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Power Engineering & Technology Consultants Pvt. Ltd., (POET) wasestablished in 1997 in Bangalore, State of Karnataka, India. The company ispromoted and professionally run by technocrats with extensive experience inPower & Industrial sectors both on Indian and International projects.POET Consultants provide:••••••••••••••••ConsultingPlanningDetailed engineering and purchase specificationsProcurement assistanceProject as well as Site ManagementOn-site engineering servicesCommissioning supervisionRenovation & Modernization studiesFailure analysisSafety engineeringEnvironmental engineeringPlant residual life assessmentTechnical advisory and energy auditingSectorial and regional planning studiesPre-feasibility, feasibility and detailed project reportsAutomation & ControlPOET CONSULTANT'S SERVICE SEGMENTSENERGY INFRASTRUCTURE INDUSTRIAL MANAGEMENT• Coal based thermalpower plants• River / canal basedhydro power plant• Combined cyclepower plants• Co-generationpower plants• I C engine basedpower plants• Non conventionalenergy sources.• Industrial estates• Techno parks• Transmission &distribution systems• Power sectorreforms• GIS based solutions• Petro-chemical• Pulp & paper• Iron & steel• Fertilizer• Chemical• Cement• Textile• Project managementservices• Fundamental andadvanced technicaltraining• Plant O&M services• IT enabled servicesfor designengineering• Procurementmanagement• Energy conservationand management

THERMAL, HYDRO & COMBINED CYCLE POWER PLANTSTHERMALThe key personnel have wide experience in engineering and design activities from conceptualizing tocommissioning of a number of thermal power plants over India. The thermal plants are for stateutilities, captive power plants for industrial customers and IPP's. POET Consultants have thecapability of project management, project co-ordination, quality assurance in design engineering,procurement, construction, testing and commissioning of power plants.Design and consulting services for the entire range of plant types, from conventional andnon conventional fuel sources, including designing all auxiliary units and equipment.• Conventional coal, oil and gas fired Thermal Power Plants & Multi fuel steamgenerators• Waste Heat Recovery Boilers• Fuel handling system• Feed & cooling water systemHYDRO POWER PLANTSPOET Consultant's experience and expertise in the hydro projects segment is very versatile. Ourengineers were associated with engineering & design activities from conceptualizing tocommissioning of various hydro projects. Also, assignments like renovation and up rating of hydroelectric plants were also carried out by them. The range of services includes site selection,Hydrological, Geo-Technical, Topology Surveys, Feasibility, Detailed Project Reports, Assistance forStatutory Approvals, Detailed Engineering, Site Supervision, Project Management, Pre-Commissioning Testing as well as their operation management and maintenance and the training ofstaff.We provide Design, Engineering, Consulting, Rehabilitation and expansion of existingPlants, operation & maintenance training services for projects in the fields of:Hydro Power Plants• Run of river power plants• Canal based power plants• Storage power plants• Pumped storage power plants• Small and Micro Hydro power plantsStructures• Weirs• Large dams and reservoirs• Flood control structures• Penstocks and penstock water ducts• Bypass systems• Pumping Stations• Surge Chambers• Pressurized wells• Pressure pipesCOMBINED CYCLE POWER PLANTSSome of the best Combined Cycle Power Plants in the country have been designed by our keypersonnel. The plant rating range from 3 to 615 MW. Experience in CCPP covers a wide spectrumof types of industries like refineries, petrochemicals, etc. in addition to utilities and IPP. Our Design &Engineering Services include all auxiliary Systems connected with Gas Turbines, Waste HeatRecovery Boilers and Steam Turbine Plant.

CO-GENERATION, IC ENGINE AND NCE POWER PLANTSCO-GENERATIONOur engineers have the experience of working on a variety of Industries including Paper, Sugar,Polymer and Refinery Co-Generation plants. We have experience in this field from the DPR stage tofinal commissioning of the plant. The type of fuel handled includes bagasse, black liquor, cotton stalk,coal, heavy fuel, etc. Basic studies are carried out to investigate the techno economic feasibility ofvarious alternatives to arrive at the most optimal system for the proposed project. The keyparameters in the selection of optimal system are Safety, Reliability, O & M, environmental impactand cost.We provide Design, Engineering & Procurement assistance services for complete plantconsisting of:• Selection of Technology• Sizing of Boiler and Turbine• Fuel Handling System• Ash Handling System• Lube Oil System• Piping System• Generator and other equipment sizing• Plant Power evacuation• Plant Auxiliary SystemsIC ENGINE POWER PLANTSWe can undertake any type of IC Engine Plant using fuel such as HSD, LSHS, HFO, CNG, BIOGAS,etc., starting from Detailed Project Report to commissioning including site selection, fuel selectionetc., to make investment profitable.We provide complete Design, Engineering, Consulting, Operation & Maintenancetraining services for complete plant consisting of:• Selection of Technology & Fuel• Sizing of Engine and Generator• Fuel Handling System• Sludge handling & disposal System• Exhaust gas heat recovery system• Lube Oil System• Piping System• Generator and other main equipment sizing• Plant Power Evacuation• Motor Starting StudiesNON CONVENTIONAL ENERGY PROJECTSWe undertake detailed engineering of all types of non-conventional energy projects like Biomasspower plants, Mini Hydro Plants, Wind farms etc.

INFRASTRUCTURE, INDUSTRIAL PLANTS, SUBSTATIONS & TRANSMISSION LINESINFRASTRUCTURE PROJECTSWe can undertake engineering services starting from detailed project report to commissioning of thefollowing projects.•••TechnoparksTownshipsIndustrial EstatesINDUSTRIAL PLANTSWith our expertise in Power Plant Engineering, we have also carried out design and engineering oflarge Industrial Plants. In this segment, we provide complete solutions starting from basic study,detailed engineering, project management, site supervision, procurement assistance, testing andcommissioning.We provide complete Design, Engineering Services for:• Paper Plants• Automobile Plants• Tobacco Processing Plants• Fertilizer Plants• Cement Plants• Refineries• Steel PlantsSUBSTATIONS & TRANSMISSION LINESPOET Consultants have extensive expertise in designing substations and transmission lines up to400kV. All transmission line designs are done on powerful software platform for accuracy andreduction of through put time. Each typical transmission line design deliverable include CompletePlan, Elevation, BOQ, Clearance Report, Sag, Tension Charts and construction drawings. Most ofour other design progress is totally automated to achieve maximum accuracy and meeting theschedules. We are fully equipped with other soft wares required for substation design like Earthing,Lighting, Lightning protection, Relay coordination, structural design, etc.We provide complete design engineering services consisting of:• Substations for Power Plants / Utilities or Industries• Selection of Breakers & Switching schemes• Sizing of Equipment & Bus bars• Earthing & Lighting protection system design• Aux AC & DC Systems• Procurement Specifications• Testing & Commissioning Schedule• SCADA & Communication System• Fire Protection System• Plan and Elevation drawings for Transmission Lines• Project specific Sag Tension charts

ENERGY CONSERVATION, SAFETY, SYSTEM STUDIES & CORPORATE TRAININGENERGY CONSERVATIONEnergy conservation is built into our design like safety. All our designs are based on optimizing theresources / energy. We also undertake assignments for providing energy conversation services toexisting Power & Industrial Plants.We provide services consisting of:• Reactive compensation studies and solutions for energy intensive industries.• Harmonic analysis and solutions• Waste heat recovery projects• Energy management for Utilities• Variable frequency drivesSAFETYPOET has extensive expertise in providing electrical, mechanical and fire safety services. Generallyall our designs & detailed engineering are based on at most safety to the personnel. We undertakeelectrical mechanical & fire safety audits of the existing systems, with implementable solutions to theclients for safety enhancement.• Safety audits of existing Power Plants, Industrial Plants etc.• Selection of proper Technology for safety up- gradation• Training in safetySYSTEM STUDIESWe have specialised in Power System Studies. We carryout some of these studies as part of ourdetailed engineering of any electrical system. In addition to this, we also undertake assignmentsfor system studies for large networksWe provide services consisting of:• Short Circuit • Load Flow• Transient Stability • Dynamic Stability• Relay Co-ordination • Motor Starting Dynamics• Harmonic AnalysisCORPORATE TRAININGWe have a separate training division. This division provides training in various subjects forprofessional engineers. In-house classes are conducted for working as well as fresh engineers. Wealso undertake on-site corporate training needs by way of tailored courses for their employees onthe subjects of choice.We provide services consisting of:• Proficiency course on Electrical System Design Engineering• Electrical Safety • Substations• Project Management • Power System Studies• Transmission lines

R&D AND IT ENABLED SERVICES AND POWER PLANT R&MR & D AND IT ENABLED SERVICESPOET Consultants undertake Research & Development activities in identified fields for clients inproduct development, performance evaluation, etc. Also, IT enabled services are offered for thecore engineering sectors like Civil, Electrical and Mechanical for customer specific requirements.The following softwares have been successfully developed by us:• Over head transmission line design software.• Transformer DGA software.• Relay co-ordination program• Distribution system analysis programWe also undertake projects in the following areas :• SCADA• Control & Automation• GIS based solutions.POWER PLANT R&MRenovation & Modernisation studies is one of niche areas of services offered by us. POETConsultants is a pioneer in this field. We have complete process knowledge of all kinds of powerplants. Our senior consultants have design, erection and maintenance expertise in power plants.We provide the following services for power plant R&M:• Cold and hot walk down surveys of the power plants• Study of plant O&M records and interaction with plant personnel.• Study and interpretation of the NDT test reports.• 3R (Run, Repair or Replace) recommendations for each equipment/ sub-system/ systemwith cost estimates.• Detailed project report.POET'S SERVICE SEGMENTS*Percentages subject to change every year.

POET REFERENCE LIST SEGMENT WISEPowerPlantR&MRLA of Plant&EquipmentIndustrialProjectsSafetyPowerSystemStudiesEnergyConservationProjectsSubstationsandTransmissionLinesPowerProjectsRenovation and Modernisation Studies for thermal power plants complete with walk down surveys, testreports study, recommendations, detailed project report for:CPRI, Bangalore A/c Guru Nanakdev Thermal Power Plant, Bhatinda, 110MW Units 2 & 3CPRI, Bangalore A/c Indraprastha Thermal Power Plant, 62.5MW Unit 3Remaining Life Assessment of power transformers:Detailed engineering of industrial projects for:Basic study, detailed engineering for improvement of plant electrical safety at:Short circuit, load flow, transient stability, relay coordination studies for:Measurements, Basic study, detailed engineering for Reactive Compensation project for:Basic Study, Detailed engineering & construction drawings for transmission line and substations of:Detailed engineering of the following power projects:Coromandal FertilizersITC PPDLG PolymersITC Ltd., Project Evergreen, 150 TPD Tobacco processing plantKhanna Paper Mills Ltd., - 200 TPD New PlantSirpur Paper Mills Ltd., - 70 TPD PM# 7Toyota Kirloskar Motors Ltd., - Automobile Plant expansionITC PPD Lightning Protection of structuresITC LTD., ILTD Guntur - Electrical Safety audit of factory and godownsMSIL, Air Cargo Complex Design & Implementation of Fire and Electrical Safety systemsMalavalli Power Private Ltd. - 6MW Biomass Power PlantTriveni Engineering & Industries Ltd., - 6.3MW Biomass Power Plant of MBDLJindal Steel & Power Ltd. - 77MW unit -7atRaigarhToyota Kirloskar Motors Ltd., - Automobile PlantBhoruka Power Corp. Ltd., - Hydro Projects• Shahpur D9 (11kV DC)• Sanapur (33kV DC)• Neria (33kV DC)• Mandagere (11kV DC)Anjaneya Powertech Pvt Ltd., - Tavalagere Hydro power scheme (11kV DC)Toyota Kirloskar Motors Ltd., (11kV SC)Triveni Engineering & Industries Ltd., - KMS Power, 33kV switchyardKhanna Paper Mills Ltd., - 10.5MW TGITC Ltd., - 2 x 800kW DGInternationalAssignmentsVerbundplan, Austria - Pre-bid services for Hydro R&M .Al-Hassan Engineers, Muscat - Erection supervision for 110 kV substationGE, USA - Design Engineering Services for EHV substationsVATECH T&D, France - Report on vendor development.For more details please contact :POET CONSULTANTS PVT. LTD.Power Engineering & Technology Consultants"Anugraha", # 460, 1st Block, 3rd Stage, BasaveswaranagarBangalore - 560 079. Ph/Fax : 080-322 5333Email : / : www. poetconsultants.comPARAMOUNT, Ph : 080 - 31 00 666.

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