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2011 deer hunting guide - Advertiser Community News

Nov. 7, 2011 • Deer Hunting • Advertiser Community News / Times-Press • Page 1November 7, 2011Deer HuntingSectionHUNTINGNEWS ANDINFORMATIONYOU CAN USE!Brought to you by theAdvertiserCommunityNewsYOUR GUIDE TO SAFETY TIPS, RULES AND REGULATIONS,DINING SPECIALS AROUND THE AREA AND SO MUCH MORE!

Page 2 • Advertiser Community News / Times-Press • Deer Hunting • Nov. 7, 20112011 Wisconsin gun deer season opens Nov. 19DEER HIDESWANTEDWillTradeForGloves920-986-3898N5558 State Rd. 76 • Shiocton, WI 54170The 2011 gun deer seasonopens on Nov. 19 andbarring bad weather, wildlifeofficials say all the piecesare in place for successfulseason.“I sincerely hope everyonewho enjoys and cherishesthe traditions andexcitement of deer huntingcan find time to spendsharing these special dayswith family and friends,”said Department of NaturalResources SecretaryCathy Stepp. “Wisconsinis a special place when itcomes to deer and deerhunting and I want to wisheveryone a safe, enjoyableand successful hunt.”While portions of thestate (96 deer managementunits) are included in HerdControl or CWD seasonsthat allow for additionalharvest to curtail growth,38 deer management units(DMUs) will have limitedor no antlerless harvest toregulate or allow for herdgrowth, under the 2011deer season structure.This year, eight DMUsin the northern forest willhave buck-only huntingduring the archery andgun deer seasons. Someexceptions may apply toqualified members of theU.S. Armed Forces who arehome on furlough or leave,Class A and C disabledpermit hunters and youthages 10 through 17 whohave an unused DMU antlerlesstag (see 2011 DeerHunting Regulations bookletfor details. The Dec.8-11 antlerless-only huntwill still be held statewide;however, in the eight unitswhere zero antlerless tagsare available, only hunterswho qualify under the exceptionslisted above willbe eligible to hunt.New in 2011, youthhunters ages 10 through17 who purchase a firearmdeer license will automaticallybe issued an antlerlesspermit that can be usedwith gun or bow in anyDMU statewide.The elimination of earna-buckoutside of the CWDmanagement zone in 2009allowed hunters to takebucks and pass on antlerlessdeer.Hunters are remindedthat coyote hunting isclosed in approximatelythe northern third of thestate if any gun or muzzleloaderdeer hunt is in progress.See the 2011 WisconsinDeer Hunting or SmallGame Regulations for thesouthern boundary of theclosed area. As with allhunting seasons, huntersare reminded to be absolutelysure of their targetbefore they shoot.ArcheryHunters may harvestdeer with archery equipmentduring the nine-daygun deer season howeverthey must observe blazeorange hunting clothingrules. The archery seasonfor deer is Sept. 17 – Nov.17 and Nov. 19 – Jan. 8,2012. Note the archery seasonis closed on Nov. 18 forone day.Fall WildlifeObservation SurveyIn 2009, an online WisconsinDeer Hunter WildlifeSurvey reporting systemwas launched, whichallowed deer hunters toreport what they were seeingout in the field. Manyhunters took advantage ofthis opportunity and observationsfrom roughly20,000 hunting trips werereported. The countlesshours put into the fieldby hunters are a valuablesource of information forcreating indices of wildlifepresence and abundancethroughout the state.The online wildlife observationreporting systemwill once again be availablefor the 2011 deer huntingseason from Sept. 17through Jan. 8, 2012. Wildlifeofficials hope archeryand gun deer hunters fromall corners of the state continueto take part in thesurvey and for new huntersto begin participating.A field observation sheetis available for hunters tokeep track of their observationsthroughout the season,so they can enter theirdata at a later timeData collected will becomemore meaningful asthe number of survey yearsincreases to show wildlifepopulation and distributiontrends over time. Themore hunting trips reportedby deer managementunits, the more significantthe data will become. Finalresults from the 2010 websurvey and comparisons to2009 can be found on theWildlife Survey Reportspage of the DNR website(click on the results tab).Deer Management UnitsRegular unit deer populationsare at or near goalin these deer managementunits. For the 2011 season,most regular units willhave a limited number ofunit-specific antlerless deercarcass tags available.Hunters may purchaseone antlerless tag perday. Fees are $12 each forresidents and $20 each fornon-residents. Units withlower numbers of availablepermits can be expected tosell out quickly. The supplyof available permits inunits with high numberscan be expected to last longer.Hunters may want tomonitor permit availabilityonline which is updatedperiodically. Hunters mustpurchase a 2011 Wisconsindeer hunting license beforepurchasing a unit-specificantlerless tag. Licenses andtags can also be purchasedby phone (1-877-945-4236)or at the DNR Online LicensingCenter.Eight Regular units willnot have any unit-specificantlerless tags available in2011: DMUs 3, 7, 29B, 34,35, 39, 44 and 45. Theseunits are below deer populationgoals. Only certainhunters will be allowed toharvest antlerless deer inthese units under the followingcircumstances:• Youth deer hunters10-17 yrs. old who receivedone free antlerless deer tagwhen their gun license waspurchased. Contact theDNR at 1-888-936-7463 for4 Rules ofFirearm Safety1. Treat every gun as if it were loaded.2. Always point the muzzle in a safe direction.questions about the freetags. These special tags arevalid in any DMU statewideand can be used witha gun or archery license.• Class A and C disabledpermit holders mayharvest a deer of either sexusing their one “Gun BuckDeer Carcass Tag” duringany gun deer season in anyunit statewide. Class A andC disabled permit holdersmay use their “ArcheryAntlerless Carcass Tag” onantlerless deer they shootduring the archery seasonin any unit statewide.• U.S. Armed Forcesmembers, who are Wisconsinresidents or were residentswhen they went intoactive service, and are currentlyon furlough or leavefrom active service, mayharvest a deer of either sexusing their one “Gun BuckDeer Carcass Tag” duringany gun deer season in anyunit statewide.3. Be sure of your target and beyond.4. Keep your nger out of the trigger guarduntil you are ready to shoot.• Farmers who haveagricultural damage shootingpermits may distributespecial tags to hunters,which authorize them toshoot antlerless deer onlyon the farmer’s property.• Chippewa treatyrights allow certain tribesto harvest antlerless deerunder a threshold value ona unit by unit basis withinthe ceded territory.Herd Control Units aredesignated when deerpopulation estimates are20 percent or more aboveestablished overwintergoals. The 2011 Wisconsingun and archery deerhunting licenses will eachinclude one free AntlerlessDeer Carcass Tag that maybe used in any of the 74Herd Control or 22 CWDunits. Archery licenses willinclude a second antlerlesstag which is also valid inHerd Control Units. Thereis no limit to how manyadditional Antlerless DeerCarcass Tags can be purchasedat $2 each for usein Herd Control units. Tagscan be purchased at anyDNR license sales locationor through the Online LicensingCenter. Huntersare encouraged to take advantageof antlerless deerharvest opportunities inHerd Control Units to continuemoving populationstoward sustainable deerpopulation goals.Metro Units: Metro units59M, 60M, 64M, 1M and77M will be Herd Controlunits in 2011. These metrounits have an extendedregular gun season whichwill take place from Nov.19 – Dec. 7. These metrounits will also have an extendedlate archery seasonwhich will end on Jan. 31,2012. Other season datesthat apply to Herd Controlunits will be in effect.Metro Unit 76M aroundMadison is a CWD ManagementUnit and all CWDgun and archery deer seasonswill apply to this unit.Shotgun restrictions willapply to all of unit 76M.All metro units in 2011 willhave shotgun restrictions,except unit 1M which willallow rifle hunting. Checklocal ordinances to see ifother weapon restrictionsapply to local areas withinmetro units. It is importantto check with local town officialsto see if there are localordinances prohibitingfirearm use.State Park Units: StatePark units 23A, 52A, 57D,59E, 61A, 64A, 69C, 72A,73A, 77D, 77E and 80C allowdeer hunting duringone or more deer huntingseasons. Hunters wishingto hunt in these state parksmust purchase a $3 StatePark Access Permit online

Page 4 • Advertiser Community News / Times-Press • Deer Hunting • Nov. 7, 2011Wisconsin Deer Donation 2011The Wildlife Damage 49 counties. A total of 128to receive the processing cessors will be updated asDeer Donation program meat processors representing56 counties are particilersmay be removed for the contracts and forwardDEER DONATION LOCATIONSfor free. (Head and/or ant-soon as counties completewill be continuing Wisconsin’sautumn tradition. pating in the program inmounting.) Please handle this information to us.BROWN COUNTY: OUTAGAMIE COUNTY:Since the program began 2011.the carcass as if it were destinedfor your own table. A Target Hunger and theHunters please help• Easy Street Meats • Beck’s Meatsin 2000, hunters have donatedover 77,000 deer help feed needy peoplecouple bags of ice placed statewide deer donationHunters, you canNew FrankenKaukauna(920) 866-2461 (920) 687-2516which were processed into throughout Wisconsin thisin the cavity will help preservethe carcass in warm Please consider switch-program “Feed The Need!”• Paul’s Pantry • Cedar Creek Meatsover 3.4 million pounds of fall by taking 5 simpledrop off site only Appletonground venison. The voluntaryvenison processing 1. Donate any legally5. When dropping your tion as even a very smallsteps:weather.ing to non-toxic ammuni-Green Bay(920) 734-8792(920) 433-0343 WAUPACA COUNTY:donation code added to the harvested deer taken outsidethe Chronic Wastingplease sign the simple log carcass is toxic to humansdeer off at a processor, amount of lead in a deerSHAWANO COUNTY: • Niemuth’sALIS system in 2002 has• Adam’s Meats Steak & Chop Shopnetted more than $129,000 Disease Zone by droppingsheet indicating your desireto donate the deer. ing Regulations bookletand wildlife. Deer Hunt-MarionWaupacafrom over 40,000 hunters. it off at a participating(715) 754-5136 (715) 258-2666Wisconsin has a networkof venison donation 2012). Deer taken outsidenated deer will be pro-to reduce the risk of leadprocessor (by February 1,We’ll do the rest. The do-lists recommendations• Kropf’s Meat • North Woods SausageProcessingNew Londonefforts including: Hunt for the CWD Zone are registeredwith a silver metalbe distributed to charitable links on where to find copcessedand the venison will in venison and also listsBowler(920) 982-9773the Hungry, which operatesin the Green Bay area; tag. Only silver taggedorganizations to help feed per bullets and non-toxic(715) 793-4675 • Pine Grove Meats• Pingel’s Meats OgdensburgTarget Hunger, which deer may be donated toWisconsin’s needy. ammunition for hunting.Shawano(715) 445-3826handles donations from this program.Please check our websitefor updates. Informaestand good luck hunting!Thank you for your inter-(715) 524-4513the Chronic Wasting DiseaseManagement Zone; and register it at a Wiscon-CALL FIRST!tion on participating pro-2. Field dress the deerand the Wisconsin VenisonDonation Program, whichcovers all remaining areasof the state. USDA - WildlifeServices staff also helpsin DNR registration stationprior to donating thedeer.3. Call First! Contact oneof the participating processorsdeer off to verify the processorhas space to acceptyour deer. Some countieswith metro deer manageingdeer until the end of themetro unit hunts. Check locallywith a participatingprocessor.administer the programs inbefore dropping the ment units may be accept-4. Donate the entiredeerHunters’Code of Ethics1. RESPECT LANDOWNERS• Always know where you are hunting andgain permission before entering privatelands. Know how to use a map, compass,or GPS unit when needed.• Be courteous, follow the landowner’s rulesand treat their property with respect.2. RESPECT OTHER HUNTERS• Don’t interfere or disrupt the hunt ofanother. Treat other hunters in a mannerthat you would expect to be treated.3. RESPECT NON-HUNTERS• Understand that not everyone supportshunting. While everyone is entitled totheir own view, positive hunting behaviorwill not turn someone who is neutraltoward hunting into someone who is opposedto it.4. RESPECT WILDLIFEAND OTHER NATURAL RESOURCES• Follow all hunting laws and reportobserved violations to your local warden.

By: Keith WarnkeHunting and ShootingSport CoordinatorAfter sitting two hoursin 25 degrees during the2009 youth deer hunt, everythingaligned.My younger daughter,Olivia, then 8 yearsold, informed us she sawa deer headed our direction.Olivia quickly andquietly swapped places inour ground blind so herolder sister, Sophie, couldbe in the right position.Then 10, Sophie was newto carrying a gun duringthe hunting season thanksto the new mentored huntinglaw.When the adult doewas 40 yards out, I madea quiet cluck with mytongue and she stoppedin an opening. One perfectshot and all we could saywas “Wow!” High fives allaround!My daughters were introducedto Wisconsin’shunting tradition yearsearlier when we startedtaking them along onour family hunts. Sophieenjoyed it so much shecounted the days until shewas old enough to helpadd to the harvest as partof the family outing.And that is the keyword – “family.” Sophie isamong the growing numberof females who are becominghunters.A study from the Universityof Wisconsin-Madison’sApplied PopulationLaboratory (PDF; exitDNR) found the numberof licensed women gundeer hunters in Wisconsinis projected to increase by50 percent from 50,000 to75,000 in 20 years.While this is good newsfor hunting in general, itdoesn’t solve the problemof declining hunternumbers among males.That same study projectedresident male gun deerhunters would drop from550,000 in 2009 to around400,000 by 2030.The last National Surveyof Hunting, Fishingand Wildlife AssociatedRecreation from the U.S.Fish and Wildlife Serviceshowed an 11 percent declinein hunters nationwidefrom 1991 to 2006.But the federal fish andwildlife survey, publishedin 2007, indicated about 9to 10 percent (1.2 million)of the nation’s 12.5 millionhunters are women. Theranks of female hunters,notably among the youngestgirls, have been growingslowly but steadilysince 1991 (The surveyis done every five years.The process to compile the2012 survey is under way.)Our hunting is a traditioncentered around familyfun. My hunting partyPULASKIWAREHOUSE,INC.5665 Quarry Drive,Pulaski • 920-822-35362½ mi. S. of Pulaski on Hwy. 32or 2 mi. N. of Hwy. 29 on Hwy. 32,then ¾ mi. E. of Hwy. 32 on Quarry Dr.Hrs: Mon.-Fri. 9-5; Sat. 9-NoonNov. 7, 2011 • Deer Hunting • Advertiser Community News / Times-Press • Page 5Daughters make the hunt all about family – you can, tooincludes my wife, twodaughters, my father andother relatives.More men are takingtheir daughters hunting.Hunting shows are featuringmore and more femalehunters. Groups such asBecoming an OutdoorWoman and all-womenoutings sponsored by variousgroups are popular.We live in a healthconsciousera. Harvestingyour family’s meals canbe a very healthy way toeat – the free range meatlike venison has no preservatives.Plus, there is a lotto be said about living andeating more sustainablythan we have in the past.The mentored huntinglaw also has helped. UnderWisconsin’s MentoredHunting Law, anyone 10or older can hunt withoutfirst completing a huntereducation course. He orshe must get a special license,be accompanied bya licensed hunter, have oneDeer LOVEThis Sale!!Black OilSunflower 50 lbs. $ 22 99Shelled Corn 50 lbs. $ 8 49Cracked Corn 50 lbs. $ 9 99SALE ENDSWEDNESDAY,NOVEMBER 30 THgun between them, huntwithin arm’s reach of thementor, and follow otherrules.Why not celebrate theWisconsin tradition by expandingyour family huntingevent in the state’s gorgeousoutdoors? Considerrecruiting someone to huntwith you this deer season.It is one of those gifts thatnever stops giving.Plus, you may just harvestyour favorite holidaymeal.FAMILY PET FOODCENTER1228 S. 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Main St., Seymour (just north of the fairgrounds) 920-833-6272Open 8-6 Mon.-Fri. | 8-2 Sat. | 10-2 Sun.NBC 85-2250LE• For charging 12V batteries.• 2 amp trickle charge.• 40 amp fast charge• 60 am boost• 200 amp engine startPRO SERIES Jump StarterOver35 % OFFNBC PSJ-1812NBC 85-1250LEEconomy BatteryCharger & Starter$119$ 99 99DeliveryAvailableSHIOCTON...The ShioctonBusinessLeague says,WELCOME6 mi. North on MOutagamie Wildlife Area12 mi. North on FDeer Creek Wildlife AreaFFFM 76 54Deer Hunter’s Paradise2½ mi. West on “Old 54”Barker’s LandingDeer Hunters!You name it, we have it!We have everything tomake your hunt successfuland your stay in the Shioctonarea more enjoyable with sixpublic hunting areas comprisedof thousands of acres of primehunting land.SHIOCTON8 mi. North on 187Maine Public Hunt Area1873 mi. East on 54Mack Wildlife AreaPRE-PLAN YOUR HUNT —visitshiocton.org

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Page 8 • Advertiser Community News / Times-Press • Deer Hunting • Nov. 7, 2011White-tail Deer 2011 SeasonsBOWSeptember 17 - November 17, 2011November 19 - January 8, 2012GUN November 19 - November 27, 2011MUZZLELOADER November 28 - December 7, 2011YOUTH DEER HUNT October 8 - October 9, 2011STATEWIDE ANTLERLESS HUNT December 8 - December 11, 2011OCT. ANTLERLESS HUNT CWD Units October 13 - October 16, 2011LANDOWNER HUNT CWD Units January 9 - March 31, 2012HOLIDAY HUNT CWD Units December 24 - January 8, 2012

Ask Firstand Say Thanks!Wisconsin landowners appreciate those people who askpermission to hunt and say thanks afterward. This buildsimportant landowner-hunter trust. Remember, enteringprivate lands without permission is illegal and creates anegative image for all hunters.Adult SupervisionRequiredA parent or guardian (at least 18 years of age) mustaccompany hunters ages 12 and 13. Accompaniedmeans within sight and voice contact without the aidof any mechanical or electronic amplifying device otherthan a hearing aid. Persons under the age of 12 may nothunt unless participating in a DNR Learn to Hunt eventor the Hunting Mentorship Program. Persons under age18 may not possess firearms for non-hunting purposesunless accompanied by an adult, except that personsage 14-17 who have completed Hunter Education canpossess legal shotguns and rifles without being accompaniedby an adult.Hunting IncidentsAny person involved in an incident in which a personis injured by a projectile fired from a firearm or an arrowfired from a bow or crossbow while hunting or trappingmust first render necessary assistance and then immediatelyreport the incident to the local warden, sheriff, orpolice. In addition, every person involved in a hunting accidentmust render a written report to the DNR within 10days.Nov. 7, 2011 • Deer Hunting • Advertiser Community News / Times-Press • Page 9Open at 3 a.m.OPENINGWEEKENDENDOPEN FORBREAKFAST,LUNCHAND DINNER! NER!M-TH 5:30 a.m. - 9 p.m. Fri 5:30 a.m.-9:30 p.m.Sat. 6 a.m. - 9 p.m. Sun. 7 a.m. - 9 p.m.W7711 State Road 54, Shiocton920.986.9100 hometown-grill.comINTERSTATE BATTERIESN5469 State Rd. 76, Shiocton, WI1 Mile South of 54We WEDo DOIt ITAll...And ALL!We Do It Right! Mon.-Fri.Auto&Light Trucks8am-6pm• Computer Diagnoscs Owner: Rob Bucki• Mechanical Repair• Prevenve MaintenanceOwners Dave & Rob Bucki(920) 986-3636We Sell TiresTfznpvs200606Trailblazerlazer$12,975Stock #918212007 SilveradoExt. Cab 4x4$22,995Stock #92971Hwy 55/54 • SEYMOUR920-833-2351TOLL FREE 888-448-78622005 Ford Ranger$15,595Stock #923712010 GMC Yukon XL SLT$34,995Stock #930412005 GMC Sierra Ext. SLT$18,575Stock #93141Sales Hours: Mon. & Thurs. 8-8 ; Tues., Wed. & Fri. 8-5; Sat. 8-4Service Hours: Mon.-Fri. 8-5; Sat. 8-noonDEERHUNTINGWEEKSPECIALSFOOD OFF THE DAILY MENUSERVED FROM 11 AM - 9 PMSAT., NOV. 19 and SUN., NOV. 20OPENING WEEKENDBREAKFASTBUFFETNOON SPECIALSServing Scrambled Eggswith & without cheese, Fried Potatoes,Biscuits with SOS, Sausage, Bacon,Pancakes, Toast, Muffins,Serving 4-9 AMBAR OPENS AT 11 AMCoffee, Juice andHot ChocolateSAT., Nov. 19 Hot Beef Sandwich and ChiliSUN., Nov. 20 Philly Beef with WedgesMON., Nov. 21 Roasted Chicken, Mashed Potatoes, Veggie, RollTUES., Nov. 22 Glazed Ham w/Scalloped Potatoes, Veggie, RollWED., Nov. 23 Lasagna, Garlic Bread, VeggiesTHURSDAY, Nov. 24 - 11 am ‘til GoneTHANKSGIVING DINNERTurkey Roast, Mashed Potatoes, Gravy, Veggie, Cranberries,Roll, Homemade Apple or Pumpkin Pieor order off menuFRI., Nov. 25 Fish Fry All-You-Can-Eat(plus full menu with salad bar)SAT., Nov. 26 Hot Pork with Mashed PotatoesSUN., Nov. 27 Fried Chicken DinnerWHISTLE INNDepot St., Nichols 920-525-2005

Page 10 • Advertiser Community News / Times-Press • Deer Hunting • Nov. 7, 2011Hunting Land & PropertiesFORSALE1111111111SalesNOLANNOSalesP.O. Box 486, Marion WI 54950(715) 754-5221 or (800) 472-0290www.nolansales.com

2011 gsfrvfoumz!!!!!!btlfe!rvftujpotIs it legal to hunt fortwo different speciesat the same time?Yes, but you must possessall of the necessarylicenses, permits, and/or authorizations for eachspecies you are hunting.Also, any weapons andammunition you use mustbe legal for the species youare hunting. Before headingout with a handgun, besure that you are not violatingany local ordinancesor state laws by carryinga handgun (such as carryinga concealed weapon).You must be 18 years oldto hunt with or possess ahandgun.Do I have to wearblaze orangeif I am hunting onprivate property?Yes, you must wearblaze orange anytime thereis an open gun deer seasonin the Deer ManagementUnit that you are huntingin and when hunting deerunder an agricultural damagepermit, unless you arehunting waterfowl.Can I just hang a12” X 12” blazeorange flag on thetop of my blind?No. A 12” x 12” blazeorange flag is not legalbecause this two-dimensionalflag or piece of materialwill not be visible inall directions 360 degreesaround the blind at alltimes.Is it legal to useelectronic callsfor hunting?It is illegal to use anyelectronic or electronicallyamplified calls whilehunting Migratory GameBirds or wild turkeys. Itis legal to use any type ofcall or amplified sound forattracting foxes, raccoon,crows, coyotes, deer, andUnprotected Species duringthe open season.Can I use a scope onmy muzzleloader?Yes. Scopes or telescopicsites may be usedstatewide during the 10-day muzzleloader season.Scopes or telescopic siteson muzzleloaders are alsolegal during other gundeer hunting seasons.Red dot scopes (alsoknown as floating dot,floating reticle, and AimPoints) that do not magnifyor project light are legalduring the 10-day muzzleloaderhunt.It is legal to use a muzzleloaderwith a scope thatis greater than 1 powerduring the 9-day gun deerseason or other gun deerseasons that may occurprovided it meets the otherminimum requirementsfor muzzleloaders.Can I take my childhunting with me ifthey are withouta gun or license?Yes. He or she can tagalong to observe the hunt.We recommend anyone inthe woods wear at least50% blaze orange from thewaist up.Hunting Attractants For YourBest Season EVER!SSEYMOUR FEED & PET SUPPLY239 E. Wisc St., Seymour 920-833-04341947Trophy Rock Mineral LickBuck Jam • Deer Cane • Acorn FrenzyBlack Magic • Buck LickersC-More Bucks • Corn Lix BlocksDeer Suckers • Final Feast • Sweetlixand More!Can I quarter a deerbefore I register it?Yes, this rule was newfor 2010. After a deer istagged it may be dividedup into no more than 5parts to facilitate removalfrom the field. Deer maynot be divided up for otherreasons than removingit from the field, beforeregistration. The 5 partscould be: hind quarters(2-pieces), front shoulders(2-pieces), and the head/neck/spinal column/ribcage (remain together in 1piece). The hide and lowerlegs may be removed, butdo not count as one of the5 parts. All parts of thedeer must be present uponregistration, except the entrailswhich may be left inthe field. The head of thedeer must be attached toone of the 5 parts and mustcontain a validated carcasstag. A divided (quartered)deer may not be stored andtransported with any otherdivided deer prior to registration.The same rules applyto dividing bears priorto registration during bearhunting season.HOURS:M - F 8-5 Sat. 8-1Witt’s Sausage HausThe Best In Homemade SausageFamily owned and operated since 1947.Venison sausage made year round.Your sausage is YOUR meat.Custom Meat Cutting - Fresh Cut MeatsVENISON PROCESSING~BEEF PROCESSINGNature Blessed Cherry Juice, Bulk Candy, Brach’s Candy and more.Full Line of Groceries. OPEN DAILY.N3929 State Hwy. 22, Shawano • 715-526-5478Corner of Hwy. 22 & Friendship Road • 5 mi. south of ShawanoCan I use an ATV totransport my deer?Yes, you can use an ATVto retrieve and transporta deer so long as the deeris lawfully tagged, yourweapon is unloaded andcompletely enclosed in acarrying case, and the useof ATVs is legal on theproperty you are using.Can someone elsetransport my deerafter it’s legallytagged & registered?Yes. Any person maytransport a lawfully takendeer if it is properly taggedand registered, whetherthey possess a hunting licenseor not.Nov. 7, 2011 • Deer Hunting • Advertiser Community News / Times-Press • Page 11Riverside Road • Pella715-754-5136Call for special hours duringHunting Season!VenisonProcessingOver 20 Varieties of VenisonProducts to Choose From!Also Butchering andProcessing of Beef and PorkNOLAN SALES, LLCBob Adams; OwnerSPORTSMAN’S SUPPLIESGet Your HuntingLicense Hereand See UsFor All YourHunting Needs!JOHNSONHardwareShiocton • 920-986-3625HUNTING PROPERTIES

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