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PM201x208_OnAir.qxd 4/9/07 11:48 AM Page 202Whats HappenENLIGHTEN ENTERTAIN ENGAGE THE COMMUNITYIt started with a blackand white test pattern.Now, television takes on a wholenew look and a new role in the 21stcentury, and WQED is again leading theway for you in Pittsburgh, Western Pa. andbeyond.WQED now serves you and yourcommunity like never before throughmulticasting. That’s a new word to you—but WQED is working to make it easy tounderstand.Signaling the biggest expansion ofWQED’s programming in its 53-yearhistory, The WQED NeighborhoodChannel premieres on digital WQED TV’s13.3 over-the-air (broadcast) signal on June1 with a monthly themed lineup of the bestprograms from the WQED TV archives.The WQED Neighborhood Channelwill feature programming includinginstallments from Rick Sebak’s popularPittsburgh History Series, the EmmyAward-winning nightly newsmagazineOnQ, and other original WQED shows.It went to color.It used to sign off at 2 a.m. It now goes 24/7.It…is television…and WQED TV was there in its infancy.WQED TV—the nation’s firstcommunity- supported TV station—nowbecomes the first station in Western Pa.,Eastern Ohio, Northern and north-centralWest Virginia, and Western Maryland tooffer for you four programming multicaststreams:• WQED TV Channel 13 analog(regular broadcast)• WQED TV Channel 13 digital (DT)• WQED TV in high-definition (HD)which features all PBS programming.• The WQED Neighborhood ChanelViewers can find The WQEDNeighborhood Channel on the dial bycalling their local cable company or bypicking it up over-the-air with a digitalantenna and receiver.Check out other ways you canwatch WQED TV:WQED Interactive: The WQEDWeb site recently added new featuresfor you that make it more timely andinteractive, including a first-ever“simul-stream” of OnQ magazine.OnQ contributor, Mike Lee, unveils hisnew Web-only lifestyles show “PittsburghInSite” on wqed.org this month, too.In short, you can now watch more than1500 hours of online video programming atwqed.org on demand, whenever it is mostconvenient for you. That programmingincludes original WQED TV shows plusPBS icon programming, such as Frontlineand Bill Moyers.ShopNBC is now part of WQEX TV:Kick back and shop anytime you wouldlike to with one of the nation’s premiereshopping networks.High-Definition (HD) Advances:WQED dedicated its new HD MasterControl in December, and the conversionof its first studio will also be completelater this month. Ultimately, WQED TVwill do multiple, simultaneous productionsin HD. You can now watch WQED HD inthe spectacular new world of high-definition—thecrispest photos, the brightestcolors—the new world of HD broadcastinghas arrived at WQED.With the completion of the HD studios,WQED TV becomes the Pittsburghregion’s first station which is fully highdefinition in studio, field production andtransmission.That’s a long way from that simple blackand white test pattern.WQED promises more advances andannouncements in the weeks and monthsto come. What will they be?Stay tuned… By Rosemary Martinelli202PITTSBURGH MAY 2007Spring has finally arrived!April showers brought May flowers! Use your MemberCard toreceive great discounts on local florists and garden centers.◆ KS Kennedy 20% off all orders.◆ The Grand Victorian Flower & Gift Shop $5 offany $25 purchase. $10 off any $50 purchase.◆ Frankstown Gardens $10 off any purchase of$50 or more.◆ Join today to get these and many morevaluable discounts!Call 412/622-1370 for more information.◆ For complete listing of 2007 WQEDMemberCard discounts please visit wqed.org.

ingPM201x208_OnAir.qxd 4/11/07 11:13 AM Page 203SHOP WQEDAnniversary Sale!Save Big20% offYour ENTIRE order!Hurry, sale ends soon!NEWmay highlightsAhmetErtegunAmerican Masters “AtlanticRecords: The House thatAhmet Built” Wed., May 2, 9p.m. Ahmet Ertegun discovered RayCharles, he introduced Eric Claptonto Aretha Franklin, he signed theRolling Stones. He created talentand taste, he defined careers, hechanged lives—Ertegun and his smallAtlantic Records label determinedthe course of what we have listened to for decades.Credit: Courtesy Atlantic RecordsLive from Lincoln Center“Lincoln Center Special: AGala Night at Alice TullyHall” Thurs., May 3, 8 p.m.Join Tom Brokaw, Audra McDonald,Wynton Marsalis and others as theysalute one of the country’s most storiedvenues, Alice Tully Hall, in its finalAudra McDonaldconcert before closing for renovations. Credit: Michael WilsonAntiques Roadshow “Jackpot!” Mon., May7, 8 p.m. It’s every collector’s dream: turning a modestoutlay into a staggeringly high return on investment. Thisspecial recalls such spectacular windfalls as a 1951Minneapolis Millers baseball uniform worn by WillieMays, scored at a sports collectibles show for $50 andvalued at $60,000 to $80,000; and a 19th-centuryalbum of watercolor paintings, scooped up at a yard salefor a quarter, with an estimated value of $20,000 to$30,000.Secret Files of the Inquisition (new series!)Weds., May 9 & 16, 9 p.m. This miniseries tells astory of epic proportions, with powerful themes of holywars and crusades, torture and terror, the struggle forhuman rights and dignity. Filmed in high definition, thefour episodes span medieval France, 15th-century Spain,Renaissance Italy and mid-19th-century Europe. Thisminiseries reveals how the most powerful church on earthcreated the Inquisition to attack its enemies and preservethe unquestioned authority of the pope.American Experience “Alexander Hamilton”Mon., May 14, 9 p.m. As first Secretary of theTreasury during the tumultuous early years of the republic,Hamilton led the transformation of the young countryinto a commercial and industrial powerhouse. He was thetv13 tv13 tv13 tv13 tv13 tv13 tv13one founder who had a vision, not of what America was,but of what it could become. An underappreciatedgenius who laid the groundwork for the nation’s moderneconomy—including the banking system, Wall Street andan “opportunity society” in which talent and hard work,determined success.The Blair Decade Wed., May 23, 9 p.m.Through eyewitness and insider accounts, this programtells the inside story of Tony Blair’s rise to Number 10Downing, providing a new view of the Labour Party’s mostsuccessful leader—a man who is ruthless, never compromises,is supremely confident about his judgment andmay have sacrificed part of his domestic agenda for a foreignpolicy that almost destroyed him. In a period whenU.S. and British policy and politics have never been moreentwined, the inside story of Britain’s prime minister is revelatory,gripping and directly relevant to American viewers.Great Performances at the Met “TheBarber of Seville” Sun., May 27, 3 p.m. Themusic of Rossini’s popular opera has been featured inBugs Bunny cartoons and TV commercials, but is bestheard in its original setting, where its infectious charmand bubbling joy are given free reign. In the Met’s newproduction, by theatre director Bartlett Sher and his TonyAward-winning team from “The Light in the Piazza,” thedashing young Peruvian tenor Juan Diego Flórez singsone of his greatest roles: Count Almaviva.MaryJacksonCraft in America (threepart series!) Wed., May30, 8 p.m. Three programsexplore the vitality, history andsignificance of the craft movementin the United States andits impact on the nation’s richcultural heritage. “Memory,”“Landscape” and “Community”feature stories of prominent craftartisans set against the largerhistorical context of craft itself.“Memory” focuses on the historicalrelevance of craft through the eyes of several contemporarypioneers in the field. “Landscape” examinesthe interdependent relationship of craft artists to theirmedia and the natural world. The final installment,“Community,” highlights the social and emotional connectionsthat crafts embody. Credit: Jennifer GerardiShop WQED atwqed.org or call800-274-1307MayWeekdays12:30 OnQ Magazine3:30 Maya & Miguel1:00 Charlie Rose4:00 Arthur, Fetch! With Ruff Ruffman2:00 M: Beads, Baubles and Jewels, (4 episodes per day; repeats) Mon. 21A Cemetery Special 5/28thru Fri, 25, Airgroup 16: We Came to6:00am Sesame StreetT: America’s Test Kitchen From Cook’s Remember 5/287:00 Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood Illustrated4:30 Cyberchase, A Gathering of Heroes7:30 Clifford’s Puppy DaysW: Sewing With Nancy5/25daytime8:00 Curious GeorgeTh: The Best of the Joy of Painting 5:00 Postcards From Buster /Fetch!8:30 Clifford the Big Red Dog F: Zonya’s Health BitesWith Ruff Ruffman(on Fridays only),9:00 Dragon Tales2:30 M: Sit & Be Fit(NEW!) Fetch! With Ruff Ruffman9:30 It’s a Big Big WorldT: Healthy Body, Healthy Mind 5/29-3110:00 Sesame StreetW: Sit & Be Fit5:30 Dragonfly TV11:00 Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood Th: Cultivating Life6:00 The Newshour With Jim Lehrer11:30 Teletubbies, Go! Exercise With the F: Sit & Be Fit7:00 Nightly Business ReportTeletubbies 5/163:00 Reading Rainbow, D-Day: The PriceNoon Barney and Friendsof Freedom 5/28MAY 2007 PITTSBURGH 203

PM201x208_OnAir.qxd 4/9/07 7:45 AM Page 204lSimulcast with WQED tv13 on WQED fm89.3 *Produced by WQED Multimedia Descriptive Video ServicePRIMETIMETue1Wed2Thur3Fri4Mon7Tue8Wed9Thur10Fri11Mon14Tue15Wed16Thur17Fri18Mon21Tue22Wed23Thur24Fri25Mon28Tue29Wed30Thur31AT A GLANCEtv13 tv13 tv13 tv13 tv13 tv7:30 8:00 8:30 9:00 9:30 10:00 10:30 11:00 11:30 12:00OnQ*OnQ*OnQ*Off Q*OnQ*OnQ*OnQ*OnQ*Off Q*OnQ*OnQ*OnQ*OnQ*Off Q*OnQ*OnQ*OnQ*OnQ*Off Q*OnQ*OnQ*OnQ*OnQ*Nova“Newton's Dark Secrets”Secrets of the Dead“HerculaneumUncovered”Live from Lincoln Center“Lincoln Center Special: A Gala Nightat Alice Tully Hall”WashingtonWeekNowAntiques Roadshow“Jackpot!”Nova“Pocahontas Revealed”Secrets of the Dead“Headless Romans”Local Primary DebateWashingtonWeekNowAntiques Roadshow“Omaha NE”Nova“Hitler's Sunken Secret”Secrets of the Dead“Irish Escape”PA Healthy Kids“Back to Basics”WashingtonWeekNowAntiques Roadshow“Omaha NE”Nova“The Great Robot Race”Secrets of the Dead“Voyage of theCourtesans”Eat Pennsylvania: AKeystone Plate Specialwith Dave & DaveWashingtonWeekAntiques Roadshow“Omaha NE”Nova“Volcano Above theClouds”Craft in America“Memory”Stone Soldiers:Saving theGettysburgMonumentsNowReturn To TheRoots of CivilRights: An OnQSpecial EditionAmerican Masters“Atlantic Records: The House that Ahmet Built”Mystery!“Miss Marples,Series II:Sleeping Murder” pt.1FrontlineJonathanGreen: The Artand DanceBill Moyers JournalAmerican Experience“Amelia Earhart”Secret Files of theInquisition“Root Out Heretics”Mystery!“Miss Marple, Series II:Sleeping Murder ” pt.2American Experience“The Great TransatlanticCable”Mystery! “Miss Marple,Series II: By the Prickingof My Thumbs” pt.1American Experience“The Berlin Airlift”Independent Lens“The Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill”Mystery! “Miss Marple,Series II: By the Pricking ofMy Thumbs” pt.2The Mormons2 of 2Frontline“When Kids Get Life”Bill Moyers JournalSecret Files of theInquisition“The War on Ideas”Bill Moyers JournalFrontline“A Hidden Life”Bill Moyers JournalCraft in America“Landscape”American Experience“Alexander Hamilton”The Blair DecadeIn The LifeCEO ExchangeSecrets of the Dead“What Happened to theHindenburg?”Secret Files of theInquisition“The Tears of Spain”A Brief History ofDisbelief“Shadows of Doubt”CEO ExchangeIndependent Lens“Sentenced Home”Secret Files of theInquisition“The End of Inquisition”A Brief History ofDisbelief“Noughts and Crosses”CEO ExchangeDiscounted Dreams “HighHopes and Harsh Realitiesat America’s CommunityColleges”Independent Lens“Knocking”A Brief History ofDisbelief“The Final Hour”CEO ExchangeSecrets of the Dead“Dogfight OverGuadalcanal”What Makes PittsburghPittsburgh?Independent Lens“The Cats of Mirikitani”Last Journeyfor theLeatherback?Craft in America“Community”CharlieRoseCharlieRoseCharlieRoseCharlieRoseCharlieRoseCharlieRoseCharlieRoseCharlieRoseCharlieRoseCharlieRoseCharlieRoseCharlieRoseCharlieRoseCharlieRoseCharlieRoseCharlieRoseCharlieRoseCharlieRoseCharlieRoseCharlieRoseCharlieRoseCharlieRoseCharlieRoseOnQ*OnQ*OnQ*Off Q*OnQ*OnQ*OnQ*Off Q*OnQ*OnQ*OnQ*OnQ*Off Q*OnQ*OnQ*OnQ*OnQ*Off Q*OnQ*OnQ*OnQ*OnQ*w

PM201x208_OnAir.qxd 4/9/07 8:18 AM Page 205Overnight ViewingWEDNESDAY 212:30 Tavis Smiley1:00 Antiques Roadshow: “Salt Lake City, UT”2:00 The Mormons: 1of 24:00 The Mormons: 1of 2THURSDAY 312:30 Tavis Smiley1:00 Nova: “Newton's Dark Secrets”2:00 The Mormons: 2of 24:00 The Mormons: 2of 2FRIDAY 412:30 Tavis Smiley1:00 Secrets of the Dead: “HerculaneumUncovered”2:00 American Masters: “Atlantic Records: TheHouse that Ahmet Built”4:00 American Masters: “Atlantic Records: TheHouse that Ahmet Built”SATURDAY 512:00 Tavis Smiley1:00 Live from Lincoln Center: “Lincoln CenterSpecial: A Gala Night at Alice Tully Hall”2:30 Jonathan Green: “The Art and Dance”3:00 In the Life4:00 Live from Lincoln Center: “Lincoln CenterSpecial: A Gala Night at Alice Tully Hall”5:30 Jonathan Green: “The Art and Dance”SUNDAY 612:00 Legendary Victor Borge1:30 Animusic 22:00 Christian Northrup: “Menopause andBeyond - New Wisom for Women”4:00 Ageless Skin: “The Secrets of Dr. Denese”MONDAY 712:00 Globe Trekker1:00 Soundstage2:00 Branson Jubilee3:00 Austin City Limits4:00 Sierra Center Stage5:00 JubileeTUESDAY 812:30 Black Horizons1:00 Nature: “Sharkland”2:00 Masterpiece Theatre: “Bleak House” 3 of 44:30 Masterpiece Theatre: “Bleak House” 3 of 4WEDNESDAY 912:30 Tavis Smiley1:00 Antiques Roadshow: “Jackpot!”2:00 American Experience: “Amelia Earhart”3:00 Secrets of the Dead: “What Happened tothe Hindenburg?”4:00 American Experience: “Amelia Earhart”5:00 Secrets of the Dead: “What Happened tothe Hindenburg?”THURSDAY 1012:30 Tavis Smiley1:00 Nova: “Pocahontas Revealed”2:00 Frontline3:30 Independent Lens: “The Cats of Mirikitani”4:30 Frontlineovernight Viewing2:30 Woodwright’s ShopweekendsWeekendsSATURDAYS6:00am OnQ, Animusic 2. 5/196:30 MoneyTrack, A NewGeneration of One Stroke Paintingwith Donna Dewberry 5/197:00 Consuelo Mack Wealthtrack7:30 Washington Week8:00 Now, Suze Orman: “Women &Money” 5/198:30 To the Contrary9:00 The McLaughlin Group9:30 Religion and EthicsNewsWeekly10:00 QED Cooks, Cooking withBeer & Wine 5/1910:30 Seasonings With DeDeWilson11:00 Master Class at Johnson &Wales 5/5, Chef Paul Prudhomme’sAlways Cooking 5/12, 2611:30 Lidia’s Family TableNoon Ciao Italia12:30 Caprial and John’s Kitchen:Cooking for Family and Friends1:00 Joanne Weir’s Cooking Class1:30 Everyday Food2:00 Victory Garden, Down HomeCooking 5/19FRIDAY 1112:30 Tavis Smiley1:00 Secrets of the Dead: “Headless Romans”2:00 Secret Files of the Inquisition: “Root OutHeretics” 1 of 43:00 Secret Files of the Inquisition: “The Tearsof Spain” 2 of 44:00 Secret Files of the Inquisition: “Root OutHeretics” 1 of 45:00 Secret Files of the Inquisition: “The Tearsof Spain” 2 of 4SATURDAY 1212:30 Tavis Smiley1:00 Local Primary Debate2:00 Mystery!: “Miss Marple, Series II:Sleeping Murder” pt.13:00 A Brief History of Disbelief: “Shadows ofDoubt” 1 of 34:00 Mystery!: “Miss Marple, Series II:Sleeping Murder” pt.15:00 A Brief History of Disbelief: “Shadows ofDoubt” 1 of 3SUNDAY 1312:00 Great Performances: “Josh Groban: Liveat the Greek”2:00 Dr. Wayne Dyer: “Inspiration - YourUltimate Calling”MONDAY 1412:00 Globe Trekker1:00 Soundstage2:00 Branson Jubilee3:00 Austin City Limits4:00 Sierra Center Stage5:00 JubileeTUESDAY 1512:30 Black Horizons1:00 Nature: “Can Animals Predict Disaster?”2:00 Masterpiece Theatre: “Bleak House” 4 of 44:00 Masterpiece Theatre: “Bleak House” 4 of 4WEDNESDAY 1612:30 Tavis Smiley1:00 Antiques Roadshow: “Omaha NE ”2:00 American Experience: “AlexanderHamilton”4:00 American Experience: “AlexanderHamilton”THURSDAY 1712:30 Tavis Smiley1:00 Nova: “Hitler's Sunken Secret”2:00 Frontline3:00 Independent Lens: “Sentenced Home”4:00 Frontline5:00 Independent Lens: “Sentenced Home”FRIDAY 1812:30 Tavis Smiley1:00 Secrets of the Dead: “Irish Escape”2:00 Secret Files of the Inquisition: “The Waron Ideas” 3 of 43:00 Secret Files of the Inquisition: “The Endof Inquisition” 4 of 44:00 Secret Files of the Inquisition: “The Waron Ideas” 3 of 43:00 New Yankee Workshop3:30 Ask This Old House4:00 This Old House4:30 Tracks Ahead5:00 Real Simple5:30 LifeQuest6:00 Antiques Roadshow, LawrenceWelk TV Treasures 5/197:00 Lawrence Welk Show8:00 Keeping Up Appearances, JohnDenver: A Song's Best Friend 5/198:30 Are You Being Served?9:00 As Time Goes By9:30 Waiting for God, Roy Orbison &Friends: A Black & White Night 5/1910:00 The Red Green Show10:30 Dave & Dave’s ExcellentAdventures11:00 Monty Python’s FlyingCircus, Rolling Stones Rock & RollCircus 5/1911:30 Roadtrip NationSUNDAYS6:00am Sesame Street, Animusic 25/206:30 Visions of Greece 5/207:00 Jakers! The Adventures ofPiggley Winks5:00 Secret Files of the Inquisition: “The Endof Inquisition” 4 of 4SATURDAY 1912:30 Tavis Smiley1:00 PA Healthy Kids: “Back to Basics”2:00 Mystery! “Miss Marple, Series II:“Sleeping Murder” pt.23:00 A Brief History of Disbelief: “Noughts andCrosses” 2 of 34:00 Mystery! “Miss Marple, Series II:“Sleeping Murder” pt.25:00 A Brief History of Disbelief: “Noughts andCrosses” 2 of 3SUNDAY 2012:00 John Denver: A Song's Best Friend2:00 Roy Orbison & Friends: A Black & WhiteNight3:30 Rolling Stones Rock & Roll Circus5:00 Back Care Basics: Yoga for the Rest of UsMONDAY 2112:00 Globe Trekker1:00 Soundstage2:00 Branson Jubilee3:00 Austin City Limits4:00 Sierra Center Stage5:00 JubileeTUESDAY 2212:30 Black Horizons1:00 Nature: “Murder in the Troop”2:00 Masterpiece Theatre: “The Secret Life ofMrs.Beeton”3:30 The Slanted Screen4:30 Masterpiece Theatre: “The Secret Life ofMrs. Beeton”WEDNESDAY 2312:30 Tavis Smiley1:00 Antiques Roadshow: “Omaha NE”2:00 American Experience: “The GreatTransatlantic Cable”3:00 Discounted Dreams: “High Hopes andHarsh Realities at America’s CommunityCollege”4:00 American Experience: “The GreatTransatlantic Cable”5:00 Discounted Dreams:“High Hopes andHarsh Realities at America’s CommunityCollege”THURDAY 2412:30 Tavis Smiley1:00 Nova: “The Great Robot Race”2:00 Frontline3:00 Independent Lens: “Knocking”4:00 Frontline5:00 Independent Lens: “Knocking”FRIDAY 2512:30 Tavis Smiley1:00 Secrets of the Dead: “Voyage of theCourtesans”2:00 The Blair Decade4:00 The Blair DecadeSATURDAY 2612:30 Tavis Smiley7:30 Ribert & Robert’sand Sons: Raising CompassionateWonderworldMen 5/138:00 Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood, 4:30 Erma Bombeck: “Legacy ofDr. Christian Northrup: “Menopause Laughter” 5/13, Anne of Greenand Beyond - New Wisdom for Gables pt.3, 5/20Women” 5/205:00 Out of the Shadow 5/6, The8:30 Bob the BuilderMotherhood Manifesto 5/139:00 Thomas & Friends 6:00 Secrets of the Dead:9:30 Make Way for Noddy “Herculaneum Uncovered” 5/6,10:00 Big Comfy Couch, Suze Nature “Sharkland” 5/13, Anne ofOrman: “Women & Money” 5/20 Green Gables pt.4, 5/20 Nature:10:30 The Zula Patrol“Murder in the Troop” 5/2711:00 Animal Attractions TV, 2007 7:00 From the Top: “Live FromNational Geographic Bee 5/27 Carnegie Hall” , The Best of Nature11:30 Explore PA25 Years 5/20Noon Things We’ve Made 5/6, 7:30 Teens OnQWhat Makes Pittsburgh Pittsburgh? 8:00 Nature: “Sharkland” 5/6,5/13, Underground Pittsburgh Nature: “Can Animals Predict5/20, A Cemetery Special 5/27 Disaster?” 5/13, National1:00 LifeQuestMemorial Day Concert” 5/271:30 OnQ Magazine9:00 Masterpiece Theatre: “Bleak2:00 Black Horizons, Anne of Green House” 3 of 4, 5/6, MasterpieceGables pt.1, 5/20Theatre: “Bleak House” 4 of 4,2:30 Tony Brown’s Journal 5/13, Masterpiece Theatre: “The3:00 Chihuly Gardens & Glass Secret Life of Mrs. Beeton” 5/205/6, Chihuly at the V&A 5/13, 9:30 City at War 5/27Anne of Green Gables pt.2, 5/20, 10:30 The Slanted Screen 5/20Great Performances at the Met: 11:00 Rick Steves’ Europe“The Barber of Seville” 5/27 11:30 Travels to the Edge with Art4:00 People’s Palace 5/6, Mothers Wolfe1:00 Eat Pennsylvania: “A Keystone PlateSpecial with Dave & Dave”2:00 Mystery!: “Miss Marple, Series II: By thePricking of My Thumbs” pt.13:00 A Brief History of Disbelief: “The FinalHour” 3 of 34:00 Mystery!: “Miss Marple, Series II: By thePricking of My Thumbs” pt.15:30 A Brief History of Disbelief: “The FinalHour” 3 of 3SUNDAY 2712:00 Roy Orbison & Friends: “A Black &White Night”1:30 Rolling Stones Rock & Roll Circus3:00 Three More WQED Classics4:00 Yoga for the Rest of Us5:00 Back Care Basics: “Yoga for the Rest of Us”MONDAY 2812:00 Globe Trekker1:30 Rolling Stones Rock & Roll Circus3:00 Three More WQED Classics4:00 Sierra Center Stage5:00 JubileeTUESDAY 2912:30 Black Horizons1:00 National Memorial Day Concert2:30 City at War4:00 Airgroup 16: “We Came to Remember”5:00 City at WarWEDNESDAY 3012:30 Tavis Smiley1:00 Antiques Roadshow: “Omaha NE ”2:00 American Experience: “The Berlin Airlift”3:00 Secrets of the Dead: “Dogfight OverGuadalcanal”4:00 American Experience: “The Berlin Airlift”5:00 Secrets of the Dead: “Dogfight OverGuadalcanal”THURDAY 3112:30 Tavis Smiley1:00 Nova: “Volcano Above the Clouds”2:00 Independent Lens: “The Wild Parrots ofTelegraph Hill”3:30 Last Journey for the Leatherback?4:00 Independent Lens: “he Wild Parrots ofTelegraph Hill”5:00 Last Journey for the Leatherback?FRIDAY 1, JUNE12:30 Tavis Smiley1:00 Craft in America: “Memory”2:00 Craft in America: “Landscape”3:00 Craft in America: “Community”4:00 Craft in America: “Landscape”5:00 Craft in America: “Community”ANNE OF GREEN GABLESSun., May20, 2 p.m.MeganFollows, TonyAward-winnerColleenDewhurst andAcademyAward-nomineeRichardFarnsworthgive unparalleledperformances in this critically-acclaimedmotion picture,based on the international bestsellingnovel. Filmed amidst thespectacular scenery of PrinceEdward Island, Canada, thisEmmy Award-winning productionfollows the provocative life dramaof orphan Anne Shirley (MeganFollows), from her struggles as anadolescent to her triumphs as ayoung woman. A delicate epicfull of wit, style and emotionalpower. Photo Courtesy of AmericanPublic TelevisionMAY 2007 PITTSBURGH 205

PM201x208_OnAir.qxd 4/9/07 7:45 AM Page 206PROGRAMMINGAT A GLANCEA.M.P.M.A.M.6:007:008:009:0010:0011:0012:001:002:003:004:005:006:007:008:009:0010:0011:0012:006:00Although every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of this program guide, early publishing deadlines may result in incorrect programlistings. If there are questions, please call 412/622-1436. Radio listings are subject to change. Go to wqed.org for the most up-to-date information.LetterfromSusanJohnsonWQED fm89.3’sExecutive Director206 PITTSBURGH MAY 2007Mon Tue Wed Thur Fri Sat SunTHE WQED MORNING SHOWJIM CUNNINGHAM, Live from Oakland with Local Arts,NPR News, Traffic, Weather and Morning FavoritesANNA SINGER, Live from the Carolyn M. ByhamCultural District Studio, downtownEssential Classics, NPR News and WeatherTED SOHIER, Live from the Carolyn M. ByhamCultural District Studio, downtownRelaxing Classics for a Calmer Commute andCompany Through DinnerCharles Andrews with Buried TreasuresScott Blankenship, Alison YoungBob Christiansen, Ward Jacobson and Monika VischerTell Us What You ThinkOne thing that makes public broadcastingunique is our community dialogue. Weexist to serve community needs, so we musthear them, from you!We love hearing from you!As Pittsburgh’s cultural station, WQEDfm89.3 gives expression to the city’s artisticvalues, and reflects its vibrant cultural life.We aspire to move and renew you withexquisite music, insightful conversation, anda personal experience of some of the mostbeautiful, lasting things man has created.And we want to know what kind of a jobwe’re doing at that.Martin Vrabel in Johnstown writes,“Classical music is a gift…It’s food for thesoul.”“When I was 3 years old I’d standbehind the school and listen to the kidssing in the chorus. Tears would run downmy cheeks,” recalls Barbara Rowe.Alicia Liang says WQED fm89.3 is“relaxing for the end of the day car ride,”Exploring Music with Bill McGlaughlinPerformance inPittsburghStephenBaum Livefrom theCulturalDistrictand Beth Ketterman insists, “Don’t doanything differently!”However, when Dr. and Mrs. James Cosgroverenewed their membership, they took us to taskon underwriting. They were concerned about anencroachment of commercialism on public radio.We promise to protect your oasis.Another listener called when we added hourlyNPR newscasts on weekdays: “Thank you! You arenow complete! I have no reason to switch at thetop of the hour for the NPR news!”Still another pointed out somethingincomplete: “Last evening I did not enjoy‘Exploring Music’ at all. It was preceded by fiveminutes of silence, then about halfway throughthere was static.” We appreciate hearing if youexperience technical problems. Even the bestmusician misses a note once in a while, and wewant to know if that happens.Speaking of technology, we’re eager for yourresponse to the redesigned WQED fm89.3 sectionof WQED Interactive: wqed.org/fm/.There, you’ll find the broadcast schedule andplaylists with click-to-buy service that supportsour program fund and lets you order CDs youValerie KahlerJimSweenieLive fromOaklandMindy RatnerMay - NovemberMet OperaDecember - AprilFrom the TopA Prairie HomeCompanionwith GarrisonKeillorSaturday NightRequestswith Jim SweenieModernMasterpieceswith AlanChapmanScott BlankenshipHarmoniaSacredClassicsSteveBlattKimberleaDaggyPittsburghSymphonySt. Paul SundayWorld ClassGrand Operaand GreatOrchestrasPipedreamswith MichaelBaronel Simulcast with WQED tv13 on fm89.3❉❉Recorded and produced by fm89.3❉ Produced by fm89.3hear on WQED fm89.3.There’s a cultural calendar that will soon e-mailor text message you about the kind of events thatinterest you most.You’ll find podcast audio so you can hearWQED fm89.3 features when it’s most convenient,wherever you like, on whatever technology you like.Of course there’s a special section for the WQEDMorning Show with Jim Cunningham. It featuresdaily arts reports you might have missed when yourtea kettle was whistling or you were walking thedog. Check out the WQED Morning Show CD of theWeek and Photo of the Week. Watch for listenerpolls, concert ticket offers, and other extras just formorning music fans.Please call or e-mail your thoughts on how theWQED fm89.3 pages of WQED Interactive cancomplement your experience of music broadcastson the radio.Because WQED fm89.3 isn’t just a box on yourkitchen counter.It’s a virtual community of music lovers like you,and the possible connection points are infinite!REACH Susan Johnson at: susan@wqed.orgor 412/622-1555

PM201x208_OnAir.qxd 4/9/07 7:45 AM Page 207Betsy Heston TidwellPittsburgh Symphony assistant principal bassBetsy Tidwell sits near her colleagues associateprincipal bass Don Evans and violistCynthia Busch, all alumni of the PittsburghSymphony Youth Orchestra, founded sixtyyears ago. Photo Courtesy of Pittsburgh SymphonyThis month the QED Morning Showfeatures many extraordinary WQEDfm89.3 recordings from the Youth Symphony’sconcerts, plus a visit from its music director,Daniel Meyer. Marie Maazel, Lorin’s mother,helped found the Youth Symphony. His father,Lincoln Maazel (celebrating his 104thbirthday!) was a regular attendee and sends his◗OF SPECIAL INTERESTfm89.3. May 20th it’s the incredible debut ofWhatsJim’s Picksbest from Lorin’s home in suburbanWashington, D.C. You’ll hear the May 5th60th Anniversary Pittsburgh YouthSymphony alumni concert “Romeo andJuliet” on Performance in Pittsburgh withStephen Baum, Fridays at 7 p.m. fromWQED fm89.3’s Carolyn Byham CulturalDistrict Studio.Leonidas KavakosEvery Sundayafternoon at 4 p.m.,52 weeks-a-year, youcan hear a completePittsburgh Symphonyconcert on WQEDProgrammingviolinist Leonidas Kavakos in theTchaikovsky Concerto.Heinz Hall regulars were ecstatic, roaringfor more and the encore they heard was aPaganini Caprice transcribed by Ruggero Riccithat brought looks of disbelief. Music loverswondered “how did he do that?” Hear foryourself on WQED fm89.3’s PittsburghSymphony Radio. Photo Courtesy of IntermusicNo one on handfor the WQEDfm89.3 live broadcastof Beethoven’s Ninthat Heinz Hall in May2004 will ever forgetthat emotional afternoonwhen MarissJansons saidMarissgoodbye to PittsburghJansonsafter seven seasons.One day soon we’ll have the last belovedPittsburgh Symphony music director back atHeinz Hall, but ’til then you can catch upwith Mariss when World Class with KenMeltzer features the Concertgebouw Orchestrain Beethoven’s Ninth and Kodaly’s PsalmusHungaricus May 6 at 8 p.m.✮ PITTSBURGH SYMPHONY RADIOWith Jim CunninghamSundays at 4 p.m.May 6 Vladimir Jarowski conductsRachmaninoff’s “The Isle of the Dead”and Prokofiev’s Symphony No. 5. PianistHelene Grimaud plays Ravel’s PianoConcerto in G.May 13 Andre Watts performs Mozart’sPiano Concerto No. 24. Andrey Boreykoconducts Higdon’s “blue cathedral,”Messiaen’s “Une Sourire” and Scriabin’s“The Poem of Ecstasy.”May 20 Gianandrea Noseda conductsLiszt’s “Orpheus” and “Metamorphosen”and Respighi’s “The Pines of Rome.”Leonidas Kavakos plays Tchaikovsky’sViolin Concerto.May 27 Yan Pascal Tortelier conductsBerlioz’ Roman Carnival Overture andBizet’s “L’Arlesienne” Suite No. 2. TheMendelssohn Choir joins the orchestra forRavel’s “Daphnis and Chloe.”✮ HARMONIAWith Angela MarianiSundays at 6 p.m.May 7 Early Music Rocks Out: Arrangingearly music, 20th century style.May 14 Jordi Savall Part 1: Catalan violada gamba virtuoso Jordi Savall sayspeople of Cervantes’ time would haveheard a soundtrack in their minds whilereading. This was the inspiration for anew recording project by Hesperionfeaturing all the music in Cervantes’Don Quixote.May 21 Jordi Savall Part 2: The secondof two programs with viola da gamba virtuosoJordi Savall.May 28 Medieval Melting Pot: For sevencenturies, Spain was a unique intersectionof coexisting Christian, Jewish, andIslamic cultures, nurturing the distinctivemusic of its regions. Today, melodiesinspired by the Sephardic Jews, thePersian poet Ziriyâb, and Alfonso ElSabio.✮ PERFORMANCE IN PITTSBURGHWith Stephen BaumFridays at 7 p.m.May 4 Cuarteto Latinoamericano andflutist Alberto Almarza play Haydn,Ginastera and Pittsburgh composersReza Vali and Nancy Galbraith.May 11 A Family Occasion: SidneyHarth's Duquesne Symphony presentsspouses performing Vivaldi, Hanus,Maurer and Beethoven’s Choral Fantasy.May 18 The Pacifica Quartet playsMendelssohn, Janacek and Schubert’sTrout Quintet with cellist Paul Katz.May 25 American Salutes: Tributes toAmerican patriotic and musical heroesfrom pianist Earl Wild, the PittsburghSymphony and others.✮ EXPLORING MUSICWith Bill McGlaughlinWeeknights at 10 p.m.Week of Apr. 30 Families of InstrumentsWeek of May 7 Vaughan WilliamsWeek of May 14 Muzyka PolskaWeek of May 21 Sound TracksWeek of May 28 The life and music ofl’enfant terrible, Sergei Prokofiev✮ SACRED CLASSICSWith Stephanie WendtSundays 7-10 a.m.May 6 Beethoven’s Missa Solemnis withthe English Baroque Soloists andMonteverdi Choir, conducted byJohn Eliot Gardiner.May 13 A critically acclaimed performanceby the Bavarian Radio SymphonyOrchestra and Chorus, conducted byEugen Jochum, of Bruckner’s Mass No. 1in its original form.May 20 Craig Hella Johnson conductsthe Conspirare Company of Voices inIldebrando Pizzetti ‘s Requiem.May 27 Elijah: Part I, the first of two programsfeaturing Mendelssohn’s oratorioperformed by the Orchestra of the Age ofEnlightenment and Edinburgh FestivalChorus, with bass baritoneBryn Terfel, tenor John Mark Ainsley,and sopranos Renee Fleming andLibby Crabtree.✮ METROPOLITAN OPERAWith Margaret JuntwaitSaturdays at 1:30 p.m.May 5 James Levine conducts Gluck’s“Orfeo ed Euridice” with sopranos LisaMilne and Heidi Grant Murphy, andcountertenor and David Daniels.✮ WORLD CLASSWith Ken MeltzerGrand Opera and Great OrchestrasSundays at 7 p.m.May 6 The Early Years (7 p.m.): debutrecordings by some of opera’s greateststars. Live at the Concertgebouw (8 p.m.)Mariss Jansons conducts the RoyalConcertgebouw Orchestra in Kodaly’s“Psalmus Hungaricus” and Beethoven’sSymphony No. 9.May 13 Lovro von Matacic conducts thelegendary June 1960 Vienna State Operaperformance of Giordano’s “AndreaChenier” with tenor Franco Corelli andsoprano Renata Tebaldi.MAY 2007 PITTSBURGH207

PM201x208_OnAir.qxd 4/9/07 11:49 AM Page 208wqed.org208The WQED Web site is the “go-to” portal foreverything WQED, from television and radioto PITTSBURGH magazine and educationalcontent. Our content is available to you whenyou want it, how you want it, and in yourfavorite format. We make your life easierthrough the click of a button or a click onthe mouse.The WQED Web site now offers over 1,500hours of programming online—over 60 days of ondemand viewing. We offer programs like OnQ;Pittsburgh inSite, a web-only broadcast;Torchbearers; Barbershops: PA Stylin’; Teens OnQ;Frontline; Independent Lens; Moyers on America;Bill Moyers on Faith and Reason; The OnlineNewsHour; Open Media Network; and NOVA.Log on at wqed.org, take a look, tune in, watcha program, and let us know what you think.WQED has been at the forefront of changes intechnology for over 50 years. From the first flickerfrom the black and white televisions of 1954 toon-air classroom instruction, to the changes tocolor television and satellite feeds later on, technologyis the lifeblood of our service.The past year saw other major improvements inour technological capabilities. We completed conversionto digital and high-definition broadcastingwith the upgrade of our master control to digital.The control room and studio facilities are upgraded,making WQED the first and only station in thePittsburgh market with digital and high-definitionstudio production capabilities.PITTSBURGH MAY 2007ProgressA note from George L. Miles, Jr.President and Chief Executive Officer, WQED MultimediaYours INWatch ShopNBC on WQEXShopNBC is the one of the nation’s leadinghome shopping channels, broadcasting liveevery day of the year, into approximately60 million households. It is known for itsexcellence in fine jewelry, brand-namewatches, premium beauty items, qualityhouse and home products, computers andmuch more.ShopNBC airs on WQEX-TV 24 hours aday, 7 days a week, with the exception ofMon. mornings from 6-8 a.m. and Tues.mornings from 7-9 a.m.WQED has produced several programs in highdefinitionalready: The War That Made America; InCountry: A Vietnam Story; UndergroundPittsburgh; and Stone Soldiers: Saving theGettysburg Monuments.WQED-FM’s signal is now completely digitalhigh-definition and can be heard with crystal clarityon digital radios in the region. Visitors to theWQED Web site can also stream our radio broadcasts24/7 while they access WQED-fm’s growingcultural calendar and radio schedule. The newWeb features are part of the ongoing process tomake the entire WQED Web site easier to use,more timely, and more interactive.Some of the new FM features include:● A cultural calendar that updates automatically atmidnight that can be searched by date or event.● A dynamic schedule that automatically updatesevery day at midnight.● A page dedicated to Jim Cunningham'sMorning Show with a CD of the week, a photo ofthe week, and links to new pod casts: “@ theSymphony,” “Around Town” and “Instant Replay.”● An “e-mail this page” function for selectedpages.Future plans for the FM site include:● Ability for users to sign up for cell phone textalerts for program and calendar highlights.● RSS feeds for program updates.● A Morning Show blog.● A monthly e-newsletter for members.● An integrated playlist with links to purchasemusic.WQEX tv16 PROGRAMMING FORYOUR KIDS The start of the week is whereyou can find programs that educate and entertainyoung minds. Tune in to WQEX Monday &Tuesday mornings for great kid’s shows!MONDAYS“On Q” 6:00 and 6:30 a.m.“Big Comfy Couch” 7:00 and 7:30a.m. Loonette, a young, energetic clown, andher best friend, Molly, have fun learning aboutsharing and caring through games, readingstories, songs and imaginative activities.TUESDAYS“Aqua Kids” 7:00 and 7:30 a.m. With agoal to save the oceans of the world, the AquaKids educate young viewers about waterways andmarine life.“My Bedbugs” 8:00 and 8:30 a.m.The Bedbugs are three siblings, Gooby, Toofyand Woozy, who share playful adventures throughimagination and song. They learn to solveproblems with the help of a friendly vacuumcleaner named J. Edgar.4802 Fifth Ave.Pittsburgh, PA 15213On Air is a supplement of PITTSBURGH magazine,a publication of WQED MultimediaOfficers of WQED MultimediaChair James E. AbrahamVice-Chair Richard L. StoverPresident & CEO George L. Miles Jr.Executive Vice President & General ManagerDeborah L. 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Droney, StevenFrank, James A.Greenberg, David Hopkins, Yugo Ikach, DavidJamison, Michael S. Jasper, Vann Jennings, La'Tasha D.Mayes, Julianne McAdoo, JoAnn McBride, Dee Jay Oshry,Ruth Purcell, Anne Blose Sekula, Jack Shea, Jim Singer, MarkSouthers, Leonard Stept, Elizabeth Swaim, Anthony WilliamsTrustees EmeritusHerbert Bennett Conner, Elsie Hillman, W. Thomas McGough, Jr.,James C. Roddey, Albert C. Van DusenHonor BoardEva Tansky Blum, JoAnne Boyle, Carolyn Byham, Frank V.Cahouet, Gwen Elliott, Mona Generett, Brenda Gregg, MarciaGumberg, Roy Haley, Jack Isherwood, Diana Jannetta, JuliusJones, Lawrence Kaplan, Donald Korb, Claudette Lewis, BillLieberman, Leon Lynch, Mary Lou McLaughlin, John Murray,Bill Rackoff, Herman Reid, D. Jin Song, William WaterkotteBOARD MEETING DATESThe public is invited to attend WQED Multimedia’sboard meetings, held in the Hillman Conference Centerat WQED, 4802 Fifth Ave., Oakland.Thurs., July 26, 2007 noonThurs., Sept. 27, 2007 * 6:00 p.m.* Annual meeting with CAB☎Programming on WQED tv13 is madepossible in part by a grant from the Pennsylvania PublicTelevision Network.You’ve Got Our Number. 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