Fall 2011, Volume 4 Issue 1 - Computer Science - Virginia Tech

Fall 2011, Volume 4 Issue 1 - Computer Science - Virginia Tech

Fall 2011, Volume 4 Issue 1 - Computer Science - Virginia Tech


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CS@VTComputer Science Department• 114 McBryde Hall • 540/231-6931 • Fax 540/231-6075www.cs.vt.eduVolume 4, Issue 1July 1, 2011Special points ofinterest:Inside Briefly highlight this your point of issue:interest here.Briefly highlight your point of interest here. Briefly highlight your point of interest here.What’s New Briefly highlight with your point of the interest here.CSRCStudent News andHonorsInside this issue:Special Inside points Story of interest: 2Always take full advantageInside Story of your 2membershipMake sure to attendour fall and springluncheons,Inside Storyto meet2the best and brighteststudents beforethe Inside career Story fair 3If you are a Premiermember, make suretoInsideplan aStorycompany4day in our UndergraduateLearningCenter (ULC).Inside Story 512-6Faculty News 7-8Designated SponsorshipListFall Event Details 109Inside Story 6What’s New with the CSRCWelcome to all new andreturning CSRC membersfor the 2011/2012 academicyear! Summer in Blacksburgis beautiful and bringswith it our newest Hokiesfor summer orientation.The spring semester of 2011saw another increase inmembership to the CSRC.We were pleased to have somany new companies with us!At our spring CSRC events, wewelcomed back Bloombergand Cisco, as well as newmembers Cyber Point Int’l,Datran Media, Decisive Analytics,HomeAway and Sphereof Influence. Several companieshave already enrolled asnew members for the2011/2012 year: Assured InformationSystems, Deloitte,MITRE, the NSA, Near Infinity,Tata Consultancy Services,and Tridium.At our spring business meeting,I discussed the possibilityof a change in the duesstructure. The change wasimplemented and starts July1 with all new membershipsand renewals. This changeNew Sophomore Seminar—Benefits for the CSRCStarting this coming fall semester,the department will be offeringa new one-credit seminar tosophomore CS majors. The goalof CS 1944 is to help studentssucceed as computer sciencemajors and to encourage themto begin taking meaningful stepstowards their future careers.The motivation for the seminarcame from discussions with students,alumni, and CSRC representatives.Topics that frequentlycame up in these discussionsinclude: an overview of thecomputer science curriculumDaniel Curaca-Malito speaks withthe representatives from Googleand the computing field, sothat students can better plantheir CS upper level electives;an earlier awareness of dynamicemerging trends andtechnologies in computing, tohelp students get excitedabout the field; an early understandingof the value of interactingwith companies at jobfairs, of pursuing internshipsas early as possible, and ofinteracting professionally withpotential employers; and earlyadvice from seniors, alums,and employers — so thatwill help us to keep providingquality programs and to recognizecompanies who werealready going above and beyond,while helping us to betterserve our students. As thisnewsletter is being written, thedepartment is making scholarshipdecisions. All CSRCdues go towards helping usrecognize and reward the hardwork of our many outstandingstudents. Companies attendingour fall luncheon will havea chance to meet a good numberof those scholarship winners!We look forward toseeing you inSeptember!“what I wish I knew” becomes“what I’m glad I knew.”Students enrolled in the CS 1944class are required to attend theCSRC Career Fair.Premier members can alsoschedule information sessionsduring the evening times associatedwith the seminar, since studentswill be required to attend acertain number of eveningevents scheduled during thattime slot. Check with LibbyBradford for more details andavailable dates.

Page 2CSRC Fall NewsletterSpring Commencement CeremoniesOn Saturday, May 14, the VirginiaTech College of Engineeringconferred degrees on theclass of 2011, including approximately60 Computer Scienceundergraduate students. Graduatedegrees were conferred at theGraduate Commencement Ceremonyon Friday, May 13. OnFriday evening, Computer Sciencegraduates, their guests andfamilies, enjoyed a reception inthe Torgersen Museum. Severalstudents were recognized foroutstanding achievements andcontributions, including BenReid and Andrew Street forundergraduate academicachievement, Kristin Whetstonefor service to the department,and ElizabethTimmons as the OutstandingCS Senior. Three graduatestudents were also recognized:Shaimaa Lazem for outstandingteaching, MayankDaga as the outstanding Master’sstudent and Dong Li asthe outstanding doctoral student.Both Michael Lapping and TCJones were awarded the GeorgeGorsline Memorial ScholarshipAward, given each year to a risingsenior who has made themost significant rebound fromhis freshman year.The CS Department is proud tohave had two of only three studentsgraduating with a 4.0 GPA,which is considered “first inclass” in the College of Engineering.Successful Women in Computing DayAWC held its annual Women in Computing Day event onApril 15, 2011. This event, which is in its 13th year, invitesmiddle school girls to come to campus to learn aboutcomputing and technology. This year, AWC is pleased toreport that they hosted 85 girls for the event!This year, the girls enjoyed a variety of sessions covering awide-range of topics, including cryptography, modeling/simulations, and systems and networking. They also visitedand had a chance to try out some of the equipment inthe Human Computer Interaction Black Lab which housesthe gigapixel display.Special thanks to Google and Lockheed Martin, who werethe primary sponsors of this event. The CSRC also providedadditional funding to purchase flash drives for the girls. Each girl received a CS@VT flash drive with computerscience activities to take home with her, in an effort to help keep her interested in technology.CSRC and CS Department Sponsor Grace Hopper ConferenceFor the fourth straightyear, the CS Departmentand the CSRC will be academicunderwriters of theannual Grace HopperCelebration of Women inComputing.CS@VT was well representedby thirty-one studentsat last year’s conferencein Atlanta, Georgia.This year, the gold sponsorshipstatus provides a20% discount to all studentsattending the conferencefrom CS@VT. Thedepartment will be encouragingnew students, eitherat the graduate or undergraduatelevel, to attendthe conference.We are pleased to be ableto continue supporting anactivity that provides networkingand career opportunitiesto the youngwomen of the CS Department.Our most sincerethanks to both FreddieMac and Northrop Grummanfor providing additionaltravel funding forthis very important event.

Volume 4, Issue 1Page 3Four CS Students Inducted into Phi Beta KappaOn Friday, May 13, VirginiaTech's Mu Chapterof Phi Beta Kappa heldits Spring 2011 initiationceremony in McBryde100. According to theirofficial web site, PBKwas founded at the Collegeof William andMary in 1776 and is thenation's oldest and mostwidely known academichonor society. Amongthe Spring 2011 initiateswere four ComputerScience majors: BarryBragg, JeffreyJankowski, Kyle Morgan,and ElizabethTimmons. Kyle Morganwas unable to attend theinitiation ceremony.Pictured left to right: Dr. Cal Ribbens, JeffreyJankowski, Barry Bragg, Elizabeth Timmonsand Dr. Barbara RyderCS Student to Attend Google FUSE ProgramRising computer sciencesophomore, Sloane Neidig, wasselected to participate in theGoogle FUSE program.Google FUSE brings up to 50aspiring computer science studentsfor an all-expenses paidretreat at their New York, NYoffices in mid-July.According to the GoogleFUSE website, the programaims to:Successful Women in Computing DayForm a network amongtop young students fromunderrepresented backgroundsin computer sciencethat will allow themto learn about research,academic, and industryopportunities in the yearsto come.Make connections betweenstudents andGooglers that will allowstudents to discover careerpaths, create meaningfulacademic experiences, andtake advantage of thecollege years in computerscience.Give students an insightinto the diverse and excitingcareers in computerscience and show howrewarding, challenging ,and fun they can be.Congratulations to Sloane!Sloane Neidig willbe attending theGoogle FUSE programin July 2011.CS Capstone Class Engages Tech Companies for Enhancing Educational ExperienceSpring 2011 saw the successfulcompletion of a new Systems &Networking Capstone class (CS4284), the main goal of which is toimpart a hands-on project developmentexperience to the students.The class requires students to applyvarious CS concepts they havelearned through the years to tacklea semester-long project involvingproblems of practical importance.The students also gain useful experienceof working in largerteams, organizing and presentingtheir findings, and designing anddeveloping innovative solutions topreviously unexplored issues.Dr. Ali R. Butt taught the first offeringof the course, which comprised14 students. Instead of relyingon in-home projects, the classreached out to CSRC companies,Rackspace Inc. and Booz AllenHamilton, to identify practicalproblems that would not only helpthe students better understand theCS concepts, but also develop solutionsthat can be adopted in reallife.The class was a great success, withstudents gaining useful industryexperience. Moreover, two of thethree groups earned top “IndustryChoice Awards” at the recentVTURCS Undergraduate ResearchSymposium.

Page 4CSRC Fall NewsletterCS Senior, John Ryding, Wins C.T. Tate Distinguished Co-op AwardFor a third straight year, a computer science student has been awarded the prestigious C.T.Tate Distinguished Co-Op Award. On May 5, 2011, graduating senior John Ryding wasawarded the C.T. Tate Distinguished Co-Op Award. To be eligible for the C.T. TateAward, a student must have completed at least three co-op terms and earned distinctionthrough academic, extracurricular, and professional achievements.John was a co-op for IBM, in the positions of IES developer and software engineer. BillHiggins, Senior Software Architect for the IBM Tivoli CTO Team, recommended John forthe award and was on hand to help recognize John's achievements. According to Bill,"John has not only made solid contributions to the Rational Jazz project, he has become atop contributor, which is unheard of for a co-op. John is the most talented person of hisage I have ever met in terms of technical capability, passion for his work, and ability towork in a team setting. Over the course of John's time as a co-op, he's met and exceededthese early high expectations. He's made regular significant contributions to the Jazz.netweb site and more importantly to the core Jazz Platform code base. John has essentiallytaken on ownership of the UI code for a significant new strategic web application and isdelivering on time with high-quality. I have always been a star at IBM but John is substantiallyfarther ahead than I was at a similar age. I know he is going to be a leader in the ITindustry and I feel very fortunate that we made an early connection via Steve [Choquette]and his co-op with us. I can't wait to begin to work with him full-time when he graduates."Bill Higgins was also the guest speaker at the Co-Op Recognition Ceremony and Recep-John Ryding and Bill Higgins (IBM)CSRC Helps CS Senior Participate in Linux Orchestra World TourAndrew Street, a graduating CS senior, was unable to attend his college commencement ceremony because he was on aworld tour with the Virginia Tech Linux Laptop Orchestra! According to Andy, the group was formed two years ago,from a diverse group of students with majors in math, biology, political science, and computer science. The students“embarked on an ambitious journey to explore the evolving field of computer music. Led by Professor Ivica Ico Bukvic,we founded the Linux Laptop Orchestra (L2Ork) using wiimotes,netbooks, and speakers made in-house. While the concept ofa laptop orchestra wasn’t unheard of (VT was the third university tofound one, after Stanford and Princeton), L2Ork aimed to emphasizethe performance aspect, with scores actually being played out liveusing wiimotes like some sort of prototypical conductor’s wand asopposed to furious typing and clicking. L2Ork also sought out toprove that all of this could be done using commodity hardware, withcomplete stations costing less than the price of a single station’sspeaker in comparative orchestras.”From May 13 through June 1st, L2Ork toured Austria, Hungary,Slovenia, Germany, the Netherlands, France, and Croatia.Upsilon Pi Epsilon Inducts New MembersOn Thursday, April 28, 2011, Upsilon Pi Epsilon (UPE) held its 55th induction ceremony.UPE inducted thirty-one new members to their VT chapter during the2010/2011 academic year.Upsilon Pi Epsilon (UPE) is the first and only international honor society for the computingsciences. The UPE Alpha Chapter of Virginia was chartered at Virginia Tech in1975.The CSRC continues to provide $1000 of support per academic year to help subsidizemembership fees for new inductees.

Page 5CSRC Fall NewsletterCS Enrollments and Scholarship Applications Continue to IncreaseIf you’d like toprovide ascholarship inyour company’sname, pleaseget in touchwith LibbyBradford.Computer Science undergraduateenrollments continueto grow. The latestenrollment report of studentsin the major shows375 students after Maygraduation. At this timelast year, there were 331students listed as a CS majors.We are also seeing anincrease in the percentageof women in the program,from 7.89% last year to8.8% this year. As mentionedin a CSRC mailing,we experienced anotherincrease in our number ofundergraduate scholarshipapplications. With a combinationof College of Engineering,Computer Scienceendowed scholarships,and additional fundingfrom the CSRC, the CSDepartment was able toaward a scholarship toCSRC Continues Support for REU and C-Tech 2The CSRC is proud tocontinue supporting twoVirginia Tech activities.For a third straight year,the CSRC has providedsupport to the VT ResearchExperience for Undergraduates(REU). TheREU programs gives studentsfrom other universitiesan opportunity tospend eight weeks at Vir-ginia Tech to work on avariety of projects withmultiple faculty members.In turn, CS@VT hopes tosee many of these studentsreturn for graduate studiesin the future.For the fourth year, theCSRC will sponsor an etiquettedinner for youngevery student who applied,who was also making sufficientprogress in the CSdegree, and had an overallGPA of at least 2.7. Tomake this possible, theCSRC added over $70,000to the available funds forscholarships. Your CSRCdues makes this possible!women attending the“Computers and Technologyat Virginia Tech”camp (C-Tech 2 ). Duringthe etiquette dinner, membersof the CS Departmenthave an opportunity tospeak with the campersand encourage them topursue computer sciencein college.CS is Gold Sponsor of the Richard Tapia ConferenceThe CS Department was proud to send nine students to the2011 Richard Tapia Celebration of Diversity in ComputingConference, held April 3—5, 2011 in San Francisco. Thanksto generous donations from Freddie Mac and the CSRC, thedepartment was able to sponsor six students’ attendance. Anadditional three students received scholarships directly fromthe Tapia Conference. According to the conference website,the “Tapia Celebration of Diversity in Computing has servedas a leading forum for bringing together students, professorsand professionals to discuss and strengthen their passion andcommitment to computing.”Pictured (clockwise from top left): Olivia Erickson, SherleyCodio, Jeremy Barksdale, Gregory Wilson, Eric Fouh, Dr.Manuel Perez, Ashley Robinson, Shaimaa Lazem, Samah Gad,and Elizabeth Timmons.

Page 6CSRC Fall NewsletterVTURCS Holds 10th Annual Spring SymposiumOn Wednesday, April 27, the Computer Science Department held its 10th annual VTURCS Spring Research Symposium. Virginia TechUndergraduate Research in Computer Science (VTURCS) encourages Computer Science undergraduate students to become involved inresearch. This year’s symposium featured twelve projects from 26 students, including three capstone projects from the CS 4284 Systemsand Networking Capstone course.The organizers of VTURCS wish to thank all of the judges, including faculty Dr. Barbara Ryder, Dr. Cal Ribbens, Dr. Andrea Kavanaugh,and Professor Dwight Barnette, and industry representatives Jay Winkeler (Lockheed Martin), Brian Hartsock (Rackspace), Peter Arapov(CSC), Jonathan Gill (Cisco) and Rosie Hall (Cisco).All participants received a bag of CSRC items to take home. The VTURCS organizers thanked CGI, General Dynamics, Google, Intel,Lockheed Martin, and Northrop Grumman for sending items specifically for this event.Awards were presented in three categories (advisor in parenthesis):Faculty Choice Awards:1. Kyle Morgan, “Multi-threaded Execution of Javascript Tasks in V8!” (Dr. Godmar Back)2. Eeshan Shah, “Androider: Automated Translation of GUIs from the Desktop to Smart Phones” (Dr. Eli Tilevich)3. Weston Thayer and George Zhang, “Going Green with Android” (Dr. Scott McCrickard and Dr. Michael Evans)Industry Choice Awards:1. James Cook, Michael Lowman, Kyle Morgan, and Conor Scott, “Implementing Enterprise-level Quality of Service Using VariableResource Allocation in the Xen 4 Hypervisor” (Dr. Ali Butt)2. Brett Jones, Scott Luxenberg, David McGrath, Paul Trampert, and Johnathan Weldon, “RabbitMQ Performance and ScalabilityAnalysis” (Dr. Ali Butt)3. Kyle Morgan, “Multi-threaded Execution of Javascript Tasks in V8!” (Dr. Godmar Back)People’s Choice Awards;1. Eeshan Shah, “Androider: Automated Translation of GUIs from the Desktop to Smart Phones” (Dr. Eli Tilevich)2. Casey Link, “Towards a Cyber Game System to Study User Behavior and Privacy Leakage” (Dr. Danfeng Yao)3. Three-way tie for third place: Kyle Morgan, “Multi-threaded Execution of Javascript Tasks in V8!” (Dr. Godmar Back), and WestonThayer and George Zhang, “Going Green with Android” (Dr. Scott McCrickard and Dr. Michael Evans), and Chase Carroll, DeMarcusTownsend and Jacob George, “Multitouch Applications for Collaborative Education” (Dr. Scott McCrickard and Dr. FrancisQuek)Information Overload Study - Request from CS grad studentThis is from a graduate student, Blake Sawyer, who is working with Professor Francis Quek on ways to better handleinformation overload.Here is Blake’s request:Are you a person who deals with a lot of information on a daily basis? Are you looking for a new way to manageyour personal information space? The Center for Human-Computer Interaction (CHCI) at VT is currently researchingpersonal information management systems. We are developing a tool that automatically tags your documentsbased on the people and groups you collaborate with and we plan to deploy this application within a realworld setting. We are recruiting participants (and groups of participants) who are running Mac OS X to run ourapplication for a period of 4-weeks while we collect some anonymous data. For more information, please contactBlake Sawyer (basawyer@vt.edu).

Page 7CSRC Fall NewsletterDr. Wenjing Lou Joins CS FacultyDr. Wenjing LouDr. Wenjing Lou will be joiningour Northern VirginiaCenter faculty in August2011. Her research focus isin the area of cybersecurity.Dr. Lou earned her doctoraldegree in electrical and computerengineering at the Universityof Florida in 2003.Since then, she has been afaculty member in the ECEDepartment of WorcesterPolytechnic Institute whereshe has graduated three doctoralstudents, all of whomwon awards for their dissertationsfrom either her homedepartment or from theSigma Xi chapter at WPI.She was named the JosephSamuel Satin DistinguishedFellow at WPI in 2006-7 inrecognition of her outstandingaccomplishmentsand promising future. She isthe recipient of an NSF CA-REER Award (2008) and theWPI Sigma Xi OutstandingJunior Faculty ResearcherAward (2009). Her currentresearch interests include datasecurity and privacy in cloudcomputing and e-healthcaresystems, and security in mobileand wireless networks.She serves as an editor ofseveral journals, includingIEEE Transactions on WirelessCommunications andIEEE Transactions on SmartGrid. She has actively participatedon many technical programsand organizing committeesof conference in herfield.We welcome Dr. Lou!Dr. Naren Ramakrishnan Receives Alumni AwardThe Alumni Award for Excellence in Research is given annuallyto, at most, two VT faculty members who havemade outstanding contributions in the area of research.There is at most one winner from any college in a givenyear. Dr. Ramakrishnan was recognized for his work indata mining in diverse areas such as intelligence analysis,systems biology, sustainability, and recommender systems.Dr. T.M. Murali is the PI on NIH AwardDr. T.M. MuraliCongratulations to Dr. T.M.Murali, along with Dr. JohnTyson, Biological Sciences,and Dr. Jean Peccoud, VirginiaBioinformatics Institute,on their new NIH R01 awardentitled “Integrating Top-Down and Bottom-Up Modelsin Systems Biology withApplication to Cell CycleControl in Budding Yeast.”Dr. Murali describes the project:“[t]wo distinct approachesare being used tostudy complex cellular systems.The first, top-downapproach automatically analyzeslarge-scale datasets forcorrelations between genesand proteins. The second,bottom-up approach painstakinglycrafts detailed modelsthat can be simulated bycomputer. These approacheshave largely beendeveloped separately untilnow. This project will meldthese two approaches into asingle framework, therebyallowing data-drivenanalysis to augment modelsthat can be simulated. Theproject will develop a systemfor hypothesis generation,testing, and validation to beapplied to the mechanism ofcell division in budding yeast.In the long term, the methodsdeveloped by this projectcan be used to studyany complex cellular system,e.g., those involved in thedevelopment of cancer and ininfectious diseases."

Volume 4, Issue 1Page 8Dr. Ali Butt Receives a NetApp Faculty FellowshipDr. Ali Butt, assistant professorof computer science, wasrecently awarded a NetAppFaculty Fellowship. The fellowshipwas awarded from aproposal entitled “Studyingthe Impact of Storage SystemDesign on Hadoop Performance.”This program fundsresearch on data storage andrelated topics. Such fellowshipshave been awarded previouslyto faculty at institutionssuch as Harvard,Brown, Cornell, Stony Brook,University of California—SanDiego, and the University ofWisconsin.Dr. Butt’s description of theresearch: "In this project, wewill extend and enhance ouropen-source cloud back-end(Hadoop) simulator(developed earlier throughsupport from an IBM FacultyAward) to study the impact ofnetwork-attached shared storageon the Hadoop ecosystem.State-of-the-art Hadoopclusters use node-local storage,which although desirableis not manageable,and thuswill not scalewell in the era ofmassive multicores.To thisend, the projectwill provide insightsinto designingnextgenerationcloudback-ends."NetApp is apremier CSRCmember.3D Interaction Group wins Grand Prize and Best PaperPictured (left to right): Regis Kopper, CherylStinson, Felipe Bacim, Bireswar Laha, andDr. Doug BowmanMembers of the 3D Interaction Group, including several graduate students andfaculty advisor, Dr. Doug Bowman, associate professor of computer science,captured both the Grand Prize, for a second consecutive year, and the BestPaper Award at the 2011 IEEE 3DUI Symposium in Singapore.According to Dr. Bowman, the Fighting Gobblers team, “designed, implemented,and evaluated a novel 3D interface called ‘Building Blocks’ for solvingpuzzles. The entry was judged by a jury and by the conference attendees basedon two videos and a short paper describing the submission. We achieved firstplace out of eight teams from universities around the world.” The Grand Prizewinning team consisted of graduate students Felipe Bacim, Cheryl Stinson, andBireswar Laha.Also at the same symposium, graduate students Regis Kopper and Felipe Bacim,and Dr. Bowman won the Best Paper Award. Their paper was titled“Rapid and Accurate 3D Selection by Progressive Refinement.”Two CS Faculty Receive Dean’s Awards for ExcellenceCollege of Engineering Dean RichardBenson and Dr. Manuel Perez-QuinonesOn May 24, 2011, the College of Engineeringheld its fourteenth annual engineeringfaculty reception. At the reception,awards were presented to Collegeof Engineering faculty for innovation inteaching, research, service, and outreach.Dr. Manuel Perez-Quinonesreceived a Dean’s Award for Service.Dr. Wu Feng was named an EngineeringFaculty Fellow.Annette Feng accepts the award onbehalf of her husband, Dr. Wu Feng

Volume 4, Issue 1Page 9CSRC Designated Sponsorship ListBeginning with the spring 2009 semester, theCSRC started offering opportunities forcompanies to underwrite student activitiesvia a Designated Sponsorship List (DSL).Since then, a variety of companies havehelped provide additional funding for studentactivities, events, and travel.Recent DSL contributions:Booz Allen Hamilton provided support totwo different teams of students in the CS4284 Systems and Networking Capstone.Freddie Mac has provided funding for GraceHopper and Richard Tapia travel, as well asfunding for AWC and ACM.Google and Lockheed Martin were the twoprimary sponsors of Women in ComputingDay 2011.Northrop Grumman has provided fundingfor this year’s Grace Hopper travel.Rackspace provided funding to a team ofstudents in the CS 4284 Capstone class, aswell as providing additional support at thesilver DSL level.If you wouldlike to see yourcompanyrecognized as asponsor of ourstudentactivities, wecan help youmake thathappen!Highlighted CSRC-DSL Opportunities—Help our student organizations!CS-Squared Needs Equipmentfor Local Volunteer SitesComputer Science CommunityService (CS 2 ) is a totally volunteerorganization. They do notcharge membership dues andrely on donations for support oftheir organization. One of theircurrent sites has outdated equipmentand they are looking toreplace it. The request from CS 2 :“The West End Center in Roanoke,VA has an after-schoolprogram for underprivileged,inner-city children in the area. CSSquared originally set up thecomputer lab there around 2005,but the computers are now agingand could use replacement. Thenew computers obviously do notneed to be high end - I lookedup the cheapest computer ondell.com, which is an Inspironmodel for $300. Shipping andHandling is $30, plus a tax of$17, which gives us a total ofabout $350 per computer. Thelab can hold up to 12 computers,so sponsorship of this proposalcould range from at least $1400for four computers to as muchas $4200 for all twelve computers.”Recently added/updated DSLitems:The ACM ProgrammingTeam seeks meeting supportand entry fees to theACM Regional ProgrammingCompetitionCS Squared is seeking fundingfor travel to their variousoutreach sites.The Mobile App Developmentgroup is seeking amobile device and aMacBook for creating Apps.The VT Gaming Project isplanning a series of talks andworkshops. They seek fundingto provide refreshments.Additional Sponsorship Opportunities:The online DSL listing isthe most up-to-date. Please seewww.cs.vt.edu/partnering/dsl formore information.If your company would like tosponsor any of these activities orany listed on the DSL, contactLibby Bradford directly.If your companywould like to joinCGI as an endowedscholarshipsponsor, we canhelp you make thathappen. You cansee if your companywill matchyour gift to make iteven easier toreach your goal.www.matchinggifts.com/VaTech/

CS@VTDept of Computer Science114 McBryde Hall - MC 0106Virginia TechBlacksburg, VA 24061Phone: 540-231-3209Fax: 540-231-6075E-mail: bradford@vt.eduUpcoming EventsFall Etiquette DinnerOctober 11, 2011The CSRC invites allregular and premiermembers to join us forour fall etiquette dinner.Attendees at this eventwill mostly be drawnfrom our CS 1944Sophomore Seminar.Plan to join us to host atable!Spring 2012 CSRCEventsCareer Connection hasbeen tentatively scheduledfor February 14,which would have ourevents scheduled forMonday, February 13.We will plan our luncheonand spring CSRCcareer fair on February13, with additionalpanel opportunities andevents on February 14.September Events—September 11, 12 and 13Sunday, September 113:00 to 6:00 p.m., Agriculture Quad (on the west end of the Drill Field and directly across from the Duck Pond)All regular and premier members are invited to join us for our annual picnic. All computer science facultyand staff, as well as all undergraduate, graduate, and prospective CS students, are invited to attend andbring their family and friends. If you arrive in Blacksburg on Sunday, please plan to join us for this informalevent.CSRC Fall Luncheon11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.—Owens Banquet HallThe CSRC Luncheon will be held in Owens Banquet Hall on campus. To assist with parking, the CSRCwill be providing a shuttle service from the Chicken Hill parking lot. Additional information will be providedwith your packet in late August/early September.Prior to the luncheon, you will have time to mingle with CS students and faculty attending the luncheon.All students receiving scholarships from the College of Engineering and our department will be invited toattend this luncheon.Fall CSRC Career Fair4:00 to 7:00 p.m. — Cassell Coliseum—AmbulatoryThe CSRC Spring Career Fair is a career fair for all undergraduate and graduate CS students. We alsoinvite all students on our CS-Interest listserv which includes interested new freshmen from General Engineering.We are also requiring all students from our new Sophomore Seminar class to attend this event.Student volunteers will be available to assist you with getting in to and out of the Coliseum. Further informationabout unloading will be provided in your CSRC late august/Early September packet.For Premier/Regular Members:We have opportunities for regular/premier members to be on panels for several different student audiences:CS 3604 Professionalism ClassTuesday, Sept 13 , 11:00 to 12:15 and Tuesday, Sept 13, 12:30 to 1:45Juniors and seniors in computer science are invited to ask representatives about their companies, searchingfor that first full-time position, and the current job market.CS 1944 Sophomore SeminarTuesday, Sept 13, 4:00 to 4:50The sophomore seminar is a new requirement for all students completing their degrees in 2014 and thereafter.Topics for the panel will include how to interact with recruiters, how to prepare for a career fair,what makes an effect elevator speech, and more. This panel should be about helping students to interactprofessionally with corporate recruiters.CS 4944 Senior SeminarTuesday, Sept 13, 5:00 to 5:50These graduating seniors are moving on to positions in industry or on to grad school. Topics includetransitioning to the workplace and career management.Page 6Hypatia/Galileo Learning Communities (This fall’s panel will have additional corporate representatives, inaddition to our CSRC reps. The CSRC will only be providing two panelists for this discussion.)Tuesday, Sept 13, 7:00 to 7:50 p.m.Our representatives are invited to speak with students in these learning communities. Students are all firstyear engineering students.

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