UCLA Procedure 210.1: - UCLA Admin Policies & Procedures


UCLA Procedure 210.1: - UCLA Admin Policies & Procedures

UCLA Procedure 210.1: Student Debt GrievancesIssuing Officer: Vice Chancellor, Student AffairsResponsible Dept: Dean of Students OfficeEffective Date: September 25, 2012Supersedes: UCLA Procedure 210.1, dated 1/14/2010I. PURPOSEI. PURPOSEII. DEFINITIONSIII. PROCEDURESIV. ATTACHMENTSThis procedure sets forth guidelines for the resolution of Student grievances contesting the validity of adebt owed to the University in those cases where the University proposes to place a Hold on a Student’srecords. This procedure is designed to provide Students with full review and appeal opportunities beforethe University places a Hold on the Student’s record.II.DEFINITIONSFor the purposes of this procedure, the following definitions shall apply:Authorized Official means a University employee of the Fee-initiating Department who has the authorityto determine the validity of the Student’s debt.Collection Station means a University Unit which collects debts and is authorized to place a Hold. Thefollowing University Units are Collection Stations authorized to collect Student debts and to place a Hold:• Associated Students of the University of California at Los Angeles (ASUCLA)• Transportation and Parking Services• Student Financial Services• Housing Services• Student Loan Services & CollectionsFee-initiating Department means any University Unit or Department which claims that a Student owes ita debt.Hold means an administrative action directing the Registrar not to permit registration, re-admission,enrollment, graduation, or the release of an academic record.Student means any person enrolled or ever enrolled for academic instruction at the campus, and whoseenrollment, graduation, or academic record is subject to Hold.University Unit or Department means any administrative entity of the University.III. PROCEDURESA. Request for an Administrative Review About the Validity of a Debt

UCLA Procedure 210.1 Page 2 of 4RESPONSIBILITYCollection Station orFee-initiatingDepartmentStudentAuthorized Official(Fee- initiatingDepartment)StudentAuthorized Official(Fee-initiatingDepartment)ACTIONFor debts collected by Housing Services – Delinquent balancesProvides written notice by e-mail, or by personal delivery if the Student does not havee-mail, to Students of a delinquent balance and of the intent to initiate a Hold if thedelinquent balance is not paid by the due date specified in the notice. The due date inthe notice will be at least ten (10) days after the date of the notice.If a Student has a delinquent balance after move out, the due date will be at least thirty(30) days after the date of the notice if a Hold was not already in place. The notice willalso convey the Student’s right to an administrative review if it is requested before thedate the Hold is to be placed.A Student who requests an alternative payment arrangement may have a Hold placed atthe time the alternative payment arrangement is made. The alternative paymentarrangement will indicate if a Hold is placed as part of the alternative paymentarrangement. If an alternative payment arrangement was made which did not include aHold and is subsequently voided, a Hold will be placed at the same time as thealternative payment arrangement is voided.For all other debtsProvides written notice to Students of the intention to place a Hold, the date on which itwill be applied (which must be at least thirty (30) days after billing date or ten (10) daysprior to the end of term, whichever is less), and of Students’ right to an administrativereview. This notice should be provided during and as part of the billing process (seeAttachment A).Receives notice and if he/she decides to request an administrative review, notifies FeeinitiatingDepartment Authorized Official within ten (10) days from date of notice.Receives request for an administrative review and supplies Student with a copy of thisprocedure. At Student’s request, Dean of Students will provide a copy of the procedureas well, and assistance in understanding it.Arranges an administrative review for the Student, if feasible, within seven (7) days ofthe request or before end of the term, whichever is first.Note: If the Student has not made a timely request for an administrative review and a Hold hasbeen placed in the meantime, the Authorized Official may, for good cause, extend the timeperiod for placing the Hold. If an extension is granted, the Authorized Official informs theCollection Station which directs the Registrar to remove the Hold pending disposition of thematter.Conducts the administrative review for the Student which shall not be adversary innature, but shall be designed to permit the Student a full opportunity to be heard.Presents whatever testimony and documentary evidence he/she has in support of thecontention that the debt is not valid.Invites witnesses to attend in his/her support and may be assisted by a representative.Invites other witnesses as he/she deems appropriate and obtains from the CollectionStation or Fee-initiating Department such evidence as they have in support of thevalidity of the debt.Within seven (7) days of the conclusion of the hearing, decides whether debt is valid,invalid, or partially invalid. The Authorized Official’s determination as to the full orpartial invalidity of a debt shall be binding on the University:If the debt is found to be invalid, provides written notice, promptly, to the Student andsends cancellation notice to the Collection Station.OR

UCLA Procedure 210.1 Page 3 of 4RESPONSIBILITYAuthorized Official(Fee-initiatingDepartment)(Cont’d)Collection Station orFee-initiatingDepartmentDean of StudentsACTIONIf the debt is found to be valid on all or any part of a debt not in excess of $50.00,provides written notice, promptly, to the Student.ORIf debt is found to be valid on all or any part of debt in excess of $50.00, provideswritten notice, promptly, to the Student with a statement that the Student has a right toappeal (refer to Section III.B., below).If cancellation notice is received, removes Hold.If no cancellation notice is received, places a Hold as described in Section III.A.Collection Station or Fee-initiating Department, above.ORAt any time:1. May direct the Collection Station or Fee-initiating Department to remove a Holdunder circumstances judged to create an unusual and serious hardship for theStudent; and2. Is authorized to seek a compromise or settlement of the debt mutually satisfyingto the Student and Fee-initiating Department.B. Appeal of an Initial Administrative Review Decision (For a Student Debt in Excess of $50.00)RESPONSIBILITYStudentHearing CoordinatorHearing Officer(Selected pursuant toprocedure for Selectionof Hearing Officer)Student and theUniversityACTIONReceives written notice upholding the validity on all or any part of a debt in excess of$50.00 following an initial administrative review.Within ten (10) days of the date of the written notice, files an appeal with the Office ofthe Hearing Coordinator, Room 1104 Murphy (x54495), in the form of a writtenstatement requesting appeal and briefly setting forth:1. The Student’s contention as to the invalidity of the debt; and2. Whether he/she is to be assisted by a representative on the appeal and whetherthat representative is an attorney.Receives appeal and notifies the Collection Station and the Fee-initiating Department.Note: A Hold shall remain in force during the pendency of appeal unless removed by specialaction of the Dean of Students (as noted in Section III.A).Arranges an impartial hearing and provides fifteen (15) days prior written notice of thetime and place of the hearing to the Collection Station, the head of the Fee-initiatingDepartment, and the Student.Note: Upon request, each party provides the other with relevant material including names of allwitnesses which he/she intends to introduce at the hearing. To the extent possible, thismaterial should be provided at least seven (7) days prior to the hearing.Conducts hearing in the presence of the Student and an official representing the FeeinitiatingDepartment. The scope of the hearing is limited to determining whether or notthe challenged debt is invalid in whole or in part.Note: If the Student is represented by an attorney, the University shall be represented byCampus Counsel.Present evidence and witnesses and conduct cross-examination of each other’switnesses.Note: The hearing will be closed unless all parties agree to an open hearing. The hearing shallbe audio-recorded by the University or, at the option of the Student, a stenographer may beprovided by the University at the Student’s expense, which includes one copy of the transcriptfor the Student. The University may obtain at its expense a copy of any stenographic record.Or, if audio-recorded, the Student shall have access to a copy of the audio-recording to listento, and may also purchase a copy which will be made by the University. All records pertainingto the hearing shall be kept by the University for three (3) years.

UCLA Procedure 210.1 ATTACHMENT A Page 1 of 1Example of Hold Notice LanguageFailure to pay this bill or to show proof of payment will result in a Hold being placed on yourrecords (a) thirty (30) days after the date of this bill; or (b) ten (10) days prior to the end of thecurrent academic term, whichever comes first.A Hold prevents registration, graduation, and transmittal of transcripts. You have the right to ahearing on the validity of this debt in advance of a Hold being placed on your records.If you wish such a hearing, you must contact the department shown on the face of this bill withinten (10) days of the billing date.

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