125 109.06IND1-01A lire attentivement et à conserver à titre d’information • The user should retain these instructions for future referenceBitte aufmerksam durchlesen und aufbewahren • Da leggere attentamente e conservare a titolo d’informazioneDit document goed doorlezen en bewaren • A leer detenidamente y a conservar a título inforativoLäs igenom anvisningen noga och spara den • Figyelmesen olvassa el és ó´rizze meg ezt a felszerelési és kezelési útmutatót!Do uważnego przeczytania i zachowania tytułem iformacji • Ler atentamente e guardar a título de informação.Læs vejledningen nøje igennem og gem den til senere brug • Les anvisningen nøye og oppbevar den til senere bruk- Внимательно прочтите и сохраните для информацииgeprüfteSicherheitFD UK I E NLPL H S P DK NRUS USACDNNOTICE D'INSTALLATIONINSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONSINSTALLATIONSHINWEISEISTRUZIONI PER L'INSTALLAZIONE • INSTALLATIE VOORSCHRIFTEN • MANUAL DE INSTALACIÓNINSTALLATIONS- OCH SKÖTSELANVISNING • INSTRUKCJA INSTALACJIFELSZERELÉSI ÉS KEZELÉSI ÚTMUTATÓ • MANUAL DE INSTALAÇÃO • INSTALLATIONSVEJLEDNINGINSTALLASJONSANVISING • ИНСТРУКЦИЯ ПО УСТАНОВКЕ И ЭКСПЛУАТАЦИИ

1IOU / OROU / OR2 3Ax 2Bx 4426 mm120 mm80 mm32 x 50D E Fx 2 x 1 x 1362 mm282 mm180 mmG H x 1 Ix 1 x 140 x 60 25 x 40428 mm478 mm46 mm5Hauteur (m) •Vertical Height (m)Fôrdenhöhe (m) • Altezza (m)Opvoercapaciteit (m) •Altura (m)Lyfthöjd (m) •Magasság (m)Wysokość (m) pionowa • Altura (m)Løftehøjde (m) • Pumpehøyde (m)Высота подъема (м)432100 50 60 70 80 90 100 110Débit (l/min) • Flow Rate (l/mn) •Förderstrom (l/min) • Portata (l/min)Afvoercapaciteit (l/min.) • Caudal (l/min) • Vattenmängd (l/min)Átfolyás (l/min) • Wydajność (l/min) •Vandføring (l/min)Vannmengde (l/min) • Пропускная способность (л/мин)64 m3 m2 m1 mmax 20 m1%1%1%1%max 25 mmax 30 mmax 35 mmax 40 m77a1DN 20DN 32/40ø 22/28/32DN 40

7 SUITE7a27a3400 mm400 mm400 mm500 mm130 mm mini7b17b2Ø 1003%mini180 mm7cFERMÉZUCLOSEDCHIUSOFIRMEDICHTZamknięteRÖGZÍTETTHELYZETSTÄNGDLUKKETSTENGTЗакрыть7dSILICONEDN 32/40E3%miniDDN 40180 mm7eØ 32Ø 28Ø 20Ø 40 B A BØ 22 Ø 28 Ø 32Ø 32Ø 28Ø 32GHJOKOK1 2 34 5813SANIPACK ®Société Française d’AssainissementEN 12050-3ON01-K70220-240 V - 50 Hz - 400 W - IP44BDN 20FCgeprüfteSicherheitDFEA

CDN-USA1 DESCRIPTIONSANIPACK ® Is a compact pump/macerator speciallydesigned to take the waste from a wall hung toilet.The SANIPACK ® will pump away the waste from a toilet,washbasin and shower.SANIPACK ® is for domestic use. Installed and usedcorrectly,, SANIPACK ® will give consistent and reliableservice.Please note the following warning signs:" " Possible danger to personnel," " Warning of possible electrical hazard."WARNING" This is a general warning that failure to followinstructions could result in poor functioning of the unit.2 LIST OF ACCESSORIES INCLUDEDseedrawings.34DIMENSIONS- see drawings.TECHNICAL DATAApplicationtoilet, hand basin,showerTypeON01-K70Maximum Vertical Pumping 9 feetVoltage110 voltFrequency60 HzNormal Power Ratingxx HPMaximum currentxx AElectric ClassIDegree of protectionIP44Net Weight4,8 KGWARNING: Only installations conforming to the abovespecifications are acceptable.567PERFORMANCE CURVE- see drawings.VERTICAL/HORIZONTAL PUMPINGCOMBINATIONS- see drawings.INSTALLATIONSANIPACK ® is designed to fit behind a wall or inside a studwall and should be installed by a qualified person.WARNING: The unit must be connected to a bowl with ahorizontal outlet or wall hung toilet system.The macerator has fastenings preventing it from moving.7a EXAMPLE OF INSTALLATIONSee drawings 7a1 7a2 7a3 .WARNING: Provide an access panel of the followingdimensions to enable the unit to be removed for possibleservice:L = 20 inches, H = 20 inchesWARNING: A screwdriver should be required to removethe access panel.7b CONNECTION TO A TOILETThe flexible sleeve is designed to fit onto the 4 inch toiletspigot or drain pipe from a wall hung toilet system.Grease the inside of the rubber connector with soapy water.Align the connector and push the pipe into the connector.WARNING: If the height of the toilet can be adjusted allowthe discharge pipe to have a 2% slope toward themacerator.7c CONNECTION TO THE SIDE-INLETSTo make the connection to the side inlets, use connector A .• Secure it with a gear clamp B .• Cap off unused inlet(s) with the blanking plug D .WARNING:When installing a shower also, please ensure that thebottom of the shower tray is at least 5 1/2 inches abovefloor level.7d CONNECTION OF A HAND BASINConnect the hand basin drain pipe to the 1 1/2-inchconnector and fasten gear clamps.7e CONNECTION OF THE DISCHARGE PIPE• If required, cut off the end of the elbow F in order toaccommodate the appropriate discharge pipe.• Point the non-return flap so that it opens in the direction offlow of the discharge pipe (see drawing 7e 5).• Fasten base of discharge elbow with gear clamp G anddischarge end with gear clamp H .• A full port shut off valve is recommended at the base ofthe discharge pipe for service.WARNING: Use two 45 degrees elbows back to back inorder to make 90 degree turns.7f ELECTRICAL CONNECTIONThe SANIPACK ® requires a 110 volt, 60HZ supply.A GFCI receptacle or circuit is required.Wire colors are as follows:Brown = hot, Blue = neutral, Green/Yellow = Ground8STANDARDSThese models meet the conditions required to bear the CSAMark shown with the letters “C” and “US”. When they areused with the CSA mark, the letters “C” and “US” mean thatthe product has been assessed by CSA (CAN) and ANSI/ULstandards, which is valid for use in Canada and the U.S.This also applies to products that bear the NTRL mention,which refers to National Recognized Testing Laboratory. Thismark is issued by the U. S. Occupational Health and SafetyAdministration to laboratories that are authorized to grandauthorization in accordance with American Standards.Please note:All SANIFLO products are equipped with a thermal cut outprotection.IIn the event of a continuous flow of water into the unit, overa long period of time, the motor will cut out and will overflow.The motor will reset itself after a cool down period of about40 minutes. Examples of a continuous water flow could be aleaking tap.

9COMMISSIONING THE UNITOnce all electrical and plumbing connections have beenchecked, flush the toilet.The motor of the SANIPACK ® should run from 10 to 20seconds, depending upon the height and length of thedischarge pipe.Run the hand basin and shower to see if all connections areleak free.WARNING: There should be no leaks from dripping tapsand or toilet. If there is the thermal cut out may cut out andcause a flood.10USAGEThe SANIPACK ® does not require any special maintenance.The SANIPACK ® will operate as soon as the required levelof water enters the case.The SANIPACK ® will pump away waste water from a toilet,hand basin and shower. The SANIPACK ® is not suitable foruse in heavy commercial/industrial applications.The shower head should not discharge more than3.9 gallons (15 liters) per minute.WARNING: the SANIPACK ® should only be used for theevacuation of normal human waste, toilet paper andhousehold cleaners.Damage to the unit may occur if the following are disposedoff in the toilet: all sanitary articles, condoms, q-tips, wetwipes, dental floss, cat litter, etc.A build up of hair can cause problems, so a hair trap shouldbe installed in the shower.Finally; solvents, acids, and other chemicals can alsodamage the unit, and will void the warranty.11CARE OF YOUR SANIPACK• Normal household bleaches and toilet cleaners can beused with the SANIPACK ® .• To avoid the build up of scale, use the following procedure;- Disconnect the power supply to the unit.- Pour 3 to 4 liters of water mixed with a strong solutionof a de-scaling agent into the bowl.- Let it sit in the bowl and macerator for 1 to 2 hoursand reconnect the power supply.- Flush several times to clear.The frequency of this operation depends on the hardness ofthe water in your locality. We recommend this be done abouttwice a year.12 FAULT FINDING CHARTFor the most part, any inconsistencies in the operation of the unitwill be minor and easily rectified. Please refer to the chart below. Ifthe problem cannot easily be remedied in this way, please call ourService Center.SYMPTOM• The unit stops.• The motor intermittentlyactivates.• The water in the toiletgoes down very slowly.• The motor operatesnormally, but continuesto run for a long time.• The motor does notactivate.• The motor makes arattling sound.• The motor hums but doesnot run.• Cloudy water comes upinto the shower basin.13Warning: Always disconnect the power from the SANIPACKbefore commencing any work to the system.PROBABLE CAUSES• An object is blocking theblades.• The unit has beenrunning too long.• Toilet is leaking, tapsdripping, the non-returnvalve is leaking.• The inner grill is clogged,the toilet is clogged, andthe unit is not vented.• Length and height ofdischarge piping might belong, unit not vented,pump itself is blocked.• Check power supply,motor defective.• A foreign object might beinside the grille.• The capacitor or motor isdefective.• Shower installed too lowas compared with themacerator unit.• Internal check valvesclogged.• Call SFAREMEDIES• Check the toilet tank foroverflowing water, checkthe flapper, check thefaucet, and clean theflapper check valve.• Remove the toilet andlook inside the macerator,remove the toilet andclean the p-trap, vent theunit.• Vent the unit, removetoilet and macerating unitand check for blockage.• Restore power supply,check GFCI receptacle, andcall SFA.• Remove toilet and lookinside for object.• Call SFA.• Clean the internal checkvalve (see section 13)• Otherwise, call SFAREMOVING THE SANIPACK ® FROM THE WALLHUNG TOILETAny replacement of the power supply cable should only becarried out by an authorized SANIFLO service engineer.• Close the shut-off valve to the toilet.• Flush toilet if possible. Bail out water if not working.• Disconnect from power supply.• Disconnect from all piping.Note: To ease replacement of the lid, lubricate the lid seal (whichmust be inside lid) with soapy water.Warning: Do not reconnect the power supplyuntil the re-installation of the unit is complete.14GUARANTEESANIPACK ® carries a 2-year guarantee subject to the unitbeing installed and used in accordance with theseinstructions.

2a2b45c5b5a556b6a191310a91112333335121a 21b56SANIPACK ®28a 21c 28c277c820b162224 51 57a 57c 54 57c 57b5250381849b4849a1439534344174241a40a40b41b15333730a3130aSERVICE HELPLINESTEL FAXFrance 1 UT par appel 03 44 94 46 19United Kingdom (08457) 650011 (CALL FROM A LANDLINE) (0208) 8421671Canada +1 800 363 5874 +1 519 824 1143Deutschland 0800 82 27 82 0 (060 74) 30928-90España (93) 381 85 97 (93) 462 18 96Benelux +31 475 487100 +31 475 486515Italia 800 636394 +39 0382 618200Sverige 08-744 15 18 08-717 8686êÓÒÒËfl (495) 258 29 51 (495) 258 29 51Ireland + 353 46 97 33 102 + 353 46 97 33 093Polska (+4822) 732 00 33 (+4822) 751 35 16Portugal +351 21 350 70 00 +351 21 957 70 00Romania +40 256 245 092 +40 256 245 02USA 1-800-571-8191 1-732-225-6072www.sfa.bizFRANCESOCIETE FRANÇAISED’ASSAINISSEMENT8, rue d’Aboukir75002 ParisTél. 01 44 82 39 00Fax 01 44 82 39 01UNITED KINGDOMSANIFLO Ltd.,Howard House, TheRunwaySouth Ruislip (Middx.,)HA4 6 SETel. (0208) 842 0033Fax (0208) 842 1671Telex: 934 335 G SANFLOESPAÑAGRUPO SFAC/ Cuzco, 4108030 BarcelonaTel. (93) 381 85 97Fax (93) 462 18 96DEUTSCHLANDSFA SANIBROY GmbHWaldstr. 23 Geb. B563128 DietzenbachTel. (060 74) 30928-0Fax (060 74) 30928-90BENELUXSFA BENELUX B.V.Voltaweg 46101 XK EchtTel. +31 475 487100Fax +31 475 486515CANADASFA-SANIFLO INC.1-685 SpeedvaleAvenue WestGuelph ON - N1K 1E6Tel. +1 519 824 1134Fax +1 519 824 1143SVERIGESANIFLO ABBOX 797S-191 27 SollentunaTel. 08-717 5680Fax 08-717 8686ITALIASFA ITALIA spaVia del Benessere, 927010 Siziano (PV)Tel. 03 82 61 81Fax 03 82 61 8200USASFA-SANIFLO INC.105 Newfield Avenue,Suite AEdison, NJ 08837Tel. 1-732-225-6070Fax 1-732-225-6072êéëëàüSFA êéëëàü101000 åÓÒÍ‚‡äÓÎÔ‡˜Ì˚È ÔÂapple.9‡, ÍÓÏ. 103TeÎ. (495) 258 29 51Ù‡ÍÒ (495) 258 29 51IRELANDSANIRISH LtdIDA Industrial EstateEdenderryCounty OffalyTel. + 353 46 9733 102Fax + 353 46 97 33 093POLSKASFA POLANDul. Kolejowa 3305-092 £omianki/WarszawaTel. (+4822) 732 00 32Fax (+4822) 751 35 16PORTUGALSFA LdaAv 5 de Outubro, 10 -1°1050-056 LisboaTel. +351 21 350 70 00Fax +351 21 957 70 00ROMANIASFA SANIFLO S.R.L.Strada Leonard Nicolae,nr. 2ATimisoara 300454Tel. +40 256 245 092Fax +40 256 245 029© SFA - D 6666 Graphic Plus +33/1/5399 9292. Photo Voncken - Printed in CEE. SOUS RÉSERVE DE MODIFICATIONS DANS LE BUT D’AMÉLIORER NOS PRODUITS. WE RESERVE THE RIGHT TO MAKE MODIFICATIONS IN THE FURTHERANCE OF TECHNICAL DEVELOPMENT.ÄNDERUNGEN AUFGRUND VON PRODUKTWEITERENTWICKLUNG VORBEHALTEN. SUSCEPTIBLE DE CUALQUIER MEJORA EN NUESTROS PRODUCTOS. ZONDER DAT HIERUIT ENIGE AANSPRAAK KAN ONTSTAAN HEHOUDEN WIJ ONS HET RECHT VOOR PRODUKTEN TE MODIFICERENEN/OF AAN TE PASSEN. CON LO SCOPO DI MIGLIORARE I NOSTRI PRODOTTI, SFA SI RESERVAIL DIRITTO ALLA MODIFICAZIONE. VI FÖRBEHÅLLER OSS RÅTTEN TILL FRAMTIDA TEKNISKA FÖRÅNDRINGAR. ¡FÄ ÓÒÚ‡‚ÎflÂÚ Á‡ ÒÓ·ÓÈ Ôapple‡‚Ó ‚ÌÓÒËÚ¸ ËÁÏÂÌÂÌËfl, ÛÎÛ˜¯‡˛˘ËÂÒ‚Ó˛ ÔappleÓ‰ÛÍˆË˛.

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