Annual Report 2006 - Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of New ...

Annual Report 2006 - Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of New ...


OUR MISSIONTHE CATHOLIC CHARITIES of the Archdiocese of New York seeks to upholdthe dignity of each person as made in the image of God by serving the basic needsof the poor, troubled, frail and oppressed of all religions. We collaborate withparishes and Catholic and non-Catholic partners to build a compassionate and justsociety. Through a network of administered, sponsored and affiliated agencies,Catholic Charities delivers, coordinates and advocates for quality human servicesand programs touching almost every human need.CONTENTS3 Message from His Eminence, Edward Cardinal Egan4 Message from the Chairman of the Board5 Executive Director’s Report to the Community10 The Catholic Charities Federation of AgenciesHighlights14 Directory of Agencies20 Catholic Charities Philanthropy24 Friends and Funders of Catholic Charities30 Fiscal Report32 Board of Trustees and Executive Staff

Catholic Charities helps solve the problems ofNew Yorkers in need – non-Catholics and Catholicsalike. We rebuild lives and touch almost everyhuman need promptly, locally, day in and day out,and always with compassion and dignity. We helpyour neighbors, as you would like to be helpedif your family were in need. Catholic Charitiesprovides help and creates hope by…■ Protecting and nurturing children and youth■ Feeding the hungry and sheltering the homeless■ Strengthening families and resolving crises■ Supporting the physically and emotionally challenged■ Welcoming and integrating immigrants and refugeesANNUAL REPORT 2006 1

MESSAGE FROM HIS EMINENCEEdward Cardinal EganDear Friends in the Lord:Permit me to repeat what I have said and written so often in the past: Catholic Charitiesis an extraordinary blessing for the Church in New York, and indeed for the people of theentire Greater New York community.Shortly after I came here to serve as Archbishop, I participated in a dedication of new housingin the Bronx. As we were waiting for the ceremony to begin, the Mayor leaned toward me tosay that without Catholic Charities he did not know how the City of New York would continueto be the haven of hope it is for so many. I thanked him for his kind observation and haverepeated it many times. And as the years have passed, I have come to understand ever moreclearly how exact were the Mayor's words.Some months ago I visited the Mercy Center in the South Bronx where I witnessed a dedicatedCatholic Charities staff of women religious and generous young people assisting needymothers with food and clothing and helping children to learn the lessons of fair play andeven to do their homework. I was in a community of faith and love in one of our City's mosttroubled neighborhoods, and I was deeply proud of all I saw and heard.Most recently, I made my way to Dutchess County with Monsignor Kevin Sullivan, theExecutive Director of Catholic Charities, and some of his key collaborators to learn moreabout a home and a school sponsored by Catholic Charities and named for one of mypredecessors, Patrick Cardinal Hayes. They are two strongholds of mercy in which severelydisabled youngsters are given the best of professional care in an atmosphere of genuine love.Virtually none of the children could walk or even stand on their own, and many had to benourished by means of feeding-tubes. Nonetheless, all were being treated as beloved childrenof God, created in His image and likeness.THE MAYOR LEANEDTOWARD ME TOSAY THAT WITHOUTCATHOLIC CHARITIESHE DID NOT KNOWHOW THE CITY OFNEW YORK WOULDCONTINUE TO BETHE HAVEN OF HOPEIT IS FOR SO MANY.None of these wonders of Catholic Charities would be possible without the generous,ongoing support of so many men and women of good will in our Greater New Yorkcommunity. To each and everyone I express both my admiration and my heartfelt gratitude.You are making a crucially important difference in the lives of thousands. May the Lordbless you for your caring and concern.With kindest regards, I amVery truly yours,Edward Cardinal EganArchbishop of New YorkANNUAL REPORT 2006 3

MESSAGE FROM THE CHAIRMAN OF THE BOARD OF TRUSTEESJohn J. Phelan, Jr.Dear Friends:The extent of the good being done byCatholic Charities continues to amaze me.For almost a century, day in and day out,Catholic Charities has been rebuilding livesand touching almost every human need.Unfortunately, I am also amazed by thenumber of individuals and families that arestill in need in our society.To be better prepared to meet these humanneeds, Catholic Charities conducted asignificant strategic planning effort. Wesought to ensure that our agencies werewell run and attuned to the changingrequirements of those most in need. Wealso looked for the best ways to communicatethe range of good work Catholic Charitiesalready does. That is what this AnnualReport sets out to do. I invite you to learnmore about the work of Catholic Charitiesin helping our neighbors; and nurturingchildren and youth; feeding the hungryand sheltering the homeless; strengtheningfamilies and resolving crises; supportingthe physically and emotionally challenged;and welcoming and intergrating immigrantsand refugees.On behalf of the Board of Trustees, Ithank you for your ongoing support andcommitment to Catholic Charities of theArchdiocese of New York. It is through thegenerosity of the individuals, foundationsand corporations listed on these pages, andour partnership with government that thework of Catholic Charities continues toprovide help and create hope in the livesof thousands throughout New York.Permit me to offer a special thanks to HisEminence, Edward Cardinal Egan, whoremains a steadfast ambassador and advocatefor the mission of Catholic Charities. I ammost appreciative of my fellow Trustees andthe members of the Cardinal's Committeefor Charity who made Catholic Charities apriority in their philanthropic efforts throughoutthe past year. I also want to recognizeMonsignor Kevin Sullivan, our staff andvolunteers, whose combined efforts enableCatholic Charities to help solve the problemsof New Yorkers in need – non-Catholics andCatholics alike.My role in Catholic Charities and the opportunitiesit gives me to serve our communitiesis a source of genuine satisfaction. I encourageyou to continue your partnership with yourfellow New Yorkers, as we provide help andcreate hope for our neighbors in need.Sincerely,John J. Phelan, Jr.Chairman, Board of Trustees44 CATHOLIC CHARITIES

REPORT TO THE COMMUNITY FROM THE EXECUTIVE DIRECTORMonsignor Kevin SullivanYears ago I was given a card witha message that read somethinglike this:“When I wake in the morningI think about the abundanceof God's creation and all thegoodness in the world. Thismakes me want to spend theday rejoicing and taking inmore of this goodness. ThenI remember the millions whoare starving, the elderly whoare alone and frightened, andthe homeless sleeping on thestreet. Now I become eitherdejected and immobilized orobsessed about curing theworld's ills. These thoughtsmake it hard to plan the day.”Days – and nights – at CatholicCharities are like this. We aretorn. We rejoice for the wondersand even miracles that CatholicCharities works in providing helpand creating hope for thousandsof New Yorkers in need. But weare saddened and frustrated bythe suffering in the world andour failure to eradicate its causesor alleviate its symptoms.However, this doesn't make ithard to plan our day. It makes itfairly easy: day in and day outwe commit ourselves to helpsolve the problems of NewYorkers in need, non-Catholicsand Catholics alike. Each day weadvocate for policies that reducethe need for our help. Each daywe touch and rebuild lives withcompassion and dignity becauseevery individual is made in theimage of God. Each day we trustin God's grace and guidanceto strengthen our professionalservices.Catholic Charities succeeds intouching almost every humanneed because we are not onelarge centralized organization.Catholic Charities is a family ofmore than 90 vibrant agencies.Each one has a distinctive historyof providing help and creatinghope, promptly and locally inevery community throughout tencounties of the Archdiocese ofNew York. Each has its owndedicated Board and managementteam committed to helpingthose in need with compassionand dignity. Together we formThe Catholic Charities of theArchdiocese of New York.Permit me to share with you justa few highlights about how weprovide help and create hope inthe lives of countless thousandsthroughout the neighborhoodsand communities of New YorkCity and the Hudson Valley.PROTECTING AND NURTURINGCHILDREN AND YOUTHFoster CareEach night more than 4,500children and youth are in fostercare with Catholic Charitiesagencies. New York City isinitiating a new integratedfunding and program designto improve its foster care system.Catholic Charities agencies willbe in the forefront of this initiativethat seeks to keep childrenplaced in care in as homelikea setting as possible. Throughan integrated case managementarrangement this initiative alsoattempts to expedite reunitingchildren with their natural familiesor finding them a permanentadoptive home.MentoringThe merger of Catholic BigSisters Big Brothers has yieldedtwo important developmentsin its comprehensive mentoringprograms. Their newly renovatedfacilities now have a gym availablefor the use of the young womenand men they serve at theCardinal Spellman Center onthe Lower East Side. In addition,in recognition of the differentdevelopmental needs of youngmen and women, Catholic BigSisters Big Brothers has createdseven gender-specific programs –four for its young womenand three for its young men.Recognizing these differentneeds is a critical step towardpromoting greater respect andequality in relationships thatwill help these young peoplethroughout their lives.Sports, Scouting and RetreatsOnce again this year more than10,000 youngsters in three NewYork City boroughs and morethen 10,000 youngsters fromthe Hudson Valley participatedin wholesome after school sportsprograms sponsored by CYO.Through scouting and retreats,thousands more were helped todevelop values that will servethem well as adults. It is onlyANNUAL REPORT 2006 5

REPORT TO THE COMMUNITY FROM THE EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR (continued)DAY IN AND DAY OUTWE COMMIT OURSELVESTO HELP SOLVE THEPROBLEMS OF NEWYORKERS IN NEED,NON-CATHOLICSAND CATHOLICS ALIKE.because volunteers give countlesshours of their time that CYOprograms are able to serve theyoung people of the New Yorkmetropolitan area.FEEDING THE HUNGRY ANDSHELTERING THE HOMELESSNew York is a city of intensecontrasts. Some residents earnmulti-million dollar bonuseswhile one million children livebelow the poverty level. “Belowthe poverty level” means thata child's family of four mustsurvive on an annual householdincome of less that $20,000.Modest rent in a small apartmentcan be $10,000 or more a year,which leaves only $10,000 for allother expenses including food,medicine and clothes.Emergency MealsThe cost of housing impactsdirectly on the ability of thepoor to provide enough foodfor their families. CatholicCharities affiliated communitybasedfood pantries and soupkitchens provided more than fivemillion emergency meals lastyear. Yet we remain disturbed bythe need to do this and so whilewe continue to provide nutritiousmeals we also advocate toeliminate the need for thesemeals.Preventing HomelessnessThe best thing you can do for a“homeless” individual or familyis to keep them from beinghomeless. Last year, more than2,000 families from every countyin the Archdiocese, many ofthem the working poor, kepttheir homes thanks to CatholicCharities. Unfortunately, wemust expand this assistancewhenever and wherever we canbecause the need continues tosoar as the cost of living rises.Affordable housing developed byparishes decades ago remains aprecious, yet precarious resource.During the past year CatholicCharities has worked to ensureproper coordination and oversightof this housing. To this end,we have worked to strengthenthe Association of CatholicHomes as an important vehiclenot only for preserving existinghousing, but also for developingnew affordable housing in theArchdiocese. The Archdiocesanrealignment process, driven bydemographic shifts, is affordingopportunities to explore the useof certain Church properties foradditional affordable housing.Transitional supported housingcontinues to be an importantcomponent of the work ofCatholic Charities. Dedicatedwomen religious have oftentaken the lead in developingand operating these housingprograms with an ingenuity,compassion and dedication thatmakes supported housing truehavens for those who may beexperiencing a homelike settingfor the first time.STRENGTHENING FAMILIES &RESOLVING CRISESEmergency AssistanceThe Gulf Coast is still strugglingwith the devastation caused byHurricanes Katrina and Rita.When I visited New Orleans lastyear I saw that the destructionwas still shocking. During thispast year, Catholic Charities hascooperated fully with effortsto keep the needs of the GulfRegion prominent on the nationalagenda. I was grateful to be ableto call attention to the ongoingreconstruction needs of theregion on our weekly programJustLove on the CatholicChannel on Sirius Satellite Radio.On a much smaller scale, butstill devastating to the individualfamilies affected, parts of ourArchdiocese suffered flooddamage caused by record springrainfall. Orange, Sullivan andWestchester counties wereamong those hardest hit andCatholic Charities responded.The Rusty Staub Mobile FoodPantry was on the scene inMamaroneck to distributefood to families impacted byfloods on the south shore ofWestchester.Preventive ServicesMany of us can remember atime when the help of a friendor relative prevented our family'sstruggle from turning into atragedy. When there are nofriends or relatives to whom afamily can turn, there is CatholicCharities and its experience instrengthening families andresolving potential crises.Preventive services offered byCatholic Charities agencies incommunities throughout NewYork can stop a critical situationfrom becoming a tragedy. Theyalso are the support that helpsfamilies stay together andprevents children from beingremoved from their families andplaced in foster care.SUPPORTING THE PHYSICALLYAND EMOTIONALLYCHALLENGEDResidences and CommunityDay ProgramsNone of us can know or explainwhy some individuals mustbear the burden of physicaland emotional disabilities. Whatwe do know is that those soburdened are our brothers andsisters made, like us, in God'simage and likeness. We musthelp them and their familieslive in dignity. Catholic Charitiesagencies help thousands ofphysically and emotionallychallenged neighbors of all agesby giving them a compassionate,dignified and homelike residence.With support, some of thechallenged can live in the66 CATHOLIC CHARITIES

PROVIDING HELP. CREATING HOPE.WE DO KNOW THATTHOSE SO BURDENEDARE OUR BROTHERSAND SISTERS MADE,LIKE US, IN GOD'SIMAGE AND or with their families.Catholic Charities day programs,including clubhouses andstructured workshops, providethis support. Our task and goalare to maintain these residencesand programs, enhance theirquality even further, and to identifyopportunities for increasing thenumber of such residences.WELCOMING ANDINTEGRATING IMMIGRANTSAND REFUGEESProviding RefugeWork with immigrants is one ofthe jewels of Catholic Charitiesservices. This past year presentedvery troubling challenges. Randomraids to round up immigrantshave increased. Protections thatonce seemed solid have beenreduced. As a result CatholicCharities lawyers find it evenmore difficult to advise andrepresent immigrant workers.In spite of such challenges,we are proud of a landmarkdecision from the Federal Courtof Appeals in a case, argued byour Catholic Charities attorneys,overruling an immigration judgeand permitting a man, whosewife had been sterilized by theChinese government, to proceedwith his political asylum case andallow his family to be reunited.Accurate InformationWe constantly warn immigrantswho seek our services to bewareof unscrupulous notarios andstreet corner lawyers who maybe too incompetent or larcenousto properly counsel their clients.Many times Catholic Charitiesmust untangle these bungledattempts.LegalizationA major focus of the past yearhas been the prospects oflegalization – more a rollercoaster ride than a process.We continue to work forimmigration reform and toprepare immigrants for thatreform no matter how near orfar down the road. It is nevertoo soon to advise immigrantsto learn English, pay taxes,develop ties to the community,keep the laws of the country,and send their children toschool. Independent of anyimmigration legislation, CatholicCharities will continue torespond to thousands of pleasfor help from immigrants andtheir families.Building a Just AndCompassionate SocietyBecause Catholic Charitiestouches almost every humanneed, we are at the center of somuch in our society. We wouldnot be able to maintain our widescope and strength without thesupport of so many partnersfrom the larger New York arena.We are grateful for the supportof the New York financialcommunity highlighted eachyear by our Wall Street breakfast.We partner with our governmentofficials in seeking just policiesand effective programs for thesake of those in need.Because of the respect for thework of Catholic Charities, Iwas given the opportunity toparticipate in a forum on faith,values and poverty with leadingpresidential candidates atGeorge Washington Universityin Washington, DC. My questionposed at the forum was: “Howmight we as a nation movebeyond narrow and at timesexcessive individualism andre-commit ourselves to thecommon good – even thoughsuch a re-commitment requiresindividual sacrifice and selfrestraint?”This question wasborn from the reality I witnessday in and day out workingwith the staff, volunteers andbenefactors of Catholic Charities.They regularly sacrifice a part ofthemselves for the sake of thosein need. This is a commitmentand an example that CatholicCharities needs to nourish. It isa commitment that must be partof all society's institutions. Onlyby doing this will we providehelp and create hope formillions in need in New Yorkand throughout our nation.ANNUAL REPORT 2006 7

CATHOLIC CHARITIES PROVIDES HELP AND CREATES HOPE BYProtecting andnurturing childrenand youthIN ANY GIVEN YEAR…4006,8002,7001,4004,00039,000children adopted by loving familieschildren and teens placed insafe foster careyouth participating in soundafter-school programschildren enjoying summer campschildren growing and learningdaily in day careyouth playing wholesome sportsAlthough artistic and bright, Ancludys and his siblings lived huddled ina tenement surrounded by danger, drugs and poverty. Catholic Big SistersBig Brothers bought paint brushes and easel, introduced him to museumsand secured a spot for him at a high school for gifted artists. CatholicBig Sisters Big Brothers provides such opportunities for 600 childrenlike Ancludys.

THE CATHOLIC CHARITIES OF THE ARCHDIOCESE OF NEW YORKAgency HighlightsCATHOLIC CHARITIES ISA FEDERATION OF MORETHAN 90 CATHOLICHUMAN SERVICESAGENCIES ANDPROGRAMS LOCATEDTHROUGHOUT NEW YORKCITY AND THE HUDSONVALLEY. TOGETHER THEAGENCIES RESPONDTO ALMOST EVERYHUMAN NEED. THEYOFFER ASSISTANCE TOTHE MOST VULNERABLEIN OUR MIDST.INCARNATION CHILDREN'SCENTERThe Incarnation Children's Center[ICC] was created in the 1980'sas a humane and innovativeresponse to children withHIV/AIDS who were abandoned,orphaned by, or removed fromtheir parents. Many were the“boarder babies” who languishedalone in New York City hospitals.The Incarnation Children'sCenter became the home andhaven for “homeless childrenwith AIDS.” It pioneered theconcept of convalescent carefor children with AIDS withremarkable results: dramaticimprovement in the children'shealth due to high qualitymedical and nursing care plusproper nurturing. Many childrenpresumed to be terminally illimproved sufficiently to return toa home setting. For the criticallyill, ICC was a sanctuary of love inwhich they lived their final days.The changing nature of HIV/AIDSmedical management helpedchildren live longer. As a result,ICC became the only licensedpediatric skilled nursing facilityin New York for HIV-infectedchildren. Its current inpatientpopulation ranges from ages2 to 20. The medical diagnoses,cognitive disabilities and mentalhealth needs of the childrenpresent new challenges that areovercome by the Center's multifacetedtreatment model thatfocuses on developing eachchild's mind, body and spirit.CARDINAL HAYES HOME FORCHILDRENFounded more than sixty-fiveyears ago by the FranciscanMissionaries of Mary, theCardinal Hayes Home for Childrenprovides residential care andtreatment for young people whoare developmentally disabled andfrequently face other challengesincluding autism, cerebral palsy,epilepsy or neurological impairment.The main 62-acre campusof Cardinal Hayes, located in thesmall village of Millbrook, offersits residents a serene naturalsetting, as well as a staff highlyexperienced in the care ofmedically fragile children. Oncampus there is the MillbrookIntermediate Care Facility, ahome for 60 children and youngadults, and six other free standingintermediate care homes. CardinalHayes also operates five communitybased intermediate care facilitieswith ten residents each. TheCardinal Hayes School for SpecialChildren in Millbrook, charteredand certified by the NYSDepartment of Education,provides special educationprograms for many of thechildren who live in CardinalHayes Homes and special needschildren who live with theirfamilies. In 1986, Cardinal Hayesdeveloped an innovative respiteprogram that provides plannedevening or day breaks for localfamilies raising a disabled child.NAZARETH NURSERYThe mission of Nazareth Nurseryis to provide excellent day careand early childhood educationfor the children of families in theNew York Metropolitan area.Currently, more than 50 childrenages two to six are enrolled atthe Nursery, located in two vintagebrownstones in the Chelseahistoric district in Manhattan.Founded in 1901 by Fr. HenryVan Rensselaer, S.J., NazarethNursery is recognized as aunique intellectual, emotionaland spiritual environment.Nazareth offers a dual modelapproach that blends theMontessori Method with theCatechesis of the Good Shepherd,a pedagogic program originallydeveloped in Italy to help childrendevelop a loving relationshipwith Jesus, as the Good Shepherd.Every day children use materials,such as religiously themed artsupplies, figurines of biblicalpersons, and color wheelsexplaining the Liturgical seasonsof the year. Nazareth Nursery has10 CATHOLIC CHARITIES

PROVIDING HELP. CREATING HOPE.THE MULTIFACETEDTREATMENT MODELOF INCARNATIONCHILDREN’S CENTERFOCUSES ONDEVELOPING EACHCHILD'S MIND,BODY AND SPIRITits own Chapel, which issponsored by the FranciscanSisters of the Mission of theImmaculate Virgin.THE NEW YORK FOUNDLINGThe New York Foundling, oneof the region's oldest and mostwidely recognized children'sservices agencies, was originallysponsored by the Sisters ofCharity nearly 140 years ago.The “Foundling” now helpschildren, youth and adults inneed with preventive and in-kindservices and advocacy. Morethan 13,000 children are servedeach year in both the New YorkCity area and Puerto Rico. TheYear 2006 has seen a remarkableexpansion of services andinitiatives by The Foundling.The New York City Administrationfor Children's Services requestedthat the Foundling assumeLakeside Family and Children'sServices' programs that providefoster boarding home care andOMRDD residential services. Theagency's new Blue Sky Initiative –a demonstration project – will bethe first time The Foundlingoffers services for pre-delinquentyouth by applying family basedinterventions to reduce rates ofrecidivism for children and theirfamilies in the juvenile justicesystem. In the fall of 2007, TheFoundling will begin constructionof Stephen's House, a five-storycenter on Staten Island that willinclude a Diagnostic ReceptionCenter, a home for approximately24 children with intensivepsycho-social needs and a fullmenu of information and referralservices. As The Foundingcontinues to grow and diversifyits services and sites, it trulyactualizes its mission: AbandonNo One.THORPE FAMILY RESIDENCESThorpe Family Residences,which offer both transitionaland permanent housing forhomeless mothers and theirchildren, received the CatholicCharities USA 2007 FamilyStrengthening Award. Thisannual award recognizesexceptional programs in thenational Catholic Charitiesnetwork that seek to improvethe lives of struggling familiesand their communities with aholistic approach to service andreferral. Reverend Larry Snyder,president of Catholic CharitiesUSA, described Thorpe as“one of the brightest stars ina constellation of outstandingCatholic Charities programsworking to strengthen families.”Thorpe Family Residences werefounded in 1989 by theDominican Sisters of Sparkill,NY to help families achievetheir full potential by connectingthem to needed resourcessuch as affordable housingand after-school programs. Inthe nearly 30 years that Thorpehas worked with needy families,it has helped more than 500homeless mothers and theirchildren secure homes, as wellas job training and placement.Sister Barbara Lenninger, executivedirector of Thorpe FamilyResidences, describes some ofthe agency's success stories:“Many of our families havemoved off public assistanceand remain in the workforce.”Just a few agencies arehighlighted here. The fulldirectory of Catholic CharitiesFederation agencies beginson page 14.ANNUAL REPORT 2006 11

CATHOLIC CHARITIES PROVIDES HELP AND CREATES HOPE BYFeeding the hungryand shelteringthe homelessIN ANY GIVEN YEAR…5,100,000nutritous emergency meals servedin parish and community foodprograms3,3002,2003,8001,200families prevented from becominghomelessindividuals housed in temporaryand transitional apartmentsindividuals provided withemergency overnight shelterfamilies living in affordablehousingDavid was left homeless when his mother died from throat cancer.Covenant House helps young people like David by providing residentialand outreach services for run-away and at-risk youth. Thanks toCatholic Charities, David attends college and is planning his future.

CATHOLIC CHARITIES FEDERATION OF AGENCIESDirectoryTHE FOLLOWING AGENCIESPROVIDE A WIDE RANGEOF HUMAN SERVICESUNDER VARIOUS AUSPICESTHROUGHOUT THEARCHDIOCESE OFNEW YORK. RELIGIOUSCOMMUNITIES SPONSORSOME. OTHERS HAVEGROWN FROM PARISHCOMMUNITIES OF FAITH.CHARISMATIC CLERGY,RELIGIOUS OR LAY LEADERSFOUNDED OTHERS.TOGETHER, THEY FORMTHE CATHOLIC CHARITIESOF THE ARCHDIOCESEOF NEW YORK,A FEDERATION OFADMINISTERED, SPON-SORED AND AFFILIATEDAGENCIES TOUCHINGALMOST EVERYHUMAN NEED.ABRAHAM HOUSEPO Box 305, 340 Willis AvenueBronx, NY 10454Director: Sr. Simone Ponnet,LSG(718) 292-9321www.AbrahamHouse.comAssistance for offenders, ex-offendersand relatives.ANGELA HOUSE, INC.3217 Cruger AvenueBronx, NY 10467Director: Ms. Patricia Gannon(718) 231-7592Transitional housing for homelessmothers and children.ASTOR HOME FOR CHILDREN6339 Mill Street, PO Box 5005Rhinebeck, NY 12572-5005Director: James McGuirk, Ph.D.(845) 871-1000www.astorservices.orgFoster care, group care, residential andbehavioral health services in the Bronxand Dutchess Counties.BOYS HOPE GIRLS HOPE OF NEWYORK, INC.PO Box 80477, 30 Ackerman StreetStaten Island, NY 10308Director: Mr. Christopher Perry(718) 984-8466Residential and educational enrichmentservices for adolescents.CARDINAL HAYES HOME FORCHILDRENPO Box CH, 60 St. Joseph DriveMillbrook, NY 12545Director: Mr. Fred Apers(845) 677-6363www.cardinalhayeshome.orgResidential care and treatment for youngpeople diagnosed with developmentaldisabilities, day school for multiplychallengedstudents.CARDINAL MCCLOSKEY SERVICES2 Holland AvenueWhite Plains, NY 10603Director: Ms. Beth Finnerty(914) 997-8000www.CardinalMcCloskeyServices.orgFoster care, group residences for teens,family reunification, adoption andprevention services, child day care,and residential services for individualsdiagnosed with developmentaldisabilities.CARMEL HOUSING DEVELOPMENTFUND CO.45 Carmel CourtStaten Island, NY 10304(516) 486-1000Senior housing.CASA CECILIA536 West 153rd StreetNew York, NY 10031Director: Ms. Selina Nicholas(212) 283-7464Housing for low and moderate incomeindividuals.CASITA MARIA, INC.928 Simpson StreetBronx, NY 10459Director: Ms. Lue Ann Eldar(718) 589-2230www.casita.usSocial services for residents of the SouthBronx and East Harlem.CATHOLIC BIG SISTERSAND BIG BROTHERS137 East 2nd. Street - 2nd. FloorNew York, NY 10009Director: Ms. Emily Forhman(212) 475-3291www.cbsbb.orgVolunteer mentoring for boys andgirls, individual and group counseling,educational support.CATHOLIC CHARITIES COMMUNITYSERVICES, ARCHDIOCESE OF N.Y.1011 First AvenueNew York, NY 10022Director: Ms. Talia Lockspeiser(212) 371-1000www.catholiccharitiesny.orgCase management, information andreferral, emergency food services,employment training and placement,homelessness prevention, immigrationand refugee services, parish support,thrift store, blind services, deafapostolate, residential services forthe mentally challenged, youthrecreational and spiritual services.CATHOLIC COMMUNITY SERVICESOF ROCKLAND, INC.220 North Main Street (Rte. 45)Spring Valley, NY 10977Director: Ms. Martha Robles(845) 426-1717Social and other services for residentsof Rockland County.CATHOLIC GUARDIAN SOCIETYAND HOME BUREAU1011 First AvenueNew York, NY 10022Director: Mr. John J. Frein(212) 371-1000Foster care, group residences for teens,family reunification, adoption andprevention services, child day care,post adoption services, a shelter programand residential services for individualsdiagnosed with developmentaldisabilities.CATHOLIC KOLPING SOCIETY165 East 88th StreetNew York, NY 10128Director: Mr. Robert Hemsing(212) 369-6647www.kolpingny.orgTemporary housing for men in Manhattanand retired men in the Bronx.CENTRO MARIA RESIDENCE539 West 54th StreetNew York, NY 10019Director: Sr. Ylda Ramirez(212) 581-5273Housing and job placement services forimmigrant women seeking educationand/or employment.CHRIST HOUSE, INC.432 East 142nd StreetBronx, NY 10454Director: Mr. Raul Morales(718) 665-8740www.christhouse.usHousing for men with specialcircumstances.COVENANT HOUSE UNDER 21460 West 41st StreetNew York, NY 10036Director: Mr. Bruce J. Henry(212) 613-0300www.covenanthouseny.orgResidential and outreach services forrunaway and at risk youth.CREATE, INC.73 Lenox AvenueNew York, NY 10026Director: Mr. Ralph Perez(212) 663-1975Residential and outpatient servicesfor chemically dependent personsand emergency food service for thecommunity.CUSA – AN APOSTOLATE OF THESICK OR DISABLED317 Madison Avenue Suite 1004New York, NY 10017(646) 452-6700www.CUSAN.orgAn active apostolate that unitesdisabled or chronically ill members.CUSA maintains a tape library, aquarterly magazine, and holds anannual one day spiritual retreat.DOWLING GARDENSPO Box 276, 190 Kings HighwaySparkill, NY 10976-0276Director: Sr. Ursula Joyce(845) 365-1662Residential and support servicesfor seniors.14 CATHOLIC CHARITIES

PROVIDING HELP. CREATING HOPE.DWELLING PLACE OF NY, INC.409 West 40th StreetNew York, NY 10018Director: Sr. Nancy Chiarello(212) 564-7887Transitional shelter and support servicesfor homeless women.EL CARMELO RESIDENCE249 West 14th StreetNew York, NY 10011Director: Sr. Angela Perez(212) 242-8224Temporary housing for young women.ENCORE COMMUNITY SERVICES239 West 49th StreetNew York, NY 10019Director: Sr. Elizabeth Hasselt(212) 581-2910www.encorecommunityservices.orgResidential and support services forseniors.FIORENTINO RESIDENCE1830 Amethyst StreetBronx, NY 10461(718) 918-1944Senior housing.GOOD COUNSEL, INC.411 Clinton StreetHoboken, NJ 07030Director: Mr. Christopher Bell(201) 795-0637www.goodcounselhomes.orgResidential and financial assistance,counseling, medical services and casemanagement for women facing acrisis pregnancy.GOOD SHEPHERD SERVICES305 Seventh AvenueNew York, NY 10001Director: Sr. Paulette LoMonaco(212) 243-7070www.goodshepherds.orgFoster care, group residences for teens,family reunification, adoption andprevention services.GRACE INSTITUTE1233 Second AvenueNew York, NY 10021Director: Mary B. Mulvihill, Ed.D.(212) 832-7605www.graceinstitute.orgJob training for women.GRAND STREET HDFC410 Grand StreetNew York, NY 10002(212) 674-2820Housing for families.HAVEN PLAZA726 East 13th StreetNew York, NY 10009(212) 475-2900Housing for families.HIGHBRIDGE UNITY CENTER1465 Nelson AvenueBronx, NY 10452Director: Mr. Jorge Batista(718) 293-3100 x 123Social and other services for theHighbridge community.HOLY NAME CENTRE FORHOMELESS MEN18 Bleecker StreetNew York, NY 10012Director: Rev. Msgr. John B. Ahern(212) 226-5848Support services for homeless men.IMMACULATE CONCEPTIONRESIDENCE7132 Tilden StreetBronx, NY 10461INCARNATION CHILDREN'SCENTER, INC.142 Audubon AvenueNew York, NY 10033Director: Ms. Carolyn Castro(212) 928-2590www.incarnationchildrenscenter.orgPediatric skilled nursing for infants andchildren with HIV/AIDS.JEANNE D'ARC RESIDENCE253 West 24th StreetNew York, NY 10011Director: Sr. Marlene Rust, CDP(212) 989-5952Temporary housing for women.JOHN PAUL II RESIDENCE202 West 141st StreetHarlem, NY 10030(212) 690-4700Senior apartmentsKENNEDY CHILD STUDY CENTER151 East 67th StreetNew York, NY 10021Director: Mr. Peter Gorham(212) 988-9500www.kenchild.orgEducational and therapeutic servicesfor children diagnosed with mentalretardation and other developmentaldisabilities and delays, counseling andsupportive services for families.LADIES OF CHARITY OF THECATHOLIC CHARITIES OF THEARCHDIOCESE OF NY1011 First AvenueNew York, NY 10022Director: Ms. Dorothea A. McElduff(212) 371-1000Volunteer services and fund raising.LAMP MINISTRIES, INC.2704 Schurz AvenueBronx, NY 10465Directors: Tom & Dr. Lyn Scheuring, PhDs(718) 409-5062www.lampministries.orgServices for the poor and homeless.LAVELLE SCHOOL FOR THE BLIND3830 Paulding AvenueBronx, NY 10469Director: Mr. W. Frank Simpson(718) 882-1212Educational services for visually impairedchildren.LEO HOUSE FOR GERMANCATHOLIC EMIGRANTS332 West 23rd StreetNew York, NY 10011Director: Mr. Frank Castro(212) 929-1010Low cost housing for clergy andreligious, persons visiting the sick,students and travelers.LEVITICUS 25-23 ALTERNATIVEFUND, INC.33 West Main Street Room 205Elmsford, NY 10523-2413Director: Mr. David C. Raynor(914) 606-9003www.leviticusfund.orgCommunity development loan fundwhoser mission is to place thiermembers and associate members'capital at the disposal of theeconomically poor.LIFE EXPERIENCE AND FAITHSHARING ASSOCIATION204 West 134th StreetNew York, NY 10030Director: Sr. Dorothy Gallant, SC(212) 234-7855Spiritual and social outreach servicesdelivered in shelters, drop-in centers,spiritual needs centers.LINCOLN HALLPO Box 600, 145 Route 202Lincolndale, NY 10540Director: Mr. Jack Flavin(914) 248-7474www.lincolnhall.orgResidential and educational servicesfor at risk boys.ANNUAL REPORT 2006 15

CATHOLIC CHARITIES FEDERATION OF AGENCIESDirectory (Continued)LITTLE SISTERS OF THEASSUMPTION FAMILY HEALTHSERVICES333 East 115th StreetNew York, NY 10029Director: Sr. Judith Garson(212) 987-4422www.littlesistersfamily.orgEast Harlem based services to addressthe physical,emotional,educational, andspiritual dimensions of family healththrough home-based and center-basedprograms.LOTT COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENTCORPORATION1261 Fifth AvenueNew York, NY 10029Director: Mr. James Janeski(212) 534-6464Supportive housing for seniors.MARIA DROSTE SERVICES386 Park Avenue South - Suite 903New York, NY 10016Director: Betsy Selman Babinecz, DCSW(212) 889-4042www.mariadrosteservices.comPsychotherapy and couseling services forindividuals, couples and groups.MERCY CENTER, INC.377 East 145th StreetBronx, NY 10454Director: Sr. Mary Galeone, RSM(718) 993-2789www.mercycenterbronx.orgParenting skills training, businesstraining, support groups, spirtualitygroups and ESL.MISSION OF THE IMMACULATEVIRGIN6581 Hylan BoulevardStaten Island, NY 10309Director: Mr. Stephen W. Rynn(718) 317-2803www.mountloretto.orgResidential services for peoplediagnosed with developmentaldisabilities and a center for deliveryof social, psychosocial, youth, childand senior day care servives.MISSIONARIES OF CHARITY335 East 145th StreetBronx, NY 10451Director: Sr. M. Leticia, MC(718) 292-0019Emergency shelter services for women.NATIVITY MISSION CENTER, INC.204 Forsyth StreetNew York, NY 10002Director: Rev. Vincent DeCola, S.J.(212) 477-2472www.nativitymission.orgTutoring, counseling and recreationalservices for low-income, primarilyHispanic youth on the Lower East Side.NAZARETH HOUSING, INC.519 East 11th StreetNew York, NY 10009Director: Rev. Michael J. Callaghan(212) 777-1010www.nazarethhousing.comTransitional housing and supportservices.NAZARETH LIFE CENTERPO Box 242, Philipse Brook RoadGarrison, NY 10524Director: Sr. Marita Paul, F.S.P.(845) 424-3116Maternity services for girls planning toplace their infants for adoption.NAZARETH NURSERY214-216 West 15th StreetNew York, NY 10011-6501Director: Sr. Lucy Sabatini, O.S.F.(212) 243-1881www.nazarethnursery.comChild day care and early childhoodeducation.NEW HOPE MANOR35 Hillside RoadBarryville, NY 12719Director: Mr. Nicholas A. Roes(845) 557-8353www.newhopemanor.orgResidential substance abuse treatmentfor young women.THE NEW YORK FOUNDLING590 Avenue of the AmericasNew York, NY 10011Director: Mr. William F. Baccaglini(212) 633-9300www.nyfoundling.orgFoster care, group residences for teens,maternity services, family reunification,adoption and prevention services, childday care, and residential services forindividuals diagnosed with developmentaldisabilities.NEWBURGH MINISTRY9 Johnston StreetNewburgh, NY 12550Director: Mr. James McElhinney(845) 561-0070Social services for residents ofNewburgh.PART OF THE SOLUTION (POTS)2763 Webster AvenueBronx, NY 10458Director: Sr. Mary Alice Hannan, O.P.(718) 220-4892www.potsbronx.orgCommunity kitchen, food pantry, medicaland legal clinics, advocacy, limitedtransitional housing for men.PAX CHRISTI METRO NEW YORK371 Avenue of the AmericasNew York, NY 10014-3841Director: Rosemarie Pace, Ed.D.(212) 420-0250www.nypaxchristi.orgCatholic social teaching in support ofpeace and nonviolence.PREGNANCY CARE CENTER466 Main StreetNew Rochelle, NY 10801Director: Ms. Angela McNaughton(914) 235-0505Alternatives to abortion.PROVIDENCE REST CHILD DAYCARE CENTER3310 Campbell DriveBronx, NY 10465Director: Sr. Julianne Pili, CSJB(718) 823-3588Child day care and intergenerationalactivities.QUEEN'S DAUGHTERS DAY CARECENTER, INC.73 Buena Vista AvenueYonkers, NY 10701Director: Ms. Barbara Berrios(914) 969-4491Child day care and pre-school activities.RESOURCE CENTER FORCOMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT, INC.421 East 155 StreetBronx, NY 10455Director: Ms. Marlene Cintron(718) 402-1212www.thehopeline.orgInformation and referral services, foodand clothing bank and English-as-a-Second-Language education.ROBERT B. FOX MEMORIAL HOUSE111 East 117th StreetNewYork, NY 10035Director: Sr. Florence Speth(212) 534-6634Transitional; housing for homelesswomen and their children.ROSALIE HALL4150 Bronx BoulevardBronx, NY 10466Director: Dr. Steven Parker, DSW(718) 920-9800Residential and support services forpregnant teenagers.SACRED HEART HOUSINGCORPORATIONOne Father Finian Sullivan DriveYonkers, NY 10703Director: Mr. Richard O'Neill(914) 965-1659Senior housing.SACRED HEART RESIDENCE432 West 20th StreetNew York, NY 10011Director: Sr. Rocio Campana, MD(212) 929-5790Temporary residential services for singleand traveling women.SAN JOSE DAY NURSERY430 West 20th StreetNew York, NY 10011Director: Sr. Rocio Campana, MD(212) 929-0839Child day care, pre-K and Kindergarten.SETON HOUSE1991 Lexington AvenueNew York, NY 10035Director: Ms. Selina Nicholas(212) 348-1655Housing for homeless individuals.SOCIETY OF ST. VINCENT DE PAUL,CENTRAL COUNCIL1011 First Ave.New York, NY 10022Director: Ms. Natalie Young(212) 755-8615ST. AGNES RESIDENCE237 West 74th StreetNew York, NY 10023Director: Ms. Nancy Clifford(212) 874-1361Residence for students and for businesswomen.ST. ANTHONY'S RESIDENCE410 East 156th StreetBronx, NY 10455Director: Fr. Anthony Beatzold, CFR(718) 993-5161Residential and support services forhomeless men.16 CATHOLIC CHARITIES

PROVIDING HELP. CREATING HOPE.ST. BENEDICT'S DAY NURSERY,DAY CARE CENTER21 West 124th StreetNew York, NY 10027Director: Ms. Laverne Taylor(212) 423-5715Child day care and nursery.ST. CABRINI HOME2085 Route 9WWest Park, NY 12493Director: Mr. Tony Cortese(845) 384-6500 ext 1110www.cabrinihome.comResidential and support services foradolescents, adult day care and respiteservices for the elderly.ST. DOMINIC'S HOME500 Western HighwayBlauvelt, NY 10913Director: Ms. Judy Kydon(845) 359-3400www.stdominicshome.orgFoster care, group residences for teens,family reunification, adoption andprevention services, child day care,and residential services for individualsdiagnosed with developmental disabilitiesand persons diagnosed with mentalillness.ST. ELIZABETH SETON WOMEN'SCENTER, INC.133 West 70th StreetNew York, NY 10023Director: Sr. Arleen K. Ketchum, SC(212) 579-3657Empowering and educational activitiesfor women.ST. FRANCIS COUNSELING CENTER135 West 31st StreetNew York, NY 10001Director: Ms. Julia Berwick, LCSW(212) counseling.ST. FRANCIS RESIDENCES135 West 31st StreetNew York, NY 10001Director: Rev. John M. Felice,OFM(212) 736-8500www.sfres.orgPermanent housing and supportiveservices for mentally ill, homeless menand women.ST. IGNATIUS LOYOLA DAYNURSERY240 East 84th StreetNew York, NY 10028Director: Ms. Theodora L. Crist(212) day care.ST. JOSEPH'S IMMIGRANT HOME425 West 44th StreetNew York, NY 10036Director: Sr. Mary Celine, DM(212) 246-5363Housing for students and youngbusiness women.ST. JOSEPH'S SCHOOL FOR THEDEAF1000 Hutchinson River ParkwayBronx, NY 10465Director: Ms. Patricia Martin, Ph.D.(718) 828-9000www.sjsdny.orgEducational services for hearingimpaired children.ST. MARY'S RESIDENCE225 East 72nd StreetNew York, NY 10021Director: Sr. Naim Guedes, FDC(212) 249-6850www.godslovefdc.orgHousing for students and youngbusiness women.THE SAINT PADRE PIO SHELTERCORPORATION419 East 155th StreetBronx, NY 10455Director: Br. Pio Maria Hoffman, CFR(718) 292-3713www.franciscanfriars.comTemporary shelter for homeless men.THORPE FAMILY RESIDENCES406 East 184th StreetBronx, NY 10458Director: Sr. Barbara Lenniger, O.P.(718) 295-2550www.thorpefamilyresidence.orgTransitional and permanent supportivehousing.THORPE VILLAGE FOR SENIORCITIZENS175 Route 340, Box 254Sparkill, NY 10976-0254Director: Sr. Ursula Joyce(845) 359-0454Housing and support services forlow-income seniors.TOLENTINE-ZEISER COMMUNITYLIFE CENTER, INC.2345 University AvenueBronx, NY 10468Director: Sr. Margaret McDermott(718) 933-6935Immigration services, senior center andSt. Rita's child day care.TRUST FOR THE CENTER FORMIGRATION STUDIES IN NY27 Carmine StreetNew York, NY 10014-4423Director: Rev. Joseph Fugolo, C.S.(212)675-3993www.cmsny.orgStudy of sociodemographic, historical,economic, political, legislative andpastoral aspects of human migrationand refugee movements.WEST END INTERGENERATIONALRESIDENCE483 West End AvenueNew York, NY 10024Director: Ms. Coleen Jackson(212) 873-6300www.intergenerational.orgPermanent housing for seniors andtransitional housing for women andchildren.WEST FARMS HDFC1912 Crotona ParkwayBronx, NY 10460(718) 589-4546Permanent housing for families.XAVIER SOCIETY FOR THE BLIND154 East 23rd StreetNew York, NY 10010Director: Rev. Alfred E. Caruana, SJ(212) 473-7800Services for blind, deaf-blind, visuallyimpaired and print-disabled persons.YOUTH MINISTRIES FOR PEACE &JUSTICE, INC.1384 Stratford AvenueBronx, NY 10472Director: Ms. Alexie M. Torres-Fleming(718) 328-5622www.ympj.orgUrban ministry dedicated to fosteringpeace and justice through youth andcommunity organizing and development.ANNUAL REPORT 2006 17

CATHOLIC CHARITIES PROVIDES HELP AND CREATES HOPE BYStrengtheningfamilies andresolving crisesIN ANY GIVEN YEAR…3,7005,00022,00018,0003,100350families supported to stay togetherindividuals helped with emergencyfinancial assistance.individuals assisted with criticallyneeded social servicesindividuals engaged in counselingindividuals helped with job trainingand placementwomen assisted during unplannedpregnanciesSometimes when bad luck finds its mark it won't let go. Mark was disabledwhen a ceiling collapsed on him. A flood swamped his upstate village anda fire destroyed his home. Catholic Charities intervened in this crisis and hasprovided support services to bolster nearly 9,000 families like Mark's.

CATHOLIC CHARITIESPhilanthropyTHE GENEROSITY OFINDIVIDUALS, CORPORATIONSAND FOUNDATIONSSUSTAIN THE CAPACITY OFCATHOLIC CHARITIES TOHELP IN AN ENVIRONMENTOF INCREASING DEMAND.CATHOLIC CHARITIESIS GRATEFUL FOR THATGENEROSITY AND, INPARTICULAR, FOR THEVOLUNTEER LEADERSHIP OFITS FUNDRAISING EFFORTS.CARDINAL’S COMMITTEE FOR CHARITYThe Cardinal's Committee for Charity (CCC)is a membership of caring leaders of theNew York business community who supportCatholic Charities at the request of HisEminence, Edward Cardinal Egan. CCCmembers provide financial resources andcounsel to help solve the problems of NewYorkers in need. Catholic Charities provideshelp and creates hope without regard forrace, ethnicity, religion or ability to pay. CCCsimilarly seeks a diverse membership thatreflects the breadth and depth of New Yorkand the businesses located here. CCC businesssectors include Finance, Hospitality andTourism, Real Estate, and Accounting. CCChas an emerging Hispanic division recognizingthe contributions, as well as the needs ofthe nation's largest minority population. AYoung Professionals division offers volunteeras well as philanthropic opportunities to anew generation of caring New Yorkers.CCC seeks to attract a wide circle ofNew Yorkers to ensure that the businesscommunity's tradition of philanthropy andconcern continues into the future. Thegenerosity of the members of CCC enablestens of thousands of individuals andfamilies to live in greater dignity throughthe compassionate help of Catholic Charities.CCC helps to generate the resources neededto support a network of Catholic Charitiesorganizations that promptly, locally, day inand day out rebuild lives throughout tencounties of the metropolitan area.CARDINAL’S COMMITTEE FOR CHARITYVictor J. Menezes, Co-ChairThomas A. Renyi, Co-ChairVice ChairsMario L. Baeza Donald R. MonksRosemary T. Berkery, Esq. Peter J. MurphyJames L. Claus Christopher C. QuickRichard P. DelBello Catherine MurrayKathleen B. Cudahy Martin C. MurrerMario Diaz-Cruz III, Esq. Mario ParedesWilliam P. Frank, Esq. Bruce RaynorRobert P. Garrett Alfred E. Smith, IVStephen R. Howe, Jr. Edward F. SmithCatherine R. Kinney Michael P. SmithJames P. MacGilvray Joseph E. SpinnatoMaura A. Markus Steven SpinolaPaula G. McInerney Peter WardThomas E. McInerneyJohn J. Phelan, Jr.Chairman, Board of TrusteesThe Catholic Charities of theArchdiocese of New YorkMonsignor Kevin SullivanExecutive DirectorMargaret A. KingDirector of Institutional AdvancementNorma M. RagalliCoordinator, Cardinal's Committee for CharityPeter P. MullenChairman EmeritusFor more information about all forms ofgiving, volunteering and participating in theCardinal’s Committee for Charity, please contactthe Catholic Charities Office of Development,212-371-1011, x 2443 or visit our website CATHOLIC CHARITIES

PROVIDING HELP. CREATING HOPE.GENEROSITY TAKES MANY FORMSSupporting Catholic Charities’ response tonearly every human need can take manyforms: cash gifts, matching gifts, gifts ofmarketable securities, planned gifts, gifts ofretirement plan assets, gifts of life insuranceand real estate and volunteering time andtalents.Regina Coeli Legacy SocietyFor the first time, donors can live on in thework of Catholic Charities by purchasinga charitable gift annuity naming CatholicCharities as the sole beneficiary andbecoming members of the Regina CoeliLegacy Society. Membership includes specialrecognition and benefits. Other plannedgiving opportunities are available tointerested donors.Chorus of Angels Giving ClubInterested supporters of Catholic Charitiescan make their annual giving easier andmore efficient by joining the Chorus ofAngels Giving Club. Donors can becomeAngels by making their gifts throughautomatic monthly credit card payments.Young ProfessionalsFocused on volunteerism, outreach andfundraising in support of client services,the Young Professionals was organized tocultivate the next generation of volunteerand philanthropic leadership for CatholicCharities. This group coordinates an annualcalendar of volunteer projects, includingthe holiday programs of the St. NicholasProject, and hosts fundraising events.St. Nicholas ProjectThe St. Nicholas Project carries on the traditionof generosity and charity characteristicof St. Nicholas, the third century Bishop ofMyra. Often associated with Christmas giving,St. Nicholas was known for his care ofthe poor throughout the whole year. A particularfocus of the year-round assistancegiven by the St. Nicholas Project is to helpclients better understand their needs andcoordinate and advocate for the services theyrequire. Catholic Charities professional staffis there to help with emergency crises andlong-term support. The fundraising activitiesof the Young Professionals support theSt. Nicholas Project.Wills and BequestsCatholic Charities welcomes wills andbequests in support of its programs and services.Charitable bequests should specify thatthey are for The Catholic Charities of theArchdiocese of New York.THE CARDINAL’S CHRISTMAS LUNCHEONHis Eminence, Edward Cardinal Egan andThe Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese ofNew York, in association with The Ladies ofCharity of the Archdiocese of New Yorkhosted the 61st Annual Cardinal's ChristmasLuncheon on Thursday, December 7, 2006 inthe Grand Ballroom of the Waldorf=AstoriaHotel.This annual event and holiday tradition raisesfunds in support of the Catholic Charitiesof the Archdiocese of New York's programsthat help thousands of needy women andchildren of all religions throughout the tencounties of the Archdiocese.This year the Christmas Angel Award waspresented to Mrs. Joyce Phelan for hercompassionate and caring outreach to thepoor and suffering, and the Spirit of SaintNicholas Award was presented to Valerie andNicholas Mastronardi, who have brought thelight and hope of the Christmas season intothe lives of the most needy and vulnerablethroughout the year. Luncheon chair wasauthor Mary Higgins Clark. Rosanna Scotto,Fox 5 News Anchor, served as mistress ofceremonies.The luncheon included performances byLatonia Moore, Metropolitan Opera soprano,Cathedral singers from Cathedral High Schooland a Christmas tableau by the students fromSt. John Chrysostom School. Cardinal Egannarrated the tableau with a reading from theGospel according to St. Luke.ANNUAL REPORT 2006 21

CATHOLIC CHARITIES PROVIDES HELP AND CREATES HOPE BYSupportingthe physicallyand emotionallychallengedIN ANY GIVEN YEAR…1,6009001,1002,400750pre-school children helped throughearly intervention and specialeducation classesindividuals cared for in safe andsecure residencesindividuals with mental illnessessupported in their own apartmentsindividuals receiving therapy todeal with their challengesteenagers and adults treated forsubstance abuse800visually and hearing impairedindividuals participating in adaptivetrainingWearing only a diaper, autistic Jose unfastened the locks on his front doorand dashed into the street-again. His single mother was drained and readyto give up until Catholic Charities stepped in as it has for 14,468 othersthis year by providing counseling, financial aid and support.

CATHOLIC CHARITIESFriends and FundersCARDINAL’SCOMMITTEE FORCHARITY228 Hotel Corp.Academy Chair RentingCompany, IncorporatedMr. and Mrs. Bruce J. AdlerAffinia Management Co. LLCTheresa P. AhlstromAlex Alexander & Associates, LLCAlgonquin HotelAllied Irish BankAlvarez & MarsalAmalgamated Bank of New YorkAmalgamated Life InsuranceAmalgamated NortheastRegional Joint Board-1American Express CompanyAmerican Legal Services, Inc.Anthony T. AnzevinoAon CorporationApple Core HotelsArmao, Costa & Ricciardi, CPA'sP.C.Armienti, DeBellis & Whiten, LLPRobert F. ArningAsset Management AdvisorsAtlantic Apparel ContractorsAssociationAtlantic Bank of New YorkAXA FoundationB & M Linen Corp.B & W Imports and Exports. Inc.Ballard, Rosenberg, Golper &Savitt, LLPBanc of America Specialist, Inc.The Bank of New YorkCompany, Inc.Barclay Operating Co.Mr. and Mrs. William J. BarrettWilliam J. BarryBear Wagner Specialists LLCBelmont Office Solutions LLCBelvedere HotelJohn BendlRosemary T. BerkeryMark M. BielsteinBio-Reference Laboratories, Inc.Blondie's Holiday House, LLCFrank X. BochanskiMr. and Mrs. Kevin M. BollingerMr. and Mrs. William R. BookerBoyd Watterson AssetManagementCathleen BoyleJoseph T. BoyleLarry B. BradleyDavid C. BrittThe Brook, Inc.Brookfield PropertiesBrooklyn MarriottBrooklyn Renaissance Hotel, LLCDavid T. BrumbeloeJames E. BuckleyCabrini Medical CenterCalvary Fund, Inc.Michael CampanileAndrew J. CapelliRichard P. CaporasoFrank P. CarecciaThe Carlyle HotelCarnegie Hotel Valet & LinenServicesCarrickmore Property &Development, LLCMr. and Mrs. Charles CarrollCastle Oil CorporationMr. and Mrs. John K. CastleVincent V. CastoroCatholic Mutual GroupCDL/Securities CourierCorporationCentral Laundry ServiceCorporationCerberus Capital Management,L.P.Changing Our World, Inc.John C. ChapmanCharmer Industries, Inc.Chesney & MurphyCIT Group Inc.Civetta Cousins JV, LLCStephen J. ClementeMr. and Mrs. William L. CollinsColony ClubColumbus Centre L.L.C.Commerce BankCommunity Counseling Service,LLCCompendium SystemsCorporationConairConcannon Family FoundationChristine ConnellyMichael J. ConoverEdward N. ConstantinoMichael A. ConwayRick R. CorcoranThe Cornell ClubThomas W. CrawfordPatricia A. CreccoJohn S. CrishCrowne Plaza Times SquareManhattanCulinary Workers Union, Local226Mr. and Mrs. Richard F. CzajaAnthony N. DalessioThe Darconte FamilyMr. and Mrs. Richard P. Del BelloEugene DemarkJohn R. DemingMr. and Mrs. Carmine Di SibioDavid P. DiCristofaroToby DingemansMr. and Mrs. William S. DingerMr. and Mrs. James C. DolceThe Doubletree Hotel JFKLynne M. DoughtieIra Drogin, Esq.Thomas DuffyDufour Pastry Kitchens, Inc.Joseph W. DugganJack DunneDurham Asset Management, LLCDurr Mechanical Construction,Inc.The Edward & MarilynMcMahon CharitableFoundationEmpire Blue Cross/Blue ShieldErnst & Young InternationalExop CapitalAlfred B. Fichera, Jr.FICO Reality, Inc.Fifty Seven Street Operating Co.Robert FinnFloral Tech Inc.Floralies, Inc.Timothy P. FlynnMr. and Mrs. MatthewForstenhauslerFrank Crystal & Co.,Inc.Frenkel & Co., Inc.Christopher P. GalloSteven E. GallottaRobert P. GarrettGeneral Prescription Programs,Inc.Mr. and Mrs. John L. GenoveseStephen J. GeorgianThomas GerthMichael G. GibbonsCharles W. GillMr. and Mrs. Mark J. GodridgeThe Goldman Sachs Group, Inc.Goldman, Sachs & Co.Sachiko T. GoodmanGrand Hyatt New YorkKenneth GrapperhausMr. and Mrs. Stanley E. GraysonGriswold Company, Inc.Michael E. GuerrasioH.E.R.E. Bartenders Union Local165Hacels Inc.Michael H. HallLou HammondHarmonie ClubPatricia HandalHarvard Club of N.Y.C.Robert T. HawkesMr. and Mrs. Thomas J. HealeyBrian HegartyHelmsley HotelsHGK Asset Management, Inc.Stephen R. HicksJay F. 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PROVIDING HELP. CREATING HOPE.Mr. and Mrs. Patrick J. WhalenMr. and Mrs. William E.WhistonWhite Plains Coat, Apron &Linen Co., Inc.Virginia M. WilsonWoods Restoration Services, LLCMichelle WroanYale Club of N.Y.C.Keisuke YorihiroTimothy J. ZanniOTHER FRIENDS ANDFUNDERS888 Digital IncABM Janitoral Service Co.Academy of St. DorothyMark G. AckermannADCO Electrical CorporationMr. and Mrs. Carmine AdimandoArthur AdlerAdrian and Jessie ArchboldCharitable TrustAFD Contract Furniture Co.Mary A. AjemianAdriana R. AlbanoJohn E. AlesiAlex AlexanderSusan K. AllenMr. and Mrs. Wick AllisonMr. and Mrs. David AlmeidaMr. and Mrs. Robert C. AlmonAltman FoundationAmbac Financial Group Inc.Michael P. AmbrosioAmerican Dream FoundationAmerica's CharitiesAmerica's Second HarvestErik AnderouardMr. and Mrs. Gage AndrettaAndy K. Memorial FoundationInc.Mr. and Mrs. Francis R. AngelinoLeonore AnnenbergAnnunciation SchoolAnonymousAnonymous Catholic CharitiesRobert J. Anslow, Jr.Stuart S. 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DeBoisblancSheila F. DeCosseMr. and Mrs. Thomas F. DeGraziaLawrence A. DeignanMichael F. DelfinoJinet DelgadoArnold DelinMargaret DemarrisMr. and Mrs. Benjamin J.Denihan, Jr.Daniel J. DenihanEileen A. DenninDepartment of Foreign AffairsIrelandJohn P. DePasqualeWilliam DesilvaDeutsche BankMark DeVincentisLouis P. Di Cerbo, IIMr. and Mrs. Samuel A.Di Piazza, Jr.Edwin DiazMr. and Mrs. Nicholas DiazMario Diaz-Cruz IIIJoseph J. DiBuonoDiebold Enterprise SecuritySystems, Inc.Warren W. DillerPatricia D. DillonMr. and Mrs. Frank S. Dinger, Jr.Mr. and Mrs. Thomas P. DobbinsMr. and Mrs. Steven R.DoehrmanKatherine E. DomitrovichPatrick J. DonaghyMr. and Mrs. Douglas S. DonohueWilliam A. DonovanJoan E. DonovanJohn P. DormanThe Dorsey and WhitneyFoundationANNUAL REPORT 2006 25

CATHOLIC CHARITIES PROVIDES HELP AND CREATES HOPE BYWelcomingand integratingimmigrants andrefugeesIN ANY GIVEN YEAR…6,800families provided with expert counseland safeguarded from exploitation1,40030,00022570030030individuals taught English and civicscalls for help answered promptly withaccurate information in 18 languagesbreadwinners helped to obtainauthorization to workimmigrants reunited with theirfamiliesrefugee families resettledasylum seekers provided withlegal representationFacing death threats, Bakary fled his native home of Gambia. CatholicCharities helped him secure a job and a future in his new land, as it has for51,000 immigrants and refugees. “From nowhere they put me somewhere,”Bakary said.

PROVIDING HELP. CREATING HOPE.Services Touching Almost Every Human Need(Over 300,000 served—$494 million in services*)PROVIDED BY THE FEDERATON OF MORE THAN 90 CATHOLIC CHARITIES AGENCIES IN THEBRONX, MANHATTAN, STATEN ISLAND, WESTCHESTER, ROCKLAND, PUTNAM, DUTCHESS,SULLIVAN AND ULSTER COUNTIESSome agencies offer programs in more than one category.The following provides an estimated breakdown by service area:■■■■■Protecting and Nurturing Children and Youth (48,500 served, $210 million in services):Services include: day care, foster care, adoption, camping, sports & after school activities, communitycenters and preventative services.Feeding the Hungry and Sheltering the Homeless (67,300 served, $47 million in services):Services include: emergency meals, emergency shelters, temporary & transitional residences, permanentaffordable housing and preventing evictions.Strengthening Families and Resolving Crises (150,400 served, $56 million in services):Services include: information & referral, coordinating services, counseling, financial assistance, maternityservices and job readiness & placement.Supporting the Physically and Emotionally Challenged (6,000 served, $170 million in services):Services include: supportive housing for the mentally ill, counseling, residences for those with special needsand disabilities and early intervention & special education.Welcoming and Integrating Immigrants and Refugees (38,400 served, $11 million in services):Services include: reuniting families, teaching English and civics, obtaining work authorization & finding jobsand preventing exploitation.POINTS TO NOTE:Administrative expenses are kept very low.On average Catholic Charities agenciesof the Archdiocese of New York spends 88cents of each dollar on program expenses.Services are provided through dedicatedstaff. The majority of expenses arepersonnel costs associated with thedelivery of services.While many services are provided throughgovernment partnerships, substantialprivate philanthropy is necessary to sustainthe range and quality of services offeredby Catholic Charities agencies.*The size of the individual segments of the chart represents a weighted average of the number of peopleserved and the expenditures that hopefully reflects more accurately the proportion of services provided ineach category. Some services, primarily residential, are very intensive requiring higher expenditures to servea smaller number of individuals with special needs. Other categories, such as information and referral andemergency meals, serve many more people at a much lower cost per person.ANNUAL REPORT 2006 31

THE CATHOLIC CHARITIES OF THE ARCHDIOCESE OF NEW YORKBoard of Trustees and Executive StaffHIS EMINENCE, EDWARD CARDINAL EGAN, ARCHBISHOP OF NEW YORKBOARD OF TRUSTEESJohn J. Phelan, JrChairman of the BoardChairman and CEO of the New York StockExchange, RetiredMario L. BaezaChairman & Chief Executive Officer,The Baeza GroupRosemary T. BerkeryVice Chairman & General Counsel, MerrillLynch & Co., Inc.Francis X. ComerfordPresident & General Manager, WNBCKathleen B. CudahyConnelly & McLaughlinRichard F. CzajaExecutive Vice President & General Counsel,Stahl Real Estate Co.Mario Diaz CruzPartner, Dorsey & Whitney LLPMichael C. FinneganManaging Director,J. P. Morgan Securities Inc.Monsignor Thomas E. GilleecePastor, Church of St. John and MaryStanley E. GraysonChair of the Audit CommitteePresident & Chief Operating Officer,M. R. Beal & CompanyPatricia HandalCoordinator of the Cardinal Cooke GuildMonsignor Wallace A. HarrisVicar of Central Harlem,Chair of the Priest's Council of theArchdiocese of New York,Pastor of St. Charles BorromeoJeffrey J. HodgmanRetired Senior Investment Executive,MetLife, Inc.Sister Margaret John Kelly, DCVice Chair & Chair of theProgram/Quality ImprovementExecutive Director, Vincentian Center forChurch and Society,St. John's UniversityCatherine R. KinneyVice Chair of Cardinal's Committee forCharity, President & Co-Chief OperatingOfficer, NYSE Euronext GroupMaura A. MarkusHead, Citibank International Retail BankGlobal Consumer GroupWilliam J. McDonoughVice Chairman & Special Advisor to theChairman, Merrill Lynch & Co., Inc.Stephen J. McGuinessManaging Director, Goldman, Sachs & Co.Victor J. MenezesVice Chair, Co-Chair of Cardinal’s Committeefor Charity, Retired Senior Vice Chairman,CitigroupCatherine L. MurrayManaging Director, Neuberger Berman, LLCMartin C. MurrerManaging Director, Sagent Advisors Inc.Ralph A. O'Connell, MDVice Chair & Chair of the Agency RelationsCommittee, Provost and Dean, New YorkMedical CollegeJonathan O'HerronVice Chair, Managing Director, Lazard Freres& Co. LLCThomas A. RenyiCo-Chair of the Cardinal's Committee forCharity, Ex-Chairman, The Bank of New YorkMellon CorporationJ. Brendan RyanChairman Emeritus, DraftfcbJulia V. SheaChair of the Nominating/GovernanceCommittee, AttorneyMichael P. SmithVice Chair & Chair of the DevelopmentCommittee, President & Chief ExecutiveOfficer, New York Bankers AssociationVirginia M. WilsonVice Chair & Chair of the Finance Committee,Executive Vice President & Chief FinancialOfficer, Wyndham Worldwide CorporationSENIOR MANAGEMENTMonsignor Kevin Sullivan, PhDExecutive Director & Chief Executive OfficerJoseph Becker, MSAgency Relations LiaisonMark D. Brigham, MACatholic Charities Community ServicesDirector of Business ServicesJoseph L. Buttigieg, MSWAssociate Executive DirectorKenneth Dempsey, CPA, MBATreasurer & Chief Financial OfficerGeorge Horton, JDDirector of Social & CommunityDevelopmentJoy Jasper, MSCatholic Charities Community ServicesDirector of Human ResourcesMargaret A. KingDirector of Institutional Advancement &Chief Development OfficerTalia Bernal Lockspeiser, LMSWCatholic Charities Community ServicesExecutive DirectorMary L. MarshallCatholic Charities Community ServicesCoordinator of Hudson ValleyRegional ServicesJoseph E. Panepinto, MACatholic Charities Director forStaten Island ServicesMary Ellen Ros, LMSWCatholic Charities Director for Hudson ValleyServicesBeatriz Diaz Taveras, MBASecretary to the Board of TrusteesSpecial Assistant to the Executive DirectorAnne Tommaso, MPACatholic Charities Community ServicesDirector of Beacon of Hope ServicesWilliam C. Tountas, CPAAssistant TreasurerCatholic Charities Community ServicesDirector of Fiscal OperationsJudith E. Trancucci, M EdCatholic Charities Community ServicesCatholic Youth OrganizationDirector of Operations32 CATHOLIC CHARITIES

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CATHOLIC CHARITIES PROVIDES HELP AND CREATES HOPE.FOR HELP: 888.744.7900TO HELP: 212.371.1000 X20511011 First Avenue • 11th Floor • New York, NY

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