Download as a PDF - Wine Country This Week

Download as a PDF - Wine Country This Week

Download as a PDF - Wine Country This Week

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SPRING/SUMMER 2013Sonoma County Preferred Wine Countryday trips9 WINE TASTING day trips helpful informationDry Creek Valley 11South of Healdsburg 21Downtown Healdsburg/Alexander Valley 28Russian River 33Santa Rosa 38Kenwood 44Glen Ellen 51Sonoma 59Los Carneros 6446 Tasting Room ReviewsHeading to the Tasting Room 4Sonoma Canopy Tours 5The Wine Carriage 6Getaway Adventures 7Wine Country Cyclery 8/63Destiny Wine Tours 9Della Santina’s 62/72Dining Recommendations 71-73Varietals Chart 74-77Sonoma County Wineries Map 78-79Alderbrook Winery 24Ancient Oak 41Armida Winery 23B.R. Cohn Winery 57BRYTER Estates 61Cellars of Sonoma 40Chalk Hill Estate Vineyards & Winery 30Charles Creek Vineyard 60Chateau St. Jean 47Christopher Creek Winery 25Cline Cellars 66D’Argenzio Winery 42De La Montanya 22Dry Creek Vineyards 20Dutcher Crossing 14En Garde Winery 48Eric Ross Winery 54Family Wineries of Dry Creek Valley 17Ferrari-Carano Vineyards & Winery 13Forchini Vineyards & Winery 15Fritz Underground Winery 12Hook & Ladder Winery & Vineyards 37Jacuzzi Winery 67www.WineCountryThisWeek.comKenwood Vineyards 50Kokomo Winery 18Korbel Champagne Cellars 34Lancaster Estate Winery 31Larson Family Wines 69Ledson Winery & Vineyards 45Little Vineyards Family Winery 56Lost Canyon Winery 39Loxton Cellars 58Martin Ray Winery 35Matanzas Creek Winery 52Meadowcroft Wines 68Moondance Cellars 53Mutt Lynch Winery 26Rodney Strong Vineyards 27St. Francis Winery & Vineyards 46Sonoma-Cutrer 36Stephen & Walker Winery 32Trattore Estate Wines 19Truett Hurst Winery 16VJB Vineyards & Cellars 49Valley of the Moon Winery 55Viansa Winery 653

Heading to the Tasting RoomDo not be intimidated for anyreason. That is rule number one(and there are very few real rulesafter that). For the most part,going wine tasting is about theeasiest thing in the world, especiallyhere in Northern Californiawhere wineries and tastingrooms abound. You can findwineries specializing in redwines of all types, those that are Twomey Cellarsfamous for their white wines andothers who pour sparkling wine. It is a matter of doing alittle research and planning your day.Most tasting rooms open around 10 a.m. and close between4:30 and 6 p.m. As a rule sparkling wine houses areopened the latest. Before you start off pack a few essentials:Water (plenty of water) and something to snack on –crackers or a baguette. Many wineries have picnic areasand there are plenty of delis and bakeries that can make upa lunch for you, or make your own. Which brings us toeating and drinking, the kind that doesn’t directly involvewine.Be sure to nibble during the day and make sure youmake time for lunch. Two tips: drink at least twice as muchwater as you do wine, and remember that you don’t haveto drink everything poured into your glass. There is a reasontasting bars have dump buckets and a pitcher of waterto wash out your glass.That said, here are some tips that have proven to behelpful and are designed to help make the sensory adventureof wine tasting all the more enjoyable.Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Time and time againI have heard knowledgeable winery workers say that thereis no such thing as a stupid question, and they mean that.You can drink what you want, in the order you want.If you only like reds, say so; if you don’t like sweet wines,speak up. But the idea of starting with whites, then goingon to reds and then sweet wines is a good guide.Zinfandel is red. I am sure you know that but it neverhurts to remind everyone.If there is a particular wine you want to try and it isnot on the list, ask. There might be a bottle around thatwas opened for a trade tasting or by the winemaker. Mosttasting rooms are happy to pour a little if you show enthusiasm.If you plan to take wine home with you, either in thecar or on a plane, buy a cardboardbox with Styrofoam wineinserts. Fill it during the day andthis keeps wine from rollingaround in the trunk.Check out the smallerwineries. It is a revelation.Take notes on the wines youmost enjoyed.Take advantage of tours whenthe winery offers them, but keepin mind that they take anywherefrom 20 minutes to well over an hour, so one a day is plenty.Buy wines that you can only find at the winery. Theseoften include smaller (375 ml) bottles of limited productionPorts or dessert wines. Don’t buy a wine you can getat a supermarket back home. You’ll pay more, and besides,what’s the point?Look for tasting rooms in towns. Many of these are cooperativetasting rooms, where in one place you might findwines from a dozen or more small-to-medium premiumproducers. They are scattered throughout the area andmore are opening all the time.Don’t give too much thought to ratings and vintages.It’s like art: if you like it, it’s a good wine. It is as simple asthat.Remember that you don’t have to do the driving. Ittakes no more than a phone call to rent anything from aTown Car or restored Packard convertible to stretch limosand a 20-passenger bus. All have drivers that will stowyour wine for you and the local companies know the area.As to taking that wine home, ten people sharing one ofthose impossibly long limousines is fine and fun, but if youall plan to buy a couple of cases the trunk – which is nobigger than a normal luxury cars – is going to fill up fastand you’re going to find yourself filling the interior floorwith boxes and using cases of Cabernet as footrest.Tell the transportation company what you have inmind and listen to their advice. They know the territoryand the people and personalities. See next page.Know your limits. If you get close to it let others tasteand you can listen. It beats ending the day in a blur, and ifneed be calling a taxi is cheaper than the alternative.And if at a seated tasting, don’t be afraid to leave agratuity. It’s more than worth the five or ten dollars to getwisdom – and wine – and a great time.BY CHARLES NEAVE4 www.WineCountryThisWeek.com

Sonoma Canopy ToursIf it’s on your bucket list to try something exhilarating, thenstep out of your comfort zone and into a harness at SonomaCanopy Tours at Alliance Redwoods. Located in the heart ofan ancient Northern California redwood grove in Occidental,a series of zipline challenges awaits thrill seekers. These aerialtours are an adrenaline rush, as participants glide their waythrough a 2.5-hour course in the treetop canopy.The view from the towering height of the platforms providesan unparalleled vantage point, experienced only by birds orby taking the tours. Perched high above the ground (at variousheights), are a sequence of seven ziplines, two sky-bridges anda one-of-a-kind spiral staircase wrapped around the trunk of amagnificent, giant redwood.Participants soar from platform to platform while taking inthe breathtaking scenery. The longest zipline is over 800 feet ofsteel cable suspended over a graceful creek. This exhilaratingexperience culminates with a rappel back down to the canopyfloor.Sonoma Canopy Tours’ staff of experienced, well-trained tourguides keep safety top-of-mind at all times. You’ll be harnessed,helmeted and taken through “ground school” training on ziplinebasics – such as how to start and stop correctly, as well as safetyprecautions – before you embark on the adventure. Not to worry– each guest will get to practice from a platform on the ground –then progress through the course as they gain confidence and getcomfortable. Two guides accompany each group, one at the frontand one at the rear, to help along the way.The experience is rounded out by the guides, acting as ecotourdocents, educating guests about the redwood forest habitat– unique only to Northern California – a vital and rewardingpart of each tour.By Denise OlliffeBoldly soar through the redwoods on aSonoma Canopy Tours eco-adventureFAMILY FRIENDLY andexcitement for ALL AGESThis is an incredible adventure to be enjoyed bythe entire family. Sonoma Canopy Tours’ oldestpassenger was a woman who celebrated her93rd birthday ziplining. Please be aware thatthere is a minimum age requirement of10 years or older.Walter lives hereThe name of the oldest tree on the property(you’ll have to take a tour to find out moreabout this behemoth, primitive redwood).Sonoma Canopy ToursOpen year-roundReservations are required6250 Bohemian HighwayOccidental, CA 9546530 minutes west of Santa Rosa1-888-494-7868www.sonomacanopytours.comEmail: info@sonomacanopytours.comFollow on Facebookand Twitterwww.WineCountryThisWeek.com$10 off Helmet Cam Rentals (with this coupon).5

The Wine CarriageFrom May through November, The Wine Carriageis a fun, intimate excursion through select vineyardsof the Alexander Valley in Sonoma County. Ownerand well-informed tour guide Bret LeRolland, iscoachman of a shade-top carriage pulled by mightydraft horses – meandering between rows of vines andup and down scenic countryside – while guests pluckgrapes right from their seats.This is no ordinary tour – it’s an off-road, insider’strek (and the only horse-drawn carriage tour in WineCountry). The outings begin at 11 a.m., starting witha visit to Alexander Valley Vineyards where guestsare taken to the underground, arched wine cavernfilled with the aroma of aging wine in oak barrels, andtreated to samples straight from the cask. Then, guestsboard the carriage for a cross-country excursion toHanna Winery, which boasts commanding views ofthe entire valley.After a wine tasting at Hanna, a decadent gourmetlunch is served outside in the shade of a majesticoak. Fresh baguettes, herbed meats, local artisanand imported cheeses, mixed organic olives andorganic strawberries are served – topped off bywine-filled chocolate truffles for dessert. Wine canbe purchased by the bottle or glass at the winery, toenjoy with lunch. After lunch, guests are taken onan adventurous, scenic journey across the valley to afinal tasting at the award-winning Soda Rock Winery.By Denise OlliffeHow to prepareDress casual and comfortable for a day on The Wine Carriage.The service provides all the necessities – spring water, lunch,coolers to accommodate purchases. The carriage has a shadedcanopy (however you may want to bring a hat and wearsunscreen), and springs for a more comfortable ride, as well aspadded seats.Cost and DiscountsTours are $175 per person. There are discounts for larger groupsof eight to 12 passengers, and exclusive tours are arranged.Guests receive a ten percent discount on all purchases at thewineries visited.About the horsesCody and Cheyenne, two stately blonde draft horses (now intheir second season with The Wine Carriage), and Duke andPepper, two regal black Percherons (with the company for 10years), pull the carriage for guests.A Fun FactThe enormous, powerful steeds weigh-in around one ton each,and at their rumps, stand taller than an average adult.The Wine Carriage8644 Highway 128, Healdsburg(707) 849-8989 | www.TheWineCarriage.comLook for them on Facebook!Book now and receive a bonus wine tasting voucher for White Oak Winery.6 www.WineCountryThisWeek.com

Getaway AdventuresRide the Wine Trail to the wine country’s small family-ownedwineries, following the back roads and country lanes of NapaValley and Sonoma County!Our Sip n Cycle is the quintessential day trip, taking in sunsoaked landscapes, dotted with vines wineries and farms. You’lldiscover the best of this area with Getaway Adventures top-ratedguides, sharing their secret spots and treating you like long lostfriends. Every tour comes with our sumptuous Wine CountryPicnic, prepared at selected wineries chosen for their countrycharm and great views.Velo n Vino. A cyclist dream ride! We do a spirited 20 to40 miles in the morning, then put our road bikes away, take offour cleats and ride around by van to the taste wine after a greatmorning ride.If kayaking is your idea of adventure, come paddle theRussian River with us! We take you on one of five stretches, fromCloverdale to Jenner, each with a unique perspective. Chooseeither single or double kayaks, all geared at the energetic beginner.Fully guided, again our great lunch and plenty of swim breaks andphoto ops. A great family trip, you can even bring your dog!Hike tours take us in the giant redwood forest, with towering300+ feet trees. Then walk along the amazing Sonoma Coast withincomparable views then top it off with some Champagne. Greatway to really see the best of the best this area has to offer with ourlocal guides.Hidden Winery Van Tours. Come explore the area’s smaller,boutique wineries with our custom-designed van tours, in airconditioned,15-passenger vans that take you to some really coolwineries. Meet the owners and winemakers and taste world-classwines.SubmittedFun FactsGetaway Adventures was founded in 1991 and hasserved over 10,000 guests. It is the oldest continuallyowned bike tour operator in the Wine Country,serving both Napa and Sonoma CountiesDid you Know?Getaway adventures specialized in group, corporateoutings up to 200 people. Team building, R & R,incentive, whatever your reason we love groupsand do over 40 a year.We now do Electric Bike tours in the Santa Rosa area.Top rated on trip advisor our guides are the best inthe business!Don’t Miss.Bike and Safari Tour. You bike in the morning to areawineries, then mingle with giraffes in the afternoon.Go to our website, check out other great tourslike the Sip N Cycle, Pedal n Paddle, Velo n Vino,Farm Fresh Bike Tour and lots lots moreGetaway AdventuresWine Country Bike ToursSpecializing in bike, kayak and hiking toursin the Napa and Sonoma Wine Country(707) 568-3040 | 1-800-499-2453getawayadventures.comLike us on FACEBOOK and receive either a T-shirt or $15 off per person.Must mention this Promo code WCTW 1 with bookingwww.WineCountryThisWeek.com7

Wine Country CycleryWine Country Cyclery offers the perfect way to trulycapture the grandeur of the Sonoma Valley. Why hasslewith traffic when you can leisurely pedal to some of thevalley’s most celebrated tasting rooms. Wine Countryvisitors who simply fly by the vineyards at fifty milesper hour are missing out on the very best aspects of theexperience. The aroma of the grapes, the warmth of thesun and sound of gentle breezes rustling through thevines are best enjoyed at a much more relaxed pace. Theknowledgeable staff at Wine Country Cyclery will gladlyhelp you plan an unforgettable winery tour, supplyingyou with maps and tasting room coupons.The shop is conveniently located just off the plazain downtown Sonoma and offers a wide range of bikesfor every skill level and age of cyclist. Their fleet ofroad bikes features some of the very best, includingCannondale EVOs and Trek Madones. They also havehelmets and pedals. If you are planning on bringing yourown bicycle to the wine country, Wine Country Cycleryhas experienced mechanics available seven days a weekto do last minute adjustments or make quick repairs.And, to finish off your day of adventure andsunshine, Wine Country Cyclery can arrange for you tosavor a “lite bite” food and wine pairing at Roche FamilyWinery tasting room. With award-winning wines and thescrumptious offerings of the Sunflower Caffe, you’ll enjoythe perfect ending to your trip on their patio, gatheredaround the firepit, wine glass in hand. They even offerextended hours for late arrivals.Fun Facts• Wine Country Cyclery boasts the youngest rental fleetof comfort hybrid bikes, replacing them yearly. Theirhigh-end road bikes are continuously maintained fortop performance.• Already a cycling pro? Bring your own pedals, shoes,even your saddle – a certified fitter will personallysize you to your rental bike. If you’re coming from faraway, ship your bike to Wine Country Cyclery...they’llput it together and have it waiting for you. Whenyou’re ready to leave, they’ll pack it carefully for a safeshipment back.• Don’t own your own equipment? They have aselection of helmets, locks and pedals such asShimano, Look and SpeedPlay.Packing a picnic?Wine Country Cyclery has bike trailers that can hold allof your goodies, as well as your wine purchases alongthe way!Make it a family trip!Wine Country Cyclery has Tag-a-Long bikes that allow kidsto enjoy the ride, too, as well as bike trailers that can seattwo small children.Wine Country CycleryOpen daily 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.262 W Napa Street, Sonoma, CA 95476(707) 996-6800winecountrycyclery.comFollow Wine Country Cyclery on Facebook!8 www.WineCountryThisWeek.com

Dry Creek ValleyDry Creek wine country is one of the smallest enclosedAmerican Viticultural Areas in the nation, only 16 miles longand two miles wide. With 9,300 acres of vineyard along thisbeautiful valley’s floor, Dry Creek is a “must see” for first-timeand veteran wine lovers. Dry Creek boasts 63 wineriesproducing a diverse range of wines from the famed Zinfandel toBordeaux and even Mediterranean varietals. Don’t let its smallsize fool you… Dry Creek winemakers have been growinggrapes and making great wines for more than 135 years!Things to DoLake Sonoma Hatchery3333 Skaggs Springs Road, Geyserville(707) 433-9483, www.parks.sonoma.netLocated in the beautiful foothills of Northern SonomaCounty, Lake Sonoma is surrounded by vineyards andland rich in history. Here, visitors can observe the operationof the hatchery and see displays which describe thelife cycle of the coho salmon, steelhead and chinook.Dry Creek Olive Oil, 4791 Dry Creek Road, Healdsburg(707) 431-7200, www.DryCreekOliveCompany.comRooted in traditions as rich as the Dry Creek Soil, DryCreek Olive Oil Company is your destination for artisan,very fine, extra-virgin olive oils.PICNIC FAREOakville Grocery, 124 Matheson Street, Healdsburg(707) 433-3200, www.OakvilleGrocery.com“Little Country Store” with overflowing shelves and adeli chock full of handmade, gourmet picnic items,the Oakville Grocery is an absolute MUST.Dry Creek General Store(707) 433-4171, 3495 Dry Creek Road, HealdsburgSo much more than just a corner store, established in1881, this is also a full-service deli and beer garden withlive music occassionally, spectacular views and a wealthof information on wine tasting, tours and even fishing!LodgingGrape Leaf Inn539 Johnson Street, Healdsburg(707) 433-8140, www.grapeleafinn.comA picturesque Queen Anne Victorian bed and breakfast,the Grape Leaf Inn seamlessly blends modern decorwith timeless antiques. Gracious staff provide the besthospitality in this relaxing, romantic environment.Hope Merrill & Hope Bosworth B&B21253 Geyserville Avenue, Geyserville(707) 857-3356, www.hope-inns.comOnce an early stage-coach stop, these now two strikinglyrestored Queen Anne Craftsman homes welcome you withopen arms. Truly where wine and romance intertwine!www.WineCountryThisWeek.comCelebrate the colors of spring/summer in the beautiful gardens at Ferrari-Carano Vineyards & Winery.LakeSonomaTOCOASTSTEWART’S POINTTOMENDOCINOCOASTCloverdaleFERRARI-CARANOANOLakeSonomaHatcheryDriving Time: 12 minutesFrom Fritz Underground Wineryto Ferrari-Carano >2 milesto Dutcher Crossing >1 milesto Forchini3.5 milesto Truett Hurst>1 milesto Family Wineries >1 milesto Kokomo Winery 0 milesto Trattore Family0 milesto Dry Creek Vineyards 1.5 milesTotal 8+ milesFRITZTOEUREKADUTCHER CREEK RDDUTCTWALLINGASTI RD.101CHIANTI RDCANYON RDRUSSIAN RIVERHope Merrill/Hope BosworthHouse128DUTCHER CROSSING FORCHINIKOKOMOTRATTORE FAMILYTRUETTTTFAMILY WINERIESHURST OF DRY CREEKYOAKIM BRIDGEW. DRY CREEK RD.DRY CREEK RD.LAMBERT BRIDGEDRY CREEKVINEYARDDry Creek Olive OilDry CreekGeneralStoreBetter toschedule twoDay Tripswhen visitingDry CreekValleywineries!GEYSERVILLE AVE.LYTTON SPRINGSRUSSIAN RIVERALEXANDER VAL. RD.11

Fritz Underground WineryFritz Underground Winery is a wonderful place withfantastic wines, friendly, informative staff and unusual (thinkhobbit house-meets spaceship) architecture. Oh, and theviews from the patio are stunning, too!Built in the late 1970s by namesake, Mr. Jay Arthur Fritz,the winery was way ahead of its time. It was built withsustainability in mind – the three-level winery was builtinto the side of a hill, which naturally controls the interiortemperatures. This three level construction also allowsthe winemaker to craft great wines with gravity flow, thuseliminating the need for using pumps to move the wines. Notusing pumps equals using less electricity and results in wineswithout harsh tannins.Now run by Jay’s son, Clayton, the winery is still dedicatedto sustainability and producing excellent wines.The tasting room staff is happy to discuss the history ofthe winery, the methods of sustainable winemaking used atFritz and a myriad of other topics.The tasting room is bright and airy, with big glass doorsand windows to let in the sunshine. A mirror spans one wall,enhancing the airy feel. A woodstove sits against one wall,creating a cozy, warm ambience on cool, rainy days.Let’s talk about the wines – I tasted a handful of winesduring my visit and I loved every single one of them! Don’’tmiss the dry Estate Rosé and the Estate Reserve Zin – they’reknockouts!This place is really worth visiting! The wines are great, thebuilding is unique, the picnic area is picturesque and the staffis fabulous! Tell ’em “the Wine Wench sent me.”By Sue Straight, The Wine WenchSpecial Tours & TastingsUnderground cave tours are availableSaturdays and Sundays by appointment.Wines ProducedSauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, Pinot Noir,Cabernet Sauvignon, Malbec, Zinfandeland Late Harvest Zinfandel.Fun FactWildlife abounds around the winery –sharp-eyed visitors may catch sight of wild turkeys,quail, deer and other local denizens of the woods.Plan AheadBring a picnic to enjoy on the patiowith your delicious Fritz wine.Fritz Underground WineryOpen daily from 10:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.24691 Dutcher Creek Road(Just off Dry Creek Road)Cloverdale, CA 95425www.fritzwinery.com • 1-800-418-9463info@fritzwinery.comFacebook:www.facebook.com/fritzwineryTwitter: @fritzwineryMention ‘Day Trips’ for Complimentary Tasting for 212 www.WineCountryThisWeek.com

Ferrari-Carano in Dry Creek ValleyFerrari-CaranoVINEYARDS& WINERYSeasons of the Vineyard in HealdsburgInside Villa Fiore, the magnificent Italian-stylevilla that serves as Ferrari-Carano’s hospitalitycenter in Dry Creek Valley, guests will find a worldof tasting opportunities. On the main floor wineshop and tasting room, guests may taste manynew releases of Ferrari-Carano’s Classic Wines, inaddition to select wines, which are only available atthe winery. Take your wine and browse the shop’sselection of wine country gifts and souvenirs,including wine and cookbooks, housewares, appareland home décor.Downstairs in the cellar, the luxurious Enotecaoffers guests Ferrari-Carano’s Limited Release andReserve Wines. Try a flight of lovely Russian RiverValley Chardonnays, or compare the two deliciousPreVail Cabernet Sauvignons that hail from thewinery’s two mountain ranches in Alexander Valley.Guests are welcome to stroll the enclosed garden,which has a meandering path and foot bridges alonga rippling stream that empty into fish-filled ponds.The garden has more than 2,000 species of trees andshrubs, all marked with informative identificationtags, including some of the few successfully growingPortuguese cork trees in the area. Art lovers will alsofind bronze sculptures from world-renowned artistssuch as Dennis Smith, Douglas Van Howd and JaneDeDecker throughout the gardens.By Michelle J. BakerDid you know...Ferrari-Carano has a tasting bar and boutique in Healdsburg?“Seasons of the Vineyard” features wines from Ferrari-Carano andLazy Creek Vineyards… fantastic Anderson Valley Pinot Noir!Special Tours and Private TastingsWinery tours are free and by appointment, Monday throughSaturday, 10 a.m. Or, try the ultimate-fun private tastings byappointment, six days a week, 11 a.m. or 2:30 p.m., price varies.Call (707) 433-6700 or email tourinformation@ferrari-carano.com.What to tasteFor Classic Wines, try Pinot Grigio, Fumé Blanc, Chardonnay,Bella Luce (aromatic white blend), Zinfandel, Merlot, CabernetSauvignon and Siena. Limited Release and Reserve Wines areavailable in the Enoteca: Vineyard Select Chardonnays, Pinot Noir,Cabernet Sauvignon, Trésor, PreVail West Face, PreVail Back Forty,and two dessert wines, Eldorado Gold and Eldorado Noir.Ferrari-Carano Vineyards and WineryOpen daily 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.8761 Dry Creek Road, Healdsburgwww.ferrari-carano.comFor Tours and Private Tastings, call (707) 433-6700Seasons of the VineyardOpen Wednesday - Sunday 11 a.m. until 6 p.m.113 Plaza Street, Healdsburg • (707) 431-2222Look for them on Facebook and Twitter!Mention this ad to receive one Classic Wine Tasting withthe purchase of one Classic Wine Tasting at regular price.www.WineCountryThisWeek.com13

Dutcher CrossingDutcher Crossing Winery has everything a wine-lovingvisitor could hope for – delicious, reasonably pricedwines, a beautiful tasting room staffed with friendly andknowledgeable employees, a gorgeous picnic area withstunning views of Dry Creek Valley and a winery dog towelcome you.Let’s start outside – you pull into the parking lot andnotice the beautiful landscaping surrounding the brown,barn-like building that is the winery and tasting room. Aflagstone path leads you through a riot of colorful flowersto a breezeway that separates the winery from the tastingroom. Glass doors provide a view into the barrel room andwinery. Most likely, you’ll be greeted by Dutchess, a sweet,tail-wagging yellow Labrador Retriever, owned by DutcherCrossing Winery’s Proprietor, Debra Mathy.The tasting room is large, bright and airy, with highceilings, glossy wood floors and tasteful décor. A vintagehigh-wheeled bicycle (used as the winery’s logo) sits againsta wall, beckoning to be ridden (well, I was tempted to tryto ride it, but I restrained myself). A selection of non-wineitems is available for browsing as you sip and stroll aroundthe room.During the week, there is a $5 tasting fee (waived forwine club members) to sample a variety of six wines, and onweekends a $10 reserve tasting is available as well.Winemaker Kerry Damskey does a wonderful job craftingthese wines! I tasted a few wines during my visit and theywere all excellent!Taste some great wines, pet a friendly dog, relax and stay awhile!By Sue Straight, The Wine WenchPLAN AHEADThe picnic area is lovely and its views of theDry Creek Valley are breathtaking. There aresix picnic tables under a wisteria-covered arbor.The colorful, fragrant landscaping and manicuredlawns will make you want to kick off your shoesand stay a while.VARIETALSSauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, Zinfandel, Syrah,Petite Sirah, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and PortANOTHER FUN FACTWinemaker, Kerry Damskey is known as“the Indiana Jones of the wine world.”LITTLE KNOWN FACTDutcher Crossing’s self-appointed greeter andmascot Dutchess is a rescue dog. Owner, Debra Mathytransported her all the way back from Taiwan!Dutcher Crossing WineryOpen daily 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.8533 Dry Creek Road, Healdsburgwww.dutchercrossingwinery.com(707) 431-2700Look for Dutcher Crossing on Facebook.15% off Visa Signature cardholders+ complimentary tastingInquire to schedule a private tasting of our current releases and a selection of delicious local cheeses.14 www.WineCountryThisWeek.com

Forchini Vineyards & WineryJust north of Healdsburg, a few miles out Dry Creek Roadis a very special place, where you’ll feel like part of the family.Turn at the Bacchus sign, drive up the narrow, winding,rosemary-edged driveway and you’ve arrived at ForchiniVineyards & Winery.Forchini Vineyards & Winery is a family-run winery thatproduces only estate grown and bottled wines. Jim and AnitaForchini are the owners and Andrew Forchini is the vineyardmanager.The building, surrounding picnic area and vineyards lookas if they are right out of an Italian landscape – stucco walls,tile roofs, splashing fountains, flower gardens and vineyardstripedhills delight the senses. Just wait until you taste thewines – then your senses will be delighted even further!Once inside the main building, you feel as if you are insomeone’s comfortable home. There is a large dining room,with a table ready to serve eight, a fully appointed kitchen, anoffice and the tasting room, which is decorated in warm tones,with faux-painted walls, wood flooring and a granite-toppedoak bar. Behind the bar, a portrait of Bacchus, the God ofwine, is the central focus of the tasting room.The wines at Forchini are very, very good – they arecontinually garnering medals and accolades. For example,their 2008 Russian River Valley Pinot Noir recently scored 94points/Highly Recommended/Chairman’s Award Finalist at the2012 Ultimate Wine Challenge in New York.You really should visit this beautiful, comfortable, deliciouswinery!By Sue Straight, The Wine WenchFun Facts• Forchini Vineyards has been growingpremium varietal wine grapes since 1971.• There are two properties – the 67-acre• Dry Creek Bench and the 24-acre RussianRiver Terrace.• There’s a lovely outdoor tasting gardensurrounded by vineyards• Some of their Zinfandel vines are more than100 years old!Varietals ProducedCabernet Sauvignon, Zinfandel, Pinot Noir,Chardonnay and Bordeaux and Tuscan Style RedBlendsForchiniVineyards & WineryOpen for Tasting from11 a.m. to 4 p.m. Friday-Sundayand by appointment5141 Dry Creek RoadHealdsburg, CA 95448(707) 431-8886www.forchini.comFacebook:www.facebook.com/forchiniwineryMention Day Trips and receive 2 for 1 tasting and 10% discount .www.WineCountryThisWeek.com15

Truett Hurst WinerySet in the heart of Dry Creek Valley is a special estatecalled Truett Hurst. As you drive in, the sheep and goatpasture is the first indication that this is not in any way youraverage winery. Vineyards are flanked by habitat islands forbirds and beneficial insects, and there are bluebird and owlboxes. Maintaining biodiversity and habitat are part of thefarming philosophy here. Their commitment to responsiblestewardship of this property is matched by the passion withwhich they handcraft award-winning Zinfandel, Petite Sirahand Pinot Noir.The wines are made by fermenting grapes in small, opentopstain fermenters. The grapes are punched down duringfermentation, rather than pumped over, allowing for gentleextraction of color and flavor components, while avoidingbitter tannins. Then wines are barrel aged in approximately30% new French oak, until the flavors and structure of thewine perfectly balance. The result: big, bold, textured wineswith lots of spice and jammy fruit.You can savor these wines in one of the most comfortableand relaxing wineries in the valley. You have a choice ofAdirondack chairs down by the creek where you may seeSteelhead or Coho salmon. Or hang out on the patio andlisten to music while enjoying the sublime scenery of DryCreek, or enjoy a picnic or a slow lunch in the olive grove.If this is not enough, you’ll always be served by the friendlywine pourers who will make you feel right at home in thisinviting tasting room.VarietalsZinfandel, Petite Sirah and Pinot NoirPlan AheadOn most Saturdays they have live music from somefine local musicians who deliver everything from ajazz-swing vibe to a third-world groove to Americanaand some classic tunes from the ’50s, ’60s and ’70s.There may even be something from the grill to munchon while you take it all in.Special TastingTell them in the tasting room that Luci the black goatsent you and you can taste the special Zinfandel that’snamed after her.Fun Fact• Relax and drink your wine in one ofAdirondack chairs down by the creek!• A 60-year-old olive grove, a four-acre chef’s gardenand the beautiful Dry Creek (which, by the way,is never dry) are all part of the estate.Truett Hurst WineryOpen 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. daily5610 Dry Creek Road, Healdsburg(707) 433-9545 • www.truetthurst.comFollow Truett Hurst Wineryon Facebook and Twitter.Mention “Day Trips” and receive a complimentary tasting valued at $5.16 www.WineCountryThisWeek.com

Family WineriesInterested in visiting with some winemakers in person? Stopby at Family Wineries in Dry Creek Valley, where most weekendsyou’ll find one or two of the winemaker/owners behind the bar,ready to pour wine and answer all of your wine questions. Infact, Family Wineries is the only local cooperative tasting roomfully owned by its member wineries.A visit to Family Wineries of Dry Creek Valley is just likemaking six stops at six different boutique, award-winningwineries without all the extra driving, map untangling and time.It’s the perfect place to stop to satisfy the wine preferences ofeveryone in your group - the red wine person, the white wineperson, and even the sweet wine person! That’s right, FamilyWineries has a separate sweet wine tasting menu featuring treatsranging from Moscato to Chocolate Port. On the regular list,there’s always at least 20 wines available for tasting, includinginteresting and hard-to-find wines like Sangiovese, Rosé,Grenache, Viognier, Tempranillo and much more.Family Wineries is also a great place to stock up on gifts andsouvenirs to bring back home. The tasting room is loaded withfun, unique wine-related accessories, housewares, books, puzzlesand food products ranging from barbecue sauces to mustardsand marinades (many of which are available to sample).And don’t forget to bring along a few sandwiches so you cantake advantage of the picnic grounds just a few paces from thetasting room. The picnic area is neatly landscaped and offers amagnificent view across the floor of Dry Creek Valley. Adjacentto the picnic area is a Bocce court available for use by customersof Family Wineries (call ahead to reserve the court on weekends).By Michelle BakerSix family wineries in one tasting room• Collier Falls Vineyards• Dashe Cellars• Forth Vineyards• Lago di Merlo Vineyards and Winery• Mietz Cellars• Philip Staley VineyardsVarietalsBarbera, Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay,Chocolate Port, Dessert Wines, Grenache, Moscato,Petite Sirah, Pinot Gris, Pinot Noir, Primitivo, RedBlends, Rose, Sangiovese, Sauvignon Blanc, Syrah,Viognier, White Blends, White Port and ZinfandelFun FactFamily Wineries is the only true small winerycooperative tasting room in Sonoma County owned byits member wineries.Family Wineriesof Dry Creek ValleyOpen daily from 10:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.4791 Dry Creek Road, Healdsburg1-888-433-6555 ext. 1www.familywines.comwww.facebook.com/FamilyWineriesDryCreekMention Day Trips article and receive complimentary tasting with purchase of wineand 15% off purchase of six or more bottles.www.WineCountryThisWeek.com17

Kokomo WineryA tip for the wise wine taster – do NOT strollinto Kokomo Winery’s tasting room singing thatBeach Boy’s song. You know, the one that goes“Aruba, Jamaica, oh I wanna take ya, to Bermuda,Bahama…” The friendly, knowledgeable staff atKokomo Winery has heard that one before. Severaltimes. And the winery is named after Kokomo,Indiana, where Owner/Winemaker, Erik Miller grewup, not some fictional beach town in Brian Wilson’shead. Be cool. Restrain yourself, and you will betreated to one of the best tasting experiences in winecountry.Kokomo Winery’s tasting room is part ofthe winery, so the sights, sounds and smells of aworking small winery are the backdrop to yourvisit. The overall vibe here is laid-back, casuallyhip and genuine. The floors are utilitarian concrete,the tasting bar is made of wooden planks laidacross wine barrels and big stacks of wine barrelsbehind the bar create a warm, rustic atmosphere.T-shirts emblazoned with “Peace, Love & Pinot” and“Inspiration Through Fermentation” are casuallydisplayed on the barrels behind the bar.Owner/ Winemaker, Erik Miller, and AssistantWinemaker, Josh Bartels, are making some fantasticwines! I tasted a few during my visit and loved everywine I tasted.By Sue Straight, The Wine WenchPLAN AHEADEnjoy a truly authentic winery experience, where the tasting room andcellar come together. Here, the tasting room, located in the workingcellar, provides a completely visceral experience. Enjoy the actualsounds, smells, sights and, of course, taste of this boutique winery.Visitors are encouraged to purchase wine and relax at one of the manyoutside picnic tables, or grab a set of balls and play a little bocce.LITTLE KNOWN FACTOwner/Winemaker Erik Miller’s business partner in the wineryis Randy Peters, a fourth generation Sonoma County farmer.Randy farms world-class wine grapes in Alexander Valley,Russian River Valley and Dry Creek Valley.VARIETALSSauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Zinfandel, Merlot,Cabernet Sauvignon, Malbec and Grenache RoséInspiration through FermentationWith 90+ point Zinfandel, Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and Grenache Roséwines from Wine Spectator and Wine Enthusiast, Kokomo Winery iscementing its place among Sonoma County’s premiere boutiquewineries by producing a wide range of varietals and doing each one aswell as the next!Kokomo WineryOpen daily 11 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.4791 Dry Creek Road atTimber Crest Farms, Healdsburgwww.kokomowinery.com | 707-433-0200facebook: www.facebook.com/kokomowineryMention this story for complimentary tasting for two adventurous souls. Tell ‘em The Wine Wench sent you!18 www.WineCountryThisWeek.com

Trattore Estate Wines andDry Creek Olive CompanyEven as a young boy, Tim Bucher, owner of TrattoreEstate Wines and the Dry Creek Olive Oil Company,was awed by the beauty of the Dry Creek Valley. Bucher,who was born and raised on his family’s dairy farm in theneighboring Russian River Valley, would accompany hisfather to help manage the cattle they grazed in Dry Creekand tell his father that one day, he would live in Dry CreekValley.At the same time, young Bucher was discovering hisfascination for tractors and all things mechanical. From thetime he was eight years old, he would repair the tractorson the family dairy farm. His entrepreneurial spirit wasborn early, too - Bucher bought his first two acres of land inDry Creek Valley when he was just 16 years old, and beganmaking wine when he was 17.Bucher’s mechanical aptitude and entrepreneurial spiritled him first to a graduate degree from Stanford University,then to a successful career in the Silicon Valley. But DryCreek Valley was always calling to him.The Bucher family eventually returned to Dry CreekValley and in 2006 started the Dry Creek Olive OilCompany, which quickly became a hit with locals andfoodies for its estate, blended and flavored olive oils. In2011, they launched Trattore Estate Wines, featuringwines produced from the family’s 40-acre Dry CreekValley estate just up the road from the tasting room.By Michelle J. BakerVarietalsZinfandel, Grenache, Syrah, Petite Sirah,Mourvedre, Viognier, Roussanne and MarsanneFun Facts• Trattore (“tractor” in Italian) and Dry Creek Olive Oilhave a combined tasting room in Dry Creek Valley.Visitors can taste through a variety of award-winningolive oils (including Mandarin Orange, Meyer Lemonand Lime) and vinegars (including pomegranate andbarrel-aged balsamic), in addition to the criticallyacclaimedwines from Trattore.• Mill tours at Dry Creek Olive Company and estatetours of Trattore Estate Wines are available byappointment!Trattore Estate WinesDry Creek Olive CompanyOpen daily from 11 a.m. until 4:30 p.m.4791 Dry Creek RoadHealdsburg, CA 95448(707) 431-7200www.trattorewines.comdrycreekolivecompany.comMention Day Trips and receive $10 off a purchase of $75 or more of wine and olive oil.www.WineCountryThisWeek.com19

Dry Creek VineyardA visit to the Dry Creek Valley would not be completewithout a visit to Dry Creek Vineyard, where a pioneeringyoung entrepreneur named Dave Stare helped put the DryCreek Valley on the world wine map nearly 40 years ago.When Dave arrived in Dry Creek Valley, the landsurrounding him was planted primarily to hops and prunes.But Dave saw the great potential in planting the same grapevarietals that made world class wines in the Loire Valley ofFrance, where Dave had traveled extensively and found muchinspiration. And so he planted Chenin Blanc and SauvignonBlanc, a variety he was told would never grow in the DryCreek Valley.Today, Dry Creek Vineyard still produces Chenin Blancand Sauvignon Blanc, plus a whole lot more. What’s greatabout their lineup is that you’ll find both great value winesfor everyday drinking, and some amazing treasures to stashaway in the cellar or open on weekends, holidays and otherspecial occasions.In the tasting room you’re likely to find wide selection ofwines available to sample, including the kind of old vine andsingle-vineyard Zinfandels Dry Creek Valley is best knownfor. For those who love a big red wine, Dry Creek Vineyardmakes a pair of phenomenal red blends. The Meritage is adeep, dark and concentrated Bordeaux-style blend that isa steal at $30 retail; and The Mariner ($45), which is evenmore powerful and particularly ageworthy.By Michelle J. BakerFun FactS• Did you know that Dry Creek Vineyard was thefirst winery in California to put the term “meritage”(meaning “merit” of the vineyard combined with“heritage” of the vine) on a wine label?• Dave and his winery, Dry Creek Vineyard, haveestablished many “firsts” on the way to becoming oneof Dry Creek Valley’s shining stars. In fact, Dry CreekVineyard was the first new winery in the Dry CreekValley after prohibition. They were also the first toproduce a Fumé Blanc in Sonoma County; the first touse the Dry Creek Valley appellation on a wine label;and the first to champion Zinfandel as a world-classvarietal.• Don’t forget to pack a picnic lunch or grab a sandwichto-go on the way, as Dry Creek Vineyard has asprawling and shady picnic area for guests where youcan enjoy a bottle of wine with your lunch and freeWiFi, too!What to TasteChenin Blanc, Fume Blanc, Sauvignon Blanc,Chardonnay, Zinfandel, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon,Malbec, dessert wines and more...Dry Creek VineyardOpen daily from 10:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.3770 Lambert Bridge Road, Healdsburgwww.drycreekvineyard.com1-800-864-9463Follow on Facebook and TwitterMention this article and receive a complimentary tasting for 2 and 10% off any wine purchase.20 www.WineCountryThisWeek.com

LAGUNASouth of HealdsburgWine tasting just south of downtown Healdsburg, on the east or west side of Highway 101, you’llinstantly feel miles away. Westside Road is slow and winding, filled with redwood trees, heritageoaks with moss beards and famous vineyards. Wineries on the east side of Highway 101 specializein Pinots, cool-climate Syrahs and that famous Zinfandel. Here, some of the finest winemaking andculinary talents in all of Northern California are represented. Should you wish to slow down andexperience wine country up-close-and-personal, just south of Healdsburg is the place to go.Things to DoDragonfly, 425 Westside Road, Healdsburg(707) 433-3739, www.dragonflyfloral.comBy appointment only, this is a uniquebotany and flower-lover’s destination.They can custom pick and arrange flowers.Wohler Bridge9765 Wohler Road, ForestvilleA true Sonoma County landmark,Wohler Bridge is one of the fewold-old-OLD bridges left in California.This steel truss bridge crosses theRussian River at quite a beautiful spot, too.W. DRY CREEK RD.Shoffeitt’sOff the SquareMadrona DragonflyManorMill StreetDaVero Farms AntiquesALDERBROOKARMIDAMIRABEL RD.WohlerBridgeWOHLER RDMAGNOLIAWESTSIDE RD.FarmhouseInnRUSSIAN RIVERwww.WineCountryThisWeek.comHEALDSBURG AVEDE LAMONTANYARODNEYSTRONGDriving Time: 16 minutesFrom De La Montanyato Armida Winery >1 mileto Alderbrook2 milesto Christopher Creek 3 milesto Mutt Lynch0 milesto Rodney Strong >2 milesTotal 7.5 milesKINLEYTRENTON-HEALDSBURGEASTSIDE RDDaVero, 766 Westside Road, Healdsburg(707) 431-8000, www.DaVero.comGuided tastings of wines, olive oils andjams — as well as fresh produce. It’s alsoa great spot for a picnic, or just to wanderthe field. Check the website for hands-oncooking clases.Mill Street Antiques44 Mill Street, Healdsburg, (707) 433-8409Take the time to seek out the treasures here –there’s sure to be something for everyone!35 Dealers in 10,000 sq. ft.LIMERICKOLD REDWOOD HWY.CHRISTOPHERCREEKMUTT LYNCH101LOS AMIGOSWINDSOR RIVER RDSonoma CountyAirportRIVER RD.ARATALAKEWOODBROOKSHEMBREEAIRPORT BLVDSHILO RD.FULTON RDPINER RD.CHALK HILL RD.PLEASANT128OLD REDWOOD HWY.Russian River Valley Produce400 Grapevine Lane, Healdsburg, (707) 433-7933A four-acre, family-owned ranchwith top-notch vegetables,fruits, herbs and flowers sure to brighten any palateand table. Excellent farm tours by appointment.Riverfront Regional Park7821 Eastside Road, Healdsburg, (707) 565-2041Once an old quarry, Riverfront Regional Park isnow home to two sparkling lakes perfect for swimmingor hike a trail through serene redwood groves!Powell’s Sweet Shoppe322 Center St., Healdsburg(707) 431-2784, www.powelsss.comAn old time, old fashioned candy, ice cream and sweetsshop sure to delight your child within! This is the firstshop for Powell’s now beloved franchise.LodgingMadrona Manor1001 Westside Road, Healdsburg1-800-258-4003, www.MadronaManor.comA world-class destination for guests seeking graciousservice and luxurious accommodations in the heart ofwine country. Oh yes... “Rated #1 in Napa & Sonoma”by Travel & Leisure... Need we say more?Farmhouse Inn7871 River Road, Forestville(707) 887-3300, www. FarmhouseInn.comRepresenting the finest level of Sonoma inns, restaurantsand Spas, sublime guestrooms, farm-fresh food,and seasonal body treatments come together for oneunforgettable experience.Country Garden Lodging, Healdsburg(707) 431-8630, www.hcountrygardens.comThree fully-equipped, affordable vacation homes locatedon a 25-acre wine country estate boasting spectaculargardens.Near charming downtown Healdsburg.DININGFarmhouse Inn Restaurant7871 River Road, Forestville(707) 887-3300, www.farmhouseinn.comTucked into one of the smallest, lovely towns in winecountry, the Farmhouse Inn boasts an exquisiterestaurant. Each plate by Chef Litke tells the story ofSonoma’s diverse agriculture and artisan producers.Giorgi’s Restaurant25 Grant Street, Healdsburg, (707) 433-1106Great family-style Italian restaurant…pasta and handthrownpizzas… full bar, open late and food to go.Gilardi’s Delicatessen810 Den Beste, Windsor, (707) 838-9869Certainly a vine above the rest! Feast on homemadelasagna and freshly baked sourdough garlic breads.21

De La Montanya Estate VineyardsDe La Montanya Estate Vineyards was established in1995 with the planting of the Home Ranch in the heart ofthe Russian River Valley. Eight years later, in the summerof 2003, owners Tina and Dennis De La Montanya openedthe winery and tasting room just five minutes fromdowntown Healdsburg.At present, De La Montanya has a total of 270 acres ofvineyards planted throughout Sonoma and Lake counties.The appellations include Sonoma Coast, Russian RiverValley, Dry Creek Valley, Alexander Valley and Red Hills inLake County, and from these vineyards De La Montanyahas been known to make up to 18 different wines, rangingin size from one barrel (24 cases) to 15 barrels (350 cases),truly specializing in small-lot winemaking.The tasting room and winery at De La MontanyaVineyards is known affectionately as “The Barn,” whichis located among the Felta Creek vineyard and appleorchard. The Barn is where guests experience wine theway it was intended to be, with good friends and family ina welcoming, fun and beautiful environment. Just outsidethe tasting room is an outdoor kitchen complete witha pizza oven, a gorgeous garden picnic area and even abocce court.De La Montanya Estate wines are only availableto wine club members and through the tasting room.“While the wine business can be very serious, we striveto make it a fun experience for our guests and wine clubmembers,” says Dennis De La Montanya. “We like to havea connection between all of us at the winery and ourguests, which is what keeps them coming back each year.”By Mike HylandVARIETALSMerlot, Red Blend, Late Harvest, Tempranillo, Viognier,Gerwürztraminer, Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Zinfandel,Cabernet Sauvignon and PrimitivoCHECK OUTThe latest PinUp Collector’s Edition No. 7 includes the2009 Cabaret and 2009 Desire. Tastefully photographedin the winery and embodying the high spirited lust for lifefound in Wine Country, the PinUp wines have become acult favorite. Each year, our female wine club membersof all ages take their chances in a random drawing tobe featured on the PinUp label. The PinUp wines areavailable only at the tasting room.STAY A WHILEThe Little Yellow Cottage in the middle of Felta CreekVineyards, just a short walk from the tasting room, isa two bedroom cottage, a private and cozy retreat forone or two couples. The cottage is equipped with a fullmodern kitchen and dining area plus a redwood deckwith spa and much more. The ultimate Wine Countryget-away.De La Montanya Estate VineyardsOpen daily from 11 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.999 Foreman Lane, Healdsburg, CA 95448Westside Road to Felta Road, left under the bridge…hard to find, but worth the effort(707) 433-3711 | www.dlmwine.comMention this article and receive a special taste of the De La Montanya Whitesnake Zinfandel.22 www.WineCountryThisWeek.com

Armida WineryTucked away on Healdsburg’s Westside Road, one of winecountry’s best leisure drives, is where you’ll find Armida Wineryestate. Not your typical winery, it’s a hidden gem along a rollinghillside, where the views are equally as impressive as the winesbeing served. The estate is a patchwork of vineyards, trees andhills – a casual place to hang out with good people, good friends,and good wine.A local favorite, Armida Winery pours awesome wine atreasonable prices, in a kick-back atmosphere. Whether you’rean experienced wine connoisseur or a newbie, you’ll feel right athome when visiting.At the peak of the rambling, scenic entrance to Armida Winery,you’ll be met with a “pop” of architecture at the top of the drive,in the form of an unusually dome-shaped tasting facility. Even theparking lot is a destination, with sweeping views of rolling hills,vineyards, and the valley. You may never leave your car!Start your visit in the tasting room to sample Chardonnay,Sauvignon Blanc, Petit Sirah, Gewürztraminer, Pinot Noir,Zinfandel and Armida’s estate blend – Il Campo. There, you’ll gethands-on education of the wines being served, with a few jokesand laughs thrown in. Don’t be shy – if you’re a newbie taster, besure to say so! These folks want you to find a wine that zings yourpalate, and have fun doing it.After you’ve chosen a bottle of their best wine, relax on theexpansive deck overlooking the serene pond and fountain area.Bring a picnic, because there are plenty of tables for guests. Youcan also score cheese and other snacks for purchase in the tastingroom to pair with your new favorite vino.Before you leave, be sure to ask about Armida Winery’s wineclubs … you will receive members-only discounts on winesshipped right to your door!By Denise OlliffeFun FactArmida recently won Double Gold and Best ofClass at the 2012 Sonoma County Harvest Fair fortheir 2011 Russian River Valley ChardonnayBocce anyone?Bring a picnic and take a break from wine tastingwith a game of bocce beside the pond (especiallyfun after a few glasses of wine).If you’re visiting Capitola…Don’t miss Armida’s cozy, intimate tasting roomin Capitola Village! Located just a stone’s throwfrom the ocean, it is surrounded by awardwinningrestaurants, artisan shops and artgalleries.Special EventsArmida hosts lively events at the winerythroughout the year, including participating inPassport to Dry Creek Valley weekend, Wine Roadevents, release parties and more. Check theirwebsite for dates.Armida WineryOpen daily 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.2201 Westside Road, Healdsburg(707) 433-2222www.armida.comFacebook & Twitterwww.WineCountryThisWeek.comBring in this story for 2-for-1 tasting.23

Alderbrook WineryWhen you visit this pretty winery in the rural area not farfrom the town of Healdsburg, you can remember the sincerewords of their tasting room manager: “We’re laid back, socome on in, try our wines and feel free to stay a while.”Since 1981, when the winery was founded, Alderbrookhas been offering a variety of wines that now have a legion offaithful followers. The setting is tranquil, with white fences,a 60-acre estate vineyard and a farmhouse-like tasting roomwith white bleached-wood walls, wood floors, a high ceilingand a fireplace at one end of the casual, comfortable room.Though the property is just minutes from Highway 101(which makes it about an hour from the Golden Gate), it is aworld apart. There’s a spacious porch in the front, and a longdeck in the back facing a large lawn. If you care to picnic, feelfree, enjoying you meal or snack with a glass or a bottle fromtheir collection of wines. They will even loan you glasswareas you pair one of their Zinfandels, the Chardonnay, a PinotNoir or a Syrah with your picnic.Inside, at the two L-shaped tasting bars, with theirpolished wood tops, you’ll learn about what it means tohave a winery and grapes sourced from two of the mostfamous regions in all of Sonoma: Dry Creek and the RussianRiver Valleys. And, to learn this, you will be able to taste thedifference and the triumphs in your glass. Can you imagineof a better way to learn?By Charles NeaveVarietalsChardonnay, Pinot Grigio, Pinot Gris, Pinot Noir, Syrah,Carignane, Zinfandel and Zinfandel PortDatesWhile the winery was founded in 1981, it was in 2001that the famous Terlato Family Vineyards took over theproperty and led it to the prominence it now enjoys. Infact, some of the wines, such as the Block 9 Syrah and theChardonnay, have the Terlato name on the label.Fun Facts• Complimentary Pedicab service to and from the wineryto the Healdsburg Plaza, just call the tasting room toarrange for pickup.• Live music every Sunday from 1:30 to 4:30 p.m.• Dogs are very welcome at Alderbrook. Come in fora button that says, “We ♥ Dogs @ Alderbrook.”Other TastingsThere is a self-serve bar where you can sample mustards,oils, vinegars , chocolate and caramel sauces.Private eventsContact the winery for information on hosting yourown event at this scenic winery.Alderbrook WineryOpen daily 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.2306 Magnolia Drive, Healdsburg(707) 433-5987 or 1-800-405-5987www.alderbrook.comLook for Alderbrook Winery on Facebook & TwitterMention ‘Day Trips’ for 2-for-1 tasting and 10% off wine purchases.24 www.WineCountryThisWeek.com

Christopher Creek WineryA small, family-owned winery, Christopher Creek, inthe heart of the Russian River Valley, has a long history ofproducing award-winning, estate-bottled, wines. Located onLimerick Lane in Healdsburg, the winery and tasting room issituated on 11 acres in the Russian River AVA with another27 acres planted on Bradford Mountain in the Dry Creekappellation.The first vines were planted more than 50 years ago withthe winery opening shortly thereafter in 1974. Those firstvines are still producing exceptional wines and may still beenjoyed in the warm and rustic tasting room as Reserve PetiteSirah and Reserve Syrah.With a growing interest in Rhône style wines, ChristopherCreek offers the opportunity to taste wines produced fromold vines of Russian River Valley, where the climate is cooler,including some of the best Syrah, Petite Sirah and Pinot Noirin the area.Coming on board recently is winemaker Mike Brunson,a third-generation Sonoma County resident with morethan 20 years of vineyard and winery experience. Priorto joining Christopher Creek, Mike was winemaker andvineyard manager at Michel-Schlumberger for 16 years. Hehas produced award-winning wines from Pinot Blanc toCabernet Sauvignon and brings passion, experience and aworkingman’s knowledge of how to go from grape to glass.By Mike HylandRELAXGuests are always welcome to enjoy a glass ofwine poolside, or bring a picnic lunch to enjoy thepatio overlooking the rolling vineyards, creek andsurrounding vistas.VIP TreatmentCall ahead for a VIP tour and tasting with owners/winemakers.VARIETALSIn addition to their noteworthy Petite Sirah, Syrahand Cabernet Franc, additional wines in the portfolioinclude Cabernet Sauvignon, Zinfandel, Pinot Noir,Chardonnay, Viognier, Port and Petite Sirah Port.MORE AWARDSThe latest in a long line of award-winning wines include“Best in Show” and “Sweepstakes Award” for the 2008Petite Sirah at the Riverside (California) InternationalWine Competition. At the same event, the 2008 DryCreek Zinfandel also won a unanimous gold medal andthe “Chairman’s Award.” The Cab Franc recently receivedDouble Gold, Best of Cass at the 2012 Harvest Fair.Christopher Creek Winery641 Limerick Lane, Healdsburg, CA 95448Open daily 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.(707) 433-2001www.christophercreek.comLook for Christopher Creek Winery on FacebookMention ‘Day Trips’ for 2 for 1 estate tasting.www.WineCountryThisWeek.com25

Mutt Lynch WineryLocated just south of Healdsburg on lovely Limerick Laneis a very special place – a place of delicious, world-class wines,rustic, totally unpretentious surroundings, friendly folks andwagging tails. If you are an animal lover like me, you simplymust visit Mutt Lynch.The whole atmosphere at Mutt Lynch is one of delicious fun,with a bit of mischief thrown in. The wines are seriously good,but the folks at Mutt Lynch don’t take themselves too seriously.There’s not an ounce of pretension here, folks!The building that houses the winery and its tasting room isan old, ivy-covered barn, complete with huge sliding doors infront. Once inside, there’s no doubt that you’re inside a winery– stacks of barrels and t-bins, along with shiny stainless steelfermentation tanks line one long wall.The Mutt Lynch tasting room, so to speak, is located in acorner of the winery. The tasting bar is a couple of woodenplanks set atop two upended wine barrels. Cute, dog-themedt-shirts are displayed on the wall and more than likely, there willbe a cute, tail-wagging dog or three to supervise your tastingexperience with Mutt Lynch’s friendly, knowledgeable staff.At Mutt Lynch they measure success in two ways: by thenumber of charities they help and the number of awards theygarner for their winemaking. In the past 12 months, Mutt Lynchhas assisted more than 80 animal organizations. The winerywas also recently named the 2013 San Francisco ChronicleWine Competition’s Label Sweepstake and Best of Class/Seriesfor its “mbf” (Man’s Best Friend) series of wine – the secondconsecutive year they have the won this prestigious award!Be sure to visit this unforgettable place and tell themThe Wine Wench sent you!By Sue Straight, The Wine WenchVARIETALS PRODUCEDCabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Petite Sirah, Primitivo,Syrah, Zinfandel, Chardonnnay and SauvignonBlancFUN FACTMutt Lynch donates a portion of annual revenuesto support local animal rescue organizations,including Muttville Senior Dog Rescue, SonomaHumane Society, Green Dog Rescue Project andPAWS/Petchitecture.Mutt Lynch WineryOpen daily by appointmentWednesday – Saturday 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.602 Limerick Lane, Healdsburgwww.muttlynchwinery.com(707) 942-6180Follow Mutt Lynch WineryFacebook:www.facebook.com/MuttLynchWineryTwitter: @muttlynchwineryYelp: www.yelp.com/biz/mutt-lynch-winery-healdsburgFree tasting and logo glass with mention of this ad!26 www.WineCountryThisWeek.com

Rodney Strong VineyardsThere are few places in wine country more memorablethan “The Green” – a luxurious expanse of softly rolling lawnthat surrounds center stage at Rodney Strong Vineyards. Itrepresents the perfect spot from which to savor the marvelouswines the winery offers, not to mention it’s a great place toenjoy fresh, local artisan picnic fare and revel in the beautifulSonoma County sun.Rodney Strong was a trailblazer in the Russian RiverAppellation who recognized this area as an ideal grapegrowingregion. He realized the soil, climate and topographyhere combined in a way to produce the conditions necessaryto make world-class wines. All of the Rodney Strong winescome from grapes grown exclusively in Sonoma County’sfinest appellations: Alexander Valley, Russian River Valley,Chalk Hill and Sonoma Coast. He was also one of the first toplant Pinot Noir in the Russian River Valley and the first toproduce and release a Chalk Hill Chardonnay.Currently available for tasting is their lusciousChar donnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Noir, Zinfandel, Merlot,Cabernet Sauvignon and Symmetry, a red meritage wine.Since 1989, the Klein family, who has been involved inCalifornia agriculture for four generations, has privatelyowned the winery. Their passion for sustainable farmingpractices, solar power and other green business practices ledthem to become Sonoma County’s first carbon neutral winery.Ronda GiangrecoGood to KnowThe winery is open daily from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. andguided winery tours are offered daily at 11 a.m. and3 p.m. They feature both complimentary and paidtastings.Summer Concert seriesAmazing wines, breathtaking views and concertswith contemporary artists – there’s no better wayto enjoy a Sonoma County summer than at RodneyStrong’s annual Summer Concert Series presented inassociation with Omega Events. Surrounded by acresof beautiful vineyards, guests enjoy top performerswhile picnicking at the winery’s intimate concertvenue, “The Green”.Fun FactDepending on the season, you can witness vines beingpruned, the sugar-testing of grapes or receive a crashcourse on evaluating wines right out of the barrel.Rodney Strong VineyardsOpen Daily 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.11455 Old Redwood Highway, HealdsburgFor more information, call (707) 431-1533or visit www.rodneystrong.com.2 for 1 Estate Wine Tasting – good through September 2013 with this ad.www.WineCountryThisWeek.com27

Downtown HealdsburgHealdsburg is charming. Every brick, every flower box, every elegant shop and eclectic gallery, every five-star restaurant and cozy cafe on every single corner speak to thistown’s genuine individuality and down-to-earth-treasures. Downtown Healdsburg may be surrounded by bucolic rolling hills and picturesque vineyards, but around thisage-old square, its hard to imagine being anywhere else more delightful. No matter what time of year, Healdsburg is a town for every season.Things to DoPowell’s Sweet Shoppe322 Center St., Healdsburg(707) 431-2784, www.powelsss.comAn old time, old fashioned candy, icecream and sweets shop sure to delight yourchild within! This is the first shop forPowell’s now beloved franchise.Raven Theater115 North Street, Healdsburg(707) 433-6335, www.raventheater.orgEntertainment that is beyond a moment’sblip of distraction. Enjoy wonderful performancesand expand your world.Wine Carriage(707) 849-8989, www.thewinecarriage.comExclusive 5-mile route through thevineyards, premium wine tastings atthree award-winning boutique wineries,sumptuous gourmet lunch, exclusive winecave tour, barrel tastingSegway Tours(707) 953-3477www.segwayofhealdsburg.comA fun way to tour Healdsburg.101HEALDSBURG AVE.Dry CreekKitchenHotel HealdsburgRaven TheaterNORTH STPlazaMATHESONPLAZA STOptions GalleryHealdsburg Innon the PlazaCENTEREAST STNORTH STZin RestaurantCampoFina Seasonsof theErickson Scopa VineyardFine Art GalleryPOWELL’S SWEET SHOPPESTEPHEN& WALKERPLAZA STMATHESONMILLALEXANDER VALLEY RDHistoric HomesWalking ToursHAYDONDriving Time: 28 minutesFrom Chalk Hillto Lancaster5 milesto Stephen & Walker 11 milesTotal 16 milesGetaway AdventuresSanta Rosa, (707) 568-3040www.getawayadventures.comHealdsburg Sip ‘n Cycle: Visit the sites andlearn local wine facts throughout downtownHealdsburg and into the vineyards on thisinnovative, healthy tour! Tours include apicnic and bocce.Sonoma County Wine Library139 Piper Street, Healdsburg(707) 433-3772www.sonomalibrary.org/wineThe library has more than 5,000 booksdealing with all aspects of making wine,some of them date even back to 1512!Knowledgeable librarians are on hand tohelp guide you.Veterans Memorial Beach,13839 Healdsburg Avenue, Healdsburg(707) 433-1625Truly one of Healdsburg’s most favoriteriverside beaches! Bring a picnic, kick offyour shoes, or even borrow an inner tube.Nothing to do here but relax, breathe deeplyand listen to the river roll on by.FITCH ST128CHALK HILL RDLANCASTERESTATECHALK HILL RDCHALK HILLESTATEBosworth & Son General Store21060 Geyserville Avenue, Geyserville(707) 857-3463, www.bosworthandson.comOnce a mortuary and even a buggy store – the buggypaint still stains the floor – Bosworth & Son GeneralStore is an old-fashioned store meeting the Westerninspiredneeds of today’s customer.Healdsburg Ridge Hiking TrailEntry gate at Arabian Way and Bridle Path.One of Sonoma’s favorite nature preserves, take the RidgeHiking Trail to the Fox Pond Run and Fox Pond Overlook.A wonderful place to get some fresh air and exercisein wine country! (No pets.)LodginGHealdsburg Inn on the Plaza112 Matheson Street, Healdsburg(707) 433-6991, www.healsburginn.comBuilt in 1901, this classic California inn is located onthe Healdsburg Plaza. From summer concerts to holidaytree lightings, the town’s best events take place right here.Hotel Healdsburg25 Matheson Street, Healdsburg1-800-889-7188, www.hotelhealdsburg.comChic, beautifully appointed Hotel Healdsburg is locatedon the historic square and is one of the premier WineCountry luxury lodgings in all Sonoma County.Grape Leaf Inn539 Johnson Street, Healdsburg(707) 433-8140, www.grapeleafinn.comA picturesque Queen Anne Victorian bed and breakfast,the Grape Leaf Inn seamlessly blends modern decor withtimeless antiques. Gracious staff provide the best hospitalityin this relaxing, romantic environment.Belle de Jour Inn16276 Healdsburg Avenue, Healdsburg(707) 431-9777, www.belledujourinn.comA single-story Italiante built in the 1870s on six acres ofhilltop overlooking rolling hilltops and valleys.Hope Merril & Hope Bosworth B&B21253 Geyserville Avenue, Geyserville(707) 857-3356, www.hope-inns.comOnce an early stage-coach stop, these now two strikinglyrestored Queen Anne Craftsman homes welcome you withopen arms. Truly where wine and romance intertwine!28 www.WineCountryThisWeek.com

to Alexander ValleyHEALDSBURG PLAZA • www.Healdsburg.com8179042663Geyserville Inn21714 Geyserville Avenue, Geyserville(707) 857-4343, www.GeyservilleInn.comFirst class accomodations at more affordableprices in the heart of wine country!FoodCharlie Palmer’s Dry Creek KitchenHotel Healdsburg, 317 Healdsburg Avenue(707) 431-0330, www.charliepalmer.comCelebrating Sonoma’s pioneering wines and spirits,celebrated Chef Charlie Palmer takes the bestof our farm-fresh produce and culinary cradleand infuses it with his passion and style.Jimtown Store6706 Highway 128, Healdsburg(707) 433-1212, www.jimtown.comLiterally tucked into the vineyards in the Jimtownstore. For more than 100 years, Jimtown hasprovided Healdsburg with fresh baked goods, hotcoffee, and local products. Linger over the eclecticAmerican antiques and old-fashioned toys.Diavola Pizzeria & Salumeria21021 Geyserville Avenue, Geyserville(707) 814-0111, www.diavolapizzeria.comA great stop for picnic items such as house-curedsalumi and olives plus traditional Italian cookingincluding gourmet pizzas and deliciciouspastas. Diavola uses the most locally availableingredients combined with centuries old recipes.www.WineCountryThisWeek.comCampo Fina330 Healdsburg Avenue, Healdsburg(707) 395-4640, www.campo-fina.comNew hot spot in Healdsburg – wine, beer,wood-fired pizza and outdoor bocce!Hoffman House Restaurant21712 Geyserville Ave, Geyserville(707) 857-3264www.hoffmanhousegeyserville.comBuilt more than 100 years ago, this cafe serveshealthy breakfast and lunch with strikingviews of the majestic mountains. Seasonal dinners,call first.Scopa109 A Plaza St. (on Healdsburg Plaza), Healdsburg(707) 433-5282, www.scopahealdsburg.comRustic Italian fare, a local favoriteZin Restaurant & Wine Bar344 Center Street, HealdsburgReservations recommended, (707) 473-0946Dinner served daily, lunch Monday-FridaysZin features delicious seasonal cuisinewith produce grown especially for them.Wine industry locals often gather here fornourishment and “shop talk.”Like us on Facebook!Mention Day Trips for a Complimentary Truffle!29

Chalk Hill EstatePerhaps no other winery captures the casual luxury of SonomaCounty better than Chalk Hill Estate. Founded nearly four decadesago, this spectacular property features 1,300 acres of wildernessareas interspersed with 300 acres of vineyards, winery, hospitalitycenter, culinary garden, residence, stables, equestrian pavilion,sports fields, fishing and swimming ponds, and guest houses.From the top of the Estate visitors can enjoy stunning views ofthe Russian River Valley to the west and the Mayacamas Mountainsto the east.The property features 13 soil types ranging from ancient alluvialdeposits to young volcanic soils strewn with rocks and boulders.A distinctive layer of volcanic ash lies under much of the topsoilinspiring the name “Chalk Hill.” The complex soils and climateallow Chalk Hill Estate to produce great wines from a wide rangeof grape varieties.The winery’s vineyards are thoughtfully woven through thenative foliage and contoured to fit the intricate terrain. The vinesare farmed using low-input, sustainable viticultural practices topreserve the long-term viability of the ecosystem.There are a number of memorable activities available to visitorsof Chalk Hill Estate. First and foremost, is the wine tasting. ChalkHill is also famous for its tours. The Estate Tour explores thehistory, viticulture and winemaking practices at the property. TheCulinary Lunch Tour examines the organic gardens and vineyards.The organically farmed produce is the inspiration for Chef DidierAgeorges’ culinary artistry. The tour includes a sit-down tastingof estate wines paired with Didier’s menu of several small platesin the Pavilion – an extraordinary conservatory overlooking theequestrian center.For equestrians, there are the Estate Vineyard Trail Rideson horseback. Guests begin their journey at the magnificentEquestiran Center and ride through the vineyards with respectedpolo professional, Rafael Hernandez.SPECIAL TOURS AND TASTINGS• Private tasting: $15 per person, daily• Estate tour: $30 per person,Monday through Friday, includes tasting• Reserve Tasting: $50 per person, by appointment.Includes a tasting of limited production wines.• Culinary Lunch Tour: $85 per person, call for dates;includes estate tour, culinary garden tour and privatefood & wine pairings by Chef Didier Ageorges• Estate Trail Rides on Horseback: $100PLAN AHEADA “regular” wine tasting takes 30-45 minutes, the estatetour takes about 1½ hours and the culinary tour takesabout 2½ hours.LITTLE KNOWN FACTAll wines produced by Chalk Hill EstateVineyards & Winery are 100% estate grown.Chalk Hill EstateVineyards & WineryOpen daily 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.10300 Chalk Hill Road, Healdsburgwww.chalkhill.comFor tours and reservation, call (707) 657-4837or go to www.vinovisit.comFriend them on Facebookor follow them on Twitter!Mention this story for 2-for-1 tasting.30 www.WineCountryThisWeek.com

Lancaster EstateYou can read the statistics: Lancaster Estate has53 acres of hillside vineyards in the coveted volcanicsoils of the Alexander Valley. The diverse soils, alongwith a climate marked by sunny days and coolevenings, are perfect for nurturing the Bordeauxvarietals for which Lancaster is esteemed. However,statistics cannot impart the experience of a visit tothis extraordinary property. The spectacular seasonalchanges in the vineyards are only one of the thingsyou’ll see when you schedule an appointment at ourestate. As you wind your way up the private winerydrive from Chalk Hill Road, you will pass vineyards,bright red roses, and the original winery buildingsbefore approaching a modern structure that is ourstate-of-the-art winery.Following a vineyard and winery tour, you willbe guided through a pair of tall wooden doors intoour extensive wine caves, which are carved deepinto the adjacent hills. Once inside, you will seeFrench oak barrels, filled with wine made from thevines you just touched, resting and aging in perfecttemperature and humidity. You will enjoy a seatedtasting in one of three exceptional tasting areas,focusing on four of our offerings, including Sophia’sHillside Cuvée, our flagship Estate CabernetSauvignon, and a complex Sauvignon Blanc withbeautiful floral aromas and bright hints of citrus.Tastings with our dedicated and knowledgeable staffare unhurried, friendly and educational. When youleave, you will remember the wines, the place and avery special wine country experience.VarietalsIn addition to Sauvignon Blanc, all five of the noble red Bordeauxvarietals are grown on the Estate: Cabernet Sauvignon, Malbec, Merlot,Petit Verdot and Cabernet Franc.ToursAll visits include a tour of the estate vineyards, production facilities andwine caves culminating in a special, seated tasting.Special timesRelease parties, harvest lunches and member-only wine pairing dinnersare offered several times each year. Should your plans include anyluxury lodging needs, the amazing 6,000-square-foot Proprietor’s Home,with 360° views of the estate, the surrounding Alexander Valley and theMayacamas Mountains is a unique option for Wine Guild Members.Plan AheadTastings here require a reservation. Call or book online at their website($25 per person – includes vineyard and winery tour followed by seatedtasting in the wine caves). With advance notice you can upgrade toa Wine & Artisan Cheese Pairing Experience ($45 per person; $35 forLancaster Estate Wine Guild Members).Special OffersFor access to special experiences, library vintages, discounts onwine purchases, complimentary tours and tastings and other specialprivileges, consider joining one of the Lancaster Estate Wine GuildMembership programs.Lancaster EstateOpen daily by appointment, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.(Closed on Sunday December-April)15001 Chalk Hill Road, Healdsburgwww.lancaster-estate.com(707) 433-8178 x209 | hospitality@lancaster-estate.comMention Code: SCDAYTRIPS for a two-for-one tour & tasting.www.WineCountryThisWeek.com31

Stephen & Walker WineryThere’s nothing quite as exalting as making a wine discovery –limited-production, terroir-driven wines, each with a provenanceworthy of the 90+ scores achieved by their wonderfully personablewinemaker. These are the wines shared with the best of friends andgracing their dinner party tables!In the six years since Stephen & Walker opened their doors justoff Healdsburg Square, they have been heartily embraced by boththe locals and wine country visitors, and most definitely by the wineaficionados. Nancy Walker, the winemaker and co-proprietor withher husband Tony Stephen, crafts some of the loveliest wines fromappellations she holds close to her heart.With a portfolio of lauded wines, what’s next for Nancy andTony? They are currently celebrating the new Home Ranch Wineryat 1500 Groove Street in Healdsburg. Also, join them for a privatelyguided barrel tasting with their winemaker, Nancy Walker. Don’t missupcoming special events such as March weekend barrel tastings andthe Dry Creek Passport in April where they will serve pizza and smallbites from the onsite wood-fired oven.The Home Ranch Winery will offer wedding facilities, beautifulgardens and culinary and educational seminars that bring in some ofthe best names in wine country cuisine. Blending seminars and artisancheese pairings provide for an interesting offsite meeting or weddingshower or the perfect gift!“Being a winemaker and gardener, I’m naturally excited aboutdeveloping our new vineyard, olive orchard, lavender and herbgardens, and as we’re growing everything sustainably, our chickentractor also adds a fun element! Our pizzas have always been such ahit at our prior events, so we’re installing our outdoor pizza oven, andonsite catering will provide the fresh, local and seasonal wine countrycuisine,” says Nancy. Bookings now being accepted for events.Contact Nancy at nancy@trustwine.com.VARIETALSZinfandel, Petite Sirah, Cabernet Sauvignon,Pinot Noir, Carignane, Sauvignon Blanc, Muscat Canelli,Late Harvest Chardonnay and a very special Portcalled, rather cleverly, ‘Portentous’A NICE TOUCHYou can expect to sample a small bite with your flight.GOOD TO KNOWUnlike most tasting rooms, they stay open until 7 p.m.,which means you can drop by for a guided tasting andthen head out to dinner.PLAN AHEADSince these are rare wines you’ll seldom find elsewhere,leave some room in your suitcase (or have them shipped).Stephen & Walker Tasting RoomOpen 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. daily243 Healdsburg Ave, Healdsburg, (707) 431-8749Stephen & Walker Home Ranch WineryOpen by appointment1500 Grove St, Healdsburg, (707) 331-8480www.trustwine.comwww.facebook.com/stephenandwalkerTwitter: @stephandwalkerRecent wins: DOUBLE GOLD – 2006 Howell Mountain Cabernet Sauvignon,DOUBLE GOLD – 2010 Late Harvest Chardonnay and GOLD – 2010 Sonoma Coast Pinot Noir.32 www.WineCountryThisWeek.com

LAGUNA RD.Russian RiverFor more than a century, the Russian River has been a true gateway to the grandeur of California’swild nature and dramatic coast. Today, it is still a destination for all naturalists as well as anincreasingly high-profile wine region – and rightly so. Russian River wines are quickly becomingsome of the finest, most sought-after wines in the world and artisan winemakers are finallygetting their due. Come for the fresh air, fine wines, incomparable cuisines and relax!Things to DoSafari West3115 Porter Creek Road, Santa Rosa(707) 579-2551, www.safariwest.comFun for all ages! Experience the spirit ofAfrica in the wine country on a Safari Adventureor book a tent and sleep overnightin the Animal Kingdom.Riverfront Regional Park7821 Eastside Road, Healdsburg(707) 565-2041Once a gravel quarry site, this park nowboasts 2 sparkling lakes perfect for fishingand non-motorized boating. Exploreredwood grove picnic areas and more than 2miles of trails around Lake Benoist!Charles Schulz Museum2301 Hardies Lane, Santa Rosa(707) 579-4452, www.schulzmuseum.comA tribute to the wonderful man whobrought so much joy to the world with the“Peanuts” cartoon strip. Finally, a fittingplace in Charles “Sparky” Schulz’hometown to preserve, display, andinterpret the Peanuts art.Pacific Coast Air Museum2230 Becker Blvd., Santa Rosa(707) 575-7900www.pacificcoastairmuseum.org“Climb Aboard” vintage aircraft,and learn about the history of where andhow it was used from the crew who haslovingly restored it. Currently, theF-14 Tomcat, F-16N Viper & F-5 Tiger IIare featured.Windsor Golf Club1340 19th Hole Drive, Windsor(707) 838-7888, www.windsorgolf.comFollow in the footsteps of the pros at this par72 championship course regarded by theregulars as a must-play course. Four teeoptions provide an appropriate challenge forany skill level.Armstrong Redwoods17000 Armstrong Woods Road, Guerneville(707) 869-2015, www.parks.ca.govThe ancient coast redwood is the tallestliving thing on our planet! Come see thisstately nature preserve of trees close to 1,000years old!FoodJohn Ash & Co. Restaurant4330 Barnes Road, Santa Rosa(707) 527-7687, www.vintnersinn.comCelebrate wine cuisine at its best. Cooking seasonallywith fresh, local foods and produce—and pairing theseexceptional recipes with wines from the region, today therestaurant remains an icon of gourmet dining and winecountry living.Gilardi’s Delicatessen810 Den Beste, Windsor, (707) 838-9869Certainly a vine above the rest! Feast on homemadelasagna and freshly baked sourdough garlic breads.LodgingVintners Inn, 4350 Barnes Road, Santa Rosa(707) 575-7350, www.vintnersinn.comA luxury, 44-room, 4 Diamond intimate hotel that isdesigned to showcase the very finest in gracious hospitalitythat Wine Country provides. Relax in the spa, walkthe grounds, even take a cooking class with famed chefJohn Ash! Truly an exceptional hotel!Fountain Grove Inn101 Fountaingrove Parkway, Santa Rosa(707) 578-6101, www.fountaingroveinn.comFor business or leisure travel, the Fountain Grove InnHotel & Conference Center is a luxurious, but not ostentatious,hotel that is convenient to all of Sonoma County.Hilton Sonoma Wine Country3555 Round Barn Blvd., Santa Rosa(707) 523-7555, www.hilton.comEnjoy 13 acres of landscaped grounds and views overSanta Rosa Valley in this resort-like, pet-friendly,100% non-smoking hotel.Armstrong RedwoodsDriving TO Time: 24 minutesBODEGA From Korbelto BAY Martin Ray8+ milesto Sonoma-Cutrer4 milesto Hook & Ladder 2+ milesTotal 14.5 milesMAIN ST.ARMSTRONG WOODS RD.RIVER RD.KORBEL116RIVER RD.MIRABEL RD.RiverfrontRegional ParkMARTINRAYVINE HILL RD.Safari WestPacific Coast Air Museum101SONOMA-CUTRERHilton SonomaWine CountryJohn Ash & Co.Vintners InnCharles SchultzHOOK &Fountain Grove InnMuseumLADDERSLUSSERW. OLIVETOLIVETSonoma CountyAirportRIVER RD.PINER RD.GUERNEVILLE RD.AIRPORT BLVDFULTON RDOLD REDWOOD HWY.MARK WEST SPRINGSFOUNTAIN GROVE PKWY.STEELE LN.101GRATON RD.FREI RD.4th STTOHWY. 1BOHEMIAN HWYFreestone VineyardsGuest Centerwww.WineCountryThisWeek.comOCCIDENTAL RD.12TOTOSAN FRANCISCOHWY. 101TOSONOMAVALLEY33

Korbel Champagne CellarsJust the drive to this winery, not far from the SonomaCoast, brings back the history of the early days ofwinemaking in Northern California. It fluctuates from wild tocultivated as the topography changes along with the climate.Korbel, an iconic name in wine country, has been makingCalifornia méthode champenoise champagnes for morethan 130 years. One of the oldest wineries in California, it isset along the Russian River in Sonoma County, where theypride themselves by producing award-winning Californiachampagne using only the finest premium California-grownvarietals.In the mid-1800s, this country offered possibilities tothree brothers seeking to escape political unrest in theirEuropean homeland. Francis, Anton and Joseph Korbelfound success in exchange for enduring hard work andinnovation.F. Korbel & Bros. began as a manufacturing business inSan Francisco, producing materials for the building industry.As that business expanded, the brothers eventually acquireda sawmill and began a full-scale lumber operation near thetown of Guerneville in Sonoma County.This all grew into what is now a premier Californiachampagne enterprise, where French methods were usedto make the premium California champagne they becamefamous for.A visit to this historic winery is a trip back in time, andalso a visit to the future. The grounds are beautiful, thetasting room lively yet harkens one back to the hallowedpast. The people are well-versed in it all, and a visit is notjust about today, it also recognizes a very special history thatshould not be forgotten.By Charles NeaveVarietalsCalifornia Champagne (15 varieties), Chardonnay,Edelzwicker (white blend), Cabernet Sauvignon,Pinot Noir, Zinfandel, Sherry, Port, Brandy (3 varieties)ToursTasting and tours offered daily, 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.Call ahead for group tours, (707) 824-7708Garden Tour HoursThe Garden Tour is offered daily at 1 p.m. and 3 p.m.,Tuesday through Sunday, from the middle of Aprilthrough the first part of October.Deli HoursEnjoy this popular option daily, at the same time as thetasting room is open. It is like one-stop-shopping withgreat wine in a historic setting.Fun FactMore than 250 varieties of roses are planted in front ofthe circa-1882 Korbel family house. Many antique rosevarietals have been re-established in the garden andare budding up for a spectacular display.Plan AheadThe winery has many special events so check theirwebsite often for more information.Korbel Champagne CellarsOpen 10 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. daily13250 River Road, Guerneville(707) 824-7000 | www.korbel.comFollow Korbel on Facebook & TwitterCelebrate responsibly.Mention this story for 20% off all California Champagne and Wine (excludes Brandy and merchandise).34 www.WineCountryThisWeek.com

Martin Ray WineryMartin Ray Winery is an ambitious amalgam of labels andwines, all housed in one of Sonoma County’s most historicwineries. Founder/Proprietor Courtney Benham is a thirdgenerationSan Joaquin Valley winemaker who knew he wanted tosome day own a winery himself. In 1990, he discovered a treasuretrove of old library wines with the label of Martin Ray, a SantaCruz Mountains winemaker. Courtney bought the rights to theMartin Ray name and in 2003 purchased the historic Martini-Prati Winery in western Sonoma County; now home to theMartin Ray line of wines.One common thread between Courtney and Martin Ray isthe firm belief that vineyard location is crucial to character andquality of the wine. There is a special emphasis on mountaingrownwines, a conviction that mountain-side elevation providescooler nights during the growing season which result in superbfruit ripeness. Diamond Mountain in Napa Valley, SonomaMountain in Sonoma County and the Santa Cruz Mountains tothe south are three of the most prestigious vineyard locations forMartin Ray grapes.Wines available include fruit-forward, picnic-friendly Angelinewines, Martin Ray wines that have elegant structure and vineyardcharacter, the vineyard designated reserve wines and CourtneyBenham wines that are limited-production offerings from some ofCalifornia’s most interesting wine regions.At the winery, picnic tables and chairs outside the tasting roomoverlook verdant hills and vineyards. Lush, colorful landscapeand flowers surround the tasting room. The friendly andknowledgeable tasting room staff can suggest interesting wines totaste side-by-side, so visitors can compare a Cabernet Sauvignonfrom Sonoma Mountain with one from Alexander Valley. It’s notonly a great educational experience - it’s also lots of fun!VarietalsChardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Dry Rosé, Merlot,Pinot Noir, Cabernet Sauvignon, ZinfandelOn the VineThe longer “hang time” (the time a grape cluster remainson the vine) that the mountainside vineyards allow meansriper, richer fruit. You can find the result right there in yourglass of Martin Ray, Angeline and Courtney Benham wine.Fun FactMartin Ray Winery is one of the oldest historical winerysites in the Golden State (California), so take your timeand wander through the historic property.Plan AheadAllow extra time for a tour (by appointment only) of thehistoric production facilities, as well as extensive tasting.The scenic drive to Martin Ray Winery on winding roads isa fascinating combination of forests and vineyards. You’llknow you’ve reached the winery when you see the largewater tower that dominates the skyline.Martin Ray WineryOpen 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. daily2191 Laguna Road, Santa Rosa(707) 823-2404www.martinraywinery.comLook for them on Facebookand become a Fan!15% discount on your first purchase when you mention this story in the Tasting Room!www.WineCountryThisWeek.com35

Sonoma-CutrerWhat makes a tasting room visit special and memorable?Excellent wine? Charming location? Great staff? Yes, all of theabove, and Sonoma-Cutrer, tucked away in the rural paradiseof the Russian River Valley, has all of these. And here is proof:They make Chardonnay and Pinot Noir in a true FrenchBurgundian style. Yes, the vines are in Sonoma County,but the clones are French, and the winemaking is pureBurgundian in method and tradition. The result is deliciouswine at a fraction of the cost of its French counterparts.The winery is located in the cool Russian River Valley, aprime growing area for both Chardonnay and Pinot Noir. Toget there you drive past lush vineyards and then up a treelineddriveway to open lawns and panoramic vistas. Climb aflight of broad stone steps to a spacious, trellis-covered patiowith tables and chairs and expansive views toward the west.You’ll want to sit and drink it all in, which you can do with aglass of Sonoma-Cutrer in hand.Great wine and a great location can still be diminished ifthe tasting room staff isn’t top notch. But the folks who workhere really love their jobs, and their energy and enthusiasmshines through. Most impressive is their understanding thatevery visitor comes with a different degree of wine knowledgeand tasting experience. Here there is no memorized cookiecutterpattern. They listen to you, and tailor information tomatch your interests as they pour those outstanding wines.By Charles NeaveWHAT TO TASTEThe Founders Reserve Chardonnay and Pinot Noir arenot distributed nationally; a visit to the tasting room isthe only way to sample this outstanding wine.GOOD PRESSThis Chardonnay is so popular that it has been chosenas the “Number One Most Requested” wine inrestaurants for 20 of the past 22 years.Sonoma-Cutrer for Chardonnay & CroquetThe winery has two gorgeous croquet courts and hoststournaments throughout the summer. The day beginswith a friendly croquet tournament while enjoyingsome special Sonoma-Cutrer Chardonnay. After thegames conclude the players will retire to the terrace fora gourmet boxed lunch. You don’t have to know how toplay croquet or wear white to have a fabulous time.Cost is only $35 per person. Check the website for dates.TOURSThey offer an extensive tour of the vineyards andwinemaking facility with a taste of six wines.Sonoma-CutrerOpen Thursday-Monday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.Appointments recommended - Call aheadfor tour reservations or make them online4401 Slusser Road, WindsorOff of River Road(707) 237-3489 • www.sonomacutrer.comMention this story for one complimentary tasting.36 www.WineCountryThisWeek.com

Hook & Ladder WineryLocated in the heart of the Russian River Valley, OlivetRoad has been home to the De Loach family for 35 years.Cecil De Loach was a firefighter in San Francisco for 16years and in 1970, he and his wife Christine bought theirfirst 24-acre vineyard in Sonoma County and started secondcareers as winegrowers. Five years later they made their firstwine and they went on to build one of the country’s mostsuccessful, popular and iconic wine brands.In 2003, with the De Loach Vineyards brand – one of thebiggest in the country, the De Loach family decided to startover. They sold their eponymous winery and concentrated onHook & Ladder, which they’d started 20 years earlier with aPort. In 2004, they opened Hook & Ladder on Olivet Roadon the first property the family purchased, next to the historicBarbieri Ranch.Cecil retired from firefighting in 1982, but there arelots of firefighter themes at Hook & Ladder, including firedepartment patches and t-shirts from visiting firefightersdecorating the tasting room. Now, three generations of theDe Loach family keep Hook & Ladder to just 35,000-caseannually.As part of their philosophy of “keeping it simple to helpkeep prices down,” the informal and friendly tasting roomoccupies a part of the winery itself. As to the wine? Medals,loyal followers and enthusiastic newcomers to the wines arefurther proof that the De Loaches are still making great wineafter all these years.Medal TimeHook & Ladder hit gold at the San Francisco ChronicleWine Competition with Merlot, Zinfandel, Third AlarmReserve Pinot Noir and Chardonnay each receiving gold.The LandOn 375 acres situated in Russian River Valley, theHook & Ladder vineyards produce cool climate grapeswidely recognized as some of the finest in the world.Fun Facts• Look for the shiny red Willy’s vintage fire truck nearthe driveway.• With a new bocce ball court and picnic grounds,Hook & Ladder is an ideal mid-day stop.For GourmetsThe long, cool growing season here yields hand-pickedolives with the intense, ripe flavors for their extra-virginolive oil. Made from mature Mission trees, the stonecrushedcold press master blend produces a richlyflavored and beautifully colored oil.Hook & Ladder Winery and VineyardsOpen 10 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. daily2134 Olivet Road, Santa Rosa(707) 526-2255www.hookandladderwinery.comLook for them on Facebook and become a Fan!Complimentary wine tasting...and public service (fire/police, etc.) get a 20% discount.www.WineCountryThisWeek.com37

RAILROADSanta RosaDowntown is the heart of Santa Rosa where entertainment, shopping, wine tasting and restaurants keep visitors’ itineraries full.Tasting opportunities in downtown Santa Rosa include a new urban winery village called Vintners’ Square that is home to several small, boutique – but full-productionwineries with tasting rooms – including D’Argenzio Winery. Nearby, the historic Railroad Square has an authentic old town ambiance and is a favorite place to pass time,socialize and savor the wine country experience with antique shops, fine dining, local arts/entertainment and, of course, wine tasting.For more information on vacationing in Santa Rosa, go to www.visitsantarosa.com.DiningPetite Syrah205 Fifth Street, Santa Rosa(707) 568-4002, www.petitesyrah.comA highly regarded small bistro with asmall plate menu and reasonably pricedentrees.Jack and Tony’s Restaurant and Whisky Bar115 4th Street, Santa Rosa(707) 526-4347, jackandtonys.com TOKENDALL-JACKSONHEALDSBURGModern American Regional cookingGEYSERVILLEandWINE CENTERan extensive Sonoma County wine list.The adjacent Whisky Bar shelves over300 expressions of Scotch, Bourbon, Irish,American and TO Japanese whiskies VINTNER'S rangingGUERNEVILLE &from $6 RUSSIAN to well RIVER over $100 and now INN offeringtasting flights.Tex Wasabi’s Rock n’ Roll Sushi BBQ515 Fourth Benovia Street, Santa Rosa(707) 544-8399, www.texwasabis.comInspirationNovySanta Rosa’s celebrity chef Guy Fieri Siduri isthe visionary behind Tex Wasabi’s. In wildFieri style, the menu is loaded with flavorsconceptualized by the talented Fieri.MARLOW RDW. STEELE LN.HOPPER AVE.GUERNEVILLE RD.COLLEGE AVE.TOSEBASTOPOL3rd ST1st STRIVER RD.FULTON RD.PINER RDCOFFEYD’ARGENZIOWILSONEric KentWine CellarsTOROHNERT PARK& PETALUMAINDUSTRIAL DRAIRWAYCLEVELAND AVE.101Ca’Bianca835 Second Street, Santa Rosa(707) 542-5800, cabianca.comMeaning “white house” in Italian,Ca’Bianca is located in a stunning whiteVictorian in downtown Santa Rosa. Theirmenu is a blend of multiple regions ofItaly.MARK WEST SPRINGS ROADOLD R E DW OOD HWYATTRACTIONSLuther Burbank Home & Gardens204 Santa Rosa Avenue, Santa Rosa(707) 524-5445, www.lutherburbank.orgSelf-guided tours of the famed horticulturist’s home,greenhouse, garden and carriage house – a registered national,state and city historic landmark. The stunninglandscaped grounds are open daily from 8 a.m. to dusk.Summer Nights | Railroad SquareRussian River Brewing CoA family-friendly summer street party each year on the725 Fourth Street, Santa Rosafirst Friday of the month, June through September. These(707) 545-2337, russianriverbrewing.com warm nights are filled with wine tasting, al fresco dining,live music from two stages, arts and crafts boothsBest known for its aggressively hoppedCalifornia-style ales, Belgian-style Not ales to Scale and more, from 6 to 9 p.m. The event is free. Wine tastingis available for a fee and benefits local non-profits.and barrel-aged beers, this popular spotalso serves up a large variety of specialtypizzas, foccacia bread, sandwiches, salads,calzones and “beer bites.”Station 1870123 Fourth Street, Santa Rosa(707) 623-9619, www.station1870.comDeriving its name from the year that the first trainpulled into the now historic Railroad Square, Station1870 is an essential stop for all who enjoy wine. Theatmosphere within is rich and inviting – a great place togather and to mingle.LODGINGHotel La Rose308 Wilson Street, Santa Rosa, www.hotellarose.comA landmark property built over 100 years ago, offeringold-world charm with modern amenities. Guests canopt to stay in either the main building, a 1907 stonecharmer constructed by Italian stone masons, or one of19 rooms in the Carriage House.Hyatt Vineyard Creek Hotel and Spa170 Railroad Street, www.vineyardcreek.hyatt.comA Tuscan-inspired hotel situated along the Santa RosaCreek, sits adjacent to Railroad Square. This romantic,luxury hotel exudes relaxation.38 www.WineCountryThisWeek.comRobertsLakeLa GareWednesday Night Market208 Wilson StreetTOMay through SeptemberCALISTOGABeef Wellington, Rack of Lamb, PARADISE ChateaubriandBouquetiere for Two are some WINERY of the – a festival-like atmosphere for visitors and locals –RIDGESonoma County’s premier farmers market and street fairdishes that La Gare has been serving for 30 showcases Sonoma County’s finest food, produce,years and counting. Every meal includes vendors and live entertainment, all in one location.the soup du jour and salad.STEELE LN.MENDOCINO AVEPetite SyrahRussian RiverCELLARS OF SONOMALOST CANYONHotel Tex Wasabi’s Brewing Co.Station 1870La Rose ANCIENT OAKTony & Jack’sLa Gareinside Corrick’sCa’BiancaHyatt VineyardCreek Hoteland SpaLuther BurbankHome & Gardens 124th ST5th ST“B” STCOLLEGE AVE.4th STSANTA ROSA AVE7th ST2nd STSanta RosaFairgroundsPETALUMA HILL RD.ANEROUND BARN BLVDFOUNTAINGROVE PKWY.Driving Time: 8 minutesFrom Lost Canyon Wineryto Cellars of Sonoma 0 milesto Ancient Oaks Winery >1 milesto D’Argenzio Winery 1+ milesTotal >2 milesFARMERS LANESONOMA AVE12BENNETT VALLEY RD.YON RD.TOSONOMAGR ANG ET HO MAS LAKE HAR R IS.DR

Lost Canyon WineryLost Canyon Winery’s tasting room is housed in thenewly opened Station 1870 Wine Bar in downtown SantaRosa. Named for the first year the train pulled into the nowhistoric Railroad Square, this tasting room offers guests arich and inviting atmosphere for wine flights or just to sipa glass of wine at one of their outdoor tables. With a winerack separating the tasting room from the wine bar, this isan ideal venue. The tasting room showcases Lost Canyon’ssmall lot single-vineyard designated wines. These winesare carefully crafted from five premier Russian River Valleyvineyards and highlight the individual characteristics ofeach vineyard year after year. All current vintages are soldby the glass or bottle and they even have limited libraryverticals still available. Join their Case Club Wine Club andreceive a 25% discount on a full case of wine. Being a clubmember entitles you to complimentary tasting passes attheir sister winery’s tasting rooms and all special events andnew release parties.In the evening, as the tasting room closes and the winebar gets lively, so do the options. Find yourself seated at thebar or a cozy lounge while enjoying their live music. Tastewines from their sister winery Fritz Underground or theirexclusively imported Italian wines. They also tempt guestswith their house-made flatbreads, crostinis and gourmetcheese plates using organic and locally sourced food.Looking for a great location for your next party? TheLost Canyon Winery tasting room can host your specialevent featuring their wines, food and entertainment. Sinceeach event is unique, let them help you plan, cater andmanage your next get together.By Alexandra CharsleyVARIETALSChardonnay, Pinot Noir and SyrahFUN FACTSTheir tasting room takes on a new identity at 4 p.m. withlive music and small bites to be paired with any of theirwines. They also have a flat screen TV for sports fans!Enjoy Happy Hour specials from 4 to 6 p.m. and try oneof their Prosecco cocktails!VISITThe tasting room is open Thursday through Sundayfrom 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. and is conveniently located inthe historic Railroad Square in downtown Santa Rosa.Their evening wine bar Station 1870 is open Wednesdaythrough Sunday from 4 to 10 p.m. Their current livemusic lineup features Jazz music on Thursdays, Flamencoon Fridays and Rock ‘n Roll on Saturdays.Lost Canyon WineryOpen Thursday-Sunday 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.Station 1870 Wine BarOpen Wednesday-Sunday 4 to 10 p.m.123 Fourth Street, Santa Rosa, CAin Railroad Square(707) 623-9621info@lostcanyonwinery.comwww.lostcanyonwinery.comEnjoy 2 for 1 wine tasting and 10% off wine purchases when you mention ‘Day Trips’ on your visit.www.WineCountryThisWeek.com39

Cellars of SonomaSituated in the heart of Santa Rosa’s bustling RailroadSquare, Cellars of Sonoma Tasting Room & Wine Bar hasbecome one of the town’s biggest draws as the new place intown to discover handcrafted, award-winning wines from someof Northern California’s rising star wineries and both new andestablished winemakers.Vintners represented include Amorosa Bella, BonneauWines, DuNah Vineyards, Gann Family Cellars, James FamilyCellars, La Sirena, Joseph Jewell, Ousterhout Wine andVineyard and TR Elliott. All are small-production local wineries.Adding to the appeal of this trendy spot which does, indeedfeel as much like a restaurant and bar as it does a traditionalwine country tasting room is that they sell their wines bythe glass, and you can order food from one of the nearbyrestaurants and they’ll deliver. As one recent visitor wrote,“The atmosphere is friendly, comfortable, casual, and fun.”“Cellars of Sonoma provides regularly scheduled educationaland special events geared toward Sonoma County residentsand visitors alike,” said owner and founder Scott Jordan. “Theexperience that we offer isn’t like a traditional tasting roomand wine bar, but rather it’s akin to being in the tasting roomof an upscale, family-owned winery. The ambiance is meantto give our visitors a more authentic and memorable SonomaWine Country experience, while providing small lot wines toconsumers, and it offers a valuable distribution channel to thewineries.”It is, as they say in the business world, a classic “win-win”situation, and more than merits repeat visits, since each day atthis downtown Santa Rosa establishment is always a new andwelcome adventure.By Sue Straight, The Wine WenchVarietalsYou name it. There are reds, whites, dessert wines,sparklers like the NV Mendocino Sparkling Brut Rosé,large format bottles and library wines that in some casesare available only to members.Check the DateThe full and ever-changing calendar of events atCellars of Sonoma includes live music, winemaker visits,special sales, wine recipe potlucks, live broadcasts,annual parties like those held for the Oscars, and more.Check their website for what’s coming up.Clubbing ItTheir popular Wine Club offers both wines that you’ll behard-pressed to find anywhere else, special events, aswell as discounts.Fun FactSanta Rosa’s Railroad Square, right off Highway 101 at exit489, is not only filled with historic buildings, it also has itsown boutique shopping, antique stores and salons.Cellars of SonomaSunday - Monday 12 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.Tuesday - Wednesday 11 a.m. to 8:30 p.m.Thursday - Saturday 11 a.m. to 10:30 p.m. (live music)133 4th Street, Santa Rosa(707) 578-1826www.cellarsofsonoma.comBecome a Fan on Facebook2 for 1 Food and Wine Pairing ($25pp value). Reservations required 1 to 5 p.m.40 www.WineCountryThisWeek.com

Ancient Oak CellarsCo-owners and vintners Ken and Melissa Moholt-Siebert recently opened a tasting room in downtownSanta Rosa for their winery, which is named for theancient oak tree presiding over their family vineyard.Conveniently located on Fourth Street, amidstrestaurants, shopping, art and entertainment, AncientOak Cellars’ new tasting room in the landmarkCorrick’s store presents hand-crafted wines fromfamily-grown Sonoma County grapes.Ken and Melissa’s vision of sustainable practicesis apparent in every aspect of winemaking. Theirown Pinot Noir Vineyard was planted by Ken andhis grandfather Henry on Siebert Ranch, just northof Santa Rosa, where sheep graze in the winter. Allof their vineyards, located within 15 miles of SantaRosa, are farmed by Ken and Melissa and the familiesthat live on them, with the help of dedicated vineyardworkers who have worked the land for many years.That’s why Ken and Melissa use the slogan “Real DirtReal People Real Wine.” Their family vineyards,Siebert Ranch, Pagnano Vineyard and the Cartanfamily vineyard are all located in the Russian RiverValley; the Warnecke Ranch is in the Alexander Valley,and the Berger Vineyard is on Sonoma Mountain.Their Winemaker, Kent Barthman brings decadesof experience with both Bordeaux and Burgundianvarietals in premium labels. Kent was attracted topartnering with Ken and Melissa because they havesuperior hillside vineyards with great fruit, giving himthe opportunity to make some of the definitive winesof his career.By Alexandra CharsleyVARIETALSChardonnay, Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon,Merlot, Pinot Noir, Rosé of Pinot, ZinfandelFUN FACTS• Join them on Fridays for Weekly Wine Happy Hour from5 to 7 p.m. Enjoy live music while sipping a glass of yourfavorite wine!• New releases include some outstanding cuvées ofCabernet and Merlot from their Sonoma Mountain BergerVineyard and a Sonoma County Rosé of Pinot.• Their tasting counter was made by a local craftsman outof a single 27-foot slab of elm, with inset panels of handcarvedoak.• To save on parking hassles, park in a downtown parkinggarage and they’ll validate your parking.VISITThe tasting room is open Monday through Saturday from11 a.m. to 5 p.m., Sunday noon to 5 p.m. and Fridays isopen until 7 p.m. It is located inside the landmark Corrick’s,adjacent to their ARTrails gallery focused on local artists.Ancient Oak CellarsOpen Monday-Saturday 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.Sunday noon to 5p.m., Fridays until 7 p.m.637 Fourth Street, Santa Rosa(707) 536-1546 | www.ancientoakcellars.comwww.info@ancientoakcellars.comwww.facebook.com/pages/Ancient-Oak-Cellars/Enjoy 2 for 1 wine tasting when you mention “Day Trips” on your visit.www.WineCountryThisWeek.com41

D’Argenzio WineryDiscover D’Argenzio Winery, a hidden gem locatedin the beautiful wine region of Sonoma County. SantaRosa’s urban boutique winery and tasting room offerswines from a wide array of Sonoma County appellationsas well as Italian varietals for wine lovers to sample.Each of the D’Argenzio wines are vineyard-designate,small-lot production wines of 300 cases or less.Owned and operated by three generations of ItalianAmericans working together to showcase the finestartisan wines, Ray and Ricci D’Argenzio, identical twinbrothers, continue the tradition of their artisan heritage.At D’Argenzio Winery, take the time to play bocceor enjoy a picnic in their patio area while trying theirPrimo Selection, a tasting flight of five wines. $10 perguest (fee waived with purchase of a bottle). For thosecraving a snack, D’Argenzio offers Piccolo Morsi, smallbites of antipasti and mouth-watering gelato. You canalso take their barrel tasting and tour which includesfour wines straight from the barrel while having aspecial tour of the winery. You will learn about theirfamily history, winemaking techniques and see howwine is made; $15 per guest.Last but not least, don’t miss their Chocolate andWine Pairing Experience. Delight your senses by tryingmelt-in-your-mouth chocolates and five of their wines;$15 per guest.D’Argenzio Winery is the perfect spot to stop andtake in a taste of Italy, where great wine, food, musicand happy people come together to celebrate thepleasures of life!By Monica DashwoodVARIETALSPinot Noir, Tocai Friulano, Zinfandel, Sangiovese, Barbera,Cabernet Sauvignon, Petite Sirah, Moscato, Aglianico,Sagrantino, Sauvignon BlancFUN FACTSD’Argenzio produces a tribute wine to the famous RandyRhoads, remembered for his work as lead guitarist andmusical composer with Ozzy Osbourne and Quiet Riot,particularly for his complex guitar riffs on the wellrecognizedclassic song “Crazy Train.” The Randy RhoadsLimited Release Cabernet Sauvignon is a one-time releasecreated by Kathryn Rhoads D’Argenzio, dedicated with loveand affection to honor the memory of her brother, RandyRhoads.SPECIAL EVENTSFor great wine, food, music and people, come to WineDown Thursday, every Thursday from 5 to 9 p.m. This weeklyevent offers artisan wines while listening to live music andenjoying tasty food. Wines are available to purchase by theglass or bottle. Reservations recommended, not required.D’Argenzio WineryOpen daily from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.Santa Rosa Vintners Square1301 Cleveland Ave. Suite ASanta Rosa, CA 95401(707) 546-2466www.dargenziowine.comMention ‘Day Trips’ for 15% off bottles purchased; 25% off mixed case purchase.42 www.WineCountryThisWeek.com

5th ST WESTBROADWAY.Welcome tosonoma valleyCORRICKAdler FelsTOSANTA ROSAOAKMONT DRLOS AMOS RDLNLEDSONST. FRANCISPYTHIAN RDTOSANTA ROSAMATANZASCREEKSable RidgeMacLeodLAWNDALESt. Anne’s CrossingNaked WinesParadise RidgeTy Caton & EnkiduEN GARDEB WiseVJB CELLARSMayo Reserve RoomMuscardiniLandmarkVineyardKazC HATE AU S TCHATEAUST. JEAN. J E AN R DKENWOOD WINERY RDADOBE CANYON RD.KENWOODVINEYARDSSugarloafState ParkBENNETT VALLEY RD.Deerfield RanchKunde12TONAPA VALLEYWARM SPRINGS RDLOXTONWellington WineryDUNB AR R OA DTRINITYWine Country doesn’t get more real than Sonoma Valley, whose rich soilsmark the birthplace of California’s wine industry. It’s also the closest wine regionto San Francisco, just 45 miles north of the Golden Gate Bridge. Cradledbetween the Mayacamas and the Sonoma Mountain ranges, Sonoma Valleyencompasses a rolling patchwork of vineyards, quaint farms and 13,000acres of scenic parkland. In the center of town, the eight-acre SonomaPlaza is a National Historic Landmark, strewn with sprawling shade treesand bordered by carefully preserved adobe buildings. Up the road in GlenEllen, author and bohemian adventurer Jack London lived and wrote at hispristine Beauty Ranch, now an 800-acre state historic park.The historic Sonoma Plaza lies at the heart of Sonoma Valley – gatewayregion to Sonoma County. Sonoma Plaza’s done it all – Mexican militaryoutpost, fleeting frontier republic, Spanish Mission village. Now a gorgeoushistoric landmark and “slow” culture capitol, Sonoma Plaza radiatesromance around every corner, cafe and cobblestone. Whether you’re here foran overnight or extended stay, Sonoma Plaza offers the picture-perfect start(and end) to your adventures. It’s a pedestrian paradise, so ditch the carkeys and discover Real Wine Country on foot or bicycle. The Plaza’s old adobestorefronts, meandering alleyways, sunlit courtyards and historic landmarkshum with an eclectic mix of restaurants, hotels, tasting rooms, cafes, artisanboutiques, galleries—even a vintage movie house. As for the nature lover,wildflower hikes and stunning hilltop vistas abound within just a short distance.Anchoring it all is the tranquil Plaza itself, whose vast green stretchesof lawn and immense tree canopy create a lush setting for picnics, culturalactivities and weekly farmers markets. – SonomaValley.com.www.WineCountryThisWeek.comJack LondonState ParkTOPETALUMATOPETALUMA101LONDON RANCH RD.ERIC ROSSMOONDANCECELLARSARNOLD DRIVETOSAN FRANCISCOAGUA CALIENTE ROADBOYES BLVDPETALUMABONNEAUWARM SPRINGS RDVALLEY OF THE MOONClarbec WineryBenziger FamilyORANGERobert HunterPaint Horse WineryGROVEVERANO AVE12MADRONEW. SPAIN ST.LE VE R ONI R OADFREMONTArrowood4th ESebastiani5th ST EASTIC K EGE HRR DLOVELL V ALLEY RD7th STEAST NAPA STDENMARK STNAP A ROADC AS TLE R D. VINE YAR D8th ST EASTL NO LD W INE R Y RDGofesselParmelee Hill12Macrostie KamenTin BarnTO12CARNEROS RD121NAPA116Robledo AnabaLARSONHomewoodFamilyFAMILYWinerySchugBonneauCORNERSTONE SONOMACarneros EstateGloria Ferrer MEADOWCROFT WINESFoyt Family WinesKeating WinesCLINE121JACUZZINot to ScaleVIANSARam’s Gate37BONNESSBucklin OldHill RanchMayoFamilyTalisman WinesB.R. COHNImageryLITTLE VINEYARDSCAVEDALEMOON MTNHanzellTHEPLAZAPetroni VineyardsAkoma ZoumeR2WineCo.RavenswoodSONOMA PLAZACHARLES CREEKBRYTER ESTATESLEDSON CENTRE DU VINAdobe RoadEnvolveErick K JamesGlenLyonHawkesHaywoodHighway 12 WineryBartholomew ParkGundlach-BundschuScribeBURNDALERocheSigh (Sparkling)SojournSonoma EnotecaSpannTwo AmigosWaltWestwoodBuenaVistaFaveroTOVALLEJO43

Kenwood/Highway 12First driving into the Valley of the Moon is certainly a lushly sensory experience. Rolling hills, centuries-old Heritage Oaks and verdant vineyards drape the slopes and valleyfloor beneath Sonoma’s majestically craggy Mayacama mountain range. Graceful old country manors and their largely still in-tact estates dot the countryside while cozytowns still speak to neighborly days gone by.Kenwood boasts some of the finest artisan wineries in all of northern California. Ty Caton, Muscardini Cellars, VJB, Mayo Reserve Room, Kenwood Vineyards, Kunde Estate,Deerfield Ranch, Enkidu, the Annadel Estate, Ledson, St. Francis and Chateau St. Jean are only some of the award-winning, gorgeous Wine Country Destinations located inand adjacent to Kenwood.Looking for a break from wine tasting? Enjoy antique shopping at Vita Bella or browse “Swede’s Feeds” for garden and both large or small pets’ needs. Splurge on anultra-luxurious massage or facial at the Kenwood Inn & Spa. Or simply sit out, pick up a Kenwood Press newspaper and unwind on the patios at Café Citti, the Kenwood, orDoce Lunas restaurants.Things to DoSugarloaf Ridge State ParkHighway 12 & Adobe Canyon Rd, KenwoodHikes include views, bridges and impressivewaterfalls. Home of Ferguson Observatory– largest in the western United States.Kenwood Depot314 Warm Springs Road, Kenwood(707) 833-5190, www.kenwooddepot.comSonoma County Historic Landmark #46.Now a venue for special events, this historiclandmark was once a working train stationand was built from locally cut basalt.Kenwood Community Church9637 Channing Row, Kenwoodwww.kenwoodcommunitychurch.comCharming church built in 1888.TOSANTA ROSATOSANTA ROSABENNETT VALLEY RD.LEDSONST. FRANCISLOS AMOS RDLAWNDALEEN GARDEVJB CELLARSWARM SPRINGS RDPYTHIAN RDKenwood Plaza ParkLocated on Warm Springs Roadbetween Kenwood Depot andKenwood Community ChurchThis 5-acre park comes complete with a playstructure and picnic tables.Kenwood Farmhouse9255 Sonoma Highway, Kenwood(707) 833-1212Gift shop specializing in the works of localartisans and craftsmen.Look for them on Facebook.Swede’s Feeds Pet Garden & Gifts9140 Highway 12, Kenwood(707) 833-5050, swedesfeedskenwood.comGifts, garden art, unsual plantsand pottery.12Vineyards InnCafe CittiADOBE CANYON RD.Mayo Family Reserve Room Swede’s FeedsKenwood Farmhouse Pets, Gardens & GiftsParkDepotChurchKenwood RestaurantWARM SPRINGS RDKenwood Inn and SpaDUNBAR RDBeltane RanchDriving Time: 12 minutesFrom Ledson Wineryto St. Francis>1 mileto Chateau St. Jean 2 milesto En Garde Winery1 mileto VJB Cellars0 mileto Kenwood Vineyards >1 mileTotal 4+ milesSugarloaf RidgeState ParkCHATEAU ST. JEANKENWOOD VINEYARDSCHATEAUST. JEAN RDFoodKenwood Restaurant9900 Highway 12, Kenwood, CA 95452(707) 833-6326, www.kenwoodrestaurant.comA favorite restaurant for local winemakers, vintners& celebrities. Fresh ingredients, great views,local/international wines.Café Citti9049 Highway 12, Kenwood(707) 833-2690, www.cafecitti.comA trattoria style restaurant with“great food, great value, great atmosphere.”Vineyards Inn8445 Highway 12, Kenwood(707) 833-2300, www.vineyardsinn.comCreative, organic, authentic flavors of SpainVJB Cellars60 Shaw Avenue, corner of Hwy. 12, Kenwood(707) 833-4500, www.vjbcellars.comEnjoying lunch of fresh panini or antipasti or a pizzafrom the wood-fired oven. There’s also an onsite chocolateand gelato shop!LodgingKenwood Inn And Spa10400 Highway 12, Kenwood(707) 353-6966, www.kenwoodinn.comA secluded, luxury hotel; Mediterranean-inspired privaterestaurant; rated in the top three resort spas in the UnitedStates – Condé Nast Traveler Readers’ Poll, April 2009.Photo courtesy of Kenwood DepotGaigeHouse44 Innwww.WineCountryThisWeek.comJack LondonNDON RANCH RD.WARM SPRINGS RDGlen Ellen InnGlen Ellen StarQuarry Hill Botanical Garden

Ledson Winery & VineyardsIf you want to be treated like royalty, visit LedsonWinery and Vineyards in Kenwood. The 16,000 squarefoot winery, known as “The Castle,” sits majesticallybehind an estate vineyard. Steve Ledson, a fifth-generationgrape grower and winemaker, opened the winery in 1999,creating one of the most unique and dynamic wineriesanywhere.When you arrive, a concierge will guide you overelegant hardwood floors and through seemingly endlesscorridors to one of four classy tasting bars. Ledson Wineryproduces about 80 wines from more than 20 varietals. Allthe wines are handcrafted in small production lots andmany sell out before the next vintage goes to market. Thewines are sold exclusively at the winery, the Ledson Hoteland online. Fortunately, Ledson offers four wine clubs toensure members have access to wine before it disappears.The grand staircase will take you upstairs, whereexquisite private tasting suites are available by reservation.Call ahead to check on availability.You will also be delighted by the Gourmet Marketplace,which features a mouthwatering array of fine cheeses,sandwiches, pastas, salads and decadent desserts. Onwarm days, you can picnic beneath century-old oak treesand take in the magnificent vineyard views while enjoyingyour favorite Ledson wine.On every level, Ledson Winery succeeds in creating anexclusive experience. If you want to sample the incrediblewine and be transported to the perfect wine countryexperience, you must visit The Castle. Check out thewebsite at www.ledson.com, or call (707) 537-3823 tomake a private tasting reservation.Winemaker Philosophy“When I first started making wine for the family in 1993, mygoal was to produce a portfolio of wines with the diversityto satisfy every palate and everyone’s pocketbook.”– Steve LedsonWhat Not to MissThe Castle experience is unlike any other. From intricatelydetailed architecture, to the breathtaking grounds, it’struly a magical place. Add to that a most amazing array ofimpeccable wines!Tasting MenuLedson Winery produces about 80 outstanding wines, withtoo many great scores and awards to mention here! Publictastings are available at several beautifully appointedtasting bars. Private sit-down tastings (cheese platesoptional) are held in one of six luxurious private suites.You May Now Kiss the BrideThere is no place more romantic than The Castle. Thedramatic circular driveway, arched carriage entryway, waterfountains and the grand staircase create the perfect settingfor a storybook wedding.Ledson Winery & VineyardsOpen daily 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.7335 Sonoma Highway, KenwoodInside Corrick’s(707) 537-3810 | www.ledson.comFor tours & reservations, contact(707) 537-3823 or tastings@ledson.comFollow Ledson on Facebook!Upgraded Tasting: Purchase a tasting of 6 wines and receive an upgrade to 9 wines.www.WineCountryThisWeek.com45

St. Francis Winery & VineyardsAt St. Francis Winery & Vineyards, wine and food blendperfectly to reflect the beauty and charm of Sonoma Valley,creating an unforgettable experience for visitors.The Winery’s ZAGAT-recommended multicourse wine andfood pairing is unsurpassed in wine country, offering whata local food writer described as “small plates that rival thekitchen of Michelin-starred restaurants.” St. Francis ExecutiveChef David Bush, whose résumé includes Sonoma’s The Girl &The Fig restaurants, masterfully pairs his creative dishes withSt. Francis’ award-winning wines. The menu changes seasonallybut offers an array of gourmet delicacies.“My philosophy about wine and food pairing is that thereare no rules,” Chef Bush says. “I like to take risks. My ultimategoal is to surprise people and for them to leave with a differentview of how wine and food work together.”The newly renovated St. Francis dining room, with its tiledfireplace and spectacular vineyard views, is the ideal setting forChef Bush’s break-the-rules pairings. Guests sit at a customdesignedround table, guided through each course by anexpert host who highlights key components and shares someof the winery’s history. The experience is relaxed, friendly andeducational, showcasing the best Sonoma County has to offer.Seated pairings are held Friday-Sunday at 11 a.m., 1 and3 p.m. There are two seatings on Mondays and Thursdays at11 a.m. and 2 p.m. The cost is $42 per person. Reservationsare strongly recommended and can made online by visitingwww.stfranciswinery.com or by calling 1-800-794-6674.For a more informal wine and food paring, St. Francis offerscharcuterie and wine flights on the patio or inside its gorgeousMission-style tasting room. These pairings are available dailyfrom 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. for $25 per person.Daily Wine TastingTaste critically acclaimed 100% Sonoma Countyestate wines in the winery’s beautiful mission-styletasting room daily, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.Charcuterie on the PatioFor a more informal wine and food paring, enjoycharcuterie and wine flights on the patio or in thetasting room from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. for $25 per person.Private Estate DinnersEnjoy a memorable seven-course dinner for 8-16prepared by St. Francis’ Executive Chef. The beautifulMission-style Winery will be your private dining roomfor this intimate, one-of-a-kind experience. Offered7 days, 6:30 to 9 p.m. By appointment only, with 72hours’ notice. $135 per person (plus tax and gratuity).Reservations required by calling (707) 833-0255.Shopping for a great wine club?AOL’s Luxist named the St. Francis Patron’s Society“one of the best wine clubs in the U.S.”St. Francis Winery & VineyardsOpen 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. daily100 Pythian Road, Santa Rosa1-888-675-WINEwww.stfranciswinery.comFollow St. Francis onFacebook and Twitter!Present this story to receive two-for-one wine tasting.46 www.WineCountryThisWeek.com

Chateau St. JeanAs patrons arrive at Chateau St. Jean they are greeted byan expansive European-inspired garden. The topiary is a truespectacle which creates a defined ambiance of both grandeurand sophistication. The adjacent patio allows patrons to fullyadmire the garden even before they have had a chance totaste.Chateau St. Jean has two tasting room options. The maintasting room has one of the largest wine-related gift shops inSonoma Valley and offers a well-balanced sampling of bothwhites and reds. The Vineyard Room, located directly acrossfrom the main tasting room, focuses on Chateau St. Jean’shigher-end wines.Chateau St. Jean is well known in many wine circles.Total annual production consists of 32 different wines (10of which are distributed). One of its most highly reputablewines is known as the Cinq Cépages. A winner of countlessawards over the years, the Cinq Cépages is arguably the mostcomplex wine in Chateau St. Jean’s wine repertoire. In fact,for $75 per person, one can experience all of the differentcomponents that go into the wine with the Cinq Cépagesblending seminar. It lasts roughly one hour and the everydaywine drinker can feel like an expert as they create their ownblend and compete with other tour members in the “BestBlend” contest.Another option is the Promenade Tour and Tasting – arelaxing guided tour of the stunning estate that takes placedaily at 11 a.m. and 1 p.m. For $20 per person, an educatedhost will teach you the rich history as well as the growingcycle and the fruit characteristics of several grape varietieswhile sipping on some of their finest wines. By Brendan ConroyWhat Not to MissThe gardens stand alone as truly a spectacular sight.The Vineyard Room tasting may be $10 more than theregular, but one should invest in the experience itselfand taste premium wines in the comfort of an outsidepatio overlooking beautiful hills and vineyards.Standout WinesCinq Cépages, Reserve Merlot, Reserve Chardonnay,Pinot Noir, Cabernet Franc, Malbec, Fumé Blanc and forthe sweet wine drinker, the GewûrztraminerOne Stop ShoppingChateau St. Jean has an exquisite merchandisesection with assorted sandwiches, cheeses, olive oils,balsamic vinegars, as well as anything one would needin order to create a superb picnic experience. Withgrounds as beautiful as this, one can plan anentire day around the bounty of Chateau St. Jean.Chateau St. JeanOpen 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. daily8555 Sonoma Highway, Kenwoodwww.chateaustjean.comFor tours & reservations, call1-877-478-5326Follow Chateau St. Jean on Facebook!2 for 1 wine tasting in the Main Tasting Room and 15% off wine purchases with this story.www.WineCountryThisWeek.com47

En Garde WineryCsaba Szakal is a fourth generation winemaker who cameto California from his native Hungary 17 years ago as acomputer programmer. While living in Silicon Valley, Csababegan making wine in his garage as a hobby. His first vintagewon him a gold medal and his continuing success inspiredhim to start En Garde Winery.Csaba opened his Kenwood tasting room last summer andhas been quietly blowing away his guests as well as localswith his award-winning wines – in particular his CabernetSauvignon and his Pinot Noir.While he does not own any vineyards, he certainly knowshow and where to find great fruit. His Cabernet and CabernetFranc are sourced from Diamond Mountain in Napa, wherehis En Garde Diamond Mountain Cabernet Sauvignon won“Best in Show” at the Affairs of the Vine Cabernet Shootout.He sources his fruit from only the best grape growers inCalifornia and only makes varietals that he is passionateabout.His award-winning Pinot Noir, which comes from theRussian River area, as well as his Cabs from DiamondMountain are the mainstays of his menu, Csaba alsoenjoys creating numerous single vineyard “micro-lots” ofTempranillo, Albarino, Malbec, a dry rosé and a Bordeauxblend. “You can actually take a tour of California in ourtasting room,” says Csaba. “In addition to the various Napaand Sonoma appellations, we also source fruit for our othersingle vineyard wines from El Dorado in the Sierra foothills,Lodi and the Alexander Valley in northwest Sonoma County.By Mike HylandDON’T MISSThe 2007 Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon andthe 2009 Reserve Russian River Pinot NoirVARIETALSCabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Noir, Cabernet Franc,Malbec, Albarino, Tempranillo, Rose, Berry PortPLAN AHEADThe Kenwood tasting room is somewhat smallso if you are traveling with a group or six or more,it is best to call ahead and make a reservation fortasting.FUN FACTCsaba’s grandfather’s winery exclusively producedthe Dry Rosé and it was never bottled. The customersbrought their own demijohns and they werefilled directly from the barrels. Csaba follows hisgrandfather’s recipe to make the same dry rosé today.En Garde WineryOpen daily from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.9077 Sonoma HighwayKenwood, CA 95452(707) 282-9216www.engardewinery.comMention ‘Day Trips’ for a Two for One Tasting Flight48 www.WineCountryThisWeek.com

VJB Vineyards & CellarsWith the opening of a new tasting room andmarketplace, VJB Vineyards and Cellars has becomea top wine and food destination by offering visitorsan authentic taste of Italy in the heart of the SonomaValley. From the wines to the architecture, the foodand the hospitality, everything here is a testamentto the Belmonte family’s Italian heritage. Guests willundoubtedly leave here feeling like they’ve experiencedthat unique culture.The stunning two-story Italian villa along theSonoma Highway in Kenwood looks like it was pluckedoff a Tuscan hillside and is surrounded by nearly twoacres of newly planted Montepulciano and Aglianicovines, both Italian varietals that are rarely grown inCalifornia.In the tasting room, guests may sample those winesas well as other Italian varietals such as Tocai Friulano,Primitivo and VJB’s flagship wine called Dante – ablend of Cabernet Sauvignon and Sangiovese – made inthe tradition of a Super Tuscan wine. No matter whatis on the tasting menu each day, guests can be assuredthat every wine at VJB is produced with an eye towardNew World innovation and Old World sensibility.VJB produces less than 7,500 cases annually anda large portion of the grapes are grown on the 12acre estate vineyard nearby. The wines are availableexclusively in the tasting room or through membershipin their popular wine club, Club Enoteca.Standout WinesSangiovese is one of the best known Italian wines and once you tasteVJB’s 2009 Estate Sangiovese, you’ll know why. This Sonoma Valleygrown wine is full of red, ripe fruit flavors and has soft, seductivetannins making it the perfect wine to pair with pasta and red sauce.VJB also produces less well-known, but equally delicious varietals likethe Sicilian grape Nero d’Avola as well as Montepulciano. The 2009Estate Montepulciano is a medium-bodied red wine with a bakedcherry nose and mellow tannins. Once you taste it, you’ll know whyit’s a favorite of Club Enoteca members that sells out in a matter of afew short monthsStay AwhileIn addition to wine tasting, guests will want to spend warm springand summer days lingering on VJB’s central piazza while enjoyinglunch of fresh panini or antipasti from La Cucina or a pizza from thewood-fired oven. For dessert, there’s also an onsite chocolate andgelato shop. Afterwards, visitors can browse the upstairs art galleryor the marketplace for estate-grown olive oil, owner and ExecutiveChef Maria Belmonte’s homemade tomato sauces and pestos, plusa wide range of the very best imported Italian pantry items to enjoyat home. On weekends, the daily 1 p.m. performance by the SonomaTenors is not to be missed. There truly is no better place to soak up alittle bit of Italy in the Sonoma Valley.VJB Vineyards & CellarsTasting Available 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. dailyEspresso Bar & Deli at 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. daily60 Shaw Avenue, Kenwood(Corner of Sonoma Highway 12 & Shaw Avenue)(707) 833-2300 • www.vjbcellars.comMention this story for complimentary tasting + 15 % savings on any wine purchase!www.WineCountryThisWeek.com49

Kenwood VineyardsWith so many wine tasting options in the SonomaValley it really is a no-brainer to choose to taste atKenwood Vineyards. Winemaker Pat Henderson has beenamassing a plethora of awards including, most recently,Double Gold, Golds and Silvers at the 2013 San FranciscoChronicle Wine Competition. Whether you sip theSauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, the Zinfandel or CabernetSauvignon, you will taste an award winner!Nestled in the heart of the Sonoma Valley, the KenwoodVineyards tasting room is housed in a converted barnthat dates back to 1906. The winery is committed toproducing premium varietal wines that reflect SonomaCounty’s finest vineyards in their character and style.More than 125 stainless steel fermenting and upright oaktanks are used in combination with 14,000 French andAmerican oak barrels. Kenwood has earned the reputationof producing consistent, quality wines for more than 40years.Make a reservation for the popular Art, Food & WineExperience at Kenwood Vineyards every weekend. Longknown for the original artwork on their wine labels, thewinery hosts the Experience every Saturday and Sundayfrom 1 to 3 p.m. where guests can taste the CabernetSauvignon while learning and viewing the renownedArtist Series collection. On display are original art piecesfrom the collection that began with the controversial 1975“Naked Lady” by David Lance Goines.Savory appetizers are paired with the wines to providean incomparable experience like no other in the Valley.by Mike HylandArt, Food & WineReservations are required at least 72 hours inadvance for the Art, Food & Wine Experience, everySaturday and Sunday from 1 to 3 p.m.For reservations, call (707) 282-4228 or go towww.kenwoodvineyards.com. The cost is $30 perperson and $25 per person for wine club members.Fun FactSince 1976, Kenwood Vineyards has the sole rights toall the grapes from the historic Jack London Vineyards.VarietalsSauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, Pinot Gris,White Zinfandel, Moscato, Pinot Noir, Merlot, Zinfandel,Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah, Vintage White (blend),Vintage Red (blend), Sparkling WineKenwood VineyardsOpen daily from 10 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.9592 Sonoma Highway, Kenwood, CA 95452(707) 833-5891www.kenwoodvineyards.comLook for Kenwood Vineyardson Facebook & TwitterEnjoy responsibly.Mention this story to receive complimentary tasting.50 www.WineCountryThisWeek.com

Glen EllenFollow Highway 12, once the railway system, through the Valley of the Moon to the bucolic berg ofGlen Ellen! Glen Ellen is more than just a town. It is the “foodie” and wine destination for Sonomalocals. Located north of downtown Sonoma on Arnold Drive, just west of Highway 12, Glen Ellenrestaurants and town market celebrate the best of local wines, produce and services.Check out Glen Ellen’s award-winning wineries such as Eric Ross, Benzinger, Audelssa, HKG, MayoFamily, B.R. Cohn, Arrowood and Moondance Cellars. Enjoy a rejuvenating spa experience inside alarge, historic wine cask at Magical Massage. Walk Jack London’s hillsides and explore the famousruins of his Wolf House. Or, gather with friends and family at local spots such as The Fig Café, GlenEllen Inn, Garden Court Café, Saffron and Yeti – the best curry you’ll have outside of India.Whatever your taste, Glen Ellen is one sweet town that satisfies time and again.Things to DoJack London State Historical Park2400 London Ranch Rd., Glen EllenTOHalf-mile-long SANTA trail ROSAcirlcles throughworld-famous author, Jack London’sLEDSONBeauty Ranch – features the remainsof Jack London’s dream home destroyedby fire before moving in as well as amuseum and the grave site of Jack andCharmian London.TOSANTA ROSA15101 Highway 12, Glen EllenQuarryhill Botanical GardenVineyards Inn(707) 996-6643, www.oakhillfarm.net12841 Highway 12, Glen EllenCafe CittiRustic 100-year-old CHATEAU ST. dairy JEAN(707) 996-6027, www.quarryhillbg.org EN GARDEbarn sellingVJB CELLARS fresh herbs, KENWOOD lettuce, VINEYARDSheirloom vegetables,Asian botanical gardens featuring Mayo Family one Reserve of Roomflowers Swede’s and FeedsKenwood Farmhouse Pets, Gardens ornamental & Gifts greens, handcraftedwreaths, dried goods, bouquetsthe largest collections of documented,Parkwild-collected Asian plants in the world. DepotChurch and gifts.Kenwood RestaurantJack LondonState ParkLONDON RANCH RD.ARNOLD DRIVELOS AMOS RDLAWNDALEMATANZASCREEKBENNETT VALLEY RD.WARM SPRINGS RDPYTHIAN RDKenwood Inn and SpaGaigeHouseInnGlen Ellen StarGlen Ellen InnJack London LodgeGarden Court CafeGlen EllenVillage MarketERIC ROSSYetiMOONDANCE BR COHNCELLARS LITTLEVINEYARDSVALLEY OFTHE MOONAGUA CALIENTE ROADWARM SPRINGS RDMADRONEwww.WineCountryThisWeek.comBouverie Preserve13935 Highway 12, Glen Ellen(707) 938-4554, www.egret.orgMagnificent 535-acre property features arich and distinct combination of plantsand animals, including more than 130species of birds, 350 species of floweringplants and numerous large mammalssuch as the bobcat, grey fox, Sugarloaf and coyote. RidgeST. FRANCISLOXTONCELLARSWARM SPRINGS RDDUNBAR RDState Park12The Red Barn Store at Oak Hill FarmBeltaneRanchCHATEAUST. JEAN RDBouverie PreserveMOON MTNADOBE CANYON RD.Quarry Hill Botanical GardenThe Red Barn Storeat Oak Hill FarmCAVEDALEDriving Time: 28 minutesFrom Matanzas Creekto Moondance Cellars 8 milesto Eric Ross Winery 0 milesto Valley of the Moon >2 mileto Little Vineyards .5 milesto B.R. Cohn Winery >.5 milesto Loxton Cellars >4 milesTotal 14.5 milesFoodGlen Ellen Inn Oyster Grill & Martini Bar13670 Arnold Drive, Glen Ellen(707) 996-6409, www.glenelleninn.comFusion of local ingredients paired with French,Asian and Italian influences.Glen Ellen Star13648 Arnold Drive, Glen Ellen(707) 343-1384, glenellenstar.comThe menu features rustic California Wine Country cuisinewith local and international influences includingdelicious offerings from the wood-burning brick oven.Yeti Restaurant14301 Arnold Drive, Jack London Village, Glen Ellen(707) 996-9930, www.yetirestaurant.comFusion of both Nepalese and Indian cultures.Garden Court Cafe13647 Arnold Drive, Glen Ellen(707) 935-1565, www.gardencourtcafe.comA local favorite for breakfast, brunch and lunch.“If you leave hungry, it’s your own fault.”Glen Ellen Village Market13751 Arnold Drive, Glen Ellen(707) 996-6728, www.sonoma-glenellenmkt.comPack the perfect picnic at this wine country inspiredgourmet market with fresh, local products.LodgingGaige House Inn13540 Arnold Drive, Glen Ellen(707) 935-0237, www.gaige.comAsian-inspired ambiance combined with modern luxury.Granite soaking tubs and private Japanese gardens perfectfor in-suite spa treatments. Michelin recommended.Ranked as 18 in Conde Nast’s Top Small Hotels in the U.S.Beltane Ranch11775 Highway 12, Glen Ellenwww.beltaneranch.com, (707) 996-65011892 ranch house and cottage – walking trails lead pasthorses and cattle, through vineyards, olive orchards andorganically farmed produce gardens.Jack London Lodge13740 Arnold Drive, Glen Ellenwww.jacklondonlodge, (707) 938-8510Situated on Sonoma Creek quiet, peaceful setting witha pool, heated spa and lovely gardens. Facility includesWolf House Restaurant and historic Jack London Saloon.51

Matanzas Creek WineryThis is what visiting Wine Country is all about - rolldown the windows, let the fresh country air flow andmeander the scenic winding road past horses, dairycows and vineyards, all just to see where the road mightlead.Today let the road take you to Matanzas CreekWinery, a place that offers something for the wine lover,the gardener, the epicurian. Matanzas Creek, which putthe bucolic east Santa Rosa neighborhood of BennettValley on the map, took its name from the creek thatdrains away the runoff in the valley. The area enjoys aunique microclimate among North Coast appellations,with cooling influences from several fronts - the RussianRiver Valley and Petaluma Gap from the west andsouthwest, and the San Pablo Bay to the south andsoutheast.Matanzas Creek produces a wide range of wines thatreflect the viticultural diversity of Bennett Valley andSonoma County. Currently the winery is showcasing themany faces of Sauvignon Blanc, the perfect spring andsummer season wine produced here in three distinctand delicious styles notable for their beautiful aromatics.Visitors flock to Matanzas Creek in the spring andearly summer when the lavender fields are in bloom.Peak lavender season is June, culminating in the Days ofWine and Lavender event on June 29, 2013. Lavenderhas long been a much celebrated co-star here, and asection of the tasting room is dedicated to a myriad oflavender products including soaps, scents, oils and spaproducts made at the winery.by Michelle J. BakerVarietalsMerlot, Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah,Sauvignon Blanc and dessert wineWhat to TasteThe Journey wines, crafted from the most pedigreed vineyardsites in Sonoma County. Try the Journey Chardonnay or theJourney Red Wine, a Bordeaux-style blend.New Wine and Cheese PairingMatanzas Creek now offers a decadent wine and cheesetasting expertly paired and prepared by the winery chefs.Offered all day, every day!Special Tours and Tasting OpportunitiesMatanzas Creek offers private tours and tasting daily at10:30am. Choose from a Tour and Vintage Room Tasting or goall out with a Tour, Vintage Room Library Tasting and CheesePairing! Reservations required.Little Known FactYou can take a free, self-guided vineyard tour during regulartasting room hours. The walk is less than a mile and isdesigned for all ages and levels of wine experience. Noreservations required.Matanzas Creek WineryOpen Daily from 10 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.6097 Bennett Valley Road, Santa Rosa, CA 954041-800-590-6464 | (707) 528-6464info@matanzascreek.comwww.matanzascreek.comMention Day Trips and Receive 10% off a purchase of two bottles or more52 www.WineCountryThisWeek.com

Moondance CellarsNot everyone in the wine industry takes themselves seriously.Some have a blast doing what they love and enjoying the ride.Priscilla and David Cohen are two of the most friendly,approachable vintners in Sonoma County. Their casual,welcoming tasting room offers exactly the kind of personal, oneof-a-kindwine country experience that many people seek whenvisiting this famous region.Moondance Cellars is truly a boutique winery, producingsmall lots of award-winning Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, PinotNoir and Zinfandel from grapes grown in some of the mostcelebrated vineyards of Napa, Sonoma, Russian River and DryCreek Valley.Located in historic Jack London Village, in the sleepy littlevillage of Glen Ellen, Moondance Cellars requires that you take amoment and step off the beaten path. You will be amply awardedfor your efforts. Either David or Priscilla themselves will likely bearound to greet you and pour their marvelous wines, along witha few tall tales sure to produce a hearty round of laughter at thetasting bar. This is where wine tasting means a darned good time.David and Priscilla’s white wines are offered as OrchardStation wines. Petaluma and Santa Rosa Railroad ran through theWest County hills until the 1940s. The stop “Orchard Station”was on propety near Sebastopol that is now their home andwinery. Orchard Station wines are also award-winning, RussianRiver Valley Sauvignon Blanc and an un-oaked Chardonnay fromRRV, Sonoma Coast and Gold Ridge grapes.David came by his skills as a winemaker through familyconnections. His cousin, Bruce Cohn, owns the famous B.R.Cohn Winery. With the assistance of such luminaries of the tradeas Helen Turley and the late John Speed, David was able to honehis craft and take his place alongside the best. By Ronda GiangrecoFUN FACTS• Sonoma Valley Portworks, the only winery inSonoma County specializing exclusively inafter-dinner wines and Ports, shares a spot in thetasting room, where guests can taste up to sixPorts and dessert wines.• A secret door leads to neighboring Wine CountryChocolates, where tasting dessert after thedessert wines completes the ultimate sweettooth tasting experience.• Winemaker/Hot Rod-Nut, David’s pride and joyis his 1965 blown candy brandy-wine Corvette,soon to share the garage with his latest project, afuel- injected 1966 Chevy Nova.• Priscilla likes to spend as many days off aspossible astride her quarter horse gelding,Ima Revin’ Lena, aka: Teddy, exploring the backcountry of Sonoma County and it’s state parktreasures.Moondance CellarsOpen Thursday-Monday 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.14301 Arnold Drive, Glen Ellen(707) 823-0880info@moondancecellars.comFor tours & reservations, call (707) 938-7550Follow them on Facebook,YouTube & Twitter.Mention Day Trips for 2 for 1 wine tasting and 10% off wine purchase.www.WineCountryThisWeek.com53

Eric Ross WineryIf one is charged with finding a perfect wine for theperfect meal, Eric Ross is the place to look. Eric Rossspecializes in wines from some of the most prestigiouslocal wine growing regions, varietals originating fromFrance, Spain and even Portugal. Any wine lover candiscover a wine that goes with their favorite meal, orsimply enjoying a glass on the front porch. Stylistically,each wine makes a sophisticated statement blossomingthe longer one savors it with a elegant finish.As you discover a new quality wine with every siptake a moment to experience the photography adorningthe tasting room walls. The winemaker, Eric Luse, beganhis wine journey as a photographer for the San FranciscoChronicle. Fascinated by wine and the wine countrylifestyle Luse began college level training of winemakingand viticulture while continuing to photograph vineyardworkers as the seasons changed in the vineyards.Eric’s photography reflects the personality of hissubject and his winemaking follows the same philosophy.It’s not about the winemaker it’s about the vineyard.Whether it’s the Albarino, Tempranillo, Grenache orPinot Noir they all reflect the personality of those specificvineyards.With a total annual production of roughly 3000 cases,Eric Ross does not distribute outside of the tasting roomenjoying a robust wine club and tasting room experience.So, stop at Eric Ross, pick up some fabulous wine andopen one tonight … it is sure to make your dinnerexceptional.By Brendan ConroyBecome a Fan of Eric Ross Winery on Facebook!Wines Not to Miss2010 Marsanne~Roussanne – The two varietals produce a rich nuttyfloral characteristics of apricot, ripe melon and pear followed bybright acidity and lovely honeyed textures.2011 Pinot Noir – Classic Russian River Valley Pinot Noir aromaticspices with black cherry, ripe plum, cola with bright layers of riperaspberry.2010 Tempranillo – Lodi sustainable farming produces this richexotic Spanish varietal showing layers of blackberry, espresso anddark chocolate, followed by hints of dry-cured black Moroccan olives.VARIETALSAlbarino, Marsanne-Roussanne, Russian River Pinot Noir, Tempranillo,Old Vine Zinfandel, Syrah, Old Vine Zin Port are available by the caseor the bottle during regular tasting room hours with 20% discountsavailable for club members.Learn MoreEach of Luse’s photos has a vivid story behind it. Feel free to askabout the individual lives of the vineyard workers that he has soeloquently depicted and memorialized. The beauty of some specificpictures stem from the minimalistic presentation of the photographcontrasted with the depths of emotion in the central point of focus.Eric Ross WineryOpen daily 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.14300 Arnold Drive, Glen Ellen(707) 939-8525 | www.ericross.comFor private tastings, contact Dennis & Diane(707) 939-8525 or ddmitchell@ericross.comComplimentary tasting with purchase with this Day Trip54 www.WineCountryThisWeek.com

Valley of the Moon WineryThe Sonoma Valley was originally called the Valley of theMoon by the Mayacamas Indians that inhabited the valleylong before General Mariano Vallejo laid claim to the land inthe name of Mexico. Because of the mountains that surroundboth sides of the valley floor, the Indians thought there weremany moons in the night sky. Today, we know Valley of theMoon as one of the top premium wineries in the SonomaValley.The history of the Valley of the Moon is as rich and deepas the soil in which its grapes are grown. The winery, theoldest in Glen Ellen, was founded by George Whitman in1863. Over the years, it was owned by Eli T. Sheppard, aformer Consul to China and George Hearst, a United StatesSenator and father of William Randolph Hearst. Followingthe prohibition years, the winery was revitalized in 1941by Parducci and Domenici, two pioneer winegrowers andvintners, until 1956 when the Parducci family took solecontrol and renamed the winery Valley of the Moon. Thefamily sold the winery to its current owner, F. Korbel & Bros.Inc. in 1997.The tasting room and the grounds of the facility arehome to some of the most beautiful vistas in the SonomaValley. Plan to spend some time on the grounds and if youare hungry, a variety of charcuterie and cheeses are availablein the tasting room for a picnic paired with some of thedelicious wines.Winemaker Greg Winter creates a unique flavor ofCalifornia with his ultra-premium award winning Sonomawines, embracing both time-honored winemaking traditionand state-of-the-art production.By Mike HylandVARIETALSCabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay, Port,Pinot Blanc, Sangiovese, Zinfandel, Pinot Noir,Rosato di Sangiovese, Syrah, Cuvée de la Luna (redblend), Barbera, Petite Sirah, Sparkling Wine, BrandyToursFree tours of the winemaking facilitiesare available daily at 10:30 a.m. and 2 p.m.Group Tours of 10-50 people are available by advancereservation $20/pp. Please call (707) 939-4520.TastingsTasting fees are $10 per person. Hungry while tasting?Starting April 1, enjoy a cheese and charcuterie winepairing for $25 with local artisanal cheeses and meats.Valley of the Moon Winery777 Madrone Road, Glen Ellen CA 95442(707) 939-4510www.valleyofthemoonwinery.comLook for them on Facebook & TwitterValley of the Moon Winery reminds youthat even great winesshould be enjoyed in moderation.www.WineCountryThisWeek.com55

Little VineyardsAre you looking for a boutique, family-owned winery experiencewhere you can enjoy estate-grown red wines? The Little Familyinvites you to their 23-acre property nestled in the historical Valleyof the Moon region of the Sonoma Valley to enjoy breathtakingviews of the Mayacamus and Sonoma Mountains while samplingaward-winning wines from the vineyards that surround you.Rich and Joan Little, together with Joan’s brother andwinemaker, Ted Coleman, founded the winery in 2002, releasingtheir first two vintages, one of which received a gold medal at theSonoma County Harvest Fair. Their wines continue to receivenumerous awards, including a 98 points at the California State Fairfor their Cabernet Sauvignon.When visiting the tasting room, step up to the historic GlenEllen bar previously enjoyed by writer Jack London, who remains alegendary figure in the Sonoma Valley. The Little Family, also giftedmusicians, love to bring their passion for music into the tastingroom on occasion to entertain their guests, an experience youwon’t want to miss. Additionally, Rich Little gets together with hisSonoma Valley music buddies once a month for “Jammin’ In TheVineyards,” a series that was inaugurated in June of this year.Even with the mountain vistas, the beautiful vineyards and themusic, it is the wine that takes center stage at Little Vineyards. Thered varietals that are all estate grown are some of the finest in thecounty. Producing less than 2,500 cases each year, winemaker TedColeman creates small lots of Cabernet Sauvignon, Zinfandel, Syrahand Petite Syrah as well as a series of “Band Blend” wines, beautifulred blends that come from estate grown grapes. Plus, their first everBand Blend Rosé, a gold medal winner from the San FranciscoInternational Wine competition.Highly recommendedGuests are always welcome to picnic on the patioor with advance notice, can order a gourmet picnicbox lunch for $30 person. Enjoy lunch, wine andthe views among the vineyards.VarietalsLittle Vineyards Family Winery produces small lotsof Cabernet Sauvignon, Zinfandel, Syrah and PetiteSirah as well as beautiful red blends, all from grapesgrown on their estate vineyards.Fun factA recording studio and rehearsal space on propertyhas brought many well known musicians to thewinery, and guests are able to enjoy the abundanceof music played by Rich on his Chapman Stick,a guitar-like instrument. Rich Little’s hobby ofrestoring old trucks is something for all visitors toenjoy, especially his 1948 Ford trucks.Little Vineyards Family WineryOpen Thursday-Monday from 11 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.15188 Sonoma Highway, Glen Ellen CA 95442(707) 996-2750 | www.littlevineyards.comMention this story for a 10% discount on the purchase of two or more bottles of wine.56 www.WineCountryThisWeek.com

B.R. Cohn WineryRounding a curve on Highway 12, the sight of the pristine,white farmhouse that is home to the B.R. Cohn Winery lookslike a postcard in the making. This small family-operatedwinery, surrounded by the Olive Hill Estate Vineyards, says“Sonoma” in a way that no other winery quite can.The vineyards are warmed by underground hot springs,while cool ocean breezes from the west swoop in to createthe ideal growing conditions for the B.R. Cohn line of wines,including exceptional Cabernets, Zinfandels, Malbec, Merlots,Petite Verdot and Cabernet Franc. The Olive Hill designationis famous throughout the region for providing the highestquality of grapes and many of the region’s top winemakershave utilized fruit from these vineyards in their production ofpremium wine.But magnificent wine is not the only draw of this popularwinery. In 1990, Bruce Cohn began producing gourmet extravirgin olive oil from the 140-year-old Picholine olive treesthat dot his land, as well as handcrafted vinegars. His B.R.Cohn Olive Oil is now considered one of the finest examplesof ultra-premium olive oil in California.Music is another passion of this very Renaissance man.The Charity Fall Music Festival held at the winery, now in its27th year, has garnered a loyal following and helped to makethe winery a primary destination spot for visitors to the area.Don’t miss the Gourmet Shop either, where you cansample their line of gourmet olive oils and hand-craftedvinegars.On the many sunny days that grace this beautiful cornerof the world, their patio area provides the perfect locationfor a picnic and a chance to gaze out at the rolling vineyardssurrounding the estate.By Ronda GiangrecoFun facts:• Bruce Cohn sold his first crop of grapes toAugust Sebastiani.• The original Picholine olive trees were importedfrom France in the 1870s and inspired the nameOlive Hill Estate Vineyards.• Soon-to-be-famous winemaker, Helen Turley, wasan early member of the B.R. Cohn team and wowedthe wine world with stellar releases of B.R. Cohn’sfirst four vintages.• Besides owning one of Sonoma’s most famouswineries, Bruce Cohn is also the manager of theDoobie Brothers.B.R. Cohn Winery& Olive Oil CompanyOpen daily 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.15000 Sonoma Highway, Glen Ellen(707) 938-4064 | www.brcohn.comEmail: info@brcohn.comTo schedule tours by appointment, call1-800-330-4064 ext. 124YouTube: www.youtube.com/brcohnwineryFlicker: www.flickr.com/photos/brcohnTwitter: twitter.com/BRCohnFacebook: www.facebook.com/brcohnwineryStep into the Gourmet Shop for a taste through our Extra Virgin Olive Oils and Balsamic Vinegarwww.WineCountryThisWeek.com57

Loxton Cellars“It has always been my intent to produce wines that showbalance and a sense of place and to produce the best winespossible without compromise,” says Chris Loxton, a fourthgeneration winemaker who produced his first wines in 1996.“Our winery, in the heart of the Sonoma Valley, is a placewhere visitors can relate to how the wine tastes, where theyare made and by whom.”Loxton’s father, grandfather and great grandfather wereall winegrowers and winemakers in his native Australia, butChris was so taken with California that he was determined tomake wine in the Sonoma Valley.“This valley has so much history when it comes towinemaking,” says Loxton. “Here in my little corner ofthe world I am surrounded by history – Kunde Vineyardsestablished in 1870, Pagnani Vineyards since 1885 andWellington started in 1890 – all surround my property. Some120 years of growing grapes means there is something rightwith the soil here.”Loxton has taken it upon himself to show off that historyto his guests by giving a personally guided “Vineyard Walk”of his property to show his various vineyards and whythey are played where they are. “It’s the soil that dictateswhat to grow and where to grow it,” says Loxton, “not thewinegrower.”Following the 30 to 45 minute walking tour of theproperty, Loxton brings his guests back to the tasting roomfor a special, sit down tasting, explaining the nuances in eachof the wines that are being sampled. The tour schedules willincrease during the summer months, and start around 10:30a.m. Reservations are recommended.By Mike HylandHighly recommendedIf visiting Loxton Cellars on a weekend, call ahead (707-935-7221) and reserve a spot for the Vineyard Walkwith owner/winemaker Chris Loxton. The educationaltour takes about 90 minutes and ends with a specialtasting.VarietalsChardonnay (2), Pinot Noir, Zinfandel (2), Syrah (4),Cabernet Sauvignon, Sonoma Red Blends, PortDon’t missNew releases of the 2010 Pinot Noir, Russian RiverValley, gold medal at the Sonoma County Harvest Fair;2010 Chardonnay Hawk Hill Vineyard (Russian RiverValley) a silver medal winner at the Sonoma CountyHarvest Fair; and the 2010 Port another gold medalwinner at the Sonoma County Harvest Fair and madefrom 100% Syrah fruit.Loxton CellarsOpen daily 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.11466 Dunbar RoadGlen Ellen, CA 95442(707) 935-7221www.loxtoncellars.comDon’t miss the Walkabout Tours on Saturday and Sunday mornings, only $15 per person.58 www.WineCountryThisWeek.com

5th ST WESTTOSANTA ROSAJack LondonState ParkTOPETALUMATOETALUMA10112Vineyards InnCafe CittiCHATEAU ST. JEANEN GARDEVJB CELLARS KENWOOD VINEYARDSMayo Family Reserve Room Swede’s FeedsKenwood Farmhouse Pets, Gardens & GiftsParkDepotChurchSure, doublewide tractors grace the two-lane Highway Kenwood Restaurant 12, wide-open ranchlands blanket the valley between towns, and wooly sheep keep weeds andgrasses minimal in the vineyards. But no doubt you will also find countless award-winning wineries and world-class restaurants throughout all of Sonoma.Living in Sonoma MATANZAS Valley is all about life, about taste and enjoying each day. “Sonomans” are very proud of their heritage and their town.Excellence is what CREEK they do … it’s just done in blue jeans.SonomaVisitors seeking an over-the-top ultra-luxury wine country experience would best steer clear of idyllic, slow Sonoma Valley.Things to Do LOXTONSonoma Plaza CELLARSPicturesque city plaza boasts unique shops,fine art galleries, award-winning restaurantsand fine wines available for tasting.Historic points include: Mission Gaige San Franciscode Solano, Barracks, Toscano Inn Hotel,HouseBear Flag statue.Glen Ellen Star Quarry ballet, Hill Botanical opera Garden and musical theatre – builtGlen Ellen Innin 1933.Sonoma TrainTown Jack London LodgeGarden Court Cafe Bouverie PreserveRailroadGlen Ellen20264 Broadway, Sonoma Village MarketRamekins Culinary School(707) ERIC 938-3912, ROSSwww.traintown.com450 West Spain St, SonomaYeti“The Most Well-Developed MOONDANCE Scale BR Railroad COHN (707) 933-0450, www.ramekins.comin the Americas!” CELLARS Steam and LITTLE diesel scale Experience the essence of Sonoma WineThe Red Barn Storerailroad rides, petting zoo, VINEYARDSminiature town, at Oak Country Hill Farm with cooking classes, events –ferris wheel and carousel rides.even four-day culinary retreats!VALLEY OFDepot Museum THE MOONHome of General Vallejo270 First St. West, Sonoma“Lachryma Montis”(707) 938-1762, www.vom.com/depotOpen 1-4:30 p.m., Wednesday-SundayAGUA CALIENTE ROADFine museum with historically significantcollections. Admission is free.116ARNOLD DRIVEBOYES BLVDwww.WineCountryThisWeek.com37TOSAN FRANCISCOBENNETT VALLEY RD.LONDON RANCH RD.ORANGEGROVELAWNDALEWARM SPRINGS RDVERANO AVEWARM SPRINGS RDKenwood Inn and SpaCHARLES CREEK121BeltaneRanchMOON MTNBROADWAYSebastiani Theatre476 First St. East, on the Plaza, Sonoma(707) 996-2020, www.sebastianitheatre.comEnjoy an eclectic blend of cinema and liveentertainment that includes criticallyacclaimed art, foreign, and classic films,contemporary and vintage music, magic,West of the plaza on W. Spain St., $31850s Victorian house furnished withVallejo’s personal effects - as though theGeneral and his wife had just stepped out.4th EADOBE CANYON RD.Girl& The Depot MuseumHome of General Vallejo Fig Swiss HotelRamekinsCaliforniaSPAIN ST. MissionEl Dorado KitchenTHE Sebastiani TheatrePLAZAWINE COUNTRYCYCLERYBONNEAUWARM SPRINGS RD12WEST NAPA STLEVERONI ROADDUNBAR RDMADRONELodge at SonomaFREMONTHopmonkTavernCHATEAUST. JEAN RDCAVEDALE12EAST NAPA STBRYTERMacArthur PlaceTraintown5th ST EAST7th STDENMARK STNAPA ROAD12121Sugarloaf RidgeState ParkGEHRICKE RDLOVELL VALLEY ROADDELLA SANTINA8th ST EASTCARNEROS RDBURNDALEOLD WINERYTO NAPAFremontDinerFoodDella Santina’s133 East Napa Street, Sonoma(707) 935-0576, www.dellasantinas.comTraditional Italian fare is based upon Quirico Della Santina’sfamily recipes growing up in Lucca, Italy and hissheer talent as a chef; cozy dining room, marble fireplace,patio and Enoteca Wine Bar.Swiss Hotel Bar & Restaurant18 West Spain Street,Sonoma(707) 938-2884, www.swisshotelsonoma.comLocated on the Plaza, this historic bar is a favorite amonglocals who can often be seen seated on the sidewalk patioenjoying modern renditions of classical Italian fare .Hopmonk Tavern691 Broadway, Sonoma(707) 935-9100, www.hopmonk.comLarge selection of beers; traditional and innovativepairings of beer and food. Check the website for livemusic.Girl & The Fig110 West Spain Street, Sonoma(707) 938-3634, www.thegirlandthefig.com“Country food restaurant with a French passion.”LodgingEl Dorado Hotel & Kitchen405 1st Street West, Sonoma(707) 996-3220, www.eldoradosonoma.com27-room contemporary boutique hotel located on thePlaza. Restaurant is “sophisticated urban style withrelaxed wine-country dining.”Sonoma Hotel110 West Spain Street, Sonoma(707) 996-2996, www.sonomahotel.comA 16-room, 19th-century hotel with modern amenities.Located downtown on the plaza.MacArthur Place29 E. MacArthur Street, Sonoma(707) 938-2929, www.macarthurplace.com19th-century estate transformed into a luxurious innand spa featuring Saddles – Sonoma’s best steakhouseThe Lodge at Sonoma Renaissance Resort & Spa1325 Broadway, Sonoma(707) 935-6600, www.thelodgeatsonoma.comSpacious and luxurious accommodations; world-classRaindance Spa; award-winning Carneros Bistro &Wine Bar; excellent venue for weddings and corporateevents.59

Charles Creek VineyardThe wholesome, unpretentious charm of the Sonoma Plazais undeniable. Fortunately for the Charles Creek VineyardTasting Room, it is also the view out their front door.Being located directly across from the historic stonecity hall and leafy expanses of the famous Sonoma Plaza iscertainly an advantage, but having award-winning wines topour is really the true measure of a tasting room’s draw forthe wine lovers who flock to the Sonoma Valley.The Charles Creek Winery does not fail to deliver. Amongthe multiple award-winning Chardonnays in current release,their 2010 “Las Patolitas” Sonoma County Chardonnay wasawarded two gold medals as well as a 94-point rating (fromthe California State Fair).Created when Bill and Gerry Brinton, the descendants ofMidwestern farm stock, took the step to expand their littlefamily vineyard into a real commercial winery. Charles CreekWinery specializes in Chardonnay and Cabernet Sauvignonas well as small lots of a refreshingly dry rosé and a soon-tobe-releasedCarneros Pinot Noir from the vintage of 2012.The Brintons are also dedicated to showcasing the workof local artists. One very eye-catching piece, however, is notfor sale. “Ms. Moolot” a near-life-sized cow made entirely ofwine corks graces the middle of the tasting room…in fact,she nearly takes over the space. But no one complains. She’sa whimsical addition to the tasting room and famous forhappily posing with visitors. She has appeared in literallythousands of vacation photos and has become an icon of thewinery.By Ronda GiangrecoFun Facts• Charles Creek Winery’s Tecolote Wine Club is namedafter his grandmother. It is Spanish for “owl” and washis grandfather’s nickname for her.• Bill Brinton is a direct descendent of John Deere,who gained fame and fortune as the inventor of theself-scouring steel plow and started one of America’smost successful companies.• Charles Creek is named after Bill and Gerry’s son,Charley.Charles Creek VineyardOpen daily 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.483 First Street West, on the Sonoma Plaza(707) 935-3848 | www.charlescreek.comFind them on Facebook and TwitterShow your “Day Trips” guide and receive complimentary tasting (up to 4 persons) and a specialdiscount: 10% off 3 bottles or 20% off any case of 12. Does not combine with other discount offers.60 www.WineCountryThisWeek.com

Bryter EstatesTake a stroll through the quaint Sonoma Court Shops, offthe plaza, and discover BRYTER Estates, a boutique familywinery, offering premier, small-lot wines that are sure todelight the senses.Winemaker and proprietor, Terin Ignozzi, handcraftsaward-winning wines by applying old world winemakingtechniques with the finest selection of fruit from the Napa,Sonoma and Santa Barbara Regions, resulting in perfectlybalanced, elegant wines.The BRYTER Estates Tasting Salon symbolizes theirpassion for exceptional wines, delicious food and fine art.The rustically chic styled room is warm and welcomingwith its bright window seating, soft lighting and earth-tonetiled floors. The front counter façade is made of reclaimedredwood from the Ignozzi’s 100-year-old barn, and thecounter top is made of a cool feeling zinc. Showcased onthe walls, is a rotating display of original art pieces bymasters Dali, Chagall and Vlaminck, featured local artists, orgorgeous photos showcasing their vineyards, depending onthe season.BRYTER Estates delivers on their promise of Californiatreasured wines, producing nine varietals such as, theDouble Gold award winning “Affine,” a lightly oaked crispChardonnay, with notes of apple, pear and zesty lemon.BRYTER is also the proud recipient of the Best of CaliforniaAward for their 2009 Napa Valley “Inspired” CabernetSauvignon with rich velvety tannins, balanced oak and fruit.OVERALL PHILOSOPHY“Let nature take its course, bringing the beauty ofold world style winemaking to every perfectlybalanced bottle of BRYTER Estates wine.”WHAT TO TASTE“Le Stelle” North Coast Brut is a sparkling wine youmust try. Le Stelle delivers bright flavors of citrus andpear with beautiful floral aromas and a crisp finish.Best of Class, 2012 California State Fair.VARIETALS PRODUCEDChardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Noir,Sangiovese and MarsanneFUN FACTS• Winemaker, Terin Ignozzi, first learned how to makewine from her Italian grandparents.BRYTER EstatesOpen daily 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.25 East Napa Street, Suite E, Sonomawww.bryter.com(707) 501-8757www.facebook.com/BryterEstatesBRYTER Estates “Inspired” Cabernet Sauvignon... Best of California (2012 Cal State Fair).www.WineCountryThisWeek.com61

Della Santina’sLocated off the historic square, Della Santina’s is a familyownedand operated restaurant that has stood the test of timeto become a Sonoma institution. The Della Santina familyname shares a long lineage and history in the Tuscan townof Lucca, Italy. My father Quirico Salvatore Giovanni DellaSantina migrated from Lucca in 1960.Residing in the North Beach area of San Francisco, Quiricobecame a baker by trade. Later, he was lured to Marin Countyby his uncle Adolph to work in the family restaurant: MarinJoes. After 25 years of successful ownership in a thrivingbusiness, he decided to go out on his own in beautifulSonoma Valley. Since 1990, we have continued to bringTuscan country cooking to the wine country using recipespassed down from my grandmothers Pia Fontana DellaSantina and Clary Gambogi Barsotti.In 2008, we opened Enoteca Della Santina, a wine bar andretail wine shop specializing in wines from all over the world.Enoteca, translated literally in Italian, means “wine library” –a place for people to enjoy a glass in an Old World ambiance.Along with my partner and fellow wine enthusiast RonKantor, we created a showcase for international as well aslocal, small producers. Our wine club has circumvented theglobe looking for value selections that expand our members’palates and knowledge. Day to day, the bar is a gatheringspot for locals and tourists looking to experience a taste ofSonoma Wine Country living.By Robert Della SantinaEnoteca Della Santina Next Door– Sonoma’s Best Wine Bar• More than 300 selections of domestic andinternational wines at competitive prices• 30 wines by the glass, customized flights andspecialty beers• Assorted cheeses and panini served daily• Winemaker dinners and educational seminars,call for schedule• Thursdays, 5 to 9:30 p.m. – “Burger Thursdays’’• Sundays, 5 to 9:30 p.m. – “Sausage and Suds”Both locations are available for private events.Della Santina’sThe restaurant is open seven days a weekfor lunch and dinner;reservations are recommended.133 East Napa Street, Sonoma(707) 935-0576www.dellasantinas.comEnoteca Della SantinaOpen late in the evenings, closed Mondays.127 East Napa Street, Sonoma(707) 938-4200www.enotecadellasantina.comWine Bar – Enoteca Della Santina – is open late most evenings!62 www.WineCountryThisWeek.com

Wine Country CycleryWine Country Cyclery offers the perfect way to trulycapture the grandeur of the Sonoma Valley. Why hasslewith traffic when you can leisurely pedal to some of thevalley’s most celebrated tasting rooms. Wine Countryvisitors who simply fly by the vineyards at fifty milesper hour are missing out on the very best aspects of theexperience. The aroma of the grapes, the warmth of thesun and sound of gentle breezes rustling through thevines are best enjoyed at a much more relaxed pace. Theknowledgeable staff at Wine Country Cyclery will gladlyhelp you plan an unforgettable winery tour, supplyingyou with maps and tasting room coupons.The shop is conveniently located just off the plazain downtown Sonoma and offers a wide range of bikesfor every skill level and age of cyclist. Their fleet ofroad bikes features some of the very best, includingCannondale EVOs and Trek Madones. They also havehelmets and pedals. If you are planning on bringing yourown bicycle to the wine country, Wine Country Cycleryhas experienced mechanics available seven days a weekto do last minute adjustments or make quick repairs.And, to finish off your day of adventure andsunshine, Wine Country Cyclery can arrange for you tosavor a “lite bite” food and wine pairing at Roche FamilyWinery tasting room. With award-winning wines and thescrumptious offerings of the Sunflower Caffe, you’ll enjoythe perfect ending to your trip on their patio, gatheredaround the firepit, wine glass in hand. They even offerextended hours for late arrivals.Fun Facts• Wine Country Cyclery boasts the youngest rental fleetof comfort hybrid bikes, replacing them yearly. Theirhigh-end road bikes are continuously maintained fortop performance.• Already a cycling pro? Bring your own pedals, shoes,even your saddle – a certified fitter will personallysize you to your rental bike. If you’re coming from faraway, ship your bike to Wine Country Cyclery...they’llput it together and have it waiting for you. Whenyou’re ready to leave, they’ll pack it carefully for a safeshipment back.• Don’t own your own equipment? They have aselection of helmets, locks and pedals such asShimano, Look and SpeedPlay.Packing a picnic?Wine Country Cyclery has bike trailers that can hold allof your goodies, as well as your wine purchases alongthe way!Make it a family trip!Wine Country Cyclery has Tag-a-Long bikes that allow kidsto enjoy the ride, too, as well as bike trailers that can seattwo small children.Wine Country CycleryOpen daily 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.262 W Napa Street, Sonoma, CA 95476(707) 996-6800winecountrycyclery.comFollow Wine Country Cyclery on Facebook!www.WineCountryThisWeek.com63

Los CarnerosOn the south end of Sonoma is one of the most unique appellations, Los Carneros, that bridges bothNapa and Sonoma counties. Colloquially known as simply “Carneros” (or “ram” in Spanish),Carneros has long been known for its cool, coastal climate, natural beauty and unparalleledPinot Noirs, Chardonnays, Syrahs and sparkling wines.Things to DoSonoma Country Antiques23999 Arnold Drive (Hwy 121), Sonoma(707) 938-8315www.sonomaantiques.comBuyers have been traveling to Europe forover three decades, hand selecting one-ofa-kindantiques and accessories. Exploreand be inspired in our 10,000 square feetof elegantly designed showrooms.Cornerstone Sonoma23570 Arnold Drive, Sonoma(707) 933-3010www.cornerstonegardens.com“CornerStone Sonoma is an eclectic collectionof shops, wineries and a gourmetcafe set amidst nine acres of garden installationscreated by the world’s leadinglandscape architects.”Vintage Aircraft Co.3982 Arnold Drive, Sonoma(707) 938-2444www.vintageaircraft.comGet a bird’s eye view of the rolling hillscarpeted in vineyards all the way to SanFrancisco and beyond! Offering safe,exciting flying experiences since 1975.FRATES116LAKEVILLE RD.STAGE GULCH116Sonoma CountryAntiques37CLINELodge atSonomaSchellville Grill121FoodFremont Diner2698 Fremont Drive, Sonoma(707) 938-7370www.thefremontdiner.comLike ’em on FacebookOld-fashioned style roadside hamburgerjoint with updated menu. Fresh, localingredients. Try the pulled-pork sandwichor grilled cheese with sage and be sure tosplurge on the milkshakes!Sonoma’s Best1190 East Napa Street, Sonoma, CA 95476(707) 996-7600, www.sonomas-best.comThe old-fashioned landmark store offersfood products for which the County ofSonoma is famous – artisanal cheeses,salads and soups, tamales, charcuterie,pastries and ice cream – along with exquisiteBlue Bottle Coffee.Schellville Grill22900 Broadway, Sonoma(707) 996-5151, www.schellvillegrill.comBBQ fare, sandwiches and burgers. “Dynamitefood,” according to Guy Fieri, with“better than any store-bought barbecuesauce.”12Sonoma HotelEl Dorado HotelJACUZZIVIANSABROADWAYMacArthurPlaceNAPA RD12121CornerStone SonomaVintage Aircraft Co.E NAPA STLARSON FAMILYMEADOWCROFT WINESLOVALL VALLEY7TH E.Sonoma’sBest8TH E.Fremont DinerBURNDALEDriving Time: 5 minutesFrom Viansato Cline>1 mileto Jacuzzi0 milesto Meadowcroft>1 mileto Larson Family>2 milesTotal 3 milesRAMALViansa Tasting Room & Marketplace25200 Arnold Drive, Sonoma, CA, 95476(707) 935-4726, www.viansa.comViansa is the perfect place to have a relaxing lunch – they offerfresh made sandwiches, salads, antipasti, soups, and fruitsalads to enjoy with Viansa wines and phenomenal views.Weahter permitting, you can also enjoy a game of bocce ball!LodgingEl Dorado Hotel & Kitchen405 1st Street West, Sonoma(707) 996-3220, www.eldoradosonoma.com27-room contemporary boutique hotel located on the Plaza.Restaurant is “sophisticated urban style with relaxed winecountrydining.”Sonoma Hotel110 West Spain Street, Sonoma(707) 996-2996, www.sonomahotel.comA 16-room, 19th-century hotel with modern amenities.Located downtown on the plaza.MacArthur Place29 E. MacArthur Street, Sonoma(707) 938-2929, www.macarthurplace.com19th-century estate transformed into a luxurious inn andspa featuring Saddles – Sonoma’s best steakhouseThe Lodge at SonomaRenaissance Resort & Spa1325 Broadway, Sonoma(707) 935-6600, www.thelodgeatsonoma.comSpacious and luxurious accommodations; world-classRaindance Spa; award-winning Carneros Bistro &Wine Bar; excellent venue for weddings and corporate events.TO NAPA64 www.WineCountryThisWeek.com

Viansa WineryDiscover Little Italy in Sonoma Wine Country!Viansa Winery & Marketplace, located just off Highway 121,magically transports you to Tuscany, Italy. When you arrive,you are welcomed by a St. Francis of Assisi statue, petting hisdog. Drive up the road and set your eyes on rows of grapevines,tall Cypress trees, elegant rose gardens and Italian fountains.Nestled at the top of the hill stands Viansa’s Tuscan Villa withbreathtaking views of Sonoma Valley.Viansa is a rich mixture of traditions with its family history,Tuscan architecture, fine winemaking and culinary offerings.Sonoma’s Italian winemakers, the Sebastianis, created Viansain order to share their love of good wine, good food andItalian heritage. Current owner, Lloyd Davis continues theircommitment to Italian-inspired wines and foods, going to greatlengths to pair homemade Italian recipes with selected wines.As the premier producer of Cal-Ital wines, Viansa draws winelovers from all over the world to explore a unique array of winevarietals. Two of Viansa’s award-winning wines are the 2011Pinot Grigio and 2010 Estate Primitivo, both receiving multiplemedals in 2012 and 2013.The winery’s marketplace offers specialty foods, includingsandwiches, salads, artisan cheeses and desserts. Themarketplace also sells unique merchandise ranging fromimported artwork and ceramics, to wine accessories, tapenadesand dipping oils.Viansa wines are only available at the winery, through Viansa’sTuscan Club or at www.viansa.com. Viansa also hosts specialevents, and reserve tastings. With Viansa’s choices of things tosee, and do, your day at Viansa will be one to remember!By Monica DashwoodFUN FACTS• Viansa’s Tuscan Villa is a replica of a monastery in Italy.• There are over 500 species of birds sighted on thewinery’s 113 acre wetlands.• Enjoy lunch on the patio – wine perfectly paired withpizza made from Viansa’s very own wood-fired oven.• Viansa also offers unique Italian inspired wine andfood pairings by appointment.VARIETALS PRODUCEDViansa produces 18 popular and distinct varietals,like Pinot Noir, Cabernet Franc, Barbera, Merlot andCabernet Sauvignon as well as Chardonnay, Pinot Grigio,Arneis, Vernaccia, Primitivo and Sangiovese.WINES TO TASTE ON YOUR VISIT• 2011 Pinot Grigio: Crisp and refreshing. Citrus, guava,and green apple with hints of flowers and minerals.• 2010 Estate Primitivo: Shows ripe boysenberry, plum,vanilla, oak spice and black pepper.Viansa WineryOpen daily 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.25200 Arnold Drive, Sonoma1-800-995-4740 | www.viansa.compinterest.com/viansawinerywww.facebook.com/ViansaWineryVineyardsBecome a Wine Club Member for a day.Present this offer to your Viansa host and receive a 25% savings on wine purchases,10% on food and gift, and preferred pricing on events! Limit 2 guests per visit.www.WineCountryThisWeek.com65

Cline CellarsWine tasting is never just about the wine. A picturesquewinery, warm and welcoming hosts, and a bucolic settingin which to enjoy a picnic, all combine to produce thememories everyone hopes for when they set out to visit thewine country. No place delivers all three better than ClineCellars on the southern edge of Sonoma.Fred Cline and his wife Nancy moved their winery fromits original home in Oakley in order to enjoy the magnificentsplendor of the Sonoma countryside, as well as to takeadvantage of the long and fruitful growing season that theCarneros region offers. Their tasting room, located in an1850s farmhouse, is surrounded by lush green lawns, sixspring-fed ponds and a glorious array of flowers, includingmore than 5,000 rose bushes. The scene is the perfectbackdrop for an afternoon of wine tasting, a wedding or aspecial event.Their historic 350-acre estate is planted to Syrah,Chardonnay and Pinot Noir, producing wines that haveconsistently garnered rave reviews. But it is Fred’s passion forthe Rhone varietals that have made the winery famous. Syrah,Viognier, Marsanne and Roussanne flourish on the estate andproduce award-winning wines that have visitors coming backtime and time again to this quintessential Sonoma winery.By Ronda GiangrecoFollow them at facebook.com/clinewineand on Twitter @clinecellarsFun FactThe vineyards were once the site of a Miwok village, aswell as the site of the original Sonoma Mission before itwas moved to downtown Sonoma.Must SeeThe California Missions Museum is a marvelouscollection of scale models of all of the Californiamissions. The models first debuted at the 1939World’s Fair at Treasure Island and are acclaimed as anextraordinaryand accurate depiction of California history.Open 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.Winery Tours/TastingTours are available at 11 a.m., 1 and 3 p.m. daily.Complimentary tasting is offered daily.Private tastings can be arranged by appointment.Visit clinecellars.com/tastings to plan your visit.What’s Coming UpSwirl, sip and savor on top of Cline’s Syrah Hill. Seewebsite for details about this unique experience.Cline CellarsOpen daily 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.24737 Arnold Drive, Sonoma(707) 940-4030 | www.clinecellars.comFor tours & reservations visitclinecellars.com/tastingsJoin the Wine Club and receive special offers and discounts on wines.66 www.WineCountryThisWeek.com

Jacuzzi Family VineyardsThe sun is shining on an endless sea of vineyards. You’resipping a luscious glass of Sangiovese and dipping freshbread in a bowl of rich, buttery olive oil. A scene from a villain Tuscany? No, just another perfect afternoon at JacuzziFamily Vineyards in Sonoma.The Jacuzzi family first emigrated from Italy in the early1900s to work on the railroad. Eventually, the Jacuzzibrothers would venture into the aviation business, the spabusiness and to the delight of visitors to the Sonoma Valley,the wine business.The vineyards lie primarily in the Carneros wine regionthat stretches between Napa and Sonoma. Here, the winerysits on one hundred and ninety acres of lush, fertile land thatboasts rolling green hills and the historic flatlands of the SanPablo Bay. Concentrating on Italian wines, Jacuzzi FamilyVineyards produces Barbera, Montepulciano, Moscato Bianco,Dolcetto, Aleatico, Aglianico, Primitivo and historic, hardto-findvarietals such as Lagrein and Vernaccia. There is noneed for a passport to be transported to the wine regions ofItaly, just a short drive to Sonoma will provide all the charm,scenery and magnificent wines of the country without thetime and expense of overseas travel.No visit to the Jacuzzi Family Vineyards is completewithout a stop by The Olive Press Olive Oil Tasting Roomand Gift Shop. Dedicated to anything and everything havingto do with olives and olive oil, the shop offers samples of theJacuzzi Family Vineyards’ award-winning olive oil that wasinspired by the rich olive oils of Italy and Southern France.By Ronda GiangrecoFun TipEnjoy wine and pizza in the piazza the last Sunday ofevery month. See website for details.Wine ToursWhile the tasting room is open daily forcomplimentary tastings, wine tours are availableonly by appointment. Visit jacuzziwines.com/tastingsto view options or call (707) 931-7576 and they willgladly help you arrange a guided tour, food and winepairings and more.Don’t MissThe Jacuzzi Family museum, a fascinating collectionof photos and memorabilia documenting this amazingItalian American family’s history.Jacuzzi Family VineyardsOpen daily 10 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.24724 Arnold Drive, Sonoma(707) 931-7575www.jacuzziwines.comFor tours & reservations, visitjacuzziwines.com/tastingsFollow them on Facebook:facebook.com/jacuzziwinesand Twitter: @JacuzziWinesJoin the Wine Club and receive special offers and discounts on wines.www.WineCountryThisWeek.com67

Meadowcroft WinesThe Meadowcroft Wines tasting room is located at the gatewayto the Sonoma Valley within a unique collection of shops, artgalleries, dining, sculpture trails and architectural gardens calledCornerstone Sonoma.The recently redecorated tasting room is big and bright –welcoming you to a wine country tasting room that is truly morethan just a tasting room. Visitors can taste the award-winningwines at the bar or seated at indoor tables or at outdoor patiotables. There is also the new outdoor “lavender lounge” areacomplete with comfortable seating, umbrellas and a fire pit. Butwhat people really come to Meadowcroft for is the wine.There are three labels being poured in the Meadowcroft Winestasting room; Meadowcroft Wines, Thomas Henry Wines andFoyt Family Wines (honoring Indy racing legend A.J. Foyt).Winemaker Tom Meadowcroft crafts his wines from estate andother sustainably farmed vineyards in Napa and Sonoma.The tasting room is preparing events for the spring andsummer months. Weather permitting, the weekend VineyardTours are now available each Saturday and Sunday at 11 a.m. or2 p.m. where guests are given a glass of Meadowcroft Pinot Noirand then tour and learn about the vineyard where the wine intheir glass was grown.Another ongoing tasting room treat is the cheese andchocolate pairings featuring a variety of fresh cheeses procuredfrom some of the best creameries in Sonoma County as well asMeadowcroft’s own chocolate truffles all stunningly presentedalongside Meadowcroft wines.So, whether you stop in to enjoy their wines in the tastingroom, the patio or even in the gardens, Meadowcroft Winesshould be your first stop in Wine Country. Meadowcroft Winesis very family and dog friendly.By Mike HylandVARIETALSSauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, Viognier,Riesling, Rosé, Pinot Noir, Merlot, Sangiovese,Meritage, Zinfandel, Cabernet Sauvignon and aPort-like dessert wineUPCOMING EVENTS• Bottle Capping & Labeling Party – March 23• April in Carneros wine tasting – April 20-21• Winemaker Dinner – April 25• Wine Club Pickup Party – May 11• Wine Club Food & Wine Tasting Parties –June 29, July 27 & August 31Meadowcroft WinesOpen daily 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.(707) 934-4090www.meadowcroftwines.comwww.facebook.com/drinkmeadowcroftwinestwitter.com/#!/catchthebuzzMention ‘Day Trips’ for 2 for 1 wine tasting.68 www.WineCountryThisWeek.com

Larson Family WineryWith so many wineries to visit in the beautiful wine country,it’s easy to miss the hidden gems. There is one off the beatenpath that is worth finding: The Larson Family Winery, locatedat the intersection of Hwy 121 and Broadway, across from theShellville Fire Station. Driving through, you will pass rows ofChardonnay vines taking in the warm California sun. Nearby,a redwood barn draws you in to experience Larson’s down toearth, fun-loving, hard-working, dog-loving, country lifestyle.The Larson Family Winery has been in the family since1899. As you walk into their rustic barnyard tasting room,over the wine bar, hangs a hand painted mural, chroniclingthe history of the family and the heritage of the property. Thiscolorful painting takes you back to the days of the Wild Westfrom steamboats, rodeos, racehorses and polo ponies to thecurrent winery surrounded by lush green vineyards.With roots in the western region of the Carnerosappellation, and 70 acres of vineyard to work with, the LarsonFamily Winery produces over 10 delicious varietals. Larson’saward-winning wines are the 2009 Millerick Road meritageblend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Syrah and CabernetFranc. The 2009 Larson Family Cabernet Sauvignon is acomplex and well-balanced wine revealing aromas of cedars,clove, vanilla, coffee and spice. The 2009 3 Lab Cab is a blendof Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Syrah and Malbec. Thesemagnificent wines and more are available only at the winery,on-line or through their wine club. Don’t miss the best of thebest!Bring the whole family for some fun in the sun. Pack apicnic, taste the finest wines in Sonoma Valley, play bocce ball,or take a beautiful walk with your dog along Sonoma Creek,you are in for a picture perfect day! By Monica L. DashwoodOVERALL PHILOSOPHYHurry down because, “We drink what we can,and sell the rest!”FUN FACTS• The Larson Family Winery named their 2010Cabernet Sauvignon “Three Lab Cab” after theirwonderful labs, Sunny, Bubby and Pete, theinspiration for this full-bodied wine.• Larson Family Winery offers 1-liter jug wines:Wingo White and Sonoma Red.• The Larson Family Winery four-bedroomCivil War-era farm house is now available forover-night stays!VARIETALS PRODUCEDSparkling Brut, Sparkling Rosé, Pinot Grigio,Gewürztraminer, Chardonnay, Pinot Noir,Cabernet Sauvignon and MerlotLarson Family WineryOpen 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.dailyIntersection of Hwy. 121 & Broadway,across from the Shellville Fire Station23355 Millerick Road, Sonoma1-800-938-WINE (9463)www.larsonfamilywinery.comwww.facebook.com/larsonfamilywinerywww.twitter.com/larsonfamilywinerywww.WineCountryThisWeek.comMention ‘Day Trips’ and receive 2-for1 wine tasting.69

Do the MathOne of the questions most asked when it comes to wine is how much of this does it take to make that, and so on. We won’tpretend that it’s simple, but here are some industry statistics that will give a pretty good answer to that query. As with anythingagricultural, of course, they are all based on countless variables when it comes to acre yields, but this is a good startingpoint. The rest of the information varies little if at all.=A single bottle contains:…750 ml of wine which is 25.6 ounces madefrom about 2.4 pounds of grapes (39 oz.) and isenough for four or maybe five glasses.A case of wine includes:…a dozen 750 ml bottles(or 24 half bottles)or 307.2 ounces total,which comes from30 pounds of grapes.One standard oak barrel of wine holds:…295 bottles of wine (or 59 gallons) made from 740 pounds of grapeswhich works out to almost – but not precisely –24 cases of wine.An acre of vineyard land can give the grower:…five tons of grapes (though it is also less, dependingon a variety of farming and winemakingpractices, and on the varietal and the vineyardlocation) which will give you 797 gallons of juice(or thirteen-and-a-half barrels) which is pretty closeto four thousand bottles of wine .XYZ WineryRESERVEDry CreekSonoma CountyZINFANDEL2002Produced and Bottled byXYZ winery, Healdsburg, CaliforniaALCOHOL 14.6% BY VOLUMEWhat does all that information on a wine label mean?The U.S. Department of Alcohol, Tobacco & Firearms regulates winelabels and requires that information be given in a straightforwardway. Basically, you will want to look for the types of grapes grown,where the grapes are grown and when the grapes were picked.• Brand name• Designation for a special wine• Vineyard or appellation known for its grapes might be designated• Location where the grapes used were grown• Grape Variety used• Vintage year in which the grapes were picked• Location where the wine was made and/or bottled(Not to be confused with the area the grapes are grown.)• Alcohol content may be stated or the the label may simply say"Table Wine”www.WineCountryThisWeek.com70 75www.WineCountryThisWeek.com

fine diningbreakfastbrunchlunchdinnerwine/beerfull baroutdoor seatingentertainmentorganic/local goodspet friendlycasualupscalereservationsGEYSERVILLECatelli’s – 21047 Geyserville Avenue, Geyserville; 707 857-3471 Contemporary American and Italian © © © © © © © © ©Diavola Pizzeria & Salumeria – 21021 Geyserville Ave, Geyserville; 707 814-0111 Italian © © © © © ©Francis Ford Coppola’s Rustic – 300 Via Archimedes, Geyserville; 707 857-1462 Italian © © © © © © © ©Hoffman House – 21712 Geyserville Ave, Geyserville; 707 857-3624 Homemade American © © © © © © © © © © © © ©HEALDSBURGCafe Lucia – 235 Healdsburg Avenue, Healdsburg; 707 431-1113 Portuguese © © © © © © ©Bear Republic Brewing Co. – 345 Healdsburg Ave, Healdsburg; 707 433-2337 Traditional American © © © © © © © ©Bistro Ralph – 109 Plaza Street, Healdsburg; 707 433-1380 Contemporary American and French © © © © © © © © ©Campo Fina – 330 Healdsburg Avenue, Healdsburg; 707 395-4640 Italian © © © © © ©Charlie Palmer's Dry Creek Kitchen – 317 Healdsburg Ave, Healdsburg; 707 431-0330 Contemporary American © © © © © © © © © ©Charcuturie – 335 Healdsburg Avenue, Healdsburg; 707 431-7213 French © © © © © ©Healdsburg Bar & Grill – 245 Healdsburg Avenue, Healdsburg; 707 433-3333 Grill © © © © © © © © ©Madrona Manor – 1001 Westside Road, Healdsburg; 707 433-1542 Contemporary American © © © © © © ©Ravenous – 420 Center Street, Healdsburg; 707 431-1302 Californina © © © © © © © © ©Spoonbar – 219 Healdsburg Avenue, Healdsburg; 707 433-7222 Mediterranean © © © © © © © © ©Willi’s Seafood & Raw Bar – 403 Healdsburg Ave, Healdsburg; 707 433-9191 Seafood © © © © © © © ©Zin Restaurant & Wine Bar – 344 Center St, Healdsburg; 707 473-0946 Contemporary American © © © © © ©GUERNEVILLE/FORESTVILLEApplewood Inn – 13555 Hwy 116, Guerneville; 707 869-9093 © © © © © © ©Farmhouse – 7871 River Road, Forestville; 707 887-3300 Contemporary American © © © © © © © ©SANTA ROSACaffe Portofino – 535 Fourth Street, Santa Rosa; 707 578-3096 Italian © © © © © ©Equus Restaurant – 101 Fountrain Grove Parkway, Santa Rosa; 707 578-0149 © © © © © © © ©Jack and Tony’s – 115 Fourth Street, Santa Rosa; 707 526-4347 Contemporary American © © © © © © ©John Ash & Co. Restaurant – 4330 Barnes Road, Santa Rosa; 707 527-7687 Californian © © © © © © ©La Gare – 208 Wilson Street, Santa Rosa; 707 528-4355 French © © © © ©Syrah Bistro – 205 5th Street, Santa Rosa; 707 568-4002 Contemporary American and French © © © © © ©Zazu Restaurant & Farm – 3535 Guerneville Rd, Santa Rosa; 707 523-4814 Traditional American © © © © ©WINDSORUme – 8710 Old Redwood Highway, Windsor; 707 838-6700 Japanese © © © © © ©74 www.WineCountryThisWeek.comwww.WineCountryThisWeek.com71

Della Santina’sLocated off the historic square, Della Santina’s is a familyownedand operated restaurant that has stood the test of timeto become a Sonoma institution. The Della Santina familyname shares a long lineage and history in the Tuscan townof Lucca, Italy. My father Quirico Salvatore Giovanni DellaSantina migrated from Lucca in 1960.Residing in the North Beach area of San Francisco, Quiricobecame a baker by trade. Later, he was lured to Marin Countyby his uncle Adolph to work in the family restaurant: MarinJoes. After 25 years of successful ownership in a thrivingbusiness, he decided to go out on his own in beautifulSonoma Valley. Since 1990, we have continued to bringTuscan country cooking to the wine country using recipespassed down from my grandmothers Pia Fontana DellaSantina and Clary Gambogi Barsotti.In 2008, we opened Enoteca Della Santina, a wine bar andretail wine shop specializing in wines from all over the world.Enoteca, translated literally in Italian, means “wine library” –a place for people to enjoy a glass in an Old World ambiance.Along with my partner and fellow wine enthusiast RonKantor, we created a showcase for international as well aslocal, small producers. Our wine club has circumvented theglobe looking for value selections that expand our members’palates and knowledge. Day to day, the bar is a gatheringspot for locals and tourists looking to experience a taste ofSonoma Wine Country living.By Robert Della SantinaEnoteca Della Santina Next Door– Sonoma’s Best Wine Bar• More than 300 selections of domestic andinternational wines at competitive prices• 30 wines by the glass, customized flights andspecialty beers• Assorted cheeses and panini served daily• Winemaker dinners and educational seminars,call for schedule• Thursdays, 5 to 9:30 p.m. – “Burger Thursdays’’• Sundays, 5 to 9:30 p.m. – “Sausage and Suds”Both locations are available for private events.Della Santina’sThe restaurant is open seven days a weekfor lunch and dinner;reservations are recommended.133 East Napa Street, Sonoma(707) 935-0576www.dellasantinas.comEnoteca Della SantinaOpen late in the evenings, closed Mondays.127 East Napa Street, Sonoma(707) 938-4200www.enotecadellasantina.comWine Bar – Enoteca Della Santina – is open late most evenings!72 www.WineCountryThisWeek.com

fine diningbreakfastbrunchlunchdinnerfull barwine/beeroutdoor seatingentertainmentorganic/local goodscasualpet friendlyupscalereservationsSEBASTOPOLGTO’s Seafood House – 234 South Main Street, Sebastopol; 707 824-9922 Seafood © © © © © ©Hopmonk Tavern – 230 Petaluma Avenue, Sebastopol; 707 829-7300 Traditional American © © © © © © © © © ©SONOMA VALLEYCafé Citti – 9049 Highway 12, Kenwood; 704 833-2690 Italian © © © © © © © ©Cafe La Haye – 140 E Napa Street, Sonoma; 707-935-5994 Contemporary American © © © © © © ©Centre Du Vin – 480 First Street East, Sonoma; 707 996-9779 French © © © © © © © © ©Della Santina’s Trattoria – 133 East Napa Street, Sonoma; 707 935-0576 Italian © © © © © © ©El Dorado Kitchen 405 1st Street West, Sonoma; 707 996-3220 Contemporary American © © © © © © © ©Fig Cafe & Wine Bar – 13690 Arnold Drive, Glen Ellen; 707 938-2130 Contemporary American © © © © © © ©Girl & The Fig – 110 West Spain Street, Sonoma; 707 938-3634 French © © © © © © © © © ©Glen Ellen Inn Oyster Grill & Martini Bar & Secret Cottages –13670 Arnold Drive, Glen Ellen; 707 996-6409 Contemporary American © © © © © © © ©Glen Ellen Star – 13648 Arnold Drive, Glen Ellen; 707 343-1384 Traditional American © © © © ©Hopmonk Sonoma – 691 Broadway, Sonoma; 707 935-9100 Traditional American © © © © © © © © © ©Kenwood Restaurant – 9900 Hwy 12, Kenwood; 707 833-6326 Contemporary American/French © © © © © © © ©LaSalette Restaurant – 452 First St East, Ste H, Sonoma; 707 938-1927 Portuguese © © © © © © © © ©Maya Restaurant – 101 East Napa Street, Sonoma; 707 935-3500 Mexican © © © © © © © ©Rin's Thai Restaurant – 139 East Napa Street, Sonoma; 707 938-1462 Thai © © © © © © ©Saddles Steakhouse – 29 East MacArthur St, Sonoma; 707 938-3191 Steakhouse and Seafood © © © © © © © © ©Sante – 100 Boyes Boulevard, Boyes Hot Springs; 707 938-9000 French © © © © © © ©Swiss Hotel Bar & Restaurant – 18 West Spain St, Sonoma; 707 938-2884 Italian © © © © © © © © © ©Taste of the Himalayas – 464 First St East, Sonoma; 707 996-1161 Himalayan and Nepali © © © © © © © ©Yeti Restaurant 14301 Arnold Drive, Glen Ellen; 707 996-9930 Indian and Nepali © © © © © © ©PETALUMACentral Market – 42 Petaluma Blvd North, Petaluma; 707 778-9900 Contemporary American © © © © © ©Cucina Paradiso – 114 Petaluma Blvd. N, Petaluma; 707 782-1130 Italian © © © © © © ©Graziano’s Ristorante – 170 Petaluma Blvd, Petaluma; 707 762-5997 Italian © © © © © © © © ©Risibisi Restaurant & Wine Bar – 154 Petaluma Blvd N, Petaluma; 707 766-7600 Italian © © © © © © ©72 www.WineCountryThisWeek.comwww.WineCountryThisWeek.com73

Find Your Favorite VarietalsChardonnayGewurztraminerPinot BlancPinot Gris/Pinot GrigioRieslingSauvignon BlancViognierOtherAlderbrook Winery – Healdsburg, 707-433-5987 P24 ✘ ✘Ancient Oaks – Santa Rosa, (707-536-1546 P41 ✘Armida Winery – Healdsburg, 707-433-2222 P23 ✘ ✘ ✘B.R. Cohn Winery – Glen Ellen, 707-938-4064 P57 ✘ ✘BRYTER Estates – Sonoma, 707-501-8272 P61 ✘ ✘Cellars of Sonoma – Santa Rosa, 707-578-1826 P40 ✘ ✘ ✘Chalk Hill Estate – Healdsburg, 707-657-4837 P30 ✘ ✘ ✘Charles Creek Vineyard – Sonoma, 707-935-3848 P60 ✘Chateau St. Jean – Kenwood, 1-800-543-7572 P47 ✘ ✘ ✘ ✘Christopher Creek – Healdsburg, 707-433-2001 P25 ✘ ✘Cline Cellars – Sonoma, 707-940-4030 P66 ✘ ✘ ✘ ✘ ✘D’Argenzio – Santa Rosa, 707-546-2466 P42 ✘ ✘De La Montanya – Healdsburg, 707-433-3711 P22 ✘ ✘ ✘Dry Creek Vineyard – Healdsburg, 707-433-1000 P20 ✘ ✘ ✘Dutcher Crossing Winery – Healdsburg, 707-431-2700 P14 ✘ ✘En Garde – Kenwood, 707-282-9216Eric Ross Winery – Glen Ellen, 707-939-8525P48P54Family Wineries of Dry Creek Valley – Healdsburg, 888-433-6555 P17 ✘ ✘ ✘ ✘ ✘ ✘ ✘Ferrari-Carano Vineyards & Winery – Healdsburg, 707-433-6700 P13 ✘ ✘ ✘ ✘ ✘Forchini Vineyards & Winery – Healdsburg, 707-431-8886 P15 ✘Fritz Underground Winery – Cloverdale, 1-800-418-9463 P12 ✘ ✘Hook & Ladder Winery & Vineyards – Santa Rosa, 707-526-2255 P37 ✘ ✘ ✘Jacuzzi Family Vineyards – Sonoma, 707-931-7575 P10 ✘ ✘74 www.WineCountryThisWeek.com

BarberaCabernet FrancCab SauvignonCarignaneGrenacheMalbecMerlotPetite SirahPetit VerdotPinot NoirSangioveseSyrahTempranillo/PrimitivoZinfandelOtherSparklingRoséPortDessert Wines✘ ✘ ✘ ✘ ✘✘ ✘ ✘ ✘ ✘ ✘✘✘✘ ✘ ✘ ✘ ✘ ✘ ✘ ✘ ✘✘ ✘ ✘ ✘ ✘ ✘✘ ✘ ✘ ✘ ✘ ✘ ✘✘ ✘ ✘✘ ✘ ✘✘ ✘ ✘ ✘ ✘ ✘✘ ✘ ✘ ✘ ✘ ✘ ✘✘ ✘ ✘ ✘ ✘ ✘ ✘ ✘✘ ✘ ✘ ✘ ✘ ✘ ✘✘ ✘ ✘ ✘ ✘ ✘✘ ✘ ✘ ✘ ✘ ✘✘ ✘ ✘ ✘ ✘ ✘✘ ✘ ✘ ✘ ✘ ✘ ✘✘ ✘ ✘ ✘ ✘ ✘✘ ✘ ✘ ✘ ✘ ✘ ✘ ✘ ✘ ✘ ✘ ✘✘ ✘ ✘ ✘ ✘ ✘ ✘ ✘ ✘ ✘✘ ✘ ✘ ✘✘ ✘ ✘ ✘ ✘ ✘ ✘✘ ✘ ✘ ✘ ✘✘ ✘ ✘ ✘ ✘ ✘ ✘ ✘ ✘www.WineCountryThisWeek.com75

Find Your Favorite VarietalsChardonnayGewurztraminerPinot BlancPinot Gris/Pinot GrigioRieslingSauvignon BlancViognierOtherKenwood Vineyards – Kenwood, 707-833-5891 P50 ✘ ✘ ✘ ✘Kokomo Winery – Healdsburg, 707-433-0200 P18 ✘ ✘Korbel Champagne Cellars – Guerneville, 707-824-7000 P34 ✘ ✘Lancaster Estate – Healdsburg, 707-433-8178 P31 ✘Larson Family – Sonoma, 1-800-938-WINE P69 ✘ ✘ ✘Ledson Winery & Vineyards – Kenwood, 707-537-3810 P45 ✘ ✘ ✘ ✘ ✘Little Vineyards – Glen Ellen, 707-996-2750P56Lost Canyon Winery – Santa Rosa, 707-623-9621 P39 ✘Loxton Cellars – Glen Ellen, 707-935-7221 P58 ✘Martin Ray Winery – Santa Rosa, 707-823-2404 P35 ✘ ✘ ✘Matanzas Creek Winery – Santa Rosa, 1-800-590-6464 P52 ✘ ✘Meadowcroft Wines – Sonoma, 707-934-4090 P68 ✘ ✘ ✘ ✘Moondance Cellars – Glen Ellen, 707-823-0880 P53 ✘ ✘Mutt Lynch – Healdsburg, 707-942-6180 P26 ✘ ✘Rodney Strong Vineyards – Healdsburg, 707-431-1533 P27 ✘ ✘St. Francis Winery & Vineyards – Santa Rosa, 1-888-675-WINE P46 ✘ ✘ ✘Sonoma-Cutrer – Windsor, 707-237-3489 P36 ✘Stephen & Walker Winery – Healdsburg, 707-431-8749 P32 ✘Trattore Estate Wines – Healdsburg, 707-431-7200 P19 ✘ ✘Truett Hurst Winery – Healdsburg, 707-433-9545 P16 ✘ ✘VJB Vineyards & Cellars – Kenwood, 707-833-2300 P49 ✘ ✘Valley of the Moon Winery – Glen Ellen, 707-939-4510 P55 ✘ ✘Viansa Winery – Sonoma, 707-935-4700 P65 ✘ ✘ ✘ ✘76 www.WineCountryThisWeek.com

BarberaCabernet FrancCab SauvignonCarignaneGrenacheMalbecMerlotPetite SirahPetit VerdotPinot NoirSangioveseSyrahTempranillo/PrimitivoZinfandelOtherSparklingRoséPortDessert Wines✘ ✘ ✘ ✘ ✘ ✘ ✘✘ ✘ ✘ ✘ ✘ ✘ ✘✘ ✘ ✘ ✘ ✘ ✘ ✘✘ ✘ ✘ ✘ ✘✘ ✘ ✘ ✘ ✘ ✘✘ ✘ ✘ ✘ ✘ ✘ ✘ ✘ ✘ ✘ ✘ ✘ ✘ ✘ ✘✘ ✘ ✘ ✘ ✘✘✘✘ ✘ ✘ ✘ ✘✘ ✘ ✘ ✘ ✘ ✘ ✘ ✘✘ ✘ ✘ ✘ ✘✘ ✘ ✘ ✘ ✘ ✘ ✘ ✘ ✘✘ ✘ ✘ ✘ ✘✘ ✘ ✘ ✘ ✘ ✘✘ ✘ ✘ ✘ ✘✘ ✘ ✘ ✘ ✘ ✘ ✘ ✘ ✘✘✘ ✘ ✘ ✘ ✘ ✘ ✘✘ ✘ ✘ ✘ ✘ ✘✘ ✘ ✘ ✘ ✘✘ ✘ ✘ ✘ ✘ ✘ ✘ ✘ ✘ ✘✘ ✘ ✘ ✘ ✘ ✘ ✘ ✘ ✘ ✘✘ ✘ ✘ ✘ ✘ ✘ ✘ ✘ ✘ ✘ ✘ ✘ ✘ ✘www.WineCountryThisWeek.com77

129FERRARI-CARANO’SSEASONS OF THE VINEYARDKENDALL-JACKSONChateau FeliceDowntown WineEdmeadesFront Street Wineries:• Camellia Cellars• Davis Family• Sapphire Hill• Holdredge• Skewis WinesHauck CellarsHawley Tasting Room & GalleryHudson Street Wineries• Bluenose Wines• Grove Street• Owl Ridge• Sadler-Wells• Rocking Z Vineyard• TeiraJ KeversonJCB Tasting Room & Wine BarLa CremaLongboard VineyardsManzanita CreekMurphy-GoodeOptimaPezzi KingPortalupiRamey Wine CellarsRoadhouse WineryRussian River Wine Co.SeghesioSelbyStark at Garagiste HealdsburgStephen & WalkerThirty Four North Wine MerchantThumbprintToad HollowTopelWaterfront Tasting Room• J. KeversonKnightsValleyStarliteVineyardsPETRIFIED FOREST .St. Helena RoadWineryKings Hill CellarsFisher VineyardsRockpilePastoriRUSSIAN RIVERDUTCHER CREEKLakeSonomaFERRARI-CARANODUTCHER CROSSING101DRY CREEK RD.MazzoccoDRY CREEK RD.TO THEMENDOCINOCOASTNorthernSonoma116RussianRiverRaymond Burr VineyardsGöpfrichPech MerleMichel-SchlumbergerMartorana UntiQuiviraMountsA RafanelliGary FarrellMill Creek VineyardsARMIDARochioliVine TastingsGraciannaPedroncelliGeyser PeakPalmeriVinwood CellarsMUTT LYNCHRODNEY STRONGCHALK HILL1Kendall-jacksonHopKilnTwomeyRoute 128 WineryLocalsMeekerMercuryTerroirsTrioneMARK WEST SPRINGS RD.Russian Hill EstateWoodenheadWine CenterJoseph Swan Tara Bella Old World WineryPellegriniMartinelliHarvest MoonSunce Benovia Robert RueEric KentVérité/ArchipelChalkHillRIVER RD.OLIVETLAGUNA RD.GreenValleyAlexanderValleyBOHEMIAN HIGHWAYGRATON RD.Marimar TorresFULTON RD.OCCIDENTAL RD.RD.MONTECITOTaft Street WineryFRITZ WINERYBella VineyardsPreston VineyardsMARTINRAYHannaFrickCANYON RD.DryCreekPassalacquaWilsonMauritsonRidgeClosDu BoisGarden Creek Ranch Robert YoungMunselle DraxtonStryker SonomaHawkesJordanStuhlmuller MedlockSausalAmesWhite OakStonestreetVMLBradford MtnAristaWilliams SelyemPorterCreekSbragia FamilyLynmarMerry EdwardsDavid CaffaroEverett RidgeALDERBROOKMatrixThomasGeorgeYoakimBridgeLambert BridgePasterick VineyardsSimonciniAmistaDeux AmisSilverOakDel CarloRuedTeldeschiDE LAMONTANYAJ WineNotablesFrancis FordCoppolaDRY CREEK VNYDTrentadueD’ARGENZIOdeLorimier Winery128LYTTON SPGSALEXANDERNalleVALLEYJohnson’sField StoneHannaWESTSIDE RD.Russian River VnydsIron HorseLa CzarHartford FamilyEmtu EstateRiver RoadCahill WinerySebastopol VnydDehlingerGraton RidgeDutton-GoldfieldRed CarPetersFamilyZichichi TaltyChateau DianaTRUETT HURSTKachinaTO THEMENDOCINOCOAST J RickardsSTEWART’S POINT RDMacPhailCopainAmphoraPapapietro PerryPetersonInmanBattagliniDuchampMuellerMietzMerriamChristieCHALK HILLLANCASTER ESTATEEASTSIDEMoshinFORCHINIValdez FamilyIcaria CreekWattle CreekW. DRY CREEKFlowersVineyard& WineryGustafson FamilyVineyardsMontemaggioreMichael BernardDaVeroLimerickLaneCazaderoJohn Tyler Winesby Bacigalupi VineyardPendeleton EstateUPTickPLEASANTOLD REDWOOD HWYPorter Bass WinerySONOMA-CUTRERSLUSSERDutton EstateFAMILY WINERIESKOKOMO/TRATTOREDeLoachInspirationColagrossiNovy SiduriSoda RockOLD REDWOOD HWYKORBELGUERNEVILLEBallettoFoppianoAcornSimiCHRISTOPHERCREEKAlbini FamilyWINDSOR RIVER RDParadise RidgeAlexander ValleyVineyardsLIMERICKWINDSOR RDPINERINDUSTRIALFOUNTAIN GROVED&LCarinalliHOOK & LADDERCarol SheltonVinotecaMONT

BURNSIDEEN GARDEVALLEY OF THE MOON WINERY128128CALISTOGAOCCIDENTAL RD.PYTHIAN RD.1SonomaCoast116101101 LEDSONSableRidgeROBLAR RD.PETALUMA VALLEY FORD RD.116116SonomaValley12112TO NAPA37LARSONFAMILY12121TOLAKE BERRYESSAANDSACRAMENTOBENNETT VALLEY RD.RobledoFamilyLOXTONERIC ROSSMOONDANCE CELLARS• Christie• Hart’s DesireWilliamsonSheldon/KrutzFreeman&OccidentalRoad CellarsGOLDRIDGESt. Anne’s CrossingNaked WinesParadise RidgeTy Caton CellarsEnkiduMuscardiniORANGE RD.AdobeRoadWineryClarbecB.R. COHNLITTLE VINEYARDSFRATESBartholomew ParkSTAGE GULCHNAPA RDBONNESS RDMacRostieKamenTin BarnLAKEVILLE RD.KastaniaVineyardsST. FRANCISCoturri WineryWellingtonLasseter FamilyBenziger FamilyMayo FamilyTalisman WinesImageryArrowoodPetroni VineyardsRobert HunterAkoma Zoume/Mountain TerracesPaint Horse HanzellHWYBODEGAWASHINGTONCordaClaypoolCellarsClary Ranch12LOST CANYONSTATION 1870Sonoma ValleyPort WorksRAILROADSQUARECELLARS OFSONOMAANCIENT OAK CELLARSTrecini4th3rd STGOMERYWATER TROUGHLittoraiWinesKellerEstateCLINESchugGloria Ferrer12Laurel GlenBucklin Old Hill RanchBonneauJACUZZIVIANSACHATEAU ST. JEANVJB CELLARSDeerfield RanchLandmarkPavo WinesMayo Reserve RoomKundeKazMATANZASCREEKGRANGEB WiseSONOMA PLAZALEDSON CENTRE DU VINAdobe RoadEnvolveEric K James VineyardsGlenLyonHawkesHaywoodHighway 12 WineryRocheSigh Champagne & SparklingSojournSonoma EnotecaSpannTwo AmigosWaltWestwoodParmelee HillAnabaSebastianiGofesselHomewoodWineryFaveroGundlach BundschuLos CarnerosRegionRam’s GateR2 Wine CoCORNERSTONE SONOMAMEADOWCROFT WINESFoyt Family WinesKeating WinesKENWOOD VINEYARDSPETALUMA HILL ROADCHARLESCREEKBRYTTERRavenswoodBuena Vista7TH E.LOVALL VALLEYE NAPA ST8TH E.BURNDALEScribeNicholsonRanchRAMALTO VALLEJOSan Pablo BayTOSAN FRANCISCOTOSAN FRANCISCOSmall VinesJoseph PhelpsBODEGA HIGHWAYVALLEY FORD CUTOFFTomalesBayGourmet au Bay

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