October 2010 Page 17 - Miller Publishing Corporation

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October 2010 Page 17 - Miller Publishing Corporation

October 2010 Page 17

Page 18 Advertorial Wholesale/Wholesale Distributor Special Buying IssueWYNNDEL LUMBER SALES-Investing In The FutureBy Terry MillerWynndel’s slow down grading station with auto board flipper.Wynndel, B.C.—Throughout thesechallenging economic times, WynndelLumber Sales continues to make capitalinvestments in their operation.Combined with state-of-the-art equipmentinstallations, extensive productknowledge and an experienced staff,the company is reporting extraordinaryresults.Among the many products offered byWynndel Lumber Sales areEngelmann Spruce-Lodgepole Pineboards, premium fascia, siding, flooringand paneling.The firm’s sales manager Dirk Kunzeattributes the company’s success toA unit of Wynndel’s 1x6 ESLP Premier Plus waiting to be paper wrappedtheir aggressive approach of manufacturinga quality product. “We are producinga premium ESLP board that’sbeen well accepted in a poor market,”he explained. “In a market where youwould think lowest price takes the business,it’s been the opposite for us. Wehave a product that offers our distributioncustomers security. It’s not goingto come back to them with any complaintsfrom their customers, andthey’re aware of that. It’s that good of aproduct.”In 2009 the company invested in oneof the most advanced finish lines forESLP Boards. The line includes a1000 FPM high speed moulder(imparting 12-14 knife marks /inch) fora gleaming finish, and integrated computerizedcut-in-two, end sealing, endbranding and digital grade stamping.“We have three visual grading stationswith automatic board turners whereboth faces and edges are graded andinspected very slowly,” Kunzeexplained. “The entire mill is qualitydriven not production driven. We producetally and grade to meet our customers’demand.Kunze said the company has doubledits business over the last three years.“Our sales have doubled from threeKey personnel at Wynndel Lumber Sales include: (L to R) MichaelWigen, president, Dirk Kunze, sales Manager, and Cris Schofer, sales.years ago. Our mandate today is tomake certain that every unit of boardsthat goes out to our distributors is onthe high line—meaning the producthas no wane, no splits; it’s 100 percentusable. That’s what we hang our hat onand that’s how we differentiate ourselvesfrom the rest of the crowd. It’swhy we’re sold out everyday and stillhave people waiting to get onboardwith our programs.”Recently surpassing a record of350,000 board feet of board productionin a single day, Kunze said the firm’ssawmill is operating 24 hours a day.“We’re learning more and getting bettereach day,” he said. “Consistency isthe name of the game and we’rebecoming more consistent and efficientevery day.”In a time where many companies arebeing forced to downsize and reduceemployees, Wynndel has maintainedand even added to their employmentbase. “We’ve doubled our production,so we increased our employment byten percent,” Kunze said. “We havebeen able to retain our high qualityemployees, which are a testament toour success in a market like this.”Key personnel at Wynndel LumberSales including Kunze are ownersMichael and David Wigen, GeneralManager Colin Parsons, ControlerCharlene Riley and our smiling SalesAssociate Chris Schofer.Wynndel Lumber markets all of itsproducts under the WynnWood trademark.The company currently services14 countries, “Including Japan, China,Korea, Europe, and the Middle East.We provide substantial volumes ofESLP boards and Douglas Fir toMexico and the United States,” Kunzesaid. “The majority of our ESLP productis marketed in the U.S. OurJapanese market is heavy to Doug Firfor the traditional Japanese home component.”Twenty percent of the firm’s70 million board feet annual productionis in Douglas Fir.Every board is branded with theWynnWood logo with no face marks.“Most board mills still apply a grademark or a grade stamp on the face ofthe board. That was something weengineered out of the new line; wehave no visible marks on the face,”Kunze noted. “If a contractor uses thatboard for appearance applications,he’s having to take that mark and sandit off, so we have no face marks whatsoever.”What lies ahead for Wynndel LumberSales is continued aggressive innovationand progression. “We’re honingour expertise into the future, trying todo everything that we do now—onlybetter,” he said. “We’re very appreciativeof our valued customers that we’vepartnered with. They’ve helped usgrow our business in a climate that’sdifficult for a lot of producers.”For more information, contactWynndel Lumber Sales at 250-866-5266, visit www.wynndelllumber.comor email sales@wynndellumber.com.•Please Visit Us atNAWLA Booth No. 326

October 2010 Page 19

October 2010 Advertorial Page 21ROSBORO Celebrates 70 Years And A New Family MemberX-Beam signals an advance in convenience for both builders and distributors.The 3-1/2” and 5-1/2” net width glulam means builders no longer have to fill the3/8” gaps that result from traditional 3-1/8” and 5-1/8” widths, saving time andhassle. Additionally, lumber suppliers can reduce the number of SKUs in theiryards, since full-framing width Architectural Appearance X-Beam can be usedfor both concealed and exposed applications and is available in both standardglulam and I-joist depths.S p r i n g f i e l d , O r e g o n -Since 1940,Rosboro has been manufacturing woodproducts and managing some of thePacific Northwest’s most productive timberlandsto help meet industry demandfor quality building materials. And thisyear, as they celebrate 70 years of service,they’ve shaken up the industry withthe introduction of their newest familymember, X-Beam, the first full framingwidthglulam in Architectural Appearance.Advancing the IndustryX-Beam signals an advance in conveniencefor both builders and distributors.The 3-1/2” and 5-1/2” net width glulammeans builders no longer have to fill the3/8” gaps that result from traditional 3-1/8” and 5-1/8” widths, saving time andhassle. Additionally, lumber suppliers canreduce the number of SKUs in their yards,since full-width Architectural AppearanceX-Beam can be used for both concealedand exposed applications and is availablein both standard glulam and I-joist depths.“We consider X-Beam to be the next-generationof what was already a great engineeredwood product,” said Rosboro VicePresident of Sales, Jim Walsh. “It offersthe inherent advantages of glulam – likeprice, strength and ease of use – whilealso solving the ‘fit’ issues that have lingeredfor years.”According to Walsh, X-Beam bringsgreater efficiency and convenience toRosboro customers. “We’re delivering aproduct that builders have been askingfor,” said Walsh. “What we’ve found is thatX-Beam helps builders achieve cleanerinstallations in a shorter amount of timeand they are now using X-Beam in I-joistfloor systems and for short window anddoor headers.”Since the X-Beam product launch in thefirst quarter of 2010, Rosboro hasreceived great feedback from the marketplace.“Builders love the product,” saidWalsh. “Once they start using X-Beam,they don’t want to go back to the narrowbeam. The first thing builders ask is,‘What took you guys so long?’”In addition to the popular 3-1/2” and 5-1/2” net width beams, X-Beam is alsoavailable in 6-3/4” and 8-3/4”. Columnsare available in 3-1/2” x 6”, 5-1/2” x 5-1/2”and 5-1/2” x 6”. X-Beam is also availablein common glulam depths of 6” through30” in 1-1/2” increments, as well as thecommon I-joist depths of 9-1/2”, 11 7/8”,14”, 16” and 18”.Keeping It GreenGrown from second- and third-generationforests, Rosboro’s glulam was alreadyconsidered one of the greenest beams onthe market. X-Beam raises the bar evenhigher with the use of Ecobind TMresintechnology from Hexion that meets orexceeds the most stringent global emissionsstandards.Walsh is the first to point out thatRosboro’s success has relied, and alwayswill depend, on the health and sustainabilityof their forestlands. That’s why theyare committed to being, as they put it,environmental stewards of the land fromwhich they procure their wood products.One of the ways they maintain that commitmentis by participating in theSustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI), andinternationally recognized non-profitorganization that oversees certification ofresponsible forestry practices.Rosboro offers a complete line of glulam products, each manufactured to filldemands in today’s building market. All of Rosboro’s glulams are code-recognizedand certified by the APA EWS.small lumber company to a vertically integratedforest products company. NorthAmerica’s largest glulam manufacturer,today Rosboro operates a stud anddimension mill, plywood and veneer plantand three glulam plants. Stud productsinclude 8’, 9’ and 10’ lengths in KD andGreen Fir. The dimension mill cuts lamstock, dimension, 4” timbers and RosboroSelect Joist TM . Rosboro has developed thereputation as a quality sheathing plywoodproducer and in 2009 equipment wasadded to expand the offering to MDO,thick panels, T&G and sanded items.Rosboro has grown into North America’slargest glulam manufacturer with anextensive product offering that includes:Big Beam, Rosboro Treated Glulam,Custom Glulam (curved or straight) andnow X-Beam.The organization’s steady growth throughthe decades has been coupled with keenattention to customer service, a reputationthat the Rosboro team continues touphold. While technology has made servicesmore convenient—like providingclients electronic access to order status,invoices and account balances—theRosboro team has never lost sight of theenduring value of individual customerRosboro operates a stud and dimension mill, plywood and veneer plant andthree glulam plants. Stud products include 8’, 9’ and 10’ lengths in KD andGreen Fir. The dimension mill cuts lam stock, dimension, 4” timbers andRosboro Select Joist TM . A mixed load of Rosboro’s products is shown here preparedfor prompt shipment.care.In addition, Rosboro understandsbuilders’ needs and offers comprehensivetransportation service, including mixedloads, available by rail, truck or van.For more information about Rosboro’srange of product offerings and expandedservices, visit www.rosboro.com or contact(888) 393-2304.•Please Visit Us atNAWLA Booth No. 528A History of Innovation and ServiceSince 1940, Rosboro has evolved from a

Page 22 Advertorial Wholesale/Wholesale Distributor Special Buying IssueNEIMAN ENTERPRISES, INC. Receives SFI ® CertificationPrior to harvest much of the forest looks similar to this photo, with bareground and small, crowded trees fighting for nutrients.Regulations require strategically assigned areas for equipment to operatewithin to minimize the amount of disturbed ground and decrease theimpact of the harvesting process.By selectively harvesting pre-determined trees, the logging process producesa healthy forest that can thrive for years to come. Giving way toan array of activities including recreation, wildlife habitat, agriculturalgrazing, and abundant timber resources for future generations.Hulett, Wyoming—Neiman Enterprises ispleased to announce that we will havefulfilled the SFI ® ’s (Sustainable ForestryInitiative) Certified Fiber SourcingObjectives and that our resource procurementprocess will be third-party certifiedby the end of this year. This certificationwill give us the ability to offer SFI ®certified products to our customers andto meet the ever-growing requirementsof the green building movement. Thiscertification is a public proclamation thatwe have been, and will continue to be,committed to maintaining and developingour forests for the betterment of presentand future generations.The SFI ® Fiber Sourcing Certificationaddresses the 90 percent of the world’sforests that are not certified. This certificationallows customers to buy productsthat are from a third-party certifiedsource that responsibly harvests andproduces its products. Trees are ouronly renewable building product and it isimperative that our industry is responsiblymanaging this resource, and theresources that affect our timberlands.This certification requires participantswho source fiber from uncertified landsto provide outreach to landowners andlogger training on best practices.Participants must work with landownersto identify and protect habitat for threatenedor endangered species, fosterprompt reforestation, and to use bestmanagement practices to protect waterquality. We have been committed to thisand have been training our resource professionalsand contractors onSustainable Forestry and its practicessince the early 1990’s. We have been anactive participant in SFI ® for the past 11years.By being a certified SFI ® member we willbe charged with upholding the Principlesof Sustainable Forestry set forth by the2010-2014 SFI ® Standard. There are 14principles that every Certified SFI ®Program Participant must implement toachieve third-party certification. ForFiber Sourcing Certification these principlesare tied to 9 Objectives that eachhave specific Performance measuresand indicators that we will be scored on.As a certified SFI ® member we will havea set of written policies that outline ouractions to implement these policies.These objectives focus on broadeningthe practice of sustainable forestry byforest landowners through fiber sourcingprograms. Information is provided tolandowners for reforestation after harvest,for the use of best managementpractices, and for identification and protectionof important habitat elements.They are also intended to encourageland owners to utilize the services of certifiedlogging professionals and qualifiedresource professionals in applying sustainableforest Management on theirlands. They require us to clearly defineand implement policies to ensure thatfiber sourcing activities do not compromisethe adherence to the principles ofsustainable forestry.These objectives also ensure that wewill comply with applicable federal, state,and local laws and regulations. Theyensure that we will support forestryresearch, science, and technology, uponwhich sustainable forest managementdecisions are based, and work toimprove the implementation of sustainableforestry practices through appropriatetraining and education programs.Along with these, they focus on improvingpublic relations and increasing theinvolvement of the general public in thepractice of Sustainable Forestry. Finallythe objectives set forth by the 2010-2014SFI ® Standard requires continual reviewof practices and continued improvementin implementing the SFI Standard.Neiman Enterprises is committed to providingquality products and service thatour customers can depend on.Protecting the resources that are the cornerstoneof our company’s existence isour most important priority. By furtheringour commitment to sustainable forestrypractices we are able to offer yet anothervaluable attribute to our products thatour customers depend on.•Please Visit Us atNAWLA Booth No. 202

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October 2010 Page 25Real Customers. Real Results.We could tell you the benefits of our products, but we thought you’d prefer to hear it from our customers.They’re the true measure of how important Progressive Solutions software is to improving profitability.bisTrack’s inventory module givesus powerful tools. We can nowbalance and pinpoint errors, andtrack margin increases throughto profitability that we weren’table to track before. bisTracktakes you to a different place,giving you insight to make bettermanagement decisions. It’s a reallypowerful tool.We’re big believers in usingvisionary technology to improveour efficiencies and operations.Because of lumberTrack we’vebeen able to improve nearly allaspects of our business. Havinga better handle on our inventoryand production has allowed us toexpand and grow in new ways.Owner, Manning Building SupplyVP of Wood Products, Westervelt LumberFor LBM Pro-Dealers & DistributorsbisTrack is a single software solution provided by ProgressiveSolutions for companies looking for improved profitability. Over6,500 satisfied users and growing.For Wood Products Manufacturers & WholesalerslumberTrack will provide all your business critical information soeasily and quickly that it will alter the way you do business.With PSI, we immediately knew we were dealing with technically savvy people withintegrity. I know I’m getting the best folks, and that’s just huge.A truly Progressive SolutionsecureHostimg and Managed Services enables you to leave the complicatedever-evolving technology to us, so you can focus your time, energy and resourceswhere it matters most, on your core business.If you’re really serious about improving your profitability, make the call.One supplier. One integrated system. Only Progressive Solutions.TF 877 746 4774 • info@progressive-solutions.com • www.progressive-solutions.com

Page 26 Advertorial Wholesale/Wholesale Distributor Special Buying IssueKALESNIKOFF Brings Beauty Of B.C. Softwoods Into HomesPeter Kalesnikoff, President & CEO of Kalesnikoff Lumberfrom 1968 – 2005, left the Company a legacy of commitmentto the Land, our Communities & Quality products.Kalesnikoff Lumber Company Ltd &Kootenay Innovative Wood Ltd are partnersin Quality, Experience & ExcellentCustomer Service. Positioned only a fewkilometers apart, Kalesnikoff LumberCompany & Kootenay Innovative Wood arelocated within the West Kootenay Region ofSE British Columbia. Just three hoursnorth of Spokane, Wash., surrounded bythe finest Softwood forests in the world, theWest Kootenay region is renowned for itsslow growing conditions resulting in a finegrained,tight-knot fiber that producesexceptional products.It’s all in the family at Kalesnikoff LumberCompany (KLC) & Kootenay InnovativeWood (KIW) who have been in theSoftwood business for 70 years. Ken andElaine Kalesnikoff, with their daughterRosboroNext-Generation GlulamThe Greenest Beam on the MarketMade from renewable 2nd and 3rd generation forests,glulam was green before green was exciting. As an evenbetter choice for today’s progressive market, X-Beam ismanufactured with wet-use adhesives that meet or exceedthe most stringent global emission standards.The Engineered Wood of ChoiceSingle piece installation eliminates side loading issuescommon with multi-ply LVL. Full width X-Beamprovides greater surface area for continuous andinterior bearing applications and holes can be drilledwithin liberal guidelines. Don’t forget, X-Beam is themost competitively priced EWP on the market!TMThe First Full Framing-Width 24F-V4 GlulamIn Architectural Appearance Is Here!RosboroGrowing Today • Building Tomorrow ®Ken and Elaine Kalesnikoff, with their daughter Krystle and sonChristopher, carry on Pete’s legacy and lead the team today atKalesnikoff Lumber Company Ltd. & Kootenay InnovativeWood.Krystle and son Christopher, lead a team ofprofessionals who strive each day to reachfor the best. KLC produces specialty, metricand dimensional lumber products andhas the reputation as the “Go to SpecialtyMill”. KIW brings the beauty of BCSoftwoods into your home with a completeline of quality finishing products that will lastfor generations to come.Kootenay Innovative Wood LtdSoon to celebrate their 10th anniversary,KIW, a 30 million fbm capacity remanufacturingplant, works with distributors andwholesalers to market and deliver their premiumline of flooring, siding, paneling anddecking products. They also cater to manytastes, from the rustic charm of their WildHorse Creek collection’s Circle-SawnRosboro’s X-Beam is perfect for exposed orconcealed applications and no more shimmingor extra labor on the jobsite.Available Net Widths: Beams 3 1 /2", 5 1 /2", 6 3 /4", and 8 3 /4" Columns 3 1 /2" x 6", 5 1 /2" x 5 1 /2", 5 1 /2" x 6"Traditional Glulam and I-Joist Depths Glulam Depths - 6" through 30" in 1 1 /2" increments I-Joist Depths - 9 1 /2", 11 7 /8", 14", 16" and 18"P.O. Box 20, Springfield, OR 97477 • Technical Support: (877) 457-4139Email: info@rosboro.com • Web: www.rosboro.comThe Softwood forests of the WestKootenay region of southern BritishColumbia are renowned for their fine,tight-grained fiber that produces exceptionalproducts.Douglas Fir Flooring to the elegant cleargrained,Valhalla Flooring & Paneling collections;KIW guarantees a high caliberwood product of superior quality. Theirclose relationship with KLC, the ability tocontrol the selection of fiber from the log,precise drying and KIW’s superior finishingis a package that keeps customers comingback for more. KIW’s capacity to endmatchhas also kept them at the top of supplierlists. Their 35,000 sq. ft. remanufacturingplant features both Weinig andLeadermac Custom Moulders, a CustomOSI 1’-16’ End-matcher, a McDonoughResaw, a Marine Johnson Rip-line & chopsaws.KIW’s on-site grinding room allowsthem to design & cut knives for custom profilesand specialty orders.“It’s been a tough time economically overthe past few years for everyone,” saysSpread the word:The next generationof glulam is here.The ability to pick-up a mixed truckload at both Kalesnikoff Lumber &Kootenay Innovative Wood is a great way to get everything you need onone shipment, save money, and try new products.Elaine Kalesnikoff, President of KIW. “It’sour team of professionals dedicated tomaintaining our standards of excellence &our loyal customers that have moved KIWto the top of the list as a major supplier ofnatural softwood products for your home.”KIW utilizes the many Softwood speciesgrowing in this region of British Columbia.Fiber harvested here is, quite simply, someof the best fiber in the world. KIW’s specialblend of Lodgepole Pine & EngelmannSpruce is one of their most popular woodblends, producing a beautiful light goldencolored paneling & their sought afterDouglas Fir or Larch flooring will brightenany room & last for generations.Kalesnikoff Lumber Company LtdBeginning operations in 1939, KLC hasgrown into today’s modern 60 million bfcapacity mill. “2010 has been an excitingyear for us,” says Griffin Augustin, SalesManager at KLC & KIW, “We began theyear by achieving FSC Chain-of-Custodyfor both KLC & KIW; we also had the honorof winning the 2010 BC Premiers WoodChampion Award for Leadership &Innovation in Forestry. Attaining our FSCChain-of-Custody has allowed us to broadenour customer base as well as increaseservice to our existing partnerships.”For 70 years KLC has remained a successfulfamily business, never forgettingtheir roots and motto: “Take Care Of TheLand & The Land Will Take Care Of You.”Sustainable Forest Management comesnaturally to KLC. “This is our home, communityand neighbors,” says KenKalesnikoff, President of KLC. “Throughfour generations of family management, wehave always made forest stewardship a toppriority, it’s a tradition. Achieving our FSCChain-Of-Custody was a natural step forwardfor KLC & KIW.”With an annual production of approximately60 million board feet, KLC offers over 200products in both custom and dimensionallumber sizes. KLC specializes in DouglasFir, Western Larch, Western Red Cedarand Idaho White Pine. Their kiln-driedDouglas Fir Timbers, just one of their manyproducts, are sought after for their exceptionaltight-grain, low moisture content andstrength for structural building.Kiln-DryingKLC operates five highly efficient state-ofthe-artsteam injection Dry Kilns, with acapacity of 800,000 board feet. The steamInjection produces a uniform heat transfertop to bottom & along the full length of theDry Kiln for consistent drying of each board.At Kalesnikoff the drying schedule is measuredin days or weeks for the slow perfectdrying that sets them at the top of the packfor quality products.ShippingKLC & KIW are located within one hour ofthe U.S. border providing ease of shippingto their American customers and low-costlogistics. Located half-way betweenVancouver and Calgary also provides quickshipping to the B.C. coast or into Albertaand further east. Customers often takeadvantage of filling mixed truckloads fromboth the mill at KLC & KIW’sRemanufacturing Plant, getting everythingthey need in one quick shipment. “We lovea shipping challenge. In 70 years we havedeveloped a great team and a lot of knowledgeabout our shipping options. We arealways improving and coming up with creativecost-effective ways to get this woodwhere it needs to go on time and in top condition,”says Clare Verigin, Head Shipper atKalesnikoff Lumber.For more information on KalesnikoffLumber Company or Kootenay InnovativeWood, please visit our websites atwww.kalesnikoff.com or www.kiwood.com.We also invite you to call our sales team at250-399-4211. We look forward to talking toyou.•Please Visit Us atNAWLA Booth No. 420

October 2010 Page 27“Take Care Of The Land,And The Land Will Take Care Of You.”Kalesnikoff Lumber Companyis proud to be FSC (COC)certified, providing our customerswith the FSC guarantee of responsibleforest management.We would like to thank our customersfor over 70 years of support!We invite you to visit our website, www.kalesnikoff.com, tosource high quality, specialty forest products, grown & producedin South Eastern British Columbia’s West Kootenay Region.250-399-4211SW-COC-004648QUALITY IS OURONLY PRODUCT.Inland STK Fiber | Fine GrainConsistent Color | Long-term DurabilitySiding | Paneling | FlooringDecking | Clear MouldingsDouglas Fir | Western Red CedarWestern Larch | Spruce | PineLet us bring the beauty of BC Softwood toyour home today.FACTORY LOCATION:3020 S. Slocan Station Rd.South Slocan, BC250-359-8050www.kiwood.comSW-COC-004648

Page 28Wholesale/Wholesale Distributor Special Buying Issue2009 NAWLA Traders Market ® Photo RecapMichael Wigen, Dirk Kunze and Chris Schofer, Wynndel Lumber Sales Ltd.,Wynndel, B.C.; Mark Kenny, Doubletree Forest Products Ltd., Burnaby, B.C.;and Craig Upper, Porcupine Wood Products Ltd., Salmo, B.C.Gregg Netzley, BlueLinx Corp., Atlanta, Ga.; and Kevin Daugherty, GeorgeHewitt and Dean Hague, Swanson Group Sales, Grants Pass, Ore.Chris Retherford, Columbia Cedar Inc., Kettle Falls, Wash.; Andrew Hess,Bridgewell Resources, Lansing, Mich.; Susan Zick, Mid-America Cedar, Osseo,Minn.; Todd Fox, Lazy S Lumber Co., Beavercreek, Ore.; and Ken Ford,Edmund Allen Lumber Co., Momence, Ill.Tom Merkert, Capital Forest Products Inc., Indianapolis, Ind.; Monte Jensen,DMSi, Omaha, Neb.; Jim St. John and Ritchie Portsko, Wiener, Crowley and St.John Inc., Leonia, N.J.; Chuck Gaede, Durgin & Crowell Lumber Co., NewLondon, N.H.; and Jeff Hardy, Cersosimo Lumber Co. Inc., Brattleboro, Vt.Brock Lenon and Dennis Badesheim, Idaho Timber Corp., Boise, Idaho; andDirk Kunze, Wynndel Lumber Sales Ltd., Wynndel, B.C.Phil Duke, Lumberman’s Wholesale Distributors, Nashville, Tenn.; and ToniaTibbetts and Jim Robbins, Robbins Lumber Inc., Searsmont, MaineChuck Gaede, Durgin & Crowell Lumber Co., New London, N.H.; Jack Curtis,Curtis Lumber & Manufacturing Inc., Beaufort, S.C.; B Manning, Durgin &Crowell Lumber Co.; and Jim Epperson Jr., Epperson Lumber Sales Inc.,Statesville, N.C.William DeGroat, Lumbermen Associates Inc., Bristol, Pa.; Shannon Kita,Biewer Lumber, St. Clair, Mich.; Doug Chiasson, Irving Forest Products Inc.,Dixfield, Maine; and Bill Johnson, Roberts & Dybdahl Inc., Des Moines, IowaDoug Clitheroe, INTERFOR, Bellingham, Wash.; Jim Gillis, Haida ForestProducts Ltd., Burnaby, B.C.; and Ian Wight, Pacific Western Wood Works,Ltd., Delta, B.C.Doug Keller and John Junod, Hood Distribution, North Billerica, Mass.; andBruce Kulzer, Hood Distribution, Hattiesburg, Miss.Jack Dalton and David Bernstein, Mid-State Lumber Corp., Branchburg, N.J.;Don Archer, UCM Forest Products, Inc., White Rock, B.C.; and Bob O’Brien andGary Bernstein, Mid-State Lumber Corp.Surinder Ghog, Berny Power, Jim Dunse and Paul Ghog, Mill & TimberProducts Ltd., Surrey, B.C.Denny Huston, Boise Cascade LLC, Boise, Idaho; MikeMordell, Universal Forest Products, Lafayette, Colo.; andNick Larrinaga, Boise Cascade LLCJim Robbins, Robbins Lumber Inc., Searsmont, Maine;Walter Russell, American Lumber Dist., Birmingham, Ala.;and Tonia Tibbetts, Robbins Lumber Inc.Olga Haymes, Elof Hansson, Inc., Suwanee, Ga.; ScottChapman, Gulf Coast Shelter Inc., Daphne, Ala.; and MelLundberg, Elof Hansson, Inc.Mauricio Bravo, Weston Forest Group, Mississauga, Ont.;Steve Boyd, Manufacturers Reserve Supply, Inc.,Irvington, N.J.; Melinda Poole, RoyOMartin, Alexandria,La.; and Rick Ekstein, Weston Forest GroupRick Bloomquist and Dave Tripp, Tripp Lumber Co. Inc.,Missoula, Mont.; and Dan Paige, Sandy Neck Traders,South Dennis, Mass.Dave Hughes, Tim Folster and Mike Pidlisecky, WoodtoneBuilding Products, Chilliwack, B.C.Greg Payne, Russell Forest Products, Inc., Hartselle, Ala.;Win Smith Jr., Limington Lumber Co., East Baldwin,Maine; and Kelly Russell, Russell Forest Products, Inc.Mike Mordell, Universal Forest Products, Lafayette, Colo.;and Jim Hassenstab, Jason Bolstad, and Monte Jensen,DSMi, Omaha, Neb.Additional photos on page 30

October 2010 Page 29The Hancock LumberRED BAG SOLUTIONYour Own On-lineInventory ManagementLeverage theability to see andmanage yourinventory 24/7with real-timeaccess.Tailored Packaging OptionsPull-to-length, random-length, paper wrapped– we can fulfill any packaging request to helpyou create value for your customers.CustomizedGradingLet our expertscustom-select tomeet your exactstandards, yourprecise needs, yourspecific grade.Three State-of-the-ArtSawmillsOur manufacturing depth lets us caterto your product and delivery needs,right up to the time of shipment.ProvenTrackRecordEvery board is backed by our six-generationcommitment to our customers and a historyof technological innovation.Personalized PlanningFor Your SuccessYour Hancock Lumber rep isready to custom-create awinning program for you.We wrapped it in red to make a statement: The quality ofour Maine-grown white pine and our passion for doingwhatever it takes to meet your needs and specificationsset an unsurpassed standard. Make your own statementwith Eastern White Pine from Hancock Lumber.QUALITY & SERVICE WORLDWIDESales Contacts:Matt Duprey 207-627-6113 • Jack Bowen 207-627-6115www.hancocklumber.com

Page 30Wholesale/Wholesale Distributor Special Buying Issue2009 NAWLA Traders Market ® Photo Recap - Continued from page 28Don Dye and Raymond Luther, Mary’s River Lumber Co., Corvallis, Ore.; TomMerkert, Capital Forest Products Inc., Indianapolis, Md.; and Rick Ingram,Mary’s River Lumber Co.Scott Elston, Forest City Trading Group LLC, Portland, Ore.; Cindi Hengstler,Jim Walsh and Greg Carter, Rosboro, Springfield, Ore.; and John Heideman,Universal Forest Products Inc., Windsor, Colo.Will Trant, Skana Forest Products Ltd., Richmond, B.C.; Maureen and GregSmith, Gilbert Smith Forest Products Ltd., Barriere, B.C.; and Carlos and RyanFurtado, Sawarne Lumber Co. Ltd., Richmond, B.C.Todd Fox, Lazy S Lumber Inc., Beavercreek, Ore.; Merry Schmidt and LarryPetree, Columbia Cedar Inc., Kettle Falls, Wash.; Thom Wright, All-CoastForest Products Inc., Cloverdale, Calif.; and Chris Retherford, Columbia CedarInc.Russ Kimbell, Donna Allen and Chris Web, Anthony Forest Products, ElDorado, Ark.Bob Johns, Bennett Lumber Products Inc., Princeton, Idaho; Ted Ellis, IdahoTimber Corp., Boise, Idaho; Hector Dimas, Boise Cascade, Boise, Idaho; andDennis Badesheim, Idaho Timber Corp.Mike Stephens, John McPartland and Jerry Wood, Neiman Enterprises, Hulett,Wyo.; and Matt Reedy, Roberts & Dybdahl Inc., Tipton, Ind.Anthony Baroni, Sandy Neck Traders, South Dennis, Mass.; Niklas Karlson andMel Lundberg, Elof Hansson, Inc., Suwanee, Ga.; and Dan Paige, Sandy NeckTradersWin Smith, Jr., Limington Lumber Co., East Baldwin, Maine; Tom Lister, ListerDistribution, Inc., Knoxville, Tenn.; Jeff Hardy, Cersosimo Lumber Co.,Brattleboro, Vt.; Jim McGinnis, The McGinnis Lumber Co. Inc., Meridian, Miss.;and Bill Price, All Star Forest Products, Inc., Jackson, Miss.Ken Barry, PPG Machine Applied Coatings, Waltham, Mass.; Dave Siteman,PPG Machine Applied Coatings, Porters Lake, N.S.; David Jeffers, PPGMachine Applied Coatings, Raleigh, N.C.; Jon Westmaas, PPG MachineApplied Coatings, Montgomery, Ill.; Craig Combs, PPG Machine AppliedCoatings, Medford, Ore.; and Patrick Hanulak, PPG Machine Applied Coatings,Pittsburgh, Pa.Chris Schofer and Michael Wigen, Wynndel Lumber Sales Ltd., Wynndel, B.C.;Marc Irby, Enyeart Cedar Products, Tigard, Ore.; and Dirk Kunze, WynndelLumber Sales Ltd.Brad Hatley and Leslie Southwick, C&D Lumber Co., Riddle, Ore.; and MartinWiegand III, Martin Wiegand, Inc., Washington D.C.Jeff Easterling, Northeastern Lumber Manufacturer’sAssociation, Cumberland Center, Maine; and Terry Miller,The Softwood Forest Products Buyer, Memphis, Tenn.Chris Bailey, The Collins Cos., Portland, Ore.; GordonClough, Sierra Forest Products, Mississauga, Ont.; andJoe Ventimiglia, Sierra Forest Products, West Chicago, Ill.Mark Grube, Zip-O-Log Mills, Inc., Eugene, Ore.; KimberlyHaven, Simply Computing International, Maineville, Ohio;and Barry Hodgkin, Simply Computing International,Bangor, MaineSurinder Ghog, Mill & Timber Products Ltd., Surrey, B.C.;Jacquie Hess, ISIS Wood Product Solutions, Inc., Langley,B.C.; and Jim Dunse, Mill & Timber Products Ltd.Mike Zumwalt, Jay Johnson, T.R. Cawthorn, and ScottGascho, Hampton Lumber Sales, Portland, Ore.Jeff Robinson, Mid Valley Lumber Specialties Ltd.,Aldergrove, B.C.; Bryan Ostreim, Universal ForestProducts Inc., Windsor, Colo.; Dennis Wight, PacificWestern Wood Works Ltd., Delta, B.C.; and Al Fortune, MidValley Lumber Specialties Ltd.Digges Morgan, Southern Forest Products Assoc., Kenner,La.; Ethel Rice, Conner Industries Inc., Ft. Worth, Texas;Hunter McShan, McShan Lumber Co. Inc., McShan, Ala.;and Tom Rice, Conner Industries Inc.Wade Wheeler, Idaho Forest Group, Coeur d’ Alene, Idaho;and Alan Schearer, Roberts & Dyhdahl Inc., Des Moines,IowaAdditional photos on page 32

October 2010 Advertorial Page 31Lumber Industry Working With BLUE BOOK SERVICES:Companies Validating Listings, Subscribing to Service & Contributing DataCarol Stream, Ill.–In business since1901, Blue Book Services just started servingthe lumber and forest products industryin 2009. Yet, “tremendous forwardprogress was made this past year,”explained Jim Carr, President/CEO of BlueBook Services, “due to the active participationand support of thousands of lumbercompanies in the U.S. & Canada.”The scores of companies referred to abovetook just a few moments and verified thecontent of their free Blue Book listing. Alumbercompanylistingtypicallyincludesbasiccontactinformation—address,phone,fax, e-mail—a n dimporta n toperatin gfacts:busine s sclassification(i.e. “secondary manufacturer”),species handled, products offered, andservices provided.“Our lumber company database isapproaching 15,000 records—and stillgrowing—because we are reaching out toall lumber companies in North America—including mills, secondary manufacturers,wholesalers, retailers, and industrialaccounts—to validate their free Blue Booklisting,” said Carr.If they haven’t already, lumber companiesshould immediately call630.668.3500 to request a copy of or tosubmit their company listing.Subscribers (or members) are currentlybenefiting from this listing data in twoimportant ways through Blue Book OnlineServices (BBOS).First, members can conveniently and costeffectivelyevaluate useful credit data onindividual lumber companies including:financial ratings, bank account information,trade payables data, pay indicators, publicrecord filings, and more. Carr detailed,“Blue Book information and reports—enhanced by Equifax—serve by helping tomanage credit risk.”Second, members can use BBOS to convenientlyand cost effectively search, sort,and review listings, of individual companiesor entire market segments. Beyond that,users can save searches (for future use),record private notes on companies, or createcustom lists to closely monitor new customersor high-risk accounts.through whichBlue Book is ableto deliver valueback to currentand future lumbermembers.Carr explained,“We work ‘handin-glove’with thefresh producetrade and theconsistent resultis accurate, timely,and reliableinformation.Thankfully, weare seeing thesame workingrelationshipdevelop with thelumber industry. ”For example, anever increasingnumber of lumbercompanies—from mills to secondarymanufacturersto wholesalers—areroutinelysubmitting their accounts receivableaging information. Displayed in Blue Bookbusiness reports (from unspecifiedsources), the expanding amount of A/Raging information isanother importanttool to evaluatecredit risk. In achallenging economy—whereeverydime counts—thisis a real tangiblebenefit.For companiesnow consideringsubmitting their A/Raging data, BlueBook Servicesunderstands thechallenges of multiplepriorities andresource limitations.Fortunately,today’s technologymakes it rathereasy to safely submitA/R aging datain standard formats.In fact, companiesusing“Agility” softwarewill find it a realsnap because ofthe special utility built right into it by DMSi.The combination—of a powerful lumberindustry database teamed with currentcredit data—cannot be found elsewhere.This fact is one reason why Blue BookServices is one of the North AmericanWholesale Lumber Association’s(NAWLA’s) “recommended and approvedservice providers.”BBOS was first launched at NAWLA’s2009 Traders Market and several productinnovations will be introduced at the 2010show.Blue Book was also represented recentlyat other lumber industry conferencesincluding: British Columbia WholesaleLumber Association (BCWLA); MississippiLumber Manufacturer’s Association(MLMA); Southeastern LumberManufacturer’s Association (SLMA); andmore. An expanded conference scheduleis planned for 2011.“The enthusiastic industry response—inthe form of verified listings, more subscribers,and increased data—confirmsBlue Book is on the right path,” concludedCarr, “We are proud to be working closelywith lumber professionals to develop abest-in-class credit rating resource whichwill reliably serve member companies &strengthen the industry.”•Please Visit Us atNAWLA Booth No. 321“Blue Book information and reports arecurrently assisting lumber companies—everyday—in making safe and profitablebusiness decisions,” summarized Carr,“and we encourage those not yet takingadvantage to learn more by requesting afree introductory webinar.”Becoming a Blue Book Member is botheasy and relatively inexpensive. Interestedcompanies can simply call 630.668.3500.Memberships are for one full-year and twosubscription options are available. Bothinclude the complete suite of information,reports, and tools, with the primary differencebeing the number of authorized users(2 or 5). Lumber professionals can join foraround $500 (U.S.) because of chartermembership and other limited time discountspresently available.The developing partnership with the lumberindustry serves as the solid foundation

Page 32Wholesale/Wholesale Distributor Special Buying Issue2009 NAWLA Traders Market ® Photo Recap - Continued from page 30Thom Wright, All-Coast Forest Products Inc., Cloverdale, Calif.; Jim Walsh,Rosboro, Springfield, Ore.; and Steve Kilgore, Calvert Co., Inc., Eugene, Ore.Doug Calvert, Rachel Dennis and Brian Oberg, Calvert Companies, Inc.,Vancouver, Wash.; Craig Larsen, Softwood Export Council, Portland, Ore.;Steve Killgore, Calvert Co., Inc., Eugene, Ore.; and Edward Matsuyama,Softwood Export Council, Toyko, JapanDave Duncan, Lazy S Lumber Co. Inc., Beavercreek, Ore.; Merry Schmidt,Columbia Cedar, Inc., Kettle Falls, Wash.; and John Austin, Gulf Coast Shelter,Daphne, Ala.Mark Grube, Jim Hallstrom and Joe Honochick, Zip-O-Log Mills, Inc., Eugene,Ore.; and Rob Sohi, MacKenzie Sawmill Ltd., Surrey, B.C.Ryan Kline, Disdero Lumber Company, Inc., Clackamas, Ore.; Kimberly Haven,Simply Computing International, Maineville, Ohio; Barry Hodgkin, SimplyComputing International, Bangor, Maine; and Rob Burnett, Disdero LumberCompany, Inc.Gary Pittman, Mark McLean and Tim Lewis, Roseburg Forest Products Co.,Roseburg, Ore.Brad Meeker, Meeker Lumber Ltd., Mission, B.C.; Cam McRitchie,Lumbermen’s Underwriting Alliance, Surrey, B.C.; and Paul Lennon,Lumbermen’s Underwriting Alliance, Bow, N.H.Jack Bowen, Matt Duprey and Kevin Hynes, Hancock Lumber Co. Inc., Casco,MainePaul Zartman and Stewart Clark, The Waldun Group, Maple Ridge, B.C.; andBill Hertz, Mid-America Cedar, Matthews, N.C.Jim Griswold and Amy McCabe, Filler King Co., Homedale, Idaho; and BillHertz, Mid America Cedar, Matthews, N.C.Andrew Dingman, Nordic Engineered Wood, Montreal, Que.; and Mark Wells,Universal Forest Products Inc., Union City, Ga.Al Lazauskas, Diane Tutush, Ray Pauwels, Chris Beveridge and GlennMcPherson, Skana Forest Products Ltd., Richmond, B.C.Dennis Wight and Ian Wight, Pacific Western Wood WorksLtd., Delta, B.C.Rick Blomquist and Dave Tripp, Tripp Lumber Co. Inc.,Missoula, Mont.Lee Jimerson, The Collins Cos., Portland, Ore.; DaveHutson, Universal Forest Products Inc., Windsor, Colo.;and Aly Kingsley, The Collins Cos.Carlos Furtado, Sawarne Lumber Co. Ltd., Richmond,B.C.; and Scott Thompson and David Pao, BC WoodSpecialties Group, Langley, B.C.Wade Wheelert, Idaho Forest Group, Coeur d’Alene, Idaho;and Brian Cook, Sprenger Midwest, Inc., Sioux Falls, S.D.Brian Smith, Bridgewell Resources, Portland, Ore.; DebWilton-Penski, Boise Cascade LLC, Boise, Idaho; andGregg Wilkinson and Jeremy Asher, Bridgewell ResourcesJim Gillis and Gary Arthur, Haida Forest Products Ltd.,Burnaby, B.C.Mark Donovan, Western International Forest ProductsLLC, Portland, Ore.; Bob Mai, Rick Green and Joe Angelo,Potlatch Corp., Spokane, Wash.; and Chris Keeler, MiddleAtlantic Wholesale Lumber, Owings Mills, Md.Additional photos on page 34

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