Project allocation to each student - Department of Physics
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Project allocation to each student - Department of Physics

University of Surrey - Department of PhysicsFinal Year Projects 2005/2006Kate ADLEY [P]Optical Models Scattering with Density MatricesIJT4Waqqis ARIF [PwF]Optimising Financial PortfoliosDuncan BARTLETT [PST]Plasma UniversePhillip BRENT [P]Novel Polymer – Nanotubes MaterialsDAF2PMW2ABDxThomas BRINSLEY [PwF]Please contact Professor Murdin urgentlyMatthew CLIFT [P]Quantum Dots, Entanglement and Quantum CryptographyADAxAdam DENNIS [PST]Revision of the Current UK Powergrid with reference to RenewableEnergy SourcestbcTimothy EADE [P]Using Genes to Model NucleiPDS2Robert EDWARDS [PST]FDTD Simulation of Functional Photonic MaterialsOH5Ben FRY [PCM]Chance caught on the WingRPLS2Morgan GOOCH [P]Ion Beam Analysis using the New Tandem Accelerator (Inter-PolymerDiffusion)ASC2Vicki HODGES [PST]

PALMSAT Propulsion TechnologiesCIUxPhillip HORSCROFT [P]Ion Beam Analysis using the New Tandem Accelerator (Diffusion ofDrugs into Skin)ASC1Mohammad HUSSIEN [PMP]Radiation Shielding of Beams from Medical Linear Accelerators inCancer TreatmentNMS7Sherrif ISAM [PST]Please contact Professor Murdin urgentlyMatthew LUKE [PNA]Carbon Nanotube Based SensorsABD1Simon MARTIN [P]Nuclear Scattering Cross Sections for High Precision Materials Analysisusing Megavolt Ion BeamsGWG1Natalie MOORE [PCM]Computer Simulation of Nano-TubesDavid MORGAN [PNA]Only the weakly fluorescent die youngHeather NASH [PNA]Sensitivity of Nucleosynthesis to Reaction Rate UncertaintiesAndrew ROBINSON [P]Properties of Silicon Strip Detectors for TIARADavid ROBINSON [PCM]Let the Quantum Games BeginMonica SAAVEDRA [P]Characterisation of Organic Thick Film Radiation DetectorsMatthew SPALDING [P]Self Learn Material on the Introduction to the Physics of StarsOH1RPLS1IJT3WNCxDAF1PJS1RABxMark SWORN [PST]The Quantum Zeno Effect

JAK1Matthew TAGGART [PNA]The Mechanics of the TrebuchetDAF3Jayne THOMAS [PNA]Mineral Loss in Children with Ulcerative Colitis or Crohn’s DiseaseNMS2Hannah VANDI [PMP]Pattern Formation of Bacteria on Charged SurfacesAdam WEAVER [PST]Sensor Coils for MRIJLK1PJM1Ryan WICKENS [PST]The Cloud Chamber: Literature Review and practical constructionSJD2Robert WITCHER [PNA]Exploring Complex NetworksAlexander WORROW [P]Nuclear Shape StudiesPDS3ZP3Tobi [Erasmus Student]Current and Temperature Dependant Properties of Phosphor Free‘White’ LEDsDL3

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