 A Guard 150ml00.478 Brush 100.560 Knife 100.013 Palette knife 100.005 Teflon mat 100.022 Mesh 100.477 Scissors 100.002 A Compound 60ml00.544 Atomizer 100.131 Pincette 1Accesories00.775 Electrostatic fibre gun00.010 A coat spray 150ml

System AFabricRepair00.560 Knife00.131 Pincette00.544 Atomizerwww.hbc-system.com00.013 Palette Knife00.009 Pen set00.478 Brush00.477 Scissors00.008 Heat sealing iron00.006 Puffer00.004 A coat 60ml. 00.002 A compound 60ml 00.010 A coat spray 150ml 00.003 A stitch 100ml. 00.311 A Guard 150ml00.775 Electrostatic fibre gun00.022 Mesh00.005 Teflon Mat22-23

Fabric protection with A GuardFabric Protection

System AFabricRepairSMART by HBCthe perfect start -to an excellent finish00.311 A Guard 150ml AerosolA GuardFabric & Upholstery Protector sprayA guard is the best way to protect your carpet from spills, stainsand dirt. Look for carpet with built-in protection or apply one of ourdo-it-yourself products to extend the life of your carpets.Don’t let a grocery spill ruin your trunks finish. Spay it with A guardProtector and cleanups are an easy thing.Protect your caravan, boat, or your motorhome interior with Aguard, you avoid stains and cleaning is an easy step.A Guard for your Auto Fabric & Auto Carpet Protector. It repelsspills to keep your upholstery looking newer, longerThink about what your car mats go through. Help them last longerby protecting them with A Guard.A Guard is the best way to protect your carpet from spills, stainsand dirt. Look for carpet with built-in protection or apply one of ourdo-it-yourself products to extend the life of your carpets.24-25

Special fabric and velour coat “20”Spezial Stoff- und Veloursfarben

System AFabricSpraySMART by HBCthe perfect start -to an excellent finishThe Carpet and velour coat is available in12 standard Colour description/Farbeton20.461 Ultra light gray20.462 Light gray20.463 Medium gray20.464 Smoke dark gray20.465 Smoke medium gray20.466 Dark brown20.467 Medium brown20.468 Original gray20.469 Light black20.470 Original black20.471 Dark black20.472 Dark blueAutomodel: Stoff- und Velours Nummer Serie 20Bil Model: Stof - Nummer serie 20Car model: Carpet Number 20 SeriesAlfa 4711 / 5255 - B / 5268 / 5268 /Audi. 471 / 5297 /A 2 463 / 5269 / 5152 /A 3 463 / 467 - B / 467 - S /A 4 465 / 468 - L / 469 / 468 /A 6 464 / 465 - S / 467 / 468 / 466 BA / 5259A 8 469 - B / 5268 - S / 5259 / 4295 /VW.Beetle 268 / 463 / 5268 /Golf 470 B / 468 S / 4723 470 / 468 / 4723Lupo 5353 / 467 B / 468 S / 5257Passat 464 - S / 465 / 466 - B / 469 / 470 - B / 5286 5286Polo 467 /463 /Sharan 464 - S / 467 / 468 / 4711 / 4723Touran 467 / 470 B / 5152 / 5268 S / 5150 468 /VentoTuareg 468 /Seat 461 - L / 5268 /Alto 467 BA / 468 /Alhambra 467 B / 467 S / 468 /Cordoba 470 BA / 5268 B /Skoda 466 / 468 468 /Fabia 465 / 5269 B / 465 S /Alfa 4711 / 5255 - B / 5268 / 5268 /BMW 470 / 461 / 465 / 468 Ba + Bu / 470 / 5226 / 5268 / 470 /BMW 320 5267 /Citroen.Berlingo 461 / 5263 / 5353C 5 4296 /Partner 4711 /Picasso 462 / 5257 / 4783 /Xsara 468 B / 470 /C4 470 B / 468 /Chrysler.Stratus 5157 /Voyager 5259 / 468 / 5255 / 5259 /5259 /300 M 465 / 4295 /Land Rover 467 /Jaguar 470 BB / 468 Ba / S.type 468 / 468 /Galaxy 467 B / 465 / 468 /Daewoo 463 /Fiat. 472 /Panda 5263 /Punto 469 /Ford Mondeo 5152 / 5149 470 / 5152 /Focus 468 S /Kia 5272 /Carnival 465 - B / 4711 / 5268 - B /Rio 5294 /Sonata 5255 - B /Mazda 626 5255 / 5258 / 5268 - B /Space Wagon 467 /Mit. Carisma 468 / 470 / 463 Ba / 467 B / 468 / 470 /Lancer 468 /Pajero 463 / 465 /Colt 466 /Space Star 467 B / 468 /Mercedes 472 / 467 / 472 / 5255 / 468 Ba / 472 / 5268 /C + E 467 / 5155 /Nissan 5289 /Primera 471 / 5257 / 463 / 5255 / 5295 / 4722Terana 5269 /Micra 471 Ba / 468 /Opel.Astra 466 / 467 - B / 5268 - B /Corsa 468 / 5291 / 5291 / 464 /Vectra 473 /463 / 5268 - B / 4711/473 /Zafira 466 / 467 / 468 / 472 / 470 /Meriva 4781/468 /Peugeot.206 470 / 470 /306 470 / 5268 /307 463 / 470 B / 471 / 5268 - S /470 / 471 /406 5268 - B / 469 /469 / 470 Dø /Partner 4711 /407 464 B / 468 S /470 /Renault.Clio 468 /Laguna 463 - B / 464 - B / 465 / 468 / 4711 / 5255 /Scenic 463 / 464 / 5268 / 472 B / 4722 B / 5259/5268 /Megane 471 B /Saab 95 5255 - S / 5259 - B / 5149 468 / 5149Suzuki.Vitara 465 / 467 - S / 468 - S / 5290 - B /Toyota.Avensis 467 - B / 5242 / 468 B / 5295 468 /Carina E 462 / 465 / 472 /Rav 4 4307 / 464 / 468 /Sportvan 5268 /Verso 465 B / 468 /Corolla 468 / 468 /Volvo.S 60 468 /S 80 468 /S 90 462 /V 40 468 /V 50 468 / 468 /V 70 5152 - B /Mini Cooper 468 /Hyundai Getz 468 / 467 S / 469 /Matric 468 S / 470 B / 470 /Elentra 478 /MercedesKaschmirbeige 824 824 824Kaschmirbeige 144 144 144Cognacbraun 827 827 827Flamencorat 217-517 217-517 217-517Kieselbeige 215-515 215-515 215-515Schwarz 141 141 141Schwarz 821 821 821Schwarz 851 851 851Kaschmirbeige 854 854 854Saharabeige 825 825 825Sierragrau 828 828 828Sierragrau 858 858 858Savannenbeige 204-504-804 204 - 504 - 804 -204-504-804Basaltgrau 208-258-508-558-808-858 208 - 258 - 508 -558 - 808 - 858-208-258-508-558-808-858Sierragrau 148 148 148Alpacagrau 218-518 218-518 218-51826-27

Plastic, leather and vinyl repair systemSystem B1 Part no. 00.525Glue repair system for Plastic, Leather, and VinylFinding the right kind of adhesive for each job can often be difficultto the user. HBC system B1 is a glue system for repair ofscratches and damages in junctions of Plastic, Leather and Vinyl.It makes it possible to repair hard and flexible plastic, both interiorand exterior parts, bumpers, dashboards, as well as leather andvinyl components.SMART by HBCthe perfect start -to an excellent finishThe system contains all the required tools and adhesive materialsto complete the repair from start to finish. The adhesive typescontained in the system include among others specially developedhot-melt adhesive, chemically activated adhesives for hard plastics,flexible and rigid adhesive.Plastic, Leather, and Vinyl System B1 is complete with cleaners,primers, and reinforcement material and the tools. Copy the structureto top off the repair for a perfect finish!System B1 contains a complete assortment of adhesives rangingfrom specially developed hotmelt with fine structure to soft, flexible,or hard bumper-adhesive for dashboards and glass fibre boxes oncaravans and lorries.

SMART REPAIRS Even relatively new vehicles frequently suffer from unsightly traces of everydayuse, like scratches on the bumper as a result of clumsy parking manoeuvres, burn holes in the seatsfrom dropped cigarettes, or marks on the dashboard as souvenirs of the last house move. The FSEProgramme contains special SMART Repair Kits which make repairing such mishaps quick andeconomical. Danish SMART Repair specialist Henrik Bro Christensen tackles a typical repair whileautoteam watches over his shoulder.The magic suitcaseSystem B1PlasticLeather &VinylExamination“The first thing to do is: always have a goodlook at the damage,” Henrik explains. “Manyof these minor accidents can be made goodwith the help of the various repair systems.”On this Focus, a steel pipe had banged intothe dashboard as a result of braking. Thecustomer had bought some pipes from a DIYhypermarket and, as he had no roof rack,balanced them across the tops of the backseat and front passenger seat. Under heavybraking, one of the pipes broke free andbanged into the dashboard. After inspectingthe scratches, Henrik pronounces confidently:“No problem. We’ll make it good asnew.”Step by StepTaking the FSE Basic Repair Suitcase B1, hefirst cleans all round the area of the impactwith lint-free cloth and plastcleaner, thenmasks the surrounding area and tucks apiece of paper in the glove compartment.Now it’s the turn of the gun with the mouldmakercartridge. Henrik carefully flows someof the green viscous material onto an undamagedarea of the dashboard beside thescratches, then spreads it with the smallpalette knife to make a thin, even film. “In thisway, the surface pattern of the dashboard isreproduced and later copied onto the damagedspot. Don’t worry about the cast leavingtraces behind, because it won’t,” Henrikexplains. “Drying time is about five minutes.”Next he removes raised parts of the scratchesusing fine emery paper. “When doing this,try to minimise any roughening of the surroundingarea,” he advises, and then pulls offthe green moulding material which has driedin the meantime. He then places this carefullyover the damage spot, draws an outline ofthe damage on it with a pen, and lays the filmaside again. “Now I use the palette knife toapply a little B Compound carefully to thehollow and smooth it down. Now you haveto wait. When it has completely hardened, itappears a little transparent.”Heat Sealing IronThe electric heat sealing iron is the next toolto be used and Henrik illustrates what thethree indicator lights mean: “When I turn thesmall regulator to say 150° C, the yellow lampshows me that it is heating up to the desiredtemperature. Green means that the ironhas reached the set temperature and is ➤The pipe has left its mark on thedashboard.autoteam 1027System B1 part no. 00.525 Plastic, leather and vinylPart no. Description00.007 Cooling Bag 100.008 Heat sealing iron 100.013 Palette knife 100.014 B leather crack filler, 60ml 100.015 B gel clear, 30ml 100.018 B Compound, 60ml 100.021 Mouldmaker & additive, 50cc 100.022 Mesh 100.039 Plast Cleaner aerosol 150ml 100.041 Caulking/glue gun 100.069 Reinforcement tin 1 Pack00.127 Nozzels, 10 pcs. 1 Pack00.475 B Activator spray, 50ml 100.594 B Gel black, 30g 100.595 2K Plast Flexible, 50ml 100.596 2K Plast Rigid, 50ml 100.597 Mixing tips small, 12 pcs 1 Pack00.598 2K Plast Primer, 150ml 100.599 2K Reinforcement Film 100.600 2K Contour film 100.656 Complete Foam System Box 1System B1 Art. Nr. 00.525 Klebesystem für Kunststoffe, Leder u. VinylArt. Nr. Artikel00.007 Kühlkiste 100.008 Bügeleisen 100.013 Palettemesser 100.014 Leder-Spezialspachtel 60ml 100.015 Füllmaterial, pastös 30ml 100.018 Füllmaterial, pastös 60ml 100.021 2-Komp.-Negativmasse, grün 50cc 100.022 Verstärkungsmatte 100.039 Plastreiniger, Spraydose 400 ml 100.041 Fugenpistole 100.069 Verstärkungsblättchen, 15 Stück 1 Packung00.127 Düsen für Formmaterial flüssig, schwarz 10 Stck. 1 Packung00.475 Aktivatorspray für B-Gel 100.594 Formmaterial flüssig, schwarz 100.595 2-Komp.-Kleber für flexible Kunststoffe, 50 ml 100.596 2-Komp.-Kleber für harte Kunststoffe, 50 ml 100.597 Mischrohre, schmal, 12 Stück 1 Packung00.598 2-K Kunststoffprimer, 150 ml 100.599 Konturfolie blau mit Glasfaserverstärkung 100.600 Konturfolie blau für Stoßfänger 1 Rolle00.656 Systemkoffer 1

Bumper glue system B2K Rigid & 2K Flexible bumper glueSMART by HBCthe perfect start -to an excellent finish00.597 Mixing tips small 12 pcs.00.069 Reinforcement tin 15 pcs.00.041 Caulking gun.00.069 Reinforcement tin 15 pcs.00.595 2K flexible 50ml 00.596 2K rigid 50ml 00.039 Plastcleaner 150ml. 00.598 2K Plast primer 150ml00.600 Contour film rolePlastic filler system BB Gel black & B Gel clearSMART by HBCthe perfect start -to an excellent finishB Compound from syste00.475 B Activator spray 150ml 00.127 Nozzels for B gel 10 pcs. 00.594 B Gel Black 30g00.015 B Gel clear 30g

Leather repair system BB Leather Crack fillerLeather Crack filler from system B1Part no. 00.014System B1PlasticLeatherRepairB Leather crack filler is a water based acrylicpaste that fills out scratches in leather or anypart of that grain that is missing.- Flexible filler, fast drying, easy to sand.- Can be over coated with water based andsolvent based leather coatings.- Resistant to common used leather cleanerand protectionCuring time:Dust-dry after approx. less than 3 minutes.Set to touch after approx. 30 minutes.Sandable after approx. 30 minutes.Handling and ApplicationThe Leather crack filler paste contains approximately30% water, which means thatwhen the product is dry, the volume of theproduct will have diminished by 30%. Consequently,deep scratches will probably have tobe refilled once more. The adhesion of a filleris depending on the thickness of the product.The thinner the product, the better the adhesion.The thicker the worse the adhesion.Read the safety data CAREFULLY beforeusing this product.You can sand B leather crack filler with finesanding paper (P320-P400) before adding thefinal colour on the filled scratch.00.014 Leather Crack filler 60ml.Vinyl repair glue asystem BB Compoundm B1 Part no. 00.018www.hbc-system.com00.013 Palette knifeB Compound is a water based flexibleacrylic leather filler for holes in leatherand vinyl. Must be over coated withwater based or solvent based leathercoating. Resistant to common usedleather cleaner and protection.Curing time:Dust-dry after approx. 1 minute by heatingat 140 degrees. Set to touch whencooled down.Handling and ApplicationClean the area with plast cleaner partno. 00.039. Fill the damaged area withB Compound using the palette knifepart no. 00.013. Apply a mouldmakercopy on top of the wet glue. Use theheat sealing iron on the mould fromMouldmaker part no. 00.021 and heatthe product until it is melting. Cool downwith cooling bag part no. 00.007 andcarefully remove the mould.00.018 B Compound 60ml30-31

Plastic, leather and vinylTexture and mould making system

System B2 Part no. 00.816Texture coat systemExcellent for repairs of surface damages in alltypes of structuresThe world’s most complete texture system beatseverything on the market.Including HBC System Mouldmaker -developed to copy all types of structures.System B2 includes 5 different spray textures;coarse, medium, fine, fine flat, and coarse flatand 2 types of primers - one clear thin and onewith “sanding” that fills in the small scratchesand glue holes that often appear in the repair.System B2Plastic,Leather &VinylPart no. Description00.021 Mouldmaker & additive 50cc 200.293 Texture fine flat 400ml 100.294 Texture coarse flat 400ml 100.295 Texture fine 400ml 100.296 Texture medium 400ml 100.297 Texture coarse 400ml 100.298 Plast primer clear 400ml 100.301 PVC sanding 400ml 100.656 Complete Foam System Box 100.813 Mixing tips big 1Art. Nr. Artikel00.021 2-Komp.-Negativmasse, grün 50cc 200.293 Strukturspray fein-flach 400ml 100.294 Strukturspray grob-flach 400ml 100.295 Strukturspray fein 400ml 100.296 Strukturspray mittel 400ml 100.297 Strukturspray grob 400ml 100.298 Kunststoff-Primer, dünn (Klar) 400ml 100.301 Primer strukturiert, clear 400ml 100.656 Systemkoffer 100.813 Mischrohre, breit 1SMART by HBCthe perfect start -to an excellent finishTexture fine flatTexture fineTexture mediumTexture coarse flatTexture coarsePrimer clearPVC-Sanding

SMART by HBCthe perfect start -to an excellent finishPlastic, leather, vinyl and metalMouldmakerReady to usein 5 minutes00.021 Mouldmaker 50ccMouldmaker for Plastic, Leather, Vinyl, and Caravan repair• Silicone free• Easy working• 100% flexibleHandling and applicationMouldmaker is a silicone free copy material, it’s easy to apply ontop of the non damaged structured surface, you want to copy.After maximum two to five minutes the Mouldmaker is cured.Simply remove the clear hardened film, and on the back you havean original copy of the structure.You can apply the Mouldmaker on:Caravans; structured panels, works perfect with the vacuum tool.B compound; holes in leather and vinyl dashboardsB crack filler; larger area damages on leatherB gel clear and B gel black (Hard plastic)2K rigid and 2K flexible (Bumper repair)00.021CL Clear Mouldmaker 75ccMouldmaker is developed for the high-end, high-quality repair.Part no. DescriptionSize00.021 Green Mouldmaker 50cc00.021CL Clear Mouldmaker 75cc00.021LB Mouldmaker Light Blue 50ccNeeded Support tools00.041 Mixing gun for mouldmaker 00.021and mould maker light blue 00.021LB00.813 Mixing tips big 12 pcs.for mouldmaker 00.021 and mouldmaker 00.021LB00.045 Mixing Gun for clear mouldmaker 00.021CL00.047 Mixing tips pink 10 pcs. for clear mouldmaker00.041 Caulking gun formouldmaker 00.02100.021 Green Mouldmaker 50cc


SMART by HBCthe perfect start -to an excellent finishSpecial paint mixing system forPlastic, Leather and VinylSystem B3 Aqua Part no. 00.826Color mixing systemBase colors for mixing of plastic-,leather- and vinyl colors.The completedye to match-system for allkinds of soft, hard, and flexible materialssuch as leather, fabric, vinyl,plastic, and glass fibre.The standard system includescolor swatch, gloss system, mixingbook (formulas), primers, additivesetc. Available as both solventbased and water based.All dyes and glosses gain a permanencythat makes this system indispensablefor service mechanicsworking with the repair of plasticsor with maintenance jobs on furniture,cars, lorries, etc. With systemyou’ll be able to mix thousands ofcustom made colors.

Perfect for:FurnitureCarsBoatsHandbagsAirlineSystem B3Plastic,Leather &Vinyl36-37

Mix the colour you like withB3 Colour matching systemB3 Aqua 5000 ml.B3 Aqua 1000 ml.B3 Aqua 250 ml.

SMART by HBCthe perfect start -to an excellent finishSystem B3Plastic,LeatherRepairSolvent system Aqua system Aqua scan systemB3 Solventpart no. 00.814250ml. 1000ml. 5000ml.00.024 Colour coat selector 1pcs.00.031 Landau black 250ml00.034 Tinting white 250ml00.026 Lt Buckskin 250ml00.027 Silver 250ml00.148 Red Oxide 250ml00.028 Fast red 250ml00.029 Firethorn Red 250ml00.030 Fast yellow 250ml00.149 Yellow Oxide 250ml00.033 Fast blue 250ml00.032 Fast green 250ml00.036 High Gloss 250ml00.035 Satin gloss 250ml00.037 Low Luster 250ml00.152 Vinyl Wash / Prep 250ml00.101 Leather Prep 60ml00.608 Leather Flex 60ml00.097 Thinner 60ml00.288 Pipette 3.5 ml. 10pcsB3 Aquapart no. 00.826250ml. 1000ml. 5000ml00.152 Vinyl wash / prep 250ml00.031.V Black 16015250ml00.027.V Silver 16085250ml00.148.V Red Oxide 16505250ml00.030.V Indo Yellow 16515250ml00.028.V Quindo Red 16525250ml00.033.V Thalo Blue 16535250ml00.034.V White 16545250ml00.032.V Thalo Green 16565250ml00.149.V Yellow Oxide 16595250ml00.036.V High Gloss 16705250ml00.035.V Satin Gloss 16715250ml00.037.V Low Luster 16725250ml00.288 Pipette 3,5 ml. 10pcsB3 Scan Colour Systempart no- 00.826S250ml 1000ml 5000ml.00.920 Black scan colour 250ml00.921 Blue scan colour 250ml00.922 Brown scan colour 250ml00.923 Caramel scan colour 250ml00.924 Dark brown scan colour 250ml00.925 Gold yellow scan colour 250ml00.926 Green scan colour 250ml00.927 Red scan colour 250ml00.928 White scan colour 250ml00.929 Yellow scan colour 250ml00.930 Bordeaux scan colour 250ml00.931 Violet scan colour 250ml00.932 Red violet scan colour 250ml00.933 Opacante A scan colour 250ml00.934 Matt fix scan colour 250ml00.935 Gloss fix scan colour 250ml00.936 Leather prep scan colour 250ml00.938 Hardener for scan colour 60ml00.152 Vinyl wash / prep scan colour 250ml00.288 Pipette 3.5 ml. scan colour 10pcsScale & AirbrushOther accessories00.023 Airbrush00.703 Scale Large00.088 Scale Mini00.298 Plast primer clear 400ml00.582 Paint Gun00.607 Mixing Jar SmallDigital scale Part number 00.088Max gram 60GIncl. 2 pcs. 3V AAAbatteries00.703 Scale Large max 200g00.088 Scale Mini 0,01 max 50gram00.023 Airbrush38-39

Get the right colourin 3 minutesOne click → the exact colourrecipeColour matching systemspectrophotometer and softwaresee more on:www.hbc-system.comSoftware is available in:• German• English• Franch• Spanish• ItalianSpectrophotometer and software Part No. 00.912Colour Matching SystemHBC system – Smarttool Productionintroduces an exciting solution to an ageoldproblem of getting the new colour toexactly and invisibly match the existingoriginal panel.Using sophisticated colour analysissoftware and professional spectrophotometerequipment we can provide the exact“recipe” to deliver perfect colour matchesevery time.How does the smart repair color matchingkit work?The original leather and vinyl is “scanned”with the hand-held spectrophotometer. Theresulting data is converted into an easyto follow recipe drawing on 5 of the 13“base” B3 scan colors. The list of standardcolours made by HBC system, is alsoavailable to download on www.hbc-system.comThe recipe gives the exact amount ofeach colour that is needed to achieve thevolume required, from as little as 50ml to 5litres per mix.All that is needed is to measure and mixthe colours thoroughly, add the right levelof dulling agent (gloss adjuster) to adjustthe sheen to the correct level. Now you areready to paint the repair area.Colour matching system with system B3Scan is a simple process with the newdeveloped spectrophoto-meter. Simplyplace the spectrophotometer directly onthe dashboard, leather or vinyl surfaceand scan. A few minutes after the scan thesoftware gives you the complete mixingreceipt.It can’t be any easier!Color matching system’s key advantages:• Exact match of every pigmented andaniline leather and vinyl• Eliminate waste of colours necessarywith manual colour matching to reachthe correct one• Dramatically time reducing. Givesperfect results in seconds not hours• Improve sales margin on restoration &colour matching works• Doesn’t need computer experience,user friendly software interface•• Very light and portable hardware solution,ideal for mobile workers• Improve work time management,you are sure to complete the colourmatching in minutes•• Clean, fast and easy colour matchingprocess• Greatly reduce necessary skill requestto realize perfect colour matching• Full capable PC running standardWindows software• You can have all this functionalities inyour handled device or your PC!By using the B3 scan colour systemtechnics you will be able to get faster andbetter results, saving money and gettingmore satisfied customers.The B3 scan colour system is currentlyused by many satisfied customers andpartner worldwide, providing the leathertechnicians, furniture producer and car interiorrepairer a much higher profit marginand happy customers!

SMART by HBCthe perfect start -to an excellent finishSystem B3Plastic,LeatherRepairHand-held Spectrophotometer for Leather and Vinyl- Clean, fast and easy colour match process- Eliminate waste of colours- Perfect results in seconds not hours- Improves the sales margin- No special computer experience needed- Light and portable hardware solution- Also ideal for mobile workers- Time and money saving40-41

SMART by HBCthe perfect start -to an excellent finishSystem B4 Spray kitLeather Coat “10”Special colours, works on leatherMore than 6000 colours are available on request

System B4LeatherSpraysPart no. Description______________________________________10.460 Leather coat kit (12 pcs.)10.460MB Mercedes kit (16 pcs)10.460PO Porsche kit (24 pcs)10.461 Ultra light grey aerosol 400ml10.462 Light grey aerosol 400ml10.463 Medium grey aerosol 400ml10.464 Smoke dark grey aerosol 400ml10.465 Smoke medium grey aerosol 400ml10.466 Titanium dark grey aerosol 400ml10.467 Titanium medium grey aerosol 400ml10.468 Original grey aerosol 400ml10.469 Light black aerosol 400ml10.470 Original black aerosol 400ml10.471 Dark black aerosol 400ml10.472 Dark blue aerosol 400mlAccessories00.036 High Gloss 250ml00.035 Satin gloss 250ml00.037 Low Luster 250ml00.152 Vinyl Wash / Prep 250ml00.101 Leather Prep 60ml00.608 Leather Flex 60mlOEM www.hbc-system.com____________________________________________________Porsche Leather paint 250 ml. Sandbeige po400Porsche Leather paint 250 ml. Seeblaupo404Porsche Leather paint 250 ml. Steingrau po416Porsche Leather paint 250 ml. Cocoapo420Porsche Leather paint 250 ml. Terrakotta po426Porsche Leather paint 250 ml. Braun natur po431Porsche Leather paint 250 ml. Dunkelgrau natur po435Porsche Leather paint 250 ml. Black leather po504Porsche Leather paint 250 ml. Havannapo445Porsche Leather paint 250 ml. Kastanienbraun po447Porsche Leather paint 250 ml. Yachtingblau po456Porsche Leather paint 250 ml. Expressopo468Porsche Leather paint 250 ml. Cognacpo476Porsche Leather paint 250 ml. Zederpo477Porsche Leather paint 250 ml. Cremapo482Porsche Leather paint 250 ml. Carrerarot po490Porsche Leather paint 250 ml. Platingrau po493Porsche Leather paint 250 ml. Stahlgrau po500Aerosols Leather colour coatHBC system offers a wide variety of aerosols for leather paintingLeather spray paints with leather paint leather coloring coat “10”HBC system’s leather paint finally makes it possible quickly andinexpensively to fix discoloration of leather with a large assortmentof different colors and finishes.There are many possibilities for smart leather repair - if a colorneeds to be freshened up or changed completely, then HBC leathercolors are the right choice.HBC system produces a wide assortment of colorsColor choise by RAL or scanOrder your color according to the RAL leather color number, andwe will send it directly to you; it’s fast and simple!You can also order the wanted color after color scan of the objectyou want to paint. With the HBC system color scan you’ll get theexactly leather color you want. Our special color mix gives you a100% match and a superb color result. Whether you need a singlespray can of paint or many liters, HBC system is the right choice.We offer to scan your leather couch, car seat etc. for a fee of 10Euro.You will achieve a consistent perfect leather finish and shine, andold leather becomes like new – in exactly the color and finish youseek – but always be sure to clean the area before you start topaint old leather.HBC leather painting and leather color pigments are approved forcoloring and painting of leather car seats, furniture and boat leatherinterior materials by leading suppliers:The leather colors are 100% flexible, like the original leatherThe leather color is completely dry in less than 5 minutesThe leather color is supplied in 12 standard colorsThe leather color has a color indicator directly on the canUser instructions and procedure for leather paint leather coloring sprayClean the area with leather cleaning sprayDry off the area with a clean cloth one to three timesApply a leather spray paint coat in 3-5 thin layers on all or part ofthe area.Remember to wait 5 to 10 minutes between each layer.Let the leather paint dry 45 hours before exposure to normal wearand tear.Consumption1 pcs. leather paint of 400 ml aerosol is sufficient forapproximately a 1.5 m² leather area.1 pcs. of Leather Cleaner Aerosol 400 ml part no. 00.937 is sufficientfor approximately a 1,5 m² leather area.250 ml leather paint is sufficient for approximately 1-1.5 m²leather area.42-43

SMART by HBCthe perfect start -to an excellent finishLeather Care SystemLeather Care SystemAn easy to use system line forleather cleaning and protection.

HBC INK REMOVER, STICKHBC Ink Remover eliminates stains and pen marks, ink and lipstick from pigmented leather.Do not use on nubuck, suede or aniline leather.Part no.00.939Ink away20gInstructions for use1. Remove the screw cap and push up the tip about 4 mm out of the tube, unscrewing it.2. Pre-test on a concealed area.3. Pass the HBC Ink Remover stick repeatedly over the point to be cleaned, pressing gently.4. Let the product work on the stain for about 30 seconds.5. Wipe off HBC Ink Remover with a soft dry cloth.6. Clean with Leather Cleaner.7. Apply HBC Leather Guard, rubbing the leather gently with circular movements, then let it dry.System BLeatherCareHBC LEATHER CLEANER, STRONGPart no.00.940Leather cleaner,strong250ml.HBC Leather Cleaner, strong contains a highly effective detergent for cleaning pigmented leather upholstery likecar, motorcycle, boat, airplane and sofa seats. It can also be used on other resistant leather articles like shoes andhandbags. It is not suitable for aniline leathers, nubuck or suede. If you have a delicate skin or if you use frequentlyHBC Leather Cleaner, strong, please wear latex gloves while using the product.Instructions for use1. Shake the bottle well before using.2. Pre-test the colorfastness on a hidden area.3. Put HBC Leather Cleaner, strong onto a soft sponge and produce foam by squeezing it repeatedly.4. Clean the area without rubbing.5. Wipe the excess foam and the soiling away with a soft white cotton cloth.6. Dry with a dry cloth and let dry fully.HBC LEATHER GUARD (LEATHER PROTECTION CREAM)Part no.00.941Leather guard250ml.HBC Leather Guard is a water based protection cream for all leather types, except nubuck and suede.HBC Leather Guard protects against oil, water and alcohol based stains as well as everyday dirt andgrime. It will also keep your leather lovely and soft, and when used regularly prevents pigmented leatherfrom cracking.We recommend your leather is cleaned and re-protected at least every six months. Aniline leatherplaced in rooms subject to heavier use may need cleaning more regularly and more thoroughly.Instructions for use1. Shake the bottle well before use.2. Pre-test on a concealed area.3. Put a small amount of HBC Leather Guard onto a soft, clean cloth and apply to the surface of the leatherevenly. Repeat on areas subject to heavy use.4. Leave about 30 minutes to dry.5. Buff the leather lightly with a clean soft cloth.HBC LEATHER STAIN REMOVER Part no. 00.942Stain remover250ml.HBC Stain remover removes resistant stains from leather and PVC. Do not use on aniline, nubuck orsuede. Use this product with caution.Instructions for use1. Apply a little HBC Stain remover on a clean cloth.2. Test the colour resistance of the leather on a hidden spot.3. Rub lightly on the leather to see if there is no colour transfer onto the cloth.4. If this test is OK, rub lightly with the cloth over the stained area.5. If needed, treat the stained area once more, checking regularly that no colour is transferred onto the cloth.6. Clean the treated area with HBC Leather Cleaner.7. Let dry and apply HBC Leather Guard.Leather Care SystemSMART by HBCthe perfect start -to an excellent finish

System B4 Spray kitPlastic, leather and vinylSpecial colours, works onflexible materialsMore than 6000 coloursavailableSMART by HBCthe perfect start -to an excellent finishLive Update: www.hbc-system.comPart no. 00.460 Spary color system B4Dye to match system, spray B4With the B4 dye to match system we offer a wide variety of aerosolsfor the coloring of leather, fabrics, vinyl, plastic and glass fibre- and all other soft, hard, and flexible materials.Standard colors serial “30” Plastic and vinyl coat:

System B4PlasticSpraysSMART by HBCthe perfect start -to an excellent finishLive Update: www.hbc-system.comB4 coats - Plastic and vinyl coat “30”Part no. Description30.461 Ultra light gray, Aerosol 400ml30.462 Light gray, Aerosol 400ml30.463 Medium gray, Aerosol 400ml30.464 Smoke dark gray, Aerosol 400ml30.465 Smoke medium gray, Aerosol 400ml30.466 Titanium dark gray, Aerosol 400ml30.467 Titanium medium gray, Aerosol 400ml30.468 Original gray, Aerosol 400ml30.469 Light black, Aerosol 400ml30.470 Original black. Aerosol 400ml30.471 Dark black, Aerosol 400ml30.472 Dark blue, Aerosol 400mlAccessories00.298 Primer Clear 400mlArt. Nr. Artikel30.461 Stoßfängerlackspray ultra leicht grau 400ml30.462 Stoßfängerlackspray leicht grau 400ml30.463 Stoßfängerlackspray mittel grau 400ml30.464 Stoßfängerlackspray dunkel rauchgrau 400ml30.465 Stoßfängerlackspray mittel rauchgrau 400ml30.466 Stoßfängerlackspray titan dunkelgrau 400ml30.467 Stoßfängerlackspray titan mittelgrau 400ml30.468 Stoßfängerlackspray original grau 400ml30.469 Stoßfängerlackspray leicht schwarz 400ml30.470 Stoßfängerlackspray original schwarz 400ml30.471 Stoßfängerlackspray dunkel schwarz 400ml30.472 Stoßfängerlackspray dunkelblau 400mlZubehör:00.298 Kunststoff-Primer, dünn (Klar) 400ml46-47

Plastic repair with high-techwelding system

System B6PlasticWeldingSystem40.700 Air Angle die Grinder 40.600 Mini air die grinder40.201 Multi purpose Welding Wire40.202 Polyethylene welding Wire40.204 Nylon welding wire40.205 Polycarbonate welding wire40.203 Polypropylene welding wirePart no. 40.205 Polycarbonate welding wire40.300 Welding reinforcement screenPart no. 40.204 Nylon welding wirePart no. 40.203 Polypropylene welding wire40.800 Carbide Grooving TipPart no. 40.202 Polyethylene welding wire40.900 Aluminium backing tapePart no. 40.201 Multi purpose welding wire40.100 Plastic Welding Gun48-49

B1 Mini M Part no. 00.525MPlastic mini kitB gel clear Plastic fillerB gel black Plastic fillerB activator sprayWith the activator spray the filler cures in seconds00.015 B Gel clear 30ml00.475 B Activator spray 150ml00.594 B Gel Black 30g00.039 Plastcleaner aerosol 400ml00.813 Mixing tips big 12 pcs.00.021 Mould maker & additive 50cc00.041 Caulking gun00.013 Palette Knife00.007 Cooling bag00.127 Nozzels 10pcs.

SMART by HBCthe perfect start -to an excellent finishBumper mini kit2K Plast rigid urethane bumper glue2K Plast flexible urethane bumper glueSystem BBumperPlasticMini kitB1 Bumper Mini part no. 00.525B00.039 Plast cleaner 150ml00.598 2K Plast primer 150ml00.596 2K rigid 50ml00.595 2K flexible 50ml00.597 Mixing tips small 12 pcs.00.069 Reinforcement tin 15 pcs.00.600 Contour film role00.599 Reinforcement film role00.041 Caulking gun 1 pcs.Bumper repair mini kit. Glue system for repairinghard plastic like bumpers and head lights.50-51

SMART by HBCthe perfect start -to an excellent finishLive Update: www.hbc-system.comThe ultimate Aqua Spot Repair SystemRepair time is less than one hour

Part no. / Art. Nr.00.086 Standard box color selector00.012 Variant box color selector00.023 Airbrush - recommended accessories 00.582 Paint gun- recommended accessoriesClear Coats00.303 1K Clear Coat Aerosol 400ml.00.303K2 2K Clear Coat Aerosol 400ml.00.485 Clear Coat 250ml(included in system C)Thinner00.481 Medium Thinner 250ml.00.486 Fast Thinner 250ml.(included in system C)Fade Thinner00.050 Fade Thinner 250ml.00.316 Fade thinner aerosol 400ml(included in system C)Carpaint Primer00.304 Carpaint Primer Aerosol 400ml.00.304HB Carpaint Primer HIGH BUILD Aerosol 400ml.(included in system C)Plastic primer00.488 Acryllic primer D827 60ml00.482 Fast Hardener 250ml.00.542 Silicone remover 250ml(included in system C)00.150 TagRag. Single pack 1 Pk.(included in system C)18.494 Deionised water 250ml.(included in system C)Spot repair Polish - included in system C00.080 Grinding mass fine 250ml00.079 Grinding mase coarse 250ml00.111 Finishing polish 250ml00.593 Mixing Jar large with lid, 520ml (not incl.)00.607 Mixing Jar small wit lid 120ml (not incl.) 00.288 Pipette 50 pcs. (not included in system C)99.999 Plastic cover for spraying(not included in system C)

System CSpotRepairSystemParts included in System C part no. 00. 53418400 White 60ml.18401 Ultra fine white 60ml.18402 Trace white 60ml.18403 Micro white 60ml.18404 Trace blue black 60ml.18405 Graphite black 60ml.18406 Blue black 60ml.18407 Deep black 60ml.18409 Deep black 60ml.18411 Blue 60ml.18412 Transparent blue 60ml.18413 Bright blue 60ml.18414 Rich blue 60ml.18415 Trace blue 60ml.18420 High strength blue 60ml.18421 Olive 60ml.18422 Yellow oxide 60ml.18423 Trace yellow oxide 60ml.18425 Permanent yellow 60ml.18426 Warm yellow 60ml.18427 Yellow 60ml.18428 Verdant yellow 60ml.18429 Transparent golden yellow 60ml.18430 High strength transparent green 60ml.18431 High strength phthalo green 60ml.18432 Transparent red 60ml.18433 Brilliant orange 60ml.18435 Salmon red 60ml.18436 Red oxide 60ml.18438 Rose 60ml.18439 Organic maroon 60ml.18440 Trace red oxide 60ml.18441 Carmine 60ml.18442 Brown 60ml.18443 Violet 60ml.18444 Bordeaux 60ml.18445 Transparent magenta 60ml.18447 Bright red 60ml.18448 Russet 60ml.18451 Extra fine white pearl 60ml.18452 Fine white pearl 60ml.18453 White perl 60ml.18454 Bright red pearl 60ml.18455 Fine Blue pearl 60ml.18456 Blue pearl 60ml.18457 Green pearl 60ml.18458 Blue-green pearl 60ml.18459 Copper pearl 60ml.18460 Yellow pearl 60ml.18461 Golden yellow pearl 60ml.18462 Fine red pearl 60ml.18465 Red pearl 60ml.18466 Orange pearl 60ml.18468 Violet pearl 60ml.18471 Extra fine Metalic 60ml.18472 Fine Lenticular metal 60ml.18473 Medium metal 60ml.18474 Fine metallic 60ml.18475 Medium Lenticular metalic 60ml.18476 Corce Lenticular metalic 60ml.18477 Extra corse metallic 60ml.18479 Coarse Silver Dollar metallic 60ml.18489 Medium aluminium gold 60ml.18490 Tinted clear additive 60ml.18491 Matting base 60ml.184001 EB Sunbeam Gold 60ml.184002 EB Radiant Red 60ml.184003 EB Galaxy Blue 60ml.184004 EB Stellar Green 60ml.184005 EB Solaris Red 60ml.184006 EB Fireside Copper 60ml.00.485 Clear Coat 250ml.00.303 1K Clear Coat Aerosol 400ml.00.303K2 2K Clear Coat Aerosol 400ml.00.304 Carpaint Primer Aerosol 400ml.00.304H Carpaint Primer HIGH BUILD Aero. 400ml.00.050 Fade Thinner 250ml.00.316 Fade Thinner Aerosol 400ml.00.481 Medium Thinner 250ml.00.486 Thinner 808 Fast 250ml.00.482 Fast Hardner 250ml.00.438 IR Dryer with stand and timer- recommended accessoriesParts included in System C00.150 TagRag. Single pack 100.080 Grinding mass fine 250ml.00.079 Grinding mase coarse 250ml.00.111 Finishing polish 250ml.00.542 Silicone remover 250ml.18.494 Deionised water 250ml.00.088 Scale Mini 0,01 max 60gram- recommended accessories00.703 Scale Large max 200g- recommended accessories54-55

Smart Work ZoneMasking tape38mm x 50 meterPart no. 99.999-3850mm x 50 meterPart no. 99.999-50Masking paperMasking paper 60 cm, 50 gr/m², dust-freePackaging roll: 300 m60cm x 300 meter rolePart no. 99.999-6099.999 Plastic cover role for spraying00.770 Glass pen00.771 Refil for Glass pen 2pcs00.151 Sanding spunge

Smart Work ZoneSandingMaskingand TapeAbrasivesPart no. Description00.248 Sanding paper 400 wet 10 pcs00.249 Sanding paper 1200 wet 10 pcs00.250 Sanding paper 240 dry 10 pcs3010 Sanding paper pack, 30 pcs.10 pcs. of each of the above00.151 Sanding spunge00.250 Sanding paper1200 wet, 10 pcs00.248 Sanding paper400 wet, 10 pcsPaint spray respiratorPaint spray respirator, size M. Class FFA2 P2R. Approval CE 0120,EN 405:2001 + prA1:2008 / EN 14387:2004 + A1:2008.Gives protection against paint, lacquer and enamel mists,pesticide, organic vapours, dusts and mists. Maintenance free(no cartridges to replace).Part no. 00.020 Paint spray respirator, 1 pcs.Nitril glovesNitril gloves, powder free, size L, blue, EN 455-3 / 374.Textured sure grip feel, 100% synthetic, continuous quality controlinspection.Part no. 00.090Nitril Glows box 100pc.56-57

Smart Repairexhaust extractionfor body shopsSmart Air FiltratorVehicle exhaust extraction for work shopsSmart Air Filtrator mobile is specially designed for extractions of odours. Paint fumes, solvents, gas contaminants, dust from sandingand grinding - these are just some of the hazards in Smart Repair body shops. Painting, grinding, and cutting generate dust andparticles that harm personnel and make vehicles and premises dirty. With the Smart Air filtrator you are sure the air is clean before it isreleased into the atmosphere or your premises.The Smart Air Filtrator is all you need to make your Smart Repair workshop clean, safe and efficient!Smart Air Filtrator for light welding and extraction applications. Smart Air Filtrator includes Extraction Arm Original with an integratedspotlight, which optimizes the user-friendly design. If a larger working range is needed, the 3 m (10 ft.) long arm is recommended.Applications: solvents, fumes and other gas contaminants.Freight dimensions: 120x80x140 cm (LxWxH), Weight 73 kg + pallet = 113 kgPart no: 00.950Product availability may differ by country

Masking stencil for- Spot repair- Deep scratch repair- Lacquer and paint runsExhaustExtractionMaskingStencilMasking stencil for• Spot repair• Deep scratch repair• Lacquer and paint runsFeature Benefit:Shim thickness of 0.05mm Repair can be 95% finished beforeremoval to minimise risk of damage. Stainless Steel 304 Durability/hardness makes it re-usable and non-rusting.Can be used with orbital and manual sanders or with a one-edgedrazor blade to slice off high spots/lacquer runs in a guillotine action.Four different shapes Stencil can be used for multiple jobsChemically etched for perfect flatness (no burring) and greater accuracy.Presented in a rigid, cardboard sleeve measuring 12,5cm x 12,5cm with printed information on both sides including video link ofdemonstration.Each sleeve contains 3 stencils measuring 12cm x 12cm with 4different shapes.Shapes expose typical SMART repair areas to be sanded orsliced/shaved; paint filled scratches and chips, paint and lacquerruns, lacquer imperfections etc.Smart Stencil 3pcs. , Part no. 17.99958-59

One windscreen repair a dayis € 20,000 in profit a year

System DWindscreenRepairSystemNEW State of the ArtWindscreen Repair System D Pro G3The newly developed windscreen repair system G3 is the3rd. generation from HBC system, and distinguishes itself by beingthe most revolutionary glass repair system ever seen in the windscreenrepair business.Due to the patented windscreen injector with vacuum and twistpressure function, the system offers the market’s fastest windscreenrepairs of the highest quality.The new patented windscreen Repair Bridge Pro G3 with one pushvacuum cup, self levelling legs, easy moving indicator, and last butnot least the clear Dualx2 windscreen resin, guarantees you the bestwindscreen system in the world.60-61

- Fits into all plastic injectors and systems on the market- Operation time - less than 2 minutes- Save up to 20 minutes on your windscreen repair- Full five years warranty, no need for spare partsNew worldwide patented2 minutes metal injectorSave up to 15 minutes per repair andmake a 100% Repair00.713G3 Dual-tech Metal Injector G3Replace this partStep 1 lift the handleStep 2 Twist the handleStep 3 Turn the injectorUV cure the resinPatented G3 power injectorNew patented G3 repair bridgeLess than two minuts operationFit into your plastic injector

PatentedGeneration 3repair bridgepush vacuum cupSystem DWindscreenRepairSystemEasy movingindicatorFast mountingone snapSelflevellingRepair bridge00.619G3 Repair bridge Pro G3The best ResinDual X22ml. 5ml. 20ml. 50ml.62-63

Patented Generation 3 repair bridge- Fast mounting; just one push vacuum cup- Easy moving indicator- Self-levelling legs00.619G3 Repair bridge Pro G366

Patented Generation 3 repair injector- 2 minutes repair metal injector- Up to 45 cm cracks- Easy to handleSystem DWindscreenRepairSystem00.713G3 Dual-tech Metal Injector G3Upgrade your old system andget a Dual X2 resin for freePart no. 00.617UP Dual X2 Metal Injector G3Repair bridge Pro G364-65

Windscreen repair system D Pro G3Patented Generation 3 repair repairbridge- Fast mounting, just one push vacuum cup- Easy moving indicator- Self levelling legsPart no. 00.619G3 Repair bridge Pro G3Patented Generation 3 repair repair injector- 2 minutes repair metal injector- Up to 45cm cracks- Easy to handleDual-Tech Metal Injector G3Part no. 00.713G3Windscreen system G3 Professionalcomplete systemPart no. 00.617G3 Complete System DPro G3 Professional windscreen repair kitWindscreen Repair by HBC systemwindscreen technology system DOne windscreen repair a day =20,000 Euro in a yearAll automotive windscreens are laminated.The two layers of glass are permanentlybonded together by a plastic membrane. Ifsomething hits a laminated windscreen, likea flying stone, the glass will not shatter.This is because the damaged area sticksto the plastic membrane – and this is whythe stone chip in the windscree can be repaired.Part no. 00.617G3 Complete System D Pro G3Professional windscreen repair kitUpgrade your old systemand get a free Dual X2 resin00.617G3 UP Dual X2 Metal Injector G3Repair bridge Pro G300.713G3 Dual-Tech metal Injector G3The first and important step is to check thatthe damaged area is clean and tidy. Thenext step is to suck all the air out of thechip with a vacuum, and inject it with a clearwindscreen resin, the HBC DualX2, beforereversing the vacuum in order to force theresin to fill out the chip.Cover the chip with an UV film and use anultra-violet light to harden the resin. Finally,polish the glass clean – and it is immediatelysafe secured in a 99% repair quality.The total time consumption of a completewindscreen repair process is only approx.10 minutes.UV lamp 220VPart no. 00.714Inspection mirror Repair Bridge autoPart no. 00.616 Part no. 00.103Pitfill resin 5 ml. Pitfill polishPart no. 00.076 Part no. 00.07200.619G3 Repair bridge Pro G3Dual X2 resinDual X2 2ml, w/injectorPart no. 00.073 Part no. 00.068

W i n d s c r e e nSystem DWindscreenRepairSystem00.618 Complete System D Auto00.617G3 Complete System D Pro G3SMART by HBCthe perfect start -to an excellent finish66-67

SMART by HBCthe perfect start -to an excellent finishLive Update: www.hbc-system.comW i n d s c r e e n R e p a i r00. 068 Dual X2 2ml, Compl. W/injector 00.713G3 Dual-Tech Metal Injector G3 00.126 Drill 220V Pro00.159 UV Film / 5pcs.00.074 Glassdrill blue00.067 Inspection light00.615 Glassdrill yellow 00. 774 Crack stop punch 00. 715 Plastic Injector, regular

The best ResinDual X2System DWindscreenRepairSystem2ml. 5ml. 20ml. 50ml.00.073 Dual X2 resin 2ml.00.613 Dual X2 resin 5ml.00.716 Dual X2 resin 20ml.00.614 Dual X2 resin 50ml.Pitfill resin 5 ml.Pit fill polishPart no. 00.076Pitfill resin 5 ml.00.072 Pit fill polish 15ml.68-69

SMART by HBCthe perfect start -to an excellent finishLive Update: www.hbc-system.comHeadligt repair systemPlastic headlights and tail lights have a special coating• Coating protects against UV light• Damage caused by mechanical damage (scratches) or intensive UV lightHBC Headlight Coating Repair SystemGenuine UV protection lasts for an average of 5 yearsHBC UV coating:• Extremely good adhesion on Polycarbonate (headlight, yachts,…)• Good mechanical resistance• Excellent UV protection• Genuine UV protection lasts for an average of 5 years

Plastic headlights and tail lights have aspecial coating to protect against UV lightDamage caused by mechanical damage(scratches) or intensive UV lightThis can be repaired with the HBC HeadlightRepair SystemSystem DHeadlightRepairSystemStep by step repair1. Applying2. Cleaning3. Sanding in 3 steps; remove the complete UV protection4. Cleaning5. Mix clear coat6. Apply 2 layers Clear coat7. Curing 15 min by IR drylamp8. If needed remove dust or imperfections and polishContent of the system:System boxCleanerSanding paper00. 150 Tag rag00.248 Sanding paper 400 wet 10 pcs00.249 Sanding paper 1200 wet 10 pcs00.250 Sanding paper 240 dry 10 pcsClearcoatCatalystActivator70-71

Caravan dent repairHBC system E1 completePart no. / Art. Nr.00.513 Complete System E1 Complete

System ECaravanSystem00.751 Vacuum Tool 200x40000.527 Corner tool00.831 Niveau rail00.524 Vacuum niveau rail blue 2pcs.00.519 Flexible tool00.523 Vacuum niveau rail green 2pcs.00.518 Vacuum niveau rail red 2pcs.00.522 Tool Connector 00.528 Long tool 400x80000.756 E filler & hardener 250ml00.761 E filler 250ml00.752 Hardener for E filler 20ml 00.229 E Compound 1 kg 00.760 E powder 2 kg 00.755 E Cleaner 1l72-73

Caravan dentUPGRADEWith the Caravan upgrade kit you will achieve an ever higher outcome of your caravanrepair system. The improvement enables repairs located in areas which normally will beimpossible to access.00.522-1 Corner too vacuum holderPart no. 00.514 Upgrade system E Caravan Repair00.751-2 Vacuum mini tool 10x20The new tools are similar to the “old” tools but simply reducedin size. This gives the technician a better possibilility to makerepairs in areas which until now have been impossible.The tools are available as single tools or a complete upgradekit.00.751-1 Double vacuum tool 10x2000.523-1 Half niveau railUpgrade system E Caravan Repair Part no. 00.514Part no. Description00.523-1 Half niveau rail00.523-2 Half narrow rail00.751-1 Double vacuum tool 10x2000.751-2 Vacuum tool mini 10x2000.522-1 Corner tool vacuum holder00.523-2 Half narrow niveau rail

System ECaravanUpgrade00.770 Glass pen00.771 Refil for Glass pen 2pcs00.521 Tool connecter 00.758 Needles00.757 Injector00.767 Sanding Gun00.768 Nozzles for Sanding Gun99.999 Plastic cover for spraying00.288 Pipette 3,5ml 50pcs 00.762 Divider 00.607 Mixing jar small with lid, 120ml00.593 Mixing jar large with lid, 520ml00.021 Mould maker & additive 50cc00.813 Mixing tips big 12pcs.00.041 Caulking gun 00.302 Caravan primer White 00.304H High Build Primer 00.316 Fade thinner00.304 Car paint primer74-75

SMART by HBCthe perfect start -to an excellent finishCaravan Spot Repair SystemAn easy working spot repair system forrepairing paint damage onCaravan dent repaircaravans and mobile homesWork step by stepNP1000 Caravan Spot Paint Repair SystemCaravan Spot Paint Repair systemHBC system has for a decade successfullyproduced car paint for spot repair systemsto the automotive industry.We are happy to introduce a new easyworking spot repair system for repairingpaint damage on caravans and mobilehomes.The basic of the system is the 15 basecolors, which can be mixed together withthe easy working software program downloadedfrom my smart repair.When the color software is installed on yourpc, you’ll get an activation code.Then you are ready to start. Simple andeasy!When you start up on a caravan spot repair,the first thing to do, is to ensure that you’reusing the right color tone. In the systemyou’ll find two large color indexes, whichmakes it an easy job to select the right colortone. Simply enter the right tone numberinto the color mixing program and pressenter – the software will provide you withthe mixing recipe to mix with the 15 basecolors.On the mini scale you mix the recipe fromthe color software program – and you areready to spray the right color on the damageor the repaired area. After spraying thecolor, spray the surface around the repairarea with fade thinner, which melts the newand old paint together.The system works easy, simple and the resultalways look nice.P1000 Caravan Spot Paint SystemMulti colour index1pcs.Ral colour swatch1pcs.NP10 White 250ml.NP92 Black 250ml.NP40 Orange 250ml.NP03 Aluminium 250ml.NP50 Oxide Red 250ml.NP20 Lemon Yellow 250ml.NP71 Phtalo Blue 250ml.NP30 Yellow Ocre 250ml.NP54 Red Ruby 250ml.NP59 Light Red 250ml.NP23 Warm Yellow 250ml.NP60 Phtalo Green 250ml.NP28 Sun Yellow 60ml.NP27 Cedrat Yellow 60ml.NP56 Violet 60ml.NP1420 Thinner250ml.NP7512 Binder250ml.NP100 Paint mixing program 1pcs.00.582 Paint gun 1pcs.00.088 Mini scale 0,01G /100g 1pcs.00.607 Mixing jar, small 120ml 10pcs.00.288 Pipette 3.5ml 10pcs.00.316 Fade thinner aerosol 400ml.00.304H High build primer 400ml.

Caravan Spot Aerosol SystemMore than 600 different colours for caravansSystem EPaintSystemsOriginal SMART partAn easy working spot repair system forrepairing paint damage oncaravans and mobile homesDownload the colour list on: www.hbc-system.com76-77

Rim repair systemsAluminium wheel repair System E3 Part no. 00.532It is now possible to repair scratches and damages in aluminiumwheels at a very low price and in a very effective manner.The price of the repair is obviously proportional with the size ofthe damage, but one thing is certain: repairing wheels is a goodbargain.The system is complete with fillers and aerosolcolors for the repair of most common wheel types.After the application of color, a thick layer of clearcoat is added to attain the perfect finish.Polished aluminium rim repair system Part no. 00.551• Aluminium rims• Motorbike parts• Polishing all types of aluminium• Plastic headlightsFor the new hot polished aluminium rims – on the aftermarketand on new cars.With the system you can repair many kinds of smallerscratches, parking damaged and other kind of damaged onpolished high gloss aluminium rims, aluminium frames on motorbikes,and other aluminium parts.It is an easy to use system, the user do not require to join atraining session to be able to start the first repairing jobs.*There are some limits with the kit, like heavy duty deepdamaged, some special coatings etc. After the applicationof color, a thick layer of clear coat is added toattain the perfect finish.

The UltimateWheel Doctor Repair System*On request contact sales.System ERimRepairThe Wheel Doctor Repair system makesit possible to repair cosmetic damages onscuffed and scratched alloy wheels. The solutionis unique as the repair is done withoutremoving the tyre.78-79

Rim RepairSystem for painted aluminium rimsRim RepairPart no. / Art. Nr.00.532 System E3 Special00.520 E3 system complete Mercedes00.532 E3 system complete Renault00.755 E Cleaner 1L00.812 Wheel compound 1Kg00.303K2 2K Clear Coat Aer..00.805 1K Clear Coat Aer.System E3 special part no. 00.532Part no. Description00.013 Palette Knife 1 pcs.00.794 Ultra light metallic. aerosol 400ml00.795 Light metallic. aerosol 400ml00.796 Medium coarse metallic. aerosol 400ml00.797 Coarse metallic. aerosol 400ml00.798 Dark metallic. aerosol 400ml00.799 Fine metallic. aerosol 400ml00.823 Standard metallic. aerosol 400ml00.824 Mat metallic. aerosol 400ml00.755 E Cleaner 1l00.804 Wheel filler aerosol 400ml00.805 E Clear coat aerosol 400ml00.807 E3 activator spray 150ml00.806 E3 gel 30g00.812 Wheel compound 1 kg3010 Sandingpaper240 dry; 400 & 1200 Wet, 10pcs each3011 Rim index 10 pcs.3012 Spray Disk 10 pcs.00.656 Complete Foam System Box 1 pcs.00.806 E3 gel 30g00.807 E3 Activator spray 150ml00.804 Wheel filler aerosol, 400ml

SMART by HBCthe perfect start -to an excellent finishLive Update: www.hbc-system.comSystem for polishedaluminium rimsSystem ERimRepairSystem for polished aluminium rims andplastic headlights part no. 00.55100.755 E Cleaner 1LPart no. Description00.090 Nitril gloves 1 pair00.111 Finshing polish 1 pcs.00.248 Sanding paper 400 1 sheet00.249 Sanding paper 1200 1 sheet00.250 Sandingpaper 240 dry 1 sheet00.303K2 2K Clear Coat Aerosol 400ml.00.656 Complete Foam System Box 1 pcs.00.677 Air sander incl nozzel 1 pcs.00.678 Heavy duty whel flop 1 pcs.00.679 Mobs to brown compound 1 pcs.00.680 Finishing mobs blue 1 pcs.00.681 Brown compound 1 pcs.00.682 Blue finishing compound 1 pcs.00.683 Heavy duty sander flop 1 pcs.00.684 Finishing cloth 1 pcs.00.755 E Cleaner 1L00.805 1K Clear Coat Aerosol 400ml.00.303K2 2K Clear Coat Aerosol 400ml.00.805 1K Clear Coat Aerosol 400ml.00.681 Brown compound00.682 Blue finishing compound00.679 Mobs to brown compound00.680 Mobs to blue finishing compoundAccessoriesPart no. Description00.248 Sanding paper 400 wet 10 pcs.00.249 Sanding paper 1200 wet 10 pcs.00.250 Sandingpaper 240 dry 10 pcs.80-81

A PDR tool is not just a toolCNC in-house production of toolsTOOL dipping of plastic handelsAll HBC tools are in-house heat treatedLaser cutter

A HBC tool isthe best you can get...High quality, right tips and heattreated...System GPDRToolsPDR production line and custom made PDR toolsThe HBC system PDR production line is equipped with high-tech machinery including 3Dbending machinery. The production is solely based on the latest technology and years ofexperience. Steels is ordered in coins from leading steel manufactures after the requiredsteel recipe, that is needed to obtain the right strength und rust protection. When the toolsleave our production, it is ready to serve the technician for the next decades.Bending processPDR toolsManufactured byHBC systemFinal polishing Final result82-83

Tool Tip TypesMagneticTipDiameter TypesHandle TypesRegulair TipØ 4mmS HandleSharp TipØ 5mmO HandleKnife TipØ 6mmP HandleBall TipØ 8 mmH HandleWhale Tail TipØ 10 mmL5 HandleFlat Bar TipØ 12 mmL3 Handle

Produced by HBC system Smarttool ProductionWe produce the market’s most fine PDRtool quality at competitive prices. The PDRtools are available both as complete kitsand as individual PDR tools. The productline includes a complete line of adjustablemulti angel PDR tools and wale tale PDRtools.PDR smart repair tool kits and individualPDR toolsSystem GPDRToolsHandle ColoursGreenHBC system PDR tools are carefully designedfor the professional PDR technician.Each tool size anddesign fits a logical sequence of applicationpossibilities. HBC system PDR toolsets the standard for the industry practicesand conditions in the automotive industrywith the ergonomics and working rangesrequired by the dent technician.RedYellowBlackBluePDR production line and custom madePDR toolsBlunt TipThe HBC system PDR production line isequipped with high-tech machinery including3D bending machinery. The productionis solely based on the latest technologyand years of experience. Steels is orderedin coins from leading steel manufacturesafter the required steel recipe, thatis needed to obtain the right strength undrust protection. When the tools leave ourproduction, it is ready to serve the technicianWale for Tale the next Tipdecades.PDR toolsManufactured byHBC systemTest after test tells us that HBC tools meetyour expectations year after year.Toolstests can also be performed accordingly tothe specifications ofsingle tool diameterGreyFlat Bar TipCustom PDR TOOL Design service.Design you own special PDR toolOur metal production department producesCUSTOM PDR TOOLS. You simplydesign your own special PDR tool and weproduce it according to your wishes andspecifications.84-85

All in oneSystem GPDR TrolleyType1PDR Profi TrolleyFor the bestDent technicianType2PDR TrolleyWorkshopPDR solutionComplete G30 PDRTools kit andSlidehammerType1PDR Prof TrolleyType2PDR TrolleyTrolley metalPDR rackAll necessary tools are included.System G30:30 tools PDR kitSlidehammer standard kit Proff12V lamp vacum Ø 75mmTool support vacuumAdjustabel door kit 3pcs.Whale tail tool kit 4pcs.PDR hammerSpecial T-ToolFlat bar tool, bendabelPremium sanding pads:1500, 2000 and 3000Part no. 00.654Trolley metalPDR rackAll necessary tools are included.System G30:30 tools PDR kitSlidehammer standard kit Proff12V lamp vacuum Ø 75mmTool support vacuumPart no. 00.653PDR Prof Trolley00.654 PDR Prof Trolley

HBC system PDR SteelThe HBC system PDR production lineuses severaldifferent kinds of high carbon steel qualitiesto produce our PDR tools, and innumerablequality control tests have determineethat our material exceeds thestainless steel tools in strength.The high quality carbon stainless steel isa costly and hard tempered spring steel.The process of the heat treated PDRtools has been developed over years andis the highest quality in the world.System GPDRTrolleyMetal laboratories and PDR techniciansall over the world have performed millionsof quality tests in order to ensure a productionof the highest quality possible.The PDR tools from HBC system aretested and homologated by car producersand PDR technicians worldwide.Stress (MPa)18001600P1400M120010008006004002000 B0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7Strain (%)Stress (MPa)20001800P1600Test after test of toolsManufactured byHBC system140012001000M8006004002000 B0.0 0.2 0.4 0.6 0.8 1.0 1.2 1.4 1.6 1.8 2.0 2.2 2.4 2.6 2.8Strain (%)86-87

G- premium 30 tool kit00.021 G-Box00.445 Window Guard00.417 Denttool 12mm x 985 mm00.441 Hood Support teleskope00.402 Denttool 10mm x 780 mm00.442 Mastic Cutter 12”00.411 Denttool 10 mm x 640 mm00.444 Jammer00.418 Denttool 10 mm x 630 mm00.446 Knock down punch (Flat)00.447 Knock down punch (Round)00.430 Denttool 10 mm x 680 mm00.448 Knock down punch (Normal)00.454 K ratched00.419 Denttool 10 mm x 430mm00.443 Hood pad clip remover00.449 Window wedge00.415 Denttool 12 mm x 970 mm00.414 Denttool6 mm x 180 mm00.410 Denttool 10 mm x 750 mm00.422 Denttool5 mmx 225 mm left00.429 Dent Tool6mm x 455mm R00.401 Denttool 10 x 685 mm00.424 Denttool8 mm 560 mm left00.407 Denttool5mm x 225mm L00.423 Denttool8 mm x 560 mm R00.450 Hooks : Flat, Round & Small00.412 Denttool 8 mm x 485 mm right00.409 Denttool 10 mm x 920 mm00.403 Denttool 10 mm x 685 mm00.426 Denttool 5 mm x 315 mm right00.405 Denttool 6 mm x 380 mm00.413 Denttool 5 mm x 825 mm00.406 Denttool 6 mm x 380 mm00.420 Denmttool 12 mm x 1075 mm00.427 Denttool 6 mm x 365 mm Right00.428 Denttool5 mm x 190 mm00.416 Denttool 10 mm x 770 mm00.421 Denttool 6 mm x 835 mm00.404 Denttool 8 mm x 765mm R00.408 Denttool5 mm x 255 mm00.425 Denttool5 mm x 180 mm

System G30 PDRSystemComplete System GPremium 30 Kit part no. 00.40000.021 G Box00.401 Dent Tool 10x685mm00.402 Dent Tool 10x780mm00.403 Dent Tool10x685mm00.404 Dent Tool 8x765mm R00.405 Dent Tool 6x380mm L00.406 Dent Tool 6x380mm R00.407 Dent Tool 5x225mm L00.408 Dent Tool 5x255mm00.409 Dent Tool 10x920mm00.410 Dent Tool 10x750mm00.411 Dent Tool 10x640mm00.412 Dent Tool 8x485mm R00.413 Dent Tool 5x825mm00.414 Dent Tool 6x160mm R00.415 Dent Tool 12x970mm00.416 Dent Tool 10x770mm00.417 Dent Tool 12x985mm00.418 Dent Tool 10x630mm00.419 Dent Tool 10x430mm00.420 Dent Tool 12x1075mm00.421 Dent Tool 6x835mm00.422 Dent Tool 5x225mm R00.423 Dent Tool 8x560mm L00.424 Dent Tool 8x560mm R00.425 Dent Tool 5x180mm00.426 Dent Tool 5x315mm R00.427 Dent Tool 6x365mm R00.428 Dent Tool 5x190mm00.429 Dent Tool 6x455mm R00.430 Dent Tool 10x680mm00.441 Hood Support 2 stage teleskope00.442 Mastic Cutter 12”00.443 Hood pad clip remover00.444 Jammer00.445 Window Guard00.446 Knock down punch (Flat)00.447 Knock down punch (Round)00.448 Knock down punch (Normal)00.449 Window Wedge00.450 Hooks : Flat, Round & Small00.454 K ratchedG- premium 30 PDR tool kit88-89

G-G- Basis 14 tool kit00.399 Complete System G Basic 14 Kit00.021 G-Box00.401 Dent Tool 10x685mm00.402 Dent Tool 10x780mm00.403 Dent Tool10x685mm00.404 Dent Tool 8x765mm R00.405 Dent Tool 6x380mm L00.406 Dent Tool 6x380mm R00.407 33333Dent Tool 5x225mm L00.408 Dent Tool 5x255mm00.409 Dent Tool 10x920mm00.410 Dent Tool 10x750mm00.411 Dent Tool 10x640mm00.412 Dent Tool 8x485mm R00.413 Dent Tool 5x825mm00.414 Dent Tool 6x160mm R00.441 Hood Support 3 stage teleskope00.442 Mastic Cutter 12”00.443 Hood pad clip remover00.444 Jammer00.445 Window Guard00.446 Knock down punch (Flat)00.447 Knock down punch (Round)00.448 Knock down punch (Normal)00.449 Window Wedge00.450 Hooks : Flat, Round & Small00.454 K-Ratchet00.443 Hood pad clip remover00.449 Window wedge00.446 Knock down punch (Flat)00.447 Knock down punch (Round)00.448 Knock down punch (Normal)00.021 G-Box00.445 Window Guard00.406 Denttool 6 mm x 380 mm00.414 Denttool 6 mm x 180 mm00.408 Denttool 5 mm x 255 mm00.454 K-Ratchet00.450 Hooks : Flat, Round & Small00.407 Denttool 5mm x 225mm L00.405 Denttool 6 mm x 380 mm00.401 Denttool 10 mm x 685 mm00.410 Denttool 10 mm x 750 mm00.444 Jammer00.412 Denttool 8 mm x 485 mm00.411 Denttool 10 mm x 640 mm00.402 Denttool 10 mm x 780 mm00.404 Denttool 8 mm x 765 mm00.403 Denttool 10 mm x 685 mm00.413 Denttool 5 mm x 825 mm00.409 Denttool 10 mm x 920 mm00.441 Denttool Hood Support 3 stage teleskope 00.442 Denttool Mastic Cutter 12”

G- Mini 8 tool kit00.398 Complete System G Mini 8 Kit00.401 Dent Tool 10x685mm00.402 Dent Tool 10x780mm00.403 Dent Tool10x685mm00.404 Dent Tool 8x765mm R00.405 Dent Tool 6x380mm L00.406 Dent Tool 6x380mm R00.407 Dent Tool 5x225mm L00.408 Dent Tool 5x255mm00.441 Hood Support 3 stage teleskope00.442 Mastic Cutter 12”00.443 Hood pad clip remover00.444 Jammer00.445 Window Guard00.446 Knock down punch (Flat)00.447 Knock down punch (Round)00.448 Knock down punch (Normal)00.449 Window Wedge00.450 Hooks : Flat, Round & Small00.454 K-Ratchet00.445 Window Guard00.449 Window wedge00.454 K-Ratchet00.444 Jammer00.408 Denttool 5 mm x 255 mm00.405 Denttool 6 mm x 380 mm00.443 Hood pad clip remover00.450 Hooks:Flat, Round & Small00.446 Knock down punch (Flat)00.406 Denttool 6 mm x 380 mm00.447 Knock down punch (Round)00.448 Knock down punch (Normal)00.402 Denttool 10 mm x 780 mm00.404 Denttool 8 mm x 765 mm00.403 Denttool 10 mm x 685 mm00.407 Denttool 5mm x 225mm L00.442 Denttool Mastic Cutter 12”00.441 Denttool Hood Support 3 stage teleskopesystem GPDR8 Tool kit14 Tool kitG- Mini 8 PDR tool kitG- Basic 14 PDR tool kit90-91

G- Magnetic kitNEW Magnetic PDR Roller Tip- makes PDR work everyones work- new essential training toolA real price runnerMagnetic Roller Tip complete kit including doorbar and extensions for 9 bar combinations”Includes 3 bars, 2 tip sizes, suction cup lineboard, wedge, hooks, hammer, punch, 2 extensions,10 surface bbs and full instructions.All you need to get started.”Magnetic and PDR Tool System part no. 13.98100.399 Complete System G Magnet 16 Kit00.021 G-Box13999 Magnetic PDR Tool13304 Whale-Tail-Tool, 660mm99-890 30mm-5mm Bendabel flat bar00.401 Dent Tool 10x685mm00.402 Dent Tool 10x780mm00.403 Dent Tool10x685mm00.404 Dent Tool 8x765mm R00.405 Dent Tool 6x380mm L00.406 Dent Tool 6x380mm R00.407 Dent Tool 5x225mm L00.408 Dent Tool 5x255mm00.410 Dent Tool 10x750mm00.411 Dent Tool 10x640mm00.412 Dent Tool 8x485mm R00.413 Dent Tool 5x825mm00.414 Dent Tool 6x160mm R00.441 Hood Support 3 stage teleskope00.442 Mastic Cutter 12”00.443 Hood pad clip remover00.444 Jammer00.445 Window Guard00.446 Knock down punch (Flat)00.447 Knock down punch (Round)00.448 Knock down punch (Normal)00.449 Window Wedge00.450 Hooks : Flat, Round & Small00.454 K-Ratchet

G- Magnetic toolMagnetic PDR Roller Tiptool is a significatimprovementespecially in trainingpurposes for thenon-experiencedPDR technicianSystem GPDRMagnetic kitMRT technology allows surface traceto indicate exact tool tip positionPart no. 13999 Magnetic PDR ToolThe training of eye-hand coordination is one of the most difficult exercisesduring the training Paintless Dent Repair (PDR). Trainees oftenspend several hours or days before they can find the exact location ofthe tip of the tool.HBC system has managed to find a solution for this issue by producinga PDR training tool with a magnetic tip. A steel ball on top of thepanel follows the tip wherever it goes which makes it much easier tofind the exact location of the tip of the tool.Technical specifications• Plastic handle / Black• Length 80 cm• Magnetic tip system including 4pcs. steel balls• Heat treaded steel• Ø 10mm• Ready for deliverySee it for yourself at YouTube or FacebookWatch the video at FacebookSearch for “Smart Repair Equipment”Watch the video at YouTubeSearch for ““HBC System” oder “henrikligenu”G- Magnetic Door PDR tool kitG- Magnetic PDR tool kit92-93

G - A d j u s t a b l e t o o lMulti adjustable handlesystemThe multi adjustable handles allow thetechnician to quickly change the workingposition angle.Just one simple click, and the tool isready to operate in the new angle. Thesteel is our standard specially heattreated, 8 mm, durable stainless steel.Step1LifthandleSpecial tipStepType 2L:450 mm. D:8 mm Part no. / Art. Nr. 00.498L:620 mm. D:8 mm Part no. / Art. Nr. 00.4992Type 3L:450 mm.D:8 mm Part no. / Art. Nr. 00.500L: 620 mmD:8 mm Part no. / Art. Nr. 00.501Twisthandle99-570mm-8mm-G- High TipType 1L:520 mm. D 8 mm. Part no. / Art. Nr. 497Step3Clickin position

00.497 PDR Door tool , type 1, 520mm00.498 PDR Door tool, type 2, 450mm00.499 PDR Door tool. Type 2, 620mm00.500 PDR Door tool, tupe 3, 450mm00.501 PDR Door Tool, type 3, 501mm00.502 Adjustabel door tool kit (497+498+500)PDR tool plastic top set14900 PDR tool plastic top setSystem GPDRSpecialTools13300 Whale Tail-System(4 Tools, 13301, 13302, 13303, 13304)13301 Whale-Tail-Tool, 150mm long, straight13302 Whale-Tail-Tool, 305mm long straight13303 Whale-Tail-Tool, 510mm long straight13304 Whale-Tail-Tool, 660mm long straight13305 Whale-Tail-Tool, 920 mm long straight13306 Whale-Tail-Tool, for sunroof, 180 o99S-300-Steel polished hammer99S-320 Flat bar tool99-590mm-20mm-5mm Bendabel flat bar99-890mm-30mm-5mm Bendabel flat bar

454 K ratched 441B Hood support 3 stage 441 Hood supportG - S p e c i a l t o o l13998 Tool support, vacuum 13980 Tool support 00.493 Air Wedge13995 Wedge lage mod B 00.449 Wedge 00.443 Hood pad clip remover13971 Premium sanding pad 2000 13972 Premium sanding pad 3000 13970 Premium sanding pad 150013920 Steel core punch 00.445 Window guard 00.446-00.447-00.448 knock down

00.442 Mastic cutterSystem GPDRSpecialTools00.450 Hooks 3 pcs. 00.444 Jammer door fixator13.100 Mini twister kit99-250mm-5mm-G-Left 99-250mm-5mm-G-Right 99S-310mm Special T tool 99-620-10-S-Blue Tree Special tip. 99-800mm-10mm-S-Green96-97

D e n t l a m p “220 Voltage”“110 Voltage”00.440 Dent Lamp incl. stand

D e n t l a m p “12 Voltage”System GPDRLamps13926 Reflection board, vacuum Ø75mm13923 12V Lamp vacuum Ø 75mmD e n t l e g s t a n d “Go mobile”“Go mobile” legs... practical accessoriesto the standard PDR dent lamp standNEW smart special 3 leg lamp stand from HBC systemWhen you’re on the road, simply replace the ordinary U footwith the new Go Mobile legsJust fold and click – no need to screw…Easy and simple...FITS TO THE STANDARD LAMP00.439M Dent lamp stand mobile98-99

Dent lifter systemDentlifter SystemPart no 17.000Including7 pcs. different tips10 pcs. glue sticks13.977 Hot melt glue gun 220V17.100 Dentlifter stand alonePart no. 13.974TIDY TIPS plastic setRound 15mm.Round 20mm.Round 25mm.Part no. 14.002Orange thin soft plastic set14.0021 Round 30mm.14.0022 Round 40mm.14.0023 Oval 50x30mmPart no. 14.003 Blue Tips plastic set14.0031 Round 16mm.14.0032 Round 20mm.14.0033 Round 32mm.14.0034 Round 40mm14.0035 Oval 50x30mm

Dent lifter systemBig damageSystem GPDRDentLifterPulling bar single footmt. 0. 3 with fixed revolvingPart no 17.20017.200-1Adjustable mutihooks head-12hooks M14X117.100-2Multi-hook grippinghead- 6 hooksM14x1,517.321943Kit 3 green multipadsGreen multipads 6x22x156spherical shape17.321933Kit 3 yellow multipadsYellow multipads 6x22x156cone-shaped17.321923Kit 3 grey multipadsGrey multipads kit6x50x15617.321913Kit 3 blue multipadsBlue multipads kit6x36x15617.321903Kit 3 red multipadsRed multipads kit6x22x156100 -101

Dent SlidehammerHeat the Glue stick by using theGlue gunClean the surface with a cleancloth using Glue remover.Select the needed Plastic tipApply some hot glue on the PlastictipPlace the Plastic tip in the center ofthe dent.Let it cool down for 3-4 min.Place the Slide hammer on thePlastic tip and pull the dent untillyou have reached the right levelRemove the Plastic tip from thesurface using Glue removerRepeat step 2-9 untill you havereached the needed result.Polish the surface!13.982 Slidehammer kit professional13.975 Yellow glue sticks 5 pcs13.976 Blue glue sticks 5 pcs13.979 Black glue sticks 5 pcs13.990 Slide Hammer 1 pcs13.977 Glue Gun 1 pcs1405-08 Alu tips 1 of each size14009 Glue remover 100 ml 1 pcs14.003 Blue tips plastic 1 pcs14.002 Orange thin soft set 1 pcs446-48 Knock down punch 1 of each13.991 Rubber hammer 1 pcs13.973 Slidehammer Tool System14.009 Glue remover spray 100ml13.990 Slidehammer 1 pcs13.976 Blue glue sticks 5 pcs13.979 Black glue sticks 5 pcs13.975 Yellow glue sticks 5 pcs13.977 Hot melt Glue gun 1 pcs14.002 Orange thin soft set 1 pcs14.003 Blue tips plastic 1 pcs

Hotmelt gluetypesSystem GPDRSlideHammerTip set 1Part no. 14.003 Blue Tips plastic set14.0031 Round 16mm.14.0032 Round 20mm.14.0033 Round 32mm.14.0034 Round 40mm14.0035 Oval 50x30mmGlue Hot melt special strongPart no. Description13.975 Blue 15 pcs.13.976 Yellow 15 pcs.13.979 Black 15 pcs.13.977 Hot melt Glue gun 1pcs.Part no. 14.002Orange thin soft plastic set14.0021 Round 30mm.14.0022 Round 40mm.14.0023 Oval 50x30mmPart no. 13.974TIDY TIPS plastic setRound 15mm.Round 20mm.Round 25mm.102 -103

SMART by HBCthe perfect start -to an excellent finishLive Update: www.hbc-system.comElimination of mould fungis upto 99,9%Smells can be hard to get rid of. Despite a nicely ventilated room,it can be difficult to get on top of the odours. HBC system H, UV-C& OZONE Technology can - without the use of chemicals - permanentlyeliminate odour problems of any kind.The odour does not return, unless the pollutant is still present.Easy to install!HBC system H, UV-C & OZONE Technology shall be placed in highareas of the room such as on a bookshelf, wall or on the ceiling.Warning!!!HBC system H, UV-C & OZONE Technology is only to be used,when no persons or animals are in this area, where the system isused.Reasons for choosing the HBC system HYou invest in well-being, greater efficiency, an increased job satisfactionand less absence due to illness.HBC system introduces a new machineto fight odour nuisancesBy using the patented UV-C & OZONE Technology you can eliminateand remove odour nuisance. This technology received the EUEnvironmental Award, in the category “cleaner technology”.HBC system H, UV-C & OZONTechnologyWith the OZON Technology you notonly get rid of the smell from the air.It also removes the smell that is in thecarpet and the fabrics.however it also eliminates the odour from for instance the carpets,fabrics, curtains and the walls.Poor indoor climate in the rooms, where people work, affects ourquality of life and health in a negative way.It can be anything from malodorous odours from garbage, mouldfungis, cigarettes to industrial processes.An unpleasant smell can create discomfort, but indoor the air pollutionis a source of headaches, respiratory problems, fatigue,muscle tensions, asthma, allergy, dry mucous membrane and eyeirritation.All of this has an influence on the way people work and concentrateduring work.Through this technology a number of odour nuisances are beingfought, and thereby there is a reduced risk of transmitting infectiouslydiseases. System H removes the smell from the air;

Get rid of unpleasantodours in cars, boats, hotel roomsand caravans…System HAirCleaningSystemHBC system introduces a new machineto fight odour nuisanceswithout any use of chemicals- it is an efficient solution in the following areas:Function:Under controlled circumstances UV-C lightarises in system H. This light generates/produces ozon (O3) in connection with thenatural oxygen (O2) content in the air – thishappens in the same way as with sunbeams.By using this method no harmfulnitrogen oxides (NOX) arise.This happens, when ozon is being generatedby an electric discharge, such as weldingor duplicating/copying. Ozone has theability to combine with organic substancesin the air such as Nicotine, and the ozonoxidizes these. Thereby the bacteria, viraand spores present in the air are being eliminated.During the cleaning process the smellingair in the room is being sucked into thesystem H, and it passes the HBC speciallamp. In connection with this, the treatedand disinfected air is being led back to theroom with an ozon residue.Range of applicationsCar dealers – treatment of smelling carsand trucks/lorriesCaravan dealers – treatment of smelling caravansand mobile homesHotels - treatment of hotel rooms, disinfectionof the kitchen, removal of odour fromsmokey bars and treatment of waste sites.Restaurants and discos – odour removalfrom carpets, fabrics, and furniture aftercleaningNursing homes, smokey rooms, bathrooms,kitchens and waste sitesBuilding painters – removal of malodorouspaint and enamelling jobs.Advantages• A pure physical process without chemicals• Advantageous in comparison to filtertechniques - needs no regular filling up• High operational security• Improvement already after a short treatmenttime of the air in the room andreduces the airborne bacteria and vira.• Little/minimum maintenance - requiresno cleaning or changing of the elements• Small investment - low initial costs Lowrevenue expenditures• No negative impact on the environment• Easy to install: Set it up…..pull in theplug….and it’s ready to work!• Mobile - movable• CE-MarkThis ozon residue “places itself” in for instance wallsor fabrics and eliminates the smelling organic substances.In this way the smell is being continuouslyreduced.• Read the operating instruction thoroughlythrough and look carefully at the pictures/frames,before using the device for the first time.• Save the operating instruction for later use.• Only connect the device to an approved socket.• Place the device on a firm layer.• For wall mounting the device can be attachedby means of the drilled holes.• Make sure, that nobody stays or goes into theclosed area, while the device is running.• Do not ever put the device into water.• Make sure, that children do not pull the plugout of the socket.• If the cable is damaged, it has to be replacedby an identical cable.• This can be bought by one of your local HBCdealers.Technical dataPart Number: 00.109 220VPart Number: 00.109 110VUV-Lamps:1 x 16WOperating hours (lamps): 8000Voltage:230VPower Consumption: 30WRecommended room area: 125m3Finish:stainless steelLength:430 mmWidth:130mmHeight:130 mmGuarantee:2 years exclusiveof the bulb104 -105

the perfect start -SMART REPAIR PDR TOOLStheNew easy to use productSMART by HBCSMART by HBCperfect start -to an excellent finishto an excellent finishBalancing Powder ®The future for cars, busses, trucks and vansBalancing Powder ®− a high-quality, eco-friendly productat a low priceBalancing Powder ® is a brand new, dynamic and technicallycorrect replacement for balancing weightsthat use lead or other metalsBalancing Powder ® is easy to use – Balancing Powder ® isplaced inside the tyre without the use ofbalancing machinesBalancing Powder ® meets the future’s global environmentalrequirements – and the EU directive banning traditional lead balancing from 1January 2008Balancing Powder ® is a competitively-priced alternative to allknown balancing techniquesBalancing Powder ® is hi-tech and high quality at a low priceBalancing Powder ®− the optimum solutionBalancing Powder ® removes all vibrations caused byimbalances in the tyre or rimBalancing Powder ® is the balancing powder with the highestspecific gravity, thus ensuring optimumbalancing – even at high speeds and inrapid turnsBalancing Powder ® is unaffected by moistureBalancing Powder ® causes no wear on the inner liner andtyre carcaseBalancing Powder ® minimises wear and tear on tyresBalancing Powder ® is simple to fi t and can be used withaluminium or steel rims tyresBalancing Powder ® Dynamic, technologically accurate wheel balancingBalancing Powder ® Used for balancing the wheels of all AutomotiveBalancing Powder ® An eco-friendly granulate that is impervious to moistureBalancing Powder ® The powder is placed in the tyre before mounting

the perfect start -SMART REPAIR TOOLSEasy to use, time saving...Balancing Powder ®SMART by HBCSystem Ito an excellent finishBalancingPowderHow to use Balancing Powder ®Balancing Powder® is placed inside the tyre before this is fitted to the rim. At a speed of 30 km/t thecentrifugal forces begin to take effect, whereupon the balancing powder is slung around in the tyre,and the balancing effect begins to occur. The vibrations that arise in the tyre’s contact with the roadwaycause the balancing powder to move to the area of imbalance. This occurs constantly while driving, thusproducing a dynamic balance.How Balancing Powder ® is suppliedBalancing Powder® is supplied in 7.5 kg tubs - corresponding to 15 to 75 balancings per tub of BalancingPowder®. Each tub of Balancing Powder® is accompanied by a table with the recommended dosages,and a measuring spoon.How to order Balancing Powder ®Part no. 80.990Part no. 80.991Balancing Powder Net. 7,5 kg tubsBalancing Powder Net. 7,5 kg tubs / 120pcs. tubs / one EU-pallet106 -107

the perfect start -SMART REPAIR PDR TOOLStheNew easy to use productSMART by HBCSMART by HBCperfect start -to an excellent finishto an excellent finishBalancing Powder ®The future for cars, busses, trucks and vansBalancing Powder ®− User guide Step 1, 2, 3

the perfect start -SMART REPAIR TOOLSEasy to use, time saving...Balancing Powder ®SMART by HBCSystem Ito an excellent finishBalancingPowder108 -109

Calculation programHBC system has developed a new SMART selling tool to our partners and distributors;a easy to use calculation program.The program will be the key to all future business when selling SMART repair toolsand consumables from HBC system.The report is easy to customize into local demands andtranslated into your target language.Do you want us to complete an example of The SMARTreport for you, please contact us.Simpel input in the program gives a 10 page report.The main purpose of the calculation program is to visualize the potential of smart repairs.With this report in the hand, it will be very visible to see the potential of SMARTrepair.This is how it works:You simply fill in your customer`s statistical information about the car flow of dealershipsbusiness and the labour cost.Simple input in the program gives a 10 page report based on yourcostumer´s carflow and internal cost

Request a report for your workshopBased on your car flowCalculationProgramSoftware available in:• German• English• Spanish• DanishCall us to get theprogram translated intoyour language and how toadd your contact details inthe print out filesThe SMART Repair Report will generate an overview for thedealership with every statistical information possible.From numbers of damages, smart repairs, cost of labour, costof consumables, investments, profit and much more.By offerimg this tool to our partners and distributors, we hope tohelp your sales efforts in the field.Easy translation and distributionpartner´s interfaceThe report is customized to theHBC partner and the customerThe PDF file shows the numbers, and calculations for a real lifecar dealership. It is based on the statistical information given bythe dealership itself, and the many market surveys we have donefrom here.The next page shows how the final report will look like, when youpresent it to your customers.110 -111

HBC standardsSee it for yourself at YouTube or FacebookStandard production and delivery conditionsConsumabels :Day to day deliveryIATA air shipping :All productsPrice based on :PricelistDelivery time first order(s) : One- Two weekDelivery time :1 week >300 kits >300 pcs. stand alonePayment terms :Depending on agreementsMinimum orders :One boxProduct labeling :HBC standard.Private: after costumer approved layoutBox labeling :2+2 matt or higherLabel quality :4+4 high gloss smuts free.Label text :As requestedLabel standard :Directive 67/548/EC and amendments.Label text nationality :As per requestMSDS :In all / requested nationalitiesReceipt (100%) :Yes, if required, must sign the HBC commercialagreement.VOC :YesGerman water class :YesTransport :Road transport ADR/RID (cross-border)Maritime transport :IMDGAir transport :ICAO-TI and IATA-DGRElectric :CE approvedPower :110 volt / 220 voltProduction standards : ISO 9001/14001OEM homologations : Pls. refer to page 7Quantities pr. product :1 pcs. per. systemManuals v/photo :Free download on www.hbc-system.comStep by step :Free download on

Extended warranty programStandardsWarrantyProgramSystem and tool guaranty and warranty programAll HBC products and services are manufactured with the ultimategoal to offer products of high quality for high-end repairs.Steel and metal are granted up to lifetime warranty.However, as standard we provide a warranty of 2 year, 100% claimguaranty on all products. Product shelf life from 2 –5 years.Repair warranty programThe HBC system Service Lifetime Repair Performance Guaranteegives an owner of a vehicle the unequalled confidence of knowingthat their vehicle will receive a quality refinish repair and thatall products used are state-of-the-art and will perform to optimumstandards for gloss and durability.Additionally, the vehicle owner will have the peace of mind in knowingthat the repairs are guaranteed to meeting industry standardsfor as long as the customer owns the car.112 -113

Fast return of investment is key to succesA HBC system is not just a simple tool, it’s a high- end completesolution.We are providing our customer an easy leasing concept for a longtime investment in a competitive and easy way.By ordering an HBC system color scanner and the program onleasing basis, you’ll get a trolley XXL and training for free.We call it a“ALL IN ONE SOLUTION” FOR LESS THAN€ 299 a month.Leasing, € 299 a monthFinal customer priceSystem type Repair application Repair Repair Repairprice cost timeA1 Fiber and tissue repair 60 2 30 minA fibre applicator Fibre electrostatic 0 0 10 minB 1234 Dashboard repair 60 3 60 minB 1234 Interior part 60 3 60 minB 1234 Bumper repair 60 3 60 minB 1234 Soft leather & vinyl repair 80 3 60 minB light + B 4 Dashboard / wood / plastic, vinyl, leather 65 2 60 minSystem C Car paint system, spot repair 80 4 60 minSystem D auto Windscreen repair 50 2 25 minSystem D Pro G3 Windscreen repair 50 2 20 minSystem D Headlamp Headlamp glass repair 50 2 25 minSystem G 8 Start Dent 60 0 25 minSystem G 14 Basic Dent 60 0 25 minSystem G 30 Premium Dent 60 0 25 minE3 complete Alu rim repair polishing kit 50 3 45 minE3 complete Alu rim repair paintet rims 50 3 45 minE Caravan Repair Dent in caravan panels 350 12 130 minH Ozone Generator Air cleanining 50 0 8 hour

LeasingRepairTimeSystem Break evenThe Smart Repair implementation costs and the investment will berecovered very quickly.The average number of repairs to be done to reach a budgetarybreakeven point will appear from the graphics below.Type of repair No. of repairsFabric repair 15Plastic, leather and vinyl 16Spot repair 20-30Windscreen repair 25Rim repair painting 10Rim repair polishing 10Caravan repair 15Dent repair 20Odour 10System Break even*System breakeven prices are based on HBC system recommendedsales prices and local expenses.Repair Income Income Income Brakecapacity in system 10 repairs 20 repairs 30 repairs evena month a month a month repairs150 580 1160 2320 1110.000 100 200 400 3330 - 80 770 1540 3080 1430 - 80 570 1140 2280 1830 - 80 570 1140 2280 1830 - 80 770 1540 3080 1430 - 80 630 1260 2520 6180 760 1520 3040 1810 480 960 1920 1310 480 960 1920 1610 480 960 1920 3life time 600 1200 2400 18life time 600 1200 2400 22life time 600 1200 2400 3730 - 80 470 940 1880 1030 - 80 470 940 1880 1020-200 3.380 6760 13520 1510000 hour 500 1000 2000 18114 -115

Onsite trainingGet Started with usAll HBC Systems are delivered with a online Get Started full of indebt technical repair manuals, stepby-steprepair manuals, video clips, MSDS, safety data sheets and much more.My Smart RepairSystem TrainingEverything is easy when you know how...HBC System offers complete training program where the technician will be trained according to theprinciple of learning by doing.Supplementary trainingNew systems and procedures appearWe make heavy demands on our high-end repairs. It is therefore important to us that all techniciansare completely up-to-date as regards knowledge and methods.HBC partner trainingHBC partner training is available in 80 countries.Independent HBC trainingIn addition HBC system works closely with independent training centers.Factory trainer-the-trainer (TTT) program.We offer ongoing factory courses in the use of the systems. It is important that the technician, whoattends the TTT course, gets started with the repairs as soon as he returns back home, as our experienceshows that the details are crucial, and it is only human to forget them.Worldwide training

SmartRepairTrainingTraining programTrainingTo be competently and successfully with the SMART Repair systems and Paintless Dent Repair systemand to be able to get the fast possible return on investment, we recommend that you attend oneof our trainings.We’re offering these regularly at various locationsS.M.A.R.T. and spot repair techniques- Training for plastic, leather and vinyl repair1 day- Training period for fabric and velour repair1 day- Training period for caravan repair2 day- Training period for paint repair (Spot Repair)1 - 2 daysThe seminars are highly practical withmax. 8 people.After a successful conclusion each participantwill receive a certificate.Paintless Dent Repair (PDR)Training: Paintless Dent RepairDuration: 3 daysTheories:- Paintless Dent Repair explanation of the(clock) method- Work with light reflection- Information on tool nature- The distinction of PDR tools- Explanation of the tools- Assessing the damage, limitations of the method- types of damage, practicesSMART REPAIRCertificateWe hereby confirm thathas passed the training sessions for the following HBC systemsSystem A Fabric and velour repair systemSystem B1 Plastic, leather and vinyl repairSystem B2 Texture repair systemSystem B3 Color mixing systemSystem B3 for scanSystem B6 Plastic welding systemSystem C Spot repairSystem D Windscreen repair systemSystem E1 Caravan repair systemSystem E3 Alloy wheel repair systemSystem G Paintless Dent Removal repairTraining responsibleHBC SYSTEM / SMARTTOOL PRODUCTION APS. Hobrovej 963-961, dk9530 Stovring.DenmarkE-mail www.hbc-system.comPractical training- Locating the tool tip in the reflection of the light- Base training on car body parts- Dents disposal on horizontal parts- Practical use of tools- PDR in free reachable body parts- PDR in reinforced body parts- Dents disposal on vertical parts- PDR on bended and folded body partsAfter a successful conclusion each participant will receive a certificate.116 -117

Customer registration atwww.hbc-system.comYour smart repair online - we offer you full online support 24/7Customer registration at• Manuals• Videos• Step by step guidance available for download at our web Your smart repair.However, in order to get access to the customer pages, you’ll have to get registered. It’s simple and easy; just follow the guidance below:To get registered please click at the following link:• Fill out the fields (Name, email etc)• Tick off the system(s) you’ve purchased (This is important – if you don’t tick off you will not be granted access)• Click at “Register account”• A message is popping up: Please check your mailbox• Go to your mailbox and find the confirmation mail ” Smart Repair Tools account registration” from (it might benecessary to check in your mailbox unwanted mails/ Spam mails)• Click at the highlighted link Approve account. (This is a security to avoid unforeseen access to the website).• After you have clicked at the hyperlink Approve account your registration is completed. Please keep your login data for future use.• You are now ready to explore the world of HBC Smart Repair !!Simple registration process1. Go to www.hbc-systme.com2. Click at “Register your system”3. Fill out the requested fields4. Submit your registration5. Your ready to explore the worldof HBC Smart Repair!!

Registrationof yourHBC systemYour smart repair online, we offer you full online support 24/7Easy login grants you access to• Manuals• Step by step chart• Colour mixing / Colour lab• Download programs• MSDS datasheets• Manuals• Product catalogue• Etc.118 -119

Let us design and produce your line ofprivate labeling system and consumabelsWe are a OEM A+ supplierPlease contact us for your special request.HBC System SMARTTOOL ProductionPrivate labeling programDevelopment, production and world wide distribution of high qualitySMART repair systems and consumables and 50% of the productsare privat labeling.HBC SYSTEM - SMARTTOOL PRODUCTION develops, producesand markets complete innovative repair systems which haveproven their efficiency on many markets around the world already.The systems are complete solutions with all chemical products,step-by-step manuals, technical training for the repairer, and consumables.Private production, labeling and brandingHBC system Smarttool Production offers all repair systems andconsumables in a flexible private labeling line.• Chemicals• Special paint• Steel production• Laser cutting• Aerosols• 1K and 2k cardige filling• Smart Repair folders• Posters• Direct mail• Displays• Folie printing, folie cutting• Custome made shop in shop designsHBC SYSTEM - SMARTTOOL PRODUCTION supplies productsOEM / Private label customers such as car factories, paint producers,etc.HBC system - Smarttool ProductionISO 9001 / 14001VAT Registration Number : DK 2939 5195Website: www.hbc-system.comIATA certificatedFactoryHBC SYSTEM - SMARTTOOL PRODUCTION APSHobrovej 961DK9530 StøvringDenmarkE-mail:info@hbc-system.comPhone: +45 96 71 7070Fax: +45 96 87 7070HBC system – Smarttool Produktion Germany, Austria undSwitzerlandMergenthalerallee 10-12, 65760Eschborn, Frankfurt, DeutschlandPhone +49 06196/400 113Fax: +49 06196 400910

PrivateLabelingSpecial toolAerosol machines - manual or full automatic1 to 1 pcs.1 to 36 pcs.36 to 1000 pcsAerosols prefilling cans (blank no labels)400ml.400ml.400ml1K aqua1K solvent2KEmpty Containers and bottles2ml. Plast5ml. Plast50ml. Glass jars60ml. Plast100ml. Plast250ml. Plast300ml. Plast300ml. Aluminium500ml. Plast1000ml. Plast5000ml. Plast120 -121

Let´s talk businessGetting started with HBC systemPlease feel free to contact me with any questions you may haveon +45 20261888 or hb@hbc-system.comKind regardsHBC SYSTEM - SMARTTOOL PRODUCTIONHenrik Bro ChristensenPresident and CEO

YourTeamFrom HBCYour Smart Repair TeamContact list HBC system Smarttool ProductionMain office:HBC system- Smarttool Production APSHobrovej 961-963Dk9530 Støvring, DenmarkTel. +45 7022 7070 Fax +45 7022 7272HBC system – Smarttool Produktion Germany, Austria und SwitzerlandMergenthalerallee 10-12, 65760Eschborn, Frankfurt, DeutschlandE-mailinfo@hbc-system.comTel +49 6196/400 113 Fax +49 6196 400910President and CEOHenrik Bro +45 20261888Finance ManagerVibeke Jø +45 70227070Chief of Training and Manuals John +32 47 47 25 084Marketing managerMette +45 70227070Metal Production manager Henrik +45 96717070Color lab managerChristian Jø +45 96717070Chief of Warehouse & Packing Pia +45 96717070Dept. Manager Chemical & MSDS Henning +45 96717070Shipping & ClaimsCecilia Brun +45 70227070

www.hbc-system.comHBC system and social media:SMART by HBCthe perfect start -to an excellent finishhttp://www.hbc-system.comhttp://www.hbc-system.dkhttp://www.smartrepairtools.comhttp://www.smartreparatursystem.dehttp://www.dassmartreparatur.de!/Smartrepairtool, photo and print - HBC system Smarttool ProductionHBC SYSTEMAdministration, sales and marketingHobrovej 963dk9530 StovringDenmarkTel. +45 7022 7070 Fax +45 7022 7272e-mail info@hbc-system.comHBC SYSTEM SMARTTOOL PRODUCTION APSProduction and shippingHobrovej 961dk9530 StovringDenmarkTel. +45 7022 7070 Fax +45 7022 7272e-mail info@hbc-system.comwww.hbc-system.comSMART by HBCthe perfect start -to an excellent finishCopyright 2000-2011 - HBC SYSTEM - SMARTTOOL PRODUCTION APS/SMARTTOOL HOLDING APS. All rights reserved HBC system Smarttool Production. Subject to omissions and alterations.

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