Naming Binary Molecular Compounds

Naming Binary Molecular Compounds

Naming Binary CompoundsP 2 O 5 =CO 2 =CO =N 2 O =diphosphorus pentoxidecarbon dioxidecarbon monoxidedinitrogen monoxide

Practice – Write the FormulaCompound NameCompound FormulaCarbon dioxideCarbon monoxideDiphosphorus pentoxideDinitrogen monoxideSilicon dioxideCarbon tetrabromideSulfur dioxidePhosphorus pentabromideIodine trichlorideNitrogen triiodideDinitrogen trioxideCheck next slide for answers

Answers – Write the FormulaCompound NameCompound FormulaCarbon dioxide CO 2Carbon monoxideCODiphosphorus pentoxide P 2 O 5Dinitrogen monoxideN 2 OSilicon dioxide SiO 2Carbon tetrabromide CBr 4Sulfur dioxide SO 2Phosphorus pentabromide PBr 5Iodine trichloride ICl 3Nitrogen triiodide NI 3Dinitrogen trioxide N 2 O 3

Answers – Name the CompoundsCompound FormulaN 2 O 4SO 3NONO 2As 2 O 5PCl 3CCl 4H 2 OSeF 6Compound Namedinitrogen tetroxidesulfur trioxidenitrogen monoxidenitrogen dioxidediarsenic pentoxidephosphorus trichloridecarbon tetrachloridedinitrogen monoxideselenium hexafluoride

Points to remember when namingCovalent Compounds• Don’t use the prefix mono- on thefirst element.• The least electronegative element goesfirst• When writing the formula from thename, just write exactly what thename says.

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