introduction of PUT
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introduction of PUT

Poznań is a city of businessPoznań is developing dynamically andthe unemployment rate in the city is oneof the lowest in the country. It is a livelymetropolis. Famous PoznańInternational Fair takes place here. Andafter a busy day you can relax on theshores of the only lake in Polandsituated in the center of the city – theMalta lake, or go shopping in the mostbeautiful Shopping Center in the world –Stary Browar. After winning the title “TheBest European Shopping Center”, onDecember, 9 th 2005 Stary Browar waspresented the award “the World’s MostOutstanding Shopping Center (mediumsize)”by International Council ofShopping Centers.

Poznań is one of the oldestPolish citiesIt is “the cradle of Poland” as Pope JohnPaul II said. In the 10 th century the firstPolish Duke Mieszko I liked the town ofPoznań and built here the biggest castlein the country. Poznań was the firstcapital of Poland, sharing the title withGniezno.

Poznań is a city of cultureIn 2016 one of the Polish cities will getthe titleof the European Capital of Culture. Whoknows - maybe it will be Poznań?The city hosts International TheaterFestival “Malta”, International ModernDance Workshops, Henryk WieniawskiInternational Violin Competition.Many international festivals, concerts,happenings, exhibitions in museumsand galleries, shows, presentations andopen air parties take place here and thecity lives a lifefull of vitality. This is a great place to liveand work, a city that creates newopportunities for everyone.

Poznań is a city of educationThe schools and universities of Poznańare among the best in Poland. In thecity, which is the third largest (taking intoconsideration the number of students)academic and scientific center inPoland, there are 26 higher educationinstitutions, which provide education foralmost 130 thousands of students.There are 221 students for 1,000 peoplein Poznań and every year about 25thousands students graduate fromPoznań’s higher education institutionsand universities. Academic staff ofPoznań universities is about 8,000people, almost 1,000 of them arescientists holding the title of professor.

History of Poznań University of TechnologyThe history of the first Polish technical higher education institutionbeganin 1919 when People’s Leading Council founded Higher State Schoolof Mechanical Engineering.In 1921 in the “Wiadomości Techniczne” newspaper “Appeal to theAuthorities to establish Poznań University of Technology” appeared.The document included the reasons for creation such type of school.Established in 1919, Higher State School of Mechanical Engineeringwas renamed Higher State School of Mechanical and ElectricalEngineeringand in 1930 the Faculty of Electrical Engineering began functioning.In 1937 the Ministry of Education formally agreed to establishPoznań University of Technology, but the beginning of World War IIdisturbedthe plans.

After the war the efforts to establish apolytechnics in Poznań were continued:• Organizational Committee of Poznan University of Technology wasformed. It formulated the plan and the grounds to set up a newuniversity.• School of Engineering was founded. Three faculties – Faculty ofMechanical Engineering, Faculty of Electrical Engineering andFaculty of Civil Engineering made up the school.• In 1953 in a new site (today it is the Piotrowo Campus) a buildingto house Faculty of Civil Engineering was completed. In September1953 Faculty of Agriculture Mechanization was set up.• 1955 was the year of the big change – Poznan School ofEngineering was transformed into Poznań University of Technologyaccording to the order of the Minister of Higher Education.

Poznań University of Technology in 1955 -20081955 – Poznań University of Technology is established1967 – Władysław Ślebodziński is the first person to obtain thehonorarydoctor degree1968 – Faculty of Chemistry (now Faculty of Chemical Technology)is established1995 – Poznań University of Technology is the first Polish universityto become a full member of CESAER – Conference ofEuropeanSchools for Advanced Engineering Education and Research1996 – PUT becomes an “autonomous” university entitled to grantdoctoral degrees and professor titles1997 – Faculty of Technical Physics is established1999 – Faculty of Architecture is established2001 – Faculty of Computing Science and Management isestablished2006 – Faculty of Electronics and Telecommunications is established

Poznań University of Technologyis a European university• cooperation with more than 100universities all• lectures in Englishover the world• double diplomas thanks to internationalcooperation with other universities• PUT is a member of SEFI (SocieteEuropeennepour la Formation des Ingenieurs), EUA(European University Association),AUDEM(Alliance of Universities for Democracy)• European Credit Transfer andAccumulationSystem (ECTS) – enables students whoparticipate in Socrates-Erasmusprogrammeto study for part of their degree at the bestEuropean universities

Poznań University ofTechnology in numbers• nine faculties• almost 20 thousand students• 23 fields of study• almost 30 post-graduate courses• more than 1,000 academic staff

The Campus (Poligród)Buildings of PUT are situated in fourdifferent places in Poznań. Most of thefaculties’ headquarters are on PiotrowoCampus. The Campus is situated in thecenter of the city– it takes 10 minutes to get to the OldMarket from here and 5 minutes to getto the Maltalake – a favorite place of recreation ofthe city inhabitants

PUT FACULTIESFaculty of ArchitectureFaculty of Civil and Environmental EngineeringFaculty of Mechanical Engineering andManagementFaculty of Electrical EngineeringFaculty of Electronics and TelecommunicationsFaculty of Technical PhysicsFaculty of Computing Science and ManagementFaculty of Machines and TransportFaculty of Chemical Technology

Poznań University of Technology– Technologies in Positive ClimateFields of study:

Doctoral Studies• Civil Engineering and Environment• Mechanical Engineering and Management• Modern Electrical and Information Engineering• Management Engineering• Robotics and Computer Engineering• Information Technology• Mechanical Engineering and Machines Exploitation• Chemical Technology and Research Equipment

Post-Graduate StudiesStudies for people who want to:• develop their professional skills in practice• get better career opportunities in their field of work• change their occupation• have possibility to grow intellectuallyAdvantages:• practical program of studies• professional academic staff• friendly administrative care• convenient organization of studies• certificates approved by Ministry of Science and HigherEducation• advantageous system of payment

Faculty of ArchitectureDesigning future, cherishing traditions• Institute of Architecture and Urban Planning• Chair of Drawing, Painting, Sculpture and Visual Arts• Chair of Public Architecture and Housing

Faculty of ArchitectureExamples of projects• Conversion of Province Administrative Court Building in Poznań• I. J. Paderewski Concert Hall of Musical Academy in Poznań• Poznań Financial Centre• Brovaria in Poznań

Faculty of Civil and Environmental EngineeringConstruction life and concern about environmental protection• Institute of Structural Engineering• Institute of Civil Engineering• Institute of Environmental Engineering

Faculty of Civil and Environmental EngineeringPassive houses• energy - efficient• more comfortable• low demand for heating• thermal insulation• clean air inside

Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and ManagementVision of future and engineering professionalism• Institute of Applied Mechanics• Institute of Machines Technology• Institute of Materials Engineering• Institute of Materials Technology

Faculty of Mechanical Engineeringand ManagementCentre of Virtual Design and Automatization• Integration of design environment based on product virtualmodeland its production process as well as computer networks• Using technology of rapid prototyping (RP), rapid toolingand virtualreality (VR) for designing and production• Introducing new computing technologies to planning andmanagingof process in full life cycle of product

Faculty of Electronics and TelecommunicationsSpeed of information, multimedia communication• Chair of Wireless Communication• Chair of Telecommunication and Computer Networks• Chair of Telecommunication Systems and Optoelectronics• Chair of Multimedia Telecommunication andMicroelectronics

Faculty of Electronics and Telecommunications• Team of Wireless Electronics• Computations and simulation of electromagnetic fields andvawes• Designing aerials• Electromagnetic compatibility• Applications of electromagnetic computations

Faculty of Electrical Engineeringmodernity in every respect• Institute of Electric Power Engineering• Institute of Electrotechnics and Electronics• Institute of Control and computer Engineering• Institute of Mathematics

Faculty of Electrical EngineeringLaboratory of Light TechnologyScope of research:• physiology of sight• photometric methods• optimization of designing light sources and lightingequipment• lighting design

Faculty of Technical PhysicsFuturistic visions in reality• Institute of Physics• Chair of Quantum Engineering and Metrology• Chair of Optical Spectroscopy

Faculty of Technical Physics• Measurements of thermal disactivation by means ofstationaryphotoacoustic spectroscopy and LIOAS spectroscopy• Measurements of absorption, fluorescence, delayedluminescenceand photovoltage• Producing and investigating of Langmuir – Blodgettnanolayers

Faculty of Computing Science and Managementhigh-tech, engineering, business• Institute of Information Technology• Institute of Management engineering• Chair of Systems Control and Engineering• Chair of Computer Engineering

Faculty of Computing Science and Management• TELECONTROL – telemetric control system• ESKULAP 2000 – computer system for hospitals• MOBILNE MIASTO – mobile solutions system• INTELLIFOREST – computer system for forests and parks

Faculty of Machines and Transportationpractice, efficiency and optimization• Institute of Machines and Vehicles• Institute of Combustion Engines and Transportation• Chair of Thermal Engineering• Chair of Basics of Machine Design

Faculty of Machines and TransportationResearch in Division of Combustion Engines• measurements of emission of toxic exhaust gas• static and dynamic study of engines• testing engines• measurements of speedy engine quantities• observation of fuel injection and combustion

Faculty of Chemical Technologyimproving quality of life, new generation technologies• Institute of Chemistry and Electrochemistry• Institute of Chemical Technology and Engineering

Faculty of Chemical TechnologyDivision of Polymers – Gold medal at World Fair of Invention,Researchand New Technologies called „Eureka” – Brussels 2005• research on overmolecular polymers structure• analysis of phase transition in nano-molecular systems andpolymers• producing, processing and investigating composites ofthermoplasticpolymers• study of compound polyblends• structural research on organic molecules• recycling of plastics

STUDENT LIFEYou have time for studying, entertainmentand hobbies. There are over 40 researchgroupsand student organizations active within PUT.This university has the best Polishstudent broadcasting station called„RADIO AFERA”.The events organized by students innclude :university students’ festival –Juvenalia_,concerts, KICI KICI PARTY forfreshmen, ROBOTS SUMO competition,Championships of Team Programing, slasadancing, worldwide tours with the folkdance group called „POLIGRODZIANIE” .It is good to study here !

SPORTSThe Academic Sporting Union /AZS/with its30 sports sections is the largest studentorganization.PUT has thet outdoor lit sports field –the bestin town , fitness halls and a fitness club.Our students are successful inbasketball, football, canoeing, wrestling,snowboarding, volleyball

PUT DORMSPiotrowo Campus has over 2200 placeshaving access to the Internet, modernstudent canteen, outdoor basketballcourt and football pitch , grilling garden.It is located only 10 minutes’ walk awayfrom the Old Market Square and MaltaLake and 10 minutes by streetcar fromthe railway station.Poznań University of Technologymakes the atmosphere nicer and that’sfor free.

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