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GRANTS LEED CREDITSRESISTO UNIFIX RAPIDMarkingReference standard:EN1504-3QUICK- SETTING MORTAR WITH COMPENSATED SHRINKAGEAND IMPROVED ADHESION FOR UNIVERSAL USEAND QUICK APPLICATION FOR CONCRETE REPAIRSENVIRONMENTMETHOD OF USEPRECAUTIONSECO GREENRECYCLABLEMIX MECHANICALLYAPPLICAZIONE CON FRATTAZZOAPPLY BY TROWELSTORAGE:IN A DRY PLACEPROBLEM SOLUTION APPLICATION FIELDSSMOOTH AND EXECUTE QUICKSMALL REPAIRSON CONCRETEQuick repair, fixing and grouting problems oftenoccur when carrying out various repair workon concrete and in normal building site work;what is needed consequently is a ready-touseand quick-setting mortar with superiorcharacteristics of workability and application.RESISTO UNIFIX RAPID resolves all work thathas to be carried out quickly and, thanks to its highlevel of workability, it can be used in numerousfields of application, on walls and floors and withoutusing formworks. RESISTO UNIFIX RAPIDis ready mixed in powder form, ready to use,containing high resistant cement, selected inertmaterial (max granulometry 0.5 mm), and additiveswhich guarantee excellent handling and adhesionto surfaces. RESISTO UNIFIX RAPID has a highthixotropic level for use in small and thick-layerrepair jobs without having to use formworks. RE-SISTO UNIFIX RAPID has a quick-setting time,high mechanical resistance and elastic modulussuitable for repair work.EN1504-3ADESIVI PERCERAMICAACCORDING TO EUROPEAN NORMSR3PCCStructuralconcrete refurbishmentRESISTO UNIFIX RAPID is suitable for numerousapplications for reinstating concrete, for repair,fixing and reconstruction work over reinforcementplates and for levelling, skimming and groutingwork.ADVANTAGES• High level of workability and easyapplication thanks to the ready-to-useformula that avoids possible site errors.• High level of adhesion to the concretesupport, elastic modulus and thermalexpansion similar to concrete.• High thixotropic level and compensatedshrinkage, making it easy to apply withoutusing formworks and without crackingproblems.• SURFACE PREPARATIONConcrete surfaces must be prepared in order toachieve good bonding of RESISTO TIXO RA-PID mortar. It is therefore necessary to removeany loose parts and those without consistencyby way of chiselling, brushing or high pressurewater cleansing. Traces of oil, release agents,rust and dirt in general must be removed. Anysteelwork which becomes visible must be cleanedand made chemically non-reactive by usingcement mortar and Strato 4900 (1). Soak thesubstrate without creating films of water, whichcan be possibly eliminated using compressed12 3METHOD OF USEair or a sponge.• MIX PREPARATIONRESISTO UNIFIX RAPID is ready to use andneeds only to be mixed with 18% of cleanwater (4.5 litres per 25 kg sack). Mix either inan ordinary cement mixer or low speed mixeradding RESISTO TIXO RAPID to the water andmixing for 3 minutes. Do not continue mixinglonger than the time necessary to obtain a smoothmix. Remember that water is an importantcomponent in mortar and must be added in therecommended quantities so as not to compromiseproperties such as mechanical resistance,shrinkage etc.• APPLICATIONThe product is appliedwith a trowel and inoxspatula without having touse formworks (3). RE-SISTO UNIFIX RAPIDcan be used for smallthick-layer and localisedrepairs.COVERAGE18 kg/m 2 ×cm of thickness.PRECAUTIONS• Do not expose the material to the sun in hotweather.• Use cold water in summer and water at approx20°C in winter.• Minimum application temperature +5°C.• Do not add water once the mix has startedto set.• Do not add other materials to RESISTO TI-XO RAPID such as cement, inert material oradditives.• In hot weather keep the surtace of the mortardamp for at least 24 hours.• Do not apply as plaster for thickness on widesurfaces: in those cases use RESISTO TIXOor RESISTO REP.• Store in a dry place.4 th DIVISION2 nd LINE

TECHNICAL CHARACTERISTICSRESISTO UNIFIX RAPIDClass and typology (EN 1504-3)R3 / PCCAspectpowderColourgreyParticle size0-0,7 mmMix water 18%Apparent volume massof powder1,25 kg/literApparent volume mass offresh mortar (EN 1015-6)1,95 kg/literLife once mixed (*)ca. 15 min.Thermal compatibility to frost-thawcycles with thawing salts (EN 13687-1)≥1,5 MPaElasticmodul (EN 13412)≥15 GPaCapillary waterabsorption (EN 13057) ≤ 0,5 kg/m 2 •h 0,5Adherence bond (EN 1542)≥1,5 MPaCompressionstrength (EN 12190)≥25 MPaBending strength (EN 196/1)≥5 MPaChloride ion content (EN 1015-17)≤0,05%Carbonatationresistance (EN 13295)Specifica superataReaction to fire (EN 13501-1)classe A1Minimum application thickness1 mmMaximum thickness per layer10-40 mm (piccole riparazioni)ApplicationmanualApplication temperaturemin +5°C ÷ max +35°CStore in original packagingin a dry place12 monthsTest conditions: temperature 23±2°C, 50±5% R.H. and air velocity in test area

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