WELCOME TO HERITAGE OPEN DAYS 2014Heritage Open Days celebrates our architecture and culture byallowing free access to interesting properties, many of which arenot normally open to the public, as well as free tours, events, andother activities. It is organised by a partnership of Chester CivicTrust with Cheshire West and Chester Council, in associationwith other local societies. It would not be possible without thehelp of many building owners and local volunteers.2014 commemorates one hundred years from thecommencement of World War I, a conflict unprecedented for itsterrible loss of life.There are many events, exhibitions andactivities taking place across the county in remembrance ofthe lives that were changed forever by The Great War.‘Futility’ a poem by Wilfred OwenMove him into the sun -Gently its touch awoke him once,At home, whispering of fields unsown.Always it woke him, even in France,Until this morning and this snow.If anything might rouse him nowThe kind old sun will know.Think how it wakes the seeds, -Woke, once, the clays of a cold star.Are limbs, so dear-achieved, are sides,Full-nerved - still warm - too hard to stir?Was it for this the clay grew tall?- O what made fatuous sunbeams toilTo break earth's sleep at all?For more information go towww.thegreatwarcheshire.co.ukBUILDINGS1. Bishop Lloyd’s Palace,51-53 Watergate RowConverted from two medievaltownhouses in the early 17thcentury and home to ChesterCivic Trust. Contains ornateplaster ceilings and elaboratecarvings on the front gable.Take 27 will be demonstratingcomputer modelling of RomanChester from 12 noon eachday. Exciting visualisations,based on archaeologicalfindings,interpret how thefortress looked during thisperiod. Examples include:Roman streets, amphitheatre,and the elliptical building.Sat 13th - 10am - 4pm and Sun14th - 10am to 4pm. No parking.No wheelchair access.2. The Guildhall,Watergate StreetThe Guildhall was originallythe Church of the Holy Trinitywhich has stood on this sitesince medieval times. In 1968the lease of the building wasacquired by the Freemen &Guilds of Chester for use astheir Guildhall. Commerciallyrun, but displays the ancient1 2

Banner of the Smith’s Cutlers& Plumbers Guild, theCompany Shields and Boardsof the Officers and otherartefacts. It is used today bythe Freemen for their Councilmeetings & official functions.A recent discovery is the tombof Sir John Whitmore amedieval knight.Thurs 11th to Sun 14th -open11am to 4pm. Continuing toursduring opening times on Thursand Sunday only. Full disabledaccess. Tea and Coffeeavailable.3. Stanley Palace,Lower Watergate StreetTimber-framed house, datingfrom 1591. Interior has a longoak-beamed hall with a greatoak stair leading to a gallery.Sat 13th - 10am to 4pm. At othertimes subject to occupation byother users. Ring the doorbell foradmission. No parking. Partialwheelchair access.4. Watergate House,Lower Watergate StreetThis fine Grade II* listedbuilding was designed as atown house by ThomasHarrison for his friend ThomasPotts, Clerk of Peace, in 1820.Sat 13th - 10am to 4pm.No parking.5. Old Leche House,Sofa Workshop,21 Watergate RowThis building retains thebeautiful fireplace and Tudorovermantle of a town house inChester’s unique Rows area.Thurs 11th to Sat 13th - 9.30amto 5.30pm, Sun 14th - 11am to5pm . No parking.6. St. Peter’s Church,The CrossLocated right at the heart of thecity. Founded in AD907, thenrebuilt in the 14th century withlater alterations by ThomasHarrison and John Douglas.Interesting galleries andfragment of medieval fresco.Thurs 11th to Sat 13th -10am to3.30pm. Sun 14th 1pm to3.30pm. Eucharist on Fri 12th at1pm, Matins at 10am on Sunday.All welcome. Wheelchair access.Toilets, refreshments and quietroom.7. Castle Galleries,18 St. Michael’s RowAn in-situ section of black andwhite Roman mosaic flooringcan be seen in the basement,which once decorated part ofDeva’s large bathhousecomplex.Thurs 11th to Sat 13th - 9amto 5.30pm, Sun 14th - 11am to5pm. Members of the publicvisiting to look at the Romanremains please notify a memberof staff. No wheelchair access,steep steps.8. Spud-U-Like,39 Bridge StreetIn the basement are theremains of an in-situ Romanhypocaust which heated partof the massive Legionarybathhouse complex. There isalso a medieval rock-cut cellar.Thurs 11th to Sat 13th - 9am to6pm, Sun 14th -10am to 5pm.Public visiting to look at theRoman remains please notify amember of staff on enteringpremises. No wheelchair access.9. Chester History andHeritage, St. Michael’sChurch, Bridge StreetMedieval church rebuilt 1849-1851 by James Harrison.Features include 15th centurycarved oak chancel ceiling,andVictorian stained glass.Sat 13th - 11am to 4pm. Familyand local history service. Localhistory exhibitions. No parking.No wheelchair access.10. CC Viyella,Bridge StreetThis timber framed buildingdates from the 17th c. andhouses a 14th c. stoneundercroft of six rib vaultedbays with an unusual doorwayand window. Known as CowperHouse, it was the home ofRoyalist Mayor ThomasCowper with the inscription TC1664 on the main facade.Thurs 11th to Sat 13th -10am to4pm, Sun 14th 11.30am to3.30pm. Ramp available forwheelchair access. Disabledparking to rear in Commonhallstreet.11. Mad Hatters TearoomSt. Michael’s Rectory,Bridge Street RowThis listed Grade II* building(c.1650), originally the rectoryof St. Michael’s Church, hasmany 17th century featuresincluding a front wall, galleriedgreat hall, and mouldedceilings.Perfect for lunch or teaThurs 11th & Fri 12th - 10amto 4.30pm, Sat 13th andSun 14th - 11am to 4.30pm.Access to row level, disabled WCon this level. Galleried hall onlyviewable using stairs, no lift.Some of front wall visible fromrow level.3 4

12. Sally’s Secret GardenThe Dutch Houses,Bridge St. Row WestA Grade II listed buildingerected c.1670 with timberframing and brickwork datingfrom the 17th century. OrnateCarolean ceiling, openfireplaces and exposed beams.Walled courtyard to rear.Thurs 11th to Sat 13th 9.30am to5.30pm, Sun 14th 11-5pm.Refreshments available. Gardenseating area.Toilet on first floor.Partial wheelchair access toground floor only. Ramp accessto Rows.13. The Falcon,Grosvenor StreetOriginally built in the 13thcentury, the site waspurchased in 1602 by SirRichard Grosvenor as his townhouse, and was in familyownership until the 20thcentury. In 1979 it was donatedto the Falcon Trust by theGrosvenor Estate. Thisbuilding once had a Row,which was enclosed in 1643to create extra space. Clues toits existence are visible insidethe first floor level. The Falconwas an inn from 1778 until1878 but after repairs by JohnDouglas in 1879 it became atemperance cocoa house.Restored as a public house inthe 1980s.Thurs 11th to Sat 13th - 11amto 11pm, Sun 14th - 12 noon -10.30pm. No parking. Nowheelchair access.14. Grosvenor Museum,27 Grosvenor StreetPurpose built museum openedin 1886. Designed by ThomasM. Lockwood to hold thecollections of ChesterArchaeological Society and theChester Society of NaturalScience, Literature and Art.Thurs 11th to Sat 13th 10.30amto 5pm, Sun 14th - 1pm to 4pm.Special museum tours on Sat &Sunday 2-2.30pm & 3-3.30pm.No booking required. Limiteddisabled parking and wheelchairaccess to ground floor only.Accessible toilet facilities. Payparking nearby on Little Roodee.15. Cheshire MilitaryMuseum, Chester CastleFree entry to the museum forthe weekend. Discover whatarmy life was like for thesoldiers of Cheshire from1689 to the present day.Sat 13th to Sun 14th - Museumopen from 10am to 5pm.(Lastentry 4pm) Full disabled access.16. Brewery Tapat Gamul House,52 Lower Bridge StreetThis pub was once a latemedieval town house. It has aspectacular great hall, whichwas refronted with brick at thebeginning of the 18th century.The great hall has a 17thcentury plaster ceiling andmassive carved sandstonefireplace. King Charles I wasentertained here when hevisited the besieged city in1645.Thurs 11th to Sat 13th - 12 noonto 11pm, Sun 14th - 12 noon to10.30pm. No wheelchair access -steep stairs. Food served until9.30pm, and 9pm on Sunday.17. Oddfellows,20 Lower Bridge StreetBuilt in 1676, Oddfellows (thenBridge House), marked aradical departure from thehalf-timbered traditioncharacterised by the Bearand Billet (built only 12 yearsearlier). Renovated andrefurbished in 2008 and 2012,the building is now a stylishand unusual boutique hotel,bar and restaurant, with a rearextension and spectacularwalled garden.Thurs 11th to Sun 14th12 noon to 11pm. Please visitwww.oddfellowschester.com forfurther information. Wheelchairaccess from rear via GrosvenorPlace.18. St. Mary’s Centre,St. Mary’s HillFormerly the church of St.Mary-on-the-Hill. It wascommissioned c.1350, partlyto serve the growing needsof the garrison at ChesterCastle, and restored by theVictorians. Notablemonuments. Photographicdisplay by Chester Historyand Heritage.Thurs 11th and Fri 12th - 10amto 4pm. Full wheelchair access.No parking.19. Cheshire Record Office,Duke StreetChester in 1914: Exhibition ofFrank Simpson photographsand journal. Behind the scenestours, short talk by aconservator working on FirstWorld War posters and thehistory of the Record Office.Sat 13th - 10am to 3pm,please pre-book for timed tourand talk on 01244 972559.Disabled access for exhibition.Toilets. No parking.5 6

20. Bear and Billet,94 Lower Bridge StreetThe last major timber-framedhouse to be constructed inChester. Built in 1664 toreplace a house destroyedduring the Civil War, it wasowned by the Earls ofShrewsbury (who controlledthe Bridgegate) and was amerchant house at the headof the port. It is now a popularpub taking its name from theEarl’s heraldic device of a bearshackled to a stake (or billet)The pub is 350 yrs old in 2014.Thurs 11th - 12 noon to 11.30pm,Fri 12th and Sat 13th 12 noon tomidnight. Sun 14th -12 noon to11pm. Limited wheelchair access(with one step) to the groundfloor.21. Three Kings TeaRooms, Lower BridgeStreetThis grade II listed buildingwas originally the property ofthe Earl of Shrewsbury anddates from the mid 17thcentury. One of the stairwelltimbers has recently beendated as early as the 12thcentury. Throughout thepremises the timber framesand roof trusses are exposedwith many of the panels7retaining their original wattleand daub.Thurs 11th to Sun 14th - 10amto 5pm. Tearooms menu containsa more detailed history of thebuilding.Partial disabled access.22. Greek Orthodox Churchof St. Barbara the GreatMartyr, Overleigh Road.The Eastern OrthodoxChristian Church servingCheshire & North Wales.Grade II listed. Recentlyinstalled Iconostasis & Altar.Many fine icons.Thurs 11th to Sat 13th - 11am to4pm, Sun 14th 2pm - 4pm.Wheelchair access,Refreshments available.23.Off the Wall, Base ofRoman Curtain Wall12 St. John StreetAt the back of this bar/coffeeshop is a section of the baseand plinth of the RomanFortress Wall. A plaqueexplains its significance. Nextdoor (over the fence) are theremains of the Roman SEAngle Tower.Thurs 11th to Sun 14th, from12 noon - 10.30pm. Partialwheelchair access.Refreshments available.24. Wesley MethodistChurch, 8 St. John StreetBuilt in 1811 and designedby Thomas Harrison. Majoralterations in the 1920s andmore recently. Impressivestained glass and Binns organ.Active worship and communitycentre with art exhibitions,installations and concertsthroughout the year.Thurs 11th to Sat 13th - 10am to4pm. Wheelchair access. Toilets,coffee bar with fairtrade drinks,hot and cold snacks and cakes.Child friendly. Disabled parkingon street.25. St. John the BaptistParish Church & ChapterHouse, Vicar’s LaneThe Parish Church of St.Johnthe Baptist is the oldestNorman building in the city andits finest. Founded in AD689 byÆthelred King of Mercia on anearly Christian site, St. John’swas the Cathedral CollegiateChurch of the city,part of theDiocese of Lichfield from 1075until 1541 when it fell intodisrepair. Granted parishchurch status by Elizabeth I itis, according to Pevsner, oneof the finest examples inEurope of the transition fromRomanesque to GothicArchitecture. It has the largestcollection of Saxon/Vikingcrosses in the UK and acollection of Randle Holmeheraldic paintings. On the northcentral pillar is a unique 14thcentury painting of St. John theBaptist. The Chapter House,usually closed to the public,will be open & staffed byprofessional archaeologists.Church will be open Thurs 11th -to Sun 14th, 10am to 6pm. TheChapter House is open from10am to 12noon and in theafternoons subject to staffing.Guided tours will be available.Wheelchair access & toilets.No parking.26. Miss Selfridge,Roman Hypocaust14 - 16 Northgate StreetAt the rear of the store is anin-situ Roman hypocaust,which may have been part ofthe heating system for theLegionary Commander’squarters.Thurs 11th, Fri 12th & Sat 13th -9.30am to 12 noon, then 4pm to5pm. Members of the publicvisiting the Roman remainsplease notify staff. No wheelchairaccess.8

27. Chester Town HallNorthgate StreetAn imposing Victorian civicbuilding in the gothic stylewhich dominates Chester’smain square.Designed by Lynnof Belfast, it was inspired bythe medieval Cloth Hall atYpres, Belgium.Thurs 11th 10am to 5pm. Liftavailable. Wheel chair access viaintercom on Princess St. side ofbuilding. Main entrance on TownHall Square facing Cathedral.28. Commercial Hotel,St. Peter’s ChurchyardOff Northgate StreetThis early 19th century innby Thomas Harrison won aCivic Trust award for its recentrefurbishment. A gold awardwinner in the 2010 CheshireFood, Drink & Lifestyle Awards.Thurs 11th to Saturday 13th -12noon to 2am, Sunday 14th - 12noon to midnight.29. Chester Cathedral,Abbey SquareChester Cathedral is a trulyremarkable building, with ahistory spanning almost twothousand years. Don’t missseeing the finest medievalwoodcarving, the Cobwebpicture, the Chester Imp, themedieval shrine of St.Werburgh, the Creationwindow in the Refectory andthe unique Church Court,which is the only oldecclesiastical court in thecountry to have survived. Fordetails of special events visit:www.chestercathedral.comThurs 11th and Fri 12th - 9am to5pm, Sat 13th - 9am to 4pm.Sun 14th - 1pm to 3pm. Lightrefreshments in the Refectory.Cathedral Gift Shop. For freeentrance enter via the Visitors’entrance on St. Werburgh Street,opposite the Town Hall.30. King Charles Tower,City Walls plus HeritageSkills and Craft FairDiscover this medieval tower,once used as a meeting placefor the Chester Guilds. Standwhere King Charles I was saidto have watched the skirmishesat the Battle of Rowton Moor.As an extra attraction studentsfrom West Cheshire Collegeinvite you to come and try yourhand at heritage & crafts skills.Learn all about traditionalstone masonry and woodcarpentry from the experts.Fri 12th and Sat 13th -11am to 4pm. No parking,no wheelchair access.31. Water Tower,on the City WallsJohn de Helpston built theWater Tower for £100,between 1322 and 1326 as anecessary defence on the Deeat Chester. The originalcontract between him and thecity says Bonewaldesthorne’sTower (turrus deBenewaldestham), throughwhich the Water Tower isreached, was already inexistence. The original AngloSaxon Tower was made out oftimber, and the later stonetower dates to the 13th century.The Water Tower is attachedto Bonewaldesthorne’s Towerby a spur wall over 30 metreslong.Discover the people whohave been involved with theTowers over the centuries andhow the landscape around thisstretch of the walls haschanged over time. Steepsteps in building.Sat 13th and Sun 14th -11am to4pm. No parking, no wheelchairaccess, no toilets.32. Telford’s Warehouse,Canal WharfSubstantial brick warehousebuilt in the 1790s & attributedto the famous engineerThomas Telford. Restored inthe 1980s now used as a bar,restaurant and music/artsvenue. Superb views acrossChester’s former canal port.Constructed partly over thecanal to assist with loadingand unloading of boats onthe water.Thurs 11th to Sun 14th -12 noon (open all day). Baropen midday until late. Entrancefee is charged later in theevening. No wheelchair access.9 10

CHESTER ON FOOT(Entries in italics are public houses)OPEN EVERY DAY (*Times Vary)2. The Guildhall (11-4pm)5. Old Leche House (9.30-5.30pm)*6. St. Peter’s Church (10-3.30pm)*7. Castle Galleries (9-5.30pm)8. Spud-U-Like (9-6pm)10. CC-Viyella (10-4pm)11.Mad Hatters Tea Room (11-4.30pm)*12.Sally’s Secret Garden (9.30-5.30pm)*13.The Falcon (11am-11pm)*14.Grosvenor Museum (10.30-5pm)*16.Brewery Tap - Gamul House (12noon-11pm)*17.Oddfellows (12 noon-11pm)20.Bear & Billet (12 noon-11pm)21.Three Kings Tea Room (10-5pm)23.Off The Wall (12noon-10.30pm)25.St.John the Baptist (10-6pm)28.The Commercial (12 noon-midnight)29.Chester Cathedral (9-4pm)*32.Telford’s Warehouse (12 noon-11pm)36.St Werburgh’s Church(10-4pm)Selected Days Only(Check times & dates in directory)1.Bishop Lloyd’s Palace (Sat & Sun)3.Stanley Palace (Sat only)4.Watergate House (Sat only)9.Chester Hist & Heritage (Sat only)15.Chesh.Military Mus (Sat & Sun)18.St Mary’s Centre (Thurs & Fri only)19.Cheshire Record Office (Sat only)24.Wesley Church (Thurs,Fri & Sat)26.Miss Selfridge (Thurs,Fri & Sat)27.The Town Hall (Thurs only)30.King Charles Tower (Fri & Sat only)31.The Water Tower (Sat & Sun only)34.The Queen’s School (Sat only)1112

33. Chester BluecoatPrimary School,Walpole Rd.Modern timber framed primaryschool, newly designed & built.Fri 12th - open 1.00pm to3.00pm. Small group tours bystaff & children whilst school is insession. Tours start at 1pm &2pm, lasting about 45 minutes.Time for questions andrefreshments. Visitors need tobook in advance, sign in & besupervised during visit. Disabledaccess, toilets & lift. Off ParkgateRd. near the University. To bookring 01244 981098.34. Queen’s SchoolCity Walls RoadIndependent day school forgirls est. 1878, built on the siteof the old city jail. Exteriorrichly detailed in the vernacularrevival style, with mullionedwindows, shaped chimneysand an ornate steepled belfry.Visit inside the original schoolbuilding, not usually open tothe public.Sat 13th - 10.30am to 1.30pm.Wheelchair access and toilets.No parking.35. St. Oswald’s Church,Backford (CH2 4BE)Grade II* listed dating from13th c. with later additions and13restorations. Contains areredos by John Douglas, andan exhibition on the history ofthe church. There is aninteresting First World Warmemorial.Sat 13th - 10am to 4pm.Disabled access.36. St. Werburgh RomanCatholic Church,Grosvenor Park RoadCompleted in 1875. This citycentre church is a fine exampleby Edmund Kirby in the style of13th century early Englisharchitecture. The church wasrefurbished in 2002. Stainedglass windows. Acclaimed 3manual Binns/Sixsmithorgan installed in 2004.Thurs 11th to Sat 13th -10am to 4pm, Sun 14th - 8.30amto 7pm. Mass at 9am, 10.45am,6pm. Wheelchair access. Parkingnear church or in city centre.37. Chester Little Theatre,Gloucester Street,NewtownOriginally a school built in 1840and attached to Christ Church.Closed and sold to ChesterTheatre Club in 1962. There isan auditorium and prosceniumarch stage on the first floor,and classrooms converted intoworkshops, a green room, anda wardrobe dept. Some pastproduction photos on display.Fri 12th - 10am to 3pm. Guidedtours at 10.30am and 2.30pm.Just turn up. No wheelchairaccess to first floor and toilets.Car parking at nearby St. Anne’sStreet. Located next to the ChristChurch, before the SalvationArmy building.38. Christ Church,Gloucester Street,NewtownCompleted 1900, by localarchitect John Douglas in Artsand Crafts style with ‘OxfordMovement’ interior, Kempewindows, Brindley and Fosterorgan, fascinating furnitureand artefacts.Thurs 11th, Fri 12th and Sat13th - 10pm to 4pm. Sun 14th12.30pm - 6.30pm. One low stepon entry, otherwise level. Carparking nearby at Brook StreetCar Park.(Free after 3pm).39. St. Mary’s ChurchDodlestonRedesigned by architect JohnDouglas in 1870. St. Mary’shas a medieval tower andtombs of Sir Thomas Egerton& family. In 1914 seventy fourmen out of a population of 400signed up to go to war. Theirnames are on the Roll ofHonour on display. Four didnot return and they areremembered on the churchmemorial. Our exhibition willshow what life was like inDodleston during the 1914-18period.Sat 13th and Sun 14th - 2pm to5pm. Parking available. Partialwheelchair access.40. Farndon Parish ChurchChurch Lane, FarndonRebuilt in 1658, the churchfeatures a Civil War windowthat details types of weaponsand clothing used by theCheshire gentry in the serviceof the Royalist cause.Thurs 11th to Sat 13th - 9.30amto 4.30pm. Full wheelchairaccess and toilets. Lightrefreshments. Public parking incentre of village and at nearbyMemorial Hall. From Chester,turn left in village centre and thenfirst right. Church on the right.41. Stretton Watermill,Near FarndonHistoric working watermill sitedating from1351. The presentbuilding dates from 1630, withalterations in 1770 and 1819.A rare survival of a rural millwith original machinery still inuse. The evolution of the14

engineering is explained tovisitors, and the milling processdemonstrated with the 2waterwheels, sluices, hoist &sifter. Free guided tours duringthe afternoons to see theancient machinery.Sat 13th and Sun 14th - 1pmto 5pm. Last tour 4.30pm. Tenmiles south of Chester, off A534between Farndon and Broxtonroundabout. Wheelchair access.Small shop and exhibition.Parking, toilets, andrefreshments/picnic area.42. Walk Mill, WavertonA working flour mill, WalkMill was mentioned in theDomesday Book, but wasdemolished in 1965. Recentlyrebuilt it is now open to thepublic. The mill has a cafe andshop with products baked onthe premises using stoneground flour made from wheatgrown in fields around the mill.The mill is powered by theRiver Gowy.Thurs 11th to Sun 14th10am to 5pm. Take the A41Whitchurch Road out of Chester.After 2 miles turn left, followingthe brown signs for Walk Mill.The Mill is on the right down WalkMill Lane after a further 2 miles.Accessible parking & wheelchairaccess to building. Toilet facilities.43. St. Andrew’s ParishChurch, Church Street,TarvinGrade I listed 14th centuryparish church, of particularinterest: 14th century oakscreen, 14th century roof tosouth aisle and 17th centuryroof to nave, rebuilt followingthe Civil War. Victorian stainedglass by Kempe and Bryans.Modern stained glass in westwindow. History exhibition withremains of Saxon cross.Sat 13th - 10am to 4pm. In centreof village. Grade II listed ParishTearoom with local art exhibition,once the 17th century TarvinGrammar School. Simplerefreshments, church guidebooklets and trail leaflets areavailable. Wheelchair access.On street parking.44. St. Edith’s Church,Shocklach, MalpasTiny parish church just inCheshire. Continuing worshipand welcome assured at thistreasured church dedicated toSt. Edith. Interesting doorway(early 12th century) and an18th century ceiling.Sat 13th - 10am to 4pm. Visitorswelcome to picnic in grounds.Toilets. Partial wheelchair access.Parking available. North ofShocklach Village on West side.45. Weaver Hall MuseumNorthwichMuseum displays explore thesite’s workhouse history alsolocal history & archaeology.Visitors can see the Board ofGuardians meeting room,which is not always open to thepublic. No booking required.Sat 13th and Sun 14th - 2pmto 5pm. Fully accessible, lift tofirst floor, free parking, smallshop, tea and coffee available.London Road, follow brown signsfrom A556 or Northwich Town.46. Lion Salt Works,Ollershaw Lane, MarstonThe Lion Salt Works is anhistoric open-pan salt makingsite that is being restored andtransformed into a uniqueheritage attraction due to openin 2015. A substantial part ofthe site is a ScheduledMonument. The restorationproject and butterfly gardenare open for visitors.Sat 13th - 10am to 4pm.Guided walking tours bymembers of the site team at10.30am, 12 noon, 1.30pm &3pm. Limited on site parking.Limited disabled access.47. Ince Manor, InceA beautifully restored 13thcentury hall that is a Grade 1scheduled monument. Oneof the earliest recordedproperties belonging to theAbbey of St. Werburgh. Inprivate ownership.Sun 14th - 10am to 4pm. TakeB5132(N) off the A5117 into InceVillage. Pass church on yourright. Take 2nd left into MarshLane, Ince Manor is first left. Nodisabled access. No parking onsite. Please park at roadside.48. St. Cuthbert by theForest, Mouldsworth(CH3 8AJ)An excellent example of asmall modern church, built inthe 1950’s on land bought bythe owner of a village pubwhere masses had been heldsince the 1920s for Irishseasonal workers. The churchwith an arts & crafts styleinterior and campaniledesigned by the architect F.X.Velarde was listed Grade II inMarch 2014.Thurs 11th to Sat 13th - 10am to4pm. Partial wheelchair access.15 16

EVENTSBOOKING OPENSMONDAY 11 AUGUST.BOOKING IS ESSENTIALFOR ALL EVENTS.Where entries containspecific phone numbersfor booking please usethem to reserve places.To book all other eventsring 01244 972210 Mondayto Friday - 10am -12pmand 1pm - 4pm.Children MUST beaccompanied by adults.The Guild ofChester Tour Guidesgenerously supportHeritage Open Daysby providingfree tours.THURSDAY 11thA. ‘Chester Life in theMonths leading up toAugust 1914.’This guided walking tour willbe led by City Guide GerryTighe and will last approx. 90minutes. This tour will show uswhat life was like for the peopleof Chester in the early part of1914. Where did they shop,how did they entertainthemselves. What was life likeat school ? Where did theywork and how did they travel ?Thurs 11th - Tour starts1.30am - ends 3pm. 25 spaceson tour. Book in advance.Departs from Chester History& Heritage Centre. No disabledaccess due to steps.B. Mickle TraffordWatermill and the GrangeStewardship Farm Tour(CH2 4JR)Tour of 18th century watermillin original condition, twowaterwheels, three sets ofgrindstones, plus historicalinformation. Includes tour ofsurrounding Stewardship Farm,home to rare breed Red Pollcattle and is wildlife rich, LEAFMarque assured, and in theHigher Level StewardshipScheme with a history goingback hundreds of years.Therewill be a produce fair at theFarm on Friday 2-6pm and alsoon Sat 10-1pm. Visitors to theFarm will be able to see theon-going boundary landscapework.Thurs 11th to Sun 14th - onetour for each site every day at10am. First the Mickle TraffordWater Mill Tour lasting about 2hours. Then break for lunch -please bring a picnic. Then at2pm there is a tour of theGrange Farm, lasting approx. 2hours. Meet at the Grange, 4miles north east of Chester onthe A56 between Beesley &Fildes and Meadow Fishery.Look for Red Poll Beef signs.Places limited for safetyreasons. Booking advisable -ring Huw Rowlands on mobile07950 963526, or emailhuw.rowlands145@btinternet.com.For Trafford Mill tour contactCeris Timms on 07587189776or e-mail ceris@wildarea.org.NB. You can book either orboth tours. No disabledaccess. Toilets at the farm.Stout shoes recommended forfields.C. Riverside Museum,University of ChesterThe Riverside Museum housesa selection of curiosities fromthe world of medicine includingan original letter from FlorenceNightingale.In the centenaryyear there is a temporaryexhibition linked to the FirstWorld War and its effects onhealth & social care, the roleof volunteers and the aftermathof the war.Thurs 11th and Saturday 13th1pm to 4pm.Thirty places pertour. To book ring RogerWhiteley on 01244 511619 oremail:r.whiteley@chester.ac.uk.Disabled access can bearranged, enquire at time ofbooking. Public access is onlyavailable via the Castle Driveentrance of Riverside buildingso please meet there and waitto be shown to the Museum.Cafe open for lightrefreshments. Nearest parkingLittle Roodee (pay car park)17 18

D. Chester RacecourseWalking TourThe first official records ofhorse racing taking place atChester date back to the early16th century, making this thecountry’s oldest racecourse.Over the centuries it hascontinued to change andevolve, and continues to excitewith its varied programme ofevents and activities.Thurs 11th at 2pm. Walkingtour and talk led by ChrisClayton lasting between 90&120 minutes. He explains thehistory of the racecourse sitesince Roman times up torecent projects including thegrandstand extensions and1539 restaurant, new ParadeRing projects. Also the OldPort site including new stablesand railway arches withassociated developments andthe riverside path. Assemble atthe Holiday Inn Express Hotelon New Crane Street, CH12LY, to start the tour. Parkingavailable at the hotel, andtoilets are available on the tour.Steep steps to the City Wallsso the tour is not suitable forthe disabled, or those withwalking difficulties. Bookingessential, 35 places.FRIDAY 12thE. Bridgegate House,5 Bridge Place,Lower Bridge StreetA fine Georgian house and keyhistoric building, now theoffices of award winningconservation architects DonaldInsall Associates. Contains aparticularly fine staircase.Guided tour of building withsmall exhibition of DonaldInsall Associates projects.Fri 12th - Tours at 10am and3pm. Booking essential on01244 350063 in office hoursMon to Fri. No disabled accessto the upper floors. Toilets.SATURDAY 13thF. The Albion InnAlbion StreetBuilt in the late 19th century,The Albion is Chester’s lastunspoilt Victorian public housededicated to the Great War.Many items of memorabilia arehoused in the bar including a1928 Pianola Steck, which canbe played on request. TheAlbion is a short walk from theDrill Hall, built by JamesHarrison in 1868. The buildingwas converted into flats in1983, but visitors can view theGrade II listed facade whichhas been retained.Sat 13th - Tours at 3pm and4.30pm. Tours conducted byMike Mercer, the oldest servinglicensee in Chester. 10 placeson each tour. Bookingessential. No parking, nodisabled access.G. Chester Walking TourYour guide will lead you on acaptivating journey through2000 years of history, taking inall the main sites along theway, including the Rows, WallsRiver and Cathedral.Be enthralled by tales of thosewho have contributed to therich heritage of Chester,beginning in Roman times,through the vibrant Medievalexpansion period, thedesperation of the Civil War,Georgian elegance and theVictorian revival, right up tothe present day.Sat 13th - Tour starts 10.30amends 12 noon. Starts fromTown Hall VIC. No wheelchair access. 50 places ontour. Book in advance.H. Chester Railway StationGuided tour and updates onthis historic station, wherefoundation stone was laid on1st August 1847. Will include afascinating historic time-linestretching from its originalbuilder Thomas Brassey rightup to the present day, with themassive investments that havebeen required to make it a keytransport interchange forChester and surroundingareas.Sat 13th - 2pm. Bookingessential. 30 places. Tour byJohn Whittingham. Fulldisabled access to platforms.Assemble on concourse atfront of station.I. Frodsham Restorationin Progress (VictorianBuildings) Walking TourVisit to Railway Goods shed,Railway Station and the formerCourt House in Ship Street,which are all at different stagesof refurbishment on a shortcircular walking route.Sat 13th - 2pm. Tour withcurrent researchers/ownersoccupiersexplaining theprocesses & challenges facedby each building. Nowheelchair access onroute.Booking essential.25 places only. Meet at the farend of the Station car parksouth side. Car park entranceoff Church street on the right/19 20

south side of the Helter SkelterPub.J. Tarvin Village HistoricalWalking TourGuided tour by Tarvin LocalHistory Group of the historiccentre of Tarvin township. Itshistory begins in Roman timesand the centre contains animposing Parish Church,half- timbered cottages andfine Georgian buildings.Sat 13th - Tour starts at1.30pm and finishes outside St.Andrew’s Church in the centreof the village. No bookingrequired. No wheelchairaccess. Toilets in parish room.K. Northgate HouseUpper Northgate StreetNorthgate House, a Grade IIlisted private residence wasbuilt in three separate eras.Erected in the 1730s theoriginal building was used asstables by the Fire Dept. Othertrades taking place at the timewere coffin making and inkproduction. The Toll Housewas built c.1815, along withthe present North Gate, afterthe House of Correction andthe previous North Gate weredemolished. The Toll Houseand the original building werelinked by the third building inthe late 19th c. This part of thebuilding housed a school from1916 to 1957.Sat 13th - Tours at 11am and2pm. Five people max on eachtour due to buildings’ smallsize. Booking essential. Noparking. No disabled access.L. 8 White FriarsThis Grade II listed privateresidence was built around themiddle of the 16th century, oftimber framed construction andwas thought to have beenowned by Richard Harrison,a brewer. Originally theGeorgian facade would havebeen similar to No 1 - with aprojecting first floor. Many ofthe original Jacobean featuresremain, such as the wattle anddaub infilling, oak trusses, andwhat is believed to be theoldest brick smoke hood in thecity. An important feature ofthe building is the heraldicovermantel, displaying thearms of the WorshipfulCompany of Brewers, aLondon Livery company.Another notable feature is thedrawing room panelling.Sat 13th & Sun 14th - Tours11am and 2pm bookingessential. 10 people maximumper tour. No parking, nodisabled access.SUNDAY 14thM. Chester Walking TourYour guide will lead you on acaptivating journey through2000 years of history, taking inall the main sites along theway, including the Rows, WallsRiver and Cathedral. Beenthralled by tales of thosewho have contributed to therich heritage of Chester,beginning in Roman times,through the vibrant Medievalexpansion period, thedesperation of the Civil War,Georgian elegance and theVictorian revival, right up to thepresent day.Sun 14th - Tour starts 10.30amends 12 noon. Tour .Startsfrom Town Hall VIC. Nowheelchair access. 50 placeson tour. Book in advance.N. Upton by ChesterHistorical Walking TourVillage Hall, Heath RoadGuided tour by the Upton LocalHistory Group around some oldparts of the northern half of thevillage - Upton Heath andUpton Cross. Calling at a fewproperties for specific tours bytheir incumbents - at least oneof these not normally open tothe public. Mainly Victorian butpointing out features fromearlier and later times.Sun 14th at 2.30pm. Tourstarts and finishes at UptonVillage Hall which has parking,refreshments and a small localhistory exhibition. Hall open2pm - 5pm (CH2 1HX).Booking essential - pleasetelephone Robert on 01244382062. (12 people max)Village Hall has disabledaccess, but the walk itself isover uneven ground and steps.21 22

23CHILDREN’SPASSPORTPlease introduce the youngermembers of your family toHeritage Open Days this year.Collect a copy of our Children’sPassport from the GrosvenorMuseum or the VisitorInformation Centre from 1stSeptember, or from BishopLloyd’s Palace over the Hodsweekend. Family Fun -with Prizes!JOIN US!If you share our interest inthe historic past and futuredevelopment of Chester Citywe invite you to joinChester Civic Trust.Membership is open toeveryone, whatever yourbackground or interests andregardless of where you live.To obtain amembership form & furtherdetails please emailadmin@chestercivictrust.org.ukor write to theMembership SecretaryChester Civic Trust OfficeBishop Lloyd’s Palace51-53 Watergate RowCHESTER CH1 2LEHeritage Open Days at a Glance Thurs Fri Sat SunBUILDINGS 11th 12th 13th 14th1. Bishop Lloyd’s Palace2. Guildhall3. Stanley Palace4. Watergate House5. Old Leche House6. St Peter’s Church at the Cross7. Castle Galleries, St Michael’s Row8. Spud u Like-Roman Hypocaust9. Chester History and Heritage10. CC, Viyella11. Mad Hatters Tea Room12. Sally’s Secret Garden,Dutch Houses13. The Falcon14. Grosvenor Museum15. Cheshire Military Museum16. Brewery Tap at Gamul House17. Oddfellows18. St Mary’s Centre19. Cheshire Record Office20. Bear and Billet21. Three Kings Tearooms22. St. Barbara (Greek Orthodox Church)23. Off the Wall (Base of Roman Curtain Wall)24. Wesley Methodist Church24

Heritage Open Days at a Glance Thurs Fri Sat SunBUILDINGS 11th 12th 13th 14th25. St John the Baptist Church26. Miss Selfridge (Roman Hypocaust)27. Chester Town Hall28. Commercial Hotel29. Chester Cathedral30. King Charles Tower31. Water Tower32. Telford’s Warehouse33. Chester Blucoat Primary School34. Queens School35. St Oswald’s Backford36. St Werburgh Church37. Chester Little Theatre38. Christ’s Church Newtown39. St Mary Dodleston40. Farndon Parish Church41. Stretton Watermill, Near Farndon42. Walk Mill Waverton43. St Andrew’s Tarvin44. St Edith’s Shocklach45. Weaver Hall Museum46. Lion Salt Works47. Ince Manor48. St Cuthbert by the Forest25 Heritage Open Days at a Glance Thurs Fri Sat SunEVENTS 11th 12th 13th 14thA. ‘Chester Life up to 1914’ - TourB. Mickle Trafford WatermillB. Grange Stewardship FarmC. Riverside Museum, Uni. of ChesterD. Chester Racecourse TourE. Bridgegate HouseF. The Albion InnG. Chester Walking TourH. Chester Railway Station TourI. Frodsham Blue Plaque Walking TourJ. Tarvin Village Walking TourK. Northgate HouseL. White FriarsM. Chester Walking TourN. Upton by Chester Walking Tour 26

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