Basic concepts in architecture – examples from Budapest

Basic concepts in architecture – examples from Budapest

Basic concepts in architecture – examples from Budapest


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HOME ASSIGNMENTI n t r o d u c t i o n t o a r c h i t e c t u r e 2 0 1 2Warm-up (11 h of September): You must present a building/urban square/architectural landscape from your hometown. You have to talk about the selected building in front of the class, while 2 .jpg images areprojected illustrating that building. The images can be yours or from the internet. Two people can not present the same building!The task (October-November):Basic concepts in architectureexamples from BudapestSubjective presentation of an ASSIGNED architectural concept/expression, explained on a builtexample from BudapestYou have to explain an architectural concept and present how that is visible on a buildingYou can work with a building OR one urban composition (square, street) that you have to find inthe city of BudapestYou have to make good quality photographs of your selected building, which explains well thearchitectural expression assigned to you. Minimum 4 photos!You have to make a projected presentation, where you explain in front of the class with yourwords the assigned expression. Minimum 4 slides!You have to submit two A4 pages, one explaining your expression generally, one explaining iton the building selected with your best photos, with your subjective description of the building(printed text)Projection: The projection must be either a slide show of .jpg images, or a .ppt presentation. You have to present the expression/concept assigned to you GENERALLY, speaking whileshowing 1 or 2 slides You have to present a building from Budapest explaining your expression in 2 or 3 slides in total it must be 4 slides, each can contain one or more images, some explanatory text You have 3-5 minutes to speak. Speak synchronized with your slides! The lessons will be held AFTER your presentations, and will relate to the expressionspresented by you.Assignment on paper (20 th of November) Two pages A4 portrait The used paper must be at least 120 g/m2 heavy The first A4 must explain your expression GENERALLY with images and a text of 200-500characters. No text from internet or books is acceptable! The second A4 must explain your expression VISIBLE ON A BUILDING with images and a textof 200-500 characters. No text from internet or books is acceptable! The pictures used must be from your presentation. The expression and the name and location of the presented building (city space) must bewritten on the page, such as the name of the author of the exercise and the year "2012" Your written text should be based on your presentation, upgraded with the knowledge of thatconcept you acquired form the lessons

Evaluation: 30points – excellent, 24points – good, 18points - average, 12points – poor,0 points - unacceptable Evaluation will be based on your personal thoughts presented, original written text on the A4 (0points if text is copied from book or internet) Evaluation will depend on the quality of realization, design and own pictures Works can get maximum points only if you present your projection in time, and have completedA4 pages on the time of submission. If you miss the date of your presentation or you are more then 15 minutes late (12:30) you willhave -10 points, while you have to present on next class.Email of 2 images .jpg for warm-up presentation:10 th of September to: introarchi@gmail.comWarm-up projection, your hometown:11 th of September at 12:15Projection with your oral presentation:2 nd of October 12:15 geometric pattern, 12:20 organic, 12:25 prefabrication9 th of October 12:15 memory, 12:20 sustainability, 12:25 rhythm16 th of October 12:15 noise, 12:20 touch, 12:25 shadow30 th of October 12:15 reuse, 12:20 flexibility, 12:25 public6 th of November 12.15 contrast, 12.20 axiality, 12.25 free formEmail of the .jpg or .ppt projection of your presentation:The DAY BEFORE your presentation date to: introarchi@gmail.comSubmission date of two A4 pages only on paper:20 th of November, 12:15Budapest, 2012-09-04Benkő Melinda PhD – Kádár Bálint – Csízy László

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