PLANNING YOUR JOURNEY OF CHANGEEach Journey is organised around a series of core events and a set of optionsthat participants can chose from. An advance questionnaire will be provided byyour travel agent, which will provide the schedule of activities and theopportunity to pre-select Journey options.Your itinerary will be confirmed with your Foundation Ambassador upon arrival.Koh RongArchipelagoThe Koh Rong Archipelago is home tocoral reefs, vibrate animal and marinelife, palm-ringed beaches, densetropical rainforests and indigenousKhmer communities.WHO SHOULD PARTICIPATE?• Those with a sense of adventure, who prize the opportunity to see andexperience new places.• People inspired by the idea of creating healthier and more caring lifestyles,in harmony with the environment and each other.• Those seeking the opportunity for a richer and deeper understanding ofCambodia’s culture and environment.WHENArriving Song Saa 16th - Departing Song Saa 20th,June, July, August, September and October 2014 inclusive.(Special bespoke Journeys of Change can be organised outside of these dateson request. Consult with your travel agent for details).COST$3298 USD (inc tax and service charge), twin share.INCLUDES:• Four nights stay in a Jungle Villa on Song Saa Private Island (twin share).• All Journey of Change activities (see below)• All Song Saa Private Island inclusive arrangements including:- Breakfast, lunch and dinner together with surprise snacks from ourworld-class chefs in any of our dining venues.- Unlimited house wine, house beers, house spirits & non-alcoholic beverages.- Room service 24 hours a day.- Wi-Fi in your villa and through-out the resort.- Please talk to your travel agent about the other inclusive services andactivities provided by Song Saa Private Island.JOURNEY ENCOUNTERS INCLUDE:• Journeys of Change groups are capped at a maximum of 10 participantsto ensure an intimate and hands-on experience for all guests.• Each group features an assigned ‘Foundation Ambassador’ who,skilled and experienced, will mentor guests through all aspects oftheir Journey.• Swimming in the clear turquoise waters of the Song Saa marine reserve,collaborating with the Foundation’s resident marine biologist to collectinformation on its coral and fish life.• Walking beneath a tall rainforest canopy and studying the bird and plantlife that call this jungle home.• Guests have the opportunity to embed themselves in local Khmer culturethrough our ‘Garden to Plate’ cuisine and handicraft experiences.• Guests will be integral members of our Boat of Hope crew as theFoundation travels by sea to provide vitamin and education services toremote Archipelago communities.• Membership of the ‘Song Saa Legacy’ family with the opportunity to shareideas and experiences during and beyond the tour.• Unique activities and options, including a 5-mile beach picnic, Garden toPlate cuisine experience, and a Boat of Hope voyage around the islands ofthe Archipelago.If you would like to learn more about our Journeys of Change please contact your travel agent or the Song Saa Foundation at

ItineraryDay OneArrival• Boat transfer from Sihanoukville, departing at 12:45pm• Song Saa arrival greeting (includes welcome drink)• Introduction to Foundation Ambassador, who will be your personalguide and mentor during your Journeys of Change experience.• Guests will be provided with a tailored Journeys of Change digi-pack,including map, itinerary and background information on the Koh RongArchipelago.• Introduction to the Journeys of Change ‘hub’, the Song Saa DiscoveryCentre. This will be the base for your Journey, and from where allactivities will begin.6:00 - 6:45pm:• Pre-dinner drinks at the Discovery Centre with your FoundationAmbassador and other members of the Song Saa Foundation family.• Background presentation on the Foundation and its activities by yourAmbassador.• Dinner option with the Foundation Ambassador.Breakfast - At guests’ leisure9:00am: Gathering at the Discovery Centre and review and confirmitinerary for the next three days.• Introduction to environment and community customs and protocols• Introduction to key Khmer words and greetings.9:30 - 11:30am: Island safari around Koh Bong and Koh Ouen withA curated philanthropic experience,lead 11:30 by - 1:30pm: the Song At guests‘ Saa leisure. Foundation1:30 - 5:00pm: Khmer fishing village the pristine tropical waters ofSoutheast Asia’s ‘best kept secret’,the Koh Rong Archipelago; supportedgroup, the Song Saa Sea the hospitality of Cambodia’s6:30 - 7:00pm: Drinks at Driftwood Bar.premierDinner - Atluxuryguests’coastalleisure.resort,Song Saa Private Island.Director of Conservation, Barnaby Olson. This features an introduction tothe ecology and social environment of the Archipelago.• Travel by traditional craft to the fishing village of Prek Svay• Experience and learn about life in this unique type of Cambodiancommunity. The tour will be led by Saran Prak, a native Cambodianwith vast knowledge and experience of rural Cambodia.• Participation in an education workshop with our youth environment• A pre-Boat of Hope briefing from your Foundation Ambassador.Day Two

Day Three8:00 - 2:00 pm: Boat of Hope VoyageGuests have the opportunity to participate in the monthly voyage of ourdedicated outreach programme - the Boat of Hope - which takes in arange of different and unique communities across the Archipelago. Clinicsare undertaken in collaboration with community and organisation leadersand include workshops and the provision of nutritional support.Midway, guests will stop off for a picnic on the beautiful shores of 5-milebeach. An exclusive dinning experience like no other.Return to Song Saa Private Island by 2:00 pm.Guest leisure for the rest of the day. Opportunity to sample some of theguest experiences offered by Song Saa Private Island (e.g., spa and watersport activities).Dinner - At guests’ leisure.This is options day, with guests having the opportunity to pick a morning(9 - 11:30am) and afternoon (2:00 - 5:00 pm) activity from the list below:a. Marine conservation encounter: help us to understand the worldof the Song Saa marine reserve by supporting our collection and study ofsamples from the waters surrounding the islands of the resort.Day Fourb. Rainforest conservation encounter: journey into the surroundingrainforest and work alongside our Foundation staff as they survey themonthly impacts of human activity on the forest. In the process learn moreabout tropical Southeast Asia’s unique jungle plants and creatures.c. Garden to Plate cuisine experience: learn the art of sustainablefood growing and preparation with our Khmer cuisine experts.d. ‘The World is Your Basket’: be taken through the steps of creatinga traditional Khmer basket, from the selection of materials through to thecompletion.On the final evening of your Journey enjoy ‘sundowner’ drinks with theFoundation team at the Vista Bar.Dinner - At guests’ leisureDay Five9:00 - 11:30amAt your leisure or pick one of the options from Day 4 to round off yourJourney.Lunch1:30 - 2:30 - Journeys of Change Exchange: Share your momentsand ideas at the Driftwood Bar with the rest of the Journeys of Changeteam. There will be the opportunity to join our 'Song Saa Legacy' family,with its regular newsletters and events.Departure on 3:15pm transfer boat to Sihanoukville.F O U N D A T I O NIf you would like to learn more about our Journeys of Change pleasecontact your travel agent or the Song Saa Foundation

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