FEBRUARY 2011WhistlestopDominican Professor Reflects on HerExperience as One of the Little Rock Nineby JOHN BOWMANWhistlestop.orgAfrican-American History MonthE PRESSThe Leading Information Resource for Marin's Active Aging MovementWhen Melba PattilloBeals walks thehalls of DominicanUniversity, a stirring chapterin American history walkswith her.Dr. Beals, chair of Dominican’sCommunications Department,where she teachesjournalism, is a member ofthe Little Rock Nine, thegroup of African-Americanstudents who integrated LittleRock, Arkansas, Central HighSchool in 1957.In honor of African-AmericanHistory Month, Whistlestop Expresshad a conversation withDr. Beals recently.Her name and those of theother eight students are foreverlinked to the names of Gov.Orval Faubus and PresidentDwight D. Eisenhower. She andher classmates found themselvesin the middle of one ofthe most dramatic showdownsin U.S. history, pitting thePresident against the governor.Faubus defied the U.S.Murmurationspage 11Supreme Court decision inBrown v Board of Education,which called for the desegregationof all public schools in theUnited States. The governorused the Arkansas NationalGuard to block black childrenfrom entering Central HighSchool. President Eisenhowercountered on Sept. 24, 1957, byordering the 101 st Airborne Divisionof the U.S. Army to LittleRock and by federalizing theentire 10,000 member ArkansasNational Guard, taking itout of the hands of the governor.Melba Pattillo was 16 yearsold at the time and recalls,“The struggle, the shock ofthe struggle stunned me. As achild you do not expect it to besuch a struggle, to experiencesuch violence. You don’t expecthuman beings to treat other humanbeings that way. It takes agreat deal of energy to survivesuch extraordinary danger.”The danger was immense.Melba and her friends weremet by a menacing crowd ofJeffStoffer'sFinancialNuggetspage 13Dr. Melba Pattillo Beals1,000 screaming adults andchildren at the school, includingmen carrying ropes. One ofthe most famous photographsfrom that period shows an erectand determined Melba walkingtoward the school with a mobof white people behind her andone white girl screaming at herback, the girl’s face contortedinto a hateful countenance.Someone later threw acid intoMelba’s face.“My bodyguard (Danny) actedswiftly,” she recalls. “He rushedme to a water fountain and weContinued on page 7R VLLVLNTNRFRNDDRDLDT RTBNLTRNP H N T L R DT PR P L P R NN T TV J DDDDRP FD L BDPTV HH RL NDRWordSearchpage 15

ReadersWRITE INLost, Then Found: Sharing OurStories, Singing Our Songs(Written by Paul Liberatore in theMarin Independent Journal)Whistlestop had the trappings of a Manhattanliterary salon one afternoonlast week as a coterie of proud authorssigned copies of their new books, then took turnsreading from their work for a rapt audience.The book-signing soiree was for “Lost, ThenFound: Sharing Our Stories, Singing Our Songs,”a self-published anthology of writing by 20seniors in the 2010 Remembrance Writing 101Workshop, a group that meets on Thursday afternoonsat the senior center.Its mission is to give “older adults a writtenvoice” by encouraging them to share their stories.It’s facilitated by the workshop’s creator, 73-yearoldClaudia Carroll, who earned a degree in artseducation from Harvard when she was 65.“As older adults, we have the right to re-createour memories as we please, to pass them on toothers — to our children, to our grandchildren, toour friends and families,” she said. “That’s whatwe do in remembrance writing. This is a wonderfulgift to yourself and to others.”Carroll, who teaches various writing techniquesto jog elderly memories, started RemembranceWriting 101 at Whistlestop in May. It’sthe first project of her newly launched Dreamcatcher,a nonprofit writing, editing and publishingservice for older adults.“In this group, none of us are professional writers,”said 63-year-old Sandra Miller Brim, whohas a piece in the anthology about a centenarianfriend, titled “102 Years of Singing Life’s Song.”“This workshop is an inspiration for everyoneto write their memoirs,” she went on. “None ofus had that experience before. But by the end ofthe class time, we felt like we were writers. Itwas wonderful.”The next session of the workshop begins Jan.13, and will meet for two hours on Thursday afternoonsthroughout the coming year, until thereis enough material for the next book.“This is actually what we’re trying to encourage,keeping people engaged, getting them outof their homes, ending loneliness and gettingthem involved,” said Yvonne Roberts, Whistlestop’sdirector of development and marketing.“And this is a wonderful way for them tocapture their memories and share them withfuture generations.”Workshop participants range in age from 50-something to 90-something. At 96, Fran Cohendescribes herself as “the oldest with a youngheart.” One of her pieces in the anthology isabout 1914, the year she was born. It’s titled“The Way the World Was.” She is a tiny womanwith the excited manner of someone who hasdiscovered something new. She’s one of fourseniors in the workshop who won creative writingawards in the Marin County Fair. Beforetaking the workshop, she had never written aword in her long life.Another fair winner is Ali Rostambiek of SanRafael, an 80-year-old Iranian who came to theU.S. when he was 60. Carroll helps him translatehis writing from Farsi into English. He hopessomeday to return to Iran, but not until it’s morewelcoming politically. ✦LIFECARE332-3300MEDICAL & NON-MEDICAL HOME CARESENIOR HOME HEALTHCAREwww.BrightStarCare.comINDEPENDENTLY OWNED AND OPERATED CA LIC. #550001360No Waiting at The Redwoods!Available Now: Independent Living www.TheRedwoods.orgwww.Whistlestop.org 3

The MysticTABLE by MARK LINDSAYBeets ReduxLast month we roastedlots of beets. We assumed,for the sakeof illustration, that we wereoverzealous and cooked toomany to eat at one meal. Weused some of them last monthto make a simple-but-heartybeet salad. This month, we’lldo something entirely differentwith the remaining beets.We’ll chop them up and makea pasta sauce from them. Likelast month, for the sake ofclarity, we’ll present the entirerecipe from scratch, withenough beets for only this dish.This sauce reminds me ofthe Roman dish, aglio e olio,spaghetti withgarlic and oliveoil. We get thesame robust flavorof chopped garlicsautéed in extravirginolive oil,but the beets add their lovelycolor and a complex sweetnessto the dish.The dish is very simple andfast to prepare, especially ifyou have some leftover, roastedbeets in the fridge. Romans,being the insomniacs thatthey are, eat aglio e olio late atnight. Likewise, I can imaginecooking up a big bowl ofbeets and spaghetti for a partycrowd at midnight during aholiday party. This dish is festiveand irresistible.Food like this illustrateshow inventive we can be withleftover ingredients. We couldhave made another salad onthe second day of our beetmarathon but it’s far morefun to transform our leftoversinto something new. Life is tooshort to be bored. Reinventyour leftovers! ✦Helping You MaintainYour IndependenceAs everyday life becomes morechallenging, a little help can go a long way.A sample of our services:Grocery ShoppingPrepare MealsLight HousekeepingDrive to AppointmentRun ErrandsAlzheimer’s CareMed RemindersBathing/DressingLaundryAnd Much More!Call Today and Get $25 off!415-451-0100• We deliver full-service, non-medical caregiving• Our caregivers are our employees—each isinsured and bonded, and has gone throughrigorous screening, orientation and training• We handle all employer responsibilities—wages, taxes, Workers’ Comp• Family-owned and operated since 1994415-884-4343 • www.HiredHandsHomecare.comCall today for a complimentary Needs Assessmentand Home Safety Evaluation4 The Whistlestop Express February 2011

Recipe ofTHE MONTHSpaghetti with RoastedBeets, Garlic and Olive OilServes 48 fresh beets, medium-sized3 garlic cloves, chopped fine1/2 cup extra virgin olive oilhot, dried, red pepper flakes, salt andfreshly ground black pepper, to taste1 pkg imported Italian spaghettiPreheat the oven to 400º F.Cut the leaves and root end from thebeets and wash thoroughly. Discard theleaves. Wrap the beets tightly in aluminum foil— it’s best to make 2 packages each of 4 beets —and bake them for about an hour. Test the beetswith a skewer. Once they are soft, remove themfrom the oven, open the foil packages and letthem cool to the touch. Peel and dice into 1/2-inchcubes. Set them aside.Put a large pot of water on the stove, turn theburner to high.Place the garlic and oil in a large sauté panand turn the burner to medium. Sauté the garlicuntil it emits its lovely scent. Add the red pepperflakes. You want the garlic to be colored a verypale gold but do not brown it or let it burn. Youmust watch this very carefully. When the garlicjust begins to color, add the beets and some saltand pepper. Toss vigorously, cook for several minutesand then take the pan off the burner. Tastefor seasoning and adjust, if necessary. The sauceshould taste a bit too salty.When the pot of water starts to boil, add a goodamount of salt. Put a few ladles of hot water intoa large, pasta bowl to warm it. Then add the spaghettito the pot and stir the water immediatelyfor a minute or two. This keeps the pasta fromsticking together. Gently reheat the sauce whilethe pasta is cooking, keeping an eye on it.Once the pasta starts to soften, test it constantlyby eating a strand every minute or so. Whenthe pasta is just slightly too firm, or molto aldente as Italians would say, drain the pasta. Pourout the water from the bowl it was heating andadd the spaghetti. Toss the sauce and spaghetti,adding a little bit of fresh olive oil.Serve immediately in shallow bowls. ✦With memory loss, I am still…a gardenerloyaltraditionalWho I AmCall to schedule a tour. We arehere to help you and your family.(415) 482-4100Lifeline with AutoAlertThe only medical alert pendant that can call for help when you can’t AutoAlert is the ONLYmedical response helpbutton that automaticallyplaces a call for help if afall is detected Enables you to continueto live independentlyat home Remarkably affordable– with no long-termcontractsFREEINSTALLATIONAND SET-UPAn $ 80Value!Cordless Phone ModelsNow Available!Ask Us About OurPhillips MedicationDispensing ServiceChoose Your Help Button StyleThe Leading PersonalMedical Response Servicefor more than 35 Years.707-778-7883 or 1-800-949-2434www.lifelinenorthbay.comwww.Whistlestop.org 5

Half Marathon Set forApril 23 at McNear’s Beach ParkThe third annual Marin County Half Marathonis scheduled for Saturday, April 23at McNear’s Beach Park in San Rafael.All races are both walker and runner friendly.There are also 10k and 5k events. The HalfMarathon (13.1 miles) features a scenic runthrough the rolling hills on the road and alongthe waters of San Pablo Bay for the first part,then turns inland and back into the trail sys-tem of China Camp State Park.The 10k (6.2 miles) is all road with a smallportion of trail and the 5k (3.1 miles) all road.This is a great opportunity to set your NewYear's resolution to getting healthy.With all net proceeds going to very worthwhilecharities, the Marin County Half Marathon,10k and 5k events attract famous musicians,celebrities and athletes who embracethe scope of what takes place at this veryspecial race.Registration is now open at www.marinmarathon.com.✦Volunteers Honored at WhistlestopWhistlestop volunteers honored recentlyfor the wonderful work they do for olderadults. Left to right, back row: Gene Dyer,Rob Harrison, Ed Essick, Marc Greenberg,George John, Celeste Purcell,Amido Rapkin, Scott Marcum,Denise Bertucelli, Judy Countermine,Lynn Huelsmann, Janice Lovi andLinda Sampson.Left to right, front row: Letitia Sanders,Paula Ross, Edna Trimm, Claudia Carroll,Jean Harrison, Yee Coleiro,Mehrbanoo Esmaili,Left to right, kneeling: Herman Clasenand Denise ScusselImspeaking.com Kicks OffSeries with Mike SingletaryAward-winning journalist and author JoanRyan will interview Mike Singletary, newassistant head coach of the MinnesotaVikings, at the kick-off session of the Im speakingseries February 16 at 8pm. Singletary receivedthe Walker Camp “Man of the Year” awardbased on his reputation for integrity, leadershipand contributions benefiting his community,country and fellow man. A Pro Football Hall ofFame Inductee, Mike is also the author of threebooks including, Daddy’s Home at Last, and hasseven children with his wife Kim.The series is produced by longtime Marin nativeGary Ferroni, and other speakers to appearinclude Valerie Plame Wilson, ex-CIA officer andauthor of Fair Game (March 3); Marin’s SammyHagar, Grammy Award winner and Rock andRoll Hall of Fame inductee (April 1); RichardPicciotto, FDNY Chief and highest-rankingfirefighter to survive the World Trade Center collapse(Sept. 9); and Robert Wittman, founder ofthe FBI Art Crime Team and referred to as themost famous art detective in the world. (October6). Sold as a series, tickets for all five eventsrange from $195 to $475. A limited number ofindividual tickets are available for $47. Ticketsare available for purchase online at imspeaking.com;by mail by downloading a request formfrom the website; in person at the Marin CenterBox Office or by calling 415-499-6800. For moreinformation, info@imspeaking.com or phone 415-381-2022. Please mention Whistlestop so that wereceive a portion of the proceeds.The imspeaking.com series takes place atthe Marin Veterans’ Memorial Auditorium, 10Avenue of the Flags at Civic Center Drive inSan Rafael. ✦6 Whistlestop Express February 2011

MELBA BEALS—Continued from page 1washed my eyes with water. It was a quickand brave act on his part. They took me to aphysician who said that saved the quality ofmy sight.”Melba moved to Santa Rosa a year later, afterthe Ku Klux Klan put a bounty on her head —$10,000 dead and $5,000 alive. With the help ofthe NAACP, she moved in with foster parents,Dr. George McCabe and his wife, and finishedhigh school at Montgomery High. She earnedher bachelor’s degree at San Francisco StateUniversity, her masters in journalism at ColumbiaUniversity and in 2009 completed herDoctoral Degree in Education at the Universityof San Francisco.She has written a book about her experience,titled Warriors Don’t Cry. The book has nowbeen made into a play, which Dr. Beals saw atBushnell Theatre in Hartford, CT. “It was stunningto watch my life unfold on stage,” she said.When asked if her students know about herexperience she replied, “I try not to bring it up.I have two or three lives, as we all do. On onehand, my name is etched in the ceiling of theCapitol. And I am a teacher and I have a family.But they will ask questions after they seesomething on TV or read it in the papers.”She also has received numerous honors andawards, including the Congressional Medal ofHonor, and is a much sought-after motivationalspeaker.Does she stay in touch with the others in theLittle Rock Nine? “Of course. We are like family;we’re brothers and sisters. I just spoke withCarlotta yesterday.” Carlotta Walls LaNeir wasanother of the nine, which also includes ErnestGreen, Elizabeth Eckford, Jefferson Thomas,Terrence Roberts, Minniean Brown, Gloria RayKarlmark, and Thelma Mothershed. They havebeen invited back to the Oprah Winfrey programin 2011 to do a reprise of an earlier show.Dr. Beals turned 69 on December 7, 2010.She understands her role in history, butmakes every effort to not overstate it. Howdoes she want to be remembered? In an interviewin Marin Magazine, she answered, “As agood mother, and as a child of God who struggleshard daily to qualify … also as someonewho was kind and friendly and who merelywanted what was due to her: equality and theright to be the best I can be.” ✦Sonoma Serenity HomeCA. Lic#496800094Live more comfortablywith a reverse mortgageCall me to learn more aboutthis important financialoption from MetLife Bank.Marge BottariMetLife Bank Reverse Mortgage Consultant415-324-9144All loans are subject to property approval. Certain conditions and fees apply.Mortgage financing provided by MetLife Bank, N.A., Equal Housing Lender.© 2010 METLIFE, INC. L0809052954[exp0810][All States][DC]www.Whistlestop.org 7

Keep Learning atWHISTLESTOPBREAD & ROSESWhistlestop wants to say a specialthank you to Bread & Roses forproviding live entertainment forour special luncheons throughout the years. The musicgroups are extremely talented and caring people, whoare volunteering their time. Our reward is watchingthe older adults walk out from our special luncheonswith big smiles and a lighter step. The music is healingand uplifting. We appreciate the hard work you dofor many agencies. Thank you for being a part ofWhistlestop.BEGINNING COMPUTER/PICTURE CLASS Computer Room | Fee: $15 | Gene Dyer Basic Computer SkillsPre-registration required:call Learn to transfer your digitalphotos from a camera, CD orflash drive onto your computerand how to send and receivethem with your friends andfamily by attaching them toemails. Bring camera and cable.ADVANCED COMPUTER/PICTURE CLASS Computer Room | Fee: $15 Gene Dyer BasicComputer SkillsRegister: call Learn how to Tell a PictureStory on computer monitorsand TVs in slideshows, using Word,PDF, PowerPointPresentations andmovie formats.COMPUTER LAB Computer Room | FreeWhistlestop offers free drop-in computer instructionevery Wednesday from 10am to noon in the ComputerRoom. Price Hall, a computer technician, is presentto answer your questions and provide one-on-oneinstruction.GMAIL FOR OLDER ADULTS Computer Room | Fee: $56 Susan WilkinsRegistration required: call It’s easy to stay in touch with old friends and family usingthe Internet. We will be setting up a Google account,which includes the free email program, Gmail. We willexplore Google calendar, Google Reader, blogs andsearch the internet using Advanced Search. We will alsoexplore Social Networking … what is it? Do I need it? Wewant you to succeed in this course and recommend thatyou be familiar with the mouse and keyboard beforeenrolling. Instruction in this class is not textbook-based.This class is in partnership with the College Of Marin.AARP DRIVER SAFETYPROGRAM AT WHISTLESTOP Information and to register:call Sharpen your driving skills throughthe AARP Driver Safety program.This course is developed tohelp drivers 50 years or olderadjust to age-related changesin vision, hearing and reactiontime. Medication and its effects on driving willalso be addressed. At the end of this course, acertificate of completion will be given, whichmay save you money on auto insurance. ANSWERSN L RDBRVRFF R P H R T L F VTDRPN R V L B NRLLVLNT NRB FR NDDRDL DNVTRTBNLTRNRHP HN TLRDL B T P R P L P R N N TTV J RDDDDRPFNTDLBDPTVDHH RL NRR BTDPNFPPNTNFLRRDTTNTFT NH NFNR R8 The Whistlestop Express February 2011

GET FREE TAX HELP!February 1 to April 15Whistlestop and Novato’sMargaret Todd Senior CenterSchedule appointments startingJanuary 24:call 415-459-6700Whistlestop is offering a free taxservice by IRS-certified tax preparersfor people with basic, uncomplicatedtax situations to help them file their 2010 tax returns.VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITYVolunteers with sewing experience needed to makecurtains for the Jackson Café. Whistlestop will provide thematerial. Must have your own sewing machine.For more information:call 415-456-9062“KNIT YOUR PART” KNITTING GROUP Lounge | Free | Confirm Day: call 415-456-9062Everyone is knitting squares to eventually put togetherand make an afghan to give to charity. Bring your needles(size 7 or 8) and any yarn you might have lying around.Everyone is welcome to come and join us!MARDI GRAS LUNCHEON Jackson Café | Fee: $6 for older adults,$9 for under 60Reservations required: call 456-9062Please join us for a delicious meal andlive entertainment.ART FROM THE HEART Lounge | Carin Powers | FreeTo sign up: call 415-456-9062Join us for a fun new art program! We willuse a variety of media (paints,pastels, collage, etc.)Come exploreyour world froma whole newvantage point.You may evenreacquaintyourself withyour innerchild! All levelsare welcome.No experiencenecessary.GENTLE CHIROPRACTIC SERVICES Arcade | Fee: $2 Dr. Jennifer Burns. Sign-ups will betaken on the day chiropractic services are offered only.Available on a first-come, first-served basis.Do you suffer from back or neck pain, tensionheadaches or aching muscles and joints? For relieffrom aches and pains of everyday stress and strains,visit Whistlestop to see a chiropractic professionalwho provides safe, gentle and effective chiropracticcare.WHISTLESTOP TEA DANCE Fee: $2Enjoy music, dancing, fun people, raffle, and lightsnacks and refreshments.For information: call 415-456-9062VIETNAMESE LUNARNEW YEAR CELEBRATIONYear of the Cat 2011Thursday, February 10 Jackson Café | Fee: $6for older adults, $8 forunder 60Reservations required:call 415-456-9062Please join us atWhistlestop to celebratethe 2011 Year of the CatVietnamese New Year! Enjoy dinnerand a lion dance.DEUTSCHE GESELLSCHAFT (GERMAN GROUP) Wir haben eine neue Idee in Whistlestop wo wir eineDeutsch sprechende Gruppe Zusammen bringen undwir uns in Deutsch amusieren konnen. Wir freuen unsauf Ihr kennen lernen, bitte rufen Sie fur Auskunft.Transportation NumbersScheduling Rides: 454-0964Cancelling Rides: 457-4630Eligibility Coordinator,Janet Van Rijsbergen 456-9062, ext. 160janet.vanrijsbergen@whistlestop.orgWhistlestop.org 9

WhistlestopACTIVITIESThis Month at WhistlestopTIME CLASS LOCATION MISC. COSTMONDAYS10:30–NOON Persian Group Lounge 472-6020 for info Free11:00–NOON Computer Literacy Computer Lab Open Free11:00–12:30 PM German Group TBD Open Free2:00–4:00 PM ESL Caboose/Café Jan 24th-May 18th Free4:00–5:30 PM Citizenship Caboose 454-0998 for info FreeTUESDAYSTHURSDAYS WEDNESDAYSFRIDAYS10:00–2:00 PM Asian Group Caboose 454-1552 for info Free9:15–10:30 AM Whistlesizers Caboose Open $210:45–11:45 AM Cardio Exercise Caboose Open Free11:00–12:30 German Group TBD Open Free1:00–3:00 PM Spanish Class Caboose Open Free2:00–3:30 PM English Conversation Board Room 454-0998 for info Free9:00–10:30 AM Tai Chi Qigong Caboose Suggested Donation $1010:00–11:30 AM Seniors' Circle Board Room Open Free10:00–NOON Computer Lab Computer Lab Open Free10:30–NOON Persian Group Lounge 472-6020 for info Free11:00–NOON Corazón Latino Caboose Open Free2:00–4:00 PM ESL Caboose/Café Jan 24th-May 18th Free2:00–4:00 PM Adv. Remembr. Writing Board Room Open $510:00–2:00 PM Asian Group Caboose 454-1552 for info Free10:30–NOON Art from the Heart Lounge Open Free9:15–10:30 AM Whistlesizers Caboose Open $22:00-3:30 PM English Conversation Caboose 454-0998 for info Free2:00–3:00 PM Vietn.Citizenship Caboose 454-1552 for info Free2:00–4:00 PM Remembrance Writing Board Room Open $511:00–1:00 PM Loom Knitting Caboose 1st Fri. Arts & Crafts Free1:30–3:30 PM ACASA Board Room Peer Counseling Free1:30–3:30 PM Spanish Club Caboose Open Free2:00-4:00 PM Friday Movie Jackson Café Free Snacks/Drinks FreeThe Caboose, Computer Lab, Board Room and Jackson Café are all located at Whistlestop’s Active Aging Center – 930 Tamalpais Ave., San Rafael.Jackson CaféLUNCH MENU60+ PRICESMain Entrée $4.00Turkey Sandwich $3.00Soup $1.50Hamburger $4.25Pizza $4.00Salads $2.50Monday-Friday 11:30am-1:30pmLocated in Whistlestop Active Aging CenterUNDER 60 PRICESMain Entrée $6.75Turkey Sandwich $4.00Soup $2.00Hamburger $5.25Pizza $5.00Salads $4.00OTHER ITEMSTuna Salad Side $1.25Fresh Fruit Cup $1.00Desserts $1.50Beverages $1.0010 Whistlestop Express February 2011

The Bird's SideOF MARIN by RICHARD PAVEKMurmurationsSitting onmy Walkstoolwithmy camera inmy lap, justNorth of Highway37, I waswatching two harriers off inthe distance, hoping they wouldturn and hunt closer to me.Behind me was a vineyard, itsgreen leaves already assumingthe vibrant colors of autumn.Gradually, I became awareof a faint, low-pitched murmuringsound behind me, andthen without warning, a subtlepressure pushed against myback. Startled, I turned to arush of hundreds of silentbirds – starlings – flyingthrough the vineyard behindme on murmuring wings. Ibarely managed to capturea single usable image beforethey were off in a great cloudsinking down between therows. In less than a minutethe cloud shot up from thevineyard and proceeded totwist and coil its way throughthe late afternoon sky, a mesmerizingaerial display thatwould have had a delightedTerpsichore clapping herhands, had she been there tosee it.These amazing performancesare common in the UKwhere there may be as manyas ten thousand starlings inone of these “Murmurations.”No one knows why the starlingsdo this but they havebeen doing it for centuries. Youcan see a video of the aerialdance on my blog at: www.RichardsBirdBlog.comEach weekend I email aninteresting bird photo to aselect list. If you’d like to beadded just ask SHENmaker@MSN.com. ✦‘Till next month,Richardwww.Whistlestop.org 11

CUSTOM RAILINGSand HAND RAILSA Right Solution for Every Home!LIC.#483059Competitive Prices – Senior DiscountPARETO CO707.769.8300PARETOCO.COMSTOCKSTILLHOUSEAssisted living in ourbeautiful, spacious homein Pt. Reyes Station with24 hour care for up to 8 seniors.Now accepting resident applications.415-663-8148 www.wmss.orgFind the right place for your loved one or for yourselfFeeling Low? Be in the Know;HOPE Program Offers Just ThatBY SALLY DOUGLAS ARCEGuest ColumnistNearly one-fifth of older adults in Americasuffer from depression, but many of themmay not realize it. “People, includingfriends and family, often don’t recognize thesymptoms of depression,” says Patty Lyons, MA,MFT, supervisor of The HOPE Program and SeniorPeer Counseling, a program within MarinCounty’s Community Mental Health Services.“It is not uncommon for us to imagine unbearablesadness and uncontrollable crying whenwe think of depression. However, depression canlook and feel very different and many may try toexplain away these symptoms of depression. Forexample, it is not uncommon for someone withdepression to have digestive problems or unexplainedaches and pains.”The following are signs that a person might beexperiencing ongoing depression and emotionaldistress. unlovable enjoyed It is important to remember that depression isnot a normal part of aging. In fact, many olderpeople are satisfied with their lives, even whenconfronted with health problems or the loss offriends or a spouse.Resources: , a multi-disciplinary approach forthose over 60. Home and office visits offered.Phone number 415-473-4306 A program of Jewish Family and Children’sServices, Marin County, which offers a range ofservices to meet individualized needs 415-449-3777 or info@seniorsathome.org. ✦Sally Douglas Arce is with Full Court PressCommunications.12 Whistlestop Express February 2011

FinancialNUGGETSby JEFF STOFFER, CFA, CFP®Visiting Angels ® CanHelp Share the CareBonds: Too Much of a Good Thing?(Part IV)Are we in a bond bubble or not? Proponentspoint to several factors: hugeamounts of money poured into bondssince 2007, superior performance of bonds overstocks in the last 40 years and current historicallylow interest rates.The two most recent “bubbles” – real estatethis decade, and technology stocks in the 1990’s– are all too fresh in most of our minds. Investorswere fixated on the opportunity to makequick gains. Speculation was rampant andpeople used leverage, i.e., borrowed money, toenhance returns.In the context of the current investment environmentfor bonds, the word “bubble” seemslike an over-reaction (or perhaps a media buzz?).Investors have flocked toward bonds not for quickprofits, but for price stability and a steady incomestream. Those attributes might make us feelwarm and fuzzy about bonds, but investors’ attitudescan hardly be called euphoric.Why then all the fuss? The first major concernis inflation. Recall that inflation erodes the valueof your original investment. It may take severalmore years, but at some point the economy willreturn to stronger growth, bringing with it therisk of inflation. A big spike in inflation couldbring about a sell-off in bonds. Those sellinginto the fear will lock in losses. Those with morepatience will continue to receive interest incomeand eventually the return of their principal.In a previous installment, we noted the riskinherent in “herd” behavior, when investorsfollow the crowd. The favored asset can becomeoverpriced. This increases the risk that investorscould see more volatility, or wider price swings.In the future we expect more volatility and theeventual return of inflation. Those who knowwhat to expect and who keep clear heads willweather the storm better than most.Next month we’ll look at what our conclusionsmean for investing in bonds. ✦Jeff Stoffer is a Whistlestop Board member.Assessments are Performed by a Qualified R.N. We Can Be Thereto Assist You!415-499-1200Give the gift of health…Therapeutic Yoga For Older AdultsYOGa TO YOu ©YOGa TO YOu seeks to share the ancient wisdomfound in yoga, now widely embraced by integratedmedicine that underscore the health benefits of yoga.We take Yoga to individuals and groups in theirprivate homes, or in assisted living centers,nursing homes, independent living sites, and otherresidential care facilities for older adults.Call for a Free demonstration today!Dr. Melanie Hahn www.Whistlestop.org 13

180° DIFFERENTSENIOR LIVING FROM YOUR POINT OF VIEW.GrandMOMby AUDREY METTEL FIXMERAt Kisco Senior Livingwe’re about nurturingthe mind, body andspirit, continuing theprocess of personalgrowth and havinga newfound sense ofconnection to others.We call it The Artof Living Well. SM(415) 491-1935 Lic # 216801028275 Los Ranchitos RoadSan Rafael, CA 94903WWW.KISCOSENIORLIVING.COMFOLLOW US ONLINEHEALTH CARE CONNECTION(415) 457-2256www.HealthCareConnectionLLC.comLiving the SlowEvolution of RaceUsually when senior citizens marvel atthe progress we have seen in our lives,the first thing that comes to our mindsis technology advances in communication ortransportation. One of the greatest wonders ofour time, however, has to be the progress of racerelations we’ve seen unfold.I grew up in Aurora, Illinois, in the 1930’s and40’s. My first interaction with a black child wasan encounter I had while walking to school onemorning when I was about seven. My daily routetook me past one home of a black family, wherecountless children raced around their front yard. Iwalked on the other side of the street.One day somebody in the group yelled,“There she is, Snowball! There’s your girlfriend!Go get her!”Before I could think, this wiry little black kidcame tearing across the street, leaping on me andplanting a big kiss on my cheek. I took off running,my heart pounding in my chest, and the spoton my cheek burning for the remaining few blocksto school. From then on, I found another.My private high school experience during WorldWar II was just as sheltered, but in college I lovedthe one black girl in the school, Joyce.Then came the Civil Rights era, where we all gotan education, to say nothing of an awareness of racialprejudice. That was a rude awakening for me,but it still did not touch me directly until manyyears later when my wonderful granddaughter,Bridget, married a young man from Africa. We allloved Sira from the day we met him. He was welleducated, polite, loving and so dedicated to hisselfless work with handicapped people. Frankly,though, I worried about an interracial marriage.In the six years since Sira has been in our family,he has become one of our dearest grandchildren.He has provided us with two precious greatgrandchildren.✦Audrey has been publishing her column in the Madison,WI, Diocesan Catholic Herald for 15 years.14 Whistlestop Express February 2011

Easy Ways to Give toWHISTLESTOP (And to Do Something Good for an Older Adult) Ask your bank - Bread & Roses ConnectsHeart-to-Heart through Music - - - Cassandra Flipper - - - - - - ✦ Get involved. - ✦WordSEARCH Answers on Page 8N L RDBRVRFF R P H R T L F VTDRPN R V L B NRLLVLNT NRB FR NDDRDL DNVTRTBNLTRNRHP HN TLRDLBTPR PLPRN N TTV JRDDDDRPFNTDLBDPTVDHH RL NRR BTDPNFPPNTNFLRRDTTNTFT NH N F N R R drr dr ftn AffectionBlvd Bfrnd ndlpl rh pdDr Dvtn FnFlr Fndn Frvrrlfrnd Hrt JlrLvr Prtnr PrplRn R ntntVlntnttrtnndDrlnFlFrndhpLRltnhptrBhltDtFlrftLvbrdRtrntthrtwww.Whistlestop.org 15

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