MGZ new brochure 2002 - mg rover servis

MGZ new brochure 2002 - mg rover servis

MGApproved AccessoriesYou are an individual. You require a choice.Personalise your MG from the extensiverange of Approved Accessories which nowincludes the exciting new MGTF.Styling• A statement ofindividual styleSafety• Just in case ofemergenciesTouring• In the pursuitof leisureProtection• For you andyour MG

Contents4 TOURINGFor secure and easytransportation of a wholerange of items, theseversatile roof carrying andtowing systems enable youto enjoy the freedom ofthe open road.11 AUDIOEven more enjoymentfrom a quality soundexperience inside your MG.12 PROTECTIONA range of extensivelytested accessoriesdesigned to protect youand your car.Warning:contents may thrill,excite and stimulateany true car fan.Avoid naked flames.Do not open in anenclosed space.8 STOWAGEAn imaginative range ofaccessories offering aselection of practical andstylish storage solutions.10 STYLINGMake your MG asindividual as yourself.Choose from a range ofstylish accessories thatwill compliment andenhance your MG.18DRIVINGSAFETYAccessories for your MGto promote safer drivingand offer complete peaceof mind in the worstdriving conditions.20CHILDSAFETYChoose from a range ofMG approved child seatsto suit all ages.22 MG ZT-TIndividual accessoriesspecially designed for theMG ZT-T.24 MGTFTouring, Styling, Protectionand Safety Accessoriesbespoke to the stylish andpotent MGTF.3

Touring“Enjoy the freedom of the great outdoors”4

ROOF BARSLUGGAGE BOXSPORTS BOXCYCLE CARRIERRoof BoxesChoice of a Sports or Luggage boxfor extreme sports or sophisticatedforeign trips. Finished in silver or can bepainted to match the colour of your car.ZT • ZT-TRoof BarsAn essential base for all your sportingactivities.Allowing the rest of the MGapproved touring accessories fitment toyour car.ZTLOAD CARRIERCycle CarrierEasy and secure transportation of bicycles.Can be securely locked into place and upto four bikes can be fitted.ZT • ZT-TLoad CarrierAn adaptable product that can be usedas a secure basket or if the side bars arelowered can become a platform forlateral loads.ZT • ZT-TSki ClipsStrong lockable ski clips for transportationof up to two pairs of skis, a snowboardor water skis.ZT • ZT-TBICYCLE LIFT SYSTEMBicycle Lift SystemLife just gets easier!This Bicycle Lift System enables you toeffortlessly lift your bike onto the roofand lock in place securely.ZT • ZT-T5

TouringROOF BARSCYCLE CARRIERLOAD CARRIERSKI CLIPSLUGGAGE BOXSPORTS BOXRoof BoxesChoice of a Sports or Luggage boxfor extreme sports or sophisticatedforeign trips. Finished in silver or can bepainted to match the colour of your car.ZR • ZSRATCHET STRAPSRatchet StrapsUsed for securing luggage and otheritems to the roof bars.Available in3.5 or 5m lengths.ZR • ZS • ZT • ZT-TRoof BarsAn essential base for all your sportingactivities.Allowing the rest of the MGapproved touring accessories fitment toyour car.ZR • ZSCycle CarrierEasy and secure transportation of bicycles.Can be securely locked into place and upto four bikes can be fitted.ZR • ZSLoad CarrierAn adaptable product that can be used asa secure basket or if the side bars arelowered can become a platform forlateral loads.ZR • ZSSki ClipsStrong lockable ski clips for transportationof up to two pairs of skis, a snowboardor water skis.ZR • ZSBicycle Lift SystemLife just gets easier!This Bicycle Lift System enables you toeffortlessly lift your bike onto the roofand lock in place securely.ZR • ZS6

FIXED TOWBARTOW ROPEDETACHABLE TOWBARHEADLAMP CONVERTERSTOWING MIRRORTowbarsA full range of detachable or fixed towbarswith or without electrics depending onmodel. Please see price list.ZR • ZS • ZT • ZT-TElectric KitsAre available in 13 Pin and 12N/12Sderivatives. Some towbars already comewith electrics as part of a kit.Please see the price list.ZR • ZS • ZT • ZT-TTowing MirrorImprove your rear vision with thisessential towing accessory.ZR • ZS • ZT • ZT-TTow RopeFor easy attachment from one car toanother. Comes with clips.ZR • ZS • ZT • ZT-THeadlamp Dip Beam ConvertersA legal requirement in some countries.They include headlamp coversZR • ZS • ZT • ZT-TRECHARGEABLE TORCHRechargeable TorchCompact and light weight, operatingfor up to 30 minutes at a time.Can be recharged within vehicle.ZR • ZS • ZT • ZT-TMG Badged Suit CarrierTailored suit carrier in green cloth withtan leather trim, carrying the exclusiveMG badge.ZR • ZS • ZT • ZT-TTOWBAR CYCLE CARRIERTowbar Cycle CarrierMounts onto your rear towbar and comesready to use with brake lights, fog lightsand indicators for direct connection to thetowbar electrics.ZR • ZS • ZT • ZT-TTowbar rack adapter available to holdan extra two bikes.Cruise Control (not shown)A slide of the switch sets the cruisecontrol to maintain a constant speed,enabling you to concentrate on the roadahead whilst regulating your speed andimproving your fuel economyZR • ZSSUIT CARRIER7

StowageCD and Cassette StowageSeparate units that slip into the ZS centreconsole holding 4 CDs or cassettes thatare accessible at the touch of a button.ZSCASSETTE STOWAGE8

“Stylish and practicalstorage options”FLOOR LUGGAGE NETSPHONE BRACKET (ZR•ZS)PHONE BRACKET (ZT•ZT-T)Rear Net SetsHolds item firmly in place no matterhow much fun your having throwingyour MG around.ZR ZS ZT ZT-TFloor • • •Side•Rear • • •Parcel Shelf•Mobile Phone BracketsThese brackets can accomodate themajority of mobile phones.ZR • ZS • ZT • ZT-TSki BagCompact, cleanable and water resistant,this fold out bag enables skis or otherlong items to be stored securely insidethe car.ZTCoolbag12V Thermo-electric coolbag with a quickcool down system keeping drinks andfood cold.ZR • ZS • ZT • ZT-TAuxiliary Power Source KitsThese 12 volt power sources fit intothe rear load space on the MG ZT-Tand the centre console on the MG ZT.For use with a range of MG accessories.Maximum10 Amp/12 Volt capacity.ZT • ZT-TSKI BAGAUXILIARY POWER SOURCECOOLBAGRear Parcel Tray ShelfNeed more space, your car full of oddsand ends? Add this storage facility thatuses dead space efficiently by fitting underthe rear parcel shelf.ZR • ZS 5drREAR PARCEL TRAY SHELF9

StylingBRIGHT DOOR MIRROR COVERSBRIGHT DOOR MIRROR COVERSBRIGHT DOOR HANDLE FINISHERSCHROME LEATHER GEAR KNOBBLACK LEATHER GEAR KNOBBright Door Mirror CoversJazz up your mirrors with these brightdoor mirror covers.ZR • ZS • ZT • ZT-TBright Door Handle finishersA set of four bright door handle finishersto complement the bright door mirrorcovers.ZT • ZT-TChrome/Leather Gear KnobAn exclusive manual or automaticchrome/leather gear knob.ZS • ZT • ZT-TLeather Gear Knob - BlackA funky black leather manual gear knob.ZR10

AudioWinner of ECAP Award(European car audiopress organisation)Traffic Pro was votednavigation systemof the year.The Becker Traffic Pro- European navigation including UK,Europe and Scandinavia.First-class car audio combined with thelatest navigation technology. Featuring8 MB RAM, the Traffic Pro down loadsyour route and provides navigation,enabling you to continue listening to yourCD or radio station.Via the dot matrix display, intelligentdestination addressing and dynamic routeguidance. Routing options offer shortest/quickest route or selecting with orwithout highways, ferries or toll roads.Other Traffic Pro functionality include:-• Diversity tuner - automatically upgradesyour listening pleasure by switchingto the optimal frequency, thus avoidingre-tuning and hiss whilst travelling.• Integrated four channel (4x18 watt RMS)power amplifier.• Last destination memory - automaticallystores last 50 destinations.• Personal destination feature memorisesthose special destinations you want tokeep.• Features 12 languages covering17 countries for message display andnavigation commands.• Choice of female/male voice feature• Automatic speed dependent volumecontrol compensation.• Capability for TMC (Traffic MessageChannel) and RDS functions.• Quick info soft key displays ETA,remaining distance & position.• Traffic jam re-routing feature.• Offers dynamic POI menu (Points ofInterest) for alternative navigation topetrol stations, hospitals & airports etc.• CD changer interface.• Optional display illumination colours.ZR • ZS • MGTF11

Protection“Protection for youand your car”12

Rigid Loadspace LinerA rigid moulded plastic loadspace linerwill protect your car from wear and tear.Designed to fit the contours of your boot.ZR • ZS • ZT-TLoadspace Anti Slip MatStop items flying around your boot withthis anti slip mat. Measures 1.0m x 1.2m.ZR • ZS • ZT • ZT-TRIGID LOADSPACE LINERLOADSPACE ANTI-SLIP MATHeadlamp ProtectorsProviding excellent optical clarity,these discreet protectors shieldlenses against flying road debris andstone damage.ZR • ZS • ZT • ZT-THEADLAMP PROTECTORS13

ProtectionDOOR WIND DEFLECTORSDoor Wind DeflectorsStyled to reduce drafts caused by openfront windows. Manufactured in a tintedacrylic that is weather proof.ZR • ZS • ZT • ZT-TSunroof Wind DeflectorReduce the buffeting noise that youexperience when travelling with yoursunroof fully open.ZR • ZSSUNROOF WIND DEFLECTOR14

FLEXIBLE LOADSPACE LINERREAR SEAT PROTECTIONFlexible Loadspace LinerA nylon easy wipe and wash,flame-retardant liner to protect and reducewear and tear on your rearloadspace carpet.ZR • ZSRear Seat ProtectionA flame-retardant seat cover to protectyour rear seats.Water proof and machinewashable.ZR • ZS • ZT • ZT-TRubber MatsMG branded rubber mats that are designedfor an exact fit.Available for front and rearfoot wells. Practical, durable and easy toclean.ZR • ZS • ZT • ZT-TNB: Please note rear mats are not MG branded.RUBBER MATSFabric MatsExclusive MG branded fabric mats made fora perfect fit. Flame proof, water and stainresistant with retention clips for addedsafety.ZR • ZS • ZT • ZT-TFABRIC MATS15


Rear SunblindThis slim fitting roller blind fits onto therear parcel shelf. Can easily be raised toreduce heat build-up from direct sun light.ZS • ZTREAR SUNBLINDDog GuardA range of dog guards to fit every model,ensures your four-legged friend is safefrom harm. Easy installation and removal.ZR • ZS • ZT • ZT-TDOG GUARDPollen FilterStop atmospheric pollution that canaffect asthma and hay fever suffers.Eliminates pollen, spores and asbestosparticles from you car.ZTPOLLEN FILTERPaint Pencils & AerosolsEasy and effective repair of minor chipsand scratches to your car.A full range ofcolours is available.ZR • ZS • ZT • ZT-T17

Driving SafetyFIRE EXTINGUISHER (SILVER)FIRE EXTINGUISHER (CARBON)First Aid kitTake safety seriously for yourself andpassengers with the MG branded first aidkit includes everything you need to treata minor injury.ZR • ZS • ZT • ZT-TWarning TriangleLightweight reflective warning trianglewhich can be stored safely inside the car.A legal requirement in many countries.ZR • ZS • ZT • ZT-TFire ExtinguishersA range of compact fire extinguishers thatmount under the drivers seat or into thefront passenger door sill for easy access.Available in brushed alloy or carbon fibre.ZR • ZS • ZT • ZT-T ** For brushed alloy or carbon fibre fireextinguishers please see price list forcorrect fitting kit.Zero Temperature Warning IndicatorAlerts a driver to external temperaturechanges. Shines green at +5°C degrees,red and green at +2°C degrees and redat 0°C degrees.ZR • ZSFIRST AID KITZERO TEMPERATUREWARNING INDICATORROADSIDE LAMPRoadside LampFor use in emergencies this versatileroadside lamp with flashing amber lightalso features an integral stand.ZR • ZS • ZT • ZT-T18

PARKING AIDHEATED WASHER JETSParking AidPromotes safe manoeuvring whenreversing. Incorporating four sensors fittedto the rear bumper and a sophisticatedcontrol unit, the parking aid measures thedistance to the nearest object up to 1.5metres away and provides an audible signalwhen reverse gear is selected to warn ofany obstacles.Audible signal frequencyincreases to a constant tone as thedistance between your MG and theobject reduces.ZR • ZS • ZTNB: Base kit and coloured sensor kitare required for the MG ZT.Heated Washer JetsMake frozen washer jets a thing of thepast.As the ignition is switched on, thewasher jets are heated and defrosted formore immediate use.ZR • ZS • ZT • ZT-TFOGLAMPSFoglampsFully integrated into the front grill orbumper, foglamps add an exciting look toyour MG as well as improving drivingvisibility in poor weather conditions.ZR • ZSLUMBAR SUPPORTHEATED SEATBattery Back Up SounderAn anti theft feature for the ZT thatensures the alarm will always work evenif the battery is deactivated.ZTHeated SeatsThermostatically controlled heating systemwith high/low settings that can be fitted todriver or passenger seats.ZR • ZSLumbar Support ElectricHelp comfort back pain on long journeys.Can be fitted to the drivers or frontpassengers seat.ZS19

Child SafetyRock-a-totClub Class ExtraSuper - CruiserHorizon Booster CushionBirth to 13kg(Birth to approx 12-18mths)A rearward facing versatile infantcarrier, car seat and rocker.Please see child safety/modelmatrix fitting guide on oppositepage for application details.Rearward Facing: Birth to 13kg(Birth to approx 12-18mths)Forward Facing: 13kg to 18kg(18 mths to approx 4 yrs)A robust rearward or forwardfacing child restraint. Please seechild safety/model matrix fittingguide on opposite page forapplication details.13kg - 25kg( Approx 18 mths to 6yrs)A lightweight yet robust, easy tofit forward facing child seat.Please see child safety/modelmatrix fitting guide on oppositepage for application details.15kg - 36kg(Approx 4 yrs to 11yrs)A booster seat with contouredshape especially designed to fiteasily into the car. For childrenwho have outgrown their childseat but are still too small to becomfortably held by the adult seatbelt. Please see child safety/modelmatrix fitting guide on oppositepage for application details.20

DriverChild under3 years of age.Child aged 3 to 11or under 1.5m(approx. 5ft).Adult passengers(from 12 years) or1.5m (approx. 5ft)or more in height.FRONT SEAT REAR SEAT RESPONSIBILITYSeat belt must be used if fittedAppropriate child restraintmust be used.Appropriate child restraintmust be used if available.If not an adult seat-beltmust be used.Seat-belt must be usedif available.N/AAppropriate childrestraint must be usedif available.Appropriate childrestraint must be usedif available.If not an adult seat-beltmust be used if available.Seat-belt must be usedif available.DriverDriverDriverDriverIMPORTANT NOTE:Under no circumstance should a rearfacing child seat be used in the frontpassenger seat of a vehicle equipped witha passenger airbag. MG Rover furtherrecommends that parents do not fit anychild seat on a front passenger seatequipped with a passenger airbag system.All child seats are approved to ECE R44/03.N.B. Please note that child seat covers shown inthe pictures may not be representative of thecovers currently available.Child Safety/Model Matrix fitting guideMG Rover Model Rock-a-Tot Super Cruiser Club Class Extra Club Class Extra Horizon BoosterBirth to 13 kg (Birth to 13 kg – 25 kg Rearward Facing Forward Facing 15 kg to 36 kgapprox 12-18 mths) (about 18 months to 6 years) Birth to 13 kg 13 kg to 18 kg (about 4 years to 11 years)(Birth to about 12-18 months) (18 months to about 4 years)FRONT REAR REAR FRONT REAR REAR FRONT REAR REAR FRONT REAR REAR FRONT REAR REARCENTRE SIDE CENTRE SIDE CENTRE SIDE CENTRE SIDE CENTRE SIDEZR Y N Y Y Y Y Y N Y N N N Y Y YZS 4 dr N Y Y N Y Y N N N N N N N Y YZS 5 dr N N Y N N Y N N N N N N N N YZT N N Y N Y Y N N Y N N Y N Y YZT-T N N Y N Y Y N N Y N N Y N Y YY = Acceptable Installation N = Not SuitableCARE : PLEASE NOTE.Where leather seats are fitted to thevehicle, extra care should be takenwhen securing child seats into position.Do not use a child seat in any seatinglocation equipped with passenger airbags.For optimum safety, children shouldtravel in the rear of the vehicle.This information was correct at time ofgoing to print.For further information on childseats, please call the BritaxCustomer Service Helpline on01264 38603421

MG ZT-TROOF CROSS BARSROOF CROSS BARS with SKI CLIPSRoof Cross BarsRequired for the range of all roof carryingproducts.ZT-TRoof Side RailsMake your ZT-T look distinct, aggressiveand sporting with the MG roof side rails.ZT-TWarning TriangleA new emergency warning triangle whichsecures into a purposely designed locationon the tailgate.ZT-TRear Hammock NetIdeal for use with the opening tailgateglass and for securing loose items.ZT-TWARNING TRIANGLEREAR HAMMOCK NET22

Dog Guard - Half HeightThis stylish dog guard fits behind therear seat and attaches to the roof & floorlashing points. Easy to remove & install.ZT-TLOADSPACE LINERLOADSPACE RUBBER MATLoadspace Liner- Short Hard PlasticThis ridged moulded plastic liner protectsthe loadspace and part way up the sidewalls.Tailored for the ZT-T to reducewear and tear. Includes anti slip mat.ZT-TLoadspace Long rubber MatProtect your rear loadspace from all typesof wear and tear with this high quality anddurable rubber mat.ZT-TTowbar Cycle CarrierMounts onto your rear towbar and comesready to use with brake lights, fog lightsand indicators for direct connection to thetowbar electrics.ZT-TTowbar rack adapter available to holdan extra two bikes.Chrome Cigar Lighter (not shown)Reminiscent of classic MG designfeatures this chrome cigar lighter adds thattouch of class.ZT-TTOWBAR CYCLE CARRIER23

TouringMG Badged Touring Kit Bag(not shown)A roll out waterproof touring bag for allyour essentials. e.g: maps, first aid kit andwhat ever else will fit snugly into the bag.Suit CarrierTailored suit carrier in green cloth withtan leather trim carrying the exclusive MGbadge.The suit carrier (H430xW500mm)is designed to fit into the rear loadspace.SUIT CARRIERREAR LUGGAGE NETRear Luggage NetTo optimise boot storage space, this easyto fit elasticated net fits inside the bootand is ideal for securing loose items suchas maps and umbrellas.LUGGAGE RATCHET STRAPSLuggage Ratchet StrapsStrong, durable straps for securing luggageand other items to the black luggagecarrier.The fully adjustable ratchetfastenings provide secure retention of avariety of items.SKI CLIPSRECHARGEABLE TORCHRechargeable TorchLocated in the glovebox for easy access,the handy palm sized torch rechargesin-situ while the engine is running.Ski ClipsThese ski clips fix onto the MGTF blackluggage carrier and will secure either1 pair of water skis, 1 snowboard or upto 3 pairs of snow skis.They aremanufactured in strong moulded plasticfor durability and take the hassle out oftransporting your skis for thosesporting excursions.Black Luggage CarrierThe essential base for MG approvedcarrying systems. Locks onto theboot without restricting bootopening.25

Styling16" Multi Spoke Alloy*Sharp clean lines guaranteed to makeheads turn, with this traditionally inspired16” alloy.116" 6 Spoke Alloy*This alloy is selected by the Competitionsdepartement for the MGF cup.A sporting alloy for the city or country.16" Square Spoke Alloy*For a truly contemporary look this16” alloy fulfills your individuality.16" 11 Spoke Alloy*The newest addition to the MGTF alloyrange is a race-influenced 11 spoke rimthat will get heads turning.16" Ultralite Alloy*Simple stylish and elegant.A rare combination that makes this alloytruly modern.2*All the above alloys exclude theMG Rover recommended tyre:Goodyear/YokohamaFront: 195/45x16, Rear: 215/40x16.1234516" multi spoke**16" 6-spoke16" square spoke16" 11 spoke16" Ultralite****Also available in Gun Metal GreyMG Badged Valve CapsTo add that finishing touch to your MGTF’salloy wheels you’ll want a set of chromeplated brass valve caps, which replicate thecentre cap detail. MG badged topersonalise your vehicle.34526

Hard TopSo stylish in either summer or winter,keeping your hood looking as good asnew and visually giving the MGTFa brand new look.Hard Top Home Storage Facility(not shown)To save space when storing yourMGTF’s hard top, this storage facilityis ideal.Two strong brackets areprovided to fit easily onto a garagewall and store the hard top whennot in use.Power HoodPerfect for capturing moments of sunshine!To open, simply release the hood latchesand gently push the hood upwards, theelectronics will then gently fold the hoodcover down.To close hold down button operated bythe driver which literally raises the roof.For safety, the power hood only operateswhen the footbrake is pressed.27

WOOD/LEATHER STEERING WHEELReal Wood Steering Wheel*For the perfect driving experience choosethis beautifully designed wood and leathersteering wheel.BRIGHT/LEATHER STEERING WHEEL*NOTE: As the steeringwheel airbag is a safetyfeature, steering wheelrims must be exchangedby an MG Dealer.BLACK LEATHER STEERING WHEELBlack Leather Sports Steering Wheel*Hand stitched premium leathersteering wheel.“Be bright, be noticed and customiseyour cabin with the bright collection”Bright Sports Steering Wheel*Add a modern day look by steeringyourself towards the one thing you holdclose to you, for the perfect drivingexperience.Bright AshtrayStyled to match the range of MGTF brightparts, whilst retaining the functionality yourequire.Bright Door Garnish RailsNo part of the cockpit will miss this brightcontemporary feel. Remember when youopen your door the world makes its firstimpression of you and your MGTF.BRIGHT ASHTRAYBRIGHT DOOR GARNISH RAILSSILVER FINISH CONSOLEAND FASCIA VENT SETBright Centre Console SurroundReplace your existing centre console witha more contemporary look. Styled tocomplement the bright cockpit features ofyour MGTF.28

WOOD/ALLOY GEAR KNOBChrome SetReminiscent of classic MG design features,this chrome set comprises a handbrakebutton, cigar lighter and ashtray.ALLOY GEAR KNOBLEATHER/ALLOY GEAR KNOBWood/Alloy Gear KnobHand crafted real wood gear knob notonly adds an elegant touch to theinterior of your MGTF but perfectlycomplements the wood steering wheel.The distinctive alloy design capturesthe MGTF’s fuel filler cap detailing.Manual only.BRIGHT HANDBRAKE GRIPBright Gear KnobA new gear knob echoing the core valueof the contemporary bright parts.Bright Handbrake GripComplementing the bright steering wheeland gear knob this purposeful sturdyhand brake grip enhances the cockpitexperience.Alloy Gear KnobAn alloy-finish gear knob, echoing thedesign of the fuel filler cap and etchedwith the famous MG insignia, not onlylooks wonderful but also feelspurposeful and sporty. Manual only.Leather/Alloy Gear KnobFor a sleek, sporty look choose thispremium leather and alloy gear knobwhich matches the precision detail of theMGTF’s distinguishing fuel filler cap.Manual only.BRIGHT GEAR KNOB29

ProtectionFABRIC MATSMUD GUARDSMG Badged Mud GuardsAvailable as front and/or rear pairs theseblack moulded mud guards have beendesigned to protect your MGTF’s bodyworkfrom stonechips, mud and spray. Embossedwith the MG badge, the guards can also bepainted to match the body colour of yourvehicle for a really co-ordinated appearance.HEADLAMP PROTECTORSMG Badged Rubber MatsA pair of premium quality rubber matsembossed with the MG badge.These matshave been tailored to fit your vehicleexactly and have mat retention to preventslippage.Tough and durable, they willprevent damage to the footwells of yourMGTF.MG Badged Fabric MatsA pair of tailored fabric mats featuring theexclusive MG badge to add a touch ofluxury to your vehicle. Flame retardant,water resistant and featuring mat retentionto prevent slippage.Tough and durable toprotect your footwells.Headlamp ProtectorsProtect your precious MGTF from today’shazardous driving conditions with apractical yet stylish solution to preventdamaged headlamps. Easy to fit clip-oncovers mean you’ll cut the cost ofreplacing lamps without compromisingthe sporty look of your MGTF.30

Soft Top ProtectorThis MG badged cover provides protectionfor your MGTF’s soft top when the vehicle isnot being used. Protects the soft top againstdamage from birds, dust, dirt, tree sap andfrost and is easily fitted in a few minutes.MG Badged Windscreen ProtectorDesigned specially to fit your MGTF’swindscreen and protect against frost or sun,this loose cover is made from nylon so it canbe easily folded up when not in use and iselasticated to ensure a snug fit.MG Badged Dust CoverMG badged nylon elasticated cover which fitsover the car to protect against dust and dirtwhen garaged.There is a zip by the door ateach side, enabling access to the car withoutremoving the cover.The car cover folds upinto itself to form an MG badged bag withhandle for easy storage.SOFT TOP PROTECTORWINDSCREEN PROTECTORTONNEAU COVERTonneau CoverThis simple and elegantly designed tonneaucover is a classic sports car accessory, addingto the versatility of the MGTF. Designed inthree pieces, it is easy to fit, remove and stow.The hood cover, which protects the vehiclehood when folded, can be used independentlyof the right-hand and left-hand cockpit covers.The front face of the headrest pockets areembossed with the distinctive MG badge.DUST COVERMG Badged Hard Top CoverThis nylon hard top cover is ideal forprotecting your MGTF’s hard top from dirtand scratches during storage.The cover ismanufactured to an exact fit and is flameretardant and machine washable.WINDSTOPHARD TOP COVERWindstopThe MGTF windstop considerably reduces wind noise and turbulenceat all speeds.The full-width aluminium and low-density nylon meshwindstop minimises buffeting around the occupants heads, yet doesnot impair driver rearward visibility. It is easily detachable and can bestored in the boot when not in use or alternatively folded down overthe soft top and out of the way.MG Badged Driver’s Seat Protector(not shown)To protect your MGTF’s driver’s seatfrom damp and dirt this loose cover fitsover the seat and is fire retardant andmachine washable.31

Driving SafetyWarning Triangle - Boot MountedLightweight, reflective warning trianglefeatures a fold-down mechanism and fitssecurely into the boot lid for immediateaccess.A legal requirement in somecountries when travelling abroad.Bulb KitReplacement bulbs for exterior lights,securely housed in a small box for easystorage.A legal requirement in somecountries and always useful when touring.BULB KITMG Badged First Aid KitA useful item to take with you on anyjourney, this MG First Aid Kit includeseverything you need to treat minorinjuries.As well as basic first aidinstructions there are bandages anddressings as well as an emergency blanket.Legal requirements for travelling abroadFrance Belgium Germany Spain ItalyBulb Kit ● ● ●First Aid Kit ● ● ●Warning Triangle ● ● ● ●(All motorists should be aware that the accessories detailed arelegal requirements when travelling in the identified countries).FIRST AID KIT32

ROADSIDE LAMPSNOW CHAINSRoadside LampVersatile lamp with stand and a flashingamber light. Offers a self-test facility and ahigh density white torch.Requires 5 x R30 1.5V batteries.Snow ChainsFor extra assistance in bad weatherconditions, these snow chains fit tyresizes 205/50 x15.Available for rear wheels only.Zero Exterior TemperatureWarning IndicatorA great aid in cold weather conditions,this product is designed to monitor slightexternal temperature changes.Temperature information is immediatelydisplayed on a red/green LED mountedon fascia. Green = +5°C - safe drivingconditions. Red/Green = +2°C - Caution.Red = 0°C - Danger.ZERO EXTERIOR TEMPERATUREWARNING INDICATORFOGLAMPSFIRE EXTINGUISHER (CARBON)FoglampsThese foglamps emit a powerful beam oflight to improve driving visibility in poorweather conditions and promote saferdriving. Designed specifically for the frontbumper they also create a sporty look.Fire ExtinguishersAvailable in brushed alloy or carbon fibre.For brushed alloy or carbon fibre fireextinguishers please see price list forcorrect fitting kit.MG Badged Tool KitSpecially designed to fit into the loadspace,this tool kit with the distinctive MGoctagon is an ideal gift for MG enthusiasts.The kit contains selected tools designedfor working with MGTF parts and includessockets, spanners, a pair of pliers and evengloves to protect your hands whilstworking on your MGTF.Touch-up Paints (not shown)A full range of touch-up pencils andaerosols to help you effectively repairminor cosmetic damage to your MGTF.Ask your MG Dealer to recommend thepaint colour you require and ensure youfollow the application instructionsprovided.For colour and part number details,refer to your MG Dealer.FIRE EXTINGUISHER (SILVER)TOOL KITHeated Washer Jets (not shown)Make frozen washer jets a thing of thepast.As the ignition is switched on, thewasher jets are heated and defrosted formore immediate use, promoting bettervisibility in cold weather conditions.33

AudioKenwood Radio with Single slot CDA powerful Kenwood radio with a hiddensingle slot CD player. 47 watts x 4 max,RDS radio text, with dot matrix display.KENWOOD RADIO WITH SINGLE SLOT CD6 Disc AutochangerYour favourite music while on the move.Compatible with you’re MGTF radio.Becker Traffic Pro- Satellite NavigationFast life, don’t know where your going usethe Becker Traffic Pro to down load yourroute information and this will providedynamic route guidance and a lot more...Featuring 8 MB RAM, the Traffic Pro isable to store even the longest of routesand propose alternatives.While the TrafficPro is at work you can continue to listento a CD or radio stationThanks to dot-matrix display, intelligentdestination addressing, and soft key P.O.I,you can travel to any destination reliablyat the press of a button.(see page 11 for more information).CD StowageEnsure that you will have music whereveryou go by storing up to six of yourfavourite CDs in this versatile holder.Can be fitted in the cockpit glovebox(non air conditioning cars only), or next tothe CD Autochanger in the loadspace.CD AUTOCHANGERCD STOWAGE34

MG Rover GroupPO Box 41LongbridgeBirminghamB31© MG Rover Group Ltd 2001.Important Notice: MG Rover Group Limited isconstantly seeking ways to improve the specification,design and production of its products and alterationstake place continually. Whilst every effort is made toproduce up to date literature, this MG Accessoriesbrochure should not be regarded as an infallible guideto current specifications, nor does it constitute an offerfor sale of any particular product. Distributors andDealers are not agents of MG Rover Group Limited andhave absolutely no authority to bind MG Rover GroupLimited by any express or implied undertaking orrepresentation.Part No:AKM800August 2002DEALER STAMP

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