WORLD HABITAT - Ministry of Housing and Local Government
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WORLD HABITAT - Ministry of Housing and Local Government

House Build ProjectThe House Build Project, a corporatesocial responsibility programmeintroduced in 2009 to rebuild or repairhomes of the hardcore poor, continuesto receive the support of privateorganisations and individuals. Since theprogramme was introduced, MHLG hassuccessfully rebuilt and repaired 45houses of the hardcore poor. Year2012, MHLG has received contributionsin the form of cash and kind from 47companies to rebuild and repair 16houses.BEFOREAFTER

Analysis Habitat ScenarioIn 2012, an overwhelming response wasreceived from secondary schoolstudents and those from publicinstitutions of higher learning for the“Analysis Habitat Scenario” competition.Shortlisted winners from the uppersecondary, lower secondary andinstitutions of higher learning will presenttheir entries to a panel of jury.incorporates articles pertaining to thetheme of each year celebration asfollows:2009: "Planning our Urban Future"2010: "Better City, Better Life"2011: “Cities and Climate Change"2012: “Changing Cities, BuildingOpportunities”.Photojournalism CompetitionBesides, photojournalism competition isalso organised in conjunction with thiscelebration. For the photojournalismcompetition year 2012, the organisingcommittee has received eightsubmissions. The winner’s creativegraphic will be featured as themagazine’s cover.World Habitat Day SeminarA World Habitat Day Seminar is alsoorganised with the participation ofspeakers from local and foreignorganisations. It is hoped that the eventwill be able to renew aspirations,commitments as well as present anopportunity towards advocatingresponsible urbanism for Malaysia, onethat is more liveable and sustainable forthe cities and nation.Habitat MagazineAnother programme undertaken byMHLG in conjunction with thecelebration is the production of theHabitat magazine. This magazine

Larian Jom! Kitar Semula dan HabitatAnother event hold in conjunction withthis celebration is “Larian Jom! KitarSemula dan Habitat”. In 2012, it washeld on 17 November 2012, organisedby the Solid Waste And PublicCleansing Management Corporation.The aim of the events is to remind thepublic of the importance of creating aliveable and sustainable habitat formankind.

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