Choices Brochure 11 08 screen - Hubbell Industrial Lighting

Choices Brochure 11 08 screen - Hubbell Industrial Lighting

ChoicesBenefits ELECTRONIC HIDEnergy SavingsHubbell Industrial Lighting put fluorescentlighting systems to the test.Using a 100 ft x 200 ft room with30ft ceilings, the new Hubbell IndustrialElectronic EL series HID fixtureout-perfomed the leading fluorescentin annual energy costs quitesubstantially.In addition, all of Hubbell IndustrialElectronic-HID solutions comply withthe highest pulse start energy efficiencyrequirements of the EnergyIndependence and Security Act of2007 (EISA 2007).$20,000$18,000$16,000$14,000$12,000$10,000$8,000$6,000400WElectronic HIDAnnual Energy Costs*4 Lamp T56 Lamp T56 Lamp T8Pulse Start HIDStandardHIDMaintenance & Installation BenefitsIn the overall cost of the lightingsystem are maintenance andservice issues, which are determinedby the choice of ballast,optic, lamp and the impact oftemperature, dirt accumulationand tough environment concernswithin the workplace.With fewer fixtures needed tolight the same space over standardMH or linear fluorescent,the Electronic HID can provideenergy savings, as well as variabledimming to 50 percent oflamp power. This offers hugeopportunities for operating costreductions, both through energysavings and lower maintenancerequirements.$2,500$2,000$1,500$1,000$500$0% Initial Lumens400WElectronic HID100%86%72%58%44%Re-Lamping Costs*4 Lamp T56 Lamp T56 Lamp T8Pulse Start HIDStandardHIDLumen Maintenance Comparison*86% - 90%75%Pulse Start MHElectronic HIDPulse Start MHMagnetic Ballast64%Probe Start MHMagnetic Ballast30%4 8 12 16 20

More Light,Deeper into the JobDue to much improved starting routine, these fixtures havea flatter lumen maitenance curve. The lumen maintenancefactors are as high as .86 to .90. The benefit of the flattercurve is more light for more hours of operation. This is aclear benefit to the Electronic HID ballast systems.In addition their efficacy is much improved over magneticHID systems and even beats the current crop of fluorescentsystems. Maintained lumens per watt of the electronicHID ballast/lamp systems are as high as 90 lm/w.Using the best system as the driver in our Electronic HIDfixtures results in great performance on the job.85Maintained Fixture Lumens/Watt*8075706560555045400WElectronic HID4 Lamp T56 Lamp T56 Lamp T8Pulse Start HIDStandardHID40The Bottom LineElectronic HID raises the performanceof pulse start lamps to a new level,delivering 35 percent more light atmean lumen output than traditionalprobe start systems and nearly 50percent more light by the end of life.Additionally, Electronic HID systemsare far more efficient compared toprobe start systems, reducing operatingcosts up to 40 percent per year.Regardless of the way you compareproducts, Electronic HID representsthe best solution for delivering greatlighting with conscientious economy.$140,000$120,000$100,000$80,000$60,000$40,000$20,000$0Five Year Total Cost Comparison*400W Electronic HID4 Lamp T5 Linear Fluorescent6 Lamp T5 Linear Fluorescent6 Lamp T8 Linear FluorescentPulse Start HIDProbe Start HIDYear One Year Two Year Three Year Four Year Five

Electronic HID Lighting SolutionsEL Series Electronic BallastThe new EL Series Electronic Ballast delivers a new level of HID performance:• Lower operating and maintenance costs• Better lumen maintenance – light output depreciation cut 30% - 50%• Fewer fixtures needed to light the same space• Energy savings of more than 40% per year• Continuous dimming to 50% of lamp power• Powered by the highest efficiency pulse start technology andmeets efficiency requirements of EISA 2007More Lumens• Electronic HID raises the performance of pulse start lamps to a new level• Electronic HID systems deliver 30% more light at mean lumen output thantraditional probe start systems and nearly 50% more light by end of lifeMore Energy Efficient• Electronic HID systems are far more efficient, reducing operating costs up to40% per year when compared to probe start systems• Available with Advance DynaVision ® ballastsMore Savings to the Bottom Line• Hubbell’s electronic HID represents the best solution for delivering great lighting at agreat price, while conserving natural resourcesSuperwatt• High performance, industry leading optics, with up to 95% efficiency• Available with electronic ballasting• Fully electronic, controllable, ballast• 208V to 277V• 400 to 250 watt in Pulse Start• Meets efficiency requirements of EISA 2007Lightwatt• High performance, industry leading optics, with up to 95% efficiency• Available with electric ballasting• 208V to 277V• 150 to 70 watt in Pulse Start• Ideal for 8-15 foot mounting heights• Meets efficiency requirements of EISA 2007V-SPEC ®V-Spec ® sets the standard in maximum vertical surface illumination and colorrendering. All the qualities you need plus energy savings. Perfect for the retailenvironment. The V-Spec ® meets efficiency requirements of EISA 2007. †

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