BRUSSELS VISITORS’ SATISFACTION(source: online satisfaction questionnaire BAROMETER01/07/2011 - 30/06/2012© VisitBrussels Contact: P. 1

VISITORS' SATISFACTIONJuly 2011-June 201212 Months (671 questionnaires)FOREWORDThis Visitors' satisfaction 12-month barometer gives some highlights of VisitBrussels’ online satisfaction, which is part of the Quality Scheme for Brussels tourism.The survey is completed on a voluntary basis. Face-to-face interviews are also performed once in a while in touristicareas of Brussels, at random.Therefore, the survey does not at all pretend to be “scientific” or to be a true reflection of what all visitors think orfeel about our destination.Nevertheless, we consider it is a useful tool for our future visitors, Brussels tourism professionals and publicauthorities.Because your appreciation and comments help us to create a world of real hospitality, your participation in thisquestionnaire is very important to us. Thank you for your valuable input!The Visitors’ satisfaction report is updated every month - available on more information, please contact TO SAY ABOUT BRUSSELS? WE WANT TO HEAR IT!TOGETHER, LET’S SHAPE THE QUALITY OF TOMORROW!CONTENTEdition June 2012Overall satisfactionReasons for visiting BrusselsRadioscopyTravelers’ ReviewsP. 3P. 4-6P. 6-8P. 9-24© VisitBrussels Contact: P. 2

VISITORS' SATISFACTIONJuly 2011-June 201212 Months (671 questionnaires)MY OVERALL SATISFACTION© VisitBrussels Contact: P. 3

VISITORS' SATISFACTIONJuly 2011-June 201212 Months (671 questionnaires)MY REASONS FOR VISITING BRUSSELSMy interests Number %Historical and cultural heritage 475 32.20 %Lifestyle 325 22.03 %Attractions & Events 257 17.42 %Business 137 9.29 %Friends & Family 134 9.08 %Other 78 5.29 %European Institutions 69 4.68 %Historical & cultural heritageMy interests Number %Unesco World Heritage (Grand Place,317 29.49 %Horta…)Museums in general 203 18.88 %Architecture, Art Nouveau 163 15.16 %All 154 14.33 %Surrealism (Magritte) 99 9.21 %Comic strips 97 9.02 %Other 42 3.91 %Attractions & EventsMy interests Number %Amusement/theme parks (Atomium, Mini- 138 30.40 %Europe…)Seasonal event (Winter Wonders, Flower 86 18.94 %carpet…)Music, theatre and other cultural shows 76 16.74 %Festival/Exhibition 73 16.08 %All 46 10.13 %Other 35 7.71 %LifestyleMy interests Number %Gastronomy & local specialties 244 25.26 %Walking around Brussels, experiencing180 18.63 %Brussels districtsShopping 166 17.18 %Nightlife 112 11.59 %Fashion 72 7.45 %Art, antiques 59 6.11 %Design 44 4.55 %All 38 3.93 %Brussels Green City 35 3.62 %Other 16 1.66 %© VisitBrussels Contact: P. 4

VISITORS' SATISFACTIONJuly 2011-June 201212 Months (671 questionnaires)MY REASONS FOR VISITING BRUSSELS (cont)Category %History & Culture 32.20 %Lifestyle 22.03 %Attractions & Events 17.42 %Business 9.29 %Friends & Family 9.08 %Others 5.29 %European Institutions 4.68 %Category %History & Culture 35.29 %Lifestyle 24.81 %Attractions & Events 20.38 %Friends & Family 9.04 %European Institutions 4.04 %Others 3.65 %Business 2.79 %Category %Business 43.36 %History & Culture 15.93 %Lifestyle 14.16 %Friends & Family 9.73 %Attractions & Events 9.73 %Others 3.54 %European Institutions 3.54 %Category %Business 34.71 %History & Culture 19.01 %Lifestyle 14.05 %Attractions & Events 11.57 %Friends & Family 9.09 %European Institutions 8.26 %Others 3.31 %Category %History & Culture 38.33 %Lifestyle 25.00 %Attractions & Events 13.33 %European Institutions 8.33 %Friends & Family 6.67 %Others 5.00 %Business 3.33 %© VisitBrussels Contact: P. 5

MY REASONS FOR VISITING BRUSSELS (cont/end)VISITORS' SATISFACTIONJuly 2011-June 201212 Months (671 questionnaires)Category %History & Culture 30.48 %Lifestyle 23.56 %Business 15.01 %Attractions & Events 14.32 %Friends & Family 8.08 %Others 6.47 %European Institutions 2.08 %Category %History & Culture 35.00 %Attractions & Events 23.50 %Lifestyle 23.00 %Friends & Family 8.50 %Others 4.00 %Business 3.00 %European Institutions 3.00 %Category %History & Culture 31.94 %Lifestyle 25.86 %Attractions & Events 17.87 %Friends & Family 10.27 %Others 5.70 %European Institutions 4.37 %Business 3.99 %Category %History & Culture 41.11 %Lifestyle 16.67 %Attractions & Events 16.67 %Friends & Family 13.33 %European Institutions 6.67 %Others 3.33 %Business 2.22 %© VisitBrussels Contact: P. 6

RADIOSCOPYVISITORS’ SATISFACTION INDEXby type of clientsVISITORS' SATISFACTIONJuly 2011-June 201212 Months (671 questionnaires)ThemeAll Clients IndividualsLeisureBusiness MICELeisureGroupsDayYoungFamiliesTrippers (< 30)MY OVERALL FEELING 3.42/4 3.43/4 3.09/4 3.24/4 3.52/4 3.43/4 3.39/4 3.50/4 3.39/4QUALITY OF TOURIST INFORMATION/INFORMATION DESKS 3.30/4 3.33/4 2.87/4 3.17/4 3.50/4 3.33/4 3.25/4 3.38/4 3.39/4QUALITY OF ACCOMMODATION 3.29/4 3.30/4 3.29/4 3.25/4 3.19/4 3.12/4 3.38/4 3.37/4MY VISITS (historical heritage, arts, culture, attractions…) 3.31/4 3.29/4 2.89/4 3.07/4 3.50/4 3.41/4 3.27/4 3.34/4 3.31/4QUALITY OF RESTAURANTS 3.29/4 3.27/4 3.14/4 3.24/4 3.41/4 3.36/4 3.23/4 3.36/4 3.13/4QUALITY OF SHOPPING 3.24/4 3.22/4 2.90/4 3.00/4 3.51/4 3.36/4 3.20/4 3.26/4 3.28/4QUALITY OF NIGHTLIFE 3.22/4 3.21/4 2.67/4 2.81/4 2.82/4 3.46/4 3.17/4 3.29/4 3.39/4ENVIRONMENT & SUSTAINABILITY 3.05/4 3.03/4 2.70/4 2.80/4 3.52/4 3.13/4 3.02/4 3.14/4 2.87/4OTHER IMPORTANT ASPECTS OF MY TRIP 3.07/4 3.03/4 2.79/4 2.84/4 2.97/4 3.17/4 3.00/4 3.09/4 3.07/4Seniors(> 60)MY OVERALL FEELING 3.42/4 3.43/4 3.09/4 3.24/4 3.52/4 3.43/4 3.39/4 3.50/4 3.39/4Overall, my expectations have been fulfilled 3.37/4 3.39/4 3.06/4 3.21/4 3.50/4 3.38/4 3.30/4 3.47/4 3.31/4I look forward to visiting Brussels again 3.44/4 3.46/4 3.10/4 3.29/4 3.54/4 3.46/4 3.44/4 3.52/4 3.44/4I will recommend Brussels to my friends and relatives 3.44/4 3.45/4 3.10/4 3.21/4 3.54/4 3.45/4 3.42/4 3.52/4 3.44/4QUALITY OF TOURIST INFORMATION/INFORMATION3.30/4 3.33/4 2.87/4 3.17/4 3.50/4 3.33/4 3.25/4 3.38/4 3.39/4DESKSTourist information is easy to find and clear 3.26/4 3.27/4 2.80/4 3.22/4 3.50/4 3.33/4 3.17/4 3.33/4 3.29/4Tourist information is up-to-date and reliable 3.30/4 3.32/4 2.88/4 3.22/4 3.52/4 3.36/4 3.20/4 3.38/4 3.34/4Information is available in a language I understand 3.50/4 3.51/4 3.36/4 3.44/4 3.46/4 3.50/4 3.50/4 3.60/4 3.52/4Welcome staff is hospitable and ready to help 3.42/4 3.42/4 2.88/4 3.44/4 3.50/4 3.35/4 3.38/4 3.47/4 3.61/4Staff knows what the city has to offer and is a goodambassador of Brussels tourism3.37/4 3.40/4 2.93/4 3.27/4 3.55/4 3.30/4 3.22/4 3.44/4 3.64/4Welcome staff understands my expectations and gives3.32/4 3.34/4 2.80/4 3.27/4 3.55/4 3.25/4 3.24/4 3.45/4 3.54/4good advice and recommendationsTourist information centres are conveniently located 3.17/4 3.23/4 2.93/4 2.94/4 3.50/4 3.20/4 3.18/4 3.24/4 3.18/4Opening times of tourist information centres 3.11/4 3.15/4 2.40/4 2.57/4 3.44/4 3.34/4 3.06/4 3.12/4 3.04/4QUALITY OF ACCOMMODATION 3.29/4 3.30/4 3.29/4 3.25/4 3.19/4 3.12/4 3.38/4 3.37/4Hospitality and staff professionalism 3.29/4 3.27/4 3.40/4 3.22/4 3.38/4 3.13/4 3.38/4 3.41/4Feeling comfortable 3.33/4 3.32/4 3.30/4 3.36/4 3.25/4 3.24/4 3.39/4 3.41/4Quality of breakfast 3.26/4 3.31/4 3.37/4 3.21/4 3.43/4 3.03/4 3.36/4 3.24/4Quality of lunch/dinner 3.34/4 3.34/4 3.31/4 3.25/4 3.00/4 2.96/4 3.49/4 3.29/4Housekeeping and cleanliness 3.35/4 3.36/4 3.25/4 3.30/4 3.38/4 3.24/4 3.38/4 3.45/4Technology and maintenance 3.20/4 3.21/4 3.20/4 3.14/4 2.75/4 3.05/4 3.29/4 3.32/4Overall experience 3.35/4 3.34/4 3.35/4 3.30/4 3.38/4 3.22/4 3.45/4 3.50/4Value for money 3.21/4 3.23/4 3.17/4 3.19/4 3.00/4 3.11/4 3.31/4 3.32/4MY VISITS (historical heritage, arts, culture, attractions…) 3.31/4 3.29/4 2.89/4 3.07/4 3.50/4 3.41/4 3.27/4 3.34/4 3.31/4Diversity and range of sites and museums 3.45/4 3.44/4 3.16/4 3.19/4 3.61/4 3.55/4 3.49/4 3.50/4 3.44/4Cultural/educational interest 3.43/4 3.43/4 3.00/4 3.16/4 3.62/4 3.53/4 3.47/4 3.51/4 3.39/4Quality of attractions and events 3.42/4 3.41/4 2.83/4 3.10/4 3.67/4 3.59/4 3.45/4 3.45/4 3.28/4Welcome attitude 3.39/4 3.36/4 3.06/4 3.13/4 3.73/4 3.48/4 3.33/4 3.51/4 3.28/4Staff professionalism 3.37/4 3.37/4 3.22/4 3.30/4 3.62/4 3.49/4 3.37/4 3.46/4 3.33/4Organization and maintenance on site 3.28/4 3.27/4 2.71/4 3.00/4 3.58/4 3.36/4 3.22/4 3.39/4 3.18/4Information is available in a language I understand 3.43/4 3.46/4 3.00/4 3.30/4 3.13/4 3.53/4 3.46/4 3.49/4 3.46/4Range and quality of child activities 3.21/4 3.18/4 2.69/4 2.93/4 3.40/4 3.24/4 3.15/4 3.30/4 3.10/4Price 3.09/4 3.06/4 2.63/4 2.91/4 3.14/4 3.08/4 3.03/4 3.05/4 3.18/4Quality of cultural guided tour 3.25/4 3.18/4 2.80/4 3.00/4 3.73/4 3.41/4 3.11/4 3.07/4 3.33/4Quality of City tour by bus (hop on/off) 3.06/4 3.04/4 2.70/4 2.70/4 3.25/4 3.25/4 2.88/4 3.06/4 3.40/4© VisitBrussels Contact: P. 7

RADIOSCOPY (cont/end)VISITORS' SATISFACTIONJuly 2011-June 201212 Months (671 questionnaires)ThemeAll Clients IndividualsLeisureBusiness MICELeisureGroupsDayYoungFamiliesTrippers (< 30)QUALITY OF RESTAURANTS 3.29/4 3.27/4 3.14/4 3.24/4 3.41/4 3.36/4 3.23/4 3.36/4 3.13/4Diversity and range of food/restaurants 3.45/4 3.44/4 3.24/4 3.49/4 3.45/4 3.49/4 3.45/4 3.49/4 3.30/4Welcome attitude in restaurants 3.28/4 3.26/4 3.00/4 3.19/4 3.55/4 3.35/4 3.18/4 3.39/4 3.14/4Staff professionalism 3.28/4 3.24/4 3.12/4 3.24/4 3.55/4 3.39/4 3.18/4 3.39/4 3.09/4Quality and freshness of food served 3.35/4 3.30/4 3.29/4 3.35/4 3.45/4 3.41/4 3.33/4 3.37/4 3.20/4Availability of local products 3.30/4 3.30/4 3.26/4 3.17/4 3.30/4 3.40/4 3.27/4 3.41/4 3.03/4Cleanliness and hygiene 3.24/4 3.21/4 3.12/4 3.24/4 3.41/4 3.30/4 3.16/4 3.31/4 3.14/4Overall experience 3.32/4 3.29/4 3.18/4 3.24/4 3.45/4 3.36/4 3.26/4 3.39/4 3.23/4Value for money 3.10/4 3.08/4 2.94/4 3.00/4 3.14/4 3.16/4 3.03/4 3.16/4 2.91/4Seniors(> 60)QUALITY OF SHOPPING 3.24/4 3.22/4 2.90/4 3.00/4 3.51/4 3.36/4 3.20/4 3.26/4 3.28/4Welcome attitude in shops 3.15/4 3.14/4 2.56/4 2.68/4 3.47/4 3.26/4 3.13/4 3.19/4 3.18/4Diversity and range of shopping opportunities 3.28/4 3.28/4 2.88/4 2.95/4 3.58/4 3.38/4 3.35/4 3.29/4 3.30/4Local food specialties 3.23/4 3.22/4 2.89/4 2.95/4 3.44/4 3.42/4 3.11/4 3.31/4 3.24/4Mode/Fashion 3.30/4 3.28/4 2.94/4 3.05/4 3.58/4 3.49/4 3.32/4 3.34/4 3.39/4Design 3.22/4 3.21/4 2.94/4 3.00/4 3.22/4 3.34/4 3.22/4 3.22/4 3.26/4Art/Antiques 3.32/4 3.30/4 3.13/4 3.29/4 3.38/4 3.30/4 3.24/4 3.32/4 3.44/4Luxury goods 3.32/4 3.25/4 3.20/4 3.27/4 3.88/4 3.38/4 3.22/4 3.23/4 3.41/4Value for money 3.10/4 3.05/4 2.68/4 2.79/4 3.53/4 3.27/4 2.98/4 3.21/4 3.03/4QUALITY OF NIGHTLIFE 3.22/4 3.21/4 2.67/4 2.81/4 2.82/4 3.46/4 3.17/4 3.29/4 3.39/4Bars, Cafés, Clubs… 3.38/4 3.38/4 2.95/4 3.08/4 3.22/4 3.46/4 3.17/4 3.50/4 3.40/4Casinos 3.01/4 3.02/4 2.38/4 2.33/4 2.00/4 3.43/4 3.21/4 3.00/4 3.50/4Shows & Concerts 3.26/4 3.23/4 2.70/4 3.00/4 3.25/4 3.49/4 3.12/4 3.38/4 3.27/4ENVIRONMENT & SUSTAINABILITY 3.05/4 3.03/4 2.70/4 2.80/4 3.52/4 3.13/4 3.02/4 3.14/4 2.87/4Hospitality of inhabitants and contact with locals 3.36/4 3.32/4 3.14/4 3.03/4 3.52/4 3.45/4 3.20/4 3.46/4 3.25/4Brussels discovery with a local (“Brussels Greeters”) 3.13/4 3.11/4 2.40/4 2.30/4 3.50/4 2.91/4 3.00/4 3.18/4 3.00/4Availability of “soft mobility“ (public transportation, by foot3.30/4 3.28/4 2.90/4 3.00/4 3.61/4 3.32/4 3.26/4 3.36/4 3.13/4or by bike)Availability of “green” hotels 2.90/4 2.85/4 2.57/4 2.56/4 4.00/4 3.00/4 3.06/4 2.95/4 2.67/4Availability of organic (bio) and/or local products in2.85/4 2.85/4 2.43/4 2.79/4 2.67/4 2.92/4 2.80/4 2.94/4 2.67/4restaurants/hotelsAvailability of organic (bio) and ethical shopping 3.00/4 2.99/4 2.29/4 2.85/4 4.00/4 3.20/4 2.97/4 3.12/4 2.91/4Accessibility for the disabled people 2.67/4 2.70/4 2.11/4 2.23/4 3.67/4 2.72/4 2.59/4 2.79/4 2.36/4Cleanliness of public areas 3.06/4 3.01/4 2.94/4 2.92/4 3.37/4 3.19/4 2.97/4 3.18/4 2.81/4Air quality 3.20/4 3.14/4 3.19/4 3.17/4 3.54/4 3.35/4 3.21/4 3.30/4 2.94/4Climate 3.08/4 3.03/4 3.07/4 3.13/4 3.35/4 3.23/4 3.17/4 3.10/4 2.92/4OTHER IMPORTANT ASPECTS OF MY TRIP 3.07/4 3.03/4 2.79/4 2.84/4 2.97/4 3.17/4 3.00/4 3.09/4 3.07/4Arrival/Departure train station 3.15/4 3.15/4 2.91/4 2.88/4 2.92/4 3.26/4 3.15/4 3.17/4 3.27/4Arrival/Departure airport 3.37/4 3.31/4 3.05/4 3.23/4 3.62/4 3.50/4 3.11/4 3.37/4 3.47/4In the City: ease of finding my way around / signposting 3.05/4 3.06/4 2.93/4 2.90/4 3.18/4 3.17/4 2.97/4 3.09/4 3.08/4Quality of public transport (Metro, Tram, Bus, Villo…) 3.15/4 3.12/4 2.74/4 2.89/4 3.15/4 3.27/4 3.18/4 3.23/4 3.12/4Quality of taxi service 3.05/4 2.94/4 2.74/4 2.73/4 2.80/4 3.22/4 2.87/4 2.94/4 3.20/4Staff friendliness in public transport 3.02/4 2.99/4 2.53/4 2.57/4 3.10/4 3.05/4 2.89/4 3.07/4 3.14/4Parking convenience 2.67/4 2.67/4 2.53/4 2.24/4 2.00/4 2.69/4 2.69/4 2.61/4 2.53/4Feeling of safety and security 3.15/4 3.06/4 3.00/4 3.17/4 3.50/4 3.26/4 3.06/4 3.24/4 3.00/4Availability of mobile technologies (WiFi, mobile tourism …) 3.03/4 3.01/4 2.68/4 3.00/4 2.42/4 3.08/4 3.05/4 3.11/4 2.79/4© VisitBrussels Contact: P. 8

COMMENTSID Date Arrival Age Country ofResidenceThese “special moments” made me feelreally goodVISITORS' SATISFACTIONJuly 2011-June 201212 Months (671 questionnaires)My expectations have not been met inthis particular circumstance1277 30/06/2012 25/06/2012 30-40 Belgium (Wallonia) n:a n:a1276 30/06/2012 23/06/2012 40-60 India VISIT TO AUTONIUM INFORMATION DESK AT BRUSSELS CENTRAL STATIONFOR TOURISTS NOT SUFFICIENT1275 27/06/2012 26/06/2012 30-40 Belgium (Brussels) Tout etait parfait et Visit Brussels sont de tres bonsambassadeurs de la ville!1274 22/06/2012 14/06/2012 18-30 Sweden Sitting down at a bar the first day and seeing a photoexhibit on Quebec, where I'm from. It was surprisingand welcoming. The parc between the Palace andParliament, with vibrant active life.--1273 18/06/2012 15/03/2012 40-60 Netherlands lovely city i love only brussels -1272 14/06/2012 12/06/2012 18-30 Germany The tourist information center at Grand Place wasreally helpful and assisted us well in managing timeand suggesting what to do. I am glad I cam acrossthem. :) Provided us with wonderful maps for theyouth which was marvelous. I missed out on theComic Strip walk. And a whole lot of other things. Ipromised myself that I am visiting Brussels again.1271 12/06/2012 05/08/2008 30-40 United States flower carpet, beer, St Michael's - especially the freeorgan concertsNo complaints as such. yet. time was too short tomake such judgement. :)Clarity that Brussels South Airport is actuallyCharleroi.. and is quite far away.1270 06/06/2012 06/12/2011 40-60 Belgium (Brussels) Ah oui savez-vous Sans commentaires1269 05/06/2012 03/05/2012 18-30 United Kingdom -1268 31/05/2012 19/05/2012 30-40 France Musée Magritte le 19 mai 2012 Place grand sablon,petit sablon (très charmants) fait le 20 mai 2012 LeParc, Les Halles, Grand Place Bar : Le Délirium et Lamort subite Restaurant : Au vieux Saint Martin(Place grand sablon) Découverte par hasard desremparts et des murs BDHôtel Central Park (chambre petite et pas beaucoupde produits à disposition) ne vaut pas un 4 étoiles àmon sens... sinon niveau propreté correct et lerestaurant est très bien.1263 29/05/2012 05/02/1981 30-40 Belgique (Bruxelles) - -1262 29/05/2012 26/05/2012 30-40 Belgique (Wallonie) repas délicieux au restaurant "le Parc" au pied dujardin du cinquantenaire (le 26/05), visite trèsintéressante à Mini Europe (le 26/05), indication descuriosités trés bien faite (il doit être difficile de seperdre à Bruxelles grâce à votre systèmeBRAVO),parcs et jardins superbemententretenus,...FELICITATIONS AUX JARDINNIERS,1261 28/05/2012 05/05/2012 > 60 Allemagne Excellent cultural institutions (Bozar), TooneMarionette theatre Interesting architecture (SalleHenry Le Boeuf) Nice brasserie (Le greenwich)un peu déçue du système hop on hop off(uniquement un parcours disponible à cause des 20kms de Bruxelles (le 27/05) mais vendu au même prix??? un peu déçue par le Jazz Marathon (j'auraispréféré voir un intitulé du style Musique dumonde.... ayant été voir le dernier concert sur la GdPlace... le 26/05), propreté laissant un peu à désireraux alentours des galeries St Hubert surtout dans lespetites rues "non commerçante" dommage de passerd'un certain standing à ..... :(Lots of noise pollution (tourist buses leave theirmotor on while parked, unacceptable) Too muchdog shit on street (especially Place des Barricades)Often difficult for pedestrians to cross street, unsafe !Specially Botanique / Rue Royale crossing1260 27/05/2012 23/05/2012 40-60 Norvège - -1259 26/05/2012 21/05/2012 18-30 Grèce - -1258 25/05/2012 21/05/2012 30-40,30-40Espagne, Espagne - -1257 25/05/2012 21/05/2012 30-40 Espagne - -1256 15/05/2012 09/05/2012 30-40 Royaume-Uni - cigarette litter is particularly bad, there needs to bemore bins provided, streets in some areas are verydirty1255 12/05/2012 02/08/2011 40-60 France Gastronomie : pâtisseries excellentes, grand choix debières, baraques à frites ... Superbe musée MagritteQualité de la brochure Visit Brussel autrement parquartier. Déambuler dans les rues, à la découvertedes murs BD Bruxelles, c'est une ambiance ...Très déçue par le musée de la BD Déçue aussi parl'accueil assez froid .1254 10/05/2012 28/02/2012 40-60 France j'ai apprécié la brasserie La Mort Subite. La Grand -© VisitBrussels Contact: P. 9

COMMENTS (cont)ID Date Arrival Age Country ofResidenceThese “special moments” made me feelreally goodPlace est magnifique surtout la nuit. Lescommerçants sont aimables. Je regrette latechnologie moyenne (les écouteurs) du musée desinstruments de musique. Dans l'ensemble un trèsagréable séjour.VISITORS' SATISFACTIONJuly 2011-June 201212 Months (671 questionnaires)My expectations have not been met inthis particular circumstance1253 09/05/2012 21/02/2012 > 60 Pays-Bas - -1252 08/05/2012 28/04/2012 40-60 Autre Staff at Tourist information in Town Hall is reallyhelpful (morning of Apr.29) Staff at tourist sites inBrugge and other cities are friendly.1251 06/05/2012 05/05/2012 40-60 Belgique (Wallonie) Ma fille nous a offert une nuitée à l'hôtel Stanhopece week-end (du 05 au 06 mai 2012) et nous avonsété ébloui! De bons moments passés dans notrebelle capitale!1250 04/05/2012 01/10/2011 40-60 Allemagne Grand Place, Comic-Museum, Opera Carmen at LaMonnaieMy staying in Hotel A La Grande Cloche (PlaceRouppe) during Apr.28-30 was not satisfactory. Wefelt cheated. Detailed information will be sent toyour office soon. Staffs in hotel, restaurant and Garedu Midi train station that I met were notprofessional. They miscalculated the bill (not sure ifthat was mistake by intention or not). That made meand my wife feel terribly bad about Brussels.-Visit EU-Parliament, Restaurant near Grand Place1249 04/05/2012 26/03/2012 > 60 Hongrie - -1248 03/05/2012 14/04/2012 30-40 Allemagne visit in the Cantillon Brewerie in the RueGheudestraat 56 was very interessting Atomium andMini Europe where very impressiv the belgischstripcentrum is must see1247 03/05/2012 14/03/2012 40-60 Etats-Unis The front desk staff at our hotel, the ForumCatalonia, were great. They spoke very good Englishand made notes on the free city map showing themain tourist locations and tram stops.1246 03/05/2012 20/02/2011 > 60 France Tous les musées étaient parfaits (bien que le forfait 3jours soit encore un peu cher)BD, Magritte, Voiture,arts africains, palais royaux, musique, Horta,bière...etc-Very few of the tram stations have signage. Wedidn't know what station were were at most times.There were no accouncements on the tram itselfabout the station names.Nous avons renoncé à visiter l'Atomium (cher etmanque d'intérêt)1245 03/05/2012 06/04/2012 30-40 France - -1244 03/05/2012 19/03/2012 18-30 Etats-Unis Atomium and Mini Europe are fantastic! -1243 03/05/2012 03/06/2011 30-40 Royaume-Uni - The first night we were in Brussels, Friday 3 June2011, there was a great deal of upheaval in the citydue to a football match. First, the Grand Place wascovered in rubbish to a degree I was astonished tofind. Then, quite late into the night, there was acolossal amount of noise from football fans. So muchso, we were convinced until we read the news thenext morning that there had been riots overnight.This was disturbing to say the least.1242 03/05/2012 08/03/2012 30-40 Russie Great service in main museums (availability ofaudioguides, stuff is very helpful)1241 03/05/2012 15/03/2012 18-30 Hongrie waffels, chocolate and beer everytime andeverywhere, although I never drink at homeHomeless people begging money in the center of thecityThe city was very dirty, more wastebin would help alot.1240 02/05/2012 23/02/2012 18-30 Arabie Saoudite - -1239 02/05/2012 17/02/2012 18-30 Etats-Unis The Atomium was a marvel and the perfect touch todistinguish from the classical architecture which Ialso loved. The food variety, such as rabbit, alongwith the beer varieties, my favourite La Chouffe,were spectacular.I was reprimanded by a security guard for writingnotes in my little notebook in the Margritte museumbecause my pen was considered a potentially lethalweapon. Yet other people use pens/pencils as well. Ihave never had this happen to me in NYC museumswhere you would think security would be heavier!Also, the signs and some personnel are completelyclueless to help someone who does not speak Frenchor Dutch.1238 30/04/2012 22/12/2011 40-60 Belgium (Flanders) Great atmosphere at the Sablon area. -1237 27/04/2012 18/04/2012 40-60 United States Le Cirio is wonderful alaways -© VisitBrussels Contact: P. 10

COMMENTS (cont)ID Date Arrival Age Country ofResidenceThese “special moments” made me feelreally goodVISITORS' SATISFACTIONJuly 2011-June 201212 Months (671 questionnaires)My expectations have not been met inthis particular circumstance1236 25/04/2012 22/04/2012 30-40 India Great moment at airport…. Not like in India!Exhibition center SEAFOOD ok.1235 23/04/2012 01/03/2012 > 60 Belgium (Brussels) Chaque fois que je termine un "greet", les visiteurssont étonnés par la diversité qu'offre le centre-ville(parcs, musées, et , les endroits cachés (ex: lesjardins d'Egmont, la rue de la Cigogne, la terrasse duCinquantenaire, le Recycl-Art)...), l'architecture(Palais du Vin rue des Tanneurs)1234 22/04/2012 15/04/2012 40-60 Spain I did really feel good at a dinner in restaurantL'Ogenblik.Went to a restaurant next to the hotel, with 5people. But only 3 of us wanted to eat - they refusedto serve only 3, we had to order to 5.Quand on ne connait pas Bruxelles, circuler avec lestransports en commun est vraiment galère...Indications pas très claires et peu de personnes pourdonner des infos. Anecdote: J'ai accueilli 3Allemands pdt 5 jrs à Bxl ( j'étais absente, je leur aiprêté ma maison,). 1er jour, ils achètent une carte 10trajets. Le lendemain, grève gnle à cause du décès del'inspecteur, zéro infos, pas de remboursement,obligés de prendre des taxis, .un peu déçus...).Gare du Nord1233 17/04/2012 06/04/2012 40-60 United Kingdom - The experience was appalling. It was my Mother's87th birthday and I had organised the weekend breakas a treat for her. She has Dementia (mainlyforgetfulness) and was in a wheelchair. To compelsomeone in a wheelchair to wait outside shops andsit outside in cafes (when it's very cold) and have nodisabled toilet access is appalling. Also the lack oflowered pavements meant that, as a female carer, itwas very difficult to get the wheelchair up on to thepavements. Whilst some people where helpful -when they could see that I was struggling to open adoor, say - the majority were not. The ones that didhelp though tended to be from overseas, notBelgium. I won't be visiting again with her and won'tbe recommending it to anyone with mobility issues.For a city that houses the EU, I thought that it wasdisgraceful.1232 16/04/2012 20/12/2011 30-40 Belgium (Flanders) Het doet me altijd goed om in Brussel te komen ikben uit Geel maar als ik in brussel ben is het net of ikkom thuis,ik denk dat ik in een ander leven en ketwas I love BRUSSELS-1231 16/04/2012 13/04/2012 40-60 Germany private meeting with friends streetcar not easy to use - should annouce stationnames!!!1230 09/04/2012 29/06/2011 18-30 Other During the evening, there're lot of bars everywherethe atmosphere and variety of beers makes me feltgood. I love the seafood mussels.1229 06/04/2012 30/05/2011 40-60 United States All of my life, I have wanted to visit Belgium.Everything about Brussels exceeded my expectations,from the fantastic beers to the best handmadechocolates. I am especially thankful for theexemplary service at ComoComo, Mary Chocolatier,and the Coudenberg Museum/archaeological site. Ialso thought people in Brussels spoke much moreunderstandable English to my American ear than thepeople in London! I am planning to return in a fewyears! Thank you!1. The security issues in "Gare du midi" or nearbyMetro. 2. The traveling check is very inconvenientcan't be used in shops and have to bear highprocedures money from the bank exchange to eurocash. The bank which can exchange the travelingcheck in brussels are only two of them reallyunbelievable, besides the security in brussels is notallowed tourist bring the cash with. 3. The shopswhich located in tourism spot, clerk's attitude werereally lousy. If you have asian face they wouldrecognized you as chinese and the following ofserving were really bad. 4. The shops close too early,come on brussels is the center of EU Union, supposethere are lot of tourist and business people, if all theshops, restaurants, bars close that early, what's thespecialty for tourist and businessmen?-1228 06/04/2012 05/03/2012 18-30 Belgium (Flanders) - -1227 06/04/2012 01/04/2011 30-40 India the transport is simply awsome. the weather wasperfect for our good luck. the staff at all themuseums were very kind. every monument wecherished. except the metro adn train stations, all isgreat in this beautiful city.very unsafe place adn i recommend all my friends tobe very careful from these thugs arouind the metroand train stations. i was mugged by 2 in thepresence of my wife and kids and i did not realsie tillit was to late- they followed her from midi and© VisitBrussels Contact: P. 11

COMMENTS (cont)ID Date Arrival Age Country ofResidenceThese “special moments” made me feelreally goodVISITORS' SATISFACTIONJuly 2011-June 201212 Months (671 questionnaires)My expectations have not been met inthis particular circumstancerobbed us at ribacourt metro station ont heescalator. lost a lot of money which i had justwithdrawn and also the cards. overall i feelbrussels especially the train and metro stations areworse than many places in India. You have tocontrol the moroccan menace. sorry to say this, butif one goes through the mugging you will understandhow it is. next, again i would like to say Indiaatleast the cities fare better in terms of people'sbehaviour. the migrant population here is terrible.they spit everywhere. inside the metros, on thestreets, everywhere. they have no sense ofcleanlisness and hygiene. dont know who isresposible for this. but these will neverovershadow our visit :-)1226 04/04/2012 08/10/2011 40-60 Italy Stay in the Grand Place is very very emotional. Thenthe Atomium is a special and particular experience.I've seen the Heysel Stadium, now Roi Baldwin.Good visit and I feel really good in Belgian Centre forComic Strip Art and in Autoworld, with a lot of Italianancient cars. Metro is good enough.1225 04/04/2012 30/12/2011 30-40 Spain Nous avons bien profité de la Brussels City Card, c'estune très bonne idée.1224 04/04/2012 30/12/2011 30-40 Spain Living the new year's eve there was really great. Weenjoy our visit to Atomium, Autoworld and CBBD.People were kind and they help us to find the placeswe were looking for.1223 04/04/2012 03/01/2012 40-60 Netherlands Het bezoek aan het Magritte Museum, het bezoekaan het stripmuseum en een stadswandeling langsstripafbeeldingen op gebouwen. Verder heb ik eenaantal leuke restaurants en café's gevonden in debuurt van de Beurs en de AB.1222 03/04/2012 09/02/2011 18-30 United States The information booth in the grand place helped mearrive at my hotel easily and navigate the unfamiliarstreets - thank you!1221 03/04/2012 03/03/2012 30-40 Other The City Hall, 4 March 2012 - The guided tour inEnglish at 10 am was fantastic. The guide provided usa lot of data on Brussels and its rich past in aninteresting manner. She was more than helpfull. 3March 2012, arond 10 pm - Fantastic Belgian beer ingreat atmosphere of the Roy d'Espagneestablishment at the Grand Place. 4 March 2012around 6 pm - Very friendly saleswoman in theChocopolis store who really helped me in selectingthe best chocolates for my friends and relatives. 4March 2012 around 7 pm - Restaurant La vigne, RueJourdan - Great sea food with exceptional service.1219 03/04/2012 17/07/2011 40-60 Canada Our overall experience in Brussels was quitefantastic! We saw several museums and tookexcursions to Ghent, Bruges and Amsterdam.Everything was above expectation and made for amemorable trip.I thought that one day is enough to visit Brussels... Iwas wrong!!!La météo n'est pas douce là, mais on s'y habitue.We found some poor people asking for money,specially in the city center.Mijn hotel lag enigszins afgezonderd van delevendigheid van de stad. Hoewel de kwaliteit van dedienstverlening relatief hoog was (4 sterren), was heteen sfeerloos hotel. De kostprijs van het ontbijt (datik 1x heb gebruikt in het hotel) was misdadig hoog(20 euro) en dat heb ik ter plekke ook aangegeven.I wish the closing times of the weekend-de-la-bierewere more clear - I was so anxious to go every dayduring my trip, but the ticketing booths closed 30minute earlier than the posted signs, which resultedin me completely missing out. so sad!The Royal Art and History Museum - beautifulmuseum, but descriptions are available in Englishonly in several rooms. Unfortunatelly, the audioguide covers only the most important exibits andaccordingly I could not enjoy my visit properly.Working hours of many museums is too short, mostlyfrom 10-17, or even worse, like the Palais of Charlesde Loraine, which I really wanted to visit, but didn'tmanage, because it was open during my visit for onlyfew hours on Saturday, 4 March. Rundownfacades of many buildings in the wider city centre.No complaints!1218 03/04/2012 29/04/2011 > 60 United Kingdom The refurbished Atomium -1217 03/04/2012 01/06/2011 > 60 France Excellents moments sur et autour de la grandPlace,au musée Magritte et au musée de la BD1216 03/04/2012 22/11/2011 > 60 United Kingdom Although I had seen the Atomium in pictures overmany years, it was still a marvelous sight whenspotted on leaving the METRO. The interior was fullof surprises and was well worth the visit.-Unfortunately we had two attacks on our luggageand wallets, both in the METRO once on a train in theevening and the first time when we were leaving theMETRO station to walk to our hotel. Although neitherwas successful, it put a damper on our walks aroundthe city as I was constantly on the look-out fortrouble.1215 03/04/2012 15/01/2011 30-40 France Manneken-Pis museum! -© VisitBrussels Contact: P. 12

COMMENTS (cont)ID Date Arrival Age Country ofResidenceThese “special moments” made me feelreally goodVISITORS' SATISFACTIONJuly 2011-June 201212 Months (671 questionnaires)My expectations have not been met inthis particular circumstance1214 03/04/2012 26/03/2011 18-30 Italy THE BEST PLACE IN BRUSSEL IS THE "ATOMO". THEPUBBLIC TRANSPORT ARE EXCELLENT!1213 03/04/2012 30/12/2011 > 60 Netherlands We have chosen the wrong dates in case of closingthe musea on mondays en festival days. Wecompensate that with food en lovely drinks.1212 03/04/2012 19/01/2012 18-30 New Zealand Visit to the Grand Place was amazing, visiting theParliamentarium building1211 03/04/2012 29/12/2011 30-40 France - manège original en matériaux de récupération, -restaurant sur la grand place, cuisine familiale etambiance chaleureuse, - acceuil à l'hotel trèsagréable,1209 29/03/2012 17/03/2012 18-30 Romania a picknick in Cinquantennaire park on Saturday, the24th of March celebrating St. Patrick's Day aroundthe center on the 17th of March1208 29/03/2012 12/08/2012 40-60 Spain The focus in each cafe, brasserie, restaurant ... Takea good Belgian beer at any place ... Tastemagnificent frites in Flagey ... Find the latest andunknown comic strip mural ... Who are interested inlearning Spanish to assist you in your language ...1207 13/03/2012 03/02/2012 40-60 Belgium (Wallonia) Rue marché au charbon : Baroque (non repris survotre site) steelGate (soire Hunkut), soireemensuelle, inconnue de votre site Duquesnoy (ruedusquenoy)--A colleague's phone was stolen in a bar. We tried tocall Amaedus ribs restaurant to make a booking aswe were travelling with a large group, but thenumber on the website did not work and so when wearrived they could not seat us. They then didn't serveus for over 2 du chocolat, grand place. le prix de l'entréem'a paru élevée et la qualité du musée est faible.working hours and interval of metro line 6 (RoiBaudoin - Simionis Elisabeth) on Sunday, the 25th ofMarch around 6AMI am a lover of Brussels, still do not know anythingnegative ...-1206 10/03/2012 25/02/2012 40-60 Luxembourg quality of bars and restaurants and shops very bad service at hotel reception and back-office. 3days after our stay they told us we were no-showand wanted us to pay another night. As there is nocontact other than unprofessional reception we werevery grateful that you could put things right.1205 07/03/2012 29/02/2012 30-40 Denmark The possibility to walk around safely in the park inthe evening - see all the lights 'outside' and hear thecity slow down so to speak1202 01/03/2012 26/02/2012 40-60 Spain It is lovely to walk around the Grand Placeneibourhod. Peaceful!1201 25/02/2012 21/02/2012 40-60 Netherlands Adagio apart hotel is excellent interms of service andhospitality and location1199 21/02/2012 15/03/2010 18-30 Belgium (Brussels) Je vis à Bruxelles. J'y apprécie la diversité desactivités culturelles et les animations en tout genre.-Works in process all over!-La conduite des chauffeurs de Taxi et des Bus STIB.1198 19/02/2012 11/02/2012 40-60 Netherlands NA NA1197 14/02/2012 04/02/2012 40-60 South Africa Good transport and restaurants English not spoken by tram operator1196 10/02/2012 24/09/2010 30-40 Belgium (Brussels) I have now had Brussels residency for almost 2 years.The things I love about Brussels are the freshproduce, concerts---really great shows! parks, beer,chocolate (though more variety of chocolate wouldbe nice...enough with the hazelnuts and speculoos ineverything), the summer festivals are incredible. Thetrain availability to other places is exceptional. THeBellVue Museum is exceptional. The Abbey tourswould be great, if they were more accessible. Find away to make Belgium's best more easy to find, moreeasy to get to, and open them on Sundays (like theBellvue) so that people stop LEAVING Brussels on theweekends and have a real reason to stay. Otherwise,we all just go to Amsterdam, Paris, London,anywhere BUT Brussels. Would love more intersetingthings than the quite dull Atomium and yet anothertirp to Delirium. More jazz----highlight the jazz,highlight the cheese, schedule more chocolatemaking classes and real tours that are interesting.Den Halv Maan tour in Brugge is terrific. ChocolateClubs are very low end and feel cheap, even the'special, dress-sexy' ones (Spirito Martini, ParkSavoy)---ech. Taxi drivers are rude, not safe (wasattacked once, had 2 other friends assaulted, onerobbed, one sexually molested), the public places arefilthy--they stink, they're covered in vomit and urineand dirt, all the time. The pickpockets and drugs andrude immigrants (and I am an immigrant, so I thinkit's ok to say that) are horrible--always begging,aggressively on the metro, in the square, in trainstations and metros and outside restaurants. Theaggressiveness by them in clubs and bars and as taxidrivers and in the cultural/integration classes isunacceptable. They steal metro rides right in front ofSTIB, and no one cares. THey harass train riders, andno one cares. The police do not do their job whenbad things are reported, the taxi drivers rip off thetourists, the Flemish hate the French and theAMericans and everyone else who is not Flemish, andthe French hate the Flemish. Doesn't anyone in© VisitBrussels Contact: P. 13

COMMENTS (cont)ID Date Arrival Age Country ofResidenceThese “special moments” made me feelreally goodLine teaches us new flavors and is interesting, worthtelling stories about like, "Remember that time inBelgium when we had all those differentchocolates"? HVISITORS' SATISFACTIONJuly 2011-June 201212 Months (671 questionnaires)My expectations have not been met inthis particular circumstanceBelgium have pride in their country anymore?Doesn't anyone WANT to have a good experiencehere? I pay 57% taxes, and for what? strikes? nosafety? filthy public areas? to be harrassed and havethe police and STIB do nothing about it? We need astronger government, and we need people to enforcethe rules. Please. :) I keep trying to like it here, but Istill, even after 2 years, do not feel welcome. Havinga peeing kid be the symbol of this city isembarrassing---feels like people just don't care andwant to piss on the city. (p.s. thanks for listening) :)1195 09/02/2012 20/01/2012 18-30 United Kingdom - As discussed in an email previously sent to you, I wasshocked by the level of crime in Brussels1192 06/02/2012 24/09/2010 30-40 Belgium (Brussels) These are the happy words I use to describe Brussels:great fresh produce, incredible cheese and wineselections, some beautiful parks, French classesoffered by the commune, GREAT music especially inAntwerp, it's close to Paris and Amsterdam so youcan get OUT of Brussels. Outside Brussels is reallyBelgium's shining jewels---it's beautiful, clean, green,safe, friendly, did I mention clean and safe?1191 01/02/2012 15/10/1999 30-40 Belgium (Brussels) I really appreciate the easyness of puclic transport.You can find the way very nicely. I also like the STIB -webpages.1190 17/01/2012 13/01/2012 18-30 Spain Hotel Crowne Plaza (city center), very special stay.Exellent staff and room.These are the words I would NOT use to describeBrussels: safe, clean, friendly, current, modern, fun,good food, happy people, well-dressed, singlefriendly,welcoming. I have lived here for 2 years,and I came with a happy excited attitude. Now Icount the days until I can leave and tell everyone toavoid this place unless you come for beer festival, Iam that disappointed in Brussels. Antwerp?awesome. SO much better than Brussels. Leuven?Fun. Linden? Gorgeous! Brussels? Full ofpickpocketing, rude and violent taxi drivers andpeople who refuse to 'grow up' with the rest of theworld, clinging to the old ways and stuck inbureaucracy and highest tax rates imaginable. Theweather is awful, the food is too. I have met some ofthe kindest people possible here, but for the mostpart? Brussels is an awful place to live.--1189 09/01/2012 30/12/2011 40-60 United States - We came to Brussels from Dallas, Texas for ElectrabelNights. The websites and press kit all said thatElectrabel Nights would take place each eveningduring Winter Wonders. We made a special day tripfrom London on December 30th, and ElectrabelNights had been discontinued.1183 16/12/2011 10/12/2011 30-40 United Kingdom fantastic xmas market toilet facilities outdoor is limited1182 12/12/2011 11/12/2011 40-60 Germany Nothing Rundown areas1181 12/12/2011 08/12/2011 18-30 Morocco Beaucoup de choses a voir cote restaurants pour tousles goutsRien1179 12/12/2011 09/12/2011 40-60 Brazil Multiculturalite The cold1178 12/12/2011 21/11/2011 18-30 Other Visites tout Le froid1177 12/12/2011 01/12/1993 40-60 Algeria Le calme Le climat et les retards des transports1176 12/12/2011 09/12/2011 40-60 Netherlands Lightshow/music at Grote Markt in the evenings A lot of beggars1175 12/12/2011 13/10/2011 18-30 Japan People Nice audience because we are comediansNice beersNothing1174 12/12/2011 09/12/2011 40-60 Republic of Ireland Nothing No notices in english directions1173 11/12/2011 08/02/2005 30-40 Belgium (Wallonia) au musée de l'avitation et au musée des sciencesnaturelles. . . deux superbes musées mais que ,malheureusement je n'ai plus su visiter depuis 2005. .. .1172 11/12/2011 10/12/2011 18-30 Belgium (Flanders) When I was at Manneke Pis I felt really special,because for the first time in 22 years I saw MannekePis with clothes on! I saw him already a couple oftimes, but this was the first time with clothes on!10/12/2011Pas eu de soucis en visitant la capitale de notre cherpays. . . .j'ai demandé mon chemin que se soit auchauffeur de bus ou à des passants et j'ai toujoursété aidée avec courtoisie.I was dissatisfied when I order a regular beer at "LesBrasseurs" because it costed me almost 4 euro! Forthat price I buy 3 beers in my own city! 10/12/2011© VisitBrussels Contact: P. 14

COMMENTS (cont)ID Date Arrival Age Country ofResidenceThese “special moments” made me feelreally goodVISITORS' SATISFACTIONJuly 2011-June 201212 Months (671 questionnaires)My expectations have not been met inthis particular circumstance1170 10/12/2011 11/11/2011 30-40 Germany I enjoy site seeing, the architecture is fantastic. It isgood to have friends in interesting cities that cantake us arround to all the nice cool places. The entiretime I was there I was with local friends.The train, metro was exidingly dirty, more so thancities like New York or London. I wasn't expecting tohave to dodge so many homeless people sleeping inthe metro stations, plus the smell in the metro areawas bad. I am not used to seeing so much taging onpublic areas. Does the young have pride in theirheritage? also, what is up with this young menharrasing young woman? I am American but thisyoung man apparently tought I was Arab orsomething and call me Habibi which is the onlyArabic word I know and he got violent with me whenI ignore him...... It was good I was with a large groupand they helped me. Other than that I felt safe andhad no other problems.1169 09/12/2011 06/12/2011 30-40 Other Everything not something special Nothing1168 09/12/2011 08/12/2011 40-60 Other Small restaurants grand place And monuments Andmuséum history of brusselsNothing1167 09/12/2011 04/12/2011 40-60 India People are Nice And the climate ok Mégots de cigarette par terre1166 09/12/2011 08/12/2011 30-40 Turkey Air quality More Free wifi1165 09/12/2011 07/12/2011 30-40 Portugal Grand place lumière et musique et snackssympathiquesRues pas très propres parfois1164 09/12/2011 03/12/2011 30-40 Portugal Chocolats Rien1163 09/12/2011 21/09/2011 18-30 Portugal Grand place the fact that it didnt rain Nothing1162 09/12/2011 29/11/2011 18-30 Brazil Ville très dynamique et interculturelle bcp de chosesa faireSale aux alentours des gares et sécurité est mauvaisea la gare du nord1161 09/12/2011 04/12/2011 30-40 Egypt Grand place monuments en general Retard des transports en commun mais c'était acause des manifestations donc normal1160 09/12/2011 05/12/2011 40-60 United Kingdom Good food and drinks beaufiful city Nothing1159 09/12/2011 07/12/2011 30-40 Germany Nothing Nothing1158 09/12/2011 04/12/2011 40-60 Egypt People are nice The hôtel was really bad according to the facilities inthe room not a good 3 stars1157 09/12/2011 03/12/2011 18-30 Egypt Christmas atmosphere To find m'y way in streets no indications in english1156 08/12/2011 03/12/2011 18-30 Colombia Grand place Nothing1155 08/12/2011 05/12/2011 18-30 Colombia Christmas market Nothing1154 08/12/2011 08/12/2011 18-30 Brazil Christmas atmosphère ,food chocolate ,Niceinformation in the youth hostel the map is greatSometimes streets are difficult to find And ifs tooCold1152 08/12/2011 05/12/2011 18-30 Canada Christmas market Shuman métro in construction not esthtetic1151 08/12/2011 07/12/2011 30-40 United Kingdom Coffe chocolate beers wine Nothing1150 07/12/2011 07/12/2011 30-40 France Le marche de noel Rénovation de certains quartiers et supplément apayer bruxelles a l'aeroport parce qu'ils rénovaient laligne1149 07/12/2011 02/12/2011 18-30 Australia Grand place The difficulty to find my way streets name not thesame on the map in dutch1148 07/12/2011 07/12/2011 30-40 Belgium (Flanders) Ville agreable Sécurité surtout a midi et nord vols de sacs dans letrain1146 06/12/2011 04/12/2011 18-30 Czech Republic Food et le fait que c'est connu pour unioneuropeenneNothing1145 06/12/2011 04/12/2011 < 18 Czech Republic Monuments atmosphere Poor wifi1144 06/12/2011 03/12/2011 18-30 Spain Nice people nothing1143 05/12/2011 03/12/2011 40-60 Spain Atomium grand place musique très bonne et lesmarchesEl frio© VisitBrussels Contact: P. 15

COMMENTS (cont)ID Date Arrival Age Country ofResidenceThese “special moments” made me feelreally goodVISITORS' SATISFACTIONJuly 2011-June 201212 Months (671 questionnaires)My expectations have not been met inthis particular circumstance1142 05/12/2011 22/11/2011 40-60 France L'hôtel saint nicolas et le restaurant KOKOB RAS1141 05/12/2011 03/12/2011 40-60 France Centre ville jeux lumier en son et lumière grand place Rien a part surpris par la manifestation (mais fautede personne)1139 30/11/2011 15/07/2011 18-30 Belgium (Wallonia) / /1137 01/12/2011 12/06/2011 30-40 Belgium (Wallonia) Magnifique moments passés sur la Grand Place Pas eu l'occasion de pouvoir passer une ou deux nuitdans un hôtel afin de faire une seconde journéedécouverte. Un seul jour ce n'est pas assez.1136 30/11/2011 20/08/2011 18-30 Belgium (Wallonia) Tout en général. Transports en commun. Même en dehors des heuresde pointe beaucoup de bus sont remplis à craquer.Dommage qu'ils n'en mettent pas plus.1134 30/11/2011 08/01/2000 > 60 Belgium (Wallonia) J'aime Bruxelles et j'y vais plus souvent passer unejournée toute seule... et j'apprécie toujours autant.Je ne me lasse pas de la Grand-Place qui est vraimenttrès belle que ce soit le matin, le midi et le soir...ellese pare de sa robe de lumière et c'est le miracle. En2000 nous étions allés avec mon mari sur les tracesd'Ensor : belle visite guidée en prologue àl'exposition des oeuvres du peintre. Il va être tempsd'y retourner 2 ou 3 jours ,il vy a de fameuxchangements depuis!!!!!1133 30/11/2011 26/09/2011 > 60 Belgium (Wallonia) la visite de la Grand Place et des petits quartiers biensympathiques des environs.-la difficulté de trouver une place de parking et laqualité de l'air. Les embouteillages !1132 30/11/2011 27/11/2011 18-30 Belgium (Wallonia) grand place: tres belle architecture -1130 30/11/2011 27/11/2011 40-60 Belgium (Wallonia) j'adore flâner du côté de la grand place en toutsaison-1129 30/11/2011 01/10/2011 40-60 Belgium (Wallonia) de m y etre retrouvee apres avoir demenage toujours tres sale1128 30/11/2011 21/01/2012 18-30 Belgium (Wallonia) lors de mon séjour au conrad en juin 2011, et lors demes concerts à forest national et au cirque royal-1125 30/11/2011 04/10/2011 30-40 Belgium (Wallonia) lors de notre visite de l'atomnium trop de monde dans les restos a la rue des bouchers1122 30/11/2011 20/08/2010 40-60 Belgium (Wallonia) Grâce à l'Hôtel Marriott qui nous a fourni desrenseignements très précis pour profiter aumaximum de notre séjour. De plus, l'accueil a été desplus agréables.-1121 30/11/2011 21/05/2010 18-30 Belgium (Brussels) Les bars du centre-ville Transports publics, propreté de certains lieux1118 30/11/2011 23/08/2011 > 60 Belgium (Wallonia) Etant Belge et fier de l'être, je me rend plusieurs foispar an à Bruxelles. Cette année j'ai aprécié minieurope, expo l'Amérique et naturellement la ville deBruxelles.1116 30/11/2011 25/11/2011 40-60 Belgium (Wallonia) souvent, pour des occasions, des événementsponctuels, théâtre, expos, malhureusement paspassé de nuits à Bxl.1115 29/11/2011 05/11/2011 40-60 Belgium (Wallonia) Visite de la grand place,le manekenpis,janekepis,minieurope,l'atomnium ,toute la famille était émerveilléemais voudrait absolument y retourner pour encoremieux apprécier.Logement au Sheratonimpeccable...Juste un mot,séjour trop court !!Pourma part un séjour en amoureux serait l'idéal ...Quoiqu'il en soit à deux ou en famille nous retourneronsvisiter Bruxelles1114 29/11/2011 26/12/2011 40-60 Belgium (Wallonia) Pour moi c'est un plaisir de venir à Bruxelles. Il y atoujours quelques chose à voir, une festivitée, unmusée, une exposition.... que du bonheur1113 29/11/2011 10/05/2009 40-60 Belgium (Wallonia) Nous avons étés magnifiquement acceuilli dans unechambre d'hôtes : La Casa Terlinden avenue du boisde sapins 47 à 1200 Bruxelles. Des hôtes charmants,un petit déjeuner gargantuesque, la chambresuperbement décorée, très au calme. Vraiment rien àredire et que je recommanderais et y retourneraisbien volontiers.Pour le bonheur de ma femme, je n'ai pas encore pul'emmenée à l'hôtel afin de découvrir Bruxelles lanuit. J'espère pourvoir le faire un jour.-Sécurité et propreté dans les transports en communlaissent à désirer .Vu un séjour d'une journée, je n'ai malheureusementpas pu visiter Bruxelles le soir. Un jour peut être....Pas toujours facile de trouver pour se garer© VisitBrussels Contact: P. 16

COMMENTS (cont)ID Date Arrival Age Country ofResidenceThese “special moments” made me feelreally goodVISITORS' SATISFACTIONJuly 2011-June 201212 Months (671 questionnaires)My expectations have not been met inthis particular circumstance1112 29/11/2011 01/01/2010 40-60 Belgium (Wallonia) - -1108 29/11/2011 23/11/2011 18-30 Belgium (Wallonia) - -1107 29/11/2011 24/01/2007 40-60 Belgium (Wallonia) Noel 2006 a bruxelles avec spectacle à Tour et taxi -1106 29/11/2011 16/09/2011 > 60 Belgium (Wallonia) visite de musées du cinquantenaire expositiontouthankamon visite de la grand place découvertede parcs visites à tour et taxis :couleur cafédécouverte art nouveau balades shopping dans lesgaleries etc....1104 29/11/2011 02/01/2012 18-30 Belgium (Wallonia) et plus particulièrement lors de balades à pieds dansdse ruelles de Saint Gilles et du quartier desMarolles, bien que la propreté n'était pas ce qui m'ale plus gonflé le coeur, soit. d'agréables momentspassés à Bruxelles Expo aussi. Merci pour votre siteinternet!1103 29/11/2011 05/04/2011 40-60 Belgium (Wallonia) En une journée je n'ai malheureusement pas eu letemps de voir beaucoup de choses1102 28/11/2011 14/09/2011 30-40 Belgium (Wallonia) A visiter la place et le smonuments. J'ai mangé auquick et suis allée au magasin Kickers.places de parking en ville circulation propreté detrottoirs ou allées-je souhaiterais avoir le temps de TOUT voir àBruxelles-1101 28/11/2011 02/11/2011 18-30 Belgium (Wallonia) au maneken pis :D sur la grand place trop cher pour prendre un verre1100 28/11/2011 01/01/2007 30-40 Belgium (Flanders) balades pour aller voir le zinneke -1098 28/11/2011 28/12/2009 18-30 Belgium (Wallonia) nous avons visité le marché de Noël et ça nous alaissé un excellent souvenir ! Il est grand, il y abeaucoup de choses à voir, l'ambiance est sympa! Etnous avons même pu assister à un spectacle son etlumières sur la grand place - magnifique !1097 28/11/2011 27/06/2011 18-30 Belgium (Wallonia) L'atomium, le parc d'Egmont, les musées duCinquantenaire, l'auto world, le jardin botanique, labasilique de Koekelberg et saints michel et Gudule!-Le manque de gentillesse de certains chauffeurs detaxi!1096 28/11/2011 31/10/2011 18-30 Belgium (Wallonia) à la Grand Place ainsi que dans la Galerie de la reine -1095 28/11/2011 10/12/2009 18-30 Belgium (Wallonia) J'aime beaucoup la rue Neuve ainsi que la GrandPlace. J'apprécie tout particulièrement au momentde Noël, surtout lorsque le marché de Noël estouvert.1087 25/11/2011 15/10/2011 > 60 Belgium (Wallonia) au White Hotel ,la maison Horta, Restaurant LeChevalier De Lascombes a Uccle1086 25/11/2011 18/11/2011 18-30 Belgium (Wallonia) la grand place de Bruxelles avec ses petits cafés,petits restos bien sympathiques, j'ai aimé la visite deMini Europe mais un peu cher pour ce que c'est ..1084 25/11/2011 19/11/2011 30-40 Belgium (Wallonia) Quartier Saint-Gilles Quartier Sainte-CatherinePlace des Martyrs Rue du Finistère (Hôtel Art Deco)Rue Antoine Dansaert SablonPas vraiment d'insatisfaction--BIP : l'agent d'accueil m'a mal orienté. Je cherchais lacité Fontainas et il m'a envoyé place Fontenas.1073 23/11/2011 23/11/2011 40-60 Germany - Villo très pratique !1047 21/11/2011 21/11/2011 40-60 Belgium (Brussels) - -1044 21/11/2011 10/11/2011 30-40 Germany on Grand Place. Fantastic buildings! the Brussels transport are awful. No easy access forany station (metro) - except de Broukere.Signalisation is very bad, and almost no indication forforeign travellers. Timetables are not correct. Digitalscreens are not updated at all. Just a mess... I chosethe Taxi, but same story since the driver did notunderstand my destination! He was nervous, I thinkhe drank, and he go upset during the journey. I feltterrible at the end. Really bad experience.1043 21/11/2011 19/11/2011 40-60 Italy - Nous n'avons jamais trouve l office du tourisme1038 21/11/2011 01/11/2011 18-30 Belgium (Brussels) - Being insulted quite everyday, people throwingbottles at me & boyfriend, agressivity of the locals, ...© VisitBrussels Contact: P. 17

COMMENTS (cont)ID Date Arrival Age Country ofResidenceThese “special moments” made me feelreally goodVISITORS' SATISFACTIONJuly 2011-June 201212 Months (671 questionnaires)My expectations have not been met inthis particular circumstance1031 20/11/2011 22/12/2010 40-60 Belgium (Wallonia) au marché de Noël 2010 et 2008 lors d'un mariagequartier de scarbeek lors de plusieurs concerts àL'Ancienne Belgique, salle la plus préférable, la plusformidable, la plus grandiose et la plus romantique,la plus intime qui soit ! en bref J'adore ......1008 20/11/2011 17/08/2001 40-60 Belgium (Wallonia) grand place bruxelles, boutiques, Bozar (le Palais desBeaux-Arts),--1002 17/11/2011 17/11/2011 30-40 France Tout est beau et propre, bravo ! -987 17/11/2011 27/10/2011 40-60 Belgium (Wallonia) a la grand place c'est tout simplement grandiose la proprete et l'insecurite pres de la porte de namur975 16/11/2011 02/11/2011 18-30 Belgium (Wallonia) musée de la BD, Magritte, théâtre de la Toison d'Or,Grand'Place974 16/11/2011 29/10/2011 40-60 Belgium (Wallonia) Je ne sais pas dire précisément car Bruxelles est unensemble avec des plus et des moins973 16/11/2011 29/10/2011 40-60 Belgium (Wallonia) Je ne sais pas dire précisément car Bruxelles est unensemble avec des plus et des moinssentiment de sécurité dans certains lieux,signalisationje ne sais pasje ne sais pas972 16/11/2011 16/11/2011 18-30 Belgium (Wallonia) - Le métro n'est pas clair960 16/11/2011 12/11/2011 30-40 Belgium (Wallonia) grand place, kinépolis -959 16/11/2011 01/11/2011 18-30 Romania I felt so good in grand place, absolute lovely during the night i felt the insecurity on the roads,specialy on the small roads where there was nobodypassing949 15/11/2011 12/11/2011 18-30 France Visite vers le grand musée d'histoires, les parcautour, l'achitecture des masion, les bars946 14/11/2011 03/11/2011 18-30 Turkey I like & enjoyed Brussels so much, It has so manycultural sight and events,It really exceeds myexpectations, because from the TV news, I heardaboutBrussels just EU related things so i did notaware of beauty of Brussels. Urban life,Architectures, Variety of foods & chocolates are justawesome.Also I must add that people are so kind andover helpful! i did not witnessed any negativeexperience, all moments of my trip was excellent.Ireally wish and hope to visit it again.thank you forthe survey to the tourism office, you are doing goodjob really :).sentiment d'insécuritéewell, i was thinking about 10 minutes to writesomething to this box, but i really did not rememberanything to mention in here.just good memories :)936 14/11/2011 01/11/2011 18-30 Belgium (Wallonia) Le Goupil le Fol Ninja House -915 13/11/2011 01/09/2011 30-40 France - Le musée des enfants est a rafraichir ainsi que la gareschuman913 13/11/2011 11/10/2011 40-60 Belgium (Brussels) - Les commerces ferment tôt, la vie nocturne estmoyenne.908 12/11/2011 02/11/2011 40-60 Belgium (Wallonia) shopping l'insécurité907 12/11/2011 22/11/2011 40-60 Belgium (Wallonia) Grand'Place, les Marolles, Le Sablon gare du Midi, galerie Agora, autour de la Grand'Place906 11/11/2011 12/08/2011 18-30 Belgium (Wallonia) MINI EUROPE -905 11/11/2011 24/12/2010 18-30 Belgium (Brussels) Sur la Grand Place, au musée Magritte, devant lepalais royal, en se promenant dans les rues autour dela grand place, le musée de l'automobile.Le musée de l'armée(sous financé et vitrinesvieillotes), les transports en commun pas assez sur(sentiment d'insécurité)903 11/11/2011 09/10/2011 40-60 France - bruxelles et sale. Les rues sont-elles nettoyées ?900 11/11/2011 10/11/2010 18-30 Belgium (Wallonia) tous aucun899 11/11/2011 04/11/2011 40-60 Belgium (Brussels) dîner à la Brasserie de la Paix (1 étoile Michelin) quelrégal la cuisine de David Martin !898 11/11/2011 31/10/2011 40-60 Belgium (Wallonia) belles découvertes Horeca TB , musées à taillehumaine,expo sabena super ,gare du midi et serviceSNCB à améliorer fortement(très sale)-insécurité dans de nombreux endroits, étatsd'ebriété denombreuses personnesdérangeantes,saleté,manque d'éclairagepublic,notemment rue des Tanneurs aux abords duthétre du même nom,SDF!© VisitBrussels Contact: P. 18

COMMENTS (cont)ID Date Arrival Age Country ofResidenceThese “special moments” made me feelreally goodVISITORS' SATISFACTIONJuly 2011-June 201212 Months (671 questionnaires)My expectations have not been met inthis particular circumstance897 11/11/2011 21/07/2011 40-60 Bolivia la grand place , le falstaff 'café taverne, boucheriedes halles, magasin de bd (bld anspach)rien de spécial895 10/11/2011 10/11/2011 30-40 France C'est une si belle ville ... Et méconnue !! -875 10/11/2011 04/09/2011 18-30 France - Les.bus sont pas ponctuels du tout !!!848 07/11/2011 07/11/2011 40-60 Switzerland - Mauvaise expérience rue des bouchers839 05/11/2011 29/10/2011 40-60 Italy to go to mountain of arts in a wonderful day with thesun and very nice people. 2.11.2011 magrittemuseum with kind staff and free entrance 2.11.2011the nights in saint gery the carbonade au lambic in 'tSpinnekopke on 31.10.2011 the cathedral on31.10.2011 the wonderful walls of comic strips Ifound through the city the people in the streets whohelped me finding the places the nice people in myhotel Saint Michel and the view over the Grand Placefrom my room the zinneke pis the availabilityeverywhere of something to eat and drink, even ifone doesn't want to seat at a restaurant, with regardto this, Bruxelles is the best european city I evervisited. the fact that one can stay in Bruxelles andeasily visit other cities like Gent, Bruges andAntwerpen, coming back to Bruxelles at evening.I found all the area around Grand Place verydangerous for a woman alone as I was. This wasabsolutely unexpected for me as I know Belgians aspeople openminded. Instead I didn't feel to walkalone many times and sometimes I had to go back tomy hotel and give up without going to bars in saintgery (and this in the first hours of the evening). Ithappened that when I was walking alone men wholooked like Arabs followed me and didn't give up inspite of my attitude toward them. They did so in away that made me feel very unsecure (and I live inNaples and also I'm used to traveling alone). Only afew times and in other areas of the city I felt like theywanted to steal, near grand Place I felt that theywant my company and didn't accept that I didn'twant theirs. They also spoke in an offensive manneragainst me. I felt like I were in a country where awoman who is going alone is condemned as a badwoman, but I was in Belgium, and that was reallyunexpected. I think that is absolutely unacceptablethat Belgium- and the area near Grand Place!- rejectswomen who want to travel alone. Simpleinformations that in other big cities are everywhereand very easy to get (like for instance the placewhere the hop on hop off starts its tour) in Bruxelles Ifound very hard to find. The hop on hop off, that Iusually take in every city I visit, is till nowe the worstI ever saw. The audioguide was not sufficient and tooold- when we got to the european area, it told usthat the EU was going to do a very important step ...with euro! In next 2002, the audioguide said... - andthe man who drove spoke only french but even usingfrench was'n t kind. the audioguide in the very nicemagritte museum hasn't italian language available.But there were italian tourists... when a touristarrives for his first time at the central airport and hasto go to Brussels it's very very difficult to understandwhere to go and the staff who do tickets giveinformations in such a generic way that could beclear only for people who already know Brussels. Ididn't find an info point in the Central airport as Ifound it at Grand Place, and at an info desk I found atthe airport they didn't have a map of the city. whenI was looking for a hotel room while planning myjourney, most of the Hotels didn't answer to myemails (and that was almost two months before mystay).831 05/11/2011 05/11/2011 18-30 United Kingdom - Métro pas très clair812 04/11/2011 04/11/2011 18-30 Italy - Prix des taxis vraiment trop élevé811 04/11/2011 03/11/2011 40-60 Spain - Mauvaise expérience dans le quartier de la gare dumidi a l'arrivee802 04/11/2011 03/04/1991 > 60 Belgium (Brussels) habitant pas loin de bruxelles, les visites sontoccasionnelles et souvent on fait des visites bien loinalors qu'on a du si beau a cote de nousnous avons toujours ete contents de nos visites785 02/11/2011 02/10/2011 18-30 Belgium (Wallonia) - Pauvreté très visible780 02/11/2011 31/10/2011 30-40 Switzerland Le quartier saint Catherine est moins connu mais sivivant!777 01/11/2011 29/10/2011 18-30 Canada It was very wonderful that Bruxelles is a walkablecity. I love the fact that there are the open airmarkets on Sundays where people just walk aroundleisurely to browse and all the things that areVraiment pas adapté pour les personnes handicapésI wish more of the historical buildings werepreserved. I do love the fact that Grand Place isbeing restored as well as the Palais du Justice.© VisitBrussels Contact: P. 19

COMMENTS (cont)ID Date Arrival Age Country ofResidenceThese “special moments” made me feelreally goodavailable. Also with the musicians playing aroundyou as you have a coffee or lunch.VISITORS' SATISFACTIONJuly 2011-June 201212 Months (671 questionnaires)My expectations have not been met inthis particular circumstance776 31/10/2011 25/10/2011 40-60 Belgium (Wallonia) Visite du musée Horta (printemps 2011) trèsinteressanteVisite de "mini Europe" en dessous de tout (été 2011)prix d'entrée excessif, parc très mal entretenu.775 30/10/2011 24/09/2011 40-60 France - Beaucoup de travaux dans les rues de Bruxelles.Saleté.768 28/10/2011 28/10/2011 30-40 France Ville plus propre que ce que l'on m'avait raconté ! -746 27/10/2011 26/10/2011 18-30 France I enjoyed a moment spent in an "estaminet" just infront of the Manneken Pis. They served a largevariety of beers, with nice cheese plates, and a decorvery typical.745 26/10/2011 03/10/2011 40-60 United States Walking tour of central square was very good - veryinteresting - very beautiful.I did not enjoy so much when a STIB employee at theLouise metro station quite insulted me because I wasasking for a receipt to have my metro tickets paidback by my employee...I brought of group of students to Brussels on wayfrom Paris to Brugges. I had contracted with themotorcoach company called SIMA. The owner wasrude, uncooperative, unhelpful and unprofessional(by the time I decided NOT to work with him, he hadtold me that "Americans needed to learn to trustpeople in Belgium" and "if I wanted to try and workwith a French motorcoach company I could, but thatthe French were very difficult people." (Isubsequently worked with Albion motorcoaches whowere wonderful/professional/easy to work with.) Iwould strongly recommend that your bureau NOTrecommend SIMA to any other American touroperators... they do not represent your country well.741 26/10/2011 26/10/2011 40-60 Belgium (Flanders) - Manque de bilinguisme dans le prive739 26/10/2011 12/05/2012 40-60 France En juin 2010 et en décembre de la même année pourun repérage et y mener un groupe.L’hôtel n'est pas un h^tel 4*. Il manque deprofessionnalisme. Le jour de votre départ, lepersonnel vous réveille à 7h00. Ils oublient de fairele check in, en attribuant notre chambre à unepersonne qui possède la clé et entre jusqu'à notre lit.Une très mauvaise qualité de literie. Seuls pointsforts : le calme et le petit-déjeuner733 26/10/2011 26/10/2011 40-60 France - Via l'autoroute de Gand pas très clair, les tunnelssont pas clairs729 26/10/2011 26/10/2011 40-60 Spain - Le bus qui vient de Charleroi n'est pas très clair727 25/10/2011 11/06/2011 30-40 Italy - I took one of those hop on/off buses on June 13, but Ihad to get off the bus 2 times to get on a differentone that was supposed to leave, and the bus driversboth times hurried us off the bus (after wegot/showed the tickets and were already sitting onthe upper deck) and told us to run to a different bus,I thought that was rather unprofessional. Theattractions/areas visited were good, but therecorded audio guide was out-of-date (several yearsold, talking about countries about to join the EU, thathave been part of it for years by now). I don'tremember the exact time, but I boarded the bus(es)near the St Michael/St Gudule cathedral.710 25/10/2011 15/08/2011 18-30 Belgium (Flanders) / - Les taxis hors de prix, couplés à des transports encommun non disponible tard le soir - La propreté desrues707 24/10/2011 24/10/2011 18-30 Belgium (Wallonia) Moyen de tout faire -704 24/10/2011 22/10/2011 18-30 France - Le quartier de midi pas très agreable703 24/10/2011 23/10/2011 30-40 France - Hôtel à rénover absolument702 24/10/2011 23/10/2011 18-30 Other Les gens sont très sympa, pas toujours très propres,une serveuse de Léonidaspas très sympa-699 24/10/2011 23/10/2011 40-60 Spain - Le quartier du midi est dangereux et on ne le savaitpas© VisitBrussels Contact: P. 20

COMMENTS (cont)ID Date Arrival Age Country ofResidenceThese “special moments” made me feelreally goodVISITORS' SATISFACTIONJuly 2011-June 201212 Months (671 questionnaires)My expectations have not been met inthis particular circumstance690 24/10/2011 22/10/2011 30-40 United Kingdom - Les échafaudages sur la grand place686 24/10/2011 23/10/2011 18-30 Canada - La visite du Parlementarium a été un peu décevante.Beaucoup de technologies, et d'informationsdonnées, mais pas toujours pertinent etcompréhensible.685 23/10/2011 12/10/2011 18-30 Netherlands De activiteit Quiz tijdens de nocturnes van de BIP(Brussel info plein), Koningsstraat 2-4, op donderdag13 oktober 2011.684 21/10/2011 14/10/2011 > 60 France Visite du musée Magritte, du musée des Beaux Arts,de la maison Horta. Balade dans la ville à larecherche des façades art nouveau. Découverte de lagrand-place et du quartier des Marolles. Promenadeen bus pour avoir une vue générale.n.v.t.Malheureusement nous avons été victimes depickpockets dans le tram ligne 92 le 15/10/2011 vers15h45 ( nous sortions du musée Horta ).Nous avonsdéposé une plainte auprès de la police : TERcinquièmedivision District 1 Boulevard Clovis 10682 20/10/2011 20/10/2011 > 60 Germany - Beaucoup d'info sur la Flandres, pas grand chose surBruxelles ou wallonie680 20/10/2011 20/10/2011 40-60 Belgium (Brussels) - Les magasins ferment tot665 19/10/2011 19/11/2009 18-30 Belgium (Wallonia) Proprete -663 19/10/2011 19/10/2011 18-30 Japan Bieres -662 19/10/2011 01/09/2009 18-30 Belgium (Flanders) - Moins sympa dans le centre que dans les environs661 19/10/2011 19/10/2011 18-30 China Les gens sont sympa -660 19/10/2011 19/10/2011 18-30 China - Métro ' rien en anglais, pas de panneaux en anglais,pas propre657 18/10/2011 18/10/2011 40-60 France En 1997 ! Plus serieusemement, lors de la visite desserres royales mais aussi lors d'un coup de gelgrand'place (pour les glissades). Se perdre danscette ville est un plaisir :-)654 16/10/2011 09/10/2011 30-40 Netherlands Cote d' ore cafe is a nice cozy place to have a drink atnight.Reserver un hotel par internet !cher ici !!!-Tout est devenu653 12/10/2011 07/08/2011 30-40 Belgium (Brussels) bezoek aan het kantoor voor jonge toeristen, Use-it -252 03/10/2011 08/08/2011 18-30 Spain Place Jordan and french fries Bombons au chocolat the weather is too cold even in summer251 29/09/2011 01/01/1973 40-60 Belgium (Flanders) Restaurants : Taverne du Passage (accueil) - Roued'Or (ambiance bruxelloise/rapport qualité prix) -L'Orangerie - le Bellevue - MIM (coins cachés àdécouvrir) Organisation des évènements bruxellois249 26/09/2011 03/09/2011 18-30 Germany In my oppinion it's wonderful to live in brussels. Ilove everything around me. The achitectur, thepeople, food, lifestyle. Shortly I love this city. Forme, it's a new world, a different place to stay, workand visit. I like the parks with the trees and to seepeople are relaxing in the sun, the flea markets.There's no problem because of the weather because Ithink everyday will be a good day even it will berainy or sunny. I want to come again to thisbeautiful city. To see the rest of all but there aresome problems because brussels is an expensive cityand I'm only a little student.L'entretien de la voirie et surtout au lendemains defêtes : Grand Place, Mont des Arts, rue Marché auxHerbes etc... Mendicité au départ de l'hôtel, lors devisites guidées, au Mont des Arts,...-248 26/09/2011 22/09/2011 30-40 Portugal Visiting Grande Place Litle Europe is not in conditions246 23/09/2011 04/12/2010 30-40 Spain I really enjoyed discovering the antique shops in LesMarolles, tasting a local rabbit dish and visiting thecozy bars in the center ot town.243 21/09/2011 05/09/2011 30-40 United States It was my second trip to Brussels. I really love thiscity and I hope one day I will be able to move here. Ilove that there are so many nationalities living in thiscity. People are so nice and helpful. I will for surecome back next year with my husband to visit,The subway system left something to be desired, andparts of the city seemed abandoned at the weekend.The only one thing that bothered me during visitingBrussel was a pervert I saw in Leopold Park. But itwas nicely taken care of by you guys. Thank you onceagain. The next day after I contacted you Police wasin park, few days later I saw prevention watch teamsand it felt safe again walking thru there. Thank you.© VisitBrussels Contact: P. 21

COMMENTS (cont)ID Date Arrival Age Country ofResidenceThese “special moments” made me feelreally goodVISITORS' SATISFACTIONJuly 2011-June 201212 Months (671 questionnaires)My expectations have not been met inthis particular circumstance242 20/09/2011 03/09/2011 30-40 France / /239 15/09/2011 30/04/2011 30-40 Belgium (Flanders) Visit of the European Parliament -238 14/09/2011 09/09/2011 30-40 Spain - I have serious troubles with the Mirabeau Hotel,corcerning the price arrangements, quality ofrooms,hotel maintenance, reception staff maners,payment method,.... I filled out a complaint at thetourism information bureau at the Grand Place. Ihave photos to prove the hotel conditions, and thepayment conditions, etc. My e-mail adress isjonaranz@yahoo.es234 07/09/2011 22/08/2011 30-40 Romania Hard to pick smth exactly - many people smilingdespite the weather, this is good! :))-233 22/08/2011 09/05/2011 18-30 Germany liked the atmosphere, relatively cheap train tickets food and living is expensive compared to smallercitys in Germany232 21/08/2011 15/07/2011 40-60 Germany The great view from the hotel to the "Grand Place"The Lightshow "Stadhuis" during nighttime Publicjazzconcerts in the parks Marollen the personalmeeting with the greeter in order to understandbetter belgique language problems Your deliciouspralines!!!!231 21/08/2011 19/07/2011 18-30 Canada the greeters organisation is incredible and also, theUSE-IT tourist information and maps are AMAZING, iwent to all the cities that have the maps!230 17/08/2011 08/05/2011 18-30 Russia I did not expect to see that Bruxelles is such abeautifull city and have so many places that are veryintereting to visit, I should have planne dmy visit tothe city so that to stay longer period.229 16/08/2011 02/08/2011 40-60 France bon accueil des habitants, nous avons pu trouvé desadresses de restaurant grâce à eux et avons discutéavec un couple assis à côté de nous au restaurant quinous a également conseillé sur événements et visitesà Bruxelles. Beaucoup de choses intéressantes à voiret à faire, nous reviendrons.227 15/08/2011 13/08/2011 > 60 Belgium (Wallonia) grand-place rue neuve galerie de la reine galerieagora chocolatpolis city2225 12/08/2011 09/06/2011 30-40 Mexico La ciudad es bellísima, caminar por ella resultafascinante. Los medios de transporte están idealespara poder viajar cómodamente. La gente esamable. La limpieza y vegetación envidiables. Losmomumentos y museos interesantes. La variedad decervezas y chocolates deliciosos.Your parking fares !!!!!! Insufficient informationabout public traffic commodities.unfortunatly, the temperature was baaad...Everything was very good.entrée au musée magritte : il faut prendre les billetsau musée à côté et comme nous étions mercredi :trop de monde, un file d'attente trop importante ...Des billetteries séparées seraient peut-êtrepréférables ... Tour en bus avec l'ARAU : samedi 6août tour art nouveau, déçus : beaucoup trop rapide,des commentaires débités à vitesse grand V, au vudes objectifs décrits par l'ARAU, nous n'avons pastrouvé les explications intéressantes.magasins fermés trop tôt (18 - 18.30 h) peud'animations le dimancheEn general todo bien, salvo algunas ocasiones dondelos proveedores de servicios no resultaban tanamables o no decian bien la indicaciones para poderllegar algún lugar, los precios en algunas cosas algocaros. Los horarios para cerrar me parecieron muytemprano.224 12/08/2011 12/05/2011 40-60 Canada merci greeter excellente expérience -223 12/08/2011 29/03/2011 30-40 Russia - It is a pity that they were not taken into account mypreference to use the language in which we talk222 11/08/2011 16/03/2011 18-30 Spain - Do the greeting has been a really good way to knowall about the citylife, the non-touristic places (Iremember my greeters show me all the "maisons deville" of the most important districts of Brussels) -Most of Brussel's people were friendly and dis221 11/08/2011 23/05/2011 > 60 United States Our Brussels Greeter, Nadine Lattenist, was terrificand a wonderful guide to the city. She went out ofher way to make our day wonderful. We loved ourvisit to Brussels.219 11/08/2011 07/08/2011 30-40 Netherlands Personeel van de restaurants zijn erg aardig. Veelprachtige winkels. De panden die wel zijnonderhouden zijn prachtig en geven de stad mooieaanblik.- Some metro lines ans stations are a bit dirty (but isupose it's because they're older, and it's like in othereuropean cities) - In my first visit to Brussels, it wassummer, i think shops could have more openinghours during this period-Veel vuil op straat. Zwervers overal (Met name rondBeurs/cathelijneplein). Stinken. Graffitti. Onveilig,veel criminaliteit gezien, wordt niet of nauwelijks ietsaan gedaan. Vandalisme. Schoonmakers werken nogmet bezem en kruiwagen in plaats van modernetechnologie. Veel verwaarloosde oude panden,© VisitBrussels Contact: P. 22

COMMENTS (cont)ID Date Arrival Age Country ofResidenceThese “special moments” made me feelreally goodVISITORS' SATISFACTIONJuly 2011-June 201212 Months (671 questionnaires)My expectations have not been met inthis particular circumstanceongeverfd.218 11/08/2011 20/09/2010 30-40 Other I particularly enjoyed the food served in therestaurants near the Old Town. Overall, I willremember Brussels for its fantastic food as well asthe landmarks of famous comic characters.217 09/08/2011 31/07/2011 18-30 France dans le centre historique car c'est là que c'est tout estactif, en dehors de là, il n'y a rien pour s'amuser216 06/08/2011 01/03/2011 18-30 France En tant que jeune étudiante, sans surprise, bien quelieu hautement touristique, le Délirium est vraimentun bar où se rendre, festifs ou non naturellement, audelà de la qualité et du choix monstre de bières, ladiversité culturelle et le cosmopolitisme de Bruxellesapparait au grand jour (ou devrais-je dire la nuittombée...) ! Pour ce qui est du contact avec leslocaux, les Belges très accueillants, m'ont carrémentaccepté durant ma semaine de "vacances" dans unclub sportif( à savoir, le complexe de l'ULB en sportsde combat) ce qui peut paraitre surprenant. Au delàde de la découverte, visiter Bruxelles, c'est vivre àBruxelles et une intégration sur du long termesemble même envisageable!215 04/08/2011 20/07/2011 30-40 Belgium (Brussels) Thanks to a greeter we got to know better the city ofBrussels. Without this valuable assistance we wouldnot have appreciate our stay so much, during ourstay the weather was miserable but thanks to ourgreeter we saw nice places and forgot the rain.214 04/08/2011 02/08/2011 30-40 Italy Great theatral show in Grande Place on 03/08/2011evening with the palace illuminated by color lights...213 03/08/2011 30/06/2011 40-60 Italy the Art Nouveau Tour we did ourselves! And thewalkings near the Sablon area and the Royal Galleriesespecially the end that is less "touristic"...212 02/08/2011 01/06/2011 > 60 Canada Magritte Museum Musical Instruments MuseumItaliano at La Brouette bar Grand'Place Help receivedat Tourism Office Grand'Place Food in general211 02/08/2011 28/05/2011 40-60 France Notre hôtel Stanhope nous a donné entièresatisfaction, c'est notre dieuxième séjour, et nous yreviendrons prochainement avec plaisir209 02/08/2011 29/07/2011 18-30 France Le théâtre de verdure et le Bruxelles Live.Concernant les bars et cafés: Le MGM proche del'atomium ainsi que "Le cercueil" et forcément leDelirium Bar. J'ai beaucoup apprécié l'esthétique dela grande place même sous un temps maussade maisaussi et surtout l'accueil Bruxellois qui estFANTASTIQUE !!Cleanliness. I find most side streets polluted andreeking of urine. Police visibility is also necessary insome streets and train stations.le calme en soirée pour une capitale européenne, pasassez d'event.Les déceptions, bien que peu nombreuses existenten effet, dans un premier temps le manque deprofessionnalisme de certains employés de l'office detourisme se trouvant dans les hauteurs de Bruxelles,en face de parc et du palais... (désolée pour lemanque de précision, le voyage commence àremonter à loin!) En tout cas, le tourisme nesignifie pas seulement distribuer des prospectus !!!!L'enthousiasme et la passion du métier et duterritoire étant peu présent également! Le froid,mais personne n'est maître de cela!We lost a lot of time to be served in one of thetypical belgian pastry called Dandoy the service wasvery poor. We also were disappointed to see a lot ofrubbish bags in the city center around the mostbeautiful square in the world, it spoiled it all a bit. Insome places like the Spanish square we couldstrongly smell the uraroma.-No advertisment for Art Nouveau (Event, Museums,Tours, Buildings, restaurants) as all seems focused onthat silly ManekenPiss !! Brussels deserves a bettersymbol!! Apart from Chocolate and Beer what arethe other "Really Local" products ?? Where can weeat/taste them ? And are those Chocolates and Beerall made in Belgium if not Brussels? You shouldcheck the SlowFood tactic that works so well in Italy.Streets look dirty and Parking is soooo expensive!Too much Construction around the Grand Place, sidewalks impractibles Dirty side walks Place DeBrouckere ,not enough garbage cans or too many fullgarbages cans ,its looks dirty wich is too bad aspeople were in general very friendly. I live in Canadawhere everyone seems more responsible to keep thesurroundings clean.--204 16/07/2011 11/07/2011 40-60 France Dirty city and unsafe Won't comeback again Dirty city and unsafe Won't comeback again203 14/07/2011 01/07/2011 40-60 United Arab Emirates - I am Mr. Wasef Zoghbor came to spend the happysummer in Belgium with my family (wife and fourchildren) coming from the United Arab Emirates, butunfortunately there was a problem with the officethat I rented the aparment and made my holdaymisreable, I never had this problem never in my lifewith frequency of traviling around the world with myfamily and I did not find a company not honest andnot clear in dealing like Companies such asAparthotels Immobe. -© VisitBrussels Contact: P. 23

COMMENTS (cont/end)ID Date Arrival Age Country ofResidenceThese “special moments” made me feelreally goodVISITORS' SATISFACTIONJuly 2011-June 201212 Months (671 questionnaires)My expectations have not been met inthis particular circumstance202 12/07/2011 01/07/2011 30-40 Belgium (Flanders) - The downtown area looks neglected in many ways:dirty, broken paths, homeless, drunks, unrenovatedbuilding facades. This is much stronger than in othercities like Berlin, Amsterdam, Cologne or even Parisand much closer to the tourism hot-spots whereyou'd normaly expect to see the "representable" sideof every city.200 03/07/2011 01/06/2011 40-60 Belgium (Flanders) bezoek aan het museum voor schone kunsten , in deregentschapstraat , was zeer ok , ook & zeker omdatde toegang , als werkloze gratis was ! dat was eenfijne verrassing !199 01/07/2011 08/05/2009 18-30 France visiting la Grand Place, chocolate stores, Tintinboutiquegeen negatieve ervaringenthe weather was extreme, to say the least!© VisitBrussels Contact: P. 24

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