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HEARSTCASTLEMorroBayPasoRobles• San SimeonCambria YORK1MOUNTAIN46W•Cayucos•10141••1•Avila BeachPismoBeach•San Miguel22746ETempleton41• AtascaderoSan Luis Obispo•• •PASO ROBLESEDNA VALLEYArroyoGrande101166Santa•Maria•OrcuttARROYO GRANDEVALLEY•Lompoc1P a c i f i c O c e a nSANTA MARIASANTARITAHILLSVALLEY246Buellton58166LosOlivos•Solvang• • •SANTAYNEZVALLEYCHUMASHCASINOSanta Ynez1545San Luis Obispo,Santa Barbara &Ventura CountiesGetting to Paso RoblesTRAVEL TIMEFROM MILES (Average)San Francisco 204 3hrs 15minSacramento 266 4hrs 15minSan Jose 158 2hrs 30minMonterey 116 2hrsGetting to Santa BarbaraSan Francisco 326 5hrs 30minSacramento 388 6hrs 15minSan Jose 280 4hrs 45minMonterey 238 4hrsPaso Robles 123 2hrs 15minGetting to VenturaSan Francisco 353 5hrs 45minSacramento 393 6 hrsSan Jose 307 5hrsMonterey 265 4hrs 30minPaso Robles 149 2hrs 30min 5Santa Barbara 27 30 min101SantaBarbara•150Ojai•33150Ventura•Camarillo12623118• • ThousandOxnard • Oaks1

WINE COUNTRY THIS MONTHwww.WineCountryThisMonth.com3

WINE COUNTRY THIS MONTHW I N E R YF E A T U R E 6W I N E R YF E A T U R E 12P R E F E R R E DT A S T I N G R O O M 16P R E F E R R E DT A S T I N G R O O M 18W I N E M A K E RP R O F I L E 224Eberle WineryHunt CellarsHearthstone WineryPianetta WineryCraig Shannon,Per Bacco CellarsSAN LUIS OBISPO, SANTA BARBARA & VENTURA COUNTIESM A R C H 2 0 1 0 • I S S U E 2 7 – V O L U M E 3ON THE COVERSylvester Vineyards & Winery . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 14WINE COUNTRY NEWSWine Country Calendar . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .8-10Wine Country Spotlight . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 17PASO ROBLES WINERIES MAP . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 24AVILA BEACH WINERIES . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 26-27SAN LUIS OBISPO/PISMO BEACH WINERIES . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 29SANTA MARIA VALLEY WINERIES . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 30-31SOLVANG, LOS OLIVOS, SANTA YNEZ WINERIES MAP . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 33SANTA BARBARA WINERIES MAP . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 34VENTURA COUNTY WINERIES . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 35WINERY LISTINGS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .36-39ADVERSTISING/MARKETINGDIRECTORPUBLISHERMANAGING EDITORCALENDAR EDITOROFFICE MANAGEREDITORIAL CONTRIBUTORSA Publication of Wine Country This WeekWhitney BremSan Luis Obispo, CAPhone 805-252-5440centralcoast@winecountrythisweek.comMike GiangrecoDirect 707-938-3734mike@winecountrythisweek.comChandra GrantP.O. Box 92, El Verano, CA 95433Phone 707-938-1783 / Fax 707-938-3674chandra@winecountrythisweek.comLaurie FlippenPhone 707-938-1783 / Fax 707-938-3674laurie@winecountrythisweek.comCathy GorePhone 707-938-3494 / Fax 707-938-3674Email cathy@winecountrythisweek.comMichael Cervin, Len Napolitano,Mark Storer, Dave WilcoxGoing to Northern California Wine Country?Look for WINE COUNTRY THIS WEEK at wineries, hotels, concierge desks,car rentals, restaurants, high-end grocery stores and more!www.winecountrythisweek.comwww.WineCountryThisMonth.com

WINE COUNTRY THIS MONTHwww.WineCountryThisMonth.com 5

WINERY FEATURE | WINE COUNTRY THIS MONTHEBERLE WINERYOne of the Most Awarded Wineriesby Michael CervinGary Eberle has been called the Father ofPaso Robles wine and, though it sounds like adubious title, he is one of the reasons the wineindustry in Paso is doing so well. In fact,Eberle is one of the most awarded wineries inthe nation with literally thousands of awardsand accolades.Originally from Pennsylvania, Gary foundwine at an early age. “I suddenly discoveredwhat James Bond was talking about,” he says.“I was young and stupid and went fromdrinking Boone’s Farm to Chateau Latour.”Fresh out of U.C. Davis, he sided up with afew investors and bought 160 acres in Pasoback in 1973. He started by heading hisfamily’s Estrella River Winery, which iscurrently Meridian Vineyards, not too fardown the road, and produced half a millioncases a year at that facility. Not one to rest, in1980, he co-founded the Paso Robles Appellationand in 1983, Gary opened the doors tohis own Eberle Winery with the premiere ofhis 1979 Cabernet Sauvignon. Added to that,he was the first one to commercially plantSyrah more than two decades ago. From that6day to this, he has seen incredible changes asPaso Robles asserts itself as a dominant wineregion. “We’re getting so much publicity,” hesays. “But unless we can produce good wineyear after year, it’s not going to meananything. We have the potential to have thesame reputation as Sonoma or even better.”And those days are coming.A visit to the Eberle tasting room just offHighway 46 East begins with the bronzestatue of a boar sitting out front of the maindoors, a replica of an original from 1620 thatsits in Italy. After all, Eberle in German means“little boar.” It is considered good luck to rubthe boar’s nose and toss a coin in the water. Allmoney collected at the Eberle boar fountain isthen donated to local children’s charities.The tasting room has expansive views ofthe surrounding vineyards and the long woodbar can accommodate a number of people.Once inside the tasting room, you’ll noticetwo large black poodles named Cabernet andRoussanne. Even if you’re not a dog person,these guys are friendly and well mannered.They’ll saddle up next to you at the bar,waiting for a little attention.Eberle Winery offers a free 30-minute tourof their facility, discussing the entire winemakingprocess and if you’ve never taken atour, this is a great crash course on wineeducation. They will also take you down intothe extensive caves below the property as partof the tour. No, these are not real caves duginto the earth, the chiseled remnants and pickaxe strokes clearly visible as an homage tohistory, rather they were constructed withshotcrete, but they’re fun nevertheless. Andfun is what Eberle strives for. “The differencebetween wine and children is that you can sitdown and reason with a bottle of Cabernet,”Gary jokes. The winery also has a beautifulpicnic area overlooking the vines and a bocceball court.And Eberle is heavily involved in thecommunity, most notably being the founderof the long-running Winemaker’s Cook-offheld each August, which raises money forcollege scholarships for students at PasoRobles High School. The 12-year-old event,open to the public, pulls in 30 winemakers,all of whom personally grill up their bestdishes to match their wines. It’s a feast for thewww.WineCountryThisMonth.com

senses and the live band adds tothe festive environment as thepublic chooses their favoritewine and food pairing. The eventhas raised more than a quarter ofa million dollars and has becomeone of the must attend events inthe region.Unlike many wineries, Eberlehas always offered complimentarytastings which includes fivetastes of anything on their list,which usually encompasses adozen wines. If you’re with afriend and you each try somethingdifferent, you can samplemost of the list. Additionally,Gary offers his high-end reserveCabernet for tasting as well andyou don’t need to do anythingspecial to try it.One of his successes hasalways been his Chardonnay, avibrant, crisp citrus orientedwine that is smooth and satisfying.Eberle Reserve Cabernetsare also top notch. Other winesin the portfolio include Viognier,Sangiovese, Barbera, Zinfandeland many others. The majority ofEberle wines are priced under$25. They produce, on average,nearly 30,000 cases of wineannually, a lot of work for winemakerBen Mayo. “I enjoy thestate of controlled chaos of winemaking,”he laughs. In reality it’snot chaos, the Eberle team isthere to ensure you have awonderful time. Occasionally,Gary himself will be there,grilling up tri-tip, duck sausagesand ribs to pass out to passers-by.Any visit to Paso Roblesshould include a visit to EberleWinery. They are located at 3810Highway 46 East. They are openeveryday in winter from 10 a.m.to 5 p.m and until 6 p.m. in thesummer. Phone (805) 238-9607or visit www.eberlewinery.comfor more information.WINE COUNTRY THIS MONTH | WINERY FEATUREwww.WineCountryThisMonth.com 74

CALENDAR OF EVENTS| WINE COUNTRY THIS MONTHSAN LUIS OBISPO COUNTYONGOINGNorth County Farmers’ MarketFresh fruit, flowers & vegetables, 805-748-1109• Atascadero: Wed, 3-6 pm• Paso Robles: Tue, 3-6 pm• Baywood/Los Osos: Mon, 2-4:30 pm • Templeton: Sat, 9am-12:30pmAPRIL 10-112nd Annual Wine 4 PAWSTo Benefit Woods Humane SocietyHelp four-legged friends by visiting 35 participating wineries throughout SLOCounty. A portion of the weekend's proceeds will be donated to WoodsHumane Society. Visit 6 wineries throughout the weekend and be entered inthe Raffle! Print out or pick up a free Passport, www.wine4paws.comARROYO GRANDEONGOING FIRST FRIDAYSWinemakers Choice at Phantom RiversTaste limited release wines and wines that are not normally on their tastinglist. 805-481-WINE (9463), www.phantomrivers.comONGOINGHopping Good Time at the SLO Down PubOpen mic Mondays and everything else from blues to bluegrass. See the wholecalendar of events at www.slodownpub.com/event_calendar.shtmlONGOING SATURDAYS & SUNDAYSVisit Historic Buildings in Arroyo GrandeSat 12-3pm, Sun 1-4pm, 805-473-5077, www.arroyograndevillage.orgONGOING SATURDAYSArroyo Grande Farmers’ MarketFarm fresh produce & flowers, art show and live entertainment in the ArroyoGrande City Hall Parking Lot at 215 East Branch Street. 12-2:30pm805-473-2250, www.arroyograndevillage.orgONGOING WEDNESDAYSIce Cream Creating ~ A Family Affair!The Doc Burnsteins Ice Cream Lab Show is a live performance that involves thewhole audience! Live performances every Wednesday. 7pm, Invent a brandnew flavor and watch it being made! 805-474-4068, www.docburnsteins.comMARCH 5An Evening with Gary & Dianafor Customers Choiceat Phantom Rivers WineryThat's right, they will stray off their regular tasting menu, and you can pick thewine to taste. Join them for your choice. Five tastes/$5, free for club members!And wine by the glass now! 5-7pm, 805-481-9463, www.phantomrivers.comMARCH 12A Verical Tasting of Cabernet Sauvignonat Phantom Rivers WineryFun evening with food and award winning wines in the Tasting Room. Theirwinemaker, John Thunen, will be leading this event. 6-8pm, $15, $12/wineclub members, RSVP, 805- 481-9463, www.phantomrivers.comMARCH 26Effervescent Evening at LaetitiaEnjoy the wonderful views while sipping exquisite sparkling wines paired withan incredible five course meal. This exclusive Wine Club dinner is hosted atLaetitia Estate House located east of the Tasting Room. 6-9 pm, $100805-474-7641, www.laetitiawine.comATASCADEROMARCH 19Norman’s Zinfandel Festival Winemaker's DinnerJoin chef/owner Tony Farao at Village Caffé in Atascadero for an elegant Cal-Italcuisine including our Zinfandels. 7pm, $65 for five courses,RSVP, 805-237-0138AVILA BEACHONGOING SUNDAYSArt on the Beach at Avila BeachAvila Beach Pier, Artists paint & present their work, 10am, 805-238-4103MARCH 5First Friday Food & Wine Pairing “Very Vegetarian!”at MorovinoAwesome vegetarian appetizers featuring produce from the Cal Poly OrganicFarm. $12, free to Club 550 Members, www.morovino.comMARCH 20Winemaker Dinner in the Alapay CellarsWinery/Barrel RoomJoin Scott and Rebecca for an intimate gathering in the barrel room whereAlapay wine is made. Appetizers/wine social time followed by a 4 course mealwith wine pairings. Live entertainment with Steve Myers on guitar. 6-9pm$85, RSVP, 805-595-2632, www.alapaycellars.comCAYUCOS & MORRO BAYONGOING SECOND FRIDAY OF THE MONTHMorro Bay Embarcadero Art WalkSpend an enjoyable evening touring the many art galleries along the waterfronton the Embarcadero in beautiful Morro Bay. Sample great food and wineand converse with the artists. Open late till 8pm, 805-772-9955, morrobay.orgONGOING SATURDAYSFishermen & Farmers’ Market in Morro BayFresh seasonal produce, crafts & musicians, 3-6pm, 800-231-0592ONGOINGWinemaker Dinners at Hoppe’sJoin Chef Bill Hoppe as he celebrates his passion for food and wine with WinemakerDinners featuring California's best wine producers and Chef Hoppe'spersonalized cooking classes featuring beautiful combinations of local andexotic foods. 805-995-1006, www.hoppesbistro.comPASO ROBLESONGOINGMaking Sense of Scentsat Wild Horse WineryLearn how to properly taste & smell some of your favorite Wild Horse wines &find naturally occurring aromas. $20 per person, Saturdays by appointment at12, 2 & 3:30pm. Limit 8 people. Call for reservations or for groups more than 8.Templeton, 805-434-2541 ext. 15, email leslie.churchill@wildhorsewinery.comONGOINGPinot Noir Blending SeminarSample Pinot Noirs from the Central Coast AVA and learn what terroir trulymeans. Each participant creates their own blend to take home. $50, $35/wineclub. Saturday or Sunday by appointment, 11am or 2pm, Limit 10, TempletonRSVP 805-434-2541 ext. 15, email leslie.churchill@wildhorsewinery.comONGOING EVERY FRIDAY NIGHTOpen Mic Songwriters & Comedian NightBBQ, beer, wine & soda available for purchase. Bring your own chair, all ageswelcome. 6-9pm, free, Stacked Stone Cellars, Paso Robles, 805-238-7872ONGOING WEDNESDAYSWine Tasting at Vinoteca Wine BarLocal winemaker featured each week, 5:30-8pm, 805-227-7154ONGOING FIRST FRIDAY OF THE MONTHGourmet Pairings at Meridian VineyardsTry gourmet food paired with fine wine, 12-5pm, $5, 805-226-7133ONGOING THIRD WEDNESDAYSFree Cooking Show at Idler’s Hospitality CateringFood samples, wine & entertainment featuring wineries and special guests5:30pm, 805-238-7979, www.hospitalitycatering.netONGOINGEstrella Warbird MuseumCollection of military aircrafts, Fri & Sat 10am-4pm, Sun 12-4pm805-238-9317, www.ewarbirds.orgONGOINGTastings at Meridian Winery805-226-7133, www.meridianvineyards.com, open daily 10am-5pm• Limited Release Tasting-$5: A selection of five tasting room exclusive wines.Tasting fee refunded with wine purchase.• Cheese & Wine Pairing-$10: A selection of five tasting room exclusive winespaired with five gourmet cheeses from Vivant Fine Cheese of Paso Robles.Includes logo cheese board.• Chocolate & Wine Pairing-$10: A selection of four tasting room exclusive redspaired with four artisan dark chocolates by Scharffen Berger of Berkeley.Includes logo cheese board.ONGOING2nd Sunday Wine Down at HearthstoneEnjoy music and delicious food with their fine wine.www.hearthstonevineyard.com, 805-238-2544ONGOING FIRST SATURDAY OF THE MONTHWine & the ArtsJoin the Downtown Wineries the first Saturday of every month as they celebratelocal artists, musicians & wine. Check out their website for information on theartists being featured! 4-7pm, 805-227-6813, www.anglimwinery.comONGOING FRIDAYS THROUGH MARCH 19Friday Night 'Wine' Down at ClayhouseTheir tasting room is a cozy place to be this winter... relax and enjoy ClayhouseWines and small bites with Tom Rigby on his acoustic guitar. 5:30-7:30pm, $5(refund with purchase); free/wine club, 805-238-7055, www.clayhousewines.comONGOING THROUGH MARCH 26Breaking Away at the Loft GalleryFeaturing Marcia Harvey, A group exhibition of contemporary art.Mon-Fri 10am-6pm, Sat-Sun 11am-4pm, theloftgallery.blogspot.comONGOING THROUGH APRILMaeve Crogham at Castoro Cellars WineryEach month, the art gallery at Castoro Cellars Winery Tasting Room inTempleton exhibits artwork from local artists. Free,10am-5:30pmwww.castorocellars.com, 888-DAM-FINEMARCH 3Reverse Wine Dinner with Edward SellersIl Cortile Restaurante, Paso Robles,You pick the wines and Chef Santos MacDonal willsurprise you with a beautiful three course pairing designed specifically to match. Orenjoy a seasonal menu. Ed and Amy will be on hand to take you through thefantastic line up their exceptional Rhone wines. Cost of wine based on selection andnot included in $35 three-course dinner cost, 805-226-0300MARCH 5Friday Afternoon w/ Fusano California Olivesat Meridian Vineyards“Hot Stuff for Cool Folks!” Don’t miss a sampling of “Black Pearl”Teriyaki Sauceand addicting varieties of sweet & spicy jellies. And don’t leave without a jar ofzesty “Frog Balls.” Free, 1-4pm, 805-226-7133, www.meridianvineyards.comMARCH 6Help for Haiti! at Castoro CellarsA delicious meal (available for purchase) from Bon Temps Creole Café with aportion of the proceeds donated to the cause. Jody Mulgrew (formerly of theJohnny Starlings) will open the show. Then, the Guy Budd Band will take thestage for with their mixture of existential rockin' blues. Finishing up the eveningwith be the Louie Ortega Band. Suggested donation of $15. Proceeds go directlyto Doctors Without Borders (Medecins Sans Frontieres) and their relief efforts inHaiti. MSF has recently opened three emergency hospitals there. Doors open at6:30 pm, 7:30pm, www.castorocellars.com, 888-DAM-FINEMARCH 13Gillette, Mangsen, Johnson & GrahamIndoor Concert at Castoro CellarsSteve and Cindy have been performing together for 19 years, with both traditionalmusic and their wealth of original songs. With guitar, concertina andbanjo, their live performances are known for rich harmony, compelling songsand a good dose of humor. Joined by Kings of Mongrel Folk. $20, 7:30pmDoors open at 6:45pm, RSVP, www.castorocellars.com, 888-DAM-FINEMARCH 19–2118th Annual Zinfandel FestivalAlways held the third weekend in March, producers and enthusiasts cometogether in celebration of everything that Zinfandel adds to your palate andyour experience. Enjoy a Zin-filled weekend with activities including winemakerdinners, exclusive Zinfandel tastings, winery and vineyard tours and somuch more! Attend the Zin Tasting and experience Zinfandel and Zinfandelblends from over 50 wineries paired with Zin-friendly foods and theopportunity to bid on truly unique items through the Wine Country Auction.805-239-8463, www.pasowine.comMarch 20 Auction:• Zinfully Important Person (ZIP) Entrance: $85, 5:30 - 9:30pm. Zip in early tothe Zin Tasting and taste the 2010 Zinfandel Collaborative Blend, bid on rareauction items and experience other special surprises.• Zin Fan Del Entrance: $60, 7-9:30pm. Enjoy a vast selection of Zinfandel andZinfandel blends and take home a piece of Paso at the Wine Country Auction.• March 20-21: Select library, barrel and special release wine, live music,cooking demonstrations and lots of local vendors will be on hand.8 www.WineCountryThisMonth.com

WINE COUNTRY THIS MONTH | CALENDAR OF EVENTSMARCH 19-21Zin Fest At Wild HorseA full weekend of wine specials and barrel samples, www.wildhorsewinery.com• Mar 19: Wood fired oven pizza, exceptional Zinfandel and great Pinot Noir (itcan't all be Zinfandel)! 11am-5pm, $10; free/wine club• Mar 20: Chicken & Portabella Lasagna, Italian Dessert, Live Music, Old VineZin and great Pinot Noir. $10; free/wine club. 11am-5pm• Mar 21: Enjoy your Sunday morning with homemade Quiche, Fresh Fruit andLive Music. Not only do they have great Zinfandel but they have 5 differentPinot Noirs to choose from! 10am-5pm. $5, free/wine club.MARCH 19-21Zinfandel Festival at Castoro CellarsJoin them for a weekend of festivities: Zinfandel, in all its glory.RSVP, www.castorocellars.com, 888-DAM-FINE• Mar 19: The Zin Shuffle & Roll Winemaker Dinner is back! Roll the dice andhold your cards at Casino night, with Zinful prizes! Fine food, great music,and of course, DAM FINE Zinfandel! $75, $60/Wine Club Members• Mar 20-21: Select library, barrel and special release wine, live music,cooking demonstrations and lots of local vendors will be on handMARCH 19-21Zinfandel Festival at Arroyo RoblesJoin them for a weekend of festivities. RSVP, 877-759-WINE• Mar 19: Hosting a Casino Night for Woods Humane Society.• Mar 20: Enjoy seven different types of pancakes as well as all the trimmings9:30-11am, $10, $5/Club members• Mar 21: Make your own Zinfandel Blend while enjoying lunch. Class includesbottle of wine to take home. 11am-3pm, $75, $60/Club membersMARCH 19Winemaker Dinner at Carina CellarsRancho del Cielo, Join them in David Hardee’s home above the estate winery andvineyards. Member $90, 7pm, RSVP, 805-688-2459, www.carinacellars.comMARCH 19Zinfandel Festival Winemaker Dinnerin the Caves at Eberle WineryLa Casa Sena has been voted one of Santa Fe's best restaurants since it firstopened in 1984 and Executive Chef Patrick Gharrity has been the visionarybehind the cuisine since 2005. Featuring Contemporary American Southwesterncuisine, La Casa Sena is one of Santa Fe’s most popular restaurants. Please jointhem as they welcome Chef Gharrity in the caves at Eberle Winery. 6:30-10pm$150/person, $120/Cellar Club Members, www.eberlewinery.comMARCH 19Zinfandel Festival Winemaker's Dinnerat Opolo VineyardsJoin winemakers Rick Quinn and David Nichols and Opolo staff for an intimateevening in the cellar at their 9th annual Winemaker's Dinner. Favorite varietalspaired with a tantalizing selection of food. Make reservations now - sells outevery year! $90/Wine Club Members, $110, 805-238-9593, www.opolo.comMARCH 19Zin Fest: Comedy Nightat Robert Hall WineryA night of comic relief and delectable wines. Emmy nominated Mike Pace willprovide an adult comedy performance that is sure to keep you laughing . Doorsopen at 7pm, comedy at 7:30pm, 805-239-1616 ext. 24www.roberthallwinery.com, events@roberthallwinery.comMARCH 19Zin Fest at SylvesterJoin Sylvester Vineyards & Winery and the Cheese Store of Beverly Hills for theirannual Zinfest featuring Kiara Reserve Wines. Indulge in Gourmet Cheeses andEuropean inspired fare prepared by Master Italian Chef Walter Filippini6:30-9:30pm, $50; $45/FLOCK. RSVP, 800-891-6055, www.sylvesterwinery.comMARCH 19Wood-Fired Pizza Partywith Cahoots Catering! at J. LohrPaso Robles, Experience Cahoots’ new wood-fired oven as owner Jim Subjectfires up tasty pizzas like his French Onion Pizza, Steak Sandwich Pizza andBuffalo Chicken Pizza. Dinner includes Cahoots' famous salads and desserts.6-8pm, $45, 35/members, RSVP, 805-239-8900, kim@jlohr.comMARCH 19-21Zinfandel Festival Weekend at CassRSVP, 805-239-1730, www.casswines.com• Mar 19: Kitchen open until 9:00 p.m. and a big BBQ pit to warm your spirits.• Mar 20: Lively jazz and open for lunch, pouring a very limited release of aPaderewski Zinfandel at the Grand Tasting.• Mar 21: A mimosa brunch and backrubs with their licensed masseusewww.WineCountryThisMonth.comMARCH 19-21Zin Fest at HearthstoneEnjoy Zinfandel, Rhône style blends and March wine specials. Complimentarytasting and a 20% discount to all ZIP and Zin Fan Del ticket holders. $7 withoutevent ticket, 805-238-2544, www.hearthstonevineyard.comMARCH 20A Walkabout Zin Tasting in the Cavesat Justin WineryJoin the 17 Far Out Wineries on a unique "Walkabout Zin Tasting" in the caves.You'll meet the "Makers," attend breakout seminars while enjoying appetizersand more! 10am-1pm, $55, RSVP Judy, 805-237-0138MARCH 20–21Opolo Zinfandel Festival Patio BBQIn the tasting room, enjoy a barbecued meal cooked in traditional Opolo style.Whole roasted lamb, carne asada and carnitas tacos with all the fixings.Lunch $12, wine tasting $5, Wine club/free. 805-238-9593, www.opolo.comMARCH 20–21Celebrate Zin Fest with SylvesterFree Barrel Tasting, BBQ tidbits and Saganaki Fondue (while supplies last). PlusGourmet Wine & Cheese Pairings with their Limited Production Wines.11am-5pm, $5, free/FLOCK. 805-227-4000, www.sylvesterwinery.comMARCH 21More Zin Fest at HearthstoneJoin them and Fig restaurant for freshly prepared tapas and live music by locallyknown Mike Maguire. $10, Complimentary/ZIP and Zin Fan Del ticket holderswith two bottle purchase, 805-238-2544, www.hearthstonevineyard.comMARCH 21Descriptor Seminar & Lunch at J. LohrPaso Robles, Includes a component wine tasting and explorations of differentaromas and bouquets, followed by a taste of up to six award-winning J. Lohrwines. This introduction to the world of wine sensory evaluation will also assistyou in matching a specific wine with complementary foods! Lunch providedfollowing the seminar. 11am, $45, $35/members, 805-239-8900, kim@jlohr.comMARCH 21Zinfandel Weekend Celebration at JadaNew releases, old favorites all paired with gourmet cheeses. Forgive us for weare not Zinners but come by and taste our yummy wines – you’re sure tobecome Rhone and Bordeaux fans, too. www.jadavineyard.comMARCH 21Be Your Own Winemaker Blending SessionRichard, owner & winemaker at Thunderbolt Winery, will show you the fine artof blending wine. Includes two 750ml bottles with customized label.11am-1:30pm, $60, RSVP, 805-226-9907 www.ThunderboltWinery.comMARCH 27Un Jour en France, A Day in Franceat Halter RanchLearn the "French Approach" and how to avoid culture clash with Wine ClubManager and Bordeaux native Soléne Christophe at the Halter Ranch VictorianFarmhouse! You will cover ordering at a restaurant, arranging for wine tasting,buying cheese and how to interact with the French with ease. Includes lunchand wine tasting. 10:30am-1:30pm, $30, Club discounts applyMARCH 27Fun in the Park & Easter Egg HuntDowntown Paso Robles, Children ages 4 to 9 bring their baskets and search thedowntown City Park. Egg hunts 11am by age groups. Children age 3 and undergiven their eggs by the Easter Bunny, City Park Holiday House. Fun in the Park(10am-2pm) features hot dogs, face painting, balloon animals and more.805-238-4103, www.pasoroblesdowntown.orgAPRIL 10Farming with the Wild Vineyard Tourat Halter RanchThe Ranch is a 960 acre wildlife haven located in the middle of the Santa LuciaCoast Range, where they strive to co-exist with their "neighbors" throughsustainable farming. You'll spend the morning with winegrower and avid birdwatcherMitch Wyss on this highly unusual (locally famous) vineyard tour. Endup at the pond for a picnic lunch and wine tasting. 10am-1pm, $30, Clubdiscounts apply, lunch included, www.halterranch.com, 888-367-9977APRIL 24“Winemaker of the Year” Blending Sessionat Castoro CellarsBack by popular demand: Castoro Cellars will be offering you the opportunity tolearn the art of blending from their winemakers. Try out your winemaking skillsby creating your own perfect blend. Present your blend to the winemakers andtake a sample home. www.castorocellars.com, RSVP, 888-DAM-FINEAPRIL 24The Sherry Austin Band Indoor Concertat Castoro CellarsSLOFolks presents all-girl folk sensations. Performing their own original songs inaddition to well-loved Americana covers. $20, 7:30pm, Doors open at 6:45pmwww.castorocellars.com, RSVP, 888-DAM-FINEAPRIL 29-MAY 118th Annual Hospice du RhônePaso Robles Event Center, an international gathering that draws Rhôneproducers and enthusiasts from all corners of the globe to pay homage to thediversity of the distinct twenty-two Rhône varieties. RSVP, 805-784-9543www.hospicedurhone.org or faith@hospicedurhone.org• April 29: the highly-spirited Rhone ‘n Bowl• April 30: two Rhône focused seminars, a Rosé inspired lunch, the enhancedRhône Rendezvous and the new Sommelier Soirée.• May 1: two Rhône focused seminars, the annual HdR Lunch and Live Auction,the Grand Tasting and the Farewell BBQ. Rhône inspired cuisine for thelunches and evening affairs will be prepared by Chef John Toulze of the girl &the fig hailing from Sonoma, California.PISMO BEACH/SHELL BEACHONGOING SUNDAYSShell Beach Farmers MarketFeaturing products such as fresh produce, flowers, jams, dried fruits, artisanvinegars, grown by local farmers. A variety of other products, including familyfun. 9am-1pm, Dinosaur Caves Park, shellbeachfarmersmarket@yahoo.comSUNDAYS2nd Annual Pismo Beach Concert SeriesPacific Breeze Concert Series at Dinosaur Caves Park. Bring your lawn chairs forseating in the Rotary Amphitheatre or blankets for use on the park’s expansivelawns. Local BBQ and Doc Burnstein’s ice cream for sale! 1-4pm, Free!• Mar 28: Natural Incense (dance-pop-reggae), Spring Into GreenCelebration! www.myspace.com/naturalincense• Apr 11: Sean Wiggins (country, blues & rock), www.seanwiggins.comSummer Camp Expo - Includes children’s activitiesMARCH 5-610th Annual World of Pinot NoirJoin Pinot Noir producers for the Pinot Noir By the Sea Grand Tasting at theCliffs Resort in Shell Beach California. Bringing extraordinary Pinot Noirproducers from around the globe together with Pinot Noir enthusiasts for aweekend celebration and education. Includes two days of in-depth TastingSeminars, Grand Tastings (each with a unique roster of wineries), a FeaturedTasting with a guest Burgundian producer, two Gala Pinot Noir Dinnersfeaturing prominent guest chefs and culminates with a Santa Barbara stylePaulée. These extraordinary food and wine extravaganzas will be hosted byparticipating wineries and feature an outstanding panel of Sommeliers fromacross the U.S. www.worldofpinotnoir.comAPRIL 26Taste of PismoRestaurants of Pismo Beach and local wineries will be showcased. 1-5pmOnly 500 tickets will be sold. Held under a large tent in Dinosaur Caves Park.$50, including a commemorative wine glass. 800-443-7778SAN LUIS OBISPOONGOINGHearst Castle ToursLed by an experience guide, tour Hearst Castle and encounter first-hand the majestyand beauty of this historical treasure. 800-444-4445, www.hearstcastle.orgONGOING THROUGH APRIL 15Salisbury Fine Art GalleryFeaturing John Patrick Salisbury, johnpatricksalisbury.com, 805-595-9463ONGOING SATURDAYSWine & Cheese Pairings at Tolosa VineyardsIn the Heritage Room, four estate wines are paired with four artisan cheesesfrom around the world. 11am-3pm, 805-782-0500, www.tolosawinery.comONGOING SATURDAYS & SUNDAYSReserve Flight Tastings at Tolosa VineyardsIn the Heritage Room. Flights will vary from Pinot Noir flights to Rhone stylewines or even a vertical tasting of library wines. $20, $15/Heritage Clubmembers, 805-782-0500 x10, jshakley@tolosawinery.comMARCH 12-2116th Annual SLO International Film FestivalScreenings, receptions and award ceremonies, Come for the wine…stay forthe films! Receptions paired with local wine & food, followed by a film.www.slofilmfest.org9

CALENDAR OF EVENTS| WINE COUNTRY THIS MONTHMARCH 9Cooking Class Series at Edna ValleyGet Spiced with Robert RootRobert Root, chef of the Manse on Marsh and Founder of Pallet to Palate,presents a tour of the Mediterranean with spices from San Luis based SpiceHunter. Recipes for savory appetizer. Sampling and complimentary wine tastingwill be offered. 6pm, $40, 805-544-5855 ext. 42, tina.hoppe@diageo.comMARCH 23Cooking Class Series at Edna ValleyBraising with Maegen LoringWhat is braising? You’ll learn all aspects of braising: from stovetop to oven andfrom vegetables to desserts. Maegen Loring from the Neon Carrot is ready to toput a modern twist on comfort food that will bring back family memories.Sampling and complimentary wine tasting will be offered. 6-9pm, $40805-544-5855 ext. 42, tina.hoppe@diageo.comMARCH 30Cooking Class Series at Edna ValleyCentral Coast Fresh withBen Richardson & Russ ThompsonSwing into spring with fresh ideas from Chef Russell and Chef Ben. Everythingfor the upcoming warm weather including Bautista Farms’ Baby Lettuce Salad,Pan Seared Diver Scallops, Pork Tenderloin and Tangerine Curd Tart. Samplingand complimentary wine tasting will be offered. 6-9pm, $40805-544-5855 ext. 42, tina.hoppe@diageo.comAPRIL 23–24Learn By Tasting ~ Cal Poly Wine FestivalAn impressive student-run event featuring over 100 wineries and benefitingthe university’s Wine and Viticulture Program & Vines to Wines. Kick off onFriday, April 23rd with a barbecue and live auction for winemakers of theattending wineries and Cal Poly alumni, hosted by the Vines to Wines Club.The dinner will be held at the Cal Poly Arboretum, space for 200 guests, $50The Wine Festival is on Saturday, April 24th at Santa Margarita Ranch in SantaMargarita, California. Showcasing many wineries from all over California, aswell as local restaurants and caterers. The proceeds support the Wine and ViticultureProgram at California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo.$65/VIP, $50, $45/student, $15/sober driver, www.calpolywinefestival.comSANTA BARBARA COUNTYLOMPOC/BUELLTONONGOING FRIDAYSOlde Towne Market in LompocFood wine & music in the summer months805-736-4567, www.lompocrecord.comAPRIL 17Santa Barbara County Vintners' FestivalA long weekend of celebration around the festival at River Park, Lompoc. Theannual Santa Barbara County Vintners' Festival attracts wine lovers from nearand far for an opportunity to meet 130+ member vintners, taste their wines,and enjoy great food and music in a festive outdoor environment. Features asilent auction and wine country cuisine by the area’s finest chefs.www.sbcountywines.com/events/festival.htmlLOS OLIVOSONGOING FIRST FRIDAY OF THE MONTHWildling Art Museum - Free Friday FlicksFree movie & snacks with discussion, 7pm805-688-1082, www.wildlingmuseum.orgONGOING THROUGH MARCH 31Dreams of Consciousness at Carina CellarsAs a Santa Barbara resident, Patrick Shourds is never at a loss for inspirationfrom California’s natural beauty and dynamic landscapes. His passion for explorationand nature are paramount as the subjects of his photography. Daily11am-5pm, www.carinacellars.com, 805-688-2459SANTA BARBARAONGOING SUNDAYSSanta Barbara Arts & Crafts ShowFor 44 years featuring all types of art, crafts & jewelry with 200+ artists andcraftsman. East Beach Pier, 10am–dusk, 805-897-1982, www.sbaacs.comONGOING SATURDAYS & SUNDAYSDowntown Walking ToursGuided stroll – experience Santa Barbara’s past. Saturday tour historic areasand Sunday 20th century architecture. $10, info@afsb.org, 805-965-630710ONGOINGPlanetarium Shows atSanta Barbara Museum of Natural History805-682-4711, www.sbnature.orgWednesdays: 3pm, Tales of the Maya SkiesFridays: 3pm, Wonders of the Winter SkySaturdays and Sundays• 11am: Twinkle, Twinkle for Little Stars• Noon: Secret of the Cardboard Rocket• 1pm: Wonders of the Winter Sky• 2pm: Tales of the Maya Skies• 3pm: Wonders of the Winter Sky (in Spanish on Sundays)SANTA MARGARITAAPRIL 16–18The Earth Day Food & Wine FestivalA weekend celebration of award-winning food and wine grown on California'sscenic Central Coast. Join them for the feature event Saturday afternoon and forbarrel tastings, cooking demonstrations, live music and vineyard toursthroughout the weekend. The wine festival is held at the historic SantaMargarita Ranch with over 200 purveyors of award-winning, sustainablyproduced food and wine. Growers, vintners and chefs come together to servedelicious, one of a kind dishes made with locally sourced fruits, vegetables,meats, cheeses, olive oils and more. Live music, a silent auction, unlimitedsamples of local wine and cuisine, and meet the farmers who grow great foodand wine while nurturing a healthy environment. Tickets $15 - $500805-369-2288, www.EarthDayFoodandWine.comSANTA MARIA/FOXEN CANYONONGOING SATURDAYS & SUNDAYSSanta Maria Valley Railway Historical MuseumLots of fun including a train simulator exhibit. 1-4:30pm805-714-4927, www.smvrhm.org/museumONGOINGFriday Night Wine Down at Costa de OroGreat way to start your weekend! Enjoy live music, wine tasting and cheeseplates. 4:30-7:30pm, 805-922-1468, www.cdowinery.comONGOINGSunday Live at Costa de OroEnjoy a glass of wine with friends and listen to some of the best music on theCentral Coast. New cheese plates and a variety wines by the glass or bottle!2-5pm, 805-922-1468, www.cdowinery.comMARCH 6Taste for Justice ~ Chef Bradley Ogdento Judge Gourmet Gavel AwardOrutt, Featuring Bradley Ogdenas one of its judges; inducted into the "Who'sWho of American Cooking" by Cooks magazine, named Best Chef California bythe James Beard Foundation, one of the Great American Chefs by the InternationalWine and Food Society, winner of the Golden Plate Award by the AmericanAcademy of Achievement and Chef of the Year by the Culinary Institute ofAmerica. Bradley Ogden the restaurant in Las Vegas in Caesar’s Palace receivedthe James Beard Award in 2004 for Best New Restaurant and his most recentendeavor is Root 246 in Solvang. $45/advance and $50/door805-963-6754 x 109, http://www.lafsbc.org/events/t4j-smSANTA YNEZONGOING THURSDAYS, FRIDAYS & SATURDAYSDancing at Maverick SaloonDance lessons, live country western or rock & roll. 6:45pm, check web forschedule of entertainers. 805-686-4785, www.mavericksaloon.orgONGOINGSanta Ynez Valley Historical Society Museum& Parks - Janeway Carriage HouseExhibits from Chumash period through early 20th century ranch day, 12-4pm805-688-7889, www.santaynezvalleymuseum.orgONGOINGSaturdays - Cachuma Lake Nature WalkNaturalists lead one mile walk for all ages, Oak Canyon Trail, 10-11:30amWeekends -Cachuma Lake Wildlife CruiseGuided 2-hour cruise with wildlife & geology. $7 for 12 & under, $15 over 12Junior Ranger ProgramKids learn about wildlife, ecosystems & caring for the environment12:30-1:30pm $2 per childMany other children & adult friendly programs! Cachuma Lake Nature CenterSanta Ynez Park, 805-693-0691, www.cachuma.comONGOINGArt at Artiste WineryEach quarter, Artiste releases two new wines with impressionist painted labelsfrom the brushes of their featured artist. 805-686-2626, www.artiste.comSOLVANGONGOINGQuicksilver Miniature Horse FarmVisit Solvang horse farm with beautiful views. They do not offer petting pens orrides in the cart but you are able to get up close and personal with theminiature horse.10am–3pm, 805-686-4002, http://www.syv.com/qsminis/ONGOING WEDNESDAYSSolvang Farmers MarketFresh produce, flowers & foods, on First Street, between Mission Drive andCopenhagen, 4-7pm, 805-962-5354, www.sbfarmersmarket.orgONGOINGElverhoj Museum of History & ArtShowcases Solvang’s rich cultural history.Former residence of one of Solvang's most artistic families,now a community museum devoted to the history of Solvang,the colorful heritage and pioneer spirit of Denmark and the arts.1-4pm, Wed-Thu, 12-4pm, Fri-Sun, 805-686-1211, www.elverhoj.orgONGOINGHans Christian Andersen MuseumHonoring the multi-talented Danish father of the modern fairy tale,filled with copies of Andersen’s books, sketches, paper cutouts, silhouettesand collages. 10am-5pm daily, www.solvangusa.comMARCH 14–18Restaurant Week Kick-off toTaste of Solvang Food & Wine FestivalSelect Solvang restaurants offer special 3-course tasting menus for the price of$20.10 (2010 cents). 800-468-6765, www.SolvangUSA.comMARCH 19–21Taste of SolvangScrumptious Dessert Reception & live music, delightful Walking Smorgaasbord,free tours Mission Santa Ines & Elverhoj Museum of History & Art.www.SolvangUSA.comMARCH 20Taste of Solvang Wine Tasting Room WalkFabulous wines from participating wine tasting rooms. 6-9pm, $35800-468-6765, www.SolvangUSA.comVENTURA COUNTYONGOINGMuseum of Ventura CountyPhotographs, publications, documents & exhibits depicting Ventura County'shistory. 10am-5pm, 805-653-0323, www.venturamuseum.orgONGOINGVentura County Maritime MuseumAn enriching museum experience based on maritime historyranging from ancient mariners to the modern marine era.Educational programs through world-class maritime art,unique ship models, dynamic exhibits, artifacts and nautical research.11am-5pm, 805-984-6260, OxnardONGOING SATURDAYSTour Ojai Olive Oil at Asquith FarmBegins outside with the history of the grove, an explanation of theolive varieties, their maturing process, the harvesting & a visit to thetree nursery. Share the adventure of producing premium-quality olive oils.10am-3pm Mon-Fri by appointment. 805-701-3825, www.ojaioliveoil.comONGOINGFillmore & Western Railway Co. Wine Express TrainFillmore & Western Railway and the Ventura County Wine Trail bring youWine Express train rides traveling through the beautiful Heritage Valley.Every other month will feature four wines from a different Ventura Countywinery, paired with a buffet dinner, music and dancing.$63, www.fwry.com, 805-524-2546Email your upcoming event information toLaurie@WineCountryThisWeek.comFor best results, submit informationat least 6 weeks prior to your event.www.WineCountryThisMonth.com

WINE COUNTRY THIS MONTH | ON THE COVER CORNERJim Judd with granddaughters Mollie and Jamieby Melissa ChavezJust five minutes from Highway 46 East isone of San Miguel’s family-owned winerieswhere handcrafted wines are born. At J&JCellars, the Judd family operation benefitsfrom over five consecutive generationssteeped in agricultural tradition. Jim and JanisJudd own the winery and vineyards alongwith their son James Judd, his partner EricAlvarez, and daughter Juliet Judd Fiero.J&J Cellars harvests grapes from one vineyardin the Ranchita Canyon area of SanMiguel and another in Shandon, roughly 30miles southeast. The soil composition of bothlocations is sandy loam. However the higheraltitudeShandon vineyard receives hottertemperatures during the day, which steeplydrops by evening. Both vineyards arecontained within the Paso Robles Appellation.What were once cattle grazing ranchlandsdotted with prolific apple and pear trees inSan Miguel, Jim made the decision in 1998 totrellis Cabernet wine grapes. In 2002, hebottled his first vintage and focused on establishinghis winery operation. Currently, theSan Miguel vineyard produces CabernetSauvignon, Merlot, Petite Sirah and Zinfandelwine grapes for its Vintage Flight and J&JCellars labels.What sets J&J apart from everyone else?www.WineCountryThisMonth.com“We really understand customer service,” saysOperations Manager Betty Walker, “whichprovides flexibility for our customers. Wineclub members may also choose their ownconfigurations and receive a surprise witheach shipment.One of J&J’s much anticipated vintages is asoon-to-be-released port of 70% Tempranilloand 30% Souzão. “It’s going to be a killer,”admits Walker. “The way it’s tasting right now,we’ll probably bottle it later this year andrelease it early next year in 250 cases of 375ml. People should get their orders in now. Itwon’t last long.”Inside the tasting room, guests are invitedto relax on couches and converse. Among thewines are other items to browse and choosefrom, including cheese and salami, Europeantea towels, luxurious lotions and wine-relatedgifts. Grape juice and beverages are also availablefor designated drivers. Outside, a picnicarea beckons visitors, a stone fireplace forlingering by a crackling fire, and a bocce ballcourt for those who want a friendly gamewhile sipping a glass of wine.A gathering of nine wineries and one oliveoil producer make up the recently formedPleasant Valley Wine Trail. Loosely clusterednortheast of Highway 101 and Highway 46and just north of Estrella Road, it’s the newestconsortium of neighborhood farmers thathave assembled to provide their guests a morecohesive wine experience. Twelve miles long,the route is conveniently marked for leisurelynavigation. It isn’t merely location that bindsthem together, but a thriving relationship thatmay take some visitors by surprise.“We work together and help each other,”says Walker. “If the next-door winery wants toborrow a forklift, we’ll do it. It’s who we are.“This is not one of those highbrow places,”she adds. “One doesn’t need to be pretentiousabout wine. If you enjoy something, that’s allthat matters.”Stop by J&J Cellars at 2850 RanchitaCanyon Road in San Miguel, Friday thruSunday from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Call (805)467-2891. Visit www.jjcellars.com.11

WINERY FEATURE | WINE COUNTRY THIS MONTHDavid HuntHUNT CELLARSAchieving ‘Cult Winery’ Statusby Michael CervinHunt Cellars, located on Highway 46 West, prides itself onachieving cult winery status, a title that makes David Hunt very happy.When asked why he doesn’t display any silver medals in the tastingroom, only the gold ones, he says wryly, “Who wants to be secondplace?” Hunt has developed a loyal following of wine lovers across theU.S. for his opulent, plush, velvety wines that not only score well inthe national press, but frequently exhibit the “wow” factor; that jawdropping experience when tasting a wine that is so good, you can’thelp but express yourself out loud. And for that wow factor Huntwines are, comparably, about one-third the price of their counterpartscoming out of Napa. “I think our wines are indeed cult caliber wines,”he says. “In fact people horde them, saving them for special occasions.”But Hunt wines need not be horded, they are to be enjoyed andconsumed. Once you visit the tasting room and sample the large Huntportfolio, you’ll understand why.The vineyards, located in Creston, just east of Paso Robles, producestellar fruit. But even the best vineyard cannot produce everything. Tothat end, Hunt has purchased Pinot Noir and Chardonnay grapes fromsite specific regions in order to achieve his ideal flavor profile. After all,Paso Robles is known for hearty red wines and Rhône whites, not“tender Pinots and Chardonnays,” as he puts it. It will be excitingtherefore to sample the forthcoming initial release Pinot Noir, somethingHunt has never produced before.David Hunt has a secret weapon which aids his success. He’s blind.12Diagnosed at a young age with a degenerative retinal disorder, his sighthas eroded over four decades and is now all but gone. For manypeople that may seem like a handicap, but for Hunt, it has honed hissense of taste and smell and his wines benefit tremendously from hisacute ability. “Blindness in some ways helps me in making wine,” hesays. “I can actually hear the weight and texture of a wine by its sound,the timber changes as it pours into a glass.” He is known to be obsessiveabout his wine, letting selected heavily extracted wines age inbarrel up to three years, which is uncommon for the majority ofwineries in Paso Robles, or California for that matter. “I treat each wineas if I’d never make another one. I work the wine and make changeseven on the bottling line. Sometimes I can’t sleep at night,” he admits.It’s a luxury Hunt can afford, but it’s also a passion to make the bestwine possible.He started out in life as a musician turned successful businessman,turned vintner and now, when many people think about retirement,Hunt enthusiastically promotes his wines and enjoys creating wine notbased on science, but based on taste. “It’s in the balance and flavor ofthe wine that makes the product,” he says. “90 percent of wines todayare not very balanced. I’m willing to take the necessary time and focuson the wines so they are perfect.” The result of such intensity is notonly the massive number of accolades and high scores, but that Huntwines are indeed exceptional. Recently more than 15 wines rated havescored between 90 and 95 points in the wine press, like Tango In Paso,a barrel accident blending of Zinfandel, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlotwww.WineCountryThisMonth.com

WINE COUNTRY THIS MONTH | WINERY FEATUREand Syrah, with a whisper of Cabernet Franc and Petite Sirah. Otherhighly rated wines from the Hunt portfolio include Barbera, SauvignonBlanc, Syrah, several of their Cabernets and their exceptionalSangiovese. It’s this Sangiovese that Hunt says is the first wine he gravitatestoward to de-stress. And though all of his wines are his “children”his favorite varietal is Cabernet Sauvignon and Bordeauxblends. Whatever favorite wine you might have, you’ll probably findit at Hunt Cellars.The tasting room also features picnic facilities on their grounds orthe 1,200-square-foot back deck, and they sell condiment items,cookbooks and clothing. Additionally, for those inclined to a finecigar, they can be enjoyed in their outdoor pavilion. Additionally theyoffer several iterations of their wine club. “Where else can you tasteover two dozen wines that have 90 to 95 points and enjoy very highscoring cult wines,” he asks. During winemaker dinners at the tastingroom, David will play the white piano that usually sits silently nearthe front door. A visit to the tasting room is a necessity for anyoneinterested in wine, if only to experience wines that make you hungerfor more. You need to see it for yourself. As David Hunt constantlysays, “Life is too short and you work too hard to drink bad wine.”Tasting fees are $5 for 6 tastes or $10 for the reserve tasting.Hunt Cellars is open daily from 10:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. They arelocated at 2875 Oakdale Rd. directly off Highway 46 West. Contactthem at (805) 237-1600 or www.huntcellars.com.www.WineCountryThisMonth.com 13

ON THE COVER | WINE COUNTRY THIS MONTHSYLVESTER WINERYSylvester Vineyards & Winery is hosting its annual winemaker’sdinner during the upcoming Paso Robles Zinfandel Festival on Friday,March 19th, from 6:30 to 9:30 p.m. The event will be presented bySylvester Vineyards & Winery and the Cheese Store of Beverly Hillsfeaturing Kiara Reserve Wines. Indulge in gourmet cheeses and European-inspiredfare prepared by Master Italian Chef Walter Filippini.Dinner will include: Burrata (a decadent fresh mozzerella infused withRicotta), Timballo Alla Siciliana (Traditional Sicilian Pasta Pie), Saltimboccaalla Romana, (Veal Cutlets topped with Prosciutto and Sage),Barramundi (Australian Fish with Roasted Polenta) and much more.Panna Cotta with Raspberry Sauce, an assortment of Italian Biscotti andsweets will be featured for dessert. Music entertainment will also keepyou dancing. The entire evening will only be $50 per person or $45 forFLOCK members. Reservations will be required. Interested attendeesmay RSVP at 1-800-891-6055.Featured Master Chef Walter Filippini grew up watching his grandfather,who dedicated his life working the steep sloped vineyards ofNorthern Italy by hand. While Filippini loved wine, his true passionremains in the kitchen. Working diligently in the kitchen of “LordByron Restaurant,” Filippini began his culinary schooling as an assistantchef at the world-famous Excelsior Palace Hotel on the Lido ofVenice. Later, traveling northwest, he worked at Grande Albergo Villad’Este on Lake Como and then worked at the Grand Hotels in Milan.Filippini attended Istituto Alberghiero di Stato in Bergamo, graduatingin 1975, eventually specializing in gastronomia, the artful preparationand presentation of cold-food platters. In November of 1981, he dominatedItaly’s National Chef’s Competition, winning first prize with anelaborate display of pheasant paté medallions. This passion forgastronomy grew as he worked his way up through various laudedkitchens to finally achieve the coveted notoriety of Master Chef.On another continent that same year, Sylvester Vineyards & Winerywas established by Filippini’s now father-in-law, Sylvester Feichtinger.Filippini’s wife, Sylvia, watched and learned as her father, steeped in thefamily tradition of winemaking in Austria, planted more than 200 acresof premium grape vines in the then new wine country of Paso Robles,California.Walter Filippini met Sylvia while he was working at Verdi Restaurantin Santa Monica, California. The two instantly fell in love, bondingthe culinary with the viticultural. Their passions for food and winemade them the perfect match. Shortly after their wedding, they beganmanaging the family-owned international gourmet foods importingand distributing company called Peacock Cheese. In 2004, Sylvia andFilippini took over the winery upon the retirement of her father. Thewinery’s commitment to quality has remained true as well as being reaffirmedto this day. Recently, Walter and Sylvia Filippini have createdtwo new reserve labels, Kiara Reserve and Le Vigne di Domenico, alongwith their premier blend NIKIARA. Their investment and hard workhas paid off having recently won several of the highest awards from theSan Francisco Chronicle International Wine Competition.The Filippinis’ passion for fine food and wine can be found in thewinery’s kitchens and tasting room and at all of the winery’s winemakerdinners, not to be missed.Sylvester Vineyards & Winery is located at 5115 Buena Vista Drive,Paso Robles. Hours are 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. through September, and 11a.m. to 5 p.m. from October through April. For more information, call(805) 227-4000 or visit www.sylvesterwinery.com.14 www.WineCountryThisMonth.com

WINE COUNTRY THIS MONTH | WINE COUNTRY NEWSZin FAN Del: Discover the Fun atthe Paso Robles Zinfandel FestivalPaso Robles Wine Country announced tickets for the 18th AnnualZinfandel Festival are now on sale at www.pasowine.com. The PasoRobles Zinfandel Festival marquee event puts the fun back inZinfandel by combining a classic Zin tasting with a wine countryauction on Saturday, March 20. The evening features two ticket levels:Zinfully Important Person (ZIP) ticket level (entrance at 5:30 p.m.)and Zin Fan Del ticket level (entrance at 7 p.m.). Attendees will enjoyvast selections of Zinfandel and Zinfandel blends, as well as the WineCountry Auction featuring unique items only offered during theZinfandel Festival.Attracting wine tourists from across the nation, Zinfandel Festivalattendees experience three days of wine tasting delight. In addition tothe Zin Tasting and Wine Country Auction, more than 140 areawineries offer a compilation of individual events such as winemakerdinners, barrel samples and musical entertainment throughout theweekend.The ZIP ticket level is for Zinfandel enthusiasts who cannot getenough of this bold, bodacious berry. ZIP attendees may zip in earlyto the Zin tasting and receive special benefits including an exclusivetaste of the 2010 Zinfandel Collaborative Blend. ZIP ticket holders willalso experience auction items exclusively for them and other specialsurprises throughout the evening.“It’s time to dial in the fun during the 2010 Zinfandel Festival. Zinfans will find new enhancements to a traditional walk-around tastingintegrated into a special Wine Country Auction,” said Stacie Jacob, executivedirector of the Paso Robles Wine Country Alliance. “We invite youto check out quality wines featuring Paso Robles’ heritage grape.”The newly formatted Wine Country Auction features items showcasedat winery pouring booths, giving wine enthusiasts a chance tolearn about the Zinfandel producers of Paso Robles as well as takehome their favorite lifestyle packages. One-of-a-kind auction blocksfrom wineries across the Paso Robles appellation include wine tastingretreats, dinners with Paso Robles producers, VIP tours, seminars andspecial large-format bottles signed by the winemakers themselves.More than 50 Paso Robles producers will be showcased at the ZinTasting. The area’s top chefs will also be serving Zinfandel-friendlyculinary creations.Tickets – All Zinfandel Festival tasting tickets include unlimitedtasting and a commemorative glass made by Riedel.• Zinfully Important Person (ZIP) Entrance - $85, Saturday, 5:30-9 p.m. – includes early entrance to Zin Tasting and exclusive peakat Wine Country Auction items• Zin Fan Del Entrance – $60, Saturday,7-9 p.m. – includes Zin Tasting and Wine Country AuctionTickets may be purchased online at www.pasowine.com. A limitedamount of ZIP and Zin Fan Del tickets will be available at the door,provided they are not sold out. All tickets are limited and advancepurchase is highly recommended. Must be 21 and older, photo identificationverifying age will be required at time of entry.For more information about Zinfandel Festival, local hotel accommodationsand restaurants, visit www.pasowine.com.www.WineCountryThisMonth.com15

WINE COUNTRY NEWS | WINE COUNTRY THIS MONTHPreferred Tasting Room:HEARTHSTONE WINERYBy Melissa Chavez16With a tasting room less than a year oldand a fistful of wine competition medals, HoyBuell’s Hearthstone Vineyard & Winery mightlook like an overnight success to some, butnot exactly.A career horticulturist, Buell establishedthe place in 1999 when he joined his grapegrowingexpertise with his affection for wine.The first bottles weren’t released until 2003,and it wasn’t until spring of 2009 that hewould finally open the tasting room doors.Buell isn’t resting on his laurels. He plans tomake an already-friendly tasting room evenmore inviting.“We have a great picnic area with a verynice view so people can bring their lunchesand enjoy our wines by the glass,” says OperationsManager Connie Hoekje. “We also have‘Second Sundays’ where all guests includingindustry people and wine club members canenjoy good food and live music. But there’salways something new we want to do aroundhere. One change we’re making is to bring inworks from local artists.” Currently, photographerJosh Kimball is displaying images takenfrom nature that include wine countrysurrounds and picturesque ocean views of BigSur to Morro Bay.In short order, Hearthstone is not onlyestablishing itself well in the Paso Robleswine region, but throughout the state andbeyond.In 2008, Hearthstone’s 2005 Lodestoneblend (43% Syrah, 30.5% Grenache and26.5% Mourvedre) earned Silver in the SanFrancisco International Wine Competition.Their Pearl vintage is such a hit, that it will bereleased again this year. Upping the ante istheir 2006 Slipstone (63% Grenache, 36.5%Syrah), which earned a Gold-Sweep win atthe San Diego International Wine Competition“Several of our wines are now being servedat local restaurants,” says Hoekje. “AtVinoteca, we have the 2005 Jubilee, ourSuper Tuscan blend, plus the Profundo andPearl wine, our white Rhône style blend.There’s also a Pinot Noir at Villa CreekRestaurant (in Paso Robles).Hearthstone Winery is situated on a hillin the Adelaida community southwest ofPaso Robles. More specifically, it’s set withinone of a series of passes known collectivelyas the “Templeton Gap” region. In thismicroclimate, mild mornings give way towarm summer days, but afternoon breezesprovide welcome respite to the harshest ofsummer heat. At its scenic Vineyard Drivelocation, Hearthstone especially enjoyscamaraderie among neighboring growerswho support one another in their winemakingendeavors.“We all recommend one another andwe’re real supportive,” Hoekje says of theadjacent wineries. “It’s neat because, withoutit, we couldn’t have been nearly as successfulas we’ve been in the last eight months.”Hearthstone Winery tastes are $7 or freewith two-bottle wine purchases. Their FiresideWine Club offers custom-created selections,complimentary tastings for membersand three guests, free shipping on 12-bottlepurchases and 20 percent discounts. Visitthem at 5070 Vineyard Drive, Paso Robles, orat www.HearthstoneVineyard.com. Call (805)238-2544.www.WineCountryThisMonth.com

Hearthstone Vineyardsand Winery Accolades• 2007 HEARTHSTONE VINEYARDSAND WINERY GRENACHE(USA, California, Central Coast, Paso Robles) $25The 2007 Hearthstone Grenache is a blend of 90%Grenache and 10% Syrah. Possessing a semitransparent,ruby red color, this offers fragrant,sweet aromatics of kirsch and wild strawberries,subtle spice and possibly a touch of graphite. Verysmooth and polished, it’s medium bodied withperfectly ripe fruit, solid balance and a lengthy,moderately tannic finish. Maybe a bit toopolished, this is pure silk to drink with no hardedges. I recommend consuming these over thenext 5 to 8 years.(95 pts.)• 2007 HEARTHSTONE VINEYARDSAND WINERY LODESTONE(USA, California, Central Coast, Paso Robles) $30More meaty and rugged on the nose than theother cuvées, the 2007 Hearthstone Lodestone is ablend of 50% Syrah, 33% Grenache and 17%Mourvèdre. It offers both red and black fruits,underbrush, meat and a touch of leather on thenose. These aromas carry over to the palate andthe wine is medium+ bodied with ripe fruit, apolished texture and integrated acidity leading tomoderately tannic finish. This has a touch moretannin than the other cuvées and should drinkwell over the next 5 to 8 years. (97 pts.)• 2007 HEARTHSTONE VINEYARDSAND WINERY SLIPSTONE(USA, California, Central Coast, Paso Robles) $28A blend of 65% Grenache and 35% Syrah, the2007 Hearthstone Slipstone offers qualityaromatics of kirsch and subtle earthy dark fruits,wild herbs (underbrush, thyme), spice and subtle,dried meaty notes. In the mouth, this is mediumbodied with a polished, smooth texture, perfectlyripe fruit and fine grained, ripe tannins that leadto a long finish. Drink over the next 5 to 8 years.(95 pts.)• 2006 HEARTHSTONE VINEYARDSAND WINERY PEARL(USA, California, Central Coast, Paso Robles) $20The 2006 Hearthstone Vineyards and Winery Pearlis a blend of 53% Viognier and 47% Roussannethat offers brilliantly clean and crisp aromatics ofstone fruits, honeydew, white flowers and freshlycrushed rocks. It’s fresh yet rich at the same time.In the mouth, this is medium bodied with vibrantacidity, rich fruit, a full texture and a persistent,focused finish. Enjoy this outstanding white overthe next year or more.(90 pts.)www.WineCountryThisMonth.comM A M A’S M E AT BA L LOne pretty reliable way to find out just how good the food at a local restaurant is, is to ask somebodyin the restaurant business. Ask a bartender, a waiter, anyone in fact, what they think of Mama’smeatballs in San Luis Obispo and their lips begin to quiver, their eyes roll towards the heavens, theysigh; that is how good Mama’s Meatball is.Set in a small courtyard off of one of the town’s main streets, in a place called the Old Creamery,Mama’s Meatball is actually divided in two. On the right is the take-out where people line up to gettheir orders of meatballs and more. To the left, fronted by a huge-trunked tree and a water fountain, isthe intimate restaurant with it’s mural of the Mediterranean across the back.Meatballs aside, the restaurant, under owner and chef Nicola Allegretta, offers a wide range ofauthentic Italian dishes, many of them now available in smaller sizes as well, a bow to theeconomy and his customer’s wishes. Among them are half a dozen soups, a long list of salads(including grilled salmon and a refreshing pear and gorgonzola), some wonderful antipastochoices, both hot and cold paninis (including, of course, one made with meatballs), more pastadishes than there is space here to share (though the Ravioli di Pollo all Vodka – homemade raviolifilled with chicken and servedin a vodka sauce – cannotgo unmentioned).There is also a headyselection of meat and fishdishes as well as anynumber of traditional andspecialty pizzas (now availablein two sizes) and somefar too-tempting desserts.Mama’s Meatballcurrently has two locations.The original is inthe Old Creamery plaza at570 Higuera Street, SanLuis Obispo, (805) 544-0861. Mama’s Meatball isalso available for yourconvenience in the southcounty at 325 PierAvenue by the entrance ofthe Pismo Beach Dunes,(805) 473-2383.Hours of operation areTuesday to Sunday from10:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.and 4:30 to 10 p.m., closedon Mondays.You can order online atwww.mamasmeatball.com.And, don’t forgot they canalso deliver and have verypopular catering services,which work with groups(including weddings) ofevery type and size.W I N E C O U N T R Y T H I S M O N T H ’ SW I N E C O U N T R Y S P O T L I G H TS A N L U I S O B I S P OMAMA'S MEATBALLFine Italian Restaurant and CateringMama's Meatball has specialized in creatingseasonal menus by using only the finest andfreshest ingredients.570 Higuera St. Suite 130-135www.mamasmeatball.com805-544-0861HOPPE’S GARDEN BISTRO & WINE SHOPThe most highly acclaimed restaurant and Wine Shop on the CentralCoast. Recognized for Chef Wilhelm Hoppe’s seasonally inspired menu,hand-selected wine list with a beautiful garden and historical setting.Offering a wide range of menu items - from wild game to prime meatsand vegetarian/vegan items.78 N. Ocean Avenue • Wednesday-Sunday 11am-10pmwww.hoppesbistro.com • 805.995.1006NOVO RESTAURANTNOVO’s international flavors are the leading ingredients in anexotic dining experience. Brazilian, Mediterranean and Asianflavors awaken the senses. In house roasted spices for curries,mixtures and marinades balanced with crisp, seasonal vegetablesand savory meats. Explore.726 Higuera Street • Open Daily from 11am805-543-3986 • www.novorestaurant.comC A Y U C O S17

PREFERRED TASTING ROOM | WINE COUNTRY THIS MONTHJohn Pianetta with his daughter, CaitlinPreferred Tasting Room:PIANETTA WINERYby Melissa Chavez18Smack dab in the historic Paso RoblesDowntown is the Pianetta Winery TastingRoom. Just one block north of the City Parkat 829 13th Street, this place is no fly-bynightoperation. Rather, the pride of fourgenerations of Italian immigrant farmers anda home winemaking heritage profoundlyinfluence the crimson reds they serve in anattractively appointed storefront.John Pianetta’s Estate wines includeCabernet Sauvignon, Syrah, a Syrah/Cabernetblend (“Bilancio,” or balance), Sangiovese,Petite Syrah, a rosé (“Nonna’s Vino Rosato”),Super Tuscan-style blend, “Tuscan Nights,”and a new Zinfandel. His daughter, Caitlin,oversees the tasting room and helps visitorsfeel at home.Pianetta purchased his vineyard in 1996. Ayear later, both he and experienced farmmanager Bob Goodwin establishedgrapevines. The majority was Cabernet withsmaller plots devoted to Syrah Noir (Frenchclone) and Shiraz (Australian clone). Most oftheir yield sourced a highly reputable winerywhile the rest supported Pianetta’s own winemaking.By 2002, their releases beganmeriting such deserved recognition, that hesoon began collecting silver and gold medalsat wine competitions from California to theFinger Lakes.The grapes are grown on a 95-acre ranchin Indian Valley in Monterey County, just acouple of miles north of San Miguel. Pianetta’svineyard is set within the Big Sandy Creekarea, a tributary northeast from the SalinasRiver. Unlike cooler Monterey climes,summers in the county’s southern tip canswell the thermometer past 100 on infernaldays, and drop a good 50 degrees or moreduring the wee hours. Both soil content andtemperature arrays offer perfect growingconditions for Pianetta’s handpicked winegrapes that are aged in French, Russian andHungarian oak barrels.Wine club members can receive shipmentsevery two, four or six months. Twenty percentdiscounts are offered for additional purchases,plus 25 percent off all cases. Newslettersupdate members on discounts, newestreleases and special events.For example, the aviation-themed “TakeFlight” Reserve Wine Tasting just took placein the San Miguel winery on February 27 andfeatured 2004 Pianetta library reserves. It’s atasty opportunity to enjoy big, bold redscoupled with rustic Southern Italian treats byIl Cortile, one of Paso Robles’ newest restaurants.For March 2010, the winery’s “2 BottleClub” shipment offers their 2007 PianettaSangiovese and 2007 Pianetta Cabernet.Perhaps the hardest to resist is their FebruaryCase Sale in which their winning 2006 Syrahis $138 per case, or just $11.50 per bottle fora vintage with plenty of time left to nicely age.Whether aficionados experience Pianetta’swines in the tasting room, straight from thecase shipment, or from the glass at a wineryevent, many will likely want to thank JohnPianetta’s ancestors for initiating his winemakinglegacy.Pianetta Winery Tasting Room is openSunday, Monday, Wednesday, and Thursdayfrom noon to 6 p.m.; Friday and Saturdayfrom 11 a.m. to 7 p.m.; closed Tuesday. $5tasting fee is waived with purchase. For moreinformation, call (805) 226-4005 or visitwww.pianettawinery.com.www.WineCountryThisMonth.com

Since the devastating earthquakes in Haiti,relief efforts continue. As the situation evolves,medical care continues to be a priority forthousands of people left homeless. DoctorsWithout Borders (Medecins Sans Frontieres)has been working to provide services for thoseinjured by the quake, as well as basic medicalcare for the Haitian public. Doctors WithoutBorders has been working in Haiti for the past19 years, but has recently opened three emergencyhospitals to deal with the aftermath ofthe earthquakes.WINE COUNTRY THIS MONTH | WINE COUNTRY NEWSMusicians To Perform a Benefit for HaitiThe 15th Annual Atascadero Lakeside Wine Festival, June 26th,will turn heads this year with a new look and recurring eveningtimeslot. The festival will again take place from 4 to 8 p.m. to takeadvantage of Atascadero’s warm, summer evenings.The evening experience will encompass a wine and culinary adventureto excite your palette. Food vendors will showcase their finestcuisine and suggest wine pairings based on the varietals available atthe event. Visitors will enjoy an array of juried fine art created by localartists as well as the inviting lakeside environment. Sway again to themusic of the Mighty Croon Dogs. All very exciting!Don’t miss out on your opportunity to be part of this superb lakesideevent at the Atascadero Lake Park. A free shuttle will be availableto transport visitors from the Sunken Gardens in downtown Atascadero.Local musicians have gotten together anddecided to put on a show to benefit DoctorsWithout Borders’ efforts in Haiti.On Saturday, March 6, a “Benefit for Haiti”will take place at Castoro Cellars Winery,1315 Bethel Road, in Templeton. Thesuggested donation will be $15, but patronscan give as much as they like to the cause.The evening will begin with a deliciousmeal (available for purchase) from Bon TempsCreole Cafe. They’ll have a variety of menuoptions available, and a portion of theproceeds will be donated to the cause.Castoro Cellars’ wine will also be available forpurchase.Jody Mulgrew (formerly of the JohnnyStarlings) will open the show with a soloacoustic set. Then, the Louie Ortega Band willtake the stage for a rockin’ set. Finishing upthe evening will be the Guy Budd Band, withtheir mixture of existential blues.Tickets are available for purchase online atwww.castorocellars.com, by phone at 1-800-DAM-FINE, or at the door.Atascadero Lakeside Wine Festival, June 26thA ‘Walkabout Zin Tasting’in the Caves at Justin WineryJoin the 17 Far Out Wineries on a unique “Walkabout Zin Tasting”in the caves at Justin Winery on Saturday, March 20 from 10 a.m. to1 p.m. You’ll have the opportunity to meet the “Makers,” attendbreakout seminars while enjoying appetizers and more! Cost for theevent is $44 per person. This event will sell out. Make your reservationsearly. Call Judy at (805) 237-0138The Far Outs ...Adelaida Cellars, Calcareous Vineyard, Carmody McKnight EstateWines, Dunning Vineyards, Halter Ranch, Justin Vineyards & Winery,Le Cuvier, Minassian-Young, Nadeau Family Vintners, Norman Vineyards,Opolo Vineyards, Pipestone Vineyards, Poalillo Vineyards, TablasCreek Vineyard, Tolo Cellars, Thacher Winery and Villicana WineryFor more information, visit www.faroutwineries.com.All proceeds benefit the Charles Paddock Zoo and other projectssupporting the community of Atascadero.Unlimited tasting tickets are just $40 in advance, $45 at the door.Food sold separately. More information and tickets are available onlineat www.atascaderowinefestival.com or at the Atascadero Chamber ofCommerce, (805) 466-2044.www.WineCountryThisMonth.com 19

CENTRAL COAST | WINE COUNTRY THIS MONTHTOLOSA WINERYby Michael CervinImagine James Bond created a tastingroom and you get an idea of what the interiorof Tolosa Winery might be like. Once youopen the massive front doors you’re in for atreat. Created by architect Brent Freeby, andopened in 2004, the tasting room and itsadjacent patio combine elements of thewinery in its design including cork floors,stainless steel ceilings, glass bar, wood panelsand back lighting. A plasma screen displayspictures of recent events and the winemakingprocess, while the LCD screen displaysspecials and wine club information. There’seven ambient music playing throughout thetasting room, patio, halls and bathroom.They have received numerous design awardsfor the innovative and trend-setting space. It’spicturesque, to say the least and their site,surrounded by vineyards with perfect oceanbreezes, sweeps across the fields and bringsall of the scents of the hills and the soildirectly to your nostrils. It is an amazingexperience. The tasting room looks out overthe fermentation tanks of polished stainlesssteel. Guests are offered a self guided tourthrough the facility as well. Stay and picnic at20their tranquil outdoor picnic area or play around of bocce ball as you soak in thepeaceful surroundings.Tolosa Winery takes its name from thenearby Mission San Luis Obispo de Tolosa,which established the first vineyard in theEdna Valley and produced the early winesfor the area during the mission period.Today, Tolosa is a sustainably farmed estateand their vineyards are not too far from thePacific Ocean. This close proximity to thesea provides for cool morning fog, warmdays and an exceptionally long growingseason. The unique climatic conditions,terroir and focused winemaking by LarryBrooks, allows Tolosa to produce world-classChardonnay and Pinot Noir.The winery’s founders, attorney BobSchiebelhut and viticulturist Jim Efird,understood the Edna Valley’s potential longbefore they formed their partnership back in1998. They began planting vines in 1990 fortheir Edna Ranch Estate vineyards, whichcurrently encompass 740 acres. After sellingtheir vineyards’ fruit to a host of localproducers for several years, it eventuallybecame apparent to them that a label dedicatedto the land’s very best fruit was inorder thus the Tolosa brand was born.Experience the Tolosa tasting room andtheir wines at 4910 Edna Rd. in San LuisObispo. The minimal $5 tasting is waivedshould you purchase a bottle. They are opendaily from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Contact them at(805)782-0500 or www.tolosawinery.comwww.WineCountryThisMonth.com

Tickets On Sale for 2010 Rhônely Hearts ClubHospice du Rhône ® (HdR), the world’s largest celebration ofRhône variety wines, has announced the complete 2010 SeminarSeries lineup boasting Rhône producers from France, South Africaand Washington State. Complementing the seminars at the 18thannual international Rhône extravaganza will be more than 130worldly Rhône producers pouring their wines April 29 through May1, 2010 in Paso Robles, thus creating the 2010 Rhônely HeartsClub!“We are thrilled that after 18 years the enthusiasm for domesticand international Rhône variety wines continues to grow among theworld and within the Hospice du Rhône community,” notes VickiCarroll, Director of Hospice du Rhône. “It is the enthusiasm fromeach attendee and our own passion that allows us to continuallydraw extraordinary Rhône producers from throughout the world tospeak, share and engage at the annual event.”Comprised of four Rhône focused seminars, the 2010 SeminarSeries will highlight winemakers from France, South Africa andWashington State. Representing France will be Vincent Maurel ofClos Saint Jean and Michel Tardieu of Maison Michel Tardieu, bothhailing from Châteauneuf du Pape, along with esteemed consultantPhilippe Cambie. Continuing with a look at Northern Rhône wineswill be Stéphane Ogier of Domaine Michel and Stéphane Ogier ofAmpuis, France. Sharing a look at Walla Walla, Washington will beCharles Smith of K Vintners and Charles Smith Wines.Hospice du Rhône strives to bring awareness to areas not typicallyrecognized for Rhône variety wines. This year six SouthAfrican winemakers will be on hand to enlighten attendees on theSouth African Rhône movement currently taking place in theircountry. Joining this panel will be Marc Kent of Boekenhoutskloofin Franschoek, David Trafford from de Trafford and winesfrom Stellenzicht both from the Stellenbosch region, Andrea andChris Mullineux of Mullineux Family Wines and Eben Sadie ofSadie Family both from the Swartland and Chris Mullineux alsorepresenting Tulbagh Mountain Vineyards from the TulbaghValley.Joining these renowned speakers will be more than 130 worldlyRhône wine producers sharing pours of their wines at the FridayRhône Rendezvous and the Saturday Grand Tasting. This internationaljourney will not require a passport for attendees to stroll thetasting hall sampling Rhône wines from France, South Africa,Australia, America and beyond.Drawing on the Rhône-loving community that has been formedover the past 18 years, the 2010 event will boast the “RhônelyHearts Club.” The 2010 theme image, that resembles an albumcover of a well-known singing foursome, holds photographs of 22dedicated Rhône advocates and pioneers from around the world.The gathering of 22 is significant as it pays tribute to the unique 22Rhône wine varieties and is a snapshot of the greater Rhônecommunity that is celebrated at the annual international Rhônewww.WineCountryThisMonth.comWINE COUNTRY THIS MONTH | WINE COUNTRY NEWSevent. The image is available for viewing on the HdR website,www.hospicedurhone.org.To purchase tickets and to view the full 2010 Hospice du RhôneEvent Schedule along with participating Rhône producers, pleasevisit the HdR website www.hospicedurhone.org. Event ticket pricesrange from $100 to $795 depending on event selection. All eventsat Hospice du Rhône are limited and are filled on a first-come, firstservedbasis.About Hospice du Rhône®Hospice du Rhône® (HdR) will celebrate 18 years of all thingsRhone, April 29-May 1, 2010. Noted as the world’s largest Internationalcelebration of Rhône variety wines, Hospice du Rhône servesas an International Vintners Association providing promotionaland educational opportunities through an annual event. Proceedsfrom the annual event are used to carry out programs that benefitRhône producers worldwide. Operating as a non-profit businessleague, Hospice du Rhône strives to improve the business conditionsof grape growers and wine producers of Rhône variety winesand grapes throughout the world. Hospice du Rhône is not affiliatedwith any other charitable organization. Non-profit 501 (c) (6)Business League21

CENTRAL COAST | WINE COUNTRY THIS MONTHCraig Shannon with Marco RizzoWinemaker Profile: Per Bacco CellarsCRAIG SHANNONby Michael CervinWinemaking is known to be a tough enterprise.“It took us 12 years to be an overnightsuccess,” Per Bacco winemaker CraigShannon jokes. To be “per baccoed” is toexperience a “wow” moment, and that isexactly what happens when people samplePer Bacco wines. The tasting room, located ona historic ranch property, sits a stones throwoff the 101 freeway near San Luis Obispo andisn’t your typical tasting room, but rather isfilled with barrels and fermentation equipment.The focus is on a restrained style ofwinemaking, one that allows the nuances ofthe grape to shine through. With an enthusiasmfor Pinot Noir, Per Bacco has set a newbar for quality from San Luis Obispo County.Per Bacco doesn’t own any vineyards. “Idid my years of purgatory with the wind andthe fog,” Shannon admits to his farminghistory. They source fruit from multiple vineyards,which allows them to, “concentrate100 percent on the wine,” Shannon said. It’s22impossible to have the ultimate piece ofground that can produce everything youneed, and Shannon understands this. As athird generation farmer and vineyardmanager he’s grown tomatoes, garlic, almondsand walnuts and knows firsthand the unpredictabilityof weather. They may not have theideal piece of ground, but they are making theideal wines. From small batches of Pinot Noirand Chardonnay to Syrah, Petite Sirah andPinot Grigio, the wines are focused, handcraftedand true to the varietal characteristicsof each grape. “We get a lot of hang time inthese valleys and maritime influences todevelop our sugars and flavors,” he says. “Wedon’t take short cuts.”When they launched their first wines in1998, Pinot Noir was a tough sell, as thefocus was on Syrah. “Everyone thought thenext big thing was going to be Syrah,”Shannon remembered. Per Bacco didn’t wantto be like every other winery so they decidedto go with Pinot Noir, in spite of the clearindications that Syrah would be the newdarling of the wine industry. “We werelooking at the Pinots around us and they weredoing what California always does, these bigbarnstormer wines,” he said. “But we wantedthe elegance, the sensual nuances of PinotNoir which is food friendly with good acidstructure.” Then the Sideways phenomenonoccurred and the virtues of Pinot Noir weresuddenly extolled by everyone. SinceShannon had been making it all along,refining his touch, he was well positioned tocapitalize on the new surge. Craig, an avidsurfer, also scored very well with the nationalpress on his very first release of Pinot, andlikens surfing to wine in that, “paddling intoa wave is like tasting a wine with all yoursenses keyed in.” Get your senses tuned byvisiting Per Bacco at 1850 Calle Joaquin inSan Luis Obispo. They are open daily from 11a.m. to 5 p.m. Phone (805) 787- 0485 or visitwww.perbaccocellars.com for additionalinformation.www.WineCountryThisMonth.com

WINE COUNTRY THIS MONTH | WINE COUNTRY NEWS‘World of Pinot Noir’ AnnouncesTenth Anniversary EventsPinot Noir Producers from Near and Far to Showcase their WinesThe tenth annual World of Pinot Noir will be held on the beautiful shores of the California CentralCoast on March 5th and 6th, 2010. This celebration of Pinot Noir includes two days of in-depth TastingSeminars, Grand Tastings (each with a unique roster of wineries), a Featured Tasting with a guest Burgundianproducer, two Gala Pinot Noir Dinners featuring prominent guest chefs and culminates with a SantaBarbara style Paulée. These extraordinary food and wine extravaganzas will be hosted by participatingwineries and feature an outstanding panel of sommeliers from across the United States.“We wanted to pull out all the stops to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the World of Pinot Noir,”notes Leslie Mead, Chairperson of WOPN. “There are some really exciting seminars this year and ourroster of Pinot Noir producers is stunning. Anyone who is intrigued by the alluring characteristics of PinotNoir will find something to their taste at our tenth anniversary, whether they are a long-time collector orsomeone just learning about this fascinating grape.”With a focus on the global aspects of Pinot Noir, WOPN is proud to welcome Jean-Marie Fourrier ofDomaine Fourrier, Gevrey-Chambertin, who will be presenting his wines on Saturday, March 6th. Thetasting will be led by renowned Burgundy expert Allen Meadows. With a history extending over fourgenerations in Gevrey-Chambertin, Domaine Fourrier has a long history of winemaking in Burgundy.Jean-Marie took the reins in 1994 and has combined traditions of previous generations with his ownmodern methods to produce wines of elegance, finesse and complexity that have garnered critical acclaimthroughout the wine world.Seminars on Friday will include a “Ten Year Retrospective of Williams-Selyem” and a presentation ofthe latest trends in stemware and decanters by Maximilian Riedel of Riedel Crystal at the Cliffs Resort, and“A Vineyard Examination of the Pisoni Vineyard” and a walk-around barrel tasting seminar with a rangeof winemakers showing” New vs. Neutral Oak” trials at the new Foxen Winery. Friday’s seminars will befollowed by a grand tasting of Pinot Noirs from over 90 wineries in the tents overlooking the Pacific atthe Pinot Noir by the Sea Tasting.Two gala dinner choices are offered for the evening, featuring renowned chefs from near and far. ChefRoy Yamaguchi of Roy’s of Hawaii will showcase his famed fusion cuisine at the Gala I dinner, and localChef Budi Kazali will prove why he was chosen as “Ultimate Chef for 2009” by Central Coast magazine.Each dinner will be hosted by dozens of Pinot Noir producers and an expert team of professional sommeliers.Saturday’s schedule begins with the choice of two very special tasting seminars, The Wines ofDomaine Fourrier and the Iron Sommelier Challenge. In the Iron Sommelier Challenge, Master SommelierWilliam Scherer will lead a panel of sommeliers in an interactive food and wine tasting to find whoseidea of a perfect pairing with Pinot Noir excels. The popular Saturday Pinot Noir by the Sea Tasting, with100+ wineries will be held on Saturday afternoon, and that evening, World of Pinot Noir 2010 will officiallyconclude with the ever popular Santa Barbara-style Paulée. This casual yet festive event will be heldat, and hosted by, Au Bon Climat Winery in Santa Maria, and will include dinner and lively music. In thespirit of a Burgundian La Paulée, many of the other winery participants will attend and provide theirwines.Tickets for the Tenth Anniversary World of Pinot Noir are now on sale. Attendance at many of theseminars, tastings and dinners are limited to keep the events intimate, and sell out quickly. For full details,visit the World of Pinot Noir website at www.WOPN.com.www.WineCountryThisMonth.com 23

CRESTONAIRPORTPENMANSPRINGSJARDINEPASO ROBLES | WINE COUNTRY THIS MONTHDOWNTOWN PASO ROBLES15TH STREET101To Monterey (108 miles)/San Jose (150 miles)/San Francisco (195 miles)OAK STREETMAIN STBURTONN. GREEN VALLEYADELAIDACHIMNEY ROCKHOPPE’S GARDENBISTRO & FINE WINESCayucosTo Morro Bay/San Luis ObispoAron Hill VineyardsYORK MTNADELAIDAWILLOW CREEKVINEYARDPEACHY CANYON RDNIDERER41WSan MiguelSAN MARCOSVistadel ReyRabbitRidgeSan MarcosCaparoneCreekLI VE OAKPACIFICKILER CANYONSANTA RITARAYMONDWELLSONAARBORROSSI24THMAIN14th10thChristian Lazo6THTempletonSPRINGRIVERRIVERTEMPLETONPretty-SmithMISSION LANENORTH RIVERESTRELLAWELLSONAJ LOHRSYLVESTERBarrel 27LocatelliMondoStarr RanchChronicNicholsCarmodyKukkulaVines on theMcKnightThunderboltMarycrestJunction CARINAMartin-JustinTolo CellarsCELLARSWeyrichLeCuvierWild CoyoteHALTER AdelaidaTablas CreekVillicana/Alta ColinaRANCHVineyardNadeau Family CellarsWhaleboneCalcareous Paso RoblesSEE INSETStacked StoneMoonstone CellarsThacher Villa CreekMinassian-YoungÉcluse101NormanHammerSkyTerry HoageFratelli PerataLions PeakOso Libre DunningL’Aventure WindwardWine Co.PasoPortPipestoneDoce RoblesOpoloChangala Treana/Hope EagleSharp’s HillJADAMidnight CalizaCastleSummerwoodDennerZenaida FS CellarsDonatoni Brian BensonPerCazo CellarsAJB Dark StarPeachy CanyonBookerJan KrisHEARTHSTONERed SolesGrey CASTORO CELLARSJack Creek HUNT CELLARSCambriaDover Canyon Four Vines Wolf VINFUZIONCroadLone MadroneBassetti VineyardsLinne CalodoYork Mountain WineryClavo Cellars(by appt.)Zin AlleyCroadViheulaRottaVenteuxTurleyStephensJack Creek DonatiBella LunaFamilyVineyardTo Hearst Castle(36.6 miles)Bear Cave CellarsOAK STREETHarmony CellarsCayucos Cellars1Ortman FamilyVineyardsAsuncion RidgeARROYO ROBLESSPRING STREET13TH ST12TH STREETCITY PARK10TH STREETOLD CREEKPARK STREET9TH STREET8TH STREETPIANETTA46WPINE STREETRAILROAD STRockyCreekCellars14TH101EDWARD SELLERSORCHID HILLVihuelaKaleidos7TH STREETClayhouse WinesKiamie CellarsRIVERSIDE AVENUEAnglimD’Anbino CellarsPASO ROBLES STREETNACIMIVINEYARDWINERYOLD MORRO RD WENTOLAKELASTABLASBETHELSAN MIGUEL RDFrolicking FrogRoxoPort6VINEMISSIONINDIAN VALLEY RDRN Estate RiverStarNCROSS CANYONNIBLICKBUENA VISTANEALEL POMAR101CHAROLAISSPRINGSLUPINESILVERHORSEPLEASANTGraveyardVineyardsEBERLEFIRESTONEUNIONNot to ScaleVilla San-JulietteRanchita CanyonHug CellarsMitchellaRio SecoVictor HugoAmBythEstateWILD HORSELaranetaLINNE RDREDONDOJ. Paul RosilezMILLROBERTHALLUNIONRANCHITA CANYONTOWER ROADPenmanSpringsSCULPTERRABishop’s PeakPomarJunctionSextantS. EL POMARCRESTONJ & J CELLARSDerby WineEstatesClautiereVineyardOLD GROVE41ECREEKSanta MargaritaPOZO VALLEYCassDRESSER RANCH PLLINNEStill WatersMeridianBRANCHGENESEOAncientPeaks58To San Luis Obispo (26 miles)Santa Barbara (133 miles)CinquainCAMP 8LA PANZAChateauMargeneTobinJames46EChumeiaEos EstateTo I-5Vina RoblesBianchi Rockin’ R WineryPear ValleyMaloy O’NeillFalcon Nest GelfandSarzottiB & E VineyardsHansen VineyardsLoma LindaGreMarkHidden OakAugustStangerRidgeALMONDTackittVON DOLLEN RDHOG CANYONINDEPENDENCERANCH24www.WineCountryThisMonth.com

WINE COUNTRY THIS MONTH | PASO ROBLESwww.WineCountryThisMonth.com 25

Wine Tasting atAV I L A B E AC HAvila Beach is surrounded by gentle, sloping hills, whichdefine the harbor from the landward side. Three piersdefine the look from the oceanside; two are open to thepublic. Guests enjoy leisurely strolls out over the water,and the pier-based restaurants, which always offer freshseasonal seafood. Avila is also an active fishing harborwith many fresh fish markets offering live crab, and freshseafood.Where to goWINE TASTINGATAVILA BEACHSan LuisObispoSEE CANYON RDLOS OSOS VALLEY RDCALLE JOAQUINKELSEYSEE CANYONVINEYARDS101PER BACCOCELLARSSOUTH HIGUERA STBELLEVUEBAYRDONTARIO RDLUISAvila BeachSANORCHARDAVILA BEACH DRIVESALISBURYVINEYARDSAVILA BEACH DRIVEMorovino1ST STFRONT STWOODWINERYSAN MIGUELALAPAYCELLARSSAN LUIS10126www.WineCountryThisMonth.com

Kelsey See Canyon Vineyards – A Love AffairWhen Dick Kelsey moved with his family from Mojave to Avila in1951, he had no idea that he would spend the majority of his life onthe same twenty-six acres that his parents had bought for a mere$4000. At age sixteen he had gone to work on a sport fishing boat outof Avila Harbor. It was hard work, but Dick loved it. He also foundsomething else to like about the job. The boat’s owner had a thirteenyear-oldniece named Delores. One day, as he passed her on the roadin his old pickup, Dick surprised himself with the decision that thiswas the girl he was going to marry.But he felt drawn back to Mojave. Working there, he kept thinkingabout that girl, though and they started to write one another. A stintin the Navy produced another separation and more letters.Finally he came home and by now his girl had grown into a beautifulwoman of nearly twenty. They had hardly spent any timetogether, though. Their entire relationship had evolved through letterwriting, but Delores and Dick knew they were in love. They marriedand he went to work in her family’s tug boat operation business. Afterforty-one years, he finally retired.That’s when the trouble started. As Dick puts it, “I used to makehomemade wine. It was really bad. In fact, my friends and I dubbedit ‘Kelsey’s Vino Yucky.’ The last thing I ever imagined was that I’down a winery.”One day, however, Dick was sipping his coffee and staring at hisold garage. The thought occurred to him that it sure would make anice winery building. No sooner did the thought form then he got acall from an old friend. Leonard Cohen wanted to start making wine.Was he game? Yes he was, but Delores had other ideas. “I was madderthan hell. In fact, I was in a snit about this for two years. What didwe know about wine? We are seafaring people, not farmers.”“I worked for my wife’s family nearly all my life and I just wantedto create something of my own. Also, my two boys, Richard andKeith, had started work in the tug boat industry. I wanted somethingmore for them. Now Richard has his own 160 acres of vineyard inCreston and Keith is helping clear new vineyards to increase thewinery’s production. We have a real family business.”And thankfully, Delores came around, too. “We put a lot of moneyinto this venture and a lot of hard work at a time when we weresupposed to be retired, but it has become the joy of our lives. Wekeep busy, helping out in the tasting room and our customers havebecome like family. I love meeting people and watching them fall inlove with our wines.”Visit them at Kelsey See Canyon Vineyards, 1947 See CanyonRoad, San Luis Obispo; open daily from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. For moreinformation, call (805) 595-9700 or visit www.kelseywine.com.Wish You Were Here!Oceanfront Wine TastingUnique gifts & apparelWines by the glass!480 Front St. Avila Beach805.595.9663www.wildwoodwine.comOpen Daily 10:30-6:00www.WineCountryThisMonth.com 27

SAN LUIS OBISPO | WINE COUNTRY THIS MONTHLAETITIA WINERYSchedule a Little Extra Time for This Stopby Michael CervinOriginally formed in 1982 as a U.S. extensionof the well known French winery ChampagneMaison Deutz, Laetitia Winery haschanged ownership since then, but moreimportantly has changed their approach towines. Just six miles south of Pismo Beach,right off Highway 101, a visit to the tastingroom allows $10 for all tastings, which iswaived with a two-bottle purchase. Their twotasting bars allow for a greater sense of roomwhen sampling their wines and the softyellow walls make it bright and airy inside.With views to the vineyards on both sides ofthe highway and plenty of gift items for sale,you might end up spending more time herethan you had expected. Some people play onthe bocce balls courts and some simply picnicat one of their many vineyard tables.Laetitia Winery offers three distinct labels:Nadia (red and white blended wines), Barnwood(Grenache, Cabernet, Merlot and portfrom the remote vineyards located in SantaBarbara’s back country) and the Laetitia labelwhich has a focus on Pinot Noir. In fact, withits three tiers: estate, reserve and single vineyard,Laetitia holds the largest privately28owned Pinot Noir plantings in California. Theestate is comprised of just under 2,000 acres,with 620 acres currently planted to grapevines. Pinot Noir is the most widely plantedvariety, with 420 acres under cultivation.Chardonnay is the next largest plantingfollowed by Pinot Blanc, Tempranillo, Syrah,Pinot Gris and a small amount of white Riesling.But it is mostly Pinot Noir vines thatyou’ll see from your car as you approach thewinery from either side of the highway. “Wefeel our role in winemaking is to maximizethe distinct character of our vineyard and webelieve in a strong link between vineyard andwinery,” says Winemaker/GM Eric Hickey.“Considering terroir and winemaking equallyis essential in creating exceptional wine.”At about 50,000 cases of exceptional wineand a well deserved reputation, the tastingroom keeps very busy, but the staff works efficientlyand with a great sense of humor toaccommodate everyone. With a diversity ofwines available to taste there is a budget anda wine for every visitor. Bottle prices rangefrom $15 to $60.So stop in, taste some wine, sip a sparkler,play bocce ball, bring a picnic and strollthrough the demonstration vineyards andexpand your knowledge of viticulture. “Oneof the greatest pleasures of my career has beenwatching visitors to our winery enjoy themselveswhile they taste and discover ourwines. I like seeing them celebrate life with aglass of our Pinot Noir or Cabernet. For me,this is one of life’s greatest gifts,” owner SelimZilkha says.Laetitia Winery is open every day between11 a.m. and 5 p.m., directly off Highway 101between Santa Maria and San Luis Obispo.For tours and tastings schedules, call 1-888-809-VINE.www.WineCountryThisMonth.com

The second annual Wine 4Paws, a fundraising event forWoods Humane Society, will beheld at participating wineriesthroughout San Luis ObispoCounty on April 10th and 11th.Woods has partnered withCentral Coast wineries to helpraise awareness and funds forWoods while promoting thisbeautiful wine region.During this weekend, participatingwineries will donate aportion of their proceeds toWoods Humane Society. Petlovingwine drinkers can help ourfour-legged friends by supportingLOS OSOS VALLEY RDSan Luis ObispoSEE CANYON RDPERBACCOCELLARSKELSEY SEECANYONVINEYARDSSALISBURYVINEYARDSSANLUISBAYRDONTARIO RDAVILA BEACHMorovinoAlapayWOOD WINERYAvila BeachCALLE JOAQUIN101Shell BeachTo Paso Robles(26 miles )VACHELL101the wineries throughout San LuisObispo county with Wine 4Paws.“Last year, at our inauguralevent, we raised over $6,000,”Director Sarah Tomasetti said.“Last year’s event demonstratedhow many wine lovers are petlovers! We knew our wineries areamazing supporters of our fourleggedfriends, which is how wecame up with the idea. Butresponse we had from people outwine tasting was inspiring, aswell.” The event this year willalso include a free passport –with six or more stamps fromS. HIGUERAMARSH STSextant WinerySUBURBANMONTEREY STOSOS STBROAD STSANTA ROSATANK FARMStephen RossWineryBUCKLEY RDJOHNSON AVEJOHNSON AVEORCUTTCerro Caliente CellarsPRICECANYON RDTANK FARMTOLOSAWINERYEDNA VALLEYVINEYARDSSextantCOMING NOV. 09WINE COUNTRY THIS MONTH | SAN LUIS OBISPOWine 4 Paws Fundraiser for Woods Humane SocietyBIDDLE RANCHEDNA RDPOZO VALLEYRIGHETTI RDCARPENTER CANYONNOYESBaileyana and Tangent VineyardsSaucelito CanyonPiedra CreekBY APPOINTMENTClaiborne& Churchill227Wolff VineyardsChamisal/DomaineAlfredKynsiVineyardsORCUTTTIFFANY RANCHCORBETTRDCANYON RDBISHOP’S PEAK/TALLEYVINEYARDSLOPEZ DRRanchoArroyoGrandeparticipating wineries, your passportwill be entered in the raffle!To see a full list of participatingwineries and a free printablepassport/map, go towww.wine4paws.com. Then,head out to any, some or all of theparticipating wineries andmention Wine 4 Paws when youtaste and buy wine during theweekend of April 10-11. Aportion of your sale or tasting feewill be donated to WoodsHumane Society on behalf of thewineries.Woods Humane Society, Inc.is a locally owned private nonprofitanimal welfare organizationthat has served homelesscompanion animals since 1955.Aside from the hundreds ofanimals Woods cares for eachyear, the organization maintainspartnerships with other localprivate and county operatedanimal shelters in an effort toprovide the greatest amount ofgood for the greatest amount ofanimals. Woods Humane Societyis also the only animal shelter onthe Central Coast with a fullyoperational spay and neutersuite.Woods is experiencing a 20%growth in all aspects of theshelter on an annual basis. Thefacility is funded soley throughcharitable gifts from the communityand the need is greater thanever for ongoing financialsupport.For additional information,contact Sarah Tomasetti, Directorof Wine 4 Paws by email atinfo@wine4paws.com or SteveKragenbrink with WoodsHumane Society at (805) 543-9316 ext.19.P a c i f i c O c e a nPismo BeachHINDS AVEPISMOBEACHWINERYOAK PARK1Grover BeachMAMA’SMEATBALLOceanowww.WineCountryThisMonth.comOAK PARKCAMINOBRISCO101GRAND AVE.BRIDGETRAFFICPHANTOMRIVERS WINEBRANCH RDHUASNA RDHUASNA RDArroyo GrandeLAETITIA VINEYARDBarnwood Vineyard29

SANTA MARIA | WINE COUNTRY THIS MONTHChef Bradley Ogden to Judge Gourmet Gavel Awardat 6th Annual Taste for Justice – Santa MariaWine, Food, Beer, Silent and Live Auction and theGourmet Gavel Awards Chef’s CompetitionLegal Aid Foundation proudly presents 6th Annual Taste forJustice – Santa Maria and its accompanying Gourmet Gavel Awardson March 6 at the Orcutt Brew Company (315 S. Broadway,Orcutt). This year’s event will feature Chef Bradley Ogden as one ofits judges.Bradley Ogden has been inducted into the “Who’s Who ofAmerican Cooking” by Cooks magazine. He has been named BestChef California by the James Beard Foundation, one of the GreatAmerican Chefs by the International Wine and Food Society,winner of the Golden Plate Award by the American Academy ofAchievement, and Chef of the Year by the Culinary Institute ofAmerica. Ogden has appeared on the Today show, Good Morning,America, AM/San Francisco, Dinner at Julia’s and the DiscoveryChannel’s Great Chefs of the West series. Bradley Ogden the restaurantin Las Vegas in Caesar’s Palace received the James Beard Awardin 2004 for Best New Restaurant and his most recent endeavor isin our own backyard – Root 246 in Solvang.Leadership Circle Sponsor is Mint Properties. Media sponsorsare Santa Maria Sun and www.CaliforniaWineryAdvisor.com.Wineries and breweries committed so far are The Brewhouse,Byron Wines, Cambria Winery, Core Wine Company, Costa de Oro,Giessinger Winey, Hallauer Vineards, J. Kerr Wines, Lucas &Lewellen Vineyards, Orcutt Brew Company, Rancho Alamo Vineyardsand Winery, Riverbench Winery, Rooney’s Irish Pub, SantaBarbara Winery, Santa Maria Brewery, Sculpterra Winery – PasoRobles, Westerly Vineyard and William James Cellars. Foodpurveyors include Central City Market, Harry and David, Jovi’sDelights, Thai Hut, Orcutt Brew Company and Trattoria Uliveto.Proceeds benefit Legal Aid’s direct client services in the NorthCounty. For 51 years, Legal Aid’s mission has been to ensure thatlow-income people and seniors have access to the civil justicesystem – to secure safe shelter, adequate income, and protectionfrom domestic violence and elder abuse. Clients are frequently atrisk of being beaten or abused, or in danger of becoming homelessthrough the loss of Social Security or disability benefits, housingdiscrimination or unfair eviction. Offices are located in SantaBarbara, Santa Maria and Lompoc.Tickets are $45 in advance and $50 at the door and can bebought online at www.lafsbc.org/events/t4j-sm. Contact NikiRichardson at (805) 963-6754 x 109 for tickets or sponsorshipinformation.11351McKeon-PhilipsBLOSSERSKYWAYAddamoVineyardsGRAYCoreWine Co.OrcuttE DONOVANMAINSTOWELLBROADWAY135CLARKLos AlamosToLompoc (18 miles)Solvang (34 miles)To San Luis Obispo(32 miles)ROEMER101Roemer Way Self-StorageBETTERAVIATELEPHONEBedfordThompsonCOSTA DE ORODOMINIONCottonwoodCanyonSANTA MARIA MESA RDRiver BenchVineyardsFOXEN CANYON RDALISOS CANYONSanta MariaCambriaSTAZACAKENNETHVOLKVINEYARDSTEPUSQUETRancho SisquocFoxen VineyardsCurtisFIRESTONEByronTres HermanasZaca MesaFess ParkerKoehlerFOXENCANYON RD154101To Solvang(17 miles)To Los Olivos(11 miles)30www.WineCountryThisMonth.com


SANTA BARBARA COUNTY | WINE COUNTRY THIS MONTHCelebrate Earth Day and Relish in the BountyTickets on sale now for 4th AnnualEarth Day Food & Wine Festival WeekendTickets are now available for the weekend activities for this year’sEarth Day Food & Wine Festival Weekend on April 16-18. Uniqueweekend activities include private barrel tastings, concerts, custompicnics in the vineyard and vineyard tours from the Salinas Valley toSanta Margarita. Whether you’re a foodie, wine lover or music enthusiast,these small, casual events offer something for everyone. Themain event, held on April 17th at the historic Santa Margarita Ranch,allows visitors to celebrate Earth Day with more than 75 wine, foodand earth conscious exhibitors, hailing from Santa Cruz to SantaBarbara.The one-of-a-kind weekend festivities surrounding Earth Day willbe hosted by wineries and vineyards from the Salinas Valley to SantaMargarita. The activity collection includes a rare private tasting atSaxum in Paso Robles with acclaimed winemaker Justin Smith, awinery tour and barrel tasting at Hahn Estates in Soledad, a vineyardtour and a brunch at Halter RanchVineyard of Paso Robles, and manymore exclusive opportunities toexplore the bounty of the CentralCoast. Spaces for these activitiesare limited and must be purchasedin advance.The Saturday festival will boastover 75 purveyors from Santa Cruzto Santa Barbara who arecommitted to sustainablyproduced foods and wines. Theywill tantalize taste buds withlocally grown fruits, vegetables,meats, cheeses, olive oils, handcraftedwines and more all in celebration of Earth Day. A completelisting of exhibitors is now available online.32Keeping with the spirit and mission of this event, the organizershave committed to host a zero-waste celebration. Guests will feel goodabout the minimal-footprint eventwith an extensive recycling andcomposting program, plastic reductionpolicy, solar powered entertainmentstage, convenient countywideshuttle services and carpoolinginitiatives utilized throughout theentire weekend to reduce waste andenergy. As a result, in 2009 the EarthDay Food & Wine festival generatedonly two bags of trash for over 1000guests.Event tickets and weekend activitiesrange from $15 to $600depending on event selection. Topurchase tickets, activity opportunities and to view the lineup for the4th Annual Earth Day Food & Wine Festival, visit the website atwww.earthdayfoodandwine.com or call (805) 369-2288.Raising a glass to Earth Day, the annual Earth Day Food & WineFestival celebrates a collection of dedicated growers, vintners, chefsand food purveyors sharing their wares and mission with earthconscious consumers. Gathered by the Central Coast Vineyard Team(CCVT) a 501c non-profit organization, exhibitors and guests willmingle with one another as they celebrate each participant’s hardwork and commitment to sustainable practices in the vineyards andat home all in effort to protect natural and human resources.Central Coast Vineyard Team is a 501 3 (c) non-profit growergroupwhose mission is to promote sustainable winegrowing throughagricultural research, education and farmworker outreach. Consistingof a broad network of growers and wineries, CCVT and its membershave been addressing resource conservation for over 15 years. To learnmore about CCVT, please visit their website www.vineyardteam.orgwww.WineCountryThisMonth.com

5THSAN MARCOSWINE COUNTRY THIS MONTH | SANTA BARBARA COUNTY8th Annual Cal Poly Wine Festival WeekendBenefiting Cal Poly’s Wine and Viticulture ProgramThe Cal Poly Vines to Wines club is gearing up to host the 8thannual Cal Poly Wine Festival Weekend. The weekend will kick off onFriday, April 23rd with a barbecue and live auction for winemakers ofthe attending wineries and Cal Poly alumni, hosted by the Vines toWines Club. The dinner will be held at the Cal Poly Arboretum wherethere is limited space for 200 guests and tickets will be sold for $50per person.The Wine Festival will take place on Saturday, April 24th at SantaMargarita Ranch in Santa Margarita, California. It is a student runevent which will showcase many wineries from all over California, aswell as local restaurants and caterers. The proceeds from the eventsupport the Wine and Viticulture Program at California PolytechnicState University, San Luis Obispo. Tickets will be sold for $65 VIP, $50regular price, $45 student price, and $15 sober driver price are on salenow.Last year’s event drew over 1,000 wine enthusiasts that includedCal Poly students and alumni. Nearly one hundred wineries attendedthe event from the Napa/Sonoma, Lodi, Paso Robles, San Luis Obispo,and Santa Barbara regions. Local restaurants served delicious appetizerswhile attendees tasted fine wines, bided on silent auction items,and enjoyed local musicians.The wine festival committee is currently seeking sponsors, donors,and food vendors to participate in the festivities in the spring.To Santa Maria,Paso Robles, see page 18154To Hwy. 101Santa Maria (32 miles)Paso Robles (88 miles)FoleyEstatesWineryTo Lompoc(18 miles)ToHwy. 12461SanfordTo Santa MariaPalminaE. CHESTNUT7THLompocSANTA ROSA AVEBuelltonCasa CassaraLafondINDUSTRIALAlma RosaAVE OF THE FLAGS101Lompoc “Wine Ghetto”Fiddlehead CellarsBabcockD’VineWineTasting 246MelvilleFoley Estates WineryDierberg & Star Lane Vineyards1MosbyToHwy.101To Santa BarbaraBALLARD CANYON RDToSantaBarbara(43 miles)Los OlivosGRusackBallardCHALKHILLATTERDAG2NDOAKPARK1STBALLARD CANYON RDPARKSolvangCOPENHAGENMOLLEALISALEpiphanyDaniel GehrsSaarloos & SonsLongoriaWild HeartTre AnelliLos Olivos Tasting RoomAndrew MurrayMISSIONALAMO PINTADO AVEALAMOPINTADO RDGRAND AVECARINA CELLARSCarhartt WineryConsilienceAlexander & Wayne and Arthur EarlALAMO PINTADO AVEBASELINEHoneywood/Olde Mission Wine Co.Cabana/Wondering Dog Wine BarD’Alfonso-Curran WinesCasa CassaraTastes of the ValleysPresidio246Lucas & LewellenRoyal Oaks KalyraLion’s Peak/Mission Meadow WinerySort This OutMandolinaCellarsAlisal CellarsBellissimaSunstoneUncorked/Monsoon CellarsShoestringHitching Post101BlackjackLincourtCoquelicotSTOLPMANRideauButtonwoodScott CellarsSilver WinesBeckmenREFUGIOREFUGIO154ROBLAR AVERoblarWineryBrander & DomaineSanta BarbaraQUESTAEDISONS O NEDIBridlewoodSanta YnezWine CellarArtisteSAGUNTONUMANCIAImagine WineChumashCasinoMORAMEADOWVALEGaineyTo Santa Barbara(29 miles)SantaYnez246Not to Scalewww.WineCountryThisMonth.com 33

SANTA BARBARA | WINE COUNTRY THIS MONTHArtwork by Patrick Shourds ‘Dreams of Consciousness’New Exhibit at Carina Cellars – Through MarchAs a Santa Barbara resident, Patrick Shourds is never ata loss for inspiration from California’s natural beauty and dynamiclandscapes. Born and raised in idyllic Coronado, Shourds has enjoyedliving near the Pacific Ocean, and his passion for exploration andnature are paramount as the subjects of his photography.Objects from nature’s bounty line a window shelf in Shourds’ livingroom – geodes, fossilized seashells, crystals – objects that remind himof a peace he finds in nature. Yet in his photography, Shourds’ abilityto blend nature with the footprint of humanity transcends a mereportrayal of objects and space, revealing the thoughts of the artist andhis relationship with the culture (or lack thereof) around him.“I strive for a personal balance in life and reflect that balance – oftenprecariously at times - in my photographs,” said Shourds. “My goal isto create images and illusions that cause the viewer to explore, ponderand wonder.”“Dreams of Consciousness” will be on display from February 1through March 31, 2010 in the Carina Cellars Tasting Room, locatedat 2900 Grand Avenue in Los Olivos. The Tasting Room is open dailyfrom 11 a.m. to 5p.m. For more information, visit the website atwww.carinacellars.com or call (805) 688-2459.“Santa Barbara Courthouse Staircase” photographMISSION101To Solvang(34 miles)STATECoquelicotOLIVEANAPAMUANACAPAN SALSIPUEDESCarr WineryMILPASE GUITERREZMONTECITOSanta BarbaraJaffursWine CellarsOreanaGeisingerWhitcraftSanta Barbara WineryKalyra Kunin & WesterlyWinerySummerlandWinery101Stearns Wharf Vintners“I Madonnari 2008” photograph34P a c i f i c O c e a nwww.WineCountryThisMonth.com

S. A ST.OXNARD BLVDN ROSE AVEN RICE AVEN ELEVAR STKINETIC DRWINE COUNTRY THIS MONTH |VENTURA COUNTYOxnard Launches a New Adventure– Wine, Chocolate & Cheese ToursThere is nothing more decadent than chocolate and cheese, andwhen the two are paired with wine – its pure indulgence! The OxnardConvention & Visitors Bureau invites visitors to indulge in deliciouswines, delectable chocolates and tasty cheeses on the new WineChocolate & Cheese Tours.As part of the Ventura County Wine Trail, the new tours will beoffered every weekend. Visitors can come for the day or stay for theweekend. Several of the hotels in Oxnard are offering Wine TourHotel Packages, which include the Wine Chocolate & Cheese Tours.The tours take place every Saturday and Sunday from 11 a.m. to 4p.m. and depart via Roadrunner Shuttle from the California WelcomeCenter in Oxnard, 1000 Town Center Drive, Suite 135. The toursinclude stops at Heritage Square – Rancho Ventavo Wine Cellars andLa Dolce Vita Restaurant, Herzog Wine Cellars, Cantara Cellars, andBella Victorian in Camarillo. The cost is $75 per person. Reservationsare required 24 hours in advance and can be made by calling the CaliforniaWelcome Center at (805) 988-0717. Online hotel reservationscan be made by visiting the Oxnard Convention & Visitors Bureau’swebsite at www.visitoxnard.com.“We are so pleased to bring this exciting new tour option to Oxnardand the surrounding areas,” stated Janet Sederquist, President & CEOof the Oxnard Convention & Visitors Bureau. “We are committed toour wineries and are also supporting the Ventura County Wine Trailby dedicating the cover of our new 2010 Visitor’s Guide highlightingthe new wine industry,” she added.Ventura County is quickly emerging as a wine country destinationfor visitors and locals alike. All of the wineries featured on the “Wine,Chocolate & Cheese Tour” are members of the Ventura County WineTrail. Visit the website at www.VenturaCountyWineTrail.com.Visitors are encouraged to enjoy Oxnard’s uncrowded beaches,open agricultural fields and explore the many diverse attractions andoutdoor adventures that are unique to the area.A wide variety of hotel accommodations are available ranging frommid-priced rooms to oceanfront and seaside settings. For more informationor to request a new Oxnard Visitor’s Guide, call 1-800-269-6273 or online at www.visitoxnard.com. For additional informationon the Wine Tours, Text: Winetour to 69852.S LA LUNA AVE33N VENTURA AVE33OLD CREEK RDCREEK RDE OJAI AVEOjaiOld CreekRanch WineryCasaBarrancaS SIGNAL STS MONTGOMERY STOjaiBeverageCo.www.WineCountryThisMonth.comBALD STS. FULTONTHATCHERCARNE RD150RanchoVentavoE VENTURABLVDHerzogWineCellarsCAMINO DEL SOLDEL NORTE BLVDCENTRAL AVECANTARACELLARSOxnardWOOD RDAVIADOR STVERDULERA101VENTURA BLVDCamarilloLAS POSAS RDLAS POSAS RDE DAILY DRRanchoVentavo(Opening Soon)FIR STBellaVictorianVineyardELM DR(Opening Soon)ARNEILL RDS DAWSON DRLEWIS RDLEWIS RDDAWSONCamarilloCustomCrush(Opening Soo35

WINERY LISTINGS | WINE COUNTRY THIS MONTHWINERY - LOCATIONHOURSTOURSTASTINGSALESWINERY - LOCATIONHOURSTOURSTASTINGSALESWINERY - LOCATIONHOURSTOURSTASTINGSALESP A S O R O B L E S A R E AAdelaida Cellars – Paso Robles Daily 10-55805 Adelaida Rd; 805-239-8980, 805 239-8980 X X XAJB Vineyards – Paso Robles Weekends3280 Township Rd; 805-239-9432 12-5 X XAlta Colina – Paso RoblesTh-Su2725 Adelaida Rd; 805 227-4191 11-5 X XAmByth Estate – TempletonBy510 Sequoia Lane; 805 305-9497 appt X XAnglim Winery – Paso Robles Th-Mo 11-6740 Pine St; 805-227-6813 or by Appt X XArroyo Robles – Paso RoblesDaily739 12th St; 877-759-WINE 11-7 X XAsuncion Ridge – Paso Roble Su-Th 12:30-6729 13th Street; 805 461-0675 Fr-Sa 12-8 X XAugust Ridge – Creston Fr 12-58790 E. Highway 41; 805 239-2455 Sa-Su 11-5 X XAustin Hope – Paso Robles Fr-Sa 10-41585 Live Oak Road; 805 238-4112 Call X XB & E Vineyards – Paso Robles Fr-Su 11-510,000 Creston Rd; 805-238-4815 or By Appt X XBaily Vineyard – Temecula Su-Fr 10-533440 La Serena Way; 951-676-9463 Sa 11-5 X XBarrel 27 – Paso Robles Fr-Su 11-52323 Tulley Rd #110; 805-237-1245 or By Appt X XBassetti Vineyards – Cambria By1191 N. Green Valley Rd; 805-927-1925 Appt X XBear Cave Cellars – Paso Robles By1227 Park St; 805-238-4329 Appt X XBella Luna – TempletonFr-Su1850 Templeton Rd; 805-434-5477 10-5 X XBianchi Winery – Paso Robles Daily3380 Branch Rd; 805-226-9922 10-5 X XBlack Hand – San MiguelBy1735 Nygren Rd; 805-712-WINE Appt X XBooker Vineyard – Paso Robles Fr-Su2640 Anderson Rd; 805-237-7367 11-4 X XBrian Benson Cellars – Paso Robles Fr-Su2985 Anderson Rd; 805-296-9463 10:30-5 X XCalcareous Winery – Paso Robles Th-Mo3430 Peachy Canyon Rd; 805-239-0289 11-5 X XCaliza Winery – Paso RoblesFr-Su2570 Anderson Rd; 805-237-1480 11-4:30 X XCaparone Winery – Paso Robles Fr-Su 11-52280 San Marcos Rd; 805-467-3827 By Apt X X XCarina Cellars – Paso Robles Fr-Su 11-53525 Adelaida Rd; 415-309-2046 By Apt X X XCarmody McKnight Estate Wines – Paso Robles11240 Chimney Rock Rd; 805-238-9392 Daily 10-5 X XCass Vineyards – Paso Robles Sa-Su 11-67350 Linne Rd; 805-239-1730 Mo-Fr 12-5 X XCastoro Cellars – TempletonDaily1315 N Bethal Rd; 805-238-0725 10-5:30 X XCayucos Cellars – Cayucos We-Su 11-5:30131 N Ocean Ave; 805-995-3036 Closed Tu X X36Changala Winery – Paso Robles Fr-Su By3770 Willow Creek Road; 805-226-9060 11-5 Appt X XChateau Margene – CrestonFr-Su4385 La Panza Rd; 805-238-2321 12-5 X XChristian Lazo – San MiguelSa-Su249 10th Street, Suite A; 805-467-2672 10-5 X XChronic Cellars – Paso Robles Fr-Su 12-52020 Nacimiento Lake Dr; 805 237-7848 or by apt X XCinquain Cellars – San Miguel By apt6404 Independence Ranch Pl; 805 400-5978 X XChumeia Vineyards – Paso Robles Daily8331 Hwy 46 E; 805-226-0102 10-5 X XClautiere Vineyard – Paso Robles Daily1340 Penman Springs Rd; 805-237-3789 12-5 X XClavo Cellars – Paso Robles Mo-Sa 12-51101 Riverside Avenue; 805-226-0174 Su 12-4 X XClayhouse Wines – Paso Robles Daily849 13th St; 805 238-7055 11-6 X XCroad Vineyards – Paso Robles Fr-Su 11-53550 Vinedo Robles Lane; 805-226-9899 Th-Mo 12-5 X X XD’Anbino Cellars – Paso Robles Fri-Sun 12-6710 Pine St; 805-227-6800 Closed Tu-We X XDark Star Cellars – Paso Robles Fr-Su2985 Anderson Rd; 805-237-2389 10:30-5 X XDenner Vineyards & Winery – Paso Robles5414 Vineyard Dr; 805-239-4287 Daily 11-5 X XDerby Wine Estates – Paso Robles Fr-Mo5620 Hwy 46 East; 805-238-6300 11-5 X XDoce Robles – Paso RoblesDaily2023 Twelve Oaks Dr; 805-227-4766 10-5:30 X XDonati Family Vineyard – Templeton Daily 11am-5pmCorner of 46 West & Vineyard Dr; 805-238-0676 X XDonatoni Winery – Paso Robles Sa-Su 12-53225 Township Rd; 805-226-0620 Or By Appt XDover Canyon Winery – Paso Robles Th-Su4520 Vineyard Dr; 805-237-0101 11-5 X XDunning Vineyards Estate Winery – Paso Robles1953 Niderer Rd; 805-238-4763 Th-Mo 11-5 X XEagle Castle Winery – Paso Robles Daily3090 Anderson Rd; 805-227-1428 10:30-5:30 X X XEberle Winery – Paso RoblesDaily3810 Hwy 46 E; 805-238-9607 10-6 X X XÉcluse Wines – Paso RoblesFr-Sa1520 Kiler Canyon Rd; 805 238-4998 By Appt X XEdward Sellers – Paso Robles Th-Mo1220 Park St; 805-239-8915 12-7 X XEos Estate – Paso Robles Win 10-55625 Hwy 46 East; 805-239-2562 Sum 10-6 X X XFalcon Nest Winery – Paso Robles Daily5185 Union Rd; 805-226-0227 10-7:30 X XFirestone Vineyard – Paso Robles By2300 Airport Rd; 805-591-8050 Daily 10-5 X XFive Rivers Winery – Paso Robles By8998 North River Rd; 805-467-0192 Appt X XFour Vines Winery – Templeton Sum 11-63750 Hwy 46 West; 805 227-0865 Win 11-5 X XFralich Vineyard & Winery – Templeton By ApptPrivate tastings at Paso Robles Wine Services; 805-434-1526 X XFratelli Perata – Paso RoblesBy1595 Arbor Rd; 805-238-2809 Appt X XFS Cellars – Paso RoblesTh-Mo1337 Vendels Circle; 805-226-8989 11-6 X XGelfand Vineyards – Paso Robles By5530 Dresser Ranch Place; 805-239-5808 Appt X XGraveyard Vineyards – San Miguel By6990 Estrella Road; 805 467-2043 Appt X X XGrey Wolf Cellars – Paso Robles Daily2174 Hwy 46 West; 805-237-0771 11-5:30 X XHalter Ranch Vnyd– Paso Robles Daily8910 Adelaida Rd; 805-226-9455 11-5 X XHammerSky Vineyards– Paso Robles Fr-Su7725 Vineyard Drive; 949 338-7813 By Appt X XHansen Vineyard – Templeton Fr-Sun5575 El Pomar Dr; 805-239-8412 11-5 X XHarmony Cellars– Harmony Sum 10-5:303255 Harmony Valley Rd; 805-927-1625 Win 10-5 X XHearthstone – Paso RoblesTh-Mo5070 Vineyard Dr; 805 431-0138 11-5 X XHice Cellars – Paso RoblesBy500 Linne Rd.; 805 610-1470 Appt X XHug Cellars – Paso RoblesFr-Su2323 Tuley Rd; 805-226- 8022 11-5 X X XHunt Cellars – Paso Robles Sum 10-62875 Oakdale Rd; 805-237-1600 Win 10:30-5:30 X XJUST OPENED!GREAT VALUES!2850 Ranchita Canyon, San MiguelFriday-Sunday 11am-5pm • 805-467-2891Come enjoy the friendly atmospherein our tasting roomwhile sipping on our latest releases.J. Lohr Vineyards & Wines – Paso Robles Daily6169 Airport Rd; 805-239-8900 10-5 X XJ. Paul Rosilez – Paso Robles Daily4889 Dry Creek Rd; 805-226-0550 11-5 X XJack Creek Cellars – Templeton Fr-Su 11-4:305265 Jack Creek Rd; 805-226-8283 By Appt X XJada Winery – Paso Robles Th 12-55620 Vineyard Dr; 805 226-4200 Fr-Su 10-5 X X XJanKris Winery – TempletonDaily1266 Bethel Rd; 805-434-0319 11-5 X X XJustin Winery – Paso RoblesDaily11680 Chimney Rock Rd; 805 238-6932 10-6 X X XKaleidos – Paso Robles Th-Sa 12-81032 Pine St; 805 226-2976 Su-Mo 12-5 X XKiamie Wine Cellars – Paso Robles Th-Mo1111 Riverside Ave, Ste 102; 805 226-8333 11-6 X Xwww.WineCountryThisMonth.com

WINE COUNTRY THIS MONTH | WINERY LISTINGSWINERY - LOCATIONHOURSTOURSTASTINGSALESWINERY - LOCATIONHOURSTOURSTASTINGSALESWINERY - LOCATIONHOURSTOURSTASTINGSALESKukkula – TempletonBy9525 Chimney Rock Rd; 805 227-0111 ApptL’Aventure Winery – Paso Robles Th-Su2815 Live Oak Rd; 805-227-1588 11-4 X XLe Cuvier – Paso RoblesFr-Su9750 Adelaida Rd; 805-238-5706 12-5Linne Calodo – Paso RoblesFr-Su3030 Vineyard Dr; 805-227-0797 11-5 X XLion’s Peak – CambriaDaily4044 Burton Ave; 805-927-1450 11-6:30 X XLocatelli Winery – San Miguel Fr-Su8585 Cross Canyons Rd; 805-467-0067 1l-4 X XLone Madrone – Paso Robles Daily2485 Hwy 46 West; 805-238-0845 10:30-5 X XMadison Cellars – Paso RoblesBy4540 Hwy 41; 805-238-9831 Appt X XMaloy O’Neill – Paso Robles Fr-Sa 10-5; Su 12-55725 Union Rd; 805-238-7320 Or By Appt X XMartin & Weyrich – Paso Robles Su-Th 10-52610 Buena Vista Dr; 805-238-2520 Fr-Sa 10-6 X XMcClean Vineyards – Templeton By4491 S. El Pomar Dr; 805-237-2441 ApptMeridian Vineyards – Paso Robles Daily7000 Hwy 46 E; 805-226-7133 10-5 X XMidnight Cellars – Paso Robles Daily2925 Anderson Rd; 805-239-8904 10-5:30 X XMinassian-Young – Paso Robles Fr-Su4045 Peachy Canyon Rd; 805-238-7571 11-5 X XMitchella Vineyard – Paso Robles Fr-Su 12-52525 Mitchella Ranch Way; 805 239-8555 or by appt X XMondo Cellars – Paso Robles Sum 11-63260 Nacimiento Lake Dr; 805 226-2925 Win 11-5 X X XMoonstone Cellars – CambriaTh-Mo801 Main St, Suite C; 805-927-9466 11-5 X XNadeauFamilyVintners – Paso Robles Fr-Su3860 Peachy Canyon Rd; 805-239-3574 12-5 X XNorman Vineyards – Paso Robles Daily7450 Vineyard Dr; 805-237-0138 11-5 X XOpolo Vineyards – Paso Robles Daily7110 Vineyard Dr; 805-238-9593 10-5 X XOrchid Hill Vineyard – Paso Robles Daily1140 Pine St; 805-237-7525 12-6 X XOrtman Family Vnyds – Paso Robles Daily 12-51317 Park Street; 805-237-9009 Fr-Sat 12-7 X XOso Libre Winery – Paso Robles Thu-Mon7383 Vineyard Dr; 805 238-3378 11-5 X XParkfield Vineyards – San Miguel By70502 Vineyard Canyon Rd; 805-463-2316 Appt X XPasoport Wine Co – Paso Robles Fri-Sun 11-56996 Peachy Canyon Rd; 805 239-2229 or by appt X XPeachy Canyon Winery – Paso Robles Daily1480 N. Bethel Rd; 805-239-1918 11-5 X XPear Valley – Paso RoblesDaily4900 Union Road; 805 237-2861 11-5 X XPenman Springs – Paso Robles1985 Penman Springs Dr; 805-237-7959 Fr-Su 11-5 X XPer Cazo Cellars – Paso RoblesBy5325 Vineyard Dr; 805 227-4949 Appt XPianetta – Paso RoblesSu-Mo-Th: 12-6pm829 13th St; 805-226-4005 Fr-Sa 11-7 X X XPipestone – Paso RoblesTh-Mo2040 Niderer Rd; 805-227-6385 11-5 X XPoalillo Vineyards – Paso Robles By18888 Willow Creek Rd; 805-238-0600 ApptPomar Junction – Templeton Th-Mo5036 S. El Pomar Dr; 805-238-9940 11-5 X XPretty-Smith – San MiguelFr-Su13350 River Rd; 805-467-3104 11-5 X XRabbit Ridge – Paso RoblesWe-Su1172 San Marcos Rd; 805-467-3331 11-5 X XRanchita Canyon – San Miguel Fr-Mo 11-53439 Ranchita Canyon Road; 805 467-9448 X XRed Soles – Paso Robles Mo-Sa 11-53230 Oakdale Rd; 805-226-9898 Su 12-5 X XRio Seco – Paso RoblesDaily4295 Union Rd; 805-237-8884 11-5 X XRiverStar Vineyards – San Miguel Fr-Mo7450 Estrella Rd; 805 467-0086 12-5 X XRN Estate Winery – Paso Robles By7986 North River Rd; 805 610-9802 Appt X XRobert Hall – Paso Robles Daily Win 10-53443 Mill Rd; 805-239-1616 Sum 10-6 X X XRockin’ R Wine – Paso Robles Fri-Sun8500 Union Road; 805 835-8529 11-5 X XRocky Creek Cellars – Templeton Daily8687 Apple Rd; 805-238-1919 10:30-5 X XRotta Winery – Paso RoblesDaily3750 Hwy 46 West; 805-237-0510 11-5 X XSan Marcos Creek – Paso Robles7750 North Hwy; 805-467-9260 Daily 11-5 X XSarzotti Winery – Templeton Sa-Sun 11-5180 Bella Rancy Rd; 805 226-2022 or By Appt X XSculpterra – Paso Robles Fr-Su 10-55015 Linne Road, 888-302-8881 or By Appt X XSextant Wines – TempletonBy ApptCrnr of Almond & S. El Pomar; 866-833-WINE X XSkyhawk Lane – San MiguelBy1605 Commerce Way; 213-200-4661 ApptSILVER HORSEWINERY2995 Pleasant Road, San Miguel805-967-WINEOpen Friday-Monday 11-5Come see what everyone is talking about!Stacked Stone Cellars – Paso Robles Fr-Sa 11-51525 Peachy Canyon Rd; 805-238-7872 Su 12-5 X XStanger Vineyards – Paso Robles Fr-Su 11-55225 Hwy 41; 805 238-4777 & By Appt X XStephen’s Cellar – TempletonBy7575 York Mountain Rd; 805-238-2412 Appt X XStill Waters Vineyards – Paso Robles Th-Mo2750 Old Grove Ln; 805-237-9231 11-5 X XSummerwood – Paso RoblesDaily2175 Arbor Rd; 805-227-1365 10-5:30 X XSylvester Vineyards – Paso Robles Sum 11-65115 Buena Vista Dr; 805-227-4000 Win 11-5 X X XTablas Creek – Paso RoblesDaily9339 Adelaida Rd; 805-237-1231 10-5 X X XTackitt Family – San MiguelWe-Su6640 Von Dollen Rd; 805 467-9490 11-5Terry Hoage – Paso RoblesBy870 Arbor Rd; 805-238-2083 ApptThacher Winery – Paso Robles Fr-Su 11-58355 Vineyard Dr; 805-237-0087 & By Appt X XThunderbolt Junction – Paso Robles Fr-Su 11-52740 Hidden Mountain Rd; 805-226-9907 & By Appt X XTobin James Cellars – Paso Robles Daily8950 Union Rd; 805-239-2204 10-6 X XTolo Cellars – Paso RoblesFr-Mo9750 Adelaida Rd; 805-226-2282 11-5 X XTreana Winery – Paso RoblesFr-Sa1585 Live Oak Rd; 805 238-4112 10-4 X XTurley Wine Cellars – Templeton Daily2900 Vineyard Dr; 805-434-1030 9-5 X XVenteux Vineyards – Templeton Fr-Su1795 Las Tablas Rd; 805-369-0127 10-5 X XVictor Hugo Winery – Templeton By2850 El Pomar Dr; 805-434-1128 Appt X XVihuela Winery – Paso Robles840 11th St, Ste 104; 805-886-5400 X XVillicana Winery – Paso Robles Th-Su2725 Adelaida Rd; 805-239-9456 11-5 X XVilla Creek Cellars – Paso Robles Fr-Su 12-45995 Peachy Canyon Rd; 805 238-7145 & By Appt X XVilla San-Juliette – San Miguel By6385 Cross Canyon Rd; 805 550-0522 Appt X XVina Robles – Paso RoblesDaily3700 Mill Rd; 805-227-4812 10-5 X XVines on the Marycrest – Paso Robles Fr-Su 11-55050 Mustard Creek Rd; 805 237-0378 & By Appt X XVINFUZION2485 Highway 46 West, Paso RoblesOpen Friday-Monday 11-5:30 or by appointment805-238-0208Come partake at our blissful tasting room.Organic, Biodynamic – Fined over GemstonesVista Del Rey – Paso Robles Su 11-57340 Drake Rd; 805-467-2138 By Appt X XWhalebone Vineyard – Paso Robles Daily8325 Vineyard Dr; 805-239-9020 11-5 X XWild Coyote Winery – Paso Robles Daily3775 Adelaida Rd; 805-610-1311 11-5 X XWild Horse Winery – Templeton Daily1484 Wild Horse Winery Ct; 805-434-2541 11-5 X XWindward Vineyard – Paso Robles Daily1380 Live Oak Rd; 805-239-2565 10:30-5 X Xwww.WineCountryThisMonth.com 37

WINERY LISTINGS | WINE COUNTRY THIS MONTHWINERY - LOCATIONHOURSTOURSTASTINGSALESWINERY - LOCATIONHOURSTOURSTASTINGSALESWINERY - LOCATIONHOURSTOURSTASTINGSALESYork Mountain – TempletonDaily7505 York Mountain Rd; 805-238-3925 11-4 X XZenaida Cellars – Paso Robles Daily1550 Hwy 46 West; 805-227-0382 11-5 X X XZinAlley – TempletonFr-Su3730 Hwy 46 West; 805-238-0959 11-5 X XZoller Wine Styling – Paso Robles Mo-Th 12-8525A Pine St; 805 226-9707 Fr-Sa 12-5 X XS A N T A38M A R G A R I T AAncient Peaks – Santa Margarita Th-Mo22720 El Camino Real; 805-365-7045 11-5:30 X XPozo Valley – Santa MargaritaFr-Su2200 El Camino Real; 805-286-7172 12-6 X XS A N L U I S O B I S P OAlapay Cellars – Avila BeachDaily415 First St; 805-595-2632 10:30-6 X XAron Hill Vineyards – Morro Bay Daily 11-6845 Embarcadero Rd, Suite F; 805-610-5751 Win Th-Mo X XBaileyana Estate– San Luis Obispo Daily5828 Orcutt Rd; 805-269-8200 10-5 X XBarnwood Winery – Arroyo Grande Daily453 Laetitia Vineyard Dr; 888-809-VINE 11-5 X XBishop’s Peak Wines – Arroyo Grande Daily3031 Lopez Dr; 805-489-0446 10-4:30 X XCerro Caliente – San Luis Obispo Fr-Su831 A Via Esteban; 805-544-2842 11-5 X XChamisal/Domaine Alfred – San Luis Obispo Daily7525 Orcutt Rd; 805-541-9463 10-5 X XClaiborne & Churchill – San Luis Obispo Daily2649 Carpenter Canyon Rd; 805-544-4066 11-5 X XEdna Valley Vineyard – San Luis Obispo Daily2585 Biddle Ranch Rd; 805-544-5855 10-5 X XKelsey See Canyon – San Luis Obispo Daily1947 See Canyon Rd; 805-595-9700 11-5:30 X X XKynsi Winery – Arroyo Grande Th-Mo2212 Corbett Canyon Rd; 805-544-8461 11-5 X XLaetitia Vineyard – Arroyo Grande Daily453 Laetitia Vineyard Dr; 805-481-1772 11-5 X XMorovino – Avila BeachTh-Mo550 1st St; 805-627-1443 12-5 X XPer Bacco Cellars – San Luis Obispo Daily1850 Calle Joaquin Rd; 805-787-0485 11-5 X X XNOW OPEN IN THE VILLAGEOF ARROYO GRANDE211 East Branch StreetSun-Mon, Thu 11-5 • Fri-Sat 11-7805-481-WINE (9463)Enjoy exceptional hand crafted wines that showcase the best fruitfrom Santa Barbara and San Luis Obispo Counties.Piedra Creek Winery – San Luis Obispo6425 Mira Cielo Dr; 805-541-1281 By ApptPismo Beach Winery – Pismo Beach Daily271 B Five Cities; 805-773-WINE 12-5 X X XRancho Arroyo Grande – Arroyo Grande591 Hi Mountain Rd; 805-474-0220 1st Saturday of the month 11-5Salisbury Vineyards – Avila Valley Sat-Sun 11-66985 Ontario Rd; 805-595-WINE Mon-Fri 12-5 X XSaucelito Canyon – San Luis Obispo Daily3080 Biddle Ranch Rd; 805-543-2111 10-5 X XStephen Ross Wine Cellars – San Luis Obispo Sa-Su 11-5 By Apt178 Suburban Rd; 805-594-1318 X X XTangent Vineyards – San Luis Obispo Daily5828 Orcutt Rd; 805-269-8200 10-5 X XTalley Vineyards – Arroyo Grande Daily3031 Lopez Dr; 805-489-0446 10:30-4:30 X XTaste – San Luis Obispo Mo-Sa 11-91003 Osos St; 805-269-TASTE Su 11-5 X XTolosa Winery – San Luis Obispo Daily4910 Edna Rd; 805-782-0500 11-5 X XWood Winery – Avila BeachDaily480 Front St; 805-595-9663 10:30-6 X XWolff Vineyards – San Luis Obispo Daily6238 Orcutt Rd; 805-781-0448 11-5 X X XS A N T A M A R I A / F O X E N C A N Y O NAddamo Estate Vineyards – Old Orcutt Tu-Su400 East Clark Ave. Suite A; 805-937-6400 11-7 X XBedford Thompson – Los Alamos Daily448 Bell St; 805-344-2107 11-5 X XByron Vineyard – Santa MariaBy5250 Tepusquet Rd; 805 938-7365 ApptCambria Winery – Santa Maria Daily5475 Chardonnay Lane; 805 938-7318 10-5 X XCosta de Oro – Santa Maria Th-Su 11-61331 S. Nicholson Ave; 805-922-1468 Closed Mo-We X XCore Wine – OrcuttWe-Su145 S. Gray Street, Ste 103; 805 937-1600 11-6 X XCottonwood Canyon – Santa Maria Daily3940 Dominion Rd; 805-937-VINE 10-5:30 X X XCurtis Winery – Los OlivosDaily5249 Foxen Canyon Rd; 805-686-8999 10-5 X XFess Parker – Los OlivosDaily6200 Foxen Canyon Rd; 805-688-1545 10-5 X XFirestone Vineyards – Los Olivos Daily5000 Zaca Station Rd; 805-688-3940 10-5 X X XFoxen Vineyard – Santa Maria Daily7200 Foxen Canyon Rd; 805-937-4251 11-4 X XIO Vineyards – The Bench in Los Olivos Th-Mo2367 Alamo Pintado Rd; 805 938-7365 11-5 X XKenneth Volk Vineyards – Santa Maria Daily5230 Tepusquet Rd; 805-938-7896 10:30-4:30 X X XKoehler – Los OlivosDaily5360 Foxen Canyon Rd; 805-693-8384 10-5 X XLabyrinth – at Old Mission Wine Company in Solvang2717 Aviation Way; 805-268-4155 Daily 10-5 X XMcKeon-Philips – Santa MariaDaily2115 S Blosser Rd; 805-928-3025 11-6 X XOvene Winery – Santa Maria (Tasting Room: See Solvang)2717 Aviation Way; 714-420-2525 By Appt X XRancho Sisquoc Winery – Santa Maria Daily6600 Foxen Canyon Rd; 805-934-4332 10-4 X XRiverbench Vineyards – Santa Maria Daily6020 Foxen Canyon Rd; 805-937-8340 10-4 X X XTantara Vineyard – Santa Maria By4747 Ontiveros Lane; 805-938-5051 ApptTres Hermanas Winery – Santa Maria Daily9660 Foxen Canyon Rd; 805-937-8451 10-5 X XZaca Mesa – Los OlivosDaily6905 Foxen Canyon Rd; 805-688-9339 10-4 X XL O SO L I V O SAlexander & Wayne – Los Olivos Daily2922 Grand Ave; 805-688-9665 11-6 X XAndrew Murray – Los OlivosDaily2901 Grand Ave; 805-693-9644 11-6 X XArthur Earl – Los OlivosDaily2922 Grand Ave; 805-693-1771 11-6 X XBeckmen Vineyards – Los Olivos Daily2670 Ontiveros ; 805-688-8664 11-5 X XBrander Vineyard – Los Olivos Sum 10-52401 Refugio Rd; 805- 688-2455 Win 11-4 X XBrophy Clark Cellars – at Los Olivos Wine Tasting Room2905 Grand Ave; 805-929-4830 Daily 11-6 X XCarhartt Vineyard – Los Olivos Sum We-Mo 11-52990A Grand Ave; 805-688-0685 Win Th-Mo 11-5 X XCarina Cellars – Los OlivosDaily2900 Grand Ave; 805-688-2459 11-5 X XConsilience – Los OlivosDaily2933 Grand Ave; 805-691-1020 11-5 X XCoquelicot – Los Olivos Su-Th 11-52884 Grand Ave; 805-688-1500 Fr 11-6, Sa 10-6 X XCurtis Winery – Los OlivosDaily5249 Foxen Canyon Rd; 805-686-8999 10-5 X XDaniel Gehrs Winery – Los Olivos Daily2939 Grand Ave; 800-275-8138 11-6 X XEpiphany Cellars – Los Olivos Daily2963 Grand Ave; 866-354-9463 11:30- 5:30 X XFess Parker – Los OlivosDaily6200 Foxen Canyon Rd; 805-688-1545 10-5 X XFirestone Vineyard – Los Olivos Daily5000 Zaca Station Rd; 805-688-3940 10-5 X X XGreat Oaks Ranch – at Wine Country in Los Olivos2445 Alamo Pintado Ave; 805-686-9699 Daily 11-5 X XJ Wilkes Wine – at Wine Country in Los Olivos2445 Alamo Pintado Ave; 805-686-9699 Daily 11-5 X XJohn Kerr Wines – at Los Olivos Wine Tasting Room2905 Grand Ave; 805-688-7406 Daily 11-6 X XKoehler – Los OlivosDaily5360 Foxen Canyon Rd; 805-693-8384 10-5 X XLane Tanner Wines – at Los Olivos Tasting Room2905 Grand Ave; 805-688-7406 Daily 11-6 X XLongoria Wines – Los OlivosDaily2935 Grand Ave; 866-759-4637 11-4:30 X XOak Savanna – at Andrew Murray Tasting Room in Los Olivos2901 Grand Ave; 805-693-9644 Daily 11-6 X XQupé Wine – at Wine Country in Los Olivos2445 Alamo Pintado Ave; 805-968-9699 Daily 11-5 X Xwww.WineCountryThisMonth.com

WINE COUNTRY THIS MONTH | WINERY LISTINGSWINERY - LOCATIONHOURSTOURSTASTINGSALESWINERY - LOCATIONHOURSTOURSTASTINGSALESWINERY - LOCATIONHOURSTOURSTASTINGSALESSaarloos & Sons – Los OlivosDaily2971 Grand Ave; 805 688-1200 11-5 X XSilver Wines – at Wine Country in Los Olivos2445 Alamo Pintado Ave; 805-963-3052 Daily 11-5 X XScott Cellars – Los OlivosTh-Mo2933 San Marcos Ave, Ste 101; 805-570-0048 12-5 X XStar Lane – at Wine Country in Los Olivos2445 Alamo Pintado Rd; 805-686-9699 Daily 11-5 X XSolpman Vineyard – Los Olivos Daily2434 Alamo Pintado Ave; 805-688-0400 11-4 X XThree Saints – at Wine Country in Los Olivos2445 Alamo Pintado Ave; 805-686-9699 Daily 11-5 X XTre Anelli – Los OlivosDaily2923 Grand Ave; 805-686-3000 11-5 X XVerdad Wines – at Wine Country in Los Olivos2445 Alamo Pintado Ave; 805-686-9699 Daily 11-5 X XWild Heart Winery – Los Olivos Th-Mo 12-62933-C Grand Ave; 805-688-7386 Sa 11-7 X XZaca Mesa – Los OlivosDaily6905 Foxen Canyon Rd; 805-688-9339 10-4 X XL O M P O C / B U E L L T O NAlma Rosa – BuelltonDaily7250 Santa Rosa; 805-688-9090 11-4:30 X XAmpelos Cellars – Lompoc Sat 11-41633 West Central Avenue, 805-736-9957 By Appt X XBabcock Winery – LompocDaily5175 E. Hwy 246; 805-736-1455 10:30-4 X XCasa Cassara – Buellton Mo,We,Th 12-6:30291 Valley Station Dr; 805-688-8691 Fr-Su 11-6:30 X XClos Pepe – LompocBy4777 East Hwy 246; 805-735-2196 ApptDierberg Estate/Star Lane/Three Saints – Lompoc1280 Drum Canyon Rd; 866-652-8430 Daily 11-5 X XFiddlehead Cellars – Lompoc Fr-Sa1597 E. Chestnut Ave; 805 742-0204 11-4 X XFlying Goat Cellars – Lompoc Th-Sa1520A East Chestnut Court; 805 736-9032 11-4 X XFoley Estates – LompocDaily6121 East Hwy 246; 805-737-6222 10-5 X XHarrison-Clarke – LompocBy805-686-0850 Appt X XHitching Post Wines – at Hitching Post Restaurant in Buellton406 East Hwy 246; 805-688-0676 Daily from 4pm X XHuber Vineyards – Lompoc Sa-Sun 11-44892 Hapgood Rd; 805-736-3854 & By Appt X XKen Brown Wines – BuelltonBy70 Industrial Way; 805-448-3791 ApptLafond Vineyard – BuelltonDaily6855 Santa Rosa Rd; 805-688-7921 10-5 X XMelville Vineyard – LompocDaily5185 East Hwy 246; 805-735-7030 11-4 X XMosby Winery – BuelltonDaily9496 Santa Rosa Rd; 805-688-2415 10-4 X XPalmina – LompocTh-Su1520 East Chestnut Ct; 805-735-2030 11-4 X Xwww.WineCountryThisMonth.comSanford Winery – LompocDaily5010 Santa Rosa Rd; 805-735-5900 11-4 X XS O L V A N GAu Bon Climat – at Taste of the Valleys Su-Th 12-81672 Mission Drive; 805 688-7111 Fr-Sa 12-10 X XBlackjack Ranch – SolvangTh-Mo2205 Alamo Pintado Rd; 805-455-1412 11-5 X XBlair Fox Cellars – at Cabana Tasting Room in Solvang1539 Mission Dr; 805-686-9126 Daily 11-8 X XD’Alfonso Curran – Solvang Win Su-Th 11-5, Fr-Sa 11-61557 Mission Dr; 805 688-3494 Sum Su-Th 11-6, Fr-Sa 11-7 X XEast Valley - at The Olive House in Solvang1661 Mission Dr; 805 686-5159 Daily 10-5 X XHoneywood/Olde Mission Wine Co.Tasting room for Honeywood, Michael Grace and Ovene Winery1539 Mission Dr, #Unit B, Solvang Daily805-686-9323 9:30-5:30 X XLincourt Vineyards – Solvang Daily1711 Alamo Pintado Rd; 805-688-8554 10-5 X XLions Peak Vineyards – Solvang Daily1659 Copenhagen Dr; 805-693-5466 11-6:30 X XLucas & Lewellen – SolvangDaily1645 Copenhagen Dr; 805-686-9336 11-5:30 X XMandolina Wines – SolvangDaily1665 Copenhagen Dr; 805-686-5506 11-5:30 X XMargerum – at Taste of the Valleys Su-Th 12-81672 Mission Drive; 805 688-7111 Fr-Sa 12-10 X XMichael Grace – at Old Mission Wine Company in Solvang1539 Mission; 805-686-9323 Daily 9:30-5:30 X XOvene Winery – at Old Mission Tasting Company in Solvang1539 Mission; 714-420-2525 Daily 9:30-5:30 X XPresidio Vineyard – SolvangDaily1603 Copenhagen Dr, 805-693-8585 11-6 X XRideau Vineyard – SolvangDaily1562 Alamo Pintado Rd; 805-688-0717 11-4 X XRoyal Oaks – Solvang Tu-Sa 11-71651 Copenhagen Dr; 805-693-1740 Su-Mo By Appt X XRusack Vineyard – SolvangDaily1819 Ballard Canyon Rd; 805-688-1278 11-5 X XShoestring Winery – Solvang Fr-Su800 East Hwy 246; 800-693-8612 11-4 X XSort This Out Cellars – Solvang Daily1636 Copenhagen Drive; 805-688-1717 10-5:30 X XUncorked/Monsoon Cellars Fr-Sa 12-9pm467 Alisal Rd Ste 2; 805-693-8000; Solvang Su 12-6 X XWandering Dog Wine Bar – Solvang Daily1539 Mission Dr; 805-686-9126 11-8ish X XS A N T AY N E ZArtiste – Santa YnezDaily3569 Sagunto St; 805-686-2626 11-5 X XBridlewood Estate – Santa Ynez Daily3555 Roblar Ave; 805-688-9000 10-5 X XButtonwood Farm – Santa Ynez Daily1500 Alamo Pintado Rd; 800-715-1404 11-5 X XGainey Vineyard – Santa Ynez Daily3950 East Hwy 246; 805-688-0558 10-5 X X XImagine Wine – Santa YnezDaily3563 Numancia #103; 805-688-1767 10-5 X XKalyra Winery – Santa Ynez Mo-Fr 11-5343 North Refugio Rd; 805-693-8864 Sa-Su 10-5 X XRoblar Winery – Santa Ynez Sa-Su 10-53010 Roblar Ave; 805-686-2603 Mo-Fr 11-5 X XSunstone – Santa YnezDaily125 Refugio Rd; 800-313-9463 10-4 X XS A N T AB A R B A R ACarr Vineyards – Santa Barbara Daily414 N. Salsipuedes St; 805-965-7985 11-5 X XCoastal Winery – Santa BarbaraDailyEnd of State St; 805-962-2100 11-7+ in sum X XJaffurs – Santa BarbaraFr-Su819 East Montectio St; 805-962-7003 11-5 X XGiessinger – Santa Barbara Mo-Th 12-7212 State St; 805-568-0820 Fr 12-7:30 Sa-Sun 11-8 X XKalyra Winery – Santa Barbara Mo-Th 12-7212 State St; 805-695-8606 Fr-Su 12-8 X XKunin Wines – Santa BarbaraDaily28 Anacapa St, Suite A; 805-963-9696 11-6 X XMunicipal Winemakers – Santa Barbara On28 Anacapa Street; 805 598-1896 weekends X XSanta Barbara Winery – Santa Barbara Daily202 Anacapa St; 805-963-3633 10 - 5 X XSummerland – SummerlandTue-Sun2330 Lillie Ave; 805-565-WINE 11-6 X XOreana Winery – Santa Barbara205 Anacapa St; 805-962-5857 Daily 11-5 X XWesterly Vineyards – Santa Barbara Daily28 Anacapa St, Suite A; 805-963-9696 11-6 X XWhitcraft Winery – Santa Barbara Daily Fri-Sun 12-436A S. Calle Cesar Chavez; 805-730-1680 Mon-Thu call X XWine Cask Alliance – Santa Barbara Daily813 Anacapa St; 805 966-9463 11-7 X XV E N T U R AC O U N T YBella Victorian Vineyard – Camarillo We-Th 11:30-72135 E. Ventura Blvd; 805-383-8800 Fr-Sat11:30-8, Su 11:30-4 X XCamarillo Custom Crush – Camarillo Sat-Sun300 S. Lewis Rd, Ste C; 805-484-0597 11-5 X XCantara Cellars– CamarilloWeekends126 Wood Rd, Ste 104; 805-484-9600 11-5 X XCasa Barranca – Ojai Wed, Thu, Sun 12-6208 E. Ojai Ave; 805-640-1255 Fri, Sat 12-8 X XHerzog Wine Cellars – OxnardSun-Fri3201 Camino Del Sol; 805-938-1560 Call for hours X XOld Creek Ranch Winery – Ojai Valley Daily10024 Old Creek Rd; 805-649-4132 11-5 X XOjai Beverage Co. & Tasting Rm – Ojai Daily655 E. Ojai Ave; 805 646-1700 10-9 X XRancho Ventavo Cellars – Oxnard Fri-Sun 11-61741 S. A Street, 805 483-8084 Monday Holidays X X39

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