Including young people in the discussion on ... -

Including young people in the discussion on ... -

Reducong>inong>g alcohol-related harm onchildren and ong>youngong> ong>peopleong>• WA Parliamentary Inquiry ong>inong>to alcohol and illicit drugproblems (2011)• Paong>inong>ted Dog Research commissioned to conductconsultation• Reference group formed to advise on methodology• Consultation with ≈ 300 ong>youngong> ong>peopleong> aged 14 to 17years

Young ong>peopleong>’s views sought• Culture of alcohol consumptiono ong>inong> ong>theong> broader communityo among ong>youngong> ong>peopleong>• What ong>inong>fluences decision makong>inong>g about alcohol• Concerns about alcohol• Strategies to reduce alcohol-related harm

Methodology• Small group ong>inong>terviews (72)• On-long>inong>e survey (200)• 53% female, 47% males• 71% metro, 29% regional• 7% Aborigong>inong>al, 14% CaLD• Range of alcohol consumption patterns (own andparents), different socio-economic backgrounds, and‘at-risk’ groups.

Views about ong>theong> culture of alcohol“The problem is with ong>theong> culture. Australian is - beer ong>inong>one hand.”“I reckon it’s part of ong>theong> culture, like especially you cansee it on Australia Day a lot, everyone gets smashed.”“I thong>inong>k that ong>theong>re is a drong>inong>kong>inong>g culture ong>inong> Australia – notdrong>inong>kong>inong>g stands out and it shouldn’t.”

Young ong>peopleong> and alcohol“I thong>inong>k ong>theong> drong>inong>kong>inong>g culture ong>inong> teenagers is different toadults. With adults it’s like have a glass of wong>inong>e at adong>inong>ner party and a beer at ong>theong> pub, that sort ofthong>inong>g…ong>theong>y would drong>inong>k more than ong>theong> standardprobably, but it’s not like excessive, hangover ong>theong> nextday type of stuff.”

Young ong>peopleong> and alcohol“Can’t have a good time without it!”“Don’t drong>inong>k by yourself… only with friends.”“Drong>inong>k until you pass out… or it’s all gone.”“The drong>inong>kong>inong>g culture is to get smashed, not everyonedoes, but it’s like ong>theong> norm.”“It takes away your problems for ong>theong> night but ong>theong>n ong>theong>ycome back ong>inong> ong>theong> mornong>inong>g.”

Not all ong>youngong> ong>peopleong> drong>inong>k“I’m ong>theong> odd one out and I will say that I am allowed todrong>inong>k but I just don’t.”“Not all of us drong>inong>k and ong>theong> media needs to give us avoice as well.”

Knowledge• Extensive knowledge about alcohol-related harms• Considerable variation ong>inong> knowledge on guidelong>inong>es“Did you say guidelong>inong>es? There’s a guidelong>inong>e?”“Depends on how good you are at handlong>inong>g it.”“Basically ong>theong>y are just tellong>inong>g us that women can’thandle anythong>inong>g.”

Concerns about alcohol• Violence• Drong>inong>k drivong>inong>g• Damage to reputation• Lookong>inong>g after ong>theong>ir mates• Family conflict and violence


Influences - parents“My dad’s like you’ve got underarm hair – you’re oldenough to drong>inong>k.”“Even when I was 12 I was like drong>inong>kong>inong>g at Christmas.”“Havong>inong>g parents at home who drong>inong>k responsibly reallyhelps… I am lucky as I have great role models ong>inong> mymum and step-dad.”

Influences - friends“You have to say ‘no’ over and over agaong>inong>.”“If you don’t drong>inong>k, you don’t fit ong>inong>.”“If someone offers you somethong>inong>g… you’re out ong>theong>re todrong>inong>k so you are not goong>inong>g to say ‘no’.”“Friends eggong>inong>g you on.”“Stay with your mates – ong>theong>y look after you – stop youfrom drong>inong>kong>inong>g too much.”

0-2Not at all Effective3-4 5 6-78-10Extremely EffectiveLeasteffective

Alcohol-free activities“Convong>inong>ce teens that you don’t have to get drunk to becool.”“If ong>theong> artists ong>theong>mselves at ong>theong> festivals were like, ‘yeahit’s an alcohol free event and it’s a good day’.. Then yeahthat would convong>inong>ce ong>peopleong> not to drong>inong>k.”

Education“Defong>inong>itely effective so long as ong>theong>y don’t lecture us. Ifit’s like ‘don’t drong>inong>k, don’t drong>inong>k, don’t drong>inong>k’ ong>theong>n we will- we need tips.”“I learnt all about alcohol at school, ong>theong> dangers andthong>inong>gs like that, and it hasn’t really changed my views.”“I’ve had no bad experiences when I’m drunk.”

Secondary supply legislation“It’s already illegal…isn’t it already illegal?”“I don’t like ong>theong> idea of it beong>inong>g illegal, but I thong>inong>k itshould be – parents are responsible for you.”“Very hard to stop or police. We will always want toexperiment.”

Contrary views• Concerns about potential of some strategies toong>inong>crease ong>theong> harm“Havong>inong>g ong>theong> price up just makes mum lose more money.”• Not always consistent with research

Summary• Young ong>peopleong> are diverse – one size does not fit all• Their voices are powerful ong>inong> communicatong>inong>g ong>theong>messages• Influence of broader culture“Australians live ong>theong>ir lives around alcohol and how drunkong>theong>y can get. Just teach ong>peopleong> not to be idiots when itcomes to ong>theong> consumption of alcohol!”

What we have done with ong>theong>se views• Published reports and policy briefs• Written to mong>inong>isters• Included views ong>inong> submissions and oong>theong>r work• Co-hosted semong>inong>ars• Feedback to children and ong>youngong> ong>peopleong>

Commissioner for Children andYoung PeopleEmail: ong>inong> (08) 6213 2297Freecall 1800 072

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