Beckman Scholars Program - CSEP Center for Science and ...

Beckman Scholars Program - CSEP Center for Science and ...

Beckman Scholars Program2011-2012Hosted by the Center for Science and Engineering Partnerships (CSEP)at the California NanoSystems Institute (CNSI)The Program:Funded by the Arnold and Mabel BeckmanFoundation, the Beckman Scholars Program seeks tofoster the next generation of creative thinkers bystimulating, encouraging, and supporting research byoutstanding undergraduates who have demonstratedthe desire and potential for becoming future scientificleaders.Beckman Scholars will receive a scholarship of up to$19,300 over two summers (ten-week intensiveresearch programs in the summers of 2011 and 2012with this summer’s running from June 20-Aug26)and the intervening academic year (2011-2012). Inaddition to support for research, the scholarshipsupports attendance at professional meetingsincluding the national Beckman Scholars ProgramSymposium at the Beckman Foundation in Irvine,California, July 2012.In addition to their research responsibilities, scholarswill also participate in activities designed to enrichtheir development as students and scientists throughthe Fall quarter “Beckman Seminar,” and the Winterand Spring quarter “Practice of Science” course(Phys121A) where participants will receive 1-3 unitsof credit each quarter. These seminars will helpprepare Beckman Scholars to present their researchthrough a publication to a peer-reviewedundergraduate research journal and in research talksand posters during the summer programs and atnational meetings.Research through the program will be conductedunder the guidance of one of the ten UCSB facultymentors in the Chemistry/Biochemistry, ChemicalEngineering, Molecular, Cellular and DevelopmentalBiology, and Materials Departments.UCSB Beckman Faculty Mentors:Patrick Daugherty (Chemical Engineering)Kathy Foltz (MCDB)Songi Han (Chemistry/Biochemistry)Craig Hawker (Chemistry/Biochemistry, Materials)Kenneth Kosik (MCDB)Samir Mitragotri (Chemical Engineering)Kevin Plaxco (Chemistry/Biochemistry)Joel Rothman (MCDB)Todd Squires (Chemical Engineering)Galen Stucky (Chemistry/Biochemistry)Scholar Awards:Up to two students will be named as 2011-2012Beckman Scholars.Eligibility Requirements: Must currently be enrolled as a full time UCSBstudent in sophomore or junior year Must be a US Citizen or Permanent Resident Must have a UCSB GPA of 3.3 or aboveAPPLICATION DEADLINE:Monday, May 2, 2011 by 5:00 PMApplication Process1. A completed application form (attached)2. A personal statement describing the applicant’sinterest in pursuing research as part of their futureeducational and career goals. The 2-page statementshould include any relevant personal background andprevious research experience and how thisscholarship program would advance the applicant’spersonal and research goals.3. A current 1-page CV or resume with a history ofall your work and laboratory experience. Please besure to include any lab or course work that you feel isrelevant.4. A 2-page research plan written by the applicantwith appropriate input from the mentor and includingbackground information for the project as well as aconcise but well defined research project plan.5. An unofficial transcript, including S11 schedule6. Two letters of recommendation (form attached)one must come from the Beckman faculty mentorwho the applicant will be researching with, the othershould come from someone familiar with theapplicant but outside of the research mentor’s lab.Letters must be submitted either electronically or in asigned/sealed envelope and included with theapplication.All materials must be submitted to:Arica Lubinalubin@cnsi.ucsb.eduElings Hall 1203(805) 893-33601

Beckman Scholars Program2011 Student Application FormPart 1: Applicant InformationName (last, first): __________________________________________________________E-mail Address: ___________________________________________________________UCSB Perm: ____________________________Please Check One: US Citizen Permanent Resident(Only US citizens or permanent residents may receive funding)Current School Year Address:Street:__________________ _______________________________City, State:_____________________________________________Zip:_____________ Phone:_____________________Permanent Address:Street:_________________________________________________City, State:_____________________________________________Zip:_____________ Phone:_____________________Field of Study:________________ Expected Graduation Date______________________Number of UCSB units completed: ________ UCSB GPA:________Please list the individuals from whom you have requested a letter of recommendation:Name:_____________________________ e-mail:________________________________Name:_____________________________ e-mail:________________________________UCSB Transfer Student? (Please Check One: Yes No)If a transfer student:Community College attended: ________________ CC GPA:____ Transfer Date: ______Research Faculty Mentor:Professor Name:________________________ Department:________________________2

2011 Student Application FormPart 2: Survey1. How did you hear about this scholars program?e-mail announcement from your undergraduate program advisore-mail announcement from your research faculty advisorFriend, classmate or labmateFlyerOther:_________________________________________2. Aside from the award stipend, why did you apply for this scholars program?Summer research internship – Two ten-week intensive research programs.Quarterly seminars: Beckman Seminar and Practice of Science course in Fall andWinter/Spring quarters respectively that will focus on reading and analyzing currentliterature in the field, preparing materials for the graduate school application process, andproviding an overview of the benefits and challenges of developing a career based onscientific research.Encouragement to submit a research article for publication to an undergraduate researchjournal.Support for attending conferences – both financial as well as increased opportunity.Networking with faculty throughout program events, seminars and workshops.***Please explain, in one or two paragraphs, what interests you about the above choices youchecked. (You may attach a separate document for this)3

Student Name: ____________________________________________________________Letter of Recommendation for the Beckman Scholars Program2011-2012Recommender’s name: __________________________________________________Title and Institution: _____________________________________________________E-mail: __________________________________ Phone:______________________This letter must be emailed directly to the coordinator or included with the student application packet bythe due date May 2, 2011, by 5PMalubin@cnsi.ucsb.eduArica LubinElings Hall 1203Santa Barbara, CA 93106-6105(805) 893-3360Please place check marks to rank this student in the following qualities (leave unchecked if you haven’thad opportunity to evaluate student in a particular area)Maturity and self-confidenceWork ethic, responsibilityInitiative, motivationInterest in science / engineeringIntellectual abilityProblem solving skillsLaboratory skillsCommunication skillsAbility to work well with othersExceptionalTop 1%ExcellentTop 5%Very GoodTop 20%GoodTop 40%Please answer the following questions in the space provided or in an attached letter.Fair - PoorBottom 60%How long have you known this student, and in what capacity?What do you know of this student’s future educational and/or career plans?Please use the space below to give us your impressions related to this student’s abilities, character,and potential to succeed in a scientific research internship and motivation to be successful ingraduate school.4

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